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37525: ROSENTHAL, M. L., - Our Life In Poetry: Selected Essays And Reviews.
33234: ROSENTHAL, SANDRA B., - Speculative Pragmatism.
31983: ROSENTHAL, M. L., - Running To Paradise Yeat's Poetic Art.
14055: ROSENTHAL, NORMAN E., - Seasonal Affective Disorders And Phototherapy.
902127: ROSENTHAL, GEORGE S. (ED), - Portfolio: the Annual of Graphic Arts.
180126: ROSENTHAL, FRANK, - The Jews Of Des Moines The First Century.
180127: ROSENTHAL, FRANK, - The Jews Of Des Moines The First Century.
9038: ROSENTHAL, ROBERT, - Artifact In Behavioral Research.
800187: ROSENTSWIEG, GERRY, - San Francisco: Graphic Design.
5825: ROSENZWEIG, SAUL, - Freud, Jung, and Hall the King-Maker : the Historical Expedition to America (1909 with G. Stanley Hall As Host and William James As Guest, Including).
30876: ROSES, LORRAINE ELENA, - Harlem Renaissance And Beyond: Literary Biographies Of 100 Black Women Writers 1900-1945.
120305: ROSES, LORRAINE E. & RUTH E. RANDOLPH, - Harlem's Glory: Black Women Writing, 1900-1950.
17717: ROSEVEARE, HENRY, - The Treasury: The Evolution Of A British Institution.
57191: ROSHEIM, DAVID L, - Old Iowegian Sagas.
43878: ROSIER, JAMES, - Prosperous Voyage.
54657: ROSIN, JOSEPH, - Reagent Chemicals & Standards 1ST Edition.
40320: ROSKE, RALPH J., - Everyman's Eden A History Of California.
25718: ROSKENS, RONALD W., - Paradox, Process And Progress.
50581: ROSKILL, STEPHEN, - Churchill and the Admirals.
281647: ROSKILL, S. W., - The War At Sea 1939-1945 Volume 1 the Defensive.
8982: ROSLANSKY, JOHN D., - Creativity: A Discussion At The Nobel Conference.
55328: ROSMINI, ANTONIO; CLEARY, DENIS; WATSON, TERENCE, - Theosopy Volume 2: Trine Being.
710656: ROSMUS, ANNA, AND KLEIN, ROBERT, AND THALER, MICHAEL (INTRO. ), - Robert Klein: Ein Jude Schaut Zuruck.
801219: ROSNEK, CARL, - Skystone And Silver: The Collector's Book Of Southwest Indian Jewelry.
6731: ROSNOW, RALPH L., - Paradigms in Transition : the Methodology of Social Inquiry.
41068: ROSOW, JEROME M., - Training: The Competitive Edge.
806943: ROSS, DAVID & JURGEN HARTEN, - Binationale: German Art of the Late 80's.
800376: ROSS, JOHN A., - International Encyclopedia Of Population.
240009: ROSS, DAVID A., - Between Spring And Summer, Soviet Conceptual Art in the Era of Late Communism.
220294: ROSS, EARLE DUDLEY, - A History of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.
53972: ROSS, LESLIE, - Medieval Art a Topical Dictionary.
53927: ROSS, EARLE DUDLY, - The Land-Grant Idea At Iowa State College; a Centennial Trial Balance, 1858-1958.
48892: ROSS, IAN CAMPBELL, - Laurence Sterne: A Life.
48614: ROSS, ERIC, - Beyond The River And The Bay. Some Observations On The State Of The Canadian Northwest In 1811 With A View To Providing The Intending Settler With An Intimate Knowledge Of That Country.
47236: ROSS, ROBERT B., - Metallic Materials.
45588: ROSS, STEPHEN DAVID, - The Gift Of Truth: Gathering The Good.
44806: ROSS, RUSSELL M., - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Iowa Government in Action.
41151: ROSS, JOHN, - Prairie Time: The Leopold Reserve Revisited.
39797: ROSS, EARLE D., - Iowa Agriculture An Historical Survey.
39652: ROSS, EARLE D., - Iowa Agriculture An Historical Survey.
21979: ROSS, ROBERT W., - So It Was True: The American Protestant Press And The Nazi Pesecution Of The Jews.
15819: ROSS, BILL, - Iwo Jima: Legacy Of Valor.
2431: ROSS, ANDREW, - The Chicago Gangster Theory Of Life: Nature's Debt To Society.
100290: ROSS, LESLIE D., - Text, Image, Message: Saints in Medieval Manuscript Illustrations (Contributions to the Study of Art and Architecture).
8627: ROSSANT, JANET PEDESEN, ROGER A., - Experimental Approaches to Mammalian Embryonic Development.
140099: ROSSEL, SVEN HAKON, - Johannes V. Jensen (Twayne's World Authors Series).
711187: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1 (Daniel Burnham Issue)..
711167: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Architecture of the Art Institute of Chicago (The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1).
711906: ROSSEN, SUSAN, - The Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, No 1: the Art Institute of Chicago Buildings.
750102: ROSSI, FERDINANDO; ROSS, D., - Mosaics: A Survey of Their History and Techniques.
804392: ROSSI, FILIPPO. BORGESE, ELISABETH, - Italian Jeweled Arts.
711539: ROSSI, JOHN P, - The Transformation of the British Liberal Party: a Study of the Tactics of the Liberal Opposition, 1874-1880 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society).
13754: ROSSI, ERNEST L., - Mind-Body Therapy : Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis.
55228: ROSSMAN, EDMUND, - Castles Against Ignorance: How to Make Libraries Great Educational Environments.
44546: ROSSOW, FRANCIS. AHO, GERHARD, - Lectionary Preaching Resources: Series A.
140505: ROSTAGNO, SERGIO, - Essays on the New Testament: a 'Materialist' Approach.
46579: ROSTON, HOLMES III, - Environmental Ethics: Duties To And Values In The Natural World.
220783: ROSTOW, PROFESSOR EUGENE V., - Toward Managed Peace: The National Security Interests of the United States, 1759 to the Present.
29233: ROSTOW, W. W., - Politics And The Stages Of Growth.
36153: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Marriage And Fertility (studies In Interdisciplinary History Series).
31768: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Africa And Its Explorers Motives, Methods And Impact.
25555: ROTBERG, ROBERT I., - Africa And Its Explorers Motives, Methods And Impact.
10440: AIR FORCE ROTC, - Fundamentals Of Aerospace Weapons Systems.
220292: ROTH, SAMUEL, - American Aphrodite Vol I Number 2.
51148: ROTH, SISTER MARY AUGUSTINE, - With Mercy Toward All Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1900-1978.
19266: ROTH, JAMES A., - Virulence Mechanisms Of Bacterial Pathogens.
9391: ROTH, JAMES A., - Virulence Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens.
48563: ROTHBLAT, GEORGE H., - Growth, Nutrition, And Metabolism Of Cells In Culture, Vol. 1.
804041: ROTHE, J. P., - The Seismicity of the Earth 1953-1965 / La Seismicite Du Globe 1953-1965.
50216: ROTHENBERG, JEROME, - Poems for the Millennium: the University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry, Vol. 2: from Postwar to Millennium.
45298: ROTHENBERG, DAVID, - Hand's End: Technology And The Limits Of Nature.
55644: ROTHENSTEIN, JOHN., - Stanley Spencer: The Man: Correspondence and Reminiscences.
31271: ROTHMAN, ELLEN K, - Hands And Hearts: A History Of Courtship In America.
24913: ROTHMAN, DAVID J., - Politics And Power The United States Senate 1869-1901.
37847: DE ROTHSCHILD, SALOMEN. DIAMOND, SIGMUND, - A Casual View Of America The Home Letters Of Salomon De Rothschild, 1859-1861.
913: ROTHSCHILD, ROBERT, - Peace for Our Time.
37602: ROTHSTEIN, FRANCES ABRAHAMER, - Anthropology And The Global Factory.
140171: ROTHSTEIN, ERIC, - Systems of Order and Inquiry in Later Eighteenth-Century Fiction.
59973: ROTHWELL, JOHN C., - Control of Human Voluntary Movement.
27908: ROTHWELL, ROY, - Reindustrialization And Technology.
43265: ROTTMAN, LARRY, - Winning Hearts And Minds: War Poems By Vietnam Veterans.
27364: ROUBINE, E., - Mathematics Applied To Physics.
21214: ROUDIEZ, LEON S., - French Fiction Revisited.
34916: ROUKES, NICHOLAS, - Sculpture In Plastics.
34231: ROULSTON, ROBERT, - James Norman Hall.
58637: ROUNER, LEROY S., - Foundations of Ethics (Boston University Studies in Philosophy and Religion).
31146: ROUNER, LEROY S., - Within Human Experience: The Philosophy Of William Ernest Hocking.
800436: ROURKES, NICHOLAS, - Plastics For Kinetic Art.
43820: ROUSE, IRVING. CRUXENT, JOSE M, - Venezuelan Archaeology.
35168: ROUSE, BLAIR, - Ellen Glasgow.
14824: ROUSE, WILLIAM B., - Start Where You Are.
56650: ROUSSEAU, ; SHARP, WILLIAM AND GLOVER, A.S.B., - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
27597: ROUSSET, DAVID, - The Legacy Of The Bolshevik Revolution.
35080: ROUSSOPOULOS, A. I., - Theory Of Elastic Complexes.
37007: ROUTLEDGE, JAMES, - Chapters In The History Of Popular Progress Chiefly In Relation To The Freedom Of The Press And Trial By Jury, 1660-1820 With An Application To Later Years..
160689: ROUTLEY, ERIK, - The English Carol..
45876: ROUTLEY, ERIK, - Rejoice In The Lord: A Hymn Companion To The Scriptures.
48849: ROVER, CONSTANCE, - Love, Morals And The Feminists.
806433: ROVIN, JEFF, - Adventure Heroes: Legendary Characters from Odysseus to James Bond.
24502: ROWAN, D. C., - Output, Inflation And Growth An Introduction To Macro-economics.
58313: ROWE, GEORGE E., - Thomas Middleton and the New Comedy Tradition.
43061: ROWE, WILLIAM WOODIN, - Dostoevsky Child And Man In His Works.
100232: ROWE, WILLIAM D., - An Anatomy of Risk (Wiley series on systems engineering & analysis).
711084: ROWE, M. JESSICA & SANDRO MARPILLERO & MARY MISS, - Mary Miss Photo/Drawings.
803259: ROWELL, MARGIT. MIRO, JOAN, - Miro.
801123: ROWELL, MARGIT. MIRO, JOAN, - The Captured Imagination: Drawings By Joan Miro From The Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona.
26201: ROWLAND, K. T., - Steam At Sea: A History Of Steam Navigation.
120200: ROWLAND, DEBRAN, - Boundaries of Her Body: a Troubling History of Women's Rights in America.
32965: ROWLANDS, JOHN, - Master Drawings And Watercolours In The British Museum.
901204: ROWLANDSON, THOMAS. HEINTZELMAN, ARTHUR W., - The Watercolor Drawings Of Thomas Rowlandson, From The Albert H. Wiggin Collection In The Boston Public Library,.
34070: ROWLEY, ANTHONY, - The Barons Of European Industry,.
60353: ROWLEY, H. H., - The Book of Job. The New Century Bible Commentary.
802560: ROWSE, A. L., - The First Colonists: Hakluyt's Voyages To North America: A Modern Version.
806773: ROWSE, A. L. SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Annotated Shakespeare: Volume II; the Histories, Sonnets and Other Poems.
806775: ROWSE, A. L. SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Annotated Shakespeare Volume III Tragedies and Romances.
50428: ROWTON, FREDERIC, - The Female Poets of Great Britain : Chronologically Arranged with Copious Selections and Critical Remarks.
280600: ROY, LOUIS MAURICE AUGUSTE, - The Candle Book: Texts and Photographs (old ways of working).
280837: ROY, B., - Combinatorial Programming: Methods and Applications. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the Palais des Congres, Versailles, France, 2-13 September 1974..
803369: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Art from Iowa Private Collections.
803368: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Sculpture: the Stanley Collection.
802870: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - Art And Life In Africa: Selections From The Stanley Collection.
805774: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - African Sculpture: the Stanley Collection.
38619: ROY, DAVID T., - Ancient China: Studies In Early Civilization.
28267: ROY, ROBERT H., - Operations Technology: Systems And Evolution.
21368: ROY, EMIL, - British Drama Since Shaw.
805784: ROY, CHRISTOPHER D., - Art and Life in Africa. Selections from the Stanley Collection. April-Aug. 1985..
2637: ROY, ROBERT H., - The Cultures of Management.
59532: ROYCE, ANYA PETERSON, - The Anthropology of Dance.
53343: ROYCE, JOSIAH. CLENDENNING, JOHN, - The Letters of Josiah Royce.
43735: ROYCE, JOSIAH, - Lectures On Modern Idealism.
42462: ROYCE, JOSIAH. SMITH, JOHN E., - The Problem Of Christianity.
33491: ROYCE, JOSIAH, - The Religious Aspect Of Philosophy.
40227: ROYCE, JOSIAH. MCDERMOTT, JOHN J., - The Basic Writings Of Josiah Royce.
14564: RUBEL, ARTHUR J., - Susto: A Folk Illness.
51224: RUBENS, PETER PAUL. DE BACKER-VAN OCKEN, R., - P. P. Rubens: Paintings, Oilsketches, Drawings (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Exhibit, 29th June - 30th September 1977, 4th Centennial Commemoration of Ruben's Birth).
10506: RUBENSTEIN, ELI A, - Research In Psychotherapy Volume 2 Proceedings Of A Conference May 17-20, 1961.
10505: RUBENSTEIN, ELI A, - Research In Psychotherapy Volume 1 Proceedings Of A Conference April 9-12, 1958.
801546: RUBER, PETER, - The Last Bookman; : A Journey Into The Life & Times Of Vincent Starrett, Author, Journalist, Bibliophile.
60490: RUBIN, STEVEN J., - Telling and Remembering: A Century of American Jewish Poetry.
12443: RUBIN, CHARLES T., - The Green Crusade.
804673: RUBIN, STEPHEN & N. Y.) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK; HOWAR, JOHN K. & AMERICAN FEDERATION O, - American Watercolors from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
802069: RUBIN, WILLIAM, - Anthony Caro.
220758: RUBIN, BARRY AND RUBIN, JUDITH COLP, - Hating America: A History.
57506: RUBIN, BARRY, - Secrets of State: The State Department and the Struggle Over U.S. Foreign Policy.
31001: RUBIN-DORSKY, JEFFREY, - People Of The Book: Thirty Scholars Reflect On Their Jewish Identity.
20564: RUBIN-DORSKY, JEFFREY, - People Of The Book.
6409: RUBIN, LOUIS DECIMUS, - A Gallery of Southerners.
31721: RUBINOFF, LIONEL, - Collingwood And The Reform Of Metaphysics; : A Study In The Philosophy Of Mind.
902096: RUBINSTEIN, GOUNOD, LASSEN, JENSEN, GRIEG AND OTHERS, - Song Classics for Low Voice, by Rubinstein, Gounod, Lassen, Jensen, Grieg and Others.
53730: RUBINSTEIN, CHARLOTTE STREIFER, - American Women Artists from Early Indian Times to the Present.
281177: RUBY, ROBERT H. AND BROWN, JOHN A., - A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest (Civilization of the American Indian Series).
15305: RUCH, WALTER E., - Quantitative Analysis Of Gaeous Pollutants.
26159: RUCHELMAN, LEONARD, - Police Politics A Comparative Study Of Three Cities.
44597: RUDD, NIALL, - Lines Of Enquiry: Studies In Latin Poetry.
18430: RUDNICK, LOIS PALKEN, - Mabel Dodge Luhan New Woman, New Worlds.
100457: RUDNICK, LOIS PALKEN, - Mabel Dodge Luhan: New Woman, New Worlds.
19009: RUDOLPH, L. C., - Francis Asbury.
160471: RUDOLPH, FREDERICK, - Mark Hopkins and the Log: Williams College, 1836-1872..
1110: RUDOWSKI, WITOLD J., - Disorders of Hemostasis in Surgery.
44396: RUDRUM, ALAN, - Milton (modern Judgements).
27711: RUDWICK, ELLIOTT, - W.e.b. Du Bois, Voice Of The Black Protest Movement.
42702: RUE, JOHN E., - Mao Tse-tung In Opposition 1927-1935.
806506: RUE, EDGAR AUBERT. BOURLIERE, F. HARROY, J. P., - Flora Y Fauna De Los Trópicos.
21658: RUE, JOHN E., - Mao Tse-tung In Opposition 1927-1935.
12264: RUELLE, DAVID, - Chance And Chaos.
19777: RUETHER, ROSEMARY, - Radical Kingdom: The Western Experience Of Messiani.
10533: RUFFNER, JAMES A., - Edi: Eponyms Dictionaries Index.
180073: RUGE, FRIEDRICH, - Der Seekrieg-1939-1945.
100281: RUHE, ROBERT V., - Quaternary Landscapes In Iowa.
160322: RUHEMANN, M. AND B., - Low Temperature Physics.
12265: RUHL, JANET, - The Computer Consultant's Guide.
803255: RUIVO, MARIO, - Marine Pollution and Sea Life.
34732: RUIZ, JUAN. KANE, ELISHA KENT, - The Book Of Good Love.
280655: RULE, AMY & NANCY SOLOMON, - Original Sources: Art and Archives at the Center for Creative Photography.
11859: RUMBAUGH, JAMES, - Object-Oriented Modeling and Design.
27132: RUMMEL, R. J., - Applied Factor Analysis.
38652: RUMSFORD, COUNT. BROWN, SANBORN C., - The Collected Works Of Count Rumford Volumes IV (4) Light And Armament.
38651: RUMSFORD, COUNT. BROWN, SANBORN C., - The Collected Works Of Count Rumford Volumes III (3) Devices And Techniques.
38649: RUMSFORD, COUNT. BROWN, SANBORN C., - The Collected Works Of Count Rumford Volumes I (1) The Nature Of Heat.
13614: RUNCIMAN, LEX, - Asking Questions: A Rhetoric For The Intellectual Life.
18511: RUNCORN, S. K., - International Dictionary Of Geophysics.
25099: RUNDQUIST, BARRY S., - Political Benefits: Empirical Studies Of American Public Programs.
10858: RUNGE, C. FORD, - The Future Of The North American Granary.
59667: RUNYON, RANDOLPH, - Reading Raymond Carver.
53847: RUPPERSBURG, HUGH M., - Robert Penn Warren and the American Imagination.
21854: RUPPERT, JAMES, - Guide To American Poetry Explication.
60523: RUSCH, WILLIAM G. AND LINDBECK, GEORGE AND KASPER, WALTER CARDINAL, - Justification and the Future of the Ecumenical Movement: The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (Unitas).
801435: RUSCHA, EDWARD, - Guacamole Airlines And Other Drawings.
3242: RUSH, THERESSA GUNNELS ET AL, - Black American Writers: a Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary, 2 Volume Set.
45920: RUSHDIE, SALMAN. MACDONOGH, STEVE, - The Rushdie Letters: Freedom To Speak, Freedom To Write.
60690: RUSHTON, J. PHILIPPE AND SORRENTINO, RICHARD M., - Altruism and Helping Behavior.
220711: RUSHTON, WILLIAM FAULKNER, - The Cajuns: From Acadia to Louisiana.
53857: RUSINKO, SUSAN, - Terence Rattigan.
120499: RUSINKO, SUSAN, - Terence Rattigan (Twayne's English Authors Series).
120605: RUSKIN, ARTHUR M. D., - Classics in Arterial Hypertension..
220320: RUSKIN, JOHN, - Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain in Four Volumes, Facsimile Edition.
38316: RUSKIN, JOHN. EVANS, JOAN, - The Lamp Of Beauty Writings On Art By John Ruskin.
35292: RUSKIN, ARIANE, - 17th And 18th Century Art.
13527: RUSKIN, MRS. JOHN. LUTYENS, MARY, - Young Mrs. Ruskin In Venice.
60686: RUSSELL, CLIFFORD S., - Residuals Management in Industry: A Case Study of Petroleum Refining (RFF Press).
60650: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON, - The Devil: Perceptions of Evil from Antiquity to Primitive Christianity.
805363: RUSSELL, DON., - Custer's Last or, The Battle of the Little Big Horn In Picturesque Perspective Being a pictoral representation of the late and unfortunate incident in Montana as portrayed by Custer's friends and foes, admirers and iconoclasts of his day and After..
805159: RUSSELL, ARMAND AND TRUBITT, ALLAN, - The Shaping of Musical Elements, Volume II.
804596: RUSSELL, THOMAS, - Hollander Pattern Book Volume 1.
801239: RUSSELL, FRANK, - Art Nouveau Architecture.
220677: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON, - Witchcraft in the Middle Ages.
220512: RUSSELL, BERTRAND DENNON, LESTER E., - Bertrand Russell's Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals.
57921: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - Our Knowledge of the External World: As a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy.
56665: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - Freedom Verson Organization: 1814-1914.
55472: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON, - The Devil: Perceptions of Evil from Antiquity to Primitive Christianity.
46835: RUSSELL, JOHN MALCOLM, - From Nineveh To New York: The Strange Story Of The Assyrian Reliefs In The Metropolitan Museum & The Hidden Masterpiece At Canford School.
45128: RUSSELL, PAUL, - Freedom And Moral Sentiment: Hume's Way Of Naturalizing Responsibility.
44172: RUSSELL, THOMAS, - The Proms.
39853: RUSSELL, E. WALTER, - Soil Conditions And Plant Growth.
34816: RUSSELL-WOOD, A. J. R., - Fidalgos And Philanthropists: The Santa Casa Da Misericordia Of Bahia, 1550-1755..
34098: RUSSELL, MILTON, - Perspectives In Public Regulation; : Essays On Political Economy.
33957: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - Essays In Analysis.
33484: RUSSELL, ELBERT, - The History Of Quakerism.
23820: RUSSELL, JAMES, - The Acquisition Of Knowledge.
31503: RUSSELL, HAROLD S., - A Long, Deep Furrow: Three Centuries Of Farming In New England.
24813: RUSSELL, JOHN, - Edouard Vuillard 1868-1940.
24339: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON, - Witchcraft In The Middle Ages.
180099: RUSSELL, CHARLES TAZE, - Pastor Russell's Sermons: A Choice Collection of His Most Important Discourses on all Phases of Christian Doctrine and Practice.
20084: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON, - Witchcraft In The Middle Ages.
120458: RUSSELL, FRANK M., - Theories of International Relations (World Affairs Ser. : National and International Viewpoints).
710794: RUSSELL, LOU, - Wisconsin Lore and Legends.
59249: RUSSELL, ARMIDA MENDEZ & ROBERT HAYLES, - The Diversity Directive: Why Some Initiatives Fail & What to Do About It.
10693: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.
8480: RUSSELL, DIANA E. H., - Sexual Exploitation: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Workplace Harassment.
2808: RUSSELL, BERTRAND LESTER E. DENONN EDITOR, - Bertrand Russell's Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals.
41626: RUSSELLL, FINDLAY E., - Marine Toxins And Venomous And Poisonous Marine Animals.
41658: RUSSETT, BRUCE M., - Economic Theories Of International Politics.
160502: RUSSETT, BRUCE M, - Economic Theories of International Politics.
40384: RUSSO, ANTHONY J., - A Bibliography Of James Whitcomb Riley.
37522: RUSSO, C. W. RUSS, - Iso 9000 And Malcolm Baldrige In Training And Education.
140726: RUST, GEORGE, - A Letter of Resolution Concerning Origen and the Chief Opinions. Reproduced from the Edition of 1661. With A Bibliographical Note by Marjorie Hope Nicolson [The Facsimile Text Society, Series III: Philosophy, Volume 3].
804119: RUST, STEVEN K., - Representative Assessment of Research Natural Areas on National Forest System Lands in Idaho.
41844: RUST, BRIAN, - The American Dance Band Discography 1917-1942.
281508: RUST, JOHN & SUSAN GOLOMBOK, - Modern Psychometrics (International Library of Psychology).
4375: RUTHNKA, JOHN C. AND STEVEN WELLER, - State Claims Courts: A National Examination.
55077: RUTHVEN, KENNETH KNOWLES, - Critical Assumptions.
44641: RUTLAND, ROBERT, - Iowa Palimpsest Magazine: Iowa in 1952.
39867: RUTTAN, VERNON W, - Agricultural Research Policy.
16355: RUTTER, MICHAEL, - Developing Minds: Challenge And Continuity Across The Life Span.
10842: RUTTER, MICHAEL, - Children Of Sick Parents: An Environmental And Psychiatric Study.
10877: RUTTNER, FRANZ, - Fundamentals Of Limnology.
23878: RUYS, P. H. M, - Public Goods And Decentralization: The Duality Approach In The Theory Of Value.
60659: RUYTER, NANCY LEE CHALFA, - Reformers and Visionaries: The Americanization of the Art of Dance.
712016: RYAN, JUDITH, - Aboriginal and Oceanic Decorative Art.
120710: RYAN, ED [EDWIN MAN MOUNTAIN, B. 1856], - Me and the Black Hills by the Old Prospector Man Mountain Ed Ryan.
37627: RYAN, THOMAS J., - Critical History And Biblical Faith: New Testament Perspectives.
33007: RYAN, WILLIAM L., - Cold Regions Engineering: Proceedings Of The Fourth International Conference.
26180: RYAN, LAWRENCE V., - Roger Ascham.
160733: RYAN, WILLIAM M., - William Langland.
22719: RYBASH, JOHN M, - Adult Cognition And Aging.
100300: RYCZEK, WILLIAM J., - Blackguards and Red Stockings: A History of Baseball's National Association, 1871-1875.
52854: RYDBERG, PER AXEL, - Flora of the Prairies and Plains of Central North America.
804903: RYDER, RON; FYNMORE, JIM, - Black Cotton Stockings.
18154: RYDER, JOHN D., - Engineers And Electrons: A Century Of Progress.
59164: RYDING, ERIK S., - In Harmony Framed: Musical Humanism, Thomas Campion, and the Two Daniels (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies).
160815: RYDJORD, JOHN, - Indian Place-Names: Their Origin, Evolution, and Meanings, Collected in Kansas from the Siouan, Algonquian, Shoshonean, Caddoan, Iroquoian, and Other Tongues.
33540: RYE, SCOTT, - Men And Ships Of The Civil War.
50575: RYKEN, LELAND, - The New Testament in Literary Criticism.
220717: RYKWERT, JOSEPH, - The Seduction of Place: The City in the Twenty-first Century.
52538: RYLAND, CHARLES S. PHILIPS, FRANK L, - 1956 Brand Book of the Denver Westerners.
39633: RYLE, WALTER H, - Centennial History Of The Northeast Missouri State Teachers College.
140563: RYLE, WALTER HARRINGTON, - Missouri: Union Or Secession.
2435: RYUS, W. H., - The Old Sante Fe Trail.
56766: RYZHIK., I. S. GRADSHTEYN; I. M., - Table of Integrals, Series, and Products..
31179: SAAB, ANN POTTINGER, - The Origins of the Crimean Alliance.
100760: SAATY, THOMAS L., - Elements Of Queueing Theory With Applications.
39336: SAATY, THOMAS L., - Elements Of Queueing Theory With Applications.
39098: SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE CERVANTES. MOTTEUX, PETER. MUELLER, HANS ALEXANDER, - The First Part Of The Life And Achievements Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha.
901448: SABAR, SHALOM, - Ketubbah: the Art of the Jewish Marriage Contract.
100269: SABATO, LARRY, - The Democratic Party Primary in Virginia: Tantamount to Election No Longer.
23015: SABEL, CHARLES F., - Work And Politics : The Division Of Labour In Industry.
46211: SABERWAL, SATISH, - Mobile Men: Limits To Social Change In Urban Punjab.
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51321: SEGAL, RONALD, - The Black Diaspora: Five Centuries of the Black Experience Outside Africa.
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38028: SEGAL, ROBERT A, - Joseph Campbell: An Introduction.
21841: SEGAL, ERICH, - Roman Laughter: The Comedy Of Plautus.
59088: SEGAL, JEFFREY A. & HAROLD J. SPAETH, - The Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model.
4662: SEGAL, BERNARD, - Drugs and Behavior : Cause, Effects, and Treatment.
20779: SEGALL, HAROLD N., - Pioneers Of Cardiology In Canada 1820-1970.
58041: SEGARRA, JOSE A. & RICARDO DOBLES, - Learning As a Political Act: Struggles for Learning and Learning from Struggles (Reprint Series, Volume R32).
55538: SEGEL, HAROLD B., - Twentieth Century Russian Drama: from Gorky to the Present.
41868: SEGRAVE, KERRY, - Drive-in Theaters: A History From Their Inception In 1933.
2951: SEGRAVE, KERRY AND LINDA MARTIN, - The Post-Feminist Hollywood Actress: Biographies and Filmographies of Stars Born after 1939.
47921: SEGRE, EMILIO, - From Falling Bodies To Radio Waves.
160205: SEGURA, JUAN DE; PLACE, EDWIN B., - Processo de Cartas de Amore.
805439: SEGY, LADISLAS, - African Sculpture Speaks.
802153: SEGY, LADISLAS, - African Sculpture Speaks.
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711088: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
804124: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - Impressionism and its Roots.
711089: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
711254: SEIBERLING, FRANK, - The Owen and Leone Elliott Collection - Inaugurating the Opening of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City.
220657: SEID, BETTY AND PAL, PRATAPADITYA; CHICAGO, ART INSTITUTE OF, - The Holy Cow and Other Animals: A Selection of Indian Paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago.
800535: SEIDEL, HARRIS F., - Iowa's Heritage In Water Pollution Control Including A History Of The Iowa Water Pollution Control Association.
57040: SEIDEL, LINDA, - Songs of Glory: the Romanesque Facades of Aquitaine.
32320: SEIDEL, BERHARD, - Wage Policy And European Integration.
901489: SEIDEL, M. MARIJNISSEN, R. H, - Bruegel.
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55628: SEIGEL, JERROLD, - Marx's Fate: The Shape of a Life.
43382: SEIN, KENNETH. WITHEY, JOSEPH A, - The Great Po Sein: A Chronicle Of The Burmese Theater.
53336: SEIP, TERRY LEE, - The South Returns to Congress Men, Economic, Measures, and Intersectional Relationships, 1868-1879.

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