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043258: SANDMEL, SAMUEL, - The Hebrew Scriptures; an Introduction to Their Literature and Religious Ideas..
007006: SANDOZ, MARI, - Sandhill Sundays and Other Recollections..
030629: SANDOZ, MARI, - "I Do Not apologize for the Length of This letter"; the Mari Sandoz letters on Native American Rights, 1940-1965..
013234: SANDQUIST, T. A. AND M. R. POWICKE, EDS., - Essays in Medieval History Presented to Bertie Wilkinson...
010034: SANDS, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, - Our Jungle Diplomacy..
018932: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A., ED., - Photography in Nineteenth-Century America..
037774: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A, - Carlotta Corpron; Designer with Light..
012861: SANDWITH, GEORGE, - Magical Mission..
019340: SANDYS, CELIA, - Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive..
004123: SANFORD, GEORGE, - Military Rule in Poland; the Rebuilding of Communist Power, 1981-1983..
014059: SANFORD, ANTHONY J., - The Mind of Man; Models of Human Understanding..
038416: SANFORD, ELISE MITCHELL, - Elise Mitchell Sanford: The Stuff of Dreams..
025534: SANGER, ALEXANDER, - Beyond Choice; Reproductive Freedom in the 21sst Century..
035841: SANGSTER, MARGARET E, - The Art of Home-Making; in City and Country, in Mansion and Cottage..
042035: SANGUINETI, EDOARDO, - Tra Liberty e Crepuscolarismo..
022094: SANI, SAMMANI, - Political Language as a Source of lexical Expansion; the Case of Hausa..
014822: SANIN, N. A., - Constructive Real Numbers and Constructive Function Spaces..
038046: SANKEY, CHARLES, - The Spartan and Theben Supremacies..
040054: SANPAOLESI, PIERO, - Il Duomo di PIsa e l'architettura romanica toscana delle Origini..
042663: SANSOLINI, CECILIA, - Il pensiero teologico spirituale di Sisto V nei sermoni anteriori al Pontificato..
039512: SANSOM, WILLIAM, - Proust and His World..
030788: SANSORES, WILLIAM BRITO, - Maya Writing; Hieroglyphs, Books of Chilam Balams, Place Names..
029928: SANTAYANA, GEORGE, - The Birth of Reason & Other Essays..
041810: SANTICH, BARBARA, - The Original Mediterranean Cuisine; Medieval Recipes for Today..
025846: SANTOLI, AL, - To Bear Any Burden; the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in the Worlds of Americans and Southeast Asians..
042230: SANTONASTASO, GIUSEPPE, - P. J. Proudhon..
042284: SANTOS, LUIS FELICIANO DOS, - Dicionario Portugues-Chope e Chope-Portugues..
006505: SANTURRI, EDMUND N., - Perplexity in the Moral Life; Philosophical and Theological Considerations..
023976: SAPIR, BARUCH AND DOV NEEMAN, - Capernaum (Kfar-Nachum); History and Legacy, Art and Archietcture..
016954: SAPOLSKY, ROBERT M., - A Primate's Memoir..
042034: SAPONARO, GIORGIO, - L'Acchiappanuvole..
018173: SAPORTA, SOL, - Psycholinguistics; a Book of Readings..
031417: SAPOZNIK, HENRY, - Klezmer! Jewish music from Old World to Our World..
017778: SAPPINGER, RODNEY AND TYLER STALLINGS, EDS., - Uncontrollable Bodies; testimonies of Identity and Culture..
039462: SAPUTO, LEN AND NANCY FAASS, EDS, - Boosting Immunity; Creating Wellness Naturally..
029706: SARAN, FRANZ, - Das Übersetzen aus dem Mittelhochdeutschen; eine Anleitung für Studierenede, Lehrer und zum Selbstunterricht..
020991: SARDE, MICHELE, - Colette; free and Fettered..
016110: SARGENT, PORTER, - Getting Us Into War..
026224: SARGENT, S. STANSFELD AND MARIAN W. SMITH, EDS., - Culture and Personality..
035638: SARGENT, CHARLES SPRAGUE, - Manual of the trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico)..
023623: SARKAR, R. C. S., - The Press in India..
009080: SARKAR, PRAFULLA C., - The Planning of Agriculture in India..
014061: SARMA, HEMANTA KUMAR, - Socio-religious Life of the Assamese Hindus (a Study of the Fasts and Festivals of Kamrup District..
032638: SARMIENTO, EDWARD, - Concordancias de las obras poéticas en castellano de Garcilaso de la Vega..
006006: SARMIENTO, DOMINGO FAUSTINO, - Sarmiento's Travels in the United States in 1847..
043437: SARNA, JONATHAN D., ET AL., EDS, - The Jews of Boston..
026966: SAROTTE, GEORGE-MICHEL, - LIke a Brother, Like a Lover; Male Homosexuality in the American novel and theater from Herman Melville to James Baldwin..
008065: SAROTTE, GEORGE-MICHEL, - Like a Borther, Like a Lover; Male Homosexulity in the American Novel and Theater from Herman Melville to James Baldwin..
026327: SAROYAN, WILLIAM, - Sons Come and go, Mothers Hang in Forever..
042076: SARRAUTE, NATHALIE, - Isma ou ce qui s'appelle rien, suivi de Le Silence et Le Mensonge..
005222: SARRIS, GREG, ED., - The Sound of rattles and Clappers; a Collection of New Californian Indian Writing..
040907: SARRIS, GREG, - Mabel McKay; Weaving the Dream..
023341: SARTON, GEORGE, - A Guide to the History of Science; a First guide for the Study of Science with introductory Essays on Science and Tradition..
011951: SARTON, GEORGE, - Six Wings; Men of Science in the Renaissance..
007948: SARTON, MAY, - Endgame; a Journal of the Seventy-Ninth Year..
031011: SARTON, MAY, - May Sarton: Selected Letters 1916-1954..
020505: SARTON, MAY, - May Sarton: Among the usual Days; a Portrait. Unpublished Poems, Letters, journals, and Photographs..
034222: SARTON, GEORGE, - The Appreciation of Ancient and medieval science During the Renaissance (1450-1600)..
038298: SARTON, MAY, - The Education of Harriet Hatfield; a Novel..
035381: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL., - The Words..
043175: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL, - Théatre: Les mouches, Huis clos, Morts sans sépulture, La putain respeteuse, Les mains sales; Le Diable et le bon Dieu, Kean Nekrassov, Les séquestrés d'Altona..
021007: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL., - The Communists and Peace, with a Reply to Claude Lefort..
036256: SASAKI, KANAKO, - Kanako Sasaki: View from Here..
022355: SASLAWSKAJA, MARINA, - Rußland; Menschen, Märchen, Landschaften..
026672: SASS, LORNA J., - Dinner with Tom Jones; Eighteenth-Century cookery adapted for the Modern Kitchen..
035843: SASS, LORNA J., - Cooking Under Pressure..
035494: SASS, LORNA, - The New Soy Cookbook; tempting Recipes for Tofu, Tempeh, soybeans and Soymile..
024836: SASSEN, FERDINAND, - De reis van Pierre Gassendi in de Nederlanden (1628-1629)..
029026: SASSEN, FERDINAND, - De wijsbegeerte der Middeleeuwen in de Nederlanden..
041903: SASSO, GENNARO, - Tramonto di un mito; l'idea di "progresso" fra Ottocento e Novecento..
010138: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED, - Meredith..
032171: SATINOVER, JEFFREY, - Carcking the Bible Code..
021491: SATO, RYUZO AND PAUL WACHTEL, EDS., - Trade Friction and Economic Policy; Problems and prospects for Japan and the United States..
021206: SATTERFIELD, ARCHIE, - The Lewis & Clark Trail..
034270: SATZ, DEBRA, - Why some Things Should Not be for Sale; the Moral Limits of Markets..
031021: SAUDAN, MICHEL AND SYLVIA SAUDEN-SKIRA, - From Folly to Follies; Discovering the World of Gardens..
039678: SAUER, CARL O., - Northern Mists..
004807: SAUER, CARL O., - Selected Essays, 1963-1975..
004649: SAUER, FRANZ A. VON, - The Alienated "loyal" Opposition: Mexico's Partido Accion Nacional..
013278: SAUERLANDT, MAX, - Deutsche Plastik des Mittelalters..
011348: SAUERLANDT, MAX, - Griechische Bildwerke..
027390: SAUERS, RICHARD A., - Meade, Victor of Gettysburg..
040457: SAUGET, J. M, - Bibliographie des liturgies orientales (1900-1960)..
018944: SAUL, JULIE M., - Photography in America, 1910-1983..
020538: SAUL, NIGEL, - Age of Chivalry; Art and Society in Late Medieval England..
013279: SAULNIER, V.-L., - La Littérature française Du Moyen Age..
043192: SAUNDERS, JOHN J., ED, - The Muslim World on the Eve of Europe's Expansion..
018263: SAUNDERS, ERNEST W., - Searching the Scriptures; a history of the Society of Biblical Literature, 1880-1980..
027983: SAUNDERS, M. G, - Die Rote Flotte; ihre Geschichte, ihr Einsatz im Kriege und ihre heutige Stärke..
004708: SAUNDERS, HOWARD, - An Illustrated Manual of British Birds..
014456: SAUNDERS, ANN, - The Art and Architecture of London; an Illustrated Guide..
032664: SAUNDERS, ANN, - The Art and Architecture of London; an illustrated Guide..
010368: SAUNDERS, J. J., - The Age of Revolution; the Rise and Decline of Liberalism in Europe Since 1815..
016112: SAUREL, LOUIS, - Le Jour Ou Finit La Terreur (le Neuf thermidor), 27 Juillet 1794..
027750: SAUTTER, UDO, - Lexikon der amerikanischen Geschichte..
018945: SAUVAGEOT, CLAUDE, - Photographer..
042560: SAUVAGEOT, JACQUES, ET AL, - La Révolte Étudiante; les Animateurs Parlent..
029983: SAUVY, ALFRED, - Les principaux demographes français au XVIIIe Siècle..
043553: SAVA, GEORGE, - Rose by Any Other Name..
011952: SAVA, GEORGE, - A Surgeon in California..
043550: SAVA, GEORGE, - The Transforming Knife..
043548: SAVA, GEORGE, - Mourning Becomes Argentina..
043549: SAVA, GEORGE, - The Years of the Healing Knife; a Surgeon's Autobiography..
043552: SAVA, GEORGE, - A Stranger in His Skull..
043554: SAVA, GEORGE, - No Man is Perfect..
043551: SAVA, GEORGE, - The Edge of the Scalpel..
025583: SAVAGE, GEORGE, - Glass and Glassware..
019146: SAVAGE, JAMES E., - Ben Jonson's Basic Comic characters and Other Essays..
030806: SAVAGE, CANDACE, - Eagles of North AMerica..
006921: SAVAGE, JAMES E., - Ben Jonson' Basic Comic characters and Other Essays..
032217: SAVAGE, CANDACE, - Witch; the wild ride from Wicked to Wicca..
016113: SAVANT, JEAN, - Napoleon in His Time..
007961: ABRAHAM BAR HIYYA SAVASORDA, - La Obra Forma De La Tierra De R. Abraham Bar Hiyya ha-Bargeloni..
014062: SAVELLE, MAX, - Is Liberalism Dead? And Other Essays..
013882: SAVIC, PAVLE, ED., - Zbornik Radova o Aleksandru Belicu..
042104: SAVINIO, ALBERTO, - Casa "la Vita"..
011747: DE SAVITSCH, EUGENE, - In Search of Complications; an Autobiography..
040488: SAVITT, TODD L, - Medicine and Slavery; the diseases and Health care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia..
043470: SAVO, JIMMY, - Little World, Hello!..
039126: SAWHILL, ISABEL V., ED, - Challenge to Leadership; Economic and Social Issues for the Next Decade..
039917: SAWIN, LEWIS, - Alfred Sutro; a Man with a Heart..
041768: SAWYER, PETER, ED, - The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings..
027324: SAWYER-LAUÇANNO, CHRISTOPHER, - An invisible Spectator; a Biography of Paul Bowles..
010203: SAX, WILLIAM S., - Mountain Goddess; Gender and Politics in a Himalayan Pilgrimage..
007618: SAXON, LYLE, - Fabulous New Orleans..
010353: SAXTON, MARTHA, - Louisa May; a Modern Biography of Louisa May Alcott..
034741: SAYCE, R. A, - The French Biblical epic in the seventeenth Century..
038867: SAYER, IAN AND DOUGLAS BOTTING, - Nazi Gold; the Story of the World's greatest robbery--and Its Aftermath..
036000: SAYER, CHLOE, - Costumes of Mexico..
032342: SAYERS, ROBERT, - Sun & Moon; Traditional Arts of Yi Dynasty Korea..
043491: SBORDONE, FRANCESCO, - Scritti di Varia Filologia..
005281: SCAFF, ALVIN H., - The Philippine Answer to Communism..
039166: SCAGLIONE, ALDO, - The Theory of German Word order from the Renaissance to the Present..
032993: SCAGLIONE, ALDO, - Komponierte Prosa von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart..
037860: SCAGNETTI, JACK, - The Intimate Life of Rudolph Valentino..
005338: SCALAPINO, ROBERT A. AND JUNNOSUKE MASUMI, - Parties and Politics in Contemporary Japan..
005348: SCALAPINO, ROBERT, - The Japanese Communist Movement, 1920-1966..
037668: SCAMMELL, R. E, - Thistle eaters Guide..
025256: SCAMUZZI, ERNESTO, - Egyptian art in the Egyptian Museum of Turin: Paintings, sculpture, Furniture, Textiles, Ceramics, Papyri..
041899: SCANDALETTI, PAOLO, - Le tentazioni del compromesso; anatomia dei partiti Italiani..
032940: SCARF, MAGGIE, - Intimate Partners; patterns in Love and Marriage..
029707: SCARISBRICK, J. J., - Henry VIII..
038749: SCARISBRICK, J. J., - Henry VIII..
039294: SCARLATTI, DOMENICO, - 200 Szonata; 200 Sonaten. I (Urtext)..
041974: SCARPARI, GIANCARLO, - La democrazia cristiana e le leggi eccezionali 1950-1953..
041066: SCARPELLINI, PIETRO, - Luca Signorelli..
009842: SCAVENIUS, H., - Norsk-engelsk..
017090: SCHAAF, FRED, - Comet of the Century; from Halley to Hale-Bopp..
006759: SCHAAR, JOHN H., - Loyalty in America..
019210: SCHACHNER, NATHAN, - Thomas Jefferson; a Biography..
006509: SCHACKENBURG, RUDOLF, - L'Église Dans Le Nouveau Testament; réalité et Signification Théologique; Nature et Mystère De L'église..
018753: SCHAEFER, HARTMUT, - Die Notendrucker Und Musikverleger in Frankfurt am Main Von 1630 Bis Um 1720; Eine Bibliographisch-Drucktechnische Untersuchung..
020240: SCHAEFER-SIMMERN, HENRY, - The unfolding of Artistic Activity; Its Basis, Processes, and Implications..
007709: SCHAEFER, MICHAEL W., - Just What War is; the Civil War Writings of De Forest and Birce..
032357: SCHAEFFER, FRANCIS A., - How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture..
042206: SCHÄFER, KARL THEODOR, - Grundriss der Einleitung in das Neue Testament..
011953: SCHÄFER, URSULA, - Physikalische Heilmethoden in Der Esten Wiener Medizinischen Schule..
018264: SCHÄFER, WILHELM, - Die dreizehn Bücher der deutschen Seele..
002667: SCHÄFER, HEINRICH, - Von Ägyptischer Kunst besonders Der Zeichenkunst; Eine Einführung in Die Betrachtung Ägyptischer Kunstwerke..
040142: VEREIN FÜR DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUNDE, - 1925 Zuchtbuch für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SZ). Band XXII (234001-284000)..
040141: VEREIN FÜR DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUNDE, - 1927 Zuchtbuch für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SZ). Band XXIV (324001-350000)..
032042: SCHAFFER, JEFFREY P., - The Tahoe Sierra; a Natural History Guide to 112 Hikes in the Northen Sierra..
040329: SCHAFFNER, KENNETH F. AND ROBERT S. COHEN, EDS, - PSA 1972; Proceedings of the 1972 Biennial Meeting, Philosophy of Science Association..
013517: SCHAFFNER, PAUL, - Gottfried Keller Als Maler..
039480: SCHAFFRAN, EMERICH, - Die Kunst der Langobarden in Italien..
004369: SCHALIT, ABRAHAM, - Namenwörterbuch Zu Flavius Josephus..
033891: SCHALL, JAMES V., - At the Limits of Political Philosophy; from "brilliant errors" to Things of Uncommon Importance..
016115: SCHALLER, MICHAEL, - The U.S. Crusade in China, 1938-1945..
012862: SCHAM, ALAN, - Lyautey in Morocco; protectorate Administration, 1912-1925..
035375: SCHAMA, SIMON, - A History of Britain; at the Edge of the World? 3500 B.C.-1603 A.D..
036725: SCHAMA, SIMON, - A History of Britain. Volume II: The Wars of the British, 1603-1776..
037283: SCHAMA, SIMON, - The embarrassment of Riches; an Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Gold Age..
035565: SCHAMA, SIMON, - Rembrandt's Eyes..
034862: SCHANZ, MARTIN, - Geschichte der römischen Literatur bis zum Gesetzgebungswerk des Kaisers Justinian. Teil 4:1-2..
034105: SCHANZER, ERNEST, - The Problem Plays of Shakespeare; a Study of Julius Caesar, MEasure for Measure, Antony and Cleopatra..
006760: SCHAPER, WILLIAM A., - Sectionalism and Representation in South Carolina..
023745: SCHAPIRA, JOEL, ET AL., - The Book of Coffee & Tea; a Guide to the appreciation of Fine Coffees, Teas, and Herbal Beverages..
023617: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD, - The Communist Party of the Soviet Union..
016116: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD, - The Russian Revolutions of 1917; the Origins of Modern Communism..
026157: SCHAPIRO, MEYER, - Cézanne..
003036: SCHAPIRO, MEYER, - Late Antique, Early Christian and Medieval Art: Selected Papers..
030228: SCHAPIRO, LEONARD, - Turgenev; His Life and Times..
041735: SCHAPIRO, MEYER, - Modern Art, 19th & 20th Centuries; selected Papers..
040205: SCHÄRF, ADOLF, - Österreichs Erneuerung 1945-1955; das erste Jahrzehnt der Zweiten Republik..
032862: SCHARFF, JILL SAVEGE, ED., - Foundations of object Relations Family Therapy..
034269: SCHARFSTEIN, BEN-AMI, - Art Without Borders; a Philosophical Exploration of Art and Humanity..
008611: SCHARFSTEIN, BEN-AMI, - Of Birds, Beasts, and Other Artists; an Essay on the Universality of Art..
038885: SCHARLACH, BERNICE, - House of Harmony; Concordia-Argonaut's First 130 Years..
006507: SCHARLEMANN, ROBERT P., - Reflection and Doubt in the Thought of Paul Tillich..
003851: SCHARPENBERG, MARGOT, - Fundort Köln; Fünfundzwanzig Gedichte Angeregt Durch Das Römisch-Germanische Museum in Köln..
003852: SCHARPENBERG, MARGOT, - Verlegte Zeiten; Fünfundzwanzig Gedichte Angeregt durch Das Frankfurter Museum Für Vor- Und Frühgeschichte--Archäologisches Museum..
041473: SCHARTAU, BJARNE, - Observations on the Activities of the Byzantine Grammarians of the Palaeoelogian Era: II. The Impact of Thomas Magistros's Introductory Matter (Vita, hypotheseis) to the Euripidea Triad, including an Excursus on Copenhagen, Gamle Kongelige Samling 3549, 8..
018174: SCHATZ, JOSEPH, - Die Mundart Vom Imst; Laut- Und Flexionslehre..
040816: SCHAUERHAMMER, ALFRED, - Mundart und Heimat Kaspar Scheits auf Grund seiner Reimkunst Untersucht..
016630: SCHAW, LOUIS C., - The Bonds of Work; Work in Mind, Time and Tradition..
031419: SCHCIPA, TITO, JR., - Tito Schipa; a Biography..
031418: SCHEBERA, JÜRGEN, - Kurt Weill; an Illustrated Life..
029021: SCHECKER, FRIEDE, - Glückliche Savannen; kolumbianische Reisen..
011350: SCHEDE, MARTIN, - Die Burg Von Athen..
002277: SCHEDL, SIEGLINDE, - Lautstand Und Lautwandel in Der Sprachgeschichtlichen Forschung; Eine Untersuchung Anhand Der Großen Englischen Langvokalverschiebung..
018265: SCHEEBEN, MATTHIAS JOSEPH, - Natur Und Gnade; Versuch Einer Systematischen, Wissenschaftlichen Darstellung Der Natürlichen Und Übernatürlichen Lebensordnung Im Menschen..
029708: SCHEFFEL, JOSEPH VICTOR VON, - Ekkehard; eine Geschichte aus dem zehnten Jahrhundert..
013145: SCHEFFER-BOICHORST, PAUL, - Aus Dantes Verbannung; literarhistorische Studien..
002668: SCHEFFER, THASSILO VON, - Die Kultur Der Griechen..
013146: SCHEFFLER, KARL, - Der Geist Der Gotik..
039474: SCHEFFLER, KARL, - Berlin; Ein Stadtschicksal..
020539: SCHEFFLER, KARL, - Michael Pacher's Altar Von St. Wolfgang..
038182: SCHEFFLER, KARL, - Menzel; der Mensch, das Werk..
032279: SCHEIN, IONEL, - Espace Global-Polyvalent..
039848: SCHELE, LIND AND MARY ELLEN MILLER, - The Blood of Kings; Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art..
022234: SCHELL, ORVILLE, - Virtual Tibet; searching for Shangri-La from the Himalayas to Hollywood..
012450: SCHELL, JONATHAN, - The Fate of the Earth..
023955: SCHELLENBERG, ERNST LUDWIG, - Das Buch der deutschen Romantik; die Sehsucht nach dem Unendlichen..
030625: SCHELLENBERG, SUSAN AND ROSEMARY BARNES, - Committed to the Sane Asylum; Narratives on mental Wellness and Healing..
043355: SCHELLHAS, PAUL, - Representation of Deities of the Maya Manuscripts..
041022: SCHELLHASE, KENNETH C, - Tacitus in Renaissance political Thought..
027436: SCHELLING, FELIX E., - Elizabethan Drama, 1558-1642..
009844: SCHEMANN, HANS, - Die Portugiesischen Verbalperiphrasen: Corpus Und Analyse..
004569: SCHEPPLER, ROBERT H, - Pacific Air Race..
017382: SCHER, STEPHEN K., - The Renaissance of the twelfth Century; an Exhibition..
021023: SCHERE, LESTER B., - Slavery and the Churches in Early America, 1619-1819..
026648: SCHERER, MARK R., - Rights in the Balance; free Press, Fair Trial, and Nebraska Press Association v. Stuart..
030514: SCHERER, W., - A history of German Literature..
039177: SCHERER, MARGARET R, - The Legends of Troy in Art and Literature..
011579: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. AND RICHARD WILCOX, - Literary England; Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature..
027743: SCHERMANN, RAFAEL, - Die Schrift lügt nicht! Erlebnisse..
037490: SCHEVILL, FERDINAND, - Siena; the history of a Mediaeval Commune..
017383: SCHEVILL, FERDINAND, - Siena; the Story of a Mediaval Commune..
032159: SCHEVILL, FERDINAND, - A History of the Balkans from the Earliest Times to the Present Day..
002669: SCHIAN, RUTH, - Untersuchungen über das "argumentum e consensu omnium"..
040523: SCHIAPARELLI, LUIGI, - Influenze straniere nella scrittura italiana dei secoli XIII e IX; note Paleografiche..
035520: SCHIAVELLI, VINCENT, - Many beautiful Things; Stories and recipes from Polizzi Generosa..
033438: SCHIAVO, REMO, - Guida al Teatro Olimpico..
040722: SCHICK, MARVIN, - Learned Hand's Court..
042975: SCHIDROWITZ, LEO, - Sittengeschichte des Theaters; eine Darstellung des Theaters, seiner Entwicklung und Stellung in zwei Jahrtausenden..
035501: SCHIEBINGER, LONDA, - Nature's Body; gender in the Making of Modern Science..
029348: SCHIFF, STACY, - Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov)..
032033: SCHIFF, GERT, - Images of Horror and Fantasy..
043137: VEREIN FÜR HEIMATPFLEGE SCHIFFERSTADT, - Beiträge zur Ortsgeschichte: Aus der Chronik des Vereins; Georg Sturm; Ausgewählte Erinnerungen; Der Goldene Hut von Schifferstadt; Schiffestad vor elfhundert Jahren; Der Kleine Rettichspiegel..
008159: SCHILDT, GÖRAN, - I Odysseus Kölvatten..
002278: SCHILDT, JOACHIM, - Zum Sprachwandel in Der Deutschen Literatursprache Des 16. Jahrhunderts: Studien, Analysen, Probleme..
020177: SCHILLER, LAWRENCE AND JAMES WILLWERTH, - American Tragedy; the Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense..
043582: SCHILLER, FRIEIDRICH, - Die Räuber; ein Trauerspiel..
041458: SCHILLER, HERMANN, - Geschichte des römischen Kaiserreichs unter der Regierung des Nero..
020296: SCHILLER, LAWRENCE, - Into the Mirror; the life of Master Spy Robert P. Hanssen..
020295: SCHILLER, LAWRENCE, - Perfect Murder; perfect Town..
041450: SCHILLER, HERMANN, - Geschichte der römischen Kaiserzeit..
003460: SCHILLING-WOLLNY, KURT, - Aristoteles' Gedanke Der Philosophie..
011580: SCHILLING, BERNARD N, - Human Dignity and the Great Victorians..
041158: SCHILLING, KONRAD, ED, - Monumenta Judaica; 2000 Jahre Geschichte und Kultur der Juden am Rhein. Handbuch..
042587: SCHILLING, RUDOLF, - Romanische Elemente im Schweizerhochdeutschen..
042024: SCHINDLER, EMILIE, - Memorias..
007321: SCHINDLER, HAROLD, - Orrin Porter Rockwell; Man of God, Son of Thunder..
002280: SCHIRMER, ALFRED, - Wörterbuch der deutschen Kaufmannssprache auf geschichtlichen Grundlagen..
029783: SCHIRMER, WALTER F., - Der englische Frühhumanismus; ein Beitrag zur englischen Literaturgeschichte des 15. Jahrhunderts..
009845: SCHIROKAUER, ANRO, - Studien zur frühneuhochdeutschen Lexikologie und zur Lexikographie des 16. Jahrhunderts..
022331: SCHITTICH, CHRISTIAN, - Entlang der alten Seidenstrasse von Pakistan nach China..
032074: SCHIVELBUSCH, WOLFGANG, - Tastes of Paradise; a Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants..
043496: SCHLAEPPI, JULIEN, - La rémunération du notaire de tradition latine; étude de droit suisse et de droit cantonal comparé..
028374: SCHLATTER, RICHARD, - Richard Baxter & Puritan Politics..
033616: SCHLAUCH, MARGARET, - English Medieval Literature and Its Social Foundations..
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030131: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE, - The Complete poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley..
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013286: SHEPARD, ODELL, - The Lore of the Unicorn..
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024788: SHEPPARD, LANCELOT C., - Barbe Acarie, wife and Mystic; a Biography..
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026921: SHEPPARD, J. T., - Aeschylus & Sophocles; Their work and Influence..
005875: SHEPPERSON, WILBUR S., - Emigration & Disenchantment; Portraits of Englishmen Repatriated from the United States..
043450: SHERATON, MIMI, - Visions of Sugarplums..
037604: SHERATON, MIMI, - The Bialy Eaters; the Story of a Bread and a Lost World..
031676: SHERBORN, CHARLES DAVIES, - A sketch of the Life and Work of Charles William Sherborn, Painter-Etcher...
032651: SHERIDAN, RONALD AND ANNE ROSS, - Gargoyles and Grotesques; Paganism in the Medieval Church..
1526: SHERIDAN, JAMES F., JR., - Sartre; the radical conversion...
007832: SHERIDAN, JAMES E., - China in Disintegration; the Republican Era in Chinese History, 1912-1949..
021460: SHERIDAN, BETSY, - Betsy Sheridan's Journal lteers from Sheridan's Sister 1784-1786 and 1788-1790..
033532: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY, - The dramatic Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan..
010942: SHERMAN, WILLIAM T., - The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Archaeology..
024787: SHERMAN, CAROL, - Reading Voltaire's Contes; a Semiotics of Philosophical Narration..
016143: SHERMAN, WILLIAM T., - From Atlanta to the Sea..
026022: SHERMAN, TOM, - Cultural Engineering..
029070: SHERMAN, CLAIRE RICHTER, - The Portraits of Charles V of France (1338-1380)..
041421: SHERMAN, NANCY, - Stoic Warriors; the Ancient Philosophy behind the Military Mind..
033805: SHERMER, MICHAEL, - The Borderlands of Science; Where Sense Meets Nonsense..
024786: SHERMIS, MICHAEL, - Jewish-Christian Relations; an Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide..
028010: SHERR, LYNN AND JURATE KAZICKAS, - Susan B. Anthony Slept Here; a Guide to American Women's Landmarks..
037747: SHERRILL, ROBERT, - The Accidental President..
010830: SHERRY, FRANK, - Pacific Passions; the European Struggle for Power in the Great Ocean in the Age of Exploration..
038105: SHERRY, MICHAEL S, - Gay Artists in Modern American Culture; an Imagined Conspiracy..
039610: SHERWOOD, KATHERINE, - Works on Paper..
017385: SHERWOOD, SHIRLEY, - Venice Simplon-Orient-Express; the Return of the World's Most celebrated Trains..
005184: SHERWOOD, JOHN M., - Georges Mandel and the Third Republic..
028414: SHESTOV, LEV, - A Shestov Anthology..
038720: SHETH, D. L. AND ASHIS NANDY, EDS, - The Multiverse of Democracy; Essays in Honour of Rajni Kothari..
038621: SHETH, KETAKI, - Bombay Mix; street Photographs..
031144: SHEUB, HAROLD, - A Dictionary of African Mythology; the mythmaker as Storyteller..
011590: SHEW, E. SPENCER, - A Companion to Murder; a Dictionary of Death By Poison, Death By Shooting, Death By Suffocation Adn Drowning, Death By the Strangler's Hand 1900-1950..
008390: SHEWMAKER, KENNETH E., - Americans and Chinese Communists, 1927-1945; a Persuading Encounter..
016963: SHI, DAVID E., - Matthew Josephson, Bourgeois Bohemian..
014072: SHI, DAVID E., - Facing Facts; Realism in American Thought and Culture, 1850-1920..
014366: SHIBATA, ZESHIN, - The Art of Shibata Zeshin; the Mr. And Mrs. James E. O'Brien Collection at the Honolulu Academy of Arts...
026043: SHIEDLAUSKY, GÜNTHER, - Karl Friedrich Schinkel..
040125: SHIELDS, JOHN C, - The American Aeneas; Classical Origins of the American Self..
039323: HU SHIH, - The Development of the Logical Method in Ancient China..
027986: SHILIN, P. A., ET AL., EDS, - NATO-Staaten und militärische Konflikte; militärhistorischer Abriß..
020795: SHILLING, EVGENII MIKHAILOVICH, - Kubachintsky i ikh kul'tura; istoriko-etnograficheskie Etiudy..
005350: SHILSTONE, E. M., - Monumental Inscriptions in the burial Ground of the Jewish Synagogue at Bridgetown, Barbados..
037390: SHILTS, RANDY, - And the Band Played on; Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic..

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