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16077: LASHLEY, FELISSA R. AND JERRY D. DURHAM, EDITORS - Emerging Infectious Diseases: Trends and Issues
48373: LASTING, INGEBORG - Living German: The Complete Living Lanuage Course (cassette edition)
31966: LATHBURY, MARY A. - Seven Little Maids or The Birthday Week
40744: LATORRE, DOLORES L. - Cooking and Curing with Mexican Herbs: Recipes & Remedies Gathered in Muzquiz, Coahuila
35654: LAUER, ROBERT H. AND JEANETTE C. LAUER - Troubled Times: Readings in Social Problems
6803: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - Felicity: The Making of a Comedienne
27025: LAUGHNER, ROB - Our Nun
52716: LAUMER, KEITH - The Avengers No. 5 The Afrit Affair
52717: LAUMER, KEITH - The Avengers No. 6 The Drowned Queen
200062: LAUMER, KEITH - Dinosaur Beach, Signed
52718: LAUMER, KEITH - The Avengers No. 7 The Gold Bomb
28571: LAUNDER, FRANK & SIDNEY GILLIAT - The Lady Vanishes
51306: LAURENCE, RABBI - The Final Age Testament
44010: LAURILA, SIMO - Electronic Surveying and Mapping
44908: LAVROV, P. L. - Ocherki Voprosov Prakticheskoi Filosofii (A Surveyof Questions of Practical Philosophy)
52659: LAWALL, CHARLES H. - The Curious Lore of Drugs and Medicines (Four Thousand Years of Pharmacy)
41947: LAWLIS, MERRITT E. (EDITOR) - The Novels of Thomas Deloney
24117: LAWSON, JOAN - Soviet Dances
46431: LAWTON, JEFF - Callboy
31455: LAWTON, OLWEN - Winds of Summer
34478: LAWTON, COL. F. H., MAJ. J. C. MCARTHUR AND MAJ. DEMPSEY - Field Quartermaster's Handbook: Harvey Military Series
42553: LAY, J. E. AND L. E. MALVERN - Developments in Mechanics, Volume 1 : Proceedings of the Seventh Midwestern Mechanics Conference
54625: LAYTON, COLLEEN (EDITOR) - The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People
51189: LAZEARE, JAMES - Primitive Pine Furniture
51720: LEA, SYDNEY - No Sign (Contemporary poetry series) (signed)
36435: LEACH, DOUGLAS EDWARD - Flintlock and Tomahawk: New England in Kin Philip's War
23793: NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE - Stanley Cup Playoffs Fact Guide 1996
45110: LEAKEY, RICHARD - The Origin of Humankind - SIGNED
35009: SOLID QUALITY LEARNING - Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2005: Database Essentials Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
48595: LEBEDEV, A. V. - Russian Painting of the XVIII-XIX Centuries
28741: LEBER, SALLY SPEER - Writing a Narrative: A Use and Keep Writing Portfolio, Level A
1347: LEBRUN, FRANCOISE - Living In Another Time: The Days of the Cave People
28653: LEDERER, CASPER - Old Remedies
47920: LEE, ADRIAN - Mysterious Minnesota: Digging Up the Ghostly Past at 13 Haunted Sites (signed)
25738: LEE, DENNIS, FEATURED AUTHOR - Descant, Number 39
25646: LEE, JOHN - Sleeping In Public: Poems
27681: LEE, EMMA - Round Top Cooks with Emma Lee (Round Top Antiques Fair 35th Anniversary)
4361: LEE, STAN AND JACK KIRBY - The Mighty Thor,August #167
4360: LEE, STAN AND JACK KIRBY - The Mighty Thor, December #135
49097: LEE, SHARON & STEVE MILLER - Balance of Trade - SIGNED
40003: LEE, VIRGINIA - Nantucket Ghost Writer (signed)
49098: LEE, SHARON & STEVE MILLER - Crystal Dragon - SIGNED
41028: LEE, TANITH - Nightshades: Thirteen Journeys Into Shadow
42006: LEE, EVELYN LEWIS - The Call of the West
51385: LEE, W T - The Face of the Earth As Seen From the Air
51488: LEE, ROBERT E. - Great Lakes Ships, Book No. 2: Photos by Pesha: Photographs from the Dossin Museum: 1900-1925
48216: LEEK, SYBIL - Diary of a Witch
45818: MELVYN P. LEFFLER - In Uncertain Times: American Foreign Policy after the Berlin Wall and 9/11
42832: LEGENDRE, ROBERT - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Techinal Memorandum 1435: Elliptic Fucntions and Integrals with Real Modulus in Fluid Mechanics
46391: LEGGETT, JERRY AND FRIENDS - Songs to End the Silent War
44038: LEHMAN, ELMER - Uncle Elmer's Anecdotes, U. S. A. Extraordinary Things, Famous Places and People of Great Achievemen
47335: LEHRER, JIM - Flying Crows - Signed
42140: LEIBIGER, STUART - Founding Friendship: George Washington, James Madison, and the Creation of the American Republic
50463: LEIDER, DAVID - The story of Waupaca and its railroads
44436: LEIFER, CAROL - When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win - SIGNED
19629: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XV Number 1 March 1988
19631: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XIV Number 3 September 1987
19630: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XIV Number 2 June 1987
19632: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XXII Number 1 March 1995
44072: LEIPHOLZ, HORST - Stability Theory - an Introduction to the Stability of Dynamics systems and Rigid Bodies
20241: LEITH, VALERY - The Way of the Rose (Everien, Book 3)
49224: LELIC, SIMON - The Facility (signed)
49189: LELIC, SIMON - RUPTURE (signed)
47334: LELORD, FRANCOIS - Hector and the Search for Happiness, signed
44736: LEMBERGER, LOUIS AND REIDENBERG, M. M. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Second World Conference on Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (CPT 83)
50464: LENAHAN, JAMES - Lenahan's locomotive lexicon: A book of HO scale motive power for the ferroequinologist
52961: LENFESTEY, JAMES P. - Seeking the Cave: A Pilgrimage to Cold Mountain - SIGNED
32945: LENK, TORSTEN - The Flintlock: Its Origin & Development
14459: LENNE, GERARD - Sex on the Screen: Eroticism in Film
7690: LENSINK, JUDY NOLTE - A Secret to Be Burried, The Diary and Life of Emily Hawley Gillespie 1858-1888
51126: LENT, HENRY B. - Bombardier: Tom Dixon Wins His Wings With The Bomber Command
50963: LENT, FRANKLIN - The Michigan Yearbook 1965-66 Volume VII
16125: LENT, JEFFREY - Lost Nation
45886: LENTRICCHIA, FRANK - The Sadness of Antonioni: A Novel
48581: LEO, ALAN - The Key to Your Own Nativity, The Astrological Text Book Series
50230: LEONARD-STUART, CHARLES - The Standard Atlas and Chronological History of the World
39598: LEONETTI, RON AND CHRISTOPHER JORDAN - Of Woods and Water: A Photographic Journey Across Michigan (signed)
49509: LEOPARD, JOHN - Wisconsin Central Heritage, Vol. 1
54480: LEOPOLD, ALDO - A Sand County Almanac and Sketches here and there
48256: LEPLEY, RAY, EDITOR - The Language of Value
33574: LEROUX, GASTON - The Kiss that Killed
53253: LESCROART, JOHN T. - Dead Irish, Signed
51262: LETOURNEAU, PETER A. - Minneapolis-Moline U-Series: Photo Archive: Photographs from the Minneapolis-Moline Company Records (Photo Archives)
37593: LEVEILLE, JEAN - Birds in Love: The Secret Courting & Mating Rituals of Extraordinary Birds
46713: LEVENSON, LEW - Butterfly man
30763: LEVIN, MATTHEW J. - Sine Die
52667: LEVIS, G. - Liz & Beth (Volume 3, No. 6)
36712: LEVY, DANA AND LETITIA O'CONNOR - Spectacular America: Our Glorious Landscapes and Scenic Treasures
47766: LEVY, JOANN - They Saw the Elephant: Women in the California Gold Rush (signed)
49914: LEWIS, ROGER (EDITOR) - Ordnance Land Sea Air Armament
49353: LEWIS, DAVID L. - The Public Image of Henry Ford: An American Folk Hero and His Company
51841: LEWIS, FLORA - The Negeb - Critical Wasteland: 3,000,000 acres of sandy monotony, it challenges Arabs, Israeli - and the U.N.
15013: LEWIS, FAYE C. - Nothing to Make A Shadow
20778: LEWIS, GEORGE CORNEWALL - Remarks on the Use and Abuse of Some Political Terms
36931: LEWIS, BEVERLY - The Covenant (Abram's Daughters)
44948: LEWIS, TODD T. - Popular Buddhist Texts from Nepal: Narratives and Rituals of Newar Buddhism
40582: LEWIS, JAMES A. - The Final Campaign of the American Revolution: Rise and Fall of the Spanish Bahamas
53126: LEWIS, ELINOR - Hearts and Lives Given to Christ, Twenty-Four Bible Lessons for Young Women's Classes
49411: LEWIS, ROBERT G. WITH HOWARD L. STEVENS AND WM. VANTUONO - Keystone State Fraction, Pennsylvania's Historic Trolley Systems
48264: LEWIS, WYNDHAM - On Straw And Other Conceits
50187: LEWISOHN,LEONARD, EDITOR - The Legacy of Mediaeval Persian Sufism
28081: LEWITON, MINI - Especially Humphrey
8219: LEWONTIN, TIMOTHY - Parsons' Mill
31842: LI-FU, CHEN - Philosophy of Life
21445: BODLEIAN LIBRARY - Byzantine Illumination
45367: LICHTER, PAUL - Elvis Presley Magic Moments
43420: LIEBLER, M. L. (EDITOR) - Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams
4323: LIEFELD, ROB - Youngblood (3 Issues)
14907: TIME LIFE - Fan Fare! Chicken
51590: TIME-LIFE - The Third Reich (20 Volumes)
54083: TIME LIFE - Mysteries of the Unknown, 31 Volumes
49155: LIGHT, FRANCES M. - Betty's Wooden Shoe Dance
31061: LIGIBEL, TED AND RICHARD WRIGHT - Island heritage: A Guided Tour to Lake Erie's Bass Islands
47120: LILLICH, MEREDITH PARSONS (EDITOR) - Studies in Cistercian Art and Architecture, volume four
34115: LILY, WHITE - Rays of Light
54582: LIN, ED - Ghost Month (A Taipei Night Market Novel) SIGNED
44815: LIN, T. H. - Theory of Inelastic Structures
49402: LIND, ALAN R. - Chicago Surface Lines, An Illustrated History
52758: LINDANGER, ALFA - Your Suns Return
52814: LINDBERGH, PETER - Images of Women
52816: LINDBERGH, PETER - Images of Women
25530: LINDEMANN, MARILEE - Willa Cather: Queering America
48166: LINDSAY, W M - M Val Martialis Epigrammata, 2nd edition
28703: JAPAN AIR LINES - Parlez-vous Japanese? A Few Japanese Words and Phrases to Help the English-Speaking Visitor in Japan
49188: LINK, WILLIAM - Death Leaves a Bookmark, Signed Limited Edition
51705: LINK, ALMUTH - Sommer Ohne Blumen (Summer Without Flowers)
49416: LINK, O. WINSTON - The Man and the Museum
51253: LIPPINCOTT - Staining and Polishing: Including Varnishing & Other Methods of Finishing Wood, with a Complete Index of Fifteen Hundred References
51366: LISAGOR, NANCY & FRANK LIPSIUS - A Law Unto Itself: The Untold Story of the Law Firm Sullivan & Cromwell (Paperback)
37368: LISITZKY, GENE - Thomas Fefferson
45051: NONE LISTED - National SAMPE Technical Conference Volume 1: Aircraft Structures and Materials Application
22793: LITTLE, SHELBY - This To That: The Word-Change Book
48076: LITZENBURGER, LIESEL - The Widower (signed)
42746: LIU, PAN-TAI AND JON G SUTINEN - Control Theory and Mathematical Economics: Proceedings of the Third Kingston Conference, Part B volume 47
7495: LIU, TA-LIN AND MAN LUN NG, LI PING ZHOU, ERWIN J. HAEBERLE - Sexual Behavior in Modern China : Report on the Nationwide Survey of 20,000 Men and Women
10059: LIVINGSTON, PAUL Y. - Say Thou Art Mine: Evangelical Sermon Series
45435: LIVY - Livy Book XXI: College Classical Series
8630: LLOYD, CECIL FRANCIS - Malvern Essays
53115: LLOYD, JOHN URI - Etidorhpa or The End of Earth
34277: LLOYD, R. IAN AND DANIEL P. REID - Reflections of Taiwan: Republic of China
46764: LOCHNER, LOUIS P - Tycoons & Tyrant German Industry From Hitler to Adenauer
17217: LOE, NANCY E. - Hearst Castle: The Official Pictorial Guide
13918: LOEB, JEPH AND TIM SALE - Batman: Dark Victory, Peace and Dark Victory, Revenge
44829: LOEB, PAUL ROGAT - Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time (signed)
43480: LOEHLE, CRAIG - On the Shoulders of Giants
51356: LOHMEYER, FRANCES CHRISTINE AND WILLIAM H. J. MCPHARLIN - Recollections of Cleveland & Detroit
49750: LONG, BRYANT ALDEN WITH WILLIAM JEFFERSON DENNIS - Mail by Rail, The Story of the Postal Transportation Service
35128: LONGDEN, PETER - The Fun Guys: The Hen Coat & The Ship Shape
54366: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - The Song of Hiawatha
53549: LONGNON, HENRI & FRANCES WILSON HUARD - French Provincial Furniture (Hardcover)
27391: VAN LOON, HENDRIK WILLEM - Good Tidings
4976: LOONEY, ROBERT F. - Thirty-Two Picture Postcards of Old Philadelphia
43109: LOPER, BRUCE - Bob With Wife
22182: LOPINOT, A.C. - Pond Fish and Fishing in Illinois
49235: LORE, PITTACUS - The Power of Six, signed limited edition in Slipcase
22033: LORRAH, JEAN, AND JACQUELINE LICHTENBERG - First Channel (signed)
20703: LORRIS, W. AND J. CLOPINEL, ENGLISHED BY F. S. ELLIS - The Romance of the Rose, Volume Three
53614: LOSURE, MARY - Backwards Moon, Signed
48428: PAUL LOUIS - Ancient Rome at Work
51398: LOUKOMSKI, G. - K. - L’architecture religieuse russe du XIe siecle au XVIIe siecle.
54437: LOURAS, NICK - Penny Blood: horror in film and beyond, Issue 11 Fall 2008
10200: LOURIE, EUGENE - Eugene Lourie My Work in Films
15405: LOVE, WILLIAM F. - The Chartreuse Clue
35625: LOVE, WILLIAM F. - The Fundamentals of Murder (signed)
35626: LOVE, WILLIAM F - The Chartreuse Clue (signed)
35629: LOVE, WILLIAM - Bishop's Revenge (signed)
38141: LOVELL, HARVEY B AND LAWRENCE R GOLTZ (EDITOR) - Homey Plants: A Revised Edition of the Original
46166: LOWAG, LEONARD A. - Understanding Sexuality-a Psychologist's Guide to Perfect Intercourse in Marriage (Volume 1/Illustrated)
19768: LOWE, KENNETH S. - Michigan Out-Of-Doors: An Almanac in Pictures, Prose and Poetry
43050: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Odes, Lyrics, and Sonnets From the Poetic Works of James Russell Lowell
48928: LOZOWICK, YAACOV - Hitler's Bureaucrats: The Nazi Security Police and the Banality Evil
21408: PHOENIX MODEL DEVELOPMENTS LTD. - A World of Miniatures
45169: KNAPP & PETERSON LTD - Peterson's Patent Pipes (Barry Levin catalog)
53909: LUBETKIN, M. JOHN - Custer's Gold
21624: LUBICK, GEORGE M. - Petrified Forest National Park : A Wilderness Bound in Time
3418: LUCAS, GEORGE - Return of the Jedi: The Ewoks Join the Fight
45109: LUCAS, JOHN W. (EDITOR) - Heat Transfer and Spacecraft Thermal Control (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics Volume 24)
52481: LUCCHESI, ALDO - Soul Orgy
41865: LUCKHARD, CHARLES F. - Faith in the Forest: A True Story of Pioneer Lutheran Missionaries, Laboring Among the Chippewa Indians in Michigan 1833 - 1868 (reprint)
41164: LUCKNER, MARTIN - Secondary Metabolism in Plants and Animals
19085: LUEY, BETH - Handbook for Academic Authors Third edition
3398: LUGER, HARRIETT MANDELAY - Bird of the Farallons
48162: LUGLI, GIUSEPPE - The Classical Monuments of Rome and Its Vicinity: Volume I The "Zona Archeologica
50574: LUKACS, JOHN, - Through the History of the Cold War: The Correspondence of George F. Kennan and John Lukacs
48773: LUKÁCS, GEORG - Conversations with Lukács
54077: LUKER, NICHOLAS - From Furmanov to Sholokhov: An Anthology of the Classics of Socialist Realism [Illustrated] [Paperback]
48950: LUKES, STEVEN - Marxism and Morality
23920: LUMLEY, BRIAN - Spaun of the Winds
53274: LUND, JOANNA M. - Make a Joyful Table, Signed
49822: LUNDH, LENNART - H-34 Choctaw in action - Aircraft No. 146
48593: LUNTZ, CHARLES E. - Vocational Guidance by Astrology
48684: LUPIERI, EDMONDO F. - A Commentary on the Apocalypse of John
49525: VAN LUSTBADER, ERIC - The Ring of Five Dragons: Volume One of the Pearl (signed)
20255: VAN LUSTBADER, ERIC - The Veil of a Thousand Tears
28194: LUTHER, FRANK - Circus Songs for Children
41854: LUTON, HARRY H. - The Log Jam
10272: LYALL, DAVID - The Intervening Sea
52920: LYNCH, MIKE - Illinois StarWatch: The Essential Guide to Our Night Sky, Signed
52919: LYNCH, MIKE - Ohio StarWatch: The Essential Guide to Our Night Sky, Signed
11685: LYNCH, THOMAS - Skating with Heather Grace
35421: LYNCH, MIKE - Indiana StarWatch: The Essential Guide to Our Night Sky
51246: LYNCH, V. E. - LYNCH'S SCIENTIFIC METHODS OF TRAPPING (Including proven formulae for baits and scents) revised edition
49668: LYNCH, PETER E. - New Haven Railroad (MBI Railroad Color History)
30583: LYND, ROBERT - The Pleasures of Ignorance
53805: LYNN, GODFREY - Henrietta's Ride
44892: LYON, RICHARD H. ET AL - Random noise and vibration in space vehicles (Shock and Vibration Monograph, 1)
54658: LYON, DAVID O - The Kalamazoo Automobilist (signed)
48849: LYON, DAVID - The Information Society: Issues and Illusions
13459: LYONS, RICHARD - These Modern Nights
53765: LYONS-WEILER, JAMES - Ebola: An Evolving Story
50745: LYONS, RICHARD - These Modern Nights, Signed
53001: LYTLE, HORACE - Point!, A Book about Bird Dogs
42219: MAAG, R. JOHN - Cascade Falls
42252: MAC DONALD, GEORGE AND STEVE PETERSON - Champions: The Super Role-Playing Game
35232: MACAULAY - Frederick the Great: Little Blue Book #393
22481: MACAULAY, LORD - Lays of Ancient Rome with Ivry and the Armada new edition
53257: MACBRIDE, STUART - Broken Skin, Signed
43408: MACCOLL, MICHAELA - Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria became Queen with the Help of Her Maid, a Reporter, and a Scoundrel
27200: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - The Gun Branders: Murder and vengeance in a savage border town
39389: MACDONALD, GEORGE - Malcolm
48796: MACDONALD, ROSS - Black Money (signed)
35146: MACIONIS, JOHN J. - Society: The Basics - Annotated Instructor's Edition
35998: MACKALL, DANDI DALEY - Silent Dreams
54549: MACKENZIE, LINDA - Inner Insights: The Book of Charts
51834: MACKIW, THEODORE - Prince Mazepa, Hetman of Ukraine: in contemporary English publications, 1687-1709.
46672: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of England, July 1940
54002: MACLEAN, CHRISTINE KOLE - Mary Margaret Mary Christmas (signed)
51027: MACMULLAN, R. A - The life and times of Michigan pheasants
49918: MACMULLAN, R.A. - The Life and Times of Michigan Pheasants
789: MADDEN, DAVID - The Shadow Knows, Stories
28355: MADDEN, DAVID - The Shadow Knows: Stories by David Madden (signed)
52177: MADDEN, TERRY - Terry Madden's Watercolor Workshop (1100 Series Volume 2)
5223: MADER, SYLVIA S. - Inquiry into Life: Stdent Study Art Notebook - 8th edition
40676: MADISON, J. J. - Bill & Carol & Tom & Ellie
20993: MAE, LINDA - One too Many Candles of Repentance
41906: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Hour-Glass
52357: MAGAZINE, DIGITAL PHOTO - The Complete Digital Photo Handbook: Your #1 Guide for Inspirational Photography
27258: WOMAN'S WORLD MAGAZINE - The Menu Book of the American Housewife
12218: MAGAZINE - The Circle: A Modern Department Magazine for all People: Volume 1 No. ,1 January 1907 thru Dec. 1907
7147: LIFE MAGAZINE - Oswald Titles include 2 Magazines
7148: LIFE MAGAZINE - A Matter of Reasonable Doubt
24576: LIFE MAGAZINE - Life Through the Sixties
52264: MAGAZINE - Harper's New Monthly Magazine Volume XLVII June to November, 1873 (Vol 47)
52265: MAGAZINE - Harper's New Monthly Magazine Volume XLVIII December 1873 to May 1874, 1873 (Vol 48)
51008: POPULAR MECHANICS MAGAZINE - 23 Boats You Can Build : Step - By - Step Instructions, Pictures And Plans
46601: MAGGIE, JOHN - Go Down in the Valley
200017: MAGGIKNITS - The Gathered Look, MK Collection Book 15
14614: MAGNER, D. - The New System of Educating Horses Including Instructions on feeding, Watering, Etc.
40239: MAGNESEN, GARY - The Investigation: A Former FBI Agent Uncovers the Truth Behind Howard Hughes, Melvin Dummar & the Most Contested Will in American History
52158: MAGOCSI, PAUL ROBERT - Ukraine: An Illustrated History paperback
24296: MAGOULIAS, HARRY J. - Byzantine Christianity: Emperor, Church and the West
44368: MAGUIRE, MICHAEL - Swiftly - SIGNED
54485: MAHADEVAN, T. K. - The Year of the Phoenix: Gandhi's Pivotal Year: 1893-94
39347: MAHARIS, JOANNA - Dominica's Inferno
3615: MAIER, PAUL L. (EDITOR), C. ALLEN ALEXANDER M. D. - C. Allen Alexander, M. D. : An Autobiography: The Alexander Oral History Project Volmue 1
44810: MAIN, J. R. K. - Manual of Ground School Training 2nd edition
53252: MAINE, HENRY SUMNER - Ancient Law, Its Connection with the Early History of Society, and its Relation to Modern Ideas.
42957: MAKINE, ANDREI - La fille d'un héros de l'Union soviétique
54345: MALAN, DAN, INTRODUCTION - Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Reproductions of all three 19th century folios.
51397: MALET, LEO - Death of a Marseilles Man: A Nestor Burma Mystery (Crime Case) Hardcover
50404: MALLETT, JERRY J AND MARIAN R. BARTCH - Close the Curtains (signed)
52994: MALLOCH, DOUGLAS - The Woods
50403: MALLOCH, DOUGLAS - Little Hop-Skipper
46465: MALLORY, WALTER H. - China: Land of Famine, by Walter H. Mallory, with a Foreword by Dr. John H. Finley
43973: MALONE, LEE, PHOTOGRAPHY BY PAUL MALONE - The Majesty of the Felicianas
22946: MALORY, SIR THOMAS, EDITIED BY ERNEST RHYS - The Noble and Joyous History of King Arthur, The First Nine Books
51581: MALTBY, MARK - Faunal Studies on Urban Sites: Animal Bones from Exeter, 1971-75 (Exeter archaeological reports)
21214: MANHIRE, BILL (EDITOR) - Soho Square Four
36792: MANNING, RICHARD - Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization
47138: MANNIX, DANIEL P. - The Hell Fire Club
38084: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth and the Nations: studies in British commonwealth relations
44301: MANSERGH, NICHOLAS - The Commonwealth Experience: Volume One: The Durham Report to The Anglo-Irish Treaty (Revised Ed.)
18504: MANTEL, S. G. - Explorer With A Dream: John Ledyard
10650: MARCADE, JEAN - Eros Kalos, Essay on Erotic Elements in Greek Art
50152: MARCH, HAROLD (EDITED BY) - Tales by Erckmann-Chatrian
52082: MARCHAND, GREG - Frenchie: New Bistro Cooking
51765: VAN DER MARCK, JAN - Art and the American experience: [exhibition] September 13-December 6, 1998 (KIA bulletin) paperback
53361: MARCUS, MICHAEL - Under a Crescent Sun, (signed)
42898: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - The Victorious Attitude
52728: MARK, TED - The Man From O.R.G.Y. The Nude Who Never (Ted Mark Spy Thriller #3)
52729: MARK, TED - The Man From O.R.G.Y. The Real Gone Girls (Ted Mark Spy Thriller #4)
52730: MARK, TED - The Man From O.R.G.Y. The Girl from Pussycat (Ted Mark Spy Thriller #5)
52494: MARKEY, GENE - Women, Women, Everywhere
47574: MARKLAND, R. R. - The Best of Karpov
48149: MARKLE, GERALD E. - Meditations of a Holocaust Traveler, Signed
52614: MARKMAN, MARSHA - American Journey, Vol. 1: United States History Through Letters and Diaries, Revised, 2nd Edition
36266: MARKS, ROBERT W. - The Growth of Mathematics From Counting to Calculus
42571: MARKS, NORTON E. & ROBERT M. TAYLOR (EDITORS) - Marketing Logistics: Perspectives and Viewpoints
47637: MARLEY, DAVID F. - Pirates: Adventurers of the High Seas
49548: MARRE, LOUIS A. - The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide
53301: MARSH, TERRY - A Northern Coast to Coast Walk: From St. Bee's Head to Robin Hood's Bay
47107: MARSHALL, ALAN - Sinners Circle
3321: MARSHALL, BRUCE - Katzchen und Katzen
17610: MARSHALL, LYN - Yoga for your Children
25382: MARSHALL, DOUGLAS - A Very Palpable Hit: A Murder Mystery
47101: MARSHALL, ALAN - Want-Ad Wantons
53945: MARSHALL, RODERICK - William Morris and His Earthly Paradises
52524: MARSHALL, ALAN - Queen of Cruelty: behind the playgirl façade, she was
54377: MARSTON, EDWARD - Deeds of Darkness: A Homefront Detective Mystery
54205: MARTELL, JOHN - Leaf Fall: Tanka
52333: MARTIN, DARRAGH - The Keeper
54091: MARTIN, JAMES - Escape from Botany Bay, 1791, First Fleet Books No. 3
53600: MARTIN, GERALD AND MARCELLA MARTIN - What Lives We've Led!, Memories of Two epression Kids, of WW II and the Happiness that Followed
29844: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R.. - Sandkings
23607: MARTIN, TERRI L. - A Family Trait (signed)
32284: MARTIN, ANNE - Quick and Easy Creative Art Lessons
28358: MARTIN, JEANNE MARIE - Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook: Everything You Need to Know About Prevention, Treatment & Diet
50834: MARTIN, LYNN - Offbeat Thrills
50405: MARTIN, PATRICIA MILES - Two Plays about Foolish People
53269: MARTIN, TERRI L. - A Family Trait, Signed
52852: MARVEL, IK. - Dream Life: A Fable of the Seasons
49794: MARVEL, BILL - Santa Fe - All the Way, Vol. 1: 1940s - 1966
53643: MARVELLE, DELILAH - The Duke of Andelot
54255: MASARYK, THOMAS GARRIGUE - The Spirit of Russia: Studies in History, Literature & Philosophy--3 Volumes
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48520: MASHKOVTSEV - History of Russian Art, vol 1 and vol 2
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47797: MASON, KEITH ANTAR - New Wine and Black Men's Feet
52755: MASON, MARY LOU SHEPERD SOPHIA - From One House to Another
54188: MASSEY, SUJATA - Girl in a Box - SIGNED
51917: MASSIE, LARRY B. - The Romance of Michigan's Past, Signed
51916: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Copper Trails and Iron Rails, Signed
20964: MASSIE, LARRY B. - The Romance of Michigan's Past
51918: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Michigan Memories, Signed
51905: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Pig Boats and River Hogs, Further Voages into Michigan's Past, Signed
51908: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Birchbark Belles, Signed
51915: MASSIE, LARRY B. - On the Road to Michigan's Past, Signed
51906: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Potawatomi Tears & Petticoat Pioneers, Signed
51907: MASSIE, LARRY B. - Potawatomi Tears & Petticoat Pioneers, Signed
28482: MASSMANN, JOSEF - Temperament, Nerves and the Soul: Collected Essays
47115: MASTERS, F. H. - Blackthorn (signed)
53442: MASTERSON, RON - Greeting Cards: the Mechanics and the Market
25358: MATALIN, MARY AND JAMES CARVILLE - All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President (signed)
52568: MATHERS, KATHRYN - Shared Journey : The Rockefeller Foundation, Human Capital, and Development in Africa (Hardcover)
53845: MATHESON, REBECCA JUMPER - Young Originals: Emily Wilkens and the Teen Sophisticate (Costume Society of America Series)
54479: MATHESON, RICHARD - Somewhere in Time/What Dreams May Come
44588: MATTHEWS, CHRISTOPHER - Kennedy & Nixon: The Rivalry That Shaped Postwar America - SIGNED
39810: MATTHEWS, KEVIN - This Book Could Kill You: Recipes to Die For
53407: MATTHEWS, CHRISTOPHER - Kennedy & Nixon: The Rivalry That Shaped Postwar America - SIGNED
48873: MATUSTIK, MARTIN AND MEROLD WESTPHAL (EDITORS) - Kierkegaard in Post/Modernity (Studies in Continental Thought)
200077: MATZ, PETER - Lost in Transformation, Two Years In Angola
27239: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Bel-Ami
20854: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - The Complete Works of Guy de Maupassant (9 volumes complete)
44455: MAURICE, GRIZELDA - Arranging Flowers
50231: MAWSON, C. O. SYLVESTER - Doubleday, Page & co.'s geographical manual and new atlas
47031: MAXEY, CYNDI & JILL BREMER - It's Your Move: Dealing Yourself the Best Cards in Life and Work (signed)
37358: MAXWELL, JOHN - Partners In Prayer
39962: MAY, KARL - The Evil Saint
48405: MAYER, S.L. - Der Adler, the offical Nazi Luftwaffe Magazine
40550: MAYER, ALFRED - 400 Jahre europåischer Kulturgemeinschaft. In Ubersichten 1500 - 1900.
200073: MAZARIO, GIUSEPPE - Da Torcello A Murano
50381: MC BRIDE, BILL - Railroads of the Hudson River Valley 1979-2008, Signed
54522: MCAULEY, PAUL J. - Fairyland
20305: MCBAIN, ED - There was a Little Girl (signed)
200064: MCBAIN, ED - See Them Die
53304: MCBAIN, ED - Fat Ollie's Book, A Novel of the 87th Precinct, Signed
39961: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - The Carradyne Touch
54402: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Pegasus in Flight (signed)
53524: MCCAHAN, ERIN - I Now Pronounce You Someone Else (signed)
45274: MCCALLION, H - Vibration of linear mechanical systems
19950: MCCARTER, ROBERT AND WILLIAM MORGAN - William Morgan: Selected and Current Works The Master Architect Series VI
12262: MCCARTHY, ANN - The Great Lakes: A Photographic Journey
37776: MCCARTHY, KEITH - The Rest is Silence
51255: MCCASLIN, HERBERT J. - Wood Pattern-Making
52476: MCCAULEY, DARYL - spasm
42546: MCCLAMROCH, N.H. - State Models of Dynamic Systems: A Case Study Approach
25194: MCCLARD, MEGAN - Harriet Tubman: Slavery and the underground Railroad
54645: MCCLARY, JOSH P. - Chance Murphy and the Battle of Morganville (signed)
54646: MCCLARY, JOSH P. - Chance Murphy and the Battle of Morganville (signed)
10912: MCCORMICK, GARY E. - One of the Many Roses: Poetry (signed)
47746: MCCOURT, JAMES - Mawrdew Czgowchwz (signed)
54399: MCCOY, RAYMOND ARTHUR - The massacre of Old Fort Mackinac (Michilimackinac)
28700: MCCRACKEN, KENNETH D. - Baby Flat-Top
45283: MCCRACKEN, URSULA E. (EDITOR) - Gatherings in Honor of Dorothy E. Miner (with signed Letter)
26902: MCCUE, LILLY - Strings On My Lute
51595: MCCUMBER, JOHN - Philosophy and Freedom: Derrida, Rorty, Habermas, Foucault (Studies in Continental Thought) (Paperback)
44286: MCCUTCHEON, JOHN T - Cartoons by McCutcheon
42441: MCCUTCHEON, HOLDRETH - Recipes and Rhymes of Late Victorian Times: An Authentic and Endearing Collection (signed)
52702: MCDANIEL, DAVID - Man From Uncle (no. 3) The Copenhagen Affiar
40624: MCDERMOTT, JAMES - The Heisey Animals
43414: MCDERMOTT, KRISTEN AND ARI BERK - William Shakespeare: His Life and Times
48052: MCDEVITT, JACK - Chindi
4281: MCDONALD, JULIE - Ruth Buxton Sayre: First Lady of the Farm
38387: MCDONALD, MEME - Love Like Water
49549: MCDONALD, CHARLES W. - Diesel Locomotive Rosters, Second Edition: U.S., Canada, Mexico
44875: MCDONALD, CRAIG - Head Games (signed)
200039: MCDONNELL, REA - The Catholic Epistles and Hebrews
36296: MCDOWALL, IAIN - Perfectly Dead
28120: MCEWAN, JANET M. - Writing For Our Lives (Volume 1, Number 1)
32072: MCFERRAN, ANN - 10 Trained Bears
49230: MCGILLOWAY, BRIAN - Little Girl Lost, Signed
49524: MCGREGOR - Variable Syndrome (Paperback)
49104: MCINERNY, RALPH - Judas Priest: A Father Dowling Mystery (Signed)
36262: MCINTOSH, NINA - The Educated Heart: Professional Guidelines for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers & Movement Teachers
1005: MCKELVY, CHARLES - Clarke Theatre (Act I) and other Works
33699: MCKELVY, CHARLES - Billy and Other Stories
29434: MCKELVY, CHARLES - Clarke Barred and Other Stories
28362: MCKENZIE, ELEANOR - The Joseph H. Pilates Method at Home
48760: MCKENZIE, ALYCE M. - Preaching Proverbs: Wisdom for the Pulpit
31203: MCKINLAY, ARCHIBALD - Reejin Archetypes: Book One of Duh Reejin, a Workaday Mythology
49535: MCKINNEY, KEVIN - Passenger Train Annual, No. 1
48851: MCLEOD, MONA KEDSLIE - Agents of Change: Scots in Poland 1800-1918
21491: MCMANN, LAMARR - Bedroom Coach
53523: MCMANN, LISA - Bang (signed)
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52947: MCMILLAN, JOE - High Green to Marceline - Santa Fe in Color Series, Vol. 1
45018: MCMINN, ROBERT E. ET AL - Aircraft in Flight: the aerodynamics and control of subsonic and supersonic flight
53857: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Lonesome Dove
50150: MCNAIR, JAMES B. - Sugar and Sugar-Making, Botany Leaflet 13
54642: MCNAIR, DR. RUSH - Medical Memoirs of 50 Years in Kalamazoo
40861: MCNAUGHTON, BRIAN - Satan's Surrogate #4
47861: MCNEIL, LEGS & JENNIFER OSBORNE - The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry
39569: MCNETT, MOLLY - One Dog Happy (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
44629: MCPARTLAND, JOSEPH F - Practical electrical calculations: Based on the 1978 NE Code
53438: MCPHERSON, JOHN & GERI - Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness Paperback
53285: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, Signed
41279: MCSORLEY, TOM - Atom Egoyan's The Adjuster
11342: MCSPADDEN, J. WALKER - Indian Heroes
53725: MCVEIGH, BRIAN J. - Japanese Higher Education as Myth
45531: MCWILLIAMS, D. G. - Never too old to cry (signed)
33665: MEAD, BEN AND DON BARBER - Private Doakes and Me! With a brand-new Personal Record feature
54605: MEANS, JAMES HOWARD - Ward 4: the Mallinckrodt Research Ward of the Massachusetts General Hospital (signed)
52045: MEDIOLI, JOANNA - Road's End
36021: MEEHAN, CHRISTOPHER - Murder on Sacred Ground (signed)
46289: MEHNER, A. ET AL (PHOTOGRAPHERS) - Sons Of The Sun
25799: MEHRA, ACHAL - No Bull Guide to Citizenship
49740: MEHRER, JIM - Illinois Post Offices A listing and guide to posmark scarcity, Signed
51718: MEIKLE, W. ERIC & SUE TAYLOR PARKER - Naming Our Ancestors: An Anthology of Hominid Taxonomy (Paperback)
31470: MEINECKE, FRIEDRICH - Ausgewahlter Briefwechsel
40044: MEINECKE, FRIEDRICH - Weltburgertum und Nationalstaat
53212: MEINKING, MARY - Cash Crop to Cash Cow: The History of Tobacco and Smoking in America (Tobacco: the Deadly Drug)
27164: MEISS, MILLARD AND ELIZABETH H. BEATSON - La Vie de Nostre Benoit Sauveur Ihesuscrist & La Saincte Vie de Nostre Dame
21345: MELAMED, LEO - The Tenth Planet
51260: MELANSON, PHILLIP H. - Spy Saga: Lee Harvey Oswald and U.S. Intelligence [Hardcover]
53520: MELOY, MAILE - The Apothecary (signed)
53100: MELOY, MAILE - The Apothecary (signed)
31771: MELSON, GAIL F. - Why the Wild Things Are: Animals in the Lives of Children
17660: MELTON, J. GORDON - New Age Almanac
14016: MELTON, MELANIE - Will Black Holes Devour the Universe? & 100 Other Questions & Answers about Astronomy
39601: MELTZER, BRAD - The Book of Lies (signed)
17630: MELZACK, RONALD - The Challenge of Pain
53628: MENCHU, RIGOBERTA - I, Rigoberta Menchu, signed
53279: MENCKEN, H. L. - Prejudices: Third Series
53832: MENDELSOHN, MARTHA - Bromley Girls
53387: MENDOZA, JOHN - Ventriloquism Made Easy: a complete and understandable instruction book for beginners
52356: MENG, KAARI - French General: A Year of Jewelry: 36 Projects with Vintage Beads
18917: MENKIN, DAN - Facilitating Inner Peace: Exploring the integration of Inner-peace counseling
54647: MENO, JOE - Marvel and a Wonder (signed)
54648: MENO, JOE - Marvel and a Wonder (signed)
20202: DE MENTE, BOYE - Oriental Secrets of Graceful Living
49383: MERCATORIS, MARII - Acta Mrii Mercatoris: S. Sgustini Ecclesiae Doctoris Discipuli
14723: MERCER, JOHNNY AND MATT MALNECK - Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (Sheet Music)
29703: MERCIEER, JACQUES - Zauberrollen Aus Athiopien
53141: DE MERLE, LES - Jazz-Rock Fusion volume one
20824: MERLIN, OLIVIER - L'Opera de Paris
20661: MERLINI, CARLO - Palazzi e Curiosita Storiche Torinesi
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22047: MERRIAM, RAY, EXECUTIVE EDITOR - Military Journal, 5 Magazines
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46615: MERRICK, GORDON - Forth Into Light
42524: MERRILL, GRAYSON - Space Vehicle Electronics: Principles of Guided Missile Design
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8119: MERY, MICHEL - The Father, The Son, and The Walkperson and Other Sapiens-Fiction Stories
51273: MESSEL, HARRY - Nuclear Energy Today and Tomorrow
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44597: MESYATSEV, P. P. - Application of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in the Design and Manufacture of Radio-Electronic Equipment
44086: METALLURGISTS, INSTITUTION OF - BEHAVIOUR OF METALS AT ELEVATED TEMPERATURES: lectures delivered at the institution of metallurgists refresher course, 1956
45964: METALS, AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR - Asm Metals Reference Book: A Handbook of Data About Metals and Metalworking
5076: METCALF, HENRY AIKEN - The Idylls and Epigrams of Theocritus Bion and Moschus (3 volumes)
48137: MEYER, URBAN AND JEFF SNOOK, EDITOR - What It Means to be a Buckeye
25803: DE MEYER, JOHN - A Sentimental Yankee
50459: MEYER'S UNIVERSUM - Pittoreskt Universum eller Taflor ur hela den kanda verlden, Thredje and Forsta Bandet, 2 Volumes
42486: MEYERHOFF, JENNY - Third Grade Baby
52896: MEYERHOFF, JENNY - Third Grade Baby (signed)
44193: MEYERS, ROBERT A. (EDITOR) - Encyclopedia of Physical Science & Technology: 1989 Yearbook
51871: MICHEL, ALBIN - Ranx Tamburnini Liberatore (16 Postcards)
51962: MICHELANGELO - Love Sonnets & Madrigals to Tommaso de'Cavalieri
51124: MICHELET, JULES - Satanism and Witchcraft a Study in Medieval Superstition (paperback)
51495: MICKETTI, GERALD - The Bradley boats
45046: THEORY AND PRACTICE OF MICROPROCESSORS - Theory and Practice of Microprocessors
50614: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM D - The Railroad Scene
49813: MIGLIARDI, ROBERT D. - HU-16 Albatross in Action - Aircraft No. 161
51353: MIHAILOV, ALEXEI - Pavel Korin, ????? ?????
40943: MIKHAILOV, ALEXEI - Mikhail Vasilievich Nesterov: Life and Work (Mikhail Vasil'evich Nesterov: Zhizn' I tvorchestvo)
50638: MILES, R. E. - A History of early railroading in Winona County
49767: MILGRAM, JAMES W. - Abraham Lincoln Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Paper 1860-1865
20760: MILICUA, D. JOSE - Guide Artistique de L' Espagne
22964: MILL, JOHN STUART & GOROVITZ, SAMUEL - Utilitarianism : Text and Critical Essays
27635: MILLARCA, SUZANNE - Les Oiseaux en 1000 Photos
28070: MILLARD, ANNE - The Egyptians (Peoples of the Past)
52477: MILLER, JAMES - Virgin Offering
44699: MILLER, MARC - The Plaid Shroud
54174: MILLER, J. MARTIN - The Monarch Standard Atlas of the Commercial Geographical and Historical World
44258: MILLER, CHARLES M. - Kitecraft and Kite Tournaments
49242: MILLER, A. D. - Snowdrops (signed)
54567: MILLER, BOB AND SUE (EDITORS) - Amish-Country Cookbook: Favorite recipes gathered by Das Dutchman Essenhaus, Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 (4 book set)
49533: MILLER, EDWARD J - MY BROTHER, The IC Railroad and Southern Illinois1936-1942, Signed
47145: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Goon Show Scripts
44480: MILLIKAN, CLARK B. - Aerodynamics of the Airplane
51448: MILLIKIN, JAMES - Visions of Sugarplumbs: dessert cook book
48906: MILLS, JACKIE - Sirena of Salado (signed)
54080: MILLS, BARRISS - The Idylls of Theokritos. A Verse Translation By Barriss Mills
53216: MILLS, RICK W - North Western Rails: A Pictorial Essay of the C&NW's Western Divisions 1868-1988
49243: MILLS, MARK - The Information Officer, Signed
45342: MILLS, DESMOND - Amateur Gunsmithing
44839: MILLS, B. AND A. H. REDFORD - Machinability of Engineering Materials
7114: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton from the Text of Dr. Newton with a critical essay by J. Aikin
53816: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost A Poem in Twelve Books with Memoir and Notes (Illustrated) ca. 1882
48633: MILYUKOV, P. N. - Three Platforms of Republican Democratic Unions 1922-24: Political Commentaries
44006: MIMNO,HARRY R (EDITOR) - IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems Vol AES-3 Number 1January 1967
49211: MINA, DENISE - The Dead Hour: A Novel (signed)
49196: MINA, DENISE - Exile (signed)
49197: MINA, DENISE - The End of the Wasp Season (signed)
49192: MINA, DENISE - Resolution, Signed First Edition
49215: MINA, DENISE - Garnethill: A Novel of Crime
49220: MINA, DENISE - Sanctum (signed)
49204: MINA, DENISE - Slip of the Knife: A Novel (signed)
46894: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND & MAURICE SENDAK (ILLUSTRATOR) - Los Amigos De Osito/ Little Bear's Friend (Spanish Edition)
12342: BUREAU OF MINES - Minerals Yearbook 1969 Vol III Area Reports: Domestic
53145: MINTZ, BILLY - Different Drummers (with vinyl record page)
48043: MIRON, AXEL - Short Stories of Axel
43777: MISSEN, FRANCOIS - Cuba: The Sights, Sounds, Flavors, and Faces
26663: MITCHAM, JUDSON - Sabbath Creek: A Novel
6415: MITCHELL, PHONCE - From Public Haunt Exempt: A Nostalgic Americana
47254: MITCHELL, RICHARD - Footprints in the Dusts of Time
46042: MITCHELL, DONALD & CAROL COLES - The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook: Practical Questions, Exercises and Suggestions to Create Exponential Performance Gains through Applying
54631: MIYAZAKI, KEVIN J. - Perimeter A Contemporary Portrait of Lake Michigan (signed)
54630: MIYAZAKI, KEVIN J. - Perimeter A Contemporary Portrait of Lake Michigan (signed)
35646: MIZER, RAY - Midwest Mosaics
37168: MOCKFORD, CAROLINE - Cleo's Alphabet Book
37172: MOCKFORD, CAROLINE - Cleo's Alphabet Book
8154: MODESITT, L. E. - The Ghost of the Reuelator
32147: MODESITT, L. E., JR - Scepters, The Third Book of the Corean Chronicles
23437: MOENCH, DOUG - Batman : Haunted Gotham #1,2 & 3 of 4 Book Series
41327: MOFFATT, FREDERICK C. - The Life, Art, and Times of Joseph Delaney, 1904-1991
54343: MOHBERG, NOEL - Once You've Skinned the Cat, What Do You Do with the Pelt? (signed)
54009: MOJICA, JOSE F. - Jeff & Taylor vol 2
21132: MOLLER, HERALD W. AND JORGEN BUNDTZ-JORGENSEN - Vor Tids Konversations Leksikon Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 (missing 5-8)
17257: MOLLER, ERIK - Nationernes Historie en Verdenshistorie Fra Oldtiden Til Nu, 5 Volumes
46077: MOLOK, YURI, EDITOR - Vladimir Favorsky
48613: MOLONEY, JAMES CLARK M.D. - Understanding the Japanese Mind (signed)
48981: MOLONEY, FRANCIS - A Hard Saying: The Gospel and Culture (Scripture) [Paperback]
53882: MOLOTCH, HARVEY - Where Stuff Comes From: How Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers and Many Other Things Come To Be As They Are
200071: MOMIGLIANO, ATTILIO - Antologia della Letteratura Italiana, Volume Primo and Volume Secondo
44689: MONAGHAN, JAMES P. - Teach Me Thy Paths: A Lay Retreat Based upon the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola
36400: MONAHAN, WILLIAM - Lighthouse
54425: MONDSCHEIN, KEN - Renaissance Magazine Vol. 9 #6, Issue #40, 2004
48915: MONETTE, CLARENCE J - Lac La Belle
3337: MONGAIT, ALEXANDER - Archaeology in the USSR
45256: MONRO, DAVID B. ET THOMAS W. ALLEN - Homeri Opera: Recognovervnt Breviqve Adnotatione Critica Instrvxervnt: Tomvs I: Iliadis Libros I-XII Continens
53121: MONTAGNE, BRUCE - Lake Superior Secrets, Signed
19880: MONTELL, AINA - Vavboken: Handbok for Hemmet och Skolan, Utarbetad
17567: MONTGOMERY, M. R. AND GERALD L. FOSTER - A Field Guide to Airplanes of North America
41245: MONTLACK, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them
51735: MONTOYA, MARIA & RODERICK HILLS, JR. - First Presbyterian Church & the Larger World
50155: MOODY, JOHN - Moody's Transportation Manual (Railroads-Airlines-Shipping Traction, Bus and Truck Lines)
50154: MOODY, JOHN - Moody's Transportation Manual
54389: MOODY, KIM, FRED EPPSTEINER AND MIKE FLUG - Toward The Working Class together with Why The Working Class?: a position paper for the new left
51303: MOONEY, D.W. - National Water Summary 1983: Hydrologic Events and Issues(U. S. Geological Survey Awter-Supply Paper 2250
5744: MOORE, WILLIAM ET AL - Nutrition, Growth and Development of North American Indian Children
18268: MOORE, JAMES - Let's Visit Switzerland
44058: MOORE, MARK B. - Theory and Application of Mechanical Engineering Measurements
43103: MOORE, JAMES W. - Balancing the Needs of Water Use
47925: MOORE, CLEMENT CLARKE - The Night Before Christmas
53152: MORALES, HUMBERTO - Humberto Morales' Latin-American Rhythm Instruments And How To Play Them
29295: MORAN, PAULINE L. - I Have Lived, Loved and Laughed
54638: MORAN, WILLIAM P. - Moran's Shoreside Companion for Great Lakes Ships 1997, Signed
42593: MORGAN, WILLIAM N. - Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America
42592: MORGAN, WILLIAM N. - Earth Architecture: From Ancient to Modern
40832: MORGAN, DAVID R AND BERYL B. SIMPSON - A systematic Study of Machaeranthera and Related Groups. Systematic Botany Volume 14 Number 4 Oct-Dec 1992
42583: MORGAN, BUNNY - Tag Along: A Watercolor Journal
31415: MORIARITY, PAT (CARTOONIST) - You And Your Big Mouth #1
5052: MORIKE, EDUARD - Das Stuttgarter Hutzelmannlein
10294: MORLAND, NIGEL - The Corpse on the Flying Trapeze: A Mrs. Pym Mystery
40580: MOROZOV, SERGEI, ET AL. - Soviet Photography: An Age of Realism
44207: MORRILL, BERNARD - Mechanical Vibrations.
200002: MORRIS, WILLIAM - A Dream of John Ball and A King's Lesson
5997: MORRIS, RICHARD B. AND EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The Life History of the United States Before1775 (12 Volume Set)
52105: MORRIS, IAN - When Bad Things Happen to Rich People
43051: MORRIS, WILLIAM - A Dream of John Ball and A King's Lesson
51717: MORRIS, KENNETH DOUGLAS A ANDERSON EDITOR - The Dragon Path: Collected Tales of Kenneth Morris (signed)
53606: MORRIS, REV. THOMAS A. - Sermons on Various Subjects
53360: MORRIS, CAROL - The Poet in the Next Bed
48119: MORRISON, D.H. - Songs We Love, all the favorites from every land designed and arranged for home, church and school
52985: MORRISON, MELANIE SHELTON - The Politics of Sin: Practical Theological Issues in Lesbian Feminist Perspective
43165: MORRISON, KEVIN - The Accursed Realm: The Blood Gem (signed)
44328: MORROW, BRADFORD - The Diviner's Tale
50771: FAIRBANKS-MORSE - The Lackawanna Story
53133: MORTENSEN, LORI - Angel Island
19388: MORTENSON, ALICE HANSCHE - Sunshine and Shadows and Other Poems
52480: MORTIC, MAX - Possessed
51371: MORTON, LEWIS - The War of the Phillipines - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
51910: MOSCALIUS, MIHAELA - Father Dirt, Signed
23556: MOSCONI, WILLIE AND STANLEY COHEN - Willie's Game: An Autobiography
53101: MOSER, ELISE - Lily and Taylor (signed)
37180: MOSES, DANIEL DAVID - Pursued by a Bear: Talks, Monologues and Tales
53390: MOSS, THYLIAS - Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler - SIGNED
42105: MOSS, THYLIAS - Rainbow Remnants in Rock Bottom Ghetto Sky - SIGNED
44766: MOSZYNSKI, J R - Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Thermophysical Properties
51293: MOTLEY, JAMES B. - US Strategy to Counter Domestic PoliticalTerrorism (Paperback)
50053: MOWAT, FARLEY - My Discovery of America, signed
51851: MOYER, BILL - Moyers: The Language of Life (Complete Series) (8 VHS Boxed Set) (1995)
51850: MOYER, BILL - The Power of The Word with Bill Moyers Series, Six Video Set (the Moyers Collection)
25245: MOYERS, BILL - Healing and The Mind
53556: MOYES, JOJO - One Plus One: A Novel (signed)
52236: MUELLER, JAMES F. - Confessions of St. Augustine
45239: MUIR, JOHN - Picturesque California: The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Slope (7 books of 10)
52407: MULKEARN, LOIS, EDITOR - George Mercer Papers relating to the Ohio Company of Virginia
34197: MULLER, JULIUS M. - Presidential Messages and State Papers (9 volumes)
38146: MULLER, REINHARD AND A. B. NOACK - Klingende Heimat
51333: MULLER, MARY - Story of Wretched Flea, A Chinese Boy
54216: MULLIN, MIKE - Ashfall, Signed
200086: BAKEWELL & MULLINS - Designs of Architectural Ornaments Manufactured in Sheet Zinc, Brass or Copper by Bakewell & Mullins, Kittredge Cornice & Ornament Works
31677: MUNDY, TALBOT - Caesar Dies
54618: MUÑOZ, JUAN S. (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Interdisciplinary and Integrative Studies
54130: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - SPUTNIK MI AMOR (Spanish edition)
25120: MURDOCH, IRIS - The Book and the Brotherhood
45905: MURPHY, TIMOTHY - Mortal Stakes Faint Thunder
48823: MURPHY, ROLAND - Word Biblical Commentary, Vol. 23A: Ecclesiastes
44134: MURR, LAWRENCE AND CHARLES STEIN (EDITIORS) - Frontiers in materials science: Distinguished lectures
200056: MURRAY, DOUG AND RICHARD GARRISON - Heritage, Flash Gordon, Volume 1 Number 1b
40911: MURRAY, JAMES A. - Rejoice in the Lord Always Philippians 4:4
54671: MURRAY, TOM - Canadian National Railway (MBI Railroad Color History)
45252: MURRAY, GILBERTUS - Euripidis Fabulae, Tome 1: Cyclops, Alcestis, Medea Heraclidae Hippolytus Andromacha Hecuva
42243: MURRAY, JAMES A. - Rejoice in the Lord Always (Signed)
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39070: MYERS, RUSSELL - Broom-Hilda Growing Old Gracelessly and other Indignities
52025: MYERS, WILLIAM A. - The Quadrature Of The Circle, Square Root of Two, and the Right-Angled Triangle paperback
24130: MYLONAS, GEORGE E. - Mycenae: A Guide to its Ruins and its History
45259: MYNORS, R. A. B. - P. Vergili Maronis: Opera
48575: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Feu pale
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51057: NAJEMY, ROBERT - The Psychology of Happiness: Understanding Our Selves and Others
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54614: NAMATH, JOE WILLIE - I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow ... 'Cause I Get Better-Looking Every Day (signed)
47025: NAMBUDRIPAD, DEVI S. - NAET: Say Good-Bye to Your Allergies
7289: NANCE, JOHN J. - Medusa's Child
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44628: NAPOLITANO, L.G. (EDITOR) - Astronautical Research 1972 (Proceedings of the 23d Congress of the International Astrona)
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52623: NARDO, MARK DE - Body Games
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3475: NASH, HUGH - Progress As If Survival Mattered: A Handbook For A Conserver Society
17481: NASH, JEAN - A Love Through All Time
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44902: BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE - La Librairie de Charles V
44139: AGARD-NATO - The Fluid Dynamic Aspects of Space Flight (Agardograph 87) (v. 1)
48010: DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - Field Maintenance Instructions Radio Set Marine Corps AN/PRC 104, TM 07748A- 12/1, Air Force to 31R2-2PRC104-1
39473: NAWAZ, SALEEMA - Mother Superior: Stories
3722: NEAL, VALERIE - Observing the Universe in X-Rays
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28404: NEFF, FRED - Lessons From the Art of Kempo: Subtle and Effective Self-Defense
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49999: NEIL, RANDY L. WITH JACK ROSENTHAL - United States of America: The Trans-Mississippi Issue of 1898 Written and Edited by Randy L. Neil With Jack Rosenthal, signed
22070: O'NEILL, ELIZABETH - Mary Queen of Scots
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41550: NEMITZ, FRITZ - Die Kunst Russlands: Baukunst, Malerei, Plastik Vom 11. Bis 19. Jahrhundert
31732: NERBURN, KENT - A Haunting Reverence: Meditations on a Northern Land
21007: NERSESIAN, ARTHUR - Suicide Casanova
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47108: NEWKIRK, ROD - Sex Tortion
39877: NEWMAN, ERNEST - Seventeen Famous Operas
54412: NEWMAN, SHARAN - Defending the City of God - SIGNED
18800: THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS - November 22: The Day Remembered As Reported By The Dallas Morning News
47717: NEWTH, REBECCA - Finding the Lamb (signed)
47716: NEWTH, REBECCA - the Oseberg Skiff:the Female Journey (signed)
53897: NEWTON, RUTH E - Baby Animals (916)
34419: NEWTON, SIR ISAAC, TRANSLATED BY FLORIAN CAJORI - Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and His System of the World
4682: NEYLAND, JAMES - The Carter Family Scrapbook
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34943: NICHOLAS, MARK - The Rules: Ten to Live By
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39576: NICHOLS, NANCY A. - Lake Effect: Two Sisters and a Town's Toxic Legacy (signed)
44513: NICHOLS, STEPHEN - Le Roman De La Rose
48986: NICHOLS, WILLIAM - Rambling Around Granville: Thinking Locally
39602: NICKELL, DUANE S. - Guidebook for the Scientific Traveler: Visiting Astronomy and Space Exploration Sites Across America (Scientific Traveler) (signed)
19637: NICOL, ARTHUR RORY AND DAVID STRETCH AND TRIAN FUNDUDIS - Preschool Children in Troubled Families: Approaches to Intervention and Support
51840: NICOLL, MATTHIAS - New York State Baby Book
8088: NIEHOFF, AUTHUR - Take Over: How the Euroman Changed the World
48598: NIEUWBARN, M. C. - Hans Memling: Hundert Blatt (100 prints)
45001: NIEWENHUIS, LOREEN - Atlanta: a novella
40680: NIGHT, WALKER - Wet & Wild (#3124)
40667: NIGHTINGALE, GORDON T. - Horticultural Science
51659: NIKOLA-LISA W., ILLUSTRATED BY MIKE REED - Shake dem Halloween Bones, Signed
51167: NILES, STEVER AND BEN TEMPLESMITY - 30 Days of Night - Signed
44732: NILES, ALFRED - Airplane Structures 3RD Edition Volume 1 and 2
50750: NILES, GWENDOLYN - The Silence of the Rose, Signed
3728: K. G. OSSIAN-NILSSON - Samlade Dikter 1900-1905
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38308: NISULA, DASHA CULIC - Leading Contemporary Poets: an International Anthology
54423: NIX, GARTH (EDITOR) - NEW AUSTRALIAN FANTASY AND SF, October 2007 - December 2008 Catalogue
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49139: NIXON, J. E. - Parallel Extracts Arranged for Translation Into English & Latin with Notes on Idioms: Part I-Historical & Epistolary New Edition
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26487: NOEL, CHRISTOPHER - In the Unlikely Event of a Water Landing
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44823: NOLAN, JIM - Blackwater Angel
52280: NOLAND, MARCUS - Confronting the Curse: The Economics and Geopolitics of Natural Resource Governance
48241: NOLLE, RICHARD - Chiron, The New Planet in your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest, Signed
47926: NOMAD, ALI - Cosmic Consciousness: The Man-God Whom We Await
16742: NONE - Jesus: A Biography (audio tapes)
53419: NONE - Doggone Good Recipes of P. A. L. Lake County Pet Adoption League. Baldwin, Michigan, 2000
45291: NONE - THE HISTORY OF BOOKBINDING 525-1950 A.D.: an exhibition held at the Baltimore Museum of art, Nov 12, 1957 to Jan 12, 1958
47388: NONE - The Male Brothel
20903: NONNEN, EMILY - The Ruby Ring or Truth Will Prevail
46227: NORBU, THINLEY - Magic Dance: The Display of the Self Nature of the Five Wisdom Dakinis
48382: NORDIN, CARL S. - We Were Next to Nothing, An American POW's Account of Japanese Prison Camps and Deliverance in WW II
49154: NORMAN, KARYL AND HYATT BERRY, MUSIC BY EDWIN J. WEBER - Nobody Lied (When they said that I Cried Over You)
42186: NORMAN, JOHN - The King
52624: NORMANN, ED - The Honey Suckers
54612: NORTHRUP, JIM - Dirty Copper, Signed
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43075: NORTON, J. F. (EDITOR) - High Temperature Materials Corrosion in Coal Gasification Atmospheres
42750: NOSU, KOSETSU & BASIL CRUMP (DESCRIPTIVE ACCOUNTS) - The Mulagandhakuti Vihara Wall Paintings (3rd Impression)
6990: NOTTINGHAM, THEODORE J. - The Holy Man's War, Book One of The Mystic Isle Legends
48937: NOVAKOVICH, JOSIP - Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust
50175: NUAN-HSUAN, PH.D. HO - 2007 Stamp Yearbook, Taiwan with complete unused stamps (with slipcase)
44657: NUGENT, TED - Blood Trails II: The Truth About Bowhunting (updated and revised)
49788: NUGENT, TED - Blood Trails: The Truth About Bowhunting, Signed
33238: NURBAKHSH, JAVAD - Sufism I: Meaning, Knowledge, and Unity
43134: NURBAKHSH, JAVAD - Traditions of the Prophet Volume 1
50189: NURBAKHSH, DR. JAVAD - Sufism I: Meaning, Knowledge and
41592: NWANNA, GLADSON I. - Do's and Don'ts Around the World: An International Traveler's Resource Guide, Oceania & Japan
54006: NYE, BILL - Bill Nye and Boomerang
44329: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Give Me Your Heart: Tales of Mystery and Suspense
49620: UNITED STATES POST OFFICE - GENERAL SCHEME OF PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Region, Railway Mail Service.
42328: OHLY, FRIEDRICH - The Damned and the Elect: Guilt in Western Culture
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23602: OKUDA, HITOSHI - No Need for Tenchi! Dream A Little Scheme
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28910: OKUDZHAVA, BULAT - A Taste of Liberty
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53232: OLAUSEN, JUDY - Mother (signed)
45443: OLDHAM, JAMES B. - Blind Panels of English Binders
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54011: OLIVER, GEORGE - Signs and symbols illustrated and explained; in a course of twelve lectures on free-masonry
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50504: OLMSTED, ROBERT P. - Of Zephyrs and Commuters
50418: OLMSTED, ROBERT P. - Santa Fe Trails 2
49449: OLMSTED, ROBERT P. - Railroading in Downtown Chicago 1958-1969
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38767: ORMSBY, WATERMAN L. - The Butterfield Overland Mail: Only Through Passenger on the First Westbound Stage
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4771: ORTON, VREST - Calvin Coolidge's Unique Vermont Inaugration
51933: ORWELL, GEORGE - The Road to Wigan Pier
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49941: OSBORN, JIM - 1964 1/2 Mustang Illustrated Facts and Specifications Manual (reprint)
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13072: OSTRIKER, ALICIA - The Imaginary Lover
51574: OTIS, ALICIA - The light in your "I
6759: OTTEN, CHARLOTTE - The Book of Birth Poetry
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30108: OWEN-TOWLE, TOM - New Men Deeper Hungers
20276: OXENBURY, HELEN - Gran and Grandpa
43364: OXENDEN, REV. ASHTON - Short Lectures of the Sunday Gospels from Easter to Advent
54465: OXENDEN, REV. ASHTON - Short Lectures of the Sunday Gospels from Advent to Easter
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53140: PACE, RALPH C - international rock and roll for the drummer (signed)
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46836: PAGE, NORMAN (EDITOR) - D. H. Lawrence: Interviews and Recollections: Volumes 1 & 2
45254: PAGE, DENYS - Aeschyli Septem Quae Supersunt Tragoedias.
45312: PAGELS, ELAINE H. - Created Equal: Exclusion & Inclusion in the American Dream
51324: PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW - Captain Bill McDonald Texas Ranger: A story of Frontier Reform
870: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER - Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrical Poems
52853: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. - The Treasury of Sacred Song: selected from the English Lyrical Poetry
50390: PALLOTTA, JERRY, ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE EVANS - The Spice Alphabet Book: Herbs, Spices, and Other Natural Flavors, Signed
49983: PALMA, MARY MARTIN - Reflections, Signed
8472: PALMER, PHIL, MIKE PALMER AND JIM WALLS - The Cable Cars of San Francisco
40093: PALMER, PRUCENCE TAYLOR, T. J. PALMER - St. Clements: The Chronicle of a Connecticut River Castle
51882: PANAGOPOULOS, JANIE LYNN - Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp, Signed
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5905: PAPP, JOHN - Albany Bi-Centennial 1686-1886
28673: PAPUS - Die Kabbala, Methodische Darstellung
52041: PAREDES, AM'RICO - George Washington Gomez
50188: PARK, SAM Y. - Lest We Forget: When Time Stood Still; Naval Cancellations or Postmarks, Memorials U.S.S. Arizona and U.S.S. Utah
42845: FREDERIK MEIJER GARDENS AND SCULPTURE PARK - Henry Moore: Imaginary Landscapes
45320: PARKER, HARRY AND JAMES AMBROSE - Simplified Mechanics and Strength of Materials, 4th Edition
50269: PARKER, RICHARD GREEN - A School Compendium of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, contains also a description of Steam and locomitive engines
42348: PARKER, W. OWEN - Sceno-Graphic Techniques
53354: PARKER, ROBERT B. - The Godwulf Manuscript, Signed
49103: PARKIN, TIM G. - Demography and Roman Society (Ancient Society and History) (Hardcover)
44517: PARRA, DANN - Model Mystique Unraveled: How to get into Modeling
22626: PARSLEY, ROD - Out of the Ashes : Turning Your Ground Zero Into Personal Triumph
14688: PARSON-NESBITT, LUIS J. RODRIGUEZ AND MICHAEL WARR - Power Lines: A Decade of Poetry from Chicago's Guild Complex
14537: PARSONS, DR. LUISE - Health and Medicine
40383: PARTRIDGE, EDWARD B. - The Broken Compass: a stuey of the major comedies of Ben Jonson
20367: PARTRIDGE, JENNY - Dominic Sly
48738: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English; Colloquialisms and Catch-Phrases, Solecisms and Catachreses, Nicknames, Vulgarisms,
33761: PASTAN, LINDA - The Five Stages of Grief
47767: PATE, ALEXS D. - West of Rehoboth: A Novel (signed)
39338: HAMPL. PATRICIA - The Florist's Daughter
7588: PATRICK, ANNE E. - Liberating Conscience : Feminist Exploration in Catholic Moral Theology
51529: PATTERSON, DAN - Shoo Shoo Baby: A Lucky Lady of the Sky
42836: PATTERSON, ELIZABITH W ET AL - NASA Technical Report TR R-84: Ordinates and theoretical Presure-distribution data for NACA 6- andf 6ASeries Airfoil sections with
17731: PAUCK, WILHELM UND MARION PAUCK - Paul Tillich Sein Leben und Denken, Band I: Leben
52520: PAUL, F. W. - The Man From S.t.u.d. in 3 for an Orgy (No. 8)
35619: PAUL, ANTHEA - Girlsosophy: Real Girls Eat
50931: PAULL, MINNIE E. - ruby and ruthy
51093: P. GERALDO JOSE PAUWELS - Atlas Geografico Melhoramentos, Portugese
44402: PAYNE, LES - Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art
49757: PAYNE, ROBERT J. - United States Promotional Slogan Cancellations 1899-1940 + Companion
52886: PAYNO, MANUEL - Articulos y Narraciones
51539: PEARCE, BILL - The Holy Bible: NIV - Complete New Testament 12 Cassettes
54467: PEARSON, ADRIAN JONES - Cow Country
52562: PEARSON, BOB - Aircraft of World War I, 1914-1918 (Essential Aircraft Identification Guide)
200080: PEAT, RAYMOND - Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine
51352: PECK, DALLAS - United States Geological Survey Yearbook, Fiscal Year 1983
50457: PEEL, JOHN - The Avengers Files: Seasons Three and Four
42666: PEEL, JOHN - the Avengers Files: King Makes the Scene
42668: PEEL, JOHN - the New Avengers Files: A New Beginning
42676: PEEL, JOHN - the Prisoner Files
19696: PEEL, JOHN - Star Warriors: An issue of Files magazine
42273: PEEL, JOHN - The U.N.C.L.E. Files: The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The End of the Affair
42272: PEEL, JOHN - The U.N.C.L.E. Files: The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Part Two
42403: PEEL, JOHN - Guide To - The Next Generation - The Episodes, The Chracters, The Actors, Plus A Look Ahead At The Future Of Next Generation
50456: PEEL, JOHN - The Avengers Files: Seasons One and Two
42664: PEEL, JOHN - the Prisoner Files: Volume Five
42663: PEEL, JOHN - the Prisoner Files: Volume Four
43525: PELLEGRENO, ANN HOLTGREN - World Flight: The Earhart Trail (signed)
54583: PELZER, LOUIS - The Cattlemen's Frontier: A Record of the Trans-Mississippi Cattle Industry from Oxen Trains to Pooling Companies, 1850-1890
200006: PEMJEAN, LUCIEN - The New Adventures of D'Artagnan
44255: PEMJEAN, LUCIEN - The New Adventures of D'Artagnan
49523: PENDELTON, LOUIS - The Invisible Police
53230: PENMAN, SHARON KAY - Here Be Dragons (signed)
46807: PENNIMAN, JAMES H. - The Alley Rabbit (signed)
49944: PENNISI, BOB - The Northeast Railroad Scene, Vol. 2: The Lehigh & Hudson River, A brief look before Conrail
18737: PEPPER, CHORAL - Treasure Legends of the West
48263: PERCIVAL, LANCE - Well-Versed Cats
40596: PERES, SHIMON WITH ARYE NAOR - The New Middle East (signed)
43842: PERI, YORAM - Between Battles and Ballots: Israeli Military in Politics
46254: PERNELL, SARAH - Rugby
50822: PERRY, MARCIA - For the Love of Trees: My Sculpting Life
23915: PERRY, RUTH AND FRIEDMAN, ALLAN JAY (MUSIC) - The Hobbit : A Musical : Thorin Now for Some Music! Bring Out the Instruments
42804: PERRY, H. RODNEY - NASA Techinal Note D-343: A Self-Adaptive Missile Guidance System for Statistical Inputs
52788: PERRY, MICHAEL - The Scavengers (Signed)
49184: PERRY, ANNE - The Scroll, Signed Limited Edition
54000: PESSL, MARISHA - Night Film: A Novel (signed)
53377: PETERS, ELIZABETH - The Murders of Richard III, Signed
44256: PETERS, WILLIAM THEODORE - Posies Out of Rings and Other Conceits
32331: PETERS, ROBERT - Familial Love and Other Misfortunes
29894: PETERS, RAY - The Lafitte Case
40522: PETERS, ANGIE AND LARRY RICHARDS - Todos los nombres de Dios en la Biblia
48652: PETHICK, DEREK - British Columbia Disasters
28150: PETITCLERC, DENNE BART - Le Mans 24
44956: PETROV, I. P. - The Communist Party of the Soviet Union: Director and Instructor of the Red Army 1918-1920 (KPSS - Rukovoditel' I Vospitatel Krasnoi Armii)
47798: PETROVA, YEVQENIA (EDITOR) - Russian Folk Toys: In the Collection of the Russian Museum
47794: PETTEYS, CHRIS - Dictionary of Women Artists: An International Dictionary of Women Artists Born Before 1900 (signed)
36543: PETTITT, GEORGE - Clayton: Not Quite Shangri-La: The Story of a California Town
26126: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS (EDITOR) B. ROWLAND, K. CONANT G. HAMILTON - The Pelican History of Art (3 volumes)
54442: PFEIL, DONALD - Vertex - The magazine of Science Fiction - 1975/04 - Volume 3/Number 1
53004: PHAIR, CHARLES - Atlantic Salmon fishing
25756: PHELPS, ELIZABETH STUART - Sealed Orders
53864: PHELPS, W. CHRIS - Bombardment of Charleston, The: 1863-1865 (signed)
40876: PHILIP J., JR. DARLINGTON - Biogeography of the Southern End of the World
51316: PHILLIPS, EVERETT FRANKLIN - Beekeeping: A Discussion of the Life of the Honeybee and of the Production of Honey. [The Rural Science Series]
21672: PHILLIPS, LOUIS - Baseball: Records, Stars, Feats and Facts
11111: PHILLIPS, LARRY W. - Madison Retro
5267: PHILLIPS, M. C. - More Than Skin Deep
39386: PHILLIPS, CLAUDE S. - The Shot from the Mountain: An Appalachian Odyssey
53504: PHILLIPS, HARVEY - Mr. Tuba
54369: PHILLIPS, CLAUDE S. - The Shot from the Mountain: An Appalachian Odyssey
53735: PHILLIPS, KATHY BOLTZ - The Day the Electricity Went Out!! (signed)
46210: PHILLIPSON, DAVID - Band of Brothers Boy Seamen in the Royal Navy 1800-1956
48088: PICKARD, SID AND JOHN HALL - Scotch 4 . . . Qh4: The Steinitz Variation
44296: PICON, MOLLY - So Laugh a Little
9739: JIM PIERSON - The Dark Shadows Resurrected
54217: PILE, DUNCAN - Nature's Servant
53807: PINKNEY, ANDREA DAVIS - Rhythm Ride: A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound (signed)
42358: PINTO, MICHAEL A. - The Twin: A Novel about Thomas the Apostle (signed)
54004: PIPER, WATTY - Eight nursery tales
53071: PIPPIN, HORACE, EMILIO CRUZE, ET AL - A Print Portfolio: Eight African American Painters
50004: PISZKIEWICZ, LEONARD - United States Supplementary Mail
54240: PITCHER, EMMA BICKHAM - Of Woods and Other Things
9011: PIXLEY, ZAIDE - Great Ensemble: Celebrating 75 Years of Making Beautiful Music Together
52950: PLANTERS - Planters Presents: Our Fighting Forces
41822: PLATER, W.E. AND H. J. WHITE - The Grammar of the Vulgate: an introduction to the study of the Latinity of the Vulgate Bible
54404: PLATH, SYLVIA - The It-Doesn't-Matter Suit
21759: PLATONOV, S. F. - Textbook of Russian History for High Schools
53617: PLATSKE, FRAN CARPENTER - We, The Keepers' Kids and The Old Lighthouse Service, Signed
54382: PLATT, I. - The World's Encyclopedia of Wonders and Curiosities of Nature and art, Sicence and Literature
54113: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1969 playmate calendar.
54114: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1970 playmate calendar.
54115: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1971 playmate calendar.
54110: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1966 playmate calendar.
54111: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1967 playmate calendar.
54102: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1958 playmate calendar.
54103: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1959 playmate calendar.
54112: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1968 playmate calendar.
54104: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1960 playmate calendar.
54105: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1961 playmate calendar.
54106: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1962 playmate calendar.
54107: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1963 playmate calendar.
54108: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1964 playmate calendar.
54109: PLAYBOY - Playboy 1965 playmate calendar.
42234: PLICKA, KAREL - Prague in Photographe en Images: Architectual Prague
50223: PLOWDEN, DAVID - A Handful of Dust: Disappearing America, Signed
40560: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Complete Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe
48820: POE, EDGAR ALLEN - The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other tales of Horror (photoPlay)
7794: POGNON, EDMOND - Das Stundenbuch des Herzogs von Berry
15708: POGUE, DAVID - Palm Pilot: The Ultimate Guide: (book and Cdrom for PC & Mac)
14630: POHL, FREDERIK AND JACK WILLIAMSON - Undersea Trilogy, 3 Books
41586: POHL, FREDRIK - Homegoing (signed)
54177: POHL, FREDERICK - The Day the Martians Came (signed) (leather)
14188: POHRT, TOM - Coyote Goes Walking
53490: POJAR, JIM - Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska
52340: POLACCO, PATRICIA - Betty Doll (signed)
49219: POLANSKY, DANIEL - Low Town, The Straight Razor Cure, Signed
48204: POLE, DIKOE AND ALEXANDER LAZUTIN - Zaporizhia Region, Illustrated Encyclopedia, 2 volumes in Slipcase
43219: POLITI, LEO - Tales of the Los Angeles parks
39291: POLLARD, NAN - Toyland: A Bonnie Book (4226:25)
53005: POLLARD, H. B. C. AND PHYLLIS BARCLAY-SMITH - British & American Game-Birds
47729: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - Our Hero General U. S. Grant: When, Where, and How He Fought in world of one syllable
44921: POLLOTTA, NICK - Bureau 13: Damned Nation
8259: POLS, CARLA - Zuchten Van Verlichting
14520: POMERANTZ, CHARLOTTE - Whiff, Sniff, Nibble, and Chew: The Gingerbread Boy Retold
49371: SHIL-PONDE - Hindu Astrology: Joytisha Shastra
46177: POOLE, DAVID - Norfolk Coast Sketches
54340: POORTVLIET, RIEN TEXT BY HANS BOUMA - He Was One of Us: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth (Signed Limited) Hardcover
54341: POORTVLIET, RIEN TEXT BY HANS BOUMA - He Was One of Us: The Life of Jesus of Nazareth (Signed Limited) Hardcover
52845: POPE, ROWENA MAY - Hungry Years: The Story of One Family's Struggle for Survival During the Great Depression Paperback SIGNED
22487: PORCHER, JEAN - Le Sacramentaire De Saint-Etienne De Limoges
51101: PORTER, LINDSAY - Mg Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite: Guide to Purchase & D.I.Y. Restoration
40833: PORTER. C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming. Part III (University of Wyoming, Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 418)
41127: PORTER. C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming. Part II (University of Wyoming, Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 404)
41128: PORTER. C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming. Part VI (University of Wyoming, Agricultural Experiment Station, Research Journal 20)
41129: PORTER. C. L. - A Flora of Wyoming. Part V (University of Wyoming, Agricultural Experiment Station, Research Journal 14)
44159: PORTIS, CHARLES - True Grit
33930: PORTUGES, PAUL - Paper Song

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