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mon0000069877: GIOVANNI PAPINI - Poesia in Versi (Opere, Volume 18)
mon0000069879: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - La Scala Di Giacobbe 1919-30 Volume 22 of the Opere
mon0000069874: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Ritratti Stranieri 1908-21 Volume 11 of the Opere
mon0000069876: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Gli Amanti Di Sofia 1902-18 Volume 4 of the Opere
mon0000069875: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Eresie Letterarie 1905-28 Volume 13 of the Opere
mon0000069878: GIOVANNI PAPINI - Poesia in Prosa (Opere, Volume 17)
mon0000069880: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Ritratti Italiani 1904-31 Volume 12 of the Opere
mon0000069873: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - I Nipoti D'Iddio 1903-31 Volume 16 of the Opere
mon0000064761: PARADIS, ADRIAN A. - The Bulls and the Bears: How the Stock Exchange Works
mon0000056723: PARAMANANDA - Emerson and Vedanta
mon0000069974: PARDO GARCIA, GERMAN - Himnos a la Noche. Poema
mon0000061247: PARDUE, AUSTIN - The Single Eye
mon0000069793: PAREDES - Anishinabe: 6 Studies of Modern Chippewa
mon0000065627: PARETSKY, SARA - Burn Marks (V.I. Warshawski Novels)
mon0000071020: PARETSKY, SARA - Ghost Country
mon0000066905: PARINI, JAY - The Patch Boys
mon0000061902: JAY PARINI - Some Necessary Angels
mon0000059739: MUSEE RODIN PARIS - Rodin Seize Sculptures 2 Volumes
mon0000069662: PARIS, JAMES REID - Great French Films
mon0000069698: PARIS, ERNA - End of Days
mon0000068858: PARIS: PERSHING HALL, 20 MAI, 1934 - Le General la Fayette Catalogue de L'Exposition Paris-Mai 1934`
mon0000069512: PARIS, ERNA - The End of Days : A Story of Tolerance, Tyranny, and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain
mon0000068865: ARTURO PARISI - Sulla Soglia Del Cambiamento. Elettori E Partiti Alla Fine Della Prima Repubblica
mon0000062651: NY ZOOLOGICAL PARK - Animals in Art Stamps
mon0000061962: PARK, PAUL - Celestis
mon0000062114: PARK, PAUL - Gospel of Corax
mon0000062076: PARK, PAUL - Sugar Rain (the Starbridge Chronicles)
mon0000057754: JOHN EDGAR PARK - New Horizons,
mon0000068348: PARK, PAUL - The Tourmaline
mon0000065635: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Summer of Fear
mon0000066213: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Double Deuce
mon0000060635: PARKER, STANLEY ROBERT - Ghosts: 2
mon0000064787: PARKER, JAMES HILL - Social History and the Dynamics of Belief
mon0000066158: PARKER, ROBERT B. - Hugger Mugger : A Spenser Novel
mon0000067335: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Silent Joe: A Novel
mon0000070586: PARKER, ROBERT B - Ceremony: A Spenser Novel
mon0000066631: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Where Serpents Lie
mon0000041536: JOHN PARKER - If Elected, I Promise; 1001 Jokes, Toasts, Stories, and Gems of Wisdom by and About Politicians
mon0000058301: PARKER T., ED. HART - America and the Middle East. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 401, May 1972
mon0000057975: ROBERT M. PARKER - Burgundy: A Comprehensive Guide to the Producers, Appellations, and Wines
mon0000070430: PARKINSON, ROY - Tonsil and Allied Problems
mon0000055320: FRANCIS & J HODGDON PARKMAN - Prose Passages from the Works of Francis Parkman
mon0000065983: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The California and Oregon Trail: Being Sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life
mon0000060651: PARKS, TIM - Shear
mon0000064003: PARKS, SUZAN-LORI - Getting Mother's Body. A Novel.
mon0000066150: TIM PARKS - Tongues of Flame
mon0000053255: TIM PARKS - Home Thoughts
mon0000058028: ARCHIE. PARNELL - Congress and the Irs : Improving the Relationship
mon0000043509: H. ROSAMOND PARSONS - Anglo-Norman Books of Courtesy and Nurture
mon0000063068: PARSONS, ALEXANDER - In the Shadows of the Sun
mon0000050917: TALCOTT PARSONS - System of Modern Societies (Foundations of Modern Sociology)
mon0000062165: PARTNOY, FRANK - Infectious Greed: How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets
mon0000070366: PARTON, JAMES - Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin
mon0000070460: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - Usage and Abusage: A Guide to Good English 1st Edition
mon0000062906: PARVATHAMMA, C - Politics & Religion;: A Study of Historical Interaction between Socio-Political Relationships in a Mysore Village
mon0000061034: VINCE PASSARO - Violence, Nudity, Adult Content: A Novel
mon0000049973: COVENTRY KERSEY DIGHTON PATMORE - The Angel in the House: The Espousals
mon0000062915: PATRICIA K. KUHL, ANDREW N. MELTZOFF, ALISON GOPNIK - The Scientist in the Crib: Minds, Brains, and How Children Learn
mon0000065834: PATTERSON, BENTON RAIN - With the Heart of a King: Elizabeth I of England, Philip II of Spain, and the Fight for a Nation's Soul and Crown
mon0000065481: PATTERSON, JAMES - Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)
mon0000066599: PATTERSON, JAMES - Cat and Mouse (Alex Cross Novels)
mon0000066783: PATTERSON, JAMES - Hide & Seek
mon0000050612: RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON - The Race
mon0000066214: PATTISON, ELIOT - The Skull Mantra (Inspector Shan Tao Yun)
mon0000066105: PATTISON, ELIOT - Bone Mountain: A Novel
mon0000066672: PAUL, JIM - What's Called Love: A Real Romance
mon0000061042: PAUL - But He Was Already Dead When I Got There
mon0000062986: PAUL, ELLIOT - Mysterious Mickey Finn, the, or Murder at the Cafe Du Dome
mon0000069211: HAZARD PAUL - La Pensee Europeenne Au Xviiie Siecle, de Montesquieu a Lessing, Tome II
mon0000068866: CLAUDEL PAUL & . - Claudel Paul - Introduction à Quelques Oeuvres. / Collectible Book
mon0000054075: PAUL O'NEILL, BURTON ROCKS - Me and My Dad: A Baseball Memoir
mon0000056785: KAZIMIERZ PAWLICKI - Elementy Dzwignic (Czesc II)
mon0000058108: E J PAWLOWSKI - Path to Permanent Peace Volume 1
mon0000057170: JEROME PAWLOWSKI - Poland & Her People
mon0000057166: FREDERIC L. PAXSON - The Independence of the South-American Republics: A Study in Recognition and Foreign Policy (Library of Latin American History and Culture)
mon0000069325: PAXSON, FREDERIC L - The Last American Frontier, (Stories from American History)
mon0000069187: PAYEN, JEAN CHARLES - Les Origines de la Renaissance (French Edition)
mon0000067436: PEABODY, FRANCIS GREENWOOD - The Rhythm of Life
mon0000057600: JOE PEACOTT - Misinformation and Manipulation: An Anarchist Critique of the Politics of Aids (Bad Press Pamphlet)
mon0000065413: PEARCE, MICHAEL - The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile
mon0000057041: CHARLES S. PEARCE - The Novia
mon0000056377: DAVID PEARCE - Conservation Today: Conservation in Britain Since 1975
mon0000058104: RAYMOND PEARL - The Natural History of Population,
mon0000057167: RAYMOND PEARL - Alcohol and Longevity,
mon0000066608: PEARSON, RIDLEY - Parallel Lies
mon0000061723: PEARSON, PETER - Postscript for Malpas (a Red Badge Novel of Suspense)
mon0000064089: PEARSON, T. R. - The Gospel Hour
mon0000052943: PEARSON - Everybody Knows That
mon0000069663: PEARY, DANNY - Cult Movies
mon0000069552: PEARY, DANNY - Cult Movies 2: Fifty More of the Classics, the Sleepers, the Weird, and the Wonderful
mon0000065421: PEASE, WILLIAM - The Monkey's Fist - 1st Edition/1st Printing
mon0000055180: CARLOS B GONZALEZ PECOTCHE - Logosophy: Science and Method : Technique of the Conscious Formation of the Individual
mon0000055589: EJNER PEDERSEN - Spasticity & Neurological Bladder Disturbances
mon0000067571: PEEL, COLIN D. - Snowtrap
mon0000069114: PEET, STEPHEN D. - Ancient Monuments and Ruined Cities, or the Beginnings of Architecture
mon0000065075: PEFFER, NATHANIEL WITH (ALLAN NEVINS & HOWARD M. EHRMANN, EDITORS) - The Far East: A Modern History **the University of Michigan History of the Moder
mon0000057387: JAMES H. F PEILE - The Reproach of the Gospel: An Inquiry Into the Apparent Failure of Christianity As a General Rule of Life and Conduct, with Special Reference to the... For the Year 1907 (Bampton Lectures 1907)
mon0000053501: HOOMAN PEIMANI - The Caspian Pipeline Dilemma: Political Games and Economic Losses
mon0000061404: PEIRCE, BENJAMIN - A History of Harvard University,: From Its Foundation, in the Year 1636, to the Period of the American Revolution
mon0000055645: LAURENCE BARRY PEIRCE - Hydrology and Surface-Water Resources of East-Central Alabama, (Geological Survey of Alabama. Special Report 22)
mon0000055060: NEAL R PEIRCE - The Megastates of America;: People, Politics, and Power in the Ten Great States
mon0000055619: LILI PELLER - Comments on Adoption and Child Development
mon0000058182: REV. F. N. AND M. A. PELOUBET - Select Notes on the International Lessons for 1882
mon0000070864: PENLEY, STEVE - The Reconstruction of America
mon0000068022: PENNELL, FRANK W. - Threads of Tranquility: Essays, Observations, and Reflections
mon0000070021: PENNELL, JOSEPH. - The Graphic Arts: The Scammon Lectures 1920, the Art Institute of Chicago
mon0000069225: PENNER, RUDOLPH G. - The Great Fiscal Experiment
mon0000058115: D.H. PENNINGTON - Seventeenth Century Europe
mon0000037223: THE CATHOLIC BISHOPS OF PENNSYLVANIA. - Nutrition and Hydration: Moral Considerations.
mon0000067568: PENTECOST, HUGH - Bargain with Death, (a Red Badge Novel of Suspense)
mon0000064801: PENTECOST, HUGH - Death After Breakfast (a Red Badge Novel of Suspense)
mon0000055852: JOHN PENWITH - Leaves from a Cornish Notebook
mon0000056353: OTTO PENZLER - Murder at the Foul Line: Original Tales of Hoop Dreams and Deaths from Today's Great Writers
mon0000068799: PEP - Britain and World Trade
mon0000069293: BENJAMIN PEREIRA - Texteis. Tecnologia E Simbolismo
mon0000069561: PERELMAN, S.J. - The Last Laugh
mon0000051262: LUCIEN PEREY - Un Petit-Neveu de Mazarin Louis-Jules-Henri-Barbon Mancini-Mazarini, Duc de Nivernais
mon0000066088: PERKINS, ROBERT - Against Straight Lines: Alone in Labrador
mon0000063809: PERKINS, HENRY A. - As It Looks to the Angels and Other Essays
mon0000059990: WILLIAM CHARLTON-PERKINS - Indaba Mini-Curio: Zulu
mon0000057044: JUDITH PERLZWEIG - Lamps from the Athenian Agora (Excavations of the Athenian Agora Picture Books, No. 9)
mon0000055497: ELLISTON J. PEROT - Notes on the American Liturgy for Use in Parish Instruction...
mon0000054006: NICHOLAS PERRICONE - The Perricone Prescription
mon0000064194: PERROTTA, TOM - The Abstinence Teacher
mon0000067516: PERRY, THOMAS - Big Fish
mon0000064005: PERRY, THOMAS - Death Benefits: A Novel
mon0000066075: PERRY, ANNE - Cain His Brother
mon0000070305: PERRY, THOMAS - Silence
mon0000054519: RALPH BARTON PERRY - The Thought and Character of William James, As Revealed in Unpublished Correspondence and Notes in Two Volumes
mon0000070123: SAINT JOHN PERSE - Amers
mon0000056751: ZDZISLAW PESZKOWSKI - Misterium Swietego Milenium Chrztu Polski
mon0000056278: PETER ELEY, JOHN WORTHINGTON - Industrial Rehabilitation: The Use of Redundant Buildings for Small Enterprises
mon0000059988: JOHANNES PETER - Illustrated History Berlin Wall
mon0000069761: PETER K ORTON, ARNO SCHOLZ - Outpost Berlin
mon0000056338: PETER COOK, CHRISTINE HAWLEY, RON HERRON - Spirit and Invention (Themes)
mon0000066606: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Laughter of Dead Kings (Vicky Bliss, No. 6)
mon0000058469: ELLIS PETERS - Flight of a Witch
mon0000066594: PETERS, ELIZABETH - Lord of the Silent
mon0000066274: ELIZABETH PETERS - The Snake, the Crocodile, and the Dog
mon0000061816: PETERS, JOAN K. - Manny and Rose
mon0000057376: RICHARD PETERS - Reports of Cases Argued & Adjudged in the Supreme Court. January Term 1842
mon0000062794: PETERSON, PETER G. (EDITOR) - Facing Up: How to Rescue the Economy Fromcrushing Debt & Restore the American Dream
mon0000055632: CHARLES E PETERSON - Iron in Early American Roofs
mon0000068643: GERALD PETIEVICH - Shakedown: A Novel
mon0000068803: JOSEPH PETIT - La Famille Princiere de Luxembourg
mon0000066094: PETIT, CHRISTOPHER - Robinson
mon0000065873: PETRONIUS ARBITER, GAIUS (FL. 65 AD). - The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, Translation Ascribed to Oscar Wilde.
mon0000062975: PETRUNKEVITCH, ALEXANDER - Choice and Responsibility;: Address Given at the Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 24th, 1946, on the Occasion... The Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences)
mon0000055208: WILLA PETSCHEK - Visiting America: A Traveller's Guide to Massachusetts, New York, Washington, D.C. And Other Special Places
mon0000069812: PEYER, BERND - The Tutor'd Mind: Indian Missionary-Writers in Antebellum America (Native Americans of the Northeast: Culture, History, & the Contemporary)
mon0000069898: PEYRE, HENRI - Andre Gide Et Les Problemes D'Influence en Litterature
mon0000069897: HENRI PEYRE - Renan Et Lamartine
mon0000064935: PFISTER,KURT - Riemenschneider.
mon0000057631: ROBERT B. SMITH PHD - Cumulative Social Inquiry: Transforming Novelty Into Innovation
mon0000067974: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - William Lyon Phelps: Autobiography with Letters
mon0000062992: PHELPS, ANNA ELIZABETH - Mountain, Valley, Lake and Stream
mon0000061226: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - William Lyon Phelps: Autobiography with Letters
mon0000053479: PHILANDER P CLAXTON, FRAULEIN M. MEISSNER - From the Land of Stories: A Supplementary Reader for Children of the Second Grade Mostly from the German of Fraulein M. Meissner
mon0000068612: RODMAN PHILBRICK - Walk on the Water
mon0000069996: CHEZ PHILIPPE - Le Catholique, Magasin Religieux
mon0000065934: PHILIPS, DOUGLAS, NAISBITT, NANA, NAISBITT, JOHN - High Tech High Touch: Technology and Our Search for Meaning
mon0000054123: PHILLIPS - Phillips 19th Century European Paintings: Auction: Friday, October 30, 1987 at 11: 00 Am (Art Auction Catalogue - Phillips, Son and Neale)
mon0000054164: PHILLIPS - English, Continental & Victorian Furniture, Paintings, Silver & Decorative Arts June 6, 1987
mon0000054165: PHILLIPS - Lace, Textiles, Needlework, Quilts, Period Costumes, and Fashion Illustrations May 21, 1987
mon0000065415: PHILLIPS, CARYL - The Nature of Blood
mon0000062208: PHILLIPS, JAMES H - Undercover Wildlife Agent: The Casebook of Federal Conservation Officer Robert o. Halstead
mon0000068929: PHILLIPS, WENDELL - Speeches, Lectures, and Letters
mon0000068737: PHILLIPS, ANNA SIMS, TAIBBI, MIKE - Unholy Alliances: Working the Tawana Brawley Story
mon0000044059: DAVID GRAHAM PHILLIPS - The Social Secretary
mon0000054138: PHILLIPS - 19th & 20th Century Decorative Arts from the Collection of Robert Edwards & the Jeffrey S. Kryvicky Collection of American Arts and Crafts Furnishings June 27, 1987
mon0000051070: PERCIVAL PHILLIPS - "Red" Dragon & the Black Shirts: The True Story of the Fascisti Movement
mon0000057923: DAVID L. PHILLIPS - It's a Small World Till You Try Walking Around It!
mon0000048803: WILLIAM PHILLIPS - Partisan Review 4 1992
mon0000045948: C. E. LUCAS PHILLIPS - Cockleshell Heroes
mon0000054124: PHILLIPS - American Paintings, Furniture, Decorative Arts & Textiles Oct. 22, 1987
mon0000054139: PHILLIPS - Victorian Furniture, Decorative Arts and Paintings and English, American and Continental Majolica July 14, 1987
mon0000054171: PHILLIPS - Phillips Pianos and Keyboard Instruments Auction Catalog May 14, 1987
mon0000068483: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - Jig-Saw
mon0000069717: RICHARD (CLEVELAND AMORY, INTRO) LAMPARSKI 200 B/W PHOTOS - Whatever Became of... ? First Series
mon0000070049: PIA, PASCAL - Bouquet Poetique Des Medecins Chirurgiens, Dentistes & Apothicaires
mon0000063835: JEAN PIAGET - Les Sciences Sociales Avec Et Après Jean Piaget (Revue Européenne Des Sciences Sociales, Volume 14)
mon0000063549: PIANTELLI, FRANCESCO - Un Vittorioso IL Capitano Giuseppe Pagani
mon0000059070: TOM PIAZZA - My Cold War: A Novel
mon0000067201: PICKARD, NANCY - I.O. U. - 1st Edition/1st Printing
mon0000051193: SAMUEL T. PICKARD - Hawthorne's First Diary
mon0000059935: ERNEST PICKERING - The Homes of America
mon0000065917: PICKOVER, CLIFFORD A., ANTHONY, PIERS - Spider Legs
mon0000059727: PETER M PICONE - Connecticut Native Trees: Availability List
mon0000055000: HERMANN AUGUSTINE PIEHLER - Ireland for Everyman: A Practical & Historical Guide
mon0000064169: PIERCY, MARGE - Woman on the Edge of Time
mon0000065420: PIERCY, MARGE - City of Darkness, City of Light
mon0000051055: HENRI CONSTANT GABRIEL PIERNÉ - La Fille de Tabarin. Comédie Lyrique en Trois Actes de MM. V. Sardou Et P. Ferrier... Partition Chant Et Piano
mon0000056575: JOHN PIERPONT - The American First Class Book: Or, Exercises in Reading and Recitation, Selected Principally from Modern Authors of Great Britain and America, and... Highest Class in Public and Private Schools
mon0000038331: STEPHANIE ST. PIERRE - Rainbow Rhymes (Rocking Horse Rhymes)
mon0000069849: ANDRE PIERRE - Qui Succedera a Staline?
mon0000071024: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE - September
mon0000055059: CHAPMAN PINCHER - Too Secret Too Long
mon0000063066: PINEDA, CECILE - Face
mon0000069764: PINKEVITCH, ALBERT P.; COUNTS, GEORGE S. (EDITOR) - The New Education in the Soviet Republic
mon0000070284: PINNER, MAX - Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Adult,: Its Fundamental Aspects,
mon0000067158: PIPER, PAT, KING, LARRY - Anything Goes!: What I'Ve Learned from Pundits, Politicians, and Presidents
mon0000065781: PIPPIN, ROBERT B. - Hollywood Westerns and American Myth: The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for Political Philosophy (Castle Lectures Series)
mon0000055489: TSVI PIRAN - Eighth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Gravitation, and Relativistic Field Theories, Part B
mon0000057203: LUIGI PIRANDELLO - Three Plays, Six Characters in Search of Author Henry IV, Right You Are!
mon0000069745: PISANO, RONALD G. - William Merritt Chase in the Company of Friends
mon0000068906: PIZZORNO, ALESSANDRO - IL Potere Dei Giudici: Stato Democratico E Controllo Della Virtu (IL Nocciolo) (Italian Edition)
mon0000063692: PLAIN, BELVA - Tapestry
mon0000069268: PLANCARTE, ALFONSO - Poetas Novohispanos Primer Siglo 1521-1621
mon0000069294: ALFONSO MENDEZ PLANCARTE - Cuestiunculas Gongorinas
mon0000060967: PLANTE, DAVID - The Catholic
mon0000066490: PLANTE, RICHARD LA, LA PLANTE, RICHARD - Steroid Blues
mon0000064994: THE PLAYERS - The Players 1925 - 1928
mon0000070323: PLAYFAIR, R. LAMBERT, ASHBEE, H. S. - A Biblilography of Tunisia from the Earliest Times to the End of 1888 & a Bibliography of Tripoli and the Cyrenaica
mon0000067977: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Pet Peeves: Or Whatever Happened to Doctor Rawff?
mon0000052084: ALPHA OF THE PLOUGH - Windfalls
mon0000059067: CATHARINE PLUMMER - All About Brother Bird
mon0000054604: PLUTARCH - The Romane Questions.
mon0000070017: POE, ROBERT - Return to the House of Usher
mon0000066295: POGUE, BILL, BOVA, BEN - The Trikon Deception
mon0000070872: POHJANPAA L. - Metsan Satuja
mon0000064409: POLAN, MARY LAKE, M.D. - Second Seed
mon0000053342: SUSAN AND LARRY POLANS - The Susan and Larry Polans Folk Art Collection Auction March 3, 2001
mon0000049815: GRAEME POLE - Canadian Rockies, a History in Photographs
mon0000069991: SCIENCES MOREALES ET POLITIQUES - Academie Royale de Belgique; Memoires Deuxieme Serie Tome XXXII
mon0000062605: POLLACK, ROBERT - The Missing Moment
mon0000054346: FRANCIS EDWARD POLLARD - Democracy and the Quaker Method,
mon0000070089: POLLEN, JOHN HUNGERFORD, EDITED BY - Universal Catalogue of Books on Art: Vol. I. -a to K
mon0000067662: POLLIN, ROBERT - Contours of Descent: Us Economic Fractures and the Landscape of Global Austerity
mon0000061244: ELLEN POLLOCK - The Pretender: How Martin Frankel Fooled the Financial World and Led the Feds on One of the Most Publicized Manhunts in History
mon0000070103: POMERANTZ, CHARLOTTE, EDITOR - Quarter-Century of Un-Americana - Tragico-Comical Memorabilia of Huac (House Un-American Activities Committee), 1938-1963
mon0000069204: POMMIER, JEAN (1893-1973) - Aspects de Racine : Suivi de L'Histoire Littâeraire D'Un Couple Tragique
mon0000067303: POND, ENOCH - Lives of Increase Mather and Sir William Phipps
mon0000051795: ARMIN PONGS - In Welcher Gesellschaft Leben Wir Eigentlich?: Gesellschaftskonzepte IM Vergleich / Armin Pongs (Aus Der Reihe "Gesellschaft X") (German Edition)
mon0000041160: ERNEST POOLE - "the Dark People": Russia's Crisis
mon0000062376: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Guns of Cape Ann the Story of the Immortal Battle between the Shannon and the Chesapeake (War of 1812)
mon0000055303: SEVER POP - La Dialectologie; Aper?U Historique Et M?Thodes D'Enqu?Tes Linguistiques; Seconde Partie; Dialectologie Non Romane
mon0000055103: SEVER POP - La Dialectologie: Apercu Historique Et Methodes D'Enquetes Linguistiques. Vol. 1 Dialectologie Romane
mon0000057848: FAITH POPCORN - The Popcorn Report
mon0000064549: ROBERT G. POPE - The Half-Way Covenant: Church Membership in Puritan New England
mon0000066428: POPESCU, PETRU - Almost Adam: A Novel
mon0000068984: PORTER, REV. EDWARD G. - Rambles in Old Boston
mon0000050671: MARTHA JOHNSON PORTER - Turns on the Spiral
mon0000065656: PORTER, ROSE - The Winter Fire: A Sequel to "Summer Drift-Wood"
mon0000057453: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - The Leaning Tower and Other Stories
mon0000068928: PORTER, DENNIS - Rousseau's Legacy: Emergence and Eclipse of the Writer in France
mon0000057454: KATHERINE ANNE PORTER - The Days Before
mon0000053520: SUSAN PORTER - Eating Recipes & Information to Get You Started
mon0000042533: STANLEY D. PORTEUS - Calabashes and Kings: An Introduction to Hawaii.
mon0000069682: POTOK, CHAIM - The Gift of Asher Lev
mon0000066910: POTTKER, JAN - Sara and Eleanor: The Story of Sara Delano Roosevelt and Her Daughter-in-Law, Eleanor Roosevelt
mon0000067298: POTTS,JEAN - The Evil Wish
mon0000060646: JERRY POURNELLE - King David's Spaceship
mon0000058762: JULIE POWELL - Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession
mon0000064192: POWER, NANI - Crawling at Night: A Novel
mon0000064099: RICHARD POWERS - Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
mon0000063251: POWERS, RON, BRADLEY, JAMES - Flags of Our Fathers
mon0000066279: POWERS, RICHARD. - Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance
mon0000056625: LELAND TODD POWERS - Talks on Expression,
mon0000065628: POYER, DAVID - The Gulf (Dan Lenson Novels)
mon0000066776: POYER, JOE - The Contract
mon0000058428: DAVID POYER - Ghosting: A Novel
mon0000058205: CZESLAW POZNANSKI - The Rights of Nations,
mon0000049783: PRAFUL BIDWAI, ACHIN VANAIK - New Nukes: India, Pakistan and Global Nuclear Disarmament (Voices & Visions)
mon0000055958: HERMAN PRAGER - Global Marine Environment
mon0000066915: PRASAD, G. K. - Bureaucracy in India : A Sociological Study
mon0000069677: PRATER, DONALD - Thomas Mann: A Life
mon0000069565: PRATLEY, GERALD - The Cinema of Otto Preminger
mon0000051046: HELEN MARSHALL PRATT - Westminster Abbey,: Its Architecture, History and Monuments,
mon0000064355: A. PRATT, G. A. CHRISTIAN - A Modern Geometry Theoretical and Practical
mon0000067827: PRATT, MINNIE BRUCE - Walking Back Up Depot Street (Pitt Poetry Series)
mon0000070326: PRATT, IDA A. - Armenia and the Armenians
mon0000067888: NATALIE PRAY - Malcolm's Metal Mistress and Other Trophies
mon0000067889: PRAY, NATALIE - Malcolm's French Mistress
mon0000059111: ALAN PRENDERGAST - Poison Tree: A True Story of Family Violence and Revenge
mon0000061651: JOSQUINE DES PRES - Ave Maria, for Mixed Voices (S.A. T.B. ) (Dessoff Choir Series: Music of the French Renaissance, Dcs-44)
mon0000062632: PRESCOTT, CASEY - Asset in Black
mon0000064932: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM. - History of the Conquest of Mexico with a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization & of the Life of the Conqueror Hernando Cortes. (3 Vols).
mon0000042429: WILLIAM HICKLING. PRESCOTT - Robertson's Charles the Fifth (3volumes).
mon0000060774: TOWER PRESS - Stitch'n Sew Cookbook
mon0000055153: ARTHUR A. PRESWICH - Releve Des Psittacides Eleves en France
mon0000069768: PRÉVERT, JACQUES (1900 - 1977). - Paroles, édition Revue Et Augmentée (25e Mille).
mon0000065551: PRICE, RICHARD - Lush Life: A Novel
mon0000066159: PRICE, REYNOLDS - The Promise of Rest
mon0000067055: PRICE, FANNIE - A Nest of Thoughts
mon0000065942: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - My Three Favorite Novels: Angel Pavement, Bright Day, Sir Michael and Sir George
mon0000060244: J. B PRIESTLEY - Particular Pleasures: Being a Personal Record of Some Varied Arts and Many Different Artists
mon0000042450: J.B. PRIESTLY - The Beauty of Britain, a Pictorial Survey
mon0000062743: PRIIATKINA, ALLA F., BROWN, JAMES - Informational Types of Expressions
mon0000061821: PRILL, DAVID - Serial Killer Days: A Novel
mon0000064694: PRINDEVILLE, C. A - Chapters in Religion,
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mon0000069046: SEGNERI, P. PAOLO. TRANS. JAMES FORD. - The Quaresimale of P. Paolo Setneri. First Series.
mon0000059790: DAN VITTORIO SEGRE - Memoirs of a Fortunate Jew: An Italian Story
mon0000055449: MAX SEIDEL - Goya Und Wir: Gtemalde, Portraits, Fresken
mon0000070045: SEIPPEL, PAUL - Les Deux Frances Et Leurs Origines Historiques
mon0000061461: SELF, WILL - My Idea of Fun: A Cautionary Tale
mon0000068248: SELF, WILL - Cock & Bull
mon0000065432: SELF, WILL - The Quantity Theory of Insanity
mon0000059810: THORSTEN SELLIN - The Annals, Vol. 371, May 1967
mon0000040202: CAPT. EDWARD SELLON - The Sensual Epicurean
mon0000068718: SELTZER, CHARLES A. - West!
mon0000063317: SELWYN, FRANCIS - Sergeant Verity Presents His Compliments
mon0000055462: RICHARD SELZER - Imagine a Woman and Other Tales
mon0000055452: RICHARD SELZER - Down from Troy: A Doctor Comes of Age
mon0000046187: KURT M. SEMON - A Treasury of Old Silver.
mon0000061545: SENN, MILTON J. E - Insights on the Child Development Movement in the United States (Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development ; V. 40, No. 3-4, Serial No. 161)
mon0000064406: SERAFIN, DAVID - Madrid Underground: A Superintendent Bernal Mystery
mon0000068853: MARIE SERAPHINE - Croquis Signed
mon0000070048: SERRURIER, C - Pierre Bayle en Hollande
mon0000059696: RADIO TECHNICAL COMMISSION FOR MARITIME SERVICES - Maritime Radio Users Handbook
mon0000065077: TATA ECONOMIC CONSULTANCY SERVICES - Second Maharashtra by 2005 a Study in Futurology
mon0000053799: 1919 NORTH DAKOTA. LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. 16TH SESSION - The New Day in North Dakota: Some of the Principal Laws Enacted by the Sixteenth Legislative Assembly, 1919
mon0000070808: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
mon0000041801: VIKRAM SETH - Two Lives
mon0000070485: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Book of Woodcraft
mon0000053850: HARRY SETTANI - What Is Freedom of Choice?
mon0000046316: PATRICIA CAYO SEXTON - Spanish Harlem. Anatomy of Poverty
mon0000064408: SEYMOUR, GERALD - Field of Blood
mon0000060221: JOHN SEYMOUR - One Man's Africa. Years of Varied Personal Experience, from Fishing to Farming
mon0000070899: SEYMOUR, MALCOLM - Puritan Migration to Connecticut: The Saga of the Seymour Family, 1129-1746
mon0000057782: SEYMOUR B. & DONS, JOHN SARASON - Psychological Problems in Mental Deficiency.
mon0000053392: GERALD SEYMOUR - In Honor Bound
mon0000054444: JEFF SHAARA - Last Full Measure
mon0000059156: IVAN SHAFFER - The Midas Compulsion
mon0000061814: SHAHAM, NATHAN - Other Side of the Wall: Three Novellas
mon0000057554: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - King Henry the Sixth Part I, Tucker Brooke Editor
mon0000065888: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (1564-1616) - Sonnets / William Shakespeare
mon0000057549: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Tragedy of Richard the Third: With the Landing of Earl Richmond and the Battle of Bosworth Fiel
mon0000057551: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Life of Timon of Athens (the Yale Shakespeare)
mon0000070596: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Illustrated by Sylvain Sauvage, the Heritage Press 1935
mon0000057547: WILLIAM. SHAKESPEARE - The Tragedy of Cymbeline Edited by Samuel B. Hemingway the Yale Shakespeare
mon0000055265: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - The Tragedy of Macbeth (Kittredge Shakespeare)
mon0000054429: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare, Pelican)
mon0000057556: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Henry the Fourth - Part II (the Yale Shakespeare)
mon0000062842: SHALIT, GENE - Laughing Matters: A Celebration of American Humor
mon0000071128: SHAMES, LAURENCE - Welcome to Paradise: A Novel
mon0000042989: NTOZAKE SHANGE - Sassafras, Cypress and Indigo
mon0000067605: SHANKMAN, SARAH - Impersonal Attractions
mon0000060693: SARAH SHANKMAN - The King Is Dead
mon0000065546: SHANNON, DELL - Motive on Record
mon0000070588: SHANNON, DELL - Spring of Violence
mon0000070590: DELL SHANNON - Exploit of Death (a Luis Mendoza Mystery)
mon0000056370: WILLIAM V SHANNON - Heir Apparent Robert Kennedy & the Strug
mon0000062603: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL - The Shadow in the Sun: A Korean Year of Love and Sorrow
mon0000069504: SHAPIRO, LAURA - Julia Child (Penguin Lives Biographies)
mon0000062602: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - A Turning Wheel: Three Decades of the Asian Revolution As Witnessed by a Correspondent for the New Yorker
mon0000062021: ZEEV SHAREF - Three Days - an Account of the Last Days of the British Mandate and the Birth of Israel
mon0000062615: SHARMA, HARI - Princes and Paramountcy
mon0000067528: SHARP, MARILYN - Falseface
mon0000069371: SHARPE, JOHN C. - Memories of Blair (Blair Academy) New Jersey
mon0000068231: SHAUGHNESSY, DAN - One Strike Away: The Story of the 1986 Red Sox
mon0000062168: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - Music in London 1890-94 in Three Volumes: Volume III
mon0000070597: SHAW, CHARLES GREEN - New York--Oddly Enough,
mon0000068714: SHAW, BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
mon0000064541: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD, AND LAURENCE, DAN H. (EDITOR) - Selected Non-Dramatic Writings of Bernard Shaw
mon0000057204: BERNARD SHAW - Seven Plays by Bernard Shaw Mrs. Warren's Profession - Army and the Man - Candida - the Devil's Disciple - Caesar and Cleopatra - Man and Superman - Saint Joan
mon0000051192: ROBERT B. SHAW - Solving for X: Poems
mon0000069934: SHAY, FELIX - Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora,
mon0000050038: ROBERT SHEA - Illuminatus! Part III Leviathan
mon0000056241: JOHN SHEA - Stories of Faith
mon0000057866: SHEA - Hoopi Shoopi Donna
mon0000065317: SHEARER, MOIRA - Balletmaster
mon0000067300: SHEDD, GEORGE C. - The Iron Furrow
mon0000062060: SHEDLOCK - Richard Wagner's Letters to His Dresden Friends: Theodor Uhlig, Wilhelm Fischer, and Ferdinand Heine.
mon0000070247: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Dorothy and Red
mon0000061736: SHEED, WILFRID - The Hack
mon0000059910: THOMAS SHEEHAN - The First Coming : How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity
mon0000067988: CINDY SHEEHAN - Not One More Mother's Child
mon0000069756: SHEEHY, HELEN - Eleonora Duse: A Biography
mon0000060771: EDWARD SHELDON - Romance a Play
mon0000041973: WILMON HENRY SHELDON - Agapology: The Rational Love-Philosophy Guide of Life
mon0000041822: LADY SHELLEY - Shelley Memorials: From Authentic Sources
mon0000066089: SHEPARD, JIM - Batting Against Castro: Stories
mon0000068329: SHEPARD, JIM - Paper Doll
mon0000053910: RICHARD HERBERT SHEPPARD - Building for Daylight,
mon0000061045: SHER, ANTONY - Middlepost
mon0000053268: JAMES SHERBURNE - Poor Boy and a Long Way from Home
mon0000057397: MUZAFER SHERIF - Outline of Social Psychology
mon0000067917: SHERLOCK, JOHN - The Ordeal of Major Grigsby
mon0000067829: SHERMAN, STUART P. - Matthew Arnold: How to Know Him
mon0000069680: SHERMAN, ERIC. & RUBIN, MARTIN. - The Director's Event: Interviews with Five American Film-Makers
mon0000057393: CLAUDINE SHERRILL - Creative Arts for the Severely Handicapped
mon0000068232: SHERWOOD, BEN - The Man Who Ate the 747, a Novel.
mon0000059078: CAROL SHIELDS - Swann
mon0000070910: SHINN, SHARON - Mystic and Rider (the Twelve Houses, Book 1)
mon0000062824: SHIPPEE, NATHAN M - Becoming: Coming Into Being
mon0000058645: NATHAN MATHEWSON SHIPPEE - Being, the Radiant Force Within: The Autobiography of My Soul
mon0000071138: SHIPSTEAD, MAGGIE - Seating Arrangements
mon0000068469: SHNAYERSON - Irwin Shaw
mon0000068357: SHOEMAKER, BILL - Stalking Horse
mon0000061403: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - Virgin Soil Upturned: A Novel Book One
mon0000070671: JIM SHOOTER - Harbinger - Children of the Eighth Day
mon0000060243: ALEX SHOUMATOFF - The World Is Burning: Murder in the Rain Forest
mon0000062598: ARUN SHOURIE- - Institutions in the Janata Phase-
mon0000067265: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Sister's Choice: Traditions and Change in American Women's Writing (Clarendon Lectures)
mon0000060133: SHREVE, ANITA - Testimony: A Novel
mon0000060864: SHUB, JOYCE L - Moscow by Nightmare
mon0000056757: SNOW; SHULL - Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Physics
mon0000054494: WAYNE SHUMAKER - Literature and the Irrational: A Study in Anthropological Backgrounds
mon0000062224: SHUMSKY, ADAIA AND ABRAHAM *AUTHOR SIGNED/INSCRIBED!* - A Bridge Across the Jordan the Friendship between a Jewish Carpenter and the Kin
mon0000067104: SHUSTER, GEORGE N. - Strong Man Rules, an Interpretation of Germany Today
mon0000057693: CELESTINE SIBLEY - Especially at Christmas
mon0000062399: SICA, ALAN - Weber, Irrationality, and Social Order
mon0000065595: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Heartbreak Hotel
mon0000071104: SIDDONS, ANNE RIVERS - Burnt Mountain
mon0000054361: RUTH SIDEL - Women and Child Care in China: A Firsthand Report
mon0000069740: SIEFF, BONINI - Jeanloup Sieff
mon0000055716: MARGUERITE A SIEGHART - Government by Decree
mon0000057534: HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ - The Deluge. An Historical Novel of Poland, Sweden, and Russia. A Sequel to "with Fire and Sword. " Volume I Only
mon0000069905: SIEURIN, J. - Manuel de L'Amateur D'Illustrations, Gravures Et Portraits Pour L'Ornement Des Livres Francais Et Etrangers
mon0000069917: SIGNORET, SIMONE - Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be
mon0000069121: SIGSTON, JAMES - Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Mr. William Bramwell: Lately an Itinerant Methodist Preacher ; with Extracts from His Interesting and Extensive Correspondence
mon0000065194: SIHLER, ERNEST G. - From Augustus to Augustine. Essay & Studies Dealing with the Contact and Conflict of Classic Paganism and Christianity
mon0000057973: RICHARD SIKLOS - Shades of Black: Conrad Black - His Rise and Fall
mon0000065678: SILBERMAN, NEIL ASHER, HORSLEY, RICHARD A., HORSLEY, RICHARD - The Message and the Kingdom
mon0000052667: EDWIN SILBERSTANG - Rapt in Glory
mon0000054515: ALAN SILLITOE - Key to the Door (a Signet Book)

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