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034549: PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, CAIUS, - Plinio: Lettere Scelte..
003225: VAN DER PLOEG, J., - The Excavations at Qumran; a Survey of the Judaean Brotherhood and Its Ideas..
020862: PLOEG, A., - Government in Wanggulam..
036878: PLOGER, ROBERT R, - U.S. Army Engineers 1965-1970..
036406: PLOMER, WILLIAM, - The Autobiography of William Plomer..
014528: PLOMER, WILLIAM, - Electric Delights..
027028: PLOMER, WILLIAM, - The diamond of Jannina: Ali Pasha, 1741-1822..
019236: PLÖNIES, BARTHO, - Planen Und Bauen in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone Und Im Sowjetsektor Von Berlin..
019234: PLÖNIES, BARTHO AND OTTO SCHÖNWALDER, - Die Sowjetisierung Des Mitteldeutschen Handwerks..
026628: PLOTINUS, - The Essence of Plotinus..
031898: PLOTINUS, - The Enneads..
031991: PLOTINUS, - Plotin: Ennéades..
002242: PLOTKIN, V. Y, - The Dynamics of the English Phonological System..
028989: PLOWDEN, ALISON, - The house of Tudor..
011543: PLOWDEN, ALISON, - The Young Elizabeth..
036948: PLOWDEN, DAVID, - Imprints; David Plowden, a Retrospective..
040079: PLOWDEN, STEPHEN, - Taming Traffic..
022604: PLUMB, J. H., - In the Light of History..
011544: PLUMB, J. H., - The Origins of political Stability; England, 1675-1725..
009238: PLUMMER, JOHN, - The Glazier Collection of Illuminated Manuscript..
029579: PLUMMER, JOHN, - Manuscripts from the William S. Glazier Collection..
017211: PLUMYÈNE, J. ET R. LASIERRA, - Les fascismes Français 1923-1963..
014021: PLUTARCHUS, - Plutarch's Quyete of Mynde..
029580: POAG, JAMES F. AND CLAIRE BALDWIN, - The construction of textual Authority in German Literature of the medieval and Early modern Periods..
035254: POCHNA, MARIE-FRANCE, - Christian Dior, the Man Who made the World Look New..
030185: POCOCK, GORDON, - Corneille and Racine; Problems of Tragic Form..
009249: PODGORECKI, ADAM, - Practical social Sciences..
007841: PODHORETZ, NORMAN, - Doings and Undoings; the Fifties and After in American Writing..
016019: PODHORETZ, NORMAN, - Why We Were in Vietnam..
002638: PODLECKI, A. J., - The Life of Themistocles; a Critical Survey of the Literary and Archaeolgocial Evidence..
030510: PODRO, MICHAEL, - The Critical Historians of Art..
038767: POERTNER, RUDOLF, - The Vikings; rise and Fall of the Norse Sea Kings..
016020: POETT, NIGEL, - Pure Poett; the Memoirs of General Sir Nigel Poett, KCB, DSO and Bar..
030107: POGGIOLI, RENATO., - The Poets of Russia 1890-1930..
032513: POGGIOLI, RENATO., - The Oaten Flute; Essays on Pastoral poetry and the Pastoral Ideal..
023781: POGREBIN, ABIGAIL, - Stars of David; Prominent Jews talk about Being Jewish..
043787: POHL, GERHART, - Bin Ich noch in meinem Haus? Die letzten Tage Gerhart Hauptmanns..
019245: PÖHLER, FELIX, - Der Untergang des Privaten Einzelhandels in Der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone..
037303: POINAR, GEORGE AND ROBERTA POINAR, - The quest for Life in Amber..
016958: POINAR, GEORGE, JR. AND ROBERTA POINAR, - The Amber Forest; a Reconstruction of a vanished World..
035850: POIREL, DOMINIQUE, - Livre de la nature et débat trinitaire au XIIe siècle; le De Tribus Diebus de Hugues de Saint-Victor..
011545: POIRIER, PHILIP P., - The Advent of the Labour Party..
042983: POKOTILOV, DMITRII, - History of the Eastern Mongols During the Ming dynasty from 1368 to 1634..
018728: POKROVSKY, BORIS ALEXLANDROVICH AND YURI NIKOLAYEVICH GRIGOROVICH, - The Bolshoi; Opera dn ballet at the Greatest theater in Russia..
016353: POLE, J. R., - Raths to the American Past..
014693: POLE, WILLIAM, - The Theory of the Modern Scientific Game of Whist..
006730: POLE, J. R., - The Pursuit of Equality in American History..
010000: POLENBERG, RICHARD, - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government; the Controversy Over Executive Reorganization, 1936-1939..
004802: POLENBERG, RICHARD, - Reorganizing Roosevelt's Government; the Controversy Over Executive Reorganization, 1936-1939..
016021: POLEVOI, BORIS, - The Final Reckoning: Nuremburg Diaries..
034264: POLIAKOV, LÉON, - Histoire e l'Antisémitisme..
013682: POLING, JOHN D., - Painting with O'Keeffe..
043813: POLINGER, ELLIOT H, - Pierre Charles Roy, playwright and Satirist (1683-1764)..
1096: DICTIONNAIRE DES OEUVRES POLITIQUES., - Sous la direction de Francois Chatelet, Olivier Duhamel, Evelyne Pisier...
042114: POLITIZER, HEINZ, - Franz Kafka; parable and Paradox..
043572: POLITZER, HEINZ, ED., - Franz Kafka..
043633: POLITZER, HEINZ, - Hätte Ödipus einen Ödipus-Komplex? Versuche zum Thema Psychoanalyse und Literatur..
043634: POLITZER, HEINZ, - Das Schweigen der Sirenen; Studien zur deutschen und österreichischen Literatur..
040853: POLITZER, HEINZ, - Franz Grillparzers "Der arme Spielmann"..
039745: POLITZER, HEINZ, - Franz Grillparzer oder das abgründige Biedermeier..
039588: POLIZIANO, ANGELO., - Stanze cominciate per la giostra di Giuliano de' Medici..
022944: POLK, WILLIAM R., - The United States and the Arab World..
018247: PÖLL, WILHELM, - Die Religiöse Erlebnis und Seine Strukturen..
016735: POLLACK, NORMAN, - The populist Response to Industrial America; Midwestern Populist Thought..
002243: POLLAK, WOLFLGANG, - Studien Zum "Verbalaspekt" Im Französischen..
016022: POLLARD, E. A., - Southern History of the War..
030259: POLLARD, ALFRED W., - Shakespeare's Fight with the Pirates and the Problems of the Transmission of his Text..
029582: POLLARD, A. J., - Richard III and the Princes in the Tower..
029660: POLLARD, A. F. C., - The kinematical Design of Couplings in Instrument Mechanisms..
041247: POLLARD, A. F, - Henry VIII..
022061: POLLIN, ALICE M. AND RAQUEL KERSTEN, - Guia para aa consulta de la Revista de Filologia Española (1914-1960)..
034633: POLLITT, J. J., - Art and Experience in Classical Greece..
026809: POLLOCK, FREDERICK, - Initroduction and Note to Sir Henry Maine's "Ancient Law"..
015650: POLLOCK, JAMES K., ET AL., - German Democracy at Work; a Selective Study..
020812: POLLOCK, LINDA, - A Lasting Relationship; Parents and Children Over three Centuries..
033621: POLMAN, MARIETTE, - Het Frans Halsmueum van oudemannenhuis tot kunststempel; bouwgeschiedenis en Rondwandeling..
009696: POLNAY, PETER DE, - Garibaldi; the Legend and the Man..
036794: POLONS'KA-VASYLENKO, N. D, - The Settlement of the Southern Ukraine (1750-1775)..
039373: POLSBY, NELSON W, - How Congress Evolves; Social Bases of Institutional Change..
039375: POLSBY, NELSON W. AND AARON WILDAVSKY, - Presidential Elections; Strategies and Structures of American Politics..
027213: POLT, JOHN H. R., - The Writings of Eduardo Mallea..
030398: POLT, JOHN H. R., - Jovellanos and His English Sources: Economic, Philosophical, and political Writings..
025328: POLYA, G, - Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning..
040112: POLYDORIDES, NICOS, - The Concept of Centrality in urban Form and Structure..
043027: POLZ, EDI, - Fitness for all with the Wonder Ball..
023929: POMEROY, SARAH B., - Women in Hellenistic Egypt from Alexander to Cleopatra..
038145: POMMARÈS, JEAN, - La respiration avant de partir; Chronique d'un Collège..
029796: POMMIER, ÉDOUARD, - L'Art de la liberté; doctrines et débats de la Révolution Française..
040845: POMPEI, A., ED, - San Bonaventura maestro di vita francescana e di sapienza Cristiana. Vol. I..
024368: POMPER, PHILIP, - The Structure of Mind in History; Five Major Figures in Pscyhohistory..
042716: POMPER, PHILIP, ET AL., EDS, - World Historians and Their Critics..
041002: PONCE DE LEON, JOSE LUIS S, - La novala española de la Guerra Civil (1936-1939)..
031088: PONCHIELLI, AMILCARE, - La Gioconda. Opera in four Acts..
018729: PONSELLE, ROSA AND JAMES A. DRAKE, - Ponsell; a Singer's Life..
016023: PONSONBY, CHARLES, - Ponsonby Remembers..
010834: DU PONT, SOPHIE, - Sophie Du Pont, a Young Lady in America; Sketches, Diaries, & Letters, 1823-1833..
012970: GUIGO DU PONT, - Della Contemplazione..
040563: DU PONT, JOHN ELEUTHÈRE, - Philippine Birds..
019133: PONTEIL, FÉLIX, - Les institutions De La France De 1814 à 1870..
020747: PONTEIL, FÉLIX, - 1848..
036765: PONTI, CLAUDE, - DeZert Isle..
038472: PONTING, HERBERT, - Scott's Last Voyage through the Antarctic Camera of Herbert Ponting..
040004: POOL, ITHIEL DE SOLA, ED, - The social impact of the Telephone..
024967: POOLE, MATTHEW, - A Commentary on the Holy Bible..
023629: POOLE, ROBERT W., JR., - Unnatural Monopolies; the case for Deregulating Public Utilities..
023070: POOLE, STAFFORD, - Pedro Moya De Contreras; CAtholic Reforma nd Royal Power in New Spain, 1571-1591..
034499: POOLE, REGINALD LANE, - Illustrations of the History of medieval thought and Learning..
011546: POOLEY, ERNEST, - The Guilds of the City of London..
024968: POORTMAN, J. J., - Repertorium der Nederlandse Wijsbegeerte..
009768: POP, SEVER, - Instituts De Phonétique et Archives Phonographiques..
013107: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, - Persian Architecture; the Triumph of Form and Color..
743: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN., - The study and criticism of Italian sculpture...
016024: POPE, DUDLEY, - The Battle of the River Plate..
027563: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, - Maxim Litvinoff..
009239: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - Italian Gothic Sculpture..
029583: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - The Piero della Francesca Trail..
039544: POPE-HENNESSY, UNA, - Canon Charles Kingsley; a Biography..
011547: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES, - Monckton Milnes..
043058: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN, - Italian High Rennaissance [sic] and Baroque Sculpture..
039492: POPE-HENNESSY, JAMES, - Italian Renaissance Sculpture..
007996: POPENOE, DAVID, - Disturbing the Nest; Family Change and Decline in Modern Societies..
033839: POPEY, DAVID, ED., - To the ends of the Earth; 175 Years of Exploration and Photography..
041284: POPITZ, HEINRICH, - Der entfremdete Mensch; Zeitkritik und Geschichtsphilosophie des jungen Marx..
029910: POPKIN, RICHARD H., - The History of scepticism from Erasmus to Spinoza..
022170: POPOVICI, ANDREI, - The political status of BEssarabia..
002245: POPPE, ERICH, - C. F. Aichingers "Versuch Einer Teutschen Sprachlehre"; Untersuchungen Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Grammatikschreibung Im 18. Jahrhundert..
029338: POPPEL, STEPHEN M., - Zionism in Germany 1897-1933; the Shaping of a Jewish Identity..
003195: PÖPPEL, ERNST, - Lust Und Schmerz; Grundlagen Menschliche Erlebens Und Verhaltens..
024369: POPPER, KARL R., - Conjectures and Refutations; the growth of Scientific Knowledge..
024520: POPPER, STEVEN W., - East European reliance on Technology imports from the West..
043539: PORADA, EDITH, - Mesopotamian Art in Cylinder Seals of the Pierpont Morgan Library..
040424: PORTALIS, ROGER AND HENRI BÉRALDI, - Les Graveurs du Dix-Huitième Siècle..
037569: PORTE, BARBARA ANN, - Black Elephant with a Brown Ear (in Alabama)..
016246: VON DEN PORTEN, EDWARD P., - The German Navy in World War II..
040881: PORTENGEN, ALBERTA JOHANNA, - De Oudgermaansche dichtertaal in haar ethnologisch Verband..
036407: PORTER, ROY AND LESLEY HALL, - The Facts of Life; the Creation of Sexual Knowledge in Britain, 1650-1950..
008691: PORTER, CATHY, - Alexandra Kollontai; the lonely Struggle of the Woman Who Defied Lenin..
020218: PORTER, ELIOT, - The West..
012708: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE, - The never-ending Wrong..
014023: PORTER, BURTON F., - Deity and Morality, with Regard to the Naturalistic Fallacy..
042426: PORTER, DAVID L., ED, - Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseball..
041414: PORTER, DAVID H, - Only Connect; Three Studies in Greek Tragedy..
036909: PORTER, ELIOT AND ELLEN AUERBACH, - Mexican Churches..
028333: PORTERFIELD, AMANDA, - Female Piety in Puritan New England; the Emergence of Religious Humanism..
027086: PORTES, ALEJANDRO, ED., - The Economic Sociology of Immigration; Essays on Networks, Ethnicity, and Entrpreneurship..
006963: PORTINARO, PIERLUIGI AND FRANCO KNIRSCH, - The Cartography of North America, 1500-1800..
012064: PORTMANN, ADOLF, - Vom Ursprung Des Menschen; Ein Quershnitt Durch Die Forschungsergebnisse..
011931: PORTMANN, ADOLF, - Biologische Fragmente Zu Einer Lehre Vom Menschen..
011932: PORTMANN, ADOLF, - Probleme Des Lebens; Eine Einführung in Die Biologie..
027719: PORTMANN, ADOLF, - Das Tier als soziales Wesen..
021763: PORTMANN, ADOLF, - Don Quijote und Sancho Pansa; vom gegenwärtigen Stand der Typenlehre..
025983: PORTNOY, SAMUEL A, - Vladimir Medem; the Life and Soul of a Legendary Jewish Socialist..
009770: PORTO DAPENA, JOSÉ ALVARO, - Elementos De Lexicografia; El Diccionario De Contruccion y Régimen, De R. J. Cuervo..
022062: PORZIG, WALTER, - Das Wunder der Sprache; Probleme, Methoden und Ergebnisse der modernen Sprachwissenschaft..
034614: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR, - The Art of Vergil; image and Symbol in the Aeneid..
034632: PÖSCHL, VIKTOR, - Die Hirtendichtung Virgils..
033385: POSENER, GEORGES, - Lexikon der ägyptischen Kultur..
009242: POSNER, RAPHAEL AND ISRAEL TA-SHEMA, - The Hebrew Book; an Historical Survey..
014397: POSNER, RICHARD A., - Aging and Old Age..
002246: POSNER, ROLAND AND HANS-PETER REINECKE, - Zeichenprozesse; Semiotische Forschung in Den Einzelwissenschaften..
031904: POST, L. A., - From Homer to Menander; Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction..
022216: POSTAL, PAUL M., - On Raising; one rule of English Grammar and Its Theoretical Implications..
018155: POSTAL, PAUL M., - Masked Inversion in French..
002247: POSTAL, PAUL, - Constituent Structure: a Study of Contemporary Models of Syntactic Description..
035506: POSTAL, BERNARD AND SAMUEL H. ABRAMSON, - The traveler's Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe..
011549: POSTGATE, RAYMOND AND AYLMER VALLANCE, - England Goes to Press; the English People's Opinnion on Foreign Affairs as Reflected in Their Newspapers Since Waterloo (1815-1937)..
026812: POSTGATE, JOHN PERCIVAL, - Corpus poetarum latinorum a se aliisque denuo recognitorum et brevi lectionum varietate Instructorum..
021393: POTEL, JEAN-YVES, - Gdansk; la mémoire ouvrière 1970-1980..
021497: POTERBA, JAMES M., ED., - Tax policy and the Economy 16..
025817: PÖTSCHNER, PETER, - Vienna..
023725: POTTER, E. B. AND CHESTER W. NIMITZ, EDS., - The Great sea War; the story of naval Action in World War II..
013716: POTTER, JEFFREY, - To a Violent Grave; an Oral Biography of Jackson Pollock..
005031: POTTER, JACK M., - Capitalism and the Chinese Peasant; Social and Economic Change in a Hong Kong Village..
039673: POTTER, STEPHEN, - Sense of Humour..
035365: POTTER, LOU, - Liberators; Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II..
016934: POTTER, DAVID M., - The south and the sectional Conflict..
038006: POTTER, BEATRIX, - The Journal of Beatrix Potter from 1881 to 1897..
001984: POTTER, SIMEON, - Modern Linguistics..
043694: POTTER, STEPHEN, - The Theory & Practice of Gamesmanship or the art of Winning Games Without Actually Chating..
043695: POTTER, STEPHEN, - One-upmanship..
011322: POTTIER, EDMOND, - Douris et Les peintres De vases Grecs; Étude Critique..
039666: POTTLE, FREDERICK A, - James Boswell; the Earlier Years, 1740-1769..
022555: POTTS, RENFREY B. AND ROBERT M. OLIVER, - Flows in Transportation Networks..
039388: POTTS, W. T. W. AND GWYNETH PARRY, - Osmsotic and ionic Regulation in Animals..
035507: POUGH, RICHARD H, - Audubon Water Bird Guide; Water, Game and Large Land Birds, Eastern and Central North America from Southern Texas to Central Greeland..
043055: POULET, ANNE L, - Corot to Braque; French paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston..
014349: POULIK, JOSEF, - Prehistoric Art; Inclduing Some Recent Cave-Culture Discoveries and Subsequent Development Up to Roman Times..
017836: POULIK, JOSEF, - Kunst Der Vorzeit..
002856: POULIN, DANIEL, - Teilhard De Chardin; Essai De Bibliographie (1955-1966)..
042388: POULIN, EUGENA AND CLAIRE QUINTAL,, - La Gazette Françoise, 1780-1781, Revolutionary America's French Newspaper..
040473: POULSEN, FREDERIK, - Sculptures antiques de musées de province Espagnols..
008434: POUND, EZRA, - Pavannes and Divagations..
024434: POUND, EZRA AND DOROTHY POUND, - Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946..
011550: POUND, REGINALD, - Albert; a Biography of the Prince Consort..
008015: POUND, EZRA, - Ezra and Dorothy Pound; Letters in Captivity, 1945-1946..
029992: POUND, EZRA, - Gaudier-Brzeska; a Memoir..
006732: POUND, ARTHUR, - The Penns of Pennsylvania and England..
014025: POUNDSTONE, WILLIAM, - Labyrinths of Reason; Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge..
018731: POURTALÈS, GUY DE, - Franz Liszt (L'Homme d'amour)..
018732: POURTALÈS, GUY DE, - La vie De Franz Liszt..
030007: POUTHAS, CHARLES H., - La population française pendant la première moitié du XIXe Siècle..
040305: POVH, B. AND G. ZU PUTLITZ, EDS, - Particles and Nuclei; proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Particles and Nuclei, Heidelberg, July 30-August 3, 1984..
041564: POWELL, JAMES M., ED, - Medieval Studies; an Introduction..
037226: POWELL, DAWN, - Novels 1930-1942: Dance Night; Come Back to Sorrento; Turn, Magic Wheel; Angels on Toast; A Time to be Born..
022821: POWELL, HUGH, - Louise von Gall: Her World and Work..
023226: POWELL, ELMER ELLSWORTH, - Spinoza and Religion; a Study of Spinoza's metaphysics and of His Particular Utterances in Regard to religion, with a View to Determining the Significance of his Thought for religion and Incidentally His personal Attitude Toward it..
012262: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK, - Books in My Baggage; Adventures in Reading and Collecting..
031906: POWELL, ANTON, - Athens and Sparta; Constructing Greek Political and Social history from 478 BC..
027491: POWELL, JOHN DUNCAN, - Political Mobilization of the Venezuelan Peasant..
029638: POWELL, E. ALEXANDER, - The Last home of Mystery; Adventures in Nepal Together with accounts of Ceylon, British India, the Native States, the Perisan Gulf, the Overland Desert Mail and the Baghdad Railway..
035704: POWELL, ANTHONY, - The Fisher King; a Novel..
006606: POWELL, DONALD M., - The Peralta Grant; James Adison Reavis and the Barony of Arizona..
033022: POWELL, KEVIN, ED., - The Black Male Handbook; a blueprint for Life..
040687: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK, - Philosopher Pickett; the Life and Writings of Charles Edward Pickett, Esq., of Virginia, Who Came Overland to the Pacific Coast in 1842-43 and for Forty Years Waged War with Pen and Pamphlet Against All Manner of Public Abuses in Oregon and California..
039151: POWELSON, JOHN P, - National Income and Flow-Of-funds Analysis..
012361: POWER, JONATHAN, - Like Water on Stone; the Story of Amnesty International..
026298: POWERS, DEBORAH STANLEY, - Revolutionary America..
027504: POWERS, RON, - Mark Twain; a Life..
021586: POWYS, JOHN COWPER, - Rabelais..
031089: POZNANSKY, ALEXANDER, - Tchaikovsky; the Quest for the Inner Man..
028334: POZZI, GIANNI, - L'Antica parrocchiale dei S.S. Quirico e Giolitta in Brenta; Pieve di Valcuvia..
011429: VAN PRAAG, A., - Droit matrimonial assyro-Babylonien..
042915: PRAAG, SIEGFRIED E. VAN, - Een lange jeugd in joods Amsterdam..
014026: PRACHE, GEORGES, - Les stalles De La Cathédrale d'Amiens, XVIe Siècle..
034362: PRADOS, JOHN, - The White House Tapes; Eavesdropping on the President..
018157: PRAETORIUS, FRANZ, - Die Amharische Sprache..
011934: PRANDTL, WILHELM, - Die Gewschichte Des Chemischen Laboratoriums Der Bayerischen Akademie Der Wissenschaften in München..
016028: PRANGE, GORDON W., - Miracle at Midway..
016029: PRANGE, GORDON W., - Target Tokyo; the Story of the Sorge Spy Ring..
016030: PRATT, FLETCHER, - Civil War in Pictures..
008937: PRATT, KAREN, ED., - Shifts and Transpositions in Medieval Narrative; a Festschrift for Dr. Elspeth Kennedy..
019797: PRATT, MINNIE BRUCE, - The dirt she Ate; Selected and New Poems..
018733: PRAWY, MARCEL, - The Vienna Opera..
034043: PRAZ, MARIO, - Mnemosyne; the parallel Between Literature and the visual Arts..
037024: PRAZ, MARIO, - Mnemosyne; the Parallel Between Literature and the visual Arts..
039203: PRED, ALLAN R, - The Spatial Dynamics of U.S. urban-industrial Growth, 1800-1914: Interpretive and Theoretical Essays..
025636: PREECE, ROD AND LORNA CHAMBERLIN, - Animal welfare and Human Values..
008596: PREETORIUS, EMIL, - Geheimnis Des Sichtaren; Gesammelte Aufsätze Zur Kunst..
041595: PREISING, DAGMAR, - Anthonis Van Dyck; Porträts in Radierung Und Kupferstich..
041255: PREMACANDA., - The Gift of a Cow; a translation of the Hindi Novel Godaan..
034226: PREMACANDA., - The gift of a Cow; a translation of the Hindi Novel, Godaan..
036549: PREMCHAND, - The World of Premchand..
023472: PREMINGER, ALEX, ED., - Princeton Encyclcopedia of Poetry and Poetics..
018249: PREMINGER, MARION MILL, - The Sands of Tamanrassete; the Story of Charles De Foucauld..
011935: PRENANT, MARCEL, - Biology and Marxism..
042877: PRENDERGAST, THOMAS F, - Forgotten Pioneers; Irish Leaders in Early California..
008239: PRENTICE, ROBIN, ED., - The Natonal Trust for Scotland Guide..
011551: PRENTICE, ROBIN, - The National Trust for Scotland Guide..
031642: PRENTICE, HELAINE KAPLAN, - The Garden of Southern California..
031908: PRENTICE, WILLIAM KELLY, - Those Ancient Dramas Called Tragedies..
029173: PREOBRAZHENSKY, A. G., - Etymological Dictionary of the Russian Language..
012075: DES PRES, TERRENCE, - The Survivor; an Anatomy of Life in the death Camps..
040710: DES PRÉS, JOSQUIN, - Josquin Des Prés und andere Meister: Weltliche Lieder zu 3-5 Stimmen..
026232: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain..
006027: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING, - The Papers of William Hickling Prescott..
028532: PRESCOTT, PETER S., - A World of Our Own; Notes on life and Learning in a boys' Preparatory School..
028877: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortés..
006036: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING, - The Literary Memoranda of William Hickling Prescott..
037477: NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION, - America's forgotten Architecture..
014027: PRESLER, FRANKLIN A., - Religion Under Bureaucracy; Policy and Administration for Hindu Temples in South India..
038142: PROFILE PRESS, - The Profile Press presents the Alphabet in Sundry Applications..
043805: PRESSER, J, - Ondergang de vervolging en verdelging van jet nederlandse lodendom 1940-1945..
022458: PRESSLY, THOMAS J., - Americans Interpret Their Civil War..
029606: PRESSLY, WILLIAM L., - A catalogue of Paintings in the Folger Shakespeare Library; "as Imagination Bodies forth"..
015048: PREST, A. R., - Transport Economics in Developing Countries..
013109: PRESTON, RAYMOND, - Chaucer..
017023: PRESTON, DIANA, - Lusitania; an Epic Tragedy..
038117: PRESTON, DIANA, - The Boxer Rebellion; the dramatic Story of China's War on foreigners That shook the World in the Summer of 1900..
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010572: REEVE, SIMON, - The New Jackals; Ramzi Yousef, Osama Bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism..
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026404: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O, - The Japanese..
010258: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O., - The Japanese Today; Change and Continuity..
039618: REISCHAUER, ROBERT D., ET AL, - Medicare; preparing for the Challenges of the 21st Century..
024381: REISER, OLIVER L., - Philosophy and the Concepts of Modern Science..
029653: REISS, EDMUND, ET AL., - Arthurian Legend and Literature; an Annotated Bibliography..
001987: REISS, SAMUEL, - The Rise of Words and Their Meanings..
014871: REISSERT, OSWALD, - Das Weserbergland Und Der Teutoburger Wald..
035395: REISSNER, HANNS GÜNTHER, - Eduard Gans; ein Leben im Vormärz..
019704: RELA, WALTLER, - Contribucion a La bibliografia del Teatro Chileno 1804-1960..
019705: RELA, WALTLER, - Contribucion a La bibliiografia de La Literatura Uruguaya 1835-1962..
038057: REMINI, ROBERT V, - Andrew Jackson & His Indian Wars..
008451: REMINIGTON, FREDERIC, - Frederic Remington's Own West..
025880: REMISE, JAC AND JEAN FONDIN, - The golden age of Toys..
027686: REMMERT, HERMANN, - Ökologie. Ein Lehrbuch..
030691: REMNICK, DAVID, - Lenin's Tomb; the last days of the Soviet Empire..
016516: RÉMOND, RENÉ, - La Droite En France, De La Première Restauration à La Ve République..
043136: RÉMOND, RENÉ, - La droite en France de la Première Restauration à la Ve République..
019809: REMPEL, RICHARD A., - Unionists Divided; Arthur Balfour, Joseph Chamberlain and the Unionist free Traders..
018736: RÉMY, PIERRE-JEAN, - Maria Callas; a Tribute..
031123: RÉMY, PIERRE-JEAN, - Covent Garden..
034839: RÉMY, - Le Livre du courage et de la peur, juin 1942-novembre 1943..
041836: RENAN, ERNEST, - Histoire du peuple d'Israel..
003447: RENAN, ERNEST, - Marc-Aurèle et La Fin Du Monde Antique..
014041: RENAN, ERNEST, - L'Église Chrétienne..
040965: RENAN, ERNEST, - Vie de Jésus..
009868: RENARD, E., - Clemens August, Kürfurst Von Köln, Ein Rheinischer Mäzen Und Weidmann Des 18. Jahrhunderts..
030933: RENARD, HÉLÈNE, - The Dream and the Naïfs..
028360: RENATO, CAMILLO, - Opere; Documenti e Testimonianze..
013263: RENAULT, GILBERT, - The Caravels of Christ..
019596: RENAULT, MARY, - The Praise Singer..
002645: RENFREW, COLIN, - Archaeology and Language; the Puzzle of Indo-European Origins..
004358: RENGSTORF, KARL HEINRICH, - A Complete Concordance to Flavius Josephus..
009795: RENICKE, HORST, - Grundlegung Der Neuhochdeutschen Grammatik; Zeitlichkeit--Wort Und Satz..
023572: RENIER, G. J., - The Dutch Nation; an historical Study..
002263: RENIER, FERNAND G., - Learn Dutch!..
036818: RENIER, FERNAND G., - Dutch-English and English-Dutch Dictionary..
040855: RENNER, ROLF GÜNTER, - Peter Handke..
026695: RENNERT, AMY, ED., - Helen Mirren, Prime Suspect; a Celebration..
021620: RENNERT, HUGO ALBERT, - The Spanish Stage in the Time of Lope de Vega..
030960: RENOIR, JEAN, - The rules of the Game; a film By Jean Renoir..
017600: RENTZ, JOHN N., - Marines in the Central Solomons..
019597: RENWICK, W. L., - Edmund Spenser; an Essay on Renaissance Poetry..
030359: RENWICK, W. L., - Edmund Spenser; an Essay on Renaissance Poetry..
030346: RENWICK, W. L., - English Literature 1789-1815..
033270: RENWICK, W. L., - Edmund Spenser; an Essay on Renaissance Poetry..
017335: U.S. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, - Centaur Program; Herarings Before the Subcommittee on Space Sciences of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U.S. House of Representatives, 87th Congress, 2d Session, May 15 and 18, 1962..
039083: REPS, JOHN W, - Cities on Stone; nineteenth Century Lithograph Images of the Urban West..
042675: REQUA, MARK L, - Alfred Cotton Bedord; an Address delivered at the Alfred Cotton Bedford Memorial service before the Annual meeting of the American Petroleum Institute, Los Angeles, January 20, 1926..
004586: RESCH, GERHARD, - Die Weinbauterminologie des Burgenlandes; eine wortgeographische Untersuchung, Ausgehend Von Der Weinbaugemeinde Gols..
008801: RESCHER, NICHOLAS, - Luck; the Brilliant Randomness of Everyday Life..
039873: NEW ZEALAND. DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH, - Proceedings of the International Symposium on Marine Biogeography and Evolution in the Southern Hemisphere, Auckland, New Zealand, 17-20 July 1978..
020701: RESEK, CARL, - Lewis Henry Morgan, American Scholar..
019598: RESHETOVSKAYA, NATALYA A., - Sanya; My Life with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn..
034892: RESTELLI, GIUSEPPE, - Arcana Epiri; contributo linguistico-storico sulle origini della civiltà Ellenica..
022072: RESTREPO, FELIX, - La cultura popular griega a través de la lengua castellana y otros estudios Semanticos..
022073: RESTREPO, FELIX, - La ortografia en América y otros estudios Gramaticales..
032641: RESTREPO, JORGE, - Creencias de un escéptico; lugares comunes sobre el humanismo Clásico..
012848: REUSCH, RICHARD, - History of East Africa..
023078: REUSS, PERCY A., - The Amazon Trail; an Epic journey Through the Amazon jungle and the Discovery of a Lost City..
029693: REUSS, WILHELM, - Die dichterische Persönlichkeit Herborts von Fritzlar..
021003: REUTER, CHRISTIAN, - Christian Reuter's Schelmuffsky..
022389: REVEL, JACQUES AND LYNN HUNT, EDS., - Histories; French Constructions of the Past..
019599: REVEL, JEAN-FRANÇOIS, - On Proust..
009798: REVELL, E. J., - Hebrew Texts with Palestinian Vocalization..
024961: REVENTLOW, HENNING, GRAF, - Rechtfertigung im Horizont des Alten Testaments..
002264: RÉVÉSZ, GEZA, - Ursprung Und Vorgeschichte Der Sprache..
014675: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN, - Nineteenth Century Glass; Its Genesis and Development..
023979: RÉVILLE, JEAN, - Les origines de l'épiscopat; Étude sur la formation du gouvernement ecclésiastique au sein de l'église chrétienne dans l'Empire Romain (première partie)..
040546: REWALD, JOHN, - Pierre Bonnard..
035863: REWALD, JOHN, - Gauguin..
040368: REX, JOHN AND DAVID MASON, EDS, - Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations..
013116: REXROTH, FRANK, - Das Mileiu Der Nacht; Obrigkeit Und Randgruppen Im Spätmittelalterlichen London..
034678: REXROTH, KENNETH AND IKUKO ATSUMI, EDS., - The Burning Heart; Women Poets of Japan..
043790: REXROTH, KENNETH, - The New British Poets; an Anthology..
002383: REXROTH, KENNETH, - Communalism: From Its Origins to the Twentieth Century..
022359: REY, ROBERT, - Manet..
022074: REY, ALAIN, - La Lexicologie; Lectures..
010721: REY, GUIDO, - The Matterhorn..
018221: REY-DEBOVE, R., ED., - Recherches Sur Les Systèmes Signifiants; Symposium De Varasovie 1968..
039044: REY, ROBERT, - Choix de soixante-quartre dessins de Edouard Manet..
042809: REY, AMILCARE, - Gaspare del Bufalo..
012849: REYHER, REBECCA, - The Fon and His Hundred Wives..
005187: REYNAUD, PAUL, - The Foreign Policy of Charles De Gaulle; a Critical Assessment..
041127: REYNOLDS, JOYCE AND ROBERT TANNENBAUM, - Jews and God-fearers at Aphrodisias; Greek Inscriptions with Commentary..
039276: REYNOLDS, MORGAN O, - Crime By Choice: An Economic Analysis..
033295: REYNOLDS, GEORGE F., - On Shakespeare's Stage..
022323: REYNOLDS, PATRICK AND TOM SHACHTMAN, - The Gilded Leaf; Trijmph, Tragedy, and Tobacco. Three Generations of the R. J. Reynolds Family and Fortune..
019600: REYNOLDS, CLAY, - Monuments..
023743: REYNOLDS, JAMES, - Andrea Palladio and the Winged Device..
024383: REYNOLDS, E. E., - Three Cardinals: Newman, Wiseman, Manning..
013756: REYNOLDS, JOSHUA, - Portraits..
026649: REYNOLDS, CLAY, - Sandhill County Lines; Stories..
011944: REYNOLDS, REGINALD, - Cleanliness and Godliness or the Further Metamorphosis; a Discussion of the Problems of sanitation Raised By Sir John Harrington..
027620: REYNOLDS, DAVID K., - Morita Psychotherapy..
008062: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL, - Men of Steel: I SS Panzer Corps. The Ardennes and Eastern Front, 1944-45..
007444: REYNOLDS, CLAY, - Monuments..
020798: REYNOLDS, JONATHAN M., - Maekawa Kunio and the emergence of Japanese Modernist Architecture..
033032: REYNOLDS, G. S., - A Primer of Operant Conditioning..
037275: REYNOLDS, ROBERT, - Magic Symbols; a Photographic Study on Graffiti..
041391: REYNOLDS, JOSHUA, - Sir Joshua Reynolds..
019601: REZZORI, GREGOR VON, - Memoirs of an anti-Semite..
006035: RHEA, GORDON C., - The Battles for Spotsylvania Court House and the Road to Yellow Tavern, May 7-12, 1864..
036989: RHEEDER, ATHOL, - Unto London; a Photographic Essay of London's street Performers..
026639: RHEIN, CHRISTINE, - Wild Flight..
030609: RHEIN, CHRISTINE, - Wild Flight..
003205: RHINE, J. B., - New Frontiers of the Mind; the Story of the Duke Experiments..
014818: RHOADS, STEVEN E., - Incomparable Worth; Pay Equity Meets the Market..
023950: RHODES, RICHARD, - John James Audubon; the Making of an American..
016080: RHODES, ELISHA HUNT, - All for the Union; the Civil War Diary and Letters of ELisha Hunt Rhodes..
033675: RHODES, ERNEST L., - Henslowe's Rose; the Stage & Staging..
031512: APOLLONIUS RHODIUS, - The Argonautica: Book III..
034283: RHYMER, PAUL, - The small House Half-way Up in the Next Block; Paul Rhymer's Vic and Sade..
042166: RIABCHIKOV, EVGENY, - Russians in Space..
039794: RIAUX, FRANCIS, - Essai sur Parménide d'Élée suivi du texte et de la traduction des Fragments..
007694: RIBALOW, HAROLD U., - The Jew in American Sports..
042836: RIBAO PEREIRA, MONTSERRAT, - Textos y representacion del drama historico en el romanticismo Español..
034116: RIBNER, IRVING, - Jacobean Tragedy; the Quest for Moral Order..
033488: RIBNER, IRVING, - The English history Play in the Age of Shakespeare..
030753: RIBNER, IRVING, - Tudor and Stuart Drama..
018739: RIBOWSKY, MARK, - He's a Rebel..
017374: RICCI, DANTE, - Il processo Di Dante..
039035: RICE, EDWIN T, - Musical Reminiscences..
029694: RICE, DAVID TALBOT., - The Dawn of European Civlization; the Dark AGes..
016081: RICE, EDWARD E., - Wars of the Third Kind; Conflict in Underdeveloped Countries..
018408: RICE, CLYDE, - A Heaven in the Eye..
026846: RICE, DAVID G. AND JOHN E. STAMBAUGH, - Sources for the study of Greek Religion..
029000: RICE, DAVID TALBOT., - Byzantine Painting; the Last Phase..
017111: RICE, EDWARD, - Captain Sir Richard FRancis Burton; the secret agent Who made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, discovered the Kama Sutra, and Brought the Arabian Nights to the West..
035172: RICE, STANLEY A, - Green Planet. How Plants keep the earth Alive..
003645: RICE, CARLTON COSMO, - Romance Etymologies and Other Studies..
041081: RICE, WILLIAM GORHAM, - Carillons of Belgium and Holland; Tower Music in the Low Countries..
026158: RICH, DANIEL CATTON, - Degas..
039655: RICH, KATHARINE RUSSELL, - Dreaming in Hindi; coming Awake in Another Language..
037498: RICH, LINDA G, ET AL, - Neighborhood; a state of Mind..
036847: RICH, FRANK, - The greatest Story Ever Sold; the Decline and Fall of truth from 9/11 to Katrina..
041662: RICHARDS, KEITH, - Life..
025860: RICHARDS, THOMAS, - The Commodity Culture of Victorian England; Advertising and Spectacle, 1851-1914..
012851: RICHARDS, AUDREY I., - Hunger and Work in a savage Tribe; a functional Study of Nutrition Among the Southern Bantu..
008512: RICHARDS, JEFFREY AND JOHN M. MACKENZIE, - The Railway Station; a Social History..
034274: RICHARDS, ROBERT J., - Darwin and the emergence of Evolutionary Theories of Mind and Behaviour..
020859: RICHARDS, AUDREY AND ADAM KUPER, EDS., - Councils in Action..
043721: RICHARDS, MELVILLE, ED, - Breudwyt Ronabwy; Allan o'r Llyfr Coch o Hergest..
032894: RICHARDS, LAURA E. AND MAUD HOWE ELLIOTT, - Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910..
040649: RICHARDS, C. G, - Ludwig Krapf, Mission & Explorer..
016397: RICHARDSON, ROBERT D., JR., - Emerson; the Mind on Fire. A Biography..
003448: RICHARDSON, RUFUS B., - A History of Greek Sculpture..
004905: RICHARDSON, H. EDWARD, - William Faulkner; the Journey to Self-Discovery..
014811: RICHARDSON, MILES, ED., - The Human Mirror; Material and Spacial Images of Man..
019736: RICHARDSON, R. C., - The debate on the English Revolution..
026141: RICHARDSON, BRENDA, - Dr Claribel & Miss Etta; the Cone Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art..
026847: RICHARDSON, EMELINE, - The Etruscans; Their art and Civlization..
011945: RICHARDSON, BAXTER K., - History of the Illinois Tuberculosis Association, 1905-1967..
008072: RICHARDSON, JOANNA, - Stendhal..
029466: RICHARDSON, JOANNA, - La Vie Parisienne 1852-1870..
015648: RICHARDSON, NICHOLAS, - The French Prefectoral Corps, 1814-1830..
029695: RICHARDSON, H. G. AND G. O. SAYLES, - The governance of Mediaeval England from the Conquest to Magna Carta..
030604: RICHARDSON, NELL, - A Family Home; a History of the President's Mansion at Auburn University..
031161: RICHARDSON, JOHN, - Singing Archaeology; Philip Glass's Akhanten..
041818: RICHARDSON, LAWRENCE, JR, - Pompeii; an Arachitectural History..
031914: RICHARDSON, BESSIE ELLEN, - Old Age Among the Ancient Greeks; the Greek portrayal of old Age in Literature, Art, and Inscriptions, with a Study of the Duration of Life Among the Ancient Greeks on the Basis of Inscriptional Evidence..
032401: RICHARDSON, MARGARET, - The Craft Architects..
036817: RICHARDSON, W. C. F, - India-rubber Jack..
042532: RICHARDSON, EDGAR P, - American Romantic Painting..
035126: RICHARZ, MONIKA, ED., - Jewish Life in Germany; memoirs from Three Centuries..
765: RICHÉ, PIERRE., - Daily life in the world of Charlemagne. Translated by Jo Ann McNamara...
024384: RICHES, JOHN, - The World of Jesus; First-Century Judaism in Crisis..
012526: RICHETER, K. S. A., - Handelsgeographie Oder Lehrbuch Der Erdbeschreibung Mit Besonderer Rücksicht Auf Naturprodukte, Gewerbliche Cultur Und Handel..
1482: RICHMOND, JAMES., - Theology and metaphysics...
023981: RICHMOND, IAN, - Roman Archaeology and Art; Essays and Studies..
027446: RICHMOND, HUGH M., - Shakespeare's Sexual Comedy; A Mirror for Lovers..
006744: RICHMOND, ROBERT P., - Powder Alarm, 1774..
035301: RICHMOND, ANTHONY H, - Post-war Immigrants in Canada..
012121: RICHMOND, J. C. B., - Egypt 1798-1952; Her Advance Towards a Modern Identity..
038073: RICHMOND, HUGH M., - Puritans and Libertines; Anglo-French Literary relations in the Reformation..
022448: RICHTER, WERNER, - Frankreich von Gambetta zu Clemenceau..
003449: RICHTER, GISELA M. A., - The Sculpture and Sculptors of the Greeks..
767: RICHTER, GOTTFRIED., - Chartres; die Herrlichkeit der Kathedrale. 3. erweiterte Auflage...
003845: RICHTER, GISELA M. A., - The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Handbook of the Etruscan Collection..
026848: RICHTER, GISELA M. A., - A Handbook of Greek Art..
037994: RICHTER, LYDIA, - Treasury of Käthe Kruse Dolls. Album 3..
034928: RICHTER, LYDIA, - Treasury of German Dolls. Album 1..
040095: RICHTER, GISELA M. A., - Etruscan Terracotta warriors in the Metropolitan Museum..
027728: RICHTHOFEN, FERDINAND FREIHERR VON, - Führer für Forschungsreisende; Anleitung zu Beobachtungen über Gegenstände der physischen Geographie und Geologie..
003563: RICKARDS, MAURICE, - The Public Notice; an Illustrated History..
035108: RICKARDS, MAURICE, - Colleting Printed Ephemera..
043182: RICKERS, GÜNTER, ED, - Schulerinnerungen aus Mecklenburg..
037519: RICKERT, EDITH, - Chaucer's World..
036558: RICKETTS, EDWARD F. AND JACK CALVIN, - Between Pacific Tides..
016083: RICKEY, DON, JR. AND B. F. COOLING, III., - Essays in Some Dimensions of Military History..
028153: RICKS, THOMAS E., - Fiasco; the American military Adventure in Iraq..
029308: RICKS, CHRISTOPHER, - T. S. Eliot and Prejudice..
019991: RICO LINAGE, RAQUEL, - Las Reales Compañias De Comercio Con America; Los organos De Gobierno..
036870: RIDER, ROBIN E, - The Show of Science..
041374: RIDGELY, J. V, - Nineteenth-century Southern Literature..
030973: RIDGEWAY, RICK, - The Shadow of Kilimanjaro; on foot Across East Africa..
019603: RIDGWAY, R. S., - Voltaire and Sensibility..
015326: RIDING, ALAN, - Distant Neighbors; a Portrait of the Mexicans..
033545: RIDLER, ANNE,, - Shakespeare Criticism 1919-35, Selected with an Introduction..
033546: RIDLER, ANNE,, - Shakespeare Criticism 1935-60, Selected with an Introduction..
024664: RIDLEY, JASPER, - Statesman and Saint; Cardinal Wolsey, Sir Thomas More, and the Politics of Henry VIII..
016808: RIDLEY, JASPER, - The Freemasons; a History of the World's Most powerful Secret Society..
004956: RIDLEY, CHARLES PRICE, ET AL., - The Making of a Model Citizen in Communist China..
027951: RIDLEY, JASPER, - The Freemasons; a History of the World's most powerful Secret Society..
010134: RIED, FRITZ, - Das Selbstbildnis..
028771: RIED, H. A., - Zur Antrhopologie des abflußlosen Rumpfschollenlandes im nordöstlichen Deutsch-Ostafrika..
043568: RIEDEL, INGRID, ED, - Hölderlin ohne Mythos..

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