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120147: STERN, NORMAN J. & RAY H. GAMBLE, - Hybridoma Technology in Agricultural and Veterinary Research.
804134: STERN, HAROLD P., - Master Prints of Japan Ukiyo-E Hanga.
58363: STERN, E MARK, - Psychotherapy and the Grieving Patient.
57382: STERN, PAMELA CROSS AND MATHER, TOM, - The Complete Japanese Chin.
19379: STERN, RICHARD, - Honey And Wax: The Powers And Pleasures Of Narrative.
100095: STERN, PAULA, - Water's Edge: Domestic Politics and the Making of American Foreign Policy (Contributions in Political Science).
11463: STERN, LEO, - Drug Use in Pregnancy.
3705: STERN, CURT, - Genetic Mosaics and Other Essays.
49421: STERNBACH, RICHARD A, - Pain A Psychophysiological Analysis.
805716: STERNBERG, ROBERT J., - Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence.
52591: STERNE, LAURENCE. FURNISS, HARRY, - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman.
59239: STERNFELD, ROBERT & HAROLD ZYSKIND; PLOCHMANN, GEORGE KIMBALL, - Plato's Meno: A Philosophy of Man as Acquisitive (Philosophical explorations).
280809: STERNGASS, JON, - First Resorts: Pursuing Pleasure at Saratoga Springs, Newport, and Coney Island.
10289: STETLER, SUSAN L., - Almanac of Famous People.
711213: STETSON, DANIEL E. AND BRUCE ALLEN WILLIAMS (CURATORS)., - Born in Iowa: the Homecoming Exhibition.
800335: STETSON, DANIEL E., - Born In Iowa The Homecoming Exhibition.
29914: STETSON, ERLENE, - Black Sister: Poetry By Black American Women, 1746-1980.
804244: STEVENS, CAROL, - Print America's Graphic Design Magazine L, IV July/august 1996.
801171: STEVENS, K. G., - The K.g. Stevens Slant On Celebrity Handwriting: Find Out How Y-o-u (and Your Loved Ones Compare To The Stars!.
240319: STEVENS, ROBERT D. AND STEVENS, HELEN C., - Reader in Documents of International Organizations (Reader Series in Library and Information Science).
54910: STEVENS, JOHN, - Sword of No Sword.
42724: STEVENS, ROBERT B., - Statutory History Of The United States Income Security.
24036: STEVENS, BARBARA C., - Marriage And Fertility Of Women Suffering From Schizophrenia Or Affective Disorders.
37081: STEVENS, JAMES, - Applied Multivariate Statistics For The Social Sciences.
35050: STEVENS, ALFRED A., - The Recollections Of A Bookman.
34581: STEVENS, RUSSELL B., - Mycology Guidebook.
34252: STEVENS, PETER F., - Rebels In Blue The Story Of Keith And Malinda Blalock.
31891: STEVENS, RICHARD P., - Historical Dictionary Of The Republic Of Botswana.
31385: STEVENS, RICHARD P., - Historical Dictionary Of The Republic Of Botswana.
19096: STEVENS, JOAN, - The History Of Longueville.
9206: STEVENS, ROBERT D., - Tradition And Dynamics In Small-farm Agriculture.
220144: STEVENSON, HAROLD W. AND NELSON, J.R., - Profits in the Modern Economy: Selected Papers from a Conference on Understanding Profits.
56740: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS, - Virginibus Puerisque ; Memories and Portraits (The Travels and Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson).
52885: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. TUDOR, TASHA, - A Child's Garden of Verses.
36399: STEVENSON, ROGER E., - The Fetus And Newly Born Infant Influences Of The Prenatal Environment.
34760: STEVENSON, DWIGHT E., - Lexington Theological Seminary, 1865-1965: The College Of The Bible Century.
29713: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. DAY, A. GROVE, - Travels In Hawaii.
21228: STEVENSON, LESLIE, - The Metaphysics Of Experience.
3711: STEVENSON, HAROLD W. ET AL, - Early Behavior: Comparative and Developmental Approaches.
584: STEVENSON, RANDALL., - The British Novel Since the Thirties: an Introduction..
901310: STEVENSON, MERRITT R., - A Marine Atlas Of The Pacific Coastal Waters Of South America.
280608: STEVENSON, ROBERT, - Music in Aztec and Inca Territory.
60853: STEVENSON, JANE AND DAVIDSON, PETER, - Early Modern Women Poets: An Anthology.
41683: STEVICK, EARL W., - Images And Options In The Language Classroom.
41229: STEWARD, W. D. P., - Nitrogen Fixation By Free-living Micro-organisms.
29232: STEWARD, JULIAN H., - Contemporary Change In Traditional Societies 3 volume set..
35634: IOWA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND LAND STEWARDSHIP, - Adding Value To Iowa's Agricultural Commodities Volume 1.
59537: STEWART, GARRETT, - Death Sentences: Styles of Dying in British Fiction.
220052: STEWART, DOUGLAS, - Modern Australian Verse. Poetry in Australia Volume II.
56969: STEWART, FRANCES, - Adjustment and Poverty: Options and Choices (Priorities for Development Economics).
55934: STEWART, GARRETT, - Dickens and the Trials of Imagination.
51994: STEWART, GEORGE WALTER, - A Biographical Portrait of Zella White Stewart, M. D..
51213: STEWART, ROBERT E. ROBBINS, CHANDLER S, - Birds of Maryland and the District of Columbia.
44556: STEWART, DOUGLAS J., - The Disguised Guest: Rank, Role, And Identity In The Odyssey.
42287: STEWART, GEORGE R., - The California Trail: An Epic With Many Heroes.
41796: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume VIC Physiology Of Development: From Seeds To Sexuality.
41797: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume IX Water And Solutes In Plants.
41794: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Via Physiology Of Development: The Hormones.
41795: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume VIC Physiology Of Development: From Seeds To Sexuality.
41793: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Via Physiology Of Development: The Hormones.
41792: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Via Physiology Of Development: Plants And Their Reproduction.
41791: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Via Physiology Of Development: Plants And Their Reproduction.
41789: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Vb Analysis Of Growth: The Responses Of Cells And Tissues In Culture.
41790: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Vb Analysis Of Growth: The Responses Of Cells And Tissues In Culture.
41786: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ivb Metabolism : Intermediary Metabolism And Pathology.
41787: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Va Analysis Of Growth: Behavior Of Plants And Their Organs..
41788: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Va Analysis Of Growth: Behavior Of Plants And Their Organs..
41784: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Iva Metabolism: Organic Nutrition And Nitrogen Metabolism.
41785: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ivb Metabolism: Intermediary Metabolism And Pathology.
41782: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume III Inorganic Nutrition Of Plants.
41783: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Iva Metabolism: Organic Nutrition And Nitrogen Metabolism.
41780: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume II Plants In Relation To Water And Solutes.
41778: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume II Plants In Relation To Water And Solutes.
41779: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume II Plants In Relation To Water And Solutes.
41776: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ib Photosynthesis And Chemosynthesis.
41777: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ib Photosynthesis And Chemosynthesis.
41774: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ia Cellular Organization And Respiration.
41775: STEWART, F. C., - Plant Physiology A Treatise: Volume Ia Cellular Organization And Respiration.
41134: STEWART, WILSON N., - Paleobotany And The Evolution Of Plants.
38732: STEWART, JANICE S., - The Folk Arts Of Norway.
38313: STEWART, CECIL, - Serbian Legacy.
31529: STEWART, ROBERT E., - Seven Decades That Changed America A History Of The American Society Of Agricultural Engineers 1907-1977.
31153: STEWART, OMER C., - Peyote Religion: A History.
30756: STEWART, DICK, - Trade And Hemisphere: The Good Neighbor Policy And Reciprocal Trade.
27199: STEWART, DONALD C., - Handling Radioactivity: A Practical Approach For Scientists And Engineers.
23205: STEWART, GEOGE, - Redemption: An Anthology Of The Cross.
120189: STEWART, DONALD HENDERSON, - The Opposition Press of the Federalist Period.
711738: STEWART, ROBERT E. KANTRUD, HAROLD A.,, - Classification of Natural Ponds and Lakes in the Glaciated Prairie Region,.
180000: STEWART, CATHERINE, - New Homes in the West.
120297: STEWART, OMER C., - Peyote Religion: A History (Civilization of the American Indian).
56102: STEWIG, R. WAGNER, H. G., - Kulturgeographische Untersuchungen Im Islamischen Orient..
20714: STEYN, DOUW G., - The Toxicology Of Plants In South Africa.
803014: STICH, SIDRA, - Made in U.S.A.: An Americanization in Modern Art, the '50s and '60s.
18295: STICK, DAVID, - Bald Head: A History Of Smith Island And Cape Fear.
39100: STICKNEY, JOSEPH L, - Life And Glorius Deeds Of Admiral Dewey.
39099: STICKNEY, JOSEPH L, - Life And Glorius Deeds Of Admiral Dewey.
806079: STIEBER, NANCY, - Jsah: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians March-June, 2005.
34316: STIERLIN, HENRI, - Living Architecture: Ancient Mexican.
54649: STIGLER, GEORGE J., - Essays in the History of Economics.
23993: STIGLER, GEORGE J., - The Economist As Preacher, And Other Essays.
39630: STILES, EDWARD H, - Recollections And Sketches Of Notable Lawyers And Public Men Of Early Iowa.
36487: STILES, HELEN E., - Pottery Of The Ancients.
48978: STILGOE, JOHN R., - Borderland Origins Of The American Suburb 1820-1939.
45625: STILGOE, JOHN R., - Borderland Origins Of The American Suburb 1820-1939.
37311: STILGOE, JOHN R., - Common Landscape Of America 1580-1845.
34329: STILGOE, JOHN R., - Borderland Origins Of The American Suburb 1820-1939.
25977: STILGOE, JOHN R., - Metropolitan Corridor Railroads And The American Scene.
24067: STILLE, JOHN K., - Condensation Monomers.
280230: STILLING, NIELS PETER, - A New Life: Danish Emigration to North America As Described by the Emigrants Themselves in Letters 1842-1946.
750033: STILLMAN, DAMIE (ED. ), - Architecture & Ornament in Late 19th Century America.
34904: STILLWELL, MARGARET BINGHAM, - Incunabula And Americana 1450-1800 A Key To Bibliographical Study.
27139: STILLWELL, PAUL EDITOR, - The Golden Thirteen: Recollections Of The First Black Naval Officers.
806234: STIMSON, GEORGE W, - Introduction To Airborne Radar.
56524: STINNETT, RONALD, - Democrats, Dinners, and Dollars. A History of the Democratic Party, its Dinners,.
38261: STINNETT, RONALD F., - Democrats, Dinners, & Dollars.
37300: STINNETT, RONALD F., - Democrats, Dinners, & Dollars.
18147: STIPANOVICH, JOSEPH, - City Of Lakes : An Illustrated History Of Minneapolis.
39446: STIPES, J. GORDON, - The Development Of Physical Theories.
35201: STIPPES, MARVIN, - An Introduction To The Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies.
140871: STIRLING, BRENTS, - The Populace in Shakespeare.
711201: STITS, RAY, - Poly-Fiber Aircraft Covering Process (Procedure Manual 1/ Ray Stits).
160713: STOCK, NOEL, - Poet in Exile: Ezra Pound.
3266: STOCK, JANICE ET AL, - Iowa Trivia.
55437: STOCKER, MARGARITA, - Judith: Sexual Warrior: Women and Power in Western Culture.
280665: STOCKS, JANET & PETER D. SLY & ROBERT S. TEPPER & WAYNE J. MORGAN, - Infant Respiratory Function Testing.
52397: STOCKTON, FRANK. FROST, A. B., - The Associate Hermits.
42401: STOCKTON, JOHN R., - Economics Of Natural Gas In Texas.
711354: STOCKWELL, BILL, - Bill Stockwell's Color Tempest.
1229: STOCKWELL, ROBERT P. AND RONALD K. S. MACAULAY, - Linguistic Change and Generative Theory.
45944: STODDARD, ELIZABETH, - The Morgesons And Other Writings, Published And Unpublished.
901672: STODDARD, JOHN L.; ILLUSTRATED,, - Glimpses of the World a Portfolio of Photographs of the Marvelous Works of God and Man.
901850: STODDARD, JOHN LAWSON, - Glimpses of the World: a Portfolio of Photographs of the Marvelous Works of God and Man.
180019: STOECKEL, WALTER, - Erinnerungen Eines Frauenarztes. Hrsg. Von Hans Borgelt..
46778: STOECKER, W. F., - Design Of Thermal Systems.
54815: STOENNER, HERBERT, - Bacterial, Rickettsial and Mycotic Diseases, Section A (Handbook Series in Zoonoses).
281360: STOENNER, HERBERT, - Bacterial, Rickettsial and Mycotic Diseases, Section a Volume I (Handbook Series in Zoonoses).
120117: STOHR, WALTER B. & D. R. FRASER TAYLOR, - Development from Above or Below: The Dialectics of Regional Planning in Delveloping Countries.
35889: STOKES, CURTIS, - Racial Liberalism And The Politics Of Urban North America.
21669: STOKES, ROY, - Esdaile's Manual Of Bibliography.
280366: STOKES, FRANCIS, - Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum: The Latin Text with an English Rendering, Notes, and an Historical Introduction..
711936: STOKSTAD, MARILYN, - Medieval Enamels and Sculptures from the Keir Collection: Catalogue.
40808: STOLEN, KRISTI ANNE, - Peasants And Agricultural Change In Northern Zambia.
13962: STOLL, BASIL A., - Reducing Breast Cancer Risk In Women.
6111: STOLL, DAVID, - Is Latin America Turning Protestant : the Politics of Evangelical Growth.
27478: STOLLER, S. M., - Reactor Handbook: Vol. 1 Physics.
27477: STOLLER, S. M., - Reactor Handbook: Vol. 3 Section 1. General Properties Of Materials.
711979: STOLP, RICHARD N; DELUCA, F. P., - Perspectives on Iowa Coal.
711858: STOLP, RICHARD N; DELUCA, F. P., - Perspectives on Iowa Coal.
55271: STONE, RONALD H., - The Ultimate Imperative: an Interpretation of Christian Ethics.
50799: STONE, LAWRENCE, - The Past and the Present Revisited.
47571: STONE, JAMES L., - Monopole '83 (nato Science Series: B: ).
46157: STONE, ALAN, - Public Service Liberalism: Telecommunications And Transitions In Public Policy.
43819: STONE, DONALD, - Ronsard's Sonnet Cycles: A Study In Tone And Vision.
31085: STONE, GEORGE WINCHESTER, - David Garrick, A Critical Biography.
31070: STONE, DONALD, - French Humanist Tragedy : A Reassessment.
29856: STONE, P. W. K., - The Art Of Poetry, 1750-1820.
26088: STONE, LAWRENCE, - The Past And The Present.
100580: STONE, HERBERT & JOEL L. SIDEL, - Sensory Evaluation Practices (Food science and technology).
806893: STONE, GEORGE CAMERON, - A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in all Countries and in all Times, Together with Some Closely Related Subjects.
13529: STONE, HAROLD S., - High-performance Computer Architecture.
59731: STONE, MICHAEL H., - The Fate of Borderline Patients: Successful Outcome and Psychiatric Practice.
803723: STONE, GEORGE CAMERON, - A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in all Countries and in all Times, Together with Some Closely Related Subjects.
160042: STONE, MARIA; SAWYER, PRESTON., - The Caxambas Kid As Told by Preston Sawyer; Illustrated by Bernie Rosenberg.
24512: STONEMAN, PAUL, - Technological Diffusion And The Computer Revolution The Uk Experience.
19511: STONER, JAMES A. F., - Finance In The Quality Revolution: Adding Value By Integrating Financial And Total Quality Management.
32722: STONER, DAYTON, - The Rodents Of Iowa.
29818: STONER, GARY, - Interventions For Achievement And Behavior Problems.
901339: STONEY, SAMUEL GAILLARD. SIMONS, ALBERT, - Plantations Of The Carolina Low Country.
901400: STONEY, SAMUEL GAILLARD. SIMONS, ALBERT, - Plantations Of The Carolina Low Country.
38535: STONG, PHIL, - Horses And Americans.
12735: STONG, PHIL, - Horses And Americans.
48689: STOREY, DEE, - Twins In Children's And Adolescent Literature.
6284: STORK, DAVID G., - Hal's Legacy : 2001's Computer As Dream and Reality.
805285: STORM, COLTON, - A Catalogue of the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana.
38846: STORM, COLTON, - A Catalogue Of The Everett D. Graff Collection Of Western Americana.
711752: STORM, OLE, - Haevnen Og Andre Danske Mesterfortaellinger. I Udvalg Ved Ole Storm. Bind 2.
33251: STORR, ANTHONY, - The Dynamics Of Creation.
280389: STORR, RICHARD J., - Harper's University, The Beginnings; A History of the University of Chicago..
280750: STORY, MICKEY, - Centrifugal Casting As a Jewelry Process (International Textbooks in Art Education).
9379: STORY, NORAH, - Oxford Companion To Canadian History And Literature.
9335: STORY, NORAH, - Oxford Companion To Canadian History And Literature.
48666: STOTZKY, IRWIN P., - Silencing The Guns In Haiti: The Promise Of Deliberative Democracy.
140255: STOUCK, DAVID, - Willa Cather's Imagination.
804079: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH, - Sunbonnets and Shoofly Pies: a Pennsylvania Dutch Cultural History.
801592: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH, - Early Pennsylvania Arts And Crafts.
800728: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH, - Early Pennsylvania Arts And Crafts.
806855: STOUDT, JOHN JOSEPH, - Early Pennsylvania Arts And Crafts.
60654: STOUT, JANIS P., - Katherine Anne Porter: a Sense of the Times (Minds of the New South).
40161: STOUT, DAVID F., - Handbook Of Operational Amplifier Circuit Design.
60995: STOUT, NEIL R., - The Royal Navy in America, 1760-1775: A Study of Enforcement of British Colonial Policy in the Era of the American Revolution.
120366: STOUT, JANIS P., - Katherine Anne Porter: a Sense of the Times (Minds of the New South).
711677: STOUT, SANDRA, - Heisey on Parade.
54578: STOVEL, JOHN A., - Canada in the World Economy (Harvard Economic Studies).
50268: STOVEL, JOHN A, - Canada in the World Economy.
803478: STOVER, LEON E. KRAIG, BRUCE, - Stonehenge: the Indo-European Heritage.
40361: STOVER, BETSY J., - Radiobiology Of Plutonium.
160836: STOVER, ROBERT, - The Nature of Historical Thinking.
100780: STOW, RANDOLPH, - The Suburbs of Hell: a Novel.
220535: STOW, EDITH, - Nancy the Joyous.
56004: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER, - Harriet Beecher Stowe : Three Novels : Uncle Tom's Cabin Or, Life Among the Lowly; The Minister's Wooing; Oldtown Folks (Library of America).
47520: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER, - Harriet Beecher Stowe : Three Novels : Uncle Tom's Cabin Or, Life Among The Lowly; The Minister's Wooing; Oldtown Folks.
34158: STOWE, DAVID W., - Swing Changes: Big-band Jazz In New Deal America.
18344: STOWELL, MARION BARBER, - Early American Almanacs: The Colonial Weekday Bible.
800001: STRACHAN, FRANCOISE, - Natural Magic: Discover The World Of Cosmic Power In Yourself.
805366: STRAND, LEROY, - From the Shellrock to the Higwoods.
806652: STRAND, PHILLIP K.; HAKALA, VICTORIA AND RILEY, COLLEEN AND LEONARD, DAVID A., - A Century of Caring 1889-1989 Saint Marys Hospital of Rochester, Minnesota.
19835: STRANDBERG, VICTOR, - The Poetic Vision Of Robert Penn Warren.
49384: STRANDBERG, VICTOR, - A Colder Fire: The Poetry Of Robert Penn Warren.
6919: STRANG, STEVEN M., - Writing Exploratory Essays.
802: STRANGES, ANTHONY N., - Electrons and Valence: Development of the Theory 1900-1925.
30668: STRANGEWAYS, IAN, - Measuring The Natural Environment.
59321: STRATHERN, ANDREW J.; STURZENHOFECKER, GABRIELE, - Migration and Transformations: Regional Perspectives on New Guinea (Asao Monograph ; No. 15).
42807: STRATMAN, CARL J., - Bibliography Of Medieval Drama.
25848: STRATMAN, CARL J., - American Theatrical Periodicals 1798-1967.
39798: STRATTON, MAUD, - Herbert Hoover's Home Town The Story Of West Branch.
711033: STRAUBER, EDITOR SUSAN, - I Saw it: The Invented Reality of Goya's Disasters of War.
19539: STRAUS, MURRAY A., - Family Measurement Techniques: Abstracts Of Published Instruments, 1935-1974.
49261: STRAUSS, VICTOR, - The Printing Industry.
46743: STRAUSS, WERNER, - Air Pollution Control Part I.
25981: STRAUSS, MICHEL, - Impressionism And Modern Art The Season At Sotheby Parke Bernet 1973--74.
8881: STRAUSS, L., - Wave Generation and Shaping.
5165: STRAUSS, LEONARD, - Wave Generation And Shaping.
140110: STRAUSS, RICHARD AND ZWEIG, STEFAN; KNIGHT, MAX, - A Confidential Matter: The Letters of Richard Strauss and Stefan Zweig, 1931-1935.
39530: STRAVINSKY, IGOR, - Retrospectives And Conclusions.
31115: STRAVINSKY, IGOR. CRAFT, ROBERT, - Stravinsky Selected Correspondence Volume 2.
42504: STREATFEILD, R. A., - The Opera; : A Sketch Of The Development Of Opera. With Full Descriptions Of Every Work In The Modern Repertory.
34620: STREET, PHILIP, - Animal Partners And Parasites.
711343: STREET & SMITH PUBLICATIONS,, - Charm: the Magazine for Women Who Work. April 1951 Issue..
25084: STREETEN, PAUL, - Beyond Adjustment: The Asian Experience.
54608: STRICH, FRITZ, - Goethe Und Die Weltliteratur.
901926: STRIEDER, PETER, - The Hidden Durer.
60062: STRIGL, RICHARD VON, - Kapital und Produktion (The International Carl Menger Library) (German Edition).
32907: STRIKE, KENNETH A., - The Ethics Of School Administration.
52162: STRIKER, FRAN, - The Lone Ranger and the Mystery Ranch.
54260: STRINDBERG, AUGUST; PAULSON, ARVID, - Eight Expressionist Plays.
280364: STROHECKER, ROLF. HENNING, HEINZ M., - Vitamin Assay Tested Methods.
48245: STROMMEN, MERTON P., - A Study Of Generations: Report Of A Two-year Study Of 5, 000 Lutherans Between The Ages Of 15-65 Their Beliefs Values Attitudes.
58856: STRONG, DANIEL; DUYVENDIJK, MARCO VAN, - Marco van Duyvendijk: Portraits from Asia.
281356: STRONG, ROY, - Recreating the Past: British History and the Victorian Painter..
58857: STRONG, DANIEL; DUYVENDIJK, MARCO VAN, - Marco van Duyvendijk: Portraits from Asia.
39460: STRONG, JOHN, - Concepts Of Classical Optics.
38909: STRONG, ROY, - Recreating The Past British History And The Victorian Painter.
61041: STRONG, SUSAN R., - Change Through Interaction: Social Psychological Processes of Counseling and (Wiley Series on Personality Processes).
711917: STRONG, DANIEL J. ,; SIMMONS, MARYANNE ELLISON, SEVERE, MILTON. RAE, CASEY., - Works in Progress : Prints from Wildwood Press.
1098: STRONG, J. P. EDITOR, - Atherosclerosis in Primates.
806067: STRONG, ROY AND AL, ET, - Spirit of the Age : [Eight Centuries of British Architecture].
280676: STRONG, DANIEL, - Scandinavian Photography II: Denmark.
281411: STRONG, DANIEL, ET AL; AUSTIN THOMAS, - Austin Thomas: Perches and Drawings.
800880: STRONGE, SUSAN, - Golden Treasury Jewellery From The Indian Subcontinent.
41080: STROUD, RICHARD H., - National Leaders Of American Conservation.
20141: STROUD, DOROTHY, - Henry Holland: His Life And Architecture.
280918: STROUP, ALICE, - Royal Funding of the Parisian Academie Royale Des Sciences During the 1690s (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
140619: STRUIK, DIRK JAN, - It Took all of Us: IE: 100 Years of Iowa Electric Light and Power.
36320: V. STRUMPEL, ADOLF, - A Text-book Of Medicine For Students And Practioners.
58079: STRUTHERS, ANN, - Stoneboat & Other Poems.
120652: STRUTT, MAX J. O., - Semiconductor Devices. Volume I: Semiconductors and Semiconductor Diodes.
28839: STRUTTE, WILSON, - Tchaikovsky: His Life And Times.
57770: STRUVE, WALTER, - Elites Against Democracy; : Leadership Ideals in Bourgeois Political Thought in Germany, 1890-1933.
53983: STUART-FOX, MARTIN, - Historical Dictionary of Laos.
53890: STUART-FOX, MARTIN, - Historical Dictionary of Laos.
46705: STUART, RODERICK W., - Royalty For Commoners.
31876: STUART, REGINALD C., - War And American Thought: From The Revolution To The Monroe Doctrine.
804086: STUBBE, WOLF, - Graphic Arts in the Twentieth Century.
48419: STUBBE, HANS, - History Of Genetics: From Prehistoric Times To The Rediscovery Of Mendel's Laws.
711758: STUBBENDIECK, CHERY, - Agriculture's Voice for 75 Years a History of Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and the County Farm Bureaus..
50412: STUBBS, MARY LEE. CONNOR, STANLEY RUSSELL, - Armor-Cavalry : Part 1 Regular Army and Army Reserve -- Part 2 Army National Guard.
35045: STUBBS, FRANK W., - Handbook Of Heavy Construction.
281641: STUBBS, MARY LEE, - Armor-Cavalry: Part II : Army National Guard (Army Lineage Series).
14285: STUBBS, DANIEL F., - Data Structures With Abstract Data Types And Pascal.
140364: STUCK, CHARLES SCOTT VENABLE & WALTER GOODLOE, - The Internal Fixation of Fractures.
49624: STUCKER, BILL, - Ever Westward.
805839: STETSON UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, - The Hatter - 1961 Stetson University Yearbook.
120460: STUDIES, INSTITUTE FOR AFRICAN, - Occasional Papers of the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum.
710996: STUDIES, ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO MUSEUM, - Terrain of Freedom American Art and the Civil War.
100405: STUDIES, AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY; PAGLIARO, HAROLD E., - Irrationalism in the Eighteenth Century (Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, Volume 2).
281142: STUDIES, JOINT U.S.-KOREA ACADEMIC AND (KEI), KOREA ECONOMIC INSTITUTE AND POLICY, KOREA INSTITUTE F, - Navigating Turbulence in Northeast Asia: The Future of the Us- Rok Alliance (Symposium October 2010, 10).
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