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003618: MILTON, JOHN - The poetical works of John Milton.
019203: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton; 2 volume set including Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained; with a Memoir and Critical Remarks on his Genius and Writings by James Montgomery, and 120 engravings by John Thompson, S. and T. Williams, O. Smith, et al.
020193: HANS MINCHAM - The hub of the Flinders : the story of the Hawker District embracing the towns of Cradock, Wilson, Hookina and Wonoka
015190: [COMPILED BY THE MINISTERS AND ILLUSTRATED BY EVELYN M. BAXTER] - Collins Street Independent Church, Melbourne, Congregational founded 1839
009847: MORTON MINTZ AND JERRY S. COHEN - America, Inc.: who owns and operates the United States
006685: MITCHELL, ELYNE. - Speak to the Earth
002425: R. ELSE-MITCHELL - Early Industries of the Mittagong District
002427: R. ELSE-MITCHELL - Early Industries of the Mittagong District
006132: JOHN MITCHELL - Behind Freemasonry ( the King's Enemies in Secret session) an Exposure
004413: ELYNE MITCHELL - Speak to the Earth
002061: CHARLES MITCHELL - Seaman's Portrait
019657: JAMES MITCHELL - The Portable Encyclopaedia: Or Dictionary of The Arts and Sciences, On the Basis of Dr Gregory's Comprehending the Latest Improvements in Every Branch of Useful Knowledge.
017512: BASIL MITCHELL - Pa's Alpahbet of Children's Bedtime Stories
005003: JOHN MITCHELL - Stillwater Trout Tackle and Techniques
010419: SUZANNE MITCHELL - The Country Life Book of Nursery Rhymes
016453: MITCHELL, DAVID J. - Pirates
020814: MITCHELL, GREGORY - The bush horseman: The horsemanship of the Australian outback
021744: MISS MITFORD - Our Village: Coiuntry Pictures with illustrations spine label = Village Tales
016936: MITHUN, MARIANNE; FITZGERALD, CAROLINE - Letters from the Bay of Islands
003798: MITTON, G.E. - Cornwall
012304: MITTON, GERALDINE EDITH, AFTERWARDS SCOTT (GERALDINE EDITH) LADY. - Cornwall. Painted by G. F. Nicholls. Described by G. E. Mitton.
012310: MITTON, GERALDINE EDITH, AFTERWARDS SCOTT (GERALDINE EDITH) LADY. - Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Painted by Sutton Palmer. Described by G. E. Mitton.
009696: ECHUCA-MOAMA, MURRAY RIVER NEIGHBOURS - Helen Coulson ; illustration: David McCabe
008864: MOCKLER, GERALDINE - Edie¿s Adventure
018227: MOE, CHRISTIAN J - Note and Exercises on W. M. Thackeray, Vanity Fair
020702: MOFFATT, BOB - Mariner Skills Student Manual
003970: JAMES MOFFATT - The New Testament - a New Translation
021228: MOGRIDGE, GEORGE (OLD HUMPHREY). - Family walking sticks; or, Prose portraits of my relations.
010591: MOHAN, TERRY - Communicating! : Theory and Practice
018153: MOHAN, MALIK J. - Future Battlefield
017403: MOHR, MERILYN - Art of Soapmaking
014546: MOIR, ALAN - Smile It's Joh's Place
000889: H.D. MOLESWORTH - Eurpean Sculpture from Romanesque to Rodin
004716: MOLL, ERNEST G - The rainbow Serpent
002678: MOLL, ERNEST G - Below these hills : the story of a Riverina Farm
002223: JAMES MOLLISON AND LAURA MURRAY - Australian National Gallery. An Introduction
019763: MOLLOY, CLEM - Understanding Uncertainty
011107: MOLONY, JOHN N. - The Penguin Bicentennial History of Australia: The Story of 200 Years
008384: JOHN MOLONY - The Australian Hierarchy and the Holy See, 1840-1880
019196: MONCRIEFF, A.R. HOPE - Romance and Legend of Chivalry with Illustrations in Colour and Monochrome from Drawings and Famous Paintings
020644: MONDEY, DAVID; NALLS, LEWIS - USAAF at War in the Pacific
019283: MONESTIER, MARTIN - The Art of Paper Currency
022145: JO MONIE - Australian Impressionists: Our Heritage In Stamps incuding stamps on cards
009563: MONK - Just Managing
009311: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The master mariner. Book 1. Running Proud
006283: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The master mariner. Book 1. Running Proud
007478: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - Richer Than All His Tribe
010632: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT. - The tribe that lost its head
008486: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The white Rajah
001825: NICHOLAS MONSARRAT - The Cadet Edition of The Cruel Sea
012697: MONT, JURGEN NEVEN-DU - After Hitler : Report from a West German City
001037: M. F. ASHLEY-MONTAGU - Coming Into Being Among the Australian Aborigines a Study of the Procreative Beliefs of the Native Tribes of Australia
006787: MONTAGUE, C.E - Fiery particles.
007975: MONTAGUE, C. E - Right off the map : a Novel
003603: MONTAGUE, LEOPOLD. - The crystal gazer : a comic sketch.
006172: MONTAGUE, C. E - Action and other Stories
007257: MONTAGUE, C. E - Action and other stories.
004376: HUBERT MONTEILHET - Dead Copy - Murder at the Frankfurt Book Fair
013277: ARTHUR MONTFORD - The Scotsport Football Annual
016715: L.M. MONTGOMERY - Rainbow Valley
006161: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Rainbow valley.
008116: MONTGOMERY, L.M - A tangled web.
002169: HUGH MONTGOMERY - MASSINGBERD - Burke's Guide to the British Monarchy
011662: MOODY, MARY - Au Revoir
020468: MOON, THOMAS E. - Nutrition and Cancer Prevention: Investigating the Role of Micronutrients
022064: MOORE, J. H - Morshead: A biography of Lieut. General Sir Leslie Morshead
018451: LORD BYRON ; MOORE, THOMAS - The Letters and Journals of Lord Byron ; With Notices of His Life. Leather Bound with 12 Engravings
019005: FRED MOORE, PADDY GORMAN, RAY HARRISON - At the coalface : the human face of coalminers and their communities : an oral history of the early days
007991: MOORE, ANN; MARTIN, ANN - Clear to Win
006386: B.A. MOORE - A Simplified Version of "the Church today" the Constitution on the Church in the Modern World of II Vatican Council
006387: BRIAN MOORE - Reconciliation Within the Church - Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Paul VI on the Theme of the Holy Year 1975
020656: MOORE, JOHN E. - Jane's Fighting Ships
006369: BRIAN MOORE - Mary a Simplified Version of Marialis Cultus of Pope Paul VI on the Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
016082: MOORE, N. HUDSON - The Old China Book, Including Staffordshire, Wedgwood,Lustre, and Other English Pottery and Porcelain
003894: MOORE, T. INGLIS - Adagio in blue : Poems
002751: MOORE, THOMAS - The history of Ireland. Volume 1 & 2 of 3 vol. Set
003028: REV. HENRY MOORE - The Life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M. Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford; in Which are Included the Life of His Brother the Rev. Charles Wesley, A.M. Student of Christ Church and Memoirs of Their Family; Comprehending an
002346: MOORE, BOBBY - My soccer story.
021509: LESLIE MOORE - Not like ghosts at cockcrow : an Australian family story 1849-1998
013714: MOORE, JOAN - The Astrology Yearbook
006810: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Darwin and the Beagle.
007479: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The Traitors the Double Life of Fuchs, Pontecorvo and Nunn May
001879: ALAN MOOREHEAD - The Fatal Impact. The Invasion of the South Pacific. 1767-1840
009646: MOOREHEAD, CAROLINE - Martha Gellhorn
017865: MOOREHEAD, CAROLINE - Dunant's Dream: War, Switzerland and the History of the Red Cross
011079: MOOREHOUSE, E. HALLAM. - Samuel Pepys : administrator, observer, Gossip
006594: MOORHOUSE, FRANK - The electrical experience : a discontinuous narrative.
011160: MOR, CAISEAL - The King of Sleep
011246: O MORALS - Lila: An Enquiry Int
018929: MORAN, MICHAEL - Erotic Tickling
018313: MORAN, JUDITH - My Story
019752: MORAN, JOHN MICHAEL - In the Grip of the Grape : Establishing Queensland's Wine Industry
009703: MORCOMBE, MICHAEL - Discover Australia's National Parks
008217: MICHAEL MORCOMBE - Australian National Parks - the East
008218: MICHAEL MORCOMBE - Australian National Parks - the North
010287: MORECROFT, RICHARD - 20 Years from the Waist Up : Tales of a TV News Anchor
002885: MOREL, E.D - Red rubber : the story of the rubber slave trade which flourished on the Congo for twenty years, 1890-1910
003057: MOREUX, SERGE - Béla Bartók Bela Bartok
003759: MORGAN, BRYAN, EDITOR. - The great Trains
002411: DEWI MORGAN - Phoenix of Fleet Street 2000 Years of St. Bride's.
016348: MORGAN, JUDE - The King's Touch
011975: MORGAN, TED - Churchill, 1874-1915
020131: MORGAN, ROBERT - The Showies: Revelations of Australian Outdoor Side-Showmen
018173: MORGAN, BRIAN - A World Portrait of Golf
011216: MORGAN, SALLY - Arthur Corunna's Story
004583: WYNNE-MORGAN, JOHN - The young artist¿s Companion
004068: MORIARTY, JAMES J. - All for Love, or From the Manger to the Cross
015760: JOHN LYLE MORISON - The Canadian People in the British Commonwealth - a Study in Sane Nationality - Being the Twenty-Third Earl Greay Memorial Lecture Delivered at King's Hall , King's College. Newcastle Upon Tyne 24th April 1941,
012211: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON - The Invasion of France and Germany 1944-1945
002349: MORLEY, SHERIDAN. - Robert, my father.
005380: MORLEY, JOHN. - On the study of literature : the annual address to the students of the London Society for the Extension of University Teaching, delivered at the Mansion House, February 26, 1887
005637: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Human being : a Story
008268: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Thorofare
010213: MORLEY, JOHN DAVID - Pictures from the Water Trade: An Englishman in Japan
003773: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Thoroughfare
020407: MORLEY, JOHN E.;GLICK, ZVI - Geriatric Nutrition: A Comprehensive Review
010172: ANDREW MORRALL - The History and techniques of the Great Masters
003497: MORRILL, MADGE HAINES - Fighting Africa¿s black magic : the fight of E.G. Marcus, M. against disease and superstition in East Africa.
007992: MACGREGOR-MORRIS, PAMELA - The World's Show Jumpers
017638: MORRIS, SALLIE;HSIUNG, DEH-TA - The Chinese & Asian Cookbook
003578: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - The life & death of Jason : a poem.
001605: RICHARD MORRIS - Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales.
002468: MORRIS, J.H.C. - Thank you, Wodehouse
009002: MORRIS, MARGERY; SPINK - How Man Became
019007: MORRIS,GERARD [ED.] - 1906 - 1951. Waiuta. The Gold Mine. The Town. The People
003167: MORRIS, M.C.F - Francis Orpen Morris : a memoir / by his son.
021139: MORRIS, ERNEST WITH A FOREWORD BY G.F. COLERIDGE - History and Art of Change Ringing
010436: MORRISEY, TOM - Wild by Nature: True Stories of Adventure and Faith
018172: MORRISON, IAN - The Pictorial History of Golf
007312: MALCOLM MORRISON - Clear Speech - Practical Speech Correction and Voice Improvement
014599: JOHN MORTIMER - The Oxford Book of Villains
021115: MORTIMER, ROGER - The History of the Derby Stakes
013856: MORTIMER, JOHN - Paradise Postponed
012144: MORTIMER, FAVELL LEE - Streaks of light, or, Fifty-two facts from the bible for the fifty-two Sundays of the year.
016049: MORTIMORE, J. - Brotherly Love
012319: MORTON, COLIN B.; DEATH, CHUCK - Great Pop Things : The Rockin Rollin Cartoon Strip That Changed the World Slightly
012343: MORTON, HARRY; JOHNSTON, CAROL MORTON - The Farthest Corner: New Zealand A Twice Discovered Land
002160: ANDREW MORTON - Duchess
002138: ANDREW MORTON - Diana. Her True Story
017207: MORTON, ANDREW - Tom Cruise : An Unauthorized Biography
016633: LOUIS MORTON - U.S. Army in World War II - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition The War in the Pacific. - The Fall of the Philippines
007668: MORTON, H.V - A stranger in Spain
001734: THOMAS MOSCROP - Children of Ceylon
010319: MOSELEY, KEITH - Dragons
011478: MOSES, KATE - Wintering : A Novel of Sylvia Plath
001423: KEITH P. MOSS - 150 Years of Marine Progress 1788-1938
019268: MOSS, ROD - The Hard Light of Day : An Artist's Story of Friendships in Arrernte Country
013332: GEORGE FOX MOTT ET AL - New Survey of Journalism
006061: MOTT, FRANK LUTHER - A free press : the story of the American newspaper.
001281: R. H. MOTTRAM - traders' Dream. The Romance of the British East India Company
002470: MOUAT, ELIZABETH. - The amazing adventure of Betty Mouat : compiled from contemporary sources, fiftieth anniversary year.
001504: HANDLEY C. G. MOULE - The Expositor's Bible, the Epistle of St Paul to the Romans
006118: REV. W.F. MOULTON - The History of the English Bible
002111: ADMIRAL LORD MOUNTEVANS - Adventurous Life
001901: DAVID MOUNTFIELD - A History of Polar Exploration
001616: DAVID MOUNTFIELD - History of England
009063: MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P. AND AINSLIE ROBERTS. - The first sunrise : Australian Aboriginal myths in Paintings
012983: MOUNTFORD, CHARLES P - Brown man and red sand : journeyings in wild Australia
016128: HALLAM L. MOVIUS JR., S. KOOIJMAN, GEORGE KUBLER - Three regions of primitive art
008925: MOWAT, FARLEY - A whale for the Killing
014822: MOYER, R. CHARLES;MCGUIGAN, JAMES R. - Contemporary Financial Management 10th Edition
002480: MOYES, A.G. - Bradman.
000412: BRIAN MOYNAHAN - The Russian Century - a Photojournalistic History of Russia in the Twentieth Century
019155: W.A. MOZART - Don Giovanni an opera in two acts
016305: MUDIE, ANDREW - The Rain Tree: The Foh Fum Legends, Book 1, A Triology
004964: MUHLHAUSER, G.H.P - The cruise of the Amaryllis; with a memoir of the author / by E. Keble Chatterton; introduction by Claud Worth
001624: RICHARD MUIR - The English Village
001625: RICHARD MUIR - The Lost Villages of Britain
005165: MUIR, FRANK AND SIMON BRETT - The third Frank Muir goes into¿. The Visual Arts, Books, Popular Music, Serious Music
016454: MUIR, RICHARD;NATIONAL TRUST (GREAT BRITAIN);WELFARE, HUMPHREY - The National Trust Guide to Prehistoric and Roman Britain
016455: MUIR, RICHARD;UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE - History from the Air
003829: MULFORD, CLARENCE E. - Johnny Nelson
007514: CLARENEC E. MULFORD & JOHN WOOD CLAY - Buck Peters Ranchman Being the Story of What Happened When Buck Peters, Hopalong Cassidy and Their Bar-20 Associates Went to Montana
005722: MULGAN, ALAN - Spur of morning.
018577: MULLEN, ROBERT - Microsoft Office 97 Unleashed
020431: MULLER, MANFRED J. - Hormones and Nutrition in Obesity and Cachexia
015217: MULLER, ROBERT A.;OBERLANDER, THEODORE - Physical Geography Today: A Portrait of a Planet
012178: GRETTA MULLER AND DON FOREMAN - Work and Leisure Crafts - Curriculum Guidelines to Assist Teachers Incorporate Craft Activities in Secondary Education Programs
014450: EMMELINE M. TANNER ; PREFACE BY BEATRICE C. MULLINER - The Renaissance and the Reformation a Textbook of European History 1494-1610
017022: BARBARA MULLINS, TREVOR COOK, JOHN GERRITSEN - Aboriginal lore of the Western Plains
020154: MULLINS, BARBARA G.;GERRITSEN, JOHN;COOK, TREVOR - Aboriginal Lore: A Pictorial Review of Ancient Aboriginal Life, Ritual and Culture, as Recorded in the Marks They Left on the Land
015196: JOHN MULVANEY - The wisdom of non-relevance' : the humanities and Australia's cultural heritage
021579: MULVANEY, JOHN - Cricket walkabout: The Australian Aborigines in England
017694: MUMFORD, JONN - Ecstasy Through Tantra
013518: MUNCH, EDVARD; DUNLOP, IAN & - Edvard Munch
013589: MUNHALL, EDGAR - Masterpieces of the Frick Collection
021727: MUNRO, CRAIG - Wild Man of Letters: The Story of P.R. Stephensen
015231: MUNRO, CRAWFORD HUGH - Australian Water Resources and Their Development
020306: MUNRO, HAMISH N. - Nutrition, Aging, and the Elderly 6
019300: MURARI, TIMERI - Taj : A Novel
015678: MURARO, MICHELANGELO;GRABAR, A.;GRABAR, ANDRE - Venice: The Church of St. Mark'S, the Treasure of St. Mark'S, the Ducal Palace, the Gallerie Dell'Accademia, the Architecture and Monuments of Venice
020690: EDITED BY PAUL MURDIN & MARGARET PENSTON. - The Firefly Encyclopedia Of Astronomy
006646: REV.P. J. MURDOCH - The Laughter and Tears of God and Other War Sermons
001914: PRISCILLA MURDOCH - Duyfken and the First Discoveries of Australia
020939: WALTER MURDOCH - The Australian citizen
019476: MURPHY, JUDY; NOLAN, CAROLYN - Lawn Bowls in Queensland : Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Lawn Bowls Administration in Queensland 1904-2004
018118: CATHERINE MURPHY - Of Ships, Strikes and Summer Nights - Oral Histories from the Port Adelaid Community
007081: MURPHY, BRUCE - The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery
008334: MURPHY, DONALD R - What farmers read like : a record of experiments with readership on Wallaces farmer and Wisconsin agriculturist, 1938-1961
019647: JOHN NICHOLAS MURPHY - Terra Incognita or the Convents of the United Kingdom
005489: MURPHY, FRANK - Daniel Mannix : Archbishop of Melbourne.
008051: RAY MURPHY - Last Viceroy the Life and Times of Rear-Admiral the Earl Mountbatten of Burma
015508: MURRAY, SIR JOHN HUBERT PLUNKETT - Selected Letters of Hubert Murray
014579: H.T.C. WOODFULL ; ILLUSTRATED BY JOY MURRAY - Agricultural shows
019910: MURRAY, BARRY; DANIELS, PAUL - Paul Daniels Adult Magic
013507: MURRAY, LES A. - SBS Encyclopedia of Soccer
013510: MURRAY, LES A. - SBS Encyclopedia of Soccer
013503: MURRAY, LES A. - World Youth Championship Greats : World Youth Championship for the FIFA - Coca-Cola Cup 1993
013153: MURRAY, LES A. - World Youth Championship Greats : World Youth Championship for the FIFA - Coca-Cola Cup 1993
013415: LES MURRAY - World Soccer Annual 91 92
012021: SIR JOHN MURRAY - The ocean, a general account of the science of the sea - Home University Library of Modern Knowledge
019611: MURRAY, THOMAS BOYLES, 1798-1860 REV. AND BROUGHT UP TO DATE / BY C.C. ELCUM. - Pitcairn : the island, the people, and the pastor, to which is added a short notice of the original settlement and present condition of Norfolk Island
003413: MURRAY, WILLIAM COTTER - Michael Joe
020379: MAYNARD MURRAY - Sea Energy Agriculture - Perfect Natural Nutrition?
011784: MURRY, JOHN M. - The Letters of John Middleton Murry to Katherine Mansfield
006531: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - The Problem of Style
020830: BASIM MUSALLAM - The Arabs: A Living History
021447: POWERHOUSE MUSEUM - Decorative arts and design from the Powerhouse Museum
001567: SOUTH AFRICAN MUSEUM - Inscriptions Left By Early European Navigators on Their Way to the East.
018368: MUSGROVE, GORDON - Pathfinder Force : A History of Eight Group, RAF
018827: WALTER A. MUSICANO - Capt. Arthur Ray Books America's Quiet Ace of W.W.1
006665: MUSSET, ALFRED DE. - The white Blackbird
006722: MUSSET, ALFRED DE - Three plays : Fantasio, On ne badine pas avec l¿amour, Carmosine
002086: LT CDR JL MUXWORTHY, RN - The Great White Whale Goes to War [Canberra}
011518: SHELLEY MYDANS - Thomas: a Novel of the Life, Passion and Miracles of Becket
010104: MYERS, DAVID A. - The Great Literacy Debate: English in Contemporary Australia
002294: WILLIAM MYLES - A Chronological history of the People Called Methodists, of the Connexion of the Late Rev. John Wesley; from Their Rise, in the Year 1729, to Their Last Conference in 1812.
007532: L.N. & M. WILLIAMS - The Stamp Collector's Almanac a Book Full of Interest for the Stamp Collctors of All Ages
014151: NAAR, JON - The New Wind Power
021475: IBRAHIM NACI - Farewell - A Turkish Officer's Diary of the Gallipoli Campaign
016924: NADER, JONAR C. - How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People Including a Chapter on Terrorism
010644: SHINICHI NAGAI - Gods of Kumano Shinto and the Occult
020496: NAGY, BOTI - Mahervellous! : The Brett Maher Story
019559: JOHN NAIRN - Western Australia's tempestuous history. Volumes 1, 2, 3.
019828: NAISH, G.P.B. (EDITOR) - Nelson s Letters to his Wife, and other documents, 1785-1831.
007889: NAJAFI, NAJMEH TO HELEN HINCKLEY - Persia is my Heart
020603: EDITED BY JONATHAN NALLY - Aircraft Carriers and Squadrons of the Royal Australian Navy
018490: NAMIKOSH, TORU - Shiatsu Therapy: Its Theory and Practice
003513: NAPIER, S. ELLIOTT - Walks abroad : being the record of the experiences of two Australians in the wilds of the United Kingdom
008350: NAPIER, S. ELLIOTT - Walks abroad : being the record of the experiences of two Australians in the wilds of the United Kingdom.
007677: NAPIER, S. ELLIOTT - On the Barrier Reef : notes from a no-ologist¿s Pocket-book
007698: NAPIER, S. ELLIOTT. - The magic carpet : and other essays and adventures.
009018: NASH, BRUCE M. - Whatever Happened to Blue Suede Shoes: A Nostalgia Quiz Book of the Fifties
001628: ROY NASH - Hampton Court. The Palace and the People
016161: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Murder Among the Rich and Famous: Celebrity Slayings That Shocked America
012655: RICHARD NATKIEL - Atlas of Maritime History
007726: NAUGHTON, BILL - Alfie darling : a Novel
021660: EDITED BY J.A. LA NAUZE AND ELIZABETH NURSER - Walter Murdoch and Alfred Deakin on "Books and men' : letters and comments, 1900-1918
001436: DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - Royal Australian Navy Jubilee Souvenir.
010451: NAYLOR, DOUG - Red Dwarf : Last Human
002062: MELVYL NEAL - The 70s Girl. a Course in Homecrafts.
003125: NEANDER, AUGUSTUS - General history of the Christian religion and church / translated from the German of Dr. Augustus Neander
015481: NEIDJIE, BILL;DAVIS, STEPHEN;FOX, ALLAN - Australia's Kakadu Man
017291: BERNARD O'NEIL - In search of mineral wealth : the South Australian Geological Survey and Department of Mines to 1944
009906: E.M. NEIL - The Face of the Earth Book1
008027: BISHOP STEPHEN NEILL - Christ, His Church and His World
011548: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Long Day's Journey into Night
008361: NEILL, A.S - A Dominie Abroad
020185: NEILSON, DAVID - South West Tasmania: A Land of the Wild
008464: NEILSON, PETER - Sailboats
018452: ADRIAN NEISON - Practical Boat-Building for Amateurs - Containing Full Istructions for Designing and Building Punts, Skiffs, Canoes, Row & Sailing Boats with a Complete Guide to Canoe Sailing ABC Guide to Camping Out, Together with All Necessary Definitions of Nautical
000796: MICHAEL NELSON (ED) - The Presidency a History of the Office of the President of the United States from 1789 to the Present
016527: NELSON, RICHARD K. - Hunters of the Northern Ice
002262: N. F. NELSON - To Help Them Find Their Feet
013182: NELSON, GARRY - Left Foot in the Grave
001429: W. NESTEROFF - The Annuals of The Oceanographic Institute
003156: NETTLETON, JOSEPH. - John Hunt : pioneer missionary and saint.
018401: THE AUSTRALIAN PRINT NETWORK - Limited Edition Art Prints By Australian Aboriginal Artists
015472: NEUBURG, VICTOR E - The past we see Today
005140: NEUBURG, VICTOR E - The past we see Today
005603: NEUGEBOREN, JAY - Big man : a Novel
021997: EDITOR DON NEUMANN - A History of Gatton & District, 1824-2008: Taking in the Period from Early Exploration to Amalgamation of the Gatton Shire Council with the Laidley Shire Council to Form the Lockyer Valley Regional Council
008142: NEUMARK, S.D - The citrus industry of South Africa : its national and international aspects.
021046: RALPH NEVILL - The Man of Pleasure
003124: REV. W. P. NEVILLE - Addreses to Cardinal Newman with His Replies Etc. 1879-81
000546: RICHARD NEVILLE - Faces of Australia - Image, Reality and the Portrait
015313: NEWARK, TIMOTHY - Turning the Tide of War: 50 Battles That Changed the Course of Modern History
018897: NEWARK, TIM - Women Warlords: An Illustrated Military History of Female Warriors
012118: NEWBOLT, HENRY, SIR - The later life and letters of Sir Henry Newbolt / edited by his wife Margaret Newbolt
011828: HENRY NEWBOLT - Collected Poems, 1897-1907
011829: HENRY NEWBOLT - Collected Poems, 1897-1907
008538: NEWBURY, STEPHEN - Car Design Yearbook 3, The: The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Concept and Production Cars Worldwide
016753: NEWCOMB, APRIL - Living with Dying
021577: TEXT BY PETER NEWELL - Tropical Queensland sketchbook
008932: NEWHOUSE, JOHN - De Gaulle and the Anglo-Saxons
012275: JOHN A. R. NEWLANDS AND BENJAMIN E. R. NEWLANDS. - Sugar : a handbook for planters and refiners : being a comprehensive treatise on the culture of sugar-yielding plants, and the manufacture, refining, and analysis of cane, beet, palm, maple, melon, sorghum and starch sugars with Copious Statistics of the
012340: NEWMAN, ERNEST. - Opera Nights
003072: NEWMAN, C.E.T - The spirit of Wharf House : Campbell enterprise from Calcutta to Canberra, 1788-1930
003033: NEWMAN, BERNARD - Inquest on Mata Hari.
009445: NEWMAN, SHARAN - The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code
017749: CARDINAL NEWMAN - The Dream of Gerontius
012855: JERRY AND MARY NEWPORT - Mozart and the Whale - an Unexpected Love Story
015966: NEWSOM, SAMUEL - A Dwarfed Tree Manual for Westerners
018779: NEWSOME, COLIN - Trooper Bohan : The Shooting of Ben Hall: with Other Stories and Ballads
020809: NEWSON, LESLEY - Atlas of the World's Worst Natural Disasters
018236: SUN NEWSPAPERS - The Sun, 1910-1929
020144: REV. RICHARD NEWTON, D.D - The Beauty of the King. By the Rev. Richard Newton, D.D. LONDON : 1885
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013552: PEICE - The World's Best Cricket Book Ever
010153: WILLIAM PEIRCE - The Ecclesiastical Principles and Polity of the Wesleyan Methodists. comprising a complete compendium of their laws, regulations, and general economy; together with a full account of all their ordinances,institutions, funds,and customs, carefully Complile
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004881: PHILLIPS, J.G - Developments in monetary theory and policies : the fifth R.C. Mills Memorial Lecture delivered in the University of Sydney, 27 April 1971
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012465: JOHN PHIN - The Seven Follies of Science, to which is added a small budget of interesting paradoxes, illusions, marvels and popular fallacies. a Popular Account of the Most Famous Scintific Impossiblities and the Attempts Which Have Been Made to Solve Them.
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001213: CHRIS PLUMRIDGE - The Book of Golf Disasters and Bizarre Records
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007024: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Forty-Two Tales Including the Fall of the House of Usher
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016136: ROSLYN POIGNANT - Oceanic mythology : the myths of Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia, Australia
017513: MARITA POINTON - The secret of the rainforest
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013024: POLLOCK, BRUCE - When Rock Was Young: A Nostalgic Review of the Top Forty Era
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019826: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Guns of Cape Ann - The Story of the Immortal Battle Between the Shannon and the Chesapeake
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021936: CAPTAIN DAVID PORTER - Journal of a Cruise to the Pacific Ocean. Two Volumes (2)
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011853: EZRA POUND - Sophocles, Women of Trachis
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004215: POWERS, FREDERICK DANVERS - The mineral resources of New Caledonia : a paper read before the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, on Wednesday, 16th May, 1900.
007320: POWYS, THEODORE FRANCIS - Mr. Tasker¿s Gods
007918: BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA - Srimad bhagavatam : second canto : the cosmic manifestation, part one - chapters 1-6 : with original Sanskrit text, its Roman transliteration, synonyms, translation and elaborate Purports
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014762: PRITCHARD, D. - The Right Way to Play Chess
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009409: LINDA PROBERT AND NEIL GOW - News from Marengo 1929 - 1939
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010973: PROULX, ANNIE - That Old Ace in the Hole
008303: A.J. PROUST - A Companion of the History of Medicine in Australia 1788-1939
017418: EBENEZER PROUT - Memoirs of the life of the Rev. John Williams : missionary to Polynesia
007773: RONALD PROYER - Famous Stories of Assassination
003876: PRUTKY'S - Prutky's Travels to Ethiopia and Other Countries
013130: LARRY PRYCE - Thin Lizzie
018986: PRYOR, ALTON - The Bawdy House Girls: A Look at the Brothels of the Old West
017648: DAAB PUBLISHING - Restaurant Design
001233: EARL PUCKETT AND ROBERT CROMIE - Golfer's Digest
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009059: PULLAR, PHILIPPA - Frank Harris : a Biography
020459: PULLMAN, BERNARD - Water and Metal Cations in Biological Systems
015271: PUMFREY, STEPHEN - Latitude & The Magnetic Earth - the True Story of Queen Elizabeth's Most Distinguished Man of Science.
007142: PURCELL, L. EDWARD; PURCELL, SARAH J. - Encyclopedia of Battles in North America, 1517 to 1916
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014844: RICHARD PYM - Richard Pym's voyage to Destiny : An epic story of romance and Adventure
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019190: RACKHAM, BERNARD. - Islamic Pottery and Italian Maiolica. Illustrated Catalogue of a Private Collection.
007731: S.T.A. RADCLIFFE - The Giant's Cradle
021215: KEIR RADNEDGE WITH MARK BUSHELL - The treasures of the World Cup
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016072: RAFFAELE, PAUL - Among the Cannibals: Adventures on the Trail of Man's Darkest Ritual
021950: RAFFERTY, TOD - Harley: Centenary Edition: The Ultimate Machine
021925: RAFFLES, SIR STAMFORD - Statement of Services (Oxford in Asia Historical Reprints)
009174: BERNARR RAINBOW - The Land Without Music - Musical Education in England 1800-1860 and Its Continental Antecedents
009376: W. J. RAINBOW - Studies in Australian Araneidae - the Terretelariae
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019352: RALSTON, KATHLEEN - A Man for Antarctica: The Early Life of Phillip Law
008616: RAMAGE, IAN A. - Wahroonga, our home : a guide to Wahroonga, in which, as we travel around the area and the adjoining suburbs of Warrawee and Waitara, we visit churches, schools and homes, meet the owners, past and present and the architects, who designed the homes and, I
008574: RAMEL, JEAN PIERRE, 1768-1815. - Narrative of the deportation to Cayenne, of Barthélemy, Pichegru, Willot, Marbois, La Rue, Ramel, &c. &c. . From the French of General Ramel,
018235: T. LOBSANG RAMPA - The third eye : the autobiography of a Tibetan lama
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018554: RAMSEY, DAN - The Crafter's Guide to Pricing Your Work
012064: RAND, A. L. - Ornithology : An Introduction
020156: M. A. RANDAL - Groundwater in the Barkly Tableland - Bulletin 91
014978: RANDALL, GERALD - The English Parish Church
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020034: WILLIAM H. RANDS - Paradise Gold Fields : report
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020001: WILLIAM H. RANDS - Report on the gold mines at the Fanning and Mount Success, with map
020002: WILLIAM H. RANDS - Mount Cannindah copper and gold deposits
020043: REPORT BY WILLIAM H. RANDS, ASSISTANT GOVERNMENT GEOLOGIST, ON - The Brookfield, Pullenvale, and Moggill districts
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017324: RELATED BY REGINALD CRAWFORD ; EDITED BY GEORGE RANKEN - Windabyne : a record of by-gone times in Australia
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015251: RANKIN, KAREN DUFFY - Patient Education: Issues, Principles, Practices
016995: RANKIN, NICHOLAS - Dead Man's Chest: Travels After Robert Louis Stevenson
019772: RAPPE, SARA - Reading Neoplatonism : Non-discursive Thinking in the Texts of Plotinus, Proclus, and Damascius
019210: RAS, FIONA;RAS, CLARE - Sprigs: Fresh Kitchen Inspiration
007852: RATHBONE, JULIAN - A Very English Agent
018122: RATHBONE, JULIAN - The Last English King
018901: MARY RATTENBURY - Pen blossoms : verse from the garden of years
006114: J. ERNEST RATTENBURY - Evangelism and Pagan England
008511: FREDERICK VON RAUMER - America and the American People
006199: J. N. RAWLING - The Story of the Australian People Part 2 Only
014528: RAWLINGS, LEO - And the Dawn Came up like Thunder - Autobiography Of An Artist At War And What Came After
014314: RAWLINS, RAY - The Guinness Book of Autographs
006196: D.W. RAWSON - The Impact of the Trade Unions
007362: RAWSON, D.W - Labor in vain? a survey of the Australian Labor party.
012264: RAY, MARK - {Alan} Border & Beyond
008259: RAYMOND, ERNEST - Through literature to life : an enthusiasm and an Anthology
018030: CAMERON RAYNES - The last protector : the illegal removal of Aboriginal children from their parents in South Australia
004699: READ, HERBERT - Selected writings : poetry and Criticism
003284: READ, JOHN - Wold ways a-gwain : scenes from a western countryside.
000884: HERBERT READ - A Concise History of Modern Painting
009536: H.H. READ - Rutley's Elements of Mineralogy
015955: PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE HOLTON ; TEXT BY KENNETH E. READ - The human aviary : a pictorial discovery of New Guinea
004594: MRS. R.H. READ - Silver Mill - A Tale of the Don Valley
006280: READE, CHARLES - It is never too late to Mend
006278: READE, CHARLES. - The course of true love never did run smooth.
006279: READE, CHARLES - Put yourself in his Place
007256: READE, CHARLES - Griffith Gaunt
008102: READE, ERIC - Australian silent films : a pictorial history of silent films from 1896 to 1929
018503: BY HEINZ GARTMANN ; TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY ALAN G. READETT - Science as history : the story of man's technological progress from steam engine to satellite
002092: REAR - ADM. E. R. G. R. EVANS - South with Scott
014198: REARDON, CAROL - Pickett's Charge in History and Memory
020419: DR RECKEWEG & CIE - Homeopathic Specialities 1 -60
004385: TALBOT BAINES REED - The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's - A Public School Story
013493: REED, JOHN; GREEN, OLIVER - The London Transport Golden Jubilee Book, 1933-1983
012854: REED, STEPHEN M.D.; KENDALL-REED, PENNY - The Complete Doctors Stress Solution: Understanding, Treating And Preventing Stress and Stress-Related Illnesses
007672: REED, MYRTLE - Lavender and old Lace
014225: REED, JOHN - London Buses - A brief History
001704: MICHAEL REED - The Makings of Britain. The Georgian Triumph. 1700 - 1830
007556: REED, A.H - Sydney-Melbourne Footslogger
012126: REED, A. W. - Place Names of Australia
015745: LANGFORD REED - The Complete Rhyming Dictionary
000253: LAURENCE REES - Horror in the East
004189: REES, J. ROGERS - The brotherhood of Letters
007587: REES, CORALIE AND LESLIE - Spinifex Walkabout : hitch-hiking in remote north Australia.
001897: GARETH REES - Tall Ships
010401: REES, LLOYD - The small treasures of a lifetime: some early memories of Australian art and artists
012662: REES, SIAN - The Ship Thieves
013540: REES, ROGER J. - Parents as Language Therapists for Intellectually Handicapped Children: Preliminary Research Report
013129: DAFYDD REES - Star File
005955: REES, LESLIE - Towards an Australian Drama
020528: REES, LUCY - The Horse's Mind
011015: LAURENCE REES - Horror in the East
019235: REEVES, ANDREW - Up from the Underworld : Coalminers and Community in Wonthaggi, 1909-1968
013700: REEVES, JOAN WYNN - Thinking about Thinking: Studies in the Background of Some Psychological Approaches
010440: O¿REGAN, DAVID. - Geography fieldwork for Australian schools
010588: REGAN, MICHAEL - Australian Business Dictionary
011587: REICHL, RUTH - Garlic and Sapphires : The Secret Life of a Restaurant Critic in Disguise
007101: CARLINE REID - Malayan Climax - Experiences of an Australian Girl in Malaya, 1940-1942
006149: REID, ALAN - The Gorton Experiment
009759: REID, P. R.; MICHAEL, MAURICE - Prisoner of War
006269: FORREST REID - Apostate
002435: REID, GEORGE, SIR. - My Reminiscences
003004: G.R. S. REID - Presbyterian Pioneers in Australia
010337: REID, MAYNE - The scalp Hunters
015258: REID, LORI - Dream Catcher - Unravel the Mysteries of You Sleeping Mind with the Book and journal( 2 books)
020545: REILLY, MATTHEW - The Five Greatest Warriors
018919: BERNARD O'REILLY - Cullenbenbong
001528: BERNARD O'REILLY - Green Mountains and Cullenbenbong
021370: O'REILLY, BERNARD - Over the hills : the enchanted beginning that will never end
014514: THE WHOLE COMPILED BY PERSONS CONCERNED IN THE FACTS RELATED, VIZ. JOHN BULKELEY AND JOHN CUMMINS - A Voyage to the South-Seas, in the Years 1740-1. Containing, a Faithful Narrative of the Loss of His Majesty's Ship the Wager on a Desolate Island in the Latitude 47 South, Longitude 81:40 West. With the Proceedings and Conduct of the Officers and Crew
009938: REMBAR, CHARLES - The Law of the Land : The Evolution of Our Legal System
013471: SHELDON RENAN - The Underground Film. An Introduction to Its Development in America
011555: MARY RENAULT - The Bull from the Sea
010410: MARY RENAULT - The Bull from the Sea
011574: JEAN RENOIR - Renoir. My Father
012813: RENSSEN, MARIELLE; BAKER, NATALIA - Meditation and Relaxation - De-Stress Body and Mind
018432: RENTOUL, ANNIE R. (ANNIE RATTRAY) - The lady of the blue beads : her book, being an account of her first blue moon spent on Sun Island / [by Annie Rentoul
017329: H.R. HARRIS ; REVISED AND ENLARGED BY W.H. TOMBS - The duck book for Australasia
017888: JOHN WALKER REVISED, CONDIERABLY ENLRGED AND IMPROVED BY ARTHUR KERSHAW - The Universal Gazetteer; Being A Concise Description, Alphabetically Arranged Of The Nations, Kingdoms, States, Towns, Empires, Provinces, Cities, Oceans, Seas, Harbours, Rivers, Lakes, Canals, Mountains, Capes, etc
021673: REWALD, JOHN - The History of Impressionism
021681: BELLONY-REWALD, ALICE - Lost World of the Impressionists
009295: REYNOLDS, L. C.; COOPER, H.F. - Mediterranean Mtbs at War: Short Mtb Flotilla Operations 1939-1945
017280: REYNOLDS, SANA;VALENTINE, DEBORAH - Guide to Cross-Cultural Communication Prentice Hall Series in Advanced Business Communication

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