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34114: AMUNÁTEGUI REYES, MIGUEL LUÍS - La Cuestion de Limites Entre Chile I Bolivia
35835: AMUNÁTEGUI REYES, MIGUEL LUIS - Al Traves Del Diccionario I la Gramática
39634: AMUNÁTEGUI REYES, MIGUEL LUÍS - Ortografía Razonada
39666: LLONA REYES, CARLOS - MI Defensa Ante la Comisión de Constitución, Legislación Y Justicia Del Honorable Senado de la República Y Algunos Antecedentes Relacionados Con Las Investigaciones Que Se Ordeno Practicar En Los Servicios de la Dirección General de Pavimentación, a MI Cargo Desde Diciembre de 1932 Hasta El 15 de Julio de 1942
42192: MERINO REYES, LUIS - Panorama de la Literatura Chilena
19930: REYNOLD, ANDREA E., ED - Historic Houses in New York City Parks
32775: REYNOLDS, VALRAE, CURATOR - Japanese Textiles. From the Marjorie and Robert Graff Collection
38975: REYNOLDS, JAMES; HEDGPETH, DON - Traildust. Cowboys, Cattle and Country. The Art of James Reynolds
42443: REYNOLDS, VALRAE - Tibetan Buddhist Altar
36933: RHEES, DAVID J. - Joseph Priestley Enlightened Chemist. Celebrating the 250th Birthday of Joseph Priestley, and the Inauguration of the Center for History of Chemistry
36178: RHETT, R.B. [ROBERT BARNWELL] - Speech of the Hon. R.B. Rhett, of South Carolina, on the Oregon Territory Bill, Excluding Slavery from That Territory-the Missouri Compromise Being Proposed and Rejected. Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U.S. , Jan. 14, 1847
37480: DE RICCI, SEYMOUR - Louis XVI Furniture
22611: DAVID TALBOT RICE, ED - The Dawn of European Civilization: The Dark Ages
30457: RICE, WILLIAM - Indian Game," (from Quail to Tiger. )
36740: RICH, EDWARD P., ED - A Catalog of Prefire Chicago Imprints (1844-1871)
27269: RICH, M. N., ED. PORTLAND BOARD OF TRADE (PORTLAND, ME.) - Eleventh Annual Report of the Board of Trade, of Portland, Being for the Year 1873. With a Synopsis of the Unpublished Reports of the Six Previous Years
31995: JAPAN SOCIETY. RICHARD, NAOMI NOBLE, ED - Court and Samurai in an Age of Transition. Medieval Paintings and Blades from the Gotoh Museum, Tokyo
31249: DANIELSON, RICHARD AND HENDY, JOHN - The Very Best of British. Favourite Ferries, Cross-Channel Boats and Excursion Steamers
40456: BOOK CLUB OF CALIFORNIA; HILKERT, RICHARD AND LEWIS, OSCAR, EDS - Breadbasket of the World. California's Great Wheat-Growing Era: 1860-1890
27402: RICHARDS, GEORGE - A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Daniel Webster, Delivered to Central Church, Boston, October 31, 1852, by George Richards
32927: RICHARDS, MARIA T. (TOLMAN) - Life in Israel; or, Portraitures of Hebrew Character
28346: RICHARDSON, LUTHER - An Oration, Pronounced July 4, 1800, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Roxbury, in Commemoration of American Independence
37320: RICHARDSON, O.W. (OWEN WILLIANS) - The Electron Theory of Contact Electromotive Force and Thermoelectricity
36773: RICHMOND, JOY S., ED - History of Medicine. A Guide to Source of Information in the Reference and General Collections
40537: RICHMOND, DIANA - Antar and Abla. A Bedouin Romance
27249: RICHTER, PAULA BRADSTREET - Painted with Thread: The Art of American Embroidery
24074: BRIGHTFIELD, RICK AND GLORY - Woodstock Guide: 1972
38158: RICKETTS, C.E. (RICK) - El Lobo and Spanish Gold. A Texas Maverick in Mexico
40546: RICKS, THOMAS M., ED - Critical Perspectives on Modern Persian Literature
43479: (GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT BANK FOR PUERTO RICO) - Annual Report 1986: Gdb: Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico
40429: RIDER, ROBIN E. - The Show of Science
40338: RIDGE, JOHN ROLLIN; FARMER, DAVID, AND STRICKLAND, RENNARD, EDS - A Trumpet of Our Own. Yellow Bird's Essays on the North American Indian. Selections from the Writings of the Noted Cherokee Author John Rollin Ridge
40044: RIDGEWAY, GERTRUDE M. - The Book Collector's Quarterly. July MCMXXV. Number 4
23673: RIEFSTAHL, R. MEYER - The Parish-Watson Collection of Mohammadan Potteries
35180: RIESCO, GERMAN - La Voluntad Y la Malicia En Nuestra Legislación Penal
40096: PALMA Y RIESCO, AGUSTIN I. (A.I.P. Y R. ) - Indice de Los Discursos Y Memorias de la Real Academia Española
39942: RIGGS, KARRICK; RIVES, F. BAYARD; PARKE-BERNET - French Royal and Other Armorial Bindings, XVIII-XIX Century French Literature, XVIII Century French Illustrated Books, Fanfare and Other Bindings;... Collected by the Late Karrick Riggs Together with the Property of F. Bayard Rives. November 10-11, [1947]. Sale #899
37076: RIGLOS, FRANCISCO XAVIER DE., ET AL. CABILDO DE BUENOS AIRES (ARGENTINA) - Oficio Del Excmo. Cabildo Al Excmo. Superior Gobierno. Excmo. Sr. Acercandose Ya El Tiempo de Las Elecciones Capitulares... [with] Contestacion Del Superior Gobierno. Nada Sería Mas Conforme á Los Sentimientos Del Gobierno, Y á Los Principios Que Ha Proclamado. .
24060: (REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN), BREDIUS, ABRAHAM - Rembrandt Gemalde. 630 Abbildungen
41771: [RIKER, JOHN C.]. KENISTON, HANNAH E. - The Token Album
20638: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB - Rubaiyat of Doc Sifers
30829: RINGBOM, LARS-IVAR - Paradisus Terrestris. Myt, Bild Och Verklighet
28422: RINGWALDT, BARTHOLOMÄUS - Büchlein Des Hans Frummann, Welcher Von Himmel Und Hölle Zeuget, Und Die Gotteslästerer Vor Der Heissen Hölle Treulich Warnet
42255: GONZÁLEZ RÍOS, P. [POLICARPO] - Cultivo Del Banano En Puerto Rico
39545: TORRES-RIOSECO, ARTURO - Bibliografía de la Novela Mejicana
28287: RIPLEY, EZRA - Half Century Discourse, Delivered November 16, 1828, at Concord, Massachusetts
31316: RISBERG, MATZ L. - Farjor Och Passagerarfartyg I Trafik Till Sverige Och Finland, 1975-07-01
35895: RITCHIE, LEITCH. STANFIELD, CLARKSON (ILLUSTRATOR) - Travelling Sketches on the Rhine, and in Belgium and Holland. Heath's Picturesque Annual for 1833
40497: RITCHIE, WARD - Bookmen & Their Brothels. Recollections of Los Angeles in the 1930's
40319: RITCHIE, WARD - Frederic Goudy, Joseph Foster, and the Press at Scripps College
32977: B'NAI B'RITH, LOGE PRAGA. (POLLAK, ISIDOR) - Gedenkblatt Fur Universitatsprofessor Dr. Isidor Pollak: Gestorben Am 7. Janner 1922
32551: RITTNER, GEO. H. - Impressions of Japan
34898: RIVAROLA, RODOLFO - Ensayos Históricos
34105: RIVAS, RIGOBERTO - Instrucciones Para la Enseñanza de la Historia
34186: RIVERA, GUILLERMO - A Tentative Bibliography of the Belles-Lettres of Ecuador
35682: RIVERA, JOSE EUSTASIO - La Voragine
34156: RIVERO, LUIS FERNANDO - Lecciones de Politica, Segun Los Principios Del Sistema Popular Representativo, Adoptado Por Las Naciones Americanas
40105: BUSTAMENTE Y RIVERO, JOSÉ LUIS - Evocacion, Caracter I Elogio de Arequipa
36915: RIVERS, CONRAD KENT - Conrad Kent Rivers. The Still Voice of Harlem
40210: RIVERS, LARRY - Larry Rivers: Drawings, 1949-1960
40495: ROATCAP, ADELA SPINDLER - Raymond Duncan. Printer. Expatriate. Eccentric Artist
35409: ROBELO, CECILIO A. MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARQUEOLOGÍA, HISTORIA Y ETNOLOGÍA (MEXICO) - Nociones Del Idioma Náhuatl. Indispensables Para la Perfecta Inteligencia de la Parte Mexicana de Esta Obra", in Boletín Del Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Historia Y Etnología: Tercera Epoca Tom. I & II
41616: CAPITAINE ROBERT - Mensurations D'Indigènes Du Haut Tonkin
26460: PALMER, WILLIAM. BROWNLOW, W. R. (WILLIAM ROBERT) AND NORTHCOTE, J. SPENCER (JAMES), EDS - An Introduction to Early Christian Symbolism: A Series of Compositions from Fresco-Paintings, Glasses and Sculptured Sarcophagi
32151: ROBERTS, LAURANCE P. - The Connoisseur's Guide to Japanese Museums
37323: ROBERTS, GEORGE E. - Money, Wages, and Prices. National Sound Money League Pamphlet D.
24894: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON AND HALL, CHARLES CUTHBERT, EDS - The Expositor. A Theological Magazine. Volume II. August, 1897-January, 1898
24895: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON AND HALL, CHARLES CUTHBERT, EDS - The Expositor. A Theological Magazine. Volume III. February, 1898-July, 1898
24896: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON AND HALL, CHARLES CUTHBERT, EDS - The Expositor. A Theological Magazine. Volume V. February, 1899-July, 1899
24897: NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON AND HALL, CHARLES CUTHBERT, EDS - The Expositor. A Theological Magazine. Volume VI. August, 1899-February, 1900
31254: ROBINS, NICK - The Evolution of the British Ferry
38468: ROBINSON, W.P.; C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of the Robinson Collection of British History, Topography and Genealogy Collected by W.P. Robinson, Esq. , of Washington, D.C. February 2, 3 and 4, 1904
39437: ROBINSON, DOROTHY REDUS - The Bell Rings at Four. A Black Teacher's Chronicle of Change
42891: ROBINSON, CHAS. H. - Great Pictures. A Magazine of Art, Literature and Criticism. Vol. VI, No. 62, May 1, 1902. Contemporaneous Art Concepts
24874: ROBINSON, ROWLAND E. - Vermont: A Study of Independence
41420: ROBINSON, CEDRIC L. - Books Manuscripts & Photographs. A Selection from Our Stock on Our 50th Anniversary. Catalogue 177. Spring 1996
42060: ROBINSON, EDWARD STEVENS - Some Factors Determining the Degree of Retroactive Inhibition
42772: ROBINSON, WILLIAM H. [HEATH] - Rare Books and Manuscripts. Catalogue 83
42773: ROBINSON, WILLIAM H. [HEATH] - A Selection of Extremely Rare and Important Printed Books and Ancient Manuscripts. Catalogue 77
39912: ROBINSON, FRANKLIN W.; CURRIER GALLERY OF ART - The Currier Gallery of Art Bulletin. October-December 1969
36254: ROBINSON, GEORGE W., ED. (COUTINHO, JOSÉ JOAQUIM DA CUNHA DE AZEREDO) - Brazil and Portugal in 1809. Manuscript Marginalia on a Copy of the English Translation of Bishop Jozé Joaquim Da Cunha de Azeredo Coutinho's Ensaio Economico Sobre O Comercio de Portugal E Suas Colonias
43176: [MEXICO. SINALOA]. ROCHA, IGNACIO L. - [Manuscript Map] Plano de Los Terrendos de Santa-Anita. Levantado Por Ignacio L. Rocha, Ingeniero
31321: ROCHE, T.W.E. - A Shipman's Tale. Reminiscences of Ships of Devon from the 1920s to the Present Day
38258: [ROCHEFOUCAULD, PHILIPPE DE LA]. PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - Notable French Furniture & Objects of Art. Property of Comte Philippe de la Rochefoucauld, Second and Final Part. May 16 and 17, 1952
42986: ROCHEGROSSE, GEORGES-ANTOINE - [Poster] Gismonda. "Drama Lyrique En Quatre Actes D'Après Victorien Sardou. Poème de Henri Cain Et Louis Payen. Musique de Henry Février.
36892: RUSH RHEES LIBRARY. UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER - Mary Faulk Markiewicz Collection of Childrens Books
27603: ROCKWELL, FRANCIS WILLIAMS. GOODMAN, RICHARD - Dedication Exercises of the Charles Sedgwick Library and Reading Rooms, at Lenox, Mass. , January 9, 1874
37547: RODNEY, C.A. [CAESAR AUGUSTUS] - Document Accompanying the Bill to Punish Conspiracies to Commit Treason Against the United States. Presented the Second of March, 1808
42087: RODÓ, JOSÉ ENRIQUE - Cinco Ensayos. Montalvo, Ariel, Bolivar, Ruben Darío, Liberalismo Y Jacobinismo
34183: RODRIGUES, ANTONIO CONÇALVES - Mariana Alcoforado. História E Crítica de Uma Fraude Literária
38898: RODRIGUES, JOSE HONORIO - Historiografia Del Brasil. Siglo XVI. [Versión Castellana de Antonio Alatorre]
38899: RODRIGUES, JOSE HONORIO - Historiografia Del Brasil. Siglo XVII
37091: RODRIGUEZ, MARTIN - El Gobernador Y Capitan General Interino de Esta Provincia Brigadier General Don Martin Rodriguez: A Sus Habitantes. Ciudadanos: He Sido Llamado Por El Voto de Vuestros Representantes Al Gobierno de Esta Gloriosa, Y Benemérita Provincia . .
34816: RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO C., ED. ESCUELA DE ARTES Y OFICIOS - Ensayos Literarios Dedicados á S.E. El Excmo. Sr. Presidente de la República Brigadier General D. Máximo Santos En El Dia de Su Santo Montevideo, Abril 15 de 1884
43401: RODRIGUEZ, ISABEL CARLOTA; WASSERMAN, ROBERT - Banco Central de Venezuela
35829: RODRIGUEZ, ZOROBABEL - Miscelanea Literaria, Politica I Relijiosa. Parte Literaria. Tomo I & Tomo II [Two Volumes]
43351: RODRIGUEZ, ALEXIS MARQUEZ - La Comunicacion Impresa. Teoría Y Práctica Del Lenguaje Periodístico
38592: (ROE, ALFRED S.). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue - Part II of the Valuable Private Library of the Late Alfred S. Roe, Worcester, Mass. Author and Historian of the CIVIL War... May 9 and 10, 1917
34000: ROEHNER, JOSÉ. INSTITUTO NACIONAL (CHILE); ACADEMIA LITERARIA - Hechos Del Siglo XV Que Señalan Las Causas Principales Del Carácter de la Cultura Moderna. Tercera Conferencia En la Academia Literaria Del Instituto Nacional, Inaugurada El 22 de Abril de 1876... .
40627: LEVY, ROGER AND ROTH, ANDREW - French Interests and Policies in the Far East. Part I: A Century of French Far Eastern Affairs. Part II: French Indo-China in Transition
36973: CAILLOIS, ROGER AND ALECHINSKY, PIERRE - Un Mannequin Sur le Trottoir. Remarques Au Pinceau
34218: ROGERS, FRANCIS M., ED - Europe Informed. An Exhibition of Early Books Which Aquainted Europe with the East
26760: ROGERS, JULIA ANNE - Baby Animals and Birds
43098: ROGERS, WILL - Twelve Radio Talks Delivered by Will Rogers During the Spring of 1930 Through the Courtesy of E.R. Squibb & Sons
43579: [HARPER & BROTHERS]. ROGERS, WILLIAM ALLEN - Harper's Weekly. Journal of Civilization. Vol. XXVII, No. 1373. Saturday, April 14, 1883
13554: ROGET, JOHN LEWIS - Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. New Edition
42137: SALAZAR Y ROIG, SALVADOR - Curso de Literatura Castellana (Historica). [Two Volumes]
35146: ROJAS, RICARDO - San Martin, Knight of the Andes
39769: ZAVALA ROJAS, ARTURO - El Delito de Espionaje. Memoria de Prueba Para Optar Al Grado de Licendiado En la Facultad de Ciencias Juridicas Y Sociales de la Universided de Chile
41646: ROLAND - Grotte Sepulcrale Néolithique de Courjeonnet (Marne)
17056: (EPICTETUS). ROLLESTON, T. W., TRANS - The Teaching of Epictetus: Being the 'Encheiridion of Epictetus' with Selections from the 'Dissertations' and 'Fragments. '
30677: ROLNICK, PHYLLIS J. - Political Ideology: Reality and Myth in India
41627: ROMAIN, GEORGES - La Station Sous-Marine Dans la Plage Du Havre Et Les Galets Et éclats de Silex Travaillés Par la Mer Sur le Littoral de la Seine-Inférieure
32635: MOSTAR, ROMAN AND TODD, J. RONALD., EDS - A Check List of Pacific Northwest Newspapers Held by the University of Washington Library
35834: SAN ROMAN, FRANCISCO J. - Estudios I Datos Practicos Sobre Las Cuestiones Internacionales de Limites Entre Chile, Bolivia I República Arjentina
29754: JAKOBSEN, ROMAN AND KAWAMOTO, SHIGEO, EDS - Studies in General and Oriental Linguistics. Presented to Shiro Hattori on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday
35029: ROMERO, JOSÉ LUIS - A History of Argentine Political Thought
36722: RON, MOSHE - Sidney M. Edelstein Collection. From Alchemy to Atoms
41167: RAINS AUCTION ROOMS - Fine Early American Antiques. Being Part I of the Entire Stock of the Late Charles R. Morson. November 16, 17, 18 and 19, 1932. Sale No. 332
41164: RAINS AUCTION ROOMS - Early American Antiques and an Exceptional Group of Rare Duncan Phyfe Furniture. May 25 and 26, 1932. Sale No. 320
37160: [ROOSEVELT, THEODORE] - [Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt: The Roosevelt Club. Boston. Christmas 1927]
31603: (ROOT, GEORGE F., ED) - The Bugle Call: A Collection of the Most Celebrated War Songs, for the Use of G.A. R. Posts, Soldiers' Reunions, Etc. , and Intended Also As a Souvenir of the Musical Features of the Great Rebellion
37330: ROOT, L. CARROLL - The First United States Bank," [in] Sound Currency. Vol. IV. No. 7. New York, April 1, 1897
39510: ROOT, ELIHU - Panama Canal Tolls. Speech in Reply of Hon. Elihu Root of New York, in the Senate of the United States, May 21, 1914
35367: ROOTENBERG, B & L. - Fine Books in Science and Medicine. Catalogue Number Nine. B&L Rootenberg Rare Books
26385: DE ROOVER, RAYMOND - The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank 1397-1494
40098: ROS, FRANCISCO J. - Discurso Inaugural Del Instituto Histórico Y Geográfico Del Uruguay. Pronunciado la Noche Del 14 de Octubre de 1916, En El Salón de Actos de la Facultad de Derecho de Montevideo, Por Sur Presidente
39553: ROSA, AGUSTIN DE LA - Estudio de la Filosofia Y Riqueza de la Lengua Mexicana
43499: LOPEZ ROSADO, DIEGO G. - Historia Y Pensamiento Economico de Mexico: Agricultura Y Ganaderia: La Propiedad de la Tierra
43500: LOPEZ ROSADO, DIEGO G. - Historia Y Pensamiento Economico de Mexico: Mineria: Industria
43501: LOPEZ ROSADO, DIEGO G. - Historia Y Pensamiento Economico de Mexico: Comunicaciones Y Transportes: Relaciones de Trabajo
35831: ROSALES, FRANCISCO XAVIER - Progresos de la Agricultura Europea Y Mejoras Practicables En la de Chile. Recomendadas Al Gobierno Y a Sus Conciudadanos
35892: ROSCOE, THOMAS. ROBERTS, DAVID (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Landscape Annual for 1836. The Tourist in Spain. Andalusia
35893: ROSCOE, THOMAS. ROBERTS, DAVID (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Landscape Annual for 1838. The Tourist in Spain and Morocco
28280: TAYLOR, PRENTISS; INGRID ROSE AND RODERICK S. QUIROZ, EDS - The Lithographs of Prentiss Taylor: A Catalogue Raisonne
43122: ROSELUND, N.A., [NILES ALFRED] ED - A Historical Commemorative Souvenir. Roosevelt in Rhyme. Verses -100-Verses
35106: ROSEN, ROBERT N. - A Short History of Charleston
32930: ROSENBACH, A.S.W. - An American Jewish Bibliography Being a List of Books and Pamphlets by Jews or Relating to Them Printed in the United States from the Establishment of the Press in the Colonies Until 1850
34574: ROSENTHAL, A. - Collection of 20 Catalogues of Rare & Unusual Books by A. Rosenthal
26111: ROSENTHAL, JACQUES - Illustrierte Bucher Des 15. Bis 19. Jahrhunderts Insbesondere Holzschnittwerke Des 15. Und 16. Jahrhunderts. Kataloge LXVI Bis LXX (Illustrated Books from the 15th to the 19th Century Especially from the 15th and 16th)
36310: ROSENTHAL, A. - Collection of 3 Catalogues of Books on Spain and Portugal from A. Rosenthal Ltd
32686: ROSS, MALCOLM, ED - The Carrell. Journal of the Friends of the University of Miami Library. June 1960 - June 1963 [Six Issues]
41822: ROSS, AGUSTIN - El Problema Financiero. La Acción de Los Bancos de Emisión Para Producir la Situación Actual de Chile
30937: ROSS, FLOYD H. - The Meaning of Life in Hinduism and Buddhism
27808: ROSS, WILLIAM P., ET AL. - Memorial of Indian Delegates from the Indian Territory Protesting Against the Adoption of the Amendment Proposed by the Senate to the Bill (H.R. 2343) Providing for the Appointment of a Superintendent of Schools in That Territory. 43rd Congress, 1st Session. Senate Mis. Doc. No. 117
27998: CHEROKEE NATION. PEACE COMMISSION TO THE SEMINOLE INDIANS. ROSS, JOHN - Seminole and Cherokee Indians. Memorial of the Cherokee Mediators. March 26, 1838. Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs
40481: BROWNE, J. ROSS AND TAYLOR, JAMES W. - Reports Upon the Mineral Resources of the United States
22196: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Chantecler. Piece En 4 Actes, En Vers, Representee Pour la Premiere Fois a Paris, Au Theatre de la Porte-Saint-Martin, le 7 Fevrier 1910. Illustrations En Couleurs Et En Noir de Tattegrain, Devambez, Guillonnet, Orazi Et Georges Scott. (Oeuvres Completes Illustrees de Edmond Rostand)
26256: ROSTENBERG, LEONA - The Minority Press and the English Crown 1558-1625. A Study in Repression
21556: ROTH, LINDA HORVITZ, ED - J. Pierpont Morgan, Collector: European Decorative Arts from the Wadsworth Atheneum
15322: ROTHERY, AGNES - Images of Earth: Guatemala
40230: ROTT, NICK, AND RAITT, HELEN - South Pacific Prints: Kingdom of Tonga. Series One [All Published]
39741: MAR I ROTTI, LUIS DE LA - La Venganza de Una Loca O Dramas de la Dictadura. Novela Histórica Orijinal. Episodios Nacionales
41647: ROUGÉ, JACQUES - Le Mortier de Prélong, Préhistorique Des Rives de Claise Et de Creuse. Séance Du 25 Janvier 1906, Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Michelet
41649: ROUGÉ, JACQUES - Un Mégalithe En Danger. Séance Du 25 Octobre 1906, Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Michelet
27674: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN - The Life and Times of the Equitable
41053: (ROUSS, PETER W.). AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, ANDERSON GALLERIES - Oil Paintings. Including Works by Weir, Troyon, Inness, Diaz, Blakelock, Constant, Courbet. With Portraits by Gainsborough, Humphrey, Gilbert Stuart, Sir Peter Lely and Others. Sale No. 3822. Feb. 20, 1930
43333: [ROUTLEDGE] - Routledge's Jubilee Guide to London and Its Suburbs Comprising Descriptions of All Points of Interest As Well As of the Most Recent Improvements and Public Buildings... Including a Memoir of Queen Elizabeth
30688: ROWE, WILLIAM L. - Mobility in the Nineteenth-Century Caste System
42214: ROWE, L.S., ET AL. - General Francisco de Miranda "a Flaming Son of Liberty. " [Bulletin of the Pan American Union]
33469: ROY, CLAUDE - L'Opera de Pekin
30888: ROY, MANISHA - Bengali Women
30657: ROY, SARAT CHANDRA - A General Account of the Birhors," [Reprinted from] the Journal of the Bihar & Orissa Research Society, December 1916
30659: ROY, SARAT CHANDRA - Social Organization of the Birhors," [Reprinted from] the Journal of the Bihar & Orissa Research Society, September 1917
41644: ROYER, CAMILLE, JOSEPH ROYER AND ÉD. FLOUEST - Les Tumulus de Monsaugeon (Haute-Marne)
40635: ROYS, WILLIS E. - Red Patch and Oriental Travel Stories
34062: ROZ, FERMIN - Historia de Los Estados Unidos. Histoire Des Etats-Unis. Version Castellana de Hernán Del Solar
39774: MONJE ROZAS, FABIO - De la Endocrinología En la Antropología Criminal. Memoria de Prueba Para Optar Al Grado de Licenciado En Ciencias Juridicas Y Sociales de la Universidad de Chile
39701: RUAS, EPONINA - Conhecendo Ouro Prêto. Plano de Visitação E Mapa Da Cidade
38583: RUBEN, ROBERT J. - Hear, Hear! Six Centuries of Otology
32957: RUBEN, PAUL - A Proposed New Method of Textual Criticism in the Old Testament - Concluded
16777: RUBIN, EMANUEL, MILLER, KEITH W. & ROTH, SHELDON H., EDS - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Alcohol and Anesthetics
12959: RUBIN, WILLIAM - Anthony Caro
34390: REMOS Y RUBIO, JUAN NEPOMUCENO JOSÉ - Historiadores Del 68. Discurso leído En la Sesión Solemne Celebrada El 10 de Octubre de 1952
39500: RUBIO, ANGEL - La Evolución Portuaria En Panamá. Análisis de Las Posibilidades de Un Puerto En la Ciudad de Panamá
15949: RUCKSTULL, F. W. - Great Works of Art and What Makes Them Great
33547: RÜDENBERG, WERNER - Chinesisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch. 6400 Schriftzeichen Mit Ihren Einzelbedeutungen Und Den Gebräuchlichsten Zusammensetzungen
35568: RUDY, ZVI - Ethnosoziologie Sowjetischer Völker
34352: RUEDA, JULIO JIMÉNEZ, ED - Catalogo de la Exposicion de Libros Mexicanos de Historia. Presentada En Relación Con El Primer Congreso de Historiadores de México Y Los Estados Unidos, En Monterrey, N.L. , Del 4 Al 9 de Septiembre de 1949
39592: RUMBOLD, HORACE - Le Chili. Rapport de M. Horace Rumbold Sur le Progrés Et la Condition Générale de la République
32935: RUNES, DAGOBERT D., ED - The Hebrew Impact on Western Civilization
35199: RUSH, JAMES - The Philosophy of the Human Voice: Embracing Its Physiological History; Together with a System of Principles, by Which Criticism in the Art of Elocution May Be Rendered Intelligible, and Instruction, Definite and Comprehensive. .
38648: RUSH, BENJAMIN - William B. Reed, of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Expert in the Art of Exhumation of the Dead
43803: [ALASKA. GOLD RUSH] - Notice of Location [Completed in Manuscript] for a Gold Claim at Chicken Creek, Tributary of Roblin Creek, Territory of Alaska
21176: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
31838: RUSK, JEREMIAH M., AND CHAPMAN, CHANDLER P., EDS - Roster of the Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865. [Two Volumes]
22072: RUSSEL, JOHN - London
43302: [RUSSELL, P.] - Bold Dighton. Being the Account of an Action Fought Off Gaudaloupe, in 1805, Where Ninety-Five Americans, and Near Three Hundred Britons Made Their Escape from the Prison at That Place
39383: HOBAN, RUSSELL AND BAYLEY, NICOLA - La Corona and the Tin Frog
28377: RUSSELL, THOMAS - Oration Delivered Before the City Authorities of Boston, on the Fourth of July, 1864, by Hon. Thomas Russell
33810: RUSSIER, HENRI - Le Partage de L'Océanie
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31836: NEW JERSEY ADJUTANT GENERAL. STRYKER, WILLIAM S. - Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the CIVIL War, 1861-1865. [Two Volumes]
27424: STUART, MOSES - Mr. Webster's Andover Address and His Political Course While Secretary of State
27865: STUART, MOSES (AMERICAN TEMPERANCE SOCIETY) - Essay on the Prize-Question, Whether the Use of Distilled Liquors, or Traffic in Them, Is Compatible, at the Present Time, with Making a Profession of Christianity
39936: STUART AND TURNER - Genuine Period Antiques
30604: LONDON SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL STUDIES - Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, London Institution. 1918
33993: [LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES] - [Collection of 14 Papers and Meeting Minutes on Latin American Studies Especially Bibliography]
28099: STUDIO - Annuaire D'Art Decoratif Du "Studio" 1912
25406: STUERMER, HARRY - Two War Years in Constantinople. Sketches of German and Young Turkish Ethics and Politics
34751: (STURGES, HENRY CADY). ANDERSON GALLERIES - The Library of the Late Henry Cady Sturges of New York City. Part One: American Literature
34752: (STURGES, HENRY CADY). ANDERSON GALLERIES - The Library of the Late Henry Cady Sturges of New York City. Part Four: Autographs
30162: STUZHINA, EMILIA PAVLOVNA - Politika Kitaiskogo Gosudrstva Po Otnosheniiu K Gorodu (XI-XIII Veka) in Narody Azii I Ariki 6 (1971)
12183: STYCZYNSKI, JAN - Vistula - the Story of a River
42197: SUAREZ, J. [JOSÉ] B. [BERNARDO] - Rasgos Biográficos de Niños Celebres Estractados, Traducidos I Referidos a Los Alumnos de Los Colejios I Escuelas
34908: GONZÁLEZ S. [SUASNAVAS], VÍCTOR A. - Paludismo En El Guayaquil Colonial
42072: VICUÑA SUBERCASEAUX, BENJAMÍN - Por Una Fístula (Cuento Largo O Novela Corta)
43393: SUBERO, EFRAIN - La Navidad En la Literatura Venezolana
43398: SUBERO, EFRAIN - Poesia Infantil Venezolana
19989: SULLIVAN, T. R. [THOMAS RUSSELL] - The Courage of Conviction. A Novel
27108: SULLIVAN, JAMES - The History of the District of Maine... Illustrated by a New Correct Map of the District
32792: SULLIVAN, EDMUND B. - Collecting Political Americana
33092: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Three Perfections. Chinese Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy
43391: SULLIVAN, WILLIAM M. - Bibliografia Comentada de la Era de Cipriano Castro, 1899-1908
43106: SULLIVAN, GEORGE, ET AL. - An Address of Members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, to Their Constituents, on the Subject of the War with Great Britain
43722: SULLIVAN, GEORGE, ET AL.; [WEBSTER, NOAH], INGERSOLL, JONATHAN - An Address of Members of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, to Their Constituents, on the Subject of the War with Great Britain [Bound with] an Address to the Freemen in Connecticut
41378: SULLIVAN, CONSTANCE, ED - Legacy of Light
36989: SULTAN, DONALD, AND MAMET, DAVID - Warm and Cold
43858: [NEW YORK]. SULZER, WILLIAM - [Document Signed] State of New York. Executive Chamber. Pursuant to the Request That the State of New York Be Represented at the Second Federal Aids Good Roads Convention... . James P. Maher
21198: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - The Geography of Witchcraft
27516: SUMMERSON, JOHN - Architecture in Britain 1530 to 1830. [Pelican History of Art]
36340: SUMNER, CHARLES - Security and Reconciliation for the Future. Propositions and Arguments on the Reorganization of the Rebel States
27332: SUMNER, WILLIAM H. - Reminiscences [of Gov. John Hancock]
39164: SUMNER, CHARLES - The True Grandeur of Nations: An Oration Delivered Before the Authorities of the City of Boston, July 4, 1845
33313: SUN, E-TU ZEN - Ren Yidu Xian Sheng Fang Wen Ji Lu. Reminiscences of Prof. E-Tu Zen Sun
33556: DUNHUANG WEN WU YAN JIU SUO - Dunhuang Cai Su
16531: (DIRECTOR OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY, BURMA) - Pictorial Guide to Pagan
42880: SUSSMAN, RINA, AND BROWNELL, DAVID - Observation. A Magazine of the Visual Arts. Spring 1968
35709: SUSVIELA, JACINTO - Junta de Gobierno de Montevideo En 1808
16705: SUTHERLAND, ELIZABETH - The Youngest Revolution: A Personal Report on Cuba
27906: SUTRO TUNNEL COMPANY. SUTRO, ADOLPH. (U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES) - Bold Attempt by the Bank of California to Break Up the Sutro Tunnel Enterprise. Proceedings in the House of Representatives, March 17, 22, and 23, 1870, on the Bill Explaining Away the Vested Rights of the Sutro Tunnel Company
34748: (SUZANNET, COMTE DE). SOTHEBY & CO - Catalogue of a Portion of the Well-Known Library, the Property of the Comte de Suzannet, la Petite Chardière, Lausanne, Comprising an Exceedingly Fine Collection of the Work of W.M. Thackeray... A Very Choice Collection of Coloured Plates of Sporting Subjects. .
29984: SVENTITSKII, A.S. TSENTRAL';NYI NARODNO-PROMYSHLENNYI KOMITET, OTDIEL VNIESHNEI TORGOVLI. [SVENTITSKY] - Ekonomicheskie Interesy Rosii Na Vostoke. Vypusk"I. Dal'Nii Vosok". Mongoliia. Persiia. [Zkonomicheskie]
26572: SVIRIN, A. N. (ALEKSEI NIKOLAEVICH) - Early Russian Jewelry Work. Iuvelirnoe Iskusstvo Drevnei Rusi XI-XVII Vekov
38492: (SWAN, ROBERT T.). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Robert T. Swan, of Brookline, Mass. Commissioner of Public Records of Mass. February 28 and 29, 1912
34770: (SWANN, ARTHUR). PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - The Collection of First Editions of American Authors Formed by the Late Arthur Swann
43323: SWETT, MORRIS, COMPILER - Readers' Guide to the Field Artillery Journal. Author and Subject Index January, 1911- December, 1939
15939: SWIFT, GRAHAM - Last Orders
26345: SWINEFORD, ALFRED. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE. COMMITTEE ON THE TERRITORIES - Organization of Alaska: Hearings Before the United States House Committee on the Territories, Forty-Ninth Congress, Second Session
26821: SYBERBERG, HANS JURGEN - Fotografie Der 30er Jahre
18084: SYDENHAM, G. (GEORGE) - England Before the Norman Conquest: Considered with Especial Reference to Its Literary Character
34013: ROMERO, SYLVÍO AND RIBEIRO, JOÃO - Compendio de Historia Da Literatura Brasileira
19391: SYMINGTON, ELSIE - By Light of Sun
36741: SYMONS, JOHN. WELLCOME INSTITUTE FOR THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE - Books from the Library of the Medical Society of London. An Exhibition 14 January to 3 April 1985
39358: SYREN AND SHIPPING. PEARSE, RONALD, ED - The Syren and Shipping. Nos. 2706-2731. Vol. CCVIII, July - December, 1948

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