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55134: KNAPP, BEVIL; KNAPP, BEVIL [PHOTOGRAPHER]; HEITMAN, DANNY [INTRODUCTION]; - St. Francisville: Louisiana's Historic River Bluff Country
SKU-054141: ORA WILLIS KNIGHT - The Birds of Maine: With Key to and Description of the Various Species Known...
28385: JOHN KNIGHT - Return Distributions in Finance (Quantitative Finance) [Hardcover]; Knight, John
55114: KNITTLE, WALTER ALLEN - Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
SKU-053970: BOLTON SARAH KNOWLES - Successful Women by Bolton, Sarah Knowles
40440: DAVID KNOX - 20 Techniques for Converting Buyers to Sales (David Knox Seminars) (Audio Cd)
SKU-055284: ERIC KNUTSEN - Innis Arden: 100 Years in the Neighborhood by Knutsen, Eric
33077: TADASHI KOBAYASHI - An Enduring Vision: 17th- to 20th-Century Japanese Painting from the Gitter-y...
61998: KOCH, MARYJO - Bird Egg Feather Nest (Maryjo Koch Series)
60935: KOCH, ROBERT - Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of Robert Koch (Schiffer Classic Reference Book)
58631: KOCH, ARTHUR - Purposeful Speaking
59450: KODISH, SUSAN PRESBY; KODISH, BRUCE I. - Drive Yourself Sane : Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics, Revised Second Edition
SKU-048265: ILSE KOEHN - Mischling, Second Degree: My Childhood in Nazi Germany [Hardcover] by Ilse Koehn
SKU-041298: ALFRED KOEHN - Notes on Bonsai by Koehn, Alfred
59397: KOENIG, HAROLD G. [EDITOR] - Handbook of Religion and Mental Health
57309: JOSEPH LEO KOERNER - Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape
50419: KOERNER, JOSEPH LEO; BUTTS, BARBARA; TAUSZ, SUZANNE [EDITOR] - The Printed World of Pieter Bruegel the Elder
29710: PAUL KOESTNER - On the Wind and a Prayer: How a Fair-Weather Day-Sailing Couple from the Nort...
58600: KOFMAN, JAN - Economic Nationalism and Development: Central and Eastern Europe between the Two World Wars
50130: KOHL, LAWRENCE; RICHARD, MARGARET COSSE - Irish Green and Union Blue: The CIVIL War Letters of Peter Welsh, Color Sergeant, 28th Massachusetts (Irish in the CIVIL War)
55326: KOHUT, HEINZ - The Analysis of the Self: A Systematic Approach to the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorders
61213: KOJIMA, TAKASHI - The Japanese Abacus
62211: KOLB, ROBERT; OVERDAHL, JAMES A. - Futures, Options, and Swaps
56779: NATALYA KOMASHKO, ELENA SAENKOVA - Russian Hagiographical Icons / Russkaya Zhitiynaya Ikona (Podarochnoe Izdanie)
59368: YEFIM GORDON; SERGEI KOMISSAROV - Illyushin IL-2 and IL-10 Shturmovik
61202: KONHEIM, ALAN G. - Cryptography: A Primer
36766: KARL KONIG - Rudolf Steiners Calendar of the Soul by Konig, Karl
51000: KONTOPOULOS, GEORGIOS IOANNOU [EDITOR]; BUCHLER, J. R. [EDITOR]; GOTTESMAN, S. T. [EDITOR]; KANDRUP, HENRY E. [EDITOR]; - Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Astrophysics: A Festschrift in Honor of George Contopoulos (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
59038: KOOLHAAS, REM - Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan
57587: WILLEM DE KOONING - Collected Writings of William de Kooning
58979: KOR, LAYTON - Beyond the Vertical
50343: KORESHOFF, DEBORAH R. - Bonsai: Its Art, Science, History and Philosophy
30305: DON KORTE - Galena's Baseball Legacy [Paperback] by Don Korte
38381: NIELS E. KORTLEVE, THEO E. NIJMAN, EDUARD H.M. PONDS (EDS) - Fair Value and Pension Fund Management [Hardcover] by Kortleve, Niels E
52420: KORZYBSKI, ALFRED - Manhood of Humanity Second Edition with Additional Materials
34931: HARRIET KOSKOFF (PRODUCER) - Despair [Vhs Tape] Harriet Koskoff
58043: KOSSAK,STEVEN - Indian Court Painting: 16th-19th Century
57490: KOSSOFF, LEON; KERTESS, KLAUS - Leon Kossoff
58077: FOTOFEST; KOSSOY, BORIS; CASTRO, FERNANDO; PHILIPPE, MARTA SáNCHEZ; WATRISS, WENDY [EDITOR]; ZAMORA, LOIS PARKINSON [EDITOR]; - Image and Memory: Photography from Latin America, 1866-1994 (English and Spanish Edition)
39205: CHARLOTTA KOTIK - Andrew Topolski. [Paperback] by Charlotta Kotik
58204: KOTOV, ALEXANDER - Think Like a Grandmaster
54908: KOUSTRUP, BIRTHE - Handbook of Decorative Motifs
61487: KOUWENHOVEN, JOHN ATLEE - Partners in Banking: An Historical Portrait of a Great Private Bank, Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co. , 1818-1968
39965: ERNIE KOVACS - Zoomar by Kovacs, Ernie
50705: KOVALICK, AL - Video Systems in an It Environment: The Essentials of Professional Networked Media
24385: KENNETH KOYEN - The Fourth Armored Division from the Beach to Bararia [Hardcover]
34071: STEFAN KOZAKIEWICZ - Bernardo Bellotto Volume 1: Text & Volume II: Catalogue [Hardcover]
39796: JAMES KRACK - Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel by Krack, James
22009: R. WAYNE KRAFT - Love As Energy (Teilhard Studies) by Kraft, R. Wayne
35581: MI EDZYNARODOWE CENTRUM KULTURY W KRAKOW - Swiat Przed Katastrofa: Zydzi Krakowscy W Dwudziestoleciu Miedzywojennym = a...
41744: LAURENCE S. KRASHES - Harry Winston: The Ultimate Jeweller by Laurence S. Krashes; Ronald Winston
52668: KRASILOVSKY, PHYLLIS - The First Tulips in Holland
56223: KRASNOW, IRIS - Surrendering to Yourself
40087: STEPHEN J. KRASS - Pension Answer Book, 2012 Edition [Hardcover] by Stephen J. Krass
59989: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATRISTIC STUDIES 1979 (OXFORD, ENGLAND); KRAUSE, MARTIN; KRAUSE, MARTIN [EDITOR] - Gnosis and Gnosticism: Papers Read at the Eighth International Conference on Patristic Studies (Nag Hammadi Studies)
53094: KRAUSS, ROBERT; AMELIA KRAUSS, EDITORS - The 509th Remembered: A History of the 509th Composite Group As Told by the Veterans Themselves, 509th Anniversary Reunion, Wichita, Kansas
28619: RUTH KRAUSS - Somebody Else's Nut Tree and Other Tales from Children [Hardcover]
28396: RUTH KRAUSS - Charlotte and the White Horse by Ruth Krauss; Maurice Sendak
60179: GRETCHEN KRAUT - History of German Porn: Gretchen Kraut Collection (Goliath Digest)
61058: KRAYE, JILL [EDITOR] - The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
53528: KREBS, LAURIE; IWAI, MELISSA - The Beeman
59656: WILLIAM J. KREIDLER - Conflict Resolution in the Middle School
60923: KREISBERG, ANDREW; MCDANIEL, SCOTT [ILLUSTRATOR] - Batman: Dead to Rights (Batman (Dc Comics Paperback))
59195: KREMENTZ, JILL - A Very Young Skater
56661: (VONNEGUT, KURT, JR.) JILL KREMENTZ. - Happy Birthday, Kurt Vonnegut.
57275: KREMENTZ, JILL - A Very Young Dancer
56111: THOMAS KRENS, ROSALIND KRAUSS - Robert Morris: The Mind/Body Problem
55491: KRESS, GUNTHER; VAN LEEUWEN, THEO - Multimodal Discourse (Hodder Arnold Publication)
SKU-049767: HARRY KRESSING - The Cook by Kressing, Harry
SKU-042315: GEZA DE KRESZ - Thoughts on Violin Teaching [Paperback] by Geza de Kresz
43067: ROBERT K. KRICK - The Smoothbore Volley That Doomed the Confederacy: The Death of Stonewall Jac...
57548: KRIEGE, DAVID; BERRY, RICHARD - The Dobsonian Telescope: A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes
37939: VALERIE KRISHNA (EDITOR, TRANSLATOR) - Five Middle English Arthurian Romances (Library of Medieval Literature)
SKU-052257: PAUL KRISTELLER - Andrea Mantegna, by Kristeller, Paul
57220: KROGSGAARD, MICHAEL - Positively Bob Dylan: A Thirty-Year Discography, Concert and Recording Session Guide, 1960-1991 (Rock & Roll Reference Series)
38299: STANLEY KROLL - Dragons and Bulls: Profitable Investment Strategies for Trading Stocks and Co...
34840: MRS. HELEN ALDRICH DE KROYFT - The Soul of Eve [Hardcover] by de Kroyft, Mrs. Helen Aldrich
31179: PETER O. KRUCKMANN - Tiepolo: Masterpieces of the Wurzburg Years : Heaven on Earth; Ormrod, John
52960: ELIZABETH RUSH KRUGER - Top Market Strategy Applying the 80/20 Rule (the Marketing Strategy Collection)
41640: JON E. KRUPNICK - Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story, a Pictorial History o...
53026: KRUTCH, JOSEPH - Edgar Allan Poe, a Study in Genius
51549: TAN CHOO KUAN - Paintings of Tan Choo Kuan
41210: HERMANN KUHN - Karma - the Mechanism Create Your Own Fate [Paperback] by Hermann Kuhn
56150: KUHN, BOWIE - Hardball
38333: HENRIKA KUKLICK - The Savage Within: The Social History of British Anthropology, 1885-1945
60190: WALTER KUNDZICZ - Champion
53281: DE KUNFFY, CHARLES - The Ethics and Passions of Dressage
59480: DOROTHY MESERVE KUNHARDT; PHILIP B. KUNHARDT JR. - Twenty Days, a Narrative in Text and Pictures of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
33218: NAOMI KUNO - Colors in Context (English Version) by Kuno, Naomi
SKU-048714: TRUST KUONA - Thelathini: 30 Faces 30 Facets of Contemporary Art in Kenya [Paperback]
33695: SAMUEL KURINSKY - Glassmakers: An Odyssey of the Jews : The First Three Thousand Years
61605: KUSHNER, MARILYN S. - George Inness: The Spiritual Landscape
54406: KUSTICH, RICK - River Journal: Salmon River (River Journal, Vol 3, No 2, 1995)
30389: KEN KUTZ - Klondike Gold: The Philatelic History of the Klondike Gold Rush [Paperback]
57412: KYLE, DONALD G. - Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome
42602: RALPH R KYLLOE - A History of the Old Hickory Chair Company and the Indiana Hickory Furniture...
59665: KYVIG, DAVID E. - Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1940: How Americans Lived Through the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression
42929: FRED L., JR. ARBONA - Mayflies, the Angler, and the Trout: A Complete Treatise for the Fly-Fisherma...
SKU-046179: BIRD ISABELLA L. - Six Months in the Sandwich Islands [Hardcover] by Bird Isabella L.
SKU-051310: COMBS C. L. (EDITOR) - Car Builders' Cyclopedia of American Practice 1957 [Hardcover]
SKU-040640: SCHEINKESTEL DR. NORA L. - Rethinking Project Finance: Allocating and Mitigating Risk in Australasian Pr...
55839: LIVERMORE JESSE L. - How to Trade in Stocks the Livermore Formula for Combining Time Element and Price
60345: JOSE LACERDA - Spirit and Matter: New Horizons for Medicine
59155: LACHAPELLE, DOLORES - Deep Powder Snow: Forty-Years of Ecstatic Skiing, Avalanches, and Earth Wisdom
54911: LADD, MARY-SARGENT - The French Woman's Bedroom
35789: NICO LADENIS - Nico by Ladenis, Nico
50690: HARVEY S LADEW - Random Recollections on Fox Hunting
53684: LADNER, LORNE; RINPOCHE, LAMA ZOPA - The Wheel of Great Compassion
53940: LAGERQUIST, WALTER EDWARDS - Investment Analysis Fundamentals in the Analysis of Investment Securites
43283: ALASTAIR LAING - Francois Boucher, 1703-1770 by Laing, Alastair
33882: STUART N LAKE - Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal by Lake, Stuart N
57559: LAKE, R.; LAKE, RON - How to Make Folding Knives
43069: RONALD A. LAKE - Evaluating and Implementing Hedge Fund Strategies by Lake, Ronald A.
34434: HNERY LYLE LAMBDIN - The Diaries of Stephen S. Day, 1895-1934 : Selections in Narrative Form
54248: LAMBERT, ELEANOR; ZILKHA, BETTINA - Ultimate Style: The Best of the Best Dressed List
57779: LAMBOURNE, LIONEL - The Aesthetic Movement
58963: JOHN LAMM - De Lorean: Stainless Steel Illusion
42303: JEAN-CLAUDE LAMY - Bernard Buffet: The Secret Studio [Hardcover] by Lamy, Jean-Claude; Fournol, Luc
57883: LANCASTER, CLAY - Nantucket in the Nineteenth Century
54759: LANCASTER, CLAY - The Breadth and Depth of East and West
38036: LESTER H. LANCE - Maxima and Minima without Calculus (Dolciani Mathematical Expositions)
51197: LANCHNER, CAROLYN; MAKELA, MARIA; BOSWELL, PETER - The Photomontages of Hannah Hoch
51684: PETER LANDAU - St. Andrew's in the Gilded Age
54006: LANDAU, PROFESSOR SARAH BRADFORD; CONDIT, CARL W. - Rise of the New York Skyscraper: 1865-1913
56225: LANDRY, PAUL; LANDRY, PAUL [ILLUSTRATOR]; BALLANTINE, BETTY [EDITOR]; - The Captain's Garden: A Reflective Journey Home Through the Art of Paul Landry
38124: PAUL LANDRY - The Captain's Garden: A Reflective Journey Home Through the Art of Paul Landry
23170: JOHN LANDSDOWN - With the Carriers in Korea by Landsdown, John
30240: ROBERT E. LANE - The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies [Paperback]
55077: LANE, MAGGIE - More Needlepoint by Design
58846: LANG, JOHANNES - Clinical Anatomy of the Nose, Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses
34511: GORDON LANG - 1,000 Tiles: Ten Centuries of Decorative Ceramics by Lang, Gordon
51675: LANG, PETER; MENKING, WILLIAM - Superstudio: Life without Objects
52387: LANGE, DOROTHEA - Dorothea Lange: Farm Security Administration Photographs, 1935-1939 (Dorothea Lange), Volume II
53695: LANGE, DAVID W. - The Complete Guide to Buffalo Nickels
60818: LANGELLA, FRANK - Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them
59766: LANGER, SUZANNE - Vergleichende Konzeptionen: August Sander, Karl Blossfeldt, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Bernd, Hilla Becher (German Edition)
61157: LANGHORNE, ELIZABETH; LAY, K. EDWARD; RIELEY, WILLIAM D. - A Virginia Family and Its Plantation Houses
56456: LANGMAID, JOHN [EDITOR]; EMMET, A. MAITLAND [EDITOR]; HEATH, JOHN [EDITOR]; - Micropterigidae - Heliozelidae (the Moths & Butterflies of Great Britain & Ireland) (V. 1)
58317: LANGSAM, WALTER; WESTON, ALICE [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Great Houses of the Queen City: Two Hundred Years of Historic and Contemporary Architecture and Interiors in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky
38910: W. NEALE LANIGAN - Film Autographs, 1894-1941 by Lanigan, W. Neale
62165: LANKES, R. DAVID - The Atlas of New Librarianship
58452: LANMON, LORRAINE WELLING - William Lescaze, Architect
41186: ALBERTA LANTERMO - Piemonte in Bocca [Hardcover] by Alberta Lantermo; Mario Soldati
42170: EDWARD A. LAPHAM - Stony Brook Secrets [Hardcover] by Lapham, Edward A.
56977: LAPINE, JAMES; BOND, CHRISTOPHER [INTRODUCTION]; SONDHEIM, STEPHEN [COMPOSER]; - Sunday in the Park with George (Applause Musical Library)
52216: APRODICIO A LAQUIAN; ELEANOR R LAQUIAN - The Erap Tragedy : Tales from the Snake Pit
43331: REX LARDNER - Out of the Bunker and Into the Trees; or, the Secret of High-Tension Golf
59389: LARKIN, DR. SUSAN G. - The Cos Cob Art Colony: Impressionists on the Connecticut Shore
SKU-051421: SUSAN G. LARKIN - On Home Ground: Elmer Livingston Macrae at the Holley House [Paperback]
53222: LARKIN, PAUL - Very British Jihad
59469: LARKING, SUSAN G. - The Ochtmans of Cos Cob: Leonard Ochtman; Mina Fonda Ochtman; Dorothy Ochtman; Leonard Ochtman, Jr.
58041: LAROCCA, DONALD - Warriors of the Himalayas: Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet
61674: LARSON, RON; HOSTETLER, ROBERT P.; EDWARDS, BRUCE H. - Calculus of a Single Variable
59802: LARSSON, LARS; ELIASSON, ROLF - Principles of Yacht Design
35237: JACQUES-HENRI LARTIGUE - Diary of a Century by Lartigue, Jacques-Henri; Jacques-Henri Lartigue
33616: HUBERT DE LARTIGUE - French Pin - Ups [Unknown Binding]
62302: MARY LASHNO (O.T.) - Mixed Signals: Understanding and Treating Your Child's Sensory Processing Issues
42074: KATHRYN LASKY - She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! by Lasky, Kathryn
58181: LATARSKI, DON - The Ultimate Guitar Chord Big Book: Over 100,000 Chords!
34399: CHUN LAU - Artist's Choice: A 30 Year Retrospective by Lau, Chun
62117: LAU, CHARLEY; GLOSSBRENNER, ALFRED - The Art of Hitting . 300
59222: LAUDA, NIKI - The New Formula One: A Turbo Age
59226: LAUDA, NIKI; IRVING, D. [TRANSLATOR] - Formula 1: Art and Technicalities of Grand Prix Driving
57821: THEODORE > LAUFENBERG - Cyclic Humidity Effects on Paperboard Packaging, September 14-15, 1992 (Proceedings)
26480: EDWIN DU LAURANS - Masonic Sketchbook and Gleanings from the Harvest Field of Masonic Literarture
60247: LAURENTS, ARTHUR - Mainly on Directing: Gypsy, West Side Story, and Other Musicals (Borzoi Books)
42109: ROBERT A. LAURER - The Furniture and Sculpture of Wharton Esherick [Paperback] by Laurer, Robert A.
61626: LAUTMAN, MARK - When the Boomers Bail: A Community Economic Survival Guide
42603: WAJA LAVATER - Ergo [Hardcover] by Waja Lavater
36067: WARJA HONEGGER LAVATER - Sketch. Book [Sketchbook]: The Disobedient, le Non-Obeissant, Der Ungehorsame
57111: LAVELLE, JOHN P. - The Hard Coal Docket: 150 Years of the Bench & Bar of Carbon County (1843 - 1993)
59152: LAVOIE, ROLAND E.; SOLLY, MICHAEL A. [EDITOR] - Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains: 1970-1991 : Motive Power and Rolling Stock
41468: N. Y.) CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT (1990 - Israel's Legitimacy in Law and History; Feith, Douglas J. ; Siegel, Edward M.
32623: R. & D. LAWLOR (TRANSLATOR) - Theon of Smyrna: Mathematics Useful for Understanding Plato or, Pythagorean A...
61506: LYNNE LAWNER - Lives of the Courtesans: Portraits of the Renaissance
SKU-055088: DEANGELIS LAWRENCE - God Loves Rich People [Paperback] by Lawrence Deangelis
53338: LAWRENCE, MILDRED - Peachtree Island;
60444: LAWRENCE, KAREN R. - Who's Afraid of James Joyce? (Florida James Joyce)
SKU-037592: TIBBS WILLIAM LAWRENCE - Homo Summetros: The Dawn of a New Man by Tibbs, William Lawrence
61708: LAWSON, DENNIS T. - No Heir to Take Its Place: The Story of Rice in Georgetown County, South Carolina
41867: RUTH LAX - Essential Papers on Character Neurosis & Treatment (Essential Papers in Psych...
38604: JAIME C LAYA - Prusisyon: Religious Pageantry in the Philippines by Laya, Jaime C
51531: LAZZARI, ANDREA M - Help: For Auditory Processing
41380: ANDREA M LAZZARI - Help: For Auditory Processing by Lazzari, Andrea M
51535: ANDREA M. LAZZARI & PATRICIA MYERS PETER - Help 1 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing (#1)
51532: PATRICIA M. PETERS ANDREA M. LAZZARI - Help 5: Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing (Help for)
36991: THOMAS LEABHART - Etienne Decroux (Routledge Performance Practitioners) [Hardcover]
32192: LINDA LEACH - Paintings from India: (the Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, Vol V...
58301: LEACH, PETER; LAING, ALASTAIR [EDITOR]; HARRIS, JOHN [EDITOR]; - James Paine (Studies in Architecture)
58112: LEACH, BERNARD - Hamada, Potter
59838: LEAF, RUTH - Intaglio Printmaking Techniques
61220: LEAKE, JAMES - Reflections of a Society Gambler (on the Game of Life)
38385: EDWARD LEAR - Hilary Knight's the Owl and the Pussy-Cat Reissue by Lear, Edward
29603: EDWARD LEAR - Journal of a Landscape Painter in Corsica by Lear, Edward
54386: LEAVY, UNA; FIELD, SUSAN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Irish Fairy Tales and Legends
62250: LEBOW, EILEEN - The Bright Boys: A History of Townsend Harris High School (Contributions to the Study of Education)
58904: LEBOYER, FREDERICK - Shantala - Arte Tradicional el Masaje de Los Ninos (Spanish Edition)
42627: MARY ELLEN LEDBETTER - Ready-to-Use English Workshop Activities for Grades 6-12: 180 Daily Lessons F...
50542: LEDERER, VICTOR; CHOPIN, FREDERIC [COMPOSER] - Chopin - a Listener's Guide to the Master of the Piano: Unlocking the Masters Series
61834: LEDERMAN, MINNA - Life and Death of a Small Magazine
61505: HARPER LEE - To Kill a Mockingbird
54806: LEE, ELLEN; LAMMERT, MARILYN; HESS, MARY ANNE - Once They Hear My Name: Korean Adoptees and Their Journeys Toward Identity
52415: LEE, IRVING J.; BERMAN, SANFORD I. [EDITOR] - Language Habits in Human Affairs: An Introduction to General Semantics
51147: LEE, SHERMAN E. - The Genius of Japanese Design
56716: LEE, JOO BANG - The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 1
53331: LEE, ELLEN; LAMMERT, MARILYN; HESS, MARY ANNE - Once They Hear My Name: Korean Adoptees and Their Journeys Toward Identity
34361: LEE, BRUCE - Bruce Lee's Fighting Method [Vhs] [Vhs Tape] (1998) Lee, Bruce
60921: LEE, STAN; DITKO, STEVE [ILLUSTRATOR]; ROMITA, JOHN [ILLUSTRATOR]; - The Essential Spider-Man, Vol. 2
39642: ART LEE - Tying and Fishing the Riffling Hitch: The Ultimate Technique for Catching Sal...
52326: LEEPER, WESLEY THURMAN - Rebels Valiant: Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Dismounted
52748: DE LEEUW, ADELE - Nobody's Doll
SKU-051186: EDWIN LEFEVRE - The Making of a Stockbroker [Hardcover] by Lefevre, Edwin
SKU-046644: EDWIN LEFEVRE - Wall Street Stories [Hardcover] by Edwin Lefevre
60619: DAVID A. LEFFEL - An Artist Teaches - Reflections on the Art of Painting
59619: LEFROY, ANNA AUSTEN - Jane Austen's Sanditon: A Continuation
59796: SCG LEGAL - Lobbying, Pacs, and Campaign Finance 50 State Handbook 2013 Edition
51898: LEGG, ALICIA [EDITOR] - Sol Lewitt
40415: DOMITRY V. LEHODEY - The Ways of Mental Prayer [Paperback] by Lehodey, Domitry V.
41104: LEHRER, JIM - Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates [Hardcover] by Lehrer, Jim
51441: MATT LEIDECKER - Impassable Canyon - Journey Down the Middle Fork of the Salmon
38681: CLARE LEIGHTON - The Farmer's Year;: A Calendar of English Husbandry, by Leighton, Clare
SKU-037598: MCCREADY THOMAS LEIGHTON - Pekin White by Mccready, Thomas Leighton
42927: ERIC LEISER - The Dettes-a Catskill Legend: Their Story and Their Techniques [Hardcover]
42935: ERIC LEISER - Book of Fly Patterns by Leiser, Eric
36116: IRVING A. LEITNER - Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz by Leitner, Isabella
58801: LELAND, NITA - Exploring Color Coloring Book
41525: STANISLAW LEM - Eden by Lem, Stanislaw; Heine, Marc E.
SKU-045003: B. LEMBEGE , J. W. EASTWOOD - Proceedings of the Third International School on Numerical Simulation of Spac...
62181: LENCIONI, PATRICK M. - The Leadership Fables of Patrick Lencioni, Box Set, Contains: The Five Temptations of a Ceo; the Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive; the Five Dysfunctions of a Team
28972: TIMOTHY J. LENNOX - California Weekend and Other Poems [Pamphlet] by Timothy J. Lennox
51612: LENSKI, LOIS - Lois Lenski's Christmas Stories
33513: RIK VAN LENT JR. - Arabians by Upton, Peter; Van Lent, Rik; Amirsadeghi, Hossein
59171: H. T. LENTON - German Warships of the Second World War
SKU-052626: OETTINGER LEON - The Psychologist, the School, and the Child with Mbd/Ld by Leon Oettinger
29706: ELIZABETH JANE LEONARD & JULIA CODY GOODMAN - Buffalo Bill: King of the Old West, Biography of William I. Cody (Legends of...
54788: LEOPOLD, RUDOLF - Egon Schiele: Paintings -- Watercolours -- Drawings
60193: LEOPOLD, DAVID - Hirschfeld's Hollywood: The Film Art of Al Hirschfeld
42960: C.R. LEPSIUS - Denkm
38983: SETH LERER - Boethius and Dialogue: Literary Method in the Consolation of Philosophy
61319: ADRIENNE WILMOTH LERNER - Government, Politics, and Protest; Essential Primary Sources.
25113: K. LEE LERNER - Government, Politics, & Protest : Essential Primary Sources [Hardcover]
37005: DORIS LESSING - African Stories, by Doris Lessing
61148: LETCHER, OWEN - Big Game Hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia (the Peter Capstick Library)
53035: LETWIN, SHIRLEY ROBIN - The Gentleman in Trollope: Individuality and Moral Conduct
37958: WILLIAM LEUCHARS - Naugatuck Stories and Legends II [Hardcover] by Leuchars, William G.
54181: LEUNG, MAI - Dim Sum and Other Chinese Street Foods (Harper Colophon Books)
59693: LEUTHOLD, STEVEN C - The Myths of Inflation and Investing
57489: LEVEY, SANTINA M. - Elizabethan Inheritance
61491: LEVEY, SIR MICHAEL - Painting in Eighteenth-Century Venice (the Yale University Press Pelican History of Art)
40144: EMMANUEL LEVINAS - Outside the Subject (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics) [Paperback]
43311: ROBERT M. LEVINE - Tropical Diaspora: The Jewish Experience in Cuba by Levine, Robert M.
52422: LIEPE-LEVINSON, KATHERINE - Strip Show: Performances of Gender and Desire (Gender in Performance)
59113: LEVINSON, MARC - The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
58716: LEVINSTEIN, LEON, PHOTOGRAPHER; SARAH MORTHLAND, ED. - Leon Levinson, May 31 - June 29, 1990.
58096: LEVITT, HELEN - A Way of Seeing
58874: LEVY, A - The Origins of Scottish Jewry
36144: BENN W LEVY - The Poet's Heart;: A Life of Don Juan, by Levy, Benn W
34147: JULIEN LEVY - Arshile Gorky [Import] [Hardcover] by Levy , Julien
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61532: LIDDY, JAMES - Esau, My Kingdom for a Drink
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62029: VIBE MAGAZINE - The Vibe History of Hip Hop
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43471: PIECEWORK MAGAZINE - Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 9 (Weldon's Practical Needlework Series)
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SKU-052391: SCHUR MANFRED - Sri Lanka Fantasy [Paperback] by Schur Manfred
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52121: MANNING, LANDON - Extra Sugar for Kelso: True Stories of Saratoga Thoroughbred Racing in the Great Decades of the 1960's and 1970's
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53189: MARCUS, RONALD - "Elizabeth Clawson... Thou Deservest to Dye": An Account of the Trial in 1692 of a Woman from Stamford, Connecticut Who Was Accused of Being a Witch
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34040: LADIES OF THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH GLOUCESTER MASS - Reliable Receipts for the Housewife Contributed by the Ladies of the First Ba...
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60112: JAMES F. MASTERSON - The Emerging Self: A Developmental Self & Object Relations Approach to the Treatment of the Closet Narcissistic Disorder of the Self
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62339: MAURIES, PATRICK - Christian Lacroix: The Diary of a Collection
39044: ANDRE MAUROIS - Fatapoufs & Thinifers [Hardcover] by Maurois, Andre
59996: ED RUSSELL; BILL MAY - Flyfisher's Guide to Chesapeake Bay: Includes Light Tackle (Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook) (Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook) (Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook)
55417: HENRY A. MAY - First Black Autos
SKU-052885: ANGELOU MAYA - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings [Hardcover] by Angelou, Maya
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30799: LARRY MCCABE - 101 Razor-Sharp Blues Guitar Fill-in Licks (Book and Cd) (Red Dog Music Books...
54415: MCCABE, ALYSSA - Chameleon Readers: Teaching Children to Appreciate All Kinds of Good Stories
61552: MCCALLEY, BRUCE - Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World
36876: WILLIAM R. MCCANTS - War Patrols of the Uss Flasher: The True Story of One of America's Greatest S...
62162: RICHARD MCCARTHY - Managing Your Library Construction Project
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SKU-051366: ROBERT MCCAUGHEY - Stand, Columbia: A History of Columbia University in the City of New York, 17...
58990: MCCLEERY, MATTHEW - The Shipping Man
55254: MCCLINTOCK, BARBARA - The Fantastic Drawings of Danielle
SKU-036040: MCCLUNG, ALFRED - Fine Art of Propaganda by Mcclung, Alfred
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SKU-035585: MCCOOK - Old Farm Fairies: A Summer Campaign in Brownieland Against King Cobweaver's P...
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60183: MCDONALD, BOYD - Cruising the Movies: A Sexual Guide to Oldies on Tv
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55579: MCDOUGALL, JOYCE - Plea for a Measure of Abnormality
62366: MCDOWELL, COLIN - Manolo Blahnik
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57585: MCGARRY, SUSAN HALLSTEN - West of Camelot: The Historical Paintings of Kenneth Riley
36348: BONNIE MCGEE - Voices on the Wind [Hardcover] by Bonnie Mcgee
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60601: MCGEE, HAROLD - The Curious Cook: More Kitchen Science and Lore
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50169: MCGINLEY, RYAN - Ryan Mcginley
28209: MCGOWAN, BOBERT - Fishing the Big Bend [Hardcover] by Mcgowan, Bobert
33290: CAPTAIN GORDON MCGOWAN - The Skipper and the Eagle [Import] [Hardcover] by Gordon Mcgowan
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54895: MCGUIRE, RICK; SPRING, IRA - 55 Hikes Around Stevens Pass: Wild Sky Area
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57151: MCKELVEY, JAMES - Art of Fire - Beginning Glassblowing
61580: MCKENNA, MARIAN C. - Tapping Reeve and the Litchfield Law School
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50649: MCKERNON, KEVIN; MCKERNON, FRANCIS M. - Corry: A D-Day Survivor's Stories About the Destroyer That Led the Normandy Invasion
28474: CHARLOTTE B MCKIM - The Salles Letters 1825-1850 [Paperback] by William L Mckim; Charlotte B Mckim
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51439: MCKNIGHT, THOMAS - Thomas Mcknight's World: A Vision of Earthly Happiness
SKU-046952: CARL E. MCKUSICK - Genealogy Notes on the Descendents of Stephen Pearson of New Mills, Derbyshir...
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52751: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL - The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man
39790: GERALD MCMAHON - The Siegfried and Beyond (the Odyssey of a Wartime Regiment, the 71st Infantr...
42687: PATRICK MCMULLAN (PHOTOGRAPHER), GLENN ALBIN (INTRODUCTION) - Men's Show [Illustrated] by Mcmullan, Patrick; Albin, Glenn
52782: MCMURTRY, LARRY. - In a Narrow Grave
SKU-045553: JOSEPH MCNAMARA - Tin Can Duty in the Pacific: 1943-1944-1945 by Mcnamara, Joseph
60826: MCNAUGHTON, VIRGINIA; HEADLEY, JOAN L. [FOREWORD] - Lavender: The Grower's Guide
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59036: MCNICKLE, CHRIS - To Be Mayor of New York
29739: JOHN MCPHEE - The Crofter and the Laird by John Mcphee; James Graves; Betty Crumley
SKU-031094: SEAN MCPHILEMY - The Committee: Political Assassination in Northern Ireland.
60759: EDWARD F. MCQUARRIE - Customer Visits: Building a Better Market Focus
57929: MCRAY, JOHN - Paul: His Life and Teaching
29237: NEROLI MCSHERRY (DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER) - Perrot a Century in the Making [Dvd] Neroli Mcsherry (Director and Producer)
61721: ANDY WARHOL; EDITOR-KYNASTON MCSHINE - Andy Warhol : A Retrospective
59028: MCSHINE, KYNASTON; COOKE, LYNNE; RAJCHMAN, JOHN; SERRA, RICHARD - Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years
51313: COL. ANDREW MCSWELINSON (USAF RETIRED) - Clams: Science So Startling You'LL Understand Why the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About.
28172: COL. ANDREW MCSWELINSON (USAF RED) - Clams [Paperback] by Col. Andrew Mcswelinson (Usaf Red)
61941: MCTAGGART, LYNNE - The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
61008: MCTAGGART, LYNNE - Living the Field: Tapping Into the Secret Force of the Universe (Sounds True Audio Learning Course) Six Discs
55311: ERIC CLAPTON; JOHN MAYALL; JOHN MCVIE - Blues Breakers, John Mayall with Eric Clapton
53506: HIROMI SHINYA; MD - The Microbe Factor: Your Innate Immunity and the Coming Health Revolution
61107: MEAD, SYD; MEAD, SYD - Oblagon, Concepts of Syd Mead
57932: O'MEARA, JOHN J. - Eriugena
24737: JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER - Liddell Hart and the Weight of History (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)
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62367: MEDRICH, ALICE; BRABANT, PATRICIA [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Cocolat: Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts
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54080: MEEUS, JEAN - Astronomical Algorithms
30509: JAY L. MEHTA - Inflammatory and Infectious Basis of Atherosclerosis (Progress in Inflammatio...
38826: JOHN P. MEIER - A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Vol. 2 - Mentor, Message, an...
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61151: MELLON, JAMES - African Hunter
60313: MELNICK, ROSS - Cinema Treasures: A New Look at Classic Movie Theaters
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56633: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Herman Melville : Typee, Omoo, Mardi (Library of America)
SKU-054492: "KATZ MENAHEM - TRANSLATED BY SAMUEL,EDITED MEMBER OF THE COMMAND OF THE IR - The Revolt / Story of the Irgun [Hardcover] by Begin, Menachem
54640: MENGAK, KATHY; UTLEY, ROBERT M. [FOREWORD] - Reshaping Our National Parks and Their Guardians: The Legacy of George B. Hartzog Jr.
50157: MENKES, SUZY - The Windsor Style
60693: MENKES, SUZY - The Royal Jewels
41581: M.D. KARL MENNINGER - Whatever Became of sin? [Hardcover] by M.D. Karl Menninger
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33396: K. KR¿MER - Value Creation: Strategies for the Chemical Industry by Mckinsey & Company
33889: GEORGE MEREDITH - Modern Love [Hardcover] by George Meredith
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36904: LUDWIG MERKLE - Ludwig II and His Dream Castles: The Fantasy World of a Storybook King
52496: MERRIAM, EVE - Funny Town
SKU-025101: JAMES INGRAM MERRILL - Water Street, Poems by Merrill, James Ingram
56142: HAMILTON-MERRITT, JANE - Tragic Mountains: The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992
30256: HENRY F. MERRITT - Chronicles of the Old Fort River [Paperback] by Merritt, Henry F.
55234: MERTON, THOMAS - Seven Storey Mountain
38392: THOMAS MERTON - The Road to Joy: Letters to New and Old Friends by Merton, Thomas; Daggy, Robert
42236: PHILIPPE MESMER - The Art of Cigar Bands Roger Van Reeth Collection by Philippe Mesmer
38486: ERIK MESMERG - Dutch Decorative Arts 1880 - 1940 [Hardcover] by Mesmerg, Erik
60443: VAN METER, JONATHAN, TEXT BY, KRESZ, DOROTHY, PHTOGRAPHS BY - Neon-Lit Kidney-Shaped Low-Rent Flat-Roofed Doo-Wop Commercial Architecture or Learning from Wildwood, New Jersey
32664: SEAMUS P METRESS - The Hunger Strike and the Final Struggle by Metress, Seamus P
30641: BRUCE M. METZGER, MICHAEL D. COOGAN (EDS) - Oxford Companion to the Bible [Leather Bound]
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52337: MEYER, RENATE - Hide-and-Seek
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54027: MEYEROWITZ, JOEL; WESTERBECK, COLIN - Bystander: A History of Street Photography with a New Afterword on Sp Since the 1970s
31637: JOEL MEYEROWITZ - Redheads by Joel Meyerowitz
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59673: MEYERS, STEPHEN L. - Manhattan's Lost Streetcars (Ny) (Images of Rail)
60115: MEYNERS, ECKART - Effective Teaching and Riding: Exploring Balance and Motion
SKU-045039: CHIN MI - The Color of Skin [Paperback] by Chin MI
SKU-044439: MELIN MIA - Democracy in Africa on Whose Terms? [Hardcover] by Melin Mia
56766: MIAO, YUAN - Dancing on Rooftops with Dragons: The Yoga of Joy
SKU-046478: O'FLAHERTY MICHAEL,CURTIN SEAN - The Story of Young Munster Rugby Football Club [Hardcover]
SKU-034235: QUIRKE WILLIAM MICHAEL - Recollectins of a Violinist, by Quirke, William Michael
SKU-045627: CARSON MICHAEL - Previously Loved Stories from an Exhibition [Hardcover] by Carson Michael
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61441: ROLAND-MICHAEL, MARIANNE - The Floral Art of Pierre-Joseph Redoute
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62101: MICHELSON, CARMEN; DAVIS, MARY ANN - The Knitter's Guide to Sweater Design
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37123: JAMES A. MICHENER - Tales of the South Pacific by James A. Michener
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31498: INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR MIGRATION (IOM) - International Migration and Development: Continuing the Dialogue: Legal and P...
57347: PATRICK MIKULA; MIKULA, PATRICK - Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W.D. Gann's Square of Nine
42553: BUCKY MILAM - Bucky Milam Etudes & Duets [Paperback] by Bucky Milam
SKU-056125: RICHARD MILAZZO - Theoretically Yours [Paperback] by Richard Milazzo
61988: MILBANK, CAROLINE RENNOLDS - Couture, the Great Designers
29192: VERA MILES - Practical Four-Shaft Weaving, Including Fourteen Useful Articles [Import]
61486: MILLARD, ANDRE - America on Record: A History of Recorded Sound
56947: MILLEN, JOHN - Japanese Kanji Power: A Workbook for Mastering Japanese Characters
SKU-050352: ARTHUR MILLER - Death of a Salesman by Miller, Arthur
36039: NEIL Z. MILLER - Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners
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55157: MILLER, JUDITH - Influential Styles: From Baroque to Bauhaus-Inspiration for Today's Interiors
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60937: MILLER, JUDITH - Dk Collector's Guides: 20th Century Glass- the Complete Visual Reference and Price Guide
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43132: INC. MILLER & DOING - Architectural Sheet Metal Ornaments, Catalog K [Paperback]
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53689: MILLER, BETSY - The Parents' Guide to Hip Dysplasia
60065: MILLER, REX; MILLER, MARK RICHARD; ANDERSON, EDWIN P. - Audel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial
36723: JOHN P. MILLER - Education and the Soul: Toward a Spiritual Curriculum by Miller, John P.
28394: HENRY MILLER - Tropic of Cancer [Hardcover] by Miller, Henry
35997: ARTHUR MILLER - The Theater Essays of Arthur Miller by Arthur Miller; Robert A. Martin
56847: MILLER, ALLAN W. - Getting Started in Garden Railroading
62319: MILLER, DANIEL - Stuff
54348: MILLER, DAVID W. - God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement
62356: MILLER, FRANK - The Complete Frank Miller Batman
61706: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - The Goon Show Scripts;
39806: LAUREN MILLS - Fairy Wings: A Story by Mills, Lauren; Nolan, Dennis
53423: MILLS, ROBERT LOCKWOOD - The Country Club of Darien: The First Fifty Years
21349: PAUL CHADBOURNE MILLS - The New Figurative Art of David Park by Mills, Paul Chadbourne
54566: MILLS, CHARLES W. - The Racial Contract
58509: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Fourteen Friends
37382: KEITH MILTON - Subs Against the Rising Sun: U.S. Submarines in the Pacific by Milton, Keith
SKU-050278: ELSE HOLMELUND MINARIK - A Kiss for Little Bear (an I Can Read Book) [Hardcover]; Maurice Sendak
28366: ELSE HOLMELUND MINARIK - A Kiss for Little Bear (an I Can Read Book) [Hardcover]; Maurice Sendak
56923: MINDELL, ARNOLD - The Deep Democracy of Open Forums: Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World
54488: MARY-JEAN MINER - Unbroken Circles: The Campground of Martha's Vineyard (an Imago Mundi Book)
59181: MINETT, ERIC DAVID - The Coast Is Clear the Story of the Byms
62184: JWING-MING, YANG - Tai Chi Theory and Martial Power: Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun (Martial Arts-Internal)
62196: JWING-MING, YANG - The Essence of Shaolin White Crane--Martial Power and Qigong
52723: MINNAERT, MARCEL; SEYMOUR, L. [TRANSLATOR] - Light and Color in the Outdoors
61744: MINTO, BARBARA - The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking
59476: MINUCHIN, SALVADOR; FISHMAN, H. CHARLES - Family Therapy Techniques
59334: MIRABELLA, GRACE - Tiffany & Co. (Universe of Design)
59409: MIRANDOLA, PICO DELLA - Of Being and Unity
60434: MIRIAM, SELMA; FURIE, NOEL - The Best of Bloodroot Volume 1: Vegetarian Recipes
51702: MAEGHT EDITEUR; DERRIERE LE MIROIR - Derriere le Miroir No. 186 ; Les Sculptures de Miro [2 Original Lithographs]
60000: MIROUZE, LAURANT - World War I Infantry in Colour Photographs (Europa Militaria)
37914: HOWARD MITCHAM - Recipes and Reminiscences of Forty Years Among the Shellfish: Clams, Mussels,...
60869: MITCHELL, L. G. - Lord Melbourne, 1779-1848
52311: MITCHELL, MARGARET. - Gone with the Wind (June, 1936)
29039: ANNIE R. MITCHELL - The Way It Was: The Colorful History of Tulare County [Hardcover]
29683: DEWEY MITCHELL - Self Defense, Jiu Jitsu, by Mitchell, Dewey
61363: MITCHELL, FRANK; RYAN, MICHAEL - Reading the Irish Landscape
52993: MITCHELL, LUCY SPRAGUE - Two Lives;: The Story of Wesley Clair Mitchell and Myself
59737: MITCHELL, WILLIAM R.; MARTIN, VAN JONES [PHOTOGRAPHER]; LOCKHART, JAMES R. [PHOTOGRAPHER]; - A Continuing Tradition: Wm. Frank Mccall, Jr. , Faia
53079: MITFORD, JESSICA - Daughters and Rebels: An Autobiography
37274: NANCY MITFORD - Noblesse Oblige [Import] [Hardcover] by Nancy Mitford
58707: MOCHON, ANNE - Alexej Jawlensky: From Appearance to Essence
61380: MOCZARSKI, KAZIMIERZ - Conversations with an Executioner
56618: JILL LLOYD; MAGDALENA MOELLER - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: 1880-1938
62077: MOENCH, JOHN O. - Marauder Men: An Account of the Martin B-26 Marauder
62128: MOHOWSKI, ROBERT E. - The New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad
58590: MOHRHARDT, DAVID - How to Paint Owls
53714: MOITESSIER, BERNARD - Tamata and the Alliance
60403: MOLL, FRED J - Covered Bridges of Berks County, Pennsylvania
54023: MOLLER, LENNART - The Exodus Case: New Discoveries Confirm the Historical Exodus
52811: MOLLO, VICTOR - Card Play Technique
35086: SCOTT MOLLOY - No Philanthropy at the Point of Production: A Knight of St Gregory Against Th...
58300: MOLLOY, MARY ALICE - Prairie Avenue Servants: Behind the Scenes in Chicago's Mansions, 1870-1920
62168: MOLNAR, ALEX - School Commercialism: From Democratic Ideal to Market Commodity (Positions: Education, Politics, and Culture)
40276: FRANCIS J. MOLONEY - A Hard Saying: The Gospel and Culture (Scripture) [Paperback]
61428: MOMMSEN, WOLFGANG J.; STEINBERG, MICHAEL [TRANSLATOR] - Max Weber and German Politics, 1890-1920
28171: KATHLEEN MONAGHAN - Of, for, and by Georgia o'Keeffe [Pamphlet] by Kathleen Monaghan
57162: MONGIARDINO, RENZO - Roomscapes: The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino
52921: NAMGYAL MONKS - Kalachakra
SKU-052475: LEIGH MONROE, BLAKESLEE MERRITT R. - National Treaty Law and Practice (France, Germany, India, Switzerland, Thaila...
55706: MONTAGUE, JOHN - Company
57569: MONTAIGUE, ERLE - Dim-Mak: Death Point Striking
55296: MONTE, JAMES - Larry Zox
36500: BERNARD MONTORGEUIL - Barbara Band II Der Folge Die G
36499: BERNARD MONTORGEUIL - Vier Donnerstage. I, Die G
57304: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - Wilton House and English Palladianism: Some Wiltshire Houses
61306: MOON, MICHAEL - Darger's Resources
22014: CHRISTOPHER F. MOONEY - Cybernation, Responsibility & Providential Design [Hardcover]
56771: THOMAS B. MOONEY - A Practical Guide to Connecticut School Law 5th Ed (Cd-Rom in Book)
58461: MOOR, ANDREW [EDITOR] - Houghton Hall: The Prime Minister, the Empress and the Heritage
52330: MOORE, ALISON - The Louisiana Tigers ;: Or, the Two Louisiana Brigades of the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865
33559: MERRILL MOORE - Notes and Poems [Hardcover] by Moore, Merrill; Dudley Fitts
56267: MOORE, RICHARD B - Caribs, "Cannibals," and Human Relations;: A Revealing Exposure of Smears and Stereotypes
36033: JOHN MOORE - Thirteen Miles from Paradise: John Moore [Paperback] by Marsden-Atlass, Lynn
61772: TACITUS; MOORE, CLIFFORD H. [TRANSLATOR]; JACKSON, JOHN [TRANSLATOR]; - Tacitus: Histories, Books IV-V, Annals Books I-III (Loeb Classical Library No. 249)
61338: MOORE, MARIANNE - Complete Poems of Marianne Moore
61775: TACITUS; MOORE, CLIFFORD H. [TRANSLATOR] - Tacitus: Histories, Books I-III (Loeb Classical Library No. 111)
51377: MOORE, G. DENNY - Selected Writings and Addresses by G. Denny Moore
51926: MOORE, JAMES, PARKYNS, G J, SCHNEBBELIE, JACOB - Monastic Remains and Ancient Castles in England and Wales: Drawn on the Spot by James Moore,... And Executed in Aquatinta by G.J. Parkyns, Esq. [Volume 1 Only]
54843: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Darwin and the Beagle
54867: MORA, GILLES; HILL, JOHN T. - Walker Evans: The Hungry Eye
58000: MORA, GILLES; BRANNAN, BEVERLY W. - Fsa: The American Vision
60931: MORAN, MARK F. - Warman's. Lalique
57928: MORAN, DERMOT - The Philosophy of John Scottus Eriugena: A Study of Idealism in the Middle Ages
30419: PHILIPPE MORDACQ - Once Upon a Time, There Were Royal Menus [Hardcover] by Philippe Mordacq
34457: A.I. MORE (ED) - Making the Most of Sulphuric Acid. Proceedings of the British Sulphur Corpora...
34557: A.I. MORE (ED) - Making the Most of Sulphuric Acid. Proceedings of the British Sulphur Corpora...
41722: RICHARD MORENUS - Crazy-White-Man [Hardcover] by Richard Morenus; William Lackey
61333: MORETTI, FRANCO; SBRAGIA, ALBERT - The Way of the World: The Bildungsroman in European Culture, New Edition
43375: CHARLES MORGAN - Morgan: 100 Years: The Official History of the World's Greatest Sports Car
57301: MORGAN, WILLIAM - The Almighty Wall: The Architecture of Henry Vaughan (Architectural History Foundation Book)
29906: ALBERT WELDON MORGAN - Memories of Old Sunrise: Gold Mining on Alaska's Turnagain Arm : The Autobiog...
61594: MORGAN, ROBERT - James Madison on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Contributions in Sociology,)
36319: PETER MORGAN - Porsche 911: Guide to Purchase and Diy Restorationoration (Foulis Motoring Book)
62277: MORGAN, PETER - Original Porsche 911: The Guide to All Production Models, 1963-98 (Original Series)
59501: MORINIS, ALAN - Everyday Holiness: The Jewish Spiritual Path of Mussar
61369: SAMUEL ELIOT MORISON - History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II: 15 Volume Set
57797: MORLEY, JOHN - Regency Design 1790-1840
61520: MORLEY, SHERIDAN; LEON, RUTH - Gene Kelly: A Celebration
57905: MORO, RUBEN - The History of the South Atlantic Conflict: The War for the Malvinas
37712: CHARLES HENRY MORRILL - The Morrills and Reminiscences by Morrill, Charles Henry
61028: MORRIS, WRIGHT - God's Country and My People
61911: MORRIS, CHRISTOPHER D. - The Figure of the Road: Deconstructive Studies in Humanities Disciplines
56292: MORRIS, WILLIAM; WAGGONER, DIANE [EDITOR] - The Beauty of Life: William Morris and the Art of Design
61589: MORRIS, COLIN - The Papal Monarchy: The Western Church from 1050 to 1250 (Oxford History of the Christian Church)
54475: MORRIS, SIMON CONWAY - The Crucible of Creation; the Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals
43191: DONALD R. MORRIS - Warm Bodies [Hardcover] by Morris, Donald R.
52841: MORRISEY, JOHN W., EDITOR - The Legacies of Edwin Howard Armstrong.
57474: WILLIAM ALAN MORRISON - The Main Line: Country Houses 1870-1930
62192: MORRISON, ALEX J - A New Way to Better Golf,
60328: MORRISON, JEFFRY H. - John Witherspoon and the Founding of the American Republic
39643: VICTOR MORSE - 36 Miles of Trouble [Illustrated] by Victor Morse
51047: MORSE, EDWARD S. - Catalogue of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery
52965: COOPER. DR. MORTON - One Lone Courageous Doctor Curing Strangled Voices (Sd) Spasmodic Dysphonia Vs. The New York Times and the Entire Medical Establishment
57728: THERESA-MARY MORTON - Royal Residences of the Victorian Era : Watercolours of Interior Views from the Royal Library, Winds
55117: MOSELEY, CAMERON - John Yates Beall, Confederate Commando
61534: MOSES, ROBERT - Public Works: A Dangerous Trade
62276: MOSS, HUGH M - Snuff Bottles of China,
51314: MOSS, ROGER W.; CRANE, TOM [PHOTOGRAPHER] - Historic Houses of Philadelphia : A Tour of the Region's Museum Homes
42828: CHARLOTTE MOSS - Winter House [Hardcover] by Moss, Charlotte
61972: MOSS, TODD - The Golden Hour
56250: MOSS, CHARLOTTE - A Passion for Detail
34369: CHARLOTTE MOSS - The Poetry of Home [Hardcover] by Moss, Charlotte
62309: MOSSE, GEORGE L. - Nazi Culture: Intellectual, Cultural, and Social Life in the Third Reich (George L. Mosse Series in Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History)
40686: PHILIP L. MOSSMAN - Money of the American Colonies and Confederation (Numismatic Studies (Ansns))
61837: MOSTOW, JOSHUA S. - Pictures of the Heart: The Hyakunin Isshu in Word and Image
60582: MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Reconciliation Elegy
56325: MOTLEY, WILLARD - Knock on Any Door
SKU-049023: GUYON JEANNE MARIE BOUVIER DE LA MOTTE - The Life and Religious Experience of the Celebrated Lady Guion: Translated Fr...
54888: MOUNT, CHRISTOPHER; KENEZ, PETER - Stenberg Brothers: Constructing a Revolution in Soviet Design
28176: EDITH S. MOUREY (EDITOR) - Plainville Usa 100 Years [Paperback] by Edith S. Mourey
39234: EDITH S. MOUREY (EDITOR) - Plainville, Usa 100 Years 1869 - 1969 (Connecticut) [Paperback]
59249: MOURLOT, FERNAND. - Les Affiches Originales Des MaTres (Maitres) de L'Cole (L'Ecole) de Paris. Braque, Chagall, Dufy, LGer, Matisse, Mir, Picasso.
54783: HENRI MOURON - A M Cassandre
57980: MOWL, TIMOTHY; MOWL, TIM - Elizabethan and Jacobean Style
62068: MOWRY, ELIZABETH - The Pastelist's Year: Painting the Four Seasons in Pastel
62111: MOWRY, ROBERT D.; BROWN, CLAUDIA; ASIA SOCIETY [CORPORATE AUTHOR] - Worlds Within Worlds: The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholars' Rocks
62112: MOWRY, ROBERT D. - Hare's Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers: Chinese Brown and Black Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400
61944: MOYER, STEPHEN G. - Distressed Debt Analysis: Strategies for Speculative Investors
55323: SMITH, MR.& MRS.; SMITH, MRS - The Long Dive
58537: WALSH PHD MSW, FROMA - Strengthening Family Resilience, Second Edition (Guilford Family Therapy Series)
58694: MUDGE, JEAN MCCLURE - Chinese Export Porcelain for American Trade 1785-1835 (a Winterthur Series Book)
56621: MUELLER, GUNTRAM; BRENT, RONALD I. - Just-in-Time Algebra and Trigonometry: For Students of Calculus
52589: MUELLER, COOKIE - Ask Dr. Mueller: The Writings of Cookie Mueller (High Risk Books)
60750: MUHLBERGER, RICHARD - American Folk Marquetry: Masterpieces in Wood
29051: JOHN MUIR - A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf [Hardcover] by Muir, John
37895: SWAMI MUKTANANDA - I Am That: The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava [Paperback]
61331: MULAK, STEVEN J. - Wings of Thunder: New England Grouse Hunting Revisited
52163: MARY MULARI - Made for Travel: 50 Easy-Sew Gifts and Accessories for Everyday Trips and Special Journeys
SKU-033470: JOHN MULHOLLAND - Quicker Than the Eye,: The Magic and Magicians of the World, by Mulholland, John
57031: MULLER, MATHIAS; DETERLINE, MARK [TRANSLATOR]; CARLSON, TIMOTHY [CONTRIBUTOR]; - 17 Hours to Glory: Extraordinary Stories from the Heart of Triathlon
31219: GLENN H. MULLIN - Readings on the Six Yogas of Naropa by Mullin, Glenn H.
32144: PATRICIA MULLINS - The Rocking Horse: A History of Moving Toy Horses by Mullins, Patricia
50817: MUNDY, TALBOT - Om: The Secret of Ahbor Valley
SKU-10036: ZIEGLER BENJAMIN MUNN - The International Law of John Marshall: A Study of First Principles [Hardcover]
28581: HAAGENSEN ALICE MUNRO - Palisades and Snedens Landing from the Beginning of History to the Turn of Th...
56116: MUNSELL, A. H. - A Color Notation,
40653: TIM MURPHEY - Language Hungry by Murphey, Tim
60662: MURPHY, JOSEPH - Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subsonscious Powers
61629: MURPHY, ANTOIN E. - Richard Cantillon: Entrepreneur and Economist
29761: DELL MURPHY - Rajneesh Story by Murphy, Dell
52680: MURPHY, TOM - Reclaiming the Sky: 9/11 and the Untold Story of the Men and Women Who Kept America Flying
56276: MURPHY, MICHAEL - Golf in the Kingdom (an Esalen Book)
59643: MURRAY (H.A), CAPT. THE HON. - Lands of the Slave and the Free: Or, Cuba, the United States and Canada [Second Edition]. Early Issue in Publisher"S Binding
42924: JOAN MURRAY - The Best of the Group of Seven by Murray, Joan
42953: MEREDITH MURRAY - The Magic Boat and the People Who Sailed It 1908 - 2008 [Hardcover]
58611: MURRAY, J.A.H. [EDITOR]; ETC. [EDITOR]; - The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (2 Volume Set)
40383: JAMES T. MURRAY - Burning New York: Graffiti Nyc by Murray, James T. ; Murray, Karla L.
42378: BRUCE MUSEUM - China Trade in New England: A Connecticut Sea Captain's Journey [Pamphlet]
57848: FISHER, FREDERICK; HILLWOOD MUSEUM AND GARDENS [CORPORATE AUTHOR] - Hillwood Museum and Gardens: Marjorie Merriweather Post's Art Collector's Personal Museum
SKU-048152: LOUISIANA STATE MUSEUM - The Life of Judah Philip Benjamin [Pamphlet] by Louisiana State Museum

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