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008039: M. E. REYNOLDS - Memories of John Galsworthy
002434: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN. - By Quentin Reynolds.
015376: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL - The Devil's Adjutant: Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader
004409: BUTCH REYNOLDS - Gem
018062: BY F. RHODES ; WITH A FOREWORD BY FREDERICK WATSON - Pageant of the Pacific : being the maritime history of Australasia
010661: RIBEAUX, PETER; POPPLETON, STEPHEN E. - Psychology and Work: An Introduction
012424: RICE, TONY - Deep Ocean
000881: DAVID TALBOT RICE - Islamic Art
009051: RICE, JO; RICE, TIM - Guinness Book of Hits of the 70's
017007: RICE, ANNE - Memnoch the Devil 5th Volume of the Vampire Chronicles
000885: TAMARA TALBOT RICE - Ancient Arts of Central Asia
002686: RICE, ALICE HEGAN. - Sandy
007498: HELEN STEINER RICE - Lovingly - Poems for All Seasons
017288: RICHARD, TRAVERS - Diggers in France : Australian Soldiers on the Western Front
004697: RICHARDS, DAVID - Peanuts in Penang
012306: RICHARDS, FREDERICK CHARLES. - Windsor and Eton. A sketch-book.
000899: JULIAN RICHARDS - Book of Stonehenge
009135: BARBARA RICHARDS - More Than a Harbour - a Photographic Glance at a Surging City
013556: RICHARDS, DAVID; WILCOX, DAVID - London: The Heartless City
017762: RICHARDS, JOHN;BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION - Stagecoach: The Real Story of Coaching across the Land, Based on the BBC TV Nationwide Film Series
001086: H.C. RICHARDS - A Geological Reconnaissance in North Queensland
020386: RICHARDS, W. G. - Quantum Pharmacology
016896: RICHARDSON, MATTHEW - Imagination : 100 Years of Bright Ideas in Australia
000715: JOANNA RICHARDSON - Victoria & Albert - a Study of a Marriage
000362: ANTHONY RICHARDSON (REL. BY) - Wingless Victory - the Story of Sir Basil Embry's Escape from Occupied France in the Summer of 1940
005717: RICHARDSON, HENRY HANDEL - The fortunes of Richard Mahony; comprising Australia felix, The way home, Ultima Thule
017355: HAL RICHARDSON - Port Stephens Tales
010943: J. D. RICHARDSON , H.C. POLK, L.M. FLINT - Trauma: Clinical Care and Pathopysiology
021818: RICHARDSON, A.J. - Private Journal of the Surveyor attached to the Messrs. Frank and Alexander Jardine's Overland Expedition to Cape York
004485: RICHMOND, GRACE S. - With Juliet in England
007317: RICHMOND, GRACE S - Mrs. Red Pepper
020974: LEONARD RICHMOND - The Technique of Oil Painting
017759: BRUCE S. RICHTER - The fairway is mine : one hundred years of The Brisbane Golf Club
017903: WILLIAM RICKETTS - Australiandia Land of the Holy Spirit
006221: RIDDLE, MAXWELL. - Lovable mongrel; and, The health of your dog / by Richard F. Larcey.
008254: RIDGE, W. PETT - The Kennedy People
002182: JASPER RIDLEY - Elizabeth I
006254: RIDLEY, M.L - Our captain : the heroes of Barton School.
018520: C.J. RIDOUT - in Poem_Town
016526: RIESENBERG, FELIX. - Cape Horn
013776: RIGBY, NIGEL; VAN DER MERWE, PIETER - Pioneers of the Pacific : Voyages of Exploration 1787 - 1810
018891: RIGBY, NIGEL;MERWE, PIETER VAN DER;VAN DER MERWE, PIETER - Captain Cook in the Pacific
003131: RIGG, CHARLES WILLIAM. - A digest of the laws and regulations of the Australasian Wesleyan connexion.
002433: RIGGS, DIONIS COFFIN IN COLLABORATION WITH SIDNEY NOYES RIGGS - From off island : the story of my grandmother.
019447: RILEY, JUDITH MERKLE - In Pursuit of the Green Lion
010959: RILEY, MICHAEL - Interview with Anne Rice
019035: RINELLA, JACK;BEAN, JOSEPH W. - The Masters Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance
018933: RINELLA, JACK - Partners in Power: Living in Kinky Relationships
018980: RINGDAL, NILS JOHAN - Love For Sale: A World History Of Prostitution
013950: RINGE, SHARON;GOLD, VICTOR ROLAND;HOYT, THOMAS L. JR.;THROCKMO - The New Testament and Psalms: An Inclusive Version
015149: VAN RIPER, JOSEPH EDWARDS - Man's Physical World
003502: RIPLEY, DILLON - Trail of the money bird : 30,000 miles of adventure with a naturalist.
001388: P. J. RISDON - The Romance of Our Wonderful World
008993: CARSON I. A. RITCHIE - Food in Civilization - How History Has Been Affected By Human Tastes
011110: RITCHIE, JOHN - Australia as We Once Were
009892: RITSCHEL, JOHN - Kickboxing Handbook, The
015458: RITTER, SCOTT - Frontier Justice : Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Bushwacking of America
016458: RIVET, A.L.F.;SMITH, COLIN - The Place-Names of Roman Britain
019539: ROACH, STEVE; CHESTERTON, RAY - Doing My Block
004702: ROARK, GARLAND. - Rainbow in the royals.
004701: ROARK, GARLAND - Slant of the wild Wind
008768: NYE ROB - Cricket - Three Stories
021520: ROBB, PETER - M: a Biography of Caravaggio
011744: ROBBINS, HAROLD - Spellbinder
008295: HAROLD ROBBINS - Goodbye, Janette
008296: HAROLD ROBBINS - The Storyteller
015932: ROBBINS, HAROLD - Tycoon: A Novel
004359: ROBERTS, KENNETH - The lively lady : a chronicle of Arundel, of privateering, and of the Circular Prison on Dartmoor
021845: ROBERTS, MARY N. - Victoria Downs: A Century of Challenge and Change
021768: PAT ROBERTS - Emily's journal: The Welch letters
009247: PATRICIA EASTERBROOK ROBERTS - Table Settings, Entertaining and Etiquette a History and Guide
006163: ROBERTS, CECIL - One small candle.
009761: ROBERTS, BARNEY - Kind of Cattle
003882: M.E. ROBERTS - The Cutter's Guide - a Manual of Dresscutting and Ladies' Tailoring
013112: INTRODUCTION BY SIR SYDNEY ROBERTS - Boswell's Life of Johnson, Volume 2
001333: E. L. ROBERTS - Cricket in England, 1894-1939
017065: ROBERTS, DAVID ANDREW;PARKER, ADRIAN - Ancient Ochres: The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of Mount Borradaile
017960: ROBERTS, PAUL A. - Applied Business Maths
021617: ROBERTS, CLAIRE - Evolution and Revolution : Chinese Dress, 1700s-1990s
007719: ROBERTS, CECIL - Scissors : a novel of Youth
021735: TEXT BY MELVA JEAN ROBERTS ; INTRODUCTION BY DALE ROBERTS - Echoes of the Dreamtime: Australian Aboriginal Myths in the Paintings of Ainslie Roberts (The Dreamtime series)
009977: ROBERTS, J. M. - Penquin History of the World
019365: ROBERTS, J. P. - Voices from a Lost World: Australian Women and Children in Papua New Guinea before the Japanese Invasion
021695: BRIAN ROBERTS - A bibliography of Antarctic ornithology. British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37. Scientific reports ; v. 1, no. 9
019021: ROBERTS, J. D. - The Business Side Of Escorting: The Ins And Outs Of Running A Business In The Cyber Age For The Escort And The Sensual Masseuse Serious About Her Profession.
015899: A.E. ROBERTS AND A. BARTER - The Teaching of English
016762: ROBERTSON, E. GRAEME;ROBERTSON, JOAN - Decorative Cast Iron in Australia
011631: ROBERTSON, SIR GEORGE; BARKER, ANTHONY - Dear Robertson: Letters to an Australian Publisher
002625: ROBERTSON, A. FRASER - The boyhood of great inventors.
003865: ROBERTSON, J.M. - Shakespeare and Chapman
002810: ANNE ROBERTSON - Directory of Australian Ephemera Collections a Listing of Institutions and Individuals in Australia Collecting Ephemera.
014379: ROBERTSON, E.C - The true book about jet engines and gas Turbines
005187: E. ARNOT ROBERTSON - The Spanish Town Papers Some Sidelights on the American War of Indepenence
021252: JOSEPH ROBERTSON - The precious Christ : a sermon preached at Stow Memorial Church, Adelaide, on August 21st, 1898
010443: ROBINSON, NIGEL - The Unofficial Narnia Quizbook
006817: ROBINSON - Southeast Asia in 1980's
017313: ROLAND ROBINSON - Black-feller, white-feller
007928: ROBINSON, E.A.G - Monopoly
012722: ROBINSON, LYNNE; NAPPER, HOWARD; BRIEN, CAROLINE - Intelligent Exercise with Pilates and Yoga : A Contemporary and Dynamic Combination of Body Control Pilates and Yoga
013925: RALPH M. ROBINSON - The Penn Country and the Chilterns
007687: ROBINSON, RAY - The wildest tests.
015224: ROBINSON, KENNETH W. - Australia, New Zealand and the Southwest Pacific
006837: ROBOTHAM, MICHAEL. - Neighbours in Dispute
002558: ROBSON, LLOYD. - The Tasmanian story.
020755: [EDITED BY] PAMELA ROBSON - Great Australian speeches : landmark speeches that defined and shaped our nation
009834: EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY L.L. ROBSON. - Australian commentaries : select articles from the "Round Table¿ 1911-1942
017590: ROCHAT, PHILIPPE - Flaveurs
003120: ROCK, DANIEL. - The Church of our fathers as seen in St. Osmund¿s rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury, with dissertations on the belief and ritual in England before and after the coming of the Normans
008691: MCKUEN ROD - Twelve Years of Christmas
006325: COLIN RODERICK - The Australian Novel ( a Historical novel)
002432: RODERICK, COLIN. - John Knatchbull : from quarterdeck to gallows : including the narrative written by himself in Darlinghurst Goal 23rd January-13th February 1844 : now first published from the original manuscript with retrospect of his life.
004671: RODERICK, COLIN - Henry Lawson : The Master Story Teller :Commentaries on his prose Writings
017262: COLIN RODERICK - In mortal bondage : the strange life of Rosa Praed
014258: GEORGE RODGER - Desert Journey
012187: RODMAN, DENNIS - Walk on the Wildside
004779: JUDITH RODRIQUEZ - New and Selected Poems
021900: LEONARD RODWAY - The Tasmanian flora
002617: ROE, E.P - Barriers burned Away
019699: ROE, F W: - British Territories in Borneo: Annual Report of the Geological Survey Department for 1955
020166: ROE, MICHAEL - The Flow of Culture: Tasmanian Studies
003532: ROGAN, JOHN P - Melbourne.
013047: ROGAN, JOHNNY - Van Morrison : A Portrait of the Artist
003432: ROGERS, STANLEY - Enchanted isles.
003368: ROGERS, STANLEY - Barenetha Rock : a true drama of the sea.
007205: ROGERS, J.M. - Mughal Miniatures
019825: ROHEIM, GEZA;MUENSTERBERGER, WERNER - The Children of the Desert: The Western Tribes of Central Australia
007409: ROHMER, SAX - Grey Face
020084: ROHR, RICHARD - The Naked Now: Learning to See As the Mystics See
021128: [BY JOHN ROLFE] - Emerald and the gemfields centenary, 1879-1979
007338: ROLLESTON, T. W. - Celtic (Myths and Legends Series)
012409: ROLLINS, DAVID A. - A Knife Edge
009608: ROLLS, ERIC C. (ERIC CHARLES), 1923- - Running wild / by Eric C. Rolls ; Illustrated by Marianne Yamaguchi.
004816: ROLLS, ERIC - The green mosaic : memories of New Guinea
010070: JOHN ROMER - Valley of the Kings
011092: RONALD, LANDON, SIR - Tschaikowsky
019474: TOM RONAN - The pearling master
005940: EDMOND RONAYNE - The Master's Carpet; or Masonry and Ball-Worship Identical.
005111: DISEASES OF WOMEN BY TEN TEACHERS; UNDER THE DIRECTION OF FREDERICK W. ROQUES; - Diseases of Women by ten teachers; under the direction of Frederick W. Roques;
012727: ROS, DOLORS - Ceramics
021122: JOHN HOLLAND ROSE - The Life of Napoleon I; Including New Materials from the British Offical Records (Vol 1&2)
015292: ROSE, JUDITH - Timberline Lodge a Love Story
013333: SIMON ROSE - Collins Essential Film Guide
013961: JOHN ROSE - AKARANA the Ports of Auckland
005313: ROSE, LYNDON - Country of the dead.
014238: ROSE, RONALD - Joys of Works
001731: LYNDON ROSE - The Parting of the Mist
007563: ROSEGARTH, BRIAN - Cliff Days
001753: DAVID ROSELER - Lawrence Prince of Mecca
019869: ROSENBERG, CYRIL J. - Furs and Furriery
021678: ROSENBLUM, ROBERT; JANSON, H.W. - Art of the Nineteenth Century: Painting and Sculpture
002226: JAKOB ROSENBURG - Rembrandt. Life and Work.
013145: ROSENTHAL, GARY - Soccer the Game and How to Play It
000722: GUIDO ROSIGNOLI - Badges and Insignia of World War II: Air Force-Naval-Marine
004003: ROSLAVLEVA, NATALIA - Era of the Russian Ballet 1770-1965
022070: ROSS, ANDREW T - Armed & ready: The industrial development & defence of Australia, 1900-1945
014192: DUNNE; ROSS - Yoga for Lovers - the Way to Sensual Harmony
001697: JOSEPHINE ROSS - The Tudors
003260: D.M. ROSS - Hearts of the Pure
016577: ROSS, KATHLEEN - Stars of Burma : And Poems on the Theme of War
008053: SUTHERLAND ROSS - The Sailor's Knot
008669: ROSS, JOHN. - World fly fishing : a guide to the best fly fishing around the World
004373: DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI - Poems and Translations 1850-1870
020676: ROSSITER, MIKE - Ark Royal : The Life, Death and Rediscovery of the Legendary Second World War AirCraft Carrier
009589: ROSSLYN, FELICITY - Alexander Pope: A Literary Life
009451: R.O. ROST & H.G. COLLINS - Land Valuation and Compensation in Australia
000617: GEORGE KINGSLEY ROTH (ED.) - Fiji - Handbook of The Colony
017456: JOEL ROTHMAN - The Compleat Rock Drummer
005122: ROULSTONE, ALAN AND MICHAEL - Fenland waterways.
015463: ROUX, ALBERT; ROUX, MICHEL - The Roux Brothers on Patisserie
002920: ROWE, RICHARD - Peter Possum¿s portfolio / [by Richard Rowe]
009686: ROWLAND, E. C - The paddle steamer Gem, Queen of the Murray
004092: ROWLAND, T.J.S. AND L.G. SMITH. - Vital things for lively Youngsters
006593: ROWLANDS, EFFIE ADELAIDE - A girl with a heart.
020640: ROWLANDS, PETER;MORRIS, KEITH - Exploring Shipwrecks
014219: ROWLEY, CHARLES - Remote Aborigines
007314: ROWLEY, C. D. - Recovery: The Politics of Aboriginal Reform
015997: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
018664: ERIC B. ROWLINSON - Olympus at Springwood : the sculpture of Norman Lindsay
019323: ROWNTREE, CATRIONA - Catriona's Australia : My Favourite Aussie Locations
007629: A.L. ROWSE - William Shakespeare a Biography
006638: A. L. ROWSE - The Spirit of English History
004509: ROWSE, A.L. - The tower of London in the history of the Nation
014852: NELLIE L. ROYLE - Millie's Experiences or, Chequered Ways
021641: ROYLE, BEY - LEST WE FORGET - with excerpts from the speech of H.M. The Queen to the peoples of America August 1941
006946: ROYSTER, CHARLES - The Fabulous History of the Dismal Swamp Company: A Story of George Washington's Times
017357: RUARK, ROBERT C. - Horn of the Hunter: the Story of an African Safari
018979: RUBENHOLD, HALLIE - Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies: Sex in the City in Georgian Britain
020482: RUBIN, EMANUEL;FARBER, JOHN L. - Pathology
007516: RUBINSTEIN, HILARY - The Complete Insomniac
005996: RUBINSTEIN, NICOLAI AND OTHERS - The age of the Renaissance
006253: RUCK, BERTA. - Sweethearts unmet.
006256: RUCK, BERTA - Under false Pretences
018504: STEELE RUDD - On our selection ; and, Our new selection
007734: STEELE RUDD - In Australia
004677: RUDD, STEELE. - The romance of Runnibede
002684: RUDDUCK, LOMA - Now I¿m a brother.
000901: RICHARD RUDGLEY - Secrets of the Stone Age
009334: RUHEN, CARL - Pub Splendid: The Australia Hotel, 1891-1971
000500: CARL RUHEN - Pub Splendid - the Australia Hotel 1891-1971
003461: RUHEN, OLAF - Scan the dark Coast
003564: CARL RUHEN - The Auctioneers Lawsons the First Hundred Years
004056: RUHEN, OLAF - Tangaroa¿s Godchild
009346: RUHEN, CARL - Pub Splendid: The Australia Hotel, 1891-1971
021054: KARL RUHRBERG, MANFRED SCHNECKENBURGER, CHRISTIANE FRICKE, KLAUS HONNEF, INGO F WALTHER (EDITOR) - Art of the 20th Century. 2 Vol. Painting, Sculpture, New Media, Photography
000436: MARGARET RULE - The Mary Rose - the Excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
015022: ROSE AND DE RUPE - Poems
007895: RUSDEN, K.G. - Aerated water manufacturers of Eden Crescent, 1845-1964 : a history of the soft drink industry of Auckland. Volume 1
005967: RICHARD H. RUSH - Investmants You Can Live with and Enjoy
011691: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Shame
020682: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Enchantress of Florence
016320: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
003966: RUSK, ROGERS D. - Atoms, men and stars : a survey of the latest developments of physical science and their relation to Life
019191: JOHN RUSKIN - Stones of Venice : Introductory Chapters and Local Indices (Printed Separately) for the Use of Travellers While Staying in Venice and Verona in 2 Volumes
007662: RUSKIN, JOHN - Unto this last, and The two paths.
008942: RUSKIN, JOHN - Unto this last : munera Pulveris
002486: RUSSELL, ALEXANDER - Lord Kelvin : his life and work.
014325: INTRODUCED BY JOHN RUSSELL - A portrait of Logan Pearsall Smith drawn from his letters and diaries
013079: RUSSELL, KEN - Altered States: The Autobiography of Ken Russell
001938: F. S. RUSSELL & C. M. YONGE - The Seas
010232: JOHN RUSSELL - British Portrait Painters, Britian in Pictures
018641: RUSSELL, PENNY - Savage or Civilised? : Manners in Colonial Australia
021368: HENRY STUART RUSSELL - The genesis of Queensland : an account of the first exploring journeys to and over Darling Downs: the earliest days of their occupation; social life; station seeking; the course of discovery, northward and westward; and a resume of the causes which led to separation from New South Wales with portrait and fac-similes of maps, loc, etc
019836: PERCY RUSSELL - A journey to Lake Taupo and Australian and New Zealand tales and sketches
006890: RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM G - The story of Garfield : farm-boy, soldier and president.
016567: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Dublin : Foundation
003837: HORE-RUTHVEN, PATRICK - Joy of youth : letters of Patrick Hore-Ruthven
013834: RUTLEDGE, HELEN - My Grandfather's House
016172: RYAN, CHRIS - Ultimate Weapon
013048: RYAN, DAVID STUART - John Lennon's Secret
021644: RYAN, PETER (EDITOR) - Encyclopaedia of Papua and New Guinea 2 volumes only
016244: NORMAN BEDE RYDGE, W. BRUCE RAINSFORD, J. FRISBY ARNOTT - Australasian executors' law and accounts
007745: RYDON, JOAN AND R.N. SPANN - New South Wales politics, 1901-1910
006409: CHOSEN BY JOAN S. AND GEORGE MACKANESS. - Frolic fair : a book of Australian verse for children under Ten
006408: CHOSEN BY JOAN S. AND GEORGE MACKANESS. - Frolic fair : a book of Australian verse for children under Ten
003834: SABATINI, RAFAEL - Romances of Italy
002747: SABATINI, RAFAEL. - The black swan.
010680: VITA SACKVILLE - WEST - Saint Joan of arc- Born 6 January 1412, Burned as a Heretic, 30 May 1431, Canonised as a Saint 16 May 1920
016299: SADLER, REX; HAYLLAR, TOM - In the Line of Fire : Real Stories of Australians at War, from Gallipoli to Vietnam
005565: A. L. SADLER - A Short History of Japan
012318: SAFIAN, LOUIS - Giant Book of Insults
005958: SAGAR, KEITH - The art of D.H. Lawrence.
001610: ANDREW SAINT AND GILLIAN DARLEY - The Chronicles of London
007601: R.G. SAISSELIN - Taste in Eighteenth Century France - Critical Reflections on the Origins of Aesthetics or an Apology for Amateurs
013409: JEANNIE SAKOL - The Wonderful World of Country Music. a Joyful Celebration of the People and the Sound
020862: GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA, EDITED BY ROBERT DINGLEY - The land of the golden fleece : George Augustus Sala in Australia and New Zealand in 1885
013541: MAXINE SALE - A Teacher's Guide to Practical Science in the Primary School
010029: SALM, RODNEY V.; CLARK, JOHN R. - Marine and Coastal Protected Areas: A Guide for Planners and Managers/Iucn134
007051: SALMONSON, JESSICA AMANDA - The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Modern Era
020391: SALTARELLI, CORA G. - Candida Albicans: The Pathogenic Fungus
005837: ELIZABETH SALTER - Daisy Bates ' the Great White Queen of the Never Never "
012676: SALTMAN, JACK - Kurt Waldheim: A Case to Answer?
002284: MAX SALTMARSH - Highly Inflammable
012190: L. F. SALZMAN - Hastings - the Story of the English Towns Series
020360: SAMMAN, PETER D. - The Nails in Disease
002483: SAMUEL, CLAUDE - Prokofiev.
017587: SAMUELSSON, MARCUS - Aquavit and the New Scandinavian Cuisine
009318: SANDERS, MICHAEL S. - The Yard: Building a Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works
003108: R. E. SANDERS - The Practice of Ocean Rescue
019015: SANDERS, TEELA - Sex Work: A Risky Business
008915: SANDERSON, IVAN T - The Continent We Live on
007941: SANDFORD, J.C - The domestic Rabbit
010694: SANDS, RONALD - Portrait of the Wordsworth Country
014741: SANDS, GEOFFREY EDWARD - Go to Blazes : Monbulk Fire Brigade the First 50 Years 1941-1991
021954: SANFORD, WILLIAM R. - Jewelry, Queen of Crafts
000996: WILLIAM SANGER - The History of Prostitution Its Extent, Causes and Effectsthroughout the World
008025: SANGSTER, W.E - Let me commend.
006402: SANGSTER, W.E. - The craft of sermon illustration.
011087: SANKEY, IRA D - Sacred songs and solos : with standard hymns, combined 750 pieces / compiled and sung by Ira D. Sankey
003032: SANKEY, IRA D - Sacred songs and solos : with standard hymns, combined 750 pieces / compiled and sung by Ira D. Sankey.
012667: IRA D. SANKEY - New Hymns and Solos (with music)
006315: IRA D. SANKEY - Opwekkingsliederen
004830: SANTAMARIA, B.A. - The Defence of Australia
016495: SANTER, LYNN - Land Of The Free
016810: SARAGE, JESSICA - Cromwell [reputaions Series]
005983: HAROLD SARGEANT - Garden Trees and Shrubs in Australasia
014729: GEORGE E. SARGENT - JOHN TINCROFT Bachelor and Benedict or Without Intending it.
006262: GEORGE E. SARGENT - The Poor Clerk and His Crooked Sixpence
003066: SARGENT, HENRY JACKSON, JR - The captain of the Phantom : the story of Henry Jackson Sargent, Jr, 1834-1862 as revealed in family Letters
018958: SARITA, MA ANANDA; GEHO, SWAMI ANAND - Tantric Sex - a practical guide to sex and the joy of Tantra
013077: SARLIN, BOB - Turn It up! (I Can't Hear the Words)
015349: SARSON, PETER;DOYLE, HILARY - Kingtiger Heavy Tank, 1942-45
018884: YUICHIRO SASAKI - Scenes of an A-bomb City: Diary of Hiroshima
002519: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Sherston¿s Progress
002517: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - The memoirs of George Sherston : memoirs of a fox-hunting man, memoirs of an infantry officer,Sherston¿s Progress
002512: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Meredith.
004915: SASTRI, K.A. NILAKANTA - A history of South India from prehistoric times to the fall of Vijayanagar.
020214: J SAUER - Geographic Reconnaissance of Western Australia Seashore vegetaion - reprinted from the Australian Journal of Bptany, Vol 13, No, 1 Pages 39-69, Jumne 1965
011253: SAUL, JOHN - Second Child
010306: SAUNDERS, V. - Golfing Mind
009792: VIVIEN SAUNDERS - The Complete Woman Golfer
001303: VIVIEN SAUNDERS - The Golf Handbook
001314: VIVIEN SAUNDERS - The Golf Handbook
001286: VIVIEN SAUNDERS - Successful Golf
006415: SAVAGE, LESLIE - Cornish contraband.
019057: SAVAGE, GEORGE;NEWMAN, HAROLD;CUSHION, JOHN PATRICK - An Illustrated Dictionary of Ceramics: Defining 3,054 Terms Relating to Wares, Materials, Processes, Styles, Patterns, and Shapes from Antiquity to the Present Day
022054: J. RUSSELL SAVAGE - A guest of the emperor
006265: KATHERINE SAVAGE - The History of World Religions
015663: HENRY SAVAGE - Richard Middleton - the man and His Work
003379: SAVELLE, MAX. - A history of colonial America / revised by Robert Middlekauff.
009741: SAVILE, FRANK - The Road
009462: JIMMY SAVILLE & TONY JASPER - Nostalgia Book of Hit Singles
019964: SAWTELL, CLEMENT CLEVELAND - Captain Nash De Cost and the Liverpool Packets
014754: A.H. SAYCE - FRESH LIGHT FROM THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS. A Sketch of the Most Striking Confirmations of the Bible from Recent Discoveries in Egypt, Palestine, Assyria, Babylonia, Asia Minor. Bypaths of Bible Knowledge II.
014755: A.H. SAYCE - Assyria, Its Princes, Priests, and People - By-paths of Bible knowledge ; VII
002510: C. E. SAYERS - David Syme : a life.
002507: SAYERS, STUART. - Ned Herring : a life of Lieutenant-General the Honourable Sir Edmund Herring, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., K. St L., M.A., D.C.L.
016065: TEXT BY C.E. SAYERS - Paintings by John Darbyshire
013859: SAYLES, JOHN - Los Gusanos
001023: FREDERIC B. SAYWELL - The Clever Little Tailor Or a Seven at a Blow
016732: R.A.(DICK) SCANLAN - Simply willing to have a go
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006431: SHARPE, BETTY. - The year rambles on : through the eyes of a country Woman
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019332: SHAW, PATRICIA - On Emerald Downs
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008929: SHEARS, W.S - This England : a book of the shires and Counties
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013635: SHIPMAN, DAVID - The Great Movie Stars : The Golden Years
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020015: JOHN SHIRLEY - Additions to the fossil flora of Queensland : mainly from the Ipswich formation, Trias-Jura system
010181: JOHN A. T. SHIRLOW - Perspective
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011392: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - Virgin Soil Upturned
017399: SHRIVER, LIONEL - Double Fault
011535: SHULMAN, ALIX KATES - Drinking the Rain : A Memoir
000695: NEVIL SHUTE - The Rainbow and the Rose
004773: SHUTE, NEVIL - Round the Bend
004769: NEVIL SHUTE - Pastoral
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005620: SHUTE, NEVIL - On the Beach
005819: NEVIL SHUTE - The Rainbow and the Rose
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016039: LIM KIT SIANG - Time Bombs in Malaysia (Problems of Nation-Building in Malaysia)
016350: SIDEBOTTOM, HARRY - Warrior of Rome 01.: Fire in the East
015089: SIDGWICK, JOHN BENSON;GAMBLE, R. C. - Amateur Astronomer's Handbook
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020284: SAMUEL SIDNEY - The three colonies of Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia : their pastures, copper mines and gold fields
020992: SAMUEL SIDNEY - The three colonies of Australia : New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia : their pastures, copper mines, & gold fields
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014412: GILBERT SIGAUX - History of Tourism The New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention
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010212: COLIN SIMPSON - This is Japan
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013040: SINATRA, NANCY - Frank Sinatra : My Father
013949: SINCLAIR, DAVID - Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land That Never Was : The Extraordinary Story of the Most Audacious Fraud in History
011633: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Dylan Thomas: Poet of His People
002504: DAVID SINCLAIR - Edgar Allan Poe
000713: DAVID SINCLAIR - Queen and Country - the Life of Elizabeth the Queen Mother
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019632: CATHERINE SINCLAIR - Modern Accomplishments; or The March of Intellect. The conclusion of modern accomplishments ( Fifth thousand)
010139: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The last of the Best, The Aristocracy of Europe in the Twentieth Century
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007347: KHUSHWANT SINGH - A History of the Sikhs Volume 1 1469-1839 Volume 2 1839-1974
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014786: SKARGON, YVONNE - Concatenation - 0f Wors By a Varirty of Hands with Wood Engravings of a Variety of Cats
002495: SKEAPING, JOHN - Drawn from life : an autobiography.
022111: IAN SKENNERTON - 7.62 mm L1 & C1F.A.L.Rifles Parts Identification & Lists, L1 & C1 Series notes, Exploded Parts Drawings, Descriptions, Accessories & Fittings Small Arms Identification Series No. 12
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019981: SYDNEY B. J. SKERTCHLY - Tin mines of Watsonville : and various tin, silver, copper, and gold mines at Herberton, Montalbion, Irvinebank, Muldiva, Calcifer, Chillagoe, California Creek, the Tate River, &c. : also geological notes on Myola, on the recovery of lost lodes, and on the copper plant
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012988: SKRZYNECKI, PETER - Rock 'n' Roll Heroes
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007309: SLATER, PETER - A field guide to Australian birds : non-passerines. Vol. 1
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010820: SLEIGH, DAN - Islands
002068: GEO. F. SLEIGHT - Rules and Regulations as to Masters' Certificates
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021645: FIELD-MARSHAL SIR WILLIAM SLIM - Defeat into victory
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019789: DESCRIBED BY J.M. SLOAN - Galloway
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018673: STEWART, MEG - Autobiography of My Mother (Signed copy)
018674: STEWART, DOUGLAS ALEXANDER - Norman Lindsay: A Personal Memoir (signed copy)
018679: DOUGLAS STEWART - Selected poems (signed copy)
018657: STEWART, DOUGLAS - Garden of Friends
001181: DESMOND STEWART - Egypt Under the Pharohs: The Pyramids and Sphinx
012069: STEWART, ANGUS - Gardening Wild Side : The New Australian Bush Garden
018234: DOUGLAS STEWART - Norman Lindsay : a personal memoir
011868: STEWART, DOUGLAS ALEXANDER - Selected Poems
001934: WILLIAM STEWART - Sealing Captain Trader and Speculator
012560: STEWART, L.; ARNOLD, J. - Letters Home
007326: STEWART, ALAN - A hard row to hoe : people and politics in New South Wales
010322: STEWART, DOUGLAS ALEXANDER - Douglas Stewart Reads from His Own Work
008086: STEWART, DOUGLAS - Australia fair : poems and Paintings
004250: JOHN STILL - The Jungle Tide
004291: STILLER, MARGARET. - Nothing is Wasted
010527: D.J. STIMSON, D. BIDDLE ET AL - Local Geography in the Secondary School
010430: STIMSON, R. J. - The Australian City: A Welfare Geography
020673: STINNETT, ROBERT B. - Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor
020310: STINNETT, J. DWIGHT - Nutrition and the Immune Response
001153: DAL STIVENS - The Bushranger
006674: STOBART, J.C - The Johnson Epoch
002819: EUGENE STOCK - The History of the Church Missionary Society Its Enviironment, Its Men and Its Work 3 VOLUME SET
021152: STOKES, JOHN LORT. - Discoveries in Australia; with an Account of the Coasts and Rivers Explored and Surveyed During the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the Years 1837-38-39-40-41-42-43. By Command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. also a narrative of captain Owen Stanley's visits to the islands in the Arafura Sea 2 volumes
007820: FARNCES GRIFFIN STOKES - Who's Who in Shakespeare
018108: KEN STONE - Hunter
013898: EDITED BY WALTER STONE - The world of Henry Lawson
017713: STONE, CHRISTOPHER; SHEFFIELD, G. D.; INGLIS, G. I. S. - From Vimy Ridge to the Rhine : The Great War Letters of Christopher Stone
012519: STOPPARD, MIRIAM - Baby and Child Healthcare : Essential a-Z Home Reference to Children's Illnesses
005048: GRAHAM STOREY - reuters' Century 1851-1951
000619: NANCY STOUT - Habanos - the Story of the Havana Cigar
006329: TORBJORN STOVERUD - Milestones of Norwegian Literature
021740: RANDOLPH STOW - Tourmaline
002624: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER. - Uncle Tom¿s cabin, or, Life among the Lowly
006892: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER - Uncle Tom¿s cabin.
011023: JOHN STOYE - The Siege of Vienna
006100: STRACHEY, LYTTON. - Elizabeth & Essex : a tragic history.
016997: WELLS-STRAND - Twenty-Five Hundred Miles on the Coastal Steamer
013963: HERBERT STRANG - The River Pirates - A story of China in Revoly
002327: HERBERT STRANG (ED.) - Pioneers in Australia : stories of exploration and adventure.
002326: STRANG, HERBERT. - No man¿s island.
005713: STRANG, HERBERT. - Dan Bolton¿s discovery.
014895: CAROLYN STRANGE & ALISON BASHFORD - GRIFFITH TAYLOR - Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer
008203: STRANKS ET AL - Chemistry a Structural View
005627: KARL THEODOR STRASSER - Wikingen Und Nonormannen Vikings and Normans
021441: HENRIETTA STRATFIELD - Sandy Jim or the messgae of a Rose
020669: STRATTON, CHARLES - Encyclopaedia of Show Jumping and Combined Training
014140: ANNA STRAUGHAIR - Chang Hua : a statesman-poet of the Western Chin dynasty
021887: STRAWSON, JOHN - Hussars Horses & History: The Military Memoirs of Major-General John Strawson
014716: STREATFIELD, N. - Ballet Shoes
009900: STREBE, MATTHEW; PERKINS, CHARLES; CHELLIS, JAMES - McSe: Nt Server 4 Study Guide (Exam 70-067)
017062: T.G.H. STREHLOW - Dark and white Australians
014449: HESBA STRETTON - Jessica's First Prayer
009149: ALAN STRETTON - Soldier in a Storm - an Autobiography
021796: COL STRINGER - The ANZAC spirit
006762: STRONG, L.A.G. - The director.
000739: ROY STRONG - Lost Treasures of Britain - Five Centuries of Creation and Destruction
021432: STRONG, ROY (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Random House collector's encyclopedia, Victoriana to Art Deco
006880: STRUTT, WILLIAM. - Cooey, or, The trackers of Glenfery.
001258: LURLINE STUART - Nineteenth Century Australian Periodicals. An Annotated Bibliography.
017727: STUART, VIVIAN - Massacre at Cawnpore
015265: STUART, TRISTRAM - Bloodless Revolution : Radical Vegetarians and the Discovery of India
006002: STUBBS, DACRE. - Prehistoric art of Australia
015819: COMPILED FOR THE HUNTER'S HILL HISTORICAL SOCIETY BY ROY D. STUCKEY - An abbreviated history of Hunter's Hill, 1835-1977
015398: AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF ABORIGINAL STUDIES - Aboriginal Cognition Retrospect and Prospect: Retrospect and Prospect
016650: STURDY, DAVID - Louis XIV - European History in Perspective Series
021722: STURT, MRS GEORGE NAPIER. - Life of Charles Sturt.Sometime Capt. 39th Regt. and Australian Explorer. .
018466: SUCKLING, NIGEL - Year of the Horse

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