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48303: RAVEN, ARLENE - Crossing over: Feminism and Art of Social Concern (Contemporary American Art Critics)
41894: RAWSON, JESSICA - Animals in Art
21675: RAY, SONDRA - Essays on Creating Sacred Relationships
52826: RAY, MARIE-CHRISTINE - Le Cardinal Duval Un Homme d'esperance en Algerie
51348: RAY, RICHARD G. - photogeologic procedures in geologic interpretation and mapping. US Geological Survey Bulletin #1043-a
46644: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon Versus Frozen Horrors
46643: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon Versus Frozen Horrors
43419: REBLE, DEBRA L. PH.D - Soul-Hearted Partnership: Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy
41195: REBLE, DEBRA L. - Soul-Hearted Partnership - SIGNED
54559: RECTOR, WILLIAM GERALD - Log transportation in the lake states lumber industry 1840-1918. (American Waterways Series IV)
8678: REDDY, KUMUDA AND STAN KENDZ - Forever Healthy: Introduction to Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Care
49704: REDLICH, PAUL R - The postal history of Coles County, Illinois: The first hundred years, 1830-1930
54659: REED, KENNETH L - History of the Evansville, Indianapolis & Terre Haute Railroad
34281: REED, STAN - The Wine World at a Glance
31107: REED, REVEREND RICHARD LEE - Energy Takes Form Nature Spirits
50895: REED, BRIAN - Loco Profile 26: The Hiawathas
30399: REEDER, NANA - Hawaii: All Mix Up Charm
28525: VAN REENEN, REV GIJSBERTUS. - Israel's Wilderness Journey: A dialogue between Bert and Case on Numbers 33
38740: REEVE, AGNESA - My Dear Mollie: Love Letters of a Texas Sheep Rancher
10266: REEVES, ELIZABETH - Then Again June
41908: REHAK, JAY - Little Guise: 3 Ten-Minute Comedies
48348: VON REICHENBACH, BARON KARL - The Mysterious Odic Force
54352: REID, MAYNE - Aventures de terre et de mer les naufrages de l'ile de borneo
5736: REID, RUSSEL M. - Human Population Genetics
43645: REIMRINGER, JOHN - Vestments
200074: REMBRANDT - Rembrandt Album. 30 Reproduktionen seiner berühmten Werke
49766: REMELE, C. W. - United States Railroad Postmarks 1837 to 1861
49400: RENDA, GERHARD AND PHOTOGRAPHER WERNER GRADERT - Jugendstilhauser in Nurnberg
20133: RENNERT, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Pioneers of Discovery: Profiles of Great Black Americans
20132: RENNERT, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Shapers of America (Profiles of Great Black Americans)
51833: RENNICK, P. G. - Courts and Lawyers in Northern and Western Illinois
47276: RENO, FRANK D. - Arthurian Figures of History and Legend: A Biographical Dictionary (signed)
46959: RENTOUL, IAN AND TOM WAKEFORD - Gulf War British Air Arms
42552: DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH - National Physical Laboratory Report for the Year 1963
45000: REUTERSWARD, CARL (EDITOR) - XIth International Astronautical Congress Stockholm 1960, Volume 1, Main Sessions
48496: REUTT, GEORGES - L'Experience Sioniste
47111: REVERE, JEANETTE - Plaything of Passion
40569: REXROTH, KENNETH & BRADFORD MORROW (EDITOR) - World Outside the Window: The Selected Essays of Kenneth Rexroth
3529: RHOADS, JONATHAN E., EDITOR - Cancer: A Journal of the American Cancer Society
31612: RICCI, CLAUDIA - Dreaming Maples
29259: RICE, D. TALBOT - The Byzantine Element in Late Saxon Art. The William Henry Charlton Memorial Lecture November 1946
27452: RICE, JOHN R. - The Angel's Christmas Message
52892: RICE, EDITH M. - If I Forget: Useful Hints and Reminders for Nurses in Every Field 14th edition
43477: RICE, JOHN R. - Ten Messages that Changed Ten Thousand Lives
46958: RICE, HELEN - Chronology Ogden Air Materiel Area: Hill Air Force Base,Utah 1934-1961 Volume Two
53136: RICE, JR, HOWARD C. - Thomas Jefferson's Paris
42723: RICHARDS, T. H. - Energy Methods in Stress Analysis: With an Introduction to Finite Element Techniques (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
42220: RICHARDS, DUSTY - Noble's Way
45605: RICHARDS, KRISTEN - Retail and Restaurant Spaces: An International Portfolio of 41 Designers
47699: RICHARDSON, PROFESSOR L. JR - Pompeii: An Architectural History
38905: RICHARDSON, RUPERT NORVAL - Texas: The Lone Star State
53511: RICHARDSON, TRACY - The Field (signed)
38810: RICHTER, LUDWIG - O Schöne Jugendtage . Ein neues Bilderbuch mit Bildern und sinnreichen Versen.
48541: RICHTER, LUDWIG - Sonnenstrahlen Liebliche Bilder mit allerliebsten Versen Heiteres Und Belehrendes Fur Die Kinderwelt (Sunbeam)
51304: RIDER, DAVID F. - Jane's Airport & Atc Equipment 1993-94 (Jane's Airport Equipment and Services) 12th edition
54409: RIDGEWAY, RICK - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father (signed)
54327: RIDL, JACK (EDITOR) - Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry
54328: RIDL, JACK - Practicing to Walk Like a Heron (Signed)
51049: RIESENBERG, FELIX - Under Sail
52219: RIGGS, JOHN R. - Killing Frost: A Garth Ryland Mystery, Signed
53916: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Rodin Nudes
45678: RINGLAND, GILL - Scenario Planning: Managing for the Future
44246: RINZIN, RINZIN - The Talisman of Good Fortune and Other Stories from Rural Bhutan
50937: RIPLEY, DONALD M. - Gateway To The World: A Picture History Of The St. Lawrence Seaway
48746: RIPLEY, TIM - The New Illustrated Guide to the Modern US Army
48061: RITSON, JOSEPH - Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls
53424: RIVERS, VICTOR RIVAS - A Private Family Matter: A Memoir (signed)
40674: RIVERS, ISABEL - Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry: A Students' Guide
42902: ROACH, A. E. (EDITOR) ET AL - Industrial Mathematics 1951, Volume 2
51670: ROBB, CANDACE - The Cross-Legged Knight - Signed
50324: ROBB, DEAN A AND JOHN E. LUSTIG - Rights of railroad workers
31192: ROBBINS, TRINA - Paper Dolls From the Comics
45860: ROBBINS, TOM - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (Signed)
35390: ROBERTS, NORA - First Impressions
51445: ROBERTS, FRANK C. - Obituaries from the "Times" 1961-70
41985: ROBERTS, ROBIN - A New Species: Gender and Science in Science Fiction
53103: ROBERTS, JANE - The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material, Sessions 281-333
50340: ROBERTS, RUTH AND WILLIAM KATZ - Our Country 'Tis of Thee - A Choral Pageant of the History of America (Special Spiral-bound edition for conductor-pianist)
44171: ROBERTSON, A. F. (EDITOR) - Fire Standards and Safety
49562: ROBERTSON, EDWIN B. - Maine Central Diesel Locomotives, Signed
54279: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Golden Man and Peril in the North ( No. 117 and No118)
54052: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: The Devil's Playground Jan-1941
54053: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Bequest of Evil Feb-1941
54069: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage Satan Black (#97) & Cargo Unknown (#98)
54324: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm
54323: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Awful Egg
54293: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Rock Sinister May 1945
54285: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage #101: The Pharaoh's Ghost & #102: The Time Terror
54286: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Satan Black (#97) & Cargo Unknown #98
54282: ROBESON, KENNETH - One-Eyed Mystic/the Man Who Fell Up (Doc Savage) #111 and #112
54284: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Whisker of Hercules #103 and the Man Who Was Scared #104
54270: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage Omnibus, Vol. 1: The All-White Elf / the Running Skeletons / the Angry Canary / The Swooning Lady
54070: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage The Three Wild Men (#121) & The Fiery Menace (#122)
54071: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage The Golden Man (#117) & Peril in the North (#118)
54275: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Goblins and the Secret of the Su #125, #126
54276: ROBESON, KENNETH - Devils of the Deep, No. 123 and the Headless Men, No. 124
54277: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Three Wild Men and the Fiery Menace #121 and #122
45160: ROBINSON, J. (EDITOR) - Shuttle Propulsion Systems: The winter annual meeting of the ASME, Phoenix, Ar, Nov 14-19, 1982
51489: ROBINSON, O. F. - Ancient Rome, City planning and administration
41583: ROBINSON, KIM STANLEY - Escape from Kathmandu (signed)
54561: ROBINSON, H.M. - The Great Fur Island or Sketches of Life in the Hudson's Bay Territory
53323: ROBINSON, PETER - A Necessary End, Signed
53324: ROBINSON, PETER - Blood at the Root, An Inspector Banks Mystery, Signed
53320: ROBINSON, PETER - Gallows View, An Inspector Banks Mystery, Signed
53321: ROBINSON, PETER - The Price of Love, Signed
53318: ROBINSON, PETER - Cold is the Grave, Signed
32930: ROCHELEAU, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - American Reference Library Encyclopedic (10 volumes complete with 2 suppliments in binder) 11 books
14445: ROCHLIN, GEREGROY - Griefs and Discontents: The forces of change
51141: RODENGEN, JEFFREY L. - The Legend of Briggs & Stratton
40632: RODGERS, JIMMIE - The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Folio: Volume I
15764: ROENNFELDT, MARY - What's That Noise?
23455: ROGERS, RICK - Ballads and Tales of the Woods, Critters, Woods & Water, Earth Tales & Bird Song, 3 Books
25046: ROGERS, JOHN B. - FI-FI of the Toy Shop: A Spectacular Musical Fantasy (play program)
52237: ROGERS, DONNITA L. - Faces in the Fire, The Women of Beowulf Book One
36331: ROHMANN, ERIC - Clara and Asha
21927: ROLAND, ALAN - Dreams and Drama: Psychoanalytic Criticism, Creativity and the Artist
6122: ROLFE, WALTER - Three Happy Pieces: Soaring
51428: ROLT, L.T.C. & GEOFFREY KICHENSIDE (REVISED BY) - Red For Danger: A History of Railway Accidents & Railway Safety: 4th Edition
42821: ROMEO, DAVID - NASA Techinal Note D-1800: Aerodynamic Interaction Effects Ahead of Rectangular Sonic Jets Exhausting Perpendicularly from a Flat Plane Into
43953: ROOKSBY, DONALD A - The Quakers in north-west England: 1 The Man in Leather Breeches, 2 A People to Be Gathered (2 books)
50761: ROOT, GEO. F. AND C. C. CASE - Songs of the Assembly a Collection of Practice Lessons, Part Songs, Glees, Anthems and Choruses
37312: ROSENBERG, PIERRE & GUIDO JANSEN ET AL - French Paintings from Dutch Collections, 1600-1800
41698: ROSENTHALL, RON - Portrait of a Festival: Festival International de Jazz De Montreal
49223: ROSLUND, ANDERS AND BORGE HELLSTROM - Three Seconds, Signed
52856: KUBLER-ROSS - Questions and Answers on Death and Dying, Signed
49303: ROSS, NANCY WILSON - Westward the Women (signed)
51247: ROSS, JERRY L. - Spacewalker - Signed
51707: ROSS, HELEN E. - Behaviour and Perception in Strange Environments
28531: ROSSANT, JANET & ROGER A. PEDERSEN - Experimental Approaches to Mammalian Embryonic Development
44670: ROSSI, B. E. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis Vol. XXXVI Number 1
54525: ROSSI, BRUNO - The Sharpshooter #2: Blood Oath
18929: ROSTOVTSEV, M. I. - An Outline of the History of the Ancient World: the Orient, Greece, Rome
15543: ROSTOVTSEV, M. I. - An Outline of the History of the Ancient World: the Orient, Greece, Rome
41256: ROTHSCHILD, MATTHEW (EDITOR) - Democracy in Print: The Best of The Progressive Magazine, 1909-2009
51362: ROTHSTEIN, KRIS AND SAM MACKLIN - Number One Fan or how pop culture changed my life, Limited Edition
50543: O'ROURKE, FRANK - Window in the Dark
18760: ROWE, D. J. AND OTHERS - Dynamic Structure of Nuclear States
53096: ROWE, DENISE M. - Dragonfly Denny:The Pursuit of Destiny
52260: ROWLAND, HENRY C. - Filling His Own Shoes
52212: ROWLAND, LAURA JOH - The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte, Signed
54030: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
54499: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
54498: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
4806: ROXXETTO, LOUIS, JR - Take-Over
52479: ROYAL, D. - The Couch
48482: RUARK, ROBERT CHESTER - Poor no more
47234: RUBY, ERIK A. - The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference For Artists
54470: RUDHYAR, DANE - First Steps in the Study of Birth Charts (Humanistic astrology Series No 4)
54471: RUDHYAR, DANE - Interpreting a Birth-Chart as a whole (Humanistic astrology Series No 6)
54472: RUDHYAR, DANE - The Astrology of Self-Actualization and the new morality (Humanistic astrology Series No 2)
52753: RUDHYAR, DANE - Form in astrological space and time: Humanistic Astrology Series Number 3
49297: RUDHYAR, DANE - Return from No-Return
48297: RUITER, FRANCIS - Journal of a Dutch Immigrant, Signed
52783: RUIZ, KENNETH & JOHN BRUNING - The Luck of the Draw: The Memoir of a World War II Submariner: From Savo Island to the Silent Service (Hardcover)
44511: RUSIN, COLONEL JO B. - Move to the Front: A Guide to Success for the Working Woman: Military Leadership Secrets from a Woman Soldier
20047: RUSSELL, LAURA - Laura Russell Remembers
51972: RUTH, BABE (GEORGE H. RUTH) - The Home Run King or, How Pep Pindar Won His Title
44074: RUTHERFORD, JOHN G. - Quality Control in Industry: Methods and Systems
40013: RUTHERSON, ALBERT (EDITOR) - George Clausen: contemporary British Artists
44408: RUTLAND, SUZANNE D. - Edge of the Diaspora: Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia
35295: RUTSALA, VERN - How We Spent Our Time (Akron Series in Poetry)
30744: RUWART, MARY J. - Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle
54572: RUXTON, GEORGE FREDERICK - Life in the Far West
49179: RYAN, WILLIAM - The Holy Thief (signed)
53964: RYAN, DAVID D. - Four Days in 1865: The Fall of Richmond (signed)
24831: RYAN, ALAN - John Stuart Mill
53638: RYAN, ROBERT - A Study in Murder, Signed
53737: RYAN, PADDY AND PAULIN, CHRIS - Fiordland Underwater
43350: RYAN, L. D. - Exit 59
200091: RYAN, ROBERT - Empire of Sand, Signed
53658: RYBICKI, JOHN - Yellow-Haired Girl with Spider (signed)
25253: RYDEL, CHRISTINE (EDITOR) - The Ardis Anthology of Russian Romanticism
53910: RYLANT, CYNTHIA - Little Whistle (signed)
50751: RYPMA, JUDITH A. - Looking for the Amber Room, Signed
46590: RZICZNEK, F. DANIEL - Divination Machine
33860: SABAYOTH, SHAYA - Beyond Tomorrow: life to Life
33193: SABIN, FRANCENE AND LOUIS SABIN - Oregon Trail, Pioneers, Artic And Antartic Regions, Weather (4 books and 4 audio tapes)
50905: DE SADE, MARQUIS - The Crimes of Love Adult Novel
41041: SADLER, FRANK - The Unified Ring: Narrative art and the science-fiction novel
53416: SAEKI, CHIZU - The Japanese Skincare Revolution, How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life at Any Age
50090: ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF NUCLEAR SAFETY - Jason's Radon Adventure: A Coloring Book Story
25867: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - The First Dissident: The Book of Job In Today's Politics (signed)
47432: SAGE, JETT - Crazy Wild breaks loose (The Traveller's companion series, TC-429)
38567: SAHANI, DR. HARPARKASH KAUR & DR. PRABHA BORWANKER - The Healing Power of Magnet & Acupressure
43846: SAHLSTROM, LINA - The Yule-Log: illustrated Christmas Booklet for Children
35466: SAINTCROW, LILITH - Dark Watcher
47894: AL-SALTANAH, TAJ - Crowning Anguish: Memoirs of a Persian princess from the Harem to Modernity 1884-1914
5885: SALTERBERG, SUSAN (EDITOR) - The Evener: Vol 10 No. 1
35764: SALVIN, SIMON (EDITOR) - Administration in Social Work Vol 5 no 3-4 Fall Winter 1981
9095: CALANO AND JEFF SALZMAN - Success Shortcuts: 25 Career Skills you Were Never Taught, but must Know, Audio Cassette Package
51525: SAMPSON, E. N. - American Stampless Cover Catalog, 3rd Edition
51708: SAMPSON, EDWARD E. - Introducing Social Psychology
53329: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 1, Glory Figures
53330: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 3, From the Dark Side
53331: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 6, Violent Lives
53326: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 2, Strange Days
53327: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 5, Dangerous Horizons
45635: SAMSON, POLLY - Lying in Bed
54600: SAMUELS, LEO T. - Nutrition and Hormones: American Lecture Series publication Number 11
54651: SAMUELS, DAVID W. - Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation
51052: SANDERSON, H. - Pictorial Marine History: Told in Words and Pictures
34869: SANKARA, ADI - Sadhana Panchakam
44242: SANTEN, RICHARD J. AND RONALD S. SWERDLOFF - Male Reproductive Dysfunction: Diagnosis and Management of Hypogonadism, Infertility, and Impotence
42869: VAN SANTEN, G.W. - Introduction to a Study of Mechanical Vibration
52507: SANTINI, ROSEMARY - The Big O
51361: SARANPA, KATHY - Schiller's Wallenstein, Maria Stuart, and DieJungfrau von Orleans
52436: SWAMI BODHANANDA SARASWATI - Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws
51844: SARBAN (JOHN W. WALL) - The Sound of His Horn: If the Nazis had won their War (Ballantine 377)
54191: SARNO, PEARL - A Look At Covert's Heritage, Signed
40009: SAROYAN, ARAM - The Street: An Autobiographical Novel
21597: SARTORE, RICHARD R. - Naval Tactics for Wargamers
32565: SARWA, GREG M. - The Cattle (signed)
38766: SASSER, ELIZABETH SKIDMORE - Dugout to Deco: Building in West Texas, 1880-1930
36302: SASSOON, SIEFRIED - Counter-Attack and Other Poems
52848: SATO, SHOZO - The Art of Sumi-E: Appreciation, Techniques, and Application (Hardcover)
17938: SATTER, HEINRICH - Modell Nachstenliebe: Beispiel Bethel
50432: SATTLER, HELEN - Noses Are Special, Signed
13611: SAULS, ROGER - The Hierarchies of Rue
25705: SAUNDERS, JACK - Forty
40588: SAUNDERS, FREDERICK - A Festival Of Art, Poetry And Song: Selections From The Greatest Poets Of The English Language
54041: SAUNDERS, FREDERICK AND M. K. DAVIS - One Thousand Gems of Genius in Poetry and Art
47097: SAVAGE, GEORGE - The CoEds
41169: SAVARY, LOUIS M. ET AL - shaping of a self
52288: SAVOY, SHARON - Ballroom!: Obsession and Passion inside the World of Competitive Dance
46428: SAWYERS - Jock
54476: SAYERS, DORTHY L. , , IAN CARMICHAEL (ACTOR) - Lord Peter Wimsey - The Complete Collection (BBC)
50880: SAYIGH, A. A. R.; ULRICH, HENRI; FARRISSEY, WILLIAM J., JR. - Diisocyanates : Reprinted from "Condensation Monomers
14191: SCALF, SUE - South by Candlelight (signed)
29232: SCAMBRAY, KENNETH - The North American Italian Renaissance: Italian Writing in America and Canada
27041: SCHAEFER, JACK - An American Bestiary: Notes of an Amateur Naturalist (signed)
49883: SCHAFER, MIKE (EDITOR) - Passenger Train Journal 1986, Ontario Northland: from streamliners to mixed trains
49884: SCHAFER, MIKE (EDITOR) - Passenger Train Journal 1986, Ontario Northland: from streamliners to mixed trains
11889: SCHAFFNER, HERBERT A. - Saltwater Game Fish of North America
41221: SCHAMUS, JAMES - Taking Woodstock: The Shooting Script
39370: SCHECHTER, HAROLD - The Devil's Gentleman: Privilege, Poison, and the Trial That Ushered in the Twentieth Century
23768: SCHECK, ART - A Fishing Life Is Hard Work
37444: SCHEER, K.H. AND CLARK DARLTON - Perry Rhodan: Atlan #4, The Crystal Palace and Atlan #5, War of the Ghosts
51647: SCHELER, MAX - Selected Philosophical Essays (Hardcover)
44510: SCHESCH, ADAM - An Outline History of Vietnam
19435: SCHETZ, JOSEPH A. - Injection and Mixing in Turbulent Flow Volume 68 Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics
44814: SCHIJVE, J. ET AL - Current Aeronautical Fatigue Problems: proceedings of a syhmposium held in Rome 23-25 April 1963, Monographs in Aeronautics and Astronautics
53890: SCHIRMER, MARCIN K. - Dwory i dworki w II Rzeczpospolitej (text in Polish)
47984: SCHLEYER, MICHAEL BLAIR - Gurus in the Parking Lot: Living On and Within Mt. Shasta
45003: SCHLICHTING, H. - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Tech Memorandum No 1217: Boundry Layer Theory, Part I Laminar flows, April 1949
51349: SCHMID, ERWIN - The earth as viewed from a satellite, Techinal Bulletin No. 20
29874: SCHMIDE, MARTIN - John Wesley: A Theological Biography Volume 1 From 17th June 1703 until 24th May 1738
46664: SCHNAPP, JEFFREY T. - Staging Fascism: 18 BL and the Theater of Masses for Masses
31430: SCHNEIDER, REX - Ain't We Got Fun? Frogville 1933-1934
33284: SCHNEIDER, REX - Ain't We Got Fun? Frogville 1933-1934 (signed)
53747: SCHNELLER-MCDONALD, KAREN - Connecting the Drops: A Citizens' Guide to Protecting Water Resources
22233: SCHNEPF, ED (EDITOR) - Sport Flying Magazine (9 Issues)
42126: SCHNEPF, ED (EDITOR) - Battleships at War! Fall 1984
14513: SCHNORR, JULIUS - The New Testament in Eighty Pictures
54161: SCHOFIELD, JAMES - Silent Over Africa: stories of war and genocide
52180: SCHOLTEN, WILLIAM - The Nature of Mind and The Nature of its Disorders
37771: STUDENTS OF WALLENBERG TRADITIONAL HIGH SCHOOL - Exactly: Ten Beavers, Nine Fairies, Eight Dreams, Seven Knights, Six Princesses, Five Dogs...
47014: SCHOOL, US ARMY FIELD ARTILLERY - Combat Fire For Effect: How to be your own Forward Observer; TC 6-40-4, August 1978
44215: SCHOOLLAND, MARIAN - Tomboy Janie's Cousin Prue
48925: SCHRAG, CALVIN O. - Experience and Being: Prolegomena to a Future Ontology
36487: SCHREIBER, JOE - Chasing the Dead - SIGNED
51082: SCHREIBER, JOE - Eat the Dark (SIGNED)
15159: SCHRIJVER, G. - Stormgetij: Een Episode Uit De Historie Van Antwerpen
40048: SCHRODER, THOMAS, EDITOR - Jacques Callot Das Gesamte Werk, 2 Volumes
49001: SCHUITEMA, ADAM - Freshwater Boys, Signed
35061: SCHULLER, ROBERT H. - 365 Positive Thoughts: Hope for Today and Tomorrow (signed)
36216: SCHULLER, ROBERT H. - If It's Going To Be It's Up To Me: The Eight Proven Principles of Possibility Thinking - SIGNED
11271: SCHULTZ, ROBERT F. - Selected Experiments and Projects from Edison
51468: SCHULTZ, ROBERT - The Street Railway Postal Service in Saint Louis (street car monograph series)
10866: SCHULZ, WERNER I (EDITOR) - International Diver Index: The World-Wide Divers Directory Spring/Summer 1973 Vol 1, No 1
9171: SCHULZMAN, MONTY - Die Malerin Charlotte Berend-Corinth
54043: SCHUMAN, FREDERICK - Russia Since 1917 (signed)
9139: SCHUON, FRITHJOF - The Play of Masks
31301: SCHUPPEL, WILLIAM CARL - Life Insurance Bible
52234: SCHUSTER, CLAUDE LORD - Mountaineering (The Romanes Lecture; Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre 21 May 1948)
51150: SCHUSTER, WILLIAM A, - Small Engine Technology
45063: SCHWARTX, IRA R. (EDITOR) - Second Conference on Sonic Boom Research. Proceedings of a conference held at the N.A.S.A Washington, D. C., May 9-10, 1968. (SP-180)
13098: SCHWARTZ, RAY - The 100 Best Comics of the Century
20013: SCHWARTZ, DOUGLAS W - Prehistoric Man in Mammoth Cave
53414: SCHWARTZ, HARRY - Easygoing Entertaining: The "Harry's Wild About You!" Cookbook (signed by Phyllis Diller)
48924: SCHWARZ, CHRISTINA - The Edge of the Earth: A Novel (signed ARC)
48923: SCHWARZ, CHRISTINA - The Edge of the Earth: A Novel (signed ARC)
44531: SCHWENK, HENRY C AND ROBERT SHANNON - Nuclear Power Engineering
52750: SCHWIEDER, DOROTHY & JOSEPH HRABA, ELMER SCHWIEDER - Buxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland, An Expanded Edition (Bur Oak Book) (Paperback)
51298: POPULAR SCIENCE - Book of Formulas: Recipes, Methods and Secret Processes
13821: NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - Directory of Members 1994
44789: SCIENCES, INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL - Aeronautical Engineering Review Volume 16- January 1957 thru December 1957 (bound into 2 books)
42807: SCOGGINS, JAMES R. ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-1274:Cape Canaveral Wind and Shear Data (1 through 80 KM) for use in vehicle Design and Performace Studies
33047: SCORSESE, MARTIN AND JAY COCKS - The Age of Innocence: The Shooting Script
21843: SOCIETY OF GENTLEMEN IN SCOTLAND - Encyclopaedia Britannica; or a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Compiled up on a New Plan. 3 volumes
18790: SCOTT, FRANCES G. AND RUTH M. BREWER - Confrontations of Death: A Book of Readings and A Suggested Method of Instruction
54095: SCOTT, KENNETH, EDITOR - The Voyages and Travels of Francis Goelet 1746-1758
20292: SCOTT, WALTER ESQ - Lady of the Lake: a poem and Marmion
42162: SCOTT, KATHRYN LEIGH - The Dark Shadows Companion: 25th Anniversary Collection (signed)
42209: SCOTT, T. E. - Crazyman's Economics
44212: SCOTT, MARY HUGH - Some Mid-Night Thoughts: A Little Collection of Unlicensed Poems and Uncertified Essays
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38557: SCUDDER, ANTOINETTE - East End, West End
46822: SEAMAN, AGUSTA HUIELL - The Pine Barren Mystery (signed)
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20169: DE SEGUR, MONSEIGNEUR AND POPE LEO XIII - The Truth Triumphant or Champions of the Church Victorious
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49732: SEIDEL, DAVID - Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley R. R. Co.
15856: SEIDLER, VICTOR J. - Recovering the Self: Morality and Social Theory
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47808: SELLERS, THESE - Little Golden Book Story Land: 40 Of the Best Little Golden Books Ever Published
48996: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Mr. Peale's Museum: Charles Willson Peale and the First Popular Museum of Natural Science and Art [Hardcover
44951: SEMENOV, M. G. - Krokodil No 4 (Crocodile Magazine )
44949: SEMENOV - A Year Edition of Krokodil (Russian political cartoons)
44952: SEMENOV, M. G. - Krokodil No 5 (Crocodile Magazine )
49260: SEPHARIAL - THE SCIENCE OF FOREKNOWLEDGE Being a Compendium of Astrological Research, Philosophy, and Practice...The Radix System
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5682: SERINO, G. S. - Ruducing After Forty
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200065: DR. SEUSS - The Lorax
54379: SEUSS, DR - Fox in Socks
49915: SEVENAIR, JOHN - Trail Guide to the Delta Country
200035: SEYMOUR, E. L. D., EDITOR - Favorite Flowers in Color, with 300 Four-color Photographs
48810: SEYMOUR, E. L. - Favorite Flowers in Color, 1949, 634 pages packed with 300 color illustrations.
14408: SEYMOUR-BROWNE, CECIL - Notes on Pompei
19936: SGHIATTI, CYNDI - Croc's Rock, A Happy Tale
53889: SHAARA, MICHAEL (READ BY GEORGE HEARN) - Killer Angels, Audio Cassettes
51329: SHACKLETTE, HANSFORD T - Elements in fruits and vegetables from areas of commercial production in the United States (Professional paper 1178)
52918: SHAFFER, PETER - Lettice and Lovage and Yonadab
45962: SHAFFER, PETER T. B - Materials index, (Plenum Press handbooks of high-temperature materials No. 1)
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38503: SHAKESPEARE - The Works of William Shakespeare in 12 Volumes
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28044: SHAMBLIN, GWEN - Rising Above: The Magnetic Pull of the Refrigerator (audio tapes ONLY)
54601: KARINE MOE AND DIANNA SHANDY - Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples: What the Opt-Out Phenomenon Can Teach Us about Work and Family
53616: SHANNON, DAVID - Bugs in My Hair, Signed
51080: SHANNON, JOHN - The Orange Curtain
54413: SHANNON, DAVID - Bugs in My Hair! (signed)
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4215: SHARMA, VISHVA B. L. - Asian and African Traditions
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52964: SHAW, NANCY - Sheep Blast Off - SIGNED
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40232: SHAW, JOSEPH M. - Bernt Julius Muus:: Founder of St. Olaf College
52486: SHAW, ANDREW - Psycho Circus
45364: SHAW, SID - Elvis in Quotes
53611: SHAW, NANCY - Sheep Take a Hike - SIGNED
49791: SHAW, T.P.G. - The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks
49755: SHAW, T.P.G. - The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks
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46715: O'SHEA, SEAN - Whisper
46343: SHEARER, JOHNNY - The male hustler
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9887: SHEROSKY, FRANK J. - Millennial World Order:
37993: SHERWOOD, ROLAND H. - Atlantic Yesterdays: Unusual Stories of the Famed Atlantic Provinces
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4326: SHIRATO, SANPEI - The Legend of Kamui ( 3 Issues)
53404: SHIRCORE, IAN - John F. Kennedy: The Life, the Presidency, the Assassination
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44874: SHORT, BRENDAN - Dream City (signed)
52210: SHORT, CAROLYN - It is Called Being Normal, Signed
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54453: SHOWALTER, SHIRLEY HERSHEY - Blush, A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World, Signed
51814: SHOWALTER, SHIRLEY HERSHEY - Blush, A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World, Signed
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34786: SHUTE, NEVIL - Vinland The Good
38329: SHUTE, NEVIL - Vinland The Good
53259: SIDES, HAMPTON - In the Kingdom of Ice, the Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette, Signed
51323: SIDGWICK, MRS. ALFRED & NEIL MUNRO, MAY WYNNE ET AL - Collins' Schoolgirls Annual
52127: SIDMAN, JOYCE - What the Heart Knows - SIGNED
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21650: SIEGEL, DONALD R. AND JEANNE R. SIEGEL - A life in poetry
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44774: SIEMENS, CORNELIUS H. - Aeronautics Workbook
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29358: SILLITOE, ALAN - Out of the Whirlpool
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44464: SIMON, ALBERT - An Introduction To Thermonuclear Research: A Series of lectures given in 1955
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54134: SIMON, JOEL - Songs of Bad Men and Good
54135: SIMON, JOEL - Walt's Gulch
16802: SIMONOV, KONSTANTIN - Poslednee Leto
45920: SIMPSON, MONA - A Regular Guy (signed)
50868: SIMPSON, RICHARD V - Independence Day: How the day is celebrated in Bristol, Rhode Island
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39478: SINGER, MARGOT - The Pale of Settlement (The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction)
15366: SINGER, SAM - Human Genetics: An Introduction to the Principles of Heredity
6300: SINGER, MADELEINE - Insights
53117: SINNETT, A. P. - Karma, A Novel
54140: SINNETTE, CALVIN H. - Forbidden Fairways: African Americans and the Game of Golf (signed)
11592: SIRKUS, NANCY - One family
25278: SIROTA, MIKE - Ro-Lan Series #1-4: Master of Boranga, Shrouded Walls of Boranga, Journey to Mesharra, & Demons of..
25383: SIROTA, MIKE - Ro-Lan Series #1-#4: Master of Boranga, Shrouded Walls of Boranga, Journey to Mesharra & Demons of..
53537: SISSON, MARK - The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness (signed)
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53182: SJOWALL, MAJ AND PER WAHLOO - The Man on the Balcony; The Story of a Crime
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53580: SKILLION, ANNE - The New York Public Library Literature Companion
50311: SKIP, ED. WILSON - Illinois 100 Years Ago
53503: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Countdown (SIGNED)
29707: SLAVICSEK, BILL - Council of Wyrms Adventure (Set of Three Books)
50170: SLEGERS, LIESBET - Joepie, ik ben een meisje!
50174: SLEGERS, LIESBET - Joepie, ik ben een meisje!
40319: SLINE, PAULA - Unveiled
16807: SLOAN, JANE - Moments Apart
53362: SLOAN, LUCY ADELLA - Mackay's Tubal Cain: A Prophecy of Peace
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49216: SMITH, TOM ROB - Agent 6, Signed
49218: SMITH, TOM ROB - Child 44, Signed
42455: SMITH, JACK H. - Postcard Companion: The Collector's Reference
54120: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Polar Star ( Collectors Edition Leather Signed)
54508: SMITH, W. H. B - Walther pistols
48236: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Double Comfort Safari Club, Signed
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53017: SMITH, EDMUND WARE - A Tomato Can Chronicle and Other Stories of Fishing & Shooting
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43478: SMITH, ORVILLE C. - The Hills of Spring
42873: SMITH, S.W. - A Handbook of Astronautics
53899: SMOCK, NELL - Wiggly and Giggly: The Little Twin Bears
39947: SMUCKER, ANNA EGAN - To Keep the South Manitou Light - SIGNED
54342: SNAZELLE, DAVID AND WILLIAM HURTHLE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Dudley Tauters: a delightful tale of a frog who thinks like a dog love him
24284: SNIDARE, UUVA - Leva Med Farger
25837: SNOW, C. P. - Homecomings
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52678: SNYDER, ALLAN - What Makes a Champion!, ARC
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23482: JOHN NDETI SOMBA - Marriage Kenya Style
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53181: SOOS, TROY - Hunting a Detroit Tiger (signed)
35233: SOPHOCLES - Electra: Little Blue Book # 623
46372: SORELL, LEON - The Odd Man
49832: SOSEKI, NATSUME, ALAN TURNEY, TRANSLATOR - Botchan [Kodansha English Library]
15669: SOTHEBY'S - Sotheby's Photographs, New York, April 26 and 27, 1989
36980: SOTHEBY'S - English Literature and History, Private Press and Illustrated Books and Related Drawings
41939: SOUTHARD, SCOTT D. - Megan
49397: SOUTHERN, PAT & KAREN R. DIXON - The Late Roman Army [Hardcover]
42613: SOUTHERN, EILEEN - Readings in Black American Music: A History
50414: SOWERS, PHYLLIS AYER - Carlos and Lola, A Boy and Girl of the Philippines
44786: SPALDING, DUDLEY BRIAN - Progress in Heat and Mass Transfer
51074: SPARGO, JOHN - The Return of Russell Colvin
30321: SPARROW, W, SHAW - Joshua to Job
20544: SPEAKMAN, COLIN - Yorkshire Dales (Collins Touring Guide)
24546: SPEAKMAN, COLIN - Yorkshire Dales (Collins Touring Guide)
49560: SPECHT, RAY AND ELLEN - The Story of the Green Bay and Western -- (Bulletin No. 115 - October 1966)
49561: SPECHT, RAY - Milwaukee and Northern Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western (Bulletin No. 121 of The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society
54164: SPENCE, JON MICHAEL - Unsung Hymns by Black and Unknown Bards
51867: SPENCE, CATHERINE HELEN - Clara Morison: a tale of South Australia During the Gold Fever
20473: SPENCER, KEITH R. - Fond Memories
12588: SPIEGELMAN, MORTIMER - Introduction to Demography
34342: SPIEGELMAN, J. MARVIN - Psychology and Religion at the Millennium and Beyond
39704: SPILLANE, MICKEY (MAX ALLAN COLLINS) - The Goliath Bone: A New Mike Hammer Novel (signed)what
53078: SPILLER, BURTON L. - Grouse Feathers
53011: SPILLER, BURTON L. - Firelight
16254: SPIRSON, LESLIE LEHR - 66 Laps: A Novel
40540: SPIZER, JOYCE - I'm Okay, You're Dead: A Harbour Pointe Mystery (signed)
47296: SPRADLIN, MICHAEL P. - The Youngest Templar Book Three: Orphan of Destiny
47295: SPRADLIN, MICHAEL P. - The Youngest Templar Book One: Keepeer of the Grail
14140: SPRING, IRA AND HARVEY MANNING - 100 Hikes in the Glacier Peak Region
14141: SPRING, IRA AND HARVEY MANNING - 100 Hikes in the South Casscades and Olympics
14143: SPRING, IRA AND HARVEY MANNING - 50 Hikes in Mount Rainier National Park
54589: SPRING, AGNES WRIGHT - The Cheyenne and Black Hills stage and express routes (Americn trail series VI)
51592: SPRINGLE, PAT - Godzilla Rabbit
39022: SRIVASTAVA, SATYENDRA - Between Thoughts
52984: ST. CHARLES, GABRIELLE - The Price of a Kiss
31277: STACKE, LUDWIG - Erzahlungen aus ber Griechischen Geschichte in Biographischer Form
10208: TECHNICAL STAFF - Applied Practical Radio, 5 Volumes
45902: STAFF, REGENCY SUPERIOR - Space and Collectibles October 11-12, 2007 Beverly Hills, CA
51784: STAFFORD, WILLIAM AND DEBRA FRASIER, ILLUSTRATOR - The Animal That Drank Up Sound, Signed
27228: NCAA EDITORAL STAFFQ - 1987 NCAA Football
40757: STAFLEU, F. A. - International Code of Botanical Nomenclature: Adopted by the Eleventh International Botanical Congress, Seattle August 1969
54406: STAGG, PHIL (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Waterfalls of Michigan, Book 1, East
53431: STAHL, LESLEY - Reporting Live (signed)
1777: STAHR, WALTER - The World Invisible
200013: STAHR, WALTER - The World Invisible, Signed
32972: STALLARD, SCOTT - The Beauty of Bermuda
18072: STANLEY, ISABEL - Quilting Around the World
21513: STANLEY, ROBB - Hot Flash, Adult Reading
40783: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENHRYN - The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D. (Two volumes in One)
47184: STANLEY, JOHN BRENKMAN, FREDRIC JAMESON, EDITORS ARONOWITZ - Social Text Theory/culture/ideology Vol 5
23780: STANSFIELD, CHARLES A., JR. - Vacationing on the Jersey Shore: Guide to the Beach Resorts Past and Present
29470: STANSIFER, CHARLES L. (COMPILER) - Costa Rica: World Bibliographical Series Volume 126
51470: STANTON, THOMAS AND ROBERT TRAUX - The Street Railway Postal Service in Washington, D. C. (street car monograph series) signed
45118: STANTON, MAURA - Cities in the Sea
50202: STANTON, THOMAS E. AND ROBERT A. TRUAX - The Street Railway Postal Service in Washington DC (Street Car Monograph Series)
47714: STANTON, TOM - Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America (signed)
6700: STAR, GLORIA - Llewellyn's 1998 Moon Sign and Sun Sign Books (2 Books)
4353: STARLIN, JIM - Batman: The Cult (Book One: Ordeal)
24605: STARR, KEVIN - Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in California
53074: STARR, MEL - Unhallowed Ground, Signed
41893: STARR, MELVIN R - A Corpse at St. Andrew's Chapel: The Second Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon (Paperback)
47499: STARR, MICHAEL - 1 + 1 = one
43920: NONE STATED - Jingle Bells and Merry Times: Full of Pictures (Chatter Series)
10987: STATLER, OLIVER - Japanese Inn: A Reconstruction of the Past (signed)
40870: STEARN, JESS - The Seekers
10824: STEELE, CLYDE - It Seems Like Yesterday
54180: STEELE, MARIE AND BARBRA FIELD - At Home with Basenjis (revised edition)
22245: STEELMAN, ROBERT - Royal Charlie
53965: STEIN, SANFORD (SANDY) - Retail Schmetail (signed)
33559: STEINBECK, JOHN - Obras Completas (Volume 1 only)
54224: STEINER, JEANNINE MARIE - Operation: Speak Out, The Masquerade Party at Secret Canyon
50938: STEINHEIMER, RICHARD - Backwoods Railroads of the West (Backwoods Railroads in Print)
52482: STEINWAY, GLORIA - Devil in the Flesh
28050: STENDER, MARGARET AND THE UNKNOWN POET - Behold the Daybreak: A Silent Sound and In Prophet's Truth
48574: STENDHAL - De l'Amour, Preface de V. Del Litto
34424: STEPANICH, KISMA K. - Faery Wicca, Book 2: The Shamanic Practices of the Cunning Arts
44691: STEPHENS, H.A. - Woody Plants of the North Central Plains
50399: STEPHENS, EDNA CUCKSEY, ILLUSTRATED BY MARK J. HERRICK - Rock U.S.A. and the American Way, Signed
26077: STEPHENSON, GEORGE M PHD - A History of American Immigration 1820-1924
44719: STEPHENSON, REGINALD J. - Mechanics and Properties of Matter
45407: STERLING, THOMAS - The Silent Siren, A Detective Story
40752: STERN, C.M.M. - Genetic Mosaics and Other Essays (John M. Prather Lectures)
42609: STERN, NORMAN J. AND H. RAY GAMBLE (EDITORS) - Hybridoma Technology in Agricultural and Veterinary Research
10181: STERNHEIM, CARL - Farifax
51472: STETS, ROBERT - The Street Railway Postal Service in Philadelphia (street car monograph series)
44863: STEVENS, SERITA - Bagels for Tea (signed)
47710: STEVENS, PHILLIP G. WITH LINDA CHASE AND FIONA SOLTES - Chattanooga: The Renaissance of a City
47469: STEVENS, DAKOTA - Celebrity Feuds: Heather Locklear vs. Denise Richards, and Richie Sambora in the Middle
50498: STEVENS, G R - History of the Canadian National Railway
51068: STEVENS, S. K. - Local History is Living History
54187: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Virginibus Puerisque (Thomas Mosher Edition)
53896: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A child's Garden of Veerses (3427)
16712: STEVENSON, VERA KEMP AND ROBERT P. STEVENSON - The Illustrated Almanac for Homemakers
9742: STEVENSON, BURTON E. - The Coast of Enchantment
200011: STEVENSON, BURTON E. - The Coast of Enchantment
54186: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - Crabbed Age & Youth & Other Essays (Thomas Mosher Edition)
15098: STEWARD, MARY ALICIA - Our Best Friend: Stories from the Life of Christ for Juniors
42829: STEWART, ELWOOD - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Techinal Notes 4278: Application of Statistical theory to Beam-rider Guidance in the Presence of
54415: STEWART, SARAH, ILLUSTRATED BY DAVID SMALL - The Quiet Place,(signed by author and illustrator)
50273: STEWART, JENNIFER J. - The Bean King's Daughter (signed)
37417: STIDGER, WILLIAM L. - Flash-Lights from the Seven Seas
44590: STIDOLPH, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Royal Year: Volume 8
44591: STIDOLPH, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Royal Year: Volume 5
44999: STIEG, JR. FRED B. - Particle Size as a Formulating Parameter
42725: STIFFLER, A. KENT - Design With Microprocessors for Mechanical Engineers
33525: STIMSON, MELISSA AND M.F. CHATFIELD - Michigan's Capital Cities: From Asparagus to Stump Fences
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54397: STIVERS, JULIE CHRISTIANSON - The Presence of the Past: The Public Museum of Grand Rapids At 150
9193: STOCK, CHESTER & HILDEGARDE HOWARD - The Ascent of Equus: The Story of the Origin and Development of the Horse
51791: STOCKDALE, JOE - April East
38008: STOCKDALE, JOE AND JACK RAGOTZY - Man in the spangled pants: Jack Ragotzy and the first fifty years of the Barn Theatre (signed)
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4535: STODDARD, JOHN L. - A Trip Around the World
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31440: STOKES, WILLIAM LEE - Dinosaur Tour Book
54154: STOLINE, MARIE THOMPSON - The Fire and the Gold: Russian Elders Share Their Life Stories, with Chernobyl Journal: a Memoir of the Nuclear Event
200010: STONE, IRVING - Men to Match My Mountains, the Opening of the Far West, 1840-1900, Signed
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25327: STONE, IRVING - Depths of Glory: A Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
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34912: STONE, ETHEL B. - Wild Bill Hickok and Deputy Marshal Joey
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45147: STONE, SARAH HOWARD - French Hand Sewing: Volume I
53483: STORTER, ROB - Crackers in the Glade: Life and Times in the Old Everglades (Hardcover)
13484: STOTT, MARY ROELOFS - Paradise Plume
54156: STOUT, CHRIS E. - From the Other Side of the Couch: Candid Conversations with Psychiatrists and Psychologists (Contributions in Psychology)
34859: STOUTLAND, ALLISON - Take a Deep Breath: little lessons from flowers for a happier world (signed)
53293: STOWELL, W. H. & D. WILSON - A History of the Puritans and Pilgrim Fathers
42812: STRACK, WILLIAM C ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-1455: The N-Body Code - A general Fortran code for solution of problems in space mechanics by numerical methods
16545: STRAIGHT, MICHAEL WHITNEY - Happy and hopeless : a novel
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15781: STRATEMEYER, EDWARD - True to Himself: Roger Strong's Struggle for Place
24393: STRATIGOPOULOS, NICHOLAS - Athens Through the Ages
50071: STRATTON, ALLAN - Chanda's Secrets, Signed
42646: STRATTON, ALLAN - Leslie's Journal (signed)
52809: STRAUB, EMMA - Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures, Signed
52425: STRAUB, S. W. - Living Fountain, A New and Choice Collection of Sunday School Songs, Also, Excellent pieces for Praise
53621: STREIDL, PHYLLIS - Confessions of a Sexagenarian, The Life and Loves of a Small Town Housewife, Signed
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54510: STRIPBURGER - Stripburek: Comics From The Other Europe
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53430: SULLIVAN, LUKE LONGSTREET - Thirty Rooms to Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock 'n' Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic (signed)
50436: SULLIVAN, LUKE LONGSTREET - Thirty Rooms to Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock 'n' Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic, Signed
50440: SUNEE, KIM - Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love, and the Search for Home
46731: REGENCY SUPERIOR - Beverly Hills Collectibles sale December 19-21, 2008
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46738: REGENCY SUPERIOR - Stamps, Space and Collectibles public auction april 21-23 2006, Beverly Hills CA
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46735: REGENCY SUPERIOR - Sports & Coins and Stamps public auction, Decemvber 9-10, 2006, st Louis MO
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54182: SYLVESTER, CHARLES H. - Journeys Through Bookland ( 11 Vol. Set)
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49550: SZWAJKART, JOHN - Train Watcher's Guide to Chicago, 3rd Edition, with Map supplement
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33122: TAN, MAUREEN - Run Jane Run
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7534: TAYLOR, CHAD - Shirker
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53567: THANE, ELSWYTH - The Light Heart
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38805: THEOBALD, JOHN - Wells Fargo in Arizona Territory
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40828: THOMAS, MARY ANNE - The Power of Creative Prayer
46508: THOMAS, LESLIE - The Virgin Soldiers
46602: THOMAS, AARON - Gay orgy: Aaron Thomas
42806: THOMASON, HERMAN E. - NASA Techinal Note D-1119: Saturn Vehicle Attitude Resolver Computer Error Analysys
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51047: THOMS, DAVID AND TOM DONNELLY - The Motor Car Industry in Coventry Since the 1890's
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51238: MISS C. THURSTON - Home Pleasures or Maria and Her Friend
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17962: TIERNEY, BRIAN, ET AL., EDITORS - The Cold War: Who Is To Blame?
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53374: TOLKIEN, SIMON - The Inheritance, Signed
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49844: TOWLE, CHARLES L. - The United States Transit Markings catalog 1837-1974, Vol. 1, 2 & 3, Signed
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36783: B. TRAVEN - Regierung
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37151: TRAYNOR, TRACY - Starting English (with Cdrom)
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51144: TRAYWICK, BEN - The Mines of Tombstone
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29167: TRENWICK, E. C. - What You Always Wanted to Know About the Sexual Revolution but Were Afraid to Ask
42835: TRIMPI, ROBERT L. ET AL - NASA Technical Report R-63: A Method of Solution with tabulated results for the attached oblique shock-wave system for surfaces at various
47079: TRIPLETT, DAWN (EDITOR) - Big Trout Black Gold: The History of Kalkaska County (signed)
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52785: TRIPP, BEN - The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, (Signed)
34162: TROBISCH, WALTER - Spiritual Dryness
46701: TROKKI, A. L - Quatres of Cherry Grove
32218: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Writings of Anthony Trollope (Royal Edition, 27 volumes)
23792: TROUT, ROBERT J. - They Followed the Plume
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4546: TRUMBULL, CHARLES GALLAUDET - Taking Men Alive: Studies in the Principles and Practise of Individual Soul-Winning
51307: TRUSCOTT, LUCIAN - The Twilight of the U.S. Cavalry (Modern War Studies) (Paperback)
17212: WARREN S. TRYON (EDITOR) - A Mirror for Americans: Vol II The Cotton Kingdom
15475: TSAPENKO, M. - Architektura Levoberezhnoi Ukraini XVII- XVIII Vekov
44910: TSCHUDIN, JESSIE & RUTH - Bark Up the Right Tree: Lessons from a Rescued Dog
45165: TSE-TUNG, MAO - Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung
48522: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - Theater
52427: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-1945 (Signed)
54299: TUDOR, TASHA - Drawn From New England
46058: TUI; JONES, MARK DE ROY - Portraits of Galapagos (signed)
22121: TULLMAN, ADOLF - Sex and Liebe in USA (Text in German)
36483: TUNNELL, MICHAEL O. & GEORGE W. CHILCOAT - The Children of Topaz: The Story of a Japanese-American Internment Camp: Based on a Classroom Diary
24315: TUOHY, FRANK - The Ice Saints
54221: TUOHY, JAMES & ROB WARDEN - Greylord: Justice, Chicago Style (SIGNED, BOTH AUTHORS)
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22005: TURMAN, JOHN - Saxon and the Sorceress
36520: TURNBULL, STEPHEN - The Lone Samurai and the Martial Arts
41975: TURNBULL, ROBERT (EDITIOR) - Philosophy Research Archives Vol. XII 1986-87
52957: TURNE, HARRY - Heja - Young Wrestlers (Junge Ringkampfer, Jeunes Lutteurs, Unga Brottare)
54597: TURNER, HENRY H. - The Clinical Use of Testosterone: American Lecture Series publication Number 46
21447: TURNER, D. H. - Romanesque Illuminated Manuscripts
21448: TURNER, D. H. - Early Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts
53342: TURNER, HAMILTON - Cheerfulness
33209: TUROK, VOJECH, TEXT INTRODUCTION - Slovenske Kupele A Zriedla
53433: TUTHILL, JACK - Sideshows of a Big City: Tales of Yesterday and Today (signed)
31399: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Tramp Abroad
31814: TWAIN, MARK - Les aventures de Tom Sawyer
52887: TWAIN, MARK - Prinz und Bettler
45237: TWAIN, MARK - Fireside Conversation in the time of Queen Elizabeth or 1601
44229: TWIGGE-MOLECEY, C. AND T. PRICE - Materials Handling in Pyrometallurgy: Proceedings of the International Symposium
54520: TWIST, LYNNE - The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life (signed)
39199: TYL, NOEL - Astrological Counsel : The Principles and Practice of Astrology Vol X
43977: TYLER, BOBBE - Searching for Soul: A Survivor's Guide
44349: TYROR, J. G AND R. I. VAUGHAN - An introduction to the neutron kinetics of nuclear power reactors
53943: TZU-HIS, WEI - Chinese Paintings For Beginners (Chinese Landscape Painting Manual No. 26)
45227: GOSCINNY AND UDERZO - Asterix Gladiator
36798: UHLAND, LUDWIG - Alte hoch- und niederdeutsche Volkslieder mit Abhandlungen und Anmerkungen 5 books in 2 volumes
43083: UNIVERSITY, HARVARD - Edward Waldo Forbes: Yankee Visionary
50476: UNKNOWN, AUTHOR - Gaylords' Bookcraft: a Method of Book Repair
51291: UNKNOWN - Ladies' Manual of Art or Profit and Pastime - A Self Teacher in All Branches of Decorative Art Embracing Every Variety of Painting
54622: A SPARK UNSEEN - A Spark Unseen (signed)
45135: UPDIKE, DANIEL BERKELEY - Printing types: Their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals (2 volumes)
45048: UPHAM, ELIZABETH - Little Brown Monkey
48471: UPJOHN, RICHARD - Upjohn's Rural Architecture: Designs, Working Drawings, and Specifications for a Wooden Church, and Other Rural Structures
49225: UPSON, NICOLA - An Expert in Murder, Signed
20025: DU VAIR, GUILLAUME THOMAS JAMES TRANSLATOR RUDOLF KIRK ED. - The Moral Philosophie of the Stoicks (La Philosophie Morale des Stoiques)
42740: VALENTE, FRANK A. - A Manual of Experiments in Reactor Physics
46164: VALENTINE, JOHN - Puppies
34279: VALENTINE, NANCY - All About Bermuda Onions: How to Cook Onions, Their History & Health Benefits
46928: VANCE, JACK - The Best of Jack Vance, Masterpieces of far and future worlds
27811: VANDEMAN, GEORGE E. - How To Escape An Affair
22198: VANETTEN, TERESA - Dead Kachina Man : A Mystery (signed)
45932: VANVULPEN, JAMES - Grand Rapids Then And Now
40458: VAP, SARAH - Dummy Fire
54358: VARIOUS - The Sleeping Beauty And Other Stories
50036: VARIOUS - Best in Railroad Stories from 1850-1980 (set of 16 audio tapes)
12126: VARIOUS - 7 One Act Plays: Playbooks
4616: VARIOUS - Precious Gem Romance (11 Volumes)
4888: VARIOUS - Elements of Article Writing Series (4 volumes)
54568: VARIOUS - A Taste of Shipshewana: a collection of local recipes, old fashoned remedies, main dishes, cakes and pies
51490: VARIOUS - 5 One Act Plays: Playbooks
54563: VARIOUS - Crafters' Marketplace Cookbook Including Recipes From the Blue Gate Restaurant Shipshewana Indiana Amish Country
54430: VARLEY, JOHN D. & PAUL SCHULLERY - Freshwater Wilderness: Yellowstone Fishes and Their World
21512: VASTE, JACK - Sex-Circus Sisters, Adult Reading
44309: VASTHOFF, JOSEF - Small Farm Credit and Development: Some Experiences in East Africa with Special Reference to Kenya
42466: ROBERT VAVRA - Curro: Reflections of a Spanish Youth
20984: VAYNE, STELLA - Nicholson's Guide to English Churches
3490: VECORS - L'Art Medieval Yougoslave: Art Et Style
1362: VEGA, BARON VON - Logarithmic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometrical Functions
51363: VENKATESWARAN, R. J. - The Impact of Jawaharlal Nehru on Indian Exonomy
53365: VENTER, AL J. - Mercenaries: Putting the World to Rights with Hired Guns (Hardcover)
20691: VENTURI, ADOLFO - Raffaello
17746: VERLAGSANSTALT, DATURA - Aquarius Astroscope Profile: The Most Professiopnal Horoscope and Comprehensive Character Study
1906: VERNE, JULES - Matthias Sandorfs Haevn
52594: VERNE, JULES, EDITED BY I. O. EVANS - Carpathian Castle, The 'Fitzroy' Edition
53801: VERNICK, AUDREY - Teach Your Buffalo to Play Drums - SIGNED
54500: VERNICK, AUDREY - She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story - SIGNED
50765: VERNICK, AUDREY - She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story - SIGNED
44764: VEZIROGLU, T. NEJAT - Thermal Sciences 16: Proceedings of the Sixteenth Southeastern Seminar
44693: VICHNEVETSKY, R. - Advances in Computer Methods for Partial Differential Equations, proceedings June 17-19 1975
9392: VINCE, CHARLES - Barrie Marvell: His Dreams and Adventures
37068: VISSER, MELVIN J. - Cold, Clear, and Deadly: Unraveling a Toxic Legacy (signed)
29493: VOGELS, JOSEY - Le Langage Secret des Filles (The Secret Language of Girls)
52926: VOILAND, ALICE L. ET AL - Developing Insight in Initial Interviews
33799: VOLTZ, WILLIAM - Perry Rhodan: #96 Horn: Green
15477: VORONIN, N. N. - Zodchectvo Severo-Vostochnoi Russi 12th - 15th c (Art of North-Western Russia), 2 Books
2021: VOX, VALENTINE - I Can See Your Lips Moving: The History and Art of Ventriloquism
33585: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse
32040: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse
48893: VOYNOVICH, SPASA - Mouse, Signed
41933: WAARVIK, LEAH L. - I Sit and Stay: A Survival Guide for Kids (and Parents. Too!)
53347: WADDELL, L. A. - The British Edda
47434: WADE, CARLSON - The sexual variants
46409: WADE, CARLSON - The muscle lovers (Impact Library)
31300: WADE, CARLSON - Yes! There's Life After Death
46703: WADE, CARLSON - Boys of Boles Dorm
52897: WADE, CARLSON - The twilight sex
46699: WADE, CARLSON - Naked in Sodom
50309: VILLAGE OF WADSWORTH - Bridge to the Past, Wadsworth, Illinois Bicentennial Book
42688: PH.D., EDWARD WAGENKNECHT - The Unknown Longfellow
53068: WAGNER, FRANKLIN - The Michigan University Song Book
48271: WAGNER, RICHARD - DIE WALKURE (The Ring of the Nibelungen Second Part (The Valkyrie)) vocal score
48639: WAGNER, HAROLD A. - As I Lived It, An Autobiographical History of the YMCA of Los Angeles 1925-1966
33437: WAGNER, RICHARD - My Life (Two Volumes)
52188: WAGNER, KARL EDWARD - Death Angel's Shadow
51173: WAGNER, ETHAN & THEA WESTREICH WAGNER - Collecting Art for Love, Maoney and More
50643: JR., F. HOL WAGNER - Burlington Northern 1972 Annual
50644: JR., F. HOL WAGNER - Burlington Northern 1971 Annual
29536: WAGON, STAN - Mathematica In Action
25368: WAITE, TERRY - Taken on Trust (signed)
44167: WAKEFIELD, G. G. (EDITOR) - Aircraft Electrical Engineering
51045: WAKEFIELD, LAWRENCE AND LUCILLE WAKEFIELD - Sail & Rail: A Narrative History of Transportation in Western Michigan (signed, limited)
47601: WALBANK, F.W. - The Awful Revolution: The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West
21965: WALD, ELISSA - Holding the Fire : A Love Story
50876: WALDORF, D. C - The art of making primitive bows and arrows
53054: WALES, DIRK & BARRY MOSER (ILLUSTRATOR) - Jack London's Dog, Signed
52089: WALKER, LEWIS AND BEN C. WILSON - Black Eden: The Idlewild Community - SIGNED
50413: WALKER, GWEN - The Golden Stile
52176: WALKER, ROBERT W. - Cold Edge, Signed
52412: WALKER, ALBERT PERRY WITH ALBERT BUSHNESS HART - Essentials in English History, from the earliest Records to the Present Day
49959: WALLACE, NANCY ELIZABETH - The Kindness Quilt
20665: WALLACE, JOHN (A SKETCH BOOK BY) - Village Down East: Duck Trap, Main, and the People Who Live there
43803: WALLECZEK, JAN (EDITOR) - Self-Organized Biological Dynamics & Nonlinear Control
48754: WALLEN, JAMES - Things That Live Forever, beinbg the story of office equipment from the dawn of thought to the age of art metal

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