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009582-psychil: NIJHAWAN, H.K. - Anxiety in School Children.
011240-chrhist: NILSSON, MARTIN P. - A History of Greek Religion.
009628-ash: NIN, ANAIS. - Little Birds Erotica By Anais Nin.
008617-psysexu: NISBET, J.F. - Marriage and Heredity - a View of Psychological Evolution.
003563-chrtheo: NIXON, JUSTIN WROE. - An Emerging Christian Faith.
000651-ash: NODINE, JOHN H., & JOHN H. MOYER (EDS). - Psychosomatic Medicine. The First Hahnemann Symposium.
002866-chroldt: NOORDTZIJ, M. - De Achtenzestigste En de Zestiende Psalm, Vertaald En Verklaard.
002877-chroldt: NOORDTZIJ, A. - De Filistijnen. Hun Afkomst En Geschiedenis.
005628-chroldt: NOORDTZIJ, A. - Het Boek Numeri Opnieuw Uit de Grondtekst Vertaald En Verklaard.
009475-miscmed: NORDMANN, M., R. MERTEN, AND H. LOMMEL (EDS). - Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.
004456-chrpsyc: NORTHRIDGE, W.L. - Disorders of the Emotional and Spiritual Life.
009400-miscmed: NOSSAL, G.J.V., AND G.L. ADA. - Antigens, Lymphoid Cells, and the Immune Response.
003352-chrscie: DU NOUY, LECOMTE. - Human Destiny.
001622-chreccl: NOYES, MORGAN PHELPS (ED). - Prayers for Services. A Manual for Leaders of Worship.
010093-psychia: NUNNALLY, ELAM W., CATHERINE S. CHILMAN, & FRED M. COX. - Mental Illness, Delinquency, Addictions, and Neglect.
009267-miscmed: OAKES, LOIS. - A New Dictionary for Nurses.
009415-psychia: OCHROCH, RUTH. - The Diagnosis and Treatment of Minimal Brain Dysfunction in Children - a Clinical Approach.
008700-miscedu: ODGEN, EVELYN HUNT, & VITO GERMINARIO (EDS). - The at-Risk Student
006261-chrtheo: ODLUM, EDWARD. - God's Covenant Man
009875-chrnewt: OEHLER, GUSTAV FRIEDRICH. - Theology of the Old Testament.
004028-chrnewt: OESTERLEY, W.O.E. - An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha.
010394-psyogen: OGDEN, C.K. - The Meaning of Psychology.
006916-chrmiss: OGILVIE, J.N. - Our Empire's Debt to Missions. The Duff Missionary Lecture, 1923.
010902-chrhist: OGILVIE, J.N. - The Presbyterian Churches of Christendom.
010835-chrstor: OLDFELLOW, ALFRED. - Uncle Nat; Or, the Good Time Which George and Frank Had, Trapping, Fishing, Camping out, Etc.
003267-ash: OLDHAM, J.H. - The Resurrection of Christendom.
003941-chrsoci: OLDHAM, J.H. - The Resurrection of Christendom.
007340-chrsoci: OLDHAM, J.H. - Christianity and the Race Problem.
003815-chrhist: OLIVER, JOHN, & PETER BRADSHAW. - Saint John's Wood Church 1814-1955.
006632-chrhist: OLIVER, EDMUND H. - The Winning of the Frontier. A Study in the Religious History of Canada.
009982-psysoci: OLIVER, ROBERT T. - The Psychology of Persuasive Speech.
012223-psychth: OLKIN, RHODA. - What Psychotherapists Should Know About Disability.
003108-chrhist: OLLARD, SIDNEY LESLIE, & GORDON CROSSE (EDS). - A Dictionary of English Church History.
005729-ash: OLMSTEAD, DENISON, & E.S. SNELL. - An Introduction to Natural Philosophy; Designed As a Text-Book for the Use of Students in College.
011576-chrnewt: OLSHAUSEN, HERMAN. - Commentary on the Gospels
010957-psychth: OLSON, HARRY A. - Early Recollections, Their Use in Diagnosis and Psychotherapy.
010241-chrsoci: OLTHUIS, JAMES. - I Pledge You My Troth - a Christian View of Marriage, Family, Friendship.
011339-chrtheo: OLTHUIS, JAMES H., HENDRIK HART, JOHN VAN DYK, ARNOLD DE GRAAFF, CALVIN SEERVELD, BERNARD ZYLSTRA, & JOHN A. OLTHUIS. - Will All the King's Men. . . Out of Concern for the Church Phase Ii.
011540-phiethi: OLTHUIS, JAMES. - Facts, Values and Ethics. A Confrontation with Twentieth Century British Moral Philosophy in Particular G.E. Moore.
011544-phiethi: OLTHUIS, JAMES. - Facts, Values and Ethics. A Confrontation with Twentieth Century British Moral Philosophy in Particular G.E. Moore.
000694-ash: OMAN, JOHN. - Vision and . . . Authority Or the Throne of St. Peter.
011875-chrnewt: OOSTENDORP, DERK WILLIAM. - Another Jesus - a Gospel of Jewish- Christian Superiority in Ii Corinthians.
012171-chrserm: OOSTERHEERDT, ALBERTUS. - Opstellen - Mijner Jongelingsjaren. Met Eene Voorrede.
012326-chrtheo: VAN OOSTERZEE, J.J. - Theological and Homiletical Commentary on the Gospel of St. Luke.
000811-ash: OPPENHEIM, FELIX E. - Dimensions of Freedom. An Analysis.
010722-chrstor: OPTIC, OLIVER [WILLIAM TAYLOR ADAMS]. - Proud and Lazy. A Story for Little Folks.
012116-chrstor: OPTIC, OLIVER [WILLIAM TAYLOR ADAMS]. - Through By Daylight; Or, the Young Engineer of the Lake Shore Railroad.
010533-psychia: ORDWAY, MABEL, & ANNETTE M. MCINTIRE. - Observations on Paranoia and Paranoid Reaction States.
011040-psychia: ORFORD, JIM (ED). - Treating the Disorder, Treating the Family.
004590-psychia: ORGEL, SAMUEL ZACHARY. - Psychiatry Today and Tomorrow.
012159-chrsoci: ORMEL, D.W. - Een Kerkganger Zegt Er Het Zijne Van.
002969-psycogn: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT E. (ED). - The Nature of Human Consciousness. A Book of Readings.
007229-psycogn: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT E. - Psychology of Consciousness.
002123-chroldt: ORR, JAMES. - The Problem of the Old Testament Considered with Reference to Recent Criticism.
005049-chroldt: ORR, JAMES. - The Problem of the Old Testament Considered with Reference to Recent Criticism.
005137-chroldt: ORR, JAMES. - Het Oude Testament Beschouwd Met Betrekking Tot de Nieuwe Critiek.
010313-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - The Ritschlian Theology and the Evangelical Faith.
010314-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - The Christian View of God and the World As Centring in the Incarnation - Being the Kerr Lectures for 1890-91.
011286-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - The Progress of Dogma, Being the Elliot Lectures, Delivered at the Western Theological Seminary Allegheny, Penna. , U.S. A. 1897.
011322-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - The Virgin Birth of Christ - Being Lectures Delivered Under the Auspices of the Bible Teachers' Training School New York, April,.
011493-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - Sidelights on Christian Doctrine.
011494-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - Revelation and Inspiration.
011495-chrhist: ORR, JAMES. - The History and Literature of the the Early Church.
011668-chrtheo: ORR, JAMES. - The Sidelights on Christian Doctrine.
011844-chrhist: ORR, ROBERT LOW (ED). - The Free Church of Scotland Appeals 1903-4.
007747-chreccl: OSBORNE, STANLEY L. - The Strain of Praise. A Discussion of the Relation of Music to Christian Worship with Particular Reference to the Liturgy of.
000244-psygene: OSGOOD, CHARLES E. - Method and Theory in Experimental Psychology.
004160-ash: OSGOOD, CHARLES E. - Method and Theory in Experimental Psychology.
011723-chrtheo: OSTERHAVEN, M. EUGENE. - The Spirit of the Reformed Tradition.
011534-chrmiss: OSTERHOUT, S.S. - Orientals in Canada - the Story of the Work of the United Church of Canada with Asiatics in Canada.
003121-chroldt: OTTLEY, R.L. - A Short History of the Hebrews to the Roman Period.
010911-chrtheo: OTTLEY, ROBERT L. - The Doctrine of the Incarnation.
007140-miscsoc: OTTLIK, GEORGES (ED). - La Societe Des Nations Et le Desarmement.
005540-chrdevo: OVERDUIN, J. (REDACTEUR). - Bevrijding. Bijbels Dagboek.
011998-chroldt: OVERDUIN, J. - Profetische Vergezichten.
001308-psyogen: OVERTON, FRANK. - Personal Hygiene.
005252-chrhist: OVERTON, JOHN HENRY. - The Church in England.
011476-chrdevo: OVERTON, ROBERT. - Water-Works! Temperance Readings and Recitations for the Platform, the Library, and the Fireside.
001731-chrsci: OWEN, D.R.G. - Scientism, Man, and Religion.
004510-chrsci: OWEN, D.R.G. - Scientism, Man, and Religion.
007631-chrserm: OWEN, DERWYN TREVOR. - The Voice of the Shepherd. Words of the Late Derwyn Trevor Owen. Primate of All Canada.
009247-ash: OWEN, WILFRED. - Automotive Transportation Trends and Problems.
010489-ash: OWEN, A.R.G. - Hysteria Hypnosis and Healing the Work of J. -M. Charcot.
010820-miscbio: OWEN, MARGARET CUNLIFFE. - The Martyrdom of an Empress - with Portraits from Photographs.
012203-psychth: OWEN, A.R.G. - Hysteria Hypnosis and Healing
012337-chrstor: PAGE, JESSE. - A Boy's Friendship.
006491-chrbiog: PAGE, JESSE. - Bishop Patteson
006572-chrbiog: PAGE, JESSE. - Bishop Patteson. The Martyr of Melanesia.
007339-chrsoci: PAGE, KIRBY, LESLIE BLANCHARD, SHERWOOD EDDY, HARRISON ELLIOT, ERNEST JOHNSON, DAVID PORTER, FLORENCE SIMMS, & OLIVE VAN HORN. - Christianity and Economic Problems. Facts, Principals, Programs. A Discussion Group Text-Book.
011829-chrbiog: PAGE, JESSE. - Samuel Crowther - the Slave Boy Who Became Bishop of the Niger.
012346-miscsoc: PAINTER, CHARLES C. - The Present Condition of the Mission Indians of California. Report of a Recent Trip.
011371-psyogen: PAIVIO, ALLAN, & IAN BEGG. - Psychology of Language.
011387-chrtheo: PALEY, WILLIAM. - The Works of William Paley, D.D. Archdeacon of Carlisle. Containing His Life, Moral and Political Philosophy,. . . .
011562-chrnewt: PALEY, WILLIAM. - Horae Paulinae
002077-psyogen: PALMER, ANTHONY RAY. - Progressive Practices in Directing Learning.
010538-phiethi: PALMER, GEORGE HERBERT. - The Nature of Goodness.
012322-chrdevo: PALMER, B.M. - Theology of Prayer As Viewed in the Religion of Nature and the System of Grace / the Threefold Fellowship and the Threefold.
009146-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - Three People.
009147-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - The King's Daughter.
009161-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - The Chautauqua Girls at Home.
009162-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - The Chautauqua Girls at Home.
009166-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - The Randolphs.
009171-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - The King's Daughter.
011693-chrstor: PANSY (G.R. ALDEN). - Judge Burnham's Daughters. A Sequel to Ruth Erskine's Crosses.
011747-chrstor: PANSY. - Her Associate Members.
011748-chrstor: PANSY. - A Sevenfold Trouble.
008687-chrchri: PAPINI, GIOVANNI. - Histoire Du Christ.
010029-chrchri: PAPINI, GIOVANNI. - The Story of Christ.
003052-ash: PARAD, HOWARD J. (ED). - Ego Psychology and Dynamic Casework.
005895-chrbiog: PARENT, AMAND. - The Life of Rev. Amand Parent the First French-Canadian Ordained By the Methodist Church. Forty-Seven Years Experience.
004476-misclit: PARIS, GASTON. - Poemes Et Legendes Du Moyen-Age.
010396-chrnewt: PARKER, JOSEPH. - The Epistle to the Ephesians.
011002-chrserm: PARKER, STUART C. - Jesus Stresses a Point.
011148-chrhist: PARKER, STUART C. - Yet Not Consumed. A Short Account of the History and Antecedents of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
009380-ash: PARKIN, GEORGE R. - Edward Thring Headmaster of Uppingham School - Life Diary and Letters.
007269-psysoci: PARSON, TALCOTT, & EDWARD A. SHILS (EDS). - Toward a General Theory of Action.
000120-psysoci: PARSONS, FRANK. - The City for the People, Or the Municipalization of the City Government and of Local Franchises.
003578-chrtheo: PARSONS, ERNEST WILLIAM. - The Religion of the New Testament.
010865-chrtheo: PARSONS, ROBERT. - A Christian Directory, Guiding Men to Their Eternal Salvation. (in Two Parts. ) the First Part Wherof Appertains to Resolution;.
007000-chrsoci: PARTRIDGE, C.H. - The Progress of Man Versus the Machine.
001545-psychia: PASCAL, GERALD R., & BARBARA J. SUTTELL. - The Bender-Gestalt Test. Quantification and Validity for Adults.
010176-phiethi: PASCAL, BLAISE. - The Provincial Letters
010014-miscmed: PASCOE, DAVID (CHAIRMAN). - Report of the Health Services Review Committee
011640-chrdevo: PASCUAL, F. SANCHEZ-VENTURA. - The Apparitions of Garabandal.
008601-psychia: PASNAU, ROBERT O. (ED). - Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.
012058-chrserm: PASSMORE, T.H. - Our Sorrowful Mysteries and Other Sermons Preached at St. John's, Great Marlborough Street.
001226-chrtheo: PATERSON, W.P. - The Rule of Faith.
002796-miscmed: PATERSON, DONALD. - Sick Children. Diagnosis and Treatment.
006658-chrserm: PATERSON, W.P. - In the Day of the Ordeal.
009174-miscmed: PATERSON, H. SINCLAIR. - Life, Function, Health. Studies for Young Men.
010082-chrdevo: PATERSON, W.P., & DAVID RUSSELL. - The Power of Prayer - Being a Selection of Walker Trust Essays, with a Study of the Essays As a Religious and Theological.
002732-chrmiss: PATON, WILLIAM. - A Faith for the World.
002733-chrmiss: PATON, WILLIAM. - Christianity in the Eastern Conflicts
003251-ash: PATON, WILLIAM. - A Faith for the World.
007438-chrmiss: PATON, WILLIAM. - The Hour and Its Need.
008076-chrbiog: PATON, JAMES (EDITOR). - The Story of John G. Paton Told for Young Folks Or Thirty Years Among South Sea Cannibals.
008439-chrnewt: PATON, JAMES. - The Glory and Joy of the Resurrection.
009542-chrtheo: PATRICK, JOHN. - Clement of Alexandria.
002284-chrmiss: PATTEN, JOHN A. (ED). - Common Bond.
002468-chrmiss: PATTEN, JOHN A. (ED). - Tell the World.
009957-ash: PATTERSON, DORIS T. - Your Family Goes Camping.
009206-chrdevo: PATTON, WILLIAM W. - Prayer and Its Remarkable Answers
009246-chrstor: PAULL, M.A. - Step By Step; Or the Ladder of Life.
009648-chrstor: PAULL, M.A. - Blossom and Blight.
001973-philoso: PAULSEN, FRIEDRICH. - Introduction to Philosophy.
000860-psyogen: PAVLOV, IVAN P. - Experimental Psychology and Other Essays.
010356-psyogen: PAVLOV, IVAN P. - Experimental Psychology and Other Essays.
001946-chrhist: PAYNE, ROBERT. - The Fathers of the Western Church.
003956-chrhist: PAYNE, ERNEST. - The Free Church Tradition in the Life of England.
001219-chrtheo: PEABODY, FREDERICK W. - The Religio-Medical Masquerade. A Complete Exposure of Christian Science.
003706-chrsoci: PEABODY, FRANCIS GREENWOOD. - The Approach to the Social Question. An Introduction to the Study of Social Ethics.
003707-chrsoci: PEABODY, FRANCIS GREENWOOD. - Jesus Christ and the Social Question.
008163-chrdevo: PEABODY, A.P. - Christian Consolations. Sermons Designed to Furnish Comfort and Strength to the Afflicted.
002415-chrnewt: PEAKE, ARTHUR S. - A Critical Introduction to the New Testament.
003265-chroldt: PEAKE, ARTHUR S. - The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament.
003580-chrtheo: PEAKE, ARTHUR S. - Christianity Its Nature and Its Truth.
009571-chroldt: PEAKE, ARTHUR S (ED). - The People and the Book.
009323-chrstor: PEARSE, MARK GUY. - Daniel Quorm, and His Religious Notions. Second Series.
000817-ash: PEARSON, GERALD H.J. - Emotional Disorders of Children. A Case Book of Child Psychiatry.
006404-chrpale: PEARSON, LEONARD T. - Through the Holy Land. A Fascinating Tour with the Bible in Hand.
001777-psychia: PECK, MICHAEL L., NORMAN L. FARBEROW, ROBERT E. LITMAN (EDS). - Youth Suicide.
011310-chrserm: PECK, GEORGE CLARKE. - Old Sins in New Clothes.
011890-chrmiss: PECK, JONAS ORAMEL. - The Revival and the Pastor.
011757-chrstor: PEDLER, MARGARET. - Fire of Youth.
011766-chrstor: PEDLER, MARGARET. - Checkered Paths.
011767-chrstor: PEDLER, MARGARET. - Not Heaven Itself.
011768-chrstor: PEDLER, MARGARET. - Many Ways.
012227-chrbiog: PEEL, ROBERT. - Mary Baker Eddy - the Years of Discovery; the Years of Trail; the Year of Authority.
008428-miscedu: PEERS, ROBERT. - Adult Education. A Comparative Study.
006708-chreccl: PELOUBET, F.N., & AMOS R. WELLS. - Select Notes. A Commentary on the International Lessons for 1906. Words and Works of Jesus As Recorded in the Gospels.
005335-psychth: VAN PELT, S.J. - Hypnotism and the Power Within.
005356-psychth: VAN PELT, S.J. - Modern Hypnotism, Key to the Mind.
008342-chrtheo: PELTON, W.F. - The Master-Key to the Apocalypse. A Reply to the Higher Critics and the Millenarians.
010202-chrstor: PEMBERTON, MAX. - A Puritan's Wife.
007614-chrstor: PENROSE, ETHEL. - The Fairy Cobblers' Gold.
007593-chrarch: PENSTONE, M.M. - Church Study. Suggestions for a Course of Lessons on the Church Building, Its Furniture, Its Officers, &C. &C.
002929-chrbiog: PEPPER, CHARLES M. - Life-Work of Louis Klopsch. Romance of a Modern Knight of Mercy.
003544-mischis: PERCEVAL, WALTER PILLING. - Across the Years. A Century of Education in the Province of Quebec.
004858-chrdevo: PERREYVE, HENRI. - La Journee Des Malades.
012240-psybiol: PERRON, P. (ED). - Toronto Semiotic Circle- Monographs, Working Papers and Republications. Proceedings of a Symposium on
010307-chrpale: PERRY, JOSEPH. - Palestine
008184-chrdevo: PERTWEE, ERNEST (ED). - Temperance Entertainer.
010539-chrtheo: PESCH, CHRISTIANO. - Compendium Theologiae Dobmaticae.
006225-miscsoc: PETERSON, C.W. - Wake Up, Canada! Reflections on Vital National Issues.
008502-ash: PETESCH, DONALD A. - A Spy in the Enemy's Country. The Emergence of Modern Black Literature.
006542-mischis: PETIT DE JULLEVILLE, L. - Le Theatre En France. Histoire de la Litterature Dramatique Depuis Ses Origines Jusqu'a Nos Jours.
010859-chrbiog: PETITOT, R.P. HENRY. - Sainte Therese de Lisieux. Une Renaissance Spirituelle.
011796-chrtheo: PHELIPS, VIVIAN. - Concerning Progressive Revelation.
005380-chrnewt: PHILIPPI, FRIEDRICH ADOLPH. - Commentar Uber Den Brief Pauli an Die Romer.
008200-chrserm: PHILLIPS, SAMUEL G. - Sacred Names, Containing Choice Views of the Many Characteristics of Christian Life.
007487-psychil: PIAGET, JEAN. - The Child's Conception of Time.
009189-chrchri: PICK, BERNHARD. - The Life of Jesus According to Extra-Canonical Sources.
009947-chrnewt: PICKERING, HY. - Twelve Baskets Full of Original Outlines and Scripture Studies.
007744-chrserm: PIDGEON, GEORGE C. - The Vicarious Life.
005381-chrserm: PIEPER, R. - Kasual- Und Festpredigten.
007921-psycogn: PIERCE, JOHN R., AND EDWARD E. DAVID. - Man's World of Sound.
003736-psygene: PIERON, HENRI. - Vocabulaire de la Psychologie.
009640-chrmiss: PIERSON, GEORGE P. - "Let Us Go Into Next Towns" - in Japan.
010926-chrbiog: PIERSON, ARTHUR T. - George Muller of Bristol.
011052-chrserm: PIERSON, ARTHUR T. - The Heart of the Gospel - Tweleve Sermons Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in the Autumn of 1891.
003650-chrtheo: PIKE, JAMES A. - A Time for Christian Candor.
010987-chrdevo: PIKE, E. ROYSTON. - Slayers of Superstition - a Popular Account of Some of the Leading Personalities of the Deist Movement.
011628-chrdevo: PIKE, E. ROYSTON. - Slayers of Superstition - a Popular Account of Some of the Leading Personalities of the Deist Movement.
012151-miscsoc: PIKE, HENRY R. - A History of Communism in South Africa.
010662-psyogen: PILLSBURY, W.B. - Education As the Psychologist Sees It.
001071-chrchri: PIPER, DAVID. - How Would Jesus Teach?.
005589-ash: PITIGLIANI, FAUSTO. - The Italian Corporative State.
009079-miscmed: PITNEY, W.R. - Clinical Aspects of Thromboembolism.
008993-miscmed: PITT-RIVERS, ROSALIND (ED). - Advances in Thyroid Research - Transactions of the Fourth International Goitre Conference London, July, 1960.
002789-ash: PITTENGER, WILLIAM. - Toasts. How to Respond to Toasts Or Make Other Public Addresses and Always Say the Right Thing in the Right Way.
010465-chrtheo: PLANTINGA, CORNELIUS. - A Sure Thing - What We Believe and Why.
010471-chrnewt: PLANTINGA, THEODORE. - Reading the Bible As History.
010472-chrserm: PLANTINGA, THEODORE. - Wait for the Lord - Meditations on the Christian Life.
010479-chrtheo: PLANTINGA, THEODORE. - Contending for the Faith - Heresy and Apologetics.
008613-psychth: PLATONOV, K.I. - The World As a Physiological and Therapeutic Factor, the Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy According to I.P. Pavlov.
008207-chrhist: PLATTS, CHARLES. - Pioneers of Our Faith.
004015-chrhist: PLUMMER, ALFRED. - English Church History. 1575-1649 / 1649-1702.
008144-chrstor: PLUNKET, ISABEL. - Harold Hardy's Revenge; Or, the Last Cruise of the "Merry Mermaid'.
005211-psyogen: POFFENBERGER, A.T. - Applied Psychology. Its Principles and Methods.
000487-chrhist: POINTING, HORACE B. - The Society of Friends. A Short Account of Its History, Beliefs, and Practice.
007143-mischum: POLAK, H.J. - Bloemlezing Uit Grieksche Dichters Met Aanteekeningen, Ten Dienste Van de Middelste Klassen Der Gymnasia.
006527-psychia: POLATIN, PHILLIP. - A Guide to Treatment in Psychiatry.
011600-psychia: POLDINGER, WALTER. - Compendium of Psychopharmacotherapy.
005687-chreccl: POLLOK, ALLAN. - Studies in Practical Theology.
008229-chrtheo: POLMAN, A.D.R. - Barth.
001931-ash: PONDER, CATHERINE. - The Dynamic Laws of Healing.
008860-chrtheo: POPMA, K.J. - Calvinistische Geschiedenis-Beschouwing.
008869-chrtheo: POPMA, K.J. - Levensbeschouwing - Opmerkingen Naar Aanleiding Van de Heidelbergse Catechismus.
009048-chrtheo: POPMA, K.J. - De Vrijheid Der Exegese.
009052-chrtheo: POPMA, K.J. - Inleiding in de Wijsbegeerte.
011911-chrtheo: POPMA, K.J. - Het Leven Beschouwd. Facetten Van Het Werk Van Prof. Dr. K.J. Popma.
012134-chroldt: POPMA, K.J. - A Battle for Righteousness
004115-chrbiog: PORRITT, ARTHUR. - John Henry Jowett C.H. , M.A. , D.D. .
001450-psyogen: PORTER, NOAH. - The Human Intellect
002159-psyogen: PORTER, NOAH. - The Human Intellect
005720-misctra: PORTER, JOHN. - Old Heidelberg. A Time Capsule Rediscovered.
011777-chrstor: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Money, Love and Kate - Together with the Story of Nickel.
012017-miscmed: PORTER, W.G. - Disease of the Throat, Nose, and Ear for Practitioners and Students.
004868-chreccl: POSPISHIL, VICTOR. - Interritual Canon Law Problems in the United States and Canada.
001864-ash: POSTMAN, LEO (ED). - Psychology in the Making
005050-ash: POSTMAN, LEO (ED). - Psychology in the Making
000841-chrserm: POTEAT, EDWIN MCNEILL. - Four Freedoms and God.
011653-chrsoci: POTTER, HENRY CODMAN. - The Scholar and the State and Other Orations and Addresses.
012013-chrdevo: POTTS, J.H. (ED). - The Golden Dawn Or Light on the Great Future in This Life Through the Dark Valley and in the Life Eternal.
006008-psysucc: BADEN-POWELL. - Rovering to Success. A Book of Life-Sport for Young Men.
008405-chrtheo: POWYS, LLEWELYN. - The Pathetic Fallacy. A Study of Christianity.
011406-chrdevo: PRAAMSMA, LOUIS. - Het Water Was Veel Te Diep. . . Brieven Uit Canada.
011551-chrhist: PRAAMSMA, L. - Het Dwaze Gods
009676-chrsoci: PRALL, WILLIAM. - The State and the Church.
004864-chrhist: PRATI, CARLO. - Papes Et Cardinaux Dans la Rome Moderne.
004339-chrpsyc: PRATT, JAMES BISSETT. - The Religious Consciousness. A Psychological Study.
008391-misclit: PRATT, E.J. - The Witches' Brew.
010873-chrbiog: PRENTISS, GEORGE I. - The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss.
004059-chrbiog: PRESTIGE, LEONARD. - Pusey.
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011677-chrserm: SHIELDS, THOMAS T. - "Other Little Ships" Freighted with Comfort.
011678-chrserm: SHIELDS, THOMAS T. - "Other Little Ships" Freighted with Comfort.
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010663-chrtheo: SMITH, URIAH. - The Marvel of Nations. Our Country
010780-chrhist: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE. - Lyric Religion - the Romance of Immortal Hymns.
010893-chrstor: SMITH, ANNA BEATRICE. - Water from the Rock.
010970-psysexu: SMITH, NELLIE M. - The Three Gifts of Life - a Girl's Responsibility for Race Progress.
011014-chrmiss: SMITH, HERBERT. - Fifty Years in Congo - Disciples of Christ at the Equator.
011101-psyogen: SMITH, STEVENSON, & EDWIN R. GUTHRIE. - General Psychology in Terms of Behavior.
011216-chrnewt: SMITH, URIAH. - Daniel and the Revelation. The Response of History to the Voice of Prophecy.
011373-chrethi: SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY. - Social Idealism and the Changing Theology - a Study of the Ethical Aspects of Christian Doctrine.
011620-chroldt: SMITH, W. ROBERTSON. - The Old Testament in the Jewish Church - Twelve Lectures on Biblical Criticism.
012126-chroldt: SMITH, URIAH. - Gedachten Critisch Ed Practisch over Daniel En de Openbaring Zijne Eene Verklaring, Vers Voor Vers, Van Dit Belangrijk.
012242-psycogn: SMITH, EDWARD E. & DOUGLAS L. MEDIN. - Categories and Concepts.
012248-chrbiog: SMITH, SAMUEL FRANCIS. - Life of the Rev. Joseph Grafton, Late Pastor of the First Baptist Chruch, Newton, Ms, with an Appendix. . . .
012076-chroldt: SMITH, R. PAYNE. - Daniel I-Vi - an Exposition of the Historical Portion of the Writings of the Prophet Daniel.
012354-chrpale: SMITH, LEE S. - Through Egypt to Palestine.
012122-chrchri: SMITT, P.A.E. SILLEVIS. - Johannes de Dooper, de Wegbereider Des Heeren.
010125-chrserm: SMYTEGELT, BERNARDUS. - Keurstoffen, of Verzameling Van Vijtig Uitmuntende Predicatien, Waar Onder Eenige over Zeer Gewigtige Practicale Stoffen.
001040-chrtheo: SMYTH, JULIAN K., & WILLIAM F. WUNSCH (COMPILERS). - The Gist of Swedenborg.
003876-chrscie: SMYTH, NEWMAN. - The Place of Death in Evolution.
006988-chrdevo: SMYTH, PATERSON. - The Gospel of the Hereafter.
005543-mischis: SNOEP, J. - Nederland in de Branding. Oorlog, Bezetting En Bevrijding (1940-1945).
011781-chrstor: SNOW, LAURA A. BARTER. - The Two Myrtles; Or, "I, Being in the Way, the Lord Led Me. ".
003415-chrscie: SNOWDEN, JAMES H. - Old Faith and New Knowledge.
001921-psychil: SODDY, K. (ED). - Mental Health and Infant Development.
010831-chrtheo: SOFTLEY, EDWARD. - Modern Universalism and Materialism As Viewed in the Light of Holy Scripture.
003734-psycogn: SOLLEY, CHARLES M., & GARDNER MURPHY. - Development of the Perceptual World.
007868-psycogn: SOLLEY, CHARLES M., AND GARDNER MURPHY. - Development of the Perceptual World.
009365-chreccl: SOLLITT, KENNETH W. - Preaching from Pictures - a Handbook for Worship Leaders Explaining and Illustrating with Tweleve Complete Services of.
007914-psygene: SOLOMON, HERBERT (EDITOR). - Mathematical Thinking in the Measurement of Behavior. Small Groups, Utility, Factor Analysis.
010944-chrserm: DE SOYRES, JOHN. - The Children of Wisdom and Other Sermons Preached in Canadian Pulpits.
011184-chrhist: SPALDING, M.J. - The History of the Protestant Reformation, in Germany and Switzerland, and in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands,.
012360-chrserm: SPALDING, J.L. - Glimpes of Truth, with Essays on Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.
003519-chrdevo: SPARROW, KENNETH C. - Suggestions for the Deepening of the Spiritual Life of the Group.
004470-misclit: SPARSHOTT, FRANCIS. - A Divided Voice.
007752-chrscie: SPEAKMAN, HORACE B. - Faith of a Scientist. Science, Humanism, and Christian Education.
011486-psyogen: SPEARMAN, C., AND L.L. WYNN JONES. - Human Ability. A Continuation of "the Abilities of Man".
002737-chrmiss: SPEER, ROBERT E. - South American Problems.
005106-chrserm: SPEER, ROBERT E. - Christian Realities.
012361-chrbiog: SPEER, ROBERT. - Servants of the King.
009584-psypers: SPENCE, JANET T., AND ROBERT L. HELMREICH. - Masculinity & Femininity - Their Psychological Dimensions, Correlates, & Antecedants.
000199-ash: SPENCER, HERBERT. - Education
001196-psyogen: SPENCER, HERBERT. - An Autobiography.
001648-chreccl: SPERRY, WILLIAM L. - Reality in Worship. A Study of Public Worship and Private Religion.
006551-chrsoci: SPICER, W.A. - Our Day in the Light of Prophecy.
009072-chrtheo: SPIER, J.M. - Filosofie Van de Onbekende God - Een Kritische Schets Van Het Denken Van Karl Jaspers.
009073-chrtheo: SPIER, J.M. - Calvinisme En Existentie-Philosophie.
010629-chrtheo: SPIER, H.J., & J.M. SPIER (EDS). - Wijsbegeerte En Levenspractijk, de Betekenis Van de Wijsbegeerte Der Wetsidee Voor Velerlei Levensgebied.
011706-chrtheo: SPIER, J.M. - Christianity and Existentialism.
012066-chrtheo: SPIER, J.M. - An Introduction to Christian Philosophy.
007933-psycogn: SPIGEL, IRWIN M. (ED). - Readings in the Study of Visually Perceived Movement.
012308-miscbio: SPINOSA, ANTONIO. - Murat
005390-chrtheo: SPLITTGERBER, FRANZ. - Schlaf Und Tod. Eine Psychologisch=Apologetische Erorterung.
006663-chrbiog: SPOONER, W.A. - Bishop Butler.
009338-ash: SPRAGUE, O.M.W. - Recovery and Common Sense.
007188-chrserm: SPURGEON, CHARLES HADDON. - The King's Highway. Opened and Cleared. A Selection of Choice Sermons Delivered in London.
009452-chrserm: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - Sermons of Rev. C.H. Spurgeon of London / Sermons Preached in 1885.
009489-chrdevo: SPURGEON, CHARLES H. - Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions from the Bible.
011121-chrserm: SPURGEON, C.H. - My Sermon-Notes. A Selection from Outlines of Discourses Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle - from Matthew to Acts. .
011975-chroldt: SPURGEON, C.H. - Het Gouden Alphabeth, Eene Verklaring Van Psalm Cxix. .
012129-chrserm: SPURGEON, C.H. - De Wonderen Van Den Heiland. Verklaard En Toegepast- in Toespraken Voor Zijne Gemeente Op Aarde.
004285-chrmiss: SPURR, FREDERIC C. - The Evangelism for Our Time.
001689-chreccl: ST. JOHN, EDWARD PORTER. - Stories and Story-Telling in Moral and Religious Education.
011292-chrbiog: ST. JOHN, PATRICIA. - Harold St. John - a Portrait.
011449-chrhist: ST. PAUL, M. - From Desenzano to "the Pines" - a Sketch of the History of the Ursulines of Ontario, with a Brief History of the Order Compiled.
008908-psysoci: STAATS, ARTHUR W. - Social Behaviorism.
008493-miscedu: STABLER, ERNEST. - Founders
011813-chrstor: STABLES, GORDON. - Sweeping the Sea - a Tale of the Alabama.
009503-chrtheo: STACY, JAMES. - Day of Rest
008930-chrserm: STAFFORD, EZRA A. - The Need of Minstrelsy
000857-psypers: STAGNER, ROSS. - Psychology of Personality.
003662-chrchri: STALKER, JAMES. - Imago Christi
006949-chrchri: STALKER, JAMES. - The Life of Jesus Christ.
009196-chrdevo: STALL, SYLVANUS. - With the Children on Sundays. Through Eye-Gate and Ear-Gate Into the City of Child-Soul.
011130-psysexu: STALL, SYLVANUS. - Purity and Truth. Self and Sex Series. What a Man of Forty-Five Ought to Know.
003170-psygene: STAM, JAMES H. - Inquiries Into the Origin of Language. The Fate of a Question.
002822-chrserm: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Sermons for Children Including the Beatitudes and the Faithful Servant.
004639-chserm: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Sermons and Essays on the Apostolic Age.
005093-chrhist: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey.
005610-chrpale: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Sinai and Palestine in Connection with Their History.
007564-chrhist: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN. - Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church.
000610-ash: STANNARD, DAVID E. - The Puritan Way of Death. A Study in Religion, Culture, and Social Change.
005503-chrdevo: STARK, JOHANN FRIEDRICH. - Andachten Frommer Christen Auf Alle Tage Im Jahre,. . . Der Quelle Des Gottlichen Wortes Fliessen, Darin Das Leben Christenthum.
000200-ash: STARR, FREDERICK. - Some First Steps in Human Progress.
003593-chrtheo: STEARNS, LEWIS FRENCH. - Present Day Theology. A Popular Discussion of Leading Doctrines of the Christian Faith.
011424-mischis: STEBBINS, GILES B. - Upward Steps of Seventy Years. Autobiographic, Biographic, History.
012373-chrtheo: STEBBINS, CHARLES M. - The New and True Religion.
012057-chrnewt: STEELE, DAVID N., & CURTIS C. THOMAS. - Romans an Interpretive Outline - a Study Manual a Romans, Including a Series of Interpretive Notes and Charts on the Major.
005649-chrstor: STEEN, ANNA. - Durch Die Perlenthore. Eine Erzahlung Fur Das Volk.
006795-miscsoc: STEIN, DAVID LEWIS. - Toronto for Sale. The Destruction of a City.
008314-psychia: STEIN, MORRIS I. - The Thematic Aperception Test. An Introductory Manual for Its Clinical Use with Adults.
003819-ash: STEINER, CLAUDE. - Games Alcoholics Play. An Analysis of Life Scripts.
004191-psychia: STEKEL, WILHELM. - Frigidity in Woman in Relation to Her Love Life.
010630-chrtheo: STELLINGWERFF, J. - Oorsprong En Toekomst Van de Creatieve Mens.
003712-chrsoci: STELZLE, CHARLES. - Christianity's Storm Centre. A Study of the Modern City.
009349-psychth: STERN, E. MARK (ED). - Psychotherapy and the Abrasive Patient.
010501-chrpsyc: STEVEN, GEORGE. - The Psychology of the Christian Soul.
002425-chrnewt: STEVENS, GEORGE BAKER. - The Theology of the New Testament.
006732-psygene: STEVENS, S.S. (ED). - Handbook of Experimental Psychology.
009730-psygene: STEVENS, S.S. (ED). - Handbook of Experimental Psychology.
001116-psychia: STEVENSON, GEORGE H., & LEOLA E. NEAL. - Personality and Its Deviations. An Introduction to Abnormal and Medical Psychology.
009094-psychil: STEVENSON, GEORGE S., AND GEDDES SMITH. - Child Guidance Clinics - a Quarter Century of Development.
010946-psychia: STEVENSON, GEORGE H., & LEOLA E. NEAL. - Personality and Its Deviations - an Introduction to Abnormal and Medical Psychology.
011763-chrstor: STEVENSON, D.E. - Winter and Rough Weather.
001007-chrdevo: STEWART, GEORGE. - A Face to the Sky. A Book of Prayers.
004427-ash: STEWART, DONALD OGDEN. - Perfect Behavior. A Guide for Ladies and Gentlemen in All Social Crises.
005553-chrbiog: STEWART, DOUGLAS. - I Was Hitler's Prisoner.
005682-chrscie: STEWART, A. MORRIS. - The Crown of Science. The Incarnation of God in Mankind.
007350-chrserm: STEWART, THOMAS. - Toward the Sunrising and Other Sermons.
008270-chrbiog: STEWART, I.R. GOVAN. - Dynamic. Paget Wilkes of Japan.
009842-ash: STEWART, JAMES S. - The Gates of New Life.
009843-chrserm: STEWART, JAMES S. - Heralds of God.
009949-ash: STEWART, JAMES S. - A Faith to Proclaim.
010038-chrtheo: STEWART, HERBERT. - The Stronghold of Prophecy - Irrefutable Evidence from Fulfilled Prophecy That the Scriptures Are the Infallible. . .
010360-chrtheo: STEWART, ALEXANDER. - Roman Dogma and Scripture - the Protestant Institute Lectures for 1930-31.
010928-chrnewt: STEWART, A. MORRIS. - The Temptation of Jesus - a Study of Our Lord's Trial in the Wilderness.
008569-psycogn: STICH, STEPHEN P. - Deconstructing the Mind.
012085-chrtheo: STIER, RUDOLF. - The Words of the Angles Or Their Visits to the Earth, and the Messages They Delivered.
010234-chrnewt: STIER, RUDOLF. - The Words of the Risen Saviour, & Commentary on the Epistle of James.
011682-chrnewt: STIFLER, J.M. - An Introduction to the Study of the Acts of the Apostles.
005412-misclit: STILLING, HENRICH [JUNG-STILLING, HEINRICH]. - Henrich Stillings Jugend, Junglingsjahre Und Wanderschaft. Eine Wahrhafte Geschichte.
008473-ash: STITES, RICHARD. - The Women's Liberation Movement in Russia
011870-chrtheo: STOB, HENRY - The Christian Concept of Freedom.
008035-misctra: STODDARD, JOHN. - Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Scenes, Cities and Paintings.
007979-chrbiog: STODDART, ANNA M. - John Stuart Blackie. A Biography.
010351-chrnewt: STOKES, G.T. - The Acts the Apostles.
011569-chrbiog: STOKES, SAMUEL. - Julian Green and the Thorn of Puritanism.
000100-ash: STONE, HANNAH, & ABRAHAM STONE. - A Marriage Manual
001113-ash: STONE, L. JOSEPH, & JOSEPH CHURCH. - Childhood and Adolescence. A Psychology of the Growing Person.
000239-ash: STOPES, MARIE CARMICHAEL. - Sleep.
006683-psysexu: STOPES, MARIE CARMICHAEL. - Enduring Passion. Further New Contributions to the Solution of Sex Difficulties Being the Continuation of Married Love.
011081-psysexu: STOPES, MARIE CARMICHAEL. - Wise Parenthood. A Practical Sequel to "Married Love" - a Book for Married People.
005068-phiethi: STORK, THEO. B. - Hints Toward a Theory of Ethics.
007288-psysoci: STORR, ANTHONY. - Human Aggression.
011437-psyogen: STORRING, GUSTAV. - Psychologie Des Menschlichen Gefuhlslebens.
011621-chrtheo: STORRS, RICHARD. - The Divine Origin of Christianity Indicated By Its Historical Effects.
009524-chrhist: STRACHAN, ELIZABETH S. - The Story of the Years. A History of the Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church, Canada, 1906-1916.
010861-chroldt: STRACHAN, JAMES. - Hebrew Ideals. From the Story of the Patriarchs a Study of Old Testament Faith and Life - Part First (Gen. 12-25); Hebrew.
002146-ash: STRACHEY, JOHN ST. LOE. - The River of Life.
011203-chrdevo: STRATTON, JOSEPH B. - Following Christ. A Manual for Church-Members.
012314-psycogn: STRAUS, ERWIN W., & RICHARD M. GRIFFITH (EDS). - Phenomenology of Memory
011170-chroldt: STRAUSS, JAMES D. - The Shattering of Silence - Job, Our Contemporary.
011209-chrchri: STRAUSS, DAVID FRIEDRICH. - The Life of Jesus Critically Examined.
000708-chrtheo: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN (ED). - The Spirit. God and His Relation to Man Considered from the Standpoint of Philosophy, Psychology and Art.
003105-chrhist: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN. - The Primitive Church, Studied with Special Reference to the Origins of the Christian Ministry.
004037-ash: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN. - Reality. A New Correlation of Science & Religion.
005677-chrtheo: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN (ED). - Immortality. An Essay in Discovery Co-Ordinating Scientific, Psychical, and Biblical Research.
007738-chrscie: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN. - Reality. A New Correlation of Science & Religion.
008452-chrstor: STRETTON, HESBA [SARAH SMITH]. - Left Alone. . . And Other Stories.
009515-chrstor: STRETTON, HESBA [SARAH SMITH]. - Cassy.
011413-chrstor: STRETTON, HESBA. - Hester Morley's Promise.
011949-chrstor: STRETTON, HESBA. - The Wonderful Life of Christ.
011778-chrstor: STRONACH, ALICE. - A Newnham Friendship.
005744-ash: STROTHER, CHARLES R. (ED). - Psychology and Mental Health. A Report of the Institute on Education and Training for Psychological Contributions.
008481-ash: STRUIK, D.J. (ED). - A Source Book in Mathematics, 1200-1800.
012222-psychth: STRUPP, HANS H. & JEFFREY L. BINDER. - Psychotherapy in a New Key - a Guide to Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy.
008100-chrserm: STRUTHERS, J.P. - Windows in Heaven. Selected Sermons.
008643-psypers: STUART, GRACE. - The Achievement of Personality in the Light of Psychology and Religion.
010594-chrhist: STUART, H.C. - The Church of England in Canada. 1759-1793. From the Conquest to the Establishment of the See of Quebec.
011063-chrpsyc: STUART, GRACE. - The Achievement of Personality in the Light of Psychology and Religion.
004429-misctra: STUBBS, LAURA. - Stevenson's Shrine. The Record of a Pilgrimage.
003594-chrtheo: STUDD, R.G. - The Christian Alternative.
005099-chrdevo: STUDDERT-KENNEDY, G.A. - The New Man in Christ.
006901-chrhymn: STURGIS, J.E. - Sacred Solos and Duets. Suitable for Special Music in Church Service, Gospel Meetings, Sunday School, Christian Endeavor, Etc.
000822-psychia: SULLIVAN, HARRY STACK. - Conceptions of Modern Psychiatry.
011643-chrbiog: SUMMERS, CHARLES B. (ED). - Return to Old Paths - the Ministry of Charles Spurgeon Summers.
004491-chrnewt: SWAIM, J. CARTER. - Right and Wrong Ways to Use the Bible.
006679-chrpsyc: SWAIM, J. CARTER. - Body, Soul and Spirit.
006894-chrstor: SWAN, ANNIE S. [MRS. BURNETT-SMITH]. - Mark Desborough's Vow.
009325-chrstor: SWAN, ANNIE S. [MRS. BURNETT-SMITH]. - Maitland of Laurieston - a Family History.
010508-chrstor: SWAN, ANNIE S. - Carlowrie; Or, Among Lothian Folk.
011688-chrstor: SWAN, ANNIE S. - A Maid of the Isles - a Romance of Skye.
007516-ash: SWANSON, W.W. - Rail, Road and River.
001516-chrnewt: SWETE, HENRY BARCLAY. - The Appearances of Our Lord After the Passion. A Study in the Earliest Christian Tradition.
001274-chrserm: SWING, DAVID. - The Message of David Swing to His Generation. Addresses and Papers.
008072-chrhist: SYKES, NORMAN. - The Crisis of the Reformation.
008369-chrstor: SYMINGTON, MAGGIE. - Trixy; Or, "Those Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones".
007653-chrbiog: SYMONDS, HERBERT. - Herbert Symonds. A Memoir.
000647-ash: SYOMUSHKIN, TIKHON. - Alitet Goes to the Hills.
000631-psychil: TAGGART, LELIA ANN, & FRED T. WILHELMS (CO-CHAIR). - Leadership Through Supervision.
001877-misctra: TAINE, HIPPOLYTE. - Notes on England.
005398-chrsoci: TAIT, ASA OSCAR. - Heralds of the Morning. The Meaning of the Social and Political Problems of to-Day & the Significance of the Great Phenomena. . . .
012353-chrtheo: TALBOT, NEVILLE STUART. - A Biblical Thoroughfare Or an Endeavour to Share the Main Result of Biblical Scholarship with the Genereal Public.
010857-chrbiog: TALBOT, JAMES F. (ED). - Pope Leo Xiii. His Life and Letters, from Recent and Authentic Sources; Together with Useful, Instructive, and Entertaining.
011864-chrserm: TALBOT, NEVILLE S. - The Returning Tide of Faith.
012351-chrhist: TALBOT, C.H. (ED). - The Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany - Being the Lives of Ss. Willibrord, Boniface, Sturm, Leoba and Lebuin, Together with.
012108-chrtheo: TALJAARD, JAN ADRIAAN LOUW. - Franz Brentano As Wysgeer - 'n Bydrae Tot Die Kennis Van Die Neo-Positivisme.
006843-chrserm: TALMAGE, T. DE WITT. - New Tabernacle Sermons.
009205-chrserm: TALMAGE, T. DE WITT. - Crumbs Swept Up.
011267-chrchri: TALMAGE, T. DEWITT. - From Manger to Throne, Embracing a New Life of Jesus the Christ and a History of Palestine and Its People.
011324-chrserm: TALMAGE, T. DE WITT. - New Tabernacle Sermons.
005449-ash: TANG, K.Y. - Alternating-Current Circuits.
001307-psychoa: TANSLEY, A.G. - The New Psychology and Its Relation to Life.
004356-psysucc: TAPPER, THOMAS. - Building an Executive Personality. Organizing Character for Success. A Project in Personal Engineering.
006780-psysucc: TAPPER, THOMAS. - Youth and Opportunity. Being Chapters on the Factors of Success.
011827-chrnewt: TATFORD, FREDK. A. - Prophecy's Last Word - an Exposition of the Revelation.
001917-psysoci: TAUBENECK, G. F. - One Foot in the Door.
001540-psychoa: TAUBER, EDWARD S., & MAURICE R. GREEN. - Prelogical Experience. An Inquiry Into Dreams & Other Creative Processes.
006612-psychoa: TAUBER, EDWARD S., & MAURICE R. GREEN. - Prelogical Experience. An Inquiry Into Dreams & Other Creative Processes.
001781-chrhist: TAYLOR, THOMAS. - Historical Sketch of Saint James Square Presbyterian Congregation, Toronto 1853-1903.
002584-chrhist: TAYLOR, ISAAC. - Loyola
002990-chrserm: TAYLOR, ISAAC. - Saturday Evening.
004228-psycogn: TAYLOR, JAMES G. - The Behavioral Basis of Perception.
006015-chrnewt: TAYLOR, VINCENT. - The Atonement in New Testament Teaching.
008796-chrtheo: TAYLOR, A.E. - The Faith of a Moralist. Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928. Series Ii
008960-chrtheo: TAYLOR, A.E. - The Faith of Moralist - Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St. Andrews, 1926-1928. Theological Implications.
009378-miscbio: TAYLOR, TOM (ED). - Life of Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical Painter, from His Autobiography and Journals.
009567-chrtheo: TAYLOR, WILLIAM. - The Election of Grace.
009600-chrtheo: TAYLOR, ISAAC. - Fanaticism.
009882-chrchri: TAYLOR, WILLIAM M. - The Miracles of Our Saviour - Expounded and Illustrated.
010010-psychia: TAYLOR, S. MARTIN (PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR). - The Psychological Impacts of Exposure to Environmental Contaminants in Ontario - a Feasibility Study (Project No. 365g).
010727-psygene: TAYLOR, GORDON RATTRAY. - The Natural History of the Mind.
011178-chrmiss: TAYLOR, CHARLES. - That They May Have Life - a Ministry with Prisoners.
011508-chrserm: TAYLOR, WILLIAM M. - Contrary Winds and Other Sermons.
011669-chrserm: TAYLOR, M. - The Limitations of Life and Other Sermons.
011670-chroldt: TAYLOR, WILLIAM M. - Daniel the Beloved.
010787-chrtheo: TEDDER, JOHN. - Demonology in Our World Today. Are Demons Live Intelligent Beings? What Are Their Operations Today?.
004473-ash: TEDLOCK, DENNIS. - Breath on the Mirror. Mythic Voices & Visions of the Living Maya.
000938-chrbiog: TEELING, WILLIAM. - The Pope in Politics. The Life and Work of Pope Pius Xi.
003344-chrtheo: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE. - Le Milieu Divin. An Essay on the Interior Life.
000880-chrserm: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - The Church Looks Forward.
007985-chrtheo: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Nature, Man and God.
008584-chrdevo: TEMPLE, WILLIAM. - Personal Religion and the Life of Fellowship.
007212-chrmiss: TEMPLETON, CHARLES B. - Evangelism for Tomorrow.
002243-chrchri: TENNEY, E.P. - Our Elder Brother. His Biography.
002600-psycogn: TERMAN, LEWIS M., & MAUD A. MERRILL. - Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. Manual for the Third Revision Form L-M.
003823-psyogen: TERMAN, LEWIS M., & MAUD A. MERRILL. - Measuring Intelligence. A Guide to the Administration of the New Revised Stanford-Binet Tests of Intelligence.
004619-ash: TERMAN, LEWIS M., & MAUD A. MERRILL. - Measuring Intelligence. A Guide to the Administration of the New Revised Stanford-Binet Tests of Intelligence.
010207-psygene: TERMAN, LEWIS M. - Condensed Guide for the Stanford Revision of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Tests.
010060-misclit: TERPSTRA, JOHN. - Forty Days & Forty Nights.
011037-mischum: TERPSTRA, JOHN. - Scrabbling for Repose and Other Poems.
009013-miscmed: THALER, MALCOLM S., RICHARD D. KLAUSNER, AND HARVEY JAY COHEN. - Medical Immunology.
011680-chrbiog: TWO OF THEMSELVES [ELIZABETH CHARLES]. - Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family.
012362-chrbiog: TWO OF THEMSELVES [ELIZABETH CHARLES]. - Chronicles of the Schonberg-Cotta Family.
012280-chrnewt: THIEDE, CARSTEN PETER, & MATTHEW D'ANCONA. - Eyewitness to Jesus - Amazing New Manuscript Evidence About the Origin of the Gospel.
009742-chrtheo: THIELICKE, HELMUT. - Death and Life.
008895-psysoci: THIESSEN, D.D. - The Evolution and Chemistry of Aggression.
008761-chrtheo: THILS, GUSTAVE. - Christian Holiness, a Precis of Ascetical Theology.
001667-chreccl: THOMAS, MARIAN. - The Primary Worker and Work.
002804-chrsoci: THOMAS, E.E. - The Political Aspect of Religious Development.
007468-chrtheo: THOMAS, W.H. GRIFFITH. - Christianity Is Christ.
010782-chrtheo: THOMAS, W.H. GRIFFITH. - Christianity Is Christ.

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