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36445: BLUMBERG, ARNOLD T. - Pop Culture with Character: A Look Inside Geppi's Entertainment Museum.
64135: BLUME, JUDY. - Superfudge.
50777: BLUME, JUDY. - Fudge-a-Mania.
63629: BLUME, JUDY. - Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great.
17136: BLUMENTHAL, RALPH. - Stork Club: America's Most Famous Nightspot and the Lost World of Cafe Society.
21666: BLUMENTHAL, KAREN. - Six Days in October: The Stock Market Crash of 1929.
81143: BLUMENTHAL, JOSEPH. - Printed Book in America.
35466: BLUNDELL-JONES, PETER (INTRODUCTION). - Ahrends Burton and Koralek.
58909: BLUNDELL-JONES, PETER (INTRODUCTION). - Ahrends Burton and Koralek.
56532: BLUNK, TIM, ET AL (EDITORS). - Hauling Up the Morning.
23867: BLUNT, WILFRID SCAWEN. - Wind and the Whirlwind.
36047: BLY, ROBERT. - Hockey Poem.
14056: BLY, ROBERT. - When Grapes Turn to Wine: Versions of Rumi.
61033: BLY, ROBERT. - Out of the Rolling Ocean & Other Love Poems.
79458: BLY, ROBERT. - Man in the Black Coat Turns: Poems.
69316: BLY, ROBERT. - Iron John: A Book About Men.
42142: BLY, ROBERT (EDITOR). - Sea and the Honeycomb: A Book of Tiny Poems.
25433: BLY, ROBERT. - Kabir: Try to Live to See This!
28587: BLY, ROBERT. - American Poetry: Wildness and Domesticity.
29181: BLY, ROBERT AND WOODMAN, MARION. - Maiden King: The Reunion of Masculine and Feminine.
35078: BLY, ROBERT. - Loving a Woman in Two Worlds.
35760: BLY, ROBERT. - Old Man Rubbing His Eyes.
11319: BLY, ROBERT. - Sleepers Joining Hands.
54316: BLY, ROBERT. - Man in the Black Coat Turns: Poems.
70645: BLY, ROBERT. - Jumping out of Bed: Poems.
49814: BLY, ROBERT. - Out of the Rolling Ocean & Other Love Poems.
80490: (KABIR) BLY, ROBERT (VERSIONS BY). - Kabir Book: Forty-Four of the Ecstatic Poems of Kabir.
62526: BLYTAS, GEORGE C. - First Victory: Greece in the Second World War.
23577: BLYTH, ALAN (RETOLD BY). - Lohengrin: The Story of Wagner's Opera.
18793: BLYTHE, LEGETTE. - Hear Me, Pilate!
10659: BLYTHE, LEGETTE. - Brothers of Vengeance.
48693: BLYTHE, LEGETTE. - Crown Tree.
51751: BLYTON, ENID. - Enid Blyton Bedtime Story Book.
60838: BLYTON, ENID. - Enid Blyton Treasure Trove.
76873: BLYTON, ENID. - Ragamuffin Mystery.
72915: BLYTON, ENID. - Rat-a-Tat Mystery.
57202: BLYTON, ENID. - Storytime Book.
72881: BLYTON, ENID. - Story Party at Green Hedges.
72917: BLYTON, ENID. - Five Fall Into Adventure.
78636: BLYTON, ENID. - Good Old Secret Seven.
72914: BLYTON, ENID. - Castle of Adventure.
72912: BLYTON, ENID. - Sea of Adventure.
81802: BLYTON, ENID. - Mountain of Adventure.
69820: BO130, THE DON, AND MICROBO (COMPILED BY). - Izastikup: A Unique Collection of Stickers.
31847: BOARDMAN, JOHN. - Archaic Greek Gems: Schools and Artists in the Sixth and Early Fifth Centuries Bc.
52559: BOARDMAN, JOHN. - Athenian Black Figure Vases.
56464: BOAS, NANCY. - Society of Six: California Colorists.
39498: BOAS, GEORGE. - Heaven of Invention.
40048: BOAS, GEORGE. - Challenge of Science.
28659: BOAS, GEORGE AND WRENN, HAROLD HOLMES. - What Is a Picture?
2808: BOAS, FREDERICK S. - Introduction to Stuart Drama.
45587: BOAS, GEORGE. - Heaven of Invention.
66298: BOASE, ROGER. - Troubadour Revival: A Study of Social Change and Traditionalism in Late Medieval Spain.
58438: BOATNER III, MARK M. - Biographical Dictionary of World War II.
21665: BOBER, NATALIE S. - Thomas Jefferson: Man on a Mountain.
9829: BOBER, NATALIE S. - Marc Chagall: Painter of Dreams.
27538: BOBO, J. B. - Modern Coin Magic.
26211: BOBROW, JILL AND JINKINS, DANA. - World's Most Extraordinary Yachts.
16681: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Concerning Famous Women.
37482: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Elegy of Lady Fiammetta.
81765: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Thirteen Most Pleasant and Delectable Questions of Love.
21000: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Thirteen Most Pleasant and Delectable Questions of Love.
78855: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Concerning Famous Women.
68857: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI. - Decameron (Two Volumes).
71215: BOCHENSKI, J. M. - Soviet Russian Dialectical Materialism [Diamat].
7257: BOCHENSKY, JOSEPH M., ET AL (EDITORS). - Guide to Marxist Philosophy: An Introductory Bibliography.
72555: BOCK, EMIL. - Urchristentum II: Kindheit Und Jugend Jesu.
72556: BOCK, EMIL. - Urgeschichte: Das Alte Testament Und Die Geistesgeschichte Der Menschheit I.
72557: BOCK, EMIL. - Moses Und Sein Zeitalter: Das Alte Testament Und Die Geistesgeschichte Der Menschheit II.
72558: BOCK, EMIL. - Apokalypse: Betrachtungen Uber Die Offenbarung Des Johannes.
81631: BOCK, AUDIE. - Japanese Film Directors.
82092: BOCK, CARL. - Head-Hunters of Borneo: A Narrative of Travel Up the Mahakkam and Down the Barito; Also, Journeying in Sumatra.
72554: BOCK, EMIL. - Urchristentum IV: Paulus.
59510: BOCKRIS, VICTOR AND MALANGA, GERARD. - Up-Tight: The Velvet Underground Story.
11704: BOCKRIS, VICTOR AND BAYLEY, ROBERTA. - Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography.
62889: BOCKSTOCE, JOHN R. - Furs and Frontiers in the Far North: The Contest Among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade.
72479: BOCKSTOCE, JOHN R. - Furs and Frontiers in the Far North: The Contest Among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade.
48986: BOD, RENS. - Beyond Grammar: An Expereince-Based Theory of Language.
70972: BODART, ROGER, ET AL. - Guide Litteraire de la Belgique de la Hollande Et Du Luxembourg.
36963: (ALICE B. TOKLAS) BODART, ANNE. - Blue Dog and Other Fables of the French.
51921: BODDINGTON, CRAIG. - From Mt. Kenya to the Cape: Ten Years of African Hunting.
40975: BODE, CARL (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - Midcentury America: Life in the 1850s.
5359: BODE, CARL (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - Midcentury America: Life in the 1850s.
69376: BODECKER, N. M. - Miss Jaster's Garden.
69766: BODECKER, N. M. - Miss Jaster's Garden.
81075: BODEEN, S. R. - The Gardener.
69504: BODELSEN, ANDERS. - Hit and Run, Run, Run.
44847: BODELSEN, ANDERS. - Freezing Down.
55513: BODENHEIMER, F. S. - Insects As Human Food: A Chapter of the Ecology of Man.
14431: BODGER, LORRAINE. - Chicken Dinners: Twenty-Four Seasonal Menus Featuring Delicious, Easy-to-Make Chicken Recipes for Family Suppers, Dinner Parties and Holidays.
25215: BODIN, PAUL. - Young Woman.
61799: BODLEY, R. V. C. - Warrior Saint.
42619: BODMAN, MANOAH. - Life and Poetry of Manoah Bodman: Bard of the Berkshires.
52096: BODNAR, JUDIT Z. (TRANSLATED AND ADAPTED BY). - Wagonload of Fish.
54432: BODRERO, JAMES. - Long Ride to Granada.
70258: BOEGEHOLD, BETTY. - In the Castle of Cats.
28490: BOEHME, SARAH E. - John James Audubon in the West: The Last Expedition: Mammals of North America.
33358: BOEHRER, BRUCE THOMAS. - Fury of Men's Gullets: Ben Jonson and the Digestive Canal.
21196: BOER, F. PETER. - Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World.
82575: DEN BOER, JAMES. - Learning the Way.
23422: BOERICKE, ART AND SHAPIRO, BARRY. - Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art.
69407: BOERICKE, ART AND SHAPIRO, BARRY. - Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art.
16462: BOESCHENSTEIN, WARREN. - Historic American Towns Along the Atlantic Coast.
15463: BOESKY, AMY. - Planet Was.
71587: BOETHIUS. - Boethius of Dacia: On the Supreme Good, on the Eternity of the World, on Dreams.
23164: BOETHIUS. - Consolation of Philosophy.
76503: BOETTI, ANNEMARIE SAUZEAU. - Alighiero E Boetti: Simmetria Asimmetria.
8988: BOETTINGER, H. M. - Telephone Book: Bell, Watson, Vail and American Life, 1876-1976.
74497: BOETZKES, OTTILIE G. - From the Magdalena to Magellan.
41082: BOGACKI, TOMEK. - Cat and Mouse.
1309: BOGARDE, DIRK. - Postillion Struck By Lightning: A Memoir.
49968: BOGART, W. A. - Courts and Country: The Limits of Litigation and the Social and Political Life of Canada.
31960: BOGDAN, ROBERT. - Exposing the Wilderness: Early-Twentieth-Century Adirondack Postcard Photographers.
81993: BOGDANOVICH, JOHN S. - Classical Guitar Making: A Modern Approach to Traditional Design.
31620: BOGEL, CYNTHEA J. AND GOLDMAN, ISRAEL. - Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers.
29863: BOGEN, NANCY. - Klytaimnestra Who Stayed at Home.
31177: BOGEN, DON. - After the Splendid Display.
17123: BOGER, LOUISE ADE. - Dictionary of World Pottery and Porcelain.
59352: BOGG, EDMUND. - Thousand Miles of Wandering in the Border Country.
17337: BOGGS, MARION ALEXANDER (EDITOR). - Alexander Letters, 1787-1900.
20057: BOGGS, JAMES. - Manifesto for a Black Revolutionary Party.
39230: BOGORAS, WALDEMAR. - Sons of the Mammoth.
10076: BOGOSIAN, ERIC. - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll.
22773: BOGRAD, LARRY. - Egon.
79809: BOGRAD, LARRY. - Poor Gertie.
79756: BOGRAD, LARRY. - Lost in the Store.
79782: BOGRAD, LARRY. - Travelers.
23874: BOGUE, MERWYN WITH REILLY, GLADYS BOGUE. - Ish Kabibble: The Autobiography of Merwyn Bogue.
49958: BOGUE, ALLAN G. - Frederick Jackson Turner: Strange Roads Going Down.
42108: BOHAN, PETER AND HAMMERSLOUGH, PHILIP. - Early Connecticut Silver, 1700-1840.
49750: BOHANNAN, PAUL (EDITOR). - African Homocide and Suicide.
79098: BOHAS, G., ET AL. - Arabic Linguistic Tradition.
34567: BOHDAL, SUSI. - Tiger Baby.
78153: VAN BOHEEMEN-SAAF, CHRISTINE. - Joyce, Derrida, Lacan, and the Trauma of History: Reading, Narrative, and Postcolonialism.
16186: BOHJALIAN, CHRISTOPHER A. - Past the Bleachers.
29777: BOHJALIAN, CHRISTOPHER A. - Past the Bleachers.
2301: BOHJALIAN, CHRIS. - Law of Similars.
51246: BOHJALIAN, CHRISTOPHER A. - Past the Bleachers.
50781: BOHJALIAN, CHRIS. - Water Witches.
74169: BOHLMAN, PHILIP V. - "the Land Where Two Streams Flow: " Music in the German-Jewish Community of Israel.
64056: BOHLMANN, OTTO. - Yeats and Nietzsche: An Exploration of Major Nietzschean Echoes in the Writings of William Butler Yeats.
76675: BOHM-BAWERK, EUGEN VON. - Shorter Classics of Eugen Von Bohm-Bawerk: Volume I.
67115: BOHM, DAVID. - Wholeness and the Implicate Order.
59062: BOHR, NIELS. - Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge.
62252: BOHR, NIELS. - Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge.
72363: BOIGNE, COMTESSE DE. - Memoirs of the Comtesse de Boigne (Two Volumes).
64376: DU BOIS, CHARLES G. - Custer Mystery.
24925: BOIS, YVES-ALAIN, ET AL. - Rendezvous: Masterpieces from the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Guggenheim Museums.
67364: BOIS, YVES-ALAIN AND KRAUSS, ROSALIND E. - Formless: A User's Guide.
82386: DU BOIS, WILLIAM PENE. - Otto at Sea.
57617: BOISSET, CAROLINE. - Vertical Gardening.
63873: BOISSEVAIN, JEREMY. - Saints and Fireworks: Religion and Politics in Rural Malta.
70970: BOISSIER, GASTON. - La Fin Du Paganisme: Etude Sur Les Dernieres Luttes Religieuses En Occident Au Quatrieme Siecle (Two Volumes).
70971: BOISSIER, GASTON. - La Religion Romaine: D'auguste Aux Antonins (Two Volumes).
78984: BOISVERT, RAYMOND D. - Dewey's Metaphysics.
54163: BOITANI, PIERO (EDITOR). - Chaucer and the Italian Trecento.
66927: BOITANI, PIERO. - English Medieval Narrative in the Thirteenth (13th) and Fourteenth (14th) Centuries.
18944: BOK, DEREK. - Higher Learning.
38153: BOK, DEREK. - Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education.
26516: BOK, CURTIS. - Star Wormwood.
70449: BOK, ROXANNE. - Horsekeeping: One Woman's Tale of Barns and Country Life.
31920: BOK, EDWARD. - Americanization of Edward Bok: The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After.
57839: BOK, SISSELA. - Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life.
67856: BOK, SISSELA. - Exploring Happiness: From Aristotle to Brain Science.
62172: BOKLUND, GUNNAR. - Duchess of Malfi: Sources, Themes, Characters.
24037: BOLAND, JOHN. - Good Citizens.
9974: BOLAND, BRIDGET. - Gardner's Magic & Other Old Wives' Lore.
74296: BOLAND, EAVAN. - New Territory.
37348: BOLD, ALAN. - Perpetual Motion Machine.
78886: BOLDEN, TONYA. - The Champ: The Story of Muhammad Ali.
71075: BOLDREWOOD, ROLF. - Robbery Under Arms.
27395: BOLEN, JEAN SHINODA. - Ring of Power: The Abandoned Child, the Authoritarian Father, and the Disempowered Feminine: A Jungian Understanding of Wagner's Ring Cycle.
79185: BOLES, PAUL DARCY. - The Streak.
46727: BOLES, PAUL DARCY. - The Streak.
52564: BOLES, PAUL DARCY. - Glenport, Illinois.
74006: BOLES, PAUL DARCY. - Beggars in the Sun.
22482: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. - Memories of the Old Home Place: Prince Edward Island.
19116: BOLIN, BERT (EDITOR). - Carbon Cycle Modelling: Scope 16.
52846: BOLINO, AUGUST C. - Ellis Island Source Book: Second Edition.
76135: BOLIOLI, OSCAR (EDITOR). - Risk: Volume 7, Number 1, 1971: Gladly We Rebel!
17580: BOLL, HEINRICH. - What's to Become of the Boy? Or: Something to Do with Books.
758: BOLL, HEINRICH. - Acquainted with the Night.
69639: BOLLACK, FRANCOISE AND KILLIAN, TOM. - Ely Jacques Kahn: New York Architect.
65386: BOLLAND, EAVAN. - Outside History: Selected Poems, 1980-1990.
65387: BOLLAND, EAVAN. - Origin Like Water: Collected Poems, 1967-1987.
79618: BOLLAND, EAVAN. - Outside History: Selected Poems, 1980-1990.
60804: BOLLANSEE, MARC AND RAMSEYER, URS. - Made Wianta: Universal Balinese Artist.
1445: BOLLES, EDMUND BLAIR. - Second Way of Knowing: The Riddle of Human Perception.
56792: BOLLIGER, MAX. - Happy Troll.
69754: BOLLIGER, MAX (RETOLD BY). - Noah and the Rainbow: An Ancient Story.
70987: BOLOGNE, JEAN CLAUDE. - Histoire de la Pudeur.
21238: BOLSCHE, WILHELM. - Love-Life in Nature: The Story of the Evolution of Love (Two Volumes).
75258: BOLSCHE, WILHELM. - Love-Life in Nature: The Story of the Evolution of Love (Volume One).
22634: BOLSTER, W. JEFFREY. - Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail.
77812: BOLSTER, JOHN. - Upper Crust: The Aristocrats of Automobiles.
27047: BOLT, DAVID. - Adam: A Tone Poem.
43549: BOLT, DAVID. - Adam.
4709: BOLT, ROBERT. - Vivat! Vivat Regina!
38453: BOLTON, THEODORE. - Early American Portrait Draughtsmen in Crayons.
53821: BOLTON, CHARLES KNOWLES. - Real Founders of New England: Stories of Their Life Along the Coast, 1602-1628.
2154: BOLTON, J. D. P. - Glory, Jest and Riddle: A Study of the Growth of Individualism from Homer to Christianity.
6700: BOLTON, RICHARD. - Painting Weathered Textures in Watercolor.
75385: BOLTON, GLORNEY. - Petain.
75847: BOLTON, ANDREW. - Anna Sui.
13840: BOLTON, G. DOUGLAS. - Yorkshire Revealed.
40602: BOLTON, RICHARD. - Weathered Texture Workshop.
16627: BOLUS, JIM. - Kentucky Derby Stories.
46030: BOLUS, JIM. - Run for the Roses: 100 Years at the Kentucky Derby.
40809: BOMAN, ERIC. - Eric Boman's Dames.
12411: BOMBAL, MARIA-LUISA. - House of Mist.
78517: BOMBECK, ERMA. - At Wit's End.
72731: BOMBECK, ERMA. - Grass Is Always Greener over the Septic Tank.
75661: BOMBERGER, C. M. - Battle of Bushy Run: The Most Decisive Victory in All History Gained By the White Man over the American Indian.
24457: LE BON, GUSTAVE. - World of Islamic Civilization.
56033: BONACCORSO, RICHARD. - Sean O'faolain's Irish Vision.
28474: BONALLACK, BASIL. - Flame in the Dark: A Chronicle of Alfred the Great.
56816: BONAMI, FRANCESCO (EDITOR). - Rudolf Stingel.
72357: BONAPARTE, NAPOLEON. - The Corsican: A Diary of Napoleon's Life in His Own Words.
70048: BOND, HENRY. - Lacan at the Scene.
35147: BOND, MICHAEL. - Paddington's Things I Feel.
1926: BOND, COURTNEY C. J. - Where Rivers Meet: An Illustrated History of Ottawa.
3907: BOND, NANCY. - Best of Enemies.
51709: BOND, JIM. - Happy Hunting Ground.
62367: BOND, DAVID J. - Jacques Chessex: Calvinism and the Text.
71422: BOND, GERALD A. (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY). - Poetry of William VII, Count of Poitiers, IX Duke of Aquitaine.
79629: BOND, REBECCA. - Just Like a Baby.
57237: BOND, MICHAEL HARRIS. - Beyond the Chinese Face: Insights from Psychology.
73030: BOND, JULIAN AND WILSON, SONDRA KATHRYN (EDITORS). - Lift Every Voice and Sing: A Celebration of the Negro National Anthem: 100 Years, 100 Voices.
80244: BOND, MICHAEL. - Paddington Takes the Test.
77132: BOND, DOROTHY. - All Men Are Dogs!
59646: BONDHUS, SANDRA V. - Quimper Pottery: A French Folk Art Faience.
76559: BONES, JAH. - One Love: Rastafari: History, Doctrine and Livity.
78175: BONESS, A. JAMES. - Capital Budgeting: The Public and Private Sectors.
25366: BONEVAC, DANIEL. - Art and Science of Logic.
80700: BONG, CARL AND O'CONNOR, MIKE. - Ace of Aces: The Dick Bong Story.
19998: BONHAM, FRANK. - Last Stage West.
74193: BONHAM-CARTER, VICTOR. - Billy the Bumblebee.
79916: BONHAM-CARTER, VICTOR. - Billy the Bumblebee.
62061: BONHOEFFER, DIETRICH. - Fiction from Prison: Gathering Up the Past.
54665: BONI, MARGARET BRADFORD (SELECTED AND EDITED BY). - Fireside Book of Love Songs.
24223: BONIFAZ NUNO, RUBEN. - Art in the Great Temple: Mexico - Tenochtitlan.
78062: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Kongur: China's Elusive Summit.
60057: BONINGTON, CHRISTIAN. - I Chose to Climb.
2962: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Kongur: China's Elusive Summit.
43639: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Quest for Adventure.
40952: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Annapurna South Face.
52345: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Climbers: A History of Mountaineering.
69666: BONINGTON, CHRIS. - Mountaineer: Thirty Years of Climbing on the World's Great Peaks.
77082: BONN, GUILLAUME. - Le Mal D'afrique: A Journey Into Old and New Africa.
56993: BONNARD, ANDRE. - Greek Civilization: From Euripides to Alexandria.
48238: BONNEFIS, PHILIPPE. - Celine: The Recall of the Birds.
63897: BONNEFOY, YVES. - Alberto Giacometti: A Biography of His Work.
82067: BONNER, WILLARD H. - Harp on the Shore: Thoreau and the Sea.
46697: BONNER, EUGENE. - Club in the Opera House: The Story of the Metropolitan Opera Club.
50157: BONNER, ARTHUR. - Alas! What Brought Thee Hither?: The Chinese in New York, 1800-1950.
51580: BONNER, ANTHONY (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY). - Songs of the Troubadours.
16220: BONNERS, SUSAN. - Wooden Doll.
62580: BONNET, THEODORE. - Mudlark.
2861: BONO, CHASTITY. - Family Outing.
48658: DE BONO, DAVID AND SOBEL, BURTON E. (EDITORS). - Challenges in Acute Coronary Syndromes.
48013: BONSAL, PHILIP W. - Cuba, Castro, and the United States.
33114: BONSALL, CROSBY. - Case of the Dumb Bells.
33115: BONSALL, CROSBY. - Case of the Cat's Meow.
69903: BONSALL, CROSBY. - Case of the Hungry Stranger.
60351: BONSALL, CROSBY NEWELL. - Who's a Pest?
72502: BONSANTI, GIORGIO. - Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi: Glory and Destruction.
82629: BONSELS, WALDEMAR. - Adventures of Mario.
47846: BONSER, EDNA MADISON. - Little Boy of Nazareth.
62501: BONTEMPI, FEDORA. - Bontempi Cookbook.
40896: BONTEMPS, ARNA. - Chariot in the Sky: A Novel of the Jubilee Singers.
27130: BONTEMPS, ARNA (SELECTED BY). - Hold Fast to Dreams: Poems Old & New.
8240: BONZON, PAUL-JACQUES. - Pursuit in the French Alps.
76140: RAMBORO BOOKS. - What Will We See at the Circus?: A Delightful Pull-out Board Book.
33018: BOOMER, GARTH. - Fair Dinkum Teaching and Learning: Reflections on Literacy and Power.
80032: BOON, MARCUS. - In Praise of Copying.
35083: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. (EDITOR). - Sociology of the Absurd Or: The Application of Professor X.
81984: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. (EDITOR). - Sociology of the Absurd Or: The Application of Professor X.
79583: BOORSTIN, DANIEL J. - The Image Or What Happened to the American Dream.
70027: BOOT, MAX. - Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present.
70138: BOOT, ADRIAN AND SALEWICZ, CHRIS. - Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience.
36792: BOOTH, PHILIP. - Letter from a Distant Land.
17883: BOOTH, NICHOLAS. - Exploring the Solar System.
40026: BOOTH, DAVID (SELECTED BY). - 'til All the Stars Have Fallen: A Collection of Poems for Children.
77337: BOOTH, WILLIAM STONE. - Subtle Shining Secrecies: Writ in the Margents of Books Generally Ascribed to William Shakespeare, the Actor and Here Ascribed to William Shakespeare, the Poet.
27723: BOOTH, MARTIN. - Stalks of Jade: Renderings of Early Chinese Erotic Verse.
29145: BOOTH, SALLY SMITH. - Hung, Strung, & Potted: A History of Eating in Colonial America.
45013: BOOTH, DAVID (SELECTED BY). - Doctor Knickerbocker and Other Rhymes.
52202: BOOTH, FRED W. - Victory Also Ends.
45574: BOOTH, PHILIP. - Weathers and Edges.
11763: BOOTH-CLIBBORN, EDWARD (EDITOR). - European Illustration: The Twelfth Annual.
62291: BOOTH, DAVID (SELECTED BY). - Doctor Knickerbocker and Other Rhymes.
57818: BOOTH, KEN AND DUNNE, TIM (EDITORS). - Worlds in Collision: Terror and the Future of Global Order.
76403: BOOTH, MARK W. - Experience of Songs.
80724: VAN BOOY, SIMON. - Love and the Five Senses: Short Fiction.
17070: BOR, WALTER. - Making of Cities.
37873: BORCH, KARL HENRIK. - Economics of Uncertainty.
48091: BORCH, MARIANNE, ET AL (EDITORS). - Medieval Text: Editors and Critics: A Symposium.
79624: BORCH, KARL HENRIK. - Economics of Uncertainty.
57606: BORCHERS, ELISABETH. - There Comes a Time.
59860: BORCHERT, WOLFGANG. - Sad Geraniums and Other Stories.
28639: BORCHSENIUS, POUL. - Son of a Star.
78320: BORCOMAN, JAMES, ET AL (ESSAYS). - Karsh: The Art of the Portrait.
47868: BORD, JANET. - Mazes and Labyrinths of the World.
6504: BORDEN, BILL. - Big Book of Big Little Books.
49287: BORDEN, LOUISE. - A. Lincoln and Me.
73949: BORDEN, LUCILLE PAPIN. - The Shining Tree: A Christmas Story.
64541: BORDES, PHILIPPE. - Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile.
75142: BORDES, PHILIPPE. - Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile.
3053: BORDEWICH, FERGUS M. - Cathay: A Journey in Search of Old China.
28731: BOREK, ERNEST. - Sculpture of Life.
8120: BOREK, ERNEST. - Code of Life.
37413: BORG, MARY O., ET AL. - Economic Consequences of State Lotteries.
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48457: BROCE, ERIC DORN. - Politics of Technological Change in Prussia: Out of the Shadow of Antiquity, 1809-1848.
42514: BROCK, WERNER. - Introduction to Contemporary German Philosophy.
31948: BROCK, VIRGINIA. - Pinatas.
3295: BROCK, ALICE M. - How to Massage Your Cat.
82831: BROCK, EMMA L. - A Pet for Barbie.
49690: BROCK, D. HEYWARD. - Ben Jonson Companion.
50513: BROCK, ALICE M. - How to Massage Your Cat.
57128: BROCK-BROIDO, LUCIE. - Hunger: Poems.
65147: BROCK, W. H. AND MEADOWS, A. J. - Lamp of Learning: Two Centuries of Publishing at Taylor & Francis.
49940: BROCK-BROIDO, LUCIE. - Hunger: Poems.
25003: BROCKET, L. P. AND VAUGHAN, MARY C. - Women at War: A Record of Their Patriotic Contributions, Heroism, Toils and Sacrifice During the CIVIL War.
77984: BROCKETT, ELEANOR (RETOLD BY). - Persian Fairy Tales.
52551: BROCKMAN, JOHN. - 37.
53905: BROCKMAN, JOHN. - Afterwords.
68392: BROCKWAY, LUCILE H. - Science and Colonial Expansion: The Role of the British Royal Botanic Gardens.
31418: BROD, MAX. - Paganism, Christianity, Judaism: A Confession of Faith.
63408: BROD, MAX. - Franz Kafka: A Biography (Second, Enlarged, Edition).
48781: BROD, FRITZI. - Flowers in Nature and Design.
82707: BROD, MAX. - The Redemption of Tycho Brahe.
68348: BRODAX, AL. - Up Periscope Yellow: The Making of the Beatles Yellow Submarine.
11723: BRODE, DOUGLAS. - Films of the Sixties: From la Dolce Vita to Easy Rider.
64297: BRODER, PATRICIA JANIS. - Bronzes of the American West.
62088: BRODER, PATRICIA JANIS. - Taos: A Painter's Dream.
59107: BRODER, PATRICIA JANIS. - American West: The Modern Vision.
56337: BRODER, PATRICIA JANIS. - Hopi Painting: The World of the Hopis.
23766: BRODERICK, GEORGE. - Facsimile of Super-Folk, No. 1.
30446: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - Discovery.
9769: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - So Forth.
65837: BRODSKY, LOUIS DANIEL AND HAMBLIN, ROBERT W. - Faulkner: A Comprehensive Guide to the Brodsky Collection: Volume I: The Biobibliography.
70900: BRODSKY, ESTRELLITA, ET AL. - Soto: Paris and Beyond, 1950-1970.
52285: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - Selected Poems.
34067: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - Part of Speech.
28903: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - To Urania.
78993: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - Selected Poems.
66452: BRODSKY, JOSEPH. - Marbles: A Play in Three Acts.
17250: BRODY, ERVIN C. - Demetrius Legend and Its Literary Treatment in the Age of the Baroque.
18190: BRODY, HOWARD. - Stories of Sickness.
42046: BRODY, J. J. - Anasazi and Pueblo Painting.
34970: BRODY, ERVIN C. - Demetrius Legend and Its Literary Treatment in the Age of the Baroque.
80058: BRODY, HOWARD. - Placebos and the Philosophy of Medicine: Clinical, Conceptual, and Ethical Issues.
62591: BRODY, LORA. - Cooking with Memories: Recipes and Recollections.
47900: BROE, MARY LYNN. - Protean Poetic: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath.
54214: BROEHL, JR., WAYNE G. - Crisis of the Raj: The Revolt of 1857 Through British Lieutenants' Eyes.
45496: BROEKEL, RAY. - Chocolate Chronicles.
44515: BROENE, JOHANNES. - Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche.
5825: BROGAN, D. W. - Free State: Some Considerations on Its Practical Value.
8476: BROGAN, JACQUELINE VAUGHT. - Stevens and Simile: A Theory of Language.
79852: BROGGER, SUZANNE. - Deliver Us from Love.
27981: BROM, JOHN L. - Pitiless Jungle.
11023: BROM, JOHN L. - Eye of Night.
44814: BROMBERG, NORBERT AND SMALL, VERNA VOLZ. - Hitler's Psychopathology.
73022: BROMBERG, WALTER. - Mold of Murder: A Psychiatric Study of Homocide.
16885: BROMBERT, VICTOR. - Novels of Flaubert: A Study of Themes and Techniques.
2443: BROMBERT, BETH ARCHER. - Cristina: Portraits of a Princess.
56948: BROMHEAD, PETER. - Britain's Developing Constitution.
76376: BROMLEY, JOHN C. - Shakespearean Kings.
72474: BROMLEY, JAMES M. - Intimacy and Sexuality in the Age of Shakespeare.
80037: BRONGERSMA, L. D. AND VENEMA, G. F. - To the Mountains of the Stars.
27131: BRONK, WILLIAM. - Living Instead.

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