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005127: BATESON, CHARLES - Gold fleet for California : forty-niners from Australia and New Zealand.
020606: BATY, SCOTT - Ships That Passed
017851: BAU, YOSEF;BAU, JOSEPH;B'U, YOSEF - Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry?: Memoirs
008056: ERNST BAUMLER - Verschwabing in Schwabing - Lenins Begegnung Mit Deutschland
010529: L.D. BAVER - Soil Physics
003602: CLIFFORD BAX - Square pegs : a polite satire.
003419: BAXTER, C.E - Talofa : letters from foreign Parts
011227: BAYAN, MATTHEW J. - Good Fat Bad Fat and the Heartstopper Gene
018197: W.A. BAYLEY - History of the central south coast of New South Wales
009415: W.A. BAYLEY - The Story of the Settlement and Development of Bega
001714: DR CHRISTOPHER BAYLEY - Atlas of the British Empire.
017171: BAYM, NINA - The Norton Anthology of American Literature
009547: HERVE BAZIN - Tristan
006024: BAZIN, GERMAIN - The history of world sculpture.
021676: BAZIN, GERMAIN - Impressionist Paintings in the Louvre
003787: BEACH, REX - The auction Block
001275: ERNEST AND PEARL BEAGLEHOLE - Some Modern Maoris
021406: WRITTEN BY DIANA J. BEAL - Rosalie Shire Council : The first one hundred years, 1879-1979
004202: BEAL, FRED E - Word from nowhere : the story of a fugitive from two Worlds
022113: PETER BEALE - Fallen Sentinel: Australian Tanks in World War II
018949: BEAN, JOSEPH W. - Flogging
022065: C.E.W. BEAN - Two men I knew : William Bridges and Brudenell White, founders of the A.I.F.
012328: BEARD, HENRY - Book of Sequels
017314: R. B. BEARD AND A. C. ROTHERHAM - Space flight and satellite vehicles
014159: BEARD, WILLIAM - GOOREEANA - an Aboriginal Romance of the Long Ago
010493: BEATTIE, ANTONIA - Dream Dictionary - Everything You Need to Know to Interpret Your Dreams and and Make Them Work for You
016190: BEATTIE, PETER; LOUKAKIS, ANGELO - Making a Difference : Life, Leadership and Politics
012743: BEATTIE, ANTONIA - I Ching
011695: BILL BEATTY - Here in Australia
015100: NICOLA BEAUMAN - Cynthia Asquith
011572: BEAUMAN, SALLY - Landscape of Love
004425: BEAUMAN, NICOLA - Morgan : a biography of E.M. Forster
010321: BEAVER, BRUCE - Bruce Beaver Reads from His Own Work
009308: LORD BEAVERBROOK - Don't Trust to Luck
003000: BEAZLEY, C. RAYMOND - John and Sebastian Cabot : the discovery of North America
009495: JOHN BECHERVAISE - Australia: World of Difference. The Australian Transition
012350: JORGEN BECHMANN - Modern Australian dreamtimes : a book about the freest of thoughts : the dreams
004499: FRANK V. BECK - The Field Seed Industry in the United States
010340: CHRISTOPHER BECK - On Air - 25 Years of TV in Queensland
021781: BECK, HAIG (EDITOR) - Parliament House, Canberra: A Building for the Nation
017096: BECKE, LOUIS - South sea supercargo. Edited with an introd. by A. Grove Day
017775: BECKER, JASPER - The City of Heavenly Tranquillity. Beijing in the History of China.
013021: BECKHAM, DAVID - David Beckham : My Side - The Autobiography
011887: BECKMAN, HOWARD - An Introduction to Vedic Astrology. Spiritual Science of the Ancients
012717: [EDITED BY HANDS E. BECKMANN AND FRANK H. JOHNSTON]. - Fifty years, 1911-1961 : Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and the South Sea Islands
021518: BEDDALL, OWEN - Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant: True Tales and Gossip from the Galley
001878: M. K. BEDDIE - Bibliography of Captain James Cook
019925: M. K. BEDDIE - Bibliography of Captain James Cook
000969: H. LOUISA BEDFORD - Under One Standard or the Touch That Makes Us Kin-the Story of the Time of the Maori War
012505: JOSEPH BEDLAM - The Origin and Use of the Royston Cave Being Some Time Since Presented to the Royal Society of Antiquaries
020965: WILLIAM BEEBE - Galapagos : world's end
009918: BEER, TOM - Environmental Water Quality: A Systems Study in Tuggeranong Creek and Kambah Pool
004072: BEET, JOSEPH AGAR - The last Things
006500: BEGBIE, HAROLD - Life of William Booth : the founder of the Salvation Army. Vol. 2 of 2 volumes set.
006856: BEGBIE, HAROLD A - Pomps and vanities / by a gentleman with a duster.
006271: HAROLD BEGBIE - Broken Earthenware a Footnote in Narrative to Professor William James's Study in Human Nature "the Varieties of Religious experience"
013797: BEGG, PAUL; SKINNER, KEITH - The Scotland Yard Files : One Hundred Fifty Years of the C. I. D. 1842-1992
008004: BEHN, NOEL - The Kremlin Letter
005575: HARRY BEHN - Omen of the Birds
004018: BEHNKE, EMIL - The mechanism of the human Voice
008964: BEHR, EDWARD; STEYN, MARK - The Story of Miss Saigon
004091: BEHRENS, JUNE. - A new flag for a new country : the first national flag.
013210: ED PETER BEILBY & ROSS LANSELL - Australian Motion Picture Yearbook 1983
005282: BEITH, JANET - Sand castle.
018549: BELCHER, BILL;BELCHER, AILEEN - Shipwreck on Middleton Reef: The Story of a Tasman Survivor
010050: BELCHER, GARY - Kangaroo Confidential : The Inside Story of a Sensational Tour
020383: BELFIORE, F;MOLINATTI, G.M. - Tissue Specific Metabolic Alterations in Diabetes: 3rd International Diabetes Conference Florence February 1989
018916: SEL. AND ED. BY LADY BELL - The Letters of Gertrude Bell in 2 volumes
006802: BELL, ALAN. - The said noble River
014807: QUENTIN BELL - Virginia Woolf Volume 1 1882-1912 and Volume 2 1912-1941
017309: BELL, DIANE - Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was, and Will Be
009739: BELL, J.J - Cupid in Oilskins
018620: BELL, BRUCE - Property Management,a guide to marketing, systems and financial analysis
001615: RICHARD BELL - Richard Bell's Britain
020264: BELL, ERICA J. - The Voyage of the Shuckenoor
020336: BELL, COLIN - Principles and Applications of Metal Chelation ( Oxford Chemistry Series Number 25)
003293: BELL, CURRER. - Shirley : a Tale
021516: PAUL REID; ROBERT BELL - Canberra Following Griffin: A Design History of Australia's National Capital
016448: BELL, J.H.B. - Bell's Scottish Climbs
004584: BELL, LEIGH - Breakers on the Beach
010811: BELL, P. R.; BARRIE, W. - Operative Arterial Surgery
017583: BELLAHSEN, FABIEN;ROUCHE, DANIEL - Dine With Europe's Master Chefs: Meat & Poultry
000318: H.W. BELLEW - Kashmir and Kashghar - A Narrative of the Journey of the Embassy to Kashghar in 1873-74
018508: LUCY W. BELLHOUSE - The caravan children
004309: BELLOC, HILAIRE - The historic Thames.
005789: GIAN GUIDO BELLONI - Art of the Western World Prehistoric to Classical Painting
016838: BELLOW, SAUL - Collected Stories
007176: OSTERREICHISCHE GALERIE BELVEDERE - America: The New World in 19Th-Century Painting
009168: RAYMOND BENARDOUT - Turkish Rugs
012576: RICHIE BENAUD - The hottest summer : World Series Cup cricket, 1982-1983 season
016581: BENBOW, STEVE;GILL, PETER;PHOTOLIBRARY WALES - Cardiff: A Photographic Showcase of This Dynamic Young City's People, Architecture, Sport, and Culture from the Photolibrary Wales Collection
007952: BENDIX, REINHARD - Max Weber : an intellectual portrait.
016894: BENFORD, GREGORY;GREENBERG, MARTIN HARRY - Hitler Victorious: Eleven Stories of the German Victory in World War II
016438: BENNET, DONALD J. - The Munros : The Scottish Mountaineering Club Hillwalkers' Guide
012257: BENNETT, WAYNE; CRAWLEY, STEVE - League's a Lot Like Life
006086: J. G. BENNETT - Is There "life" on Earth an Introduction to Gurdjieff
007090: ISOBEL BENNETT - Nanbaree
014866: SAMUEL BENNETT - Australian discovery & colonisation. Volume 1. To 1800, Volume 2 1800-1831 -- ( 2 volumes)
018484: JOACHIM BENNETT - Secrets of the hand
020752: VICTOR CRITTENDEN ; ILLUSTRATED BY ARTHUR BENNETT - An autumn visit : historic gardens in Sydney and the Blue Mountains Limited edition 15 of 50
013941: BENNETT, JON - The Hunger Machine
005319: P.R. BENNETT - A Compact Rhyming Dictionary
005957: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Literary taste : how to form it; with detailed instructions for collecting a complete library of English Literature
017020: BENNETT, MICHAEL DEBENSTED - Red Sky at Night . . . : The Life of a Professional Seafarer
021087: ANNIE M. BENNETT - Play-Drill. A Series Of Useful Physical Movements For Young Children. With Words And Music By Alice L. A. Hands. With Illustrations
010525: BENNETT, RAYMOND; SMITH, B. G.; BALL, A. N. - An Introduction to Australian Society
003343: BENSON, E.F - Juggernaut
015204: REV. IRVING BENSON - Methodist Crusades the Swept australia - Australian Methodist Historical Society (Vic.) Australian Methodist Historical Society (Vic.) Vol 1. No. 1 June 1949
000892: S.L. BENSUSAN - Titian
006525: JEREMY BENTHAM - Theory of Legislation
012437: BENTLEY, EILEAN - A Gaia Busy Person's Guide MASSAGE Soothe Away the Tensions and Anxieties of a Busy Lifestyle
003720: BENTLEY, E.L - Bentley┐s geographical code : being a supplement to Bentley┐s complete phrase Code
012678: BENTLEY, JAMES - A Guide to Eastern Germany
014394: BENTLEY, PHYLLIS - The Brontes
014672: BENTON, KITTY - Sewing Classic Clothes for Children
001483: W. S. BENWELL - Jouney to Wine in Victoria
020352: BERDANIER, CAROLYN D. - Nutrition and Gene Expression
000286: JOACHIM-ERNST BERENDT - Jazz: a Photo in History
017612: BERENSON, ALEX - Number : How America's Balance Sheet Lies Rocked the World's Financial Markets
006688: BERESFORD, J.D - All or nothing.
006689: BERESFORD, J.D - The Tapestry
008845: BERG, LEILA - Mr Wolf and his tail from Mexico
011221: BERG, A. SCOTT - Kate Remembered
007126: BERGMAN, CHARLES - Orion's Legacy: A Cultural History of Man As Hunter
012499: BERGQUIST, N.O. - THE MOON PUZZLE. A revived classical theory correlating the origin of the Moon with many problems in natural science.
015276: BERGREEN, LAURENCE - Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe
000420: THE EARL OF BERKELEY - Sound Golf By Applying Principles to Practice
019009: BERKMAN, D.A.;AUSTRALASIAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGY - Making the Mount Isa Mine, 1923-1933: The Discovery of the Giant Mount Isa Silver-Lead-Zinc Ore Deposit, the Formation of Mount Isa Mines Limited, and the Development of the Mine and Township
017962: BERMAN, BARRY;EVANS, JOEL R. - Retail Management: A Strategic Approach
022151: ALLAN T. BERNALDO - Recollections : a lifetime with water colours
004497: BERNAYS, EDWARD L. - Public Relations
021692: CHARLES ARROWSMITH BERNAYS - Queensland : our seventh political decade, 1920-1930
020718: BERNSTEIN, PETER L. - Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
013622: BERNSTEIN, KEN - Berlitz Blueprint Hungary
006683: BERRY, CLAUDE - Portrait of Cornwall
001724: FLORA E. BERRY - Monica's Choice
007287: BERTENSHAW, T.H - Harmony and counterpoint with Exercises
019819: WRITTEN BY CHARLES H. BERTIE - Sydney streets
007392: BERTIE, CHARLES H - Old colonial By-ways
021314: INTRO BY ANTHONY BERTRAM - Contemporary Painting in Europe: Special Autumn Number of The Studio, 1939
007944: BERTRAND, GABRIELLE. - Secret lands where women Reign
018565: BESANT, ANNIE. - The Riddle of Life and How Theosophy Answers It.
017143: BESANT, WALTER; & RICE, JAMES. - The Chaplain of the Fleet [S.S. Waroonga assoc}
013019: BEST, GEORGE - Blessed : The Autobiography
013042: BEST, GEORGE; WRIGHT, GRAEME - Where Do I Go from Here?
002378: THOMAS BESWICK - A General history of Quadrupeds
009840: BETJEMAN, JOHN - Summoned by Bells
015739: WILLIAM WORDSWORTH ; EDITED BY PAUL F. BETZ - Benjamin the waggoner
008327: BEUTLER, LARRY E.; SHURKIN, JOEL N.; BONGAR, BRUCE MICHAEL - Am I Crazy, or Is It My Shrink?
013780: BEVAN, SCOTT - Battle Lines : Australian Artists at War
007617: BEVAN, TOM - Sea-dogs all! : a tale of forest and Sea
010738: W. L. BEVAN - The Student's Manual of Modern Geography -mathematical, Physical and Descriptive
021968: TOM BEVAN - The Secret of the Downs
020105: BEYERS, MARJORIE;PHILLIPS, CAROLE - Nursing Management for Patient Care
019030: BIANCHI, TOM - Bianchi Outpost
007571: BIBBY, GEOFFREY - The testimony of the Spade
004455: BICKEL, LENNARD - Rise up to life : a biography of Howard Walter Florey who gave penicillin to the World
002095: LENNARD BICKEL - This Accursed Land
019855: BICKFORD, REV. J. - Christian Work in Australasia - with notes on the settlement and progress of the colonies
010044: EDITED BY W.H. BICKLEY. - Maroon : highlights of one hundred years of rugby in Queensland 1882-1982
020994: ARTHUR C. BICKNELL ; WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY J.B. CLARK FROM SKETCHES BY THE AUTHOR - Travel and adventure in Northern Queensland
015053: CHARLES J. BIDDLE - Fighting Airman : The Way of the Eagle
014887: D. S. BIDDLE - Translating Curriculum Theory Into Practice in Geographical Education: a Systems Approach. - Geographical Education Monograph Series No.1
014154: BIDDLE, D. S.;MILNE, A. K.;SHORTLE, D. A. - The Language of Topographic Maps
017169: TYRREL E. BIDDLE - A Treatise on the Construction, Rigging & Handling of Model Yachts, Ships & Steamers with Remarks on Cruising & Racing Yachts and the Management of Open Boats; Also Lines for a Racing Cutter Suitable for a 5 to 20 Tonner
009949: BIDDLE, D. S. - Readings in geographical education : selections from Australian Sources Volume 1
016012: BIDDLECOMBE, PETER - French Lessons in Africa: Travels With My Briefcase Through French Africa
000081: JOHN BIDDULPH - Tribes Of the Hindoo Koosh
021665: BIEN, MELANIE - Buying and Selling a Home For Dummies
018035: D.C. BIERNOFF AND J.S. WESTERN - Social needs and the Moreton region
016105: BIGGE, JOHN THOMAS - Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the State of the Colony of New South Wales. / Report on the Judicial Establishments of New South Wales, and Van Diemen's Land. / Report. on Agriculture and Trade in NSW
014725: EARL DERR BIGGERS - The House Without a Key
014796: EWART-BIGGS, JANE - Lady in the Lords
005421: ROBERT M. BIGLER - The Politics of German Protestantism the Rise of the Protestant Church Elite in Prussia, 1815-1848
009017: JONATHAN BILLING - The Great Rock Pop & Soul Quiz
016529: BILLING, GRAHAM;NEW ZEALAND - South:Man and Nature in Antarctica: A New Zealand View
004684: BILLINGS, JOSH (HENRY WHEELER SHAW) - Animated Natur
008205: BOB BIMROSE - Travel the World the Handbook for Australian Travellers Preparing for Overseas Adventures and Wishing to Enjoy Their Experiences
009956: HEATHER BINDON AND HEATHER WILLIAMS - Geography research projects : a senior student┐s Handbook
014389: BING, RUDOLF - A Knight at the Opera
001696: CAROLINE BINGHAM - The Crowned Lions. The Early Plantagenet kings
018140: BINGLEY, ALBERT NORRIS - On the Game
001269: T. BINNEY - Lights and Shadows of Church Life in Australia: Including Thoughts on Some Things at Home.
007693: JOHN BINNING - Target Area
010542: BINNS, NORMAN E. - An introduction to historical bibliography
019803: BIRBECK, T.T. - The Foudroyant
014555: T.W. BIRCH - Map and Photo Reading - a Graded Course
014130: CYRIL BIRCH - Stories from a Ming collection : translations of Chinese short stories published in the seventeenth century
020425: BIRD, CHRISTOPHER - The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens: The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immunol
004130: BIRD, DICKIE WITH KEITH LODGE - Dickie Bird : my Autobiography
001584: DR BIRD - Nick of the Woods.
004588: BIRD, RICHARD - The rival Captains
018915: THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE EARL OF BIRKENHEAD, - Law,Life and Letters in 2 volumes
006801: BIRLEY, ROBIN - Vindolanda : a Roman frontier post of Hadrian┐s Wall.
000703: STEPHEN BIRMINGHAM - Duchess - the Story Of Wallis Warfield Windsor
008720: BIRRELL, AUGUSTINE - Obiter Dicta
016434: BIRRELL, ANNE - Popular Songs and Ballads of Han China
020531: BIRREN, FABER - Color Psychology and Color Therapy : A Fa
006087: N. ALLEN BIRTRWHISTLE - William Trelfall a Study in Missionary Vocation.
016947: N. ALLEN BIRTRWHISTLE - 100 More of the World's Best Houses
015395: TEXT:GABRIEL BISE - Tristan and Isolde: From a Manuscript of the Romance of Tristan (15th Century)
012720: BISH, BARRY - Barefaced Chic :Body Paint, Temporary Tattoos, Piercing, Hair Designs, Nail Art
001642: PATRICK BISHOP - The Irish Empire
001680: JAMES BISHOP - Social History of Edwardian Britain
014139: COMPILED BY ENID BISHOP - Australian theses on Asia : a union list of higher degree theses accepted by Australian universities to 31 December 1970
010709: BISHOP, PATRICK - The Irish Empire
002331: BIZLEY, A.C - The slate figures of Cornwall.
006441: KARL BJARNHOF - The Stars Grow Pale
007575: BJERRE, JENS - The last Cannibals
021611: BLACK, J.ANDERSON - History of Jewels
014728: IAN STUART BLACK - Love in Four Countries
017189: BLACK, JEREMY - The Seventy Great Battles in History
014830: BLACK, KEN;ELDREDGE, DAVID L. - Business and Economics Statistics Using Microsoft Excel
007905: EDITED BY CHARLES R. JOY. ADAM AND CHARLES BLACK, - Schweitzer, Albert. An Anthology
004128: BLACKBURN, JULIA. - Daisy Bates in the desert.
013005: BLACKFORD, ANDY - Wild Animals : The Story of the Animals
012315: BLACKHAM, ROBERT J. - The story of the temple Gray┐s and Lincoln┐s Inn
017908: ROTARY CLUB OF BLACKHEATH - Historic Blackheath: A Community Service Project of the Rotary Club of Blackheath, 1975-1976
020657: BLACKMAN, RAYMOND (ED). - Jane's Fighting Ships 1952-53.
021295: HOWARD L. BLACKMORE - Guns and Rifles of the World
016209: BLACKSTONE - Blakstone's Secrets of Magic
011188: BLACKWELL, ELISE - Hunger
010240: PETER BLADEN - The old Ladies at Newington, A Poem for Several Voices
006813: BLAIKIE, GEORGE - Scandals : strange but True
004433: BLAIKIE, W. GARDEN - The personal life of David Livingstone
004434: BLAIKIE, WILLIAM GARDEN - The personal life of David Livingstone
000283: GEOFFREY BLAINEY - The Blainey View
002387: GEFFREY BLAINEY,JAMES MORRISSEY,S.E.K. HULME - Wesley College the First Hundred Years
016188: GEOFFREY BLAINEY - A shorter history of Australia
021634: BLAINEY, GEOFFREY - The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History
021691: GEOFFREY BLAINEY - A Land Half Won
006295: BLAIR, CLOUGH - Shoestring shipping Line
003103: BLAIR, CLOUGH - Shoestring shipping line.
021401: T.W. BLAKE. - Cunnamulla : a brief history of the Paroo Shire --Cunnamulla, 1879-1979: a centenary of local government.
004721: BLAKE, L.J - Australian Writers
013439: SUSANNAH BLAKE - 500 Appetisers the Only Appetiser Compendium You'll Ever Need
001379: GEORGE BLAKE - The Ben Line. The History of Wm. Thomas & Co. Of Leith and Edinburgh, and of the Ships Owned and Managed By Them 1825 - 1955
016870: BLAKE, DEL; HAMILTON, ELAINE - Text and Context : A Guide to Speaking and Writing
020181: ROB BLAKERS, ROBIN TINDALE AND IAN SKINNER - Tasmania's rainforests
005478: BLAMIRES, W.L. AND JOHN B. SMITH. - The early story of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Victoria : a jubilee Volume
012188: BLANCHARD, KEN - Playing the Great Game of Golf: Making Every Minute Count
008106: BLANCHE, H - The story of Australia illustrated / written and edited by H. Blanche.
005424: BLANCO, ANTONIO DE FIERRO - The journey of the flame.
005055: BLAND, F.A - PLANNING THE MODERN STATE AN INTRODUCTION TO THE Problrm of Political and Administrative Reorganisatio
020331: DR JEFFREY BLAND - Trace elements in human health and disease - Monograph Number 4
001052: BLAND, E.A. (E.A.B.) - Foxy Fielding┐s Friend
018371: BLANDFORD, EDMUND L. - Ss Intelligence: The Nazi Secret Service
008930: LINDA BLANDFORD - $uperwealth the Secret Lives of the Oil Sheikhs
007363: RICHARD BLANDY ┐[ET AL.]. - Structured chaos : the process of productivity advance
003087: RICHARD BLANDY & CLIFF WALSH - Budgetary Stress the South Australian Experience.
019037: BLANK, HANNE - Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them
010828: BLASKHI, PAM; PUGH, CLIFF - Chai the Kangaroo
014490: BLAU, MELINDA - Loving & Listening: A Parent's Book of Daily Inspirations for Rebuilding the Family After Divorce
007327: BLAXLAND, PAMELA - The gentlemen Settlers
021484: ANDREW D BLECHMAN - Pigeons - the Fascinating Saga of the World's most revered and Reviled Bird
008567: BLIGH, WILLIAM, 1754-1817. - The Bligh notebook : "rough account - Lieutenant Wm Bligh's voyage in the Bounty's launch from the ship to Tofua & from thence to Timor', 28 April to 14 June 1789, with a draft list of the Bounty mutineers. Transcription and facsimile / edited by John Ba
018474: BLIGH, WILLIAM - A voyage to the South Sea : undertaken by command of His Majesty, for the purpose of conveying the bread-fruit tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty's ship the Bounty commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh
022157: BLIGH, BEATRICE - Down to earth
000704: MICHAEL BLOCH - The Duke of Windsor's War
002181: MICHAEL BLOCH - Wallis and Edward. Letters. 1931-1937
007725: BLOCH, DONALD - Arising.
013763: HENRY BLOFELD - The Packer Affair - a Full Account of the Controversy That Tore Cricket in Two
013765: HENRY BLOFELD - Cricket In Three Moods
001346: HENRY BLOFELD - Cricket and All That. An Irreverent History
019512: MRS. AUBREY LE BLOND ( MRS. MAIN) - Mountaineering in the Land of the Midnight Sun
016873: BLOOD , RADOSTITS, HENDERSON - Veterinary Medicine : Textbook of the Disease
008937: BLOODWORTH, DENNIS - Chinese looking glass.
011069: BLUM, ARLENE - Annapurna : A Woman's Place
011282: BLUME, JUDY - Summer Sisters : A Novel
017408: BLUMENTHAL, SIDNEY - The Clinton Wars
001343: EDMUND BLUNDEN - Country Cricket
004316: BLYTHE, PETER. - Stress disease : the growing plague.
017199: BLYTHE, SAMUEL - Cutting it out; how to get on the waterwagon and stay There
018059: BLYTON, ENID - Noddy Storybook Treasury
018382: ENID BLYTON - Chimney Corner Stories
006864: BLYTON, ENID - Tales of toyland.
017416: ENID BLYTON - More Adventures of Pip
016362: ENID BLYTON - Bedtime Books - 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th in a Slipcase
017415: ENID BLYTON - The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitior
017413: ENID BLYTON - The o'Sullivan Twins
003458: TOWNSVILLE HARBOUR BOARD - The port of Townsville.
001317: JOHN BOARD - The Right Way to Become a Golfer
013697: BOARDMAN, PETER; TASKER, JOE - The Shining Mountain
022048: SNORKEL BOB - Some Fishes I Have Known: A Reef Rescue Odyssey
016748: BOBKO, JANE - Vision: The Life and Music of Hildegard Von Bingen with CD
010477: BOCK, DARRELL L. - Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answering the Questions Everybody's Asking
011762: THOMAS BODKIN - The Arts: Painting, the Graphic Arts, Sculpture and Architechture
017794: COMPILED BY K. BODMAN, J. HARGREAVES AND R. PARKER - Pest control in ornamental crops
019790: ROLF BODREWOOD - The miner's right : a tale of the Australian goldfields
020524: BODWELL, C.E.;INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS - Evaluation of Proteins for Humans
000624: E.W. BOEHM AND H.W. TULLOCH - Grape Varieties of South Australia
015680: BOISSELIER, JEAN;BEURDELEY, JEAN-MICHEL - The Heritage of Thai Sculpture
021060: BOK - Vampires of the China Coast
004435: BOK, EDWARD - The life and work of Edward Bok : the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years After
005174: BOK, EDWARD. - The life and work of Edward Bok : the autobiography of a Dutch boy fifty years After
016646: ROLF BOLDREWOOD - The Squatter's Dream a Story of Australian Life and Robbery Under Arms
009500: BOLDREWOOD, ROLF - The Miner's Right
012703: BOLDT, GERHARD - Hitler's Last Days: An Eye-Witness Account
010658: BOLLES, RICHARD NELSON - What Color Is Your Parachute? 2001: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
019706: G.K. BOLTON - The North Queensland Annual, Volume 6.
003942: BOLTON, G.C. - Dick Boyer : an Australian Humanist
012963: BOMBECK, ERMA - Motherhood : The Second Oldest Profession
018087: IAN BONACCORSO - Addio Italia - hello Australia : Stanthorpe Italian pioneers
015279: FLORENCE BONE - Margot's Secret or the Fourth Form at Victoria College
006108: LEO BONFANTI - The Witchcraft of Hysteria of 1692
014540: BONINGTON, CHRIS - Mountaineer : Thirty Years of Climbing the World's Greatest Peaks
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013666: EDITORS OF TIME LIFE BOOKS - Lightning War
013670: EDITORS OF TIME LIFE BOOKS - The New Order
013668: EDITORS OF TIME LIFE BOOKS - Storming to Power
010086: MERIDIAN BOOKS - 7 Types of Ambiguity, A Study of Its Effects in the English Verse
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016793: TEXT: BETTY MCMEEKIN ; EDITOR: PATRICIA BRAITHWAITE] - The sea, the ships the settlers : shaping the heritage of the Southern Peninsula
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020189: BRAND, IAN - Escape from Port Arthur : True life account of escape by Sea
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010982: BRAY, GORDON - Gordon Bray Presents-- the Spirit of Rugby: A Tribute to Australian Rugby Union
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022094: BREEN, BOB - Mission Accomplished, East Timor: The Australian Defence Force Participation in the International Forces East Timor (INTERFET)
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001630: BRIAN DE BREFFNY - In the Steps of St Patrick
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015490: BREHAUT, MADELEINE - Creative Containers to Make and Decorate: To Make and Decorate Over 40 Stunning Containers for Both Inside and Outside Your Home
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014781: BRENAN, GERALD - Personal Record, 1920-1972
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017716: BREUER, WILLIAM B.; MACARTHUR, DOUGLAS - Daring Missions Of World War II
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010499: T. C. BRIDGES - The Secret of the Baltic
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010113: ERIS O'BRIEN - The foundation of Australia, 1786-1800 : a study in English criminal practice and penal colonization in the eighteenth Century
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006240: BRIGGS, PHYLLIS. - Son of black beauty / retold with ills by Georgina Hargreaves
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002071: CHARLES H. BRIGHT - The Confidential Clerk
000875: SAMUEL BRIMSON - Flying the Royal Mail
004362: BRISSENDEN, R.F - Building a Terrace
009858: PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN - Pharmaceutical Handbook: Incorporating the Pharmaceutical Pocket Book
002263: JAMES BRITTEN - Protestant Fiction
006596: DRAKE-BROCKMAN, H - Men without wives and other plays.
015630: JANIE BROCKMAN - Seven O'Clock a Home Story for Home-Loving Children
013894: BRODE, DOUGLAS - Woody Allen
014099: SCOTT BRODIE - Statesmen leaders and losers : the twenty-three prime ministers of Australia
014098: SCOTT BRODIE - Australia's Prime Ministers
008096: BRODIE, SCOTT - Statesmen, leaders and losers. : twenty-three Prime Ministers of Australia
009965: BRODRICK, ALAN HOUGHTON. - Man and his ancestry.
012366: BROINOWSKI, RICHARD P. - A Witness to History: The Life and Times of Robert Arthur Broinowski
020122: BROMBY, ROBIN - The Railway Age in Australia
014800: BRONTE, CHARLOTTE - The Search after Hapiness [sic]
011817: CHARLOTTE BRONTE - Jane Eyre
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009809: BROOKS, COLLIN - Devil┐s decade; portraits of the Nineteen-Thirties
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021736: BROSSE, JACQUES - Great voyages of exploration
017121: BROUGH, BENNETT H. - A Treatise on Mine-Surveying
021099: LORD BROUGHAM AND OTHER DISTINGUISHED AUTHORS - Old England's worthies: a gallery of portraits, from authentic copies, of the most eminent statesmen, lawyers, warriors, men of letters and science, and artists of our country, accompanied by full and original biographies
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014914: BROWN, G.;FREY, D - Fish Colorado's Best
006452: GREG BROWN - One Hundred Years of Trotting 1877-1977
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014701: BROWNE, SYLVIA - Conversations with the Other Side
019868: MONTAGU BROWNE - Practical Taxidermy - Manual of instruction to the amateur in collecting, preserving and setting upnatural history specimens of all kinds. To which is added a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of museums
021362: SPENCER BROWNE - A journalist's memories
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009946: JEAN BRUHNES - Human Geography
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015839: BRYAN,C. D. B - The National Geographic Society - 100 Years of Adventure & Discovery- updated edition expanded to include 110 years with more than 400 photographs.
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016330: BRYSON, JOHN - The Private World of Katherine Hepburn
020815: BRYSON, BILL - A Short History of Nearly Everything
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007605: BUCHAN, JOHN - The thirty-nine Steps
008939: BUCHAN, JOHN - The island of sheep.
013953: KEITH BUCHANAN - The Southeast Asian World - an Introductory Essay
018795: BUCHANAN, STUART - The Lighthouse Keepers
019879: BUCHECKER, JOHN - Moe and Newborough - The Way We Were : History in Images
001569: GRAEME BUCHNALL AND BOBERT GUTHRIE - The Conquest of Distance.
021991: DAWN BUCKBERRY, (EDITOR) - PADD PADDO PADDINGTON : An Oral and Visual History of Early Paddington; Living Memories from the Heart of Brisbane (Australia].
008368: BUCKLEY, VINCENT - Arcady and other places : Poems
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004141: BUCKMAN, OLIVE - Life is a mountain : an autobiography.
010547: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS - The Gods of the Egyptians: Or Studies in Egyptianmythology and Volume 1 The Gods of the Egyptians Studies in Egyptian Mythology
016032: E A WALLIS BUDGE - The Rosetta Stone
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020388: ROBERT BUIST - Orotates: Mineral salts of vitamin B13 : the ultimate in mineral transportation?
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011906: BULGAKOV, MIKHAIL - Flight and Bliss: Two Plays
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009599: FRANK T. BULLEN - Recollections of the Busy Life of One Who Has Played the Various Parts of Sailor, Author 7 Lecturer.
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015734: T. FRANCIS BUMPUS - The Cathedrals of England and Wales
020519: BUNJES, WERNER ERNST - Worterbuch Der Medizin Und Pharmazeutik: Deutsch-Englisch and English - German 2 Volumes
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014257: BUNTING, JOSIAH - The Lionheads : A Novel
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009829: JOHN BUNYAN - The Pilgrims Progress and Holy War
011000: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim's progress from this world to that which is to come in two Parts
002685: BUNYAN, JOHN - The pilgrim┐s Progress
006955: PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART; CASA BUONARROTI (FLORENCE, ITALY) - Rodin and Michelangelo: A Study in Artistic Inspiration
021170: BURBIDGE, F.W. - Domestic Floriculture. Window-Gardening and Floral Decorations. Being practical directions for the propagation, culture, and arrangement of plants and flowers as domestic ornaments.
021834: NANCY T. BURBIDGE AND MAX GRAY. WITH ILLUS. BY NANCY T. BURBIDGE - Flora of the Australian Capital Territory
005400: BURCHER, HONOUR C - Pioneers and their better halves, or Seven generations of women in Australia.
004054: BURCHETT, WILFRED. G. - Pacific treasure island, New Caledonia : voyage through its land and wealth : the story of its people and Past
011902: WILFRED BURCHETT. - Second Indochina war: Cambodia and Laos today
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006391: E. H. BURGMANN - The Beginning and the End of Things
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006122: BURGMANN, E.H. - The regeneration of civilization : being the Moorhouse Lectures delivered in Melbourne at St. Paul┐s Cathedral, November 1942.
006378: E. H. BURGMANN - Anglican Belief and Practice
005306: BURGMANN, E.H. - The regeneration of civilization : being the Moorhouse Lectures delivered in Melbourne at St. Paul┐s Cathedral, November 1942. [Young Anglican Movement, Goulburn]
012081: BURGMANN, ERNEST HENRY, BISHOP OF CANBERRA AND GOULBURN - Notes on the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
001676: JOHN BURKE - Roman England
010230: THOMAS BURKE - English Inns, Britian in Pictures
020230: BURKE, DAVID - Chasing the sunshine : the story of Queensland's sunshine express
020240: BURKE, DAVID - Road through the wilderness : the story of the transcontinental railway, the first great work of Australia's federation
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006434: BURMAN, JOHN. - Echoes from a canal travelling man.
021452: [RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN BY JOHN MURPHY AND KATHRYN NORRIS ; EDITED BY MARGY BURN] - The Most Useful Art : Architecture in Australia 1788-1985 - Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Mitchell Gallery, State Library of New South Wales, 6 August 1985 to 2 March 1986
002156: ALASTAIR BURNET - The Prince and Princess of Wales
002157: ALASTAIR BURNET - The Prince and Princess of Wales
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015070: BURNIE, DAVID - Forest
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008941: BRYAN BURROUGH - Vendetta American Express and the Smearing of Banking Rival Edmond Safra
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013060: BUSNAR, GENE - It's Rock 'N' Roll
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015026: CHARLES BYRNE - Proposal for the future of medical practice : an analysis of proposed schemes for a national health service and an outline of a schemes to provide a complete medical service for the whole Population
021351: DIANNE BYRNE - With courage and hope : the contribution of six migrant communities to life in Queensland (1838-1945)
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004101: BYRON, MAY - A day with Scott.
019169: MAY BYRON - A Day with Richard Wagner - Days with the Great Composers Series
019170: MAY BYRON - A Day with Charles Francois Gound - Days with the Great Composers Series
021944: RICHARD BURGESS ; HISTORICAL NOTES BY KEN BYRON - 'Guilty Wretch That I am': Echoes of Australian Bushrangers
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019138: MILDRED CABLE AND FRANCESCA FRENCH - George Hunter : apostle of Turkestan
019201: BOYD CABLE - A hundred year history of the P. & O. Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, 1837-1937
003762: CAHILL, E. - Freemasonry and the anti-Christian Movement
003767: CAHILL, E. - Freemasonry and the anti-Christian movement.
020254: CAHILL, JACK - Forgotten Patriots: Canadian Rebels on Australia's Convict Shores
005704: CAHN, WILLIAM. - The laugh makers : a pictorial history of American Comedians
009806: CAIDEN, GERALD E. (GERALD ELLIOT) - The Commonwealth bureaucracy
007728: O.V. CAINE - Face to Face with Napoleon - an English Boy's Adventures in the great French War
005345: CAINE, WILLIAM - Mendoza and a little lady.
009679: CAIRE, N. J. - Views of Bendigo
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010118: J.F CAIRNS - Silence Kills, Events Leading Up to the Vietnam Moratorium on 8 May
021119: R. CALDECOTT - Ride a Cock-horse to Banbury & A Farmer Went Trotting Upon His Greymare;The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate; Hey diddle diddle and Baby Bunting.,The MILKMAID. An Old Song Exhibited and Explained in Many Designs by R. Caldecott. R. Caldecott's Picture Books Series.
004876: CALDER, RITCHIE - The life savers.
008530: CALDWELL, ROBERT. - The gold era of Victoria : being the present and future of the Colony in its commercial, statistical, and social Aspects
018619: CALLARD, LLOYD - Selling Businesses
021479: GARTH CALLENDER - After the Blast: An Australian Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan
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011130: CALLOW, PHILIP - Lost Earth : A Life of Cezanne
019125: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN - English Prints for the Collector
015086: CALLOWAY, STEPHEN; JONES, STEPHEN - Traditional Style : How to Recreate the Traditional Period Home
017595: CALOMBARIS, GEORGE - The Press Club: Modern Greek Cookery
005638: CALTHORP, DION CLAYTON - Wonderful woman.
017939: DAWN CALTHORPE - Chortles, Chores and chilblains- Cameos of Childhood in calthorpes' House, Canberra
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019804: ALBERT F. CALVERT - Western Australia : its history and progress
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011231: CALWELL, BRIAN - Sea Lawyer : A Guide for Yachtsmen
021325: CAMARD, FLORENCE - Ruhlmann (French Edition)
008728: CAMBRIDGE - An Anthology of Modern French Poetry 1850-1950
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013764: D. J. CAMERON - Caribbean Crusade - New Zealand Cricketers in the West Indes
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004103: CAMERON, RODERICK. - My travel┐s history.
020054: REPORT ON / BY WALTER E. CAMERON - The geology of the Basalt Workings, Mount Rainbow Gold Field
000960: KENNETH CAMERON - English Place Names
006862: CAMERON, ISABEL. - Gorry
014096: CAMERON, CLYDE - The Cameron Diaries
021702: HECTOR CHARLES CAMERON - Sir Joseph Banks, K.B., P.R.S.; the autocrat of the philosophers
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018535: F.J. CAMM - Model Aeroplanes and Airships - east to make models of every description that will fly
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010148: CHARLES RICHARD CAMMELL - The Great Duty Of Buckingham
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019769: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH - The Flight of the Wild Gander: Explorations in the Mythological Dimension Selected Essays 1944-1968
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016318: A.J. CAMPBELL - A practical guide to personal finance planning
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018935: CAMPBELL, DREW - The Bride Wore Black Leather and He Looked Fabulous! : An Etiquette Guide for the Rest of Us
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018982: CAMPBELL, RUSSELL - Marked Women: Prostitutes and Prostitution in the Cinema
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021514: CAMPBELL, DAVID; PEEL, JOHN - Song for a Wren: Country Poems and Images
016417: CAMPBELL, JOHN LORNE - Canna: The Story of a Hebridean Island
010128: CAMPBELL, ENID MONA; WHITMORE, HARRY - Freedom in Australia
011983: CAMPESE, DAVID; BILLS, PETER - On a Wing and a Prayer : The Autobiography of David Campese
013596: CAMPHAUSEN, RUFUS C. - The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality: From Aphrodisiacs and Ecstasy to Yoni Worship and Zap-Lam Yoga
002020: EDMUND CAMPION - Australian Catholics the Contribution of Catholics to the Development of Australian Society
017730: CAMPION, NICHOLAS - Zodiac : Enhance Your Life Through Astrology
013459: JOHN CANADAY - Metroplitan Seminars in Art. Portfolio 11 - the Artist as Social Critic
006746: CANBY, COURTLANDT. - A history of flight.
001857: COURTLANDT CANBY - Volume 1: A History of Ships and Seafaring.
007439: E. FRANK CANDLIN - Teach Yourself Journalism
020378: JOHN K. CANDLISH - A medical biochemistry for the tropics
009601: CANTRELL, LEON - Bards, Bohemians and Bookmen: Essays in Australian Literature
013444: CAPON, EDMUND AND JAN MEEK, EDITORS - Qin Shihuang: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Catalogue to the "Exhibition of the Terracotta Figures of Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty of Ch
005512: CAPON, EDMUND AND JAN MEEK, EDITORS - Portrait of a Gallery
013698: CAPRA, FRITJOF - Turning Point
015057: CAPUTO, PHILIP - Voyage
009159: CARBERY, GRAHAM; SYDNEY GAY AND LESBIAN MARDI GRAS ASSOCIATION - A History of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
013517: CARDINAL, ROGER - Primitive Painters
011884: NEVILLE CARDUS - Autobiography
019087: CARDUS, NEVILLE; ARLOTT, JOHN - The Noblest Game : A Book of Fine Cricket Prints
001358: NEVILLE CARDUS - Play Resumed with Cardus
007696: CARDUS, NEVILLE - Autobiography.
001359: NEVILLE CARDUS - Full Score
011870: NEVILLE CARDUS - Ten Composers
004150: CARDUS, NEVILLE. - Ten composers : Schubert, Wagner, Brahms, Mahler, Strauss, CÚsar Franck, Debussy, Elgar, Delius, Sibelius.
006216: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Our Bessie.
001367: HILARY M. CAREY - In The Best of Hands
005756: PETER CAREY - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith
019634: CAREY, PETER - His Illegal Self
021468: CAREY, PETER - A Letter to Our Son
015864: CAREY, PETER - Jack Maggs
019195: DE CARLE (DONALD) - The Watchmaker's and Model Engineer's Lathe : A User's Manual
007949: CARLING, T.E - The complete book of drink : a guide to the buying, storing, service & selling of all alcoholic Liquors
005711: CARLINSKY, DAN AND EDWIN GOODGOLD. - Trivia and more trivia.
021908: RICHARD CARLISLE - Manual of Freemasonry; Part I. containing The First Three Degrees Part II. The Royal Arch and Knights Templar Druids, with an explanatory introduction to the science. Part III. Containing the Degrees of Mark Man, Mark Master, etc. with an Explanatory Introduction to the Science, and a Free Translation of some of the Sacred Scripture names
003784: CARLSON, ROBERT E. - The Liverpool & Manchester railway project, 1821-1831
004730: CARLSON, LUCILE - Africa┐s lands and Nations
013708: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution : a history. Volume 1. The Bastille
005664: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to win friends and influence People
008172: JOHN DICKSON CARR - Patrick Butler for the Defence
008712: CARR, E.H - International relations between the two world wars (1919-1939).
005508: CARR└, MASSIMO - Italian sculpture from prehistory to the Etruscans.
022136: CARRICK, ETHEL (MRS. E. PHILLIPS FOX) - Ethel Carrick (Mrs. E. Phillips Fox): A Retrospective Exhibition.
013845: CARRINGTON, PETER ALEXANDER RUPERT, BARON - Reflect on things past : the memoirs of Lord Carrington
000524: RICHARD CARRINGTON - A Guide to Earth History
006753: CARROLL, BRIAN - Australian aviators : an illustrated history.
018700: WALTER CARROLL - Forest Fantasies: Nine Miniatures for Pianoforte [cover Design: Heath Robinson]
011165: MAURICE CARROLL - Ireland Awake
011163: BRIAN CARROLL & GARY MCDONALD - Australia's Golden Age of Steam
003170: CARROLL, M. - How Marjory helped.
008961: CARROLL, LEWIS. - Lewis Carroll, Victorian Photographer
008783: CARRUTHERS, CORINE - Open the Lights: Language Experiences for Young Children
006331: H. S. CARSLAW - An Introduction to the Infinitesimal Calculus Notes for the Use of Science and Engineering Students
003875: CARSON, EDWARD - The ancient and rightful customs : a history of the English Customs Service
008924: CARSTAIRS, G.M - This island now : The B.B.C. Reith Lectures
003407: CARTER, NICK - Among the trumpets : an imagined Tale
012386: CARTER, JEFF - Our Socceroos
006536: HENRY CARTER - The Control of the Drink Trade - a Contribution to the National Efficiency During the Great War 1915-1918
010901: CARTER, DORI - Beautiful Wasps Having Sex
016651: CARTER, RITA;FRITH, CHRISTOPHER D. - Mapping the Mind
016356: CARTER, JIMMY - The Hornet's Nest : A Novel of the Revolutionary War
011973: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill as I knew him
001202: HOWARD CARTER - The Tomb of Tutankhamen
001721: DOROTHY CARTER - Star of the Air
009866: A.P. CARTWRIGHT - Gold Paved the Way - the Story of the Gold Fields Group of Companies
005692: CARTWRIGHT, R.D - Aborigines Today
017109: CARMELO CARUSO - Under another sky : the life and sentiments of an Italian emigrant
014918: CARY, LUCIAN - The New Lucian Cary On Guns
003884: CASE, ROBERT H. - English Epithalamies
003748: CASEY, RICHARD GARDINER CASEY - Australian foreign minister : the diaries of R.G. Casey, 1951-60
019463: CASEY, RON - Confessions of a Larrikin
002926: GAVIN CASEY - Birds of a Feather
002106: GAVIN CASEY - Walk Into Paradise
020164: R. CASEY - A feed of scallops
013930: CASEY, KAREN - Keepers of the Wisdom: Reflections from Lives Well Lived
003430: CASEY, GAVIN - Amid the plenty : a novel of Today
011257: CASH, PAT - Uncovered: The Autobiography of Pat Cash
002555: CASH, MARTIN. - Martin Cash : the bushranger of Van Diemen┐s Land in 1843-4 : a personal narrative of his exploits in the bush and his experiences at Port Arthur and Norfolk Island.
009146: CASHMAN, RICHARD - Sport in History
019711: CASSELLS, VIC - The Capital Ships: Their Battles and Their Badges
019712: CASSELLS, VIC - The Destroyers: Their Battles and Their Badges
020861: CASSELLS, VIC - For Those in Peril: Comprehensive Listing of the Ships and Men of the Royal Australian Navy Who Have Paid the Supreme Sacrifice in the Wars of the Twentieth Century
003724: CASSON, HERBERT N - The story of artificial silk.
003459: CASSON, MARJORY R - Loxton : district and Town
007898: CASTBERG, FREDE - The Norwegian way of Life
012038: CASTELLANI, ALDO, 1875-1971. - Microbes, men and monarchs / the autobiography of Aldo Castellani.
001733: NORBERT CASTERET - My Caves
006529: MOLLY CASTLE - Health and Beauty from the Sea.
011354: DAVID CASTLETON - Blind Man's Vision: The Story of St Dunstan's in Words and Pictures
020382: CATAPANO, ALBERICO L.;SALVIOLI, GIANFRANCO - Atherosclerosis Reviews Volume 16 High-Density Lipoproteins: Physiopathological Aspects and Clinical Significance
002144: HELEN CATHCART - The Queen Mother. Fifty Years a Queen. A Commemorative Volume.
002148: HELEN CATHCART - Charles. Man of Destiny
006597: CATO, HELEN D - The house on the hill.
010199: NANCY CATO - Green Grows the Vine
006204: J. H. CATTS - What is the Matter with Labor?
006211: J. H. CATTS - Imperial Federation and the Commonwealth Constitution - "Australians, Wake Up!!"
006453: MAURICE CAVANOUGH - The Melbourne Cup 1861-1982
006454: MAURICE CAVANOUGH & MEURIG DAVIES - Cup Day the Story of the Melbourne Cup 1861-1960
010041: MAURICE CAVANOUGH & MEURIG DAVIES. - Cup day : the story of the Melbourne Cup 1861-1960
010446: CAWTHORNE, W. A. - Who Killed Cockatoo?
002575: CECIL, DAVID. - The Cecils of Hatfield House : an English ruling family.
001726: CAPTAIN MICHAEL CELY - Round the World in 80 Hours
004230: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BRITISH HISTORY : THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY, 1789-1851 - Bibliography of British history : the eighteenth century, 1789-1851
007352: CERAM, C.W - Gods, graves, and scholars : the story of archaeology.
021492: MAX CHAMBERLAIN - The Australians in the South African War 1899-1902 : a map history
001225: PETER CHAMBERLAIN - Good Golf
018034: COMPILED BY LEIGH CHAMBERLAIN - Toowong - Snapshots in Time
014507: W. CHAMBERS - The Business of Life
003233: PEARL CHAMBERS - Below the Neckline
002041: MARGARET CHAMBERS - Finding Families
013991: ELAINE CHAMBERS - Tastes of the Sun
016409: BY M. CLERY THE KING'S VALET-DE-CHAMBRE - A journal of the terror : being an account of the occurrences in the temple during the confinement of Louis XVI
021930: CHAN, C L; LAMB, A; SHIM, P S; WOOD, J J; WOOD,J.J. - Orchids of Borneo:Introduction and a Selection of Species (vol.1) and Volume 2: Bulbophyllum
019604: JOHN NEWTON CHANCE - Screaming Fog
010869: CHANCELLOR, HENRY - James Bond: The Man and His World
009766: CHANDLER, D. - Dictionary of battles : the world┐s key battles from 405 BC to today
021721: RAYMOND CHANDLER - Killer in the Rain.
013243: SOL CHANELES - Collecting Movie Memorabilia
021970: E. M. CHANNON - The Cinderella Girl
020675: CHRISTOPHER CHANT - The history of the world's warships
015393: A G CHANT - The Legend of Glastonbury
019016: CHAPKIS, W.;CHAPKIS, WENDY - Live Sex Acts: Women Performing Erotic Labor
014855: CHAPMAN, J. WILBUR. - The spiritual life of the Sunday School
019426: COMPILED AND EDITED BY GUY CHAPMAN , O.B.E., M.C. - Vain Glory. A Miscellany of the Great War 1914-1918 Written By Those Who Fought In It On Each Side and On All Fronts
003576: JEAN CHAPMAN - Some Australian Houses
004114: CHAPMAN, F. SPENCER. - Memoirs of a mountaineer : Helvellyn to Himalaya and Lhasa : the holy city.
018119: GIFFORD CHAPMAN - Kangaroo Island shipwrecks : an account of the ships and cutters wrecked around Kangaroo Island
019173: CHAPMAN, JAKE AND DINOS - Insult to Injury
008178: CHAPMAN, MONICA; CHAPMAN, JOHN - Lonely Planet Bushwalking in Australia
007657: CHAPMAN, FREDERICK - Open-air studies in Australia
012240: CHAPPELL, IAN; MCGREGOR, ADRIAN - Greg Chappell
001067: CHARD, J.P - History of Australia for commonwealth Schools
016624: CHARLES, M. - Old Parramatta
017494: EDWIN CHARLES - Some Dickens Women
009019: CHRIS CHARLESWORTH - Elton John
013152: CHARLTON, BOBBY - Bobby Charlton's Book of European Football
009572: P.E.V. CHARMAN - Soils of New South Wales - Their Characterization,classification and Conservation Soil Conservation Service Technical Handbook No. 1
019507: GEORGE MACKANESS ; ILLUSTRATED WITH CONTEMPORARY CHARTS AND ENGRAVINGS - The life of Vice-Admiral William Bligh, R.N., F.R.S. 2 volumes
008713: CHASE, ILKA. - I love Miss Tilli Bean
003514: CHASELING, WILBUR S. - Yulengor : nomads of Arnhem Land.
013926: E. KEBLE CHATTERTON - Beating the U-Boats
001136: E.KEBLE CHATTERTON - Ventures and Voyages
001072: CHATWYN, ALYS. - A credit to the School
007259: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The NonnŰ prestes tale / edited Lilian Winstanley
003898: CHAUCER, GEOFFREY - The nun┐s priest┐s tale of Chaucer
004256: DR. S. B.CHAUDHRI - History of the Gazetteers of India
018111: CHARLES CHAUVEL [ET AL.] - Eve in ebony : the story of "Jedda"
015050: CHAYES, SARAH - The Punishment of Virtue : Inside Afghanistan after the Taliban
017354: CHEEK, MARTIN - Mosaics Design Sourcebook
016588: CHEEK, MARTIN - Mosaics in a Weekend : Inspirational Ideas and Practical Projects
011700: ANTON CHEKHOV - Selected Works
009899: CHELLIS, JAMES; PERKINS, CHARLES; STREBE, MATTHEW - McSe: Nt Workstation 4 Study Guide (Exm 70-073)
005519: SHEN TSE CHEN - Ancient China┐s Painters
020373: CHEUNG SIU-CHEONG - Chinese Medicinal Herbs of Hong Kong. Vol. I. Chinese--English
012205: COMMANDER A. H. CHERRY - YANKEE R. N. Being the Story of a Wall Street Banker Who Volunteered for Active Duty in the Royal Navy Before America Came Into the War
006261: VERY REV. LE MENANT DES CHESNAIS - The Sects and the Church , the Methodists, the Baptists, the Society of Friends, the Unitarians
004299: CHESNEAUX, JEAN. - Brave modern world : the prospects for survival.
017395: CHESTER, CHARLIE - The Grand Order of Water Rats: A Legend of Laughter
005381: CHESTERFIELD, PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE, EARL - Letters written by the late right honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, to his son; with some account of his life. Vol. 1 of 3 vol. set.
019475: IRENE CHEYNE - The little blue mountain
006876: CHEYNE, IRENE - Annette of River Bend
007551: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - Along the clipper way; with extracts from Francis Drake, Shackleton, Slocum and Smeeton, Dana and Ann Davison, Bardiaux and Basil Lubbock, Bullen, Bombard and Conor O'Brien, Anson, Dumas and Alan Villiers, John Masefield and Joseph Conrad
001820: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - Alone Across the Atlantic
001838: FRANCES CHICHESTER - Along the Clipper Way
001839: FRANCIS CHICHESTER - Ride on the Wind
011475: CHICK, SUZANNE - Searching for Charmian: The Daughter Charmian Clift Gave Away Discovers the Mother She Never Knew
011914: CHICKEN, B. - Introducing Design in Embroidery
001284: BOB CHIEGER AND PAT SULLIVAN - The Book of Golf Quotations
010111: JIEN CHIIN - Village in August
004164: CHILCOTT, TIM - A publisher and his circle : the life and work of John Taylor, Keat┐s Publisher
018801: BERNARD CHILCOTT - Summerhills
010530: LEE CHILD - Bad Luck and Trouble
005794: A. C. CHILD - Cranbrook the First Fifty Years 1918-1968
006567: CHILTON, JOHN - Who┐s who of jazz : Storyville to Swing Street.
020554: CHAPTERS 1-34 TRANSLATED FROM THE CHINESE WITH AN INTRODUCTORY STUDY BY ILZA VEITH - Huang Ti nei ching su wen. The Yellow Emperor's classic of internal medicine.The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine
020638: CHINNERY, PHILIP D. - Air war in Vietnam
010785: ALEC H. CHISHOLM. - Birds & green places : a book of Australian nature gossip
020101: EDITED BY ALEC CHISHOLM - WHO'S WHO IN AUSTRALIA 1947. XIIIth edition, 1947 . Incorporating John's Notable Australians, including an Australian register of titled persons and companionage, and being a record of the careers of prominent and representative people serving Australia within and beyond the Commonwealth.
005645: AUTHORS┐ CHOICE 2 - Authors┐ choice 2
015140: CHORLELY - Introduction to Physical Hydrology
015136: CHORLEY, RICHARD J.;HAGGETT, PETER - Integrated Models in Geography:Part IV of Models in Geography
014437: CHORLEY, R. J. & HAGGETT, P. (EDS.) - Frontiers In Geographical Teaching: The Madingley Lectures For 1963.
009944: CHORLEY, RICHARD J. (RICHARD JOHN) - Introduction to fluvial processes
004235: SAMUEL CHOTZINOFF - Day's at the Morn
018267: CHOUDHURY, MASUDUL ALAM - Reforming the Muslim World
001687: S. B. CHRIMES - Henry VII
007585: OSTERGAARD-CHRISTENSEN, L - At work with Albert Schweitzer
013301: CHRISTGAU, ROBERT - Any Old Way You Choose It: Rock and Other Pop Music, 1967-1973
013598: CHRISTIAN, ROY - Well-Dressing in Derbyshire
020174: C.S. CHRISTIAN AND G.A. STEWART ; COMPILED IN COLLABORATION WITH L.C. NOAKES AND S.T. BLAKE - General report on survey of Katherine-Darwin region, 1946
000565: GLYNN CHRISTIAN - Fragile Paradise - the Discovery of Fletcher Christian, Bounty Mutineer
010797: GLYNN CHRISTIAN - Fragile Paradise - the Discovery of Fletcher Christian, Bounty Mutineer
006631: AGATHA CHRISTIE - Why Didn't They Ask Evans
008010: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The pale Horse
017528: CHRISTIE, MANSON & WOODS (AUSTRALIA) - Christie, Manson & Woods, 1969 sale no. 1 Christie's in Australia.
004470: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - The pale Horse
016389: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Postern of Fate
021792: CHRISTIE, MICHAEL - The Sydney Markets, 1788-1988
012541: CHRISTISON, DARREN - Tony Lockett
020073: SMITH-CHRISTOPHER, DANIEL L.; SPIGNESI, STEPHEN - Lost Books of the Bible for Dummies
017844: THOMAS CALDECOTT CHUBB - If There Were No Losses - the Story of Chubb & Sons from Its Founding in 1882 Until 1957
006514: LESLIE F. CHURCH - Knight of the Burning Heart - the Story of John Wesley
018575: CHURCH, ED - Pictorial Family Atlas of Australia
011687: RICHARD CHURCH - Over the Bridge
003154: CHURCH, R.W - The Oxford movement : twelve years, 1833-1845
012102: LESLIE F. CHURCH - The early Methodist people
016009: RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL - Winston S. Churchill Volume 1 v. 1. Youth 1874-1900 and Volume 2 Young statesman 1901-1914 ( 2 volumes)
014027: WINSTON CHURCHILL - A History of the English-Speaking Peoples: Volume 1-The Birth Of Britain, Volume 2- The New World, Volume 3-The Age of Revolution, Volume 4- The Great Democracies
010000: CHURCHMAN, SUSAN - Rights and Wrongs : Legal Studies for Senior Students
009983: CHURCHMAN, SUSAN - Law for Today
002212: FRANCOISE CHURLET - Reunion. J'aime Ton Nom
004107: CHUTE, MARCHETTE. - Ben Johnson of Westminster.
021757: CILENTO, RAPHAEL, COMPILER. FOREWORD BY PHYLLIS D. CILENTO. PREFACE BY R. W. CILENTO. - Captain Walker's Marathon (including the story of the wreck of the 'Thomas King' in 1852 and the subsequent establishment of the Walker family in Australia). To Celebrate the 155th Anniversary of the birth in London on 10 June, 1812 of Captain James Henry Walker.
007282: CLAIR, COLIN - Mary Kingsley : African Explorer
011457: CLANCY, TOM - Red Rabbit
018449: CLANCY, ROBERT - The Mapping of Terra Australis : A Guide to Early Printed Maps of Australia, Antarctica and the South Pacific
005791: SIR JOHN CLAPHAM - A Concise Economic History of Britain from the Earliest Times to 1750
003122: CLAPPERTON, J. ALEXANDER. - The essentials of Theology
002234: AUSTIN CLARE - Out of the Net, or the Change in Robert Holt
005304: CLARE, AUSTIN - The royal banner : a tale of life before and after Confirmation
021403: CLARENCE, MARGARET - Yield Not to the Wind
022114: CHRIS COULTHARD-CLARK - The encyclopaedia of Australia's battles
013752: CLARK, DIANA B.; UHRY, JOANNA KELLOGG - Dyslexia: Theory & Practice of Remedial Instruction
007643: FLORENCE M. CLARK - Opera Tunes to Remember
006850: CLARK, MANNING - A short history of Australia. Japanese Text

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