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67321: HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT. - Historic Ships.
79718: HOLLAND, ISABELLE. - Henry and Grudge.
81469: HOLLAND, RAY P. - Now Listen, Warden.
55319: HOLLAND, NORMAN N. - First Modern Comedies: The Significance of Etherege, Wycherley, and Congreve.
71889: HOLLAND, ANNE. - Riding in a Point-to-Point.
62381: HOLLAND, RUPERT S. (EDITOR). - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
80349: HOLLAND, MARION. - Big Ball of String.
73433: HOLLAND, RUPERT SARGENT. - Sons of Seven Cities.
70644: HOLLAND, W. J. - Butterfly Book: A Popular and Scientific Manuual, Describing and Depicting All the Butterflies of the United States and Canada.
12091: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Crackling of Thorns.
54968: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Reflections on Espionage: The Question of Cupcake.
15208: HOLLANDER, MARTHA. - Game of Statues.
84122: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Visions from the Ramble.
17389: HOLLANDER, BARNETT. - English Bar: A Priesthood: The Tribute of an American Lawyer.
38240: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Blue Wine and Other Poems.
22331: HOLLANDER, ANNE. - Feeding the Eye: Essays.
62348: HOLLANDER, STACY C. - Harry Lieberman: A Journey of Remembrance.
24257: HOLLANDER, MARTHA. - Game of Statues.
83712: HOLLANDER, ROBERT. - Boccaccio's Last Fiction: "IL Corbaccio. "
43932: HOLLANDER, JOHN (EDITOR). - Poems of Our Moment.
29038: HOLLANDER, NEIL AND MERTES, HARALD. - Cook Is the Captain.
2603: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Tesserae & Other Poems.
10253: HOLLANDER, RON. - All Aboard!: The Story of Joshua Lionel Cowen & His Lionel Train Company.
69213: HOLLANDER, JOHN. - Draft of Light: Poems.
82193: HOLLANDER, XAVIERA. - Xaviera's Supersex: Her Personal Techniques for Total Lovemaking.
43046: HOLLANDS, JUDITH. - Mrs. Mudgie and Mr. James.
50951: HOLLANDSWORTH, JR., JAMES G. - Pretense of Glory: The Life of General Nathaniel P. Banks.
27860: HOLLDOBLER, BERT AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration.
55701: HOLLDOBLER, BERT AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies.
59046: HOLLDOBLER, BERT AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies.
59047: HOLLDOBLER, BERT AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies.
81773: HOLLDOBLER, BERT AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration.
50593: HOLLENDER, KEITH. - Scripophily: Collecting Bonds and Share Certificates.
24452: HOLLEY, FRANCES CHAMBERLAIN. - Once Their Home Or Our Legacy from the Dahkotahs: Historical, Biographical and Incidental from Far-Off Days, Down to the Present.
30657: HOLLEY, GEORGE R. - Archaeology of the Cahokia Mounds Ict-II: Ceramics.
40860: HOLLEYMAN, SONIA (ILLUSTRATOR). - Tiny the Troll's Friendly Monster Stories.
9223: HOLLEYMAN, SONIA. - Mona the Vampire.
25833: HOLLIDAY, J. S. - Rush for Riches: Gold Fever and the Making of California.
29790: HOLLIER, DENIS (EDITOR). - New History of French Literature.
70490: HOLLING, HOLLING CLANCY. - Tree in the Trail.
59204: HOLLING, HOLLING CLANCY. - Claws of the Thunderbird: A Tale of Three Lost Indians.
76010: HOLLING, HOLLING CLANCY. - Tree in the Trail.
62442: HOLLINGDALE, R. J. - Thomas Mann: A Critical Study.
26935: HOLLINGSWORTH, BRIAN. - Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Steam Passenger Locomotives.
57742: HOLLINSHEAD, MARILYN. - Nine Days Wonder.
57741: HOLLINSHEAD, MARILYN. - Nine Days Wonder.
20384: HOLLIS, SARAH. - Country Diary Herbal.
83904: HOLLIS, CHRISTOPHER. - A Study of George Orwell: The Man and His Works.
60815: HOLLIS, SUSAN TOWER. - Ancient Egyptian "Tale of Two Brothers: " the Oldest Fairy Tale in the World.
79252: HOLLISTER, C. WARREN. - Anglo-Saxon Military Institutions: On the Eve of the Norman Conquest.
1933: HOLLMANN, CLIDE AND MITCHUM, JOHN. - Black Hawk's War.
44341: HOLLORAN, PETER C. - Historical Dictionary of New England.
65464: HOLLOS, MARIDA AND LEIS, PHILIP E. - Becoming Nigerian in Ijo Society.
50543: HOLLOWAY, WATSON L. - William Gass.
43154: HOLLYBRAND, CLAUDIUS AND ERONDELL, PETER. - Elizabethan Home: Discovered in Two Dialogues.
68047: HOLM, BILL. - Chain Letter of the Soul: New and Selected Poems.
9654: HOLM, JOHN CECIL. - Mcgarrity & the Pigeons.
79424: HOLM, JOHN CECIL. - Mcgarrity & the Pigeons.
56412: HOLM, BILL. - Crooked Beak of Heaven.
38276: HOLMAN, FELICE. - Professor Diggins' Dragons.
60264: HOLMAN, DAVID. - Royal George of Arcady.
7170: HOLMAN, FELICE. - Solomon's Search.
58399: (KATE GREENAWAY) HOLME, BRYAN. - Kate Greenaway Book.
15332: (KATE GREENAWAY) HOLME, BRYAN. - Kate Greenaway Book.
25188: HOLME, BRYAN. - Clowder of Cats.
82048: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR). - Gardens of England in the Northern Counties.
5222: HOLME, BRYAN (EDITOR). - Tales from Times Past.
12738: HOLME, BRYAN. - Clowder of Cats.
76846: HOLMES, MARION C. - Six in a Ford (a Tale of a Nation-Wide Tour By a Family from Maine).
36022: HOLMES, TERRY. - My Life in Rugby.
36661: HOLMES, J. DEREK. - Papacy in the Modern World, 1914-1978.
56294: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - One-Hoss Shay: With Its Companion Poems.
16003: HOLMES, JON. - Texas: A Self-Portrait.
18053: HOLMES, PAUL. - Brahms: His Life and Times.
60155: HOLMES, JOHN CLELLON. - The Horn.
22393: HOLMES, FREDERIC LAWRENCE. - Antoine Lavoisier - the Next Crucial Year Or the Sources of His Quantitativ E Method in Chemistry.
79653: (TASHA TUDOR) HOLMES, EFNER TUDOR. - Amy's Goose.
44116: HOLMES, STEPHEN. - Matador's Cape: America's Reckless Response to Terror.
33385: HOLMES, THEODORE. - Upland Pasture.
33911: HOLMES, JERI LA PORTE. - No Regrets: Diary of a Designing Woman: Love, Violence, Travel, Fashion.
45227: HOLMES, LAWRANCE. - Very Short Walk.
4301: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - Autocrat of the Breakfast Table: Every Man His Own Boswell.
59460: HOLMES, BURTON. - Burton Holmes: Travelogues: The Greatest Traveler of His Time, 1892-1952.
10209: HOLMES, MARTIN. - Shakespeare and His Players.
83281: HOLMES, EFNER TUDOR. - Deer in the Hollow.
49514: HOLMES, CHARLES M. - Aldous Huxley and the Way to Reality.
53300: HOLMES, TOMMY. - Hawaiian Canoe.
26062: (TASHA TUDOR) HOLMES, EFNER TUDOR. - Carrie's Gift.
83468: HOLMES, EDWARD (TOLD BY). - The Magic Box of Scallywag Fox.
77558: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. - Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters and Judicial Opinions (Mlg 78).
66340: HOLMES, JOHN. - Fair Warning.
84176: HOLMES, EDWARD. - Age of Cameras.
75553: (TASHA TUDOR) HOLMES, EFNER TUDOR. - Christmas Cat.
68243: HOLMES, JR., URBAN T. AND KLENKE, SISTER M. AMELIA. - Chretien, Troyes, and the Grail.
75711: HOLMGREN, VIRGINIA C. - Hilton Head: A Sea Island Chronicle.
15756: HOLMSTRAND, MARIE. - Trouble at Turtle Bay.
69167: HOLQUIST, MICHAEL. - Dostoevsky and the Novel.
34308: HOLROYD, STUART. - Alien Intelligence.
8043: HOLROYD, JAMES EDWARD. - Baker Street By-Ways: A Book About Sherlock Holmes.
78516: HOLSINGER, JANE. - Secret of Indian Ridge.
17841: (ELSE WENZ-VIETOR) HOLST, ADOLF. - Grete Kocht: Ein Kinderkochbuch Für Kinder Von 6-12 Jahren.
69994: HOLST, JENNA. - Stews: 200 Earthy, Delicious Recipes.
41796: HOLST, LAWRENCE E. AND KURTZ, HAROLD P. (EDITORS). - Toward a Creative Chaplaincy.
37170: HOLT, STEPHEN. - We Were There with the California Rancheros.
75118: HOLT, GEORGE. - Noah and His Ark.
34823: HOLT, ISABELLA. - Midpoint.
67136: HOLT, ISABELLA. - Adventures of Rinaldo.
9054: HOLT, MARION E. - Willie Woodchuck.
77418: HOLT, HAZEL. - A Lot to Ask: A Life of Barbara Pym.
54222: HOLT, LEE E. - Samuel Butler (Revised Edition).
49464: HOLT, HAZEL. - Gone Away.
76778: HOLT, HAZEL. - A Lot to Ask: A Life of Barbara Pym.
42749: HOLTON, ISAAC F. - New Granada: Twenty Months in the Andes.
4320: HOLTZ, AVRAHAM (EDITOR). - Holy City: Jews on Jerusalem.
3539: HOLTZE, SALLY HOLMES. - Presenting Norma Fox Mazer.
60432: HOLTZMAN, JOSEPH (EDITOR). - Every Room Tells a Story: Tales from the Pages of Nest Magazine.
47619: HOLTZMAN, FILIA. - Young Maxim Gorky, 1868-1902.
65299: HOLUBAR, JOSEF. - Sense of Time: An Electrophysiological Study of Its Mechanisms in Man.
733: HOLUM, KENNETH G., HOHLFELDER, ROBERT L., BULL, ROBERT J. - King Herod's Dream: Caesarea on the Sea.
9300: HOLZ, LORETTA. - Christmas Spider: A Puppet Play from Poland & Other Traditional Games, Crafts, and Activities.
73350: HOLZER, HANS. - Psychic Photography: Threshold of a New Science?
35680: HOLZER, HENRY MARK AND HOLZER, ERIKA. - "Aid and Comfort: " Jane Fonda in North Vietnam.
10081: HOLZER, HANS. - Clairvoyant.
51986: HOLZER, HANS (AS TOLD TO). - Heather: Confessions of a Witch.
48543: HOLZMAN, MATHILDA. - Language of Children: Evolution and Development of Secondary Consciousness and Language (Second Edition).
48409: HOME, R. W. (INTRODUCTION AND NOTES). - Aepinus's Essay on the Theory of Electricity and Magnetism.
70676: (WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT) HOMER. - Iliad of Homer (Two Volumes).
74746: (GEORGE CHAPMAN) HOMER. - Chapman's Homer: The Iliad, the Odyssey and the Lesser Homerica (Two Volume Boxed Set).
26378: HOMER, WINSLOW (ILLUSTRATOR). - Eventful History of Three Blind Mice.
75831: HOMER, MAJOR GENERAL JOHN L. (COMMANDING GENERAL). - Antiaircraft Artillery and Guided Missle Center, Fort Bliss, Texas (68th Aaa Gun Battalion [90mm]: 31st Aaa Brigade).
74058: (RICHMOND LATTIMORE) HOMER. - Iliad of Homer.
17567: (RICHMOND LATTIMORE) HOMER. - Iliad of Homer.
81280: HOMER. - Odyssey II (Miniature).
14153: HOMER, LARONA. - Blackbeard the Pirate and Other Stories of the Pine Barrens.
27859: (ROBERT FAGLES) HOMER. - Odyssey.
81279: HOMER. - Odyssey I (Miniature).
64229: (HOMER) HOMERI. - Opera: Iliadis, Odysseae (Four Volumes).
58587: HOMES, BARBARA WARE. - Charlotte Cheetham: Master of Disaster.
22168: HOMEYER, HENRY. - Notes from the Garden: Reflections and Observations of an Organic Gardener.
62039: HONARBIN-HOLLIDAY, MEHRI. - Becoming Visible in Iran: Women in Contemporary Iranian Society.
82255: HONDERICH, TED (EDITOR). - Oxford Guide to Philosophy.
24120: HONDERICH, TED. - After the Terror.
41519: HONDERICH, TED (EDITOR). - Oxford Companion to Philosophy.
954: HONE, JOSEPH. - Children of the Country: Coast to Coast Across Africa.
8271: HONE, RALPH. - Dorothy L. Sayers: A Literary Biography.
37326: HONEY, MAUREEN (EDITOR). - Breaking the Ties That Bind: Popular Stories of the New Woman, 1915-1930.
44823: HONIG, EMILY. - Sisters and Strangers: Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949.
56316: (JOHN MILTON) HONIGMANN, E. A. J. - Milton's Sonnets.
48757: HONNIGHAUSEN, LOTHAR. - Faulkner: Masks and Metaphors.
9040: HONOUR, ALAN. - Treasures Under the Sand: Woolley's Finds at Ur.
13506: HONRI, PETER. - Working the Halls: The Honris in One Hundred Years of British Music Halls.
77318: HOOBLER, DOROTHY AND THOMAS. - Photographing the Frontier.
15380: HOOD, THOMAS. - Poems.
22149: HOOD, DONALD W. (EDITOR). - Impingement of Man on the Oceans.
29586: HOOD, EVELYN M. (COMMENTARY) - Tayside: The Life and Legend.
52582: HOOD, THOMAS. - Selected Poems of Thomas Hood.
1274: HOOD, MARY. - And Venus Is Blue.
36934: HOOK, SIDNEY. - Paradoxes of Freedom.
37952: HOOK, SIDNEY. - Marxism and Beyond.
51136: HOOK, SIDNEY. - Paradoxes of Freedom.
52238: (REVEREND W. AWDRY) HOOKE, R. SCHUYLER. - Railway Rhymes (Thomas & Friends).
26949: HOOKE, S. H. - Resurrection of Christ: As History and Experience.
71529: HOOKE, S. H. (EDITOR). - Myth, Ritual, and Kingship: Essays on the Theory and Practice of Kingship in the Ancient Near East and in Israel.
66023: HOOKER, BRIAN. - Fairyland: An Opera in Three Acts.
77407: HOOKER, WILLIAM FRANCIS. - The Bullwhacker: Adventures of a Frontier Freighter.
73384: HOOKER, RICHARD. - Mash.
63669: HOOKER, MONIQUE JAMET AND RICHARDSON, TRACIE. - Cooking with the Seasons: A Year in My Kitchen.
75557: HOOKS, BELL. - Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life.
42207: HOOKWAY, CHRISTOPHER. - Quine: Language, Experience and Reality.
78156: HOOKWAY, CHRISTOPHER. - Quine: Language, Experience and Reality.
81497: HOOPER, PATRICIA. - A Bundle of Beasts.
36489: HOOPES, DONELSON F. - Winslow Homer Watercolors.
82630: HOOPES, PENROSE R. - Connecticut Clockmakers of the Eighteenth Century.
30037: HOOPES, RON. - Collector's Guide and History of Gonder Pottery: The Other Zanesville, Ohio - Art Pottery.
9453: HOOPES, CLEMENT R. - Frolic of His Own.
73546: HOOPES, DONELSON F. - American Watercolor Painting.
39749: HOOVER, SHARON (EDITOR) AND DELORIA, JR., VINE (CONSULTANT). - North American Indian Personalities: Historical and Contemporary.
40058: HOOVER, H. M. - Dawn Palace: The Story of Medea.
78506: HOOVER, HERBERT. - Challenge to Liberty.
13926: HOOVER, H. M. - Delikon.
17264: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Blythe Girls: Helen's Strange Boarder Or the Girl from Bronx Park.
17263: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Blythe Girls: Margy's Queer Inheritance Or the Worth of a Name.
17262: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Blythe Girls: Three on a Vacation Or the Mystery at Peach Farm.
71824: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins in a Radio Play (#30).
69233: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at Spruce Lake (#23).
63197: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER. - Dragon Wore Pink.
31152: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore.
31788: HOPE, ANTHONY. - Prisoner of Zenda.
2721: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER. - Separate Development.
47251: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins Camping out (#16).
47252: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea (#11).
10614: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at Cloverbank.
10615: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge.
10616: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at Mystery Mansion.
54181: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore.
54180: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Bobbsey Twins Or Merry Days Indoors and out.
66767: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Story of a Plush Bear.
69145: HOPE, ARTHUR. - Manual of Sorrento and Inlaid Work for Amateurs, with Original Designs.
80357: HOPE, T. E. - Lexical Borrowing in the Romance Languages (Two Volume Boxed Set).
51552: HOPE, A. D. - New Poems: 1965-1969.
70963: HOPE, QUENTIN M. - Saint-Evremond: The Honnete Homme As Critic.
59625: HOPE, LAURENCE (ARRANGED IN VERSE BY). - Garden of Kama and Other Lyrics from India.
82160: HOPE, LAURA LEE. - Six Little Bunkers at Mammy June's.
58292: HOPKIN, BART (EDITOR). - Experimental Musical Instruments: Volume IX (9).
19189: HOPKINS, ANDREA. - Chronicles of King Arthur.
30471: HOPKINS, TOM J. - Long Ride.
33031: HOPKINS, KENNETH. - Poets Laureate.
45395: HOPKINS, LEE BENNETT (EDITOR). - Hoofbeats, Claws & Rippled Fins: Creature Poems.
2022: HOPKINS, JERRY. - Lizard King: The Essential Jim Morrison.
49209: HOPKINS, LEE BENNETT (SELECTED BY). - Song in Stone: City Poems.
49223: HOPKINS, KENNETH. - Powys Brothers: A Biographical Appreciation.
57979: HOPKINS, ANDREA. - Harald the Ruthless: The Saga of the Last Viking Warrior.
53069: HOPKINS, ANTHONY (EDITOR). - Epilepsy.
24344: HOPKINSON, DEBORAH. - Fannie in the Kitchen.
662: HOPKINSON, LYNDALL P. - Nothing to Forgive: A Daughter's Life of Antonia White.
60403: HOPLEY, CLAIRE. - World of Blantyre & the Cookery of Christopher Brooks.
65985: HOPPE, E. O. - In Gipsy Camp and Royal Palace: Wanderings in Rumania.
80940: HOPPE, MATTHIAS. - Mouse & Elephant.
78365: HOPPER, NANCY J. - Ape Ears and Beaky.
81082: HORACE. - Complete Works of Horace (ML 141).
8019: HORAN, JAMES D. - Life and Art of Charles Schreyvogel: Painter-Historian of the Indian-Fight Ing Army of the American West.
75761: HORAN, JR., EUGENE L. (EDITOR). - Historic Woodbury.
66249: HORAN, JAMES D. (INTRODUCTION). - Dalton Brothers and Their Astrounding Career of Crime By an Eye Witness.
78027: HORCASITAS, FERNANDO (TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR). - Life and Death in Milpa Alta: A Nahuatl Chronicle of Diaz and Zapata.
61870: HOREJS, VIT. - Pig and Bear.
42463: HORGAN, PAUL. - Under the Sangre de Cristo.
34453: HORGAN, PAUL. - Return of the Weed.
49: HORGAN, PAUL. - Centeries of Santa Fe.
317: HORGAN, PAUL. - Approaches to Writing.
526: HORGAN, PAUL. - Devil in the Desert.
6188: HORGAN, PAUL. - Writer's Eye: Field Notes and Watercolors.
47769: HORGAN, PAUL. - Toby and the Nighttime.
49198: HORI, FUMIKO (ILLUSTRATOR). - P.I. Tchaikovsky's the Nutcracker.
73930: HORIGUCHI, SUTEMI. - Katsura Imperial Village.
70613: HORLER, HANS. - Kel of the Ancient River.
70338: HORMANN, JORG M. - Uniforms of the Panzer Troops: 1917 - to the Present.
41626: HORMANN, TONI. - Onions, Onions.
12092: HORN, CALVIN. - New Mexico's Troubled Years: The Story of the Early Territorial Governors.
31916: HORN, TOM. - Life of Tom Horn: Government Scout and Interpreter.
52486: HORN, MAURICE (EDITOR). - World Encyclopedia of Comics (Two Volumes).
31145: HORN, MAURICE. - Sex in the Comics.
34112: HORNBACK, BERT G. - "Noah's Arkitecture: " a Study of Dickens' Mythology.
18735: HORNBY, NICK. - About a Boy.
43019: HORNBY, NICK. - High Fidelity.
55454: HORNBY, NICK. - Slam.
44845: HORNE, RICHARD HENRY. - Memoirs of a London Doll.
732: HORNER, HARLAN HOYT. - Lincoln and Greeley.
51688: HORNER, WINIFRED BRYAN (EDITOR). - Present State of Scholarship in Historical and Contemporary Rhetoric: Revised Edition.
72351: HORNIMAN, ROY. - Israel Rank: The Autobiography of a Criminal.
80130: HORNOR, JR., WILLIAM MACPHERSON. - Blue Book: Philadelphia Furniture: William Penn to George Washington.
24885: HORNSBY, JR., ALTON. - Chronology of African American History (Second Edition).
78134: HORNSBY, JR., ALTON (EDITOR). - In the Cage: Eyewitness Accounts of the Freed Negro in Southern Society, 1877-1929.
48791: HORNUNG, CLARENCE P. - Handbook of Early Advertising Art: Mainly from American Sources (Two Volumes).
35962: HORODNER, STUART, ET AL. - Contemporary Erotic Drawing.
79356: HOROVITZ, ISRAEL. - Alfred the Great: A Play in Three Acts.
51915: HOROWITZ, MICHAEL M. (EDITOR). - Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean: An Anthropological Reader.
15023: HOROWITZ, JAY. - Marx Western Playsets: The Authorized Guide.
31961: HOROWITZ, DAVID. - Shakespeare: An Existential View.
5202: HOROWITZ, MARDI J. - Nuances of Technique in Dynamic Psychotherapy.
81786: HOROWITZ, CAROLINE. - Girl's Handbook of Play Ideas and Things-to-Do (Age 9 to 13).
56260: HOROWITZ, JAY. - Marx Western Playsets: The Authorized Guide.
69005: HOROWITZ, CARMI. - Jewish Sermon in 14th Century Spain: The Derashot of R. Joshua Ibn Shu'eib.
34656: HORROBIN, DAVID F. - Guide to Kenya and Northern Tanzania.
49513: HORROCKS, ROGER. - Male Myths and Icons: Masculinity in Popular Culture.
78363: HORSEMAN, ELAINE. - Hubble's Bubble.
82056: HORSLEY, FRED. - Hot Rod It - and Run for Fun! (How to Build and Operate a Hot Rod Safely).
63317: HORSMANDEN, DANIEL. - New York Conspiracy.
50191: HORST, KARL AUGUST. - Quest of 20th Century German Literature.
34336: HORSTMAN, LISA. - Fast Friends: A Tail and Tongue Tale.
21985: HORT, LENNY. - Tale of Caliph Stork.
36569: HORTON, GEORGE. - Monks' Treasure.
23660: HORTON, MARK. - Shanga: The Archaeology of a Muslim Trading Community on the Coast of East Africa.
27953: HORTON, JAMES OLIVER AND HORTON, LOIS E. - Slavery and the Making of America.
59932: HORTON, BARBARA SAVADGE. - What Comes in Spring?
67138: HORVATH-PETERSON, SANDRA. - Victor Duruy & French Education: Liberal Reform in the Second Empire.
61613: HORVATH, POLLY. - Everything on a Waffle.
62836: HORWITZ, JAMES. - They Went Thataway.
25926: HORWOOD, WILLIAM. - Callanish.
7432: HORWOOD, WILLIAM. - Willows in Winter.
51288: HOSHIZAKI, BARBARA JOE AND MORAN, ROBBIN C. - Fern Grower's Manual: Revised and Expanded Edition.
22359: HOSKINS, JANET (EDITOR). - Headhunting and the Social Imagination in Southeast Asia.
50185: HOSKINS, ROBERT. - Jack-in-the-Box Planet.
29103: HOSKYNS, BEN. - Nature of Game: United Kingdom - Europe - North America with Holland & Holland.
6598: HOSKYNS, BARNEY. - Beneath the Diamond Sky: Haight-Ashbury 1965-1970.
53037: HOSKYNS, BARNEY. - Beneath the Diamond Sky: Haight-Ashbury 1965-1970.
14187: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER. - Dislocations.
1476: HOSPITAL, JANETTE TURNER. - Borderline.
64594: HOSPODAR, MIRIAM KASIN. - Heaven's Banquet: Vegetarian Cooking for Lifelong Health the Ayurveda Way.
19655: HOSSACK, KARIN. - Simple Bead & Mosaic Style.
52769: HOSSEINI, KHALED. - Kite Runner.
31881: HOTALING, EDWARD. - They're Off!: Horse Racing at Saratoga.
76696: HOTALING, EDWARD. - Great Black Jockeys: The Lives and Times of the Men Who Dominated America's First National Sport.
41814: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Dangerous American.
75254: FUJIYA HOTEL. - We Japanese: Being Descriptions of Many of the Customs, Manners, Ceremonies, Festivals, Arts and Crafts of the Japanese Besides Numerous Other Subjects.
56399: HOTMAN, FRANCOIS. - Francogallia.
41901: HOTZ, GOTTFRIED. - Segesser Hide Paintings: Masterpieces Depicting Spanish Colonial New Mexico.
27381: HOUDINI, HARRY. - Houdini's Paper Magic.
67858: HOUGEN, RICHARD T. - Look No Further.
39467: HOUGH, GRAHAM. - Reflections on a Literary Revolution.
23658: HOUGH, SHERIDAN. - Nietzsche's Noontide Friend: The Self As Metaphoric Double.
23755: HOUGH, SAMUEL J. AND HOUGH, PENELOPE R. O. (PREPARED BY). - Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection at Hamilton College: A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints, Maps, and Drawings, 1521-1860.
1546: HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE. - Port.
7050: HOUGH, EMERSON. - Sagebrusher: A Story of the West.
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23483: NAVAL INSTITUTE. - Naval History: Naval Institute (Volume 5, 1991: Numbers 1-4).
23484: NAVAL INSTITUTE. - Naval History: Naval Institute (Volume 6, 1992: Numbers 1-4).
23485: NAVAL INSTITUTE. - Naval History: Naval Institute (Volume 7, 1993: Numbers 1-4).
23486: NAVAL INSTITUTE. - Naval History: Naval Institute (Volume 4, 1990: Numbers 1-4).
72066: MYRIN INSTUTUTE. - One Man's Vision: In Memoriam H.A. W. Myrin, 1884-1970.
63805: US NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (COMPILED BY). - Uniforms & Insignia of the Navies of World War II.
49716: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Water Desalination: Washington, D.C. , October 3-9, 1965: Volume 1.
41421: INVERARITY, ROBERT BRUCE. - Art of the Northwest Coast Indians.
74066: INWOOD, STEPHEN. - Forgotten Genius: The Biography of Robert Hooke, 1635-1703.
83957: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Story Number 1: For Children Under Three Years of Age.
54339: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Present Past, Past Present: A Personal Memoir.
62372: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Rhinoceros and Other Plays.
62892: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Story Number 1.
37985: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Story Number 2.
60446: IONESCO, EUGENE. - Stroll in the Air & Frenzy for Two, Or More.
54220: IONIDES, C. J. P. - Mambas and Man-Eaters: A Hunter's Story.
48922: IOPPOLO, GRACE (EDITOR). - Routledge Literary Sourcebook on William Shakespeare's King Lear.
51627: IORDAN, IORGU. - Introduction to Romance Linguistics: Its Schools and Scholars.
63217: IOZAWA, TOMOYA. - Trekking in the Himalayas.
35357: IPCAR, DAHLOV. - Dark Horn Blowing.
81038: IPCAR, DAHLOV. - Warlock of Night.
23442: IPSEN, D. C. - Rattlesnakes and Scientists.
30806: IPSER, KARL. - Vatican Art.
62581: IQBAL, AFZAL. - Prophet's Diplomacy: The Art of Negotiation As Conceived and Developed By the Prophet of Islam.
35431: IRELAND, NORMA OLIN. - Index to Fairy Tales, 1949-1972: Including Folklore, Legends & Myths, in Collections.
47392: NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND. - W.B. Yeats: A Centenary Exhibition.
55441: IRELAND, JOSEPH N. - Records of the New York Stage from 1750 to 1860 (Two Volumes).
80666: IRESON, BARBARA (EDITOR). - Faber Book of Nursery Verse.
55420: IRIBARNE, MATTHEW. - Astronauts & Other Stories.
61473: IRISH, SHARON. - Suzanne Lacy: Spaces between.
41965: IRISH, LORA S. - Great Book of Woodburning.
6591: IRISH, MARIE. - Snappy Drills and Marches.
37063: IRIYE, AKIRA (EDITOR). - Chinese and the Japanese: Essays in Political and Cultural Interactions.
60025: IRVINE, DEMAR. - Massenet: A Chronicle of His Life and Times.
54746: IRVINE, CHIPPY. - Shades of Country: Designing a Life of Comfort.
25608: IRVING, JOHN. - World According to Garp.
17445: IRVING, JOHN. - My Movie Business: A Memoir.
17434: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Stories of the Hudson.
51334: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Rip Van Winkle.
40367: IRVING, WASHINGTON (ADAPTED FROM). - Child's Rip Van Winkle.
28913: IRVING, JOHN. - Prayer for Owen Meany.
32155: IRVING, JOHN. - World According to Garp.
60465: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Voyages of Coulmbus.
40717: IRVING, JOHN. - Prayer for Owen Meany.
81729: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Spanish Papers.
1459: IRVING, JOHN. - Widow for One Year.
45618: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Rip Van Winkle & the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
9400: IRVING, JOHN. - Trying to Save Piggy Sneed.
687: IRVING, JOHN. - Son of the Circus.
72448: IRVING, PIERRE M. - Life and Letters of Washington Irving (Two Volumes of Three).
49399: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Rip Van Winkle.
66698: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - English Sketches: From "the Sketch Book. "
59931: (BARRY MOSER) IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Two Tales: Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
78091: IRVING, JOHN. - The World According to Garp.
77785: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - The Alhambra.
63761: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Christmas at Bracebridge Hall.
61091: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Diedrich Knickerbocker's History of New-York.
74890: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Complete Tales of Washington Irving.
75390: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
81290: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Tales from the Alhambra I (Miniature).
81291: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Tales from the Alhambra II (Miniature).
61275: IRVING, JOHN. - Fourth Hand.
81484: (ARTHUR RACKHAM) IRVING, WASHINGTON. - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
76438: IRVING, WASHINGTON. - Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.
22899: IRWIN, JOHN RICE. - Baskets and Basket Makers in Southern Appalachia.
54700: IRWIN, STEVENS. - Dictionary of Pipe Organ Stops: Revised Edition.
78444: IRWIN, WILLIAM WALLACE. - On the Slope of Montmartre.
80686: ISAAC, PETER AND MCKAY, BARRY (EDITORS). - Mighty Engine: The Printing Press and Its Impact.
19293: ISAAC, TERRY. - Painting the Drama of Wildlife Step By Step.
23860: ISAACS, RALPH AND BLURTON, T. RICHARD. - Visions from the Golden Land: Burma and the Art of Lacquer.

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