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8249: STRETE, CRAIG KEE. - Paint Your Face on a Drowning in the River.
44263: STRICK, PHILIP (EDITOR). - Antigrav: Cosmic Comedies Sf Masters.
49115: STRICKLAND, NICOLA AND GUPTA, PREETI. - Cross-Sectional Diagnostic Imaging: Cases for Self-Assessment.
61781: STRICKLAND, BRAD. - Dragon's Plunder.
18507: STRICKLAND, BRAD. - John Bellairs's Lewis Barnavelt in the Beast Under the Wizard's Bridge.
39737: STRIEDER, PETER. - Hidden Durer.
72041: STRIKE, KENNETH A. - Liberal Justice and the Marxist Critique of Education: A Study of Conflicting Research Programs.
82917: STRIKER, FRAN. - Lone Ranger and the Mystery Ranch.
71862: STRIKER, FRAN. - Lone Ranger and the Gold Robbery.
36586: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Easter (a Play in Three Acts) and Stories.
37955: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Scapegoat.
19677: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Letters of Strindberg to Harriet Bosse.
39138: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Getting Married.
27324: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - There Are Crimes and Crimes: A Comedy.
31488: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Plays.
32665: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - From an Occult Diary: Marriage with Harriet Bosse.
8814: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Cloister.
67822: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Natives of Hemso.
48831: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Madman's Manifesto: Le Plaidoyer D'un Fou.
36624: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Plays of Strindberg: Volume I (ML 369).
68736: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - Inferno.
33271: STRINER, RICHARD. - Father Abraham: Lincoln's Relentless Struggle to End Slavery.
15569: STRINGER, LEE. - Grand Central Winter: Stories from the Street.
963: STRINGER, MICHAEL. - Wild Flowers.
78791: STRINGER, LEE. - Grand Central Winter: Stories from the Street.
4155: STRODE, HUDSON. - Sweden: Model for a World.
49016: STRODT-LOPEZ, BARBARA. - Word Choice and Narration: Artisitc Language Use in Academic Lectures.
46519: STROMBECK, JANET AND RICHARD. - Bridges & Cupolas.
54130: STROMBERG, FREDRIK. - Comics Go to Hell: A Visual History of the Devil in Comics.
47328: STROMMER, DIANE WELTNER (EDITOR). - Time's Distractions: A Play from the Time of Charles I.
13073: STRONG, JAMES. - Flight to the Stars: An Inquiry Into the Feasibility of Interstellar Flight.
64461: STRONG, ANNA LOUISE. - Spain in Arms, 1937.
70480: STRONG, L. A. G. - Sea Wall.
69995: STRONG, ROY. - Celebration of Gardens.
54514: STRONG, ROY. - Feast: A History of Grand Eating.
61506: STRONG, W. C. - Fruit Culture and the Laying out and Management of a Country Home.
2324: STROUD, JOANNE H. - Bonding of Will and Desire.
77308: STROUP, THOMAS B. - Microcosmos: The Shape of the Elizabethan Play.
70359: STRUEVER, NANCY S. - Language of History in the Renaissance: Rhetoric and Historical Consciousness in Florentine Humanism.
82725: STRUGATSKY, ARKADY AND BORIS. - The Ugly Swans.
82726: STRUGATSKY, ARKADY AND BORIS. - Beetle in the Anthill.
82727: STRUGATSKY, ARKADY AND BORIS. - Far Rainbow / the Second Invasion from Mars.
82728: STRUGATSKY, ARKADY AND BORIS. - Definitely Maybe: A Manuscript Discovered Under Unusual Circumstances.
34888: STRUM, PHILIPPA. - Supreme Court and "Political Questions: " a Study in Judicial Evasion.
793: STRUTHER, JAN. - Glass-Blower and Other Poems.
53813: STRYKER, LLOYD PAUL. - Art of Advocacy: A Plea for the Renaissance of the Trial Lawyer.
13777: STUART, DABNEY. - Diving Bell.
15042: STUART, GRACE. - Conscience and Reason.
38583: (ROBERT BLOCH) STUART, SIDNEY. - Night Walker.
23778: STUART-MACADAM, PATRICIA AND DETTWYLER, KATHERINE A. (EDITORS). - Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives.
42522: STUART, DAVID. - Plants That Shaped Our Gardens.
42564: STUART, DABNEY. - Particular Place.
3164: STUART, JANE. - Passerman's Hollow.
6597: STUART, SARAH PAYNE. - My First Cousin Once Removed: Money, Madness, and the Family of Robert Lowell.
9908: STUART, HARRY LEE. - Ginger Flower.
72402: STUART, VIVIAN. - Like Victors and Lords.
63754: STUART, JESSE. - Daughter of the Legend.
59856: STUART, DAVID. - Garden Triumphant: A Victorian Legacy.
63395: STUART, JESSE. - My Land Has a Voice.
82265: STUART, JESSE. - God's Oddling: The Story of Mick Stuart, My Father.
75152: STUBBES, PHILIP. - Anatomie of Abuses.
34310: STUBBS, JOANNA. - U.F. O. : Unidentified Flying Object.
57541: STUCCI, MAVIS (ILLUSTRATOR). - Marty and the Toy Factory (Pop-Up Book).
78859: STUCKEN, EDUARD. - Die Weissen Gotter (Two Volumes).
41477: STUCKENBERGER, NICOLE. - Thin Ice: Inuit Traditions Within a Changing Environment.
20585: STUCKEY, RONALD AND JOAN. - Lithographs of Stow Wengenroth, 1931-1972.
54996: WALT DISNEY STUDIO. - Walt Disney Productions the Plot to Capture Robin Hood.
57380: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. - Walt Disney Studios' the Black Hole: A Pop-Up Book.
35384: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. - Mickey Mouse Waddle Book.
54927: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. - Mickey Mouse Waddle Book.
28645: STUDLEY, VANCE. - Woodworker's Book of Wooden Kitchen Utensils.
70078: STUDLEY, HELEN. - Life of a Restaurant: Tales and Recipes from la Colombe D'or.
72999: STUHR, JOHN J. (EDITOR). - Philosophy and the Reconstruction of Culture: Pragmatic Essays After Dewey.
64923: STUMP, EDMUND. - Roof at the Bottom of the World: Discovering the Transantarctic Mountains.
72306: STUMPFE, ORTRUD. - Die Symbolsprache Der Marchen.
6566: STUPKA, ARTHUR. - Wildflowers in Color.
17472: STURGES, HOLLISTER, ET AL. - Jules Breton and the French Rural Tradition.
67315: STURGIS, WILLIAM BAYARD. - Fly-Tying.
66523: STURGIS, RUSSELL. - Interdependence of the Arts of Design.
74345: STURGIS, GRANVILLE FORBES. - Influence of the Drama.
69098: STURLASON, SNORRE. - Heimskringla: Or, the Lives of the Norse Kings.
59115: STURLUSON, SNORRI. - Stories of the Kings of Norway: Called the Round World - Heimskringla: Volume IV.
49347: STURM, JAN-EGBERT. - Public Capital Expenditure in Oecd Countries: The Causes and Impact of the Decline in Public Capital Spending.
44787: STURMER, MICHAEL, ET AL. - For the Friends of Nature and Art: The Garden Kingdom of Prince Franz Von Anhalt-Dessau in Age of Enlightenment.
35937: STURROCK, JOHN. - Word from Paris: Essays on Modern French Thinkers and Writers.
78398: STURTEVANT, VICTORIA. - Great Big Girl Like Me: The Films of Marie Dressler.
34139: STUTLEY, MARGARET. - Ancient Indian Magic and Folklore: An Introduction.
23889: STUTZ, DEBORAH I. - Jim Dine's Raven on White Paper.
15628: STYAN, J. L. - Dramatic Experience: A Guide to the Reading of Plays.
22519: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Pass of Morning.
32214: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Modern Mountaineering.
78772: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Mountaineer's Week-End Book.
76925: STYLES, SHOWELL. - Getting to Know Mountains.
65922: STYRON, WILLIAM. - In the Clap Shack.
10997: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Set This House on Fire.
58785: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness.
67932: STYRON, WILLIAM - Tidewater Morning: Three Tales from Youth.
21992: SUARES, J. C. (DESIGNER). - Manhattan.
83174: SUARES, CARLO. - The Passion of Judas: A Mystery Play.
71783: SUAREZ-ARAUZ, NICOMEDES (EDITOR). - Literary Amazonia: Modern Writing By Amazonian Authors.
66365: SUBA, SUSANNE. - Monkeys and the Pedlar.
16225: SUBITZKY, SEYMOUR (EDITOR). - Geology of Selected Areas in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.
3325: SUBLETT, JESSE. - Rock Critic Murders.
76332: SUBUH, MUHAMMAD. - Growth of Subud.
66402: SUCHER, HARRY V. - Harley-Davidson: The Milwaukee Marvel.
84010: SUCKLING, NIGEL. - Through a Looking Glass: The Pictures of Wayne Anderson.
63512: SUCKLING, NIGEL. - Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell.
71097: SUCKLING, NIGEL. - Titans: The Heroic Visions of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.
84138: SUDAN, RAJANI. - Alchemy of Empire: Abject Materials and the Technologies of Colonialism.
55917: SUDBERY, RODIE. - Silk and the Skin.
47121: SUDLEY, LORD. - William Or More Loved Than Loving.
23986: SUETIN, ALEKSEI. - Contemporary Approach to the Middle Game.
77127: LE SUEUR, MERIDEL. - Sparrow Hawk.
69038: SUFRIN, SIDNEY C. AND SEDGWICK, ROBERT C. - Labor Economics and Problems at Mid-Century.
43158: SUGAR, BERT RANDOLPH (EDITOR). - Ring 1982 Record Book and Boxing Encyclopaedia.
83234: SUGARMAN, ALAN, NEMIROFF, ROBERT A. AND GREENSON, DANIEL P. (EDITORS). - The Technique and Practice of Psychoanalysis: Volume II (2): A Memorial Volume to Ralph R. Greenson.
59581: SUGARMAN, TRACY. - Stranger at the Gates: A Summer in Mississippi.
75327: SUGDEN, HENRY L. (EDITOR). - Seventy Five Years Presbyterian Camp Meetings of the Nez Perce Indians, 1897-1972.
81766: SUGERMAN, DANNY (COMPILED BY). - The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics.
72859: SUGERMAN, DANNY. - The Doors: The Illustrated History.
75310: SUGIHARA, YOSHIE AND PLATH, DAVID W. - Sensei and His People: The Building of a Japanese Commune.
35746: SUGIMOTO, YOSHIO AND MOUER, ROSS E. (EDITORS). - Constructs for Understanding Japan.
55380: SUGRUE, THOMAS J. - Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit.
60851: SUHL, YURI. - Uncle Misha's Partisans.
8712: SUHL, YURI. - Purim Goat.
16075: SUITER, JOHN. - Poets on the Peaks: Gary Snyder, Philip Whalen & Jack Kerouac in the North Cascades.
466: SUKENICK, RONALD. - Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues.
79592: SULERI, SARA. - Meatless Days.
26743: SULLIVAN, GEORGE. - Understanding Hydroponics: Growing Plants without Soil.
42954: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL. - Symbols of Eternity: The Art of Landscape Painting in China.
54123: SULLIVAN, EDMUND B. - Collecting Political Americana.
32326: SULLIVAN, ANITA T. - Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperment.
35589: SULLIVAN, DAVID S. AND SATTLER, MARTIN J. (EDITORS). - Revolutionary War: Western Response.
10191: SULLIVAN, KAREN (SELECTED BY). - Celebration: Golf.
47673: SULLIVAN, JENNY. - Brochures: Making a Strong Impression: 85 Strategies for Message-Driven Design.
10754: SULLIVAN III, C. W. (EDITOR). - Science Fiction for Young Readers.
72418: SULLIVAN, GEORGE. - By Chance a Winner: The History of Lotteries.
48730: SULLIVAN, NEIL F. - Technology Transfer: Making the Most of Your Intellectual Property.
23201: SULLIVAN, NEIL J. - Diamond in the Bronx: Yankee Stadium and the Politics of New York.
83339: SULLIVAN, RICHARD E. - Aix-la-Chapelle in the Age of Charlemagne.
83236: SULLIVAN, LOUIS. - Public Papers.
67155: O'SULLIVAN, THOMAS J. - Pioneer Airplane Mails of the United States.
60449: SULLIVAN, ROBERT. - Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants.
54039: SULLIVAN, DEBORAH A. AND WEITZ, ROSE. - Labor Pains: Modern Midwives and Home Birth.
70718: SULLIVAN, ROSEMARY. - Theodore Roethke: The Garden Master.
7284: O'SULLIVAN, MAURICE. - Twenty Years a-Growing.
66967: SULLIVAN, JR., GARRETT A., ET AL (EDITORS). - Early Modern English Drama: A Critical Companion.
80762: SULLIVAN, FRANCES B. - Our Town: De Witt (Dewitt), New York.
4736: SULZER, JAMES. - Nantucket Daybreak.
77687: SUMIKO. - Kittymouse.
76369: SUMMERALL, PAT WITH CHANIN, JOHN. - Kicking to Win.
51698: SUMMERHAYS, R. S. (COMPILED BY). - Summerhays' Encyclopaedia of Horsemen.
22465: SUMMERS, ANDY. - Throb.
78509: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE. - Geography of Witchcraft.
33278: SUMMERS, CLAUDE J. AND PEBWORTH, TED-LARRY (EDITORS). - English CIVIL Wars in the Literary Imagination.
77850: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE. - Vampire in Europe.
49924: SUMMERS, ROBERT S. (EDITOR). - Essays in Legal Philosophy.
68471: SUMMERS, ANDY. - I'LL Be Watching You: Inside the Police, 1980-83.
80934: SUMMERSON, JOHN. - The Unromantic Castle and Other Essays.
31587: SUMMERSON, JOHN. - Architecture in Britain: 1530-1830.
52492: SUMMERVILLE, JAMES. - Educating Black Doctors: A History of Meharry Medical College.
76937: SUMMIT, JEFFREY A. - Lord's Song in a Strange Land: Music and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Worship.
64341: SUMMITT, PAT WITH JENKINS, SALLY. - Reach for the Summitt: The Definite Dozen System for Succeeding at Whatever You Do.
67717: SUMMITT, PAT WITH JENKINS, SALLY. - Reach for the Summitt: The Definite Dozen System for Succeeding at Whatever You Do.
70026: SUMMITT, PAT WITH JENKINS, SALLY. - Reach for the Summitt: The Definite Dozen System for Succeeding at Whatever You Do.
14363: SUMNER, HEYWOOD. - Cuckoo Hill: The Book of Gorley.
25990: SUMNER, W. DAYTON. - Breaking Your Horse's Bad Habits.
43502: SUMNER, WILLIAM LESLIE. - Organ: Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use.
27664: SUMNER, DAVID E. - Episcopal Church's History: 1945-1985.
58280: SUMPTER, ARTHUR. - Lives of General Zachary Taylor and General Winfield Scott: To Which Is Appended an Outline History of Mexico, Aboriginal, Colonial and Republican; and a Brief History of the Mexican War. . .
21351: SUNDARESAN, M. K. - Handbook of Particle Physics.
45244: SUNDEEN, MARK. - Making of Toro: Bullfights, Broken Hearts, and One Author's Quest for the Acclaim He Deserves.
10262: SUNDELSON, DAVID. - Shakespeare's Restorations of the Father.
54614: SUNDERLAND, TERRY. - Still Standing (Cape Breton Buildings from Days Gone By).
66847: SUNDERLAND, GLENN W. - Five Days to Glory.
30285: SUNDLING, DOUG WITH BITTNER, DIANA. - Doors Artistic Vision: Their Vision of America and Life Portrayed in Their Six Studio Albums.
64114: SUNDLING, DOUG WITH BITTNER, DIANA. - Doors Artistic Vision: Their Vision of America and Life Portrayed in Their Six Studio Albums.
48020: SUNG, Z. D. - Symbols of Yi King Or the Symbols of the Chinese Logic of Changes.
56366: SUNSTEIN, CASS R. - Risk and Reason: Safety, Law, and the Environment.
60621: SUPPES, PATRICK. - Axiomatic Set Theory.
62287: SUPRANER, ROBYN. - Sam Sunday and the Mystery at the Ocean Beach Hotel.
83235: SURANY, ANICO. - Etienne-Henri and Gri-Gri.
77215: A FRENCH ARMY-SURGEON. - Documents of Medical Anthropology (Untrodden Fields of Anthropology) - Two Volume Set.
3906: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NEUROLOGICAL SURGEONS. - Bibliography of the Writings of Harvey Cushing.
63052: SURMELIAN, LEON. - Daredevils of Sassoun: The Armenian National Epic.
55518: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour.
84054: SURTEES, ROBERT SMITH. - "Ask Mamma" Or, the Richest Commoner in England.
74980: SURTZ, EDWARD. - Praise of Pleasure: Philosophy, Education, and Communism in More's Utopia.
35931: SUSANKA, SARAH WITH OBOLENSKY, KIRA. - Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live.
83446: SUSANN, JACQUELINE. - The Love Machine.
34847: SUSKIN, STEVEN. - Show Tunes, 1905-1985: The Songs, Shows and Careers of Broadway's Major Composers.
78739: SUSKIN, STEVEN. - Second Act Trouble: Behind the Scenes at Broadway's Big Musical Bombs.
35747: SUSSMAN, HENRY S. - High Resolution: Critical Theory and the Problem of Literacy.
22931: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Frontier Wolf.
80223: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY (RETOLD BY). - Black Ships Before Troy: The Story of the Iliad.
16483: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Silver Branch.
82508: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - The Silver Branch.
81727: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - The Witch's Brat.
46382: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Minstrel and the Dragon Pup.
78769: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Flowers of Adonis.
61204: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Dawn Wind.
24895: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Shield Ring.
80795: SUTCLIFF, ROSEMARY. - Flowers of Adonis.
24873: SUTCLIFFE, JOHN. - Decorating Magic.
22841: SUTHERLAND, BRYONY AND ELLIS, LUCY. - Annie Lennox: The Biography.
73491: SUTHERLAND, RONALD. - Romaunt of the Rose and le Roman de la Rose: A Parallel-Text Edition.
31046: SUTHERLAND, MARC. - Waiting Place.
2376: SUTHERLAND, DAVID. - He Who Dares: Recollections of Service in the Sas, Sbs and M15.
3731: SUTHERLAND, DANIEL E. - Confederate Carpetbaggers.
5143: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS. - English Gentleman's Child.
8061: SUTHERLAND, ARTHUR E. - Law and One Man Among Many.
81551: SUTHERLAND, DONALD M. G. - Resolute Determination: Napoleon and the French Empire.
68554: SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS. - Salmon Book.
53974: SUTHERLAND, PETER (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Autograf: New York City's Graffiti Writers.
84207: SUTHERLAND, DANIEL E. - Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville: The Dare Mark Campaign.
45130: SUTHREN, VICTOR. - Golden Galleon.
12235: SUTHREN, VICTOR. - King's Ransom.
23251: SUTPHEN, DICK. - Mad Old Ads.
35720: SUTPHEN, DICK. - Mad Old Ads.
71012: SUTTLES, GERALD D. - Social Order of the Slum: Ethnicity and Territory in the Inner City.
49778: SUTTMAN, VIRGINIA BUSH, ET AL. - Paul Suttman: Encounters in Bronze.
18966: SUTTON, ELIZABETH HENNING. - Racing for Keeneland.
40034: SUTTON, FELIX. - City Under the Sea: An Ace Cooper Adventure.
24926: SUTTON, EVE. - My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.
42032: SUTTON, PETER C. - William Appleton Coolidge Collection.
19495: SUTTON, ANN AND SHEEHAN, DIANE. - Ideas in Weaving.
11683: SUTTON, ANN AND MYRON. - Appalachian Trail: Wilderness on the Doorstep.
48942: SUTTON, RICHARD, ET AL (EDITORS). - Foundations of Cardiac Pacing: Part II: An Illustrated Guide to Rate Variable Pacing.
77848: SUTTON, GEORGE MIKSCH. - Oklahoma Birds: Their Ecology and Distribution, with Comments on the Avifauna of the Southern Great Plains.
59594: SUTTON-SMITH, BRIAN, ET AL. - Folkstories of Children.
65677: SUTTON, PETER C., ET AL. - Reclaimed: Paintings from the Collection of Jacques Goudstikker.
79295: SUTTON, GEORGE MIKSCH (COMMENTARY). - To a Young Bird Artist: Letters from Louis Agassiz Fuertes to George Miksch Sutton.
80467: SUTTON, MARGARET. - Voice in the Suitcase: A Judy Bolton Mystery (# 8).
73387: DI SUVERO, MARK. - Mark Di Suvero (Drawings / Sculpture).
82184: SUZUKI, D. T. - Buddha of Infinite Light: The Teachings of Shin Buddhism, the Japanese Way of Wisdom and Compassion.
73715: SUZUKI, DAISETZ TEITARO. - Manual of Zen Buddhism.
21076: SUZUKI, DAVID AND DRESSEL, HOLLY. - From Naked Ape to Superspecies: A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Eco-Crisis.
27573: SUZUKI, TAKAO. - Words in Context: A Japanese Perspective on Language and Culture.
82715: SUZUKI, MAKOTO. - Wooden Houses.
78660: SUZUKI, TAKAO. - Japanese and the Japanese: Words in Culture.
61489: SUZUKI, MIHOKO (EDITOR). - History of British Women's Writing, 1610-1690: Volume Three.
70529: SUZUKI, D. T., FROMM, ERICH, AND DE MARTINO, RICHARD. - Zen Buddhism & Psychoanalysis.
78924: SVENDSEN, NANNA AIDA. - Freya and the Magic Cloak.
33812: SVENVOLD, MARK. - Elmer Mccurdy: The Misadventures in Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw.
83470: SVEVO, ITALO. - Emilio's Carnival (Senilita).
19041: SVOBODA, ANTONIN AND WHITE, DONNAMAIE E. - Advanced Logical Circuit Design Techniques.
6367: SVONKIN, STUART. - Jews Against Prejudice: American Jews and the Fight for CIVIL Liberties.
38459: SWABEY, MARIE COLLINS. - Logic and Nature.
23380: SWADDLING, JUDITH. - Etruscan Mirrors.
43963: SWAHN, SVEN CHRISTER. - Island Through the Gate.
68959: SWALLOW, ALAN (EDITOR). - Wild Bunch.
80488: SWALLOW, ALAN. - Publishing in the West: Alan Swallow: Some Letters and Commentaries.
62238: SWAN, MICHAEL. - Temples of the Sun and Moon: A Mexican Journey.
43067: SWAN, JON AND SISSON, JOHN. - Pictorial History of New Marlborough: A Visual Reminiscence, 1735-1940.
1611: SWANBERG, W. A. - Dreiser.
2770: SWANBOROUGH, GORDON (EDITOR). - Air Enthusiast: Volume One.
78926: SWANN, BRIAN (EDITOR). - On the Translation of Native American Literatures.
74564: SWANN, JEFFREY. - Toehold on Zen.
28137: SWANN, BARBARA. - Complete Border Collie.
57880: SWANN, THOMAS BURNETT. - Classical World of H.D.
48797: SWANN, BRIAN. - Basket Full of White Eggs: Riddle-Poems.
69180: SWANN, CAL. - Techniques of Typography.
82356: SWANNELL, JOHN. - Fine Lines.
23931: SWANSON, JUNE. - David Bushnell and His Turtle: The Story of America's First Submarine.
32582: SWANSON, JAMES L. - Manhunt: The Twelve-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer.
54987: SWANSON, SUSAN MARIE. - House in the Night.
79753: SWANSON, SUSAN MARIE. - House in the Night.
72277: SWANWICK, MICHAEL, ET AL. - Moon Dogs.
18475: SWARD, ROBERT. - Thousand-Year-Old Fiancee & Other Poems.
26121: SWARD, ROBERT. - Kissing the Dancer & Other Poems.
82001: SWARTHOUT, GLENDON. - Welcome to Thebes.
13189: SWARTZBAUGH, RICHARD. - Mediator: His Strategy for Power.
81756: SWAYZE, FRED. - Frontenac and the Iroquois: The Fighting Governor of New France.
50433: SWEARINGEN, JAMES E. - Reflexivity in Tristram Shandy: An Essay in Phenomenological Criticism.
21035: SWEAT, LYNN. - Wonderful Hunting Dog.
24569: SWEENEY, R. C. H. - Grappling with a Griffon.
42120: SWEENEY, JOHN A. H. - Grandeur on the Appoquinimink: The House of William Corbit at Odessa, Delaware.
12379: SWEENEY, JANE (EDITOR). - Art for the Nation: Gifts in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art.
9736: SWEENEY, CHARLES. - Naturalist in the Sudan.
64582: SWEENEY, ROBERT L. - Frank Lloyd Wright: An Annotated Bibliography.
59122: SWEET, TIMOTHY. - Traces of War: Poetry, Photography, and the Crisis of the Union.
53463: SWEET, HENRY. - Student's Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon.
8931: SWEET-ESCOTT, BICKHAM - Greece: A Political and Economic Survey, 1939-1953.
48929: SWEET, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Philosophy of History: A Re-Examination.
65531: SWEETING, ADAM. - Beneath the Second Sun: A Cultural History of Indian Summer.
68828: SWEETMAN, HARVEY L. - Biological Control of Insects: With a Chapter on Weed Control.
7864: SWEETMAN, BILL. - Presidio Concise Guide to Soviet Military Aircraft.
80809: SWEETSER, KATE DICKINSON. - Book of Indian Braves.
82187: SWEETSER, EVE. - From Etymology to Pragmatics: Metaphorical and Cultural Aspects of Semantic Structure.
51285: SWENEY, FREDRIC. - Painting the American Scene in Watercolor.
62804: SWENSON, BIRGIT (TRANSLATOR). - Anthology of Modern French Poetry: From Baudelaire to Bonnefoy.
67054: SWENSON, MAY. - New & Selected Things Taking Place.
46790: SWETT, SOPHIE. - Peaseblossom's Lion.
36694: SWETZ, FRANK J. - Capitalism and Arithmetic: The New Math of the 15th Century.
396: SWICK, THOMAS. - Unquiet Days: At Home in Poland.
53177: SWIDLER, DAVID T. - America's Leading Handicappers Present: Ten Commandments for Professional Handicapping: A Complete Handicapping Course.
40764: SWIFT, HILDEGARDE HOYT. - Railroad to Freedom: A Story of the CIVIL War.
75357: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - Tale of a Tub: To Which Is Added the Battle of the Books and the Mechanical Operation of the Spirit (Second Edition).
76555: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - Gulliver's Travels.
83495: SWIFT, HILDEGARDE HOYT. - From the Eagle's Wing: A Biography of John Muir.
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78336: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART. - Rock Garden and Its Plants: From Grotto to Alpine House.
21966: THOMASHOW, MITCHELL. - Bringing the Biosphere Home: Learning to Perceive Global Environmental Change.
83346: THOMASON, MICHAEL V. R. - Trying Times: Alabama Photographs, 1917-1945.
9518: THOMASON, MICHAEL V. R. - Trying Times: Alabama Photographs, 1917-1945.
58990: THOMASON, MICHAEL V. R. - Trying Times: Alabama Photographs, 1917-1945.
68266: THOMPSON, LESLIE P. - Fishing in New England.
83949: THOMPSON, DEBORAH (EDITOR). - Maine Forms of American Architecture.
35942: THOMPSON, FRANCIS. - Complete Poems of Francis Thompson (ML 38).
54962: THOMPSON, VIVIAN L. - Aukele the Fearless: A Legend of Old Hawaii.
80817: THOMPSON, ROGER (SELECTED AND EDITED BY). - Samuel Pepys' Penny Merriments.
15262: THOMPSON, J. W. AND BOND, D. - Victorian and Edwardian Northumbria from Old Photographs.
17886: THOMPSON, RUSS. - Carson City.
74839: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.
21929: THOMPSON, MARK L. - Steamboats & Sailors of the Great Lakes.
22710: THOMPSON, GINNIE. - John James Audubon's Birds in Cross Stitch.
22720: THOMPSON, JULIE AND MACINTOSH, BROWNIE. - Pirate's Life for Me!: A Day Aboard a Pirate Ship.
23014: THOMPSON, DENNIS F. - Just Elections: Creating a Fair Electoral Process in the United States.
56551: THOMPSON, TED WITH HOROWITZ, ELI (EDITORS). - Noisy Outlaws, Unfriendly Blobs, and Some Other Things That Aren't As Scary. . .
25156: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing in America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist, 1968-1976 (the Gonzo Letters, Volume II).
42000: THOMPSON, LEONARD AND BUTLER, JEFFREY. - Change in Contemporary South Africa.
17986: THOMPSON, COLIN. - Last Alchemist.
44091: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the '80s (Gonzo Papers, Vol. 2).
28830: THOMPSON, C. J. S. - Mystery and Romance of Astrology.
32723: THOMPSON, NORMA. - Herodotus and the Origins of the Political Community: Arion's Leap.
75616: THOMPSON, ROBERT J. - Television's Second Golden Age: From Hill Street Blues to Er.
60475: THOMPSON, R. MOTSON. - Nietzsche and Christian Ethics.
12033: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY. - Captain Salt in Oz.
35104: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie: Gonzo Papers, Vol. 4.
1790: THOMPSON, LAURENCE. - 1940.
45519: THOMPSON, J. KEVIN (EDITOR). - Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity: An Integrative Guide for Assessment and Treatment.
2932: THOMPSON, THOMAS R. - Chris: A Biography of Christian C. Sanderson.
71813: THOMPSON, ROGER. - Women in Stuart England and America: A Comparative Study.
7862: THOMPSON, MARY WOLFE. - Two in the Wilderness: Before Vermont Had a Name.
8115: THOMPSON, A. STANLEY AND RODGERS, OLIVER E. - Thermal Power from Nuclear Reactors.
45693: THOMPSON, JEAN MCKEE (COMPILED BY). - Poems to Grow on.
63389: THOMPSON, KAY. - Kay Thompson's Miss Pooky Peckinpaugh and Her Secret Private Boyfriends Complete with Telephone Numbers.
46367: THOMPSON, J. ERIC S. - Maya History and Religion.
60382: (L. FRANK BAUM) THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY. - Kabumpo in Oz.
46866: THOMPSON, DAVID L. - Artists of the Mummy Portraits.
47825: THOMPSON, KAY. - Kay Thompson's Eloise: A Book for Precocious Grown Ups.
48532: THOMPSON, WILLIAM N. - Native American Issues: A Reference Handbook.
83645: THOMPSON, BLANCHE JENNINGS (EDITOR). - All the Silver Pennies (Combining Silver Pennies and More Silver Pennies).
60842: THOMPSON, KAY MORRISSEY. - Art and Technique of Sumi-E: Japanese Ink Painting As Taught By Ukai Uchiyama.
61119: THOMPSON, LAURENCE. - Story of Scotland Yard.
59677: THOMPSON, DAVE. - Better to Burn out: The Cult of Death in Rock'n'roll.
62375: THOMPSON, RALPH. - Artist's Safari.
52462: THOMPSON, VICTOR A. - Bureaucracy and Innovation.
70372: THOMPSON, KAY. - Kay Thompson's Eloise Takes a Bawth.
51036: THOMPSON, KAY. - Eloise in Moscow.
57923: THOMPSON, HOMER C. - Asparagus Production.
57315: THOMPSON, W. GRANT. - Angry Gut: Coping with Colitis and Crohn's Disease.
20831: THOMPSON, BLANCHE JENNINGS (EDITOR). - All the Silver Pennies (Combining Silver Pennies and More Silver Pennies).
81946: THOMPSON, DAVID T. - Pinter: The Player's Playwright.
74906: THOMPSON, IAIN. - Frank Lloyd Wright: A Visual Encyclopedia.
72504: THOMPSON, HELEN LESTER. - Sewing Tools & Trinkets: Collector's Identification & Value Guide.
53123: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY. - Cheerful Citizens of Oz.
72106: THOMPSON, WINFIELD M., ET AL. - Yacht "America. "
74577: THOMPSON, R. W. - Battle for the Rhineland.
52355: THOMPSON, COLIN. - Paper Bag Prince.
58906: THOMPSON, RALPH. - Artist's Safari.
82986: THOMPSON, JIM. - King Blood.
78715: THOMPSON, JERRY L. - Why Photography Matters.
33748: THOMPSON, FRANK. - Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas: The Film, the Art, the Vision.
50814: THOMPSON, JOHN B. - Pickup.
53422: THOMPSON, HARLAN. - Spook, the Mustang.
54948: THOMPSON, WILLIAM TAPPAN. - Major Jones's Courtship.
56334: THOMPSON, KAY. - Kay Thompson's Eloise Takes a Bawth.
83601: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Screwjack.
64284: THOMPSON, COLIN. - Paper Bag Prince.
75156: THOMPSON, KAY. - Eloise's Guide to Life Or How to Eat, Dress, Travel, Behave, and Stay Six Forever!
69502: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga.
35256: THOMPSON, KAY. - Eloise in Moscow.
63167: THOMPSON, BLANCHE JENNINGS (EDITOR). - Silver Pennies: A Collection of Modern Poems for Boys and Girls.
44536: THOMPSON, COLIN. - How to Live Forever.
72838: THOMPSON, EMMA. - Further Tales of Peter Rabbit.
44718: THOMS, WILLIAM E. - Travelers and Tonnage: The Vanishing Mixed Train.
45169: THOMS, WILLIAM E. - Reprieve for the Iron Horse: The Amtrak Experiment - Its Predecessors and Prospects.

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