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28567: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - The Young Hamilton
28077: FLINT, JAMES - A Discourse, Delivered November 3, 1819, at the Ordination of the Rev. Seth Alden to the Pastoral Care of the Church and Society in the Second Parish of Marlborough. By James Flint, Minister of the Church of Christ in the East Parish of Bridgewater
27862: FLINT, JAMES - A Discourse, Delivered in the Audience of His Excellency Caleb Strong, Esq. Governor, His Honor William Phillips, Esq. Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Council, and the Two Branches of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. On the Anniversary Election, May 31, 1815
33436: AYSCOUGH, FLORENCE AND LOWELL, AMY - Florence Ayscough & Amy Lowell. Correspondence of a Friendship
42099: FLOREZ, JULIO - Oro Y ébano
37738: FERNANDEZ-FLOREZ, DARIO - The Spanish Heritage in the United States
12661: FODOR, JANET DEAN - Semantics. Theories of Meaning in Generative Grammar
31163: FOERSTER, E., ED - Werft Reederei Hafen. XX. Jahrgang 1939. Heft 1-24
31164: FOERSTER, E., ED - Werft Reederei Hafen. XVIII. Jahrgang 1937. Heft 1-24
28953: FOLEY, TRICIA - The Romance of British Colonial Style
13626: FOLLETT, WILSON - Joseph Conrad: A Short Study
38915: [SPAIN]. MINISTERIO DE FOMENTO - Los Restos de Colon. Informe de la Real Academia de la Historia. Al Gobierno de S.M. Sobre El Supuesto Hallazgo de Los Verdaderos Restos de Cristóval Colon En la Iglesia Catedral de Santo Domingo
24650: FONE, BYRNE R.S. - A Road to Stonewall: Male Homosexuality and Homophobia in English and American Literature, 1750-1969
35729: PEETERS-FONTAINAS, J. - Bibliographie Des Impressions Espagnoles Des Pays-Bas
36579: FOOS, JOHN - Tariff Discussion. Speech of Hon. John Foos in the Buckeye Club Rooms, Springfield, Ohio, Monday Evening, July 9th, 1888. An Able Expose of the Democratic Free Trade Fallacy and Solid Facts from the Records Favoring the Republican Idea of Protection
25206: FOOTE, JOHN M. - A Man without a Country: And Other Patriotic Stories
32920: FORCE, PETER - The National Calendar, and Annals of the United States for Mdcccxxiii [1823. Vol. IV]
32610: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER - Check-List of American Magazines Printed in the Eighteenth Century
32715: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER, COMPILER - Check List of Bibliographies, Catalogues, Reference-Lists, and Lists of Authorities of American Books and Subjects
32723: FORD, PAUL LEICESTER, ED - The Bibliographer: A Journal of Bibliography and Rare Book News. January Through May, 1902. Part I of Volume I.
13394: FORD, RICHARD, ED - Ploughshares. Fall 1996. Vol. 22, No. 2 & 3
40053: FORDHAM, HERBERT GEORGE - An Address on the "Evolution of the Maps of the British Isles" Delivered in the Whitworth Hall of the University of Manchester January 26th, 1923
41610: FOREL, F.A. [FRANÇOIS-ALPHONSE] - Le Jubilé Des Palafittes. Conférence Faite à la 87me Assemblée de la Société Helvétique Des Sciences Naturelles, à Winterthur
32485: FOREST, ELLEN - Yuki San. Erzahlung Aus Dem Japanischen Madchenleben
32793: FORESTER, JOHN - Memoirs of John Forester. Soldier; Indian Fighter, and Texas Ranger in the Republic of Texas
19238: FORESTER, FELTON, R. - British Floral Decoration
23713: FORSTER, E.M. - Albergo Empedocle and Other Writings
24567: FORSTER, FRANK J. WILLIAM DEWEY FOSTER, ED.; F. R. YERBURY, PHOTOS - Provincial Architecture of Northern France. (the Tuileries Brochures: A Series of Monographs on European Architecture with Special Reference to Roofs of Tile. Volume III, Number 3, May 1931)
24250: FORSTER, E. M. - Pharos and Pharillon
23691: FORSTER, E. M. - Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
43495: FORTI, MARCO - Eugenio Montale: La Poesia, la Prosa Di Fantasia, E D'Invenzione
41578: FORTIN, R. [RAOUL] - Compte Rendu de la Réunion Tenue à Rouen, le Dimanche 3 Octobre 1897
41580: FORTIN, R. [RAOUL] - Silex Taillés Des Limons
28021: FOSTER, CHARLES; PRACHT, MAX - In the Senate of the United States. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in Response to Senate Resolution of January 19, 1893, Transmitting a Report on the Salmon Fisheries of Alaska. January 24, 1893. Referred to the Committee on Appropriations and Ordered to Be Printed
27261: FOSTER, CARTER E. - French Master Drawings from the Collection of Muriel Butkin
24597: FOSTER, WM. D. - New Castle Delaware an Eighteenth Century Town. (the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs, Volume XII, No. 1, 1926)
42212: FOSTER, HARRY L. - If You Go to South America
30223: FOUCHET, MAX-POL - L'Art Amoureux Des Indes
36854: GROLIER CLUB. JAY I. KISLAK FOUNDATION - From the New Golden Land. Four Centuries of Travel and Exploration in the Americas
36981: LAMOTTE-FOUQUÉ, CONTE DE M. DE.; GUIRAMAND, PAUL - Ondine... . Lithographies Originales de Paul Guiramand. Traduit de L'Allemand Par Isabelle de Montolieu
41562: FOURDRIGNIER, ÉDOUARD - Conférence-Promenade Faite, le 10 Avril 1904, Au Musée Des Antiquités Nationales de Saint-Germain. L'âge Du Fer : Hallstatt, le Marnien, la Tène
35072: FOURGEAUD, ANDRÉ - La Rationalisation états-Unis - Allemagne. Taylorisme - Socialisme Rationnel - Fordisme Normalisation - Agriculture - Concentration Moules économiques Et Juridiques. Essai de Synthèse Doctrinale
41567: FOURNIER, M.; BROCA, PAUL - Le Plomb Aux Temps Préhistoriques En France; [with] Les Faux En Préhistoire Deux Pieces Rare; [with] de la Récolte Et de la Conservation Des Cranes Et Ossements
21261: FOWKES, ROBERT A, ED - German Literary Gems. Literarische Auswahl: Aus Den Werken Von Lessing Grimm Hoffman Goethe Schiller Heine Nietzsche Keller Eichendorff
43022: FOWLER, ALFRED, ED. AMERICAN BOOKPLATE SOCIETY - The Bookplate Chronicle. Volume One. October, 1922. Number Twelve
39008: FOX, STEPHEN. CHEEK, RICHARD, PHOTOGRAPHS - The Country Houses of John F. Staub
37710: [BIBLE]. FOY, HANS, ILLUS - Ecclesiastes. With a Wood Engraving and Eight Trial Drawings
26876: FRAENKEL, JEFFREY, ED - Seeing Things
42154: MORENO FRAGINALS, MANUEL; CASTRO DE MORALES, LILIA, ED - Anselmo Suárez Romero. 1818-1878" E "índice de Los Manuscritos de Anselmo Suárez Y Romero Que Se Conservan En la Biblioteca Nacional" [in] Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional. Segunda Serie T. 1, N.2. Febrero
40992: FRANCAVIGLIA, RICHARD V. - From Sail to Steam. Four Centuries of Texas Maritime History 1500-1900
42981: [FRANCE] - Journal Des Journaux de la Commune, Tableau Résumé de la Presse Quotidienne Du 19 Mars Au 24 Mai 1871. Lois, Décrets, Proclamations, Rapports Et Informations Militaires, Séances de la Commune, Etc. , Reproduits D'Après le Journal Officiel de Paris; Extraits Des Autres Journaux. [Two Volumes]
22364: GIES, FRANCES AND JOSEPH - Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages
30710: YOUNGHUSBAND, FRANCIS [AND] WILTON, E.C. - Geographical Work in India for This Society" [and] "Yun-Nan and the West River of China," [from] Geographical Journal, Vol. XLIX, No. 6, June 1917
35384: CHAMONAL, FRANÇOIS ET RODOLPHE - Livres Et Manuscrits Anciens, Rares Et Précieux. Catalogue Publié à L'Occasion Du Centenaire de Notres Librairie 1890-1990
39749: CHAMONAL, FRANÇOIS ET RODOLPHE - Jeux Et Sports. François Et Rodolphe Chamonal. Livres Anciens
42210: FRANK, WALDO - Birth of a World. Bolivar in Terms of His Peoples
40657: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER - Asian Age: Reorient Historiography and Social Theory. The Wertheim Lecture 1998
33477: FRANKE, OTTO - Geschichte Des Chinesischen Reiches. Eine Darstellung Seiner Entstehung, Seines Wesens Und Seiner Entwicklung Bis Zur Neuesten Zeit: I. Band: Das Altertum Und Das Werden Des Konfuzianischen Staates
33564: FRANKE, OTTO - Die Rechtsverhaltnisse Am Grundeigentum in China
27508: FRANKFORT, HENRI - The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient. [Pelican History of Art]
43105: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. FARRAND, MAX - Benjamin Franklin's Memoirs
23137: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. ILLUS. BY THOMAS HART BENTON. DESIGNED BY BRUCE ROGERS - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and Selections from His Writings
32796: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
39093: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. HANCOCK, WINFIELD SCOTT - The Flag of America Shall Never Grow Dim, Nor One Star Be Obliterated from Its Bright Galaxy! Maj. Gen. Hancock's First Army Corps of Veterans. A Splendid Opportunity to Form a Grand National Guard, to Vindicate the National Honor, in Defiance of All the Enemies of the Institutions of America. Recruiting Office, "Berry's Marquee," 106 S. Sixth Street... . Veterans, to the Front!... Application May Be Made, Personally or by Letter, to Benjamin Franklin, Chief of Detective Police, Mayor's Office, Philadelphia
38869: [FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN]. FAUCHET, CLAUDE. LE ROY, JEAN BAPTISTE - Eloge Civique de Benjamin Franklin Prononce, le 21 Juillet 1790, Dans la Rotonde, Au Nom de la Commune de Paris
40384: FRANKLIN, COLIN - Themes in Aquatint
39024: FRANTZ, JOE B. - Texas. A Bicentennial History
42054: FRANZ, SHEPHERD IVORY - After-Images
15972: FRASER, JAMES H., ED - Society and Children's Literature
28900: FRASER, MARY CRAWFORD - Reminiscences of a Diplomatist's Wife. Further Reminiscences of a Diplomatist's Wife in Many Lands
18299: FRASER, ANTONIA - Cromwell: The Lord Protector
22697: FRASER, ANTONIA - The Weaker Vessel
20467: FREDERIC, LOUIS - Japan: Art and Civilization
34166: (HERRERA FREDERICK, ALFREDO). CASA RAMÓN EYZAGUIRRE - Gran Remate de la Notable Biblioteca de la Sucesion de Don Alfredo Herrera Frederick
27444: FREEDBERG, S. J. - Painting of the High Renaissance in Rome and Florence [Two Volumes]
22574: FREEDMAN, SAMUEL G. - The Inheritance: How Three Families and the American Political Majority Moved from Left to Right
25037: FREEMAN, LUCY; LA FOLLETTE, SHERRY; AND ZABRISKIE, GEORGE A. - Belle: The Biography of Belle Case la Follette
38010: FREEMAN, EDWARD A. - Historical Essays. [Four Volumes]
39918: FREEMAN, SAMUEL T. - An Extraordinary Executors' Public Auction. Early English and American Furniture. December 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th [1970]. The Sale Includes Outstanding Furnishings from the Estate of the Late John G. Johnson. [with] Exhibition... December 9th, 10th and 11th. [Two Volumes]
14383: (FREGE, GOTTLOB). KLEMKE, E. D., EDITOR - Essays on Frege
33795: CENTRAL AMERICAN EDUCATION SOCIETY. [FRELINGHUYSEN, THEODORE] - Twenty-Third Anniversary of the Central American Education Society, New York, May 13, 1841. Order of Exercises... [Broadside]
36240: FRÉMONT, JOHN CHARLES; CASS, LEWIS - California Claims. In the Senate of the United States. February 23, 1848... . Mr. Cass Made the Following Report. The Committee on Military Affairs, to Which Was Referred the Memorial of John Charles Frémont, Praying an Investigation of the Claims of Citizens of California Against the United States for Money and Supplies Furnished by Them for the Use of the United States. .
37086: FRENCH, DOMINGO - El Coronel Mayor D. Doningo [Sic] French, Comandante En Gefe de la Division Auxiliar Del Exercito Del Peru, a Las Tropas En la Plaza Mayor Les Hablo. Soldados: Al Campo Del Honor... [Domingo]
43298: [NAUTICAL. FRENCH] - [Partially Printed French Bill of Lading Completed in Manuscript for a Ship Bound for Lisbon]
37415: [NORTHERN FRENCH] - Medieval Illuminated Vellum Manuscript Leaf (from Prayer Book)
24318: FRENCH, THOMAS - South of Heaven: Welcome to High School at the End of the Twentieth Century
25931: FRENSHAM, RAYMOND G. - Screenwriting
17514: FREUD, SIGMUND - Briefe 1873-1939
41109: (FREUND, KARL). AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, ANDERSON GALLERIES - Rare Wrought Iron Garden Furniture and Objects of Art in Many Media. From Classic Antiquity to the Regency, Including a Small But Distinguished Collection of Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, and Paintings. May 21, 1932. Sale No. 3979
41095: (FREUND, KARL). AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, ANDERSON GALLERIES - Sculptures, Furniture, Iron Work, Weathervanes & Objects of Art. A Collection Acquired Abroad During the Past Two Years, Chiefly from Private Sources by Karl Freund. Sale 3875. December 18, 19, 20, 1930
37254: FREWEN, MORETON - Address of Moreton Frewen, of England, at the Second National Silver Convention, Held at Washington, May 26, 27 and 28, 1892
34023: FREYRE, GILBERTO - The Mansions and the Shanties (Sobrados E Mucambos). The Making of Modern Brazil
34854: FERNÁNDEZ FRÍAS, PEDRO JAVIER - Código Penal de la República de Chile. Esplicado I Concordado. [Volume I Only]
39231: FRIED, MORTON H. - Military Status in Chinese Society
28105: FRIEDENBERG, ALBERTO, ET AL. - Viaggio Di Nozze
26434: FRIEDLAENDER, WALTER - Mannerism and Anti-Mannerism in Italian Painting
39814: FRIEDMAN, HARRY S. - List No. 136. Part 1 - Books in Leather Bindings. Part 2- First Editions. Part 3- Biography-Autobiography-Letters
14408: FRIEDMAN, ALICE F. - Women and the Making of the Modern House. A Social and Architectural History
20603: FRIEDMAN, JOAN M. - Color Printing in England, 1468-1870
41021: FRIEND, LLERENA - Sam Houston. The Great Designer
43315: FATHER COUGHLIN'S FRIENDS - An Answer to Father Coughlin's Critics
33104: ASSOCIATION FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH FOREIGN COUNTRIES - Landscape of Guilin. Slides of China No. 7
17518: FRIES, KENNY - The Healing Notebooks
29667: FRITERS, GERARD M. - Outer Mongolia and Its International Position
20975: FRITZ, STEPHEN G. - Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II
28804: FROBENIUS, LEO; FROBENIUS, HERMANN; AND KOHLHAUER, E. - Weltgeschichte Des Krieges. Von Leo Frobenius Unter Mitwirkung Von Oberstleutnant a D.H. Frobenius Und Korvetten-Kapitan A.D. E. Kohlhauer; Mit Ca. 800 Illustrationen
32683: FROHMAN, CHARLES E. - Sandusky Area Miscellany
14005: FROMM, ERICH - Greatness and Limitations of Freud's Thought
28803: FROST, HELEN. MUSIC BY LILLY STRICKLAND - Oriental and Character Dances
28382: FROTHINGHAM, RICHARD - Oration Delivered Before the City Government and Citizens of Boston, in Music Hall, July 4, 1874
36720: FRUTON, JOSEPH - Selected Bibliograhy of Biographical Data for the History of Biochemistry Since 1800
24076: FRY, DONALD K. - Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburh: A Bibliography
22455: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Great Code: The Bible and Literature
40121: FRYER, JOHN - A New Account of East-India and Persia, in Eight Letters. Being Nine Years Travels, Begun 1672. And Finished 1681. Containing Observations Made of the Moral, Natural, and Artificial Estate of Those Countries: Namely, of Their Government, Religion, Laws, Customs. Of the Soil, Climates, Seasons, Health, Diseases. Of the Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, Jewels. Of Their Housing, Cloathing, Manufactures, Trades, Commodities. And of the Coins, Weights, and Measures, Used in the Principal Places of Trade in Those Parts
39736: FUENTEAMOR, CARLOS - Alberto Y Fresia. Idilio Santiaguino
38543: FUENTES, MANUEL ATANASCIO, ED. MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA - Memorias de Los Vireyes Que Han Gobernado El Perú, Durante El Tiempo Del Coloniaje Español [Six Volumes]
39729: FUENTES, ARMANDO URRA - Héroes Nacionales. Padres de la Patria 1810
42083: FUENZALIDA, ENRIQUE AMADOR - Galeria Contemporánea de Hombres Notables de Chile (1850-1901). Tomo I. [All Published]
24241: FUJIKAKE, SHIZUYA - Japanese Wood-Block Prints
40662: FUKUI, KIKUSABURO - Human Elements in Ceramic Art
31977: FUKUSHIMA, OTTO, ED - Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Lacquers of Martin J. Desmoni
32290: FUKUZAWA, YUKICHI. EIICHI KIYOOKA, TRANS - The Autobiography of Fukuzawa Yukichi
43134: FULLER, MARY WILLIAMS - The Story of Deerfield 1630-1930
22495: FULLER, J.F.C. - The Generalship of Alexander the Great
25374: FULLER, ROY - Professors and Gods: Last Oxford Lectures on Poetry
33761: [FULTON, ROBERT] - Original Biography... Robert Fulton" in the New-York Mirror: A Weekly Journal Devoted to Literature and the Fine Arts. Vol. X, No. 3. Saturday, July 21, 1832
36079: [FULTON, JOHN]. (JOHNSON, S.M., PSEUDONYM) - The Dual Revolutions. Anti-Slavery and Pro-Slavery
34923: FUMAGALLI, GIUSEPPE; AMAT DI S. FILIPPO, PIETRO - Bibliografia Degli Scritti Italiani O Stampati in Italia Sopra Cristoforo Colombo, la Scoperta Del Nuovo Mondo, E I Viaggi Degli Italiani in America
26090: FUNT, JOHN. ANN GARRELS - Grasslands
43044: FURTADO, FRANCISCO XAVIER DE MENDONÇA; POMBAL, SEBASTIÃO JOSÉ DE CARVALHO E MELO, MARQUÊS DE - Directorio, Que Se Deve Observar Nas Povoaçoens Dos Indios Do Pará, E Maranhaõ Em Quanto Sua Magestade Naõ Mandar O Contrario
32368: FURUDATE, MITSUOMI - Gashu Jokamachi Hagi
35368: FYE, W. BRUCE - Three Thousand Titles on the History of Medicine and Surgery. Catalogue 73. W. Bruce Fye Antiquarian Medical Books
30267: FYSON, D.R. - Mahabalipuram or Seven Pagodas
30847: WAITE, JOHN G. AND WAITE, DIANA S., EDS - Industrial Archeology in Troy, Waterford, Cohoes, Green Island, and Watervliet
32708: DENNIS, RODNEY G. AND FALSEY, ELIZABETH, EDS - The Marks in the Fields. Essays on the Uses of Manuscripts
35812: CASTILLO G., BALBINO - Concepto de Estado Agresor. Memoria de Prueba Para Optar Al Grado de Licenciado En la Facultad de Ciencias Juridicas Y Sociales de la Universidad de Chile
36605: TREASURY DEPARTMENT, UNITED STATES. CARLISLE, J.G. AND HUNTINGTON, A.T. - Information Respecting United States Bonds, Paper Currency, Coin, Production of Precious Metals, Etc. July 1, 1896. Circular No. 123
37256: HORR, ROSWELL G. AND STEWART, WM. M. [WILLIAM MORRIS] - Gold and Silver. The Question of Coinage in the United States. The Best of Roswell G. Horr's Articles from the New-York Tribune, Including Also the Full Text of His Debate with Senator Stewart, of Nevada. The Tribune Monthly. Vol. VII. May, 1895, No. 5
16633: BAUDERT, G. AND STEINMANN, TH., EDS - Die Welt Der Stillen IM Lande. Bilder Aus Zwei Jahrhunderten Herrnhutischer Geschichte Und Bruderischen Lebens
38217: AQUEVEQUE G., L.A. - Consideraciones Acerca de Los Sistemas Carcelarios
29944: THROMBLEY, WOODWORTH G. AND SIFFIN, WILLIAM J. - Thailand Politics, Economy, and Socio-Cultural Setting. A Selective Guide to the Literature
39738: MONTESINO G., CARLOS - La Crisis Mundial Y El Oro. La Moneda Estable Es Un Ideal
30053: GABARAEV, N. IA. (NIKOLAI IASONOVICH), ED - Voprosy Iranskoi I Obshchei Filologii
35366: GACH, JOHN - Freud. John Gach Books Catalog 166. 1999
34940: CABRERA GACITÚA, FERNANDO - Tratado Teórico I Práctico de Telegrafía Eléctrica : Para El Estudio de Este Ramo I Uso de Los Empleados de Las Lineas Telegráficas
39390: GACKENBACH, DICK - Mother Rabbit's Son Tom
28990: GADLIGER, WERNER - Betelgeister. Eine Zeichnungsserie
22735: GAGLIARDO, JOHN G. - Enlightened Despotism
32733: GAGNON, ALPHONSE - Les Scandinaves En Amerique" [from] Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada
20741: GAILEY, HARRY A., JR. - History of Africa. Three Volumes: Volume I: From Earliest Times to 1800; Volume II: From 1800 to Present, Andvolume III: From 1945 to Present
31713: LE GAL, EUGENE - School of the Guides; Designed for the Use of the Militia of the United States
30679: GALANTER, MARC - Changing Legal Conceptions of Caste
39559: GALINDO, FRANCISCO E. - Discurso Pronunciado Por Francisco E. Galindo En la Instalacion de la Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala, El Dia 24 de Junio de 1880
29164: GALLAND, ANTOINE, TRANS. DESTAINS, EUGENE, ED - Les Mille Et Une Nuits, Contes Arabes, Traduits En Francois Par Galland. [Six Volumes]
38206: LAGARRIGUE GALLARDO, SERGIO - La Justicia de Menor Cuantía Y El Proyecto de Código Orgánico de Tribunales
27960: GALLATIN, ALBERT - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, Accompanying a Report and Estimates of Appropriations for the Service of the Year 1810; Also, an Account of Receipts and Expenditures from October 1, 1808, to September 30, 1809, and a Statement of Balances of Appropriations Unexpended on 30th September, 1809. January 6, 1810. Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means
43408: (GALLEGOS, ROMULO); BARRIOS, GONZALO - Romulo Gallegos Parlamentario [Two Volumes]
41438: SWANN GALLERIES - Modern Literature. First & Limited Editions, Advance Proofs, Signed & Inscribed Copies. Bukowski, Chesterton, Churchill, Faulkner, Hemingway, Huxley, Miller, Garcia Marquez. May 1, 1997
41411: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - First Editions, Press Books & Fine Bindings. Including Books Printed by the Ashendene, Doves, Black Manikin, Grabhorn and Other Presses, Limited Editions Club... September 23, 1969
41441: SWANN GALLERIES - Select Maps and Decorative Graphics. March 5, 1998
40398: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - Collection of 26 Book Auction Catalogues of Rare Books from Parke-Bernet Galleries
42792: SWANN GALLERIES - Modern Physics, Science & Technology, Medicine, Natural History. Public Auction Sale 1689, April 13, 1995
21269: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - Fine French Paperweights. Various Owners. Public Auction Friday May 16, [1969] at 1: 45 P.M. Sale # 2863
41142: NATIONAL ART GALLERIES - Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century French Furniture, Aubusson, Beauvais & Gobelin Tapestries, Art Objects & English Silver. Also, the Rare Assortment of Walking Sticks. Sale No. Seventy-Nine. January 27 and 28, 1933
41426: SWANN GALLERIES - Bibliography & Books About Books. October 22, 1959
42797: SWANN GALLERIES - Early Printed Books. Bibles, Incunabula, Law, Occult. Public Auction Sale 1671. October 20, 1994
42815: ANDERSON GALLERIES - The Library of the Late Thomas L. Raymond, Newark, N.J. Sale No. 2320. February 13, 14, 1929
41434: SWANN GALLERIES - Books About Books Sold by Order of the Grolier Club (Lots 1-138); 16th, 17th, & 18th Century Books on Varied Subjects (Lots 139-End). September 21st, 1972
26037: KENNEDY GALLERIES - Master Prints 10: John Marin Prints. A Retrospective. October 19 - December 30, 1982
26040: KENNEDY GALLERIES - The Drawings of Ben Shahn. October, 1970
34787: AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION. ANDERSON GALLERIES - Currier and Ives and Other Rare American Lithographs. Collected by Fred Wellington Ayer
34789: AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION. ANDERSON GALLERIES - Early American Furniture Including Many Collectors' Pieces of Rich Veneer and with Inlay. Property of Morris Berry
34791: AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION. ANDERSON GALLERIES - Fine American Furniture Mainly of New England Origin. Silver, Glass, Ceramics, Miniatures, Battersea Enamels, Hooked Rugs, Other Art Objects. Property of Hyman Kaufman
34794: AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION. ANDERSON GALLERIES - Important Brussels Renaissance Lille, Aubusson, and Beauvais Tapestries. French XVIII Century Gold Boxes and Miniatures, Tapestry and Needlepoint Furniture, Velvets, Brocades, and Embroideries... Property of Mme Annette Lefortier
34766: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - An Important Library of Hispanic Americana. Including a Document Signed with the Rubrica of Francisco Pizarro (Rare and Valuable Peruvian, Iberian and Other Hispanic Americana - Mainly of the Epoch of the Conquistadores)
41083: NATIONAL ART GALLERIES - Sale Number Thirty. Collection of Paintings by Old Masters. Thursday, February 4, 1932. Rare Objects of Art
41439: SWANN GALLERIES - Art & Architecture and Related Subjects. African Art, Ceramics, Glass, Oceanic Art, Western American Art, Featuring Monographs and Catalogues Raisonnés Including Bonnard, Chagall, Degas, Manet, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir. June 19, 1997
41440: SWANN GALLERIES - 19th Century Literature, Sets & Bindings. Cruikshank, Dickens, James, Longfellow, Swift, Thakeray, Thoreau, Including First Editions in Original Parts. Children's Books, Including Movables, Transformation and Pop-Ups Lots 48-121 and Featuring Movable Books by Lothar Meggendorfer, Lots 67-73. January 8, 1998
41442: SWANN GALLERIES - Performing Arts. Including the Remaining Inventory of the Ballet Shop. Books, Posters, Photographs, Autographs, Archives, Prints & Drawings, Ephemera, Memorabilia. March 19, 1998
41088: AMERICAN ART GALLERIES - The Madame Lefortier Collection. A Very Important Collection of Antique French and Italian Furniture. December 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 1920
41101: PLAZA ART GALLERIES - Collection of Antique Furniture and Decorations, Oriental Rugs, Library of Books, Fine Silver, Etc. Property of the Late Chaucey M. Depew, Jr. December 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1931. Public Sale No. 917
41427: SWANN GALLERIES - Library of the Late Tiffany Thayer. March 9 and 10, 1960
41432: SWANN GALLERIES - CIVIL War; Rhode Island History; Americana; the West; English Literature; First & Limited Editions; Art & Illustrated Books; Color Plate Books; Miscellaneous Subjects. April 23rd, 1964
38244: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - English Furniture and Decorations. Silhouettes, Wax Portraits... Dec, 6 and 7, 1950
38263: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - Modern Paintings, Drawings and Prints... . Modern Sculptures. March 9, 1955
38264: PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES - Important Modern French and American Paintings... Belonging to the Estate of the Late Oliver B. James... October 19, 1955
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30240: HALLISSEY, ROBERT C. - The Rajput Rebellion Against Aurangzeb. A Study of the Mughal Empire in Seventeenth-Century India
26094: HALLO, RUDOLF; SCHWEIKHART, GUNTER; ADLER, WOLFGANG - Schriften Zur Kunstgeschichte in Kassel: Sammlungen, Denkmaler, Judaica
28448: [HALLOCK, WILLIAM A.] - The Mountain Miller. An Authentic Narrative. A Premium Tract. No. 254
19878: HALM, PETER, INTRO - Inkunabeln. Das Erste Jahrhundert Des Deutschen Buch- Und Bilddrucks. Ausstellung Der Staatlichen Graphischen Sammlung Und Der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München. September-Oktober 1957
25228: HAMALIAN, LEO - Burn After Reading
33531: HAMBIS, LOUIS. SUNG, LIEN - Le Chapitre CVIII Du Yuan Che. Les Fiefs Attribues Aux Membres de la Famille Imperiale Et Aux Ministres de la Cour Mongole D'Apres L'Histoire Chinois Officielle de la Dynastie Mongole. Tome 1
30417: HAMBLY, GAVIN - Cities of Mughul India. Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri
31389: HAMERSLY, LEWIS, ED - The United Service. A Monthly Review of Military and Naval Affairs. Third Series. Volume 1-8 [Complete]
31387: HAMERSLY, LEWIS, ED - The United Service. A Monthly Review of Military and Naval Affairs. Volume 1-14 [First Series Complete]
32697: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Scribblers & Scoundrels
27966: UNITED STATES. NAVY DEPT. HAMILTON, PAUL - Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, Transmitting a Report Prepared in Obedience to the Act Regulating and Fix the Compensation of Clerks, Etc. January 9, 1810. Ordered to Lie on the Table
30276: TATTERS. FOREWORD BY THE DUCHESS OF HAMILTON AND BRANDON - The Diary of a Dog. Three Months in Kashmir
41048: (HAMILTON, CARL W.). ANDERSON GALLERIES - Two Masterpieces of Renaissance Painting. From the Collection of Carl W. Hamilton, New York City. Sale No. 2346. May 8, 1929
27853: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER - Genl. Alexander Hamilton's Confidential Letter to Robert Morris on the Government of New York, and His Estimate of the Leading Men of That State
21364: HAMILTON, EDITH - The Echo of Greece
36792: HAMILTON, MARY JANE, ED - Frank Lloyd Wright & the Book Arts
20933: HAMILTON, IAN; STEVE PYKE, ET AL. ED. BILL BUFORD - Gazza Agonistes " in Granta 45, Autumn 1993
23477: (LILLY LIBRARY). COLIN HAMILTON AND JOEL SILVER - Scotland Before the Union
38524: (HAMILTON, ALEXANDER). C.F. LIBBIE & CO - Catalogue of a Collection of Books Relating to Alexander Hamilton Together with Alexander Hamilton's Writing Desk. March 10 and 11, 1914
41117: HAMILTON, NANCY - Ben Dowell, El Paso's First Mayor. Southwestern Studies Monograph No. 49
36149: HAMLIN, E.S. [EDWARD STOWE] - Speech of E.S. Hamlin, of Ohio, on the Annexation of Texas. Delivered in the House of Representatives, U. S,. Jan. 9, 1845
41638: HAMMERICH, ANGUL - Les Lurs de L'Age de Bronze, Au Musée National de Copenhague
28019: HAMMOND, NATHANIEL JOB. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY - Additional Member from Nebraska. January 16, 1883. Recommitted to the Committee on the Judiciary and Ordered to Be Printed. Mr. N.J. Hammond, from the Committee on the Judiciary, Submitted the Following Report
37935: HAMMOND, NORMAN, ED - Mesoamerican Archaeology. New Approaches
24745: HAMMOND, ELEANOR PRESCOTT - Chaucer: A Bibliographical Manual
34587: HAMMOND, FRANK - Collection of 27 Catalogues on Rare Books from Frank Hammond
34586: HAMMOND, FRANK - Collection of 5 Catalogues on Travel and Exploration from Frank Hammond
38386: HAMMOND, GEORGE P., ED - New Spain and the Anglo-American West. Historical Contributions Presented to Herbert Eugene Bolton. [Two Volumes]
40407: HAMMOND, GEORGE P., ET AL. - Gph. An Informal Record of George P. Hammond and His Era in the Bancroft Library
33746: FREEMASONS. GRAND ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER OF THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE - Proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of New Hampshire, at Its Annual Convocation, Held at Concord, May 17, 1870
33753: FREEMASONS. GRAND LODGE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE - Journal of Proceedings of the M.W. Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New Hampshire, at the Semi-Annual Communication, Dec'r 28, A.L. 5869, and at the Annual Communication, May 18 & 19, A.L. 5870
33754: FREEMASONS. GRAND LODGE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE - Journal of Proceedings of the M.W. Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons, of the State of New Hampshire, at the Semi-Annual Communication, Held December 27, A.L. 5871
33755: KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. NEW HAMPSHIRE - Proceedings of the Grand Commandry of Knights Templar of the State of New Hampshire, for the Year 1872
32455: HANAYAMA, SHINSHO, ET AL. - Buddhist Japan. Introductory Essays on Japanese Buddhism
43270: [COLONIAL MASSACHUSETTS]. HANCOCK, THOMAS; BLANCHARD, JOSEPH; PYNCHON, WILLIAM - [Deed of Sale] to All the People to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting, Know Ye, That. .
35579: HANCOCK, RALPH - The Rainbow Republics. Central America
13185: FREER GALLERY OF ART HANDBOOK - Masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese Art
40129: HANDLER, JEROME S. - A Guide to Source Materials for the Study of Barbados History 1627-1834
22742: HANDLIN, OSCAR - The Uprooted: Second Edition
22043: HANDY, CHARLES - The Age of Unreason
32327: HANI, SETSUKO - The Japanese Family System. As Seen from the Standpoint of Japanese Women
32663: HANKE, LEWIS - All the Peoples of the World Are Men
37030: HANKE, LEWIS - Las Casas Historiador. Estudio Preliminar a la Historia de Las Indias
36321: HANKE, LEWIS - Gilberto Freyre Vida Y Obra - Bibliografía - Antología
43249: HANKE, LEWIS - The Spanish Struggle for Justice in the Conquest of America
35693: HANKE, LEWIS - Selected Writings of Lewis Hanke on the History of Latin America
36826: HANKINS, JAMES. HOUGHTON LIBRARY - Italian Humanists in Ten Manuscripts from the Houghton Library
30100: HANKS, LUCIEN M. - Rice and Man. Agricultural Ecology in Southeast Asia
13848: HANLEY, WAYNE, ED - The American Years
24421: HANNA, A.J. - A Prince in Their Midst: The Adventurous Life of Achille Murat on the American Frontier
34501: HANNAS, T & L. - Collection of 10 Book Catalogues from T & L Hannas
41630: COLLIGNON, R. (RENÉ); SOREN HANSEN ET TOPINARD - Répartition de la Couleur Des Yeux Et Des Cheveux Chez Les Tunisiens Sédentaires D'Après Les Observations de M. Le Capitaine Rebillet Et de M. Le Lieutenant Hannezô [with] la Couleur Des Yeux Et Des Cheveux En Danemarck
14722: HANSEN, RON - Atticus
10284: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Edouard Manet 1832-1883
25992: VENATOR & HANSTEIN - Wertvolle Bucher, Manuskripte, Autographen, Druckgraphik, Handzeichnungen. 4. Und 5. April 2003. Auction 89
30001: HANTSCHEL, ANTON - Burma. Vom Britischen Glacis Zum Selbstandigen Staat
27062: O'HARA, DANIEL T. - Tragic Knowledge. Yeat's Autobiography and Hermeneutics
12961: O'HARA, FRANK - Nakian
37558: HARAEUS, FRANCISCUS. (FRANS VAN HAREN) - Lumen Historiarum Per Orientem Illustrandis Biblijs Sacris, Martijrologio & Alijs Multis a Fran. Hareio Concinnatum
40413: HARASZTHY, ARPAD - Wine-Making in California
23214: HARCAVE, SIDNEY - First Blood: The Russian Revolution of 1905
22104: HARDIE, JAMES - Account of the Yellow Fever, Which Occurred in the City of New-York, in the Year 1822, to Which Is Prefixed a Brief Sketch of the Different Pestilential Diseases with Which This City Was Afflicted in the Years 1798, 1799, 1803 and 1805 with the Opinion of Several of Our Most Eminent Physicians... To Which Is Added a Correct List of All the Deaths by Yellow Fever. .
39025: [HARDING, G.M.; HILL, CHARLES]. CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS - Catalogue of Pictures by Old Masters the Property of Major G.M. Harding,... Also... Charles Hill, Esq. Deceased; Late of Cleveden Hall, Somerset, and Old Pictures and Drawings from Other Sources. Friday, April 24, 1931
33933: HARDING, WARREN G. - (Appointing James C. Davis Director General of Railroads). By the President of the United States of America a Proclamation. [with] (Designating and Appointing James C. Davis, Director General of Railroads, and His Successor in Office, As the Agent Provided for in Section 206 of the Act of Congress, Approved February 28, 1920)
33935: HARDING, WARREN G. - (Poland and Danzig - Suspension of Tonnage Dues). By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation
33937: HARDING, WARREN G. - American Education Week. By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation
43160: HARDY, OSGOOD - Was Patrick Egan a "Blundering Minister
24389: HARDY, R. ALLEN, AND BOWMAN JOHN J. - The Jewelry Repair Manual
39747: HARDY, OSGOOD - The Itata Incident
24267: GATHORNE-HARDY, ROBERT, ED - Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell: A Study in Friendship 1873-1915
24417: HARE, HOBART AMORY, ED. EDWARD DAVIS, O. H. PERRY PEPPER, H. R. M. LANDIS, JAY SCHAMBERG, WILLIAM G. SPILLER - Progressive Medicine: A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Volume III. September, 1922. Obstetrics, Disease of the Thorax, Including the Heart, Lungs and Bloodvessels, Disease of the Bronch, Pleura and Lungs, Dermatology and Syphilis, Deseases of the Nervous System
37523: HARE, CLYDE, PHOTOS; VAN DINE, ALAN, TEXT - Clyde Hare's Pittsburgh
30831: HARE, WILLIAM LOFTUS, ED - Religions of the Empire. A Conference on Some Living Religions Within the Empire
32914: HARING, CLARENCE H. - South America Looks at the United States
35034: HARING, CLARENCE H. - Argentina and the United States
17323: HARKAVY, ALEXANDER - Amerikanisher Briefen-Shteler
40625: [HARLAND, HENRYK, TRANS] - Sladami Dawnych Kultur. Dawna Rús. Praca Zbiorowa
33274: HARLEZ, CHARLES DE, ED - Le Yih-King: Texte Primitif Retabli
24640: HARMON, NOLAN B., ED - The Interpreter's Bible: The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard Versions with... Exegesis, Exposition... . Volume 1 [of 12]: General Articles on the Bible, General Articles on the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis, the Book of Exodus
43159: D'HARNONCOURT, RENE. AMERICAN FEDERATION OF ARTS - Mexican Arts. Catalogue of an Exhibition Organized for and Circulated by the American Federation of Arts. 1930-1931
23065: PEAKE, HAROLD AND FLEURE, HERBERT JOHN - The Steppe and the Sown
18688: (LOSSING, BENSON JOHN [1813-1891]). HARPER & BROTHERS; WILSON, WOODROW; FISK, JOHN; ET AL. - Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History from 458 A.D. To 1905. Based Upon the Plan of Benson John Lossing. With a Preface on the Study of American History by Woodrow Wilson. Complete in Ten Volumes
42489: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Rare Books. Catalogue 236
42481: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Rare and Important Books in a Variety of Fields. European Literature and History, Greek & Latin Classics, Incunabula and Other Early Printing, Fine Typography and Illustration, Humanism - Americana - Geograpy, Discovery & Exploration. Catalogue 217
42482: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Rare, Important and Uncommon Books in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 220
42473: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Catalogue of Uncommon Books in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 207
34601: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Collection of 50 Catalogues of Rare Books from Lathrop C. Harper
34621: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Collection of 14 Catalogues of Books on Medicine, Science, Technology & Natural History from Lathrop C. Harper
42470: HARPER, LATHROP C. - A Selection of Fine and Important Rare Books & Manuscrips, Mainly New Acquisitions. Catalogue 204
42471: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Books and Manuscripts. Fine Books in a Variety of Fields: Classical, Mediaeval & Renaissance Texts, Illustrated Books, Including Woodcuts, Engravings, and Color Plates Monuments of Literature. Catalogue 205
42483: HARPER, LATHROP C. - 200 Rare Books. Catalogue 225
42467: HARPER, LATHROP C. - A Selection of Fine and Important Rare Books and Manuscripts from the 15th to the 19th Centuries. Catalogue No. 197
24608: HARPER & BROTHERS. ILLUS. WINSLOW HOMER, THOMAS NAST, ET AL. - Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization. (Volumes III-VII. For the Years 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862 and 1863) [Five Volumes]
23416: HARPER, HENRY H. - Book-Lovers, Bibliomaniacs and Book Clubs
39821: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Books of Interest and Rarity. Catalogue 231. Spring 1978
42474: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Travels by Land and Sea. Books of Travel and Exploration Many Illustrated with Color Plates of Scenery, Architecture and Costume. Catalogue 208
42475: HARPER, LATHROP C. - A Selection of Fine Books and Manuscripts. Catalogue 209
39820: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Uncommon Books in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 207
42476: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Illustrated Books from Five Centuries in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 210
42479: HARPER, LATHROP C. - 300 Selected Books in English Including Important Early Military Books from a Private Collection. Catalogue 214
42484: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Rare Books 1477-1869 Including Some Important Latin-Americana and a Section of 16th Century Books in Hebrew. Catalogue 227
42486: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Uncommon and Early Books. Catalogue 229
42487: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Books of Interest and Rarity Including Incunabula, Latin and North Americana, Illustrated Books, Uncommon Imprints. Catalogue 231
42488: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Important and Uncommon Books in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 232
42478: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Rare Books in a Variety of Fields... . with a Fine Colletion of First and Early Editions of Martin Luther. Catalogue 213
42485: HARPER, LATHROP C. - Important, Interesting and Uncommon Books in a Variety of Fields. Catalogue 228
42477: HARPER, LATHROP C. - A Selection of 300 Rare and Important Books Illustrating the History of Medicine, Science and Technology Including Chemistry and Pharmacology. Natural History, Botany, Zoology and Related Subjects, Many Illustrated with Color Plates. Catalogue 211
42480: HARPER, LATHROP C. - A Selection of Rare and Important Books Illustrating the History of Medicine, Science and Technology Including Chemistry and Pharmacology. Natural History, Botany, Zoologoy and Related Subjects. Catalogue 215
20260: HARR, JONATHAN - A CIVIL Action
12539: HARRINGTON, JOSEPH F., EDITOR - The World's History at a Glance from 800 B.C. To 1913 A.D. In Synchronous Form
22662: HARRINGTON, MICHAEL - Toward a Democratic Left: A Radical Program for a New Majority
21702: HARRIS, ELIZABETH M. - G.A. 100: The Centenary of the Division of Graphic Arts. An Exhibition at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. , May 1986
32578: HARRIS, TOWNSEND. MARIO EMILIO COSENZA, ED - The Complete Journal of Townsend Harris. First American Consul and Minister to Japan
34350: HARRIS, BERTHA B., ED. BIBLIOTECA BENJAMÍN FRANKLIN - United States Books on Mexico 1935-1949
33759: HARRIS, I. G. [ISHAM GREEN] - Message of Governor I.G. Harris, in Reply to a Resolution of the House of Representatives, Calling for Information Relating to the Bank of Tennessee
27726: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus. Tales by Joel Chandler Harris
25851: HARRIS, BEN CHARLES - Make Use of Your Garden Plants
39492: HARRIS, JIM - The Southwest. Essays on Southeast New Mexico and West Texas
32574: HARRIS, SARA - House of the 10,000 Pleasures. A Modern Study of the Geisha and of the Streetwalker of Japan
36802: HARRISON, PEGRAM; LILLY LIBRARY - Une Affaire de Goût. A Selection of Cookbooks: 1475 to 1873
13490: HARRISON, EDWARD R. - Cosmology: The Science of the Universe
39923: HARRODS - Alford House Princes Gate, Knitghtsbridge. Catalogue of the Twenty-Fifth Auction Sale of the Series to Be Held on the Above Premises on Monday, 8th May, 1939. Comprising Model Engines, Woodwork, Metalwork, Miscellanea, Pictures, a Collection of Neolithic Flint Weapons, Etc. Sale. No. 25
24522: HARROWER, DOROTHY - Decoupage: A Limitless World of Decoration
38553: WARNECKE, HARRY AND CRANTSON, ROBERT F. - [Photograph]. The Normandie Afire
38552: WARNECKE, HARRY AND CRANTSON, ROBERT F. - [Photograph]. Sailing Delayed. Cause: War
35235: HART, FRANCIS RUSSELL - The Siege of Havana 1762
40237: HART, JAMES D. - Fine Printing in California
38115: HART, JOHN MASON - Revolutionary Mexico. The Coming and Process of the Mexican Revolution
13695: HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL, EDITOR - The Varick Court of Inquiry to Investigate the Implication of Colonel Varick (Arnold's Private Secretary) in the Arnold Treason
40322: HART, JAMES D. - A Tribute to Edwin Grabhorn & the Grabhorn Press
32693: HART, JAMES D. - Some Treasures of the Bancroft Library. Celebrating the Dedication of the Enlarged and Remodeled Library May 6th, 1973
22065: HART, B.H. LIDDELL - The History of the Second World War
20464: HARTE, BRET - Barker's Luck and Other Stories
20465: HARTE, BRET - In a Hollow of the Hills
21956: HARTE, BRET - East and West Poems
21846: HARTE, BRET - From Sand Hill to Pine
21847: HARTE, BRET - Stories in Light and Shadow
41392: HARTE, BRET. PARKER, ARVILLA - The Lost Galleon
26223: HARTHAN, JOHN P. - Bookbindings
28403: HARTMAN, S.B. [SAMUEL BRUBAKER] - Twelfth Edition of the Ills of Life, or the Encyclopedia of Family Medicine
30266: HARTOG, MABEL HELENE KISCH, LADY - India in Outline
26000: HARTUNG & HARTUNG - Wertvolle Bucher Manuskripte Autographen. Dabei 90 Pos. Deutsche Geschichte in Der Ersten Halfte Des 20. Jhdts, in Briefen Un Dokumenten Sowie 110 Pos, Urkunden Und Siegel. Graphik. Auktion 108. 4-6 November 2003
32745: HARVEY, GEORGE - Henry Clay Frick the Man
40266: HARVEY, W. W. (WILLIAM WOODIS) - Sketches of Hayti: From the Expulsion of the French to the Death of Christophe
40603: HARVEY, JOHN H.T., ED., ET AL. - The Journal of Asiatic Studies. 1959. 12. Vol. II, No. 2
30873: HASBROUCK, RICHARD - A Brief History of the New Paltz Reformed Church
22204: HASKINS, JAMES - Black Theater in America
27347: HASSAM, JOHN T. - The Confiscated Estates of Boston Loyalists
36364: [HATCH, WILLIAM S.] - The Federal Debt, Its Creation by Acts of Congress, Its Management, Its Final Payment
32585: HATTORI, RYUTARO, AND MIYAHARA, TEIJI - Thirty-One Japanese Folk-Songs with Piano Accompaniment. Nihon Minyo 31-Ban
22145: HAUER, J. W. - Kommende Gemeinde / Herausgegeben IM Auftrag Der Köngener. I Jahrganf / Heft 3/4. Sommer 1929
37986: HAUGHTON, PERCY D. - How to Watch and Understand Football
26536: HAUSENSTEIN, WILHELM - Fra Angelico
14144: HAUSER, ARNOLD - The Social History of Art. 2 Volumes
26406: HAUTECOEUR, LOUIS - La Bourgogne. L'Architecture [Tome II Only]
35421: INSTITUTO INTERAMERICANO DE HISTORIA MUNICIPAL E INSTITUCIONAL (HAVANA, CUBA) - Cuadernos Del Instituto Interamericano de Historia Municipal E Institucional. 12
35420: INSTITUTO INTERAMERICANO DE HISTORIA MUNICIPAL E INSTITUCIONAL (HAVANA, CUBA) - Cuadernos Del Instituto Interamericano de Historia Municipal E Institucional. 11
36241: EL-HAWARY, HASSAN MOHAMMED - The Most Ancient Islamic Monument Dated A.H. 31 (A.D. 652) from the Time of the Third Calif 'Uthman," from Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, April 1930
28345: HAWEIS, THOMAS - The Communicant's Spiritual Companion. Or, an Evangelical Preparation for the Lord's Supper. In Which I. The Nature of the Ordinance Is Shewn. II. The Dispositions Requisite for a Profitable Participation Thereof. Wherein, the Careless Sinner Is Admonished, the Formalist Detected and Reproved, the Feeble-Minded Comforted, the Doubting Relieved, the Sincere Assisted, and the Faithful Comfirmed. With Meditations and Helps for Prayer, Suitable to the Subject
22248: HAWKE, DAVID FREEMAN - Everyday Life in Early America
22670: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Dawn of the Gods
41754: [HAWKS, FRANCIS L] - Uncle Philip's Conversations About the Whale Fishery and Polar Seas
27446: HAY, DENYS - The Italian Renaissance in Its Historical Background
22606: HAY, DENYS, ED - The Age of Renaissance
40294: HAYDEN, F.V. [FERDINAND VANDERER] - Preliminary Report of the United States Geological Survey of Wyoming, and Portions of Contiguous Territories, (Being a Second Annual Report of Progress) Conducted Under the Authority of the Secretary of the Interior
24340: HAYDEN, ARTHUR - Chats on Old Furniture: A Practical Guide for Collectors
23834: HAYDON, BENJAMIN ROBERT - The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846). Volume 2 Only
42856: HAYES, DAVID. STATE UNIV. OF NEW YORK - The Sculpture of David Hayes. An Exhibition out of Doors September 1 to November 1, 1978
31585: HAYES, P.C. [PHILIP CORNELIUS] - War Verse and Other Verse
16963: HAYES, WILLIAM C. - The Scepter of Egypt. A Background for the Study of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Part I from the Earliest Times to the End of the Middle Kingdom
37350: [HAYES, RUTHERFORD B.] - Two Pictures 1876
30232: HAYNES, DOUGLAS E. - Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India. The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928
37781: HAYWOOD, C. ROBERT - Trails South. The Wagon-Road Economy in the Dodge City-Panhandle Region
24032: HAZEN, A.T. - A Bibliography of the Strawberry Hill Press with a Record of the Prices at Which Copies Have Been Sold Including a New Supplement. Together with a Bibliography and Census of the Detached Pieces
24227: HAZEN, A. T. - A Bibliography of Horace Walpole
16585: (HAZLITT, WILLIAM). SIKES, HERSCHEL MORELAND, ED - The Letters of William Hazlitt
25649: HAZO, SAMUEL - Hart Crane: An Introduction and Interpretation
34970: HEAD, F. B. [FRANCIS BOND] - Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes
25000: HEAD, RICHARD - The English Rogue: Described in the Life of Meriton Latroon, a Witty Extravagant. Being a Compleat History of the Most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes
41706: HEAD, F.B. [FRANCIS BOND] - Rough Notes Taken During Some Rapid Journeys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes
31628: HEADLEY, P.C. (PHINEAS CAMP) - Massachusetts in the Rebellion. A Record of the Historical Position of the Commonwealth, and the Services of the Leading Statesmen, the Military, the Colleges, and the People in the CIVIL War of 1861-1865
11858: HEADSTROM, RICHARD - Nature in Miniature
22718: HEALD, EDWARD T. - Witness to Revolution: Letters from Russia, 1916-1919
22592: HEARDER, HARRY - Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1830-1880
12199: HEARIN, EMILY STAPLES - Canopy of Oaks
32279: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Japan. An Attempt at Interpretation
34984: HEARN, LAFCADIO - Two Years in the French West Indies
41154: (HEARN, GEORGE A. ). AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, ANDERSON GALLERIES - European Ivory Carvings and Bronzes. Aubusson and Beauvais Tapestry, Furniture, Miniatures, Bonbonnieres and Other Bibelots, Oriental Porcelains, Hispano-Moresque Ware, a Small Group of Mezzotints. Sale No. 3974. May 5, 1932
14143: HEARNE, BETSY, ED - The Zena Sutherland Lectures 1983-1992
27136: HEARTZ, DANIEL - Mozart's Operas
23224: HEATH, FRANK R. - Wiltshire. [the Little Guides]
32658: HEATON, HERBERT - The Economics of Empire
35796: HEDBERG, NILS - Sweden's Latin-American Publications: 1950
23058: HEDEMANN,, ED, ED - War Resisters League Organizer's Manual
35576: HEDERICH, BENJAMIN. MORELL, THOMAS, ED - Graecum Lexicon Manuale, Primum a Beniàmine Hederico Institutum, Post Repetitas Sam. Patricii Curas, Auctum Myriade Amplius Verborum, Innumeris Vitiis Repurgatum, Plurimisque Novis Significatibus Verborum Locupletatum Cura Io. Augusti Ernesti, Nunc Denuo Recensitum, Et Quamplurimum in Utraque Parte Auctum a T. Morell, S.T. P. Thesauri
28209: HEERE, MARTIN, ARTIST; PLAAT, CORNELIS MARTINUS, PHOTOS - Zeeroep Slauerhoff En de Zeevaart. Beelden Uit Het Zeemansleven Van Slauerhoff
32408: HEIBONSHA - Sekai Bijutsu Zenshu. Bekkan. 3

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