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38493: INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM. - Salt Basins Around Africa.
44235: PETRONIUS. - Satyricon of Petronius.
45872: PETRONIUS. - Satyricon of Petronius.
18500: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Invention By Design: How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing.
69935: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Evolution of Useful Things.
42546: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Evolution of Useful Things.
52813: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Pushing the Limits: New Adventures in Engineering.
69934: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance.
69942: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Book on the Bookshelf.
70100: PETROSKI, HENRY. - To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design.
64717: PETROSKI, HENRY. - Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance.
5385: PETROV, VADIM, LYSENHO, IGOR, AND EGOROV, GEORGY. - Escape of Alexei, Son of Tsar Nicholas II: What Happened the Night the Romanov Family Was Executed.
81109: PETRY, ANN. - The Street.
70005: PETSALIS-DIOMIDIS, NICHOLAS. - Unknown Callas: The Greek Years.
80387: PETT, STEPHEN. - Pulpit of Bones.
18731: PETTENGELL, JIM. - Rottweiler: Essential Reading for Owners, Breeders and Judges.
56322: PETTERSON, PER. - To Siberia.
56323: PETTERSON, PER. - To Siberia.
24944: PETTERSSON, ALLAN RUNE. - Frankenstein's Aunt Returns.
84405: PETTIGREW, DAMIAN. - I'M a Born Liar: A Fellini Lexicon.
10283: PETTIGREW, TERENCE. - Raising Hell: The Rebel in the Movies.
74833: PETTINGILL, JR., OLIN SEWALL. - Guide to Bird Finding: East of Mississippi.
19139: PETTINGILL, AMOS. - White-Flower-Farm Garden Book.
70493: PETTY, ROY. - Home Birth.
75707: PETTY, MARY. - This Petty Pace: A Book of Drawings.
79915: PETZOLDT, PATRICIA. - On Top of the World: My Adventures with My Mountain-Climbing Husband.
55560: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS (EDITOR). - Picturesque Garden and Its Influence Outside the British Isles.
82762: PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS. - Studies in Art, Architecture and Design (Two Volumes).
19006: PEYER, BERND C. (EDITOR). - Singing Spirit: Early Short Stories By North American Indians.
51762: PEYRE, HENRI. - Observations By Henri Peyre on Life, Literature and Learning in America.
70977: PEYREBONNE, MICHELINE. - Le Marquis de Sade Ou Les Malheurs Du Vice. . . Pamphlet.
41146: PEYSER, JOAN. - Boulez.
78193: PEYTON, K. M. - Plan for Birdsmarsh.
51756: PEYTON, K. M. - Flambards Divided.
48157: PEYTON, K. M. - Flambards Divided.
52594: PEZZATI, ALESSANDRO. - Adventures in Photography: Expeditions of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
70982: PFAFF, RUDOLPH FRANZ. - Die Unterschiede Zwischen Der Naturphilosophie Descartes' Und Derjenigen Gassendis Und Der Gegensatz Beider Philosophen Uberhaupt.
72146: PFANNER, LOUISE. - Louise Builds a Boat.
52641: PFANNER, LOUISE. - Louise Builds a House.
57909: PFANNER, LOUISE. - Louise Builds a House.
37719: PFARRER, DONALD. - Temple and Shipman.
43685: PFARRER, DONALD. - Cold River.
22596: PFEFFER, SUSAN BETH. - Better Than All Right.
82318: PFEIFFER, GERALD L. - Chicago Blackhawks: A Sixty Year History, 1926-1986.
60196: PFEIFFER, WALTER. - In the Houses of Ireland.
52077: PFEIFFER, E. E. - Life's Resources and Esoteric Streams of Christianity.
82773: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS. - Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings: Masterworks from the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.
260: PFITZER, GREGORY M. - Samuel Eliot Morison's Historical World.
41766: PFLAUM, HANS GUNTHER. - Germany on Film: Theme and Content in the Cinema of the Federal Republic of Germany.
57347: PFLIEGER, PAT. - Reference Guide to Modern Fantasy for Children.
28797: PFLUG, BETSY. - Funny Bags.
50780: PFROMMER, MARIAN. - On the Range: Cooking Western Style.
15711: PHARAND, MICHEL W. - Bernard Shaw and the French.
1333: PHARR, ROBERT DEANE. - Giveadamn Brown.
19430: PHELAN, NANCY. - Chilean Way: Travels in Chile.
27080: PHELAN, SHANE. - Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community.
4604: PHELAN, FRANCIS. - Four Ways of Computing Midnight.
11089: PHELAN, MARY KAY. - Waterway West: The Story of the Erie Canal.
28108: PHELPS, GILBERT. - Squire Waterton.
80766: PHELPS, RICHARD H. - History of Newgate of Connecticut, at Simsbury, Now East Granby; Its Insurrections and Massacres, the Imprisonment of the Tories in the Revolution, and the Working of Its Mines. Also, Some Account of the State Prison at Wethersfield.
48937: LOW SUI PHENG. - Theory and Practice of Construction Export Marketing.
61926: PHIFER, KATE GILBERT. - Growing Up Small: A Handbook for Short People.
57635: PHILBIN, MARIANNE (EDITOR). - Give Peace a Chance: Music and the Struggle for Peace.
81542: PHILBRICK, THOMAS. - James Fenimore Cooper and the Development of American Sea Fiction.
41306: PHILBROOK, CLEM. - Key Log.
24018: PHILIP, NEIL (SELECTED AND RETOLD BY). - Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe.
24592: PHILIP, NEIL (RETOLD BY). - King Midas.
32228: PHILIP, ALEX AND GADD, LAURENCE. - Dickens Dictionary.
34383: PHILIP, NEIL. - Pirate Princess and Other Fairy Tales.
10520: PHILIP, NEIL (EDITOR). - War and the Pity of War.
47413: PHILIP, NEIL (RETOLD BY). - Drakestail Visits the King: A Magic Lantern Fairy Tale.
68302: PHILIP, NEIL (SELECTED AND RETOLD BY). - Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe.
60374: B., PHILIP, ET AL. - Blended Beauty: Botanical Secrets for Body & Soul.
81723: PHILIPPI, DONALD (TRANSLATOR). - Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans: The Epic Tradition of the Ainu.
62657: PHILIPSON, SUSAN SACHER. - Lion for Niccolby.
16675: PHILLIPS, KATHY. - Vogue Book of Blondes.
18025: PHILLIPS, U. UTAH. - Starlight on the Rails & Other Songs.
63806: PHILLIPS, BETTY LOU. - French By Design.
20677: PHILLIPS, JOHN. - Bomb That Wouldn't Go Off and Other Fables from Moronia.
21067: PHILLIPS, KATHRYN. - Paradise By Design: Native Plants and the New American Landscape.
21194: PHILLIPS, KENNETH S. AND SURZ, RONALD J. (EDITORS). - Hedge Funds: Definitive Strategies and Techniques.
67086: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE. - Sweethearts.
83116: PHILLIPS, ROGER AND LAND, LESLIE. - 3,000 Mile Garden (an Exchange of Letters between Two Eccentric Gourmet Gardeners).
24409: PHILLIPS, KEVIN. - Cousins' Wars: Religion, Politics, and the Triumph of Anglo-America.
60991: PHILLIPS, JACK. - Freedom in Machinery: Volume 1: Introducing Screw Theory.
41728: PHILLIPS, ALEXANDER M. - Mislaid Charm.
42003: PHILLIPS, BETTY LOU. - Provencal Interiors: French Country Style in America.
25887: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE. - Sweethearts.
74427: PHILLIPS, ADAM. - On Flirtation.
26193: PHILLIPS, SANDRA S., TRAVIS, DAVID, AND NAEF, WESTON J. - Andre Kertesz: Of Paris and New York.
66759: PHILLIPS, E. G. - Functions of a Complex Variable: With Applications.
73017: PHILLIPS, SANDRA S., TRAVIS, DAVID, AND NAEF, WESTON J. - Andre Kertesz: Of Paris and New York.
27545: PHILLIPS, JONATHAN. - Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople.
28860: PHILLIPS, GENE D. - Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir.
29150: PHILLIPS, CAPTAIN MARK WITH KIDD, JANE. - Captain Mark Phillips on Riding.
32969: PHILLIPS, DAVID L. - Losing Iraq: Inside the Postwar Reconstruction Fiasco.
35591: PHILLIPS, GENE D. - Stanley Kubrick: A Film Odyssey.
1512: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE. - Fast Lanes.
56302: PHILLIPS, EDWARD. - Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum: Containing the Names and Characters of All the English Poets, from the Reign of Henry III to the Close of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth.
47558: PHILLIPS, JOHN GOLDSMITH. - China-Trade Porcelain.
75356: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN. - Ulysses: A Drama in a Prologue & Three Acts.
48211: PHILLIPS, KATHY J. - Manipulating Masculinity: War and Gender in Modern British and American Literature.
49362: PHILLIPS, CHARLES. - Archie: His First 50 Years.
52464: PHILLIPS, ROBERT L. - War and Justice.
81958: PHILLIPS, ROBERT (EDITOR). - Moonstruck: An Anthology of Lunar Poetry.
60976: PHILLIPS, DELBERT D. - Spook Or Spoof?: The Structure of the Supernatural in Russian Romantic Tales.
49888: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE. - Fast Lanes.
50035: PHILLIPS, W. S. (EL COMANCHO). - Indian Tales for Little Folks.
50657: PHILLIPS, MARK. - Memoir of Marco Parenti: A Life in Medici Florence.
55091: PHILLIPS, JOAN. - Gretchen and the Lost Carousel.
67213: PHILLIPS, LEONA RASMUSSEN AND PHILLIPS, JILL M. - Occult: Hauntings, Witchcraft, Dreams and All Other Avenues of Paranormal Phenomena: An Annotated Bibliography.
71668: PHILLIPS, DAVID G. - American Stampless Cover Catalog: The Standard Reference Catalog of American Postal History (Two Volumes).
68321: PHILLIPS, MYRA PORTER. - Sniffer and Peanuts: A Story of Two Dogs.
76301: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE. - Shelter.
34473: PHILLPOTTS, BEATRICE. - Book of Fairies.
51544: PHILMUS, ROBERT M. - Into the Unknown: The Evolution of Science Fiction from Francis Godwin to H.G. Wells.
55511: PHILO. - Philo: Volume X: Embassy to Gaius, Indices to Volumes I-X (Loeb Classical Library).
7054: PHILP, KENNETH R. - Indian Self-Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan.
44584: PHIPPS, ELENA. - Colonial Andes: Tapestries and Silverwork, 1530-1830.
9055: PHIPPS, CONSTANTINE. - Careful with the Sharks.
75613: PHIPPS, WILLIAM E. - Muhammad and Jesus: A Comparison of the Prophets and Their Teachings.
73541: PHIPSON, JOAN. - Haunted Night.
69175: PHIPSON, JOAN. - When the City Stopped.
69135: PHLEGER, FRED AND MARJORIE. - Off to the Races.
36091: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive: Research Series: Number 22: January 1986: The Letters from Tina Modotti to Edward Weston.
36092: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive: Research Series: Number 23: June 1986: Labyrinths: Essays on Using Archives.
75462: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive: Research Series: Number 22: January 1986: The Letters from Tina Modotti to Edward Weston.
30664: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive: Research Series: Number 18: May 1983: Paul Anderson.
30665: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive: Research Series: Number 15: January 1982: Dean Brown.
30668: (LEE FRIEDLANDER) CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - The Archive 25: Research Series: Lee Friedlander: American Monuments.
58171: CENTER FOR CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. - Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona: Special Report, Summer 1976.
41743: PHYSICK, JOHN. - Designs for English Sculpture, 1680-1860.
41291: PHYTHIAN, MARK. - Arming Iraq: How the U.S. And Britain Secretly Built Saddam's War Machine.
58395: PIACENTINO, ED (EDITOR). - Enduring Legacy of Old Southwest Humor.
50806: PIAF, EDITH. - Wheel of Fortune: The Autobiography of Edith Piaf.
80570: PIAGET, JEAN. - The Child and Reality: Problems of Genetic Psychology.
74467: PIAGET, JEAN. - Genetic Epistemology.
77722: PIAGET, JEAN. - Behaviour and Evolution.
81474: PIAGET, JEAN. - Insights and Illusions of Philosophy.
77135: PIAGET, JEAN. - On the Development of Memory and Identity.
76547: PIAIA, JESSA. - Interview with Thomas Banyacya: A Hopi Interpreter.
81: PIATT, JEAN. - Adventures in Birding: Confessions of a Lister.
41282: PICARD, BARBARA LEONIE (RETOLD BY). - French Legends, Tales and Fairy Stories.
59669: PICARD, BARBARA LEONIE (RETOLD BY). - French Legends, Tales and Fairy Stories.
78617: PICARD, BARBARA LEONIE. - One Is One.
68064: PICARD, RAYMOND. - La Carriere de Jean Racine.
83303: PICASSO, PABLO. - Pablo Picasso: Meeting in Montreal.
54886: PICHARD, GEORGES. - Marie-Gabrielle de Saint-Eutrope.
22770: PICHASKE, DAVID R. (EDITOR). - Late Harvest: Rural American Writing.
79513: PICHASKE, DAVID R. - Poetry of Rock: The Golden Years.
73801: PICHOIS, CLAUDE. - Le Romantisme II, 1843-1869.
24051: PICKARD, SAMUEL T. - Whittier-Land: A Handbook of North Essex.
66679: PICKARD, JAMES K. (EDITOR). - Nuclear Power Reactors.
81733: PICKENS, JR., ARTHUR E. - The Golf Bum.
35754: PICKER, FRED. - Fred Picker.
83590: PICKERELL, JAMES. - Vietnam in the Mud.
14810: PICKERING, PAUL. - Wild About Harry.
11841: PICKERING, WILLIAM WITH HART, ALAN. - Bandits of Cisterna.
61343: PICKERING, JR., SAMUEL F. - Continuing Education.
77457: PICKFORD, C. E., ET AL (EDITORS). - Arthurian Bibliography (Two Volumes).
37375: PICKVET, MARK. - Definitive Guide to Shot Glasses.
75011: PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA, GIANFRANCESCO. - Gianfrancesco Pico Della Mirandola on the Imagination.
81824: PICON-SALAS, MARIANO. - The Ignoble Savages.
80314: PICOULT, JODI. - Wonder Woman: Love and Murder.
77234: PIDDINGTON, RALPH. - Introduction to Social Anthropology (Two Volumes).
80247: PIENKOWSKI, JAN. - Christmas.
39094: PIEPER, JOSEF. - End of Time: A Meditation on the Philosophy of History.
39096: PIEPER, JOSEF. - Scholasticsim: Personalities and Problems of Medieval Philosophy.
64584: PIERATT, JR., ASA B. AND KLINKOWITZ, JEROME. - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. : A Descriptive Bibliography and Annotated Secondary Checklist.
62676: PIERCE, DONN AND TURGEON, CHARLOTTE. - Master in the Kitchen (the All-Purpose Cookbook for Men).
61202: PIERCE, TAMORA. - In the Hand of the Goddess: Song of the Lioness, Book II.
15609: PIERCE, PATRICIA JOBE. - Edmund C. Tarbell and the Boston School of Painting (1889-1980).
27918: PIERCE, MEREDITH ANN. - Son of Summer Stars: Book Three of the Firebringer Trilogy.
84719: PIERCE, LT. COL. PHILIP N. AND SCHUON, KARL. - John H. Glenn: Astronaut.
32708: PIERCE, MEREDITH ANN. - Pearl of the Soul of the World.
33491: PIERCE, WADSWORTH R. - First 175 Years of Crane Papermaking.
5962: PIERCE, MEREDITH ANN. - Gathering of Gargoyles.
46444: PIERCE, GEORGE W. - Songs of Insects.
72535: PIERCE, LT. COL. PHILIP N. AND SCHUON, KARL. - John H. Glenn: Astronaut.
50263: PIERCE, JOE E. - Understanding the Middle East.
6392: PIERCY, MARGE. - Mars and Her Children.
41045: DI PIERO, W. S. - Skirts and Slacks.
27783: PIEROT, SUZANNE (WARNER). - Ivy Book: The Growing and Care of Ivy and Ivy Topiary.
15975: LA PIERRE, YVETTE. - Mapping a Changing World.
16515: LA PIERRE, YVETTE. - Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past.
34660: PIERRE, ANDREW J. - Global Politics of Arms Sales.
49987: PIERRE, JOSE. - Guy Johnson.
56023: PIERSON, CLARA DILLINGHAM. - Among the Farmyard People.
77873: PIERSON, JOHN D. - Tokutomi Soho, 1863-1957: A Journalist for Modern Japan.
48830: PIESSE, JENIFER. - Efficiency Issues in Transitional Economies: An Application to Hungary.
80832: PIETROFORTE, ALFRED. - Songs of the Yokuts and Paiutes.
59614: PIETROPAOLO, JAMES AND PATRICIA. - Carnivorous Plants of the World.
52036: PIETZNER, CARLO. - Lonely Generation and the Search for Truth: A Lecture.
73006: PIGAFETTA, ANTONIO. - Magellan's Voyage: A Narrative Account of the First Navigation.
53198: PIGGOTT, JULIET (RETOLD BY). - Fairy Tales of Japan: Momotaro, the Tongue-Cut Sparrow, the Younger Prince, the Elder Prince.
78780: PIGGOTT, DEREK. - Delta Papa: A Life of Flying.
22603: PIKE, MURIEL (EDITOR). - Piddle Valley Book of Country Life.
62104: PIKE, E. ROYSTON. - Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.
76238: PIKE, RUTH. - Aristocrats and Traders: Sevillian Society in the Sixteenth Century.
3033: PILCER, SONIA. - Maiden Rites: A Romance.
8965: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - Day of the Storm.
50160: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - World of Rosamunde Pilcher.
81348: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - Sleeping Tiger.
52910: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - Under Gemini.
52913: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - End of Summer.
44970: PILCHER, ROSAMUNDE. - Christmas with Rosamunde Pilcher.
36001: PILE, JOHN F. - Interior Design.
71847: PILE, JOHN F. - Interior Design.
7326: PILGER, JOHN. - Last Day.
38864: PILGRIM, ELZA. - China Doll.
21853: PILKEY, DAV. - Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis.
24303: PILKEY, DAV. - Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman.
26481: PILKINGTON, F. M. (RETOLD BY). - Shamrock and Spear: Tales and Legends from Ireland.
28782: PILKINGTON, ROGER. - Boats Overland.
33287: PILKINGTON, ACE G. - Screening Shakespeare from Richard II to Henry V.
7155: PILKINGTON, F. M. - Three Sorrowful Tales of Erin.
64272: PILKINGTON, ROGER. - In the Beginning: The Story of the Creation.
81248: PILKINGTON, MICHAEL. - Gurney, Ireland, Quilter and Warlock.
49320: PILLINER, SARAH. - Horse Nutrition and Feeding.
10083: PILLING, JOHN. - Autobiography and Imagination: Studies in Self-Scrutiny.
61247: PILLSBURY, J. H. - Laboratory Guide for an Elementary Course in General Biology.
81689: PILNYAK, BORIS (BORIS VOGAU). - The Tale of the Unextinguished Moon and Other Stories.
65909: PIMM, STUART L. - Balance of Nature: Ecological Issues in the Conservation of Species and Communities.
18248: PINCISS, GERALD M. AND LOCKYER, ROGER (EDITORS). - Shakespeare's World: Background Readings in the English Renaissance.
23781: PINCUS, ANDREW L. - Tanglewood: The Clash between Tradition and Change.
57798: PINCZES, ELINOR J. - My Full Moon Is Square.
80808: PINCZES, ELINOR J. - One Hundred Hungry Ants.
39140: PINDAR. - Selected Odes.
40429: PINE, L. G. - Genealogist's Encyclopedia.
48754: PINEDO, HERBERT M. AND GIACCONE, GIUSEPPE (EDITORS). - Drug Resistance in the Treatment of Cancer.
47161: PINION, F. B. (EDITOR) - George Eliot Miscellany: A Supplement to Her Novels.
65682: PINKER, STEVEN. - Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language.
67694: PINKERTON, KATHRENE. - Wilderness Wife.
49182: PINKHAM, E. G. - Aunt Elsa.
82394: PINKNEY, ALPHONSO. - The Myth of Black Progress.
52216: PINKNEY, DAVID H. - French Revolution of 1830.
82559: PINKNEY, JERRY. - Three Little Kittens.
70294: PINKSTONE, WILLIAM G. - Abrasive Ages.
17215: PINKWATER, D. MANUS. - Hoboken Chicken Emergency.
18824: PINKWATER, DANIEL. - Moosepire.
43622: PINKWATER, DANIEL M. - Jolly Roger: A Dog of Hoboken.
59442: PINKWATER, DANIEL. - Bongo Larry.
82004: PINKWATER, DANIEL. - Worms of Kukumlima.
81911: PINKWATER, DANIEL M. - Aunt Lulu.
43828: PINKWATER, DANIEL. - Guys from Space.
26629: PINKWATER, JILL. - Cloud Horse.
84795: PINKWATER, (DANIEL) MANUS. - The Terrible Roar.
76816: PINKWATER, DANIEL M. - Last Guru.
67549: PINKWATER, DANIEL. - Spaceburger: A Kevin Spoon and Mason Mintz Story.
63434: PINS, JACOB. - Jacob Pins Collection of Japanese Prints, Paintings, and Sculptures.
66580: (DANTE ALIGHIERI) PINSKY, ROBERT (TRANSLATOR). - Inferno of Dante: A New Verse Translation.
77569: PINSKY, ROBERT (EDITOR). - Essential Pleasures: A New Anthology of Poems to Read Aloud.
24531: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996.
16835: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996.
31203: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Sounds of Poetry: A Brief Guide.
78823: PINSKY, ROBERT. - The Want Bone.
56723: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Jersey Rain.
16836: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996.
68363: PINSKY, ROBERT. - Situation of Poetry: Contemporary Poetry and Its Traditions.
30822: PINTABONA, DON WITH CHOATE, JUDITH. - Shared Table: Cooking with Spirit for Family and Friends.
570: PINTER, HAROLD. - Dwarfs.
2951: PINTER, HAROLD. - Poems.
6157: PINTER, HAROLD. - French Lieutenant's Woman: A Screenplay.
73907: PINTER, HAROLD. - Tea Party and Other Plays.
57473: PINTNER, WALTER MCKENZIE. - Russian Economic Policy Under Nicholas I.
82935: PINTO, ORESTE. - Spy-Catcher.
54933: PIOTROWSKI, CHRISTINE M. AND ROGERS, ELIZABETH A. - Designing Commercial Interiors.
74796: PIOVESANA, GINO K. - Recent Japanese Philosophical Thought, 1862-1962: A Survey.
47920: PIOZZI, HESTER LYNCH. - Observations and Reflections: Made in the Course of a Journey Through France, Italy, and Germany.
51431: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR). - Fairy Tales That Never Grow Old.
14678: PIPER, WATTY. - Children of Other Lands.
59799: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR). - Brimful Book: A Collection of Mother Goose Rhymes, Animal Stories, ABC.
44454: PIPER, MARION J. - Dakota Portraits: A Sentimental Journal of Pictorial History.
47022: PIPER, WATTY (RETOLD BY). - Little Engine That Could.
64259: PIPER, WATTY (RETOLD BY). - Little Engine That Could.
60744: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR). - Mother Goose Rhymes.
64369: PIPER, MYFANWY (CHOSEN BY). - Sea Poems.
56413: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR). - Road in Storyland.
63728: PIPES, RICHARD (EDITOR). - Russian Intelligentsia.
3615: PIPPING, ELLA. - Soldier of Fortune: The Story of a Nineteenth Century Adventurer.
80554: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI. - The Mountain Giants and Other Plays.
62071: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI. - Stories.
79908: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI. - To Clothe the Naked and Two Other Plays.
30944: PIRO, SAL (FOREWORD). - Rocky Horror Experience.
47860: PIRONE, P. P., ET AL. - Tree Maintenance (Sixth Edition).
76047: PIROZZOLO, DICK AND CORZINE, LINDA. - Timberframe Interiors.
37851: PIRSIG, ROBERT M. - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values.
55190: DE PISAN, CHRISTINE. - L'oroyson Nostre Dame: Prayer to Our Lady.
62470: PISARSKAYA, T. UKHOVA. - Manuscript from the Dormition Cathedral: Early 15th-Century Gospels from the Dormition Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin.
24454: PISCETTA, COLLEEN MCCAULEY. - Dandelion Delilah: The Tale of the Dandelion Fairies.
84932: PISEMSKY, ALEXEI. - One Thousand Souls.
84954: PISEMSKY, ALEXEI. - One Thousand Souls.
27762: PISERCHIA, DORIS. - Fluger.
63962: PISTON, WILLIAM GARRETT. - Lee's Tarnished Lieutenant: James Longstreet and His Place in Southern History.
50741: PITCAIRN, ROBERT. - Historical and Genealogical Account of the Principal Families of the Name of Kennedy.
23974: PITCHFORD, KENNETH. - Color Photos of the Atrocities.
51428: PITINO, RICK AND REYNOLDS, BILL. - Born to Coach: A Season with the New York Knicks.
42083: PITKIN, WINIFRED. - Hidden Cities of Middle America: The Archaeological Adventures of a Septuagenarian.
34896: PITLUK, ADAM. - Standing Eight: The Inspiring Story of Jesus "El Matador" Chavez, Who Became Lightweight Champion of the World.
82216: PITS, MICHAEL R. - Radio Soundtracks: A Reference Guide.
75231: PITSEOLAK, PETER. - Peter Pitseolak's Escape from Death.
8125: PITT, DEREK AND SHAW, MICHAEL. - Surrey Villages.
85064: PITT, JOSEPH C. (EDITOR). - Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars: Queries and Extensions.
21904: PITTENGER, NORMAN. - Meaning of Being Human.
27029: PITTENGER, NORMAN. - Process-Thought and Christian Faith.
37963: PITTMAN, HELENA CLARE. - Martha and the Nightbird.
41991: PITTS, JESSE R. AND ZUNZ, OLIVIER (EDITORS). - Tocqueville Review - la Revue Tocqueville: Volume 7, 1985/86.
15542: PIUMINI, ROBERTO. - Knot in the Tracks.
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53157: PRICE, CHRISTINE. - Made in the Renaissance: Arts and Crafts of the Age of Exploration.
18231: PRICE, REYNOLDS. - Private Contentment: A Play.
52637: PRICE, ALFRED. - Spitfire at War.
70114: PRICE, REYNOLDS. - Names and Faces of Heroes.
62124: PRICE, REYNOLDS. - Presence and Absence: Versions from the Bible.
75251: PRICE, LEW PAXTON. - Oldest Magic: The Prehistory, Ancient History, Nature of, and Early Influence of Music with Special Attention to the Role of the Flute.
77944: PRICEMAN, MARJORIE. - Hot Air: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot-Air Balloon Ride.
53124: PRICK VAN WELY, F. P. H. (COMPILED BY). - Cassell's English-Dutch Dutch-English Dictionary.
53293: PRICKETT, WILLIAM. - Risk in the Afternoon: Some of the Pleasures and Perils of Foxchasing.
54862: PRIDAY, H. E. L. - Cannibal Island: The Turbulent Story of New Caledonia's Cannibal Coasts.
62284: PRIDEAUX, GWYNN COCHRAN. - Summerhouses of Virginia.
48325: PRIDGEON, ALEC (EDITOR). - Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids.
19239: PRIEST, CHRISTOPHER. - Infinite Summer.
17505: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Sir Michael and Sir George: A Comedy of the New Elizabethans.
43045: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Snoggle.
3258: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Shapes of Sleep: A Topical Tale.
8640: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Snoggle.
81590: PRIESTLEY, PHILIP. - Victorian Prison Lives: English Prison Biography, 1830-1914.
85151: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - English Journey.
28074: PRIETO, ERIC. - Listening in: Music, Mind, and the Modernist Narrative.
52174: PRIEVER, WERNER. - Illness and the Double.
52113: PRIGOGINE, I. AND RICE, STUART A. (EDITORS). - Advances in Chemical Physics: Surface Properties.
64658: PRIGOZY, RUTH (EDITOR). - Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
82330: PRILLELTENSKY, ISAAC. - The Morals and Politics of Psychology: Psychological Discourse and the Status Quo.
14350: DI PRIMA, DIANE. - Recollections of My Life As a Woman: The New York Years.
25667: DI PRIMA, DIANE. - Loba, Part 1.
76796: DI PRIMA, DIANE (EDITOR). - Various Fables from Various Places.
73605: DI PRIMA, DIANE. - Pieces of a Song: Selected Poems.
71724: PRIME, E. D. G. - Around the World: Sketches of Travel Through Many Lands and over Many Seas.
38642: PRIMROSE, E. J. R. - Psychological Illness: A Community Study.
30856: PRINCE, ALISON. - House on the Common.
70981: PRINCE, LIONEL. - Sensuellement.
57523: PRINCE, ALISON. - Red Jaguar.
71962: PRINCE, MORTON. - Nature of Mind and Human Automatism.
76006: LE PRINCE DE BEAUMONT, MME. - Evergreen Tales; Or, Tales for the Ageless: Beauty and the Beast.
46528: PRINCENTHAL, NANCY (FOREWORD). - Beyond the Zero: John Newman's Recent Prints, Drawings and Sculpture.
37190: PRINGLE, JOHN KENNETH MCKENZIE. - Collection of 19th Century Jamaican Cookery and Herbal Recipes.
22315: PRINGLE, HEATHER. - Mummy Congress: Science, Obsession, and the Everlasting Dead.
57425: PRINGLE, JOHN KENNETH MCKENZIE. - Collection of 19th Century Jamaican Cookery and Herbal Recipes.
50753: PRIVATELY PRINTED. - Monumental Memorials of the Appleton Family.
50756: PRIVATELY PRINTED. - Brief History of the Joy Family, By One of Them.
70443: PRINZ, JESSE J. - Furnishing the Mind: Concepts and Their Perceptual Basis.
28802: PRINZIVALLI, BARBARA, ET AL. - Complete Book of Creative Crepes.
21785: PRIOLEAU, BETSY. - Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love.
6502: PRIOR, WILLIAM J. - Unity and Development in Plato's Metaphysics.
73130: PRIORE, ROSARIO, ET AL. - Monelli Banditi: Scenari E Presenze Della Giustizia Minorile in Italia.
74747: PRISHVIN, MIKHAIL. - Black Arab and Other Stories.
63038: PRISHVIN, M. - Treasure Trove of the Sun.
67809: PRITCHARD, THOMAS WRIGHT. - Happy Andy the Willing Worker.
24665: PRITCHARD, MELISSA. - Spirit Seizures: Stories.
41611: PRITCHARD, JAMES B. - Gideon: Where the Sun Stood Still: The Dsicovery of the Biblical City.
27435: PRITCHARD, H. W. - Modern Methods in Orchid Conservation: The Role of Physiology, Ecology and Management.
57131: PRITCHARD, WILLIAM H. - Talking Back to Emily Dickinson and Other Essays.
61550: PRITCHARD, JAMES B. - Recovering Sarepta, a Phoenician City.
84978: PRITCHETT, SCOTT. - Uniforms and Insignia of the Grossdeutschland Division (Three Volumes).
22477: PRITCHETT, V. S. - George Meredith and English Comedy: The Clark Lectures for 1969.
40388: PRITCHETT, V. S. - When My Girl Comes Home.
40709: PRITCHETT, V. S. - It May Never Happen and Other Stories.
28852: PRITCHETT, V. S. - George Meredith and English Comedy: The Clark Lectures for 1969.
3709: PRITCHETT, V. S. - Selected Stories.
55217: PRITCHETT, V. S. - Key to My Heart: A Comedy in Three Parts.

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