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BOOKS012350I: WEINER, MICHAEL; EDITOR: - Japan's Minorities: The Illusion of Homogeneity
BOOKS001529I: WEINER, ANDREW D. - Sir Philip Sidney and the Poetics of Protestantism. A Study of Contexts
BOOKS002507I: WEINER, PIROSKA - Carved Honeycake Moulds
BOOKS026820I: WEINERT, HANS [1887-1967] - Entstehung der Menschenrassen
BOOKS022364I: WEINGÄRTNER, ERICH ; & TRAUTMANN, FRÉDÉRIC - New Caledonia : Towards Kanak Independence : Reports of an Ecumenical Visit to New Caledonia, 27 April-11 May 1984
BOOKS028285I: WEINHOLD, KARL - Über die Bruckstücke eines fränkischen Gesprächbüchleins
BOOKS028296I: WEINMANN, ALEXANDER [1901-1987] - Handschriftliche thematische Kataloge aus dem Benediktinerstift Melk
BOOKS024678I: WEINRIB, ESTELLE L. ; CARSON, JOAN ; EDITORS: - The Arms of the Windmill : Essays in Analytical Psychology in Honor of Werner H. Engel
BOOKS016613I: WEINRICH, A. K. H. (SISTER MARY AQUINA) - Chiefs and Councils in Rhodesia: Transition from Patriarchial to Bureaucratic Power
BOOKS017076I: WEINRICH, HARALD - Sprache in Texten
BOOKS005509I: WEINSTOCK, JOHN M. & ROVINSKY, ROBERT T., EDITORS: - The Hero in Scandinavian Literature from Peer Gynt to the Present
BOOKS003494I: WEIPPERT, MANFRED - Die Landnahme der israelitischen Stamme in der neueren wissenschaftliche Diskussion. Ein kritischer Bericht
BOOKS010972I: WEIS, FR. - Om aeggehvidestoffernes omdannelser under maltning og brygning
BOOKS028282I: WEISBECKER, WALTER G. - Camp Mail of Italian Prisoners of War & Civilian Internees in East Africa 1940-1947 : A Postal History Study
BOOKS016008I: WEISBERG, HAROLD [1913-2002] - Whitewash : The Report on the Warren Report
BOOKS011963I: WEISBERG, HERBERT F. & PATTERSON, SAMUEL C.; EDITORS: - Great Theatre: The American Congress in the 1990s
BOOKS013970I: WEISBURD, DAVID ; WARING, ELIN J. ; & CHAYET, ELLEN F. - White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers
BOOKS004049I: WEISERT, JOHN JACOB - The Dream in Gerhart Hauptmann
BOOKS022523I: WEISMAN, LESLIE KANES - Discrimination by Design : A Feminist Critique of the Man-made Environment
BOOKS002573I: WEISS, ANITA M. & GILANI, S. ZULFIQAR; EDITORS: - Power and Civil Society in Pakistan
BOOKS016026I: WEISS, FREDRIC LARRY - Freud: Knowing and Not Wanting to Know
BOOKS003619I: WEISS, E.A. - Oilseed Crops
BOOKS000271I: WEISS, JUDITH A - Casa de las Americas : An Intellectual Review in the Cuban Revolution
BOOKS000727I: WEISS, FLORENCE - Kinder schildern ihren Alltag : die Stellung des Kindes im ökonomischen System einer Dorfgemeinschaft in Papua New Guinea ..,.
BOOKS012061I: WEISS, EDITH BROWN & JACOBSON, HAROLD K.; EDITORS: - Engaging Countries: Strengthening Compliance with International Environmental Accords
BOOKS001077I: WEISS, LAWRENCE M. - Lymph Nodes
BOOKS006140I: INSTITUTUM CANARIUM. GESELLSCHAFT ZUR ERFORSCHUNG DER VORGESCHICHTE DER KANARISCHEN INSELN UND WEISSAFRIKAS - I.C.-Nachrichten : Bulletin des Institutum Canarium. Nr. 28 (1978) - 41/42 (1982); 45 (1983) - 58 (1988)
BOOKS022776I: WEISSER, PABLO JORGE - A Vegetation Study of the Zululand Dune Areas : Conservation Priorities in the Dune Areas between Richard Bay and Mfolozi..,.
BOOKS018330I: WEISSKOPF, VICTOR FREDERICK [1908- 2002] - Knowledge and Wonder : The Natural World as Man Knows It
BOOKS016695I: WEISSMAN, DAVID - A Social Ontology
BOOKS008124I: WEISZ, GEORGE - The Emergence of Modern Universities in France, 1863 - 1914
BOOKS021779I: WEITLANER, ROBERTO J. ; & WEITLANER-JOHNSON, IRMGARD - Acatlán y Hueycantenango, Guerrero
BOOKS003415I: WEITS, TEUNIS - Body Fat: A Radiological View
BOOKS023315I: WEITUOR, GABRIEL GAI RIAM [ RIAM, GABRIEL GAI ] - Christian-Muslim Relations in Sudan : A Study of the Relationship between Church and State (1898-2005)
BOOKS005908I: WEITZER, RONALD - Transforming Settler States : Communal Conflict & Internal Security in Northern Ireland and Zimbabwe
BOOKS027041I: WEITZMANN, KURT [1904-1993] - Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early Mediaeval Antiquities in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection : Volume 3 : Ivories and Steatites
BOOKS010270I: WEIZSAECKER, C.F. VON [WEIZSACKER, C.F. VON] - The History of Nature
BOOKS012088I: WELCH, CLAUDE E., JR. - Dream of Unity: Pan-Africanism and Political Unification in West Africa
BOOKS004043I: WELCH, ROBERT - A History of Verse Translation from the Irish 1789 - 1897
BOOKS023614I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; & BERNAYS, J. ; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Achten Jahrgang
BOOKS023565I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Sechster Jahrgang
BOOKS023613I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Erster Jahrgang
BOOKS023566I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; & BERNAYS, J.; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Siebenter Jahrgang
BOOKS023562I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] - Der epische Cyclus, oder Die homerischen Dichter : Zweiter Theil: Die Geschichte nach Inhalt und Composition
BOOKS023564I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Vierter Jahrgang
BOOKS023617I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & NÄKE, AUGUST FERDINAND [1788-1838] EDITORS: - Rheinisches Museum für Philologie : Dritter Jahrgang
BOOKS023563I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Dritter Jahrgang
BOOKS023615I: WELCKER, FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB [1784-1868] ; & RITSCHL, FRIEDRICH WILHELM [1806-1876]; EDITORS: - Museum für Philologie. Neue Fölge. Zweiter Jahrgang
BOOKS018836I: WELINDER, STIG - Miljö, Kultur och Kulturmiljö
BOOKS005587I: WELINDER, STIG - Arkeologiska Bilder
BOOKS008799I: WELINDER, K.G.; RASMUSSEN, S.K.; PENEL, C.; & GREPPIN, H.; EDITORS: - Plant Peroxidases : Biochemistry and Physiology. III International Symposium 1993: Proceedings
BOOKS009782I: WELLARD, KATE & COPESTAKE, JAMES G.; EDITORS: - Non-Governmental Organizations and the State in Africa : Rethinking Roles in Sustainable Agricultural Development
BOOKS009281I: WELLBERY, DAVID E. - The Specular Moment: Goethe's Early Lyric & the Beginnings of Romanticism
BOOKS014950I: WELLEK, ALBERT, [1904 - 19??] - Die Wiederherstellung der Seelenwissenschaft im Lebenswerk Felix Kruegers..,.
BOOKS012363I: WELLESZ, EGON [1885-1974] - Die Hymnen des Sticherarium fuer September
BOOKS016690I: WELLMAN, CHRISTOPHER HEATH ; & SIMMONS, A. JOHN (ALAN JOHN) - Is There a Duty to Obey the Law?
BOOKS005631I: WELLMAN, J. DOUGLAS - Wildland Recreation Policy : An Introduction
BOOKS010046I: WELLS, JAMES K. - Ipani Eskimos: A Cycle of Life in Nature
BOOKS009968I: WELLS, ALLEN & JOSEPH, GILBERT M. - Summer of Discontent, Seasons of Upheaval: Elite Politics and Rural Insurgency in Yucatan, 1876-1915
BOOKS023878I: WELLS, EDWARD [1667-1727] - Some Testimonies of the Most Eminent English Dissenters, as also of Foreign Reformed Churches and Divines..,.
BOOKS010274I: WELLS, STANLEY - Re-Editing Shakespeare for the Modern Reader
BOOKS000489I: WELLS, M. J., ET AL - Catalogue of Problem Plants in Southern Africa,incorporating the National Weed List of South Africa.
BOOKS019104I: WELLS, CATHARINE - East with ENSA : Entertaining the Troops in the Second World War
BOOKS027825I: WELLS, KENNETH S. - Thai Buddhism : Its Rites and Activities
BOOKS023872I: WELLS, EDWARD [1667-1727] - A Letter from a Minister of the Church of England to Mr Peter Dowley, A Dissenting Teacher of the Presbyterian ..,.
BOOKS023875I: WELLS, EDWARD [1667-1727] [DOWLEY, PETER] - A True Copy of a Letter Lately Written by Mr. Dowley to Dr. Wells, And now Published by Dr. Wells..,.
BOOKS023874I: WELLS, EDWARD [1667-1727] - A Letter from a Minister of the Church of England to a Dissenting Parishioner of the Presbyterian Perswasion
BOOKS002993I: WELLWARTH, GEORGE - The Theatre of Protest & Paradox. Developments in the Avant-Garde Drama
BOOKS023162I: WELSCH, JULES - Les terrains secondaires des environs de Tiaret et de Frenda (département d'Oran, Algérie)
BOOKS010208I: WELSH, LESLEY; ARCHAMBAULT, FRANCIS X.; JANUS, MARK-DAVID & BROWN, SCOTT W. - Running for their Lives: Physical and Sexual Abuse of Runaway Adolescents
BOOKS009954I: WELSH, D. J. A. [WELSH, DOMINIC JAMES ANTHONY] - Codes and Cryptography
BOOKS017163I: WELTER, VOLKER - Biopolis : Patrick Geddes and the City of Life
BOOKS008077I: WEMAN, HENRY [1897-1992] - African Music and the Church in Africa
BOOKS009361I: WENCK, PREBEN; EDITOR: ['KREDSEN'] - Videant Consules-!: Hvilke Opgaver stiller dansk Udenrigspolitik et dansk Forsvar? Hvorledes skal dette Forsvar opbygges i ...
BOOKS028331I: WENDELBERGER, GUSTAV - Zur Soziologie der kontinentalen Halophytenvegetation Mitteleuropas .,.,,.
BOOKS009547I: WENGLE, JOHN L. - Ethnographers in the Field: The Psychology of Research
BOOKS016354I: WENGROW, DAVID - The Archaeology of Early Egypt : Social Transformations in North East Africa, 10,000 to 2650 BC
BOOKS027876I: WENK, WOLFGANG - Zur Sammlung der 38 Homilien des Chrysostomus Latinus : mit Edition der Nr. 6, 8, 27, 32 und 33
BOOKS007142I: WENNEKERS, JOHANNES HENRI LEONARDUS - De Geologie van het Val Brembo di Foppolo en de Valle di Carisole
BOOKS016040I: WENNER, MANFRED W. - Modern Yemen, 1918-1966
BOOKS007183I: WENTA, JAROSLAW - Studien ueber die Ordensgeschichtsschreibung am Beispeil Preussens
BOOKS021709I: WENTZCKE, PAUL [1879-1960] - Tausend Jahre Rheinland im Reich
BOOKS025665I: WENTZEL, ASTRID - Christian Ostenfeld : Nogle biografiske Oplysninger
BOOKS004488I: WENZEL, RUPERT L. & TIPTON, VERNON J., EDITORS: - Ectoparasites of Panama
BOOKS009349I: WERBNER, RICHARD P. - Ritual Passage, Sacred Journey: The Process and Organization of Religious Movement
BOOKS013670I: WERDER, PETER VON [1908 - 19??] - Gemeinschaft und Herrschaft als Staats- und Kulturtypen: Ein kulturanthropologischer Versuch
BOOKS017881I: WERE, GIDEON S. - A History of the Abaluyia of Western Kenya (c.1500-1930)
BOOKS003268I: WERFF, WIETZE VAN DER - Forearc Development & Early Orogenesis along the Eastern Sunda/ Western Banda Arc (Indonesia)
BOOKS029157I: ALAMAYAHU NARI WERGASO - Ityopyawiw sisay / darasina 'asatamiw 'Alamayahu Nari Wergaso
BOOKS002266I: WERGER, M.J.A. - A Phytosociological Study of the Upper Orange River Valley
BOOKS001151I: WERHANE, PATRICIA H. - Skepticism, Rules and Private Languages
BOOKS023829I: WERLIIN, CHRISTIAN - De laudibus Judae Gen. c. XLIX, v. 8-12 celebratis : Commentatio exegetica
BOOKS027409I: WERMER, JOHN - Seminar über Funktionen-Algebren, Eidg. Technische Hochschule, Zürich, Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik, winter-semester, 1963
BOOKS027485I: WERNER, PAUL [PSEUDONYM OF PAUL FRÖLICH (1884-1953) ] [ LEVINÉ-MEYER, ROSA (1890-1979) ] - Die bayrische Räte-Republik : Tatsachen und Kritik [bound together with: Rosa Leviné "Aus der Münchener Rätezeit" (1925)]
BOOKS027880I: WERNER, ULRIKE - Über die Stimulation von Prozessen der Etioplasten-Chloroplasten-Transformation im Weisslicht durch Kälte-Vorbehandlung .,.,.
BOOKS017384I: WERNER, B. [PSEUDONYM OF J. NEUHAUS] - Nybyggerliv blandt Meskito-Indianere
BOOKS027221I: WERNER, HELMUT - Vorlesung über Approximationstheorie ..,.
BOOKS026459I: WERNER, PAUL [1885-19??] - Martinique nach Geschichte, Natur und wirtschaftlicher Entwicklung seit seiner Entdeckung
BOOKS028392I: WERNER, HEINZ [1890-1964] - Die melodische Erfindung im frühen Kindesalter : eine entwicklungspsychologische Untersuchung
BOOKS024416I: WERNER, JAKOB - Lateinische Sprichwörter und Sinnsprüche des Mittelalters : aus Handschriften gesammelt
BOOKS026327I: WERNER, JOACHIM - Das Aufkommen von Bild und Schrift in Nordeuropa
BOOKS002955I: WERNICKE, FRIEDRICH - Die primäre Erzverteilung auf den Lagerstätten in Abhängigkeit von den Bildungsvorgängen und den geologischen Verhältnissen..,.
BOOKS012856I: WERTH, ALEXANDER [1901-1969] - The Destiny of France
BOOKS004466I: WERTH, PAUL, EDITOR: - Conversation and Discourse. Structure and Interpretation
BOOKS028222I: WERTH, EMIL - Die eustatischen Bewegungen des Meeresspiegels während der Eiszeit und die Bildung der Korallenriffe
BOOKS001908I: WESCOTT, MISS HELEN J. - Memorial Addresses on the Life & Character of James Sumner delivered at Commercial Hall...Boston...November 10, 1895 ...
BOOKS005837I: WESENBERG-LUND, C. - Contributions to the Biology of Zoothamnium Geniculatum Ayrton
BOOKS005829I: WESENBERG-LUND, C. - Contributions to the Development of the Trematoda Digena. Part II: The Biology of the Freshwater Cercariae in Danish Freshwaters
BOOKS027283I: WESFREID, J. E. ; & ZALESKI, S. ; EDITORS : - Cellular Structures in Instabilities : Proceedings of the Meeting 'Structures cellulaires dans les instabilités--Périodicité.,.,
BOOKS001099I: WESIBACH, WERNER - Ausdrucksgestaltung im mittelalterlicher Kunst
BOOKS017031I: WESLING, DONALD ; & SLAWEK, TADEUSZ - Literary Voice: The Calling of Jonah
BOOKS005383I: WESLING, DONALD - The Chances of Rhyme. Device and Modernity
BOOKS000893I: WESLING, DONALD, EDITOR: - Internal Resistances. The Poetry of Edward Dorn
BOOKS011775I: WESSELING, LOUIS - Fuelling the War: Revealing an Oil Company's Role in Vietnam
BOOKS028737I: WESSELING, HENDRIK L. - Teile und herrsche : die Aufteilung Afrikas 1880-1914
BOOKS003323I: WESSELIOS, PAUL RONALD - Neutral Hydrogen in the Solar Neighbourhood
BOOKS028023I: WESSELY, CARL - Sahidische Papyrusfragmente der paulinischen Briefe
BOOKS028343I: WESSELY, CARL [1860-1931] - Neue Materialien zur Textkritik der Ignatiusbriefe
BOOKS019574I: WESSINGER, JAMES O. - Manic Energy : A Gift from God -- If You Can Handle It
BOOKS012521I: WEST, HENRY R. - An Introduction to Mill's Utilitarian Ethics
BOOKS008998I: WEST, CORNEL - Keeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America
BOOKS018569I: WEST, T. S. - Complexometry with EDTA and Related Reagents
BOOKS004956I: WEST, HENRY W. - Land Policy in Buganda
BOOKS004108I: WEST, REBECCA - Eugenio Montale: Poet on the Edge
BOOKS019531I: WEST, LARRY E. ; TRANSLATOR: - The Saint Gall Passion Play / Translated, with an Introduction and Notes by Larry E. West.
BOOKS026578I: WEST, JOHN F. (JOHN FREDERICK) - The History of the Faroe Islands, 1709-1816 : Volume I : 1709-1723
BOOKS014957I: SANIGRUPPE WESTBERLIN - Selbstschutz und Erste Hilfe bei Demonstrationen [eine Anleitung für jedefrau und jedermann]
BOOKS015241I: WESTBROOK, PERRY D. - The Greatness of Man; An Essay on Dostoyevsky and Whitman.
BOOKS021248I: WESTCOTT, G. H. - Kabir and the Kabir Panth
BOOKS016815I: WESTENHOLZ, AAGE - Early Cuneiform Texts in Jena
BOOKS012582I: WESTERLING, RAYMOND "TURK" [1919-1987] - Challenge to Terror
BOOKS005819I: WESTERLUND, ERIK - Clinical and Genetic Studies on the Primary Glaucoma Diseases
BOOKS007407I: WESTERMANN, CLAUS - Die Verheissungen an die Vater. Studien zur Vatergeschichte
BOOKS007977I: WESTERMANN, GAYL S. - The Juridical Bay
BOOKS016678I: WESTERMANN, CLAUS - Die Verheissungen an die Väter : Studien zur Vätergeschichte
BOOKS028593I: WESTERMANN, DIEDRICH [1875-1956] - Die Verbreitung des Islams in Togo und Kamerun
BOOKS016457I: WESTERMARCK, EDWARD - The Origin and Development of the Moral Ideas : Volume I
BOOKS005162I: WESTFAL, STANISLAW - A Study in Polish Morphology. The Genitive Singular Masculine
BOOKS028790I: WESTH, CECIL - Marie Corelli's Christian Philosophy : Juxtaposed with Teilhard de Chardin's Christian Philosophy as Seen in the Phenomenon..,.
BOOKS021411I: WESTING, ARTHUR H. [ STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE ] - Ecological Consequences of the Second Indochina War
BOOKS015209I: WESTKOTT, MARCIA - The Feminist Legacy of Karen Horney
BOOKS013725I: WESTLAKE, RAY - Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles
BOOKS026640I: WESTLUND, PER-OLOF - Gripsholm under Vasatiden : en byggnadshistorisk undersökning
BOOKS024619I: WESTMAN, ROLF - a collection of 19 offprints concerning classical philology
BOOKS016322I: WESTON, JESSIE LAIDLAY [1850-1928] - From Ritual to Romance
BOOKS029811I: WESTRUP, CARL WIUM [1874-1958] - Introduction to Early Roman Law : Volume V : Sources & Methods : Book 2 : The Ancient Roman Tradition
BOOKS002065I: WESTRUP, C.W. - Recherches sur les formes antiques de mariage dans l'ancien droit romain
BOOKS025167I: WESTRUP, CARL WIUM [1874-1958] - The Laws of the Twelve Tables : Reprint of : Introduction to Early Roman Law.,.,.[Vol. IV, Book 1]
BOOKS029812I: WESTRUP, CARL WIUM [1874-1958] - Introduction to Early Roman Law : The Patriarchal Joint Family [Section 2] : Joint Family and Family Property
BOOKS018644I: WETHERED, VERNON DINGWALL - The Practice of Medical Radiesthesia
BOOKS026090I: WETTERBERGH, CARL ANTON [1804-1889] - Genremalerier / af Onkel Adam
BOOKS013996I: WETTSTEIN, HOWARD K. - Has Semantics Rested on a Mistake? : and Other Essays
BOOKS016292I: WETTSTEIN, JANINE - La fresque romane : études comparatives II: La route de Saint-Jacques, de Tours à Léon.
BOOKS015664I: WEXLER, PAUL - Judeo-Romance Linguistics: A Bibliography (Latin, Italo-, Gallo, Ibero-, and Rhaeto-Romance Except Castilian)
BOOKS016120I: WEY, KLAUS-GEORG - Das U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor und Interessenverbände, 1903-1913
BOOKS026956I: WEYL, RICHARD [1912-1988] - Bau und Geschichte der Cordillera Central von Santo Domingo (Westindien)
BOOKS013769I: WEYRAUCH, WALTER OTTO; EDITOR: - Gypsy Law : Romani Legal Traditions and Culture
BOOKS006525I: WHALE, JOHN - The Half-Shut Eye. Television & Politics in Britain & America
BOOKS001999I: WHALER, JAMES - Counterpoint and Symbol. An Inquiry into the Rhythm of Milton's Epic Style
BOOKS005403I: WHALLEY, GEORGE - Poetic Process
BOOKS024174I: WHALLON, WILLIAM - Problem and Spectacle : Studies in the Oresteia
BOOKS019138I: WHEATER, HOWARD ; SOROOSHIAN, SOROOSH ; & SHARMA, K. D. (KAPIL DEV) ; EDITORS: - Hydrological Modelling in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
BOOKS028034I: WHEELER, W.H. ; THOROWGOOD, J.C. ; STEELE, R. ; MCAULAY, J. ; MATSERMAN, S. ; & WATSON, J. - Caves at Bad Mories, near Vaas, Used for Storage of Peroxide by the Germans
BOOKS022064I: WHEELON, ALBERT DEWELL - Electromagnetic Scintillation, Volume II: Weak Scattering
BOOKS018147I: WHEEN, FRANCIS ; EDITOR: - Lord Gnome's Literary Companion
BOOKS015676I: WHIPPLE, FRED LAWRENCE [1906 - 2004] - The Collected Contributions of Fred L. Whipple [Volume I & II]
BOOKS011836I: WHITE, STEPHEN K.; EDITOR: - Life-World and Politics: Between Modernity and Postmodernity. Essays in Honor of Fred R. Dallmayr
BOOKS014299I: WHITE, STEPHEN ; GITELMAN, ZVI Y. ; & SAKWA, RICHARD ; EDITORS: - Developments in Russian Politics 6
BOOKS012556I: WHITE, C. M. N. (CHARLES MATTHEW NEWTON) [1914- ] - A Revised Check List of African Shrikes, Orioles, Drongos, Starlings, Crows, Waxwings, Cuckoo-shrikes, Bulbuls...
BOOKS022559I: WHITE, ANDREW DICKSON [1832-1918] - Fiat Money Inflation in France: How it Came, What it Brought, and How it Ended
BOOKS012022I: WHITE, DOROTHY SHIPLEY - Black Africa and De Gaulle: From the French Empire to Independence
BOOKS011235I: WHITE, TIM D. - Prehistoric Cannibalism at Mancos 5MTUMR-2346
BOOKS010362I: WHITE, E. FRANCES - Sierra Leone's Settler Women Traders: Women on the Afro-European Frontier
BOOKS007372I: WHITE, JAMES W. - The Sokagakkai and Mass Society
BOOKS019035I: WHITE, C. M. N. (CHARLES MATTHEW NEWTON) [1914-1978] - A Revised Check List of African Broadbills, Pittas, Larks, Swallows, Wagtails, and Pipits
BOOKS006355I: WHITE, STEPHEN A. - Sovereign Virtue: Aristotle on the Relation Between Happiness and Prosperity
BOOKS015713I: WHITE, ALAN W.; ANRAKU, MASATERU; & HOOI, KOK-KUANG; EDITORS: - Toxic Red Tides and Shellfish Toxicity in Southeast Asia
BOOKS018320I: WHITE, RICHARD GRANT [1822-1885] - The New Gospel of Peace, According to St. Benjamin
BOOKS016642I: WHITE, PAUL - Thomas Huxley: Making the 'Man of Science'
BOOKS016351I: WHITE, JOHN WARREN ; EDITOR: - Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment
BOOKS016009I: WHITE, HAYDEN V. - The Content of the Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation
BOOKS004492I: WHITE, PETER: EDITOR ? - Benjamin Tompson: Colonial Bard. A Critical Edition
BOOKS004333I: WHITE, HAYDEN & BROSE, MARGARET, EDITORS: - Representing Kenneth Burke.
BOOKS004056I: WHITE, GEORGE LEROY, JR. - Scandinavian Themes in American Fiction
BOOKS003499I: WHITE, JOHN THOMAS - Een Onderzoek naar Fijnheid en Verdeeling van het Phosphorzuur en zijn Opneembaarheid in de Mergelgronden van Java
BOOKS004245I: WHITE, HORACE - Money & Banking illustrated by American History
BOOKS004237I: WHITE, DANIEL R. - Postmodern Ecology. Communication, Evolution & Play
BOOKS000150I: WHITE, DAVID GORDON - Myths of the Dog-Man
BOOKS022565I: WHITECOTTON, JOSEPH W. - The Zapotecs : Princes, Priests, and Peasants
BOOKS006116I: WHITEHEAD, HARRIET - Renunciation and Reformulation: A Study of Conversion in an American Sect
BOOKS011939I: WHITEHEAD, ALFRED NORTH & RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Principia Mathematica. Volume III.
BOOKS007947I: WHITELEY, NIGEL - Reyner Banham : Historian of the Immediate Future
BOOKS011591I: WHITELEY, PARTRICK J. - Knowledge and Experimental Realism in Conrad, Lawrence and Woolf
BOOKS019196I: WHITESIDE, KERRY H. - Precautionary Politics : Principle and Practice in Confronting Environmental Risk
BOOKS009569I: WHITFORD, M.J. - Getting Rid of Graffiti: A Practical Guide to Graffiti Removal & Anti-Graffiti Protection
BOOKS016682I: WHITLOW, ROBERT H. - U.S. Marines in Vietnam. The Advisory & Combat Assistance Era, 1954-1964.
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BOOKS021695I: CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK - Final Report of Special Committee of the Associate Alumni of the City College ..,. [together with (same) "Minority Report..,."]
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BOOKS030025I: YTSMA, JEHANNES - Frisian as First and Second Language : Sociolinguistic and Socio-psychological Aspects of the Acquisition of Frisian..,.
BOOKS018209I: GUANGYUAN YU - Sui si lu
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BOOKS006440I: ZIELBAUER, GEORG; EDITOR: - Die Verschleppung ungarlandischer Deutscher 1944/45: Erste Station der kollektiven Bestrafung (Dokumentarband)...
BOOKS016866I: ZIENER, GEORG - Die Theologische Begriffssprache im Buche der Weisheit
BOOKS020403I: ZIENKOWICA, LEON JÓZEF [1808-1870] [ ZIENKIEWICZ, LEON ] - Listy polityczne Leona Nadwislanskiego : List Pierwszy : Obecne polozenie nasze
BOOKS007217I: ZIENTARA, WLODZIMIERZ - Sarmatia Europiana oder Sarmatia Asiana? Polen in den deutschsprachigen Druckwerken des 17. Jahrhunderts
BOOKS027225I: ZIESCHANG, HEINER ; VOGT, E. ; & COLDEWEY, HANS-DIETER - Flächen und ebene diskontinuierliche Gruppen
BOOKS015992I: ZIESLER, J. A. - Pauline Christianity
BOOKS006959I: ZIETLOW, E.R. - Transhominal Criticism
BOOKS008044I: ZIGGELAAR, AUGUST - Le physicien Ignace Gaston Pardies, S.J. (1636-1673)
BOOKS009434I: ZIJLSTRA, G. - De Geologie van de Hoofdgraat van de Bergamasker Alpen tusschen de Monte Gleno en de Monte Venerocolo
BOOKS007305I: ZILLE, HEINRICH [1858-1929] - Mein Milljöh : Bilder aus dem Berliner Leben
BOOKS019514I: ZILLE, HEINRICH [1858-1929] - Kinder der Strasse : 102 Berliner Bilder
BOOKS000537I: ZILLEN, HEINRICH, EDITOR: - Claus Harms' Leben in Briefen meist von ihm selber.

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