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26933: TICHELMAN, FRITJOF (JEAN SANDERS, TR.), - The social evolution of Indonesia; the Asiatic mode of production and its legacy.
12610: TIEDEMAN, CHRISTOPHER G., - A treatise on the law of commercial paper including all species of instruments of indebtedness, whether negotiable or assignable, which are used in the commerce of the world.
21478: TIESLER, INGRID, - Günter Grass: Katz und Maus; Interpretation von Ingrid Tiesler.
33740: TIESZEN, LARRY L., ED., - Vegetation and production ecology of an Alaskan arctic tundra. With 217 figures.
43103: TIGNOR, ROBERT L., - The Colonial transformation of Kenya; the Kamba, Kikuyu, and Maasai from 1900 to 1939.
32312: TIJN, TH. VAN, - Twintig jahren Amsterdam; de maatschappelijke ontwikkeling van de hoofdstad, van de jaren; 50 der vorige eeuw tot 1876.
24997: TIKHOMIROV, MIKHAIL NIKOLAEVICH, - Istoricheskie sviazi Rossii so slavianskimi stranami i Vizantiei.
42743: TILLES, BOB, - Practical improvisations; a modern harmony course for all instrumentalists. Contains writing and study exercises including: transposing, improvising, chord and progression alterations, bridges, intros, turn arounds, modulations, blues, and standard progressions. Edited by Saul "Sandy" Feldstein.
32426: TILLEY, TERRENCE W., - History, theology, and faith; dissolving the modern problematic.
32401: TILLEY, TERRENCE W., - Inventing Catholic tradition.
31640: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY, - Thackeray, the novelist.
31050: TILLY, RICHARD, - Financial institutions and industrialization in the Rhineland, 1815-1870.
29759: TILMANN, KLEMENS, - Die Führung [Fuhrung] der Kinder zur Meditation. (Klärung [Klarung] und wegweisung, Heft 2)
37417: TIMIADIS, METROPOLITAN EMILIANOS (DUVALL, GEORGE K, ED.), - Priest, parish and renewal; concepts for pastoral effectivess.
34053: TIMOSHENKO, STEPHEN P. AND J.N. GOODIER, - Theory of elasticity.
30810: TINBERGEN, J., - De konjunktuur.
32699: TINDALL, WILLIAM YORK, - A reader's guide to Finnegans Wake.
6643: TINDALL, GILLIAN., - A handbook on witches.
13438: TINIAN, JEAN DE, - Annotations sentimentale. Bois gravés de P. A. Moras.
32115: TINKER, HUGH, - The foundations of local self-government in India, Pakistan and Burma. With a foreword by The Right Hon. Lord Hailey.
36448: TIOPOLO, GIAMBATTISTA (KRÜCKMANN [KRUCKMANN], PETER O.) (JOHN ORMROD, TR.), - Tiepolo; heaven on earth; masterpieces of the Würzburg [Wurzburg] years. [Translated from the German by John Ormrod]
9607: MUSEO ETNOGRAFICO TIRANESE., - I Righini, una famiglio di pittori-decoratori dal Ticino a Tirano; Tirano, Palazzo Foppoli.
41137: TIRRO, FRANK, - Jazz; a history. (Includes cd)
15435: TIRTODININGRAT, R.M.T., - Ichtisar hukum perdata dan hukum dagang.
39349: TISCHLER, JOSEF, - Die Sprachenfrage in Kärnten [Karnten] vor 100 Jahren und heute. (Auswahl deutscher Zeitdokumente und Zeitstimmen)
22206: LE TISSIER, TONY, - Patton's pawns; the 94th US Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line.
21321: TOCH, HANS, ED., - Psychology of crime and criminal justice.
15420: TOCHER, J.F., ED., - The book of Buchan (Jubilee volume): a conjoint publication in five sections on the North-East in ancient, medieval, and modern times, by sixteen contributors and eight chapters by the editor.
40675: HISTORY TODAY (IVAN ROOTS, ED.), - Conflicts in Tudor and Stuart England; a selection of articles from History Today. With an original introductory essay by Ivan Roots.
40587: TOGA, ARTHUR W., ED., - Brain mapping; an encyclopedic reference. COMPLETE SET. Vol. 1: Acquisition methods, methods and modeling; vol. 2: Anatomy and physiology systems; vol. 3: Social cognitive neuroscience; cognitive neuroscience; clinical brain mapping.
38276: TOKER, FRANKLIN, - Fallingwater rising; Frank Lloyd Wright, E.J. Kaufmann, and America's most extraordinary house.
11300: TOLANSKY, S., - Hyperfine structure in line spectra and nuclear spin. With 29 diagrams.
39754: TOLBA, ANNE-MARIE (TEXTE) SERGE SIBERT (PHOTO.), - Villes de sable; les cites bibliotheques du desert Mauritanien. Texte d'Anne-Marie Tolba. Photographies de Serge Sibert.
30449: TOLEDO, ALFONSO MARTINEZ DE (J. GONZALEZ MUELA, ED.), - Arcipreste de Talavera, o Corbacho. Edicion, introduccion y notas de J. Gonzalez Muela.
43008: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. (CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN, ED.), - Unfinished tales of Numenor and Middle-earth. Edited with introduction, commentary, index and maps by Christopher Tolkien.
34835: TOLMAN, JUDSON ALLEN, - A study of the sepulchral inscriptions in Buecheler's "Carmina Epigraphica Latina".
34431: TOLOMEO, DIANE, - Biblical and spiritual themes in James Joyce's Ulysses; an interpretive study.
42234: TOLSTOI [TOLSTOY], COUNT LYOF [LEO] N. (WILLIAM M. THOMSON, TR.), - The kreutzer sonata. Translated into English by William M. Thomson.
31638: TOLSTOÏ [TOLSTOY], COUNT LYOF [LEV, LEO] N. (ISABEL F. HAPGOOD, TR.), - What to do?; thoughts evoked by the census of Moskow. Translated from the Russian by Isabel F. Hapgood.
31965: TOLTZ, STEVE, - A fraction of the whole.
38629: TOMBERLIN, JAMES E., ED., - Philosophical perspectives, 13: Epistemology, 1999.
34531: TOMLINSON, H.M., - The sea and the jungle.
35017: TOMPKINS, D.A., - History of Mecklenburg County and the city of Charlotte from 1740 to 1903; vol. 1: Narrative; vol. 2: Appendix. Two volume set.
16614: TONGE, FRED M., - A heuristic program for assembly line balancing.
38023: TOPELIUS, Z. [ZACHARIAS], - Time of alchemy. Translated from the original Swedish.
35883: TOPKA, ROY M., - Old Schenectady bottles; imprints from the past, 1830-1910.
36862: TOPSØE [TOPSOE], VILHELM, - Udvalgte skrifter. Udgivet ved Vilh. Andersen og Helge Topsøe-Jensen [Topsoe-Jensen]. Two volumes.
4115: TÖRNE, ODBJÖRN VON., - Die Stellung des Grossfürstentums Finnland im russischen Reich, 1899-1910; die Vorgeschichte der Finnlandgesetzgebung vom 17./30. Juni 1910. (PhD diss., Philipps-Univ.).
35575: TORNER, EDUARDO M., - Ensayos sobre estilistica literaria Española [Espanola].
34514: TORNQUIST, ELLEN UND FRIEDRICH LIENHARD, - Auf Goethes Pfaden in Weimar. Zeichnungen von Ellen Tornquist mit Begleitwort von Friedrich Lienhard.
17425: TORRE Y CALLEJAS, SALVADOR LUIS DE LA AND ALAYO DALMAU, - Una lista de las Euremas de America, con notas sobre las especies colectadas en Cuba (lepidoptera: Pieridae).
17363: TORRE Y CALLEJAS, SALVADOR LUIS DE LA, - Reconsideracion taxonomica de las especies del genero Kricogonia Reakirt, con vista al estudio de sus organos genitales.
35664: TORRE, GUILLERMO DE, - Del 98 al barroco.
30064: TORRI, LUIGI (LAUNO MALUSI), - La costruzione ed i costruttori degli istrumenti ad arco; bibliografia liutistica storico-tecnica. 3 edizione riveduta e aggiornata da Lauro Malusi.
30035: TORROELLA, RAFAEL SANTOS Y MARIA JOSE CASADO, - Dali. (Los genios de la pintura Española)
42575: TORTI, SYLVIA, - Cages; a novel.
4961: TORTORETO, ALESSANDRO., - Bibliografia analitica leopardiana (1952-1960); a cura del Centro Nazionale di Studi Leopardiani in Recanati.
10277: TOSATTI, GIORGIO, A CURA., - 1946-1996: 50 anni che fecero grande il pallone.
30463: TOSCANO, NICOLAS, ED., - Anuario medieval, 1989; 1. Edited and introduced by Nicolas Toscano.
31058: TOSHIKO, MORI, - Folklore et théâtre [theatre] au Japon; Kinoshita Junji et les contes populaires.
40085: TOUCHE, MOTHER LOUISE MARGARET CLARET DE LA, - The book of infinite love; the needs of our time; a little treatise of infinite love. Translated from the French by Father Patrick O'Connell.
29179: BIBLIOTHEQUE DE TOULOUSE, - L'Humanisme a Toulouse, 1480-1580. Catalogue d'exposition;Exposition du 20 avril au 22 mai 2004.
38961: TOUR, LEO, - Giacumbert Nau; cudisch e remarcas da sia veta menada Bemerkungen zu seinem Leben. Rätoromanisch [Ratotomanisch] und deutsch. Aus den Rätoromanisch [Ratotomanisch] von Peter Egloff.
43144: LE TOURNEAU, ROGER, - The Almohad Movement in North Africa in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
39233: TOURNOUX, J.R., - La tragedie du General.
37303: TOUSSAINT, MANUEL, - Arte colonial en Mexico.
41575: TOWER, JEREMIAH, - Table manners; how to behave in the modern world and why bother. Illustrations by Libby Vanderploeg.
20082: TOYE, WILLIAM, ED., - The Oxford companion to Canadian literature.
33355: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J., - The conduct of British Empire foreign relations since the peace settlement.
42154: TOYNBEE, A.J. [ARNOLD J.], - Turkey; a past and a future.
30302: TOZZER, ALFRED M., - Excavation of a site at Santiago Ahuitzotla, D. F. Mexico.
39005: TRACY, JOSEPH P. AND JOHN A. NORCROSS, - "Doc Flighty".
43174: TRACY, JAMES D., - The political economy of merchant empires. [Cover subtitle: State power and world trade, 1350-1750]
36701: AMSTERDAM BOARD OF TRADE, - Official manual of the Board of Trade, Amsterdam, N.Y., organized in 1884, containing portraits of officers, constitution and by-laws, list of members, history, views, etc.
36162: TRAHARD, PIERRE ET PIERRE JOSSERAND, - Bibliographie des oeuvres de Prosper Merimee.
37659: TRAIN, GEORGE FRANCIS, - Young America in Wall-Street.
30946: TRAMONTANO, JAN MARIN, - Standing on the corner of lost and found.
41954: TRANCIK, ROGER, - Hamlets of the Adirondacks; history, preservation and investment.
32015: TRANSTRÖMER, TOMAS, - The deleted world. Versions by Robin Robertson.
26287: TRANSUE, PAMELA J., - Virginia Woolf and the politics of style.
37679: TRANTINO, TOMMY, - Lock the lock.
43013: TRAPE, AGOSTINO (ROTELLE, JOHN E., ED.), - The message of Saint Rita of Cascia.
39448: TRASK, WILLARD, ED., - Joan of Arc; self-portrait. Compiled and translated into English from the original Latin and French sources.
3099: TRAUTMANN, URS., - Die Entwicklung der Rententheorie. (PhD dissertation, University of Zurich).
37453: TRAVEN, B., - Regierung; Roman.
24025: TRAVEN, B., - Die Rebellion der Gehenkten.
24010: TRAVEN, B., - Die Brücke [Brucke] im Dschungel.
13446: TRAVEN, B., - Das Toten Schiff; die Geschichte eines amerikanischen Seemans.
28325: TRAVEN, B., - Die Baumwoll-Pflücker [Pflucker].
33537: TRAVEN, B., - Der Karren.
23550: TRAVERS, MORRIS W., - A life of Sir William Ramsay.
33387: TRELEASE, ALLEN W., - Indian affairs in colonial New York; the seventeenth century.
33782: TREMBLAY, ALFRED, - Cruise of the Minnie Maud; Arctic Seas and Hudson Bay, 1920-11 and 1912-13. Compiled and translated by A. B. Reader.
21648: TREWHITT, PHILIP AND CHRIS MCNAB, - Fighting vehicles of the world; over 600 tanks and AFVs of the world.
42741: TRIGGLE, DAVID J., MURALI GOPALAKRISHNAN, DAVID RAMPE AND WEI ZHENG, EDS., - Voltage-gated ion channels as drug targets.
39999: TRINCHARD, REV. PAUL, - Apostasy within; the demonic in the (Catholic) American church.
21277: TRIPODI, NINO, - I crepuscolari; saggio e composizioni.
28476: TRISTAM, H.B., - The great Sahara; wanderings south of the Atlas Mountains. With maps and illustrations.
39743: TRIVANOVITCH, VASO, - Economic development of Germany under National Socialism.
13142: TRJITZINSKY, W. J., - Analytic theory of non-linear singular differential equations. (Memorial des sciences mathematiques, fascicule XC.)
13143: TRJITZINSKY, W. J., - Analytic theory of non-linear singular differential equations. (Memorial des sciences mathematiques, fascicule XC.)
30749: TROELSTRA, P.J., - De politieke taak der socialistische; rede gehouden op zondag 2 maart 1919 te Luzern.
30750: TROELSTRA, P.J., - De S.D.A.P.; wat zij is en wat zij wil.
30751: TROELSTRA, P.J., - De wereldoorlog en de sociaaldemokratie. Tweede druk.
30837: TROELSTRA, P.J., - De revolutie en de S.D.A.P.
30694: TROELSTRA, P.J., - Gedenkschriften; eerste deel: Wording; tweede deel: Groei; derde deel: Branding; vierde deel: Storm. 4-volume set.
30748: TROELSTRA, P.J., - Een politiek testament; stenografisch verslag der redevoeringen gehouden door Mr. P.J. Troelstra, in de vergaderingen der tweede kamer op 18 en 26 Novermber 1924.
30717: TROELSTRA, P.J., - De S.D.A.P.; wat zij is en wat zij wil.
30807: TROELSTRA, P.J., - Inzake partijleiding; toelichtingen en gegevens.
30712: TROELSTRA, P.J., - Van leed en strijd; verspreide stukken (1892-1898).
25817: TROELTSCH, ERNST, - Die Dynamik der Geschichte nach der Geschichtsphilosophie des Positivismus.
22321: TROLLE, ALF, - Beretning om m/s "Thor" havundersogelsestoft 1934, med 22 illustrationer, 3 kort i teksten, 3 planer og 1 kort, samt et Fransk og Engelsk resume. [Publikationer om Østgrønland [Ostgronland] udgivet af Kaptajn Alf Trolle og hustrus legat til minde om Danmark-ekspeditionen 1906-1908, n.r. 3]
38309: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY (R.H. SUPER, ED.), - The fixed period; a novel. Edited by R.H. Super.
38235: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Cousin Henry. Introduction by J. Hillis Miller. Two volume set.
38236: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Linda Tressel. Introduction by James Gindin. Two volume set.
38237: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - Nina Balatka. Introduction by James Gindin. Two volume set.
38240: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - An eye for an eye.
38242: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - La vendee. Introduction by Robert Tracy. Three volume set.
29683: TROLLOPE, JEFFREY, - The care and breeding of seedeating birds; finches and allied species - doves, quail and hemipodes.
38311: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - An old man's love. Introduction by A.L. Rowse. Two volume set.
38312: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY, - The golden lion of Granpere. Introduction by David Skilton.
39556: TROUT, ANDREW, - Jean-Baptiste Colbert.
42996: TRUE, FREDERICK W., ED., - A history of the first half-century of the National Academy of Sciences, 1863-1913.
9066: TRUMPF, PETER., - Die Spielkarte; eine unterhaltsame Plauderei über "Des Teufels Bilderbuch" in sechs Jahrhunderten.
31382: TRUMPLER, HANS, - Der Kampf um die Seele der Menschen; eine kritische Studie über die Ideen als innere Kräfte des menschlichen Zusammenlebens.
14740: TRYFIATES, GEORGE P. AND KEDAR N. PRASAD, EDS., - Nutrition, growth, and cancer. Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Nutrition, Growth, and Cancer held in Athens, Greece, April 26-30, 1987.
33092: TSCHERMAK, GUSTAV (JOHN A. WOOD AND E. MATHILDE WOOD, TRS.), - The microscopic properties of meteorites/Die Mikroskopische Beschaffenheit der Meteoriten.
25103: TSCHICHOLD, JAN, - Geschichte der Schrift in Bildern.
38894: TSCHUDI, CLARA (ETHEL HARRIET HEARN, TR.), - Ludwig the Second, King of Bavaria. Translated from the Norwegian by Ethel Harriet Hearn. With coloured portrait.
29476: TSCHUDY, ABT RAIMUND, - Die Benediktiner.
22738: TSESEVICH, V.P., - RR lyrae stars (zvezdy tipa RR Liry). Translated from the Russian.
5104: TSURU, SHIGETO., - Essays on Japanese economy.
39781: TUCK, LILY, - The double life of Liliane; a novel.
40320: TUCKER, WILLIAM JEWETT, - My generation; an autobiographical interpretation.
28291: TUCKER, ROBERT W. AND DAVID C. HENDRICKSON, - Empire of Liberty; the statecraft of Thomas Jefferson.
11649: TUCKER, KENNETH., - A bibliography of writings by and about John Ford and Cyril Tourneur.
38929: TUDJMAN, FRANJO, - Nationalism in contemporary Europe.
42251: TUDOR, ANDREW, - Image and influence; studies in the sociology of film.
42649: TUER, ANDREW, - Bartolozzi and his works; a biographical and descriptive account of the life and career of Francesco Bartolozzi, R.A. Two volumes.
41592: TUGWELL, SIMON, ED., - Early Dominicans; selected writings. Edited with an introduction by Simon Tugwell. Preface by Father Vincent de Couesnongle.
32290: TUGWELL, SIMON, - Human immortality and the redemption of death.
30088: TULARD, JEAN, - Nouvelle histoire de Paris; Le Consulat et l'Empire, 1800-1815.
26857: TULLEY, HENRY C., - Tulley's handbook; steam and electrical; practical care and management of boilers, stokers, fuels, combustion, pumps, gages, valves, engines, turbines, motors and generators, refrigeration, elevators, meters, air compressing, heating and ventilating, internal combustion engines, etc., etc. In three volumes. COMPLETE SET.
29077: TUMARKIN, NINA, - Lenin lives!; the Lenin cult in Soviet Russia.
24556: TUNKIN, G.I., - Das Völkerrecht [Volkerrecht] der Gegenwart; Theorie und Praxis.
36442: TÜRKER [TURKER], IRMGARD UND SEFIK, HRSG., - Kostbarkeiten orientalischer Teppichknüpfkunst [Teppichknupfkunst]. Anlässlich des 10jährigen Firmenjubiläums [Anlasslich des 10jahrigen Firmenjubilaums] und der Orientteppichausstellung in der Nancy-Halle in Karlsruhe, vom 17. 11. 73 bis 16. 12. 73.
33948: TURNBALL, H.W. AND A.C. AITKEN, - An introduction to the theory of canonical matrices.
34654: TURNER, PAUL V., - The grand design; Joseph Ramée's [Ramee's] drawings for the Union College campus; April 11 - May 26, 2013, Mandeville Gallery.
22940: TURNER, THOMAS REED, - Beware the people weeping; public opinion and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
38965: TURNER, HENRY A., ED., - Nazism and the Third Reich. Edited with an introduction by Henry A. Turner, Jr.
16874: TURNER, JOHN, - Macmillan.
42177: TURNER, HARRY WINTHROP AND HENRY METCALF HOBART, - The insulation of electric machines. With 162 illustrations.
34938: TURNER, EDWARD RAYMOND, - The Privy Council of England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 1603-1784. Two volume set.
33322: TURNEY-HIGH, HARRY HOLBERT, - Chateau-Gerard; the life and times of a Walloon village.
33513: TWAIN, MARK, - Przygody Tomka Sawyera. Przelozyl Kazimierz Piotrowski.
25708: TWERASER,FELIX W., - Political dimensions of Arthur Schnitzler's late fiction.
34357: TWITCHETT, E.G., - Life of a seaman; Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of DunDonald.
20694: TYING, STEPHEN H., - The child of prayer; a father's memorial to the Rev. Dudley A. Tying.
16106: TYMIENIECKA, ANNA-TERESA, ED., - Man's self-interpretation-in-existence: phenomenology and the philosophy of life: introducing the Spanish perspective. (Analecta Husserliana; the yearbook of phenomenological research; Vol. XXIX).
32689: TYNAN, KATHERINE (MONK GIBBON, ED.), - The poems of Katherine Tynan. Edited with an introduction by Monk Gibbon.
40558: TYNDALL, JOHN, - Heat; a mode of motion. Sixth edition.
32872: TYNDALL, CHARLES (OLIVER WAGSTAFF, ILLUS.), - The ancient Parish and Church of St. John the Baptist, Sligo; from early times to disestablishment. Illustrated by Oliver Wagstaff.
37904: TYRELL, ARLBRECHT, HRSG., - Bibliographie zur Deutschlandpolitik, 1941-1974. Bearbeitet von Marie-Luise Goldbach, Werner John, Hannelore Nathan, Karlbeinz Niclauß [Niclauss], Karl-Günter [Karl-Gunter] Schirrmeister und Albrecht Tyrell.
18846: TYRRELL, BERNARD J., - Christotherapy II: the fasting and feasting heart.
36130: TYRRELL, WM. (WILLIAM) BLAKE, - Amazons; a study in Athenian mythmaking.
31185: TZAIR, RAV, - Book of memories; portraits and appraisals: 1. Sages of Odessa; 2. Personalities and scribes. (Collected works of Rav Tzair)
40792: TZARA, TRISTAN (RENE LACOTE), - Tristan Tzara; choix de textes, bibliographie, dessins, portraits, fac-simile, poemes inedits. Presentation par Rene Lacote.
30465: UBEDA, FRANCISCO LOPEZ DE, - La picara Justina.
37479: UDET, ERNST, - Mein Fliegerleben. Mit 78 Abbildungen.
17240: UHLIG, KARL HEINZ, - Die Zeit der furchterlichen Zeichen: kolportagehafte Darstellung eines Pandamoniums.
21154: UJVARY-MAIER, ERIKA, - Studien zum Frühwerk Ilja Erenburgs; der Roman Chulio Churenito. Abhandlung zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Philosophischen Fakultät I der Universität Zürich. Angenommen auf Antrag von P. Brang.
28709: ULIVE, UGO, - Memorias de teatro y cine.
25872: ULLMANN, S.O.A. (SAMSON), - Rossetti, Stillman, and the Union College "Willowwood" manuscripts, with two previously unpublished drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
25361: ULLSTEIN, DR. LEOPOLD, - Eugen Richter als Publizist und Herausgeber; ein Beitrag zum Thema "Parteipresse".
26402: ULMER, GREGORY L., - Applied grammatology; post(e)-pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys.
35124: ULRICHS, CARL LUDWIG VON, ED., - Codex; urbis Romae topographicus.
38049: UNALI, ANNA, - Mercanti e artigiani Italiani a Cordova nella seconda meta del quattrocento.
17977: UNAMUNO, MIGUEL DE, - Abel Sánchez. Unabridged novel of Miguel de Unamuno, edited, and with an introduction, by Ángel del Río, Columbia University, and Amelia de Del Río.
31993: UNAMUNO, MIGUEL DE, - Cancionero; diario poetico. Edicion y prologo de Frederico de Onis.
31448: UNAMUNO, MIGUEL DE (ELEANOR L. TURNBULL, TR.), - The Christ of Velazquez. Translated by Eleanor L. Turnbull.
39602: UNDERWOOD, F.M., - United Italy. With twenty-one illustrations.
37179: UNDERWOOD, LORI J., - Kant's correspondence theory of truth; an analysis and critique of Anglo-American alternatives.
36861: UNDSET, SIGRID, - Ida Elisabeth.
42799: UPPER MANTLE COMMITTEE - UNESCO, - East African rift system; I: Report of the UMC/UNESCO Seminar on the East African Rift System; II: Report on the geology and geophysics of the East African Rift System.
42588: UNGER, MAX, - Ein Faustopernplan Beethovens und Goethes. Mit zwei Sepiazeichnungen des Verfassers.
31603: UNGERN-STERNBERG, RODERICH V. [VON], - Die Ursachen des Geburtenrückganges [Geburtenruckganges] im europäischen [europaischen] Kulturkreis.
15027: UNION PANAMERICANA / PAN AMERICAN UNION, - Diccionario de la literatura latinoamericana: Ecuador.
21634: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE, - Soil survey of Juniata and Mifflin Counties, Pennsylvania
15339: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, - Labor law and practice in the Republic of Viet-nam (South Viet-nam).
28609: UNITED STATES ARMY, PACIFIC, - Quarters 5.
37923: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, CENSUS OFFICE (PORTER, ROBERT P.), - Compendium of the eleventh census: 1890; part 1: Population; part 2: Vital and social statistics; educational and church statistics; wealth, debt, and taxation; mineral industries; insurance; foreign born population; manufactures; part 3: Population; state or territory of birth; country of birth and citizenship (analyses only); foreign parentage; conjugal condition; ages; school attendance; illiteracy; can not speak English; occupations; soldiers and widows; agriculture; manufactures; fisheries; transportation; wealth, debt and taxtion; real estate mortgages; farms and homes; Indians.
37820: UNIVERSIDAD DE BARCELONA, FACULTAD DE FILOLIGIA, DEPARTAMENTO DE HEBREO Y ARAMEO, - Catalogo de los libros del departamento de Hebreo y Arameo y de la seccion de Hebreo de la Institucion Mila y Fontanals del C.S.I.C.
8254: UNIVERSIDAD DE BARCELONA, DEPARTEMENTO DE FILOLOGÍA ESPAÑOLA., - Antonio Machado: el poeta y su doble. Intervenciones del Simposium celebrado en la Universidad de Barcelona...1989.
39397: UNIVERSITATS COMENIANA, FILOZOFICKEJ FAKULTY, - Historica Zbornik Filozofickej Faculty; vol. 22-26 (1970-1975). Five volumes in four.
22406: ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY, - The Ulysses Sumner Milburn collection of Hawthorniana.
11751: ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY., - The Frank P. Piskor collection of Edwin Arlington Robinson.
39331: THE UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY OF THE UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY, STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (LIDDLE, NANCY), - The faces of the city; Albany portraits from three centuries. An exhibition commemorating the Tricentennial celebration of the charter of the city of Albany, New York, September 2-October 19, 1986.
35350: LIBRARY OF CORNELL UNIVERSITY, - Catalogue of the historical library of Andrew Dickson White, first president of Cornell University; 1: The Protestant Reformation and its forerunners. Vol. 1 only.
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20885: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, - Georg Büchner [Buchner]; Persönlichkeit [Personlichkeit], Weltbild, Werk.
20884: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, - Georg Büchner [Buchner]; Persönlichkeit [Personlichkeit], Weltbild, Werk.
17373: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, ED., - Goethe im Kontext: Kunst und Humanität [Humanitat], Naturwissenschaft und Politik von der Aufklärung [Aufklarung] bis zur Restauration. Ein Symposium.
17374: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, ED., - Verlorene Klassik? Ein Symposium.
17371: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, ED., - Verantwortung und Utopie: zur Literatur der Goethezeit. Ein Symposium.
17368: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, - Der junge Hebbel: zur Entstehung und zum Wesen der Tragödie [Tragodie] Hebbels.
17369: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, - Der junge Hebbel: zur Entstehung und zum Wesen der Tragödie [Tragodie] Hebbels.
4011: WITTKOWSKI, ADOLF., - Schrifttum zum Marshallplan, und zur wirtschaftlichen Integration Europas.
31598: WITTKOWSKI, WOLFGANG, - Religiöse [Religiose] Geheimsignale; Ethik, Bibel, Kirshenjahr.
20487: WITWICKI, WLADYSLAW, - Wiadomosci o stylach.
39644: WOCKER, KARL HEINZ, - Königen [Konigen] Victoria; eine Biographie.
37322: WODEHOUSE, P. G. (PELHAM GRENVILLE), - Blandings Castle.
37324: WODEHOUSE, P. G. [PELHAM GRENVILLE] (MAY WILSON PRESTON, ILLUS.), - Piccadilly Jim. Illustrated by May Wilson Preston.
25218: WOELLNER, FREDRIC P., - The highlands of the mind; a psychological analysis of The Sermon on the Mount.
20870: WOESE, GÜNTHER (UWE SEEMANN, PHOTOS.), - Güstrow; das Herz Mecklenburgs.
15448: WOESTHOFF, P.F., - De Indische decentralisatie-wetgeving.
20798: WOHMANN, GABRIELE, - Komm lieber Mai; Gedichte.
39802: WOJCIK, ZBIGNIEW, - Dzikie pola w ogniu; o kozaczyznie w dawnej rzeczypospolitej.
38684: WOLF-DEVINE, CELIA, - Descartes on seeing; epistemology and visual perception.
15326: WOLF, CHARLES, - Selected economic development projects in Burma and Indonesia: notes and comments.
31123: WOLF, WILHELM, - Fahrrad und Radfahrer; allen Radsportsgenoffen gewidmer. Mit 328 Text-Abbildungen und einer Karte.
23264: WOLFE, TOM, - Carving the Civil War with Tom Wolfe.
29320: WÖLFER [WOLFER], JÜRGEN JURGEN], - Si [Sy] Zentner and his orchestra; a discography. Also including Bob Florence and his orchestra.
32342: WOLFF, SAM DE, - En toch...!; driekwart eeuw socialisme in vogelvlucht.
4868: WOLFF, DANIEL., - The real world; a series of poems describing a circumnavigation of the globe.
21483: WOLFF, HANS M., - Thomas Mann; Werk und Bekenntnis.
30619: WOLFF, S. DE, - Het economisch getij; bijdrage tot de verklaring van het conjunctuurverschijnsel.
38012: WOLFF, PHILIPPE, ED., - Histoire du Languedoc. Publiee sous la direction de Philippe Wolff.
11724: WOLFF, HELLMUTH CHRISTIAN., - Oper; Szene und Darstellung von 1600 bis 1900.
31900: WOLFF, JUSTIN, - Thomas Hart Benton; a life.
28485: WÖLFFLIN [WOLFFLIN], HEINRICH, - Gedanken zur Kunstgeschichte, Gedrucktes und Ungedrucktes. Mit 24 Abbildungen.
26727: WOLFRAM, SYBIL, - Philosophical logic; an introduction.
11839: WOLFSKEHL, KARL., - Sang aus dem Exil.
35559: WOLLE, FRANCIS, - Desmids of the United States and list of American pediastrums with nearly fourteen hundred illustrations on sixty-four colored plates.
39648: WOLLSCHLÄGER [WOLLSCHLAGER], PETER, - Kampfstofforschung und ärztliches [arztliches] Gewissen der Beitrag der Medizin zur chemischen Kriegführung [Kriegfuhrung], 1914-1933.
20831: WOLTER, CHRISTINE, - Wie ich meine Unschuld verlor; Erzählungen.
40356: WOLTER, FRANZ, - Franz von Pocci als Simplizissimus der Romantik. Mit 10 farbigen Tafeln und 144 Abbildungen.
36956: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOMEN, - Women in a changing world; the dynamic story of the International Council of Women since 1888.
38109: WOMERSLEY, STEVE, ED., - Payette Associates; an evolution of ideas.
34939: WONG, YOUNG-TSU, - Search for modern nationalism; Zhang Binglin and revolutionary China, 1869-1936.
30350: WOOD, JAMES PLAYSTED, - New England Academy; Wilbraham to Wilbraham & Monson.
26552: WOOD, ALLEN W., - Karl Marx.
43055: WOOD, DAVID H. ( VAUGHN GRAY, ILLUS.), - Lenox; Massachusetts shire town. Drawings by Vaughn Gray.
14321: WOOD, ALBERT E., - The Oligocene rodents of North America (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, volume 70, part 5, 1980).
38297: WOOD, ELLEN (MRS. HENRY), - The Channings.
40392: WOOD, DON A., ED., - Red-cockaded Woodpecker Symposium II; proceedings.
10836: WOOD, DON A., - Endangered species: concepts, principles and programs: a bibliography.
39538: WOOD, MARGARET, - The English mediaeval house.
29979: WOOD, CHARLES A. AND JÜRGEN [JURGEN] KIENLE (COMPILERS AND EDITORS), - Volcanoes of North America; United States and Canada.
43114: WOODHOUSE, C.M., - Something ventured.
42610: WOODROFFE, COLIN D., - Coasts; forms, process and evolution.
32810: WOODRUFF, DIANNE L., ED., - Essays in dance research from the Fifth CORD Conference, Philadelphia, November 11-14, 1976.
28120: WOODS, DIANE E., ED. (IN CONSULTATION WITH SHEILA H. AKABAS), - Employer initiatives in the employment or re-employment of people with disabilities; views from abroad.
28108: WOODS, DIANE E. ED., - Rehabilitation in Australia and New Zealand; U.S. observations.
28069: WOODS, DIANE E., ED., - Traditional and changing views of disability in developing societies.
28008: WOODS, REGINA, - Tales from inside the iron lung and how I got out of it. With a foreword by David E. Rogers.
12672: WOODS, HENRY ERNEST, ED., - Vital records of Tyringham, Massachusetts, to the year 1850.
26924: WOODSIDE, ALEXANDER B., - Community and revolution in modern Vietnam.
30405: WOODWARD, GERTRUDE L. (COMPILER), - English books and books printed in England before 1641 in The Newberry Library; a supplement to the record in the short title catalogue.
39177: WOODWARD, JOHN, - To do the sick no harm; a study of the British voluntary hospital system to 1875.
23828: WOODWORTH, STEVEN E. AND KENNETH J. WINKLE, - Atlas of the Civil War. (Foreword by James M. McPherson)
28973: WOODWORTH, STEVEN E., ED., - Civil War generals in defeat.
41382: WOOLF, D.R., ED., - A global encyclopedia of historical writing; vol. 1: A-J; vol. 2: K-Z.
21807: WOOLLEY, A.R., - Oxford; university and city; with foreword by Sir Maurice Bowra.
25111: WOOLWORTH'S, - Woolworth's first 75 years; the story of everybody's store, 1879-1954.
34297: WOON, BASIL, - The frantic Atlantic; an intimate guide to the well-known deep.
34783: WORDSWORTH, DOROTHY (ALAN G. HILL, ED.), - Letters of Dorothy Wordsworth. A selection edited by Alan G. Hill.
31099: WORKMEN'S CIRCLE, - Almanakh; fun di Nyu Yorker umparteyishe A.R. shuln.
31311: ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS, - Catalog E; high speed Illinite production tools; Shakeproof products (sold by Shakeproof Lock Washer Company).
23186: SHAKERS WORLD, - Shakers world; a magazine for the scattered friends of Shaker; vol. 1, nos. 2-4 and vol. 2, no. 1.
34292: YACHTING WORLD, - Yachting World annual 1960.
39151: NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR (FRANK MONAGHAN, ED.), - Official souvenir book of the New York World's Fair [1939].
7407: WORTH, DEAN S., - A bibliography of Russian word-formation.
20114: WORTHEN, JOHN, - D.H. Lawrence and the idea of the novel.
26579: WORTMAN, SHARON WOOD (JAY DEE ALLEY, ILLUS.), - The Portland Bridge book.
30415: WOUDE, A.M. VAN DER, - Her noorderkwartier; een regionaal historisch onderzoek in de demografische en economische geschiedenis van westelijk Nederland van de late middeleeuwen tot het begin van de negentiende eeuw. Deel 1-3.
40725: WOUK, HERMAN, - Sailor and fiddler; reflections of a 100-year-old author.
43149: WRAXALL, PETER (CHARLES HOWARD MCILWAIN, ED.), - An abridgment of the Indian affairs, contained in four folio volumes, transacted in the colony of New York, from the year 1678 to the year 1751. Edited with an introduction by Charles Howard McIlwain.
40204: WRIGHT, G. FREDERICK, - Charles Grandison Finney.
38581: WRIGHT, GEORG HENRIK VON, - The logical problem of induction.
25279: WRIGHT, C.P., - The St. Lawrence deep waterway; a Canadian appraisal.
6205: WRIGHT, ANDREW., - Blake's Job; a commentary.
16172: WRIGHT, ANTHONY, - R. H. Tawney
13158: WRIGHT, THOMAS GODDARD, - Literary culture in early New England, 1620 - 1730.
32034: WRIGHT, NOEL, - Quest for Franklin.
41754: WRIGHT, LYLE H., - American fiction; a conribution toward a bibliography; vol. 1: 1774-1850, second revised; vol. 2: 1851-1875; vol. 3: 1876-1900. Three volume set.
36295: WRIGHT, STEPHEN, ED., - Classical scientific papers; physics. Facsimile reproductions of famous scientific paper. With an introduction by Stephen Wright.
36976: WRIGHT, NEIL, ED., - Lincolnshire's industrial heritage; a guide.
34149: WRIGHT, ANDREW H., - Jane Austen's novels; a study in structure.
28117: WRIGHTSON, BILL AND CAMPBELL POPE, - From barrier free to safe enviroments; the New Zealand experience.
25970: WRIGLEY, ROBERT E., - Systematics and biology of the woodland jumping mouse, Napaeozapus insignis.
37094: WROBLEWSKI, OTTO B., - Ti aar i C.A. Reitsels boglade.
42822: GUANGHUA WU, - Han Ying [Hanying] da ci dian [dacidian; cidian]; Chinese-English dictionary. Two volume set.
41796: WUBBEN, J.C. EBBINGE, - Kabinet van tekeningen; 16e en 17e eeuwse Hollandse en Vlaamse tekeningen uit een Amsterdamse verzameling. Tentoonstellingen; Rotterdam, Parijs, Brussel.
25196: WULF, JOSEF, - Das Dritte Reich und seine Vollstrecker; die Liquidation von 500,000 Juden im Ghetto Warschau.
11203: WUNDT, WILHELM., - The principles of morality and the departments of the moral life. Translated by Margaret Floy Washburn.
25615: WUNSCH-MAINZER, ILSE, - Zurück [Zuruck] nach vorn; mein Leben mit Prometheus.
29867: WUST, PETER, - Gestalten und Gedanken; Rückblick [Ruckblick] auf mein Leben.
20955: WUTHENOW, R.R. (RALF RAINER), ET AL., - Stefan George Colloquium.
19904: WUTHNOW, ROBERT, ED., - Rethinking materialism; perspectives on the spiritual dimension of economic behavior.
34185: WYATT, SIR THOMAS (KENNETH MUIR, ED.), - Collected poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt. Edited with an introduction by Kenneth Muir.
35084: WYCK, RICHARD T. VAN (VIRGINIA HUGHES KAMINSKY, ED.), - A war to petrify the heart; the Civil War letters of a Dutchess County, N.Y. Volunteer. Chapter introductions by John C. Quinn.
33298: WYSS, HILDE, - Bettina von Arnims Stellung zwischen der Romantik und dem jungen Deutschland.
24851: WYZEWA, T. DE, ET G. DE SAINT-FOX, - W.A. Mozart; sa vie musicale et son oeuvre de l'enfance a la pleine maturite, 1773-1777; essai de biographie critique; suivi d'un nouveau catalogue chronologique de l'oeuvre complete du maitre; vol. 2: Le jeune maitre. Ouvrage orne de cinq portraits et deux fac-similes.
24850: WYZEWA, T. DE ET G. DE SAINT-FOX, - W.A. Mozart; sa vie musicale et son oeuvre de l'enfance a la pleine maturite, 1756-1773; essai de biographie critique; suivi d'un nouveau catalogue chronologique de l'oeuvre complete du maitre; vol. 1: L'enfant-prodige. Ouvrage orne de huit portraits et quatre fac-similes.
33099: YACOBI, B.G. AND D.B. HOLT, - Cathodoluminescence microscopy of inorganic solids.
32127: YAKER, HENRI, HUMPHRY OSMOND AND FRANCES CHEEK, EDS., - The future of time; man's temporal environment.
41587: YAKYMCHUK, NELLIE A., - Iskusstvo gzheli/Painted pottery from Gzhel.
22464: YAMANAKA, NORIO, - The love of kimono embraces the whole world.
40590: YAN, JINYUE, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, - Handbook of clean energy systems. COMPLETE SET. 6 volumes. Vol. 1: Renewable energy; vol. 2: Clean energy; conversion technologies; vol. 3: Mitigation technologies; vol. 4: Intelligent energy systems; vol. 5: Energy storage; vol. 6: Sustainability of energy systems.
31916: YANITELLI, VICTOR R., ED., - A Newman Symposium; report on the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Catholic Renascence Society at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., April 1952.
32742: YEATS, MICHAEL B., - Cast a cold eye; memories of a poet's son and politician.
32686: YEATS, JOHN BUTLER (WILLIAM M. MURPHY, ED.), - Letters from Bedford Park; a selection from the correspondence (1890 - 1901) of John Butler Yeats. Edited, with introduction and notes by William M. Murphy.
32630: YEATS, W.B. [WILLIAM BUTLER] (ALISON ARMSTRONG, ED.), - The Herne's egg; manuscript materials.
32632: YEATS, W.B. [WILLIAM BUTLER] (DENIS DONOGHUE, ED.), - Memoirs; autobiography-first draft-journal. Transcribed and edited by Denis Donoghue.
32880: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER AND PATRICK MCCARTAN (JOHN UNTERECKER, COMMENTARY), - Yeats and Patrick McCartan; a Fenian friendship; letters. With a commentary by John Unterecker, and an address on Yeats the Fenian by Patrick McCartan. Being no. X of the Dolmen press Yeats Centenary Papers.
32649: YEATS, JACK B. (ROBIN SKELTON, ED.), - The collected plays of Jack B. Yeats. Edited, with an introduction by Robin Skelton.
32853: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER (MICHAEL J. DURKAN, CATALOGUER), - William Butler Yeats, 1865-1965; a catalogue of his works and associated items in Olin Library, Wesleyan University, together with an essay by David R. Clark '42. Catalogue by Michael J. Durkan.
37401: YEDDER, KARIM BEN, - Puits et puisatiers dans la Tunisie coloniale.
41568: YEHOSHUA, A.B. (STUART SCHOFFMAN, TR.), - The extra. Translated from the Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman.
33577: YELLOWITZ, IRWIN, ED., - Essays in the history of New York City; A memorial to Sidney Pomerantz.
24438: YEPES, J.M., - Le panamericanisme au point de vue historique et politique. Preface de J.G. Guerrero.
38052: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY, - Don't die before you're dead. Translated by Antonina W. Bouis.
27582: YEW, WEI, ED., - Storks & bonds; the best of designer wedding invitations and birth announcements.
27679: YIN, MA, ED., - China minority nationalities.
42783: YIP, VIRGINIA AND STEPHEN MATTHEWS, - Basic Cantonese; a grammar and workbook.
17989: YNDURAIN, FRANCISCO, - De lector a lector.
32781: VELOZ AND YOLANDA, - Tango and Rumba; the dances of today and tomorrow. Described by Veloz and Yolanda. With many illustrations from photographs of these two popular dances for which the authors posed. Introduction and choreography by Willard Hall.
31102: KYUJANGGAK HAN'GUKHAK YON'GUWON, - Kyujanggak kwa ch'aek ui munhwasa.
37698: YOORS, JAN AND ANDRE A. LOPEZ, - The gypsies of Spain. Text by Jan Yoors. Photographs by Andre A. Lopez.
34359: THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK., - Transactions of the American Institute of the City of New York for the year 1853.
41000: THE HOLLAND SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, - Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, 1683-1809. Excerpted from year books of The Holland Society of New York. With an introduction by Louis Duermyer.
32904: THE ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY CLUB OF NEW YORK, - Spring: An annual of archetypal psychology and Jungian thought;
4951: ASSOCIATION OF THE BAR OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK., - Electricity and the environment; the reform of legal institutions. Report of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Special Committee on Electric Power and the Environment. Sheldon Oliensis, chairman, Charles A. Ehren, executive director.
36481: STATE OF NEW YORK, - Report of the Hudson Valley Survey Commission to the legislature, March 1, 1939.
37800: STATE OF NEW YORK, - The legislative manual of the State of New York for 1861.
34971: YOUNG, D.M., - The colonial office in the early ninteenth century.
35830: YOUNG, BERT EDWARD AND GRACE PHILPUTT YOUNG, - Le registre de la Grange, 1659-1685. Reproduit en fac-simile avec un index et une notice sur la Grange et sa part dans le Theatre de Moliere; tome 1: Registre et index; tome 2: Notice sur la Grange et son oeuvre comparaison des anciens registres de la comedie Francaise historique des premiers recueils de Moliere.
28110: YOUNG, REV. ERNLÉ W.D (DIANE E. WOODS, ED.), - Societal provision for the long-term needs of the disabled in Britain and Sweden relative to decision-making in newborn intensive care units.
32407: YOUNG, ROBERT J.C., - White mythologies; writing history and the West.
22422: YOUNG, ERIC (BOWES MUSEUM), - Catalogue of Spanish paintings, with introduction by Elizabeth Conran.
20282: YOUNG, ALAN, - Tudor and Jacobean tournaments.
39858: YOUNG, HESTER, - The gates of Evangeline.
34215: YOUNG, LOUISE MERWIN, - Thomas Carlyle and the art of history.
40823: YOUNG, ARTHUR, - Political arithmetic. Containing observations on the present state of Great Britain; and the principles of her policy in the encouragement of agriculture. Addressed to the Oeconomical Societies established in Europe. To which is Added, A Memoir on the Corn Trade: Drawn up and laid before the Commissioners of the Treasury. By Governor Pownall. By Arthur Young, Esq. F. R. S. Author of the Tours through England-Honorary Member of the Societies of Dublin, York, and Manchester, and of the Oeconomical Society of Berne in Switzerland.
28456: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS, - Wonders of the Himalaya. With frontispiece and map.
11563: YOUNGKEN, HEBER W., ED., - For Nelson Fithian Davis: a volume to commemorate his sixty-fifth birthday, tenth August, 1872-1937.
41675: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE, - Essais et memoires.
41676: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE, - Oeuvres romanesques. Avant-propos de l'auteur chronologie.
39943: YOURGRAU, WOLFGANG AND ALLEN D. BRECK, EDS., - Physics, logic, and history; based on the First International Colloquium held at the University of Denver, May 16-20, 1966.
17342: GREENE COUNTY 4-H LEADERS FOR YOUTH, - Atlas & plat book, Greene County, Pennsylvania.
34943: YRIARTE, CHARLES, - La vie d'un patricien de Venise au seizieme siecle, d'apres les papiers d'etat des archives de Venise.
40326: YU, YONG AND YALIN ZHANG, - Chang yong tao ci zhuang shi wen yang.
32251: YÜKLEYEN, AHMET, - Localizing Islam in Europe; Turkish Islamic communities in Germany and the Netherlands.
36874: YVER, JEAN, - La ville de Caen Le gouverneur et les premiers intendants de 1636 à [a] 1679.
30544: ZAAL, WIM, - De herstellers; lotgevallen van de Nederlandse fascisten en van Wouter Lutkie's tijdschrift Aristo.
30683: ZAAL, WIM, - De Nederlandse fascisten.
27391: ZACHRISSON, BROR, - Textningsboken.
25798: ZACKHEIM, VICTORIA, ED., - The face in the mirror; writers reflect on their dreams of youth and the reality of age.
40357: ZADOKS, ANNIE N., JOSEPHUS JITTA EN CAGO V.D. MEULEN, - De hond staat model; reproducties van oude en niewe kunstwerken. Met kunsthistorische en kynologische toelichtingen.
36182: ZAGONEL, GIAMPAOLO, - Lorenzo da Ponte; la straordinaria vita del poeta di Mozart.
41268: ZAHL, HAROLD A., - Electrons away, or, tales of a government scientist. With a forward by Jerome B. Wiesner.
17683: ZAHN, THEODOR (JACOBUS, MELANCTHON WILLIAMS, ET AL., TRANS.), - Introduction to the New Testament. Translated from the third German edition. In three volumes.
21122: ZALYGIN, SERGEI, - Literaturnye zaboty.
42367: ZAMACOIS, MIGUEL (JOHN N. RAPHAEL, TR.), - The jesters; a simple story in four acts of verse. Adapted from the French by John N. Raphael.
42368: ZAMACOIS, MIGUEL (JOHN N. RAPHAEL, TR.), - The jesters; a simple story in four acts of verse. Adapted from the French by John N. Raphael.
33981: ZANDER, ROBERT, FRITZ ENCKE UND GÜNTHER [GUNTHER] BUCHEIM., - Handwörterbuch [Handworterbuch] der Pflanzennamen und ihre Erklärungen [Erklarungen]. 9. Auflage. Völlig [Vollig] neubearbeitet von Robert Zander, Fritz Encke und Günther [Gunther] Bucheim.
24965: ZANDER, ERNST, - Die Kampagne gegen die Remilitarisierung in Deutschland.
11538: ZANDER, JOSEF UND FRITZ ZIMMER., - Die bayerische Gesellschaft für Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde: eine documentation Anlasslich ihres 75jährigen Bestehens.
30612: ZANDSTRA, EVERT, - Vrijheid; het leven van F. Domela Nieuwenhuis.
9672: ZANETTA, PIERO., - Ghemme al tempo degli Antonelli.
40360: ZANUTELLI ROSAS, MANUEL, - Pisco; cronicas y relaciones que se refieren al origen y virtudes del bebida tradicional y patrimonio del Peru.
25285: ZAPF, WOLFGANG, HRSG., - Beiträge [beitrage] zur Analyse der deutschen Oberschicht.
37432: ZAPLETAL, FLORIAN (PAUL R. MAGOCSI, ED.), - Holzkirchen in den Karpaten; die Fotografien Florian Zapletals ausgewählt [ausgewahlt] und eingeleitet von Paul R. Magocsi/Wooden churches in the Carpathians; the photographs of Florian Zapletal, selected and introduced by Paul R. Magocsi.
39598: ZAPP, ALBERT, - Untersuchungen zum Nationalsozialistischen Deutschen Ärztebund (NSDÄB).
32830: ZARADIN, JOHN (ARRANGER), - Guitar music of Cuba; a collection of popular Cuban music for solo guitar. Edited and arranged by John Zaradin.
35744: ZASLOFF, JOSEPH J., - The Pathet Lao; leadership and organization.
37841: THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND, - Large earthquakes in New Zealand; anticipation, precaution, reconstruction. Proceedings of a conference held at Napier, New Zealand, 31 January-3 February 1981 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Hawkes Bay earthquake.
39204: ZEDLITZ-TRÜTZSCHLER [TRUTZSCHLER], COUNT ROBERT (ALFRED KALISCH, TR.), - Twelve years at the Imperial German Court. Translated by Alfred Kalisch.
29823: ZEEB, DR. KLAUS (URSULA GUTTMANN, FOTOGRAFIERT), - Wildpferde in Dülmen [Dulmen]; Pferde, wie sie wirklich leben, beobachtet in freier Wildbahn.
43016: ZEEPVAT, CHARLOTTE, - Prince Leopold; the untold story of Queen Victoria's youngest son.
32349: ZEEUW, CHR. A. DE RUYTER-DE, - Hendrik Spiekman; de grondvester van de Rotterdamse sociaal-democratie, 13 februari 1874-18 november 1917.

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