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23263: GOBLE, NEIL - Goodby Earth: Short Stories of Science and Imagination
44594: GOBLET, Y. M. - The Twilight of Treaties
54461: GODBY, RON - Mongoose in the Sand (signed)
54462: GODBY, RON - Mongoose in the Sand (signed)
49185: GODDARD, ROBERT - In Pale Battalions (signed)
49872: GODFREY, LINDA S. - Strange Michigan: More Wolverine Weirdness (signed)
51482: GODSON, ROY - Desperate Deception: British Convert Operations in the United States, 1939-1944
41009: GOELLER, LEE & KIYO KOMODA (ILLUSTRATOR) - How to Make an Adding Maching That Even Adds Roman Numerals
53432: GOERRES, IDA FRIEDERIKE - Hidden Face: A Study of St Threse of Lisieux
31839: VON GOETH, JOHANN WOLFGANG (MOON: TRANSLATOR) - Goethe's Autobiography: Poetry and Trugh from my own Life
43336: GOL'DENBLAT, IOSIF IZRAILEVICH ET AL - Calculation of Thermal Stresses in Nuclear Reactors
41320: GOLD, GERALD - Gandhi,: A Pictorial Biography
48610: GOLDBERG, DAVID - Sussman Sees It Through
29115: GOLDBERG, NATALIE - Chicken and in Love
35195: GOLDBERG, ISAAC - A Guide to Cervantes: Little Blue Book # 411
40533: GOLDBERG, LEONARD S. - Deadly Care
28086: GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Wigger
48177: GOLDMAN, MEYER H. & JAMES L. LIMBACHER (EDITOR) - A Journey of Sorts
34563: GOLDSMITH, JOHN, EDITOR - Stephen Spender Journals 1939-1983 (signed)
52655: GOLDSTEIN, AL (EDITOR) - Screw: The Sex Review #373 April 26, 1976
52656: GOLDSTEIN, AL (EDITOR) - Screw: The Sex Review #252 December 31, 1973
53860: GOLDSTEIN, JOYCE - Inside the California Food Revolution: Thirty Years That Changed Our Culinary Consciousness (California Studies in Food and Culture) signed
52661: GOLDSTEIN, AL (EDITOR) - The Best of Screw Men's Magazine "Barba Streisand's secret sex films?" #11 Fall 1976
52736: GOLON, SERGEANNE - The Countess Angelique
36840: GONZALEZ, RAY - The Heat of Arrivals
54244: GOODBODY, ANTHONY M. - The Railway Post Offices of Switzerland
53200: GOODDIE, SHEILA - Mary Gladstone, A Gentle Rebel, Signed
52571: GOODE, JAMIE - The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass (Hardcover)
35219: GOODFELLOW, EVAN - Skateboarding: Ramp Tricks
45271: GOODIER, HODGE, LEIMANIS, MONORSKY - Surveys in Applied Mathematics Vol 1 and Vol 2 (2 books)
45272: GOODMAN, C. (EDITOR) - The Science and Engineering of Nuclear Power. Volume I and Volume 2 (2 books)
45924: GOODSELL, CHARLES T. & WILLIS F. DUNBAR - Centennial History of Kalamazoo College: 1833-1933
50060: GOODWINE, MARQUETTA L - Gawd dun smile pun we: Beaufort Isles (Gullah / Geechee the survival of Africa's seed in the winds of the diaspora) Volume I
45198: GORDON, JAIMY - Lord of Misrule (Signed)
47967: GORDON, JAIMY - Lord of Misrule, Signed
23372: GORDON, CAROLINE - Old Red and Other Stories
42764: H.J, GORDON, S.A. AND JACKSON, L.R. GROVER - Fatigue of Metals and Structures (NAVAER 00-25-534)
53689: GORDON, JAIMY - She Drove Without Stopping (signed)
53871: GORDON, JAIMY - She Drove without Stopping: A Novel (signed)
53294: GORDON, JAIMY - Lord of Misrule - SIGNED
30113: GORECKI, JAN - Justifying Ethics: Human Rights & Human Nature
3466: GORSUCH, RICHARD L. AND H. NEWTON MALONY - The Nature of Man: A Social Psychological Perspective
51235: GOSCINNY, RENE AND MORRIS - Lucky Luke: Chasseur De Primes, Vol 26, Bounty Hunter in French
25912: GOSLING, F. G. - The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb
43965: GOSWAMI, D. YOGI (ED) - Proceedings of the 23rd Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Confernece 1988 - Volumes 1 thru 4
35732: GOTZ, KARL - Schwabisch von A bis Z
9424: GOULD, CHESTER - Dick Tracy on Voodoo Island
50980: GOULD, TODD - For Gold and Glory: Charlie Wiggins and the African-American Racing Car Circuit
17642: VAN DE GRAAFF - Concepts Human Anatomy & Physiology 4th edition Student Guide
43945: GRABBE, EUGENE M. (EDITOR) - Automation in Business and Industry
4029: GRABER, JOSEPH J. AND SALOMA KNEPP - The Graber Family on the Dakota Prairies
30733: GRABOWSKI, JOHN AND GARY R. VANDENBOS - Psychopharmacology: Basic Mechanisms and Applied Interventions
38450: GRACE, TOM - The Secret Cardinal - SIGNED
44864: GRACE, TOM - The Secret Cardinal (signed)
47048: GRACIE, DAVID MCI. (EDITOR AND NARRATOR) - Gandhi & Charlie: The Story of a Friendship : As-Told Through the Letters & Writings of Mohandas K. Gandhi & Rev'd Charles Freer Andrews
54351: MR. HOORN'S THIRD GRADERS - From the Hearts of Children: Tributes to the Troops
54337: GRADERS, MRS. HOORN'S THIRD - From the Hearts of Children: Letters to President and Mrs. Bush
49399: GRAEF, HERAUSGEGEBEN VON MAX - Mobel im Judendstil, Ausgewahlte Vorlagen fur die Ausstattung von Wohnraumen im Stile der Neuzeit
1229: GRAHAM, MARVIN AND HELEN - Sensuality in Marriage: New Techniques for Marital Success (Adults Only)
47793: GRAHAM, DONALD - Composing Pictures
47083: GRAHAM, JAMES M. - The Son of the Czar
49693: GRAHAM, RICHARD B. - United States Postal History Sampler (Linn's handbook series)
42799: GRAND, FREDERICK C - NASA Techinal Note D-47: Dynamic Analysis of a Simple Reentry Maneuver for a Lifting Satellite
42968: GRAND, FREDERICK C - NASA Techinal Note D-359: Interim Definitive Orbit for the Satellite 1958-Alpha, Explorer-1
22678: GRANDY, MARGARET - Post Guide: Australia
36965: GRANGER, ANN - Watching Out
46412: GRANT, OTTO - Making the Team: an adult novel of men in the womanless world
1253: GRANT, ROBERT B. - The Black Man Comes to the City
21443: GRANT, CYNTHIA D. - Shadow Man
51506: GRANT, ULYSSES S. - Personal Memoirs of U. Grant: Volume II ONLY
54305: GRANT, MAXWELL - THE SHADOW APRIL 1945 VOL. XLIX NO. 2 ["Death Has Grey Eyes"]
46645: GRANT, MICHAEL - Atlas of Ancient History 1700 BC to 565 AD
11622: GRAPIN, JACQUELINE - Pacific America (signed)
3317: GRASHCHENKOV, ET. AL. EDITORS - Byzantium, The Southern Slavs and Ancient Russians, Western Europe
52462: GRAUMONT, RAOUL - Handbook of Knots
51973: GRAVES, H. E - Who rides?: Events in the life of a West Australian police officer
2071: GRAY, JOHN (EDITOR) - Some of the Best from Michigan Natural Resources
29508: GRAY, MARIE - Rougir, un peu, beaucoup, passionnément
6752: GRAY, MAXWELL - Richard Rosny
37803: GRAY, MAXWELL - The Suspicions of Mrs. Allonby
40531: GRAY, B. C. - Shadow of the Flag
42872: GRAYSON, LAWRENCE P. - Proceedings Frontiers in Education Confrence 1982, October 18-20, 1982 Columbia South Carolina
44998: GREAT BRITAIN, AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH COMMITTEE - Aeronautical Research Committee Report for the Year 1929-30
31209: GRECOV, B. D. - The Culture of Kiev Rus
13317: GREEN, JAMES J. - Fire Fire Fire!
10212: GREEN, JOHN RICHARD - History of the English People (5 volumes)
5415: GREEN, JOHN RICHARD - History of the English People (5 volumes)
42122: GREEN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Air International vol 7 no 6 december 1974
45552: GREEN, TIMOTHY - American Fractal (signed)
48840: GREEN, JAMES J. - All Aboard for the Allegan County Fair
47496: GREENE, JAY - Nino
40076: GREENLAND, DAVID R. - Bonanza: A Viewer's Guide to the TV Legend
53273: GREENWALD, D. M. - Frozen Moon: A Jenny-Dog and the Son of Light Novel
53272: GREENWALD, D. M. - Cody: A Jenny-Dog and the Son of Light Novel
51514: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - Greenwood's and Dills' Lake Boats '94
46835: GREENWOOD, M. D - Unusual sex practices
52020: GREENWOOD, JOHN ORVILLE - Namesakes of the 90's
51552: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - Namesakes, 1910-1919: Steel Steamers Gone to War (Namesakes Series/John Orville Greenwood, 9)
51551: GREENWOOD, JOHN O. - Namesakes, 1920-1929 (The Seventh book in the Namesakes series)
53688: GREER, GERTRUDE G. - Adventures in Weaving
45270: GREGG E.; ERICKS, LEWIS J.; POWELL, ROBERT L. CHILDS - Thermal Conductivity of Solids At Room Temperature and Below: A Review and Compilation of the Literature: NSB Monograph 131
52866: GREGORY, VALISKA, ILLUSTRATED BY BRUCE DEGEN - Shirley's Wonderful Baby, Signed
39174: GREGORY, J. N. - Fort Concho, Its Why and Wherefore
29870: GREGORY, ROBERTA - Winging It, Part 1 of 2
53378: GREGORY, SUSANNA - Mystery in the Minster, Signed
36399: GREKOV, B. D. - Kievskaia Rus (Kievan Rus)
49564: GRENSTEN, RAY - Tracks of the Iron Horse
36319: GRESS, BOB AND VANESSA AVARA - A Pocket Guide to Kansas Raptors
47051: GREY, ZANE - King of the Royal Mounted & the Ghost Guns of Roaring River
53598: GREY, LOREN - Zane Grey's Odyssey
18164: GRIFFIN, FRANCES - Old Salem: An Adventure in Historic Preservation
29268: GRIFFIN, AARONA - Passage
52471: GRIFFIN, GAIL B. - Calling: Essays on Teaching in the Mother Tongue
38828: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT - The Call of Jesus to Joy
27285: GRIFFITH, GEORGE - Valdar the Oft-Born: A Saga of Seven Ages
45658: GRIFFITHS, BRIAN S. - The Secret and the Sacred Beacons
51083: GRIFFLOR, MARIELA - The Psychiatrist [Hardcover] SIGNED
36506: GRIMES, NIKKI - The Road to Paris (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books)
42188: GRIMES, LEE - The Ax of Atlantis: A Chandra Smith Adventure
53507: BRUDER GRIMM - Grimms Marchen, In German
45412: GRINNELL, ELIZABETH & JOSEPH GRINNELL - Our Feathered Friends
54606: GRINSTAD, KIRSTEN AND SUSAN RENNIE (EDITIORS) - The New Woman's Survival Sourcebook: Another Woman-made Book (signed)
21730: GRINSTEIN, ALEXANDER - The Index of Psychoanalytic Writings: Volume XIII
48498: GRISHAM, JOHN - Klienten
200070: GRISHAM, JOHN - Pelikan Notatet
51492: GRODSTEIN, LAUREN - The Explanation for Everything, Signed
49343: GRONNER, CURT (EDITOR) - People, Post Cards, and Views of Morrison, Illinois
42708: GROSS, FRANCIS L. JR. - Passages in Teaching
42158: GROSS, EDWARD - Dark shadows: The secret of Barnabas : the Dark shadows files
42153: GROSS, EDWARD A. - Dark Shadows Tribute
41624: GROSSMAN, I. MICHAEL (AUTHOR, EDITOR) - Shrinkwrapped: My First 50 Years on the Couch
54125: GROSSMAN, LEV - The Magician King - SIGNED
10646: WIENER GROUP - Not Subject to Change
46859: IMAGES PUBLISHING GROUP - International Architecture Yearbook Number 1
44831: GROVBER, L. R, S. A. GORDON ET AL - The Fatigue of Metals and Structures (NAVWPS 00-25-534)
52367: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Johnny Gruelle's Golden book
49135: GRULEY, BRYAN - The Hanging Tree: A Starvation Lake Mystery (signed)
47617: GRULEY, BRYAN - The Skeleton Box, Signed
53553: GRUMBACH, DIDIER - History of International Fashion
53379: GRUSH, BYRON - All The Way By Water, Signed
52011: GRUYER, PAUL M. - Versailles: The Palace, The Park, The Trianons, The Town
54611: GUARD, ANARA - The Sound of One Body: Stories (signed)
39869: GUERIN, ELSA JANE - Mountain Charley; Or, the Adventures of Mrs. E.J. Guerin, Who Was Thirteen Years in Male Attire
47416: GUERRERO IBARRA, GABRIEL - Relatos Intrascendentes
48601: GUEST, GEORGE - A Social History of England
16709: GUILD, WARREN R. - How to Keep Fit & Enjoy It
40942: GUNTHEROVA, ALZBETA AND JAN MISIANIK - Illuminierte Handschriften Aus Der Slowakei
50651: GUSTAFSON, CARL - The Dairy Route, A History of the Elgin & Belvidere Electric Company
21571: GUTH, RICHARD A. AND COHEN, STAN B. - Northern Region: A Pictorial History of the U.S. Forest Service 1891-1945
24946: GUTMANN, MYRON P. - Toward the Modern Economy: Early Industry in Europe, 1500-1800
36157: GUTTENTAG, MARCIA, EDITOR - Evaluation Studies Review Annual Volume 2
40888: GUYENOT, EMILE - The Origin of Species
48794: HAAR, MICHEL & WILLIAM MCNEILL (TRANSLATOR) - Heidegger and the Essence of Man (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy) [Paperback]
42912: HABERMAN, CHARLES M - Use of digital computers for engineering applications
52861: HADDAD, YVONNE YAZBECK - Becoming American? The Forging of Arab and Muslim Identity in Pluralist America
54495: HADDAD, JAMES - Eyes of a Child (signed)
53525: HADDIX, MARGARET PETERSON - Risked (signed)
45419: HADDOCK, DOUGLASS A. - A Physician's Journey: From Boyhood Through a Portage Area Practice to Retirement (signed)
42578: HAENICKE, DIETHER H. - Wednesdays With Diether: Opinions, Observations, and Reminiscences From His Weekly Gazette Column
54554: HAFEN, LEROY R AND HAFEN, ANN - The Far West and Rockies Historical Series, 1820-1875 (15 volumes complete)
1319: VON HAGEN, VICTOR WOLFGANG - Frederick Catherwood Arch't
15102: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The World's Desire
52253: HAGGART, BLAYNE - Copyfight: The Global Politics of Digital Copyright Reform (Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy) (Paperback
15179: HAHN, HARRIET - The Plantain Season
53599: HAIG-BROWN, RODERICK - The Western Angler, Volume 1 and 2, 2 Books
41044: HAIGLER, JAMES C. - Around the Water Tank: Memories of a Mid-Century Mill Village - SIGNED
52040: HAINNU, REBECCA - The Spirit of the Sea: Inuktitut
29099: HALAMINSKI, YURII - Vladimir Andreevich Favorski
53176: HALDEMAN, JOE - Old Twentieth (signed)
53291: HALDEMAN, JOE - The Forever War
28577: HALL, MARY, DOROTHY HOGG, NICK AND WILANN POWERS - Boilin' N Bakin' in Boogar Hollow
53443: HALL, CAROLYN VOSBURG - Stitched and stuffed art: Contemporary designs for quilts, toys, pillows, soft sculpture, and wall hangings (signed)
32863: HALL, R. CARGILL - Lightning Over Bougainville: The Yamamoto Mission Reconsidered
11344: HALL, GORDON LANGLEY AND ANN PINCHOT - Jacqueline Kennedy: A Biography
27558: HALL, JOSEPH S. - Smoky Mountain Folks and Their Lore
40162: HALL, MEREDITH - Without A Map: A Memoir
48872: HALL, RONALD L. - Word and Spirit: A Kierkegaardian Critique of the Modern Age (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion)
49210: HALL, M. R. - The Coroner, Signed
49226: HALL, M. R. - The Flight (signed)
50345: HALL, MICHAEL - Cat Tale, Signed
53754: HALL, DAVE AND JON ULRICH - Winter in the Wilderness: A Field Guide to Primitive Survival Skills
49239: HALL, M. R. - The Redeemed, Signed
49234: HALL, M.R. - The Disappeared (signed)
41825: HALLE, LOUIS J. - The Search for an Eternal Norm, As Represented by Three Classics
35544: HALLER, ARCHIBALD & IRWIN W. MILLER - The Occupational Aspiration Scale: Theory, Structure and Correlates
51879: HALLER, REESE, ILLUSTRATED BY LYNNE GALSTERER - Fred the Mouse, Book One: The Adventures Begin, Signed
47712: HALLIDAY, ANDREW - The Savage Club Papers
27207: HALLIWELL, BETTY LADD - The Bjorklund Legacy (3 books, 1 Signed by author)
51838: HALLORAN, WILLIAM X. - Death Before the Light of Day
44840: HALLSSY, PAUL - Trapped
46685: HALO, THEA - Not Even My Name, from a Death March in Turkey to a New Home in America
54493: HALPERN, JAKE - Nightfall (signed)
53697: HALPERN, ALAN A. - The Kalamazoo Arthritis Book
46635: HAMILTON, MARSHA - 31 Hours, Signed
53166: HAMILTON, LYN - The Xibalba Murders (signed)
53991: HAMILTON, BOB - Gene Autry and the Redwood Pirates
48347: HAMILTON, ELIZA - Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, 2 volumes
45756: HAMILTON, DENNIS - Beyond Tallulah: How Sam Wyly Became America's Boldest Big-Time Entrepreneur
45497: HAMMERTON, SIR J. A. (EDITOR) - Wonders of the Past: A World-Wide Survey of the Marvellous Works of Man in Ancient Times Written by the Leading Modern Authorities(Vol.I)
2639: HAMMOND, C. S. - Illustrated Atlas for Young America
38458: HAMPDEN, JOHN - The Days of Chivalry, Stories from Froissart's Chronicles
40091: HAMPSON, ANNE - Precious Waif
24025: HAMPTON, BRUCE - Nols Soft Paths: How to Enjoy the Wilderness Without Harming It 3rd edition
49506: HAMPTON, TAYLOR - The Nickel Plate Road: The History of a Great Railroad
49507: HAMPTON, TAYLOR - The Nickel Plate Road: The History of a Great Railroad
54242: HAMSON, KNUT - The Road Leads on (Paperback)
23405: HANCOCK, NIEL - Circle of Light #1 Greyfax Grimwald, #2 Faragon Fairingay, #3 Calix Stay (3 books)
43828: HANDAL, NATHALIE - Love and Strange Horses
52416: HANDFORD, THOMAS W., EDITOR - Belford's Chatterbox December, 1886
53351: HANDY, CRAIGHILL AND ELIZABETH HANDY - Woodrow Wilson's Heritage and Environment, Ethnic and Cyclic Patterns in Time, Place and Circumstance, Signed
45749: HANES, CLARENCE R. AND FLORENCE N. HANES - Flora of Kalamazoo County, Michigan: Vascular Plants (signed)
34146: HANHO - Combat Strategy: Junsado the way of the warrior
53164: HANKA, LADISLAV R - The Crooked Tree Prints: Etchings of Native American marker trees, inspired by the Greensky Council Trees of Northern Michigan
53163: HANKA, LADISLAV R - In Pursuit of Birds: A Foray with field glasses and sketchbook
39684: O'HANLON, MICHAEL E. (EDITOR) - Opportunity 08: Independent Ideas for America's Next President (2nd edition)
27665: HANNA, J. O. - Running with Your Head (signed)
45375: HANNAFORD, JIM - Elvis, Golden Ride on the Mystery Train: Volume III
45992: HANNON, DEXTER - The Dexter Hannon Conspircy: a collection of very short stories
45993: HANNON, DEXTER - Dexter Hannon's Guide to Auto Maintenance: a collection of very short stories
53020: HANRAHAN, BARBARA - The Scent Of Eucalyptus (Chatto Fiction) Paperback
48729: HANSEN, STEPHEN - Stephen Hansen: the Kalamazoo Years, September 8 - November 15, 1992
41938: HANSEN, STEPHEN - Stephen Hansen: the Kalamazoo Years, September 8 - November 15, 1992
3859: HANSON, ERLE C. - East Shore & Suburban Railway along the eastshore of San Francisco Bay
42824: HANSON, PERRY W. ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-1956:Aerodynamic Damping of a 0.02-Scale Saturn SA-1 Model Vibrating in the First Fee-Free Bending Mode
42809: HANSON, PERRY W. ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-1391: Wind-Tunnel Measurements of Aerodynamic Damping Derivatives of Launch Vehicle Vibrating in Free-Free Modes
30037: VON HARBOU, THEA - Metropolis Audio Movie
53156: HARBSMEIER, CHRISTOPH - The Cartoonist Feng Zikai: Social Realism with a Buddhist Face (Serie B, Skrifter / Instituttet for sammenlignende kulturforskning, Oslo)
37147: HARDIN, RUSSELL - Dmitri Esterhaats: A Novel
52410: HARDING, SAMUEL BANNISTER WITH ALBERT BUSHNESS HART - Essentials in Medieval and Modern History, from Charlemagne to the Present Day
40387: HARDY, THOMAS - Two by Hardy
37238: HARGRAVES, ORIN - Culture Shock! Chicago: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette
49886: HARLOW, ALVIN F. - The Road of the Century
35785: HARO, FERNANDO DE - Spaces VII: Offices, Restaurants, and Commercial Spaces (Spaces (Bilingual))
49435: HARPER, GAIL - Double Exposure
38542: HARRINGTON, DENIS J. - The Silent Pursuit
200007: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Free Joe: Selected & Introduced by John Tumlin
48577: HARRIS, ANNE - Inventing Memory, Signed
26881: HARRIS, RICHARD - The Getaway Guide to the American Southwest
35734: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Free Joe: Selected & Introduced by John Tumlin
54632: HARRIS, BERNARD C. - 2003 Western Michigan University Alumni Directory
53613: HARRIS, THISTLE Y. - Wild flowers of Australia
52650: HARRIS, A. C. - Alaska and the Klondike Gold Fields
51072: HARRIS, PHIL - This is Three Forks Country, a Collection of Tales of history, adventure, Romance and Legend of Eastern Oklahoma
33862: HARRISON, ALBERT A. - After Contact: The Human Response to Extraterrestrial Life
40745: HESLOP. HARRISON J. - New Concepts In Flowering-Plant Taxonomy
47910: HARRISON, HARRY - Stars & Stripes Forever - Novel Of Alternate History (signed)
53171: HARRISON, HARRY - Bill, The Galactic Hero (signed)
44127: HART, GARY (ED). - Dynamic Response of Structures: Experimentation, Observation, Prediction and Control
53053: HARTE, BRET - The Works of Bret Harte, Riverside Edition, 10 Volumes
26254: HARTMAN, WILLIAM (EDITOR) VARIOUS AUTHORS - Atlas Tumor Pathology: Second Series (Fascile 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15 and 17 - 9 books)
54494: HARTOG, JAN DE - The Inspector
44426: HARTUNG, R. F. (EDITOR) - Computing in Applied Mechanics (Applied Mechanics Division, Vol. 18)
8833: HARUF, KENT - Plainsong
53904: INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER - Yuletide: Souvenir Christmas Edition, December 1947, international harvester Employe Magazines
4212: HARVEY, REUBEN - The Russian Mennonites and Indians of Colonia Ferheim: They were left to die 1930
46486: HARVEY, REGINALD - Park Beat: The Story of Life, Love and Shame in the N.Y. Jungle.
42622: HARVEY, GLENN F. (EDITOR) - ISA Transducer Compendium, 2nd Ed., 3 Vols
36126: HARWARTH, MATT AND W. E. RITTENHOUSE - Faith of the Foe: Part Three of the Fire Shrine Trilogy
36112: HASAN, ASMA GULL - American Muslims: The New Generation - SIGNED
44062: HASSE, RAINER W. - Geometrical Relationships of Macroscopic Nuclear Physics (Springer Series in Nuclear and Particle Physics)
44290: HASWELL, SUSAN OLSEN AND PROF. ARNOLD R. ALANEN - A Garden Apart: an agricultural and settlement history of Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes
54534: HATCHER, HARLAN HENTHORNE - A Century of Iron and Men (signed)
52996: HATCHER, MAJOR JULIAN S. - Textbook of Pistols and revolvers
200034: HATRY, HARRY P., ET. AL. - Building Innovation into Program Reviews, Analysis of Service Delivery Alternatives
36797: HAUFF, WILHELM - Wilhelm Hauffs saemtliche Werke in sechs Baenden.
36824: WILHELM HAUFF - Lichtenstein. Romantische Sage aus der wuerttembergischen Geschichte
41981: HAUGLIE, JOANIE - Here, Pretty Girl: Based on an Actual Greyhound Rescue Operation
37287: HAUPT, WERNER - Heeresgruppe Mitte 1941-1945 / Heeresgruppe Nord 1941-1945 (2 books)
36452: HAUSER, MELANIE LYNNE - Confessions of Super Mom (signed)
44119: HAUSNER, BONIS (EDITOR - Fundamental Phenomena in the Material Sciences: Volume 1: Sintering and Plastic Deformation volume 2 and 3 (2 books)
48222: HAWES, LOUISE - The Vanishing Point (signed)
200024: HAWKEN, PAUL - Blessed Unrest, Signed
41105: HAWLEY, HARRIET SMITH - Bless You Betsy
31568: HAYDEN, ROBERT C. - 9 African American Inventors
49178: HAYDER, MO - Hanging Hill, Signed
53732: HAYES, MICHELLE - Fun & Collectible Kitchen Towels: 1930s to 1960s (Schiffer Book for Designers and Collectors)
26402: HAYES, DREW - Poison Elves: five comics: Lusiphur and Lirilith, no. 45, no. 46, no. 68, no. 71
41380: HAYNIE, AERON (EDITOR) - A Memoir of the New Left: The Political Autobiography of Charles A. Haynie
51003: HAYWARD, CHARLES HAROLD - Practical Woodwork
25980: HAZELTINE, MAYO W., A.M. - A Collection of Orations from Homer to McKinley: 25 Volumes Complete Set
54019: HAZEN, BARBARA SHOOK - Fireball XL5
28573: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Interpretations of Literature (2 volumes)
46617: HEARN, CAL - Experiment With Men
41101: HEARN, MONA - Below Stairs: Domestic Service Remembered in Dublin and Beyond 1880-1922
53992: HEARN, LAFCADIO - In Ghostly Japan
45484: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Glimpses of unfamiliar Japan: A selection
49311: HEARNE, SAMUEL, EDITED BY RICHARD GLOVER - A Journey to the Northern Ocean, A Journey Frin Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean
53386: HEARST, JAMES - Selected Poems
51872: HEATH, LESTER - the case of the aluminum crutch
54596: HECKEL, NORRIS J. - The Effect of Hormones upon the Testis: American Lecture Series publication Number 110
38069: HEDBLAD, EDNA M. (EDITOR) - Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism: Topics Volume NCLC 104, cumulative indexes
54136: HEELIS, JOHN - The Tale of Mrs. William Heelis-Beatrix Potter (Signed)
52315: HEERSMA, M.D. H. SIDNEY - Out of the Furrow: The Autobiography of Kalamazoo's First Pediatrician, Signed
47821: HEFNER, HUGH M., EDITOR - Playboy Magazine, Vol.3, No. 6, February 1956
18771: HEGNER, ROBERT - Big Fleas Have Little Fleas or Who's Who Among the Protozoa
51162: HEIDER, FREDERICK - Superstitions: a collection of over 300 of the world's strangest beliefs
39129: HEILMANN, HARRY & BOB ELSON (EDITORS) - Major League Baseball: Facts & Figures & Official Rules 1937
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53192: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A - The Green Hills of Earth (signed)
53197: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - The Door into Summer (signed)
50825: HEISLER, EVA - Reading Emily Dickinson in Icelandic
52159: HEISS, ANITA - Am I Black Enough for You? Paperback
36129: HEISS, WILLARD C - 1820 federal census for Indiana
49695: HELBOCK, RICHARD - United States Doanes
26922: HELFER, RALPH - The Beauty of the Beasts: Tales of Hollywood's Wild Animal Stars
50470: HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - Set the Night on Fire, Signed
50471: HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - Havana Lost, Signed
50469: HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - A Picture of Guilt, Signed
50467: HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - A Bitter Veil, Signed
54330: HELLMANN, LIBBY FISCHER - Doubleback, Signed
4105: HELMERS, DOW - Tragedy at Eden (signed)
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54538: HENDRICKSON, JAMES AND RICHARD M. STRAW - A Gazetteer of the Chihuahuan Desert Region: A supplement to the Chihuahuan Desert Flora
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15769: HEPBURN, RICHARD - Understanding & Reducing Your Home Electric Bill
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31926: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE - Legend Days: Part One of the Ghost Horse Cycle
52100: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE - Dance: Rituals of Experience, Signed
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32629: HILBERRY, CONRAD (SIGNED) - Taking Notes on Nature's Wild Inventions
200005: HILL, WELDON - The Iceman
50548: HILL, C N - An Atomic Empire: A Technical History of the Rise and Fall of the British Atomic Energy Programme
34181: HILL, PETER - The Liars
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53937: HINES, JIM C. - Libriomancer: Magic EX Libris: Book One (signed)
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20333: VAN HISE, JAMES (EDITOR) - Enterprise: The Magazine for Star Trek Fans
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42778: HODGE, BRENDA - Walk On: The Remarkable True Story of the Last Person Sentenced to Death in Australia
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30155: HOEKZEMA, VIRGINIA - Nature Notes from Sharer's Creek (inscribed)
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47183: HONEY, W.B. - English Glass
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45517: HORSHAM, MICHAEL - Shaker Style: a celebration of the beautiful workmanship of the Shaker Movement
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46700: HOUSTON, JOE LEON - Desire in the Shadows
49565: HOUSTON, ELEANOR JORDAN - Death Valley Scotty Told Me
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50237: HOWE, KATHERINE M. - Come and Play
31606: HOWE, JAMES (EDITOR) - 13: Thirteen Stories That Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Thirteen
43032: HOWE, ROBERT M. - Application of Analog Computers to the solution of Partial Differential Equations: an intinsive course for Engineers and Scientist
44199: HOWE, RAYMOND E - Producibility Machinability of Space Age
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25729: HOXHA, ENVER - Report on the Activity of the Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania
1785: HOY, MICHAEL - Exotic Weapons: an access book
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17358: HOYLE, PETER - The Man in the Iron Mask
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52865: HUBER, MIKE, ILLUSTRATED BY JOSEPH COWMAN - Evette's Invitation, Signed
40078: HUBER, GILBERTO, EDITOR - First National Reunion of Orchidists: Orquidofilos e Orquidologos
40081: HUBMANN, FRANZ - Das Judische Familienalbum: Die Welt von Gestern in 375 Alten Photographien
25162: HUDSON, ALFRED E - Kazak Social Structure (Yale University Publications in Anthroplogy #20)
28139: HUGHES, M. VIVIAN - A Victorian Family: Three Volume Boxed Set
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54586: HUGHES, RICHARD B - Pioneer years in the Black Hills: Pospector, miner, catleman, frontier printer, etc
47561: HUGHES, PETER TUESDAY - The Other Party, A Homosexual President???
53993: HUGO, VICTOR - Han of Iceland
53021: HUGO, VICTOR - Ninety-Three: The Novels complete and unabridged of Victor Hugo Vol 1 and Vol 2
30849: HUGO, VICTOR - The Novels of Victor Hugo (22 volumes complete)
54121: HUGO, VICTOR - Les Miserables, in five volumes
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53246: HUGO, GROTIUS - The Law of War and Peace
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44653: HULME, F. EDWARD - Wild Fruits of the Country Side
25144: HUME, MARTIN A. S. - Sir Walter Raleigh the british dominion of the west
53138: HUMPHREYS, AL - Advanced Rock: Al Humphrey's Creative Drum Studies
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49772: HUNGNESS, CARL - Indianapolis 500 Yearbook 1983
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18890: HUNTER, JAMES - Young People's History of the World
31828: HUNTER, MIC - The Sexually Abused Male, Volume 2: Application of Treatment Strategies
20231: HUNTER, ALAN - Gently With Love: A Crime Novel
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54468: HUNTER, JOHN A - Hunter's Tracks
50098: HUNTINGTON, ROGER - The Cord Front-drive, The Intriguing Story of a Fabulous Automobile
38895: HURD, EDITH THACHER AND BERNICE MYERS - Mr. Shortsleeves Great Big Store
53998: HUSTED, DICK - Replacement
53885: HUTCHINS, CHRISTINA - Tender the Maker
6935: HUTH, GREGORY - Awakening: In Pursuit of the Divine Paradox
49213: HUTTON, EWART - Good People (signed)
48628: HUTTON, EDWARD - Rome
20701: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Beyond the Mexique Bay
5136: IBSEN, HENRIK - Henrik Ibsen's Gesammelte Werke (4 Volumes)
3737: IDEALS - Country
51846: IGGERS, JEREMY & NETTIE DUFFIELD - Detroit Free Press Cookbook: A Collection of the Best Loved (Paperback)
27223: IKEDA, DAISAKU AND BRYAN WILSON - Human Values in a Changing World: A Dialogue on the Social Role of Religion
17079: ILSE, SHEROKEE AND LINDA HAMMER BURNS - Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream
44030: AERO PUBLISHERS INC - Aircraft Template Development
25899: INDICK, BEN P. - The Drama of Ray Bradbury
46518: INGERSOLL, ERNEST - The Everyday Library for Young People, 3 Volumes. Beast, Bird and Flower, Marvels of Industry, & Plays, Pictures & Poems
54150: INGIANNI, IGNACE M. - Songs of Earth
52146: INGRAM, PAUL - The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram
54211: INGRAM, PAUL - The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram SIGNED Paperback
38374: INMAN, JOHN AND ROBERT A WEST - The Columbian Lady's and Gentleman's magazine: January 1845 Vol 3
49203: INNES, HAMMOND - The Conquistadors (signed)
53962: INSTITUTE, FETZER - Living the Generous Life: Reflections on Giving and Receiving
51212: AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL - The Men & Machines of Indy Car Racing 1993-1994
9174: IOVINE, JULIE V. - Chic Simple Home
42539: IPSEN, DAVID CARL - Units,dimensions and dimensionless numbers
33561: IRISH, WILLIAM - I Married a Dead Man
33760: IRISH, WILLIAM - After-Dinner Story
53435: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Life of George Washington: Five Volumes Complete in Three (complete set of 3)
53389: IRVING, DAVID - Goring: A Biography
42401: ISAACS, SUSAN - Past Perfect: A Novel (signed)
48814: ISHERWOOD, LISA & ROSEMARY R. RUETHER - Weep Not for your Children: Essays on Religion and Violence [Hardcover]
47488: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows: An Education In The Twenties
29123: ISLAM, SYED MANZOORUL - Drawings and Paintings of Liberation War (1971)
39020: ISLAM, KHURSHIDUL (EDITOR) AND RALPH RUSSELL - Three Mughal Poets: Mir, Sauda, Mir Hasan
53221: IVENSKII, S. - Iskusstvo Knizhnogo Znaka
14393: IVES, GEORGE BURNHAM (TRANSLATED BY) - The Masterpieces of Charles-Paul De Kock: Monsieur Cherami, Volume II of Set
200066: IVORY, LESLEY ANNE - Meet My Cats, Signed
43305: IWASKIW, WALTER R. - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Country Studies
43303: IWASKIW, WALTER R. - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Country Studies
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52303: JACKSON, ROBERT - Squadron Scramble: Yeoman in the Battle of Britain
200019: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits, Irish MK Collection Book 6, Home Interiors
48034: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits, Irish MK Collection Book 3, The Linen Look
25504: JACKSON, H. C. L. - Round Corners
48032: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits, Irish MK Collection Book 9, Oh No! not another scarf
48904: JACKSON, CARLTON - The Great Lili, with record laid in
200021: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits, Irish MK Collection Book 2, New Look Denim
200020: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits: Irish MK Collection Book 5: A Fashion Colour Story
48030: JACKSON, MAGGIE - Maggiknits, Irish MK Collection Book 14,The Nautical Look
43839: JACOBS, LEONEBEL (FORWORD BY JOHN ERSKINE) - Portraits of Thirty Authors
50278: JACOBS, EMMA ATKINS - The Secret Spring
50737: JACOBS, JIM - Power in American society, Radical Education Project
38815: JACOBSEN, JENS PETER - Niels Lyhne
46536: JACOBSEN, THOMAS W. - Traditional New Orleans Jazz: Conversations With the Men Who Make the Music (signed)
23404: JADE, SYMON - Starship Orpheus #1, #2 and #3 (3 books)
54338: JAFFEE, AL - A Prententious Compendium of Mads Very Best Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions
42905: JAKLITSCH, J. J. (EDITOR) - Journal of Engineering for Power: Vol 85 and 86, January 1963 thru October 1964 (8 books bound into one)
33505: JALIL, MUSSA - Selected Poems
29730: JAMES, BILL - Stats 1991 Major League Handbook
42208: JAMES, SAMANTHA - His Wicked Promise (signed)
53201: JAMES, PETER - Dead Man's Grip, Signed
46525: JAMES, SKY - Bunk Buddies
47077: JAMES L. & HENNINGS, DON A. HURD - Introductory Guide to Collecting the Classics, American Balloon Tire Bicycles from the 1930's-1960
50520: JAMIES, JULIO - Bogart Blues: Illustrazioni Pino Milas, Testo Di Tullio Kezich
2528: JAMIESON, ROBERT, ET AL - A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory of the Old and New Testaments
47950: JANAH, SUNIL - The Tribals of India Through the Lens of Sunil Janah
28887: JANCE, J. A. - Partner in Crime
45077: JANKE, ROBERT A. & NADINE JANKE (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Wildflowers of Isle Royale National Park
42820: JAQUET, BYRON M. - NASA Techinal Note D-1799: Some Effects of Simulat3d Bending and Fourth-Stage Size on Local Pressures and Normal-force Distributions of a
36377: JARAKILAS, JAMES, ET AL. - Piano Roles: Three Hundred Years of Life with the Piano
38621: JAUFFRET, REGIS - Asiles De Fous
41027: JAUFFRET, REGIS - Univers, Univers
52033: JAWOROWSKI, ED AND BOB POPOVICS - Pop Fleyes: Bob Popovic's Approach to Saltwater Fly Design
45445: JEFFERS, REGINA - Darcy's Passions: Pride and Prejudice Retold Through His Eyes
24409: JEFFERSON, ROLAND S. - Damaged Goods a Novel
54662: JEHRIO, PETER - Pennsylvania by Rail 1
21509: JEMIKER, ROYALSTOM - There Was A Time
20608: JENKIN, ANNE - The Homes of Mineral Point
52803: JENKINS, PETER WATSON & TONI ANN WINNINGER - Healing with the Universe, Meditation, and Prayer Paperback
54544: JENKINS, DENNIS R. - F-105 Thunderchief: Workhorse of the Vietnam War
53647: JENNE, GERHARD - Konditor & Cook: Deservedly Legendary Baking
3250: JENNESS, BURT FRANKLIN - Ocean Haunts
49967: ACEVEDO JENNIFER - Brand Packaging, 2009 Design Gallery volume 6, packaging that sells
25414: JENNINGS, JERRY E. AND MARGARET FISHER HERTEL - Inquiring About Freedom, Civil Rights and Individual Responsibility
15470: JEPSEN, PATRICIA - Delphi: What Being on Earth Is All About
51583: JEROME, IRENE E. - One Year's Sketch-Book
27910: JESSE, F. TENNYSON - Act of God
25408: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - A Backward Place, Get Ready for Battle (two titles)
24973: JIUMING, TENG AND HUANG XINGLIN - The Yangtze Three Gorges
44371: JOBE, JOHN - Mountain spirit: A collection of mountain poems (signed)
36828: JOEDE, FRITZ - Der Berliner Musikant - Band 1
23082: JOENS, MICHAEL R. - Triumph of the Soul : A Novel
40109: JOFFE, J. M. - Prenatal Determinants of Behaviour
53049: JOHN, JAMES E. A. - Gas Dynamics
51884: JOHNS, NICOLE - Purge rehab diaries, Signed
54504: JOHNSOM, MELVIN AND CHARLES HAVEN - Ammunition : Its History, Development and Use 1600 to 1943 - .22BB Cap to 20 mm. Shell
54613: JOHNSON, T. GERONIMO - Hold It 'Til It Hurts - SIGNED
12565: JOHNSON, JOHANNA - Runaway to Heaven: The Story of Harriet Beecher Stowe
22511: JOHNSON, STEPHANIE - The Shag Incident
18731: JOHNSON, OLIVER A. - Rightness and Goodness: A Study in Contemporary Ethical Theory
25677: JOHNSON, HAYNES - Divided We Fall: Gambling with History in the Nineties (signed)
38073: JOHNSON, ALLAN G - Human arrangements: An introduction to sociology 4th edition (instructors package)
37931: JOHNSON, M. D - Successful Duck Hunting: a Look Into the Heart of Waterfowling
40559: JOHNSON, SAMUAL - Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia: Classics for Children
51392: JOHNSON, ROBERT UNDERWOOD AND CLARENCE CLOUGH BUEL, EDITORS - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Volume 4
49880: JOHNSON, EMORY R. - American Railway Transportation
43690: JOHNSON, STANLEY AND ROBERT VAGG - Survival: Saving Endangered Migratory Species
52246: JOHNSON & JOHNSON - and he wants to grow up to be a druggist
52508: JOHNSON, MEL - The Box (no.3)
54368: JOHNSON, EVELYN - Barns of Old Mission Peninsula, (Signed)
48540: JOHNSON, T. GERONIMO - Hold It 'Til It Hurts, Signed
54367: JOHNSON, EVELYN - Barns of Old Mission Peninsula, (Signed)
54210: JOHNSTON, ARNOLD - What the Earth Taught Us, Signed
44869: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - The Little Colonel (Shirley Temple with Lionel Barrymore in)
21065: JOHNSTON, ARNOLD - the Witching Voice: a Play (signed)
5341: JOHNSTON, HENRY P. - The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn
10451: JOHNSTON, HARRIET - Quality, Quantity Cuisine I
46571: JOHNSTON, ALBERT - Pablo's mountain
42819: JOHNSTON, PATRICK J. - NASA Techinal Note D-1638: Longitudinal Arrodynamic Characteristics of Several fifth-Stage Scout Reentry Vehicles from Mach Number 0.60 to
42808: JOHNSTON, JAMES R. - NASA Techinal Note D-1318: Performance of Several Cast Nickel-Base Alloys as Tubojet-Engine Bucket Materials at 1650 degrees F
52378: JOHNSTON, ROBERT H. - Tradition Versus Revolution Russia and the Balkans in 1917
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51354: JONES, IDWAL - The Splendid Shilling
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41533: JONES, ARTHUR C. - Wade in the Water: The Wisdom of the Spirituals
42818: JONES, GEORGE W ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-1633: Investigation of Buffet Pressures on Models of Large Manned Launch Vehicle Configurations
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51671: JONES, DARYNDA - Death and the Girl Next Door, Signed
51672: JONES, DARYNDA - Death and the Girl He Loves, Signed
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44536: G. O., J. ROTBLAT AND G. J. WHITROW JONES - Atoms and the Universe
1234: JORDAN, E. L. - Family Circle's Pictorial Guide to National Parks
42478: JORDAN, BRUCE L. - Death Unexpected: The Violent Deaths of Fayette
50560: JORDAN, CHRISTOPHER AND RON LEONETTI - Unexpected Indiana: A Portfolio of Natural Landscapes, signed
42528: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS (TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM WHISTOM A. M.) - The Genuine Works of Flavius Josephus: comtaining five books of the Antiquities of the Jews (5 vols)
46974: JOSLIN, KATHERINE - Jane Addams: A Writer's Life (signed)
47026: JOSLIN, KATHERINE - Jane Addams: A Writer's Life (signed)
46973: JOSLIN, KATHERINE - Jane Addams: A Writer's Life (signed)
35974: JOST, DR. LUDWIG, TRANSLATED BY HARVEY GIBSON - Lectures on Plant Physiology
39102: JOURDAN, CAROLYN - Heart in the Right Place
39021: JOY, T. R. - Brooding in a Wound
50047: JOYCE, T. ATHOL ET AL (EDITOR) - Women of All Nations, 9 of 10 parts (9 books)
49232: JOYCE, GRAHAM - The Silent Land, Signed
46787: JUCKER, NINETTA - Curfew in Paris: A Record of the German Occupation
5033: JUDSON, CLARA INGRAM - Andrew Carnegie
44454: JUHASZ, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol 21 No 1 thru No 12 1968
44777: JUHASZ, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol 20 No 1 thru No 12 1967
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53686: JUNE, CAROLINE SILVER - Little Sandman and the Fifty Famous Sky Stories, A Child's Book of Familiar Sky Legends
50084: JURMAIN, SUZANNE TRIPP AND ILLUSTRATED BY LARRY DAY - George Did It, Signed by Illustrator
51798: JUSTICE, DONALD - New & Selected Poems, Signed
53334: JUSTUS, MAY - Peter Pocket's Luck
48706: KADARE, ISMAIL - The Palace of Dreams
53516: KADE, STACEY - Project Paper Doll: The Rules (signed)
54261: KADE, STACEY - Project Paper Dolls: The Rules - Signed
54251: KAEMPFFERT, WALDEMAR, EDITOR - A Popular History of American Invention, 2 Volumes
200025: KAFTAL, GEORGE - St Francis in Italian Painting
52019: KAHN, JEFFREY P. - Angst, Origins of Anxiet and Depression
49159: KAHN, GUS AND MUSIC BY GRACE LE BOY KAHN - Ev'rything But Love, You Gave Me, Fox Trot song
40414: KAI, IRENE - What Do You See?
44610: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF KALAMAZOO - I've Got a Cook in Kalamazoo
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46647: KALER, DAVID AND WOODY GELMAN - Flash Gordon Joins the Power Men Volume 5
44873: KALLA, DANIEL - Rage Therapy
49228: KALLENTOFT, MONS - Midwinter Sacrifice (signed)
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50951: KALMBACK - Trains Album of Photographs #5 : Southern Railroads
31108: KAMPHOEFNER, WALTER D. WOLFGANG HELBICH AND ULRIKE SOMMER - News From the Land of Freedom: German Immigrants Write Home
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38726: KAORI, YUKI - Angel Sanctuary #1 thru #8 (8 books) (German)
51654: KAPLAN, CAROL B. & MIDGE QUENELL (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Not-So-Fast Rabbit: A Tale About Being Slow
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28489: KARCZEWSKI, RAYMOND - Journey Beyond Thought: Breaking the Bonds of the Conditioned Mind
4999: KARGER, MIKHAIL KONSTANTINOVICH - Architecture of Ancient Smolensk: 12th to 13th Centuries
50006: KARLEN, HARVEY M - Chicago's mail: An anthology of postal history articles focusing upon the community's growth, its interests, and its attitudes
49765: KARLEN, HARVEY M - Chicago's mail: An anthology of postal history articles focusing upon the community's growth, its interests, and its attitudes
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54634: KARZEN, JEFF - Homer: The Small-Town Baseball Odyssey - SIGNED
53768: KASAHARA, EIICHI - Practical Strategic Management: How to Apply Strategic Thinking in Business
51902: KASHER, ROBERT - Tarot of Baseball, Deck and Book Set, Box Set
52313: KASHER, ROBERT AND DEVERLEY RANSOM, ILLUSTRATOR - Tarot of Baseball Deck and Book set
43405: KASISCHKE, LAURA - Eden Springs (Made in Michigan Writers)
43119: KASPAROV, GARRY - Fighting Chess
50083: KASZA, KEIKO - Badger's Fancy Meal
52569: KATER, MICHAEL H. - Composers of the Nazi Era: Eight Portraits (Hardcover)
33097: KATROVAS, RICHARD - Green Dragons
36786: KATROVAS, RICHARD - The Republic of Burma Shave (signed)
49027: KATROVAS, RICHARD - The Republic of Burma Shave, Signed
45511: KATZ, RANDY H. - Information Management for Engineering Design (surveys in computer science)
46424: KAUFMAN, THOMAS - Drink the Tea: A Mystery
53999: KAUFMAN, GEORGE S. AND MOSS HART - The Fabulous Invalid: a play in two acts
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50177: KAY, CHARLES L. TOWLE & JOHN L. - Waterway Railway Post Offices of the United States
51501: KAY, JOHN L. - Directory of Route Agent Routes 1837-1882
20170: KAZENAS, ZINAS - Palanga
54208: KEARNS, JOSIE - Alphabet of the Ocean, Signed
21771: KEATING, H.R.F. - The Bad Detective
47572: KEATING, H. R. F. - Inspector Ghote Caught in Meshes
50692: KEATS, JOHN - The Eve of St. Agnes
52203: KEAWE, LIA O'NEILL M. A. - Ike Ulana Lau Hala (Hawai' Inuiakea)
49947: KEEFE, KEVIN (EDITIOR) - Passenger Train Annual No. 4
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1555: KEEN, MARTIN L. - Hunting Fossils
46611: KEENE, HADRIAN - Noon and night
22844: KEISER, JOHN H. - Building for the Centuries : Illinois 1965 to 1898
27973: KEITH, JIM - Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3
48543: KEKIC, NICK - A Fine Place for a City: Titus Bronson & the Founding of Kalamazoo
54050: KELLER, THOMAS AND SEBASTIEN ROUXEL - Bouchon Bakery (signed)
16222: KELLERMAN, FAYE - Stone Kiss
30684: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Twisted - Large print
28888: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Murder Book
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40407: KELLEY, PHILIP AND RONALD HUDSON - Brownings Correspondence: A Checklist
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40729: KENNEDY, ROBERT - Hardcore Action Bodybuilding: Pumping Iron to Sculpt a Winning Body
51780: KENSETT, JONATHAN - Terram Novam
23941: KENT, CONRAD - Salamanca en la Edad de Oro (Salamanca in the Age of Gold)
47724: KERLIKOWSKE, ELIZABETH - Before The Rain
39184: KERMAN, SANDRA LEE (INTRODUCTION) - The Newgate Calendar or Malefactors' Bloody Register
53167: KERR, PHILIP - March Violets (signed)
49372: KERRUISH, JESSIE DOUGLAS - The Undying Monster
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42483: KEYES, LAUREL ELIZABETH - The Mystery of Sex, A Book About Love
4579: KEYES, MARGARET N. - Old Capitol: Portrait of an Iowa Landmark
29675: KHAN, HAZRAT INAYAT - The Complete Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan
37342: KHAN, ARSHAD - Security Simplified: Computer Internet Protection
47879: KHANSAHEB BADE GHULAM ALI KHAN ET AL - The Mcdowell Vintage Virtuosos from HMV; Hindustani Classical Vocal Vol 2 (6 cassette tapes)
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24818: KING, CHARLES F. - Methods and Aids in Geography for the Use of Teachers and Normal Schools
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54501: KING-CARGILE, GILLIAN - The Toy and the Twister (signed)
40709: KING JR., MARTIN LUTHER - Where Do We go from Here: Chaos or Community
54088: KING, STANTON H. - Dog-Watches at Sea
49249: KING, DAVID - Death in the City of Light, The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris, Signed
52428: KING, CASSANDRA - The Same Sweet Girls (Signed)
46403: KING, DONALD (AS TOLD TO) - Ricky: Diary of a Gay Love Hustler (Barclay House Psycho-Sex Study)
52026: KING, ROBERTA F. - He Plays a Harp: A Memoir
52818: KING, CLYDE L. (EDITOR - The American Negro, the Annals, Volume CXXXX, November, 1928
10662: KINGSLEY, MAUD ELMA - Outline of Ancient History
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50849: KIRKLAND, JOHN F. - The Diesel Builders, Vol. 1: Fairbanks-Morse and Lima-Hamilton (Interurbans Special No. 98)
27374: KIRKLAND, WINIFRED - The Man Who Gave Us Christmas
50675: KIRKLAND, JOHN F. - The Diesel Builders, Vol. 2: American Locomotive Co. and Montreal Locomotive Works (Interurbans Special No. 110)
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47384: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN - Flesh is Heir (Lost American Fiction Series)
36345: KISER, SE. E. - My Boy
46895: KISTER, CHAD - Arctic Melting: How Climate Change is Destroying One of the World's Largest Wilderness (Signed)
42095: KITTLE, KATRINA - The Kindness of Strangers
39905: KLARSFELD, SERGE - The Children of Izieu: A Human Tragedy
46417: KLEIN, MELANIE - The Psycho-Analysis of Children
53083: KLEIN, EDWARD - The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President (signed)
54433: KLEIN, P. L. - Juneberry and the Tall Dark Stranger (signed)
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22931: KLEINKNECHT, WILLIAM - The New Ethnic Mobs : Changing Face of Organized Crime in America
50694: KLEIS, DAVID JOHN - Dove Into The Wind
36904: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON - Prinz Friedrich von Homburg
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23068: KLINKENBORG, VERLYN - Last Fine Time
16692: KLIP, COURTNEY - My Life @ 16
47130: KLOW, DR. GUENTER - Beyond Intercourse
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52022: KLUGE, P.F. - A Call From Jersey (SIGNED)
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46020: KNAPP, DANIEL R. - Handbook of Analytical Derivatization Reactions
54457: KNIGHT, E. F. - The Falcon of the Baltic: A Coasting Voyage from Hammersmith to Copenhagen in a Three-Ton Yacht
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27133: KNIGHT, BERNARD - Lion Rampant: The Story of Owain and Nest
42969: KNOWLES, DAVID - Saints and Scholars: Twenty-five Medieval Portraits
15427: KNOWLTON, DON - Advertising for Banks
51140: KNUDSON, RICHARD L. - MG International 1977
44609: KNUDSTRUP, PAUL - The 8 Essential Skills for Supervisors & Managers
20753: KOBAYASHI, YUTAKA & DAVID V. MAUDSLEY - Biological Applications of Liquid Scintillation Counting
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51939: KOCH, KENNETH - The Art of Love: Poems (Hardcover)
34538: KOEHLER, C. J. - Mind Games (signed)
36771: KOENIG - Kraftfahrlehre - Gemeinverstaendliches Lehrbuch nebst Fragen und Antworten fuer die Pruefung
24849: KOHL, HELMUT - History's Inescapable Impact on the Present
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51523: KOHL, CRIS - Shipwreck Tales: The St. Clair River (to 1900)
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53518: KOJA, KATHE - Going Under (signed)
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30019: KOONTZ, DEAR - Dark Rivers
44993: KORNILOVICH, KIRA - Okno v Minuvshee (Window on the Past)
6083: KORY, ROBERT B. - The Transcendental Meditation Program for Business People
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50899: V. I. KOSTIN, ? ? ?????? - K. C. petrov Vodkin, ? ? ?????? ??????
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39596: KRAPF, NORBERT - The Ripest Moments: A Southern Indiana Childhood (signed)
48669: KRAUS, HAROLD H. - Conversations With The Prophet In a Bar
52330: KREBS, BRIAN - Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime-from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door
35630: KRECH, BOB - Rebound
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16179: KRENTZ, JAYNE ANN - Smoke in Mirrors
15183: KRESS, NANCY - The Prince of Morning Bells
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53718: KRIGE, JOHN - American Hegemony and the Postwar Reconstruction of Science in Europe (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
42429: KRINER, T. W. - Journeys to the Brink of Doom (signed)
48660: DAS, TUSTA KRISHNA - The Quest: An Enquiry into the Existence & Nature of the Supreme Being
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42903: KRONE, LESTER H. (ED) - Process Control and Applied Mathematics - AICHE Symp. Series 55, Vol. 61
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51580: KRUEGER, WILLIAM KENT - Tamarack County - SIGNED
47736: KRYSL, MARILYN - Soulskin
51088: KUEHNERT, STEPHANIE - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, Signed
44641: KUETHE, A. M. - Proceedings of the Third Midwestern Conference on Solid Mechanics: held at the University of Michigan April 1 and 2, 1957
29556: KUHLEIN, THEO - Organische Chemie: 1 & 2
31679: KULLENBERG, ROGER & DAVE HAGER - Kalamazoo: Kalamazoo Regional Chamber of Commerce Celebrating 100 Years: 1903-2003
21043: KUMAR, AMRITA - Handicrafts
42451: KUNICH, JOHN CHARLES - Cubs Fans' Leadership Secrets
53603: KUNS, RAY F. - Automotive Trade Training
52057: KUNSTLER, MORT AND LENGEL, EDWARD G - The New Nation: The Creation of the United States in Paintings and Eyewitness Accounts
50653: KUNZ, RICHARD - Overhead and Underground: A Guide to Chicago's Rapid Transit
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37799: KUSHNER, ELLEN - The Golden Dreydl (signed by author)
200072: MICHAIL KUSMIN - Taten des Grossenn Alexander
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36556: KYEMBA, HENRY - A State of Blood: The Inside Story of Idi Amin
52456: LAACKMAN, BLAIR H - Gerald R. Ford's scouting years
7220: LABONTE, MARIE LISE - Conversations With Angels: You'll Remember the Love
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44173: LABORATORY, AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTS - Topics in Electronics. Volume XI
42861: LABORATORY, AIRBORNE INSTRUMENTS - Topics in Electronics. Volume VIII
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5810: LADUE, JOSEPH - Klondyke Facts Being a Complete Guide Book
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53485: LAGERLOF, SELMA - The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
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54192: LAHODA, CHRISTOPHER J. - Burning Answers, Signed
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39688: LAIN, LARRY - Florida for Families
23555: LAITIN, DAVID D. - Hegemony and Culture : Politics and Religious Change Among the Yoruba
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51865: LAMB, I. MACKENZIE ET AL - Artificial key to the common marine algae of New England north of Cape Cod
53927: LAMB, J. J. AND BETTE GOLDEN LAMB - Heir Today, signed
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50353: LAMILLAR, JUAN - The Alcazar of Seville for Children
46650: LAMMERS, FRED AND OTHERS - Frits Vogel: La Lumiere en Fete
23963: LANCASTER, MARY AND MORRIS, JILL - Wombat Digging Machine
53893: LANCASTER, JEN - If You Were Here: A Novel (signed)
24155: LANDELL, OLAF J. DE - Nachtfluistering de Droom van een Oude Stad
51826: LANDERS, RAY & ARTHUR MONTZKA (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Talent Education School of Shinichi Suzuki--An Analysis (Revised & Expanded Fifth Edition)
54673: LANE, KIT - Allegan County Historical Atlas and Gazetteer
46655: LANG, ANDREW - Blue Fairy Book
48176: LANGAN, STEVE - Freezing: Poems
51159: LANGDON, EUSTELLA - Nature's pharmacy: A doctor's medicinal garden at Black Creek Pioneer Village
42827: LANGE, ROY H. ET AL - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Techinal Notes 2014: Static Longitudinal stability and Control of a Convertible-Type Airplane as
25566: LANGE, DENA, AND MERLIN M. AMES - St. Louis: Child of the River, Parent of the West
54519: LANGE, RICHARD - Dead Boys: Stories
48111: LANGEWIESCHE, KARL ROBERT - Innenräume deutscher Vergangenheit, aus Schlössern und Burgen, Klöstern, Bürgerbauten und Bauernhäusern
49688: LANGFORD, FREDERICK. - Standard Encyclopedia Of Doremus Machine Cancels: A Classifying Research Work Compiled From Original Sources, 2nd edition
49742: LANGFORD, FREDRICK - Standard Encyclopedia of Doremus Machine Cancels
51234: THE DIOCESE OF LANSING - St Gerard Church: 25th Anniversary 1958-1983, Yearbook
53881: LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE - Food first: Beyond the myth of scarcity (signed)
20485: LAQUEUR, HERAUSGEBER WALTER, UND GEORGE L. MOSSE - Kriegsausbruch 1914: Sammlung Dialog 44
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47112: LARKIN, WOLF - The Sextortionists
42533: LAROCCO, LORI ANN - Thriving in the new Economy: Lessons for Today's top Business Minds (signed)
5048: LARRETA, ENRIQUE - Santa Maria Del Muen Aire: Drama En Tres Actos
48178: LARSEN, LANCE - Erasable Walls
39663: LARSEN, DOUG - The Duck Gods Must Be Crazy
32132: LARSON, GARY - The Prehistory of the Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit
16077: LASHLEY, FELISSA R. AND JERRY D. DURHAM, EDITORS - Emerging Infectious Diseases: Trends and Issues
48373: LASTING, INGEBORG - Living German: The Complete Living Lanuage Course (cassette edition)
31966: LATHBURY, MARY A. - Seven Little Maids or The Birthday Week
40744: LATORRE, DOLORES L. - Cooking and Curing with Mexican Herbs: Recipes & Remedies Gathered in Muzquiz, Coahuila
35654: LAUER, ROBERT H. AND JEANETTE C. LAUER - Troubled Times: Readings in Social Problems
6803: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - Felicity: The Making of a Comedienne
27025: LAUGHNER, ROB - Our Nun
200062: LAUMER, KEITH - Dinosaur Beach, Signed
28571: LAUNDER, FRANK & SIDNEY GILLIAT - The Lady Vanishes
51306: LAURENCE, RABBI - The Final Age Testament
44010: LAURILA, SIMO - Electronic Surveying and Mapping
44908: LAVROV, P. L. - Ocherki Voprosov Prakticheskoi Filosofii (A Surveyof Questions of Practical Philosophy)
52659: LAWALL, CHARLES H. - The Curious Lore of Drugs and Medicines (Four Thousand Years of Pharmacy)
41947: LAWLIS, MERRITT E. (EDITOR) - The Novels of Thomas Deloney
24117: LAWSON, JOAN - Soviet Dances
46431: LAWTON, JEFF - Callboy
31455: LAWTON, OLWEN - Winds of Summer
34478: LAWTON, COL. F. H., MAJ. J. C. MCARTHUR AND MAJ. DEMPSEY - Field Quartermaster's Handbook: Harvey Military Series
42553: LAY, J. E. AND L. E. MALVERN - Developments in Mechanics, Volume 1 : Proceedings of the Seventh Midwestern Mechanics Conference
54625: LAYTON, COLLEEN (EDITOR) - The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People
51189: LAZEARE, JAMES - Primitive Pine Furniture
51720: LEA, SYDNEY - No Sign (Contemporary poetry series) (signed)
36435: LEACH, DOUGLAS EDWARD - Flintlock and Tomahawk: New England in Kin Philip's War
23793: NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE - Stanley Cup Playoffs Fact Guide 1996
45110: LEAKEY, RICHARD - The Origin of Humankind - SIGNED
35009: SOLID QUALITY LEARNING - Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2005: Database Essentials Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
48595: LEBEDEV, A. V. - Russian Painting of the XVIII-XIX Centuries
28741: LEBER, SALLY SPEER - Writing a Narrative: A Use and Keep Writing Portfolio, Level A
1347: LEBRUN, FRANCOISE - Living In Another Time: The Days of the Cave People
28653: LEDERER, CASPER - Old Remedies
47920: LEE, ADRIAN - Mysterious Minnesota: Digging Up the Ghostly Past at 13 Haunted Sites (signed)
25738: LEE, DENNIS, FEATURED AUTHOR - Descant, Number 39
25646: LEE, JOHN - Sleeping In Public: Poems
27681: LEE, EMMA - Round Top Cooks with Emma Lee (Round Top Antiques Fair 35th Anniversary)
4361: LEE, STAN AND JACK KIRBY - The Mighty Thor,August #167
4360: LEE, STAN AND JACK KIRBY - The Mighty Thor, December #135
49097: LEE, SHARON & STEVE MILLER - Balance of Trade - SIGNED
40003: LEE, VIRGINIA - Nantucket Ghost Writer (signed)
49098: LEE, SHARON & STEVE MILLER - Crystal Dragon - SIGNED
41028: LEE, TANITH - Nightshades: Thirteen Journeys Into Shadow
42006: LEE, EVELYN LEWIS - The Call of the West
51385: LEE, W T - The Face of the Earth As Seen From the Air
51488: LEE, ROBERT E. - Great Lakes Ships, Book No. 2: Photos by Pesha: Photographs from the Dossin Museum: 1900-1925
48216: LEEK, SYBIL - Diary of a Witch
45818: MELVYN P. LEFFLER - In Uncertain Times: American Foreign Policy after the Berlin Wall and 9/11
42832: LEGENDRE, ROBERT - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Techinal Memorandum 1435: Elliptic Fucntions and Integrals with Real Modulus in Fluid Mechanics
46391: LEGGETT, JERRY AND FRIENDS - Songs to End the Silent War
44038: LEHMAN, ELMER - Uncle Elmer's Anecdotes, U. S. A. Extraordinary Things, Famous Places and People of Great Achievemen
47335: LEHRER, JIM - Flying Crows - Signed
50463: LEIDER, DAVID - The story of Waupaca and its railroads
44436: LEIFER, CAROL - When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win - SIGNED
19629: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XV Number 1 March 1988
19631: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XIV Number 3 September 1987
19630: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XIV Number 2 June 1987
19632: LEIGHNINGER, ROBERT D. - Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare Vol XXII Number 1 March 1995
44072: LEIPHOLZ, HORST - Stability Theory - an Introduction to the Stability of Dynamics systems and Rigid Bodies
20241: LEITH, VALERY - The Way of the Rose (Everien, Book 3)
49224: LELIC, SIMON - The Facility (signed)
49189: LELIC, SIMON - RUPTURE (signed)
47334: LELORD, FRANCOIS - Hector and the Search for Happiness, signed
44736: LEMBERGER, LOUIS AND REIDENBERG, M. M. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Second World Conference on Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (CPT 83)
50464: LENAHAN, JAMES - Lenahan's locomotive lexicon: A book of HO scale motive power for the ferroequinologist
52961: LENFESTEY, JAMES P. - Seeking the Cave: A Pilgrimage to Cold Mountain - SIGNED
32945: LENK, TORSTEN - The Flintlock: Its Origin & Development
14459: LENNE, GERARD - Sex on the Screen: Eroticism in Film
7690: LENSINK, JUDY NOLTE - A Secret to Be Burried, The Diary and Life of Emily Hawley Gillespie 1858-1888
51126: LENT, HENRY B. - Bombardier: Tom Dixon Wins His Wings With The Bomber Command
50963: LENT, FRANKLIN - The Michigan Yearbook 1965-66 Volume VII
16125: LENT, JEFFREY - Lost Nation
45886: LENTRICCHIA, FRANK - The Sadness of Antonioni: A Novel

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