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005283: BRUCHAC, JOSEPH & GAYLE ROSS [TOLD BY] - The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America
009913: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
007441: MEYER, JOYCE AND DEBORAH BEDFORD - Any Minute: A Novel
007821: SNIVELY, WILLIAM D. JR. WITH JAN THUERBACH - The Sea of Life: The Amazing Story of the Sea Within Our Bodies and How It Keeps Us Alive
003172: SCHICK, THEODORE JR. & LEWIS VAUGHN - How to Think About Weird Things Critical Thinking for a New Age Third Edition
010071: SIBBETT JR., ED - Easy-to-Make Stained Glass Lightcatchers: 67 Designs for Small Ornaments, with Full-Size Templates
010236: DETELLIS JR., GEORGE - Lavi Ti Moun: Life of a Child
008495: GOODMAN, RAYMOND J., JR. AND DOUGLAS G. SMITH - Retirement Facilities: Planning, Design, and Marketing
002972: EMERSON, EDWIN, JR. & MARION MILLS MILLER - The Nineteenth Century and After Vol I [One] 1800 - 1821
004357: SHULTZ, RICHARD H., JR. & ROBERT L. PFALTZGRAFF, JR. - The Future of Air Power in the Aftermath of the Gulf War
005391: REUTER, GEORGE S., JR AND MRS. HELEN REUTER - Democracy and Quality Education
009375: JONES, JUDY AND WILLIAM WILSON - An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned But Probably Didn't
008383: JULIAN, KIM - Golf Widow: A Memoir
002250: JUSTUS, MAY - Lizzie
001683: JUSTUS, MAY - Big Log Mountain
009684: BENT, RUDYARD K. AND HENRY H. KRONENBERT - Principles of Secondary Education
006083: HOFER, BARBARA K. & ABIGAIL SULLIVAN MOORE - The Iconnected Parent : Staying Close to Your Kids in College (and Beyond) While Letting Them Grow Up
008524: DURR, WILLIAM K. ET AL - Tapestry
010015: RATAJ, K. AND R. ZUKAL - Aquarium Fishes and Plants
003409: CROSS, RANDY K. AND JOHN T. MCMILLAN [EDITORS] - Laughing Stock the Posthumous Autobiography of T.S. Stribling
006037: KAGANOVICH, ABRAAM L. - Arts of Russia: 17th and 18th Centuries
007245: KAH, GARY - The Demonic Roots of Globalism
005420: KAHAN, BASIL - Ottmar Mergenthaler the Man and His Machine
005188: KAHAN, NANCY - Entertaining for Business: A Complete Guide to Creating Special Events with Style and a Personal Touch
003580: KALETSKI, ALEXANDER - Metro a Novel of the Moscow Underground
006951: KALINER, MICHAEL A. - Current Review of Rhinitis
001497: KAMIEN, ROGER [EDITOR] - The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening
006780: MARVELLESS MARK KAMP - Opportunity Rocks ! Be a Rock Star in Business and Beyond
009274: KANE, THOMAS S. - The New Oxford Guide to Writing
004529: KANT, IMMANUEL - Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
008470: DORY KANTER - Art Escapes: Daily Exercises and Inspirations for Discovering Greater Creativity and Artistic Confidence
000388: KANTOR, MACKINLAY - Warwhoop
010246: KAPLAN, JERRY - Triumphlearning: Common Core Coach Mathematics 5 First Edition
007926: KAPLAN, ROBERTO - Conscious Seeing: Transforming Your Life Through Your Eyes
007853: KARDAS, PAT - Cheap Shots: Video Production for Nonprofits
009201: PEARSON, KARI & FRIENDS - Playful Patchwork Projects
007060: HAIGLER, KARL AND RAE NELSON - The Gap-Year Advantage: Helping Your Child Benefit from Time Off Before or During College
005907: KARLEN, DELMAR - The Citizen in Court: Litigant, Witness, Juror, Judge
009796: KARP, HARVEY - The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer
001702: KARSCH, ROBERT F. - The Missouri Citizen: History, Institutions, and Constitution of the State
003337: KASL, CHARLOTTE DAVIS - Finding Joy: 101 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Dance with Life
007896: KASSORLA, IRENE C. - Go for It! How to Win at Love, Work and Play
008822: KASTAN, KATHY - From the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Living Well with Heart Disease
007062: KATAHN, MARTIN - The T-Factor Diet
002655: HACKETT, KATHLEEN & MARY ANN YOUNG - The Salvage Sisters' Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic
007498: ZIEWITZ, KATHRYN AND JUNE WIAZ - Green Empire : The St. Joe Company and the Remaking of Florida's Panhandle
009515: KATZ, MARK - Clinton & Me: A Real Life Political Comedy
008787: KATZ, MARK - Witness to an Era: The Life and Photographs of Alexander Gardner, the CIVIL War, Lincoln, and the West
010139: KAUFMAN, POLLY WELTS - Women Teachers on the Frontier
007708: KAUFMAN, LOIS L. - Old Age Is Not for Sissies: A Witty Look at Aging
009634: KAVANAUGH, PATRICK - A Taste for the Classics: A Guide to Enhance and Enrich Your Taste in Great Music. With Suggested Listening Menus and Cd
001366: KAVANAUGH, JAMES - Winter Has Lasted Too Long
003678: KAY, ERNEST [EDITOR] - Dictionary of International Biography Volume Ten 1974 Part III P - Z
003679: KAY, ERNEST [EDITOR] - Dictionary of International Biography Volume Ten 1974 Part II G - O
003680: KAY, ERNEST [EDITOR] - Dictionary of International Biography Volume Ten 1974 Part IV Index Etc.
003926: KAY, ERNEST [EDITOR] - Dictionary of International Biography Volume Ten 1974 Part I a - F
008717: KAY, GUY GAURIEL - The Wandering Fire: Book Two [the Fionavar Tapestry]
005486: KAYE, M. M. - Death in Kashmir
001035: KAYE, SAMMY - Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade
002610: KAYE, PEGGY - Games with Books
005339: KAYE, MARY MARGARET - Death in Zanzibar
007581: KEATING, H. R. F. - The Perfect Murder
008032: KEEGAN, JOHN - Fields of Battle: The Wars for North America
009289: KEEGAN, JOHN [EDITOR] - Atlas of the Second World War
002690: KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN - The Man with the Crimson Box
002883: KEEN, MARTIN - The How and Why Wonder Book of Prehistoric Mammals
009171: KEENAN, SHEILA - Dogs of War
007769: KEENE, JOE - Songwriting: From Ideas to Royalties
006500: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Clue in the Old Stagecoach & the Mystery of the Fire Dragon
006501: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery of the 99 Steps & the Clue in the Crossword Cipher
006502: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Mystery of the Glowing Eye & the Secret of the Forgotten City
006499: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Sign of the Twisted Candles & Password to Larkspur Lane
009549: KEGLEY, CHARLES W. JR. - The Global Agenda: Issues and Perspectives Fifth Edition
007422: KEITH, BILLY - Days of Anguish, Days of Hope
008293: KELLER, EMMA GILBEY - The Comeback: Seven Stories of Women Who Went from Career to Family and Back Again
008695: KELLEY, DAVID - The Art of Reasoning
006260: KELLEY, DEAN M. - Why Conservative Churches Are Growing: A Study in Sociology of Religion with a New Preface for the Rose Edition
009045: KELLY, BRIAN - Adventures in Porkland: : How Washington Wastes Your Money and Why They Won't Stop
009079: KELLY, JERI - Every Month: 12 Designs, a Table Runner for Every Month
008436: KELMAN, JUDITH - Summer of Storms
004058: KELMAN, STEVEN - Push Comes to Shove the Escalation of Student Protest
008731: KEMELMAN, HARRY - The Nine Mile Walk: The Nicky Welt Stories of Harry Kemelman
009482: KEMP, ROY Z - Shield of Faith
002557: HEISE, KENAN ET AL - The Illinois Story: The State's History and Competitive Edge Today
002666: KENDALL, JANE - Miranda and the Movies
001596: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Great Shame: And the Triumph of the Irish in the English-Speaking World
008683: KENNARD, DAVID - A Shepherd's Watch: Through the Seasons with One Man and His Dogs
007447: KENNEALY, JERRY - Polo's Wild Card
007632: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - The Burden and the Glory: The Hopes and Purposes of President Kennedy's Second and Third Year in Office As Revealed in His Public Statements and Addresses
009069: KENNEDY, X.J. - The Eagle As Wide As the World
006714: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH & STANISLAV MENSHIKOV - Capitalism, Communism, and Coexistence: From the Bitter Past to a Better Prospect
009467: HUDSON, KENNETH AND ANN NICHOLLS - Tragedy on the High Seas
005703: KENNEY, HARRIET - Little Windjammer
007816: KENO - Rolling Thru the Stones
000663: KEPLER, THOMAS - Religion for Vital Living
007745: KEROUAC, JACK - Lonesome Traveler
007744: KEROUAC, JACK - Atop an Underwood
002169: KERR, WALTER - Thirty Plays Hath November: Pain and Pleasure in the Contemporary Theater
003973: HOUSTON, KERRI & PATRICIA FAVA - The American Conservative Union Presents Al Gore America in the Balance
005014: KERROD, ROBIN - Space Walks
010286: KESEY, KEN - The Sea Lion: A Story of the Sea Cliff People
006940: KESTER, ERIC - That Book About Harvard: Surviving the World's Most (in)Famous University, One Embarrassment at a Time
001396: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The Heritage
001413: KEYES, FRANCES PARKINSON - The Restless Lady
006008: KIDD, JACK - Prevent War: A New Strategy for America
004270: KIEFER, MIDDLETON; JOHN H. LATHAM; JOHN KEATS; DERICK GOODMAN; ANDREW TULLY - Pax; the Meskin Hound; the Insolent Chariots; Crime of Passion; Treasury Agent
003066: KILBY, CLYDE S. [EDITOR] - A Mind Awake an Anthology of C.S. Lewis
001856: KIMBALL, STANLEY B. [EDITOR] - Slavic-American Imprints: A Classified Catalog of the Collection at Lovejoy Library
005798: KIMMEL, STANLEY - Mr. Davis's Richmond
002575: KIMOTO, SHOJI - Quest for the Dawn
009048: KINDER, GARY - Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
009917: KING, GRACE - La Dame de Sainte Hermine
010205: KING, DAVID LEE - Face2face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections
003797: KING, PEGGY CAMERON - Ladies, Please Come to Order
002490: KINGMAN, LEE - Mikko's Fortune
007292: KINGSBURY, NOEL - Grasses and Bamboos: Using Form and Shape to Create Visual Impact in the Garden
008225: KINGSLEY, EMILY PERL - I Can Do It Myself: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets
008253: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Hereward the Wake: Novels, Poems & Letters of Charles Kingley Vol II
005572: KINGSTON, MICHAEL T. [EDITOR] - 1984 - 1985 the Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide
005315: KINTON, TONY - Outside and Other Reflections
005093: KINZER, DAVID M. - Health Controls out of Control Warnings to the Nation from Massachusetts
006028: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Story of the Gadsbys: In Black and White
006209: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Traffics and Discoveries
005131: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Captains Courageous
003723: KIRK, JOHN G., JAMES L. STREET, WILLIAM R. ODELL - Bookkkeeping for Immediate Use
003661: POLKING, KIRK & LEONARD S. MERANUS [EDITORS] - Law and the Writer
007739: KIRKLAND, RICHARD C. - Mash Angels: Tales of the First Air Evac Helicopters
005265: KIRP, DAVID; JOHN P. DWYER; LARRY A. ROSENTHAL - Our Town: Race, Housing, and the Soul of Suburbia
004904: KIRSHMAN, IRENA - Omelette Originals
009370: KIRSHON, JOHN W. [EDITOR-IN-CHIEF] - Chronicle of America
009389: KIRSZNER, LAURIE G.; STEPHEN R. MANDELL - Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide Third Edition
004337: KITA, JOE - Accidental Courage Finding out I'm a Bit Brave After All
009321: KITSON, MICHAEL - J.M. W. Turner
002494: KITSON, ROBERT - Snap Decision
010297: KITT, SELENA - Heidi and the Kaiser
004542: KLASS, SHEILA SOLOMON - Bahadur Means Hero
008901: KLEIN, JOE - The Natural: The Misunderstood Presidency of Bill Clinton
007709: KLEIN, DAVID - The Army Writer: A Guide to Military Writing Fourth Edition
003439: KLEINBAUM, NANCY - The Magnificent Seven the Authorized Story of American Gold
009859: KLICKA, CHRISTOPHER J.; GREGG HARRIS - The Right Choice: The Incredible Failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling
009147: KLINE, DAVID - Scratching the Woodchuck: Nature on an Amish Farm
007192: KLÖTZER, WOLFGANG - Frankfurts Alte Gassen
010215: KNAPP, FRED; RICK THOMPSON; RICH ASCHERT - Shelf Road Rock: A Complete Climbing Reference
007084: KNAPP, CAROLINE - Appetites: Why Women Want
009302: KNEBEL, FLETCHER - Crossing in Berlin
010025: KNECHT, G. BRUCE - Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish
006964: KNIGHT, TED - Beat Him at His Own Divorce !
001183: KNIGHT, PETER - Shadow on Skjarling
001737: KNIGHT, JAMES W. - Hearth and Chalice: The Story of Cumberland Presbyterian Women and World Mission
002245: KNOOP, FAITH YINGLING - Kuni of the Cherokees
006974: KNOPF, KARL; LAURIE FLECK; MARY M. MARTIN - Water Workouts
006315: KNOWLES, JOSEPHINE - The ABC of Horse and Pony Problems
003972: MRS. F. W. KNOWLES - Recipes for Cooking Frozen Foods and Directions for Freezing Fresh Foods
002895: KNOX, GERALD [EDITOR] - Better Homes and Gardens Needlepoint
007300: KOBAYASHI, TAKASHI - Treedom: The Road to Freedom
009780: KOCH, HARRY WALTER - CIVIL Service Vocabulary and Grammar Including Also: Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization
001626: NORRIS, DOROTHY E. KOCH AND REVA P. SHINER - Keynotes to Modern Dance Third Edition
009696: KOEGEL, ROBERT - How to Integrate Autistic and Other Severely Handicapped Children Into a Classroom
009021: KOELTL, JOHN G. [EDITOR] - The Litigation Manual: A Primer for Trial Lawyers Second Edition
005482: KOELZER, WILLIAM - Scuba Diving: How to Get Started
008339: VAN KOEVERING, JOE - The Church Under End-Time Attack! Prophetic Parallels from 9-11
006706: KOFFMAN, DEB - That Soul Support Book
006815: KOGAN, JUDITH - Nothing But the Best: The Struggle for Perfection at the Juilliard School
005026: KOHL, HERBERT R. - Math, Writing, & Games in the Open Classroom
005569: KOHOUT, PAVEL - I Am Snowing: The Confessions of a Woman of Prague
009063: KOLATA, GINA - Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--and the Myths and Realities of Dieting
004911: KONSALIK, HEINZ G. - Eine Urwaldgöttin Darf Nicht Weinen - Ein Komet Fällt Vom Himmel
008856: KOOHARIAN, DAVID - Sammy's Story
007961: KOOPER, AL - Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards: Memoirs of a Rock 'n' Roll Survivor
004796: KORMAN, GORDON - Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood
006759: KORMAN, JUSTINE [ADAPTED BY] - 101 Dalmations
001593: KORMAN, GORDON - The Lion King - No Worries: A New Story About Simba
000564: KORNBLUH, JOYCE L. [EDITOR] - The Brilliant Touch
004881: KORTOOMS, TOON - Beekman En Beekman
005255: KOSMATINE, LISA [EDITOR] - Best-Tasting Healthy All-Time Favorites: Special Ginsu Classic Collectors Edition
000385: KOSSOFF, DAVID - The Little Book of Sylvanus
004328: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Seduction in Berlin
009254: KOVACH, LADIS D. - Introduction to Modern Elementary Mathematics
004466: KOWALSKI, ROBERT E. - The 8 - Week Cholesterol Cure
008561: MARY LOU KOWNACKI - Between Two Souls: Conversations with Ryokan
004522: KRADITOR, AILEEN S. [EDITOR] - Up from the Pedestal Selected Writings in the History of American Feminism
009008: KRAKAUER, JON - Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains
008065: KRAMER, JACK - The Complete Book of Patio Gardening
010201: KRAMER, PETER D. - Moments of Engagement: Intimate Psychotherapy in a Technological Age
000284: KRAMMER, HANNS - Grossvaters Album, Die Neunziger Jahre in Wort Und Bild
006944: KRANISH, MICHAEL; BRIAN C. MOONEY; NINA J. EASTON - John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best
006270: KRANTZ, HAZEL - The Secret Raft
008460: KRAUS, GEORGE R. - Augsburg for Our Day: A Study of the Augsburg Confession Study Guide
006702: KRECH, BOB - 50 Fill-in Math Word Problems: Engaging Stories for Students to Read, Fill in, Solve, and Sharpen Their Math Skills
009173: KREH, LEFTY - Longer Fly Casting
010084: KRIEGER, MEL - Essence of Flycasting
007032: KROEGER, HANNA - Good Health Through Special Diets
009962: KRUCKMAN, HERBERT L. - The Nude and Modern Art
006747: KRULL, KATHLEEN - Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame (and What the Neighbors Thought)
008648: KRUPNICK, MARK - Lionel Trilling and the Fate of Cultural Criticism
009660: KRUPP, E.C. - Echoes of the Ancient Skies: The Astronomy of Lost Civilizations
002398: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - Samuel Johnson
007148: KRYTHE, MAYMIE R.  - Sampler of American Songs
008911: KUBLIN, HYMAN - India: Revised Edition Including Pakistan and Bangladesh
007874: KUHLMAN, KATHRYN - Nothing Is Impossible with God
002501: KUKLIN, SUSAN - Thinking Big: The Story of a Young Dwarf
004345: KULIER, JENNIFER - Women's Mountain Biking a Trailside Guide
006440: KUMARA, SOUNDAR; ALLEN L. SOYSTER, RANGASAMI L. KASHYAP [EDITORS] - Artificial Intelligence: Manufacturing Theory and Practice
001280: KUMLIEN, L. L. - Evergreens
010265: KURLANSKY, MARK - The Food of a Younger Land: A Portrait of American Food
002461: KURTZMAN, HARVEY [COMPILOR] - Who Said That?
006272: KUSHNER, ARLENE - Falasha No More: An Ethopian Jewish Child Comes Home
008595: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - When Bad Things Happen to Good People
010294: KUSHNER, TONY - Homebody/Kabul
006543: KUSHNER, HAROLD - Who Needs God
008867: KUTSCHER, MARTIN L. - Kids in the Syndrome MIX of Adhd, Ld, Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar and More!: The One Stop Guide for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals
004433: KYHLE, BENGT - Stockholm
008681: MORGAN, SARAH L. AND ROLAND L. WEINSIER - Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition, Second Edition
002109: SMITH, DAVID L. AND JOHN P. HOLMS - The Gods of Golf
006659: BARNHART, CLARENCE L. & ROBERT K. BARNHART - The World Book Dictionary Volume One a - K
007011: SPRAGUE, RUTH L.& MARGARET NIXON - People of the Old Testament
007984: POST, ELIZABETH L. AND ANTHONY STAFFIERI - Complete Book of Entertaining: From the Emily Post Institute
003583: BACON, FRANCIS L. & EDWARD A. KRUG - Our Life Today an Introduction to Current Problems
009090: BARLETT, DONALD L. AND JAMES B. STEELE - America: Who Really Pays the Taxes?
000742: LABARTHE, JULES - Elements of Textiles
004918: LACHENMEYER, NATHANIEL - 13 the Story of the World's Most Notorious Superstition
007599: LACKEY, MERCEDES - Fortune's Fool
002055: LACLOS, CHODERLOS DE - Secrets of the Heart: Mail Order 1
009975: TITTLE DE LAET, DIANNE - Giants and Heroes: A Daughter's Memories of Y.A. Tittle
008250: LAGARD, GARALD - Scarlet Cockerel
009292: LAGERKVIST, PÄR - The Marriage Feast and Other Stories
006051: LAGOMARSINO, JAMES - Rocks and Minerals
009688: LAHAYE, TIM; JERRY B. JENKINS - Are We Living in the End Times? Current Events Foretold in the Scripture... And What They Mean
000546: LAIRD, CHARLTON - Thunder on the River
005637: PHILLIPS, E. LAKIN & DANIEL N. WIENER - Short-Term Psychotherapy and Structured Behavior Change
008320: HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA AND HOWARD C. CUTLER - The Art of Happiness at Work
003244: MEYER, DIANA LAMBDIN & GENE ROBERTS - Head Rites Access Denied Pass Required
002856: LAMBERT, JANET - Glory Be !
009217: LANDES, ALISON; CORNELIA B. CESSNA; MARK A. SIEGEL [EDITORS] - Crime: A Serious American Problem
009312: LANE, MILLS - Architecture of the Old South: North Carolina
008833: LANE, ARTHUR - English Porcelain Figures of the 18th Century
003975: LANE, CAROL - Let's Go Camping
004974: LANE, CHRISTOPHER - King Leonard's Celebration
009317: LANE, MILLS - Architecture of the Old South: Mississippi and Alabama
009316: MILLS LANE - Architecture of the Old South: Maryland
009315: LANE, MILLS - Architecture of the Old South: Georgia
009314: LANE, MILLS - Architecture of the Old South: Virginia
002509: LANG, DANIEL - A Summer's Duckling
007373: LANGE, MATTHEW - Educations in Ethnic Violence : Identity, Educational Bubbles, and Resource Mobilization
009971: LANGLEY, ALEX - The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likeable Modern Geek
001696: LANGLEY, BOB - Hour of the Argentine
010220: LANZA, MICHAEL - Backpacker, the Magazine of Wilderness Travel: Winter Hiking and Camping
009881: LANZA, PATRICIA - Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces: A Layering System for Big Results in Small Gardens and Containers
006441: LAO- TZU - Tao - Te - Ching
008505: LARSON, BOB - The Senator's Agenda
003846: LARSON, JULIANA - Water Dance Water Fitness for Mind, Body, and Soul
002560: LARSON, JEAN RUSSELL - Palace in Bagdad: Seven Tales from Arabia
002057: LARSON, MEL - Mud 'n' Mercy in Memphis
007344: LASSITER, LUKE E. - The Power of Kiowa Song: A Collaborative Ethnography
006626: LATHAM, JEAN LEE [RETOLD BY] - Puss in Boots
009865: LATOUR, JOSE - Hidden in Havana
009802: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT - China: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
001973: LATTANY, KRISTIN HUNTER - Kinfolks
004977: LAUBE, JAMES - California's Great Chardonnays
003264: LAUGHLIN, FLORENCE - Mystery Mountain
006333: BAXTER, LAURA & ALPHA LATZKE - Today's Clothing
004935: MORROW, LAURIE & STEVE SMITH - Shooting Sports for Women
001205: LAURITZEN, JONREED - Treasure of the High Country
005176: LAURITZEN, JONREED - Blood, Banners and Wild Boars Tales of Early Spain
003461: LAURY, JEAN RAY - Quilted Clothing
007071: LAURY, JEAN RAY - Imagery on Fabric: A Complete Surface Design Handbook Updated and Expanded Second Edition
009180: LAWLER, EDMUND - Charlie Trotter's : An Insider's Look at the Famed Resaurant and Its Cuisine
004550: LAWRENCE, HILDA - Duet in Death: The House / Composition for Four Hands
004312: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE - Let Us Consider One Another
001617: LAWRENCE, D.H. - An Instant Guide to Trees
004075: LAWSON, DON - The Eagle and the Dragon the History of U.S. - China Relations
010176: LAXER, MARK E - The Monkey Bible: A Modern Allegory; Includes the Line, a Companion Music Cd by Eric Maring
010175: LAXER, MARK E - Take Me for a Ride: Coming of Age in a Destructive Cult
004474: LEA, THOMAS D. - How to Study Your Bible
000765: LEACH, LOTTIE - 1929 - 1949 the First Twenty Years
004315: LEACOCK, STEPHEN - Last Leaves
008725: LEAF, CAROLINE - The Gift in You: Discover New Life Through Gifts Hidden in Your Mind
008961: O'LEARY, FRANK - Biffy
009277: LECLERCQ, TERRI - Expert Legal Writing
010001: LEDERER, RICHARD - Get Thee to a Punnery
009764: LEDERER, RICHARD - More Anguished English: An Exposé of Embarrassing, Excruciating, and Egregious Errors in English
006410: LEDERER, RICHARD - The Play of Words: Fun and Games for Language Lovers
001398: LEDERER, RICHARD - A Nation of Sheep
002579: LEDOUX, LARRY V. [EDITOR] - Makk Americo, Eva, A.B.
009343: LEE, LINDA - Designer Home Sewing: Step-by-Step Instructions for 30 Easy-to-Make Projects
007665: LEE, JOHN - The Thirteenth Hour
001622: LEE, ADAM - Octoberland: Book Three of the Dominions of Irth
004636: LEEBAERT, DERED - The Fifty Year Wound: How America's Cold War Victory Has Shaped Our World
009627: LEEBOW, KEN - 300 Incredible Things for Golfers on the Internet
008851: LEECH, MARK - A Product of the System: My Life in and out of Prison
003662: LEFLAR, ROBERT A. - A Treatise on the Arkansas Law of Conflict of Laws
002227: LEGRAND, GILBERTE - Six Chansons Nouvelles Pour Les Petits
008935: LEHANE, BRENDAN - Wizards and Witches
009473: LEHMAN, DAVID - Yeshiva Boys: Poems
008838: LEIGH, MALCOM - Naked Yoga
008197: KENO, LEIGH & LESLIE WITH JOAN BARZILAY FREUND - Hidden Treasures: Searching for Masterpieces of American Furniture
002485: LEIGHTON, MARGARET - The Secret of Smugglers Cove
001794: LEIMBACH, PATRICIA PENTON - Harvest of Bittersweet
007087: LEININGER, MADELEINE M. [EDITOR] - Culture Care Diversity and Universality: A Theory of Nursing
004231: LEITCH, MICHAEL - The Best of Britain
009245: LEJARD, ANDRÉ - Matisse
008821: LEMAN, KEVIN - Single Parenting That Works: Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single-Parent Home
008476: LEMIÈRE, ALAN - Japanese Art IV, Colour Prints
005571: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - The Five Temptations of a Ceo: A Leadership Fable
000888: LENK, MARGARETE - Seemoevchen Und Andere Erzaehlungen
001943: LENTON, H. T. - German Warships of the Second World War
009982: LERNER, MICHAEL [EDITOR] - Best Contemporary Jewish Writing
001546: LERNER, SHARON - I Like Vegetables
007576: CARTER, LES AND JIM UNDERWOOD - The Significance Principle: The Secret Behind High Performance People and Organizations
003772: LESSENBERRY, D. D. - 20th Century Typewriting Fourth Edition
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001925: MARSHALL, S. L. A. - World War I
001046: MARSHALL, LEON C. - Readings in the Story of Human Progress
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001501: MARSTON, STEPHANIE - The Magic of Encouragement: Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem
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009431: MARTIN, WALTER R. - The Kingdom of the Cults: An Analysis of the Major Cult Systems in the Present Christian Era
002261: MARTIN, BILL, JR. - The Ghost-Eye Tree
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010299: MARTINSON, HARRY - Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem
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005096: HAYWOOD, MARTYN & SUE WELLS - The Manual of Marine Invertebrates
003738: MARVILL, A. H. - Chaos or Co-Operation
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002945: PURCELL, MARY & ANN FITZGERALD - Beginning, Middle, End an Introduction to the Essay
009104: MULARI, MARY WITH NANCY ZIEMAN - Sweatshirt Makeovers: More Than 12 Ways to Give a Sweatshirt a New Look!
010310: MASON, HERBERT MOLLOY, JR. - The Texas Rangers
004934: MASON, ROBERT - Chickenhawk: Back in the World Life After Vietnam
004411: MASON, ROBERT - Solo
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009542: MASON, CARL P. [SELECTED BY] - Great Love Scenes from Famous Novels
009736: MASSIE, ROBERT K. - Peter the Great: His Life and World
008667: MASTROMARINO, DIANE [EDITOR] - Simple Joys: A Reminder to Slow Down and Enjoy the Little Things in Life
007222: MATERA, DARY - A Cry for Character: How a Group of Students Cleaned Up Their Rowdy School and Spawned a Wildfire Antidote to the Columbine Effect
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003868: MATTHEWS, CHRISTOPHER; MARY ZIMMETH SCHOMAKER; JACK OLSEN; MIKE TIDWELL - Kennedy & Nixon; Lifeline How One Night Changed Five Lives; Salt of the Earth One Family's Journey Through the Violent American Landscape; Amazon Stranger
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001179: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET W. - The Summing Up
002518: MAUGHAM, ROBIN - The Sign
006048: MAUGHAM, SOMERSET W.  - The Moon and Sixpence
004230: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Moon and Sixpence
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006458: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - Une Vie and Other Stories
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004325: MAXWELL, W. B. - Tudor Green
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004108: MAYER, ROBERT - The Search
005864: MAYES, KATHLEEN - Muffin Magic... And More: Baking Secrets Your Mother Never Told You
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000637: MARGARET MAYORGA, EDITOR - The Best Short Plays
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006308: MAZEL, JUDY - The Beverly Hills Diet
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002868: MCADOO, DAVID - The Dragon of Ord
006833: MCALEER, JOHN J. - Coign of Vantage, or, the Boston Athenaeum Murders
003656: MCALEER, JOHN - Coign of Vantage or the Boston Athenaeum Murders
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004554: MCBRIDE, CHRIS - Operation White Lion
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010137: MCCLAFFERTY, CARLA KILLOUGH - The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon
009158: MCCLAFFERTY, CARLA KILLOUGH - The Head Bone's Connected to the Neck Bone: The Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful X-Ray
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008360: MCCOMBS, LAWRENCE W.; NICHOLAS ROSA - What's Ecology?
002844: MCCONATHY, OSBOURNE [EDITOR] - The School Song Book: Unison Songs and Part-Songs for General Singing
008130: MCCRAIG, DONALD - Nop's Trials
003715: MCCREERY, DAVID M. - No Soft Landings: A Memoir
002153: MCCULLOCH, FRANK [EDITOR] - Drawing the Line: How 31 Editors Solved Their Toughest Ethical Dilemmas
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009419: MCCULLOUGH, DAVID - The Path between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914
002385: MCCULLOUGH, MAMIE - I Can. You Can Too!
001174: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - A Creed for the Third Millennium
007802: MCCUTCHAN, ROBERT GUY - Hymn Tune Names
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006494: MCKEE, JESSE - Choctaw Indians
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004755: MCREE, LIVIA - Instant Fabric Quilted Projects from Your Home Computer
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003049: MORAN, VICTORIA - Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body and Rivitalize Your Spirit
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005422: MÜHLBACH, LOUISA - Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia
010209: MÜHLBERGER, RICHARD - What Makes a Goya a Goya?
008084: MUIR, ANDREW - The Razor's Edge: Bob Dylan and the Never Ending Tour
001465: MUIRHEAD, DESMOND - Green Days in Garden and Landscape
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003624: MUNRO, JOHN - The Story of the British Race
006544: MUNSON, CAROL HEDING - Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook
009264: MURFITT, JANICE - Children's Party Food: Tempting Treats
007034: MURPHY, MICHAEL - Every Investor's Guide to High-Tech Stocks and Mutual Funds: Proven Strategies for Picking High-Growth Winners
002186: MURPHY, RICHARD J - History Chicago Council No. 182: Knights of Columbus
003944: MURPHY, ELIZABETH TAFT - I Remember, Do You ? a Nostalgic Look at Yesterday from the Twenties - to the Fifties
007922: MURRAY, ANDREW - The Believer's School of Prayer
007503: MURRAY, ROSEMARY - The Essential Handbook of Weaving
005324: MURRAY, JOAN - The Same Water
005126: KANYORO, MUSIMBI ET AL - Claiming the Promise: African Churches Speak
009328: MYCOSKIE, PAM - Butter Busters: The Cookbook
008727: MYERS, TAMAR - Batter Off Dead: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes
005759: MYERS, RICHARD B. - Tennis for Humans: A Simple Blueprint for Winning
006255: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - The Legend of Tarik
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009651: MYERS, ISABEL BRIGGS - Gifts Differing
007702: MYRON, ROBERT / ABNER SUNDELL - Modern Art in America: A Survey of Twentieth Century America As Reflected in Its Art and Architecture
004880: MYRON, VICKI;WITTER, BRET - Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
008274: WOO MYUNG - Stop Living in This Land, Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness, Live There Forever
008975: BILLINGS, RICHARD N. & JOHN GREENYA - Power to the Public Worker
009712: STRICKLAND, HAZEL N. AND MATTIE C. LEATHERWOOD - Beginner Sunday School Work
008428: KENT, DOROTHY N. AND MARTHA A. DESSEM - The Budget Cookbook for Brunches, Buffets and Cocktail Parties
001691: NAAR, JON - Design for a Livable Planet: How You Can Help Clean Up the Environment
008812: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Marshal Makes His Report
004841: NAFT, STEPHEN - International Conversion Tables
007940: NAGEL, WILLIAM G. - The New Red Barn: A Critical Look at the Modern American Prison
004992: NAITO, HATSUHO - Thunder Gods: The Kamikaze Pilots Tell Their Story
009942: KAORU NAKAJIMA - Un Ni Aisareru Hito : Mienai Chikara Ni Mamorareru Tameno 37 No Yakusoku
007469: NAKAZAWA, DONNA JACKSON - Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? a Parent's Guide to Raising Multiracial Children
009140: ACHARYA & NAMBISAN - Bharata Darshana
008560: NANCE, JOHN J. - On Shaky Ground: An Invitation to Disasterr
009109: ZIEMAN, NANCY WITH GAIL BROWN - Creative Kindness: People and Projects Making a Difference - and How You Can, Too
003347: SOMMERS, NANCY & DONALD MCQUADE [EDITORS] - Student Writers at Work: The Bedford Prizes
001888: NARAYAN, R. K. - The Bachelor of Arts
007152: NATHAN, ADELE GUTMAN - Famous Railroad Stations of the World
004233: NATHAN, ROBERT STUART - Amusement Park
007386: NATHUSIUS, MARIE - Wo Wächst Der Glücksbaum?
003463: NATSOLIM - Enduring Poles
004422: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie
006262: NAYLOR, PHYLLIS REYNOLDS - Witch's Sister
001585: NAYLOR, GLORIA - The Men of Brewster Place
007835: NECHIPORENKO, OLEG M. - Passport to Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the Kgb Colonel Who Knew Him
007837: NEGUS, CHRIS - Red Hat Linux Bible
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009161: NELMS, HENNING - Thinking with a Pencil: With 692 Illustrations of Easy Ways to Make and Use Drawings in Your Work and in Your Hobbies
009784: NELSEN, JANE - Positive Discipline: A Warm, Practical, Step-by-Step Sourcebook for Parents and Teachers
007773: NELSON, RICHARD D. - From Eden to Babel: An Adventure in Bible Study
006395: NELSON, RICHARD D. - The Complete Puppeteer
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009989: NESBITT, MARK - Saber & Scapegoat: J.E. B. Stuart and the Gettysburg Controversy
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007476: NEUHARTH, ALLEN H. - Buscapade: Plain Talk Across the Usa
004839: NEVILLE, PAULINE - Blackwater
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008444: NEWMAN, JOSEPH [EDITOR] - Our Country
007528: NEWMAN, THELMA R. - Plastics As an Art Form
010023: NEWMAN, LESLÉA - Remember That
004664: NEWMAN, STEVEN M. - Letters from Steven Stories from the First Solo Walk Around the World
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007783: NICHOLAS, ANNA KATHERINE - The Staffordshire Terriers: American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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009469: NICHOLS, BYRON [EDITOR] - The Voice of Truth International Volume Seventy-Nine
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004762: NICHOLS, FAN - Be Silent, Love an Inner Sanctum Mystery
009817: NICHOLSON, LOIS P. - Oprah Winfrey
009793: NICHOLSON, JOAN - Creative Embroidery
001458: NICOLAS, JEAN F. - The Complete Cookbook of American Fish and Shellfish
009349: NIDETCH, JEAN - Weight Watchers Program Cookbook
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001612: NIELSEN, WALDEMAR A. - The Golden Donors: A New Anatomy of the Great Foundations
005431: NIEMEYER, LUCIAN - Where Water Meets Land
007748: NIERENBERG, GERARD I. - The Art of Creative Thinking: Think, Write, Research, Negotiate, Compose, Invent and Solve Any Problem with Greater Creativity and Success! Guaranteed
001168: GIOVANNI, NIKKI AND CATHEE DENNISON [EDITORS] - Appalachian Elders - a Warm Hearth Sampler
009152: NIKURADSE, TAMARA - My Mother Had a Dream: African-American Women Share Their Mothers' Words of Wisdom
009656: NILES, JOHN JACOB - Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles
008907: NIN, ANAIS - Delta of Venus
007583: NIN, ANAIS - Linotte: The Early Diary of Anais Nin, 1914-1920
004538: NOAH, RAYMOND E. - Mukua Henda, Mona Nzambi
006387: NODEL, MAXINE [ADAPTED BY] - Noah and the Ark
006399: NODEL, MAXINE [ADAPTED BY] - In the Beginning
007776: NOLAN, TOM - Ross Macdonald: A Biography
007161: NOLD, BRIAN - The Voyage of the Maxed out !
007074: NOONAN, DAVID - Neuro - Life on the Frontlines of Brain Surgery and Neurological Medicine
009016: NOONAN, JOHN T. [EDITOR] - The Morality of Abortion: Legal and Historical Perspectives
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009362: NORTHRUP, CHRISTIANE - Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing, Revised and Updated
003267: NORTON, CAROL - The Seven Sleuth's Club
006678: NORVELLE, LEE; RAYMOND G. SMITH; ORVIN LARSON - Speaking Effectively
007929: NORVILLE, DEBORAH - Back on Track: How to Straighten out Your Life When It Throws You a Curve
007552: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS [INTRODUCTION] - The Burrell Collection
007156: NOTTINGHAM, ED - It's Not As Bad As It Seems: A Thinking Straight Approach to Happiness Revised Edition
008425: NOVAK, MICHAEL - The Experience of Nothingness
003564: NOVAK, MICHAEL - A Book of Elements Reflections on Middle-Class Days
009493: NOVEMBER, SHARYN [EDITOR] - Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy
009804: NOWELL, CHARLES E. - Portugal: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
004222: NOZICK, ROBERT - The Examined Life Philosophical Meditations
010019: NUMEROFF, LAURA JOFFE - If You Give a Moose a Muffin
009571: NUMEROFF, LAURA - If You Give a Pig a Party
010020: NUMEROFF, LAURA - If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
007811: NUNN, RICHARD V - Popular Mechanics Guide to Do-It-Yourself Materials
006763: NUTT, GRADY - Familytime: A Revolutionary Old Idea
005473: NUTT, ROBERT H. - How to Remember Names and Faces
005595: NYAMWERU, CELIA - Rifts and Volcanoes: A Study of the East African Rift System
009806: COLLINS, ROBERT O. & ROBERT L. TIGNOR - Egypt & the Sudan: The Modern Nations in Historical Perspective
009977: GOLDSMITH, ADOLPH O. ET AL - A Celebration of Poets: Showcase Edition
001793: SPITZER, WALTER O. AND CARLYLE L. SAYLOR [EDITORS] - Birth Control and the Christian
006784: OATES, WAYNE E. - Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in Religious Behavior
009111: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - More Jumpers with Bonys Purse Pattern Sizes 6 - 22
009112: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - My Favorite Jacket Sizes S - XXL
008277: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - A Sentimental Education
009110: OATES, CINDY TAYLOR - The Sew-Easy Shirt: Sizes S - XXL
010131: OBAMA, MICHELLE - American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America
005084: OBAMA, BARACK [FOREWORD BY] - Change We Can Believe in Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's Promise
009655: OBERMEYER, NANCY J.; JEFFREY K. PINTO - Managing Geographic Information Systems
000823: OBERSKI, JONA - Childhood
007685: ODDIE, BILL; DAVID TOMLINSON - The Big Bird Race
008264: SHEPARD, ODELL AND WILLARD - Holdfast Gaines
006855: ODOR, RUTH SHANNON - The Very Special Night
008682: OGBUJI, UDOCHUKWU VINCENT - The Peace I Know
007754: OGGINS, ROBIN S. - Castles and Fortresses
004140: OGILVIE, ELISABETH - The Dreaming Swimmer
001416: O'SHAUGHNESSY, EDITH - Diplomatic Days
008388: UGWU-OJU, DYMPNA - What Will My Mother Say: A Tribal African Girl Comes of Age in America
007210: OKUN, LAWRENCE E. - On the 8th Day
009849: OLASKY, MARVIN - The American Leadership Tradition: Moral Vision from Washington to Clinton
000467: OLCOTT, VIRGINIA - Anton and Trini
008401: OLDFIELD, RICHARD - Simple But Not Easy: An Autobiographical and Biased Book About Investing
004943: OLDMEADOW, PETER - Zen: An Ancient Path to Enlightenment for Modern Times
002374: STONE, OLIVER & ZACHARY SKLAR - Jfk the Book of the Film
004055: OLMSTEAD, BENJAMIN L. - Arnold's Practical Commentary on the International Sunday School Lessons Uniform Series: Course for 1948
004966: ROBERT OLMSTEAD AND KAYE GIBBONS - Soft Water and Ellen Foster
002491: OLSEN, EINAR - Killer in the Trap
003514: OLSON, GENE - Last Night at Black Hammer
008005: OMOHUNDRO, DELIGHT DIXON - How to Win the Grocery Game: A Proven Strategy for Beating Inflation

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