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mon0000070065: LOUISE D'ALQ - Mme Dacier Sa Vie Et Ses Oeuvres
mon0000063880: LOVE, REED, CHRISTIANSEN, STACY - Geologic Block Diagram and Tectonic History of the Teton Region
mon0000069814: LOVEJOY, DAVID S. - Rhode Island Politics and the American Revolution 1760-1776 (Brown University Studies)
mon0000063219: SIR BERNARD LOVELL - The Exploration of Outer Space.
mon0000066212: LOVETT, SARAH - Dangerous Attachments
mon0000052487: BETTY-BRIGHT P LOW - France Views America, 1765-1815: An Exhibition to Commemorate the Bicentenary of French Assistance in the American War of Independence
mon0000067548: LOWDEN, DESMOND - Bellman and True
mon0000068389: LOWDEN, DESMOND - Boudapesti 3
mon0000059928: ROBERT LOWELL - Lord Weary's Castle; the Mills of the Kavanaughs (Harvest/Hbj Book)
mon0000068715: LOWELL, JAMES - A Fable for Critics, or, Better--a Glance at a Few of Our Literary Progenies [Microform]
mon0000064703: MARGARET FRANCES LOWENFELD - Researches in Lactation
mon0000069736: LOWRY, BATES - Renaissance Architecture (the Great Ages of World Architecture)
mon0000052987: EDITH BELLE LOWRY - Confidences; Talks with a Young Girl Concerning Herself
mon0000069074: LOWTH, WILLIAM - Directions for the Profitable Reading of the Holy Scriptures...
mon0000069154: LOWTH, ROBERT; MICHAELIS, JOHANNIS DAVIDIS - De Sacra Poesi Hebraeorum: Praelectiones Academicae Oxonii a Roberto Lowth A.M. Collegii Novi Nuper Socio, Et Poeticae Publico Praelectore. Subjicitur Metricae Harianae Brevis Confutatio: Et Oratio Crewiana & Johannis Davidis Michaelis, Philos.
mon0000053448: DAVID LOYE - Leadership Passion (the Jossey-Bass Behavioral Science Series)
mon0000053821: MAGGS BROS. LTD. - Shall We Join the Ladies? Women in Literature: A Catalogue of Books by or About Women. Catalogue 829.
mon0000067585: LUARD, NICHOLAS, MCMULLEN, MARY, ANDERSON, JOHN R.L. - Death in the Channel, Funny, Jonas, You Don't Look Dead, the Orion Line
mon0000061924: LUBIANO, WAHNEEMA - The House That Race Built: Black Americans, U.S. Terrain
mon0000069802: LUCAS, JAMES SIDNEY - Panzer Army Africa
mon0000065764: LUCAS, ADAM - The Best Game Ever: How Frank Mcguire's '57 Tar Heels Beat Wilt and Revolutionized College Basketball
mon0000067233: E. V LUCAS - A Wanderer in Venice;: With Sixteen Color Illustrations by Harry Morley
mon0000060183: LUCIANO L'ABATE - Understanding and Helping the Individual in the Family
mon0000060174: LUCIANO L'ABATE - Family Psychology II
mon0000067782: LUCRÈCE - Lucrèce Traduction de Lagrange, Revue par Blanchet Oeuvres Complètes de Lucrèce
mon0000066167: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Tristan Betrayal
mon0000063721: LUEPNITZ, DEBORAH ANNA, LUEPNITZ, DEBORAH - Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy and Its Dilemmas
mon0000070959: LUKACS, JOHN - Five Days in London, May 1940
mon0000069850: LUKE, DAVID FASHOLE - Labour and Parastatal Politics in Sierra Leone
mon0000056851: SHEILA LUKINS - U.S. A. Cookbook
mon0000046504: EMMA GRIFFITH LUMM - The Twentieth Century Speaker
mon0000069843: LUNDQUIST, CARL H. - United We Stood
mon0000060292: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
mon0000067898: LUNDY, DEREK - The Way of a Ship: A Square-Rigger Voyage in the Last Days of Sail
mon0000063264: LUPICA, MIKE - Bump and Run
mon0000067521: LUPICA, MIKE - Dead Air
mon0000049756: MIKE LUPICA - Mad As Hell
mon0000060250: LEONARD LURIE - Party Politics, Why We Have Poor Presidents
mon0000071048: LURIE, ALISON - Women and Ghosts
mon0000063682: LURIE, ALISON - Don't Tell the Grown-Ups: Subversive Children's Literature
mon0000071038: LURIE, ALISON - The Last Resort: A Novel
mon0000069012: RAVENEAU DE LUSSAN - Les Flibustiers de la Mer Du Sud: Journal D'Un Voyage Fait a la Mer Du Sud Avec Les Flibustiers de L'Amerique, Depuis le 22 Novembre 1684 Jusqu'en... Des Archives Nationales (French Edition)
mon0000070708: ERIC VAN LUSTBADER - Kaisho
mon0000068736: LUSTBADER, ERIC VAN - Shan
mon0000069647: LUSTIG, ARNOST - The Unloved: From the Diary of Perla S.
mon0000069963: LUTZ, FRIEDRICH A - The Problem of International Economic Equilibrium (Professor Dr. F. De Vries Lectures)
mon0000062046: LUTZ, JOHN - The Shadow Man
mon0000068975: LUTZ, LOUIS - La Poste Aux Lettres a Metz Depuis L'Antiquite Jusqu'a Nos Jours
mon0000068662: LUTZ, JOHN - Tropical Heat (a Rinehart Suspense Novel)
mon0000068974: LUZZI, G - Parole Che Non Passano Per L'Ora Che Passa
mon0000050132: JOHN WOLFE LYDEKKER - Thomas Bray, 1658-1730, Founder of Missionary Enterprise;: [and] Contributions of the S.P. G. To the American Way of Life, (Church Historical Society. Publication)
mon0000063116: LYDEN, JACKI - Daughter of the Queen of Sheba: A Memoir
mon0000063978: LYDEN, JACKI - Daughter of the Queen of Sheba: A Memoir
mon0000067251: LYN MIKEL BROWN, CAROL GILLIGAN - Meeting at the Crossroads
mon0000061926: LYNCH, KATHERINE - Family, Class, and Ideology in Early Industrial France: Social Policy and the Working-Class Family, 1825-1848 (Life Course Studies)
mon0000055561: RUSSELL LYNES - Life in the Slow Lane: Observations on Art, Architecture, Manners and Other Such Spectator Sports
mon0000069501: LYNN, JACK - The Turncoat
mon0000066496: LYNNE, JAMES BROOM - Jet Race
mon0000069487: LYON, MARY - The Power of Christian Benevolence Illustrated in the Life and Labors of Mary Ly
mon0000058223: ELIAS P. LYON - A Contribution to the Comparative Physiology of Compensatory Motions
mon0000060912: LYONS, RICHARD, BENSON, NORMAN - Controversies over the Purposes of Schooling
mon0000060913: LYONS, RICHARD, BENSON, NORMAN - Controversies over the Purposes of Schooling
mon0000058210: BERNARD LYONS - Programs for Parish Councils;: An Action Manual
mon0000067461: LYONS, EUGENE - Our Secret Allies: The People of Russia
mon0000060892: LYONS, RICHARD, BENSON, NORMAN - Controversies over the Purposes of Schooling
mon0000058216: WILLIAM E. LYONS - The Disappearance of Introspection (Bradford Books)
mon0000058305: GENE M. LYONS - Social Science and the Federal Government (Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science, Volume 394)
mon0000057990: KENNETH LYSONS - How to Cope with Hearing Loss
mon0000070657: G. YA. LYUBARSKII - The Application of Group Theory in Physics
mon0000064008: VAN MAANEN-HELMER, E. AND J. - What to Do About Wines
mon0000057685: DAVID MACAULAY - Ship
mon0000052458: THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY - The History of England from the Accession of James II: Vol 3
mon0000052457: THOMAS BABINGTON MACAULAY - The History of England from the Accession of James II Volume 5
mon0000069947: PAUL W. MACAVOY - Deregulation of Cable Television (Studies in Government Regulation)
mon0000053263: GEORGE MACBETH - Anna's Book
mon0000069961: MACCANN, RICHARD DYER - The First Tycoons
mon0000068891: MACCOUN, TOWNSEND - The Holy Land in Geography and in History,
mon0000066523: MACCRACKEN, HENRY NOBLE - The Family on Gramercy Park
mon0000066576: MACDONALD, MICHAEL PATRICK - Easter Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Under
mon0000066793: MACDONALD, JAMES D., DOYLE, DEBRA - The Stars Asunder
mon0000066738: MACDONALD, ANNE - Feminine Ingenuity: How Women Inventors Changed America
mon0000068620: JOHN D. MACDONALD - One More Sunday
mon0000058309: SEBASTIAN MACDONALD - The Nature of the Moral Universal
mon0000069743: MACDONALD, WILLIAM LLOYD - Early Christian & Byzantine Architecture (the Great Ages of World Architecture)
mon0000067141: MACDONALD, JOHN D - The Empty Copper Sea (Travis Mcgee, Book 17)
mon0000055013: JOHN D MACDONALD - Darker Than Amber
mon0000057611: D.D. VERY REV. ALEXANDER MACDONALD - The Sacraments: A Course of Seven Sermons.
mon0000058193: GARY MACEOIN - What Happened at Rome? the Council and Its Implications for the Modern World
mon0000046288: HALDANE MACFALL - Aubrey Beardsley: The Man and His Work (1872 to 1898)
mon0000058196: ALEXANDER MACFARLANE - The Fundamental Theorems of Analysis Generalized for Space.
mon0000058192: JOSEPH MACFARLANE - The Mohawk Martyrs: America's First Saints
mon0000070551: MACFARLANE, CHARLES A. - Letitia
mon0000064814: MACGOWAN, KENNETH - Footlights Across America, Towards a National Theatre
mon0000060906: NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI - Belphagor
mon0000062686: MACINNES, HELEN - North from Rome
mon0000053438: R. M.; ED. MACIVER - Great Moral Dilemmas in Literature, Past and Present
mon0000058191: MARY GRAHAM MACK - Medical and Legal Aspects of Tuberculosis As an Occupational Disease and As an Accidental Injury,
mon0000064524: MACKAIL, J.W., COLLECTED AND ARRANGED BY - The Sayings of the Lord Jesus Christ As Recorded by His Four Evangelists
mon0000064815: MACKAYE, STEELE - An Arrant Knave & Other Plays
mon0000069159: MACKAYE - Washington the Man Who Made Us
mon0000069113: MACKAYE, PERCY - Sanctuary;: A Bird Masque,
mon0000054382: PERCY MACKAYE - This Fine Pretty World a Comedy of the Kentucky Mountains
mon0000065940: MACKENZIE, JOHN M., RICHARDS, JEFFREY - The Railway Station: A Social History
mon0000063211: MACKENZIE, JAMES - The Future of Medicine, (Oxford Medical Publications)
mon0000069273: MACKENZIE, DAVID R. - Principles of Agricultural Research Management
mon0000049437: COMPTON MACKENZIE - My Record of Music
mon0000050406: HELEN T. MACKEY - Field Hockey
mon0000068377: MACKEY, MARY - The Year the Horses Came: A Novel
mon0000070356: MACKINTOSH, SIR JAMES. - History of the Revolution in England in 1688.
mon0000067220: MACLAREN, IAN - Doctor of the Old School
mon0000064168: MACLAVERTY, BERNARD - Secrets
mon0000057046: BERNARD MACLAVERTY - A Time to Dance (and Other Stories)
mon0000071028: MACLEAN, ALASTAIR - Force 10 from Navarone
mon0000070667: MACLEAN, JOHN N. - The Thirtymile Fire: A Chronicle of Bravery and Betrayal
mon0000061800: ALISTAIR MACLEAN - Athabasca
mon0000060072: ARCHIBALD MACLEISH - The Human Season: Selected Poems 1926 - 1972
mon0000066666: MACLEOD, DAWN - Down to Earth Women: Those Who Care for the Soil
mon0000065252: MACMILLAN, HAROLD - Tides of Fortune 1945-1955
mon0000065102: MACMURRAY, JOHN - Reason and Emotion,
mon0000069906: MACNEIL, NEIL - An American Peace,
mon0000071093: MACOMBER, DEBBIE - The Inn at Rose Harbor: A Novel
mon0000069498: MACPHERSON, MALCOLM - The Blood of His Servants: The True Story of One Man's Search for His Family's Friend and Executioner
mon0000070035: HENRY W. MACROSTY - Trusts and the State. A Sketch of Competition
mon0000067087: MADACH, IMRE - The Tragedy of Man
mon0000054699: SALVADOR DE MADARIAGA - The Rise of the Spanish American Empire - the Fall of the Spanish American Empir
mon0000062070: MADDEN, DAVID - On the Big Wind
mon0000070370: MADDEN, BILL - Pride of October: What It Was to Be Young and a Yankee
mon0000068035: MADELEINE - Nun-Sense
mon0000069278: MADIGAN, THOMAS - A Biographical Index of American Public Men. For Autograph Collectors One of 400
mon0000057609: PATRICK MADIGAN - Christian Revelation and the Completion of the Aristotelian Revolution
mon0000062218: MADISON,C.A - Book Publishing in America
mon0000064106: MADISON, CHARLES - Book Publishing in America
mon0000066818: MADSON, JOHN - Up on the River
mon0000069892: MAGAT, RICHARD - Unlikely Partners: Philanthropic Foundations and the Labor Movement (Ilr Press Books)
mon0000068973: CHANOINE P. MAGAUD - Les Evangiles Du Dimanche
mon0000068782: LIFE MAGAZINE - Life the First Fifty Year, 1936-1986
mon0000068783: LIFE MAGAZINE - America Revealed
mon0000070332: MAGAZINE - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Vol. LVIII, July-December, 1845 - American Edition - Volume XXI
mon0000060113: MAGGIE & BOSCOWITZ, HUBIE MCNELLIS - Party Games
mon0000055302: MAGGS - French Literature (from 1700 to 1928). With a Selection of French Engravings, Portraits & Autographs. Maggs Catalogue No. 506. 1928
mon0000069738: MAGIL, JOSEPH. - Magil's Linear School Bible or the Hebrew Bible in Its Original Language, Self Taught: Deuteronomy.
mon0000068967: MAHAIM, ERNEST - Proportional Representation and the Debates Upon the Electoral Question in Belgium (Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science)
mon0000068454: NAGUIB MAHFOUZ - Children of the Alley
mon0000062350: MAHONEY, PATRICK J. - On Defining Freud's Discourse
mon0000067980: MAHONEY, ROSEMARY - A Likely Story: One Summer with Lillian Hellman
mon0000066188: MAILER, NORMAN - The Castle in the Forest
mon0000069630: MAIRANTZ, BARUCH - My Jewish Shtetl. Recreated in Rafia and Wood by Baruch Mairantz.
mon0000052494: S. P. B.- MAIS - The Cornish Riviera.
mon0000062733: MAITLAND, DEREK - Five Thousand Years of Tea
mon0000045274: F.W. MAITLAND - F.W. Maitland, Historian: Selections from His Writings
mon0000070215: MALAMUD, BERNARD - New Life, a
mon0000066557: MALAMUD, BERNARD - God's Grace
mon0000062017: MALAMUD, BERNARD - Long Work, Short Life (Chapbooks in Literature Series)
mon0000068159: MALAMUD, BERNARD - Dubin's Lives
mon0000041595: L.-N. MALCLES - Les Sources Du Travail Bibliographique. [2 Volumes] Tome I: Bibliographies Generales. Tome II: Bibliographies Specialisees (Sciences Humaines).
mon0000052346: MALIBU - Dinosaurs for Hire (Malibu), Edition# 3
mon0000052308: MALIBU - Ferret (1992 2nd Series) #10
mon0000052348: MALIBU - Exiles the All New Exiles #11
mon0000052321: MALIBU - Protectors, the (Malibu), Edition# 8
mon0000052322: MALIBU - Protectors, the (Malibu), Edition# 15
mon0000052309: MALIBU - Protectors, the (Malibu), Edition# 18
mon0000052337: MALIBU - Protectors, the (Malibu), Edition# 4
mon0000052347: MALIBU - Ex-Mutants (Malibu), Edition# 13
mon0000052310: MALIBU - Protectors, the (Malibu), Edition# 11
mon0000052345: MALIBU - Dinosaurs for Hire (Malibu), Edition# 4
mon0000052311: MALIBU - Ex-Mutants (Malibu), Edition# 5
mon0000052350: MALIBU - Firearm, Edition# 5
mon0000052330: MALIBU - Wrath, Edition# 7
mon0000052342: MALIBU - Ultraverse: Strangers, Edition# 10
mon0000063784: MALINOWSKI, B. - Sex and Repression in Savage Society
mon0000063694: MALKANI, GAUTAM - Londonstani
mon0000069377: MRS. FRANK MALLESON - Notes on the Early Training of Children
mon0000061349: MALLETTE, BEVERLEY DIXON - Jessica
mon0000061619: MALLON, THOMAS - Henry and Clara: A Novel
mon0000068240: MALLON, THOMAS - Rockets and Rodeos and Other American Spectacles
mon0000063012: MALONE, KEMP - The Phonology of Modern Icelandic
mon0000061286: MALONE - The Last Noel
mon0000059410: MALOUF, DAVID - Antipodes
mon0000059419: MALOUF, DAVID - Remembering Babylon
mon0000068148: MALOUF, DAVID - The Great World
mon0000056439: ANDRE MALRAUX - Anti-Memories
mon0000069945: MALTBIE W.H. - Theory and Practice of Public Utility Valuation
mon0000065651: MAMET, DAVID - Some Freaks
mon0000066713: MAMET, DAVID - The Old Religion: A Novel
mon0000068361: MAMET, DAVID - The Village: A Novel
mon0000046786: WILLIAM MANCHESTER - The Glory and the Dream: A Narrative History of America, 1932-1972
mon0000069984: MANDAL, G - Economics of Rural Change a Study in East India
mon0000070700: MANDAVA, BHARGAVI C. - Where the Oceans Meet: A Novel
mon0000056236: MICHAEL MANDELBAUM - The Frugal Superpower: America's Global Leadership in a Cash-Strapped Era
mon0000069752: MANDER, RAYMOND - The Wagner Companion
mon0000069360: MANDEVILLE, ERNEST W - The Story of Middletown: The Oldest Settlement in New Jersey
mon0000060538: WOLF MANKOWITZ - Old Soldiers Never Die (#3749)
mon0000070712: MANLEY, JOEY - The Death of Donna-May Dean
mon0000070705: MANN, PAUL - Season of the Monsoon
mon0000069102: MANN, MARY PEABODY - Life of Horace Mann. By His Wife Mary Peabody Mann
mon0000051820: THOMAS MANN - Joseph in Egypt Volume Two
mon0000068133: MANN, KLAUS - The Pious Dance (Paj Books)
mon0000042765: MANN - Biogrphcl Dict Anthropolists (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities)
mon0000049142: MARY E MANN - Scarce "the Cedar Star" 1897
mon0000067221: MANN, THOMAS [1875 - 1955]. - The Holy Sinner. Translated from the German by H.T. Lowe-Porter.
mon0000065086: MANNES, MARYA - The New York I Know
mon0000070707: MANO, D. KEITH - Topless: A Novel
mon0000070549: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - The Doves' Nest and Other Stories
mon0000057024: S. M. MANTON - The Soviet Union Today; a Scientist"S Impressions
mon0000068252: MANVELL, ROGER - The Dreamers
mon0000069049: MANY - Outlines of Sacred History; from the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem with Questions for Examination
mon0000069533: [MAO, TSE-TUNG - Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom: The Complete Text on the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People
mon0000065023: MARAN, MEREDITH - Notes from an Incomplete Revolution: Real Life Since Feminism
mon0000054780: VIRGINIA J. MARANGELL - A Time for All Things: Sequel to Gianna Mia
mon0000036938: MICHAEL MARCH - Guide to Japan (Highlights Top Secret Adventures)
mon0000054018: ISAAC F. AND DANIEL FROHMAN WITH AN APPRECIATION BY JAMES M. BARRIE MARCOSSON - Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Illustrated with Portraits
mon0000049664: ALAN MARCUS - Straw to Make Brick
mon0000057323: HERBERT MARCUSE - Eros and Civilization
mon0000058002: CHARLES J MARGERISON - Conversation Control Skills for Managers
mon0000070516: MARGOLIN, PHILLIP - The Last Innocent Man
mon0000057814: PHILLIP MARGOLIN - Sleeping Beauty (Margolin, Phillip)
mon0000055035: CLEMENT MARIA O'DONNELL - The Friars Minor Conventual Penitentiaries in the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican
mon0000058073: JEAN MARIANI - The Exponential Solution for the Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation of the
mon0000055479: BRADLEY S. MARINO - Blueprints Bundle
mon0000042296: ANDRÉ MARISSEL - Beckett
mon0000070249: MARK TWAIN, ILLUSTRATED BY ALAN ODLE. - 1601' a Tudor Fireside Conversation As Written by the Ingenuous, Virtuous and Learned Mark Twain, Wit.
mon0000067027: MARKERT, LAWRENCE WAYNE - The Bloomsbury Group: A Reference Guide (Reference Guide to Literature Series)
mon0000057749: WALTER MARKS - Dangerous Behavior: A Novel (Otto Penzler Books)
mon0000057583: PERCY MARKS - Which Way Parnassus?
mon0000050371: JULIA MARKUS - Uncle
mon0000070135: RAIMOND VAN MARLE - Simone Martini Et Les Peintres de Son Ecole
mon0000066310: MARLER, PENNY LONG, ALESHIRE, DANIEL O., WHEELER, BARBARA G., CARROLL, JACKSON W. - Being There: Culture and Formation in Two Theological Schools (Religion in America)
mon0000062821: MARLOW, JOAN - The Great Women
mon0000063388: MARLOWE, JOHN - Spoiling the Egyptians
mon0000070469: MARLOWE, STEPHEN - The Search for Bruno Heidler,
mon0000068969: MARMONTEL - Belisaire Et Fragmens de Philosophie Morale
mon0000068842: MAROT, CLEMENT; C. A. MAYER (EDITOR) - Oeuvres Lyriques (French Text) Volume 3 of Series
mon0000059957: JOHN P. MARQUAND - B.F. 's Daughter
mon0000071026: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - So Little Time
mon0000071027: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Women and Thomas Harrow
mon0000057163: JACQUES DE MARQUETTE - Introduction to Comparative Mysticism Signed by Marquette
mon0000043425: MARYANN MARRAPODI - Promising Practices: The Arts and School Improvement
mon0000058078: MCKIM MARRIOTT - The American Anthropologist) , Village India, Studies in the Little Community
mon0000055966: J. A. R MARRIOTT - How England Is Governed,
mon0000070140: MARSH, ELIAS J. & WHITE, GRANVILLE M. - Report on the Mortality Records of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York for Fifty Six Years from 1843 to 1898
mon0000069964: DONALD BAILEY MARSH - World Trade and Investment the Economics of Interdependence
mon0000058070: CLINTON E. MARSH - Harford County, Maryland Homeless and Shelter Survey
mon0000068597: NGAIO MARSH - A Man Lay Dead
mon0000068227: MARSH, FABIENNE - The Moralist of the Alphabet Streets: A Novel
mon0000069966: MARSHALL, WILLIAM - Rural Economy of the West of England
mon0000070038: MARSHALL, F. RAY - A Conversation with Secretary Ray Marshall: Inflation, Unemployment, and the Minimum Wage : Held on July 13, 1978, at the American Enterprise... (Studies in Political and Social Processes)
mon0000067488: MARSHALL, WILLIAM LEONARD - War Machine: A Yellowthread Street Mystery
mon0000069392: MARSHALL, THOMAS W & J WAINWRIGHT - Notes on the Episcopal Polity of the Holy Catholic Church
mon0000058031: REV. EUGENE MARSHALL. - God's Truth: The Answer to Laicism (Book I)
mon0000070817: MARSTON, EDWARD - The Fair Maid of Bohemia: A Novel
mon0000042559: EDWARD MARSTON - The Laughing Hangman: A Novel
mon0000064510: MARSTRANDER, CARL & K BERGSLAND ET AL - Norsk Tidsskrift for Sprogvidenskap Band 18
mon0000071179: MARTIAL [MARTIALIS, MARCUS VALERIUS (40AD-CA.104AD)] - M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammata / Cum Notis Farnabii Et Variorum, Gemino[Que] Indice Tum Rerum Tum Auctorum, Accurante Cornelio Schreveli
mon0000069811: MARTIEN, JERRY - Shell Game: A True Account of Beads and Money in North America
mon0000068243: MARTIN, STEVE - Shopgirl: A Novella
mon0000065540: MARTIN, DAVID LOZELL - Our American King: A Novel
mon0000070879: JOHN SMELLIE MARTIN - Burn Water : Poems in English and Scots
mon0000070650: MARTIN, THOMAS CHARLES - Obstipation. A Practical Monograph on the Disorders and Diseases of the Rectal Valve
mon0000070124: MARTIN, JAMES W ET AL - Conflicting Taxation the 1935 Progress Report of the Interstate Commission
mon0000069791: MARTIN, JOEL W - Sacred Revolt: The Muskogees' Struggle for a New World
mon0000059513: MARTIN FISCHER, BALTASAR GRACIAN - The Art of Worldly Wisdom: A Collection of Aphorisms from the Work of Baltasar Gracian
mon0000065649: MARTIN, LEE - Hacker
mon0000068093: MARTIN, WILLIAM - Rising of the Moon
mon0000069496: MARTIN, A. E - ... The Outsiders,
mon0000068978: MARTIN, GASTON - Jacques Cartier Et la Decouverte de L'Amerique Du Nord
mon0000052343: L MARTIN - Ultraverse Sludge No 2 1993
mon0000055365: CONNIE MARTIN - The Shelter of the Roar
mon0000053013: JUSTIN MARTIN - Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon
mon0000058402: A. MARTINET - Evolution Des Langues Et Reconstruction
mon0000058076: FERNAND L MARTY - Methods and Equipment for the Language Laboratory
mon0000051841: LOUIS L. MARTZ - The Poetry of Meditation - a Study in English Literature of the Seventeenth Century
mon0000069910: ONKAR S. MARWAH - Military Power and Policy in Asian States: China, India, Japan (Westview's Special Studies on China and East Asia)
mon0000070066: KARL MARX - Das Kapital. Kritik Der Politischen Okonomie
mon0000051434: ANNE. MARX - Second Voice
mon0000058404: ALEXANDER MARX - Essays in Jewish Biography
mon0000068713: DILLON MARY C - In Old Bellaire
mon0000068465: RENAULT MARY - The Mask of Apollo
mon0000062681: ZATURENSKA MARYA - The Listening Landscape.
mon0000057695: CARL MARZANI - Education of a Reluctant Radical Book 2
mon0000068801: RAYMOND DE MAS - Meditations Profanes Sur L'Etat de Grace
mon0000068852: EDOUARD MAS - Leon Bloy Son Oeuvre
mon0000065190: MASEFIELD, JOHN. ILLUSTRATED BY LAURENCE IRVING - Philip the King. In Original Slipcase
mon0000067439: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Right Royal 1st Edition
mon0000066510: MASO, CAROLE - Aureole
mon0000068223: MASO, CAROLE - Defiance
mon0000065416: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Spence + Lila
mon0000066255: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Feather Crowns
mon0000066703: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - In Country: A Novel
mon0000062531: MASON, A E W - No Other Tiger
mon0000068754: MASON, MICHAEL - The Park Avenue Chorus Boy
mon0000070315: MASON, STEPHEN - Main Currents of Scientific Thought; a History of the Sciences
mon0000057464: F. VAN WYCK MASON - Eagle in the Sky
mon0000064045: MASON, BOBBIE ANN - Spence + Lila
mon0000069365: MASON, ROBERT - Contested Lands (Conflicts in Urban & Regional)
mon0000055085: MASSACHUSETTS - Bulletins for the Constitutional Convention 1917-18 (2 Volumes)
mon0000055087: MASSACHUSETTS - Forty Second Annual Report of the Board of Education
mon0000055086: MASSACHUSETTS - Twenty Fourth Annual Report of the Board of Education
mon0000068685: MASSENGILL, SAMUEL EVANS - A Sketch of Medicine and Pharmacy: And a View of Its Progress by the Massengill Family from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century
mon0000068241: MASTERS, PRISCILLA - And None Shall Sleep (Signed)
mon0000066759: MASTERS, JOHN - The Himalayan Concerto
mon0000061051: JOHN MASTERS - Fandango Rock
mon0000054652: KIM MASTERS - The Keys to the Kingdom: How Michael Eisner Lost His Grip
mon0000054468: JOHN MASTERS - Fandango Rock
mon0000061436: MASUR, HAROLD Q - The Legacy Lenders
mon0000062177: MATERA, LIA - Prior Convictions
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mon0000066116: MUKHERJEE, BHARATI - The Holder of the World
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mon0000057528: O NEUGEBAUER - The Exact Sciences in Antiquity
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mon0000064735: NEWBURY, FRANK D. - Business Forecasting.
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mon0000065593: METTE NEWTH - The Abduction
mon0000062947: NICHOL, JAMES W. - Midnight Cab
mon0000053798: D. NICHOLAS - Intercepted Post
mon0000070473: NICHOLL, CHARLES - The Fruit Palace: An Odyssey Through Colombia's Cocaine Underworld
mon0000066237: NICHOLS, JOHN - The Voice of the Butterfly
mon0000056238: BAGLEY AND BEARD NICHOLS - America Today
mon0000039435: THOMAS LOW NICHOLS - Esoteric Anthropology: A Comprehensive and Confidential Treatise on the Structure, Functions, Passional Attractions and Perversions, True and False Physical... And Obstetrical; Hygenic and Hydropathic
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mon0000059080: MIKE NICOL - This Day and Age
mon0000058207: HAROLD. NICOLSON - Good Behaviour.
mon0000053493: BARBU NICULESCU - Colonial Planning: A Comparative Study
mon0000055014: PROFESSOR RICHARD G. NIEMI - How Family Members Perceive Each Other: Political and Social Attitudes in Two Generations
mon0000066596: NIESEWAND, PETER - Scimitar
mon0000055003: ROMOLA NIJINSKY - Nijinsky
mon0000058025: NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH NIKOLAEV - Thirty Years Since the Victory over Militarist Japan
mon0000067804: NILES, ALFRED & JOSEPH NEWELL - Airplane Structures - Third Edition - 2 Volumes
mon0000053232: JOHN A NIMICK - Be Still and Know,
mon0000069691: NIVER, KEMP R. - The First Twenty Years a Segment of Film History
mon0000061630: NIXON, RICHARD M. - Inaugural Address, January 20, 1969
mon0000065944: NIXON, WILLIAM - Strategic Compromise: A Novel
mon0000065931: NIXON, RICHARD - Seize the Moment: America's Challenge in a One-Superpower World
mon0000053499: P. NIXON - Martial and the Modern Epigram
mon0000063183: NIZER, LOUIS - My Life in Court
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mon0000070633: NORVELL, ANTHONY - Meta-Physics
mon0000069362: NORWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - About Patterson the Making and Unmaking of an American City
mon0000069481: NOTT, RICHARD MEANS - Memoirs of Abner Kingman Nott,: Late Pastor of the First Baptist Church in the City of New York; with Copious Extracts from His Correspondence
mon0000058376: NOURIEL ROUBINI, STEPHEN MIHM - Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance
mon0000064728: NOVAK, MICHAEL - No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers
mon0000055784: ALEC NOVE - The Soviet Economy,: An Introduction (Praeger Publications in Russian History and World Communism)
mon0000052318: NOW - Supercops, Edition# 3
mon0000064732: NOXON, CHRISTOPHER - Rejuvenile: Kickball, Cartoons, Cupcakes, and the Reinvention of the American Grown-Up
mon0000062817: NOYES, PIERREPONT - My Father's House;: An Oneida Boyhood,
mon0000058712: NTOZAKE SHANGE, IFA BAYEZA - Some Sing, Some Cry: A Novel
mon0000063871: NUALA O'FAOLAIN - Are You Somebody?: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman
mon0000067971: NUGENT, ELLIOTT - Events Leading Up to the Comedy;: An Autobiography
mon0000051462: SUSAN NUNES - A Small Obligation: And Other Stories of Hilo (Bamboo Ridge,)
mon0000053214: JUM NUNNALLY- - Tests and Measurement-
mon0000051123: GRACE LEE NUTE - The Voyager's Highway: Minnesota's Border Lake Land
mon0000067351: VAN NUTT, ROBERT, ROSS, STEWART - Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre
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mon0000063707: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - You Must Remember This, a Novel
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mon0000065601: JOYCE CAROL OATES - The Assignation: Stories
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mon0000070964: JOYCE CAROL OATES - Bellefleur (1st Edition)
mon0000054759: JOYCE CAROL OATES - Son of the Morning
mon0000064307: CENTRAL COMMITTE FOR CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS - Handbook for Conscientious Objectors
mon0000067361: OBOLER, ARCH - House on Fire
mon0000061878: ODIER, DANIEL - Cannibal Kiss: A Novel
mon0000053169: P. GIOVANNI ODOARDI - La Dottrina Della Penitenza in S. Ambrogio
mon0000066072: OE, KENZABURO - A Quiet Life
mon0000068841: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE - The I.L. O. (International Labour Office) Year-Book 1933
mon0000058067: A FORMER AMERICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL [FRANCIS MAIRS HUNTINGTON WILSON] - Stultitia, a Nightmare and an Awakening, in Four Discussions
mon0000060327: ELLIOT OFFNER - The Fowl of the Air, the Fish of the Sea & the Beasts of the Field: The Animal Sculptures of Elliot Offner : [Catalog of Exhibition] : Museum of Fine... New York, New York, November 10-30, MCMLXXXIV
mon0000053610: PATRICK E. OFORI - Land in Africa: Its Administration, Law, Tenure, and Use a Select Bibliography
mon0000051165: SHEPHERD AND ELLEN OGDEN - The Cook's Garden
mon0000070027: OKOME, MOJUBAOLU OLUFUNKE - A Sapped Democracy: The Political Economy of the Structural Adjustment Program and the Political Transition in Nigeria (1983-1993)
mon0000051728: OKPEWHO, ISIDORE - The Victims: A Novel of Poligamy in Modern Africa
mon0000054634: ISIDORE OKPEWHO - The Victims (Longman African Classics)
mon0000069186: ZOE OLDENBOURG - Massacre at Montsegur
mon0000069085: M. OLIER - Catéchisme de la Vie Intérieure, par M. Olier
mon0000053635: OLIVER WENDELL; POSNER, RICHARD A. HOLMES - Elsie Venner: A Romance of Destiny in Two Volumes
mon0000070493: OLIVER NORTH, JOE MUSSER - The Jericho Sanction (International Intrigue Trilogy #2)
mon0000054819: DOUGLAS L. OLIVER - Pacific Islands
mon0000063802: OLSEN, PAUL T., FOSSHAGE, JAMES L. - Healing Implications for Psychotherapy (New Directions in Psychotherapy)
mon0000064671: OLSEN, ROBERT J. (TRANSLATOR) - Unfinished Reformation, the
mon0000066165: OLSHAN, JOSEPH - A Warmer Season
mon0000066258: OLSHAN, JOSEPH - Nightswimmer
mon0000065704: OLSON, STEVE - Mapping Human History: Discovering the Past Through Our Genes
mon0000066226: OLSON, TOBY - At Sea
mon0000053526: RONALD K OLSON - The Re-Election Obsession: A Proposal to Amend the Constitution of the United States of America
mon0000070696: ONYEFULU, OBI - Chinye: A West African Folk Tale (Viking Kestrel Picture Books)
mon0000066259: JOSEPH OPATOSHU - A Day in Regensburg
mon0000070212: FRANK OPPEL - Tales of Old New England
mon0000064547: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Pool of Memory
mon0000070565: E. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM - The Quest for Winter Sunshine, with Illustrations
mon0000068498: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS (1866-1946) - Lion and the Lamb, the
mon0000068486: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Vanished Messenger
mon0000070224: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Master Mummer
mon0000068668: ORDE, A.J. - A Little Neighborhood Murder
mon0000070988: OREN, MICHAEL B. - Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present
mon0000062635: ORESMAN, PATRICIA & DONALD - Everything in the World Exists to End Up in a Book (Stephanie Mallarine Quote on Cover)
mon0000053525: HAROLD ORLANS - Ethical Problems in the Relations of Research Sponsors & Investigators
mon0000053524: HAROLD ORLANS - On the Quality of University Research Supported by the Government (Brookings Institution. Reprint 137)
mon0000070986: ORMOND, CLYDE - Complete Book of Outdoor Lore and Woodcraft
mon0000065358: ORTH, MAUREEN - The Importance of Being Famous: Behind the Scenes of the Celebrity-Industrial Complex
mon0000069870: ORTIZ ARMENGOL, PEDRO - El Ano Que Vivio Moratin en Inglaterra, 1792-1793 (Spanish Edition)
mon0000062036: ORTON, JOE - Head to Toe
mon0000070242: GEORGE ORWELL. - Animal Farm [1289] March 1956.
mon0000066476: OSBORN, JOHN JAY - The Man Who Owned New York: A Novel
mon0000068432: OSBORN, WILLIAM C - The Paper Plantation;: Ralph Nader's Study Group Report on the Pulp and Paper Industry in Maine
mon0000070475: OSBORN, DAVID - Murder on Martha's Vineyard
mon0000057651: KAREN OSBORN - The River Road: A Novel
mon0000061885: OSBORN, JOHN JAY - Associates
mon0000044017: CHARLES OSBORNE - W.H. Auden: The Life of a Poet
mon0000044669: OSBORNE - A Better Class of Person: An Autobiography
mon0000043730: OSBORNE - A Better Class of Person: An Autobiography
mon0000068043: OSGOOD, CHARLES - Defending Baltimore Against Enemy Attack: A Boyhood Year During World War II
mon0000066247: OSSANA, DIANA, MCMURTRY, LARRY - Zeke and Ned
mon0000064591: OTHMARO HELLMANN, P. OTHMARO HELLMANN - De Chronologia Librorum Regum Dissertatio Critico Historica
mon0000070643: OTIS, EDWARD O - Pulmonary Tuberculosis;: A Handbook for Students,
mon0000067853: OTIS, CLARA PAINE - Sojourn in Lilliput My Seven Years in Japan
mon0000069343: OTOPALIK, HUGO - Modern Wrestling for the High School and the College,
mon0000058107: O'SCHMIDT OTTO - A Theory of Earth's Origin Four Lectures
mon0000065919: OURSLER, FULTON AND WILL - Father Flanagan of Boys Town the Warm Human Story of a Man's Devotion to an Ideal and to His Unshakable Faith in Human Nature.
mon0000064789: OVERALL, RICHARD M - Seven Scintillations Poems 1 of 135 Copies
mon0000065467: OWEN, HOWARD - Littlejohn
mon0000069571: JOHN OWEN - Pneumatologia: Or, a Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit. 2 Vols.
mon0000062498: WENDDEL BELL & IVAR OXAAL - Decisions of Nationhood, Political and Social Development in the British Caribbean [Monographs No. 3 & 4]
mon0000053136: MOYSHEH OYVED - Visions & Jewels an Autobiography
mon0000060611: AMOS OZ - To Know a Woman
mon0000051948: E.B. (ED.), J.H. PAARMANN, W.B. NICKERSON. HEROLD - The Indian Mounds of Albany, Illinois: Davenport Museum Anthropological Papers No. 1
mon0000067774: PIERRE VAN PAASSEN - Days of Our Years: 1903 - 1938
mon0000064786: PABLE, MARTIN - Catholics and Fundamentalists: Whats the Difference
mon0000067610: PACE, TOM - Fisherman's Luck
mon0000063489: PACKARD, FRANCIS R. - Some Account of the Pennsylvania Hospital from Its First Rise to the Beginning of the Year 1938
mon0000066577: PACKER, TINA, WHITNEY, JOHN O. - Power Plays: Shakespeare's Lessons in Leadership and Management
mon0000060925: ABIGAIL PADGETT - Turtle Baby
mon0000065493: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - Blue
mon0000065621: PADGETT, ABIGAIL - The Last Blue Plate Special
mon0000070638: PADGETT, EARL CALVIN - Skin Grafting: From a Personal and Experimental Viewpoint
mon0000069267: MARIO PADILLA - Oraculo Marxista en Los Andes
mon0000064157: PAGANI, DALIA - Mercy Road
mon0000061618: PAGE SHAMBURGER, JOE CHRISTY - Aces & Planes of World War I (Modern Aircraft Series)
mon0000055959: L PAGE - An Introduction to Electrodynamics
mon0000053470: NESTA PAIN - Lesser Worlds
mon0000069943: PAINE, THOMAS - The Living Thoughts of Tom Paine; (the Living Thoughts Library)
mon0000069944: THOMAS PAINE - Rights of Man, Part I
mon0000062433: PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW - The Tent Dwellers
mon0000065782: ALBERT BIGELOW PAINE - Thomas Nast, His Period and His Pictures
mon0000056642: LEVI LEONARD PAINE - The Ethnic Trinities and Their Relations to the Christian Trinity
mon0000053167: GEORGE TAYLOR PAINE - A Denial of the Charges of Forgery in Connection with the Sachems' Deed to Roger
mon0000054269: HUMPHREY PAKINGTON - Aston Kings
mon0000070965: PALEY, GRACE - The Collected Stories
mon0000064698: PALLEN, CONDE' B, PH. D, LL.D. (EDITOR) - A Memorial of Andrew J. Shipman; His Life and Writings
mon0000067466: PALMER, THOMAS WAVERLY (1891- ) - Guide to the Law and Legal Literature of Spain / Prepared Under the Direction of Edwin M. Borchard by Thomas W. Palmer
mon0000067306: GEORGE HERBERT PALMER - An Academic Courtship, Letters of Aslice Freeman and George Herbert Palmer
mon0000069262: PALOMERA, ESTEBAN - Fray Diego Valades Evangelizador Humanista
mon0000061031: PALWICK, SUSAN - Flying in Place
mon0000066007: PANNO, JOSEPH, PH.D. - Stem Cell Research: Medical Applications and Ethical Controversy (the New Biology)
mon0000057432: FRANCESCO PAPAFAVA - Vatican
mon0000064346: ROLLAND PAPER - Introduction of Printing Into Canada 6 Partstrade Sample Binding

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