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53800: POSADAS, CARMEN - Little Indiscretions: A Delectable Mystery (signed)
40619: POST, GEORGE B - How to Fly floats New Revised edition
48276: POST, CAROLINE LATHROP - Aunt Carrie's Poems
43829: POTTENGER, MARITHA - Past Lives Future Choices: The Astrology of Reincarnation
45617: POTTER, T.W. & CATHERINE JOHNS - Roman Britain
26140: POULSEN, H. E AND C. W. TAYLOR - Histological Typing of Female Genital Tract Tumours
53244: POUND, ROSCOE - The Spirit of the Common Law and Other Writings
39469: POURCIAU, GLEN - Invite (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
43564: POWELL, JIM - The Breaking of Eggs: A Novel (signed)
38822: POWELL, ELIZABETH - The Republic of Self
28483: POWELL, PADGETT - Edisto (signed)
47337: POWELL, JIM - The Breaking of Eggs, signed
53973: POWELL, IVOR - The Rising of the Son
53974: POWELL, IVOR - The Rising of the Son
9816: POWERS, MARTHA - Sunflower
22849: POWERS, R (MANAGING EDITOR - Knickerbocker Weekly: The Netherlands Magazine January 7 1946 thru March 10 1947 (61 volumes)
52850: PRATT, ERIC & PAT - The Pratt House and Frank Lloyd Wright : Building in a Copperative Community 1947-1979 Paperback SIGNED
44304: PREBLE, GEORGE HENRY - The Opening of Japan: A Diary of Discovery in the Far East, 1853-1856
51502: PRENDERGAST, JOHN M. JR - More on Morrison: A portrait and catalog of an unusual man with a very sharp knife, a creator of wood block postal cancelling devices-signed
51616: DALMATIAN PRESS - Star Wars: Friends of the Force--Coloring Book
52335: PRESS, AMMONITE - The Beatles (In Pictures)
52829: PRESTEL - African Masks (Prestel postcard book) (Multilingual Edition)
52172: PRETTY, JULES - The Edge of Extinction: Travels with Enduring People in Vanishing Lands
26266: PRICE, REV THOMAS - The Wisdom and Genius of Shakspeare
53594: PRICE, BARBARA WELLS - American Folktales, A Hallmark Pop-Up Book
54364: PRICE, EUGENIA - Share My Pleasant Stones Every Day For A Year (signed)
49259: PRICE, LEW PAXTON - Astrology: The cosmic Stradivarius
47846: PRICE, EUGENIA - Beloved Invader (signed)
15054: PRICKETT, R. J. AND FRANK LANE - The African Ark
45441: PRIDEAUX, SARAH - An Historical Sketch of Bookbinding (The History of Bookbinding and Design Vol 11) (facsimile reprint)
52575: PRIEST, CHERIE - Maplecroft - SIGNED
3322: DI PRIMA, DIANE - Dinners and Nightmares
48350: PRINCE, STEPHEN - The Warrior's Camera, The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa
200068: PRITCHARD, MICHAEL S. - Phrawg Phables, Wonderings and Wanderings
54550: PRITCHARD, MICHAEL S. - Phrawg Phables Wonderings and Wanderings
44781: PRITCHARD, J. LAURENCE AND BRADBROOKE, JOAN (EDS) - The Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, vol. LIV (54) (with index 1927-1954)
53685: PROFESSOR VEITCH, AUTHOR AND REID, GEORGE, ARTIST - The River Tweed from Its Source to the Sea
53683: JACKSON PTO PROJECT - Bighole Cookbook
40090: PROSKE, CHRISTINE - Die Mauer: Chronik Eines Aufbruchs
51186: PROUST, MARCEL - Auf Der Suche Nach Der Verlorenen Zeit, 10 Volumes
53812: PROVINES, MARY VIRGINIA - A Home for Keeps
21494: PRUITT, DONALD - First Flush of Youth
19202: PRYCE, F. N. - Corpvs Vasorvm Antiqvorvm: Great Britain British Museum
54565: PTO, TOPEKA ELEMENTARY - Taste of Topeka From the Topeka Elementary Pto Topeka, Indiana - 2000
34613: PUBLICATIONS, MQ - Christmas Stories (Little Brown Notebooks)
48120: NAGEL PUBLISHERS - Nagel's Italy Travel Guide, 3rd Edition
48121: NAGEL PUBLISHERS - Nagel's France Travel Guide, 3rd Edition
51953: PUGH, LISA AND VIRGINIA Y. PUGH - Keep Your Finger On the Boat
39525: PUMPHREY, RON - Human Beans: A Memoir
24908: PUMPHREY, RICHARD - Streets Jackson: Running Back Hard Road to Victory (a novel)
46970: PURI, RASHMI-SUDHA - Gandhi on War and Peace
51274: PURNELL, MARY - The Comforter, The Mother's Book, Volume 1
51056: PURVES, JOHN H - Roen Steamship Company: The way it was, 1909-1976
31395: PUTNAM, EFIE DOUGLAS - Cirillo
52208: PYARELAL - Mahatma Gandhi: The Last Phase: Volume II
54490: PYENSON, LEWIS - Passion of George Sarton: A Modern Marriage & its Discipline (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society) (Signed)
49147: PYLE, HOWARD - Pepper & Salt: A Legacy Library Facsimile
53773: QUAH, EUSTON - Singapore 2065: Leading Insights on Economy and Environment from 50 Singapore Icons and Beyond
43947: QUERY, MARVIN L - Cause of Death: Unknown
3652: QUICK, JOHN - Dictionary of Weapons & Military Terms
15694: QUINLAN, STERLING - Muldoon Was Here
6152: QUINN, P. T. - Pear Culture for Profit
34564: QUINN, ANTHONY WITH DANIEL PAISNER - One Man Tango (signed)
10699: RABB, MARGARET - Granite Dives: Poems
51226: PROVIMI RACING - 1985 Provimi Veal 200 Offical Program (signed by 3 drivers)
12241: RADL, SHIRLEY ROGERS - The Invisible Woman (signed)
200067: RAEBURN, PAUL AND MATT GOLOMBEK - Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet, Signed by Matt Golombek
33976: RAGAN, MARK K. - The Hunley: Submarines, Sacrifice, & Success in the Civil War
44046: RAGOZIN, N. A - Jet propulsion fuels, Division 3 (International series on aeronautics and astronautics) Translated from the Russian
42535: RAHMAN, MUSHTAQUR - Muslim World: Geography and Development
50438: ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD - Whistle in the Night
50804: ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILWAY - Rules and Regulations of the Operating Department
29171: RAIMONDI, GEORGIA - The Passionate Gardener
35492: RAINES, ASYA (AS TOLD TO CHARLES FLEETHAM) - Asya's Laws: Lessons in Love Lost and Found
54603: RAINES, ASYA - Asya's Laws: Lessons in Love Lost and Found (signed)
52304: RAJKOVIC, DUSAN - Top 12+1 Games Statistics Theory / Chess Informant
49127: T. LOBSANG RAMPA - The Cave of the Ancients
53646: RAMSDEN, ROSIE - The Recipe Wheel
16561: RAMSEY, DAN - The Complete Book of Fences
32845: RAMSEY, HELEN & OTHERS - That Good Christmas Book
50185: RAMSEY, GUY REED - Postmarked Iowa, A List of Discontinued and Renamed Post Offices
53872: RANDALL, JARED - Apocryphal Road Code (signed)
45542: RANDALL, JARED - Apocryphal Road Code
43127: RANGDROL, TSELE NATSOK - Mirror of Mindfulness
53584: RANKIN, IAN - The Beat Goes On, Signed
50322: RANVILLE, JUDY AND NANCY CAMPBELL - With a Dream as a Compass We have Gathered These Memories of Mackinaw (signed limited)
48413: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1924
48414: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1951
48415: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1953
48416: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1945
48417: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1946
40404: RAPHAEL - The Cartoons of Raphael: illustrating incidents in the lives of St Paul and st Peter
51386: RAPPLEYE, HOWRARD - Manual of Geodetic Leveling, Special Publication No. 239
44530: RASETTI, FRANCO - Elements of Nuclear Physics
51571: RASKIN, RHONA - Ask Me Anything: Love, Sex, & Relationships in the '90s (signed)
43924: RASMUSSEN, JANET E. - New Land New Lives: Scandinavian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest (signed)
52321: RATH, OLIVER - Bohème Berlin
53534: RATHBUN, JOHN B - Gas, gasoline and oil engines, including complete gas engine glossary
25547: RAUCH, BASIL, EDITOR - Franklin D. Roosevelt: Selected Speeches, Messages, Press Conferences, and Letters
48303: RAVEN, ARLENE - Crossing over: Feminism and Art of Social Concern (Contemporary American Art Critics)
41894: RAWSON, JESSICA - Animals in Art
21675: RAY, SONDRA - Essays on Creating Sacred Relationships
52826: RAY, MARIE-CHRISTINE - Le Cardinal Duval Un Homme d'esperance en Algerie
51348: RAY, RICHARD G. - photogeologic procedures in geologic interpretation and mapping. US Geological Survey Bulletin #1043-a
46644: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon Versus Frozen Horrors
46643: RAYMOND, ALEX - Flash Gordon Versus Frozen Horrors
43419: REBLE, DEBRA L. PH.D - Soul-Hearted Partnership: Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy
41195: REBLE, DEBRA L. - Soul-Hearted Partnership - SIGNED
16834: RECHTSCHAFFEN, STEPHAN - Vitality and Wellness (The Omega Institute Mind, Body, Spirit Series)
54559: RECTOR, WILLIAM GERALD - Log transportation in the lake states lumber industry 1840-1918. (American Waterways Series IV)
8678: REDDY, KUMUDA AND STAN KENDZ - Forever Healthy: Introduction to Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Care
49704: REDLICH, PAUL R - The postal history of Coles County, Illinois: The first hundred years, 1830-1930
54659: REED, KENNETH L - History of the Evansville, Indianapolis & Terre Haute Railroad
34281: REED, STAN - The Wine World at a Glance
31107: REED, REVEREND RICHARD LEE - Energy Takes Form Nature Spirits
50895: REED, BRIAN - Loco Profile 26: The Hiawathas
30399: REEDER, NANA - Hawaii: All Mix Up Charm
28525: VAN REENEN, REV GIJSBERTUS. - Israel's Wilderness Journey: A dialogue between Bert and Case on Numbers 33
38740: REEVE, AGNESA - My Dear Mollie: Love Letters of a Texas Sheep Rancher
10266: REEVES, ELIZABETH - Then Again June
41908: REHAK, JAY - Little Guise: 3 Ten-Minute Comedies
48348: VON REICHENBACH, BARON KARL - The Mysterious Odic Force
54352: REID, MAYNE - Aventures de terre et de mer les naufrages de l'ile de borneo
5736: REID, RUSSEL M. - Human Population Genetics
43645: REIMRINGER, JOHN - Vestments
200074: REMBRANDT - Rembrandt Album. 30 Reproduktionen seiner berühmten Werke
49766: REMELE, C. W. - United States Railroad Postmarks 1837 to 1861
49400: RENDA, GERHARD AND PHOTOGRAPHER WERNER GRADERT - Jugendstilhauser in Nurnberg
20133: RENNERT, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Pioneers of Discovery: Profiles of Great Black Americans
20132: RENNERT, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Shapers of America (Profiles of Great Black Americans)
51833: RENNICK, P. G. - Courts and Lawyers in Northern and Western Illinois
51623: RENO, FRANK D. - Historic King Arthur: Authenticating the Celtic Hero of Post-Roman Britain [Paperback] SIGNED
47276: RENO, FRANK D. - Arthurian Figures of History and Legend: A Biographical Dictionary (signed)
46959: RENTOUL, IAN AND TOM WAKEFORD - Gulf War British Air Arms
42552: DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH - National Physical Laboratory Report for the Year 1963
45000: REUTERSWARD, CARL (EDITOR) - XIth International Astronautical Congress Stockholm 1960, Volume 1, Main Sessions
48496: REUTT, GEORGES - L'Experience Sioniste
47111: REVERE, JEANETTE - Plaything of Passion
40569: REXROTH, KENNETH & BRADFORD MORROW (EDITOR) - World Outside the Window: The Selected Essays of Kenneth Rexroth
3529: RHOADS, JONATHAN E., EDITOR - Cancer: A Journal of the American Cancer Society
52327: RHODES, CHLOE - An Unkindness of Ravens: A Book of Collective Nouns
31612: RICCI, CLAUDIA - Dreaming Maples
29259: RICE, D. TALBOT - The Byzantine Element in Late Saxon Art. The William Henry Charlton Memorial Lecture November 1946
27452: RICE, JOHN R. - The Angel's Christmas Message
52892: RICE, EDITH M. - If I Forget: Useful Hints and Reminders for Nurses in Every Field 14th edition
43477: RICE, JOHN R. - Ten Messages that Changed Ten Thousand Lives
46958: RICE, HELEN - Chronology Ogden Air Materiel Area: Hill Air Force Base,Utah 1934-1961 Volume Two
53136: RICE, JR, HOWARD C. - Thomas Jefferson's Paris
42723: RICHARDS, T. H. - Energy Methods in Stress Analysis: With an Introduction to Finite Element Techniques (Ellis Horwood series in engineering science)
42220: RICHARDS, DUSTY - Noble's Way
45605: RICHARDS, KRISTEN - Retail and Restaurant Spaces: An International Portfolio of 41 Designers
47699: RICHARDSON, PROFESSOR L. JR - Pompeii: An Architectural History
38905: RICHARDSON, RUPERT NORVAL - Texas: The Lone Star State
54551: RICHARDSON,K CAROL - Aging Well - Be Your Best Self Forever!
53511: RICHARDSON, TRACY - The Field (signed)
38810: RICHTER, LUDWIG - O Schöne Jugendtage . Ein neues Bilderbuch mit Bildern und sinnreichen Versen.
48541: RICHTER, LUDWIG - Sonnenstrahlen Liebliche Bilder mit allerliebsten Versen Heiteres Und Belehrendes Fur Die Kinderwelt (Sunbeam)
51304: RIDER, DAVID F. - Jane's Airport & Atc Equipment 1993-94 (Jane's Airport Equipment and Services) 12th edition
54409: RIDGEWAY, RICK - Below Another Sky: A Mountain Adventure in Search of a Lost Father (signed)
54327: RIDL, JACK (EDITOR) - Poetry in Michigan / Michigan in Poetry
54328: RIDL, JACK - Practicing to Walk Like a Heron (Signed)
51049: RIESENBERG, FELIX - Under Sail
52219: RIGGS, JOHN R. - Killing Frost: A Garth Ryland Mystery, Signed
53916: RILKE, RAINER MARIA - Rodin Nudes
45678: RINGLAND, GILL - Scenario Planning: Managing for the Future
44246: RINZIN, RINZIN - The Talisman of Good Fortune and Other Stories from Rural Bhutan
50937: RIPLEY, DONALD M. - Gateway To The World: A Picture History Of The St. Lawrence Seaway
48746: RIPLEY, TIM - The New Illustrated Guide to the Modern US Army
48061: RITSON, JOSEPH - Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls
53424: RIVERS, VICTOR RIVAS - A Private Family Matter: A Memoir (signed)
40674: RIVERS, ISABEL - Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry: A Students' Guide
42902: ROACH, A. E. (EDITOR) ET AL - Industrial Mathematics 1951, Volume 2
51670: ROBB, CANDACE - The Cross-Legged Knight - Signed
50324: ROBB, DEAN A AND JOHN E. LUSTIG - Rights of railroad workers
31192: ROBBINS, TRINA - Paper Dolls From the Comics
45860: ROBBINS, TOM - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (Signed)
35390: ROBERTS, NORA - First Impressions
51445: ROBERTS, FRANK C. - Obituaries from the "Times" 1961-70
41985: ROBERTS, ROBIN - A New Species: Gender and Science in Science Fiction
53103: ROBERTS, JANE - The Early Sessions: Book 7 of The Seth Material, Sessions 281-333
50340: ROBERTS, RUTH AND WILLIAM KATZ - Our Country 'Tis of Thee - A Choral Pageant of the History of America (Special Spiral-bound edition for conductor-pianist)
44171: ROBERTSON, A. F. (EDITOR) - Fire Standards and Safety
49562: ROBERTSON, EDWIN B. - Maine Central Diesel Locomotives, Signed
54278: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage, No 119: Laugh of Death / No. 120 The King of Terror
54279: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Golden Man and Peril in the North ( No. 117 and No118)
54052: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: The Devil's Playground Jan-1941
54053: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Bequest of Evil Feb-1941
54266: ROBESON, KENNETH - DOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS #12: Bequest of Evil-Death in Little Houses-Target for Death-The Death Lady and The Exploding Lake
54069: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage Satan Black (#97) & Cargo Unknown (#98)
54324: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm
54321: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Hate Genius
54323: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Awful Egg
54293: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Rock Sinister May 1945
54285: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage #101: The Pharaoh's Ghost & #102: The Time Terror
54286: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Satan Black (#97) & Cargo Unknown #98
54282: ROBESON, KENNETH - One-Eyed Mystic/the Man Who Fell Up (Doc Savage) #111 and #112
54284: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: Whisker of Hercules #103 and the Man Who Was Scared #104
54326: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage: The Whistling Wraith
54270: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage Omnibus, Vol. 1: The All-White Elf / the Running Skeletons / the Angry Canary / The Swooning Lady
54070: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage The Three Wild Men (#121) & The Fiery Menace (#122)
54071: ROBESON, KENNETH - Doc Savage The Golden Man (#117) & Peril in the North (#118)
54275: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Goblins and the Secret of the Su #125, #126
54276: ROBESON, KENNETH - Devils of the Deep, No. 123 and the Headless Men, No. 124
54277: ROBESON, KENNETH - The Three Wild Men and the Fiery Menace #121 and #122
45160: ROBINSON, J. (EDITOR) - Shuttle Propulsion Systems: The winter annual meeting of the ASME, Phoenix, Ar, Nov 14-19, 1982
51489: ROBINSON, O. F. - Ancient Rome, City planning and administration
41583: ROBINSON, KIM STANLEY - Escape from Kathmandu (signed)
54561: ROBINSON, H.M. - The Great Fur Island or Sketches of Life in the Hudson's Bay Territory
53322: ROBINSON, PETER - Wednesday's Child, An Inspector Banks Mystery, Signed
53323: ROBINSON, PETER - A Necessary End, Signed
53324: ROBINSON, PETER - Blood at the Root, An Inspector Banks Mystery, Signed
53320: ROBINSON, PETER - Gallows View, An Inspector Banks Mystery, Signed
53321: ROBINSON, PETER - The Price of Love, Signed
53318: ROBINSON, PETER - Cold is the Grave, Signed
32930: ROCHELEAU, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - American Reference Library Encyclopedic (10 volumes complete with 2 suppliments in binder) 11 books
14445: ROCHLIN, GEREGROY - Griefs and Discontents: The forces of change
51141: RODENGEN, JEFFREY L. - The Legend of Briggs & Stratton
40632: RODGERS, JIMMIE - The Legendary Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Folio: Volume I
15764: ROENNFELDT, MARY - What's That Noise?
23455: ROGERS, RICK - Ballads and Tales of the Woods, Critters, Woods & Water, Earth Tales & Bird Song, 3 Books
25046: ROGERS, JOHN B. - FI-FI of the Toy Shop: A Spectacular Musical Fantasy (play program)
52237: ROGERS, DONNITA L. - Faces in the Fire, The Women of Beowulf Book One
36331: ROHMANN, ERIC - Clara and Asha
21927: ROLAND, ALAN - Dreams and Drama: Psychoanalytic Criticism, Creativity and the Artist
6122: ROLFE, WALTER - Three Happy Pieces: Soaring
51428: ROLT, L.T.C. & GEOFFREY KICHENSIDE (REVISED BY) - Red For Danger: A History of Railway Accidents & Railway Safety: 4th Edition
52440: ZLOTNIKOV ROMAN - Arvendeil
42821: ROMEO, DAVID - NASA Techinal Note D-1800: Aerodynamic Interaction Effects Ahead of Rectangular Sonic Jets Exhausting Perpendicularly from a Flat Plane Into
43953: ROOKSBY, DONALD A - The Quakers in north-west England: 1 The Man in Leather Breeches, 2 A People to Be Gathered (2 books)
50761: ROOT, GEO. F. AND C. C. CASE - Songs of the Assembly a Collection of Practice Lessons, Part Songs, Glees, Anthems and Choruses
37312: ROSENBERG, PIERRE & GUIDO JANSEN ET AL - French Paintings from Dutch Collections, 1600-1800
41698: ROSENTHALL, RON - Portrait of a Festival: Festival International de Jazz De Montreal
49223: ROSLUND, ANDERS AND BORGE HELLSTROM - Three Seconds, Signed
52856: KUBLER-ROSS - Questions and Answers on Death and Dying, Signed
49303: ROSS, NANCY WILSON - Westward the Women (signed)
51247: ROSS, JERRY L. - Spacewalker - Signed
51707: ROSS, HELEN E. - Behaviour and Perception in Strange Environments
28531: ROSSANT, JANET & ROGER A. PEDERSEN - Experimental Approaches to Mammalian Embryonic Development
44670: ROSSI, B. E. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Stress Analysis Vol. XXXVI Number 1
54525: ROSSI, BRUNO - The Sharpshooter #2: Blood Oath
18929: ROSTOVTSEV, M. I. - An Outline of the History of the Ancient World: the Orient, Greece, Rome
15543: ROSTOVTSEV, M. I. - An Outline of the History of the Ancient World: the Orient, Greece, Rome
41256: ROTHSCHILD, MATTHEW (EDITOR) - Democracy in Print: The Best of The Progressive Magazine, 1909-2009
51362: ROTHSTEIN, KRIS AND SAM MACKLIN - Number One Fan or how pop culture changed my life, Limited Edition
50543: O'ROURKE, FRANK - Window in the Dark
18760: ROWE, D. J. AND OTHERS - Dynamic Structure of Nuclear States
53096: ROWE, DENISE M. - Dragonfly Denny:The Pursuit of Destiny
52260: ROWLAND, HENRY C. - Filling His Own Shoes
52212: ROWLAND, LAURA JOH - The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte, Signed
54030: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
54499: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
54498: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
4806: ROXXETTO, LOUIS, JR - Take-Over
52479: ROYAL, D. - The Couch
48482: RUARK, ROBERT CHESTER - Poor no more
47234: RUBY, ERIK A. - The Human Figure: A Photographic Reference For Artists
54470: RUDHYAR, DANE - First Steps in the Study of Birth Charts (Humanistic astrology Series No 4)
54471: RUDHYAR, DANE - Interpreting a Birth-Chart as a whole (Humanistic astrology Series No 6)
54472: RUDHYAR, DANE - The Astrology of Self-Actualization and the new morality (Humanistic astrology Series No 2)
52753: RUDHYAR, DANE - Form in astrological space and time: Humanistic Astrology Series Number 3
49297: RUDHYAR, DANE - Return from No-Return
54346: RUE, MABEL LA - A Letter to Popsey
48297: RUITER, FRANCIS - Journal of a Dutch Immigrant, Signed
52783: RUIZ, KENNETH & JOHN BRUNING - The Luck of the Draw: The Memoir of a World War II Submariner: From Savo Island to the Silent Service (Hardcover)
44511: RUSIN, COLONEL JO B. - Move to the Front: A Guide to Success for the Working Woman: Military Leadership Secrets from a Woman Soldier
20047: RUSSELL, LAURA - Laura Russell Remembers
44506: RUSSELL, CRAIG - Antidepressants and Side Effects: Managing the Risks
52432: RUSSELL, DEAN AND CHLOE ELLIOTT - Mouse and the Moon Made of Cheese
51972: RUTH, BABE (GEORGE H. RUTH) - The Home Run King or, How Pep Pindar Won His Title
44074: RUTHERFORD, JOHN G. - Quality Control in Industry: Methods and Systems
40013: RUTHERSON, ALBERT (EDITOR) - George Clausen: contemporary British Artists
44408: RUTLAND, SUZANNE D. - Edge of the Diaspora: Two Centuries of Jewish Settlement in Australia
35295: RUTSALA, VERN - How We Spent Our Time (Akron Series in Poetry)
30744: RUWART, MARY J. - Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle
54572: RUXTON, GEORGE FREDERICK - Life in the Far West
49179: RYAN, WILLIAM - The Holy Thief (signed)
53964: RYAN, DAVID D. - Four Days in 1865: The Fall of Richmond (signed)
24831: RYAN, ALAN - John Stuart Mill
53638: RYAN, ROBERT - A Study in Murder, Signed
53737: RYAN, PADDY AND PAULIN, CHRIS - Fiordland Underwater
43350: RYAN, L. D. - Exit 59
200091: RYAN, ROBERT - Empire of Sand, Signed
53658: RYBICKI, JOHN - Yellow-Haired Girl with Spider (signed)
25253: RYDEL, CHRISTINE (EDITOR) - The Ardis Anthology of Russian Romanticism
53910: RYLANT, CYNTHIA - Little Whistle (signed)
50751: RYPMA, JUDITH A. - Looking for the Amber Room, Signed
46590: RZICZNEK, F. DANIEL - Divination Machine
33860: SABAYOTH, SHAYA - Beyond Tomorrow: life to Life
33193: SABIN, FRANCENE AND LOUIS SABIN - Oregon Trail, Pioneers, Artic And Antartic Regions, Weather (4 books and 4 audio tapes)
50905: DE SADE, MARQUIS - The Crimes of Love Adult Novel
41041: SADLER, FRANK - The Unified Ring: Narrative art and the science-fiction novel
53416: SAEKI, CHIZU - The Japanese Skincare Revolution, How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life at Any Age
50090: ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF NUCLEAR SAFETY - Jason's Radon Adventure: A Coloring Book Story
25867: SAFIRE, WILLIAM - The First Dissident: The Book of Job In Today's Politics (signed)
47432: SAGE, JETT - Crazy Wild breaks loose (The Traveller's companion series, TC-429)
38567: SAHANI, DR. HARPARKASH KAUR & DR. PRABHA BORWANKER - The Healing Power of Magnet & Acupressure
43846: SAHLSTROM, LINA - The Yule-Log: illustrated Christmas Booklet for Children
35466: SAINTCROW, LILITH - Dark Watcher
47894: AL-SALTANAH, TAJ - Crowning Anguish: Memoirs of a Persian princess from the Harem to Modernity 1884-1914
5885: SALTERBERG, SUSAN (EDITOR) - The Evener: Vol 10 No. 1
35764: SALVIN, SIMON (EDITOR) - Administration in Social Work Vol 5 no 3-4 Fall Winter 1981
9095: CALANO AND JEFF SALZMAN - Success Shortcuts: 25 Career Skills you Were Never Taught, but must Know, Audio Cassette Package
51525: SAMPSON, E. N. - American Stampless Cover Catalog, 3rd Edition
51708: SAMPSON, EDWARD E. - Introducing Social Psychology
53329: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 1, Glory Figures
53330: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 3, From the Dark Side
53331: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Yesterday's Faces, Volume 6, Violent Lives
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41169: SAVARY, LOUIS M. ET AL - shaping of a self
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49884: SCHAFER, MIKE (EDITOR) - Passenger Train Journal 1986, Ontario Northland: from streamliners to mixed trains
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48923: SCHWARZ, CHRISTINA - The Edge of the Earth: A Novel (signed ARC)
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49755: SHAW, T.P.G. - The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks
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51814: SHOWALTER, SHIRLEY HERSHEY - Blush, A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World, Signed
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38329: SHUTE, NEVIL - Vinland The Good
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53119: SILVANI, ANITA - The Strange Story of Ahrinziman
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54134: SIMON, JOEL - Songs of Bad Men and Good
54135: SIMON, JOEL - Walt's Gulch
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39478: SINGER, MARGOT - The Pale of Settlement (The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction)
15366: SINGER, SAM - Human Genetics: An Introduction to the Principles of Heredity
6300: SINGER, MADELEINE - Insights
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54140: SINNETTE, CALVIN H. - Forbidden Fairways: African Americans and the Game of Golf (signed)
11592: SIRKUS, NANCY - One family
25278: SIROTA, MIKE - Ro-Lan Series #1-4: Master of Boranga, Shrouded Walls of Boranga, Journey to Mesharra, & Demons of..
25383: SIROTA, MIKE - Ro-Lan Series #1-#4: Master of Boranga, Shrouded Walls of Boranga, Journey to Mesharra & Demons of..
53537: SISSON, MARK - The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness (signed)
13532: SIZER, PAUL - Little White Mouse, Series 3, Book 1, 2, 3 & 4
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53182: SJOWALL, MAJ AND PER WAHLOO - The Man on the Balcony; The Story of a Crime
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53580: SKILLION, ANNE - The New York Public Library Literature Companion
50311: SKIP, ED. WILSON - Illinois 100 Years Ago
53503: SLAUGHTER, FRANK G. - Countdown (SIGNED)
29707: SLAVICSEK, BILL - Council of Wyrms Adventure (Set of Three Books)
50170: SLEGERS, LIESBET - Joepie, ik ben een meisje!
50174: SLEGERS, LIESBET - Joepie, ik ben een meisje!
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16807: SLOAN, JANE - Moments Apart
53362: SLOAN, LUCY ADELLA - Mackay's Tubal Cain: A Prophecy of Peace
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46105: SMALL, NANCY CUTBIRTH AND TOM SMALL - Using Native Plants to Restore Community in Southwest Michigan and Beyond
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1256: SMIRNOVA, E. S. AND D. S. LIHOCHEV - Culture of Ancient Russia
40941: SMIRNOVA, E. S. - Zhivopis Obonezhia XIV-XVI Veka(The Art of Obonezl'e XIV to the XVI Centuries)
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24466: SMITH, DAVID C. - Oron: The Valley of Ogrum #4
54229: SMITH, PAUL GERARD - Danny's Christmas Stocking (Calligraphy & illustrations by Brigid Smith Brink)
49216: SMITH, TOM ROB - Agent 6, Signed
49218: SMITH, TOM ROB - Child 44, Signed
42455: SMITH, JACK H. - Postcard Companion: The Collector's Reference
54120: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Polar Star ( Collectors Edition Leather Signed)
54508: SMITH, W. H. B - Walther pistols
48236: SMITH, ALEXANDER MCCALL - The Double Comfort Safari Club, Signed
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53017: SMITH, EDMUND WARE - A Tomato Can Chronicle and Other Stories of Fishing & Shooting
45209: SMITH JR., MOWRY & GILES CLARK - One Third Crew, One Third Boat, One Third Luck: The Menasha Coporation (Menasha Wooden Ware Company) Story: 1849-1974 (signed)
43478: SMITH, ORVILLE C. - The Hills of Spring
42873: SMITH, S.W. - A Handbook of Astronautics
53899: SMOCK, NELL - Wiggly and Giggly: The Little Twin Bears
39947: SMUCKER, ANNA EGAN - To Keep the South Manitou Light - SIGNED
54342: SNAZELLE, DAVID AND WILLIAM HURTHLE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Dudley Tauters: a delightful tale of a frog who thinks like a dog love him
24284: SNIDARE, UUVA - Leva Med Farger
25837: SNOW, C. P. - Homecomings
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52678: SNYDER, ALLAN - What Makes a Champion!, ARC
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45563: THE ROYAL AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY - The Aeronautical Quarterly Volume XX
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33122: TAN, MAUREEN - Run Jane Run
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53567: THANE, ELSWYTH - The Light Heart
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52800: THAYER, NANCY - Morning
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38805: THEOBALD, JOHN - Wells Fargo in Arizona Territory
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28535: THOMAS, AMANDA - Riding the Dolphin
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50410: THOMAS, JANE RESH - The Comeback Dog, Signed
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40827: THOMAS, MARY ANNE - The Power of Creative Prayer
40828: THOMAS, MARY ANNE - The Power of Creative Prayer
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46602: THOMAS, AARON - Gay orgy: Aaron Thomas
42806: THOMASON, HERMAN E. - NASA Techinal Note D-1119: Saturn Vehicle Attitude Resolver Computer Error Analysys
45065: THOMPSON, T. J. AND J. G. BECKERLEY - The Technology of Nuclear Reactor Safety, Volume 1 and 2
11456: THOMPSON, MARK L. - Steamboats & Sailors of the Great Lakes
49156: THOMPSON, JOHN - Tulip time (Dutch Dance)
54391: THOMPSON, JIM - Heed the Thunder (Signed Limited)
53541: THOMPSON, JERRY - A Wild and Vivid Land: An Illustrated History of the South Texas Border Hardcover
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54225: THOMPSON, RICHARD L. - Maya, The World as Virtual Reality
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51047: THOMS, DAVID AND TOM DONNELLY - The Motor Car Industry in Coventry Since the 1890's
28897: THOMSON, JAMES - The Seasons
54234: THORLACKSEN, OLAF - A Story of Iceland
22628: THORNE, NICOLA - The Good Samaritan
54577: THORP, RAYMOND W. - Doc W. F. Carver Spirit Gun of the West (Western Frontiersmen Series VII)
41155: THORPE, C. - Card Fortune Telling
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21505: THRACE, WINSTON - Raunchy Readers: Cheerleader Sexpot
45157: THRASHER, HOWARD - Aircraft Lofting and Template Layout with descriptive Geometry for Aircraftsman and Shipbuilders (Cadet Engineering Series)
51624: THUKYDIDES - Geschichte des Peloponnesischen Krieges (Buch eins bis acht in zwei Baenden)
44128: THUMANN, ALBERT P.E. - Plant Engineers and Managers Guide to Energy Conservation
3394: THURBER, ALWYN M - Quaint Crippen, Commercial Traveler
28821: THURBER, ROBERT BRUCE - The Repairing of Sam Brown
49482: THURLOW, CLINTON F - Over the Rails by Steam;: A Railroad Scrapbook,
51238: MISS C. THURSTON - Home Pleasures or Maria and Her Friend
31280: THURSTON, TEMPLE - The Passionate Crime: A Tale of Faerie
47840: THWING, EUGENE - The World's Best One Hundred Detective Stories (10 volumes complete)
35470: TIBBS, BEN - Approaches (inscribed)
35471: TIBBS, BEN - The Nailed-Down Cloud
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3371: TIBBS, BEN - The Vagaries of Invention: A Festschrift for Ben Tibbs on His Seventy-Fifth
36774: TIECK, LUDWIG - Phantasus
17962: TIERNEY, BRIAN, ET AL., EDITORS - The Cold War: Who Is To Blame?
33489: TIKASINGH, GERAD, HUGH TINKER ET AL - East Indians in the Caribbean: Colonialism and the Struggle for Identity
43446: TINGLE, TIM - More Spooky Texas Tales
11761: TITLER, DALE - Haunted Treasures
49288: TITYS, C. O. - Atlas of Cass County Michigan 1872
49066: TLAMSA, GEORGE A. (EDITOR) - My First Stamp Album; the Ideal Album for the Beginning Collector
52222: TOBIAS, JERRY - Imma Vegetable, Signed
39269: TOBIN, JAMES E - Miller Canfield at 150: An Informal History
25829: DE TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS EDITED BY MAYER AND LERNER - Democracy in America (2 volumes)
45066: TODD, JOSEPH DERWENT - Structural Theory and Analysis
50079: TODD, WILLIAM J. - Lake County Roots: A Pictorial Review of Lake County
51433: TODES, DANIEL P. - Darwin Without Malthus, The Struggle for Existence in Russian Evolutionary Thought
23042: TODTER, CHRIS - Mere Images of the Sea (signed)
49324: TOLDSON, IVORY L. - Stolen Innocence, Signed
53373: TOLKIEN, SIMON - Final Witness, Signed
53374: TOLKIEN, SIMON - The Inheritance, Signed
54133: TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - La ultima cancion de bilbo / Bilbo's Last Song
52029: TOLOT, FRANCESCA - One Woman 100 Faces
49268: TOLSOTY, LEV - Lev Tolstoy: Tales of Sevastopol, The Cossacks (Russian Classic Series)
20167: TOLSTOI, L. N. (TOLSTOY) - About Life (O Zhizni)
9465: TOLSTOY, LEO - Malen'kiye Rasskasi (Short Stories)
1426: TOLSTOY, ALEXEY - Peter the First (book 1 of 3)
44406: TOMALIN, STEFANY - The Bead Jewellery Book
54393: TOMASELLO - Museum of the Bargello Guide to the Collections
20803: TOMORROW'S WRITERS - Literary Leaves Volume II
42396: TOPLIN, ROBERT BRENT - Oliver Stone's USA: Film, History, and Controversy
44524: TOROKHTI, ANATOLI - Computational Methods for Modeling of Nonlinear Systems, Volume 110
39081: TORRES, JAVIER COVO - Maya Sutra
31033: TOURGEE, ALBION - Bricks Without Straw
40815: TOWE, WENDY AND WIL CLAY (PAINTINGS BY) - The Real McCoy: The Lif e of an African-American Inventor (Signed by artist)
49349: TOWER, MERRILL E - A student guide for aeronautics
49359: TOWLE, CHARLES L. AND HENRY A. MEYER - Railroad Postmarks of the United States 1861 to 1886
49844: TOWLE, CHARLES L. - The United States Transit Markings catalog 1837-1974, Vol. 1, 2 & 3, Signed
52423: TRACY, DWIGHT AND DON LASKY - Young Skin Divers
12153: TRAHEY, JANE - Pecked to Death by Goslings
49829: TRAKL, GEORG - Song of the West: Selected Poems
36783: B. TRAVEN - Regierung
33842: TRAVERS, MILTON A. - The Wampanoag Indian Federation of the Algonquin Nation: Indian Neighbors of the Pilgrims
51900: TRAVIS, JAMES - Early Celtic Versecraft, origin, development diffusion
37151: TRAYNOR, TRACY - Starting English (with Cdrom)
51143: TRAYWICK, BEN - Some Ghosts along the San Pedro
51144: TRAYWICK, BEN - The Mines of Tombstone
13900: TREADWAY, JESSICA - Absent Without Leave and Other Stories (signed)
30623: TREMAIN, RUTHVEN - Teapot, Switcheroo, and Other Silly Word Games
29167: TRENWICK, E. C. - What You Always Wanted to Know About the Sexual Revolution but Were Afraid to Ask
42835: TRIMPI, ROBERT L. ET AL - NASA Technical Report R-63: A Method of Solution with tabulated results for the attached oblique shock-wave system for surfaces at various
47079: TRIPLETT, DAWN (EDITOR) - Big Trout Black Gold: The History of Kalkaska County (signed)
51597: TRIPP, PAUL AND CHAD - Tubby the Tuba (173)
52785: TRIPP, BEN - The Accidental Highwayman: Being the Tale of Kit Bristol, His Horse Midnight, (Signed)
53677: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a School-Teacher (Book 7)
53675: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Fire Fighter (signed)
53664: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Homebuilder (signed)
53665: TRIVELLI, JOHN AND ANTHONY SNYDER - I Wanna Bee a Fire Fighter (signed)

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