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027578: LINCOLN, C. ERIC, - Race, Religion, and the Continuing American Dilemma..
029982: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, - Speeches and Writings 1832-1858: Speeches, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; the Lincoln-Douglas Debates..
031171: LINCOLN, HENRY, - The Holy Place; Discovering the eighth Wonder of the Ancient World..
031249: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM, - The Collected works of Abraham Lincoln..
003599: LINCOLN, E. F., - The Medieval Legacy..
015813: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE, - In War's Dark Shadow; the Russians Before the Great War..
010780: LIND, ANDREW W., - Hawaii's Japanese; an Experiement in Democray..
009636: LIND, IVAN, - De Portugal Ao Brasil; Um pequeno Estudo De Toponimia Brasileira..
041041: LIND, JAKOV, - Landschaft in Beton; Roman..
007614: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW, - Locked Rooms and Open Doors; Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1933-1935..
025268: LINDBERGH, CHARLES A., - Autobiography of Values..
010469: LINDBLOM, GERHARD, - Jakt- Och Fångstmetoder Bland Afrikanska Folk (with a Retrospect in English)..
039449: LINDE, STAFFAN BURENSTAM, - The Harried Leisure Class..
025020: LINDE, OTFRIED K., ED., - Pharmakopsychiatrie im Wandel der Zeit; Erlebnisse und Ergebnisse..
014878: LINDE, RICHARD, - Die Niederelbe..
040143: LINDEMANN, ALBERT S, - Esau's tears; Modern anti-semitism and the rise of the Jews..
014991: LINDEMANN, MARY, - Patriots and Paupers: Hamburg, 1712-1830..
005933: LINDEN, GLENN M., - Politics or Principle; Congressional Voting on the Civil War Amendments and pro-Negro Measures, 1838-69..
006380: LINDENFELD, DAVID F., - The Transformation of Positivism; Alexius Meinong and European Thought, 1880-1920..
015814: LINDERMAN, GERALD F., - Embattled Courage; the Experience of Combat in the American Civil War..
032346: LINDGREN, BERNARD W., - Statistical Theory..
003993: LINDNER, ROBERT, - Prescription for Rebellion..
026515: LINDNER, FRIEDRICH LUDWIG, - Skythien und die Skythen des Herodot und seine Ausleger, nebst Beschreibung des heutigen Zustandes jener Länder..
026508: LINDORM, PER-ERIK, - Svensk humor under 100 år en kavalkad i ord och Bild..
019312: LINDQUISTS, IVAR, - A Propos D'une inscription De la Fin De La Période Mycénienne..
040058: LINDSAY, MARSHALL, - Le Temps Jaune; essais sur Corbière..
018368: LINDSAY, ROBERT, ED., - Early Concepts of Energy in atomic Physics..
026245: LINDSAY, J. SEYMOUR, - Iron and brass Implements of the English and American House..
012409: LINDSAY, MERRILL, - One Hundred Great Guns; an Illustrated History of Firearms..
019094: LINDSAY, J. M., - Gottfried Keller; life and Works..
028912: LINDSAY, PHILIP, - King Richard III; a Chronicle..
006647: LINDSAY, ROBERT O. AND JOHN NEU, - French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648; a Catalog of Major Collections in American Libraries..
014739: LINDSAY, J. M., - Gotfried Keller; Life and Works..
019784: LINDSAY, PHILIP, - For King of Parliament..
036693: LINDSAY, T. M, - Letters of Principal T. M. Lindsay to Janet Ross..
041606: LINDSAY, A. D, - The Essentials of Democracy..
010024: LINDSEY, DAVID, - "Sunset" Cox, Irrepressible Democrat..
015816: LINDSTROM, LAMONT AND GEORFFREY M. WHITE, - Island Encounters; black and White Memories of the Pacific War..
015223: LINE, MAURICE B., ET AL., - Bibliography of Russian Literature in English Translation to 1945..
032837: LINEBAUGH, PETER, - The London Hanged; Crime and Civil Society in the eighteenth Century..
038777: LINENGER, JERRY M, - Off the Planet; surviving Five Perilous months Aboard the Space Station Mir..
037203: LINES, KATHLEEN, - Dick Whittington..
018005: LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM, 12TH, PAVIA, 1977, - Wortstellung Und Bedeutung; Akten Des 12. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Pavia 1977..
018006: LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM, 18TH, LINZ, 1983, - Sprache Und Text; Akten Des 18. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Linz 1983..
018007: LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM, 19TH, VECHTA, 1984., - Grammatik, Semantik, Textlinguistik; Akten Des 19. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Vechta 1984..
018009: LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM, 20TH, BRAUNSCHWEIG, 1985., - Pragmantax; Akten Des 20 Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Braunschweig 1985..
018010: LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM, 21ST, GRONINGEN, 1986., - Liniguistik in Deutschland; Akten Des 21. Linguistischen Kolloquiums, Groningen 1986..
014362: LINK, HOWARD A., - The Theatrical Prints of the Torii Masters; a Selection of Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Ukiyo-e..
036361: LINN, JOHN GAYWOOD, - The Theater in the Fiction of Marcel Proust..
038624: LINSKY, LEONARD, - Referring..
041596: LINSKY, LEONARD, - Names and Desciptions..
027929: LINSLEY, LESLIE, - Nantucket; Island Living..
020925: LINSON, CORWIN K., - My Stephen Crane..
003166: LINSRE, HANS, - Das Problem Des Todes..
014330: LINTON, RALPH AND PAUL S. WINGERT, - Arts of the South Seas..
035914: LIONNI, LEO, - Leo Lionni Favorites; Six Classic Stories..
042504: LIPINSKI, E, - Essais sur la révélation et la Bible..
027123: LIPMAN, JEAN AND ALICE WINCHESTER, - The Flowering of American folk Art 1776-1876..
015168: LIPMAN, JEAN AND TOM ARMSTRONG, EDS., - American Folk Painters of Three Centuries..
029674: LIPMAN, SONIA AND V. D. LIPMAN, - The Century of Moses Montefiore..
043681: LIPMAN, JEAN, ET AL, - Young America; a Folk-art History..
038330: LIPMANN, ANTHONY, - Divinely Elegant; the world of Ernst Dryden..
038729: LIPPE, ASCHWIN, - The Freer INdian Sculptures..
026053: LIPPMAN, FRIEDRICH, - Der KUpferstich..
006852: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN, - The Third Century; America as a Post-Industrial Society..
037211: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN, - Continental Divide; the Values and Institutions of the United States and Canada..
033678: LIPSEY, ROGER, - An art of our Own; the Spiritual in Twentieth-Century Art..
002386: LIPSITZ, GEORGE, - A Life in the Struggle; Ivory Perry and the Culture of Opposition..
040940: LIPSIUS, JUSTUS, - Roma illustrata, sive antiquitatum romanarum Breviarium..
024316: LIPSIUS, RIAHCRD ADELBERT, - Die Pilatus-Acten kritisch Untersucht..
006382: LIPSIUS, RICHARD ADELBERT, - Lehrbuch der Evangelisch-Protestantischen Dogmatik..
023007: LIPSKY, LOUIS, - Memoirs in Profile..
007156: LIPSON, DOROTHY ANN, - Freemasonry in Federalist Connecticut..
034842: LISBOA, ADRIANA, - Symphony in White..
023407: LISCA, PETER, - The Wide World of John Steinbeck..
004788: LISIO, DONALD J., - The President and Protest; Hoover, Conspiracy, and the Bonus Riot..
023281: LISKA, GEORGE, - International Equilibrium; a theoretical Essay on the politics and Organization..
019935: LISON-TOLOSANA, CARMELO, - Belmonte De Los Caballeros; a sociological Study of a Spanish Town..
034280: LISSE, PIERRE, - La ceramica de Pucara, Peru..
009010: LISTON, MAUREEN R., - Gertrude Stein; an Annotated Critical Bibliography..
017611: LITCHFIELD, P. W., - The industrial Republic; Reflections of an Industrial Lieutenant..
007379: LITOFF, JUDY BARRETT AND DAVID C. SMITH, EDS., - What Kind of World Do We Want? American Women Plan for Peace..
015817: LITTAUER, RAPHAEL AND NORMAN UPHOFF, - The Air War in Indochina..
024469: LITTELL, FRANKLIN HAMLIN, ED., - Reformation Studies; Essays in Honor of Roland H. Bainton..
002999: LITTLE, ALAN M. G., - Myth and Society in Attic Drama..
034342: LITTLE, CHARLES E., - The Dying of the Trees; the pandemic in America's Forests..
021898: LITTLEFIELD, MARK G., - A Bibliographic Index to Romance Philology, Volumes I-XXV..
021196: LITTLEFIELD, DOUGLAS R. AND TANIS C. THORNE, - The Spirit of Enterprise; the History of Pacific Enterprises from 1886 to 1989..
030828: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID, - The Ultimate Art; essays around and About Opera..
032289: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID, - Architect: The Life and Work of Charles W. Moore..
016346: LITTLER, D. J. AND J. F. RAFFLE, - An Introduction to Reactor Physics..
003167: LITVINOFF, BARNET, - Weizmann, Last of the Patriarchs..
020382: LITVINOV, PAVEL, - The Demonstration in Pushkin Square; the Trial Records with Commentary and an Open Letter..
025926: LIU, JAMES J. Y, - The interlingual Critic; Interpreting Chinese Poetry..
021261: LIU, GRETCHEN, - Pastel Portraits; Singapore's Architectural Heritage..
005024: LIU, KWANG-CHING, - Americans and Chinese; a historical Essay and a Bibliography..
013007: LIU, KWANG-CHING, - American and Chinese; a hhistorical Essay and a Bibliography..
015818: LIU, F. F., - A Military History of Modern China: 1924-1949..
033370: LIU, WU-CHI AND IRVING YUCHENG LO, EDS., - Sunflower Splendor; Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry..
002581: LIVERSIDGE, JOAN, - Britain in the Roman Empire..
015820: LIVESEY, ANTHONY, - Great Commanders and Their Battles..
037503: LIVINGSTON, JANE, - Lee Miller Photographer..
004193: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID N., - Nathaniel Southgate Shaler and the Culture of American Technology..
034481: LIVINGSTONE, R. W., - Portrait of Socrates; Being the Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Plato in an English Translation with introductions and Notes..
002197: LJUNGERUD, IVAN, - Zur Nominalflexion in Der Deutschen Literatursprache Nach 1900..
030325: LLADRÓ, - Lladró. Edición 1998-99..
032206: LLADRÓ, - Lladró; the Will to Create..
028308: LLOYD, LINDA, ET AL., - The Ma Cuisine Cooking School Cookbook..
012475: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER, - The Year at Great Dixter..
012476: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER, - The Well-Chosen Gargen..
010761: LLOYD, HENRY DEMAREST, - Newest England; Notes of a Democratic Traveller in New Zealand, with Some Australian Comparisons..
026188: LLUISA BORRAS, MARIA, - Arte del objeto japones; art of the Japanese Object; Art de l'object japonais; Kunst des japanischen Gegenstands..
017316: LLYNGBY, K. J., - Om Nordfrisik I Bøkking Og Hvidding Herreder (Nibøl Og Klangsbøl sogne)..
016838: LO, KENNETH, - The Encyclopedia of Chinese Cooking..
038090: LOBDELL, FRANK, - Drawings 1964-1974: Frank Lobdell..
015425: LOBET, MARCEL, - Paolo Bortoluzzi..
016944: LOCHNER, LOUIS P., - Tycoons and Tyrant; German industry Forom Hitler to Adenauer..
018654: LOCHNER, LOUIS P., - Fritz Kreisler..
002198: LOCK, EDWARD G. AND MASON STUTTARD, - Nelson's Esperanto Course..
043730: LOCK, ANNE VAUGHAN, - The collected Works of Anne Vaughan Lock..
1316: LOCKE, DON., - Myself and others; a study in our knowledge of minds. Reprinted...from the corrected sheets of the first edition...
001762: LOCKE, ROBERT R, - French Legitimists and the Politics of Moral Order in the Early Third Republic..
029511: LOCKE, FREDERICK W., - The Quest for the Holy Grail; a literary Study of a Thirteenth-Century French Romance..
005500: LOCKEY, JOSEPH BYRNE, - Essays in Pan-Americanism..
020108: LOCKHART, J. G., - Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott., Bart...
026307: LOCKHART, L., - Persia..
011384: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE, - British Agent..
011385: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE, - Retreat from Glory..
032080: LOCKHART, ROBERT BRUCE, - Scotch; the Whisky of Scotland in Fact and Story..
036470: LOCKLEY, R. M, - Inland Farm..
034230: LOCKLEY, MARTIN, - The Eternal Trail; a Tracker Looks at Evolution..
033237: LOCKWOOD, D. P., - A survey of Classical Roman Literature..
035304: LOCKWOOD, W. B, - An Informal History of the German Language..
043079: LOCKWOOD, DEAN PUTNAM, - Ugo Benzi, Medieval Philosopher and Physician 1876-1439..
008648: LODGE, G. A. AND G. E. LAMMING, EDS., - Growth and Development of Mammals; Proceedings of the Fourteenth Easter School in Agricultural Science, University of Nottingham, 1967..
017604: LODGE, O. R., - The recapture of Guam..
006106: LODGE, RICHARD, - Studies in Eighteenth-Century Diplomacy, 1740-1748..
1318: LODS, ADOLPHE., - Israel from its beginnings to the middle of the eighth century. Translated by S. H. Hooke...
031826: LODS, ADOLPHE, - Israel des origines au milieu du VIIIe Siècle..
009950: LOEB, JACQUES, - The Mechanistic Conception of Life..
018012: LOEB, EDWIN M., - In Feudal Africa..
003995: LOEBNER, EGON, - The Selected Papers of Egon Loebner..
040746: LOEFFLER, JACK, - Adventures with Ed; a Portrait of Abbey..
629: LOEHR, AUGUST., - Österreichische Geldgeschichte...
025212: LOEMKER, LEROY E., - Struggle for Synthesis; the seventeenth century Background of Leibniz's Synthesis of Order and Freedom..
032840: LOEWE, MICHAEL, - Everyday Life in Early Imperial China during the Han Period 202 BC-AD 220..
007328: LOEWENBERG, ROBERT J., - Equality on the Oregon Frontier; Jason Lee and the Methodist Mission, 1834-43..
041800: LOEWENBERG, J, - Dialogues from Delphi..
021144: LOEWENSTEIN, RUDOLPH M., ET AL., EDS., - Psychoanalysis--a General Psychology; Essays in Honor of Heinz Hartmann..
028050: LOEWENSTEIN, DORA AND PHILIP DODD, EDS., - According to the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watss, Ronnie Wood..
021899: LÖFFLER, HEINRICH, - Probleme der Dialektologie; eine Einführung..
036093: LÖFFLER, FRITZ, - Otto Dix; life and Work..
020509: LOFREDO, GINO, - Obediencia debida; Fuegos..
015028: LOFT, ABRAM, - Ensemble! A Rehearsal Guide to Thirty Great Works of Chamber Music..
005580: LOFTIS, JOHN, - Comedy and society from Congreve to Fielding..
005618: LOFTIS, JOHN, - The Politics of Drama in Augustan England..
010130: LOGA, VALERIAN VON, - Francisco De Goya..
043430: LOGAN, HARLAN, ED, - How Much do You know About Glass?..
038726: LOGAN, PAMELA, - Among Warriors; a martial Artist in Tibet..
010438: LOGAN, HAROLD A., - The History of Trade-Union Organization in Canada..
003900: LOGAN, JOHN A., JR., - No Transfer; an American Security Principle..
033679: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS., - The New Intellectuals..
032855: LOGAN, FRANK A., - Incentive; how the conditions of Reinforcement Affect the Performance of Rats..
033624: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS., - The Popular School..
033625: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS., - The Predecessors of Shakespeare..
033609: LOGAN, TERENCE P. AND DENZELL S. SMITH, EDS., - The Later Jacobean and Caroline Dramatists..
029791: LOGGINS, VERNON, - André Chénier; His Life, Death, and Glory..
035423: LOGU, GIUSEPPE DE, - Natura Morta Italiana..
015822: LOGUE, LARRY M., - To Appomattox and Beyond; the Civil War Soldier in War and Peace..
043062: LOHRMANN, KLAUS ED, - 1000 Jahre österreichisches Judentum; Ausstellungskatalog..
002199: LOI, LUCIA SERENA, - Il Tesoro Nascosto Degli Afghani..
038294: LOISELLE, PAUL V, - African Cichlids; a Splendid Introduction to this Diverse and attractive Group of tropical Freshwater Fishes..
026518: LOISY, ALFRED., - The Origins of the New Testament (Les origines du Nouveau Testament)..
038829: LOMAS, PETER, - The Limits of Interpretation..
036168: LOMAS GARZA, CARMEN, - A Piece of My heart/Pedacito de mi corazon; The Art of CArmen LOmaz Garza..
007766: LOMASK, MILTON, - Aaron Burr; the years from Princeton to Vice President, 1756-1805..
015823: LOMASK, MILTON, - Aaron Burr; the Conspiracy and Years of Exile, 1805-1836..
1320: LOMBARDI, FRANCO., - La filosofia italiana negli ultimi cento anni...
027474: LOMBARDI, JOHN V., - Venezuela; the Seaerch for Order, the dream of Progress..
028246: LOMBARDO, ROCCO, - La Chiesa e il Monastero di San Marco le Vergini di Enna tra storia, arte, Devozione..
028914: LOMBARDO, ROCCO, - La Chiesa e il Monastero di San Marco le Vergini di Enna tra storia, arte, Devozione..
041912: LOMBARDO, ANTONIO, - Le trasformazioni del Comunismo Italiano..
032105: LOMBORG, BJØRN, ED., - Global Crises, Global Solutions..
039787: LOMBORG, BJØRN, - The skeptical Environmentalist; measuring the real state of the World..
003765: LOMHOLT, SVEND, - Niels R. Finsen..
042226: LOMMATZSCH, ERHARD, - Ein italienisches Novellenbuch des Quattrocento; Giovanni Sabadino degli Arientis "Porrettane"..
026090: LOMMEL, ANDREAS, - Vorgeschichte und Naturvölker; Höhlenmalereien, Totems, Schmuck, Masken, Keramik, Waffen..
040137: LOMONT, J. S, - Application of Finite Groups..
019772: LONDON, JULIUS AND GILBERT F. WHITE, EDS., - The environmental Effects of Nuclear War..
037934: LONDON, SARA, - Firehorse Max..
020964: LONDON, JACK, - Farther North..
006386: LONERGAN, BERNARD, - Collection; Papers By Bernard Lonergan, S. J...
041294: LONERGAN, BERNARD J. F., - Method in Theology..
024782: LONG, EUGENE THOMAS, ED., - God, Secularization, and History; Essays in Memory of Ronald Gregor Smith..
022900: LONG, DAVID E. AND BERNARD REICH, EDS., - The government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa..
022929: LONG, DAVID E., - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..
015362: LONG, DAVID F., - Gold Braid and Foreign Relations; Diplomatic Activities of U.S. Naval Officers, 1798-1883..
029882: LONG, ROBERT EMMET, - The Films of Merchant Ivory..
015824: LONG, DAVID F., - Sailor-diplomat; a Biography of Commodore James Biddle, 1783-1848..
036460: LONG, WALTER S, - Brushwork Diary; Watercolors of Early Nevada..
035175: LONG, ELGEN M. AND MARIE K. LONG, - Amerlia Earhart; the Mystery Solved..
001961: LONGACRE, ROBERT E., - Grammar Discovery Procedures; a Field Manual..
032667: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH, - The Leap of Roushan Beg..
037745: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH, - Eminent Victorian Women..
011399: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH, - The Royal House of Windsor..
011400: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH, - Queen Victoria; Born to Succeed..
011402: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH, - Wellington; Pillar of State..
011403: LONGFORD, FRANK PAKENHAM, EARL OF, - A History of the House of Lords..
027994: LONGFORD, ELIZABETH, - Wellington, the Years of the Sword..
022567: LONGMAN, JERE, - Among the heroes; United Flight 93 and the Passengers and Crew who Fought Back..
041832: LONGNON, AUGUSTE, - Pouillés de la province de Rouen..
014717: LONGNON, HENRI AND FRANCES WILSON HUARD, - French Provincial Furniture..
041831: LONGNON, AUGUSTE, - Pouillés de la province de Lyon..
041934: LONGO, LUIGI AND CARLO SALINARI, - Dal socialfascismo alla guerra di Spagna; ricordi e riflessioni di un militante Comunista..
031213: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN, - We all Went to Paris; Americans in the City of Light: 1776-1971..
020326: LONGSWORTH, ROBERT, - The Cornish Ordinalia; religion and Dramaturgy..
032025: LONGWORTH, T. CLIFTON, - The Gods of Love; the Creative Process in Early Religion..
030829: LONGYEAR, REY M., - Nineteenth-century Romanticism in Music..
026913: LONSDALE, ROGER, ED., - Eighteenth-century Women Poets; an Oxford Anthology..
039713: LONSDALE, K, - Crystals and X-rays..
035670: LONSDALE, ROGER, - Dr. Charles Burney; a Literary Biography..
035121: LOOFF, HANS, - Der Symbolbegriff in der neueren Religionsphilosophie und Theologie..
034976: LOOKER, E. DIANNE AND TED D. NAYLOR, EDS, - Digital Diversity; Youth, Equity, and Information Technology..
022081: LOOMIE, ALBERT J., - The Spanish Elizabethans; the English Exiles at the Court of Philip II..
010127: LOOMIS, C. GRANT, - The German Theater in San Francisco, 1861-1864..
018364: LOOMIS, NOEL M., - Wells Fargo..
027292: LOONEY, DENNIS, - Compromising the Classics; Romance Epic narrative in the Italian Renaissance..
026721: LOOPMANS, TJALLING C., ED., - Statistical Inference in dynamic Economic Moders..
008140: LOOS, ANITA, - San Francisco; a Screenplay..
043444: LOOS, ERICH, - Selbstanalyse und Selbsteinsicht bei Petrarca und Montaigne..
019759: LOPES, SAL, - The Wall; images and offerings from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial..
040878: LOPEZ BELTRAN, LAURO, - Patronatos Guadalupanos..
019566: LOPEZ, ENRIQUE HANK, - Conversations with Katherine Anne Porter, refugee from Indian Creek..
634: LOPEZ, ROBERT S., - The birth of Europe...
025599: LOPEZ, BARRY, - Apologia..
008959: LOPEZ ESTRADE, FRANCISCO, - Introduccion a La Literatura Medievale Española..
028915: LOPEZ, ROBERT S. AND IRVING W. RAYMOND, - Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World; illustrative Documents, Translated with Introductions and Notes..
013057: LOPEZ, ROBERT S., - The Three Ages of the Italian Renaissance..
002200: LOPEZ, CECILIO, - Ang Balarila ni Rizal..
038397: LOPEZ, MARTINA, - Martina Lopez. Digital Allegory..
034708: LÓPEZ SERRANO, MATILDE, - El Códice Aureo; Los Cuatro Evangelios, Siglo XI; Estudio Preliminar..
043282: LOPEZ MORALES, HUMBERTO, - Estudios sobre el español De Cuba..
005815: LORAM, IAN C., - Goethe and His Publishers..
024000: LORAN, ERLE, - Cézanne's Composition; Analysis of His Form with Diagrams and Photographs of His Motifs..
017079: LORAN, ERLE, ET AL., - Africa and Ancient Mexican Art; the Loran Collection..
023008: LORCH, NETANEL, - One Long Year; Arab Versus Jew Since 1920..
015826: LORCH, NETANEL, - One Long War; Araab Versus Jew Since 1920..
034775: LORD, LOUIS E., - Aristophanes, His Plays and His Influence..
007617: LORD, CLIFFORD L., ED., - Keepers of the Past..
031829: LORD, GEORGE DEF, - HOmeric Renaissance; the Odyssey of George Chapman..
017391: LORD, WALTER, - The Night Lives on..
009643: LORD, ALBERT BATES, - Beginning Bulgarian..
018014: LORD, ALBERT BATES, - Beginning Serbocroatian..
038780: LORD, BARRY AND GAIL DEXTER LORD, - Artists, Patrons, and the Public. Why Culture Changes..
031828: LORD, ALBERT BATES, - Epic Singers and oral Tradition..
037620: LORENZ, KONRAD, - Behind the Mirror; a search for a Natural History of Human Knowledge..
012499: LORENZ, KONRAD, - Studies in Animal and Human Behaviour..
027209: LORENZ, ERIKA, - Der metaphorische Kosmos der modernen spanischen Lyrik (1936-1956)..
002819: LORENZ, HILMAR, - Pflicht und Neigung in Kants kritischer Philosophie; Studie über den Zusammenhang zwischen theoretischer und praktischer Philosophie in Kants kritischen Schriften bis zur "Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten."..
032233: LORENZ, KONRAD, - The Year of the Greylag Goose..
035639: LORENZ, KONRAD, - So kam Der Mensch auf Den Hund..
005303: LORENZEN, DAVID N., - Kabir Legends and Ananta-das's Kabir Parachai..
009644: LORIAN, ALEXANDRE, - L'Expression De L'hypothèse en Français Moderne; Antéposition et Postposition..
026584: LORIGGIO, FRANCESCO, ED., - The Last Effort of Dreams; Essays on the Poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco..
036013: LORING, ROSAMOND B, - Decorated Book Papers Being an account of their Designs and Fashions..
015656: LORWIN, VAL R., - The French Labor Movement..
015829: LOSSING, BENSON J., - Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict..
042918: LOSSKY, N. O, - History of Russian Philosophy..
024319: LOTAR, PETER, - Vom Sinn des Lebens; ein Gespräch zu fünft, aus Werk und Leben Albert Schweitzers..
005163: LOTH, DAVID, - Lafayette..
033152: LOTHIAN, JOHN M., - Shakespeare's Charactery; a Book of "characters" from Shakespeare..
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031834: LYSIAS, - Orationes..
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042676: MAAK, F, - Das Goethetheater in Lauchstädt nebst dem von Goethe zu seiner Einweihung gedichteten Vorspiel: "Was wir bringen" und einem Auszuge aus der alten Badeliste von 1721-1842. Ein Beitrag zum Schillerjahre 1905..
037124: MAAS, JEREMY, ET AL., - The Victorian art World in Photographs..
032163: MAAS, PETER, - Killer Spy; the inside Story of the FBI's Pursuit and Capture of Aldreich Ames, America's Deadliest Spy..
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037548: MABEY, RICHARD, - The Flowers of Kew; 350 Years of Flower Paintings from the Royal Botanic Gardens..
005373: MACALOON, JOHN J., - This Great Symbol; Pierre De Coubertin and the Origins of the Modern Olympic Games..
008889: MACARTHUR, JOHN, ED., - Imaginary Materials; a Seminar with Michael Carter..
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030093: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON, - The history of England from the Accession of James II..
036117: MACAULAY, DAVID, - Great Moments in Architecture..
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010023: MACCLOSEKY, MONRO, - Our national Attic: The Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives..
031836: MACCOBY, HYAM, - Judas Iscariot and the Myth of Jewish Evil..
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011436: MACDONAGH, MICHAEL, - The English King; a Study of the Monarchy and the Royal Family, Historical, Constitutional and Social..
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016928: MACDONALD-TAYLOR, MARGARET, ED., - A Dictionary of Marks: Ceramics, Metalwork, Furniture. The Identification handbook for antiques Collectors..
036026: MACDONNELL, KEVIN, - Eadweard Muybridge; the Man Who Invented the Moving Picture..
025615: MACDONOGH, GILES, - A Good German; Adam on Trott zu Solz..
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030591: MACDOUGALL, DOUG, - Nature's Clocks; How Scientists measure the Age of Almost Everything..
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030077: MACEINA, ANTANAS, - Der Grossinquisitor; geschichtsphilosophische Deutung der Legende Dostojewskijs..
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035298: MACFADDEN, BERNARR AND FELIX OSWALD, - Fasting--hydropathy--exericse; Nature's wonderful remedies for the Cure of All Cronic and Acute Ddiseases..
036063: MACFADDEN, BERNARR, ED, - The Encyclopedia of health and physical Culture; a Comprehensive Guide to the Proper care and Complete Development of the human Body with Detailed Directions for the Prevention and Treatment of Disease..
036424: MACFADDEN, BERNARR, - Keeping Fit..
004144: MACGAFFEY, WYATT, - Custom and Government in the Lower Congo..
038304: MACGAFFEY, JANET, ET AL, - The Real Economy of Zaire; the Contribution of Smuggling & Other Unofficial Activities to National Wealth..
022153: MACGREGOR, DAVID R., - The Tea Clippers; Their History and Development 1833-1875..
030837: MACH, ELYSE, - Great Pianists speak fro Themselves..
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041189: MACHLUP, FRITZ, - Plans for Reform of the International Monetary System..
041186: MACHLUP, FRITZ, - Plans for Reform of the International Monetary System..
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010822: MACK, GERSTLE, - Gustave Courbet..
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041192: MACK, FRANCES M., ED, - Seinte Marherete [th]e Meiden ant Martyr..
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031382: MACKAY, JAMES, - Fans..
013631: MACKE, AUGUST, - August Macke..
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021903: MACKENSEN, LUTZ, - Die deutsche Sprache unserer Zeit; zur Sprachgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts..
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011471: MACKENZIE, AGNES MURE, - The Passing of the Stewarts..
009717: MACKENZIE, JOHN P., - The Appearance of Justice..
015853: MACKENZIE, NORMAN, - The Escape from Elba; the fall and Flight of Napoleon, 1814-1815..
018662: MACKENZIE, COMPTON, - My Record of Music..
018661: MACKENZIE, BARBARA AND FINDLAY MACKENZIE, - singers of Australia; from Melba to Sutherland..
037887: MACKERTICH, TONY AND PETER MACKERTICH, - Facade; a decade of British and American Commercial Architecture..
028252: MACKEY, JAMES P., - Jesus the Man and the Myth; a Contemporary Christology..
015854: MACKEY, KENNETH, - Commando; Hit-And-run Combat in World War II..
021366: MACKINNON, JANICE R. AND STEPHEN R. MACKINNON, - Agnes Smedley; the life and Times of an American Radical..
034416: MACKINNON, JOHN, - Wild China..
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026227: MACKSEY, RICHARD AND EUGENIO DONATO, EDS., - The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man; the Structuralist Controversy..
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027470: MACLACHLAN, COLIN M., - A History of Modern Brazil; the past Against the Future..
1336: MACLAGAN, W. G., - The theological frontier of ethics; an essay...
026829: MACLANE, SAUNDERS, - Homology..
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003904: MACLAY, WILLIAM, - The Journal of William Maclay, United State senator from Pennsylvania 1789-1791..
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005924: MACLEAN, NANCY, - Behind the Mask of Chivalry; the Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan..
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036746: MACLEAN, VIRGINIA, - A short-title Catalogue of Household and Cookery Books Published in the English Tongue 1701-1800..
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034087: MACLURE, MILLAR, - George Chapman; a critical Study..
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657: MARCHINI, GIUSEPPE., - Il Duomo di Prato...
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041416: MARCOVICH, MIROSLAV, - Studies in Greek Poetry..
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034387: MARCUS, RUSSELL, ED, - English-Lao, Lao-English Dictionary..
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030835: MARDER, TOD A., ED., - The critical Edge; Controversy in Recent American Architecture..
038418: MARDER, YURI, - Yuri Marder: The Exile Project..
019569: MARE, MARGARET AND ALICIA C. PERCIVAL, - Victorian Best-Seller; the World of Charlotte M. Yonge..
007014: DE LA MARE, WALTER, - The burning-glass and Other Poems..
036777: DE LA MARE, WALTER, - Come Hither; a collection of Rhymes and Poems of the young of all Ages..
031796: DE LA MARE, WALTER, - Behold, This dreamer! Of Reverie, Night, Sleep, Dreams, Love-Dreams, Nightmare, Death, the Unconscious, the Imagination, Divination, the Artist, and Kindred Subjects..
018120: MARECHAL, CHRISTIAN, - La Mennais; La dispute De L'essai Sur Lndifférence..
018667: MAREK, GEORGE R., - Cosima Wagner..
035640: MAREK, KURT W, - Yestermorrow; Notes on man's Progress with a Glossary-Index..
042934: MARENBON, JOHN, - From the circle of Alcuin to the School of Auxerre; Logic, Theology and Philosophy in the Early Middle Ages..
015869: MARGADANT, TED W., - French Peasants in Revolt; the Insurrection of 1851..
028261: MARGALIT, AVISHAI, ED., - Meaning and Use; Papers Presented at the Second Jerusalem Philosophical Encounter, April 1976..
018004: MARGARIT, ANTONIO BADIA AND GEORGES STRAKA, - La linguistique Catalane. Colloque International organisé Par Le Centre De Philologie et De Littérairies De l'Université De Strasbourg Du 23 Au 27 avril 1968...
041637: MARGERIE, BERTRAND DE, - La Trinité chrétienne dans l'Histoire..
006138: MARGETSON, STELLA, - Leisure and Pleasure in the nineteenth Century..
027592: MARGIOTTA, FRANKLIN D., ET AL., EDS, - Changing U.S. Military Manpower Realities..
022536: MARGLIN, STEPHEN A., - Public investment Criteria; Benefit-cost Analysis for planned Economic Growth..
040932: MARGO, EILEEN, - Im Reich des Grauens; die besten unheimlichen Geschichten..
039137: MARGOLIES, JOHN, - Home Away from Home; Motels in America..
037461: MARGOLIES, JOHN, - Pump and Circumstance; Glory Days of the Gas Station..
025567: MARGOLIN, MALCOLM, - The Way We Lived; California Indian Stories, Songs & Reminiscences..
036483: MARGOLIN, MALCOLM, - The Ohlone Way; Indian Life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area..
035078: MARGOLIN, MALCOLM, - The way We Lived; Calfiornia Indian Reminiscences, stories and Songs..
025918: MARGOLIS, JOHN D., - Joseph Wood Krutch; a Writer's Life..
039171: MARGOLIS, J. AND H. GUITTON, EDS, - Public Economics; an Analysis of Public Production and Consumption and Their Relations to the Private Sectors. Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association..
030399: MARGOLIS, MAC, - The Last new World; the conquest of the Amazon Frontier..
039450: MARGOLIS, JULIUS, ED, - The Analysis of Public Output..
015334: MARGOLIS, MAXINE L., - Mothers and Such; Views of American Women and Why They Changed..
015265: MARGOZZI, MARIASTELLA, - Ottorino Mancioli; Figure e Mite Anni '30; the Fabulous Thirties..
030936: MARIACHER, GIOVANNI, - Arte a Venezia dal Medioevo al Settecento; Testimonianze e Recuperi..
020929: MARIANI, PAUL, - Dream Song; the life of John Berryman..
034871: MARIL, ROBERT LEE, - The Fence; national Security, Public Safety and Illegal Immigration Along the U.S.-Mexico Border..
043697: MARIN DIAZ, MARIA AMALIA, - Emigracion, colonizacion y municipalizacion en la Hispania Republicana..
031840: MARINATOS, SPYRIDON, - Crete and Mycenae..
026950: MARINELLI, PETER V, - Ariosto and Boiardo; the Origins of Orlando Furioso..
042913: MARINIATOS, SPYRIDON, - Die Ausgrabungen auf Thera und ihre Probleme..
035219: MARION, MARCEL, - Dictionnaire des institutions de la France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe Siècles..
030865: MARISSEN, MICHAEL, - LUtheranism, anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion..
003171: MARITAIN, JACQUES, - Art et Scolastique..
013963: MARITAIN, JACQUES, - La Philosophie De La Nature; Essai Critique Sur ses Frontières et Son Objet..
010400: MARKHAM, R. H., - Tito's Imperial Communism..
027280: MARKI, IVAN, - The Trial of the Poet; an Interpretation of the First Edition of Leaves of GRass..
014390: MARKMAN, SIDNEY DAVID, - Colonial Architecture of Antiqua Guatemala..
041089: MARKOE, GLENN E, - Phoenicians..
020346: MARKOV, WALTER, - Exkurse zu Jacques Roux..
012807: MARKOVITZ, IRVING LEONARD, - Léopold Sédar Senghor and the Politics of Negritude..
026528: MARKOVSKI, IVAN S., - Bibleiska Arkheologiia..
022577: MARKOWITZ, HARVEY, ED., - American Indian Biographies..
007778: MARKOWITZ, FRAN, - A Community in Spite of Itself; Soviet Jewish Emigres in New York..
043778: MARKOWITZ, GERALD AND DAVID ROSNER, - Deceit and Denial; the Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution..
008290: MARKS, ELAINE, - Simone De Beauvoir; Encouters with Death..
025794: MARKS, VINCENT AND F. CLIFFORD ROSE, - Hypoglycaemia..
013964: MARKS, EMERSON R., - Relativist & Absolutist; the Early Neoclassical Debate in England..
036473: MARKS, JOSEPH, - Harrap's French-English Dictionary of slang and Colloquialisms..
027227: MARKUS, STEFAN, - Zar Peter III. Tragödie in fünf Akten..
039989: MARKUSEN, ANN ROELL, - Profit Cycles, Oligopoly, and regional Development..
024852: MARLÉ, RENÉ, - Bultmann et l'interprétation du Nouveau Testament..
011481: MARLOW, JOYCE, - The Oak and the Ivy; an Intimate Biography of William and Catherine Gladstone..
006102: MARLOWE, JOHN, - Perfidious Albion; the Origins of Anglo-French Rivalry in the Levant..
029618: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER, - Edward the Second..
030517: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER, - The Complete Plays of Christopher Marlowe..
037326: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER, - Marlowe's Edward II..
033744: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER, - Marlowe's Edward II..
006856: MARLOWE, GEORGE FRANCIS, - Churches of Old New England; Their Architecture and Their Architects, Their Pastors and Their People..
033491: MARMION, SHACKERLEY, - The Dramatic works of Shackerley Marmion with Prefatory Memoir, Introductions, and Notes..
038823: MARMOR, JUDD, ED, - Sexual Inversion; the Multiple Roots of Homosexuality..
018123: MARMORSTEIN, EMILE, - Heaven at Bay; the Jewish Kulturkampf in the Holy Land..
017744: MUSÉE MARMOTTAN, - Monet et Ses Amis: Le Legs Michel Monet, La Donation Donop De Monchy..
018669: MARNAT, MARCEL, - Moussorgsky..
020045: MARON, MARGARET, - High country Fall..
041059: MARPLES, N. J. AND O. D. MACRAE-GIBSON, - A critical Discography of Readings in Old English..
002826: MARQUARD, ODO, - Farewell to Matters of Principle; Philosophical Studies..
040140: MARQUARDT, BERNHARD, - Der Totalitarismus--ein gescheitertes Herrschaftssystem. Eine Analyse der Sowjetunion und anderer Staaten Ost-Mitteleuropas..
038556: MARQUET, ALBERT, - Marquet; Dessins..
024610: MARQUEZ, RAUL ANTONIO, - Martin Heidegger: Una teoria de la Experiencia..
020013: MARRANCA, BONNIE, - Theatre Writings..
026674: MARRANCE, BONNIE, - Theatrewritings..
022683: MARRIOTT, J. A. R., - The Eastern Question; an historical Study in European Diplomacy..
014647: MARRIOTT, ALICE, - Maria, the Potter of San Ildefonso..
012808: MARRIS, PETER, - Family and Social Change in an AFrican City; a Study of Rehousing in Lagos..
014754: MARRIS, PETER AND MARTIN REIN, - Dilemmas of social Reform; Poverty and Community Action in the United States..
026681: MARRS, SUZANNE, - Eudora Welty; a Biography..
019482: MARRUS, MICHAEL R., - The Unwanted; European Refugees in the twentieth Century..
042793: MARSCH, WOLF-DIETER, ED, - Diskussion über die "Theologie der Hoffung" von Jürgen Moltmann..
021499: MARSDEN, ANNA, - Cinesi e Fiorentini a Confronto..
004994: MARSDEN, DONALD, - The Long Kickline; a History of the Princeton Triangle Club...
036501: MARSDEN, CHRISTOPHER, - Palmyra of the North; the First Days of St. Petersburg..
038004: MARSH, C. D., ET AL, - Lupines as Poisonous Plants..
021545: MARSH, PETER, ED., - The Conscience of the Victorian State..
033113: MARSH, DAVID, - The Quattrocento Dialogue; classical tradition and Humanist Innovation..
038914: MARSH, FRANK BURR, - English Rule in Gascony 1199-1259, with special Reference to the Towns..
043522: MARSHALL, RICHARD, - Jean-Michel Basquiat..
015874: MARSHALL-CORNWALL, JAMES, - Wars and Rumours of Wars; a Memoir..
015871: MARSHALL, KATHERINE TUPPER, - Together; Annals of an Army Wife..
037991: MARSHALL, FRANCIS, - London West..
024082: MARSHALL, DOMINIQUE, - The Social Origins of the Welfare State; Québec Families, Compulsory Education, and Family Allowances, 1940-1955..
005474: MARSHALL, ROSALIND K., - The Days of Duchess Anne; Life in the Household of the Duchess of Hamilton, 1656-1716..
002592: MARSHALL, M. H. B., - Verbs, Nouns, and Pospositives in Attic Prose..
003005: MARSHALL, M. H. B., - Verbs, Nouns and Postpositives in Attic Prose..
033089: MARSHALL, DONALD G., ED, - Literature as Philosophy; Philosophy as Literature..
015870: MARSHALL, GEORGE C., - Memoirs of My Services in the World War, 1917-1918..
033411: MARSHALL, GEOFFREY, - Restoration Series Drama..
000041: MARSHALL, HOWARD D, - The Great Economists; a History of Economic Thought..
028460: MARSON, PHILIP, - A Teacher Speaks..
027329: MARSTON, JOHN, - The Malcontent..
028525: MARSTON, EVERETT C., - Origin and development of Northeastern University 1898-1960..
033452: MARSTON, JOHN, - Parasitaster or the Fawn..
033453: MARSTON, JOHN, - Antonio's Revenge..
043340: MARSTON, JOHN AND ELIZABETH GUTHRIE, EDS, - History, Buddhism, and new Religious Movements in Cambodia..
015875: MARSZALEK, JOHN F., - Sherman; a Soldier's Passion for Order..
038864: MARTELL, ARTHUR E, ED, - Coordination Chemistry. Volume 2..
011483: MARTELLI, GEORGE, - Jemmy Twitcher; a Life of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, 1718-1792..
023051: MARTI, SAMUEL AND GERTRUDE PROKOSCH KURATH, - Dances of Anahuac; the Choreography and Music of precortesian Dances..
011835: MARTI-IBAÑEZ, FELIX, - Centaur; Essays on the History of Medical Ideas..
011836: MARTI-IBAÑEZ, FELIX, - Ariel; Essays on the Arts and the History and Philosophy of Medicine..
013965: MARTI, FRITZ, - Religion, reason and Man..
035716: MARTIEN, JERRY, - Shell Game; a true Account of Beads and Money in North America..
040063: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York 1870-1970..
035212: MARTIN, RUX, ET AL., EDS, - The Eating Well Cookbook. Volume 1, Favorite recipes from Eating Well, the Magazine of Food & Health..
015878: MARTIN, JAMES KIRBY, - Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary Hero; an American Warrior Reconsidered..
042535: MARTIN, DARIA, - Daria Martin. Kunsthalle Zürich; Kunstverein in Hamburg..
039864: MARTIN, FRANKLIN W. AND RUTH M. RUBERTÉ, - Edible leaves of the Tropics..
006398: MARTIN-ACHARD, ROBERT, - De La Mort à La Résurrection D'après l'Ancien Testament..
037638: MARTIN, VIOLET, - The Real Charlotte [by] E. Oe. Somerville & Martin Ross..
003173: MARTIN, HERBERT, - The Inquiring Mind; Introductory Philosophic Studies..
024327: MARTIN, REX, - Historical Explanation; Re-Enactment and Practical Inference..
014513: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - The Magic of the British Monarchy..
025008: MARTIN, HUGH, - Puritanism and Richard Baxter..
025498: GILBERT MARTIN, - The day the War Ended; May 8, 1945--victory in Europe..
025644: MARTIN, DAVID A., - Pacifism; an historical and sociological Study..
025784: MARTIN, MILWARD W., - Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? A Lawyer reviews the Evidence..
039984: MARTIN, LESLIE AND LIONEL MARCH, EDS, - Urban space and Structures..
026905: MARTIN, ROBERT K., - The homosexual tradition in American Poetry..
016814: MARTIN, JUSTIN, - Greenspan; the Man Behind Money..
027273: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - Tennyson; the Unquiet Heart..
006098: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - The Triumph of Lord Palmerston; a Study of Public Opinion in Englaidn Before the Crimean War..
027510: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - Enter Rumour; Four Early Victorian Scandals..
009555: MARTIN, GEORGE, - The Damrosch Dynasty; American's First Family of Music..
014990: MARTIN, MICHEL LOUIS AND ELLEN STERN MCCRATE, EDS., - The Military, Militarism and the Polity; Essays in Honor of Morris Janowitz..
009086: MARTIN, ALFRED VON, - Sociology of the Renaissance..
008198: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Causes and Conflicts; the Centennial History of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1870-1970..
028201: MARTIN, CY, - The Saga of the Buffalo..
035827: MARTIN, JUDITH, - Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children..
028936: MARTIN, FRANZ, - Die Kunstdenkmäler des politischen Bezirkes Braunau..
005384: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, ED., - Victorian Poetry; Ten Major Poets..
043084: MARTIN, FRANÇOISE, - Sociétés anonymes de famille; structure, maintien et optimisiation de la détention du Capital..
004732: MARTIN, J. E., - Greater London; an Industrial Geography..
013306: MARTIN, ALBRO, - Railroads Triumphant; the Growth, Rejection, and Rebirth of a Vital American Force..
030688: MARTIN, WALTER, - The Kingdom of the Cults..
030866: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Verdi at the Golden Gate; Opera and San Francisco in the Gold Rush Years..
030867: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Verdi; His Music, Life and Times..
030942: MARTIN, EDWARD T., - Thomas Jefferson: Scientist..
011484: MARTIN, ROBERT BERNARD, - The Dust of Combat; a Life of Charles Kingsley..
013966: MARTIN, KINGSLEY, - French Liberal Thought in the Eighteenth Century; a Study of Political Ideas from Bayle to Condorcet..
013967: MARTIN, R. M., - Logic, Language and Metaphysics..
015559: MARTIN DU GARD, ROGER, - Recollections of Andre Gide..
036370: MARTIN, EDWARD S, - The Diary of a Nation; the War and How We Got Into it..
035811: MARTIN, PAUL, - Victorian Snapshots..
009199: MARTIN, GEORGE, - Aspects of Verdi..
035276: MARTINEAU, JANE AND CHARLES HOPE, EDS, - The Genius of Venice 1500-1600..
1354: MARTINEAU, JAMES., - Types of ethical theory. 3d edition, revised...
006929: MARTINEAU, HARRIET, - Harriet Martineau's Letters to Fanny Wedgwood..
036229: MARTINEAU, GILBERT, - Napoleon's St. Helena..
010074: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO, - Requeza y Pobreza Del Uruguay; Estudio De Las Causas que Retardan El Progreso Nacional..
019724: MARTINEZ DE GORLA, DORA NOEMI, - El Puerto franco De Patagones y La Realidad socioeconomica De La Frontera Del Sud..
020493: MARTINEZ LAMAS, JULIO, - Riqueza y pobreza del Uruguay; estudio de la causas que retarden el progreso Nacional..
033072: MARTÍNEZ, EDUARDO RUIZ, - Aproximación a una bibliografia de don Antonio Nariño y Alvarez..
041619: MARTINEZ, ERNEST R, - Luca--Atti; un Viaggio Spirituale..
038071: MARTINEZ, ESTEBAN JOSÉ, - Esteban José Martinez; His Voyage in 1779 to Supply Alta California..
041618: MARTINEZ, ERNEST R, - La Sequela di Gesù Cristo nel Vengelo secondo Marco..
017427: MARTINI, SIMONE, - Simone Martini..
035106: MARTINI, ANNA, - The Mondadori Regional Italian Cookbook..
038921: MARTINI, CARLO MARIA, - Coenae Tuae; Itinerario Sacerdotoale..
037572: MARTINI, ALEXANDRA, - Litter Only; a book About Dustbins..
037788: MARTINUS, NORMAN E. AND HARRY L. RINKER, - Warman's Paper..
030904: MARTON, KATI, - The Great Escape; Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World..

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