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12793: ADAMSON, J.H. AND FOLLAND, H.F. - The Shepherd of the Ocean: Sir Walter Ralegh and His Times
19868: MATHEWS, W.H. ET AL. - The Fraser's History from Glaciers to Early Settlements
39344: GOETZMANN, WILLIAM H. AND SLOAN, KAY - Looking Far North the Harriman Expedition to Alaska 1899
18565: RUSSMANN, EDNA R.; JAMES, T.G.H. AND OTHERS; THE BRITISH MUSEUM - Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum
33655: ADAIR, L.H. AND SANDERSON, T.J. - Seeing Our World
61569: EDDY, LIEUT.-COMDR W.C.; BROLLY, A.H. AND OTHERS OF THE US NAVAL TRAINING SCHOOL - Wartime Refresher in Fundamental Mathematics
4801: GAUTE, J.H.H. AND ODELL, ROBIN. - The Murderers' Who's Who, Outstanding International Cases from the Literature of Murder in the Last 150 Years.
35515: FARRINGTON, E.H. AND WOLL, F.W. - Testing Milk and Its Products a Manual for Dairy Students, Creamery and Cheese Factory Operators, Food Chemists, and Dairy Farmers
42966: JONES, SUSAN H. AND WARREN, ANNE K; PARADIS, CAROL, EDITOR; CORNING GLASS WORKS - Corning's Cook's Choice 200 Delicious Recipes with Both Microwave and Conventional Directions
48882: ROBERTS, KENNETH H. AND SHARPLES, WIN JR. - A Primer for Film-Making a Complete Guide to 16 and 35mm Film Production
64657: MONGER J.W.H. - The Triassic Takla Group I Mcconnell Creek Map Area, Orth Central British Columbia (Paper 76-29)
64603: HAAHEIM, DON - Willow Sticks, Earth Worms: True Adventures of Sports Fishing in British Columbia
16305: HAAS, ANTONIO - Mexico
51091: HAAS, ELSON M. - The Detox Diet: A How-to & When-T0 Guide for Cleansing the Body
22691: HAAS, ERNST, CONTIBUTES - From Venice with Love, in Camera 35, November 1979, Vol 24 No 11
14236: HABEEB, VIRGINIA T. - Pita, the Great
65271: HABENICHT, RUDOLPH, EDITOR - John Haywood's a Dialogue of Proverbs (Inscribed Copy)
19491: HABER, TOM BURNS - The Making of a Shropshire Lad, a Manuscript Variorum
50889: HABERL, ARTHUR W. - Guide to Adirondack Trails 5: West-Central Region
59344: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume VIII: Multiple Decrement and Multiple State Models
59355: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume V: Life Insurance
59303: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume I: Life Tables and Survival Model Part 1
59350: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume VII: Investment, Risk Theory, Non-Life Insurance
59310: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume X: Experience Studies and Estimation of Rates/ Graduation of Decremental Rates
59311: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume IX: Health Ans Sickness Insurance
37325: HABERMAN, MARTIN; MEISEL, TOBIE, EDITORS - Dance an Art in Academe
59305: HABERMAN, STEVEN; SIBBETT, TREVOR A.; EDITORS - History of Actuarial Science, Volume III: Life Insurance Mathematics Part 1
54002: HABIBULLAH, WAJAHAT; AHUJA, MANOJ; EDITORS - Land Reforms in India: Computerisation of Land Records in India (Volume 10) Ex-Library Copy
31555: HABILITAT, INC. - Hawaiian Celebrities Cookbook
66484: HABSCH, ROGER - L'Art de Presenter Les Plats: Garnir Er Decorer Pour le Plaisir Des Yeux
12107: HACKER, CARLOTTA - A Little Bit of Canada
56995: HACKETT, CECIL ARTHUR - An Anthology of Modern French Poetry: From Baudelaire to the Present Day: From Baudelaire to the Present Day
61759: HACKWOOD, FREDERICK W. - Inns, Ales and Drinking Customs of Old England
55724: HACKWOOD, FREDERICK W. - Inns, Ales and Drinking Customs of Old England
52312: HADDOCK, LISA;NAIAD PRESS - Final Cut: A Carmen Ramirez Mystery
59261: HADDON, MARK - A Spot of Bother, a Novel
65902: HADID, ZAHA; LEVENE, RICHARD; CECILIA, FERNANDO MARQUEZ, EDITORS - El Croquis 73: 1995 an Issue Devoted to Zaha Hadid 1992-1995
52850: HADLEY, TESSA - Everything Will Be All Right
17395: HADLEY, ROB - Bad Press (Inscribed Copy)
17529: HADWEN, SIBYLLA - Recipes for Serving 100
03572: HAESLEIN, INGE - Des Etoiles Avec Des Copeaux
12694: HAFNER, GERMAN - Art of Rome, Etruria, and Magna Graecia.
43362: O'HAGAN, HOWARD - The School-Marm Tree
42323: HAGEGE, CLAUDE - The Dialogic Species: A Linguistic Contribution to the Social Sciences
30310: HAGELUND, W.A. - Flying the Chase Flag, the Last Cruise of the West Coast Whaler (Inscribed Copy)
56252: HAGELUND, W. A. - Whalers No More: A History of Whaling on the West Coast
62724: HAGEN, , KATHRYN; GIUNTINI, PARME - Garb: A Fashion and Culture Reader (Lacking the Dvd)
60523: HAGER, BARBARA - Honour Song: A Tribute
574: HAGGARD, WILLIAM - The Antagonists
42150: HAGSTRUM, JEAN H. - William Blake Poet and Painter an Introduction to the Illuminated Verse
47354: HAHN, PAMELA RICE - Lazy About Grilling
03109: HAHN, EMILY - The Cooking of China (Hardcover Book and Recipe Book in Slipcase)
48818: HAHN, EMILY - The Cooking of China
33308: HAIGH, RACHEL - The Neal's Yard Bakery Wholefood Cookbook
01589: HAILEY, ARTHUR - Wheels
00144: HAILEY, ARTHUR - The Evening News
64110: HAIM, S. - Farhang Moaser Shorter English-Persian Dictionary (Fourth Edition)
66126: HAINES, AUBREY L. - Yellowstone Place Names: Mirrors of History
10104: HAINING, PETER - A Pictorial History of Horror Stories: Two Hundred Years of Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines
02627: HAINING, PETER, EDITOR - More Great Tales of Crime & Detection
30697: HAINING, PETER - The Leprechaun's Kingdom
38599: HAINING, PETER - The Jules Verne Companion Fully Illustrated
54303: SOCIETE BIBLIQUE HAITIENNE - Bib la: Parol Bondie an Ayisyin
52540: HALAOUI, NAZAM; TERA, KALILOU; TRABI, MONIQUE - Atlas Des Langues Mande-Sud de Cote D'Ivoire 1983
8717: HALE, JOHN - The Paradise Man
45561: HALE, KATHERINE - Canadian Cities of Romance
61423: HALE, LINDA L. COMPILED BY; WOODWARD, FRANCES M. - Vancouver Centennial Bibliography Volume 1
61442: HALE, LINDA L. COMPILED BY; WOODWARD, FRANCES M. - Vancouver Centennial Bibliography Volume 2
66483: HALE, GLORYA; STARR, NANCY - Bridge: Techniques and Tips Form the Masters over 2000 Diagrammed Hands and Plays
01700: HALE, MRS. SARAH JOSEPHA - Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million: 4545 Receipts, Facts, Directions Etc. In the Useful, Ornamental, and Domestic Arts, Etc.
22621: HALE, ARLENE - Home to the Valley
65630: HALE, SIR MATTHEW - The History of the Common Law in England
22144: HALEBAIAN, CAROL, CONTRIBUTES - Flip Schulke, Underwater Fashion Photographer, an Article in Camera 35 June 1979 Vol 24, No 6
59125: HALEY, ALEX - A Different Kind of Christmas: A Tale by the Author of "Roots"
63976: HALL, MICHAEL D., ESSAY BY - Clarence Carter, a Life's Work
61288: VANCOUVER CITY HALL, VANCOUVER, CANADA - Telephone Directory for the City Hall and Outside City Departments, Vamcouver, Bc
18405: HALL, JUDI - What Does My Future Hold?: 99 Ways to Plan Your Life
56874: HALL, JUDY - The Illustrated Guide to Divination
65903: HALL, JANE - The Red Wall, a Woman in the Rcmp (Second Edition) Signed Copy
91317: HALL, DARYL; OATES, JOHN - Bigger Than Both of Us
21986: HALL, R.P. - Protozoology
64114: HALL, DEREK; ;HISTORIC SCOTLAND - Burgess, Merchant, and Priest: Burgh Life in the Scottish Medieval Town
65285: HALL, CAPTAIN CHARLES FRANCIS - Life with the Esquimaux, a Naarative of Arctic Experience in Search of the Survivors of Sir John Frnaklin's Expedition from May 29, 1860 to Sept 13, 1852 (Ex-Library Copy)
50846: HALL, JEANNE M. - 500 More Recipes by Request from the Famous Anderson Family Kitchens
41419: LOMA COMMUNITY HALL, MONTANA - Loma Community Cookbook
21360: HALL, DOUGLAS KENT; CLARK, SUE C. - The Superstars in Their Own Words
66734: HALL, JANE - The Red Wall, a Woman in the Rcmp (Second Edition) Inscribed Copy
65765: HALL, LEE - Common Threads: A Parade of American Clothing
62763: HALL, T. COMPILED BY - Early Canada: A Collection of Historical Photographs by Officers of the Geological Survey of Canada
51540: HALL, ROGER;DODDS, GORDON - Canada, a History in Photographs
01426: HALLAM, ROBER KAY - The Scarecrow Said and Other Poems
56024: HALLAM, LINDA, EDITOR - Making a Home: Housekeeping for Real Life
18751: HALLER, LYNN - Creative Edge: Type-- 110 Innovative Type Designs
53910: HALLGARTEN, S.F. - German Wines
65307: HALLGARTEN, S. F. - Alsace and Its Wine Gardens
50575: HALLIDAY, HUGH A. - Woody : A Fighter Pilot's Album
55255: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD - Dictionary of Archaic Words
61910: FARRER-HALLS, GILL - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom
61851: HALPENNY, FRANCESS G.; HAMELIN, JEAN, EDITORS - Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1741 to 1770 (Volume III) Ex-Library
18332: HALPERIN, MAURICE - The Taming of Fidel Castro
11425: HALPRIN, SARA. - Look at My Ugly Face! Myths and Musings on Beauty and Other Perilous Obsessions with Women's Appearance
65299: HALPRIN, ANNA - Dance As a Healing Art: Returning to Health Through Movement & Imagery (Signed Copy)
33497: HALSEY, KAY EDITOR, LE CORDON BLEU - Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection Chicken
33098: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE CONTRIBUTES - History: Bern Schwartz, an Article in American Photographer, July 1979, Vol III, No 1
64713: HALSTEAD, E.C. - Surficial Geology of Duncan and Shawnigan Map Areas, British Columbia 92b/13, 92b/12, East Half (Paper 65-24)
58249: HALVERBOUT, HELEEN A. M. - The Netherlands Cookbook
44842: HAM, MARION - Breads & Muffins
50865: HAM, O. A. - You Are in the Right Place (Signed Copy)
12840: HAMANN, RICHARD - Agyptische Kunst: Wesen Und Geschichte.
1060: HAMBLEN, STUART - It Is No Secret
63629: HAMBLIN, JENNIFER;FINCH, DAVID - The Diva and the Rancher: The Story of Norma Piper and George Pocaterra
02951: HAMBRO, NATHALIE - Visual Delights : Over 120 Stunning New Recipes
5636: UNGER-HAMILTON, CLIVE, EDITOR. - The Entertainers.
7644: HAMILTON, JANE - A Map of the World (Inscribed Copy)
63089: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER S. - Woodwork for Junior High Schools Grades VII, VIII & IX
56614: HAMILTON, JANE - The Short History of a Prince, a Novel
0768: HAMILTON, ARTHUR - Cry Me a River
53457: HAMILTON, DONNA - Donna Hamilton's Gracious Country Inns and Favorite Recipes (Inscribed Copy)
31251: HAMILTON, DAKOTA - Freedom's Just Another Word (Inscribed Copy)
42515: HAMILTON, DAKOTA - Freedom's Just Another Word (Inscribed Copy)
63488: HAMILTON, ARTHUR - Cry Me a River
61143: HAMILTON, CHARLES - The Book of Autographs: An Introduction to the Joys and Techniques of Autograph Collecting by the World's Foremost Authority
50782: HAMILTON, DENISE; JAKEL, CHANTEL; KERELUK, CYNTHIA - Fit to Cook Why "Waist" Time in the Kitchen?
00943: HAMILTON, RUSS - Rainbow
58866: HAMILTON, CHERIE - Cuisines of Portuguese Encounters: Recipes from Angola, Azores, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Goa, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Madeira, Malacca, Mozambique, Portugal, and Sao Tome (Ex-Library Copy)
02818: HAMILTON, WILLIE - My Queen and I
19506: HAMILTON, DONNA - The After-50 Cookbook
1068: HAMILTON, NANCY; LEWIS, MORGAN - How High the Moon
36568: HAMILTON, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia : A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Opera
37694: HAMM, MARIE ROBERSON - The Gold Medal Fondue Cookbook
63160: HAMM, BIRGIT; SCHMIDT, LINN - Grandma's German Cookbook
91422: ROGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN - The Sound of Music (Original Soundtrack Lp Recording)
00031: HAMMERSTEIN, OSCAR; KERN, JEROME - Why Was I Born from Sweet Adeline
50255: HAMMERTON, J.A. - George Meredith in Anecdote and Criticism
62889: HAMMOND, SUSAN, CONTRIBUTES - Prasat Phnom Rung: A Khmer Temple in Thailand, in Arts of Asia, July - August 1988
60849: HAMPSHIRE, A. CECIL - The Phantom Fleet
91659a: LINN BARNES; ALLISON HAMPTON - Forms and Fancies: Renaisssance and Baroque Music for Two Lutes (Vinyl Lp)
42500: HAMPTON, MARK - Legendary Decorators of the Twentieth Century
66200: HAN, MAN-CHUNG;KIM, CHU-WAN - Sectional Human Anatomy: Transverse, Sagittal and Coronal Sections Correlated with Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Second Edition)
8319: HANCOCK, LYN - There's a Seal in My Sleeping Bag
6066: HANCOCK, LYN - There's a Seal in My Sleeping Bag
15694: HANCOCK, GEOFFREY - Silver Anniverary Anthology Canadian Fiction Magazine
54759: HANCOCK, PAT - Haunted Canada 3 : More True Ghost Stories
52390: HANCOCK, IAN F., EDITOR - Diversity and Development in English-Related Creoles
90179: HANCOCK, TONY - Hancock: The Blood Donor, the Radio Ham (Lp Vinyl)
53978: HANCOCK, LYN - There's a Raccoon in My Parka: Adventures with Wildlife in British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon (Signed Copy)
18744: HANCOCK, GRAHAM - The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant
91805: HANDEL, G.F. - Messiah (Complete Vinyl Two Lp Set)
90429: HANDEL, G.F. - Water Music (Vinyl Lp)
90431: HANDEL, GEORGE FREDERIC - Ode to the Death of Queen Caroline (1737)
90432: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - Overtures (Vinyl Lp)
90433: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC; HAYDN, JOSEPH - Sonata No 4 in D Major for Violin and Piano; Concerto in C Major for Violin and Orchestra
90506: HANDEL, G.F. / HAYDN, JOSEPH - Sonata No. 4 in D Major / Concerto in C Major for Violin and Orchestra
90518: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - The Cuckoo and the Nightingale Four Favorite Handel Organ Concertos
63808: HANDEL, G.F. - 12 Leichte Klaverstucke Zusammengestellt Von Hand Von Bulow, Neu Herausgegeben Von Robert Teichmuller ; Meister Fur Die Jugend; Der Erste Bach; Kinder Album; Bound Together in One Volume
90449: HANDEL, G.F. - The Faithful Shepherd, IL Pastor Fido, Opera in Three Acts (in Italian) (Vinyl Lp)
90984: HANDEL, GEORGE FREDERICK; MACMILLAN, SIR ERNEST - Messiah Highlights (Vinyl Lp)
90588: HANDEL, G.F. (RAMPAL, JEAN-PIERRE) - The Complete Flute Sonatas
90292: HANDEL, G.F. - 3 Concerti Per Oboe, Concerto Grosso, Sonata A5
90514: HANDEL, G.F. - Four Organ Concertos
90584: HANDEL, G.F. - The Chandos Anthems, I-VI, Volume 2 (Vinyl Lp)
90663: HANDEL, G.F. (HEINZ HOLLIGER) - 3 Concerti Per Oboe Concerto Grosso; Sonata A5 (Vinyl Lp)
90446: HANDEL, G.F. - The Great Choruses from Handel's "Messiah" (Vinyl Lp)
90653: HANDEL, G.F. - Handel Arias (Richard Lewis, Tenor) (Vinyl Lp)
90586: HANDEL, G.F. - The Chandos Anthems, I-VI, Volume 3 (Vinyl Lp)
90662: HANDEL, G.F. - Coronation Anthems: Judas Maccabaeus (Excerpts) (Vinyl Lp)
90519: HANDEL, G.F. - Messiah Highlights (Vinyl Lp)
90445: HANDEL, G.F. - Highlights from Handel's Judas Maccabeus
91992: HANDEL, GEORGE FREDERICK; MACMILLAN, SIR ERNEST - Messiah Complete (Vinyl Lp Bos=X Set ))
91497: HANDEL, G.F. - Messiah: Based on the First London Performance of Marh 23, 1743 (Vinyl Lp Box Set)
90553: HANDEL, G.F. - Alexander's Feast or the Power of Music (Vinyl Lp)
90649: HANDEL, G.F.; HAYDN, J.; MENDELSSOHN, FELIX - Oratorio Arias (Lois Marshall)
90650: HANDEL, G.F. - Tamerlano, an Opera
90657: HANDEL, G.F. - Highlights from Handel's Messiah
90516: HANDEL, G.F. - Four Concertos with Oboe and String Orchestra (Vinyl Lp)
91826: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - The Messiah (Complete Version) / Sir Adrian Boult (Vinyl Lp)
91827: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3/ Alexander's Feast: Ouverture in D; Hornpipe, Ouverture in B Flat (Vinyl Lp)
91828: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - The Messiah (Complete) / Sir Thomas Beecham (Vinyl Lp)
90733: HANDEL, GEORGE FRIDERIC - Handel Great Composers Series (Compact Audio Disc)
90585: HANDEL, G.F. - The Chandos Anthems, I-VI, Volume 1 (Vinyl Lp)
66759: LETTERS AND HANDSHAKES - Precarious: Carole Conde + Karl Beveridge
25659: HANDSLIP, CAROLE - Vegetarian Cooking Cookery Library
55332: HANDSLIP, CAROLE - Step-by-Step Low Fat Baking
20897: HANFORD, JAMES HOLLY - A Milton Handbook
56999: HANGAY, GEORGE;GERMAN, PAVEL - Insects of Australia (Nature Guides)
58460: HANKINS, GERALD W.;OPERATION EYESIGHT UNIVERSAL - The Flaming Arrow: The Story of Art Jenkyns, Founder of Operation Eyesight Universal (Inscribed Copy)
30189: HANLEY, JOHN H. - Year Round Gardening in the West
66778: HANNA, CHRISTINE - The Winemaker Cooks: Menus, Parties, Pairings
12823: HANNA, MARY CARR - Cassie & Ike
58002: HANNAH,DON - The Wise and Foolish Virgins (Signed Copy)
20018: HANNAH,DON - The Wise and Foolish Virgins
46329: HANNON, GERLAD, CONTRIBUTES - Sunday in the Park with Tom [Thomson] and Article in Canadian Art Fall 2002
9906: HANNON, LESLIE F. - Forts of Canada, an Illustrated History: The Conflicts, Sieges, and Battles That Forged a Great Nation
56961: HANRAHAN, BARBARA - The Peach Groves
13709: JACOBI, HANS AND BRONDUM, THERESE. - Usukutaq, a Story, a Dramatic Poem.
2612: HANSEN, RICK - Man in Motion
17410: HANSEN, MARILYN - Entertaining in the Victorian Style: Refreshments Settings Events
40759: HANSEN, GAYE - Just Hooked
59205: HANSEN, RICK PH.D.; LAUB, JOAN - Going the Distance: 7 Steps to Personal Change (Inscribed Copy)
48887: HANSEN, JOANNE (1956- ) - The Everything Corn Cookbook
62546: HANSEN, GAYE - Just Muffins
39646: HANSEN, HOWARD - The Hawaii Salad Book
63004: HANSEN, GAYE - Just Muffins
41873: HANSEN, RICK PH.D.; LAUB, JOAN - Going the Distance: 7 Steps to Personal Change (Inscribed Copy)
46470: HANSEN, RICK PH.D.; LAUB, JOAN - Going the Distance: 7 Steps to Personal Change (Inscribed Copy)
67354: HANSON, NEIL - The Custom of the Sea, a Shocking True Tale of Shipwreck, Murder and the Last Taboo
64351: HANSON, G.; MCNAUGHTON, D.A. - Eagle-Mcdame Area, Cassiar District, British Columbia (Memoir 194)
47899: HANULA, MONICA R. EDITOR - The Discoverers a 50 Year History of the Prospectors and Developers Association, Some Famous Prospectors and Their Discoveries
21256: O'HARA, JOHN - And Other Stories a Collection of 12 New Stories
91818: O'HARA, MARY - Focus on Mary O'Hara (Two Vinyl Lp Set )
41730: O'HARA, JOHN - The Big Laugh
42800: O'HARA, GEORGINA - The Encyclopaedia of Fashion
1308: HARBACH, OTTO; HAMERSTEIN II, OSCAR - Rose Marie from Rose Marie, a Musical Play
1579: HARBACH, OTTO; HAMMERSTEIN II, OSCAR; MANDEL, FRANK; ROMBERG, SIGMUND - One Alone from the Operetta the Desert Song (Duet)
63964: HARBACH, OTTO A,; FRIML, RUDOLF - Giannina Mia Italian Street Song from the Firefly (Medium in C)
91705: JEROME KERN; OTTO HARBACH - Roberta a Musical Production (Vinyl Lp)
1343: HARBACH, OTTO; HAMMERSTEIN II, OSCAR; MANDEL, FRANK; ROMBERG, SIGMUND - One Alone from the Operetta the Desert Song
1997: HARBACH, OTTO A,; FRIML, RUDOLF - Giannina Mia Italian Street Song from the Firefly
1412: HARBACH, OTTO; HAMMERSTEIN 2ND, OSCAR; FRIML, RUDOLF; - Indian Love Call (No 2 in F)
01157: HARBACH, OTTO; HAMMERSTEIN 2ND, OSCAR; FRIML, RUDOLF; - Indian Love Call (No 1 in D Flat)
30260: HARBEN, PHILIP - Philip Harben's Book of the Frying Pan
65868: HARBUTT, JULIET; DENNY, ROZ - The World Encyclopedia of Cheese
47975: HARBUTT, JULIET - A Complete Illustrated Cuide to the Cheeses of the World
65240: HARBUTT, JULIET - Cheese a Complete Guide to over 300 Cheeses of Distinction
44084: HARCLERODE, PETER - Arnhem a Tragedy of Errors
59334: HARCLERODE, PETER - Wings of War: Airborne Warfare 1918-1945
1129: HARCOURT, PETER - Jean Pierre Lefebvre
00886: HARDIE, MELISSA - Penzance the Town and Around (Inscribed Copy)
59360: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books
9767: HARDIN, HERSCHEL - The Great Wave of Civilization, a Play
01719: HARDIN, HERSCHEL - Working Dollars: The Vancity Story (Signed Copy)
46222: HARDING, DOUGLAS E. - On Having No Head a Contribution to Zen in the West
59328: HARDING, PATRICK - Collins Need to Know? Mushroom Hunting: How to Safely Identify Edible Wild Mushrooms
00353: HARDING, ROBYN - The Journal of Mortifying Moments (Inscribed Copy)
33823: HARDING, IRMA - How to Freeze Foods
64019: HARDING, PAUL - Tinkers
15334: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - The Revenge of the Hound : The New Sherlock Holmes Novel
47870: HARDWICK, MOLLIE - The Duchess of Duke Street Volume 2 the Golden Years
47285: HARDY, CLAIRE - The Canadian Guide to Italian Cooking 44 New Exciting Recipe Ideas
38971: CATELLI-HABITANT LTD.; HARDY, CLAIRE - Pasta a la Carte
36076: CATELLI-HABITANT LTD.; HARDY, CLAIRE - Pasta a la Carte
41517: HARDY, CLAIRE; CATELLI-HABITANT LTD - Delightful Summer Recipes Habitant
41837: HARDY, ANNE, EDITOR - Where to Eat in Canada Thirtieth Year 2000
56572: HARDY, THOMAS - Selected Poetry
33596: HARDY, CLAIRE - The Canadian Guide to Italian Cooking 44 New Exciting Recipe Ideas
57098: CATELLI-HABITANT; HARDY, CLAIRE - Pasta a la Carte
432: HARDY, THOMAS. ILLUS. BY WALTER EMERSON BAUM - Selected Short Stories of Thomas Hardy
63890: HARDY, T. MANKELL - The Songs from Shakespeare's Plays Set to Old Tunes with Notes, Parts I and II
40081: HARE, SHELAGH; CHRISTIE, PAT - Recipes Worth Sprouting for
59491: HARGREAVES, KIM - Rowan: The Next Big Thing Featuring Big Wool, Biggy Print and Chunky Print
62275: HARGREAVES, WILLIAM - Give My Regards to Leicester Square (Sung by Victoria Monks)
37374: HARING, C.H. - Empire in Brazil a New World Experiment with Monarchy (Inscrobed Copy)
63785: HARKER, MARGARET F. - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs
60906: WOODWARS STORES; HARKER, DOUGLAS E. - The City and the Store [Vancouver and Woodwards Stores]
1445: HARKNESS, ROBERT - For King and Country: The Latest Patriotic Song (No 2 in B Flat)
02363: HARLECH, PAMELA - Pamela Harlech's Practical Guide to Cooking, Entertaining, and Household Management
33162: HARLECH, PAMELA - Feast without Fuss
34825: HARLOW, ROBERT - Paul Nolan, a Novel (Signed Copy)
54917: HARLOW, JAY - Once Upon a Bagel: What Will You Eat on Your Bagel Today?
35632: HARLOW, ROBERT - A Gift of Echoes a Novel
34074: HARLOW, ROBERT - Royal Murdoch, a Novel
5948: HARLOW, ROBERT - Scann
65020: HARMON, CAROLE; ROBINSON, BART - Byron Harmon Mountain Photographer
61685: HARNETT, VERA - Epicure's Delight
91724: JERRY BOCK; SHELDON HARNICK - The Rothchilds, the Musical (Original Cast Recording) Vinyl Lp
44439: HARPER, PEARL - Simply Moulds
18274: HARPMAN, LOUISE; SUPCOFF, EVAN M. EDITORS - Perspecta 30: The Yale Architectural Jounral: Settlement Patterns
60115: HARPUR, TOM - The Uncommon Touch: An Investigation of Spiritual Healing
55548: HARRELL, MONETTE R.;HARRELL, ROBERT W. - The Ham Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Ham Cookery
91210: HARRELL, MACK, BARITONE - Recital and Encores
50267: HARRIES, MEIRION;HARRIES, SUSIE - The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
1334: HARRINGTON, J.P.; LE BRUNN, LEO - Sadie, from the Little Duchess
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66716: HENIGHAN, TOM - Viking Terror
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00164: HERITEAU, JACQUELINE - The Cook's Almanac
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44118: HERN, ANTHONY - The Drinker's Guide All You Need to Know About Drinks
1290: IMA FISH; URA HERRING - Hey! You Want Any Codfish? We Only Got Mack'Rel Today
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33833: ROBERTS, HILDA AND YOUNG, JESSIE E.; WOMEN'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL, TORONTO - Pleasures of the Table Including Centennial Supplement
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62768: HILDITCH, GWEN - In Praise of Pets: An Anthology for Friends
51055: HILFIGER, TOMMY - Our New York Sept 11th -Oct 28th 2001: Photographed by Anne Menke
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53955: HILLES, ROBERT - A Gradual Ruin a Novel
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56078: HIRSCH, DAVID P.;HIRSCH, DAVID - The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden
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51006: HIRSCHE, ERNST - Musik-Worterbuch Kurzgefasste Musikzeichenkunde Tabelle I-IV Fachwort-Erklarungen Seite 1-71 Tonumfang Der Musikinstrumente Seite I-XII
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18655: HISLOP, REV. ALEXANDER - The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship Proved to Be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife (Fourth Edition)
47623: HISTER, ART - Midlife Man: A Not-So Threatening Guide to Health and Sex for the Man at His Peak
12815: HISTER, ART - Midlife Man: A Not-So Threatening Guide to Health and Sex for the Man at His Peak
58437: BIDDEFORD HISTORICAL AND ARCHIVES SOCIETY - The Biddeford Historical and Archives Society Cookbook
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11152: HITCHCOCK, HENRY-RUSSELL - The Pelican History of Art: Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
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11141: HIXON, JOSEPH - The History of the Human Body, a 5000 Year Old Mystery.
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91618: HO, DON - Tiny Bubbles
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31400: HOLLAND, PATRICIA (ATLANTIC INSIGHT) - The Atlantic Cookbook
34924: HOLLAND, PHILIP - Living in France Today
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46058: HOLLIDAY, JOE - Dale of the Mounted in Newfoundland
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51665: HOLLINGHURST, ALAN - The Line of Beauty a Novel
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16407: GERNARDIE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY MICHAEL HOLROYD & ROBERT SKIDELSKY - God's Fifth Column, a Biography of the Age: 1890-1940
63993: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Bernard Shaw: Volume 3, the Lure of Fantasy
61481: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - A Strange Eventful History: The Dramatic Lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving, and Their Remarkable Familes
59768: GERHARDIE, WIALLIAM; EDITED BY MICHAEL HOLROYD AND ROBERT SKIDELSKY - Gods Fifth Column: A Biography of the Age 1890-1940
13410: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Basil Street Blues, a Memoir
90539: HOLST, GUSTAV; FINZI, GERALD - A Choral Fantasia/ Psalm 86; Dies Natalis
50772: HOLT, GERALDENE - French Country Kitchen
91709: KURT WEILL; MARTHA SCHLAMME; WILL HOLT - A Kurt Weill Cabaret: An Original Cast Recording (Vinyl Lp)
59078: HOLT, GERALDENE - Recipes from a French Herb Garden.
55861: HOLT, TOM - The Second Tom Holt Omnibus: My Hero; Who's Afraid of Beowulf?
53097: HOLT, VICTORIA - The Time of the Hunter's Moon
53093: HOLT, VICTORIA - The Judas Kiss
67259: HOLT, FAYE REINEBERG - Out of the Flames: Fires and Firefighting on the Canadian Prairies
11281: HOLZER, ADELA - If at First...
50152: HOLZER, HANS - Life Beyond Life: The Evidence of Reincarnation
63487: HOLZER, LOU; SHAY, LARRY - California Waltz
66525: HOM, KEN - The Taste of China
47394: HOM, KEN - Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery the Chinese Cookery Classic
21255: HOM, KEN - Fragrant Harbour Taste the New Chinese Cooking of Hong Kong
62671: HOM, KEN; STEIMAN, HARVEY - Chinese Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Chinese Cooking
50807: HOMAN, BELLAH - A Place Called the Ridge
50808: HOMAN, BELLAH - Summer at the Ridge (Signed Copy)
66106: HOMBURG, CORNELIA - The Treasures of Vincent Van Gogh
25722: AMERICN HOME - 101 Meats Tested American Home Recipes
14222: HOME, MICHAEL - The Place of Little Birds
62432: HOMEL, DAVID - Jamais de la Vie : Ecrits Et Images Sur Les Pertes Et Les Deuils
02897: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens All-Time Favorite Barbecue Recipes
19579: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens Homemade Holidays
00889: HOMES, CHARLES S. - The Clocks of Columbus the Literary Career of James Thurber
33607: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Food Processor Cook Book
56532: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Quick, Healthy & Delicious Cooking
55785: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS; CARRIE HOLCOMB, EDITOR - Biggest Book of Quick Canned Soup Recipes
39803: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Holiday Cooking
66787: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - 9 X 13: The Pan That Can: More Than 370 Family Favorites to Fit America's Most Popular Pan
46988: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Barbecue Book Complete How to for Outdoor Cooking
50678: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Easy Everyday Cooking
21188: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Simple Secrets to Better Everyday Cooking
39751: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Golden Treasury of Cooking
59259: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (Missing Pages)
30464: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book
66659: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS EDITORS - New Cook Book Special Edition (12th Edition)
54593: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS; LANING, TRICIA, EDITOR - 15 Minutes or Less Low Carb Recipes
60715: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
48863: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - In-a-Hurry Cook Book
49483: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Barbecue Book Complete How to for Outdoor Cooking
55107: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Bread Machine Bounty More Than 100 Recipes for 1 and 1 1/2 Pound Loaves
55378: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Casserole Cook Book Ideas for Enetertaining, Speedy Suppers, One-Dish Family Meals
32912: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Classic International Recipes
01708: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Menus in Minutes MIX, Match Entrees, Sides and Desserts for Quick Mealtime Solutions
33928: DOOLEY, DON, EDITOR; BETTER HOMES AND GARDERNS - Fondue and Tabletop Cooking
46986: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Snacks and Appetizers
46016: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Holiday Inspirations Food Decorating Crafts
37696: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book a Complete Barbecue Guide
66810: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
66725: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS; JEAN LEMMON, EDITOR - Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book 1930-2000 Limited Edition
66788: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS; KOWIT, ADAM, EDITOR - Better Homes and Gardens Anyone Can Cook: Step-by-Sep Recipes Just for You (Includes the Dvd)
37117: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Cooking with Herbs and Spices Flavor Magic for Your Favorite Foods
45551: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MAN / MUSEE NATIONAL DE L'HOMME - The Inuit Print / L'Estampe Inuit
90534: HONEGGER, ARTHUR - Symphony No. 3 (Liturgique); Symphony No. 4 (Deliciae Basilienses)
10057: HONEY, W.B. - English Glass
51902: HONEYFORD, PAUL - The Jam: The Modern World by Numbers
15787: HE XINGLIANG; GUO HONGZHEN - A History of Turks
48753: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF HONOLULU - A Taste of Aloha: A Collection of Recipes from the Junior League of Honolulu
62613: HONRI, PETER - Peter Honri Presents- Working the Halls: The Honris in One Hundred Years of British Music Hall . . (Includes Record)
56621: BARON DE LA HONTAN, LOUIS ARMAND DE LOM D'ARCE - Dialogues Curieux Entre L'Auteur Et Un Sauvage de Bon Sens Qui a Voyage
61314: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Ballads of the Pacific Northwest: Its Discovery and Settlement (Inscribed Copy)
8326: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Vignettes of Vancouver and Some Vagrant Verses (Inscribed Copy)
61188: HOOD, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood
66698: HOOD, HUGH - You Can't Get There from Here, a Novel
38501: C.I. HOOD & CO. - Good Bread the Staff of Life
61491: HOOD, THOMAS - Comic Poems
41234: HOOD, HUGH - The Swing in the Garden
02053: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Ballads of the Pacific Northwest, Its Discovery and Settlement
01645: HOOD, HUGH - Around the Mountain, Scenes from Montreal Life.
2073: HOOD, THOMAS - Poems by Thomas Hood with Some Account of the Author Volume II Only
65978: HOODDER, R.W. - Alkaline Rocks and Niobium Deposits Near Nemegos, Ontario, Paper 57-8
62302: HOOKER, BRIAN; FRIML, RUDOLF - Some Day (Dennis King in the Vagabond King with Jeanette Macdonald)
03934: HOOKER, RICHARD J. - The Book of Chowder
33971: HOOKER, ALAN - Vegetarian Gourmet Cookery Revised Edition
60812: HOOLBOOM, MIKE - Practical Dreamers: Conversations with Movie Artists
48957: HOOPER, ANNE - The Body Electric a Unique Account of Sex Therapy for Women
60099: HOOPER, LUTHER - Hand-Loom Weaving Plain and Ornamental (the Aristic Crafts Series)
20683: HOPE, LAURENCE - India's Love Lyrics
8607: HOPE, LT-COL. C.E.G. ILLUS BY JOHN BOARD - Riding for Boys and Girls, a Junior Teach Yourself Book
60427: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge
62349: HOPE, LAURENCE; WOODFORDE -FINDEN, AMY - Four Indian Love Lyrics from "the Garden of Karma"
58483: HOPE, SIMON - New Food for a Vegetarian Family
48946: HOPE, LARRY E. - Liberated Love a Melodic Book of Tranformational Love Poems
65336: HOPKINS, GRAHAM - Nell Gwynne: A Passionate Life
41351: HOPKINS, HARRY - The New Look a Social History of the Forties and Fifties
63194: HOPKINS, HENRY T.;MCHUGH, JIM - California Painters: New Work
92182: LIGHTIN' HOPKINS - Lightin' Hopkins: Autobiography in Blues
58945: HOPKINS, JERRY - Extreme Cuisine: The Weird & Wonderful Foods That People Eat
61173: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - Life and Work of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Thompson, Prime Minister of Canada with a Preface by His Excellency, the Earl of Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada
60935: HOPKINSON, SIMON; BAREHAM, LINDSEY - Roast Chicken and Other Stories, a Recipe Book
60880: HOPPER, DEWOLF; SSOTUT, WESLEY WINANS - Once a Clown, Always a Clown: Reminiscences of Dewolf Hopper
18493: HOPPING, JANE WATSON - The Country Mothers Cookbook: A Celebration of Motherhood and Old-Fashioned Cooking
67074: HORA, Z. D; MILLERM L.B. - Dimension Stone in Victoria, B. C: A City Guide & Walking Tour (Information Circular 1994-15)
35456: HORAN, CHRISTOPHER - English Country Cooking Classic Recipes from England's Homes & Pubs
25606: HORGAN, PAUL - Josiah Gregg and His Vision of the Early West
91693: PAUL HORN - Inside II (Vinyl Lp)
58419: HORN, JANE - Ceramics: Techniques & Projects
64695: HORNBROOK, E.H.W.; HOBSON, G.D. - Biogeochemical Prospecting for Copper in West Central British Columbia (Paper 69-49)
64712: HORNBROOK, E.H.W.; HOBSON, G.D. - Biogeochemical Prospecting for Molybdenum in West Central British Columbia (Paper 68-56)
02470: HORNBY, LANCE - Hockey's Greatest Moments Celebrating the Best in Hockey
63012: HORNE, HAROLD; TANDLER, H.J. - When Twilight Comes (I'm Thinking of You) a Song with Violin and Cello Obbligato (Sheet Music)
91276: HORNE, MARILYN - Presenting Marilyn Horne
91277: HORNE, MARILYN - A Christmas Offering
91207: HORNE, MARILYN - Marilyn Horne in Operatic Arias
91212: HORNE, MARILYN - Live at la Scala
18870: HORNING, KATHLEEN T. - From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Chidlren's Books
53753: BRUCE HORNSBY AND THE RANGE - The Way It Is (Sheet Music)
42396: HORSFIELD, MARGARET - Biting the Dust the Joys of Housework
38263: HORSLEY, JANET - Making Do without Salt
00039: HORTON, VAUGHN - Mockin' Bird Hill (Patti Page Cover)
25777: HORVATH, A.L. - Physical Properties of Inorganic Compounds (Si Units) Ex-Library Copy
32567: HORWOOD, HAROLD - Dancing on the Shore: A Celebration of Life at Annapolis Basin (Signed Copy)
66485: HOSGOOD, DOUGLAS - Puttees, Planes and Past Times (Inscribed Copy)
64891: HOSHINO, TATSUO;MARCUS, RUSSELL - Lao for Beginners: An Introduction to the Spoken and Written Language of Laos
13947: BASKIN, TOBIAS, LUCRETIA, HOSIE & LISA - Hosie's Aviary
60640: HOSKIN, MICHAEL ANTHONY; WRIGHT, THOMAS - An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe, 1750 : A Facsimile Reprint Together with the First Publication of 'a Theory of the Universe', 1734
53593: HOSKYNS, BARNEY - Beneath the Diamond Sky: Haight-Ashbury 1965-1970
40202: FRIENDS OF SYDNEY HOSPITAL - A Collection of Friendly Recipes from Friends of Sydney Hospital
55574: MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH HOSPITAL AND THE SWIFT COMMITTEE - Cooking Is Not for the Birds (a Fund-Raising Cookbook)
43682: WINNIPEG CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, ST. AGNES' GUILD, [WINNIPEG, MANITOBA] - 75th Anniversary Signature Recipes 1984
40245: I.W.K. CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA - Cooking for Miracles in Support of the I.W. K. Children's Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia
58804: VETERANS' HOSPITAL, WOMEN'S AUXILIARY, VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA - The Daily Colonist Cook Book Compiled by the Women's Auxiliary to the Veterans' Hospital, Victoria, B.C.

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