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65360: LANG, ANDREW. - Prince Prigio.
22073: LANG, ANDREW. - Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia.
22074: LANG, ANDREW. - Prince Prigio.
22856: LANG, ANDREW. - Chronicles of Pantouflia: Prince Prigio and Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia.
77374: LANG, HAROLD AND TYNAN, KENNETH. - Quest for Corbett: Written for Radio.
53029: LANG, DON. - Strawberry Roan.
46000: LANG, ANDREW (TRANSLATED BY). - Aucassin and Nicolete.
71559: LANG, ANDREW (EDITOR). - Blue Fairy Book.
49719: LANG, BEREL (EDITOR). - Concept of Style.
54714: LANG, ANDREW. - Chronicles of Pantouflia: Prince Prigio and Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia.
52320: LANG, OLGA. - Pa Chin and His Writings: Chinese Youth between the Two Revolutions.
79451: LANG, DAVID MARSHALL. - First Russian Radical: Alexander Radishchev, 1749-1802.
54027: (HOMER) LANG, ANDREW AND BUTCHER, SAMUEL HENRY (TRANSLATORS). - Story of Odysseus in the Land of the Phaeacians: Being the Sixth and a Part of the Seventh Book of the Odyssey.
49485: LANGDON, JR., GEORGE D. - Pilgrim Colony: A History of New Plymouth, 1620-1691.
67438: LANGE, D. - Lure of the Mississippi: A Story of Tatanka, the Sioux Scout.
4721: LANGE, MONIQUE. - Little Girl Under a Mosquito Net.
81626: LANGE, ANNY VON. - Man, Music and Cosmos: A Goethean Study of Music: Volume I.
71958: LANGE, OSKAR AND TAYLOR, FRED M. - On the Economic Theory of Socialism.
66504: LANGE, ALGOT. - Lower Amazon.
66940: LANGE, ED, ET AL. - Nudes in Color.
30236: LANGEMAN, LAVERA. - Cat Quilts and Crafts.
54382: LANGENDOEN, D. TERENCE. - London School of Linguistics: A Study of the Linguistic Theories of B. Malinowski and J.R. Firth.
58219: LANGER, LAWRENCE L. - In a Different Light: The Book of Genesis in the Art of Samuel Bak.
38669: LANGGUTH, A. J. - Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence.
22595: LANGGUTH, A. J. - Jesus Christs.
81752: LANGGUTH, A. J. - Saki: A Life of Hector Hugh Munro: With Six Short Stories Never Before Collected.
10662: LANGGUTH, A. J. - Marksman.
69143: LANGGUTH, A. J. - Jesus Christs.
70047: LANGINS, JANIS. - Conserving the Enlightenment: French Military Engineering from Vauban to the Revolution.
62948: LANGLAND, JOSEPH. - Selected Poems.
31372: LANGLAND, WILLIAM. - Piers the Plowman.
3366: LANGLAND, JOSEPH. - Any Body's Song.
70814: LANGLAND, JOSEPH. - In the Shell of the Ear and Other Poems.
22664: LANGLEY, GARDA. - Understanding Horses.
34688: LANGLEY, GARDA. - Understanding Horses.
78846: LANGLEY, HAROLD D. - History of Medicine in the Early U.S. Navy.
17599: LANGLOIS, WALTER G. (EDITOR). - Persistent Voice: Essays on Hellenism in French Literature Since the 18th Century.
59812: LANGMUIR, GAVIN I. - Toward a Definition of Antisemitism.
69531: LANGNER, NOLA. - Joseph and the Wonderful Tree.
69523: LANGNER, NOLA. - Rafiki.
66630: LANGNER, NOLA. - Go and Shut the Door.
69119: LANGO, JOHN W. - Whitehead's Ontology.
345: LANGONE, JOHN. - Life at the Bottom: The People of Antarctica.
61720: (MAN RAY) LANGSNER, JULES (INTRODUCTION). - Man Ray (1966).
41616: LANGSTAFF, JOHN (CHOSEN BY). - Hot Cross Buns and Other Old Street Cries.
53498: LANGSTAFF, JOHN. - Oh, a-Hunting We Will Go.
77511: LANGSTAFF, JOHN (ADAPTED BY). - Two Magicians.
13910: LANGSTAFF, JOHN (SELECTED BY). - Sweetly Sings the Donkey: Animal Rounds for Children to Sing Or Play on Recorders.
78901: LANGSTAFF, NANCY AND JOHN (COMPILED BY). - Jim Along, Josie: A Collection of Folk Songs and Singing Games for Young Children.
56529: LANGTON, JOHN. - Geographical Change and Industrial Revolution: Coalmining in South West Lancashire, 1590-1799.
35317: LANGTON, JANE. - Majesty of Grace.
35666: LANGTON, JANE. - Fledgling.
76378: LANGTON, JANE. - Emily Dickinson Is Dead.
72526: LANGTON, DANIEL J. - Querencia: Poems.
50460: LANGUM, DAVID J. - Law and Community on the Mexican California Frontier: Anglo-American Expatriates and the Clash of Legal Traditions, 1821-1846.
81031: LANGWORTH, RICHARD. - The Mustangs, 1964-1973: A Collector's Guide.
35752: LANGWORTH, RICHARD. - Corvettes, 1953-1988: A Collector's Guide.
57446: LANGWORTH, RICHARD. - Corvettes, 1953-1984: A Collector's Guide.
70861: (N. C. WYETH) LANIER, SIDNEY (EDITOR). - Boy's King Arthur: Sir Thomas Malory's History of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.
29782: LANKTON, STEPHEN R. (EDITOR). - Elements and Dimensions of an Ericksonian Approach.
37737: LANNERS, EDI (EDITOR). - Illusions.
7311: LANNOY, RICHARD. - Eye of Love in the Temple Sculpture of India.
80680: LANSDALE, JOE R. - Writer of the Purple Rage.
5617: LANTZ, SHERLEE. - Trianglepoint.
50550: LAPIDUS, IRA MARVIN. - Muslim Cities in the Later Middle Ages.
57090: LAPLANTZ, SHEREEN. - Cover to Cover: Creative Techniques for Making Beautiful Books, Journals & Albums.
6520: LAPORTE, LEO F. - Ancient Environments.
73953: LAPPE, ANTHONY. - Shooting War.
5792: LARANY, DANIEL. - Big Red Sun.
41907: LARBALESTIER, JUSTINE. - Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction.
74600: LARBAUD, VALERY. - Oeuvres.
60657: LARDNER, RING. - Haircut.
68344: LARDNER, REX. - Legendary Champions.
67486: LARDNER, RING. - Haircut.
24003: LAREUSE, JEAN. - Devils in the Castle.
57774: LAREUSE, JEAN. - Devils in the Castle.
72342: LARK, LOLITA (EDITOR). - Noisiest Book Review in the Known World: The Best of the Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities (Two Volume Boxed Set).
32401: LARKIN, PHILIP. - Collected Poems.
48799: LARKIN, DAVID (EDITOR). - Christmas Book (a Graphic Celebration).
67479: LARKIN, EMMA. - Finding George Orwell in Burma.
20824: LARKIN, PHILIP. - Jill.
31277: LARKIN, PHILIP. - Collected Poems.
60201: LARKIN, SUSAN G. - Cos Cob Art Colony: Impressionists on the Connecticut Shore.
68259: LARKIN, SUSAN G. - Cos Cob Art Colony: Impressionists on the Connecticut Shore.
83749: LARMORE, CHARLES E. - Patterns of Moral Complexity.
10929: LARMOTH, JEANINE. - Murder on the Menu.
61717: LARNEN, BRENDAN AND LOMASK, MILTON. - St. Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars.
68140: LARNER, JOHN. - Lords of Romagna: Romagnol Society and the Origins of the Signorie.
81596: LAROCHE, SANDRA AND MICHEL. - Mushroom Feast.
26299: LAROCHELLE, DAVID. - Best Pet of All.
27244: LAROUSSE, DAVID PAUL. - Professional Garde Manger: A Guide to the Art of the Buffet.
79697: LARRICK, NANCY (SELECTED BY). - Night of the Whippoorwill: Poems.
49268: LARRICK, NANCY (COMPILED BY). - Cats Are Cats.
62990: LARRICK, NANCY (SELECTED BY). - Piper, Pipe That Song Again!: Poems for Boys and Girls.
71542: LARRINGTON, CAROLYNE. - Women and Writing in Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook.
31440: LARSEN, JENS. - 10,000 Tom-Toms.
8768: LARSEN, REBECCA. - Paul Robeson: Hero Before His Time.
48074: LARSEN, JACK LENOR. - Jack Lenor Larsen: A Weaver's Memoir.
19940: LARSON, GLEN A. AND STEVENS, LESLIE. - "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. "
26283: LARSON, DEAN M. - Studying with the Masters: Lessons from Rubens, Velazquez, Turner, Degas, Monet, Sargent, Matisse.
83612: (MADELEINE L'ENGLE) LARSON, HOPE (ADAPTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel.
28136: LARSON, JANET E. - Versatile Border Collie.
67610: LARSON, GEORGE A. AND PRIDMORE, JAY. - Chicago Architecture and Design.
60747: LARSON, DONALD R. - Honor Plays of Lope de Vega.
77405: LARSON, JIL. - Ethics and Narrative in the English Novel, 1880-1914.
56035: LARSSON, STIEG. - Girl Who Played with Fire.
56036: LARSSON, STIEG. - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
58018: LARSSON, STIEG. - Girl Who Played with Fire.
54251: LARSSON, CARL. - On the Sunny Side.
59810: LARSSON, STIEG. - Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.
15767: LARTEGUY, JEAN. - Bronze Drums.
25827: LARTEGUY, JEAN. - Les Chimeres Noires.
25828: LARTEGUY, JEAN. - Les Tambours de Bronze.
47120: LARTEGUY, JEAN. - Sauveterre.
37042: LARTHOMAS, PIERRE. - Solitaire.
24669: LARUE, GERALD A. - Geroethics: A New Vision of Growing Old in America.
22335: LASALLE, PETER. - Hockey Sur Glace: Stories.
58667: LASATER, ALICE E. - Spain to England: A Comparative Study of Arabic, European, and English Literature of the Middle Ages.
83930: LASCH, CHRISTOPHER. - Agony of the American Left.
12114: LASKER, JOE. - Tournament of Knights.
54460: LASKER, DAVID. - Boy Who Loved Music.
17111: LASKER, JOE. - Merry Ever After.
38861: LASKER, JOE. - Tournament of Knights.
80856: LASKER, EDWARD. - The Game of Chess: The Strategy and Tactics of Expert Play for Amateurs of All Classes.
83369: LASKER, JOE. - Strange Voyage of Neptune's Car.
7051: LASKI, MARGHANITA. - Toasted English.
44729: LASKIER, FRANK. - My Name Is Frank.
78770: LASKIER, FRANK. - My Name Is Frank.
60419: LASKOWSKI, JERZY. - Dragon Liked Smoked Fish.
25705: (BARRY MOSER) LASKY, KATHRYN. - Cloud Eyes.
51849: LASKY, KATHRYN. - Pageant.
6697: LASKY, KATHRYN. - Traces of Life: The Origins of Humankind.
73462: LASKY, KATHRYN. - Man Who Made Time Travel.
57656: LASKY, KATHRYN. - Show and Tell Bunnies.
68246: LASLETT, PETER, RUNCIMAN, W. G., AND SKINNER, QUENTIN (EDITORS). - Philosophy, Politics and Society: Fourth Series.
68245: LASLETT, PETER AND RUNCIMAN, W. G. (EDITORS). - Philosophy, Politics and Society (Second Series).
68244: LASLETT, PETER (EDITOR). - Philosophy, Politics and Society (First Series).
79417: LASNER, MATTHEW GORDON. - High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century.
73733: LASOWSKI, PATRICK WALD. - L'ardeur Et la Galanterie.
62646: LASSERRE, FRANCOIS. - Birth of Mathematics in the Age of Plato.
64881: LASSITER, WILLIAM LAWRENCE. - Shaker Architecture.
67928: LASSWELL, HAROLD D. AND BLUMENSTOCK, DOROTHY. - World Revolutionary Propaganda: A Chicago Study.
55385: LASZLO, ERVIN. - Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything (Second Edition).
20102: LASZLO, ERVIN (EDITOR). - Philosophy in the Soviet Union: A Survey of the Mid-Sixties.
18814: LASZLO, PIERRE. - Salt: Grain of Life.
70731: LATEEF, YUSEF A. - Night in the Garden of Love.
57872: LATER, NANCY EKLUND (EDITOR). - Perspectives on the Collections of the New-York Historical Society: The Henry Luce III Center for the Study of American Culture.
37839: LATHAM, ROBERT AND SASSEN, SASKIA (EDITORS). - Digital Formations: It and New Architectures in the Global Realm.
83977: LATHAM, JEAN LEE. - This Dear-Bought Land.
66367: LATHAM, SID. - Knives & Knifemakers.
13428: LATHAM, JEAN LEE (RETOLD BY). - Aladdin.
72801: LATHAM, JEAN LEE. - This Dear-Bought Land.
25685: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY AND LATHEM, ELIZABETH FRENCH (EDITORS). - D.B. U. And R.R. : Selected Extracts from Correspondence between Daniel Berkeley Updike and Rudolph Ruzicka, 1908-1941.
25813: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY (EDITOR). - American Libraries As Centers of Scholarship.
72153: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY (EDITOR). - 76 United Statesiana.
80306: LATHROP, DOROTHY P. (ILLUSTRATOR). - Animals of the Bible: A Picture Book.
82525: LATHROP, DOROTHY P. - The Little White Goat.
893: DE LATIL, PIERRE. - Thinking By Machine: A Study of Cybernetics.
80872: LATIMER, HEATHER. - Louis Wain - King of the Cat Artists: A Dramatized Biography Based on Documented Facts.
38259: LATIMER, TIRZA TRUE. - Perfume Atomizer: An Object with Atmosphere.
25191: LATIMER, JIM. - Snail and Buffalo.
11754: LATIMER, JIM. - Irish Piper.
67229: LATINI, BRUNETTO. - IL Tesoretto (the Little Treasure).
47153: LATOUCHE, JOHN. - Golden Apple: A Musical in Two Acts.
80415: LATOUR, ANNY. - The Borgias.
47691: LATREILLE, ANNE, LATREILLE, PETER AND LOVELL, PETER. - New Uses for Old Buildings in Australia.
7672: LATTIG-EHLERS, LAURIE. - Canoeing.
13546: LATTIMORE, ELEANOR FRANCES. - Girl on the Deer.
82481: LATTIMORE, DEBORAH NOURSE. - I Wonder What's Under There?: A Brief History of Underwear (a Lift-the-Fla P Book).
84157: LATTIMORE, ELEANOR FRANCES. - Little Pear and His Friends.
6046: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND. - Continuing Conclusions.
7217: LATTIMORE, RICHMOND. - Poems from Three Decades.
71442: LAU, AILEEN (EDITOR). - Spirit of Han.
58693: LAUBE, SIGRID. - Flower Ball.
20385: LAUBER, JOHN. - Making of Mark Twain: A Biography.
59195: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Quest of Galileo.
59196: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Quest of Louis Pasteur.
65727: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Big Dreams and Small Rockets: A Short History of Space Travel.
61783: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Champ: Gallant Collie.
82191: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Clarence and the Cat.
61782: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Junior Science Book of Icebergs and Glaciers.
60384: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Found: One Orange-Brown Horse.
60500: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Clarence and the Burglar.
65738: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Voyagers from Space: Meteors and Meteorites.
65728: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Big Dreams and Small Rockets: A Short History of Space Travel.
60499: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Clarence Turns Sea Dog.
61314: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Runaway Flea Circus.
69652: LAUBER, PATRICIA. - Adventure at Black Rock Cave.
28337: LAUDE, JEAN. - African Art of the Dogon: The Myths of the Cliff Dwellers.
77347: LAUDER, SIR HARRY. - Roamin' in the Gloamin'.
77197: LAUER, KRISTIN O. AND MURRAY, MARGARET P. - Edith Wharton: An Annotated Secondary Bibliography.
31096: LAUER, JEAN-PHILIPPE. - Saqqara: The Royal Cemetery of Memphis: Excavations and Discoveries Since 1850.
44146: LAUF, CORNELIA AND PHILLPOT, CLIVE. - Artist / Author: Contemporary Artists' Books.
46275: LAUF, DETLEF INGO. - Tibetan Sacred Art: The Heritage of Tantra.
59544: LAUF, CORNELIA (EDITOR). - Camera Oscura.
77239: LAUFE, ABE (EDITOR). - An Army Doctor's Wife on the Frontier: Letters from Alaska and the Far West, 1874-1878.
58266: LAUFER, GERALDINE ADAMICH. - Tussie-Mussies: The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers.
65842: LAUFER, PETER. - Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors, and Conservationists.
81970: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR). - New Directions in Prose and Poetry 21.
37655: LAUGHLIN, SARAH B. AND KIBBE, DOUGLAS P. (EDITORS). - Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont.
65607: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Country Road: Poems.
27127: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Selected Poems, 1935-1985.
28944: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Secret Room.
28991: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Random Essays: Recollections of a Publisher.
81757: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR). - New Directions 33 (an International Anthology of Prose & Poetry).
31091: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Random Stories.
53222: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - In Another Country: Poems, 1935-1975.
48169: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Owl of Minerva: Poems.
49319: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - Phantoms.
81971: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR). - New Directions 30 (an International Anthology of Prose & Poetry).
81972: LAUGHLIN, JAMES (EDITOR). - New Directions 48 (an International Anthology of Poetry & Prose).
67238: LAUGHLIN, JAMES. - This Is My Blood.
76449: LAUGHTON, BRUCE. - Honore Daumier.
27992: LAUMER, KEITH. - Once There Was a Giant.
27993: LAUMER, KEITH. - Other Side of Time.
73794: LAUNAY, MICHEL AND MAILHOS, GEORGES. - Introduction a la Vie Litteraire Du Xviiie Siecle.
19429: LAURENCE, MARGARET. - This Side Jordan.
58319: LAURENCE, JEANNE. - My Life with Sydney Laurence.
77921: LAURENCE, ESTER HAUSER. - B-9: The Hungry Metal Eater.
82962: LAURENTIN, RENE. - Liberation, Development and Salvation.
38090: DE LAURETIS, TERESA. - Practice of Love: Lesbian Sexuality and Perverse Desire.
47574: ESTES AND LAURIAT. - Little May and Her Lost A.
81585: LAURIE, HUGH. - The Gun Seller.
60740: LAURIER, WILFRID. - Wilfrid Laurier on the Platform, 1871-1890: Collection of the Principal Speeches Made in Parliament Or Before the People.
48410: LAUTERBACH, ANN. - And for Example.
82136: LAUTERER, JOCK. - Runnin' on Rims: Appalachian Profiles.
49021: LAUTERPACHT, E. WITH GREENWOOD, C. J. (EDITORS). - International Law Reports: Volume 64.
49022: LAUTERPACHT, E. WITH GREENWOOD, C. J. (EDITORS). - International Law Reports: Volume 59.
49023: LAUTERPACHT, E., GREENWOOD, C. J., AND OPPENHEIMER, A. G. (EDITORS). - International Law Reports: Volume 108.
33149: LAUTIER, JACK. - Fifteen Years of Whaler Hockey: The History of the Hartford Whalers.
39716: DE LAVAUR, GUY. - Caves and Cave Diving.
36246: LAVER, JAMES. - Complete Catalogue of the Etchings and Dry-Points of Arthur Briscoe.
42718: LAVER, JAMES. - English Sporting Prints.
43057: LAVER, JAMES. - Women's Dress in the Jazz Age.
73994: LAVER, JAMES. - Age of Illusion: Manners and Morals, 1750-1848.
58980: LAVER, JAMES. - Tommy Apple and Peggy Pear.
81463: LAVEY, ANTON SZANDOR. - The Satanic Rituals.
63462: LAVEY, ANTON SZANDOR. - Devil's Notebook.
11896: LAVIE, PERETZ. - Enchanted World of Sleep.
19212: LAVIGNE, DAVID M. AND KOVACS, KIT M. - Harps & Hoods: Ice-Breeding Seals of the Northwest Atlantic.
73763: LAVILLAT, BERNARD. - L'enseignement a Besancon Au Xviiie Siecle (1674-1792).
30202: LAVIN, MARY. - Great Wave and Other Stories.
47339: LAVIN, STUART R. - To a City Girl I Have Forgotten.
62766: LAVIN, IRVING. - Past-Present: Essays on Historicism in Art from Donatello to Picasso.
61804: LAVIN, MAUD. - Push Come to Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women.
79297: LAVINE, T. Z. AND TEJERA, V. (EDITORS). - History and Anti-History in Philosophy.
61486: LAVIOSA, FLAVIA (EDITOR). - Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean.
47819: LAVOIE, BOB. - Caterpillar Ten: Including 7c Fifteen and High Fifteen: Photo Archive.
63898: LAVRIN, JANKO. - Nietzsche: A Biographical Introduction.
18758: LAW-SMITH, JOAN (SELECTED AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Gardens of the Mind.
68669: LAWALL, GILBERT. - Theocritus' Coan Pastorals: A Poetry Book.
31631: LAWLER, LILLIAN B. - Dance in Ancient Greece.
7840: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE. - Celestial Pantomime: Poetic Structures of Transcendence.
69609: LAWLOR, JOHN. - Piers Plowman: An Essay in Criticism.
82301: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Fantasia of the Unconscious.
79724: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The White Peacock.
14594: LAWRENCE, W. J. C. - Training for Horticulture.
71883: LAWRENCE, JAMES. - Binky Brothers, Detectives.
65829: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Crusader Castles.
38385: LAWRENCE, DAVID M. - Upheaval from the Abyss: Ocean Floor Mapping and the Earth Science Revolution.
31520: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH. - Gardening for Love: The Market Bulletins.
80635: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Trespasser.
22100: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE. - Retreat with Honor.
22256: LAWRENCE, MILDRED. - Touchmark.
74273: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Phoenix II: Uncollected, Unpublished, and Other Prose Works.
24292: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH K. - Lenox Book of Home Entertaining and Etiquette.
24486: LAWRENCE, IAIN. - Lord of the Nutcracker Men.
25226: LAWRENCE, LOUISE. - Keeper of the Universe.
25922: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. (EDITOR). - Huntia: A Yearbook of Botanical and Horticultural Bibliography: Volume 1, 15 April 1964.
26225: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. (EDITOR). - Huntia: A Yearbook of Botanical and Horticultural Bibliography: Volume 2, 15 October 1965.
42589: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH. - Rock Garden in the South.
43151: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Mornings in Mexico.
83675: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers (ML 109).
67443: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover.
29316: LAWRENCE, MARY CHIPMAN. - Captain's Best Mate: The Journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the Whaler Addison, 1856-1860.
31498: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH. - Rock Garden in the South.
31521: LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH. - Southern Garden: A Handbook for the Middle South.
24: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Mint.
3318: LAWRENCE, JEROME AND LEE, ROBERT E. - Gang's All Here.
3588: LAWRENCE, MILDRED. - Touchmark.
6265: LAWRENCE-LIGHTFOOT, SARA. - I've Known Rivers: Lives of Loss and Liberation.
69496: LAWRENCE, FRIEDA. - Memoirs and Correspondence.
72114: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE. - Winds in the West.
63502: LAWRENCE, KAREN R. - Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition.
53172: LAWRENCE, ISABELLE. - Drumbeats in Williamsburg: A Story of Washington, Lafayette, and Yorktown.
79130: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Women in Love.
59570: LAWRENCE, JOSEPH I. - Tower of Terror.
11911: LAWRENCE, MARY CHIPMAN. - Captain's Best Mate: The Journal of Mary Chipman Lawrence on the Whaler Addison, 1856-1860.
75234: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE. - Kiddies in the Country.
57419: LAWRENCE, JACOB. - Harriet and the Promised Land.
53992: (RICHARD WAGNER) LAWRENCE, ROBERT (ADAPTED BY). - Wagner's "Ring of the Nibelung" (Four Volumes).
71338: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. AND BAKER, KENNETH F. - History of Botany: Two Papers Presented at a Symposium Held at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, December 7, 1963.
71671: LAWRENCE, GEORGE H. M. (EDITOR). - Catalogue of Redouteana: Exhibited at the Hunt Botanical Library: 21 April to 1 August 1963.
78284: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Revolt in the Desert.
75233: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE. - Mother Goose and Her Kiddies.
74651: LAWRENCE, SEAN. - Forgiving the Gift: The Philosophy of Generosity in Shakespeare and Marlowe.
67729: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Letters of D.H. Lawrence: Volume II: June 1913 - October 1916.
29659: LAWRIE, W. H. - All-Fur Flies and How to Dress Them.
28992: LAWRY, JON S. - Shadow of Heaven: Matter and Stance in Milton's Poetry.
79202: LAWS, ROBERT ANTHONY. - Dance of the Hanging Men: The Story of Francois Villon: Killer, Thief and Poet.
81220: LAWSON, ROBERT. - Ben and Me: A New and Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin As Written By His Good Mouse Amos.
56443: LAWSON, ROBERT. - Rabbit Hill.
39375: LAWSON, BILL E. (EDITOR). - Underclass Question.
51055: LAWSON, MARIE A. - Hail Columbia (the Life of a Nation).
76007: LAWSON, ROBERT. - Evergreen Tales; Or, Tales for the Ageless: Dick Whittington & His Cats.
73637: LAWSON, A. H. - Bamboos: A Gardener's Guide to Their Cultivation in Temperate Climates.
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26304: LEWIS, C. S. - Lucy Steps Through the Wardrobe.
65509: LEWIS, JOHN. - Radio Master: The Life and Times of Sports Broadcasting Great Ted Husing.
82649: LEWIS, GEORGE CORNEWALL. - Remarks on the Use and Abuse of Some Political Terms.
55956: LEWIS, C. S. - Letters of C.S. Lewis.
27810: LEWIS, ARCHIBALD R. AND RUNYAN, TIMOTHY J. - European Naval and Maritime History, 300-1500.
44050: LEWIS, C. S. - Voyage of the "Dawn Treader. "
44051: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia.
28910: LEWIS, D. BRIAN AND GOWER, D. MICHAEL. - Biology of Communication.
72017: LEWIS, NAPHTALI. - Interpretation of Dreams and Portents.
29594: LEWIS, PETER. - Fielding's Burlesque Drama: Its Place in the Tradition.
30105: LEWIS, NAOMI (EDITOR). - Silent Playmate: A Collection of Doll Stories.
73896: LEWIS, PETER. - British Fighter Since 1912: Fifty Years of Design and Development.
32208: LEWIS, GLEN. - Australian Movies and the American Dream.
33244: LEWIS, W. DAVID. - Eddie Rickenbacker: An American Hero in the Twentieth Century.
14460: LEWIS, C. S. - Letters to an American Lady.
80552: LEWIS, JANET. - The Invasion: A Narrative of Events Concerning the Johnston Family of St. Mary's.
34419: LEWIS, LINDA M. - Promethean Politics of Milton, Blake, and Shelley.
45085: LEWIS, SINCLAIR. - Arrowsmith.
35458: LEWIS, BERNARD (TRANSLATOR). - Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems.
45186: LEWIS, ROY. - Men of Subtle Craft: An Arnold Landon Novel.
307: LEWIS, D. B. WYNDHAM. - Doctor Rabelais.
45455: LEWIS, R. W. B. - Poetry of Hart Crane: A Critical Study.
2414: LEWIS, SINCLAIR. - World So Wide.
4360: LEWIS, WYNDHAM. - Men without Art (T.S. Eliot: The Pseudo-Believer).
14670: LEWIS, C. S. - Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories.
4406: LEWIS, CECIL. - Gemini to Joburg.
4524: LEWIS, RICHARD (EDITOR). - Still Waters of the Air: Poems By Three Modern Spanish Poets.
82250: LEWIS, SINCLAIR. - From Main Street to Stockholm: Letters of Sinclair Lewis, 1919-1930.
63021: LEWIS, NAOMI (INTRODUCTION). - Book for Eleanor Farjeon: A Tribute to Her Life and Work, 1881-1965.
45840: LEWIS, NAPHTALI. - Life in Egypt Under Roman Rule.
65527: LEWIS, BERNARD (SELECTED AND PRESENTED BY). - Middle East Mosaic: Fragments of Life, Letters and History.
46987: LEWIS, MCMILLAN. - Woodrow Wilson of Princeton.
46958: LEWIS, PHILIP C. - Horan: The Story of the World's First Cure for Sex.
74873: LEWIS, C. S. - Voyage of the "Dawn Treader. "
47245: LEWIS, MARJORIE. - Wrongway Applebaum.
80063: LEWIS, MATTHEW G. - The Monk.
47808: LEWIS, HERBERT S. - Galla Monarchy: Jimma Abba Jifar, Ethiopia, 1830-1932.
73884: LEWIS, J. PATRICK. - Little Buggers: Insect & Spider Poems.
47967: LEWIS, EMANUEL RAYMOND. - Seacoast Fortifications of the United States: An Introductory History.
11447: LEWIS, J. PATRICK. - Fat-Cats at Sea.
11612: LEWIS, ROY & EASSON, JOHN B. - Publishing & Printing at Home.
53439: LEWIS, MICHAEL. - Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.
48672: LEWIS, BARBARA R. AND LITTLER, DALE (EDITORS). - Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marketing.
71475: LEWIS, SINCLAIR. - Work of Art.
72055: LEWIS, BERNARD (TRANSLATOR). - Music of a Distant Drum: Classical Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew Poems.
35991: LEWIS, C. S. - Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia.
64530: LEWIS, RICHARD WARREN. - Scavengers and Critics of the Warren Report (the Endless Paradox).
81829: LEWIS, C. S. - The Screwtape Letters.
51349: LEWIS, RICHARD. - All of You Was Singing.
82888: LEWIS, C. S. - Out of the Silent Planet.
55445: LEWIS, RICHARD. - In the Night, Still Dark.

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