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008335: JONES, EMMA C. BREWSTER [EDITOR AND COMPILER] - The Brewster Genealogy 1566-1907: A Record of the Descendants of William Brewster of the Mayflower, Ruling Elder of the Pilgrim Church Which Founded Plymouth Colony in 1620 [2 Volume Set]
004372: JONES, ARCHER - The Art of War in the Western World
001229: JONES, E. ALFRED - Old Silver of Europe and America from Early Times to the Nineteenth Century
010772: JONES, INIGO AND KENT, WILLIAM - Some Designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr.Wm. Kent
003370: JONES, LOUIS C. - Murder at Cherry Hill: The Strang-Whipple Case, 1827
008352: JONES, HENRY Z. JR. AND ROHRBACH, LEWIS BUNKER - Even More Palatine Families: 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Their German, Swiss and Austrian Origins [Three Volume Set]
007071: JONES, LOUIS C. - Murder at Cherry Hill: The Strang-Whipple Case, 1827
002649: JONES, LOUIS C. - Murder at Cherry Hill : The Strang-Whipple Case, 1827
001958: JONG, L. DE. - Hedendaags Marxisme
010762: SOPKO JOSEPH [EDITOR] - Cultural Resources Site Examination of New York State Museum Site 10935 New York Knife Company [Cultural Resources Survey Program Series No. 1]
002850: JOYCE, JAMES AVERY - Capital Punishment: A World View
008850: EL P. JUAN DE URTASSUM, S. J. - La Gracia Triunfante en La Vida de Catharina Tegakovita India Iroquesa [Coleccion Chimalistac de Libros y Documentos Acerca de la Nueva España Num. 48]
001547: JUDD, OLIVER P. - History of the Town of Coventry from the First White Man's Log Hut, with All the Most Important Events, Down to the Present Time
006279: KAAK, JOACHIM - Roland Fischer
010068: KAGIN, DONALD H. - Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States
000964: KAHN, ALBERT E. - Days with Ulanova
007501: KAISER, KAY - The Architecture of Gunnar Birkerts
011814: KOICHI-KAJINO - Seasonal Tones: Photographs by Koichi-Kajino
009686: KALLIR, JANE - Saved from Europe: Otto Kallir and the History of the Galerie St. Entienne
007247: KAMON,YASUO [EDITOR] - Masterpieces in the Museum: Modern Art of Japan since 1950. Vol. I Sculpture
002427: KAO, HSIN-SHENG C. (EDITOR) - Nativism Overseas: Contemporary Chinese Women Writers (SUNY Series, Women Writers in Translation)
011567: KARATZAS, DANIEL - Jackson Heights: A Garden in the City, the History of America's First Garden and Cooperative Apartment Community
006999: KARSHAN, DONALD H. - Archipenko: International Visionary
007890: KAUFMANN, JR., EDGAR - 9 Commentaries on Frank Lloyd Wright
006324: KAWASHIMA, FUMIO - Peek-A-Boo Tokyo, Japan: A Collaboration of Hair
010960: KEANE, THOMAS J. - Lubbers Afloat
007672: KEETZ, FRANK M. - They, Too, Were "Boys of Summer": A Case Study of the Schenectady Blue Jays in the Eastern League 1951-1957
005379: KEIFFER, JOSEPH - Landscapes, Still Lifes, Interiors
008905: KEILING,FRANK X. - Monticello, Fallsburg & White Lake Railroad Company
008492: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - The Butcher's Theater
010806: KELLY, ARTHUR C. M. - Town of Sharon Marriages Schoharie County, New York 1882-1900
008982: KELLY, ISABEL T. - Yuki Basketry [University Of California Publications in American Archaeology Ethnology Volume 24, No. 9, pp. 421-444]
011724: KELLY, ARTHUR C.M. - Remarkable Records of Rev. Gideon Bostwick, 1770-1793 Great Barrington, Massachusetts
008223: KELLY, C. M. [COMPILER] - Vital Records of Princetown Reformed Church Duanesburg, New York 1824-1899
011348: KELLY, FRANKLIN, AND CARR, GERALD L. - The Early Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, 1845-1854
011000: KELLY, HENRY E. - Scottish Sponge-Printed Pottery: Traditional Patterns, Their Manufacturers and History
007770: KELSEY SR., MAVIS P. AND DYAL, DONALD H. - The Courthouses of Texas: A Guide
008797: KEMP, R. E. AND WATTS, W. H. - Chess: An Easy Game
009312: KEMPF, FRIEDRICH ET AL; BIGGS, ANSELM [TRANSLATOR] AND JEDIN, HUBERT [EDITOR] - History of the Church Volume III: The Church in the Age of Feudalism
011375: KEMPIS, THOMAS A., AND WESLEY, JOHN (ENGLISH TRANSLATION) - An Extract of the Christian's Pattern: or, A Treatise on the Imitation of Christ
005631: KENDALL, PHILIP C. [EDITOR] - Advances in Cognitive Behavioral Research and Therapy Volume 3
011843: KENNEDY, JOHN F. AND CHURCHILL, WINSTON S. - Sir Winston S. Churchill: Honorary Citizen of the United States of America by Act of Congress April 9, 1963
011845: KENNEDY, JOHN FITZGERALD - The Inaugural Address of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
011586: KENT, ROCKWELL - The Mad Hermit: Seven Drawings from Wilderness, A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska
011642: KEROUAC, JACK - Book of Dreams
000005: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. - The Catalog of American Antiques
011616: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - A Treatise on Probability
009779: KIDDER, DANIEL P. [REVISED BY] - The Caves of the Earth: Their Natural History, Features, and Incidents
011964: KIDDER, WARREN BENJAMIN - Willow Run: Colossus of American Industry
010260: KIDDIER, WILLIAM - The Old Trade Unions from Unprinted Records of the Brushmakers
009846: KILBY, CYRUS HAMLIN - Binding of the Links: A Story of Forty Years in Odd Fellowship
008739: KILDUFF, PETER - US Carriers at War
011880: KIMBALL, ROBERT; DAY, BARRY; KREUGER, MILES; AND DAVIS, ERIC [EDITORS] - The Complete Lyrics of Johnny Mercer
012038: KIMBALL, FRANCIS P. - New York - The Canal State: The Story of America's Great Water Route from the Lakes to the Sea, Builder of East and West, With a Discussion of the St. Lawrence Treaty
010620: KIMBALL, FRANCIS P. - The Capital Region of New York State: Crossroads of Empire Comprising Albany, Rensselaer, Greene, Montgomery, Herkimer, Columbia, Schenectady, Schoharie, Fulton, Otsego Counties and Environs [Three Volume Set]
008270: KING-HAMMOND, DR. LESLIE AND PAYSON, JOHN WHITNEY - Jacob Lawrence An Overview: Paintings from 1936-1994
009339: KING, PHILIP B. - The Evolution of North America
009568: KING GUSTAV ADOLPH OF SWEDEN AND BOETHIUS, AXEL ET AL - Etruscan Culture Land and People: Archaeological Research and Studies Conducted in San Giovenale and Its Environs by Members of the Swedish Institute in Rome
004975: KINNEAR, DAVID M. - Mynheer Van Schlichtenhorth and the Old Dutch Burghers: A Tale of Old and New Albany
009181: KIRKPATRICK, J. E. - The Kirkpatrick Families: An Historical Sketch of the Name, and the Families Bearing the Name, from the 12th to the 20th Century
011736: KISSELBURGH, JOHN W. - Shadows of the Half Moon
010020: KLEEBERG, JOHN M. [EDITOR] - Money of Pre-Federal America [Coinage of the Americas Conference at The American Numismatic Society, New York May 4, 1991]
007254: KLEIN, MILTON M. [EDITOR] - The Empire State: A History of New York
003708: KLUGE, BERND - Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 36: State Museum Berlin Coin Cabinet Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Hiberno-Norse Coins.
011256: KNAPP, SANDRA - Potted Histories: An Artistic Voyage Through Plant Exploration
011492: KNIGHT, SARAH KEMBLE - The Private Journal of Sarah Kemble Knight
008160: KNIGHT, HILARY - A Christmas Stocking Story
011474: KNITTLE, WALTER ALLEN - Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
007970: KNOWER, DANIEL - The Adventures of a Forty - Niner: An Historic Description of California and Its People in Those Early Days
000298: KNOWER, DANIEL - The Adventures of a Forty-Niner: An Historic Description of California and Its People in Those Early Days
011726: KNOX, THOMAS W. - The Boy Travellers on the Congo
011838: KNOX, THOMAS W. - The Boy Travellers in the Far East, Part Fifth: Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey Through Africa
005279: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE - Jackie Under My Skin: Interpreting an Icon
009823: KOHLER, MICHAEL - Le Nu Dans La Photographie 1840-1986: A La Decouverte Du Corps A L' ere De La Technique
011495: KOHOUT, PAVEL - Puppenmenschen
007487: KOKICHI, MATUSKI [EDITOR] - Masterpieces of Japanese Garden Art (1 Western Kyoto)
011359: KOMROFF, MANUEL (EDITOR) - The Travels of Marco Polo (The Venetian)
011015: KONYA, ALLAN [SERIES EDITOR] - Sports Buildings: A Briefing and Design Guide [Briefing and Design Guides Series]
003542: KOTKER, NORMAN; SUGDEN, JANE [ EDITOR ] - New England Past: Photographs 1880-1915.
011571: KOTLYAROV, B. AND PEDCHENKO, E. D. [TRANSLATORS] - Enesco: His Life and Times
009490: KOYRE, ALEXANDRE AND MADDISON, R. E. W. [TRANSLATOR] - The Astronomical Revolution: Copernicus, Kepler, Borelli
009089: KRAAY, C. M. - Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Volume V: Ashmolean Museum Oxford Part IV Paeonia - Thessaly (nos. 3313-3934)
010990: KRAAY, C. M. - Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Volume V: Ashmolean Museum Oxford Part III Macedonia
005658: KRAMER, ANDREW W. - Nuclear Energy: What It Is - How It Acts Volume 1
005659: KRAMER, ANDREW W. - Nuclear Energy: What It Is - How It Acts Volume 5
010081: KRASHES, LAURENCE S. AND WINSTON, RONALD [EDITOR] - Harry Winston: The Ultimate Jeweler
011486: KREISMAN, LAWRENCE [EDITOR] - Tradition and Change on Seattle's First Hill: Propriety, Profanity, Pills, and Preservation
002835: KREMENLIEV, BORIS A. - Bulgarian-Macedonian Folk Music
003048: KROG, OLE VILLUMSEN [EDITOR] - Royal Glass: An Exhibition of Four Centuries of Table Glass, Glass Services, and Goblets
000080: DE KROYFT, HELEN ALDRICH - Mortara
009993: KRULAK, VICTOR H.; MATTES, JED AND OTHERS; AND LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY [EDITOR] - Theodor Seuss Geisel: Reminiscences & Tributes
008851: KUNZ, GEORGE FREDERICK [EDITOR] - Catskill Aqueduct Celebration Publications: A Collection of Pamphlets Published in Connection with the Celebration of the Completion of the Catskill Aqueduct
005838: KUTCHER, ARTHUR - The New Jerusalem: Planning and Politics
006645: KYES, JOHN FENDERSON - Firm Shoes
010682: VAN LAER, A. J. F. - Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts: Being the Letters of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, 1630-1643, and Other Documents Relating to the Colony of Rensselaerswyck
007078: VAN LAER, A. J. F. (TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR) - Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady 1668-1673 Volume I: Being a Continuation of the Minutes of the Court of Fort Orange and Beverwyck.
010680: VAN LAER, A. J. F. [TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR] - Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady 1675-1680 Volume II
005272: LAIDACKER, SAM - Auction Supplement to the Standard Catalogue of Anglo-American China from 1810 to 1850: A Record of Historical & Decorative Staffordshire Made Originally for the American Trade. . .
006769: LAIGHTON, OSCAR - Ninety Years at the Isles of Shoals
002653: LAING, DILYS BENNETT - Not One Atoll: With a Note on the Poem & the Poet By Philip E. Booth
001369: LAING, DILYS BENNETT - Another England: Poems
010072: LAIRD, MARK - The Formal Garden: Traditions of Art and Nature
005892: LAMB, CHARLES - The Letters of Charles Lamb: In Which Many Mutilated Words and Passages Have Been Restored to Their Original Form; with Letters Never Before Published and Facsimiles of Original MS Letters and Poems. VOL. V
005893: LAMB, CHARLES - The Letters of Charles Lamb: In Which Many Mutilated Words and Passages Have Been Restored to Their Original Form; with Letters Never Before Published and Facsimiles of Original MS Letters and Poems. VOL. III
005894: LAMB, CHARLES - The Letters of Charles Lamb: In Which Many Mutilated Words and Passages Have Been Restored to Their Original Form; with Letters Never Before Published and Facsimiles of Original MS Letters and Poems. VOL. IV
011305: LANCIANI, RODOLFO - Wanderings in the Roman Campagna
008395: LANE, JOHN R. [EXECUTIVE EDITOR] - The Making of a Modern Museum
011464: LANE, CHRISTOPHER W. - Impressions of Niagara
011821: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM, AND POOLE, EDWARD STANLEY [EDITOR] - The Thousand and One Nights, Commonly Called, in England, The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
001134: LANG, ANDREW [TRANSLATOR] - Aucassin & Nicolete
007730: LANGWORTH, RICHARD - Corvette: Portrait of a Legend
006890: LANIER, SIDNEY [EDITOR] - The Boy's Mabinogion Being the Earliest Welsh Tales of King Arthur in the Famous Red Book of Hergest
010950: LANKENAU, WALTER C. [EDITOR] - Rio Grande Southern Album
012021: LANTING, FRANS; ECKSTROM, CHRISTINE [EDITOR] - Life: A Journey Through Time
009841: LARDNER, REV. DIONYSIUS - A Treatise on the Origin, Progressive Improvement, and Present State of the Manufacture of Porcelain and Glass [The Cabinet Cyclopedia: Useful Arts]
011976: LARKINS, WILLIAM T. - The Ford Tri-Motor: 1926-1992
010406: LASHER & LATHROP - Specimens of Fine Book Papers
008151: LATTIMER, JOHN K. - This Was Early Englewood:From the Big Bang to the George Washington Bridge
011734: LAUTER, FLORA - Indiana Artists (Active) 1940
006098: LAVALLEE, OMER - Narrow Gauge Railways Of Canada
003492: LAVER, JAMES - Clothes [Pleasures of Life Series]
011294: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers
002006: LAWSON, JOSEPH A. - Some High Spots in the Commonplace Autobiography of J. A. L.
009285: LECOMTE, S.J. [EDITOR] AND DRUMMOND, LAWRENCE [TRANSLATOR] - Kateri Tekakwitha The Lily of the Mohawks 1656-1680
011885: LEDDICK, DAVID - Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955
008858: LEE, ALBERT - Portraits in Pottery: With Some Account of Pleasant Occasions Incident to Their Quest
003583: LEE, SHERMAN E. - Japanese Decorative Style
009596: LEFEBURE, TANNEGUI; PHILIPS, J. T. - A Compendious Way of Teaching Ancient and Modern Languages, Formerly Practiced by the Learned Tanaquil Faber
007753: LEGLER, DIXIE - Frank Lloyd Wright: the Western Work
005560: LEHRER, JIM - The Franklin Affair: A Novel
012013: LEIBOVITZ, MAURY [EDITOR] - The Prints of LeRoy Neiman: A Catalogue Raisonné of Serigraphs, Lithographs, and Etchings
011974: LEITHE, FREDERICK E. - Japanese Hand Guns
000069: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY - Hans Breitmann's Ballads
006535: LENTRICCHIA, FRANK - Ariel and the Police
010057: LEROUX-DHUYS, JEAN-FRANÇOIS - Cistercian Abbeys: History and Architecture
011868: LESLIE, CHARLES - Wilhelm Von Gloeden: Photographer, A Brief Introduction to His Life and Work
011025: LESLIE, MRS. FRANK - Beautiful Women of Twelve Epochs
005655: LETHABY, WILLIAM RICHARD - Architecture: Mysticism and Myth
008208: LETHBRIDGE, MELVIN W. [COMPILER] - Montgomery County, N. Y. Marriage Records: Performed by Rev. Elijah Herrick 1795-1844, Also Records of Rev. Calvin Herrick 1834-1876, Also Records of Rev. John Calvin Toll 1803-1844
010656: LEUCHARS, ROBERT B. - A Practical Treatise on the Construction, Heating, and Ventilation of Hot-Houses
008943: LEUPIN, HERBERT AND THE BROTHERS GRIMM - Das Tapfere Schneiderlein: Ein Marchen der Bruder Grimm [The Brave Little Tailor]
011619: LEVIN, ELAINE - The History of American Ceramics
007077: LEVINE, NEIL - The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
009992: LEWIS, PATRICK - Pigtail Cant
004389: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. - Nomads and Crusaders A. D. 1000-1368
010580: LEWIS, ALFRED HENRY (DAN QUIN) - Wolfville
001677: LEWIS, EDWARD A. - American Short Line Railway Guide
005667: LEWIS, J. D. - The Armed Forces World War II
011481: LEWIS, ORLANDO F. - The Development of American Prisons and Prison Customs, 1776-1845
011001: LEZZI-HAFTER, ADRIENNE - Der Eretria-Maler: Werke Und Weggefahrten Plates
004815: LEZZI-HAFTER, ADRIENNE - Der Schuwalow-Maler: Eine Kannenwerkstatt Der Parthenonzeit. Two Volumes
006352: LEZZI-HAFTER, ADRIENNE - Der Eretria-Maler: Werke Und Weggefahrten Two Volumes
002395: LICHT, HANS - Sittengeschichte Griechenlands
005906: LICHT, FRED - Homage to Jean Helion: Recent Wroks
007018: LIEBER, GEORGE AND MOSTOVYCH, ANNA [EDITORS] - Nonconformity and Dissent in the Ukrainian SSR, 1955-1975: An Annotated Bibliography
011292: LIEBERMAN-CLINE, NANCY WITH JENNINGS, DEBBY - Lady Magic: The Autobiography of Nancy Lieberman-Cline
011791: LIEBLING, A. J. - The Road Back to Paris
011792: LIEBLING, A. J. - Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris
011790: LIEBLING, A. J. - Mink and Red Herring: The Wayward Pressman's Casebook
011793: LIEBLING, A. J. - The Wayward Pressman
011796: LIEBLING, A. J. - Chicago: The Second City
009257: LIGHT, SALLY; BREIG, JAMES [EDITOR] - Canals and Crossroads: An Illustrated History of the Albany, New York, Roman Catholic Diocese Written on the Occasion of Its Sesquicentennial 1847-1997
010842: LIGOURIE, ALFRED [EDITOR] - The Bulletin Vol. IX March-April, 1940 No. 11-12
010841: LIGOURIE, ALFRED [EDITOR] - The Bulletin Vol. X Nov.-Dec., 1940 No. 7-8
010843: LIGOURIE, ALFRED [EDITOR] - The Bulletin Vol. IX Nov. - Dec., 1939 No. 7-8
011960: LINCOLN, MRS. D. A. - Frozen Dainties. Fifty Choice Receipts for Ice-Creams, Frozen Puddings, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Beverages, Sherbets, and Water Ices
004022: LINCOLN, WALDO; LOWENSTEIN, ELEANOR ( REVISED ) - American Cookery Books 1742-1860.
011831: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States 1861-1865: Selections from his Writings
005837: LINDEMANN, EDNA M. - The Art Triangle: Artist Dealer Collector
011678: LINE, J. EDW. - Odontographic Journal: A Dental Quarterly, Vol XVI, January 1896, No. 4
011859: WHITE STAR LINE - [White Star Line] List of First Class Passengers, S. S. "Cretic", Twin Screw - 13,517 Tons
010367: LINNEAUS, CARL (CARL VON LINNÉ) AND LEE, JAMES - An Introduction to Botany. Containing an explanation of the Theory of That Science, and an Interpretation of Its Technical Terms. Extracted from the Works of Dr. Linnaeus, and calculated to assist such as may be desirous of studying that Author's Method and Improvements. With Twelve Copper Plates, and Two Explanatory Tables. To which is added an Appendix; Containing Upwards of 2000 English Names of Plants, referred to their proper Titles in the Linnaean System.
004253: LISKA, GEORGE - Russia & World Order: Strategic Choices and the Laws of Power in History
004254: LISKA, GEORGE - Russia and the Road to Appeasement: Cycles of East-west War and Peace
004256: LISKA, GEORGE - Career of Empire: America and Imperial Expansion Over Land and Sea
004243: LISKA, GEORGE - Quest for Equilibrium: America and the Balance of Power on Land and Sea
009111: LIU,YUNG - The Manner of Chinese Flower Painting
010478: LLEWELLYN, K.N. AND HOEBEL, E. ADAMSON - The Cheyenne Way: Conflict and Case Law in Primitive Jurisprudence
011935: LLOYD, SUSAN MCINTOSH - A Singular School: Abbot Academy 1828-1973
010215: LLOYD, W. F. - The Teacher's Manual; or, Hints to a Teacher on Being Appointed to the Charge of a Sunday School Class
006884: LOBECK, A. K. - A Popular Guide to the Geology and Physiography of Allegheny State Park
011132: LOGAN, HERSCHEL C. - The Pictorial History of the Underhammer Gun
000965: LONEY, GLENN - Twentieth Century Theatre: Premiers, Personalities and Events in the Theatre Volumes I and II
003651: LONG, JENNIE D. - An Album of Candy Containers
002175: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - Kavanagh, A Tale
011169: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Song of Hiawatha
008498: LONNSTROM, DOUGLAS A. - A History of Golf in New York's Capital Region
009908: LORD, MARTHA R. - Through the Garden Gate
007862: LORENZ, OTTO - Art Nouveau
010187: LOVELL, JOHN W - Martinique, St. Vincent, Guadaloupe, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados and the Danish West Indies with Latest Views of Mt. Pelée, La Soufriere and the Destroyed Country to Which Is Added Volcanoes in United States Territory
002672: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Cathedral
005813: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Democracy: An Address Delivered in the Town Hall Birmingham By the Hon. James Russell Lowell American Minister in London
005069: LOWRY, ROBERT REV.; DOANE, W. HOWARD - The Tidal Wave: A Collection of Temperance Songs, Quartets, Choruses, &c.
000323: LOWRY, EDWARD G. - Washington Close-Ups: Intimate Views of Some Public Figures
005526: LOWRY, GLENN D.; ANDERSON, DENNIS R.; PATAKI, GEORGE E.; RINGLER, KENNETH J. - The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Art Collection and Plaza Memorials
009682: LUCE, J. V. - Celebrating Homer's Landscapes: Troy and Ithaca Revisited
011569: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Flesh & Stone
006946: LUMB, GEORGE DENISON - Publications of the Thoresby Society: 1894 Vol. III Part II Leeds Parish Registers 1634 to 1639, Baptisms, 1619 to 1639, Marriages & Burials, Index
011623: LUMSDAINE, JOYCELYN PANG AND O'SULLIVAN, THOMAS [COMPILERS] - The Prints of Adolf Dehn: A Catalogue Raisonne
010107: LUNDE, KARL - Robert Kipniss: The Graphic Work
010518: LUNMAN, LARRY - David W. Nichol and the Decoys of the Rideau Canal Waterway
011927: LUTZ, GEORGE H. AND OLCOTT, WILLIAM TYLER - Marvels of the Universe
008914: LYNCH, DAN - Running with the Machine: A Journalists Eye-Opening Plunge into Politics
011745: LYNES, GEORGE PLATT - Portrait: The Photographs of George Platt Lynes, 1927-1955
004912: LYNES, RUSSELL - The Art-Makers of Nineteenth-Century America
011530: LYNES, GEORGE PLATT - Ballet: George Platt Lynes
011522: LYNES, GEORGE PLATT - Portrait: The Photographs of George Platt Lynes, 1927-1955
006544: LYNN, JOHN BLAIR - Valerian, A Narrative Poem: Intended, in Part, to Describe the Early Persecutions of Christians, and Rapidly to Illustrate the Influence of Christianity on the Manners of Nations. With a Sketch of the Life and Character of the Author
011393: LYON, SYLVANUS - Outing in the Catskills: Cairo and Greene County, New York, Illustrated Edition
009060: LYTLE, HORACE - Bird Dog Days
002242: LYTTLETON, LORD GEORGE - Dialogues of the Dead
007097: MABEE, CARLTON AND JACOBS, JOHN K. [EDITOR] - Listen to the Whistle: An Anecdotal History of the Wallkill Valley Railroad in Ulster and Orange Counties, New York
004712: MABEE, CARELTON - Black Education in New York State: From Colonial to Modern Times
000798: MABIE, HAMILTON WRIGHT - In the Forest of Arden
006452: MABILLON, JOANNE; TRANSLATED BY JOSEPHO PORTA ASTENSI - Tractatus De Studiis Monasticis in Tres Partes Distribitus
007315: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON - Miscellanies: Speeches and Legal Studies. Volumes I and II
011479: MACCORMICK, AUSTIN H. AND GARRETT, PAUL W. [EDITORS] - Handbook of American Prisons: 1926
011871: MACDONALD, NESTA - Diaghilev Observed by Critics in England and the United States 1911-1929
008895: MACDONALD, LINDA WHITTIER - The Little Star-Gazer
000658: MACDOUGALL, JOHN - Rural Life in Canada
009442: MACDOWELL, DOUGLAS M. - The Law in Classical Athens [Aspects of Greek and Roman Life Series]
006633: MACFARLANE, ROBERT - History of Propellers and Steam Navigation with Biographical Sketches of the Early Inventors
003162: MACGOWAN, ROBERT - The Significance of Stephen Collins Foster
000945: MACHEN, ARTHUR [TRANSLATOR] - The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt. Six Volumes
011148: MACHIAVEL, NICHOLAS - The Works of the Famous Nicholas Machiavel Citizen and Secretary of Florence
009753: MACKAY, MARY ALICE AND GROFT, TAMMIS K. [EDITORS] - Albany Institute of History & Art: 200 Years of Collecting
011280: MACKAY, ROBERT B., BAKER, ANTHONY K. AND TRAYNOR, CAROL A. - Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940
000904: MACKINLAY, STERLING - Origin & Development of Light Opera
011360: MACLEAN, J. P. - Shakers of Ohio: Fugitive Papers Concerning the Shakers of Ohio, With Unpublished Manuscripts
000666: MACLEISH, ARCHIBALD - The Trojan Horse: A Play
000911: MACQUEEN-POPE, W. - Haymarket: Theatre of Perfection
007350: MAEDA, SHINZO - Hills of Color: Scenes and Seasons (Natural Beauty of Japan Series)
007348: MAEDA, SHINZO - This Land This Beauty: Japan's Natural Splendor (Natural Beauty of Japan Series)
007776: MAEDA ,SHINZO - A Tree, A Blade of Grass; Okumikawa; The Nippon Alps
012014: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE - Wildlife Photographs by George Shiras, III
006986: MAGOCESI, PAUL ROBERT - Our People: Carpathio-Rusyns and Their Descendants in North America
007019: MAGOCSI, PAUL R. [EDITOR] - The Ukrainian Experience in the United States: A Symposium
011579: MAHAN, REV. A. - Modern Mysteries, Explained and Exposed
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011420: OWEN, JOHN - A Practical Exposition on the CXXXth Psalm
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012018: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - Marse Chan: A Tale of Old Virginia
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008534: PAPAZIAN, IRIS AND SHAHINIAN, ANDREW [EDITORS] - Aivazovsky in America
011396: PARDOE, MISS - The Beauties of the Bosphorus
001930: PARK, EDWARDS - Treasures of the Smithsonian
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011490: PARKHURST, H. E. - The Birds' Calendar
007421: PARKS, GORDON - Half Past Autumn: A Retrospective
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011875: PARTCH, HARRY - Bitter Music: Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions, and Librettos
011811: THE GRAD PARTNERSHIP - Krueger Mansion
009016: PATEL, HARISH - The Newest Logo from California
005303: PATRICK, JOHN [EDITOR] - Fever!
005310: PATRICK, JOHN [EDITOR]; DOUGLAS, JOHN C.; PATRICK, JOHN - Mad about the Boys. Plus Two Complete Novels Young & Willing and Mad About the Boy
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005307: PATRICK, JOHN [EDITOR] - In the Boy Zone: A New Collection of Erotic Tales
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011162: PELLETREAU, WILLIAM S. - Early New York Houses with Historical & Genealogical Notes In Ten Parts
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011388: UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - University of Pennsylvania, The Record of the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty
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010065: PEPE, GENERAL WILLIAM - A Narrative of The Political and Military Events, Which Took Place at Naples, in 1820 and 1821; with Observations Explanatory of the National Conduct in General, and of His Own in Particular, During That Period, Addressed to His Majesty, the King of the Two Sicilies
010728: PEPPER, CHARLES HOVEY - Japanese Prints
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011939: PHELAN, THOMAS; CARROLL, P. THOMAS - Hudson-Mohawk Gateway: An Illustrated History
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011456: PIGOT, RICHARD - The Life of Man, Symbolised by the Months of the Year
012070: PINCHOT, GIFFORD - To the South Seas: The Cruise of the Schooner Mary Pinchot to the Galapagos, the Marquesas, and the Tuamotu Islands, and Tahiti
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009655: PINSKY, ROBERT - The Want Bone
007897: PIPER, WATTY - Animal Story Book
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005794: PIRIE, ELIZABETH J. E. - Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles Vol. 21: Coins in Yorkshire Collections
009710: PITISCUS, SAMUEL - Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanarum: In Quo Ritus et Antiquitates cum Grarcis ac Romanis communes, tum Romanis peculiares, Sacrae et Profanae, Publicae et Priuatae, Civiles ac Militares Exponuntur Accedit his Auctorum notatorum, emendatorum, & explicatorum Index copiosissimus
008550: PITKIN, DAVID J. - Haunted Saratoga County
011776: POE, EDGAR ALLEN - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
001076: POE, EDGAR A. - The Murders in the Rue Morgue: Facsimile of the MS in the Drexel Institute
000226: POE, EDGAR A. - Politian: An Unfinished Tragedy
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003407: POTTER, BEATRIX (NOT CREDITED) - The Tale of Peter Rabbit
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000332: POUND, ARTHUR - Mountain Morning and Other Poems
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001932: PRATHER, MARLA AND STUCKEY, CHARLES F. [EDITORS] - Gauguin: A Retrospective
004195: PRATHER, MARLA AND STUCKEY, CHARLES F. [EDITORS] - Gauguin: A Retrospective
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010359: PRESCOTT, CHARLES EDWIN - How to Become an Expert Shot: Dedicated to the National Guard of the State of New York. To Which Have Been Added the Regulations of the National Rifle Association, and Blanks for Recording Matches
010254: PRESSEY, REV. EDWIN S. - A Brief Study of the History, Philosophy and Practical Use of Mental Healing
000978: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - The English Comic Characters
010321: PRINGLE, JOHN - Observations on the Diseases of the Army
003994: PRITCHETT, JOHN PERRY - Calhoun: His Defense of the South
011534: PROBST, KEN - (pôr’n?-graf’ik) [Pornographic]
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012047: QUINAN, JACK - Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Building: Myth and Fact
011433: QUINN, VERNON - Stories and Legends of Garden Flowers
011508: ULSTER & DELAWARE RAILROAD - The Catskill Mountains
011510: ULSTER & DELAWARE RAILROAD - The Catskill Mountains
011476: RAINVILLE, MARTHA T. - Roster of Vermonters Who Served in the Civil War
005192: RAINWATER, DOROTHY T. AND RAINWATER, H. IVAN - American Silver Manufacturers
011873: RAMAGE, ANDREW AND CRADDOCK, PAUL - King Croesus' Gold: Excavations at Sardis and the History of Gold Refining
009904: RAMSAY, ALLAN - The Gentle Shepherd, A Pastoral Comedy; with Illustrations of the Scenery: An Appendix, Containing Memoirs of David Allan, the Scots Hogarth; Besides Original, and Other Poems Connected with the Illustrations: And a Comprehensive Glossary, to Which Are Prefixed An Authentic Life of Allan Ramsay, and an Inquiry into the Origin of Pastoral Poetry; the Propriety of the Rules Prescribed for It; and the Practice of Ramsey
010218: RAMSAYE, TERRY - A Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture Two Volume Set [Thomas Edison Signed]
008224: RANDOLPH, HOWARD S. F. AND RANKIN, RUSSELL BRUCE - Paramus Bergen County, New Jersey Reformed Dutch Church Baptisms 1740-1850: From a Copy Made by Dingman Versteeg under the Direction of William Nelson Together with Records from the Gravestones in the Churchyard and a List of Church Members
008899: RANSOM, D. - The Magnetic Almanac for 1868 for the Use of Everybody: Astronomical Calculations for the Latitude and Longitude of the Middle, Western, Eastern and Northern States
010335: RAPHAEL - Raphael's Astronomical Ephemeris of the Planets' Places for 1915
011040: RAPHAEL [EDITOR] - A Description of the Faces and Degrees of the Zodiac, As Given in the Ancient Authors, Being Applicable to Genethliacal and Horary Astrology
003516: RAPHAEL, SANDRA - An Oak Spring Pomona : A Selection of the Rare Books on Fruit in the Oak Spring Garden Library.
005238: RATHER, JULIA D.; DUFF, JEFFREY MICHAEL DUFF [EDITORS] - Register of Vietnam War Casualties from Kentucky: Drawn from the Official Records of the Department of Defense
006070: RATTENNE, KEN - The Feather River Route Two A Geographical Tour: Keddie to Salt Lake City
008785: RAWSTORNE, LAWRENCE - Gamonia: or, The Art of Preserving Game; and an Improved Method of Making Plantations and Covers Explained and Illustrated
011657: RAY, GORDON N. - The Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914
008362: RAYMOND, EDNA D. [COMPILER] - Cemeteries of the Town of Minisink [Third of the Orange County, New York, Cemeteries Series]
011896: REBELLO, ALLEN - Reel Art: Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen
000839: REED, BRIAN - Railway Engines of the World
001063: REES, J. ROGERS - The Brotherhood of Letters
009392: REES, RICHARD [TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR] - Simone Weil: Seventy Letters Some Hitherto Untranslated Texts from Published and Unpublished Sources
010410: REESE II, MICHAEL - U. S. Test Trials 1900 Luger
002925: REEVES, PAMELA - Ellis Island: Gateway to the American Dream
009871: REEVES, J. H. - The Orange County Stud Book, Giving a History of All Noted Stallions, Bred and Raised in Orange County to Which Is Added a Complete History of the Horse, in All Countries, in Health and in Sickness, with a Thorough Treatise on the Breeding, Breaking, Shoeing and Curing
008942: REICHNER, MORGAN S. A. - A Wall-to-Wall Tour of The Leash [Privately Printed upon the observance of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of The Leash 1925-1975]
008042: REID,W. MAX - The Story of Old Fort Johnson
006484: REIER, SHARON - The Bridges of New York
006721: REISEN, DOMINICK J. - Middlefield: Otsego Lake's Eastern Shore
011212: REISS, MALCOLM [EDITOR] - Illustrated Football 1936 Annual
008040: RENDLE, ELLEN - Judy Johnson: Delaware's Invisible Hero
000916: RENOIR, JEAN - My Life And My Films
000852: REPPLIER, AGNES - Essays in Miniature
011842: REVERE, PAUL - Paul Revere's Ride: A Deposition
008027: REYNOLDS, DONALD MARTIN - Manhattan Architecture
008022: REYNOLDS, KRISTIAN S. - Finger Lakes Panoramas
002626: REYNOLDS, CAROL [EDITOR] - Haiku of Hawaii Nei: Haiku Poetry By Islanders and Visitors
012032: REYNOLDS, CUYLER [COMPILER] - Albany Chronicles: A History of the City Arranged Chronologically, From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time
010994: RHIND, NEIL - The Heath [A Companion Volume to Blackheath Village and Environs]
009893: RICE, ALICE HEGAN - Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
009015: "BIG RICH" [RICHARDSON, E.A.] - My Alligator Grin and other Poems
010513: RICHARDSON, H. D. - The Pests of the Farm; Being an Account of the Various Depredating Animals, Birds, and Insects Which Annoy the American Farmer with Directions for Their Destruction [Sexton's Rural Hand-Books]
005390: RICHIE, DONALD AND WEATHERBY, MEREDITH (EDITORS). - The Masters' Book of Ikebana: Background and Principles of Japanese Flower Arrangement.
004895: RICHMOND, COLIN BECKET - From Their Hearts and Hands: A Treasury of Shaker Poetry
011753: RICHTER, DETLEV - Lacquered Boxes
003417: RICKETT, HAROLD WILLIAM. - Wild Flowers of the United States: The Northeastern States
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007185: RIPPIER, ANNA C. [EDITOR] - The Reynolds Family Association of America 1892-1921 Thirtieth Annual Report
010797: RITCHIE, GEORGE THOMAS - A List of Lincolniana in The Library of Congress
010474: RITTER, GERHARD AND CLARK, R. T. [TRANSLATOR] - The German Resistance: Carl Goerdeler's Struggle against Tyranny
010756: RITTNER, DON - Albany [Images of America Series]
011084: RITTNER, DON - Troy [Images of America Series]
006785: RITTNER, DON [EDITOR] - Pine Bush: Albany's Last Frontier
007445: RITTS, HERB - Herb Ritts: Pictures
011080: ROBERTS, ROBERT B. - New York's Forts in the Revolution
011882: ROBERTS-FRENZEL, CAREN - Rita Hayworth: A Photographic Retrospective
011524: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Marvin Kapitany
010979: ROBERTS, E. W. AND DURAND, PROFESSOR W. F. - Gas Engines and Their Troubles with Additional Chapters on Design, Construction, Powering and Propulsion of Launches
010721: ROBERTS, KENNETH - The Seventh Sense
011704: ROBERTS, ANNE & COCKRELL, MARCIA [EDITORS] - Historic Albany: Its Churches and Synagogues
001388: ROBERTSON, EDWIN B. AND ENGLISH, BENJAMIN W., JR. - A Century of Railroading in Crawford Notch
005749: ROBERTSON, E. GRAEME; ROBERTSON, JOAN - Cast Iron Decoration: A World Survey
000601: ROBERTSON, WILLIAM - The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V: With a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century [3 Volume Set]
011319: ROBERTSON, D. W., JR. - A Preface to Chaucer: Studies in Medieval Perspectives
008650: ROBINSON, FRANK S. - Albany's O'Connell Machine: An American Political Relic
009506: ROBINSON, CORINNE ROOSEVELT - One Woman to Another and Other Poems
011269: ROBINSON, CHRISTINE T. - Thomas Cole: Drawn to Nature
003746: ROBISON, HANFORD - Sesquicentennial History St. George's Lodge
005784: ROCKEFELLER, NELSON A. - Public Papers of Nelson A. Rockfeller Fifty-Third Governor of the State of New York 1959
006836: RODGERS, JOHN; GATES, ROBERT M.; ROSENFELD, JOHN L. - Explanatory Text for Preliminary Geological Map of Connecticut, 1956 [State of Connecticut State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin No. 84]
009962: ROGERS, MALCOLM - Camera Portraits: Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery, London 1839-1989
001256: ROGERS, WALTER THOMAS. - A Manual of Bibliography, Being an Introduction to the Knowledge of Books, Library Management, and the Art of Cataloguing
002002: ROMANO, ANNE - Winnie Taft
008099: ROSEBERRY, CECIL R. - For the Government and People of the State: A History of the New York State Library
010946: ROSEBERRY, C. R. AND WAITE, DIANA S - Capitol Story
009847: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Paintings in the Musee D' Orsay
009068: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT - Paintings in the Musee D' Orsay
011504: ROSS, THEO A. - Odd Fellowship: Its History and Manual
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010122: ROSS, T. - Seventeen Views in Hastings, and Its Environs
008995: ROTH, LINDA HORVITZ [EDITOR] - J. Pierpont Morgan, Collector: European Decorative Arts from the Wadsworth Atheneum
004520: ROTH, DAVID E. - The Illustrated History of the Civil War 1861-1865
009982: ROUSMANIERE, LEAH ROBINSON - Anchored within the Vail: A Pictorial History of the Seamen's Church Institute
001794: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The Anonymous Translation Into English of 1783 & 1790 Revised and Completed By A. S. B. Glover, with a New Introduction By Mr. Glover
007728: ROUSSEL, CHRISTINE - The Art of Rockefeller Center
007780: ROWELL, GALEN - Galen Rowell: The Art of Adventure
011275: ROY, CLAUDE - La France De Profil
004443: ROYLANCE, DALE; FINLAY, NANCY - Pride of Place: Early American Views from the Collection of Leonard L. Milberg '53
005470: RUBENS, GODFREY - William Richard Lethaby: His Life and Work 1857-1931
002728: RUBIN, WILLIAM - Anthony Caro
002825: RUBIN, WILLIAM - Picasso in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
008937: RUBIN, REUVEN - Rubin My Life My Art: An Autobiography and Selected Paintings
010470: RUDWIN, MAXIMILIAN - The Devil in Legend and Literature
010042: RULAU, RUSSELL - U.S. Merchant Tokens 1845-1860: A Catalogue of the Unofficial Coinage of America from the End of the Hard Times Era to the Eve of the Civil War. Includes Many Advertising and Business Promotion Pieces
000409: RUSKIN, JOHN - Lectures on Architecture and Painting, Delivered at Edinburgh, in November, 1853
011999: RUSSELL, ELLEN FLETCHER - Roslyn Restored: The Legacy of Roger & Peggy Gerry
011799: RUSSELL, SELWYN A. - Some Scientific Aspects of Mind Cure
005599: RUSSELL, JOHN - Max Ernst: Leben Und Werk
000420: RUTHERSTON, ALBERT (GENERAL EDITOR) - Contemporary British Artists: Sir William Opren
011691: RYAN, TOM - The Art and History of the Bow Bridge
005105: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Historical Nights' Entertainment. Second Series (Volume X of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005106: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Hounds of God: A Romance (Volume XXII of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005082: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Strolling Saint: Being the Confessions of the High and Mighty Agostino D'Anguissola, Tryant of Mondolfo and Lord of Carmina in the State of Piacenza (Volume XIII of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005084: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Lion's Skin (Volume XVI of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005085: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Saint Martin's Summer (Volume XIV of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005091: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Carolinian (Volume XV of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
005088: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Fortune's Fool (Volume VIII of the Writings of Rafael Sabatini Autograph Edition)
008393: SALK, JONAS - Anatomy of Reality: Merging of Intuition and Reason [Convergence Series]
009043: SALSMAN, RICHARD M. - The Collapse of Deposit Insurance and the Case for Abolition
009018: SALSMAN, RICHARD M. - Breaking the Bank's: Central Banking Problems and Free Banking Solutions [Economic Education Bulletin Vol. XXX No. 6 June 1990]
004376: SALZMANN, LAURENCE - La Baie, Bath Scenes
010553: SAMMARCO, ANTHONY MITCHELL - Boston: A Century of Progress [Images of America]
008553: SAMSON, JACK - The Bear Book
011833: SANDBURG, CARL - Address of Carl Sandburg Upon the Occasion of Abraham Lincoln's One Hundredth Inaugural Anniversary
009776: SANDERS, DON AND SUSAN - The American Drive-In Movie Theater
009054: SANDYS, SIR GEORGE - A Relation of a Journey Begun An Dom 1610. Foure Bookes. Containing a Description of the Turkish Empire of Egypt, of the Holy Land, of the Remote Parts of Italy, and Islands adioyning
008420: SANGER, WILLIAM W - The History of Prostitution: It's Extent, Causes, and Effects throughout the World [Being an Official Report to the Board of Alms-House Governors of the City of New York]
001278: SARGENT, JR., HENRY JACKSON - The Captain of the Phantom: The Story of Henry Jackson Sargent, Jr. 1834-1862 as Revealed in Family Letters
000585: SARGENT, GEORGE H. - A Busted Bibliophile and His Books
002877: SATYR, WALTER; LANGDREW, ANNE; AND SLANDER, WALTER LAVISH. - Imaginary Lectures Reported By Walter Satyr, Anne Langdrew and Walter Lavish Slander for the Morningside and Now for the First Time Collected with Additional Lectures, an Imaginary Address and an Imaginary Interview Into a Book
010706: SAUZAY, A. - Wonders of Glass-Making in All Ages
008050: SAWYER, JOHN - History of Cherry Valley from 1742 to 1898
009416: SCATTERGOOD, V. J. - Politics and Poetry in the Fifteenth Century [Blandford History Series]
008853: SCHABER, WILL - B. F. Dolbin: Der Zeichner als Reporter
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006154: STEIN, GERTRUDE; HAAS, ROBERT BARTLETT [EDITOR] - Reflection on the Atomic Bomb: Volume I of the Previously Uncollected Writings of Gertrude Stein
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011788: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - An Inland Voyage
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006416: STONEHENGE [ WALSH, JOHN HENRY ] - The Dogs of Great Britain, America, and Other Countries. Their Breeding, Training, and Management in Health and Disease. Comprising All the Essential Parts of the Two Standard Works on the Dog, Together with Chapters by American Writers.
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011635: SWEETSER, CHARLES H. [COMPILER] - Book of Summer Resorts, Explaining Where to Find Them, How to Find Them, and Their Especial Advantages, with Details of Time Tables and Prices
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010743: TANTILLO, L. F. - Visions of New York State: The Historical Paintings of L. F. Tantillo
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011274: TAYLOR, KIP - Wild Side of the Adirondacks
005995: TAYLOR, BAYARD - A Journey to Central Africa; or, Life and Landscapes from Egypt to the Negro Kingdoms of the White Nile
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011029: TEASDALE, SARA - A Country House [Number 4 of The Borzoi Chap Books]
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010050: TENNEY, HORACE A. [COMPILER] - Genealogy of the Tenney Family, More Particularly of the Family of Daniel Tenney, and Sylvia Kent, His Wife, Late of Laporte, Lorain County, Ohio, from 1634 and 1638 to 1875
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011625: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Princess: A Medley
003928: THACKERAY, W. M. - Lovel the Widower: A Novel
001600: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The History of Henry Esmond, Esq. A Colonel in the Service of Her Majesty Q. Anne Wriiten By Himself
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008983: THOMAS, ISAIAH - Isaiah Thomas's Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire & Vermont Almanack with an Ephemeris, for the Year of Our Lord 1798
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008713: THOMPSON, EDMUND B. - Portraits on Our Postage Stamps: Some Notes on the Paintings and Sculptures from Which They Derive, and a Check-List
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005806: THOMSON, FRANCES - A History of the Hamlet of Brainard 1743-1978
007987: THOMSON, SPENCER - Wildflowers: How to See and How to Gather Them, with Remarks on the Economical & Medicinal Uses of Our Native Plants
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012026: TIMM, RUTH - Raquette Lake: A Time to Remember
010988: TIMMS, ROBERT [EDITOR] - Nicholas & Alexandra: The Last Imperial Family of Tzarist Russia
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010071: TOMAN, ROLF [EDITOR] - Romanesque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
009471: TOMAN, ROLF [EDITOR] - The Art of Gothic: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting
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000775: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Illusion: 1915
009869: TOMMASO, SALVINI - Ricordi, Andeddoti ed Impressioni Dell' Artista
001289: TOOLEY, R. V. - Maps and Map-Makers
011125: TORRANCE, MARY FISHER - The Story of Old Rensselaerville
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007902: TOWNSEND, FREDERIC - Mutterings and Musings of an Invalid
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009658: TRAPIER, PAUL - A Narrative of Facts Which Led to the Presentment of the Rt. Rev. Benj. T. Onderdonk, Bishop of New-York
011165: TREADWAY, ALLEN T. - Souvenir of the Collection at the Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, Mass.
009995: TRENTO, SALVATORE MICHAEL - Clemson Park
010423: TRICKLER, C. JACK - The Trickler Family Story 2000 Edition
010713: TRIPURE, WILLIAM; ADAMS, HESTER A.; BEAN, MYRA A.. ET AL. - Being a Sequel or Appendix to the Sacred Roll and Book, to the Nations of the Earth; Containing the Testifying Seals of Some of the Ancient Prophets and Holy Angels, with the Testimonies of Living Witnesses, of the Marvelous Work of God, in His Zion on Earth
007430: TROJNER, POUL ERIK - Munch: In His Own Words
005895: TROY, HUGH - Maud for a Day
003700: TRUE, MARION - Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Attic Black-Figured Pelike, Kraters, Dinoi, Hydriai, and Kylikes.
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003280: TUCK, JIM - Pancho Villa and John Reed : Two Faces of Romantic Revolution
012007: TUDOR, TASHA - Dorcas Porkus
012009: TUDOR, TASHA - Edgar Allan Crow
003848: MAO TSE-TUNG - Carry the Revolution Through to the End
003858: MAO TSE-TUNG - Get Organized!
010832: TURNER, PAUL V. - Joseph Ramee: International Architect of the Revolutionary Era
011401: TWAIN, MARK - Roughing It
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003572: UDO, MAKIKO - Shaker Cooking
009958: ULLMANN, S. O. A. - Rossetti, Stillman, and the Union College "Willowwood" Manuscripts with Two Previously Unpublished Drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
009690: ULMER, CHRISTOPH - The Castles of Friuli: History and Civilization
009397: INSTITUTE FOR NEW TESTAMENT TEXTUAL RESEARCH AND THE COMPUTER CENTER OF MÜNSTER UNIVERSITY [EDITORS WITH THE COLLABORATION OF H. BACHMANN AND W. A. SLABY] - Concordance to the Novum Testamentum Gradece of the Nestle-Aland, 26th Edition, and to the Greek New Testament, 3rd Edition
011004: UNKNOWN - London Almanac for the Year of Christ 1804
009138: UNKNOWN - San Francisco: The Story of the Earthquake Told with Views of the Doomed City
009126: UNKNOWN - Philosophy in Sport Made Science in Earnest: Being an Attempt to Implant in the Young Mind the First Principles of Natural Philosophy by the Aid of the Popular Toys and Sports of Youth
010284: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - '59 Oldsmobile [Oldsmobile for 1959 Start of a New Styling Cycle]
001135: UNKNOWN - Live and Learn: A Guide for All, Who Wish to Speak and Write Correctly. . .
008414: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - Exercises in Celebrating the Two Hundred and 50th Anniversary of the Settlement of Cambridge Held December 28, 1880
010592: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - Piece Part Price List and Instruction Sheet: Models B, G, H, K, K0, L, LB, M, MB
002413: UNKNOWN - The Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and The Colonies, for the Year 1873. Containing a Correct List of the Twentieth Imperial Parliament, Summoned to Meet for Their First Session, December 10, 1868
003068: UNKNOWN - The Princeton Bric-A-Brac 1926
010619: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - A Hand Book of Vacation Trips in Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon On The White Pass and Yukon Route
011150: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - Summer Excursion Routes, and Catskill Mountain Resorts 1909
003061: UNKNOWN - Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the Year 1909 [The John Watts DePeyster Publication Fund Series Volume XLII]
010516: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - The Mapes Complete Manures, for Special Crops and General Use Reduced Prices 1885
008910: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - Kodaks and Kodak Supplies 1914
011264: UNKNOWN - Manual of the Fine Arts, Critical and Historical
010274: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - Cloak Department: Fall, 1893
010789: VARIOUS /UNKNOWN - John Deere Ten Ten Single Row-Crop and Utility Tractors: A New Generation of Earning Power
010554: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - Summer Homes in Vermont: Cottage Sites and Farms For Sale 1923
010609: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - Manual of Exercise on the Boston Chest Weight [Cover Title: The Boston Chest-Weight Manual]
010256: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - The Pompeia: A Reproduction of the House of Pansa, in Pompeii, Buried by Vesuvius, A. D. 79 at Saratoga Springs
009727: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - The Charter Granted by Their Majesties King William and Queen Mary, to the Inhabitants of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England
010289: VARIOUS/UNKNOWN - McMonagle & Rogers Premium Fruit Flavors Cooking Recipes
010674: VARIOUS / UNKNOWN - Ansco: The Amateur Camera Professional Quality

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