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64899: BERNHARD BARTMANN. - Das Fegfeuer.
67876: BERNHARD BARTMANN. - Lehrbuch Der Dogmatik.
120751: GIORGIO BARTOLI - The Biblical Story of Creation in Light of the Recently Discovered Babylonian Documents
120672: RITA M. BARTON. - Life in Cornwall in the Late Nineteenth Century
63812: DOROTHEA M. BARTON, P.R. ACKROYD, A.E. HARVEY, EDS. - Bible Key Words from Gerhard Kittel's Theologisches Worterbuch Zum Neuen Testament: Two Books in One Volume.
63924: GEORGE A. BARTON. - Studies in New Testament Christianity.
11769: FRANK TOWNEND BARTON. - Our Dogs and All About Them.
120250: GEORGE BARTON - Angels of the Battlefield: A History of the Labors of the Catholic Sisterhoods in the Late CIVIL War.
112313: EDITH MERWIN BARTOW. - News and These United States.
141178: HURD BARUCH - Wall Street: Security Risk
62722: A. BARUCQ, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Judith, Esther.
131409: STEVEN BARWICK - The Franco Codex of the Cathedral of Mexico: Transcription and Commentary
64107: EWALD BASH. - Visit to Five Brothers and Othe Double Exposures.
102697: N.G. BASOV. - Lasers and Their Applications.
69937: GEORGE M. BASS. - The Renewal of Liturgical Preaching.
80681: L. AGOSTINI & J. BASS. - The Theories of Turbulence.
140838: BERNARD BASSET, S.J. - Born for Friendship: The Spirit of Sir Thomas More
46098: BERNARD BASSET, S.J. - And Would You Believe It! Thoughts About the Creed.
50657: BERNARD BASSET, S.J. - Let's Start Praying Again: Field Work in Meditation.
90825: BERNARD BASSET. - Guilty O Lord: Yes I Still Go to Confession.
99916: BERNARD BASSET. - We Agnostics.
61097: ROBERT C. BATCHELDER. - The Irreversible Decision: 1939-1950.
106971: JOHN BATCHELOR. - The Edwardian Novelists.
16953: BARRY GREGORY & JOHN BATCHELOR. - Airborne Warfare 1918-1945.
123095: G.K. BATCHELOR, ED. - The Scientific Papers of Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, Volume III: Aerodynamics and the Mechanics of Projectiles and Explosions
141187: J.S. HEWITT-BATES - Bookbinding for Schools: A Textbook for Teachers and Students in Elementary and Secondary Schools and Training Colleges
131209: KATHARINE LEE BATES - Yellow Clover: A Book of Remembrance
123239: WILLIAM NICKERSON BATES, ED. - Euripides: Iphigenia in Tauris
50871: RICHARD BATEY, ED. - New Testament Issues.
71777: PIERRE BATIFFOL. - L'Englise Naissante Et le Catholicisme [Vols. I-IV].
71778: PIERRE BATIFFOL. - Etudes D'Histoire Et de Theologie Positive.
67677: MGR. PIERRE BATIFFOL. - Catholicisme Et Papaute: Les Difficultes Anglicanes Et Russes.
120839: ANNIE JENKINS BATSON - Louis Manigault: Gentleman from South Carolina
111045: ANTHONY BATTAGLIA. - Toward a Reformulation of Natural Law.
141073: W.J. BATTERSBY - The History of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Vols I-III
42841: DOM JULES L. BAUDOT. - Le Breviaire.
122884: JOHANNES B. BAUER, EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology, Vols I-III
110733: KARL BAUER. - Regensburg.
123278: CLYDE MAX BAUER - The Story of Yellowstone Geysers
28069: WALTER BAUER. - Griechisch-Deutsches Worterbuch.
40821: PETER BAULAND. - The Hooded Eagle: Modern German Drama on the New York Stage.
46661: DR. BERNHARD BAULE. - Die Mathematik Des Naturforschers Und Ingenieurs, Vols. I-VII.
123233: L. FRANK BAUM - Sky Island: Being the Further Exciting Adventures of Trot and Cap'n Bill
71691: GREGORY BAUM. - Decree on the Renewal of Religious Life of Vatican Council II.
67183: GREGORY BAUM. - The Credibility of the Church Today: A Reply to Charles Davis.
67757: GREGORY BAUM, O.S.A. - Progress and Perspectives: The Catholic Quest for Christian Unity.
64775: WILLIAM BAUM. - Consideratons Towards a Theology of the Presbyterate.
81679: GREGORY BAUM. - The Constitution of the Church of Vatican Council II.
49490: GREGORY BAUM. - Decree on the Renewal of Religious Life of Vatican Council II.
87448: ROBERT P. BAUMAN. - Absorption Spectroscopy.
64233: ROLF BAUMANN. - Mitte Und Norm Des Christlichen.
99294: EDMUND J. BAUMEISTER. - Secondary Education of the Society of Mary in America.
70387: JOHN H. BAUMGAERTNER. - Declaration of Dependence: Sermons for National Holidays.
44011: APOLLINARIS W. BAUMGARTNER. - Catholic Journalism: A Study of Its Development in the United States 1789-1930.
42593: RT.REV. MONSIGNOR BAUNARD. - Ozanam in His Correspondence.
95554: FRANCIS BAUR. - Life in Abundance: A Contemporary Spirituality.
43957: KARL BAUS. - From the Apostolic Community to Constantine.
26789: FREDERICK BAUSMAN. - Let France Explain.
104826: M.A. BAYFIELD. - The Alcestis of Euripides.
104828: M.A. BAYFIELD. - The Medea of Euripides.
122749: CONSTANTINO BAYLE - Espana En Indias: Biblioteca Del Imperio Vol. I [Complete].
64543: HARRY JAMES BAYLIS. - Minucius Felix and His Place Among the Early Fathers of the Latin Church.
65317: DAVID COWAN BAYNE. - Conscience, Obligation, and the Law: The Moral Binding Power of the CIVIL Law.
63365: NORMAN H. BAYNES. - Israel Amongst the Nations: An Outline of Old Testament History.
2446: JOHN BAYNES WITH JOHN LAFFIN. - Soldiers of Scotland.
106605: FAROUK EL-BAZ. - Astronaut Observations from the Apollo-Soyuz Mission.
37238: AUGUSTINI BEA, S.J. - Canticum Canticorum Salomonis.
63647: AUGUSTINI BEA. - Liber Ecclesiastae Qui Ab Hebraeis Appellatur Qohelet.
67754: AUGUSTIN CARDINAL BEA. - Unity in Freedom: Reflections on the Human Family.
82727: AUGUSTIN CARDINAL BEA. - The Unity of Christians.
92648: AUGUSTIN CARDINAL BEA. - The Church and Mankind.
131157: JOSEPH WARREN BEACH - Meek Americans & Other European Trifles
22205: BARBARA HOUNDT BEACH. - MX-5 Miata: The Five Year Retrospective of a Classic.
123136: JOHN E. BEAHN - A Rich Young Man: Saint Anthony of Padua
120488: JOHN E. BEAHN - A Man Born Again: Saint Thomas More
112914: RALPH L. BEALS - The Contemporary Culture of the Cahita Indians.
42479: REV. J.G. BEANE. - Cardinal Lavigerie: Primate of Africa.
121504: HENRY BEARD - Latin for All Occasions
63128: WILLIAM A. BEARDSLEE. - Human Achievement and Divine Vocation in the Message of Paul (Studies in Biblical Theology #31).
1213167: HELEN BEARDSLEY - Who Gets the Drumstick?
80297: MONROE C. BEARDSLEY. - The European Philsophers from Descartes to Nietzsche.
48102: MONROE BEARDSLEY, ED. - The European Philosophers from Descartes to Nietzsche.
140816: DAVID BEARNE, S.J. - Ridingdale Stories
141059: DAVID BEARNE, S.J. - Lance and His Friends
7035: DAVID BEATY. - The Wind Off the Sea
131030: FRAY PABLE DE BEAUMONT - Cronica de la Provincia de Los Santos Apostoles S. Pedro Y S. Pablo de Michoacan: 5 Volumes
98355: CYRIL W. BEAUMONT. - A Bibliography of Dancing.
109090: PAUL BEAVER. - E-Boats and Coastal Craft.
108185: DR. R. LE BEC. - Raisons Medicales de Croire Au Miracle.
123275: HENRI BECHARD - The Visions of Bernard Francis de Hoyos, S.J. : Apostle of the Sacred Heart in Spain
39771: HENRI BECHARD, S.J. - The Visions of Bernard Francis de Hoyos, S.J. : Apostle of the Sacred Heart in Spain.
39570: ARTHUR BECHTEL. - Vom Zauber Alter Flugmaschinen.
140784: E. BARRINGTON (L. ADAMS BECK) - Anne Boleyn
61592: LEWIS WHITE BECK. - Six Secular Philosophers.
60071: ROBERT N. BECK. - Perspectives in Philosophy: A Book of Readings.
73400: WILLIAM S. BECK. - Modern Science and the Nature of Life.
106380: FREDERICK O. BECK. - The Faith for All Seasons.
46659: KARL DAEVES & AUGUST BECKEL. - Auswertung Durch Grosszahl-Forschung.
102763: ROBERT A. BECKER. - Space Physics at the Aerospace Corporation.
122596: JERONIMO BECKER - El Nuevo Reino de Granada En El Siglo XVIII.
43322: JULIUS DE BECKER. - De Matrimonio: Praelectiones Canonicae.
72215: C. BECKER. - IM Stromtal Des Brahmaputra.
93415: CARL M. BECKER AND ROBERT THOBABEN. - Common Warfare: Parallel Memoirs by Two World War II Gis in the Pacific.
659: PETER BECKER. - Dingane: King of the Zulu 1828-1840.
111802: I.F.W. BECKETT. - Victoria's Wars: History in Camera.
105669: JOHN BECKLAKE. - History of Rocketry and Astronautics.
67305: REV. CLEMENT BECKMEYER. - A Silver Crown: Twenty-Five Subjects of Interest and Instruction in Defence of the Church.
97381: MARGARET M. BEDARD. - Family Catholic Action.
121600: FREDERICK BEDELL - Direct and Alternating Current Testing
140416: A.N. BEDFORD - Roy Rogers and the New Cowboy
99808: JOSEPH BEDIER. - The Romance of Tristan and Iseult.
1210853: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - Cardinal Bernard Griffin, Archbishop of Westminster
1210864: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE - The Meddlesome Friar: The Story of Conflict between Savonarola and Alexander VI
69034: MICHAEL DEL AL BEDOYERE. - Francois de Sales.
67689: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE, ED. - The Future of Catholic Christianity.
59406: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE. - Living Christianity.
92647: MICHAEL DE LA BEDOYERE. - Christianity in the Market-Place.
140641: CLAIR BEE - Pay-Off Pitch
140639: CLAIR BEE - Ten Seconds to Play!
123130: CATHERINE BEEBE - Saint Dominic and the Rosary
121276: CATHERINE BEEBE - Saint Dominic and the Rosary
140679: WILLIAM BEEBE - Exploring with Beebe: Selections for Younger Readers from the Writings of William Beebe
123102: CATHERINE BEEBE - St. John Bosco and the Children's Saint, Dominic Savio
63358: WILLIS JUDSON BEECHER. - The Dated Events of the Old Testament Being a Presentaiton of Old Testament Chronology.
103285: H.C. BEECHING. - The Poetical Works of John Milton.
52308: FRANS JOZEF VAN BEECK, S.J. - God Encountered, a Contemporary Catholic Systematic Theology, Volume I: Understanding the Christian Faith.
140658: FRANCIS BEEDING - The Secret Weapon
62344: M.A. BEEK AND J. SPERNA WEILAND. - Martin Buber: Personalist & Prophet.
62910: JO. TH. BEELEN AND A. VANDER HEEREN. - De Katholieke Brieven.
62919: JO.TH. BEELEN. - Het Oude Testament: Esdras; Nehemias; Tobias; Judith; Esther; Job.
62912: JO. TH. BEELEN AND A. VANDER HEEREN. - De Brieven Van Den H. Paulus.
62913: JO. TH. BEELEN AND A. VANDER HEEREN. - De Handelingen Der Apostelen.
62914: JO. TH. BEELEN AND A. VANDER HEEREN. - Het Nieuwe Testament Onzes Heeren Jesus-Christus; de Heilige Evangelien Volgens Mattheus Markus Lukas Joannes.
106507: ARTHUR BEER. - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 4.
106508: ARTHUR BEER. - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 5.
106244: ARTHUR BEER AND K.A. STRAND. - Copernicus Yesterday and Today.
111888: SIR GAVIN DE BEER. - Hannibal: Challenging Rome's Supremacy.
106350: ARTHUR BEER AND PETER BEER. - Vistas in Astronomy Volume 22.
111580: WARNER BEERS AND CO. - The History of Hardin County Ohio.
131197: HENRY A. BEERS - Nathaniel Parker Willis
112225: REV. W. HOLT BEEVER. - The Daily Life of Our Farm.
43069: REV. J.J. BEGEL. - Last Journey and Memorials of the Redeemer or Via Crucis As It Is Seen in Jerusalem.
64157: G.-M. BEHLER. - The Last Discourse of Jesus.
60385: SIEGFRIED BEHN. - The Eternal Magnet: A History of Philosophy.
66424: LEO BEHRENDT. - The Ethical Teaching of Hugo of Trimberg.
94682: WOLFGANG BEINERT. - Maria Heute Ehren.
102154: KATHLEEN FOLEY-BEINING. - The Body and Eucharistic Devotion in Catharina Regina Von Greiffenberg's Meditations.
69787: RUSSELL J. BEKCER. - Family Pastoral Care.
112035: LASZLO BEKE. - A Student's Diary: Budapest Oct 16 - Nov 1 1956.
66932: W.M. BEKKERS. - God's People on the March: A Modern Bishop Speaks to His People.
100102: RICHARD BELAIR. - The Road Less Traveled.
121709: EVERSLEY BELFIELD - The Boer War
570: EVERSLEY BELFIELD. - The Boer War.
87089: ALLEN BELKIND. - Jean-Paul Sartre: Sartre and Existentialism in English.
140220: ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL - The Mechanism of Speech: Lectures Delivered Before the American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech to the Deaf, to Which Is Appended a Paper
111830: SIR GEORGE BELL. - Soldier's Glory.
122564: CHARLES D. BELL - Some of Our English Poets.
131478: MACKENZIE BELL - Christina Rossetti: A Biographical and Critical Study
100738: STOUGHTON BELL. - Modern University Calculus.
67743: G.K.A. BELL, ED. - Documents on Christian Unity: Fourth Series, 1948-57.
11094: THOMAS BELL. - A History of British Quadrupeds Bound with a History of British Reptiles.
106609: TRUDY E. BELL. - Upward: Status Report and Directory of the American Space Interest Movement 1984-85.
140544: JAMES WARNER BELLAH - These Frantic Years
131060: GEORGE ANNE BELLAMY. - An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy: 5 Volumes.
86264: L.J. BELLAMY. - The Infra-Red Spectra of Complex Molecules.
97346: REV. L.E. BELLANTI. - The Mystical Body of Christ.
1210884: ST. ROBERT BELLARMINE - A Commentary on the Book of Psalms
41841: SISTER CONCETTA BELLEGGIA. - God and the Problem of Evil.
102570: KAREN BELLENIR. - Debt Information for Teens: Second Edition.
120447: BURCHARDUS DE BELLEVAUX - Apologia de Barbis
131187: HARVEY F. BELLIN, ED & DARRELL RUHL, ED - Blake and Swedenborg: Opposition Is True Friendship
122029: HILAIRE BELLOC - How the Reformation Happened
131347: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath or, Gleanings from a Busy Life, Called Upon the Outer Cover for Purposes of Sale: Caliban's Guide to Letters: Lambkin's Remains
140851: HILAIRE BELLOC - This and That and the Other
140858: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Missing Masterpiece
140327: HILAIRE BELLOC - Louis XIV
131532: HILAIRE BELLOC - Hilaire Belloc: An Anthology of His Prose and Verse Selected by W.N. Roughead
140823: HILAIRE BELLOC - Charles the First, King of England
130106: HILAIRE BELLOC ET AL - Why I Am a Catholic
131533: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Cruise of the Nona
132216: HILAIRE BELLOC - James the Second
132013: HILAIRE BELLOC - Sonnets and Verse
132014: HILAIRE BELLOC - Miniatures of French History
120556: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Mercy of Allah
140859: HILAIRE BELLOC - Survivals and New Arrivals
131444: HILAIRE BELLOC - Milton
140857: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Aftermath, or, Gleanings from a Busy Life
132207: HILAIRE BELLOC - A History of England, Vols I-IV
140861: HILAIRE BELLOC - William the Conqueror
140854: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Crusade: The World's Debate
140862: HILAIRE BELLOC - Warfare in England
140328: HILAIRE BELLOC - Wolsey
121448: HILAIRE BELLOC - Survivals and New Arrivals
140852: HILAIRE BELLOC - Essays of a Catholic Layman in England
132222: HILAIRE BELLOC - Cromwell
132221: HILAIRE BELLOC - Hills and the Sea
132220: HILAIRE BELLOC - Milton
132219: HILAIRE BELLOC - Europe and the Faith
132217: HILAIRE BELLOC - An Essay on the Nature of Contemporary England
140853: HILAIRE BELLOC - Danton: A Study
140617: HILAIRE BELLOC - Charles the First: King of England
67704: HILAIRE BELLOC. - Survivals and New Arrivals.
87028: HILAIRE BELLOC. - Survivals and New Arrivals.
100345: HILAIRE BELLOC. - The Aftermath or Gleanings from a Busy Life Called Upon the Outer Cover for Purposes of Sale Caliban's Guide to Letters.
121679: HILAIRE BELLOC - The Elements of the Great War: The Second Phase: The Battle of the Marne
100980: HILAIRE BELLOC. - Survivals and New Arrivals.
132250: HILAIRE BELLOC - First and Last
132214: HILAIRE BELLOC - On Anything
132215: HILAIRE BELLOC - On the Place of Gilbert Chesterton in English Letters
15079: SAUL BELLOW. - More Die of Heartbreak.
16244: SAUL BELLOW. - Mr. Sammler's Planet.
131028: MARQUIS DE BELLOY - Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World
140682: PETER BELLWOOD - Man's Conquest of the Pacific: The Prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania
64344: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER. - Die Briefe Des Heiligen Johannes.
64272: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER. - Der Zweite Brief Des Apostels Paulus an Die Korinther.
64289: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER. - Der Epheserbrief Des Apostels Paulus.
64293: JOHANNES EVANG. BELSER. - Die Briefe Es Apostels Paulus an Timotheus Und Titus.
64158: DR. JOHANNES EVANGELIST BELSER. - Die Apostelgeschichte.
63742: JOHANNES EVANGELIST BELSER. - Einleitung in Das Neue Testament.
68279: DR. JOHANNES BELSER. - Die Geschichte Des Leidens Und Sterbens, Der Auferstehung Und Himmelfahrt Des Herrn.
63567: CHRISTINE L. BENAGH. - Meditations on the Book of Job.
38417: JOHN K. RYAN & EDMOND DARVIL BENARD. - American Essays for the Newman Centennial.
38437: REV. EDMOND DARVIL BENARD. - A Preface to Newman's Theology.
121341: SETH BENARDETE - Herodotean Inquiries
130656: FRAY ALONSO DE BENAVIDES - The Memorial of Fray Alonso de Benavides
54952: ROBERT BENCHLEY. - Chips Off the Old Benchley.
101309: DAVID BENDER. - Social Justice: Opposing Viewpoints.
112889: RUTH BENEDICT - Tales of the Cochiti Indians.
102674: STEPHEN VINCENT BENET. - John Brown's Body.
141239: GREGORY BENFORD AND DAVID BRIN - Heart of the Comet
112169: GREGORY BENFORD. - Foundation's Fear.
38834: STEPHEN BENKO. - The Meaning of Sanctorum Communio.
107764: ROBERT AMES BENNET. - The Bowl of Baal.
121082: ALFRED GORDON BENNETT - The Forest of Fear
103802: CHARLES EDWIN BENNETT. - Tacitus: Dialogus de Oratoribus.
111647: CHARLES E. BENNETT. - A New Latin Composition.
140144: IVAN L. BENNETT, ED. - Song and Service Book for Ship and Field: Army and Navy
1210739: EDWARD EARL BENNETT ET AL., ED. - Calendar of the Tennessee and King's Mountain Papers of the Draper Collection Manuscripts
131422: ARNOLD BENNETT - Literary Taste: How to Form It
122057: CHARLES E. BENNETT - New Latin Grammar
43311: JOHN C. BENNETT, ED. - Christian Social Ethics in a Changing World.
97231: WALLACE F. BENNETT. - The Very Human History of Nam.
8849: E.N. BENNETT. - The Downfall of the Dervishes.
34968: JACK BENNETT. - Gallipoli: The Novel.
65987: REV. J. CLEMENT BENNINGTON. - The Recipient of Confirmation: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary.
62740: P. BENOIT, ED. - La Sainte Bible: L'Evangile Selon Saint Matthieu.
62748: P. BENOIT, ED. - La Sainte Bible: Aux Philippiens, a Philemon, Aux Colossiens, Aux Ephesiens.
84621: D.R. BENSEN. - Swashbuckler.
107157: E.F. BENSON. - The Image in the Sand.
107156: E.F. BENSON. - The Angel of Pain.
107155: E.F. BENSON. - The Challoners.
132058: ROBERT HUGH BENSON - Confessions of a Convert
132053: ROBERT HUGH BENSON - Poems
132049: ROBERT HUGH BENSON - Spiritual Letters to One of His Converts
132008: ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER BENSON - Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother
140873: ROBERT HUGH BENSON - The Sentimentalists
39740: JOACHIM V. BENSON. - The Judgements of Father Judge: A Study of Very Rev. Thomas Augustine Judge.
84415: R.H. BENSON. - The Necromancers (the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult).
132234: A.C. BENSON - From a College Window
107154: E.F. BENSON. - Peter.
131252: S.L. BENSUSAN - Coleridge
98985: S.L. BENSUSAN. - Reynolds [Masterpieces in Colour Series].
130636: S. L. BENSUSAN - Home Life in Spain
140532: JEREMY BENTHAM - A Fragment on Government and an Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
131441: G.E. BENTLEY - Blake Records Supplement: Being New Materials Relating to the Life of William Blake Discovered Since the Publication of Blake Records 1969
106713: RICHARDI BENTLEII (AKA RICHARD BENTLEY). - Q. Horatius Flaccus Tomus Prior: Horace Book I.
131205: G.E. BENTLEY, ED - William Blake: The Critical Heritage
131462: G.E. BENTLEY, JR. - Blake Books: Annotated Catalogues of William Blake's Writing
131497: G.E. BENTLEY, ED - William Blake's Works in Conventional Typography
72003: ERIC BENTLEY, ED. - The Storm over the Deputy: Essays and Articles About Hochhuth's Explosive Drama.
106438: SISTER EVEYN BENTON. - Bible Stories in the Language of Youth - Historia Sagrada En El Idioma de la Juventud.
131594: NORMAN BENTWICH - Philo-Judaeus of Alexandria
63336: AAGE BENTZEN. - Daniel.
91267: AAGE BENTZEN. - Introduction to the Old Testament.
63076: I. BENZINGER. - Hebraische Archaologie.
108018: ANGELO DI BERARDINO. - Patrologia Vol. III: Dal Concilio Di Nicea (325) Al Concilio Di Calcedonia (451).
4825: KONRAD BERCOVICI. - The Volga Boatman.
92949: ALFRED BERCOVICI. - That Blackguard Burton!
122095: NICOLAS BERDYAEV - Dream and Reality: An Essay in Autobiography
3133: SIR IVAN DE LA BERE. - The Queen's Orders of Chivalry.
1213317: ADMIRAL LORD CHARLES BERESFORD - The Memoirs of Admiral Lord Charles Beresford: Vol. II
65416: CHARLES BERG AND CLIFFORD ALLEN. - The Problem of Homosexuality.
65064: LUDWIG BERG. - Sozialethik.
140684: R. VAN BERGEN - The Story of Russia
130372: JOHN A. BERGER - The Franciscan Missions of California
131463: P. BERGER - William Blake: Poet and Mystic
43333: JOSEPH BERGER. - Rejection of the Intrductory Libellus in Matrimonial Causes.
959: CARL BERGER. - Broadsides and Bayonets.
121173: RAY BERGMAN - Just Fishing
96071: PETER M. BERGMAN. - The Concise Dictionary of Twenty-Six Languages in Simultaneous Translations.
55066: L. BERGMANN AND CL. SCHAEFER. - Lehrbuch Der Experimentalphysik I: Mechanik - Akustik Warmelehre.
55318: L. BERGMANN AND CL. SCHAEFER. - Lehrbuch Der Experimentalphysik II Band: Elektrizitatslehre.
49525: ROBERT P. BERGMANN. - Vatican Treasures.
122719: BERNARD BERGONZI - The Roman Persuasion
140723: HENRI BERGSON - Matter and Memory
140724: HENRI BERGSON - Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness
140696: HENRI BERGSON - The Two Sources of Morality and Religion
22414: S.M. BERINGER. - History of Dayton's Industries.
120874: ABBE R. BERINGER - Recueil Documentaire: Deuxieme Edition Volumes I-XX
140363: ABBE BERJAT - Notre Dame Devalfleury: Notice Historique
123002: ABBE BERJAT - Notre-Dame de Valfleury: Notice Historique.
46265: HUMPHRY BERKELEY. - The Power of the Prime Minister.
68807: PATRICK J. BERKERY, S.M.M., PH.D. - Restructuring Religious Life: A Plan for Renewal.
12187: CHARLES BERLITZ. - The Lost Ship of Noah: In Search of the Ark at Ararat.
131424: RONALD BERMAN - Henry King & the Seventeenth Century
37805: REGIS BERNARD, S.J. - L'Esperance.
37804: REGIS BERNARD, S.J. - L'Esperance.
120309: J.H. BERNARD. - The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick
140704: STEVE BERNEKING AND SCOTT S. ELLIOTT - Translation and the Machine: Technology, Meaning, Praxis
99326: CAPT. BETRAM M. BERNHEIM. - Passed As Censored.
85379: PAUL BERNIER. - Eucharist: Celebrating Its Rhythms in Our Lives.
141047: GAETAN DE BERNOVILLE - The Jesuits
35845: MOREY BERNSTEIN. - The Search for Bridey Murphy.
26292: EDWARD BERNSTEIN. - Ferdinand Lassalle As a Social Reformer.
111946: LUIGI BERRA. - Pane Spezzato: Vol. II: Brevi Omelie Per Solemnita - Feste E Memorie Liturgiche.
87895: CONSTANTE BERSELLI. - In Praise of Mary: Hymns from the First Millennium of the Eastern and Western Churches.
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122743: HEINRICH BRUECK - History of the Catholic Church, for Use in Seminaries and Colleges: Vol. I&II [Complete].
60966: CHARLES P. BRUEHL. - This Way Happiness: Ethics: The Science of the Good Life.
97553: REV. DR. C. BRUEHL. - General Principles of Social Reform.
47336: WILLIAM BRUETTE. - Modern Breaking: A Book About Bird Dogs.
46650: P. TEN BRUGGENCATE, ET AL. - Zur Erforschung Des Weltalls: Acht Vortrage Uber Probleme Der Astronomie Und Astrophysik.
63398: HEINRICH BRUGSCH. - Steininschrift Und Bibelwort.
19159: SIR ARTHUR SCOTT & P. MIDDLETON BRUMWELL. - History of the 12th (Eastern) Division in the Great War.
131069: M. MALTE-BRUN - Universal Geography; or a Description of All the Parts of the World on a New Plan: 6 Volumes
94220: JEAN LUCIEN-BRUN. - Une Conception Moderne Du Droit [Archives de Philosophie Vol. IV #3].
112812: PIERRE BRUNETTE - Francis of Assisi and His Conversions
65723: ROBERT A. BRUNGS. - Building the City: Christian Response and Responsibility.
85421: ROBERT A. BRUNGS. - A Priestly People.
60116: GERARDO BRUNI. - Progressive Scholasticism.
112153: JOHN BRUNNER. - Stand on Zanzibar.
2886: JACQUES BRUNSCHWIG AND GEOFFREY E.R. LLOYD. - A Guide to Greek Thought: Major Figures and Trends.
21866: JAN HAROLD BRUNVAND. - The Study of American Folklore: An Introduction.
43236: J.-A. BRUTAILS. - Precis D'Archeologie Du Moyen Age.
9936: DANIEL BRUUN. - Algier Og Sahara.
32348: C.D.B. BRYAN. - The National Geographic Society: 100 Years of Adventure and Discovery.
112928: AILEEN O'BRYAN - The Dine: Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians.
2054: ARTHUR BRYANT. - Samuel Pepys: The Years of Peril.
13881: SIR ARTHUR BRYANT. - Freedom's Own Island.
122760: WILLIAM MOIR BRYCE - The Scottish Grey Friars: Vol. II Documents [Incomplete].
43775: J. BRYS. - Juris Canonici Compendium, Vols. I-II.
112012: REV. THOMAS H. BRYSON. - The Juniors of St. Bede's: A Prepatory School Story.
103457: BRUCE BUBACZ. - St. Augustine's Theory of Knowledge: A Contemporary Analysis.
64784: KENNETH P. BUBB. - Confirmation: Toward an Understanding.
107939: BERTRAND BUBY. - A Journey Through Revelation.
106729: REGINA BUCCOLA AND LISA HOPKINS. - Marian Moments in Early Modern British Drama.
140354: JOHN BUCHAN - Adventurers All
140298: JOHN BUCHAN - The King's Grace 1910-1935
107516: JOHN BUCHAN. - Sir Walter Scott.
121843: JOHN BUCHAN - Sir Walter Scott
107663: JOHN BUCHAN. - Adventurers All.
107665: JOHN BUCHAN. - Men and Deeds.
107513: JOHN BUCHAN. - The Massacre of Glencoe.
107452: JOHN BUCHAN. - These for Remembrance: Memoirs of 6 Friends Killed in the Great War.
121181: JOHN BUCHAN - Sir Walter Scott
107681: JOHN BUCHAN. - The Path of the King.
107677: JOHN BUCHAN. - The Four Adventures of Richard Hannay.
108293: JOHN BUCHAN. - Salute to Adventurers.
108268: JOHN BUCHAN. - Francis and Riversdale Grenfell: A Memoir.
107670: JOHN BUCHAN. - Prester John.
107672: JOHN BUCHAN. - John Burnet of Barns.
107684: JOHN BUCHAN. - The Dancing Floor.
107688: JOHN BUCHAN. - Greenmantle.
107706: ANNA BUCHAN. - Unforgettable Unforgotten.
112555: EDNA BUCHANAN. - The Ice Maiden.
69872: VERY REV. HENRY D. BUCHANAN. - Art of Persuasion in Pastoral Theology: Based on 70 Cases As Concrete Examples.
54359: GEORGE WESLEY BUCHANAN. - To the Hebrews [the Anchor Bible #36].
110196: DR. MICHAEL BUCHBERGER. - Lexikon Fur Theologie Und Kirche: Vols. I-X.
46749: HERBERT BUCHHOLZ. - Die Konfluente Hypergeometrische Funktion.
131413: GERTRUDE BUCK - The Social Criticism of Literature
67165: REV. J.R. BUCK. - A Convert-Pastor Explains.
123196: PEARL S. BUCK, JASON LINDSEY - Essay on Myself/a Study of Pearl S. Buck
65694: H. REGINALD BUCKLER. - The Life of Faith and Love: Brief Expositions.
52133: JONATHAN BUCKLEY, ED. - Classical Music on Cd: The Rough Guide.
141030: MICHAEL J. BUCKLEY - Morality and the Homosexual: A Catholic Approach to a Moral Problem
120770: HENRIETTA BUCKMASTER - Paul: A Man Who Changed the World
98037: REV. CHRISTOPHER M. BUCKNER. - One Flock One Shepherd: The Teachings of the Catholic Church: Course One: Doctrine - Part C.
97136: MICHAEL BUDDE. - The (Magic) Kingdom of God.
36602: FRANCESCO LO BUE, ED. - The Turin Fragment of Tyconius' Commentary on Revelation.
66459: WALTER J. BUEHLER. - The Role of Prudence in Education.
71430: MARIE C. BUEHRLE. - I Am on Fire: Blessed Mary of Providence.

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