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61076: LANDFIELD, ALVIN & FRANZ EPTING, - Personal Construct Psychology: Clinical and Personality Assessment.
61160: LANDGARTEN, HELEN B., - Clinical Art Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide.
55810: LANDIS, LEO, - Building Better Roads: Iowa's Contribution To Highway Engineering 1904-1974.
55738: LANDIS, LEO, - Building Better Roads: Iowa's Contribution to Highway Engineering.
24082: LANDIS, BERNARD, - In The Name Of Life: Essays In Honor Of Erich Fromm..
24023: LANDIS, LEO, - Building Better Roads: Iowa's Contribution To Highway Engineering.
38758: LANDIVAR, RAFAEL. REGENOS, GRAYDON W., - Rafael Landivar's Rusticatio Mexicana.
54710: LANDMAN, JANET, - Regret: The Persistence of the Possible.
49338: LANDOLT, HANS. LONG, JOHN H, - The Optical Rotating Power Of Organic Substances And Its Practical Applications.
48865: LANDON, D. N., - The Peripheral Nerve.
51508: LANDOW, GEORGE P, - William Holman Hunt and Typological Symbolism.
44182: LANDOWSKA, WANDA. RESTOUT, DENISE, - Landowska On Music.
711864: LANDRUM, CARL & SHIRLEY LANDRUM, - Landrum's Quincy.
33499: LANDRY, PAUL A., - On Drawing & Painting.
33558: LANDSBERGER, HENRY A., - Latin American Peasant Movements.
27296: LANDSBERGER, HENRY A., - Latin American Peasant Movements.
19831: LANDSVERK, O. G., - Runic Records Of The Norsemen In America,.
57399: LANDY, DAVID, - Culture, Disease, and Healing: Studies in Medical Anthropology.
56722: LANDY, MAURICE, - Immunological Tolerance; a Reassessment of Mechanisms of the Immune Response…. Proceedings of an International Conference Held At Brook Lodge, Augusta, Michigan, September 18-20, 1968..
805120: LANE, CARL D., - American Paddle Steamboats.
803459: LANE, REGINALD, - Old Sidmouth.
36733: LANE, ROBERT E., - Political Man.
32925: LANE, EMILY, - Venetian Seventeenth Century Painting.
805838: LANE, JOHN AND LITTMAN, BOB AND NAVARRETE, SYLVIA AND SCHNEIDER, PIERRE AND DAVIES, HUGH, - Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Twentieth Century Mexican Art: The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection.
120364: LANE, ROGER AND TURNER, JOHN J., - Riot, Rout, and Tumult: Readings in American Social and Political Violence (Contributions in American History).
17560: LANE, ROGER., - Roots Of Violence In Black Philadelphia 1860-1900.
806566: LANE, COL. J., - The History of the 124th Ftr Sqn/132nd Ftr Wg Iowa Air National Guard: 1941 Thru 1982.
4144: LANE, A. M., - Nuclear Theory.
807321: LANE, MILLS & VAN JONES MARTIN, - Architecture of the Old South.
902038: LANES, SELMA, - The Art of Maurice Sendak.
803712: LANG, WILLIAM C, - A Century Of Leadership And Service A Centennial History Of The University Of Northern Iowa Volume II 1928-1976.
51514: LANG, KENNETH R. WHITNEY, CHARLES A., - Wanderers in Space: Exploration and Discovery in the Solar System.
57546: LANG, O., - Educational Creeds of the Nineteenth Century (American education: its men, ideas, and institutions. Series II).
901720: LANG, HENRY ROSEMAN, - Cancionero De Baena, : Reproduced in Facsimile from the Unique Manuscript in the Bibliotheì€que Nationale; (Hispanic Notes & Monographs; Essays, Studies, ... Issued by the Hispanic Society of America).
160270: LANG, RUTH, - Laboratory and Workshop Notes.
46714: LANGDON, HENRIETTE. CHENG, LI-RONG LILLY, - Hispanic Children And Adults With Communication Disorders: Assessment And Intervention.
802565: LANGE, DAVID, - Valparaiso University The 1980 Beacon.
51982: LANGE, JOHN PETER, - Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon.
51633: LANGE, JOHN, - The Cognitivity Paradox, an Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy.
49410: LANGE, OSKAR, - Introduction To Economic Cybernetics.
49268: LANGE, OSKAR, - On Political Economy And Econometrics Essays In Honour Of Oskar Lange.
39691: LANGE, JOHN PETER, - Commentary On The Holy Scriptures : Critical, Doctrinal And Homiletical : Chronicles : Ezra : Nehemiah : Esther.
35598: LANGE, DOROTHEA. NEWHALL, BEAUMONT, - Dorothea Lange Looks At The American Country Woman.
804201: LANGENBERG, DONALD N, - National Reading Panel Teaching Children to Read Reports of the Subgroups.
39449: LANGENBERG, D. N., - Precision Measurement And Fundamental Constants.
34864: LANGENBERG, D. N., - Precision Measurement And Fundamental Constants.
9420: LANGENDOEN, D. TERENCE AND PAUL M. POSTAL, - The London School Of Linguistics.
40701: LANGER, SUSANNE K., - Mind: An Essay On Human Feeling. Volume II.
35152: LANGER, WILLIAM L., - Explorations In Crisis Papers On International History.
34172: LANGER, LAWRENCE L., - Preempting The Holocaust.
25509: LANGER, LAWRENCE L., - The Holocaust And The Literary Imagination.
60881: LANGER, SUSANNE K., - Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling (Volume II) (Volume 2).
120853: LANGER, SUSANNE K., - Feeling and Form a Theory of Art Developed from Philosophy in a New Key.
44255: LANGFORD, GERALD, - Ingenue Among The Lions: The Letters Of Emily Clark To Joseph Hergesheimer.
44013: LANGFORD, GERALD, - Ingenue Among The Lions: The Letters Of Emily Clark To Joseph Hergesheimer.
61057: LANGHAAR, HENRY L., - Energy Methods in Applied Mechanics.
49395: LANGILL, A. W., - Automatic Control Systems Engineering Volume II Advanced Control Systems Engineering.
47289: LANGILL, A. W., - Automatic Control Systems Engineering Volume I Control Systems Engineering.
180027: LANGLAND, JAMES, M.A., - Chicago Daily News Almanac and Year-Book for 1923.
35780: LANGLEY, PAT, - Scientific Discovery: Computational Explorations Of The Creative Processes.
33813: LANGLEY, LESTER D., - Struggle For The American Mediterranean: United States-european Rivalry In The Gulf-caribbean, 1776-1904.
805437: LANGLOTZ, ERNST, - Ancient Greek Sculpture of South Italy and Sicily.
802292: LANGLOTZ, ERNST. HIRMER, MAX, - Ancient Greek Sculpture Of South Italy And Sicily.
14881: LANGMAN, LARRY, - Encyclopedia Of American Film Comedy.
53888: LANGMUIR, ERIKA & NORBERT LYNTON, - The Yale Dictionary of Art and Artists.
27955: LANGNES, GERALD L., - Secondary Recovery And Carbonate Reservoirs.
14507: LANGS, ROBERT, - Technique In Transition.
13029: LANGS, ROBERT., - Technique in Transition..
8524: LANGS, ROBERT, - The Bipersonal Field.
17034: LANGSTON, J. WILLIAM, - Neurotoxins And Neurodegenerative Disease.
42366: LANGSTROTH. L . L. , DADANT, C. P., - Langstroth On The Hive And Honeybee.
17006: LANGTON, CHRISTOPHER G., - Artificial Life: Proceedings Of An Interdisciplinary Workshop.
901179: LANGWORTH, RICHARD, - Corevette Portrait Of A Legend.
51696: LANGWORTHY, ROBERT K., - Policing in America: a Balance of Forces.
160258: LANKESTER, EDWIN RAY, - Diversions of a Naturalist.
901940: LANKEVICH, GEORGE L., - The United States Supreme Court, Set.
41592: LANSING, JOHN B., - Economic Survey Methods.
28858: LANSING, J. STEPHEN, - Priests And Programmers Technologies Of Power In The Engineered Landscape Of Bali.
801933: LANTZ, SHERLEE, - A Pageant Of Pattern For Needlepoint Canvas.
806019: LANTZ, SHERLEE, - A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas.
16858: LANZ, KURT, - Around The World With Chemistry.
10647: LAO SHE, JEAN M., - Rickshaw: the Novel Lo-T-O Hsiang Tzu.
50382: LAPAGE, GEOFFREY, - Art and the Scientist.
100099: LAPATRA, J. W., - Analyzing the Criminal Justice System.
160778: LAPIDUS, IRA MARVIN, - Muslim Cities in the Later Middle Ages (Publications of the Joint Center for Urban Studies).
100453: LAPLANCHE, JEAN & JEAN-BERTRAND PONTALIS, - The Language of Psycho-Analysis.
805419: LAPRADE, JACQUES, - Seurat.
140941: LAPSLEY, SAMUEL NORVELL; SHEPPARD, WILLIAM H. ; EDMISTON, ALTHEA BROWN; KELLERSBERGER, JULIA LAKE, - Four Presbyterian Pioneers in Congo: Reprint of Life and Letters of Samuel Norvell Lapsley Missionary to the Congo Valley, West Africa 1866-1892 + Presbyterian Pioneers in Congo + Maria Fearing: a Mother to African Girls + Lucy Gantt Sheppard.
2303: LARAGH, JOHN H. ET AL, - Frontiers In Hypertension Research.
31024: LARDNER, RING JR., - The Annotated Baseball Stories Of Ring W. Lardner 1914-1919.
47489: LARDY, NICHOLAS R., - Agriculture In China's Modern Economic Development.
807034: LARIMORE, WALTER L., - Saline Solution Video Series.
28603: LARIMORE, R. WELDON, - The Lake Sangchris Study Case History Of An Illinois Cooling Lake.
38478: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music Volume 4.
38477: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music Volume 2.
38476: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music Volume 1.
901037: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music 6 Volume Set.
901036: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music 6 Volume Set.
901532: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 8 Volume Set.
901063: LARKIN, COLIN, - The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music 4 Volume Set.
51670: LARMOUR, PETER J., - The French Radical Party In The 1930's.
350: LARNED, J. N., - History for Ready Reference from the Best Historians, Biographies and Specialists..
140839: LARREMORE, THOMAS A., - Marion Press: A Survey and a Checklist With Incidental Alarums and Excursions into Collateral Fields.
805110: LARSEN, ROBIN. SWEDENBORG, EMAUEL, - Emanuel Swedenborg : a Continuing Vision.
39963: LARSEN, JOHN W., - Organic Chemistry Of Coal: A Symposium.
46168: LARSEN, OTTO N, - Voicing Social Concern.
280566: LARSKI, ZDZISLAW, - Veterinary Virology.
711603: LARSON, STEPHANIE GRECO, - Public Opinion: Using MicroCase ExplorIt.
55678: LARSON, SIDNER, - Captured in the Middle: Tradition and Experience in Contemporary Native American Writing (McLellan Books).
47512: LARSON, DONALD W, - Structural Change And Performance Of The U. S. Grain Marketing System.
44064: LARSON, LAURENCE MARCELLUS, - The King's Household In England Before The Norman Conquest.
41345: LARSON, GARY O., - The Reluctant Patron: The United States Government And The Arts, 1943-1965.
39744: LARSON, HENRIETTA M., - Guide To Business History.
39673: LARSON, T. A., - Wyoming's War Years 1941-1945.
29280: LARSON, WILLIAM E., - Soil And Water Resources: Research Priorities For The Nation--proceedings.
26943: LARSON, RON, - College Algebra A Graphing Approach.
22601: LARSON, RON, - College Algebra.
20963: LARSON, JOHN W., - Those Army Engineers: A History Of The Chicago District.
120480: LARSON, BRUCE L., - Lindbergh of Minnesota.
710521: LARSON, PAUL CLIFFORD; BROWN, SUSAN M., - The Spirit of H.H. Richardson on the Midland Prairies: Regional Transformations of Architectural Style (Great Plains Environmental Design Series).
17561: LARSON, ROBERT W., - New Mexico Popolism: A Study Of Radical Protest In A Western Territory.
16108: LARSON, ESTHER ELISABETH, - Swedish Commentators On America 1638-1865.
806988: LARSON, PAUL CLIFFORD, - Icy Pleasures: Minnesota Celebrates Winter.
32089: LARWOOD, JACOB, - English Inn Signs: Being A Revised And Modernized Version Of History Of Signboards.
58284: LARY, MAY, - Screening Out the Past: The Birth of Mass Culture and the Motion Picture Industry.
56146: LASHIER, ARLENE, - Tributes: Village Way of Life Clear Lake, Iowa.
22564: LASKER, ROZ D., - Pocket Guide To Cases Of Medicine And Public Health Collaboration.
44890: LASKI, HAROLD J., - The Rise Of Liberalism.
40338: LASKI, HAROLD, - A Grammar Of Politics.
1393: LASKIN, ALLEN I., - Enzymes and Immobilized Cells in Biotechnology.
806771: LASKIN, ALLEN I. & HUBERT A. LECHEVALIER, - CRC Handbook of Microbiology (Vol. IV): Microbial Metabolism, Genetics and Immunology.
281516: LASKO, PETER & NIKOLAUS PEVSNER & JUDY NAIRN, - Ars Sacra: 800 - 1200.
45649: LASLETT, JOHN H. M., - Failure Of A Dream: Essays In The History Of American Socialism.
45112: LASLETT, PETER. FISHKIN, JAMES, - Philosophy, Politics, And Society: Fifth Series.
49575: LASS, WILLIAM E., - From The Missouri To The Great Salt Lake: An Account Of Overland Freighting.
40197: LASS, WILLIAM E., - From The Missouri To The Great Salt Lake: An Account Of Overland Freighting.
901284: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES, - Spanish Painting From The Catalan Frescos To El Greco.
54435: LASSEK, A. M., - The Pyramidal Tract. its Status in Medicine. Number 233, American Lecture Series..
60436: LASSWELL, HAROLD D., - World Politics and Personal Insecurity.
711878: LASTER, JAMES, - Catalogue Of Choral Music Arranged In Biblical Order.
140495: LATHAM, A. W., EDITED BY, - Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota 1914. Embracing the Transactions of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society from December 1, 1913, to December 1, 1914, including the twelve numbers of "The Minnesota Horticulturist" for 1914. Volume XLII..
44075: LATOUCHE, ROBERT. NICHOLSON, JENNIFER, - Caesar To Charlemagne: The Beginnings Of France.
24963: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND, - Acts And Letters Of The Apostles.
54170: LAU, D. FRANZ, - Luther = Jahrbuch 1965.
19275: LAUBE, JAMES, - Wine Spectator's California Wine.
160559: LAUCHHEIMER, MALCOLM HORACE, - The Labor Law of Maryland.
60800: LAUDAN, LARRY, - Progress and Its Problems: Towards a Theory of Scientific Growth.
5077: LAUDER, JEAN M., - Gene Expression and Cell-Cell Interactions in the Developing Nervous System (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol 181).
54648: LAUDERDALE, JAMES MAITLAND, - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth and Into the Means and Causes of its Increase, 1804 (The Adam Smith Library).
54229: VON LAUE, THEODORE H., - Sergei Witte and the Industrialization of Russia.
40586: VON LAUE, DR. M., - Die Relativitatstheorie - Erster Band: Das Relativitatsprinzip Der Lorentztransformation.
27465: LAUER, HENRI, - Radio Engineering Principles.
25563: LAUFER, JENNIFER, - Encyclopedia Of Women In The Middle Ages.
11767: LAUFER, MOSES, - Adolescence and Developmental Breakdown: a Psychoanalystic View.
40592: LAUFFER, ARMAND, - Assessment Tools : For Practitioners, Managers, And Trainers.
804269: LAUFFRAY, J., - Karnak D'Egypte, Domaine Du Divin.
805863: LAUGHLIN, LEDLIE IRWIN, - Pewter in America Its Makers and Their Marks (Pewter In America, Volume III).
805932: LAUGHLIN, LEDLIE IRWIN, - Pewter in America, it's Makers and Their Marks Volume II.
802638: LAUHON, CAROL CAMERON, - Fifty Years Of Golden Growth: A History Of International Harvester Farmall Credit Union 1934-1984.
32637: LAUNIUS, ROGER D., - History Of Rocketry And Astronautics Volume 11 Proceedings Of The 15th And 16th History Symposia..
28993: LAUNIUS, ROGER D., - History Of Rocketry And Astronautics Volume 11 Proceedings Of The 15th And 16th History Symposia..
220062: LAURENCE, MARGARET., - Long Drums and Cannons. Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists.
40376: LAURENCE, D. R., - Evaluation Of Drug Activities: Pharmacometrics.
25530: LAURENCE, DAN H. SHAW, BERNARD, - Shaw, Lady Gregory And The Abbey A Correspondence And A Record.
38966: LAURIN, CARL, - Scandinavian Art Illustrated.
12906: LAURY, JEAN RAY., - Handmade Toys And Games.
240091: LAUT, AGNES C.; RUSSELL, CHARLES M., - The Blazed Trail of the Old Frontier Being the Log of the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition under the Auspices....
52342: LAUT, AGNES C., - Pathfinders of the West: Being the Thrilling Story of the Adventures of the Men Who Discovered the Great Northwest.
49337: LAUT, AGNES C., - The Conquest Of The Great Northwest: Two Volumes In One.
54212: LAUTERBACH, JACOB ZALLEL, - Rabbinic Essays.
100291: LAUTERBACH, JACOB ZALLEL, - Studies in Jewish Law, Custom, and Folklore.
280381: LAUTERPACHT, HERSCH, - The Development of International Law by the International Court (Grotius Classic Reprint Series) (v. 77).
100401: LAVALLEE, MARC & OTTO F. SCHANNE & NORMAND C. HEBERT, - Glass Microelectrodes.
901346: LAVALLEYE, JACQUES, - Pieter Bruegel The Elder And Lucas Van Leyden.
901376: LAVALLEYE, JACQUES, - Pieter Bruegel The Elder And Lucas Van Leyden.
15626: LAVARS, NORMAN, - Mark Harris.
9175: LAVE, LESTER B., - Technological Change: Its Conception And Measurement.
711721: LAVELLE, STEVEN, - Practical Hypnotherapy Handbook (Hypnotherapy Certification Course).
42359: LAVER, JAMES, - The Age Of Illusion Manners And Morals 1750-1848.
19621: LAVERACK, M. S., - The Physiology Of Earthworms.
280669: LAVERY, J. PATRICK, - The Human Placenta: Clinical Perspectives.
711887: LAVINE, W. ROBERT, - In a Glamorous Fashion: the Fabulous Years of Hollywood Costume Design.
41380: LAVRAKAS, PAUL J., - Polling And Presidential Election Coverage.
160330: LAVRUKHINA, MALYSHEVA, PAVLOTSKAYA, - Chemical Analysis of Radioactive Materials.
160117: UNIVERSITY OF IOWA COLLEGE OF LAW, - 2002 University of Iowa College of Law Alumni Directory.
711693: COMMITTEE ON LABOR LAW, - Labor Law Primer for the General Practitioner in Iowa,.
807251: LAW, ANWEI SKINSNES & WAYNE LEVIN, - Kalaupapa: A Portrait (Bishop Museum Special Publication Number 91).
60671: LAWLESS, ELAINE J., - God's Peculiar People.
120132: LAWRENCE, JAMES, - Food Constituents and Food Residues: Their Chromatographic Determination (Food Science and Technology).
120156: LAWRENCE, T.L.J., - Growth in Animals (Studies in the Agricultural and Food Sciences).
54286: LAWRENCE, D. H. MCDONALD, EDWARD D, - Phoenix the Posthumous Papers of D. H. Lawrence.
48815: LAWRENCE, D. H. VASEY, LINDETH, - Mr Noon (the Cambridge Edition Of The Works Of D. H. Lawrence).
41300: LAWRENCE, D. H., - The Letters Of D. H. Lawrence (the Cambridge Edition Of The Letters Of D. H. Lawrence) Volume VIII Previously Uncollected Letters General Index.
34156: LAWRENCE, D. H., - Mr. Noon.
33963: LAWRENCE, PAUL R., - Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The National Collegiate Athletic Association And The Business Of College Football.
710886: LAWRENCE, LOUIS, - Hirado : Prince of Porcelains (Encyclopedia of Japanese Art Series).
710887: LAWRENCE, LOUIS, - Hirado : Prince of Porcelains (Encyclopedia of Japanese Art Series).
11921: LAWRENCE, ROBERT Z., - Regionalism, Multilateralism, and Deeper Integration.
140822: LAWRENCE, D. H.; COLE, WILLIAM; RASKIN, ELLEN, - Poems Selected for Young People. Edited by William Cole. Drawings by Ellen Raskin.
160339: LAWRENCE, GEORGE, - Taxonomy of Vascular Plants.
58776: LAWSON, HENRY. WRIGHT, DAVID MCKEE, - Poetical Works of Henry Lawson.
25543: LAWSON, JONATHAN, - Robert Bloomfield.
140886: LAWSON, JOHN, - A Town Grammar School Through Six Centuries.
46593: LAX, RUTH F., - Rapprochement: The Critical Subphase Of Separation-individuation.
34389: LAX, ROGER, - The Great Song Thesaurus.
30936: LAX, ROGER, - The Great Song Thesaurus.
120667: LAX, BENJAMIN, - Microwave Ferrites and Ferromagnetics.
12031: LAYZER, DAVID, - Cosmogenesis: the Growth of Order in the Universe.
51215: LAZARUS, DAVID, - Veshinantam Lebaneha.
28904: LAZARUS-BLACK, MINDIE, - Legitimate Acts And Illegal Encounters: Law And Society In Antigua And Barbuda.
802474: LEA, TOM, - A Picture Gallery Paintings And Drawings By Tom Lea.
711970: LEA, ZILLA RIDER, - The Ornamented Tray: Two Centuries of Ornamented Trays (1720-1920).
32278: LEAB, DANIEL J., - The Labor History Reader.
804924: LEACH, BERNARD, - Bernard Leach a Potter's Work.
19044: LEACH, BERNARD, - Beyond East And West: Memoirs, Portraits And Essays.
15097: LEACH, WILLIAM, - Land Of Desire: Merchants, Power, And The Rise Of A New American Culture.
801113: LEACROFT, RICHARD, - The Development Of The English Playhouse With Comparative Reconstructions.
710605: NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, - Super Bowl XXIX Game Program.
36058: CHARLESTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA LEAGUE, - Music, Menus & Magnolias: Charleston Shares Its Culture And Cuisine.
281133: THE AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1965.
281099: AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, - Single Sideband for the Radio Amateur; a Digest of Authoritative Articles on Amateur Radio Single Sideband.
281134: THE AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1966.
281135: THE AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1974.
281128: THE AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE, - The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1948.
41334: LEAHY, JAMES E., - First Amendment 1791-1991: Two Hundred Years Of Freedom.
26332: LEAHY, JACK L., - Medical Management Of Diabetes Mellitus.
40562: LEAKE, BERNARD E., - A Catalog Of Analyzed Calciferous And Subcalciferous Amphiboles Together With Their Nomenclature And Associated Minerals.
140875: LEAKE, JANE ACOMB, - The Geats of Beowulf: A Study in the Geographical Mythology of the Middle Ages.
140076: LEAL, VICTOR NUNES, - Coronelismo: The Municipality and Representative Government in Brazil (Cambridge Latin American Studies).
53926: LEAMON, WARREN, - Harry Mathews.
59412: LEAP, TERRY L., - Tenure, Discrimination, and the Courts.
17586: LEAR, EDWARD, - Edward Lear: Selected Letters.
140930: LEARNED, HENRY BARRETT, - The President's Cabinet.
40123: LEARY, PENN, - The Cryptographic Shakespeare: A Monograph Wherein The Poems And Plays Attributed To William Shakespeare Are Proven To Contain The Enciphered Name Of The Concealed Author, Francis Bacon.
805914: O'LEARY, TED AND MAYER, BILL AND POSNANSKI, JOE AND WOODLING, CHUCK AND MCLENDON, JOHN AND WOLFF, AL, - The Kansas Century: 100 Years of Championship Jayhawk Basketball.
47554: LEARY, WILLIAM M., - From Airships To Airbus (the History Of Civil And Commercial Aviation) , Volume 1: Infrastructure And Environment.
41032: LEARY, PENN, - The Cryptographic Shakespeare: A Monograph Wherein The Poems And Plays Attributed To William Shakespeare Are Proven To Contain The Enciphered Name Of The Concealed Author, Francis Bacon.
37789: LEARY, JAMES P., - Midwestern Folk Humor: Jokes On Farming, Logging, Religion, And Traditional Ways.
34528: O'LEARY, E. M., - Supervision Of Construction.
34262: LEARY, PENN, - The Cryptographic Shakespeare: A Monograph Wherein The Poems And Plays Attributed To William Shakespeare Are Proven To Contain The Enciphered Name Of The Concealed Author, Francis Bacon.
3727: LEARY, LEWIS, - Articles on American Literature: 1950-1967.
47633: COMMITTEE ON ONSHORE OIL AND GAS LEASING, - Land Use Planning And Oil And Gas Leasing On Onshore Federal Lands.
30394: LEAVENWORTH, LUCY, - Old Rail Fence Corners: Frontier Tales Told By Minnesota Pioneers.
60465: LEAVIS, F. R. ,, - A Selection From Scrutiny, 2 Vols..
29706: LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER, - Brought To Bed: Childbearing In America, 1750 To 1950.
42144: LEBEAUX, RICHARD, - Thoreau's Seasons.
24455: LEBERGOTT, STANLEY, - Wealth And Want.
29659: LEBLANG, THEODORE R., - Illinois Practice Library. The Law Of Medical Practice In Illinois.
804724: LEBOVICH, WILLIAM L., - Design for Dignity Studies in Accessibility.
57569: LEBOWITZ, NAOMI, - Humanism and the Absurd in the Modern Novel.
49557: LEBRA, TAKIE SUGIYAMA, - Japanese Patterns Of Behavior.
31319: LEBSOCK, SUZANNE, - The Free Women Of Petersburg.
804764: LECHLER, DORIS ANDERSON, - Children's Glass Dishes, China, and Furniture/Series 2.
140054: LECHNER, JOAN MARIE, - Renaissance Concepts of the Commonplaces: An Historical Investigation of the General and Universal Ideas Used in All Argumentation and Persuasion with ... of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
160444: LECK, CHARLES F, - Birds of New Jersey, Their Habits and Habitats.
31194: LECKY, W E. H. CURTIS, L. P., - A History Of Ireland In The Eighteenth Century.
280804: LECLERCQ, H., - Manuel D'Archeologie Chretienne Depuis les Origines Jusqu'au VIII Siecle..
13759: LECROY, CRAIG WINSTON, - Handbook Of Child And Adolescent Treatment Manuals.
281164: LECUYER, ANNETTE W., - Radical Tectonics (4x4 Series).
23564: LEDERBERG, JOSHUA, - Encyclopedia of Microbiology.
802440: LEDERER, HELMUT. TRIER, EDUARD, - The Sculpture Of Marino Marini.
9041: LEDERER, MICHAEL, - An Introduction To Paper Electrophoresis And Related Methods.
41606: LEDWIDGE, JOHN, - The Brow, The Brothers And The Bogside A History Of The Christian Brothers' School, Derry, 1854-1990.
160945: LEE, CHARLES ROBERT JR., - The Confederate Constitutions.
58253: LEE, DANIEL E., - Generations and the Challenge of Justice.
804397: LEE, CUTHBART, - Contemporary American Portrait Painters, : Illustrating and Describing the Work of Fifty Living Painters.
802293: LEE, EVERETT S, - Population Redistribution And Economic Growth, United States, 1870-1950 - I - Methodological Considerations And Reference Tables.
57414: LEE, RONALD D., - Population Patterns in the Past (Studies in social discontinuity).
53025: LEE, KENNETH & ANNE MILLS, - The Economics of Health in Developing Countries.
51203: LEE, HOWARD B., - Bloodletting in Appalachia: the Story of West Virginia's Four Major Mine Wars and Other Thrilling Incidents of its Coal Fields.
45961: LEE, DEEMER, - Esther's Town.
45579: LEE, THERESA MAN LING, - Politics And Truth: Political Theory And The Postmodernist Challenge.
45294: LEE, THERESA MAN LING, - Politics And Truth: Political Theory And The Postmodernist Challenge.
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53666: LUND, GENE, - Deep Runs the River History of the Red River Valley Synod LCA.
53667: LUND, GENE, - Deep Runs the River History of the Red River Valley Synod LCA.

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