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50785: M., JOSEPH (EDITOR) CANFIELD - Badger Traction Bulletin 111
30336: CANIN, ETHAN - The Palace Thief: Stories
41034: CANNON, TERRY - Vietnam: A Thousand Years of Struggle
47308: CAPON, ROBIN - Introducing Abstract Painting (Hardcover)
52221: CAPRA, DOUG - Handful of Pebbles: Stories from Seward History (Alaska)
7094: CARACCILO, DOMINIC J., EDITOR - Surviving Bataan and Beyond: Colonel Irvin Alexander's Odyssey as a Japanese Prisoner of War
13823: CARD, LESLIE E. AND MALDEN NESHEIM - Poultry Production 11th edition
54401: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Maps in a Mirror (signed)
200055: CAREW-MILLER, ANNA - Mexican Art and Architecture, Mexico Beautiful Land, diverse People
45313: CAREY, JACQUELINE - Godslayer: Volume Two of The Sundering
53262: CAREY, JACQUELINE - Kushiel's Dart (signed)
51794: CAREY, JACQUELINE - Autumn Bones - SIGNED
51318: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Ballads, Farm Festivals, Farm Legends (3 volumes)
46982: CARLIN, KAREN - Kansas First Families at Home, Cedar Crest (signed)
4344: CARLSON, GARY - Vanguard
44967: CARLSON, LEWIS H. & KEVIN B. VICHCALES (EDITORS) - American Popular Culture at Home and Abroad
47057: CARLSON, LEWIS H. - American: Popular Culture at Home & Abroad
47058: CARLSON, LEWIS H. - American: Popular Culture at Home & Abroad
36354: CARMAN, J. NEALE AND INTRO BY NORRIS J. LACY - From Camelot To Joyous Guard: The Old French La Mort le Roi Artu
51605: CARMICHAEL, STOKELY & CHARLES V. HAMILTON - Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America Mass Market Paperback
44968: CARNAHAN, MICHAEL & NICK MANNING ET AL - Reforming Fiscal & Economic Management in Afghanistan
48003: CARNEGIE, DALE - Lincoln the Unknown (signed)
54526: OATES. JOYCE CAROL - Angel Fire (Signed)
53722: CARPENTER, SUSAN - Japan's Nuclear Crisis: The Routes to Responsibility
53723: CARPENTER, SUSAN - Japan's Nuclear Crisis: The Routes to Responsibility
44783: CARRABBA, JOHNNY & DAMIAN MANDOLA - Ciao Tuscany: Recipes From the PBS Series Cucina Toscana - SIGNED
54143: CARRIERI, JOE - Joe DiMaggio: The Promise
27114: CARROLL, DAVID L. - The ASPCA Complete Guide to Pet Care
47404: CARROLL, BRET E. - Spiritualism in Antebellum America
54435: CARROLL, LAURIE - Fate's Fortune
44711: CARROLL, JOHN M. AND BYRON PRICE, EDITORS - Roll Call On The Little Big Horn, 28 June 1876
52478: CARROLL, MIKE - The Pleasure Thing
51508: CARTER, CRAIG - Sea Breezes: A digest of ships and the sea Volume 42 (12 issues 1968)
4681: CARTER, FORREST - Watch for Me on the Mountain
22415: CARTER, BURNHAM - So Much To Learn: The History of Northfield Mount Hermon School for the 100th Anniversary
36982: CARTER, ANGELA - Honeybuzzard
51509: CARTER, CRAIG - Sea Breezes: A digest of ships and the sea Volume 44 (January to December 1970)
22768: CARUBA, DAVID (EDITOR) AND FOUR COLOR STAFF - Four Color Magazine Volume 1, Number 5 : May 1987
54628: CARUSS, THELMA - Windsor Township: Heritage & Horizons
45285: CARVIN, DENIS - La reliure medievale: D'apres les fonds des bibliotheques d'Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Carpentras et Marseille
40673: CARY, RICHARD - Appreciation of Edwin Arlington Robinson: 28 Interpretive Essays
54483: CARY, FERDINAND ELLSWORTH (EDITOR) - The Modern Book of Knowledge: An American Home Educator
53527: CASANOVA, MARY - The Klipfish Code (signed)
47563: CASE, DAVE - Out of Cabrini - SIGNED
50318: CASEY, ROBERT J. AND W. A. S. DOUGLAS - Pioneer Railroad: The Story fo the Chicago and North Western System.
52392: CASEY, JOHN AND FRANCIS J. SPELLMAN (ARCHBISHOP) - Saint Patrick's Cathedral , New York (signed)
30785: CASPER, GERALDINE J. - Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum
38875: CASTAGNOLI, MARTHA - Sleepy-time for Everyone
42989: CASTEDO, ELENA - Paradise (signed)
31381: CASTLE, BEATRICE HANSCOM - The Grand Island Story
27364: CASTRANOVA, MICHAEL CHEVY - A Perfectly Logical Explanation
53731: CAVE, PETER - Primary School in Japan: Self, Individuality and Learning in Elementary Education (Japan Anthropology Workshop Series)
26581: CAVE, RICHARD ALLEN - The Romantic Theatre: An International Symposium
51406: CAYFORD, JOHN E. - The Penobscot Expedition : Being an Account of the Largest Naval Engagement of the Revolutionary War (Hardcover) SIGNED
45023: CAZES, JACK - Journal of Liquid Chromatography Volume 2 Number 1 1979
3702: CECIL, ANDREW R. - The Meaning of the Family in a Free Society
200015: CECIL, DAVID - A Portrait of Jane Austen
50821: CELBRIDGE, YOLANDA - Girl Governess
27889: UNITED STATES NAVAL TRAINING CENTER - The Keel: Building the Foundation For a Naval Career
44603: CENTER, PHILCO TECHNOLOGICAL - Servomechanism Fundamentals and Experiments
44297: CERMAK, J. E. (EDITOR) - Developments in Mechanics (Proceedings of the 10th Midwestern Mechanics Conference, Volume 4)
20497: CERVER, FRANCISCO ASENSIO - Arco Colour Thematic Architecture: New Bridges
50245: CHAFFEY, M. ELLA - Sparrows, A Story for Junior Boys and Girls
50244: CHAFFEY, M. ELLA - A Cloud Dispelled
29116: CHALMERS, A. M. - The Spectator (in 8 volumes)
47003: CHAMBERLAIN, JOSHUS LAWRENCE - The Passing of the Armies: An Account of the Final Campaign of the Army of the Potomac, Based Upon Personal Reminiscences of the 5th Army
49024: CHAMBERS, RICK - Radiance, Signed
40623: CHAMBERS, E. K. - Matthew Arnold, A Study
49025: CHAMBERS, RICK - Radiance
38354: DUMERSAN AND CHAMPFLEURY - Chants Et Chansons Populaires De La France (3 volumes) and Provinces De France (4th volume)
47433: CHAMPION, D. L - The sexual psychopath
26577: CHANDLER, RALPH CLARK - When Eagles Gathered: A Play About the Virginia Ratifying Convention of 1788 (signed)
32017: CHANDLER, RALPH CLARK - The Son of David: A Meditation on the Agency of God
47056: CHANDLER, RALPH C. (EDITOR) - The American Constitution at the End of the Twentieth Century
39037: CHANG, PANG-MEI NATASHA - Bound Feet & Western Dress
54408: CHANG, JEFF - Can't Stop Won't Stop : A History of the Hip Hop Generation SIGNED [Hardcover]
28218: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - World War II Airborne Invasions: Paratroops and Glider Borne Forces in Action
42860: CHAO, BEI TSE (EDITOR) - Advanced Heat Transfer
50945: CHAPIN, ALFRED H. (CHAIRMAN) - The Men and Women of Moore: Moore Drop Forging Co
47803: CHAPMAN, C. - Queen Victoria's Jubilee 1887 & 1897
42830: CHAPMAN, DEAN R. - National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Techinal Notes 4276: An Approximate Analytical Method for Studying enry into Planetarty Atmosphe
53608: CHAPPLE, J.A.V. AND ARTHUR POLLARD, EDITORS - The Letters of Mrs Gaskell
51060: CHARLES TRUE. DUNBAR, WILLIS FREDERICK, GOODSELL - Centennial history of Kalamazoo College 1833--1933
200048: CHARLTON-TRUJILLO, E. E. - Fat Angie, Signed
41483: CHARNOVITZ, STEVE - Global Warming and the World Trading System
44459: CHARPIE, R. A - Physics and mathematics (Progress in nuclear energy, series 1)
53385: CHASE, NAOMI FEIGELSON - The One Blue Thread
40046: CHATFIELD-TAYLOR, H. C. - Chicago
51241: CHATTERTON, KEBLE - Windjammer's and Shellbacks
49529: CHAVEZ, ART - S.S. City of Midland 41 (MI) (Images of America)
53062: CHAVEZ, LINDA AND DANIEL GRAY - Betrayal, How Union Bosses Shake Down Their Members and Corrupt American Politics, Signed
54524: CHAYKIN, HOWARD - Black Kiss
52147: CHEANEY, J.B. - Somebody on This Bus Is Going to Be Famous - SIGNED
42803: CHEATHAM, DONALD C. ET AL - NASA Techinal Note D-230: The Variation and Control of Range Traveled in the Atmosphere by High-Drag Variable-Lift Entry Vehicle
54163: CHECKER, NICHOLAS - Druids (signed)
40950: N. M. GERSHEZON-CHEGODAEVA - Dimitry Grigorievich Levitsky
20975: CHELEY, F. H. - Campfire Stories
53942: CHEN, ANNIE - The What and How of Chinese Painting
3236: CHENEY, WALTER J. ET AL - The Second 50 Years: A Reference Manual for Senior Citizens
40925: CHERCOVER, SEAN - Trigger City (signed)
44946: CHERNYSHEV, H. M - Iskusstvo freski v drevnei Rusi.
54178: CHERRYH, J. C. - HEAVY TIME (signed) (leather)
28450: CHETWIN, GRACE - The Starstone
50738: THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO - Fifty-Third Annual Exhibition of American Paintings and Sculpture
8312: CHIEL, ARTHUR A. - Pathways Through The Torah, Part IV
6831: CHIESA, MARIAN - High Doses of Wisdom, Low Doses of Advise
19972: CHILD, FRANCIS JAMES - English and Scottish Ballads, Volume VIII
43867: BOOK HOUSE FOR CHILDREN - A Picvturesque Tale of Progress 9 Volumes
49387: CHING, RAYMOND HARRIS ET AL - Norges Fugle LIV (Norwegian Birds 54)
44969: CHINIQUY, CHARLES - Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
45002: CHISNELL, R.F. - Vibrating Systems
54206: CHMIELEWSKI, TOM - Lunar Dust, Martian Sands, Signed
26332: CHOATE, ALBERT G. - The Core of Creation
41513: CHOPIN, FREDERIC - The Piano Concertos in Full Score
44819: CHOUDHARY, GANGADHAR (EDITOR) - Chemical Hazards in the Workplace: Measurement and Control; Based on a Symp Osium, Las Vegas, August 25-28, 1980;
51513: CHRISTIANSON, CARL RAYMOND - Ship Building and Boat Building in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin from the beginning to 1985
21201: CHRISTIE'S - Important Travel and Natural History Books 1980
21202: CHRISTIE'S - Books on Travel, Topography and Natural History 1982
21203: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books, Fine Bindings and Western Illuminated Manuscripts 1983
21204: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books and Manuscripts 1983
21239: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books and Manuscripts including illustrated books and bindings
21240: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books and Manuscripts including an important Manuscript Map of Southeastern N. America, 1721
21199: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books, Decorative and Topographical Prints, Maps, Old Masters and Modern Prints 1982
21200: CHRISTIE'S - Valuable Early Printed Books and Manuscripts 1980
21196: CHRISTIE'S - Americana, English & European Printed Books & Manuscripts 1984
21188: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books, Manuscripts and Modern Illustrated Books in Fine Bindings, 1985
21241: CHRISTIE'S - Printed Books and Autograph Letters
21197: CHRISTIE'S - Travel & Natural History Books 1982
34054: CHRISTIE'S - The Gasque Collection of Toy Trains
34055: CHRISTIE'S - Toys, Games, Trains, and Lead Soldiers
34056: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Model Steam
34057: CHRISTIE'S - Fine Model Steam Engines, Locomotives, Ships and Road Vehicles
44477: CHRISTIE, NILS (EDITOR) - Scandinavian Studies in Criminology Volume 3
48198: CHRISTINE, LAURIE - Poems of Love and Rage
53555: CHRISTOPHER, NEIL - The Country of Wolves
52660: CHU, ROLANDA - Hong Kong Film Magazine #2, 1994. The Cinema of Wong Fei Hong
4574: FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - A Sesquicentennial History 1837-1987
48557: CHURCHILL, WINSTON - The Second World War ( 6 Volume First Edition Set )
53019: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Der Zweite Weltkrieg: Churchill Memoiren in 6 Bänden (The Second World War: Churchill Memoirs in 6 Volumes)
44608: CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. AND FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT - Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence (3 Volume Set) [Box set]
44097: CHURCHMAN, C. WEST ET AL - Introduction to Operations Research
31049: CHYTEN, LESLIE - Keeper of the Flame: The Story of Mary Magdalen
53859: CINABRO, ROBERT H. - An Ellis Island Story: The Cinabros A Recollection (signed)
52297: CIRICI-PELLICER, ALEXANDRE - Picasso Avant Picasso
19222: CITINO, DAVID - Paperwork
31999: CLANCY, LAURIE - A Collapsible Man
51231: CLARE, ISRAEL SMITH - Famous American battles on sea and land: From the colonial period to Santiago Volume 1 only of 2 (United States Army)
52102: CLARK, STEPHAN EIRIK - Sweetness #9, Signed
200030: CLARK, THOMAS ARKLE - When You Write a Letter
53649: CLARK, SAM & SAM - Morito
16029: CLARK, CAROL HIGGINS - Jinxed: A Regan Reilly Mystery
21618: CLARK, WILLIAM C. AND R. E. MUNN - Sustainable Development Biosphere
50201: CLARK, DOUGLAS N. AND F. EDGAR RUCKLE - The Street Railway Postal Service in Baltimore (Street Car Monograph Series) (signed)
31406: CLARK, W. G AND W. ALDIS WRIGHT - The Complete works of William Shakespeare, arranged in their chronological order
51471: CLARK, DOUGLAS - The Street Railway Postal Service in Baltimore (street car monograph series) signed
51473: CLARK, DOUGLAS AND KENNETH STEWART - The Street Railway Postal Service in Cincinnati and Cleveland, Rochester (street car monograph series)
50197: CLARK, DOUGLAS N. AND LAWTON GOWEY - The Street Railway Postal Service in San Francisco and Seattle & Seattle R. P. O. (Street Car Monograph Series)
53013: CLARK, ROLAND - Gunner's Dawn
52998: CLARK, ROLAND - Stray Shots & A Decade of American Sporting Books and Prints
52615: CLARK, D. W. - The Ladies' Repository for 1859, Vol XIX
52493: CLAVANO, TONY - Tavern Temptress
48219: CLAYCOMB, WILLIAM - On The Mainlines: Railroading in Sedalia, Missouri
47579: CLEGG, ROBERT INGHAM - Mackey's History of Freemasonry (7 volumes complete)
52747: CLEMENS, JUDY - To Thine Own Self Be True, Signed
50874: CLEMENS, CYRIL AND CARROLL SIBLEY - Uncle Dan: The life story of Dan Beard
53400: CLEMENS, CYRIL AND CARROLL SIBLEY - Uncle Dan: The life story of Dan Beard
30657: CLIFFORD, JAMES - The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art
52138: CLINE, WILLIAM R. - Managing the Euro Area Debt Crisis Paperback
22122: CLINE, SALLY - Zelda Fitzgerald : Her Voice in Paradise
34335: CLINE, EDWARD - Sparrowhawk, Book One Jack Frake and Book Two: Hugh Kenrick (2 books Signed)
17470: MINIRTH MEIER NEW LIFE CLINIC - Men, Sex and Anger, 5 Audio Tapes
43107: CLOGAN, PAUL MAURICE (EDITOR) - Medievalia Et Humanistica: Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Culture: New Series: Number 21 Convergences
47623: CLOSE, DAVID & CARL BRIDGE (EDITORS) - Revolution: A History of the Idea
53059: CLOUGH, A. H. - Plutarch's Lives, 5 Volume set Limited Edition
53382: SAUGATUCK-DOUGLAS GARDEN CLUB - cooking with the Saugatuck-Douglas Garden Club
200058: CLUTE, JOHN AND JOHN GRANT, EDITORS - The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
50227: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's 1955 Indianapolis Yearbook
50132: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's 1959 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race Official Yearbook
50228: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's Indianapolis Official Yearbook 1951 500 Mile
50116: CLYMER, FLOYD - loyd Clymer's 1955 Indianapolis Yearbook
51206: CLYMER, FLOYD - 500 Mile Race Yearbook 1961
50129: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's Indianapolis Race History 1948
50130: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's 1957 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race Official Yearbook
50128: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's Indianapolis Race History 1946
50127: CLYMER, FLOYD - Floyd Clymer's 1949 Indianapolis Race Yearbook
44129: A STEPHEN & CO - Atomics and Atomic Technology Vol 6 no 1, January 1955
52969: FITZGERALD PUBLISHING CO - Golden Legacy, Illustrated History Magazine (13 volumes)
49442: MCGUIRE-CUMMINGS MFG. CO. - McGuire-Cummings Mfg. Co. Car and Truck Builders - Equipment for All Classes of Electric Railway Service
53380: MILLER PUBLISHING CO - 9th INFANTRY DIVISION, FORT CARSON, COLORADO: Unit History, 39th Infantry, June-August, 1957
44970: COATS, A. W. - Poverty in the Victorian Age, Volume II
54194: COBBAN, ALFRED - The Debate on the French Revolution 1789-1800, Volume II
50280: CODELL, ESME RAJI - Diary of a Fairy Godmother, Signed
49641: CODRESCU, ANDREI - The Dog with the Chip in His Neck (signed)
49648: CODRESCU, ANDREI - Raised By Puppets, Only to Be Killed by Research (signed)
49635: CODRESCU, ANDREI - Diapers on the Snow, Signed (Crowfoot Softcover Series 3)
49634: CODRESCU, ANDREI - Secret Training (signed)
42416: CODRESCU, ANDREI - Necrocorrida
53363: CODRESCU, ANDREI - The History of the Growth of Heaven, Signed
1324: COFFMAN, VIRGINIA - Night at Sea Abbey
4603: COHEN, WILLIAM S. - One-Eyed Kings
53242: COKE, EDWARD - The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, 2 Volumes
54339: COLE, WILLIAM AND TOMI UNGERER - Frances Face-maker: A going-to-bed book
13791: HEISEY COLLECTORS - Heisey Hand-Wrought Crystal
13793: HEISEY COLLECTORS - Heisey Hand-Wrought Crystal
9478: KNOX COLLEGE - The 1948 Gale Yearbook
52469: COLLIER, RICHARD BANGS - Essential Pleneurethic, 2nd Edition
49804: COLLINS, MICHAEL M AND ROBERT D. WEAST - Wild silk moths of the United States: Saturniinae; experimental studies and observations of natural living habits and relationships,
31295: COLLINS, HENRY B. - Archeological Work in Arctic Canada
45614: COLLINS, JUDITH - The Omega Workshops
41208: COLLINS, MRS. S. A. - Memory's Token
44945: COLLODI, CARLO - ALEXI TOLSTOY(EDITOR) - Pinoccio's Adventures (translated by N. Petrovskey)
51339: COLVIN, VERPLANCK - Geographical And Mathematical Discussion Of Plutarch's Account Of Ancient Voyages To The New World (1893) (Paperback)
44137: UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMISSION - Research reactors (Selected reference material on atomic energy)
43949: COMMAND, US ARMY MATERIEL (EDITOR) - Engineering Design Handbook Computer Aided Design of Mechanical Systems, AMC Pamphlet AMCPC 706-192
45057: COMMAND, NAVAL AIR TRAINING - Airplane Power Plants: NAVAER 00-80T-42
46009: COMMAND, US ARMY MATERIEL (EDITOR) - Engineering Design HandbookTables of the Cumulative Binomial Probabilities, AMC Pamphlet AMCPC 706-109
51346: COMMERCE, U.S.DEPARTMENT OF - United States Census Population 1960: California, Number of Inhabitants
51347: COMMERCE, U.S.DEPARTMENT OF - United States Census Population 1970: California, Number of Inhabitants
51384: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - Plane Coordinate Intersection Tables (2 1/2 Minute) Arizona, publication 65-1, Part 2
42853: U.S. DEP OF COMMERCE - Ordnance Engineering Design Handbook: Servomechanisms PB 171480, PB 171481, PB 171482 (3 books)
54655: YARMOUTH COMMITTEE - The Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Old Yarmouth, Mass. (original book, not pod)
50179: NATIONAL RAILWAY PUBLICATION COMPANY - Traveler's Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines in the United States and Canada, June 1870 (Facsimile Edition)
9853: SCHUMACHER COMPANY - Showcase of Area Rugs
54530: RED RIVER LUMBER COMPANY - The marvelous exploits of Paul Bunyan : as told in the camps of the White Pine lumbermen for generations
52505: COMSTOCK, JOHN HENRY AND ANNA BOTSFORD COMSTOCK - How to Know the Butterflies, A Manual of Those Which Occur in the Eastern United States
50149: COMSTOCK,RUTH B. - Instructions in Weaving Natural Rush Seats, Cat Tail Leaves
50148: COMSTOCK,RUTH B. - Instructions in Weaving Flat reed and Ash Splint
51139: CONDE, JOHN A. - The American Motors Family Album - Signed
47884: CONDE, CELIA - The six-pointed star; or, The union of soul, body, and spirit
43972: DE CONDE, ALEXANDER - This Affair of Louisiana
42032: CONE, JOHN FREDERICK - Adelina Patti: Queen of Hearts
27203: CONGRESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - National Debate Topic for Colleges, 1994-1995: Pretrial Detentions, Sentencing
29103: CONKLIN, GLADYS - Little Apes
54580: CONKLING, ROSCOE AND MARGARET - The Butterfield Overland Mail 1857-1869, Volume 1, 2 and 3 (American Trail Series III, IV and V)
15715: CONNER, MONA - Christmas at Our House: A Family Memory Book
53006: O'CONNOR, JACK - Game in the Desert
53521: O'CONNOR, SHEILA - Keeping Safe the Stars (signed)
44768: CONSULTANTS, SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION - Russian-English-Chinese dictionary of astronomy
53087: CONVERSE, JIM - The Book of Australian Trivia
47100: CONWAY, BUD - Whippersnapper
33475: COOK, GLEN - All Darkness Met
35336: COOK, LOUIS - Michigan Waters
54669: COOK, PRESTON - Chicago and North Western Memories, 1970-1980
52863: COOK, JULIA, ILLUSTRATED BY KELSEY DE WEERD - Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to Share!, Signed
50372: COOK, CECIL - Marquette: Biography of an Iowa Railroad Town
45543: COOK, WILIAM AZEL - By Horse, Canoe and Float Through the Wilderness of Brazil
200089: COOLEY, JOHN, EDITOR - Mark Twain's Aquarium, The Samuel Clemens Angelfish Correspondence 1905-1910, Signed
54149: COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K. - Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought: collected essays on the traditional or normal view of art
31752: COONEY, DENISE R. - Beyond A Master
53502: COOPER, J. FENIMORE - The Prairie: A Tale, Leather-Stocking Tales
51010: COOPER, SUSAN - Ghost Hawk - Signed
28249: COPELAND, NELSON E. - The Heroic Revolution: A New Agenda for Urban Youthwork
46848: COPELAND, MELVIN THOMAS - The Cotton Manufacturing Industry of the United States
52862: CORDELL, MATTHEW - Hello! Hello!, Signed
53116: CORELLI, MARIE - The Young Diana, An Experiment of the Future
30445: COREY, SHANA, ILLUSTRATED BY MARK TEAGUE - First Graders From Mars, Episode 1: Horus's Horrible Day
47500: CORIOLAN, JOHN - Seven ways from Sunday
33022: CORNAKOV, DIMITAR - The Frescoes of the Church of St Clement at Ochrid: Medieval Art in Yugoslavia
50215: CORNELIUS, L'DEAN & R.W. JULIAN - Where Two Rivers Meet: A View of the Past [Hardcover]
38757: CORNER, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - William Corner's San Antonio de Bexar: A Guide and History
12259: XEROX CORP - Defender / Challenger: Advanced Financial Decision Making System
48016: MARINE CORPS - Radio Set AN/PRC-104, Operator's and Organizational maintenance instructions, TM-07748A-12/1, Airforce to 31R2-2PRC104-1
53924: CORRIE, CHAD - Gambit's End, Signed
53926: CORRIE, CHAD - Path of Power, Signed
54079: CORSO, GREGORY (INTRODUCTION BY ALLEN GINSBERG) - Gasoline [Pocket Poets Series Number Eight]
52325: COSMOPOLITAN - 69 Shades of Cosmo: The Kinky Sex Games Edition
44983: COSSUM, W. H. - Mountain Peaks of Prophecy and Sacred History
53041: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Five, Issue 4 Winter 1994
53042: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Four, Issue 1 Spring 1993
53037: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Four, Issue 4 Winter 1993
53038: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Five, Issue 1 Spring 1994
53025: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume One Issue 2 Spring 1990 ( signed)
53024: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume One Issue 1 Winter 1989 ( signed)
53035: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Three, Issue 4 Winter 1992
53036: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Four, Issue 2 Summer 1993
53046: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Six, Issue 3 Autumn 1995
53033: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Three, Issue 2 Summer 1992
53034: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Three, Issue 3 Autumn 1992
53045: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Six, Issue 2 Spring 1995
53039: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Five, Issue 2 Summer 1994
53040: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Five, Issue 3 Autumn 1994
53043: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Four, Issue 3 Autumn 1993
53032: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Three Issue 1 1992
53044: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Six, Issue 1 Spring 1995
53027: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume One Issue 4 Autumn 1990 ( signed)
53031: COTE, DANIEL PHILIP - THE Double Gun Journal Volume Two Issue 4 1991
47885: COTTER, JIM AND PAUL PAYTON - Out of the Silence: Prayer's Daily Round (signed)
53477: COTTERELL, HOWARD HERSCHEL - Old Pewter: Its Makers and Marks in England, Scotland and Ireland an Account of the old Pewterer & his Craft
31605: COULOUMBIS, AUDREY - Getting Near to Baby
47970: COULSON, JUANITA - The Last Herald-Mage Concordance
53061: COULTER, ANN - Guilty, Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America, Signed
44602: COUNCIL, AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH - A selection of tables for use in calculations of compressible airflow
29989: COUND, DANA M. - A Leader's Journey to Quality (Quality & Reliability Series #31)
44708: COUNTDOWN - Countdown 1, A Subterranean Magazine
50095: VAN BUREN COUNTY - Tri-Annual Atlas & Blat Book of Van Buren County Michigan
49019: COUSTEAU, JEAN-MICHEL AND DANIEL PAISNER - My Father, the Captain: My Life With Jacques Cousteau (signed)
47379: COVERT, RALPH AND G. RILEY MILLS - Sawdust and Spangles, the Amazing Life of W. C. Coup
54416: COVERT, RALPH AND G. RILEY MILLS - Sawdust and Spangles: The Amazing Life of W.C. Coup (signed)
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41735: FAST, JONATHAN - Mortal Gods (leather bound)
21878: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Town
27034: FAUST, LANGDON LYNNE - American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide for Colonial Times to the Present
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36283: FEDOROV, G. B. - Investigations of Ancient Cultures (Posledam Drevnikh Kultur)
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45929: FETZER, JOHN EARL - One Man's Family: A History and Geneology of the Fetzer Family
54657: FETZER, JOHN E. - America's Agony
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9885: FEULING, TIMOTHY J. - Chiropractic Works!: Adjusting to a Higher Quality of Life
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51692: FLAKE, SHARON G. - The Skin I'm In, Signed
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53969: FLANAGAN - Paperbacks, Pulps & Comics (SF Crime horror westerns & comics) : Volume 2
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12172: VAN FLEET, J. A. - Summer Resorts of the Mackinaw Region and Adjacent Localities
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29179: FLEMING, THOMAS - When this Cruel War Is Over: A Novel of the Civil War
31954: FLEMING, CANDACE - Our Eleanor : A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Remarkable Life (signed)
51971: FLEMING, MRS. MAY AGNES - The Midnight Queen
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51505: FLOHERTY, JOHN J. - Guardsmen of the Coast
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53403: FONDA, PETER - Don't Tell Dad: A Memoir (signed)
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30894: FORBES, ALECK (WAR CORRESPONDENT) - Fredericksburg or The Great Tunnel at Libby (the War Library Vol 1 no 6) Pocket Edition
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48009: FORCE, USAF UNITED STATES AIR - Weather for Aircrews, AF Manual 51-12 Volume 1
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12498: FORD, GYNNATH - Treasures of the Silver Screen: Remembering 20th Century Movies
12499: FORD, GYNNATH - Treasures of the Silver Screen: Remembering 20th Century Movies
50048: FORD, LANA - Miracles And Other Ordinary Things
52179: FORD, HOMER S. AND S. E. JORGENSEN - Proceedings of a Symposium on the Native Cats of North America Their Status and Management
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23996: FORGAN, SOPHIE (EDITOR) - Science and the Sons of Genius Studies on Humphry Davy
40025: FORRESTER, WILLIAM - Lake District (Collins Touring Guide)
53243: FORTESCUE, JOHN - De Laudibus in Praise of the Laws of England
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42981: FOSTER, JOHN - Ayer
44504: PURE MIND FOUNDATION - Beyond Forever: Unlocking the Door to Eternal Life
48365: STAFF MEMBERS OF RAYMOND FOUNDATION - Indians of Early Chicago
38260: FOUNDRY, DEBERNY TYPE - 1565 Spot Illustrations and Motifs CD-ROM and Book
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34547: FOX, JOHN JR. - Crittenden, The Kentuckians, Christmas Eve on Lonesome, A Mountain Europa, 4 Books
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47438: FOX, G. GEORGE & PRESTON BRADLEY (FOREWARD) - Democracy and Nazi-Ism
50000: FRAJOLA, RICHARD C. GEORGE J. KRAMER AND STEVEN C. WALSKE - The Pony Express, A Postal History
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54357: FRANCE, ANATOLE (JACQUES ANATOLD) - At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque
35570: FRANCK, HARRY A. - East of Siam: Ramblings in the Five Divisions of French Indo-China
46793: FRANCK, KAREN A. AND SHERRY AHRENTZEN - New Households, New Housing
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53249: FRANK, JEROME - Law and the Modern Mind
31143: FRANKENBERG, DIRK - The Nature of the Outer Banks
34873: FRANZESE, MICHAEL - Blood Covenant: The Michael Franzese Story
25858: FRASER, ANTONIA - Mary Queen Of Scots
54492: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - The General Danced at Dawn, and Other Stories.
44801: FRASER, GAIL R. - The Lumby Lines
53211: FRAZER, MICHAEL - Nasho
52559: FRAZETTA, FRANK - Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated Cover A, 1st issue
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54555: FREDERICK, J.V. - Ben Holladay the Stagecoach King: a Chapter in the Development of Transcontinental Transportation (Western Frontiersmen Series II)
51497: FREDERICKSON, ARTHUR C. - Ships and Shipwrecks in Door County, Wisconsin Volume two
51063: FREDERICKSON, LUCY F. FREDERICKSON ARTHUR C. - The early history of the Ann Arbor carferries
46199: FREEDLAND, MICHAEL - Salute to Irving Berlin
50536: FREEDMAN, PAUL I. - Oh Brother Oh Friend (signed)
40060: FREEMAN, HOWARD AND MARIAN A. SOLOMON, EDITORS - Evaluation Studies Review Annual Volume 6
52772: FREEMAN, BRIAN - The Cold Nowhere - SIGNED
44051: FREMLIN, J. H - Applications of nuclear physics
11149: FRENCH, GILES - Homesteads and Heritages: A History of Morrow County, Oregon
29497: FREUD, ARTHUR - The Complete Parrot
49314: FREVELETTI, JAMIE - Running Dark: A Novel
49129: FRIEDMAN, HENRY - Time twins: A nonsupernatural concept of survival after death
48406: FRIEDRICH, THOMAS - Berlin: A Photographic Portrait of the Weimar Years, 1918-33
44737: FRIEDRICHS, K. O. ET AL - Non-linear mechanics: Advanced Instruction and Research in Mechanics Winter Semester, 1941-43
14736: FRIEND, CLIFF AND ABNER SILVER - Elsie Shultz-En-Heim (Sheet Music)
42967: FRIEND, LEO - Pressure drop for flow of fluids in round pipe
15483: FRIIS, ACHTON - De Danskes Land, 3 Bind
47578: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Himmler: The Evil Genius of the Third Reich
48602: FRITH, FRANCIS, DOROTHY NICCOLLE - Francis Firth's Herefordshire: Living Memories
5597: FRITSCH, DEBRA M. AND RUTH S. HUNTER - Parents' Guide to Martial Arts
50908: FRITSCHER, JACK - Popular witchcraft, straight from the witch's mouth (signed)
39696: FRITZ, DENNIS - Journey Toward Justice
41147: FRITZ, APRIL YOUNG - Praying at the Sweetwater Motel
52930: FROST, MICHELLE - First Light
36148: FRUPNOV, I. I. - The Slavs and Rus (Slaviane I Rus)
4252: FRYE, ROLAND MUSHAT - Shakespeare: The Art of the Dramatist
7982: FRYER, EUGENIE M - Unending Quest
50656: FULLER, JOHN G. - The Pack
49231: FUNDER, ANNA - All That I Am (signed)
38769: GABLER, EDWIN - The American Telegrapher: A Social History, 1860-1900
45060: GABRIELLI, G, F. N. SCHEUBEL, F. L. WATTENDORF (EDITORS) - Selected papers on engineering mechanics: A tribute to Theodore von Karman from students and associates of the Aachen period
36321: GAGE, ELENI N. - North of Ithaka: A Journey Home Through a Family's Extraordinary Past
42817: GAINER, PATRICK A. - NASA Techinal Note D-1599: A Method for Computing the Effect of an Additional Observation on a Previous Least-Squares Estimate
49128: GAINES, ROBERT - Heavy Planets: The Astrology of Manifestation
41897: GAJJAR, IRINA N. - You Know Me: The Gita
9050: GAKSIN, RUTH L. - A Good Heart and A Light Hand: Collection of Traditional Negro Recipes
28109: GAL, LADISLAS - L'Architecture Religieuse en Hongrie
40125: GALANG, EVELINA M. - One Tribe (signed)
26528: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Affluent Society
31293: GALE, VERNA EKBERG - The Heaven-On-Earth Potential: A Spiritual Odyssey
46846: GALE, ROBERT L. & WARREN FRENCH (SERIES EDITOR) - Louis L'Amour (Twayne's United States Author's Series # 491)
37723: GALGOCZI, ERZSEBET - Another Love: A Novel
51855: GALLERY, DANIEL V - Now, Hear This!
45558: LE GALLEY, DONALD (EDITOR) - Space Science (University of California Engineering and Physical Sciences Extension Series)
47982: GALLO, PRETE AND - Celebrity Horoscopes, Birth Charts of Famous Men and Women
200001: GAMBARO, GRISELDA - The Impenetrable Madam X
51778: GAMBARO, GRISELDA - The Impenetrable Madam X
52223: GAMBLE, TERRY - Good Family, Signed
45228: GAMEKEEPER, AN OLD - Plain Directions for Aquiring the Art of Shooting on the Wing
47069: GANDHI, M. K. - Modern v. Ancient Civilization, Pocket Gandhi Series No. 19
50222: GANZ, CHERYL R. - The 1933 Chicago World's Fair: A Century of Progress, Signed
45298: GANZ, PETER - The Role of the book in medieval Culture: Bibliologia 3, Elementa ad librorum studia pertinentia
47292: GAO, YIFENG (???) - Kao I-Feng Collected Paintings (in slipcase) (?????)
27989: GARAS, KLARA - Meisterwerke Der Alten Malerei
7103: GARBER, ANGUS G. III - End Zone: A Photographic Celebration of the Players, Action, and Mayhem in American Football
46408: GARCIN, JERRY (AS TOLD TO ROGER BLAKE, PH.D) - The Stud Hustler
1074: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY AND A. A. FAIR - Phantom Fortune / Up for Grabs
2011: GARDNER, HOWARD - The Quest for Mind: Piaget, Levi-Strrauss, and the Structuralist Movement
48683: GARDNER, LUCY, DAVID MOSS, ET. AL. - Balthasar at the End of Modernity
47551: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Clue of the Runaway Blonde & The Clue of the Hungry Horse
52345: GARFIELD, LEON - God Beneath the Sea
52713: GARFORTH, JOHN - The Avengers No. 2 The Laugh was on Lazarus
52714: GARFORTH, JOHN - The Avengers No. 3 The Passing of Gloria Munday
52715: GARFORTH, JOHN - The Avengers No. 4 Heil Harris!
40848: GARINGER, ALAN K. - Jeremiah Stokley, Naturalist
54025: GARIS, HOWARD ROGER - Uncle Wiggily's apple roast, or, How Nurse Jane's pin cushion fooled the Skuddlemagoon ; and Uncle Wiggily's Hollowe'en party
48641: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily and the Pirates
6898: GARNETT, LOUISE AYRES - The Joyous Pretender
25917: GARRATT, G.R.M. (EDITOR) - Television
48395: GARRETT, WENDELL - American Colonial: Puritan Simplicity to Georgian Grace
26583: GARRETT, HARRY B. - Fringes of Fact and Fancy
28288: GARRISON, BARBARA RITTER - The Waiting Place
50330: GARTON, RAY - Lot Lizards (limited signed)
19876: GARVEY, GERALD - Constitutional Bricolage
40839: FRANK C. GATES - Principal Poisonous Plants in Kansas , Agricultural Experiment Station, Kansas State Agricultural Collage, Techinal Bulletin 25
44029: GATEWOOD, B E - Thermal Stresses: With Applications to Airplanes, Missiles, Turbines and Nuclear Reactors.
45726: GATLIN, NORMA - Shadow of Forgotten Love - Signed
46913: GAUGUIN, PAUL - Noa Noa
45574: GAUS, P. L. - Separate from the World: An Ohio Amish Mystery (signed)
47283: GAUTREAUX, TIM - Same Place, Same Things
51107: GEAR, W. MICHAEL AND KATHLEEN O'NEAL GEAR - People of the Moon, Signed
36167: GEHRING, ROBERT E - Instructor's manual, Basic behavioral statistics
54541: GEISERT, ARTHUR - Lights Out (signed)
10192: GELLIS, SYDNEY AND MURRAY FEINGOLD - Atlas of Mental Retardation Syndromes: Visual Diagnosis of Facies and Physical Findings
44008: AEROJET-GENERAL - Performance and Properties of Liquid Ptropellants revision A
49676: POSTMASTER-GENERAL - the rural delivery service, instructions for the guidance of postmasters and carriers in the conduct of the rural delivery service, 1907
49677: POSTMASTER-GENERAL - the rural delivery service, instructions for the guidance of postmasters and carriers in the conduct of the rural delivery service, 1907
54076: GENT, PETER - The Conquering Heroes, Signed
25262: GENTILE, DEREK - The Complete New York Yankees: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team
54010: GEORGE, ELIZABETH - A Banquet of Consequences: A Lynley Novel (signed)
18567: GEORGE - One Woman's Situation: A Study of Mary Wollstonecraft
51604: GEORGES, REV. NORBERT - Blessed Diana and Blessed Jordan of the Order of Preachers. The Story of a Holy Friendship and a Successful Spiritual Direction: SIGNED
54185: WARNKOENIG L. A. ET GERARD P. A. F. - Histoire des Carolingiens (mémoire couronné ), 2 volumes; tomes 1 et 2. (leather)
3985: GERBER, JOHN C. - A Pictorial History of the University of Iowa
22589: GERBER, PAT - Maiden Voyage (signed)
7989: GERBER, DAN - A Voice From the River
54590: GERHARD, PETER - Pirates on the West Coast of New Spain (Spain in the West series VIII)
27631: GERHART, ANN - The Perfect Wife: The Life & Choices of Laura Bush
34649: GERIGK, HERBERT - Giuseppe Verdi
53884: GERRARD, KATIE - Odin's Gateways: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of the Runes Through Galdr, Sigils and Casting
45586: GERRARD, DAVID - Teapot Trail: A Taster of East Devon & Dartmoor
23648: DE GHEYN, JACOB - The Renaissance Drill Book
53056: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 6 Volumes, Edition DeLuxe
53906: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (3 Vol)
17128: GIBBONS, KAYE - Ellen Foster
48050: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA - Pictures of People by Charles Dana Gibson
47257: GIDEON, NANCY - Midnight Enchantment (signed)
51750: GIESE, VINCENT J - Revolution in the city
42319: GIFFORD, BARRY - Hotel Room Trilogy: Tricks Blackout Mrs. Kashfi (signed)
53576: GILBERT, BIL - Natural Coincidence, The Trip from Kalamazoo, Signed
14730: GILBERT, L. WOLFE AND LEWIS F. MUIR - Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Sheet Music)
31647: GILBERT, BIL - Westering Man, The Life of Joseph Walker
27495: GILBERT, BIL - God Gave Us This Country: Tekamthi and the First American Civil War
40896: GILBERT, RONNIE - Ronnie Gilbert on Mother Jones: Face to Face With the Most Dangerous Woman in America (signed)
53810: GILBERT, J - Beer Fear: Head-splitting tales of horror, heartburn and hangovers. (signed)
50927: GILBERT, LYDIA NORTHROP - Our Most Popular Trees, their bark, leaves, flowers and fruit
53811: GILBERT, JEFF - Two Werewolves, A Six-Pak and Elvis (signed)
54454: GILDERSLEEVE, BASIL L - Latin grammar
47639: GILDRIE, RICHARD P. - The Profane, the Civil, & the Godly: The Reformation of Manners in Orthodox New England, 1679-1749
39399: GILL, BARTHOLOMEW - McGarr at the Dublin Horse Show
43572: GILLEY, TED - Bliss and Other Short Stories (Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Fiction)
51405: GILLHAM, SKIP - The Ships of Port Weller (Paperback)
48312: GILLHAM, DAVID R. - City of Women, Signed
5604: GILLUM, EDWARD - Images: Expressive Moments From the Mind's Eye
46413: GILMORE, DONALD - Sex, Censorship, and Pornography Volume 2
44187: GILMORE, JENNIFER - Something Red: A Novel (signed)
35322: GINSBERG, ALLEN ET AL. - Gay Day: The Golden Age of the Christopher Street Parade 1974-1983
25133: GINSBURG, E. AND HALPERIN - The World of the Russian Revolution of the World of Wilson
53820: VON GINSBURG, DR. F - Das Russische Kindersterben (the Deaths of Russian Children
45587: GIORDANO, KAREN - The Book of Traditional Tea Etiquette
17196: CAMP FIRE GIRLS - The Book of the Camp Fire Girls
45604: GITOMER, JEFFREY - Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless (signed)
19280: GIVEN, JOCK - Turning Off the Television: Broadcasting's Uncertain Future
40445: GJERLØV, CHRISTIAN - Dansk Politistat I-II. Danmarks politi - Fængselsvæsen - Grænsegendarmeri og Sognefogeder
40058: GLASS, GENE V, EDITOR - Evaluation Studies Review Annual Volume 1
49538: GLASS, ALAN - The Official Railway Guide: Freight Service Edition,The Bulk Connection March/April 1990
53679: GLEICH, PROFESSOR DR. RONALD - Value in Due Diligence
44722: GLENN, HAROLD T - Power mechanics workbook second edition (based on the textbook Exploring Power Mechanics)
50385: GLISCHINSKI, STEVE - Minnesota Railroad Guide: A guide to Minnesota's railroads, railroad museums, rail historical societies and more, Signed
54670: GLISCHINSKI, STEVE - Regional Railroads of the Midwest (MBI Railroad Color History)
53554: GLOAG, JOHN - The Chair, Its Origins, Design and Social History
53719: GLOMB, JOZEF - A man who spanned two eras: The story of bridge engineer Ralph Modjeski
41925: GNADE, G. RAYE - Return to Paradise: In New Heights of Glory

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