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013383: TRITTEN, GOTTFRIED - Teaching Color and Form in Secondary School
015772: TRORY, ERNIE - Imperialist War: Further Recollections of a Communist Organiser
015773: TRORY, ERNIE - War of Liberation: Recollections of a Communist Activist
015995: TROTTER, CORRADO - Vita Primierotta Nei Suoi Costumi, Tradizioni, Leggende
015035: TRUDGEN, RICHARD - Why Warriors Lie Down & Die: Towards an Understanding of Why the Aboriginal People of Arnhem Land Face the Greatest Crisis in Health and Education Since European Contact. Djambatj Mala
014523: TRUMAN,TOM - Catholic Action and Politics
014119: TRUMBLE, TOM - Rescue at 2100 Hours: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Escape of the Pacific War.
012990: TRYSTRAM, FLORENCE - Terre! Terre! de L'Olympe à la Nasa Une Histoire Des Géographes Et de la Géographie
012541: R. A. TSANOFF - Science and Human Perspectives
016009: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1911-1945
012987: TULARD, JEAN - Joseph Fouché
015155: TURNER, G.R. - Young Man of Talent
014967: TURNER, GRAEME - National Fictions: Literature, Film, and the Construction of Australian Narrative
012532: H.E.W. TURNER - Jesus Master and Lord: A Study in the Historical Truth of the Gospels
014429: TURQUAN, JOSEPH - La Générale Bonaparte
014431: TWAIN, MARK - Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by the Sieur Louis de Conte. Freely Translated out of the Ancient French Into Modern English from the Original Unpublished Manuscript in the National Archives of France by Jean Francois Alden. Edited by Mark Twain. Wi
014369: TWYCROSS, MEG (ED) - Evil on the Medieval Stage. Papers from the Sixth Triennal Colloquium of the International Society for the Study of Medieval Theatre Sitm 1989. Medieval English Theatre 11
015965: ULANOV, BARRY - Duke Ellington
014420: ULAR, ALEXANDER - Die Politik. Untersuchung über Die Völkerpsychologischen Bedingungen Gesellschaftlicher Organisation. (Die Gesellschaft, Sammlung Sozialpsychologischer Monographien Herausgegeben Von Martin Buber, Band 3)
014809: UNDERWOOD, T. - Traffic Management: An Introduction
014708: AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE FOR UNESCO - Meeting on Studies of Oceanic Cultures Australian National University - January 1971
013993: UNGLICK, ARI - Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses : A Recipe for Success : Four Generations of Baking Excellence.
015870: THE MOTHERS' UNION - Fifty Years
015960: UNTERMAN, ALAN - Dictionary of Jewish Lore and Legend
013095: UPFIELD, ARTHUR W. - Bushranger of the Skies
012717: URMSON, J.O - Berkeley (Past Masters)
012542: J.O. URMSON - Philosophical Analysis: Its Development between the Two Worl Wars
015805: BILLIS, R.V. AND KENYON, A.S. - Pastures New: An Account of the Pastoral Occupation of Port Phillip. With a Foreword by General Sir Harry Chauvel
014827: DE VALERA, EAMON - Ireland's Request to the Government of the United States of America for Recognition As a Sovereign Independent State.
012551: KEVIN J. VANHOOZER (ED) - The Trinity in a Pluralistic Age: Theological Essays on Culture and Religion
012550: WILLIAM HUBERT VANSTONE - Love's Endeavour Love's Expense: The Response of Being to the Love of God. With a Foreword by H.A. Williams
015057: VARLEY, CHARLES OR VARLO - The Unfortunate Husbandman [an Account of the Life and Travels of a Real Farmer in Ireland, Scotland, England and America with a Preface of His Life and Times by Desmond Clarke
014052: VASARI, GIORGIO - Lives of the Artists. A Selection Translated by George Bull. Three Volumes
011898: ROLAND DE VAUX - Ancient Israel: Its Life and Institutions. Translated by John Mchugh
014332: PARLIAMENT OF VICTORIA, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - Report Upon the Inquiry Into the Role and Welfare of Companion Animals in Society
013946: LAW REFORM COMMISSION OF VICTORIA - Sexual Offences Against Children March 1988. Discussion Paper No. 12
016054: MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA - Minutes of Proceedings of Annual Session Held at the Town Hall, Melbourne on Thursday and Friday, 10th and 11th October, 1912 Together with the Decisions of the Law Courts and Legal Opinions.
014360: COUNTRY ROADS BOARD OF VICTORIA - Engineering Staff (Internal) Lectures 1945-46 Series: Road Construction and Maintenance
012547: ALEC R. VIDLER (ED) - Soundings: Essays Concerning Christian Understanding
012548: ALEC R. VIDLER - Christian Belief and This World: The Firth Lectures in the University of Nottingham 1955
012545: ALEC R. VIDLER - The Church in an Age of Revolution: 1789 to the Present Day. The Pelican History of the Church Volume 5
012546: ALEC R. VIDLER - 20th Century Defenders of the Faith: Some Theological Fashions Considered in the Robertson Lectures for 1964
012245: ALEX R. VIDLER - F.D. Maurice and Company: Nineteenth Century Studies
012544: MARVIN R. VINCENT - A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistles to the Philippians and to Philemon (the International Critical Commentary)
012631: W.E. VINE, MERRILL F.UNGER, WILLIAM WHITE, JR. - Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testamnet Words: Keyed to Strong's Reference Numbers
015209: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA - Teachings of Swami Vivekananda
012543: ARTHUR ANTON VOGEL - Reality Reason and Religion
014090: VOLLMOELLER - Assüs, Fitne Und Sumurud. Ein Trauerspiel.
015317: VONDRA, JOSEF - German Speaking Settlers in Australia
013721: VOSS, GILBERT L. - Cephalopods of the Philippine Islands
014248: L.P.W. - The Changed Cross
015718: WOODRUFF, W. & MCGREGOR, L. - The Suez Canal and the Australian Economy
012719: ENGLE, GALE W AND TAYLOR, GABRIELE (EDS) - Berkeleys Principles of Human Knowledge: Critical Studies (Wadsworth Studies in Philosophical Criticism)
015323: WACKETT, WING COMMANDER L.J - Studies of an Angler
015875: WAINWRIGHT, DAVID - The Piano Makers
014660: WAJNRYB, RUTH - Classroom Observation Tasks: S Resource Book for Language Teachers and Trainers
014877: WAKELIN, MARTYN F. - English Dialects: An Introduction
012562: HENRY OFFLEY WAKEMAN - An Introduction to the History of the Church of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present Days. Revised, with an Additional Chapter by S.L. Ollard. Eleventh Edition
015543: WALDIN, MONTY - Chateau Monty
014073: DEPARTMENT OF RAILWAYS NEW SOUTH WALES - Duties of Flagmen and Look-out Men Prepared in the Form of Questionsnd Answers for the Guidance of Employees
015434: COUNTRY WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF NEW SOUTH WALES - A Dessert for Every Day of the Year 1965
015477: WALKER, CHICK (RESEARCHER) - Benalla Sale Yards Through the Years from Private to Corporation. A Brief History Including Council Notes, Newspaper Transcripts, Etc.
015088: WALKER, R.W. - Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914 - 1920. (Being a List Arranged Regimentally and Alphabetically of All Those Awarded the D.C. M. Between August 1914 and June 1920. )
015163: WALKER, BERNIE - A Test for the Best: The History of the Golden Shearers in Australia 1074-1984
012561: WILLISTON WALKER - A History of the Christian Church
015326: WALL, DOROTHY - Stout Fellows, Chum, Angelina, Wallaby, Um-Pig and Flip
014160: WALLACE, ROLAND S. - The Message of Daniel: The Lord Is King (the Bible Speaks Today)
015771: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL - The World of Life; a Manifestation of Creative Power, Directive Mind and Ultimate Purpose
015536: WALLING, EDNA - The Australian Roadside
013777: WALLINGTON, JOYCE - Wally Wallington : The Life and Times of a Weatherwise Man
015398: WALSH, GERALD - The Bush and the Never Never
012566: W.H. WALSH - Metaphysics
012428: DENIS M. WALSH (ED) - Naturalism, Evolution and Maind. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 49
012079: W.H. WALSH - Kant's Criticism of Metaphysics
014403: WALTERS, CHARLES - Weeds Control without Poisons
013473: WALTHARIUS - Das Grosse Magisterium. Adepten, Rosenkreuzer, Alchimisten Und Die Schöpfung Des Stein Der Weisen
012567: J.W.C. WAND - A History of the Modern Church from 1500 to the Present Day
012565: J.W.C. WAND - The Spirit of Church History
015161: WARAH, RASNA (ED) - Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits: An Anthology
015359: WARBURTON, ELIZABETH - The Paddocks Beneath: A History of Burnside from the Beginning.
015835: CANNEL, WARD AND MARX, FRED - How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons: What Music Is and How to Make It at Home
015397: WARD, ALAN - A Show of Justice: Racial 'Amalgamation' in Nineteenth Century New Zealand
015400: WARD, BRENDAN - The Beethoven Obsession
014959: WARD, F. KINGDON - Modern Exploration
012995: WARNECKE, ANDREA - Legal Profiles 1995 Edition. A Digest of Client Opinion of Leading Law Firms in Australia and New Zealand
016021: WARNER, MARINA - Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights
016020: WARNER, MARINA - From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and Their Tellers
012570: MARY WARNOCK - Ethics Since 1900 (the Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
012718: WARNOCK, G.J. - Berkeley
012571: G.J. WARNOCK - English Philosophy Since 1900 (the Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
012572: MARY WARNOCK - Existentialist Ethics
013460: WARREN, ROZ (ED) - Revolutionary Laughter: The World of Women Comics
013897: WARREN, JOHN - The Biased Boundary Umpire and Other Riverina Reminiscences
013353: WATERHOUSE - Camellia Quest with Four Plates in Colour and Six in Monochrome.
012765: WATERMAN, THOMAS TILESTON - The Mansions of Virginia 1706-1776.
013761: WATLING, PETER - Mt. Buffalo
012568: PHILIP S. WATSON - Let God Be God!: An Interpretation of the Theology of Martin Luther
012569: PHILIP S. WATSON - The Concept of Grace: Essays on the Way of Divine Love in Human Life
012105: WAYNE SAWYER, KEN WATSON AND EVA GOLD (EDS) - Re-Viewing English
015683: WAUGH, STEVE - Out of My Comfort Zone: The Autobiography
012573: EVELYN WAUGH - The Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox: Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford and Protonotary Apostlotic to His Holiness Pope Pius XII Compiled from the Original Sources
012579: CLEMENT C.J. WEBB - A History of Philosophy (the Home University Library of Modern Knowledge)
013168: WEBER, C.M. VON. - HASSELBERG, FELIX (HRSG.) - Der Freischütz. Friedrich Kinds Operndichtung Und Ihre Quellen. Mit Den Acht Kupfern Zum "Freischütz" Nach Ramberg, Den Bildnissen August Apels Und Friedrich Kinds Und Je Einer Nachbildung Aus Kinds Handschrift Des "Freischütz" Und Webers Partitur
013114: WEBSTER, STEVEN E. - Project Adventure, Inc. Ropes Course Safety Manual: An Instructor's Guide to Initiatives, and Low and High Elements
016011: WECHS, WILI - Kampf Und Glück Am Berg. Ernste Und Heitere Erinnerungen Eines Bergführers.
012578: ANDERS WEDBERG - A History of Philosophy Volume 3: From Bolzano to Wittgenstein
012923: WEDEBRUNN, OLA, (EDITOR) - Modern Movement in Scandinavia: Vision and Reality
014737: WEINMANN, DR. KARL - Gregoranisches MeßGesangbüchlein : Die Gewöhnlichen Messgesänge Nach Der Edito Vaticana Mit Einem Gebetsanhang
012577: T.D. WELDON - The Vocabulary of Politics
015427: WELLS, PATRICIA - The French Kitchen Cookbook: Recipes and Lessons from Paris and Provence
014298: WENZ, PAUL - Sous la Croix Du Sud
012763: WERNER, BRUNO E. - Modern Architecture in Germany
012576: MARTIN WERNER - The Formation of Christian Dogma: An Historical Study of Its Problem Rewritten in Shortened from by the Author Form His "Die Entstehung Des Christlichen Dogmas" and Translated, with an Introduction by S.G. F. Brandon
016022: WERTHEIM, PROF. DR. W.F. - Nederlandse Cultuurinvloeden in Indonesie
015736: SACKVILLE-WEST, VITA - All Passion Spent
012647: BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT - The Epistle to the Hebrews: The Greek Text with Notes and Essays
012575: BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT - The Epistles of St. John: The Greek Text with Notes New Introduction Johannine Studies Since Westcott's Day by F.F. Bruce
014216: WESTLAKE, DONALD E - Under an English Heaven
013118: WESTON, EDWARD - The Daybooks of Edward Weston. Vol. 1: Mexico
013089: WESTON, EDWARD - Edward Weston. His Life and Photographs. Revised Edition. The Definitive Volume of His Photographic Work. Illustrated Biography by Ben Maddow, Afterword by Cole Weston.
012589: MICHAEL WESTON - Morality and the Self (Library of Philosophy and Logic)
012574: MICHAEL WESTON - Morality and the Self (Library of Philosophy and Logic)
015087: WESTROP, MIKE - A History of No. 10 Squadron Royal Naval Air Service in World War I
014918: WETHERELL, ELIZABETH (WARNER, SUSAN BOGERT) - Queechy. In Two Volumes Vol. I & Vol. II
013645: WEYL, ADOLPH (ED) - Die Jules Fonrobert'Sche Sammlung Mittel- Und Südamerikanischer Münzen Und Medaillen.
014723: WHEELER, GRAEME - The Scroggin Eaters: A History of Bushwalking in Victoria to 1989
013866: WHEELER, GRAEME (ED) - The Walker Volume 60 1989
013865: WHEELER, GRAEME (ED) - The Walker (Formerly the Melbourne Walker) Volume 58 1987
013864: WHEELER, GRAEME (ED) - The Walker (Formerly the Melbourne Walker) Volume 56 1985
015961: WHITE, M.J.D. - Animal Cytology and Evolution. Third Edition
014174: GLEESON-WHITE, JANE - Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Shaped the Modern World - and How Their Invention Could Make or Break the Planet
014176: WHITE, STANHOPE - Dan Bana: Memoirs of a Nigerian Official
014685: WHITE, MARY D. - The Flowers of Anglesea River Valley
014684: WHITE, MARY D. - Coastal Vegetation of Anglesea-Airey's Inlet Region.
013657: WHITE, PAUL - Jungle Doctor See Red
012586: ALAN R. WHITE (ED) - The Philosophy of Action (Oxford Readings in Philosophy)
012587: VICTOR WHITE - God the Unknown and Other Essays
015127: WHITE, PATRICK - The Burnt Ones
012583: ALFRED NORTH WHITEHEAD - Religion in the Making
015322: WHITING, BRENDAN - Ship of Courage: The Epic Story of Hmas Perth and Her Crew
012597: JOHN H. WHITTAKER - Matters of Faith and Matters of Principle: Religious Truth Claims and Their Logic. Trinity University Monograph Series in Religion Volume 6
015404: WHITTING, GLENICE - Pickle to Pie
013556: WICKHAM, DOROTHY, GERVASONI, CLARE, D'ANGRI, VAL - The Eureka Flag: Our Starry Banner
015551: WICKSTEAD, JOHN H. - An Introduction to the Study of Tropical Plankton
014341: WILCOCK, MICHAEL - The Message of Chronicles: One Church, One Faith, One Lord (the Bible Speaks Today)
013706: WILD, STEPHEN A. (ED) - Rom: An Aboriginal Ritual of Diplomacy
013362: WILDBERGER, N.J. - Divine Proportions: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry
015626: WILDE, OSCAR - Eine Florentinische Tragoedie. Deutsch Von Max Meyerfeld.
013497: WILDE, OSCAR - The Happy Prince and Other Stories
012594: AMOS N. WILDER - Otherworldliness and the New Testament
012595: AMOS N. WILDER - New Testament Faith for Today
014861: WILDING, ANTHONY F. - On the Court and Off. Lawn Tennis Champion, 1910, 1911.
012592: MAURICE WILES - Reason to Believe
012593: MAURICE WILES - The Remaking of Christian Doctrine: The Hulsean Lectures 1973
012591: MAURICE WILES - The Making of Christian Doctrine: A Study in the Principles of Early Doctrinal Development
012588: MAURICE WILES - Working Papers in Doctrine
013139: WILKINS, BRIAN - Cricket: The Bowler's Art
013871: WILKINSON, MAX - Walk Vol. 27, 1976
014581: WILKS, MILES - Australian Football Clubs in New South Wales and Their Contribution to the Afl.
013508: WILLAN, ANNE (ECOLE DE CUISINE LA VARENNE) - Reader's Digets Complte Guide to Cookery
013501: WILLAN, ANNE (ECOLE DE CUISINE LA VARENNE) - Reader's Digest Compelte Guide to Cookery
014796: DRAGE, WILLIAM AND PAGE, MICHAEL - Riverboats and Rivermen
014799: MCNAIR, REV. WILLIAM WITH WESLEY LUTTON ET AL. - The Wesley Story: Centenary of Wesley Church, Perth, Western Australia, 1870-1970.
013202: WILLIAMS, CAPTAIN SIR JOHN - So Ends This Day, an Autobiography
015008: WILLIAMS, LAUREN - The Sad Anthropologist
015335: WILLIAMS, G. SYDNEY (CONSULTING EDITOR) - Plumbing, Sanitation and Domestic Engineering - in 4 Volumes
013930: WILLIAMS, DOUG - Get Smart: Teaching Maths Through Art
012612: R.R. WILLIAMS - Authority in the Apostolic Age. With Two Essays on the Modern Problem of Authority
012611: DANIEL DAY WILLIAMS - What Present Day Theologians Are Thinking: Revised Edition
013654: MONIER-WILLIAMS, RANDALL - The Tallow Chandlers of London. Volume IV: Ebb and Flow
013087: WILLIAMS, R.M. - A Song in the Desert
012590: COLIN W. WILLIAMS - New Directions in Theology Today: Volume IV the Church
015845: WILLIAMSON, JOHN - True Blue 25th Anniversary (1970-1995)
013387: GORDON WILLS AND DAVID MIDGLEY - Fashion Marketing : An Anthology of Viewpoints and Perspectives. In Association with Martin Christopher and Roy Hayhurst
015394: WILSON, JOHN COOK - Statement and Inference with Other Philosophical Papers. Edited from the Mss. , by A.S. L. Farquharson . With a Portrait, Memoir and Selected Correspondence. (2 Volumes)
014539: WILSON, MYRTLE - Uncle's Show
015331: WILSON, HARRY - Running My Way
012616: JOHN WILSON - Language and Christian Belief
014436: WILSON, EDMUND - The Duke of Palermo and Other Plays with an Open Letter to Mike Nichols
014895: WILSON, STEWART - Wirraway, Boomerang & Ca-15 in Australian Service
013158: ALLEN, GAY WILSON & CLARK, HARRY HAYDEN - Literary Criticism: Pope to Croce
013978: WILTS, C.H. - Principles of Feedback Control
015406: WINEAPPLE, BRENDA - Sister Brother: Gertrude & Leon Stein
012564: GUSTAF WINGREN - Theology in Conflict: Nygren Barth Bultmann. Translated by Eric H. Wahlstrom
014465: WINTER, VINCENT ADAMS - Noble Six Hundred: The Story of the Empire Air Training Scheme with Particular Reference to 674 Australians Who Trained in Southern Rhodesia
015415: WINTER, BARBARA - Stalag Australia: German Prisoners of War in Australia
012615: JOHN WISDOM - Other Minds.
012614: JOHN WISDOM - Problems of Mind and Matter
013819: WISE, SALLY - Slow Cooker: Easy and Delicious Recipes for All Seasons
015330: WISNIEWSKI, JOHN - An Evaluation of the Potential for Growing Melaleuca Uncinata (Broombush) on Farms for Brush Fence Production
014377: WITCOMB, NAN - Up Here and Down There
012603: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. With an Introduction by Bertrand Russell (the International Library of Psychology Philosophy and Scientific Method)
012608: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN - Cambridge Letters: Correspondence with Russell, Keynes, Moore, Ramsey and Sraffa. Edited by Brian Mcguiness and G.H. Von Wright.
012607: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN - Generally Known As the Blue and Brown Books (Preliminary Studies for "the Philosophical Investigations)
012602: LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN - Bemerkungen ûber Die Grundlagen Der Mathematik. Herausgegeben Und Bearbeitet Von G.H. Von Wright, R. Rhees and G.E. M. Anscombe/Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics.
013218: WOIWOD, MICK - Kangaroo Ground: The Highland Taken
011893: L.HAROLD DE WOLF - The Case for Theology in Liberal Perspective
016049: WOLFF, OTTO - Anthroposophically Orientated Medicine and Its Remedies
015091: WOLFF, KONRAD - The Teaching of Artur Schnabel: A Guide to Interpretation
015327: WOLZOGEN, ERNST VON - Das Dritte Geschlecht. Roman. Mit Buchschmuck Von Walter Caspari. 1-20 Tausend
013698: WOMERSLEY, CHRIS - Bereft
012439: OSCAR P. WOOD AND GEORGE PITCHER (EDS) - Ryle (Modern Studies in Philosophy)
014910: WOOD, REV. J.G. - Common Objects of the Microscope
014540: WOODBERRY, JOAN - Come Back Peter
013684: WOODBURN, JAMES BARKLEY - The Ulster Scot: His History and Religion
012621: G.F. WOODS - Theological Explanation: A Study of the Meaning of Explaining in Science, History, and Theology, Based Upon the Stanton Lectures Delivered in the University of Cambridge, 1953-1956
014183: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER - While Rome Burns
014085: WOOLLEY, D.R. - A Layman's Guide to the Geology of Central Australia
012620: A.D. WOOZLEY - Theory of Knowledge
012344: A.D WOOZLEY (ED) - The Philosophy Quartely. Vol 9, No. 34, 35, 36. January, April, July 1959. Three Volume Set
014558: WORMELI, NICK - Meet Me in the Middle: Becoming and Accomplished Middle-Level Teacher
013942: WREN, R. C., F.L.S. - Potter's New Cyclopaedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations Re-Edited and Enlarged by R.W. Wren, M.P. S. , F.L. S. , F.C. S. Foreword by T.E. Wallis
014276: WRIGHT, N.T. - The Epistles of Paul to Colossians and Philemon: An Introduction and Commentary
012766: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy. The George Watson Lectures of the Sulgrave Manor Board for 1939.
012604: GEORG HENRIK VON WRIGHT - Wittgenstein
012949: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Ausgeführte Bauten Und Entwürfe - the Wasmuth Portfolio
012909: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Architectural Drawings and Decorative Art/ Architekturzeichnungen Und Innendekoration
012835: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
012778: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - An Autobiography
012767: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Sixty Years of Living Architecture
013349: WRIGLEY, JOHN W. - Banksias, Waratahs & Grevilleas and All Other Plants in the Australian Proteaceae Family
014043: WUCHATSCH, ROBERT - Westgarthtown: The German Settlement at Thomastown
015408: WULF, ANDREA - Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens
015794: WYATT, KEITH - Beyond Basics: Acoustic Blues Guitar
014701: JONES. DIANA WYNNE - Eight Days of Luke
012619: OLIVE WYON - On the Way: Some Reflections on the Christian Life
012618: OLIVE WYON - The Altar Fire: Reflections on the Sacrament of the Eucharist
013424: SADAMI YAMADA - Complete Sumi-E Techniques: Complete Intructions for Painting over 200 Subjects Including Flowers, Trees, Animals, Fish and Landscapes
012630: KEITH E. YANDELL - The Epistemology of Religious Experience
012629: G.D. YARNOLD - By What Authority? Studies in the Relations of Scripture, Church and Ministry.
014110: YARRA, A.E. - The Vanishing Horsemen
013682: YATES, DORNFORD - Adele & Co.
013677: YATES, DORNFORD - Jonah and Co
013683: YATES, DORNFORD - Safe Custody
013680: YATES, DORNFORD - Gale Warning
013681: YATES, DORNFORD - She Painted Her Face
013678: YATES, DORNFORD - She Fell Among Thieves
013679: YATES, DORNFORD - Blood Royal
013676: YATES, DORNFORD - And Five Were Foolish
014744: LEE KUAN YEW - From Third World to First. The Singapore Story: 1965 - 2000. Singapore and the Asian Economic Boom
014791: YOUNG, F.E. MILLS - Valley of a Thousand Hills
014007: YOUNG, JOHN - John Young: The Double Ground Paintings
015395: YOUNG, G.F. - Under the Coolibah Tree
012628: NORMAN YOUNG - Creator, Creation and Faith
012627: ROBERT YOUNG - Freedom, Responsibility and God (Library of Philosophy and Religion)
013423: YUE, REBECCA - Chinese Landscapes Made Easy
014097: YZERMANS, VINCENT A (ED.) - Readings from Pope John
012625: HEINZ ZAHRNT - The Question of God: Protestant Theology in the Twentieth Century. Translated from the German by R.A. Wilson
015255: ZANN, LEON P. (COMP) - Our Sea, Our Future: Major Findings of the State of Marine Environment Report for Australia
013410: ZAPLIN, RUTH T. - Female Offenders Critical Offenders and Effective Interventions
013302: ZDANOWICZ, IRENA - Beauty in Truth: The Botanical Art of Margaret Stones.
015562: ZENCZYKOWSKI, TADEUSZ - Dramatyczny Rok 1945
015976: ZERBE, KATHRYN J. (M.D.) - The Body Betrayed: A Deeper Understanding of Women, Eating Disorders, and Treatment
012624: NICOLAS ZERNOV - Orthodox Encounter: The Christian East and the Ecumenical Movement
014077: ZUNDE, REIMUND - Photography. An Approach for Secondary Schools
015873: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Die Heilung Durch Den Geist. Mesmer, Mary Baker- Eddy, Freud

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