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901449: BAILLY, JEAN CHRISTOPHE, - Dorothea Tanning.
36990: BAILY, SAMUEL, - Labor, Nationalism, And Politics In Argentina.
60569: BAILYN, BERNARD, - The Debate on the Constitution: Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and Letters During the Struggle Over Ratification (2 Volumes).
23844: BAIN, KEITH, - Understanding Markets An Introduction To The Theory, Institutions And Practice Of Markets.
28297: BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM SIMS, - Spaceflight Revolution A Sociological Study.
806981: BAINES, ANTHONY, - European and American Musical Instruments.
804076: BAINES, ANTHONY, - European and American Musical Instruments.
806633: BAINES, ANTHONY, - European and American Musical Instruments.
23249: BAINTON, ROLAND H., - Behold The Christ: A Portrait In Words And Pictures.
58482: BAIRD, ROBERT D., - Religion in Modern India.
34264: BAIRD, W. DAVID, - A Creek Warrior For The Confederacy: The Autobiography Of Chief G. W. Grayson.
31778: BAIRD, W. DAVID, - The Quapaw Indians: A History Of The Downstream People.
803786: BAJ, ENRICO. BAUDRILLARD, JEAN, - Enrico Baj..
54447: BAKAY, LOUIS, - Blood-Brain Barrier, The; with Special Regard to the Use of Radioactive Isotopes (American Lecture Series, Publication #278, Bannerstone Division of American Lectures in Surgery).
800752: BAKER, CHRIS D., - In Retrospect An Illustrated History Of Wapello County, Iowa.
34684: BAKER, SIR JOHN. HEYMAN, JACQUES, - Plastic Design Of Frames 1. Fundamentals.
711113: BAKER, HERSCHEL, - Later Renaissance in England: Nondramatic Verse and Prose, 1600-1660.
804824: BAKER, DAVID, - Spaceflight and Rocketry a Chronology.
804737: BAKER, LILLIAN, - Twentieth Century Fashionable Plastic Jewelry.
802972: BAKER, HOLLIS S.. RUSSELL, SIR GORDON, - Furniture In The Ancient World Origins & Evolution 311-475 B.c..
800437: BAKER, CATHERINE, - The Innocent Artists: Student Art From Papua New Guinea.
710130: BAKER, HERSCHEL, - Later Renaissance in England: Nondramatic Verse and Prose, 1600-1660.
58469: BAKER, RONALD L., - Hoosier Folk Legends (Midland Bks Series: No. 334).
55865: BAKER, SHARON L. AND LANCASTER, F. WILFRID, - The Measurement and Evaluation of LIbrary Services.
54855: BAKER, BENTON, - Outline of Patent Office Interference Practice.
50090: BAKER, JOHN C., - Farm Broadcasting: the First Sixty Years..
28472: BAKER, ROBERT M., - Astrodynamics Applications And Advanced Topics.
41877: BAKER, JAMES THOMAS, - Thomas Merton, Social Critic : A Study.
36386: BAKER, WHITEFORD L., - Eastern Forest Insects.
34157: BAKER, CARLOS, - The Echoing Green: Romanticism, Modernism, And The Phenomena Of Transference In Poetry.
33922: BAKER, COZY, - Through The Kaleidoscope And Beyond.
23519: BAKER, LOUIS, - Artificial Intelligence With Ada.
23559: BAKER, ROBERT A., - Contaminants And Sediments: Analysis, Chemistry, Biology.
26438: BAKER, G. L., - Chaotic Dynamics : An Introduction.
180139: BAKER, PAUL T. AND J. S. WEINER, EDS, - The Biology of Human Adaptability.
16512: BAKER, LEONARD, - John Marshall: A Life In Law.
15125: BAKER, HOUSTON A., - Workings Of The Spirit: The Poetics Of Afro-american Women's Writing.
15090: BAKER, WILLIAM J., - Sports In The Western World.
6808: BAKER, JOHN C., - Farm Broadcasting: the First Sixty Years..
6530: BAKER, JAMES THOMAS, - Thomas Merton, Social Critic : a Study.
28: BAKER, JOHN C., - Farm Broadcasting: the First Sixty Years..
901827: BAKER, NICHOLSON AND BRENTANO, MARGARET, - The World on Sunday : Graphic Art in Joseph Pulitzer's Newspaper (1898 - 1911).
750024: BAKER, EARL P., AND HAROLD S. LANGLAND, - Architectural Metal Handbook..
711879: BAKER, VICTOR R., - The Channels of Mars.
281543: BAKER, GREGORY L. & JERRY P. GOLLUB, - Chaotic Dynamics: An Introduction.
160413: BAKER, GLADYS L., - Century of Service. The First 100 Years of The United States Department of Agriculture.
160543: BAKER, ELIZABETH FAULKNER, - Technology and Woman's Work.
281333: BAKER, ARTHUR E., - A Shakespeare Commentary Dates of Composition and First Publication; Sources of Plots and Detailed Outlines of the Plays, Etc. Two Volume Set.
41639: BAKKE, E. WIGHT, - Revolutionary Democracy Challenge And Testing In Japan.
17022: DE BAKKER, J. W. DE, - Real-time: Theory In Practice.
18939: BAKLANOFF, ERIC N., - The Shaping Of Modern Brazil.
41391: BALAAM, L. N., - Fundamentals Of Biometry.
25881: BALABKINS, NICHOLAS, - West German Reparations To Israel.
24054: BALADIN, A. A., - Problems Of Kinetics And Catalysis XI Scientific Selection Of Catalysts.
100554: BALAKRISHNAN, ALAMPALLAM V., - Applied Functional Analysis (Applications of Mathematics).
28677: BALASSA, B., - European Economic Integration.
34038: BALASUBRUMANIAM, A. S., - Recent Developments In Ground Improvement Techniques: Proceedings Of The International Symposium.
59434: BALBUS, ISAAC D., - Marxism and Domination: A Neo-Hegelian, Feminist, Psychoanalytic Theory of Sexual, Political, and Technological Liberation.
39085: BALCH, EDWIN SWIFT, - Letters And Papers Relating To The Alaska Frontier.
802733: BALCOMB, J. DOUGLAS, - Passive Solar Design Handbook Volume III Passive Solar Design Analysis And Supplement.
281586: BALD, ROBERT CECIL, - Bibliographical studies in the Beaumont & Fletcher Folio of 1647 (Bibliographical Society's Transactions. 13).
3532: BALDASSARE, MARK EDITOR, - Cities and Urban Living.
50041: BALDASTY, GERALD J., - E. W. Scripps and the Business of Newspapers.
100690: BALDWIN, BREWSTER, - Geologic studies of Union County, New Mexico: Geology of Union County. Volcanic rocks of Des Moines quadrangle (New Mexico. Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources. Bulletin).
51366: BALDWIN, ROBERT E. KRUEGER, ANNE O, - The Structure and Evolution of Recent U. S. Trade Policy.
51347: BALDWIN, ROBERT, - College Football Records: Division I-A and the Ivy League, 1869-1984.
47837: BALDWIN, A. DWIGHT, - Beyond Preservation: Restoring And Inventing Landscapes.
43422: BALDWIN, JAMES, - The Amen Corner.
31192: BALDWIN, MARSHALL W., - Christianity Through The Thirteenth Century.
25653: BALDWIN, RUTH M., - 100 Nineteenth-century Rhyming Alphabets In English.
120153: BALDWIN, R. L. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE SECTION ON AGRICULTURE, - Animals, Feed, Food and People: An Analysis of the Role of Animals in Food Production (Aaas Selected Symposium ; 42).
50598: BALES, ROBERT FREED, - The "Fixation Factor" in Alcohol Addiction: an Hypothesis Derived from a Comparative Study of Irish and Jewish Social Norms.
20055: BALES, EUGENE F., - A Ready Reference To Philosophy East And West.
31832: BALIO, TINO., - United Artists: The Company That Changed The Film Industry.
52287: BALL, A. GORDON. HEADY, EARL, - Size, Structure and Future of Farms.
46195: BALL, A. GORDON, - Size, Structure And Future Of Farms.
45691: BALL, TERENCE, - Reappraising Political Theory: Revisionist Studies In The History Of Political Thought.
31422: BALL, HOWARD, - The Vision And The Dream Of Justice Hugo L. Black: An Examination Of A Judicial Philosophy.
29045: BALL, A. GORDON, - Size, Structure And Future Of Farms.
23154: BALL, TERENCE, - Idioms Of Inquiry: Critique And Renewal In Political Science.
59953: BALLA, PETER, - Challenges to New Testament Theology: An Attempt to Justify the Enterprise.
280875: BALLANTYNE, BRYAN & TIMOTHY C. MARRS; TURNER, PAUL, - General & Applied Toxicology Two Volume Set.
48736: BALLARD, EDWARD GOODWIN, - Man And Technology: Toward The Measurement Of A Culture.
220036: BALLENDORF, DIRK ANTHONY, - Historical Dictionary of Guam and Micronesia.
55962: BALLIETT, WHITNEY, - Improvising: Sixteen Jazz Musicians and Their Art.
806313: BALLINGER, LOUISE BOWEN ET AL, - Sign Symbol & Form..
901897: BALMES, JAIME, - Obras Completas Del Dr. Don Jaime Balmes.
23942: BALOGH, THOMAS, - The Irrelevance Of Conventional Economics.
804892: BALON, EUGENE K., - Fishes of Lake Kariba, Africa - Length-Weight Relationship, a Pictorial Guide.
38760: BALON, EUGENE K., - Fishes Of Lake Kariba, Africa Length-weight Relationship, A Pictorial Guide.
48268: BALSDON, J. P. V. D, - Romans And Aliens.
17910: BALSDON, J. P. V. D, - Romans And Aliens.
100411: BALSLEY.E.,, - Scandinavian Congress of Mathematicians: 18th (Progress in Mathematics).
28404: BALTAGI, BADI H., - A Companion To Theoretical Econometrics.
34318: BALTENSPERGER, BRADLEY H., - Nebraska, A Geography.
281159: BAMANN, EUGEN; MYRBÄCK, KARL, - Die Methoden Der Fermentforschung. Volume 2.
281160: BAMANN, EUGEN; MYRBÄCK, KARL, - Die Methoden Der Fermentforschung. Volume 3.
281161: BAMANN, EUGEN; MYRBÄCK, KARL, - Die Methoden Der Fermentforschung. Volume 4.
100173: BANATVALA, J. E., - Viral Infections of the Heart.
49646: BANCROFT, PEGGY, - Journey By Lamplight: From Indian Trails To Skyways.
180106: BANCROFT, EMERY HERBERT., - Christian Theology, Systematic and Biblical.
2207: BANCROFT, T. A., - Topics in Intermediate Statistics Volume 1.
24069: BANDAL, S. KRIS, - The Pesticide Chemist And Modern Technology.
32489: BANDEEN, WILLIAM R., - Possible Relationships Between Solar Activity And Meteorological Phenomena.
42940: BANDELIER, A. F., - The Gilded Man (el Dorado) And Other Pictures Of The Spanish Occupancy Of America.
15323: BANDOW, DOUG, - The Politics Of Envy: Statism As Theology.
24501: BANDT, JACQUES DE, - European Studies In Development: New Trends In European Development Studies.
710490: BANERJEE, HARI NATH, - Queen Elizabeth I (Her Virginity and Marriage Baits).
160747: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK, - The Mantel-Piece Minstrels and Other Stories.
800033: BANISTER, MANLY, - Pictorial Manual Of Bookbinding.
39126: BANK, RANDOLPH E., - Computational Aspects Of Vlsi Design With An Emphasis On Semiconductor Device Simulation.
160145: BANKO, WINSTON E., - The Trumpeter Swan Its History, Habits, and Population in the United States (Number 63).
46036: BANKS, STEPHEN, - Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.
23904: BANKS, FERDINAND E., - Scarcity, Energy, And Economic Progress.
34571: BANKS, FERDINAND E., - The Political Economy Of Coal.
54635: BANKWITZ, PHILIP CHARLES FARWELL, - Maxime Weygand and Civil-Military Relations in Modern France.
44953: BANKWITZ, PHILIP CHARLES FARWELL, - Alsatian Autonomist Leaders 1919-1947.
30224: BANNAN, JOHN F., - Law, Morality, And Vietnam; : The Peace Militants And The Courts.
20433: BANNAN, J. F., - Philosophy Of Merleau-ponty.
42227: BANNER, DONALD W., - Celebration Of The Beginning Of The Second Century Of The American Patent System At Washington City, D. C. April 8, 9, 10, 1891 Proceedings And Addresses.
47020: BANNERMAN, D. DOUGLAS, - The Scripture Doctrine Of The Church.
57783: BANNISTER, ROBERT C., - Sociology and Scientism: The American Quest for Objectivity, 1880-1940.
801550: BANTA, R. E., - Indiana Authors And Their Books 1816-1916.
47807: BANTA, TRUDY W., - Assessment In Practice Putting Principles To Work On College Campuses.
40591: BANTON, MICHAEL, - Political Systems And The Distribution Of Power.
280206: BANVARD, THEODORE JAMES FLEMING, - Goodenows Who Originated in Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1638 A. D.
160125: BANZHAF, WOLFGANG ED., - Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines Volume 1, Number 1/2, April 2000 ISSN: 1389-2576.
51699: BAO, WIEZHU, LIU, JIAN-GUO, - Dynamics in Models of Coarsening, Coagulation, Condensation and Quantization.
25740: BARAGA, FREDERIC. WALLING, REGIS M., - Diary Of Bishop Frederic Baraga: First Bishop Of Marquette, Michigan.
801538: BARAKAT, FAYEZ, - The Barakat Gallery: A Catalogue of the Collection. Vol. II: Pre-Columbian Art..
59965: BARAKS, GLORIA & DAVE COLLINS & HOWARD KOENIG & CAROL MEDSKER & BESS PIERCE & EVELYN WITTER, - Profiles in Leadership : Dynamic Men and Women of the Quad Cities.
36918: BARAM, PHILLIP J., - The Department Of State And The Middle East, 1919-1945.
27920: BARAM, MICHAEL F., - Marine Mining Of The Continental Shelf.
58973: BARBARINI, GIOVANNI, - Kirchen Im Sozialismus. Kirche Und Staat in Den Osteuropäischen Republiken. Eine Idoc-Dokumentation..
42438: BARBE, MURIEL CULP, - A Union Forever: An Historical Story Of The Turbulent Years, 1854-1865, In The Lincoln Country And The Kansas-missouri Border Of The Old Central West, ... Of Lewis Hanback, Hitherto Unpublished.
23057: BARBE, WALTER B., - Handwriting: Basic Skills For Effective Communication.
43327: BARBEAU, ANNE T., - The Intellectual Design Of John Dryden's Heroic Plays.
56474: BARBER, ELINOR G, - The Bourgeoisie in 18th Century France.
32666: BARBER, H., - The Aeroplane Speaks.
711641: BARBER, SAMUEL, - Excursions for the Piano (2138).
140236: BARBOUR, FRANCES M., - A Concordance to the Sayings in Franklin's Poor Richard.
220159: BARBOUR, JAMES; QUIRK, TOM, - Writing the American Classics.
29790: BARBOUR, HUGH, - Early Quaker Writings, 1650-1700.
24052: BARBOUR, MICHAEL G., - North American Terrestrial Vegetation.
46819: BARBOUR, IAN G., - Technology, Environment And Human Values.
8401: BARBOUR, MICHAEL G., - Terrestrial Plant Ecology.
7419: BARBOUR, BEVERLY, - Cooking with Spirits.
43685: BARCIA, JOSE RUBIA, - Unamuno Creator And Creation.
34941: BARCROFT, JOSEPH, - Features In The Architecture Of Physiological Function.
32988: BARDACH, JOHN F., - Aquaculture: The Farming And Husbandry Of Freshwater And Marine Organisms.
806592: BARDELL, PAUL H. & RUDY GARCIA & KEN PARKER; WILLIAMS, T. W., - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Compendium International Test Conference.
27498: BARDELL, P. R., - Magnetic Materials In The Electrical Industry.
18114: BARDENS, DENNIS, - Churchill In Parliament.
120280: BARDIN, C.WAYNE & R.J. SHERINS, - The Cell Biology of the Testis (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences).
48205: BARDWELL, JOHN D., - The Isles Of Shoals: A Visual History.
37226: BARGER, NANCY J., - The Challenge Of Change In Organizations : Helping Employees Thrive In The New Frontier.
30409: BARGER, W. K., - The Farm Labor Movement In The Midwest: Social Change And Adaptation Among Migrant Farmworkers.
56661: BARINGER, WILLIAM E. AND MIERS, EARL SCHENCK, - Lincoln Day By Day: A Chronology (Volume 1: 1809-1848).
37967: BARKEN, CHRISTOPHER P. L., - Principles And Practices For Diesel Contaminated Soils Volume VI (6).
710941: BARKER, VIRGIL, - Pieter Bruegel the Elder: a Study of His Paintings.
54630: BARKER, CHARLES ALBRO. (HENRY GEORGE), - Henry George..
44055: BARKER, NANCY NICHOLS, - Distaff Diplomacy : The Empress Eugenie And The Foreign Policy Of The Second Empire.
40505: BARKER, ROBERT, - Politics, Peoples And Government: Themes In British Political Thought Since The Nineteenth Century.
39438: BARKER, CHARLES A., - Power And Law: American Diplomacy In World Affairs.
36165: BARKER-BENFIELD, G. J., - Portraits Of American Women: From Settlement To The Present/combined Volume.
35298: BARKER, VIRGIL, - From Realism To Reality In Recent American Painting.
35181: BARKER, TOMMIE DORA, - Libraries Of The South: A Report On Development 1930-1935.
31905: BARKER, JOHN, - Strange Contrarieties Pascal In England During The Age Of Reason.
31356: BARKER, ELISABETH, - Churchill And Eden At War.
120286: BARKER, CHARLES A., - Power and Law; American Dilemma in World Affairs. Papers of the Conference on Peace Research in History.
57756: BARKIN, J. SAMUEL, - Social Construction and the Logic of Money: Financial Predominance and International Economic Leadership (Suny Series in Global Politics).
50257: BARKLEY, RUSSELL A., - Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: a Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment.
806108: BARLACH, ERNST. GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON, - The Transformations of God; : Seven Woodcuts by Ernst Barlach with Selections from His Writings in Translation.
281604: BARLOW, TANI. HAMMER, BRIAN, - War Capital Trauma.
53520: BARLOW, WILFRED, - The Alexander Technique.
39839: BARLOW, R. B., - Quantitative Aspects Of Chemical Pharmacology.
9262: BARLOW, DAVID H. EDITOR, - Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders.
49363: BARLY, JOSEPH A, - Judging Saddle Horses And Roadsters; : A Presentation Of The Principles Upon Which Saddle And Roadster Horses Have Been And Now Are Judged Under The Unwritten ... A Horse Show And Correct Riding Attire.
41357: BARMAN, THOMAS E., - Enzyme Handbook Supplement 1.
22093: BARNA, YON, - Eisenstein.
41901: BARNARD, NOEL, - Early Chinese Art And Its Possible Influence In The Pacific Basin. volumes 1 and 2.
180112: BARNARD, MARJORIE, - Miles Franklin.
13998: BARNARD, MARJORIE, - Miles Franklin.
1127: BARNARD, ROBIN O ET AL, - An Atlas of Tumours Involving the Central Nervous System.
901935: BARNBAUM, BRUCE, - Tone Poems: Book 1.
58904: BARNES, JIM, - On Native Ground: Memoirs and Impressions (American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series).
711355: BARNES, SARAH (ED.), - Columbia Yarn Book of Infants' and Children's Wear.
160909: BARNES, THOMAS GARDEN, - Somerset, 1625-1640: A Country's Government during the "Personal Rule".
56962: BARNES, ALBERT, - Notes, Critical, Illustrative And Practical, On The Book Of Daniel: With An Introductory Dissertation.
54850: BARNES, WILLIAM HARRISON, - The Contemporary American Organ: its Evolution, Design and Construction.
50173: BARNES, H. W., - (State University of Iowa) 1907 Hawkeye.
49896: BARNES, THOMAS G., - Nationalism, Industrialization, and Democracy 1815-1914.
45973: BARNES, HAZEL E., - Sartre And Flaubert.
39217: BARNES, ALLAN C., - The Water Metabolism Of The Fetus.
37491: BARNES, ROBERT M., - Trading System Analysis: Using Trading Simulations And Generated Data To Test, Evaluate And Predict Trading System Performance.
30393: BARNES, HARRY ELMER, - A History Of Historical Writing..
120790: BARNES, HARRY ELMER, - Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World: Volume 2 (Two).
120789: BARNES, HARRY ELMER, - An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World Volume 1 (One).
281671: BARNES, WILLIAM HARRISON, - The Contemporary American Organ: its Evolution, Design and Construction.
281495: BARNES, JOHN, - The Beginnings of the Cinema in England.
59582: BARNES, J. & JEANETTE BARNES & C. BIEMESDERFER, - Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series).
59584: BARNES, J. & R. J. BRISSENDEN & R. J. HANISCH, - 2nd Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems II (Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series).
160542: BARNES, HARRY ELMER (ED), - An Introduction to the History of Sociology.
40015: BARNETT, ALFRED J., - Scleroderma (progressive Systemic Scherosis).
50735: BARNETT, S. A., - The Rat a Study in Behaviour.
38595: BARNETT, A. DOAK, - Modernizing China: Post-Mao Reform and Development.
805821: BARNETT, VIVIAN ENDICOTT AND LICHT, FRED AND TUCKER, PAUL, - Thannhauser Collection/guggenheim Museum.
14000: BARNETT, URSULA A, - Ezekiel Mphahlele.
19877: BARNEY, STEPHEN A., - Word Hoard An Introduction To Old English Vocabulary.
3113: BARNHAM, PETER, - Schizophrenia and Human Value: Chronic Schizophrenia, Science and Society.
37052: BARNHART, CLARENCE D., - The New Century Cyclopedia Of Names.
901775: BARNHART, CLARENCE D., - The New Century Cyclopedia of Names.
160871: BARNOUW, ERIK, - The Golden Web: A History of Broadcasting in the United States: Volume 2 - 1933 to 1953.
48874: BARNS, CASS G, - The Sod House.
54682: BARON, AVA, - Work Engendered: Toward a New History of American Labor.
49571: BARON, W. M. M., - Organization In Plants.
44263: BARON, SALO WITTMAYER., - A Social And Religious History Of The Jews: Volume VI (6) Laws, Homilies, And The Bible.
41393: BARON, NAOMI S, - Language Acquisition And Historical Change.
26015: BARON, SALO WITTMAYER. FELDMAN, LEON A., - Ancient And Medieval Jewish History Essays By Salo Wittmayer Baron.
100593: BARON, JONATHAN, - Thinking and Deciding.
120099: BARR, ALWYN, - Reconstruction to Reform; : Texas Politics, 1876-1906.
27822: BARR, ANDREW, - Drink: A Social History Of America.
22482: BARR, STEPHEN, - Experiments In Topology.
806132: BARR, DAVID A., - Museo Nacional de Historia. Castillo de Chapultepec. Special Issue of Artes de Mexico No. 92/93 ANO XIV 1967.
281032: BARR, MARGARET J., - The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration (Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education).
11186: BARR, AVRON, - The Handbook Of Artificial Intelligence.
30274: BARRATT, G. R. V., - Voices In Exile: The Decembrist Memoirs.
804040: BARRET, RICHARD CARTER, - Bennington Pottery and Porcelain a Guide to Identification.
801406: BARRETT, HARRY B., - The 19th-century Journals & Paintings Of William Pope.
800823: BARRETT, DOUGLAS, - Treasures Of Asia Indian Painting.
800410: BARRETT, HARRY B., - The 19th-century Journals & Paintings Of William Pope.
54476: BARRETT, JR. SOLOMON, - The Principles of Grammar English Latin & Greek.
52780: BARRETT, JOHN W., - Regional Silviculture of the United States.
31673: BARRETT, ANTHONY A., - Agrippina: Sex, Power, And Politics In The Early Empire.
44572: BARRICK, MAC E., - German-american Folklore.
34251: BARRIER, MICHAEL, - Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation In Its Golden Age.
120931: BARRINGER, FLOYD S, - Wartime Odyssey: Letters Written by a Son to His Father, July 1941 - July 1944.
13685: BARRIS, ROANN, - Psychosocial Occupational Therapy: Practice In A Pluralistic Arena.
47603: BARRO, ROBERT J., - Macroeconomic Policy.
711957: BARRON, STEPHANIE & MAURICE TUCHMAN, - Avant Garde in Russia, 1910-30: New Perspectives.
800290: BARRON, STEPHANIE, - German Expressionist Sculpture.
160933: BARROS, JAMES, - Betrayal From Within: Joseph Avenol, Secretary-General of the League of Nations, 1933-1940.
240018: BARROW, TERENCE, - Maori Art of New Zealand.
26465: BARROW, JOHN D., - The Artful Universe.
140817: BARROW, R. H., - Plutarch and His Times.
37578: BARROWS, ROBERT G., - Albion Fellows Bacon: Indiana's Municipal Housekeeper.
901660: BARROWS, MARJORIE. WINTER, MILO, - Who's Who in the Zoo Descriptive Stories of Animal Life.
807030: BARRUCAND, MARIANNE AND BEDNORZ, ACHIM, - Moorish Architecture in Andalusia (Taschen 25th Anniversary Series).
802414: BARRY, JAMES P., - Ships Of The Great Lakes 300 Years Of Navigation.
280657: BARRY, HUGH C., - Paget's Disease of Bone.
39416: BARSCHALL, H. H., - Polarization Phenomena In Nuclear Reactions (proceedings Of The 3rd International Symposium, Madison, 1970).
806316: BARSIS, MAX, - The Common Man Through the Centuries: A Book of Costume Drawings.
807306: BARSIS, MAX, - The Common Man Through the Centuries: A Book of Costume Drawings.
49576: BART, BENJAMIN F., - Flaubert.
41670: BART, BENJAMIN F., - Flaubert.
42975: BARTEL, HORST, - Marxismus Und Deutsche Arbeiter Bewegung.
58608: BARTH, MARKUS, - Ephesians: Translation and Commentary on Chapters 4-6 (Anchor Bible, Vol. 34A).
54310: BARTH, ERNST, - Karl-Marx-Stadt: Ergebnisse Der Heimatkundlichen Bestandsaufnahme Im Gebiet Von Karl-Marx-Stadt.
48445: BARTH, ALAN, - Government By Investigation.
43197: BARTH, PIUS J., - Franciscan Education And The Social Order In Spanish North America 1502-1821.
41631: BARTH, ALAN, - Uncle Sam Is Watching You,highlights From The Hearings Of The Senate Subcommittee On Constitutional Rights.
33733: BARTH, RICHARD P., - Preventing Adolescent Abuse: Effective Intervention Strategies And Techniques.
31719: BARTH, J. ROBERT, - Coleridge And Christian Doctrine.
29384: BARTH, ROLAND S., - Improving Schools From Within : Teachers, Parents, And Principals Can Make The Difference.
26226: BARTH, J. ROBERT, - Coleridge And Christian Doctrine.
61037: BARTH, KARL AND BULTMANN, RUDOLF AND JASPERT, BERND AND W., GEOFFREY, - Karl Barth - Rudolf Bultmann Letters, 1922-1966.
54045: BARTH, MARKUS, - The Anchor Bible Ephesians 4-6.
56265: BARTHEL, DIANE, - Putting on Appearances Gender and Advertising.
20226: BARTHES, ROLAND, - The Grain Of The Voice: Interviews 1962-1980.
281140: BARTHOLDY, JACOB LUDWIG FELIX MENDELSSOHN, - There Shall a Star from Jacob Come Forth. Op. 97. < Chorus, [Preceded By] Recitative and Trio. > Three Excerpts from Christus. Vocal Score Re-Edited from the Full Score by Ivor Keys.
17972: BARTHORP, MICHAEL, - The Zulu War: A Pictorial History.
13944: BARTHWELL, ANDREA G., - Screening For Infectious Diseases Among Substance Abusers.
802784: BARTL, JULIUS, - Comenius University, 1919-1994, Bratislava.
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