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28748: DIETZ, WILLIAM C. - Star Wars: Dark Forces, Soldier for the Empire.
61433: DIETZ, F. MEREDITH AND DIETZ, JR., AUGUST. - Gay Nineties Cook Book.
53955: DIETZ, JOHANN. - Memoirs of a Mercenary: Being the Memoirs of Master Johann Dietz, Surgeon in the Army of the Great Elector and Barber to the Royal Court.
23461: DIGAETANI, JOHN LOUIS. - Carlo Gozzi: A Life in the 18th Century Venetian Theater, an Afterlife in Opera.
40018: DIGGES, DEBORAH. - Vesper Sparrows.
60925: DIGGES, DEBORAH. - Late in the Millennium.
60924: DIGGES, DEBORAH. - Late in the Millennium.
21505: DIGGLE, MARTIN (COMPILED BY). - Masters of Equitation on Canter.
21506: DIGGLE, MARTIN (COMPILED BY). - Masters of Equitation on Trot.
35855: DIJKSTRA, BRAM. - Georgia O'keeffe and the Eros of Place.
70477: DIJKSTRA, BRAM. - Hieroglyphics of a New Speech: Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams.
78257: DILKS, DAVID. - Curzon in India (Two Volumes).
14094: DILL, CHARLES. - Monstrous Opera: Rameau and the Tragic Tradition.
58551: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.
28181: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Encounters with Chinese Writers.
29770: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Living By Fiction.
80230: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Tickets for a Prayer Wheel.
44888: DILLARD, R. H. W. - After Borges: A Sequence of New Poems.
35066: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Holy the Firm.
1768: DILLARD, ANNIE. - Holy the Firm.
1916: DILLARD, J. M. - Star Trek: "Where No One Has Gone Before": A History in Pictures.
58548: DILLARD, ANNIE. - For the Time Being.
58549: DILLARD, ANNIE. - For the Time Being.
79591: DILLER, EDWARD. - Mythic Journey: Gunter Grass's Tin Drum.
41050: DILLINGHAM, PEGGE. - Sound Comics.
40028: DILLISTONE, F. W. - Novelist and the Passion Story.
40326: DILLISTONE, F. W. - Novelist and the Passion Story.
27139: DILLISTONE, F. W. - Christian Faith.
47643: DILLMAN, GEORGE A. WITH THOMAS, CHRIS. - Tuite: Advanced Pressure Point Grappling: The Dillman Method of Instant Self-Defense.
15439: DILLON, MARY EVANGELINE. - Contemporary Southwestern Quilts.
22672: DILLON, MILLICENT. - One in the Back Is Medea.
26148: DILLON, JANA. - Jeb Scarecrow's Pumpkin Patch.
77064: DILLON, LEO AND DIANE. - Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles - Think of That.
81438: DILLON, EILIS, ET AL (EDITORS). - The Lucky Bag: Classic Irish Children's Stories.
56938: DILLON, BARBARA. - Mr. Chill.
80896: DILLON, BARBARA. - Who Needs a Bear?
67941: DILMAN, ILHAM. - Matter and Mind: Two Essays in Epistemology.
71200: DILTHEY, W. - Selected Writings.
47056: DILTS, MARION MAY. - Pageant of Japanese History.
82095: DIMAGGIO, JOE. - Lucky to Be a Yankee.
3851: DIMAND, M. S. - Handbook of Muhammadan Art.
61956: DIMANT, ELYSSA. - Minimalism and Fashion: Reduction in the Postmodern Era.
56787: DIMBLEBY, JONATHAN. - Palestinians.
62684: DIMMITT, PAULINE S. - Clinical Laboratory Methods.
68538: DIMOCK, EDWARD C. (EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR). - Thief of Love: Bengali Tales from Court and Village.
2434: DIN, GUNGA (ALI MIRDREKVANDI). - No Heaven for Gunga Din: Consisting of the British and American Officers' Book.
31509: DINE, JIM. - Jim Dine's Designs for a Midsummer Night's Dream.
83535: VAN DINE, S. S. - Dragon Murder Case: A Philo Vance Story.
75811: DINESEN, ISAK (KAREN BLIXEN). - Seven Gothic Tales (ML 54).
37136: DINESEN, ISAK. - Last Tales.
21500: DINGER, CHARLOTTE. - Art of the Carousel.
24986: DINGLE, HERBERT. - Science and Human Experience.
17843: (ELSE WENZ-VIETOR) DINGLER, MAX. - Sonnenkinderstuben.
51877: DINGUS, LOWELL. - Next of Kin: Great Fossils at the American Museum of Natural History.
15960: VO-DINH (TOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Toad Is the Emperor's Uncle: Animal Folktales from Viet-Nam.
41336: VO-DINH (TOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Toad Is the Emperor's Uncle: Animal Folktales from Viet-Nam.
80912: TRAN DINH VAN (TOLD BY PHAN THI QUYEN). - The Way He Lived: The Story of Nguyen Van Troi.
69540: DINI, PAUL. - Batman: Private Casebook.
55376: DINKIN, ROBERT J. - Voting in Revolutionary America: A Study of Elections in the Original Thirteen States, 1776-1789.
22263: DINNEEN, BETTY. - Lions and Karen.
27241: DINNEEN, FRANCIS P. - Introduction to General Linguistics.
10354: DINNEEN, BETTY. - Lions and Karen.
80537: DINNSEN, DANIEL A. (EDITOR). - Current Approaches to Phonological Theory.
29868: DINSHAW, CAROLYN. - Getting Medieval: Sexualities and Communities, Pre- and Postmodern.
66349: DINWOODIE, HEPBURN. - Storms on the Labrador.
82581: DIONETTI, MICHELLE. - Coal Mine Peaches
70969: DIONNE, N. E. - Inventaire Chronologique Des Livres, Brochures, Journaux Et Revues: Publies En Langue Francaise Dans la Province de Quebec, Depuis L'etablissem Ent de L'imprimerie Au Canada Jusq'a Nos Jours, 1764-1906 (Bibliographie de Quebec at Nouvelle France).
45882: DIOP, BIRAGO. - Tales of Amadou Koumba.
74491: DIOSZEGI, VILMOS. - Tracing Shamans in Siberia: The Story of an Ethnographical Research Expedition.
15310: DIPACE FRITZ, ANGELA. - Thought and Vision: A Critical Reading of H.D. 's Poetry.
76865: DIPLOCK, ANTHONY T. (EDITOR). - Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Their Biochemistry and Applications.
15922: DIPPIE, BRIAN W. (EDITOR). - Nomad: George A. Custer in Turf, Field and Farm.
39412: DIPPIE, BRIAN W. (EDITOR). - Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926.
43674: DIPRIMA, DANIEL. - Extra Nose.
49899: DIRR, MICHAEL A. - Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.
44543: DIRR, MICHAEL A. - Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses.
30931: DIRR, MICHAEL A. - Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.
41459: DISABATO-AUST, TRACY. - Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting & Pruning Techniques.
76750: DISBROW, EDWARD DELAVAN. - Man without a Gun.
36654: DISCH, THOMAS M. AND NAYLOR, CHARLES (EDITORS). - Strangeness: A Collection of Curious Tales.
37494: DISCH, THOMAS M. - Fun with Your New Head.
21283: DISCH, THOMAS M. - Dreams Our Stuff Is Made of: How Science Fiction Conquered the World.
22361: DISCH, LISA JANE. - Hannah Arendt and the Limits of Philosophy.
9108: DISCH, THOMAS M. - Castle of Indolence: On Poetry, Poets, and Poetasters.
58949: DISCH, TOM. - Yes, Let's: New and Selected Poems.
52820: WALT DISNEY. - Mickey Mouse Annual.
43122: WALT DISNEY. - Walt Disney Presenta: Ali Baba Y Los 40 Ladrones.
3768: DISNEY, DORIS MILES. - Last Straw.
76903: WALT DISNEY. - Uncle Scrooge.
52818: WALT DISNEY. - Mickey Mouse Annual.
59998: WALT DISNEY. - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
75184: WALT DISNEY. - Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the Haunted House: A Moving Picture Book.
77989: WALT DISNEY. - Walt Disney's Story of Cinderella with Songs from the Film (Book and Record).
40711: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN. - Ixion in Heaven.
73793: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN. - Alroy.
17336: DISTLER, BETTE. - Timothy Tuneful.
83928: DIVALE, WILLIAM TULIO WITH JOSEPH, JAMES. - I Lived Inside the Campus Revolution.
18696: DIVINE, DAVID. - Hadrian's Wall: A Study of the North West Frontier of Rome.
7752: DIVINE, DAVID. - Opening of the World: The Great Age of Maritime Exploration.
62979: DIVITO, ANNA. - Elephants on Ice.
62978: DIVITO, ANNA. - Elephants on Ice.
21801: DIX, CAROL. - Camargue.
27752: DIXIT, AVINASH K. - Lawlessness and Economics: Alternative Modes of Governance.
64845: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Missing Chums (#4).
64844: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Melted Coins (#23).
16933: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Fall & Rise.
37889: DIXON, MAYNARD. - Images of the Native American.
74841: DIXON, NORMAN F. - On the Psychology of Military Incompetence.
64843: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Clue of the Broken Blade (#21).
64847: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Secret of the Caves (#7).
64841: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: Mystery of the Flying Express (#20).
51528: DIXON, CHUCK. - Batman: The Chalice.
81739: DIXON, JEANE. - Horoscopes for Dogs.
4177: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Stories of Stephen Dixon.
4393: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Time to Go.
45601: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys: Hunting for Hidden Gold.
45602: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys: The Shore Road Mystery.
45603: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys: The Missing Chums.
5330: DIXON, PAIGE. - Loner: A Story of the Wolverine.
7481: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Interstate.
9061: DIXON, J. ARTHUR. - Loch Ness and the Monster.
80978: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. WITH FLYNN, WILLIAM F. - Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook.
81454: DIXON, T. B. - The Enemy Fought Splendidly: Being the 1914-1915 Diary of the Battle of the Falklands & Its Aftermath.
64846: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Sign of the Crooked Arrow (#28).
57592: DIXON, TRISHA. - Essence of the Garden: Garden Design and Style.
10604: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Movies: Seventeen Stories.
11172: DIXON, STEPHEN. - Quite Contrary: The Mary and Newt Story.
75995: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. WITH FLYNN, WILLIAM F. - Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook.
64849: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: While the Clock Ticked (#11).
59815: DIXON, STEPHEN. - 14 Stories.
66322: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Crisscross Shadow (#32).
80254: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. WITH SPINA, D. A. - Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook.
67917: DIXON, JR., JOHN W. - Physiology of Faith: A Theory of Theological Relativity.
58822: DIXON, RACHEL TAFT (ILLUSTRATOR). - Prayers for Children.
64277: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk (#39).
66323: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Sign of the Crooked Arrow (#28).
64278: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: Mystery of the Desert Giant (#40).
64842: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Crisscross Shadow (#32).
66070: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Secret of the Caves (#7).
64850: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Phantom Freighter (#26).
64853: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Flickering Torch Mystery (#22).
64855: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Secret of Wildcat Swamp (#31).
64856: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Ghost of Skeleton Rock (#37).
64857: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. - Hardy Boys Mystery Stories: The Secret Panel (#25).
64560: DIZIKES, JOHN. - Yankee Doodle Dandy: The Life and Times of Tod Sloan.
3932: DJERASSI, CARL. - No.
80473: DJILAS, MILOVAN. - The Eve of Battle from the Opening Part of Montenegro.
15554: DJORDJEVIC, DIMITRIJE AND FISCHER-GALATI, STEPHEN. - Balkan Revolutionary Tradition.
38989: DMITRIEV-MAMONOV, A. I. AND ZDZIARSKI, A. F. (EDITORS). - Guide to the Great Siberian Railway 1900.
60940: DOAK, TOM. - Confidential Guide to Golf Courses.
40885: DOAN, WILLIAM AND DIETZ, CRAIG (COMPILED BY). - Photoflexion: A History of Bodybuilding Photography.
33428: DOANE, BONNIE MUNRO AND QUALKINBUSH, THOMAS. - My Parrot, My Friend: An Owner's Guide to Parrot Behavior.
4705: DOANE, MICHAEL. - Legends of Jesse Dark.
82842: DOANE, DORIS CHASE. - Astrology: 30 Years Research.
83800: DOBB, MAURICE. - Theories of Value and Distribution Since Adam Smith: Ideology and Economic Theory.
44333: DOBB, MAURICE. - Welfare Economics and Economics of Socialism: Towards a Commonsense Critique.
30779: DOBBS, KILDARE. - Running to Paradise.
65373: DOBBS, ROSE. - No Room: An Old Story Retold.
77790: DOBBS, ROSE. - Once-Upon-a-Time Story Book.
35706: DOBELL, ANNE (EDITOR). - Stanley Spencer Ra.
8938: DOBEREINER, PETER (EDITOR). - Down the Nineteenth Fairway: A Golfing Anthology.
71681: DOBIE, J. FRANK. - Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest.
34497: DOBKIN, JOHN H., ET AL. - Painters By Painters.
75124: DOBLE, JOHN. - John Doble's Journal and Letters from the Mines: Mokelumne Hill, Jackson, Volcano and San Francisco, 1851-1865.
3901: DOBLHOFER, ERNST. - Voices in Stone: The Decipherment of Ancient Scripts and Writing.
33851: DOBREE, BONAMY. - Milton to Ouida: A Collection of Essays.
65843: DOBRIN, ARNOLD. - Going to Moscow and Other Stories.
3362: DOBRIN, ARNOLD. - To Katmandu: A Story of Nepal.
6381: DOBSON, JOHN M. - Politics in the Gilded Age: A New Perspective on Reform.
47784: DOBSON, JULIA. - Children of Charles I.
51774: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Concurring Beasts.
55113: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Saratoga Headhunter.
17048: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Concurring Beasts.
18409: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Cemetery Nights.
74960: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Concurring Beasts: Poems.
21901: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Saratoga Bestiary.
22135: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Boat Off the Coast.
76783: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Common Carnage.
51270: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Boat Off the Coast.
44302: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Cemetery Nights.
32567: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Griffon.
59726: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Griffon.
7825: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Cold Dog Soup.
9350: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Saratoga Longshot.
47296: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Common Carnage.
47940: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Pallbearers Envying the One Who Rides.
52736: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Wrestler's Cruel Study.
18437: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Church of Dead Girls.
60077: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Body Traffic.
43599: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Black Dog, Red Dog.
18227: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - After Shocks / Near Escapes.
18451: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Saratoga Fleshpot.
67827: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Concurring Beasts: Poems.
18332: DOBYNS, STEPHEN. - Two Deaths of Senora Puccini.
61088: DOBZHANSKY, THEODOSIUS. - Heredity and the Nature of Man.
48576: DOCHERTY, IAIN. - Making Tracks: The Politics of Local Rail Transport.
57599: DOCKER, AMANDA. - English Country Lady's Book of Dried Flowers.
75019: DOCKERY, KEVIN. - Stalkers and Shooters: A History of Snipers.
41211: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Drinks Before Dinner.
1170: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Lives of the Poets: Six Stories and a Novella.
61280: DOCTOROW, E. L. - The March.
52674: DODD, ELIZABETH. - In the Mind's Eye: Essays Across the Animate World.
43255: DODD, EDWARD. - Island World of Polynesia: A Survey of the Racial Family and Its Far-Flung Cultures.
45611: DODD, CRAIG. - Ballet in Motion: A Three-Dimensional Guide to Ballet for Young People (Pop-Up).
7988: DODD, RUTH AND LORING. - Cocky Cocker Book: A Cur-Tail-Ed History of LI'L' Miss Muffet.
46329: DODD, MEAD, AND COMPANY. - Pictures and Stories for Saturday Afternoons.
51070: DODD, C. H. - Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel.
76943: DODD, ELIZABETH. - Veiled Mirror and the Women Poet: H.D. , Louise Bogan, Elizabeth Bishop, and Louise Gluck.
41083: DODDS, DAYLE ANN. - Teacher's Pets.
81120: DODDS, LARA. - Literary Invention of Margaret Cavendish.
13122: DODGE, MARY MAPES. - Mary Anne.
57692: DODGE, JOSEPH V. - Twin Pistols: A Saga of the West.
66162: DODGE, TOBY. - Inventing Iraq: The Failure of Nation Building and a History Denied.
81397: DODGE, MARY MAPES. - Mary Anne.
58552: DODGE, ERNEST S. - New England and the South Seas.
31060: DODGE, NORTON T. - Women in the Soviet Economy: Their Role in Economic, Scientific, and Technical Development.
62880: DODGE, ERNEST S. (EDITOR). - Thirty Years of the American Neptune.
45093: DODGE, BERTHA S. - Potatoes and People: The Story of a Plant.
7057: DODGE, ERNEST S. - Beyond the Capes: Pacific Exploration from Captain Cook to the Challenger, 1776-1877.
7254: DODGE, ROBERT K. AND MCCULLOUGH, JOSEPH B. (EDITORS). - New and Old Voices of Wah'kon-Tah: Contemporary Native American Poetry.
46313: DODGE, MARY MAPES. - Hans Brinker Or the Silver Skates.
81163: (DEMOSTHENES) DODGE, MARTIN L. - The Oration of Demosthenes on the Crown: With Extracts from the Oration Aeschines Against Ctesiphon, and Explanatory Notes.
74474: DODGE, DAVID. - Angel's Ransom.
50600: DODGE, BERTHA S. - Cotton: The Plant That Would Be King.
73228: DODGE, MARY MAPES. - Hermit of the Hills.
63674: DODGEN, RANDALL A. - Controlling the Dragon: Confucian Engineers and the Yellow River in Late Imperial China.
73398: DODIYA, ANJU. - All Night I Shall Gallop.
61687: DODRILL, DONALD L. - Transparent Touch.
20522: DODRILL, DONALD L. - Transparent Touch.
33962: DODRILL, DONALD L. - Transparent Touch.
71347: DODS, MARCUS. - Forerunners of Dante: An Account of Some of the More Important Visions of the Unseen World, from the Earliest Times.
77038: DODS, MATILDA LEES. - The Art of Cooking: A Series of Practical Lessons.
36350: DODSON, BETTY. - Selflove and Orgasm.
9539: DODSON, DANIEL B. - Malcolm Lowry.
62535: DODWELL, C. R. (EDITOR). - Essays on Durer.
58929: DODWELL, C. R. - Pictorial Arts of the West, 800-1200.
32092: DODWELL, CHRISTINA. - Traveller on Horseback: In Eastern Turkey and Iran.
58541: DODWELL, CHRISTINA. - Traveller on Horseback: In Eastern Turkey and Iran.
10516: DOENGES, JUDY. - What She Left Me: Stories and a Novella.
44750: VON DOERR, AUGUST. - Genealogisches Quellenmaterial (Volume I: Aach-Berchtold).
80933: VAN DOESBURG, THEO. - Principles of Neo-Plastic Art.
71719: DOESCHER, IAN. - William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope.
52430: DOEZEMA, MARIANNE (EDITOR). - Changing Prospects: The View from Mount Holyoke.
57386: DOHERTY, M. STEPHEN. - Developing Ideas in Artwork.
72519: DOHERTY, P. C. - Whyte Harte.
16602: DOHERTY, P. C. - Demon Archer.
16600: DOHERTY, P. C. - Anubis Slayings.
16599: DOHERTY, P. C. - Horus Killings.
24320: DOHERTY, P. C. - Angel of Death.
38612: DOHERTY, P. C. - Hangman's Hymn.
21086: DOHERTY, P. C. - Crown in Darkness.
39729: DOHERTY, BERLIE. - Midnight Man.
43330: DOHERTY, P. C. - Fate of Princes.
27619: DOHERTY, P. C. - Fate of Princes.
27980: DOHERTY, P. C. - Devil's Hunt.
29354: DOHERTY, TERENCE. - Anatomical Works of George Stubbs.
33186: DOHERTY, PAUL. - Death of Alexander the Great: What - Or Who - Really Killed the Young Conqueror of the Known World?
8826: DOHERTY, P. C. - Death of a King: A Medieval Mystery.
9413: DOHERTY, P. C. - Whyte Harte.
47843: DOHERTY, LINDA. - Fonzie's Scrambled Word Find.
19240: DOHERTY, P. C. - Masked Man.
57897: DOHERTY, P. C. - Crown in Darkness.
56253: DOHERTY, P. C. - Satan in St. Mary's.
80074: DOHERTY, P. C. - Satan in St. Mary's.
19164: DOHRMAN, RICHARD. - Last of the Maidens.
1185: DOIG, IVAN. - Bucking the Sun.
3384: DOIG, IVAN. - Heart Earth.
82432: DOISNEAU, ROBERT. - Three Seconds from Eternity: Photographs.
53087: DOISNEAU, ROBERT AND PENNAC, DANIEL. - La Vie de Famille.
8558: DOLAN, JR., EDWARD F. - Explorers of the Arctic and Antarctic.
77920: DOLAN, FRANCES E. - True Relations: Reading, Literature, and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England.
77033: DOLAN, FRANCES E. - True Relations: Reading, Literature, and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England.
84060: DOLBIER, MAURICE. - Torten's Christmas Secret.
80826: DOLBIER, MAURICE. - Nowhere Near Everest.
72053: DOLCI, DANILO. - Outlaws.
78421: DOLCI, DANILO. - Waste: An Eye-Witness Report on Some Aspects of Waste in Western Sicily.
72050: DOLCI, DANILO. - Report from Palermo.
30038: DOLE, PAT. - Purinton Pottery.
2188: DOLE, STEPHEN H. AND ASIMOV, ISAAC. - Planets for Man.
51388: DOLE, STEPHEN H. AND ASIMOV, ISAAC. - Planets for Man.
79789: DOLE, STEPHEN H. AND ASIMOV, ISAAC. - Planets for Man.
40270: DOLEZ, ALBANE. - Glass Animals: 3,500 Years of Artistry and Design.
19016: DOLINER, ROY. - Sandra Rifkin's Jewels.
48959: DOLING, JOHN, ET AL (EDITORS). - Ageing Matters: European Policy Lessons from the East.
47040: DOLPH, JERRY. - Fire in the Hole: The Untold Story of Hardrock Miners.
26436: DOLSON, HILDEGARDE. - Husband Who Ran Away.
59928: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - Scythe, a Rooster, and a Cat.
80949: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - King Krakus and the Dragon.
83697: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - Look, There Is a Turtle Flying.
59380: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - Turnip.
71920: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - Marek, the Little Fool.
72028: DOMANSKA, JANINA. - Marilka.
757: DOMINGO, XAVIER. - Villa Milo.
62221: DOMINGO, XAVIER. - Dreams of Reason.
39626: DOMINGUEZ ORTIZ, ANTONIO, ET AL. - Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy: Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional.
45439: DOMINGUEZ, JORGE I. AND LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F. (EDITORS). - Constructing Democratic Governance: Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean in the 1990s.
80637: DONADIO, STEPHEN. - Nietzsche, Henry James, and the Artistic Will.
68378: O DONAILL, NIALL (EDITOR). - Gearrfhocloir Gaeilge-Bearla: Shorter Irish-English Dictionary.
37320: DONALDSON, WILLIAM. - Jacobite Song: Political Myth and National Identity.
81337: DONALDSON, STEPHEN R. - Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Trilogy: Lord Foul's Bane, the Illearth War, and the Power That Preserves (Three Volumes).
81845: DONALDSON, JOAN. - The Real Pretend.
17444: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Naked Author: The Collected Works of Pietro Di Donato.
18746: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Christ in Concrete.
43127: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Three Circles of Light.
67081: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Christ in Concrete.
78618: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Christ in Concrete.
80751: DI DONATO, PIETRO. - Christ in Concrete.
49843: DONER, MICHELE OKA AND WOLFSON, JR., MITCHELL. - Miami Beach: Blueprint of an Eden: Lives Seen Through the Prism of Family and Place.
29273: DONG, PAUL. - Four Major Mysteries of Mainland China.
37020: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Singular Man.
15621: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms: The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to Be Rumoured About Around New York.
65071: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule.
694: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Leila: Further in the Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman.
65069: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Singular Man.
15318: DONLEAVY, J. P. - Wrong Information Is Being Given out at Princeton: The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to Be Rumoured About Around New York.
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16070: DYKSTRA, ANN MARIE. - Region, Economy, and Party: The Roots of Policy Formation in Pennsylvania, 1820-1860.
75481: DYLAN, BOB. - Writings and Drawings.
81817: DYLAN, BOB. - Tarantula.
64389: DYLAN, BOB. - Writings and Drawings.
40672: DYSON, STEPHEN L. - Cosa: The Utilitarian Pottery: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Volume XXXIII.
34731: DYSON, MICHAEL ERIC. - Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X.
4055: DYSON, JAMES L. - World of Ice.
6201: DYSON, A. E. - Between Two Worlds: Aspects of Literary Form.
52496: DYSON, WILL. - Kultur Cartoons.
42670: EADY, CORNELIUS. - Victims of the Latest Dance Craze.
79484: EAGER, EDWARD. - Half Magic.
78620: EAGER, EDWARD. - Magic Or Not?
56956: EAGER, EDWARD. - Mouse Manor.
28537: EAGLY, ROBERT V. - Structure of Classical Economic Theory.
59890: EARHART, WILL. - Eloquent Baton.
37246: EARL, D. C. - Political Thought of Sallust.
53819: EARL, PETER E. - Microeconomics for Business and Marketing: Lectures, Cases and Worked Essays.
48559: EARL, PETER E. (EDITOR). - Legacy of Herbert Simon in Economic Analysis (Two Volumes).
14752: EARLE, PETER. - Last Fight of the Revenge.
45334: EARLE, OLIVE L. - Strange Companions in Nature.
70217: EARLE, WILLIAM. - Objectivity.
8805: EARLE, VANA. - April House.
76169: EARLE, JOE (EDITOR). - Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden.
68483: EARLY, RICHARD E. - Master Weaver.
28410: EARLY, MARGARET (RETOLD AND ILLUSTRATED BY). - Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.
66002: EARNEST, ERNEST. - American Eve in Fact and Fiction, 1775-1914.
54147: EARNSHAW, CHRISTOPHER J. - Sho: Japanese Calligraphy.
57188: EASLEY, THOMAS. - Figure in Motion.
1797: EAST, ANDY. - Andy East's Agatha Christie Quiz Book.
74919: EASTERLING, P. E. AND MUIR, J. V. (EDITORS). - Greek Religion and Society.
24307: EASTLAKE, WILLIAM. - Bamboo Bed.
887: EASTLAKE, WILLIAM. - Long Naked Descent Into Boston.
9510: EASTLAKE, WILLIAM. - Bronc People.
58815: EASTLAKE, WILLIAM. - Child's Garden of Verses for the Revolution.
74976: EASTMAN, GEORGE. - Chronicles of a Second African Trip.
44734: EASTMAN, P. D. - Best Nest.
17637: EASTMAN, CHARLES. - Little Fauss and Big Halsy.
35432: EASTMAN, MARY HUSE. - Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends: Supplement.
35433: EASTMAN, MARY HUSE. - Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends.
35434: EASTMAN, MARY HUSE. - Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends: Second Supplement.
15348: EASTMAN, CHARLES. - Little Fauss and Big Halsy.
63881: EASTMAN, P. D. - Are You My Mother?
71244: EASTMAN, P. D. - Are You My Mother?
40316: EASTON, ROBERT. - Max Brand: The Big "Westerner. "
52101: EASTON, STEWART. - New Vistas in Psychology: An Anthroposophical Contribution.
70135: EASTON, VALERIE. - Pattern Garden: The Essential Elements of Garden Making.
62448: EATON, JIM. - Ghosts Caught on Film 2: Photographs of the Unexplained.
25802: EATON, EVELYN. - King Is a Witch.
51599: EATON, B. CURTIS. - Applied Microeconomic Theory: Selected Essays of B. Curtis Eaton.
33259: EATON, NANCY. - Your Vintage Wedding.
8187: EATON, EVELYN. - North Star Is Nearer.
13648: EATON, JEANETTE. - Story of Transportation.
57913: EATON, CHARLES EDWARD. - Girl from Ipanema.
76113: EATON, ARTHUR WENTWORTH HAMILTON. - Famous Mather Byles: The Noted Boston Tory Preacher, Poet, and Wit, 1707-1788.
57252: EATON, BOB. - Algonkian: Lifestyle of the New England Indians.
78539: EATON, ELON HOWARD. - Birds of New York: Part 2 (Land Birds).
42914: D'EAUBONNE, FRANCOISE. - Flight of Falcons.
19669: EBER, DOROTHY HARLEY. - Genius at Work: Images of Alexander Graham Bell.

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