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53669: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Rock Star (signed) (Book 4)
53670: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee an Author (signed) (Book 5)
53671: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee an Author (signed) (Book 5)
53672: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Racecar Driver (signed) (Book 2)
53673: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Racecar Driver (signed) (Book 2)
53674: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee Homebuilder (signed)
53663: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Rock Star (signed) (Book 4)
53668: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Rock Star (signed) (Book 4)
53666: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Fire Fighter (signed)
53667: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Homebuilder (signed)
53676: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Rock Star (signed) (Book 4)
34162: TROBISCH, WALTER - Spiritual Dryness
46701: TROKKI, A. L - Quatres of Cherry Grove
32218: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Writings of Anthony Trollope (Royal Edition, 27 volumes)
53579: TROTMAN, C. SPIKE, MANAGING EDITOR - The Sleep of Reason
23792: TROUT, ROBERT J. - They Followed the Plume
25974: TROUT, IAN (EDITOR) & STAFF OF RUN 5 - Run 5 Magazine: 22 Issues; #3-#23 & #25
54566: TROYER, MATTHEW AND MARLENE - Family Favorites: From Our House to Yours
38620: TRUDEL, SYLVAIN - Du Mercure Sous La Lanque, Roman
4546: TRUMBULL, CHARLES GALLAUDET - Taking Men Alive: Studies in the Principles and Practise of Individual Soul-Winning
51307: TRUSCOTT, LUCIAN - The Twilight of the U.S. Cavalry (Modern War Studies) (Paperback)
17212: WARREN S. TRYON (EDITOR) - A Mirror for Americans: Vol II The Cotton Kingdom
15475: TSAPENKO, M. - Architektura Levoberezhnoi Ukraini XVII- XVIII Vekov
44910: TSCHUDIN, JESSIE & RUTH - Bark Up the Right Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog
45165: TSE-TUNG, MAO - Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
51751: TSUCHIDA, WILLIAM SHINJI - Wear it proudly: Letters by William Shinji Tsuchida
48522: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - Theater
52427: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-1945 (Signed)
54299: TUDOR, TASHA - Drawn From New England
46058: TUI; JONES, MARK DE ROY - Portraits of Galapagos (signed)
22121: TULLMAN, ADOLF - Sex and Liebe in USA (Text in German)
36483: TUNNELL, MICHAEL O. & GEORGE W. CHILCOAT - The Children of Topaz: The Story of a Japanese-American Internment Camp: Based on a Classroom Diary
24315: TUOHY, FRANK - The Ice Saints
54221: TUOHY, JAMES & ROB WARDEN - Greylord: Justice, Chicago Style (SIGNED, BOTH AUTHORS)
33450: TURGENAV, IVAN - First Love and Other Tales: The Collected Stories of the World's Greatest Writers series
22005: TURMAN, JOHN - Saxon and the Sorceress
36520: TURNBULL, STEPHEN - The Lone Samurai and the Martial Arts
41975: TURNBULL, ROBERT (EDITIOR) - Philosophy Research Archives Vol. XII 1986-87
52957: TURNE, HARRY - Heja - Young Wrestlers (Junge Ringkampfer, Jeunes Lutteurs, Unga Brottare)
54597: TURNER, HENRY H. - The Clinical Use of Testosterone: American Lecture Series publication Number 46
21447: TURNER, D. H. - Romanesque Illuminated Manuscripts
21448: TURNER, D. H. - Early Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts
53342: TURNER, HAMILTON - Cheerfulness
33209: TUROK, VOJECH, TEXT INTRODUCTION - Slovenske Kupele A Zriedla
53433: TUTHILL, JACK - Sideshows of a Big City: Tales of Yesterday and Today (signed)
31399: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Tramp Abroad
31814: TWAIN, MARK - Les aventures de Tom Sawyer
52887: TWAIN, MARK - Prinz und Bettler
45237: TWAIN, MARK - Fireside Conversation in the time of Queen Elizabeth or 1601
44229: TWIGGE-MOLECEY, C. AND T. PRICE - Materials Handling in Pyrometallurgy: Proceedings of the International Symposium
54520: TWIST, LYNNE - The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life (signed)
39199: TYL, NOEL - Astrological Counsel : The Principles and Practice of Astrology Vol X
43977: TYLER, BOBBE - Searching for Soul: A Survivor's Guide
44349: TYROR, J. G AND R. I. VAUGHAN - An introduction to the neutron kinetics of nuclear power reactors
53943: TZU-HIS, WEI - Chinese Paintings For Beginners (Chinese Landscape Painting Manual No. 26)
45227: GOSCINNY AND UDERZO - Asterix Gladiator
36798: UHLAND, LUDWIG - Alte hoch- und niederdeutsche Volkslieder mit Abhandlungen und Anmerkungen 5 books in 2 volumes
14430: UNDSET, SIGRID - Kristin Labransdatter, The Bridal Wreath, The Mistress of Husaby, The Cross (3 books)
43083: UNIVERSITY, HARVARD - Edward Waldo Forbes: Yankee Visionary
50476: UNKNOWN, AUTHOR - Gaylords' Bookcraft: a Method of Book Repair
51291: UNKNOWN - Ladies' Manual of Art or Profit and Pastime - A Self Teacher in All Branches of Decorative Art Embracing Every Variety of Painting
54622: A SPARK UNSEEN - A Spark Unseen (signed)
45135: UPDIKE, DANIEL BERKELEY - Printing types: Their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals (2 volumes)
45048: UPHAM, ELIZABETH - Little Brown Monkey
48471: UPJOHN, RICHARD - Upjohn's Rural Architecture: Designs, Working Drawings, and Specifications for a Wooden Church, and Other Rural Structures
49225: UPSON, NICOLA - An Expert in Murder, Signed
20025: DU VAIR, GUILLAUME THOMAS JAMES TRANSLATOR RUDOLF KIRK ED. - The Moral Philosophie of the Stoicks (La Philosophie Morale des Stoiques)
42740: VALENTE, FRANK A. - A Manual of Experiments in Reactor Physics
46164: VALENTINE, JOHN - Puppies
34279: VALENTINE, NANCY - All About Bermuda Onions: How to Cook Onions, Their History & Health Benefits
46928: VANCE, JACK - The Best of Jack Vance, Masterpieces of far and future worlds
27811: VANDEMAN, GEORGE E. - How To Escape An Affair
22198: VANETTEN, TERESA - Dead Kachina Man : A Mystery (signed)
45932: VANVULPEN, JAMES - Grand Rapids Then And Now
40458: VAP, SARAH - Dummy Fire
54358: VARIOUS - The Sleeping Beauty And Other Stories
50036: VARIOUS - Best in Railroad Stories from 1850-1980 (set of 16 audio tapes)
12126: VARIOUS - 7 One Act Plays: Playbooks
4616: VARIOUS - Precious Gem Romance (11 Volumes)
4888: VARIOUS - Elements of Article Writing Series (4 volumes)
54568: VARIOUS - A Taste of Shipshewana: a collection of local recipes, old fashoned remedies, main dishes, cakes and pies
51490: VARIOUS - 5 One Act Plays: Playbooks
54563: VARIOUS - Crafters' Marketplace Cookbook Including Recipes From the Blue Gate Restaurant Shipshewana Indiana Amish Country
54430: VARLEY, JOHN D. & PAUL SCHULLERY - Freshwater Wilderness: Yellowstone Fishes and Their World
21512: VASTE, JACK - Sex-Circus Sisters, Adult Reading
44309: VASTHOFF, JOSEF - Small Farm Credit and Development: Some Experiences in East Africa with Special Reference to Kenya
42466: ROBERT VAVRA - Curro: Reflections of a Spanish Youth
20984: VAYNE, STELLA - Nicholson's Guide to English Churches
3490: VECORS - L'Art Medieval Yougoslave: Art Et Style
1362: VEGA, BARON VON - Logarithmic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometrical Functions
51363: VENKATESWARAN, R. J. - The Impact of Jawaharlal Nehru on Indian Exonomy
53365: VENTER, AL J. - Mercenaries: Putting the World to Rights with Hired Guns (Hardcover)
20691: VENTURI, ADOLFO - Raffaello
17746: VERLAGSANSTALT, DATURA - Aquarius Astroscope Profile: The Most Professiopnal Horoscope and Comprehensive Character Study
1906: VERNE, JULES - Matthias Sandorfs Haevn
52594: VERNE, JULES, EDITED BY I. O. EVANS - Carpathian Castle, The 'Fitzroy' Edition
53801: VERNICK, AUDREY - Teach Your Buffalo to Play Drums - SIGNED
54500: VERNICK, AUDREY - She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story - SIGNED
50765: VERNICK, AUDREY - She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story - SIGNED
44764: VEZIROGLU, T. NEJAT - Thermal Sciences 16: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Southeastern Seminar
44693: VICHNEVETSKY, R. - Advances in Computer Methods for Partial Differential Equations, proceedings June 17-19 1975
9392: VINCE, CHARLES - Barrie Marvell: His Dreams and Adventures
37068: VISSER, MELVIN J. - Cold, Clear, and Deadly: Unraveling a Toxic Legacy (signed)
29493: VOGELS, JOSEY - Le Langage Secret des Filles (The Secret Language of Girls)
52926: VOILAND, ALICE L. ET AL - Developing Insight in Initial Interviews
33799: VOLTZ, WILLIAM - Perry Rhodan: #96 Horn: Green
15477: VORONIN, N. N. - Zodchectvo Severo-Vostochnoi Russi 12th - 15th c (Art of North-Western Russia), 2 Books
2021: VOX, VALENTINE - I Can See Your Lips Moving: The History and Art of Ventriloquism
33585: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse
32040: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse
48893: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse, Signed
41933: WAARVIK, LEAH L. - I Sit and Stay: A Survival Guide for Kids (and Parents. Too!)
53347: WADDELL, L. A. - The British Edda
47434: WADE, CARLSON - The sexual variants
46409: WADE, CARLSON - The muscle lovers (Impact Library)
31300: WADE, CARLSON - Yes! There's Life After Death
46703: WADE, CARLSON - Boys of Boles Dorm
52897: WADE, CARLSON - The twilight sex
46699: WADE, CARLSON - Naked in Sodom
50309: VILLAGE OF WADSWORTH - Bridge to the Past, Wadsworth, Illinois Bicentennial Book
42688: PH.D., EDWARD WAGENKNECHT - The Unknown Longfellow
53068: WAGNER, FRANKLIN - The Michigan University Song Book
48271: WAGNER, RICHARD - DIE WALKURE (The Ring of the Nibelungen Second Part (The Valkyrie)) vocal score
48639: WAGNER, HAROLD A. - As I Lived It, An Autobiographical History of the YMCA of Los Angeles 1925-1966
33437: WAGNER, RICHARD - My Life (Two Volumes)
52188: WAGNER, KARL EDWARD - Death Angel's Shadow
51173: WAGNER, ETHAN & THEA WESTREICH WAGNER - Collecting Art for Love, Maoney and More
50643: JR., F. HOL WAGNER - Burlington Northern 1972 Annual
50644: JR., F. HOL WAGNER - Burlington Northern 1971 Annual
29536: WAGON, STAN - Mathematica In Action
25368: WAITE, TERRY - Taken on Trust (signed)
44167: WAKEFIELD, G. G. (EDITOR) - Aircraft Electrical Engineering
51045: WAKEFIELD, LAWRENCE AND LUCILLE WAKEFIELD - Sail & Rail: A Narrative History of Transportation in Western Michigan (signed, limited)
47601: WALBANK, F.W. - The Awful Revolution: The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West
21965: WALD, ELISSA - Holding the Fire : A Love Story
50876: WALDORF, D. C - The art of making primitive bows and arrows
53054: WALES, DIRK & BARRY MOSER (ILLUSTRATOR) - Jack London's Dog, Signed
52089: WALKER, LEWIS AND BEN C. WILSON - Black Eden: The Idlewild Community - SIGNED
50413: WALKER, GWEN - The Golden Stile
52176: WALKER, ROBERT W. - Cold Edge, Signed
52412: WALKER, ALBERT PERRY WITH ALBERT BUSHNESS HART - Essentials in English History, from the earliest Records to the Present Day
49959: WALLACE, NANCY ELIZABETH - The Kindness Quilt
20665: WALLACE, JOHN (A SKETCH BOOK BY) - Village Down East: Duck Trap, Main, and the People Who Live there
39674: WALLACE, RONALD - For a Limited Time Only
43803: WALLECZEK, JAN (EDITOR) - Self-Organized Biological Dynamics & Nonlinear Control
48754: WALLEN, JAMES - Things That Live Forever, beinbg the story of office equipment from the dawn of thought to the age of art metal
52797: WALLER, REED AND KATE WORLEY - The Collected OmahaThe Cat Dancer, Volume 3, Signed
49286: WALLING, H. F. - Atlas of the State of Michigan
10700: WALLS, MARTIN - Small Human Detail in Care of National Trust: Poems
44997: WALOWIT, J. A. - Modern Developments in Lubrication Mechanics
19750: WALSER, RICHARD, EDITOR - The Enigma of Thomas Wolfe: Biographical and Critical Selections
53876: WALSH, CHAD - The factual dark: [Poems] (signed)
28264: WALTERS, BRUCE - Love Organs: A Novel
27363: WALTERS, BARBARA - The Flat Cat & Other Tales
54122: WALTON, EVANGELINE, COMPILED BY DOUGLAS ANDERSON - Above Ker-Is and Other Stories (signed)
43637: WALTZ, JASON M. (EDITOR) - Rage of the Behemoth: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure
50038: WAN-PING, ZHOU - PLA Today (signed)
43035: WANG, PETER CHEN-CHAO - Numerical and Matrix Methods in Structural Mechanics with applications to Computers
52363: WARAM, MARILYN - The Book of Jupiter
51748: WARBURG, JAMES P. - The West in Crisis
42515: WARBURTON, G.B. - The Dynamical Behaviour of Structures
4896: WARD, GEOFFREY, RIC BURNS AND KEN BURNS - The Civil War: an illustrated history
47705: WARD, LESTER - Dynamic Sociology or Applied Social Science as Based Upon Statical Sociology and the Less Complex Sciences (Complete Two Volume Set)
45500: WARD, FRANK - Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Volume 3 no 1, 1960
43941: WARDLE, HARRY - Fundamentals of Electrotechnology: 1 Experimental Approach, 2 Practical Guide (2 volumes)
44091: WARDLE, M. E. - SMP from Problem to Program
52825: WARGIN, KATHY-JO - Alfred Nobel: The Man Behind the Peace Prize, signed
200049: WARING, WALTER - Thomas Carlyle, Signed
48086: WARNER, AARON - Adventures of Aaron
21381: WARREN, MAUDE RADFORD - King Arthur and His Knights
51738: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T - My larger education: Being chapters from my experience
51723: WATERS, MICHAEL - Selected Poems (SIGNED)
54024: WATSON, JANE WERNER - This World of Ours (A Giant Little Golden Books)
49221: WATSON, S. J. - Low Town, The Straight Razor Cure, Signed
12529: WATSON, ROBERT - Advantages of Dark
3565: WATSON, IAN - The Book of the River
51763: WATSON, LEWIS - How To Build A Low-Cost House of Stone
54375: WATSON, MARY - Our Breakfast Book, Wholesome Thoughts for Every Day
52849: WATSON, ALBERT DURRANT M. D. - The Twentieth Plane: A Psychic Revelation
22213: WATTS, ANTHONY J - WW2 Fact Files: Allied Submarines, Axis Submarines (2 books)
22214: WATTS, ANTHONY J - WW2 Fact Files: Battleships
54540: WAYBURN, NED - The Art of Stage Dancing: The Story of a Beautiful and Profitable Profession, A manual of StageCraft
45222: WEALE, W. H. JAMES - Bookbindings and rubbings of bindings in the Victoria and Albert Museum
12387: WEAN, TOM - Pascal Programs for Data Base Management
50156: WEAST, ROBERT D. - Saturniidae: Ecological and Behavioral Observations of Select Attacini
44763: WEATHERS, TERRY M - NASA contributions to fluidic systems: A survey, NASA SP-5112
23050: WEATHERS, CAROLYN - Shitkickers & Other Texas Stories
33127: WEAVER, CHRIS - Competency-Based Sex Education Illustrated
30960: WEAVER, BOBBY D. - Castro's Colony: Empresario Development in Texas, 1842-1865
33128: WEAVER, CHRIS - To See a Pimp in School
54146: WEBB, SAMUEL - NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME. 1958 Edition. A Book of The Boone and Crockett Club Compiled by The Committee on Records of North American Big Game
48559: WEBB, WENDY - The Fate of Mercy Alban (Signed Advanced Reading Edition)
48558: WEBB, WENDY - The Fate of Mercy Alban (Signed Advanced Reading Edition)
52748: WEBBER, IRMA E. - What Does It Look Like? (It Looks Like This)
53144: WEBER, SCHUMANN, MENDELSSOHN, AND BRAHMS - Schirmer's Library Masterworks for Clarinet and Piano, Vol. 1747
51634: WEBER, CARL - Demokritos Oder Hinterlassene Papiere Eines Lachenden Philosophen (6 Books, 12 Volumes)
33848: WEBSTER, THELMA (ILLUSTRATOR) - Unipkaat Coloring Book in Inupiat
51757: WEED, ALFRED CLEVELAND - Pike, pickerel and muskalonge: zoology leaflet 9
53592: WEED, DON - Sue Scheewe Presents Painting the Fantasy Folks
26792: WEESNER, THEODORE - Novemberfest
44223: WEGER, WILLIAM C. ET AL - NASA CR-1346: reliability handbook for silicon monolithic microcircuits, vol I- application of monolithic Microcircuits
39358: WEIDER, JOE - The Best of Joe Weider's Flex Nutrition & Training Programs
39359: WEIDER, JOE - Competitive Bodybuilding
51341: WEIGEL, JENNIFFER - Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side: SIGNED (Hardcover)
51601: WEIGLE, OSCAR AND ARTHUR KRUSZ - Crusader Rabit as seen on TV (wonder books #698)
36481: WEIL, JIRI - Life With a Star
17973: WEINBERG, BERNARD (EDITOR) - French Poetry of the Renaissance
51325: WEINER, EDWARD - Urban transportation planning in the United States: An historical overview (DOT-1-83-43)
52767: WEINGARTEN, HENRY (EDITOR) - Astrology '82: The New Aquarian Agent,Fall Equinox 1982
52761: WEINGARTEN, HENRY (EDITOR) - Astrology '81: The New Aquarian Agent, Vol. 6 No. 4; Summer
52760: WEINGARTEN, HENRY (EDITOR) - Astrology '78: The New Aquarian Agent, Vol. 5 No. 7; Summer/Fall
28165: WEINTRAUB, DAVID - East Bay Trails: Outdoor Adventures in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
49632: WEIR, TOM - The Kyle Line, An Illustrated History and Guide
50994: WEIR, ROBERT M AND MARLENE MILLER WEIR - Dad: a diary of caring and questioning
51338: WEIR, ROBERT M. - Peace, Justice, Care of Earth: The Vision of John Mcconnell, Founder of Earth Day (signed)
50763: WEIR, BOB - Cobble Creek (Signed)
19437: WEIS, J. M. - Representation des Fetes Donnees par La Ville de Strasbourg
20841: WEISS, LILLIE - Practical Dreaming
52975: WEISSMAN, STEVEN - Yikes! #1 with Lil Bloody and the Pullapart Boy!
52658: WEISSNER, CRAIG LEDBETTER AND TOM - Hong Kong Film Magazine #3, 1995. John Woo interview
46586: WELCH, JACK (WITH JOHN A. BYRNE) - Jack Straight From the Gut
53865: WELDON, LAURA GRACE - Tending
41941: WELDON, VIRGINIA - Feelings Insight Out (Signed)
54592: WELLMAN, FRANCIS L. - Art of Cross-Examination
53245: WELLMAN, FRANCIS L. - The Art of Cross-Examination
46063: WELLS, CAROLYN - Barbecue Greats Memphis Style (Signed)
53976: WELLS, PATRICIA C. - Readin' can be fun: Experiment in Black Dialect
53802: WELLS, ROSEMARY - Max & Ruby at the Warthogs' Wedding (signed)
47698: WELLS, GARY - DEBORAH HORRELL: Pasages: Heaven, Hell & In-Between
50308: WELLS, DALE K - Michigan, birthplace of the modern horizontal band saw: The saga of W.F. Wells
48731: WELSH-OVCHAROV, BOGOMILA - Van Gogh in Provence and Auvers
45469: WELSH, CHARLES & CLARA E. ATWOOD (ILLUSTRATOR) - A Book of Nursery Rhymes: Being Mother Goose's Melodies Arranged in the Order of Attractiveness and Interest
46905: WEMLINGER, JOHN V. - A Path to Innocence, a Road to War (signed)
51267: WENDEL, C. H. - Minneapolis-Moline Tractors, 1870-1969
54513: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - Dead or Alive
51611: WENTWORTH, PATRICIA - The Alington Inheritance
42863: WERNER, C. F. - Review Notes for Professional Engineering Examination
53575: WERPER, BARTON - Tarzan and the Silver Globe
53703: WESCOTT, ROGER W - Comparing Civilizations: An Unconsensual View
54405: WESLEY, PATRICIA JABBEH - Before the Palm Could Bloom: Poems of Africa (signed)
42629: WESSMAN, HAROLD E - Aerial Bombardment Protection
20963: WEST, THOMAS REED - Flesh of Steel : Literature and the Machine in American Culture
52393: WETZEL, LAURIE - Unclaimed (signed)
52302: WHARNSBY, DAWUD - A Picnic of Poems in Allah's Green Garden, Signed with CD
37132: WHEATLEY, NADIA - Listening to Mondrian
51511: WHEELER, JUDY - Recipes from Miss Daisy's (signed)
44798: WHEELER, ROGER - Rethinking Mathematical Concepts
16841: WHEELOCK, JULIA S. - The Boys in White: the Experience of a Hospital Agent in and Around Washington
50348: WHELAN, GLORIA - Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers, Signed
40323: WHELAN, TENSIE (EDITOR) - Nature Tourism: Managing For The Environment
52235: WHITBECK, WILLIAM C. - To Account For Murder
41951: WHITE,K ARTHUR K. - Protestant Ideals
52931: WHITE, ANNIE RANDALL AND GEORGE SPEIL (ILLUSTRATOR) - The New Century Etiquette: An Up-To-Date Book for Polite Society
11784: WHITE, ALFRED H. - Technical Gas and Fuel Analysis
43141: WHITE, TRUMBULL - Pictorial History of our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom
49838: WHITE, JAMES E. - A Life Span and Reminiscences of Railway Mail Service, Limited Edition
9720: WHITE, VON ELLEN G. - Der Groke Kampf
35909: WHITE, JEAN - Many Happy Returns (signed)
200043: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - The Saga of Andy Burnett
44315: WHITE, STUART (PROJECT DIRECTOR) - Vintage Artists of Michigan
52220: WHITE, ROBERT T. HATT LEE A. - Cranbrook Institute of Science: A History of Its Founding and First Twenty-Five Years
54093: WHITE, JOHN - Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, Illustrated with Sixty-Five Plates
49763: WHITE, JAMES E - A Life Span and Reminiscences of Railway Mail Service
3430: WHITECROSS, JOHN - Moral and Religious Anecdotes with other of a more general description, Vol 2
54040: WHITELOCK, LOUISE CLARKSON - The gathering of the lilies
51484: WHITFIELD, RAOUL - Jo Car's Casebook, Tales from the Black Mask Morgue
47961: WHITMAN, KIMBERLY SCHLEGEL - Wedding Inspiration: Ideas & Advice for Your Perfect Wedding
35194: WHITMAN, SARAH HELEN - Was Poe Immoral? Little Blue Book # 144
24690: WHITNEY, RONALD L. - Handbook of Common Wild Flowers, Trees, Rocks, Song Birds
51239: WHITNEY, A. D. T. - The Open Mystery, A reading of the Mosaic Story
47937: WHITTIER, FR. BILL - The Journey of a Priest
14017: WIDDOWS, LEE AND JO MCGUINNESS - Catwalk: Working with Models
54306: WIDEN, LARRY - Doc Savage, arch enemy of evil: A pictorial reference guide to the man of bronze
19863: WIERSMA, STANLEY M. - More Than the Ear Discovers: God in the Plays of Christopher Fry
47953: WIGNER, EUGENE P. (AS TOLD TO ANDREW SZANTON) - The Recollections of Eugene P. Wigner
51046: WILCOX, BABCOCK AND - Marine Steam
51442: WILDE, OSCAR - Fairy Tales, Decorated by Vera Bock
53895: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
35536: WILENSKY, AMY S. - Passing For Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion
51310: WILEY, RICHARD - Soldiers in Hiding: A Novel (Rediscovery)
36903: WILHELM, RICHARD - Weisheit des Ostens
54097: WILHELMSEN, FREDERICK D. - Omega: Last of the Barques
53429: WILKIE, CURTIS - The Fall of the House of Zeus: The Rise and Ruin of America's Most Powerful Trial Lawyer (signed)
16851: WILKINS, CHARLES L. (EDITOR) - Computer-Enhanced Analytical Spectroscopy (Modern Analytical Chemistry)
47634: WILKINSON, ROY - Are You a Unicorn? The Mission and Meaning of Unicorns.
51880: WILKINSON, STEPHAN - The Gold-Plated Porsche, How I Sank a Small Fortune into a Used Car, and Other Misadventures Signed
45692: WILKINSON, SAMUEL F. - Race Fans: My Genesis and Evolution as a Triathlete
26530: WILL, GEORGE F. - The Leveling Wind: Politics, the Culture and Other News, 1990-1994 (signed)
51493: WILLEMER, MARIANNE UND JOHANN JAKOB - Briefwechsel mit Goethe, Letter Exchange with Goethe
53057: WILLEY, MARGARET - Clever Beatrice, An Upper Peninsula Conte, Signed
53055: WILLEY, MARGARET - Clever Beatrice and the Best Little Pony, Signed
52497: WILLIAMS, J. X. - Jack of all sins
52490: WILLIAMS, J. X. - The Restless Romeo ["Every curve held surprises for the..."]
52491: WILLIAMS, J. X. - Upstairs Lust
52506: WILLIAMS, J. X. - The Sex Surfers
42040: WILLIAMS, MILLER - The only world there is: Poems
18566: WILLIAMS, HELEN MARIA - Paul and Virginia
29213: WILLIAMS, H. HADLEY - Memoirs of a Madam
36536: WILLIAMS, RALPH M. - Phonetic Spelling for College Students
47096: WILLIAMS, J. X. - Good Little Bad Girl, A Nightstand Book
51156: WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH WHITNEY - A child of the sea: And life among the Mormons
54615: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS - A Beginning on the Short Story [Notes] by William Carlos Williams (This title has been printed in a limited edition of 100 copies)
54491: WILLIAMS, JAY - Danny Dunn and the Weather Machine
53879: WILLIAMS, FREDERICK D - Michigan soldiers in the Civil War
50923: WILLIAMS, DAVID - Carpentry and Building Vol 4-5 and Vol 6-7
13019: WILLIAMSON, RANA K. - American History: Micropedia
10915: WILLIAMSON, ANN LOUISE - Wild Rumors: Poetry (signed)
6010: WILLIAMSON, A. A. - Moses Who First Saw Our Pyramid of Life
54039: WILLIAMSON, JACK - Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods (signed)
41719: WILLIAMSON, JACN - Beachhead (signed)
6650: WILLIS, N. PARKER - Rural Letters and other Records of Thought at Leisure Written in the Intervals of More Hurried Liter
7390: WILLISON, GEORGE - Why Wars are Declared
54198: WILSON, COLIN - The Philosopher's Stone
44249: WILSON, GAVIN - Murphy's Last Sock
54426: WILSON, PAUL CALVIN (EDITOR) - Lighthouse magazine, Robert Weinberg special edition, October 2004
10114: WILSON, JOHN - Weet
6391: WILSON, EARL - Show Business Laid Bare (signed)
51158: WILSON, GORDON - Folkways of the Mammoth Cave region, no. 2 (signed)
38340: WILSON, ROSALIE (EDITOR) - Spectacular Homes of Chicago: An Exclusive Showcase of Chicago's Finest Designers
42254: WILSON, E. RAYMOND - Uphill for Peace: Quaker Impact on Congress (signed)
53978: WILSON, SHANNON - Berea College: An Illustrated History (signed)
54588: WILSON, IRIS HIGBIE - William Wolfskill 1798-1866: Frontier Trapper to California Ranchero
54509: WILSON, ALAN J. AND DES BROGAN AND FRANK MCGRAIL - Historic Horrors of Old Edinburgh (signed)
53209: WILSON, LAURA - A Capital Crime, Signed
54474: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits
46401: WILSON, COLIN - The Hedonists: the erotic odyssey of a sensous man
49488: WILSON, COLIN - The Philosopher's Stone
40513: WILTZ, CHRIS - The Killing Circle (Signed)
31377: WINDING, CHARLES C - Plastics: Theory and Practice the technology of high polymers (Chemical Engineering Series)
42639: WINDSOR, JOAN - The Inner Eye: A Guide to Self-Awareness Through Your Dreams
10459: WINSOR, LOU B. (COMPILED BY) - Compiled Law of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan
48544: WINTER, A. R. AND E. M. FUNK - Poultry Science and Practice, Fifth Edition
31581: WINTERS, DONNA - Isabelle's Inning (Great lakes Romances, Encore Edition #1)
31611: WINTERS, DONNA - Bridget of Cat's Head Point: Great lakes Romances #6
31651: WINTERS, DONNA - Charlotte of South Manitou Island (Great Lakes Romances #4)
54608: WINTERS, SAMUEL J. - Wave Therapy: Your Power to Heal
31582: WINTERS, DONNA - Aurora of North Manitou Island (Great Lakes Romances #5)
38070: WITALEC, JANET (EDITOR) - Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism: Topics Volume NCLC 118, cumulative indexes
50018: WITRY, RICHARD, EDITOR - Luxemburger Brotherhood of America
54075: WOAS, LEE - Self-Steering Without a Windvane: How to Make a Sailboat Steer Itself by Natural and Sheet-To-Tiller Systems
9331: WODEHOUSE, PELHAM GRENVILLE - The Little Warrior
46671: WOLFF, ROBERT & ROBERT DALLET (ILLUSTRATOR) - Animals of the Americas
34007: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Title Story From The Night in Question
51891: WOLFF, ROBERT PAUL - The Autonomy of Reason, A Commentary on Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals
52130: WOLITZER, MED - Belzhar - SIGNED
40889: WOLKEN, JEROME J - Photobiology: Selected Topics in Modern Biology
28595: WOLLSTONECRAFT, MARY - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
44395: MICHIGAN WOMEN'S COMMISSION - sex discrimination in an elementary reading program: A report based on the work of the committee to study sex discrimination in Kalamazoo
53341: HOME WOMEN'S GROUP - The Y's Cookbook is a Wise Book
35175: CENTER FOR WOMEN'S SERVICES - Hard Hats, Boots and Goggles: Jobs That Pay - A Look at Nontraditional jobs for Women
27879: WONG, MASTER K. Y. - First Steps to Chi Kung
36791: WONNBERGER - Sonntags-Schul-Harfe. Sammlung drei- und vierstimmiger Lieder, Choraele und Responsorien. Der Jugend
44149: WOOD, REUBEN E - Basic mathematics of science and engineering
50627: WOOD, CHARLES AND DOROTHY WOOD - Milwaukee Road West
11040: WOOD, JOHN A. - Meteorites and the Origin of Planets: Earth and Planetary Science Series
48504: WOOD, BARBARA - Las virgenes del paraiso / The virgins of paradise
52585: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.5
52583: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.2
52587: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.7
52588: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.11
52586: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.6
52584: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.4
52582: WOOD, WALLACE (EDITOR) - Witzend - No.3
50085: WOODARD, STACY AND HORACE WOODARD - The Adventures of Chico: A Small Mexican Boy who has Many Animal Friends
46112: WOODBURY, COLEMAN (ED) - Housing Yearbook, 1938
33935: WOODHOUSE, MARGARET - The House of Whispers, Visit Brother Ambrose at Fountains Abbey
42810: WOODMAN, RONALD - NASA Techinal Note D-1419: A Phase-Locked Phase Filter for Minitrack System
24795: WOODRING, JIM - Jim, Number One, June 1987
30686: WOODS, STUART - Two Dollar Bill - Large Print
51180: WOODS, RUTH MAURINE - The Cat That Would Be King (A Little Treasure book)
24484: WOODWARD, C. VANN - The Comparative Approach to American History
46251: WOOLENBERG, CHARLES - Marinship at War, Shipbuilding and Social Change in Wartime Sausalito
47098: WOOLFE, BYRON - Hot Angel
54003: WOOLLACOTT, ARTHUR P - Mackenzie and his voyageurs,: By canoe to the Arctic and the Pacific, 1789-93
54361: WORKS, LIMA LOCOMOTIVE - Lima Super-Power Steam Locomotives
51786: DROSTE'S COCOA & CHOCOLATE WORKS - Droste's Recipes Book: containing 45 recipes composed by Rie Ykema-Steenbergen to create delicacies with the use of Droste's 'Boy & Girl'
54667: WORLEY, HOWARD AND WILLIAM POELLOT - The Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway: The Story of the High and Dry
50703: WORSDAY, O.N. - And The Gods Spoke
9175: WORTHINGTON, CHRISTA - Chic Simple Clothes
47538: WORTHINGTON, JENNIFER - In the Spirit of Las Vegas
25333: WOUK, HERMAN - Marjorie Morningstar
45608: FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT OF THE WPA - Mississippi: A Guide to the Magnolia State (American Guide Series)
44348: WRIGHT, J - Metallurgy in Nuclear Power Technology
51922: WRIGHT, CHARLES - Country Music, Selected Early Poems
3375: WRIGHT, J. V. - Six Chapters of Canada's Prehistory
51494: WRIGHT, CHELY - Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer, Signed
44293: WRIGHT, COLONEL ANN AND SUSAN DIXON - Dissent Voices of Conscience, Government Insiders Speak Out Against the War in Iraq
51903: WRONSKY, GAIL - The Love-Talkers, An Erotic Fable, Signed
49748: WUNDERLY, KATHLEEN - Bellefonte and the Early Air Mail 1918-1927
49385: WURMBRAND, RICHARD - Why Am I a Revolutionist
53421: WUST, WALTER H. - Guia de Indentificacion de Especies de la Flora Y la Fauna Del Peru
45163: WYLIE, JACQUELINE AND ANNA STRYD - Bronson Women and the School of Nursing: Journeys Through One Hundred Years (signed)
54575: WYNN, MARCIA RITTENHOUSE - Desert Bonanza: The Story of Early Randsburg, Mojave Desert Mining Camp
48364: WYNNE, MARCUS - Warrior in the Shadows (signed)
54332: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Art of Warfare in Biblical Lands Volume One only
53795: YAMIN, PRISCILLA - American Marriage: A Political Institution (American Governance: Politics, Policy, and Public Law)
49531: YANKE, JAMES H. - The Chicago & North Western's Air Line Subdivision
54418: YANKEY, LINDSEY - Sun and Moon (signed)
21859: YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN - The Saint Germain Chronicles
48266: YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN - Tempting Fate
41011: YEE, WONG HERBERT - Hamburger Heaven
51417: YENNE, BILL - Classic American Airliners (Hardcover)
52109: YERSHOV, PYOTR PAVLOVICH - Humpbacked Horse, Russian Fairy Tale
54153: YI-E, WANG - Taoism in China
51280: YODER, RAYMOND MARK - Michael Yoder, 1799-1879: His Roots and His "Froots
21431: YODER, SANFORD CALVIN - Days of My Years
43479: YODER, OWEN AND ERMA, ET AL - The Mountain View Story 1962-1987
6347: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - God Talks With Arjuna The Bhagavad Gita: Royal Science of God-Realization
42132: YOH, SHOMEI - Jake's Straw Hat
52935: YOH, SHOMEI - Jake's Message: Whose Air is it?
52871: YORK, LKORERAINE - Margaret Atwood and the Labour of Literary Celebrity
32271: YORK, MICHAEL - Are My Blinkers Showing?: Adventures in Filmmaking in the New Russia
19771: YOSHIKAWA, SHIRO - Selected Masterpieces from the Collection of The Nezu Art Museum
53251: YOUNG, FILSON - The Trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen, Notable English Trials
2381: YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER R. - Thom Bohnert: Six Experiments in Sculpture
5421: YOUNG, ARTHUR - The Farmer's Tour Through the East of England (2 volumes)
46600: YOUNG, SETH - A choice of passions
54584: YOUNG, OTIS E - The First Military Escort on the Santa Fe Trail 1829: From the Journal and Reports of Major Bennet Riley and Lt Philip St. George Cooke
54579: YOUNG, OTIS E - The West of Philip St. George Cooke, 1809-1895 (Western Frontiersmen Series V)
48630: YOUNGER, PAUL - The Indian Religious Tradition
38092: YOUNGER, PAUL - The Indian Religious Tradition
1133: YOUNGMAN, HENNY - Take My Jokes-Please!
44975: YUON, K. F. - V. I. Surikov 1848-1948
50530: ZALBEN, JANE BRESKIN - Water From the Moon, Signed
52132: ZATTWOCH, DAN & KEVIN HUIZENGA - Amazing Facts…& Beyond ! The Collected 2008-2012 (Hardcover)
29283: ZEHR, PATRICIA E. - Moving: The Untold Story, Insider Tips on Making your Next Move Successful
44063: ZEIGER, HANS - Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America
44890: ZELDOVICH, YA. B. - Elements of Gasdynamics and the Classical Theory of Shock Waves
41913: ZELYONAYA, RINA AND SERGEI IVANOV - The Cedar Chest (Pop-up book)
18521: ZENTNER, DR. KURT - Illustrierte Geschichte des Dritten Reiches Band 1 & Band 2 (2 volumes)
45201: ZERLER, KATHRYN S. (AUTHOR) & VICKY NEMETHY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Talk of the Towns: Stories from Southwest Michigan (signed)
34065: ZERLER, KATHRYN SCHULTZ - A slip in time: An historic adventure at the Benton Harbor Ship Canal (signed)
44153: ZERLER, KATHRYN S. - On the Banks of the Ole St. Joe :Selected History of the Twin Cities Area
31717: ZERO, ONE RING - As Smart As We Are (Book and CD)
24367: ZERVAS, MICHAEL R. (EDITOR) - The Basic Guide to the American Cocker Spaniel
40536: ZERVAS, MICHEAL R. - The Dalmatian Family Photo Album
49437: ZETTEL, SARAH - A Sorcerer's Treason, Signed
49436: ZETTEL, SARAH - Kingdom of Cages, Signed
32306: ZHANG, CHARLES & LYNN - The Zhangs on Educated Investing (signed)
42623: ZIEGLER, MICHAEL R. - Computer Applications in Finite Mathematics and Calculus
37729: ZIHA, Q.E. - Perfect Joy: Along the Way to Oneness
49902: ZIMMERMANN, KARL R. - Quadrant Press Review 3 : Erie Lackawanna East
49901: ZIMMERMANN, KARL R. - Quadrant Press Review 2 - The Milwaukee Road Under Wire
51434: ZIOLKOWSKI, THEODORE - The Sin of Knowledge, Ancient Themes and Modern Variations
15476: ZOTOV, A. I. AND O. I. SOPOTSINSKI - Russkoe Iskusstvo: Isturicheski Ocherk (Russian Art: A Historical Survey)
8579: ZUG, JOAN LIFFRING - The Amanas Yesterday: a Religious Communal Society, a story of seven villages in Iowa
36773: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Brennendes Geheimnis, Sternstunden der Menschheit, Kleine Chronik, Insel-Buecherei Nr. 122, 165, 408

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