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BOOKS024514I: TAWNEY, R. H. (RICHARD HENRY) [1880-1962] [ WINTER, J. M. ; EDITOR: ] - History and Society : Essays / by R. H. Tawney ; Edited and with an Introduction by J. M. Winter.
BOOKS023998I: TAXIS VON BORDOGNA UND VALNIGRA, LAMORAL, FREIHERR ; & RIEDEL, ERHARD - Zur Geschichte der Freiherren und Grafen Taxis-Bordogna-Valnigra und ihrer Obrist-Erbpostämter zu Bozen, Trient und an der Etsch
BOOKS002678I: TAYENG, J. - Meghalaya: Demographic Profile (Based on Full Count)
BOOKS005289I: TAYLOR, W.E., JR. - India & the East. The Foreign Policy of England considered in Vindication of Her Majesty's Government...
BOOKS014231I: TAYLOR, ROBERT H., EDITOR: - The Politics of Elections in Southeast Asia
BOOKS014076I: TAYLOR, JOSHUA CHARLES ; EDITOR: - Nineteenth Century Theories of Art
BOOKS007445I: TAYLOR, MARK KLINE - Beyond Explanation : Religious Dimensions in Cultural Anthropology
BOOKS011621I: TAYLOR, A.J.P. - Germany's First Bid for Colonies, 1884-1885: A Move in Bismarck's European Policy
BOOKS010870I: TAYLOR, PHILIP; EDITOR: - Researching Drama and Art Education: Paradigms and Possibilities
BOOKS010663I: TAYLOR, WILLIAM E., JR. - An Archaeological Survey between Cape Parry and Cambridge Bay, N.W.T., Canada in 1963
BOOKS014854I: TAYLOR, JENNY ; EDITOR: - Notebooks, Memoirs, Archives : Reading and Rereading Doris Lessing
BOOKS009667I: TAYLOR, S. S. B; EDITOR: - The Theatre of the French and German Enlightenment: Five Essays
BOOKS008514I: TAYLOR, KAREN J.; EDITOR: - Gender Transgressions: Crossing the Normative Barrier in Old French Literature
BOOKS007397I: TAYLOR, VINCENT - The Person of Christ in New Testament Teaching
BOOKS022620I: TAYLOR, KEITH ; TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: [ SAINT-SIMON, HENRI, COMTE DE (1760-1825)] - Henri Saint-Simon (1760-1825) : Selected Writings on Science, Industry, and Social Organisation
BOOKS006806I: TAYLOR, STEVE; EDITOR: - Sociology: Issues and Debates
BOOKS018823I: TAYLOR GEORGE C. ; ROY, A.K. & SETT, N.D - Geology and Ground-Water Resources of the Anjar-Khedoi Region, Eastern Kutch (India)..,.
BOOKS008697I: TAYLOR, WILLIAM B. - Drinking, Homicide and Rebellion in Colonial Mexican Villages
BOOKS010139I: TAYLOR, WILLIAM B. - Landlord and Peasant in Colonial Oaxaca
BOOKS016734I: TAYLOR, PATRICK - The Narrative of Liberation: Perspectives on Afro-Caribbean Literature, Popular Culture and Politics
BOOKS005089I: TAYLOR, ROBERT H. - Marxism & Resistance in Burma 1942-1945. Their Pe Myint's 'Wartime Traveller'
BOOKS004477I: TAYLOR, DAVID & YAPP, MALCOLM, EDITORS: - Political Identity in South Asia
BOOKS011586I: TAYLOR, WALTER W.; FISCHER, JOHN L. & VOGT, EVON Z.; EDITORS: - Culture and Life: Essays in Memory of Clyde Kluckhohn
BOOKS003996I: TAYLOR, G.C., JR. & OZA, M.M. - Geology & Ground-water of the Dudhai area, Eastern Kutch (India)
BOOKS003850I: TAYLOR, G.C.; ROY, A.K., ET AL. - Ground-water Geology of the Pali Region, Jodhpur Division, Western Rajasthan
BOOKS014282I: TAYLOR, LILY ROSS [1886 - 19??] - Party Politics in the Age of Caesar
BOOKS015443I: TAYLOR, KEITH WELLER - The Birth of Vietnam
BOOKS004277I: TAYLOR, TOM, EDITOR: - The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846). Edited from his Journals
BOOKS006660I: TAYLOR, J. CLAGETT - The Political Development of Tanganyika
BOOKS021394I: TAYLOR, PATRICK ; & VALDIVIA, MARCO ANTONIO - The Wirtz Gardens [Volumes I & II]
BOOKS022028I: TAYLOR, ALAN D. - Social Choice and the Mathematics of Manipulation
BOOKS022287I: TAYLOR, CARL A. ; & RINKENBACH, WILLIAM HENRY - Explosives : Their Materials, Constitution, and Analysis
BOOKS004757I: TAYYER, DJAFER - Etude Philosophique et Analyse Psychologique sur les Origines de: I. l'Ultra-Popularisme. Philosophie moderne de Kamal Ataturk..
BOOKS025353I: TAYYIB, MUHAMMAD 'ABD AL-WASI' - al-Tariq ila al-wahdah / 'ard wa-talkhis wa-ibda' Muhammad 'Abd al-Wasi' al-Tayyib
BOOKS008973I: TCHAKOUTE, PAUL [B. 1945] - Corps jumeaux (poemes)
BOOKS008049I: TCHANG, B. TCHENG-MING - Le Parallelisme dans les Vers du Cheu King
BOOKS024544I: TEASDALE, THOMAS W. - Familial Influences in Social Class, Educational Level and Intelligence
BOOKS027619I: TEBBUTT, MELANIE - Making Ends Meet : Pawnbroking and Working-class Credit
BOOKS000865I: TEBIR, MIKAIL BASHTU IBN SHAMS - Skazanie za dushteriata na khana : eposut na prabulgarite, 882 g. Izdiril i prevel ot ruski Georgi Kostov
BOOKS008119I: TEBRAKE, WILLIAM H. - Medieval Frontier: Culture and Ecology in Rijnland
BOOKS027713I: TECEDEIRO, LUÍS ANTÓNIO VAZ - Por terras da Chamusca em breve e esquemático elucidário do seu passado
BOOKS021662I: ŠTECHA, PAVEL ; & MATEJKA, JIRÍ - Dobe navzdory
BOOKS018521I: TEDDE, PEDRO ; & MARICHAL, CARLOS ; EDITORS: - La formación de los bancos centrales en España y América Latina (siglos XIX y XX). Vol. I: España y México
BOOKS015843I: TEDROW, JOHN C. F. ; EDITOR: - Antarctic Soils and Soil Forming Processes
BOOKS018481I: ŠTEFÁNEK, JOSEF - Dokumenty o protilidové a protinárodní politice T. G. Masaryka
BOOKS012337I: TEFF, HARVEY - Reasonable Care : Legal Perspectives on the Doctor / Patient Relationship
BOOKS029271I: TENALEM AYENEW TEGAYE - Natural Lakes of Ethiopia
BOOKS007244I: TEGLBJAERG, HANS PETER STUBBE [1896- 19??] - Investigations on Epilepsy and Water Metabolism
BOOKS009348I: TEHRANIAN, MAJID; EDITOR: - Worlds Apart: Human Security and Global Governance
BOOKS011913I: TEHRANIAN, MAJID; EDITOR: - Asian Peace: Security and Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region
BOOKS024735I: TEICH, MIKULÁS ; & PORTER, ROY ; EDITORS: - The National Question in Europe in Historical Context
BOOKS002874I: TEICHERT, CURT - Ordovician and Silurian Faunas from Arctic Canada
BOOKS015128I: TEICHOLZ, TOM ; EDITOR: [KOSINSKI, JERZY (1933-1991)] - Conversations with Jerzy Kosinski
BOOKS018966I: TEICHOVA, ALICE ; MATIS, HERBERT ; & PÁTEK, JAROSLAV ; EDITORS: - Economic Change and the National Question in Twentieth-century Europe
BOOKS022078I: TEIGE, KAREL [1900-1951] - The Minimum Dwelling / l’habitation minimum / Die Kleinstwohnung : The Housing Crisis, Housing Reform ...
BOOKS010771I: TEISSL, VERENA - Utopia, Merlin und das Fremde: Eine literaturgeschichtliche Betrachtung des Magischen Realismus aus Mexiko ...
BOOKS018228I: TEITELBAUM, MICHAEL S. ; & WINTER, JAY M. ; EDITORS: - Population and Resources in Western Intellectual Traditions
BOOKS022627I: TEIWES, FREDERICK C. - Politics and Purges in China : Rectification and the Decline of Party Norms, 1950-1965
BOOKS000379I: TEIWES, FREDERICK C. - Provincial Party Personnel in Mainland China 1956-1966
BOOKS022057I: TEIXEIRA, PEDRO O’NEILL - Amigos da Dinamarca : um olhar sobre a vida nas sociedades portuguesas e dinamarquesa do século XIX
BOOKS021080I: TEJRAL, JAROSLAV - Morava na sklonku antiky
BOOKS012255I: TEKELI, SEVIM - 16’inci yuzyilda Osmanllarda saat ve Takiyuddin’in.../The Clocks in Ottoman Empire in 16th Century...
BOOKS030015I: TELANG, RAHUL ; PUBLISHER : - Aaj Ka Surekh Bharat [a collection of 11 issues of this Dalit movement periodical, ca. 1999-2001]
BOOKS004020I: BORNHOLMS TELEFONSELSKAB - Bornholms Telefonselskab 25 Aar. 1889 - 1914
BOOKS003854I: TELESH, VYACHESLAV, ED: - Latvijas arhitekturas mantojums atklatmes. Riga (19. gs. beigas - 20. gs. sakums)
BOOKS026738I: TELEVANTOU, CHRISTINA A. - Andros : ta mnemeia kai to Archaiologiko Mouseio
BOOKS005607I: SILVA TELLES - A Transportacao Penal e a Colonisacao. Conferencia realisada na Sociedade de Geographia...24 de abril de 1901
BOOKS003395I: TELLINGEN, HEINRICH WILHELM VAN - Geologie et Petrologie de la Region de Porto (Corse)
BOOKS012785I: TELOTTE, J. P. [1949- ] - Science Fiction Film
BOOKS028949I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 3 [Janvier 1980]
BOOKS028954I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéros 21-22 [1981]
BOOKS028950I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéros 15-16 [1979]
BOOKS028952I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 4 [Juillet 1975]
BOOKS028640I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL - Sommaire des registres arabes et turcs d'Alger
BOOKS029092I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 2 : Juillet 1974
BOOKS028947I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéros 19-20 [1980]
BOOKS028953I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéros 10-11 [1978]
BOOKS028946I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéros 17-18 [1980]
BOOKS028942I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 5 : Janvier 1976
BOOKS028941I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 9 : Juillet 1977
BOOKS028725I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : [ COMITÉ INTERNATIONAL D’ÉTUDES PRÉ-OTTOMANES ET OTTOMANES. SYMPOSIUM (5TH : 1982 : TUNIS )] - al-Wilayat al-'Arabiyah wa-masadir watha'iqiha fi al-'ahd al-'Uthmani : al-Qism al-'Arabi : buhuth al-Mu'tamar al-Khamis l.,.,.
BOOKS028951I: TEMIMI, ABDELJELIL ; EDITOR : - Revue d’histoire maghrebine : Epoque moderne et contemporaine / Majallah al-tarikhiyah al-Maghribiyah : Numéro 6 [Juillet 1976]
BOOKS005018I: TEMIN, PETER; EDITOR: - Industrialization in North America [The Industrial Revolutions, Volume 6]
BOOKS020364I: TEMIN, PETER - Did Monetary Forces Cause the Great Depression?
BOOKS023002I: TEMIZ, HÜSEYIN - Horasan'dan Almanya'ya : (bir Dedenin Alevilik üstüne düsünceleri)
BOOKS024649I: TEMPERLEY, H.W.V. (HAROLD WILLIAM VAZEILLE) [1879-1939] - The Foreign Policy of Canning, 1822-1827 : England, the Neo-Holy Alliance, and the New World.
BOOKS000135I: TEMPLE, ROBERT K. G. - Götter, Orakel und Visionen : Die Zukunftsschau im Altertum und heute
BOOKS023948I: TEMPLE, O. (OLIVE) [1880-1936] ; COMPILER: [ TEMPLE, CHARLES LINDSAY ; EDITOR: ] - Notes on the Tribes, Provinces, Emirates and States of the Northern Provinces of Nigeria
BOOKS007192I: TEMPLEMAN, DAVID; TRANSLATOR: - Taranatha's Life of Krsnacarya/Kanha
BOOKS019805I: IRAK TÜRKMEN CEPHESI TÜRKIYE TEMSILCILIGI - Insan vatanini sever: 1920'den buyana kendi vatanlarinda ugradiklan 20'ye yakin katliamda hayatlarini kaybeden Türkmen ..,.
BOOKS027716I: TENA FERNÁNDEZ, JUAN [1888-1967] - Historia documentada de Sta. María de la Victoria, Patrona de Trujillo
BOOKS012293I: TENCHOV, YANAKI GEORGIEV - Fosilite na Bulgariia: I.1: Paleozoi fosilna flora: Megaflora. 1. Chlenestost'bleni i lepidofiti
BOOKS007611I: TENDEIRO, JOAO - Estudos sobre os Goniodideos (Mallophaga, Ischnocera) dos Columbiformes: Genero Auricotes Keler, 1939
BOOKS006544I: TENDEIRO, JOAO - Etudes sur les mallophages. Observations sur les Cuclotogaster (Ischnocera, Philopteridae) ...
BOOKS000854I: TENDEIRO,JOAO - Estudos sobre o tifo murino na Guiné Portuguesa
BOOKS000853I: TENDEIRO, JOAO - Actualidade Veterinaria da Guine Portuguesa
BOOKS005998I: TENGSTROM, EMIN - Donatisten und Katholiken. Soziale, wirtschaftliche und politische Aspekte einer nordafrikanischen Kirchenspaltung
BOOKS012435I: TENGSTROM, EMIN - Donatisten und Katholiken; soziale, wirtschaftliche und politische Aspekte einer nordafrikanischen Kirchenspaltung
BOOKS024450I: TENGSTRÖM, EMIN - A Latin Funeral Oration from Early 18th Century Sweden : An Interpretative Study
BOOKS010829I: TENHOLDER, MICHAEL F.; EDITOR: - Approach to Pulmonary Infections in the Immunocompromised Host
BOOKS002426I: TEODOREANU, IONEL [1897 - 1954] - One Moldavian Summer
BOOKS026991I: TEODOROV-BALAN, ALEKSANDUR ; COMPILER: - Bulgarski knigopis za sto godini, 1806-1905 : materiali / subra i naredi A. Teodorov Balan
BOOKS013534I: TEOFIL, MIHAI - Primejdia restauratiei
BOOKS018956I: TERBORGH, GEORGE WILLARD [1897-1989] - The Bogey of Economic Maturity
BOOKS009480I: TERESTCHENKO, TH. - Principes astrologiques de la médecine hermétique : manuel pratique de diagnostic des maladies
BOOKS009944I: TERMANSEN, NIELS JOKUM (1824-1892) [NOERGAARD, FREDERIK (1878-19??), EDITOR:] - Breve fra N.J. Termansen til Fru Skibsted
BOOKS012554I: TERMER, FRANZ [1894-19??] - Etnología y etnografía de Guatemala
BOOKS003501I: TERMIER, HENRI; OWODENKO, BORIS & AGARD, JULES - Les Gites d'Etain et de Tungstene de la Region d'Oulmes (Maroc Central). Etude Geologique,Petrographique et Metallogenique
BOOKS022081I: TERNER, ERIK - Studier över räkneordet 'en' och dess sekundära användningar, förnämligast i nysvenskan
BOOKS023734I: TERPSTRA, HEERT - Jacob van Neck : Amsterdams admiraal en regent
BOOKS006763I: TERRÉ, DOMINIQUE [ TERRÉ-FORNACCIARI, DOMINIQUE ] - Les dérives de l'argumentation scientifique
BOOKS014048I: TERRELL, CARROLL FRANKLIN - A Companion to the Cantos of Ezra Pound
BOOKS011234I: TERRELL, RICHARD - Civilians in Uniform: A Memoir: 1937-1945
BOOKS013842I: TERRIO, SUSAN JANE - Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate
BOOKS000086I: TERROSU ASOLA, ANGELA - Le sedi umane medioevali nella Curatoria di Gippi (Sardegna sud-occidentale)
BOOKS005205I: TERRY, EDWARD DAVIS, EDITOR: - Artists & Writers in the Evolution of Latin America
BOOKS002283I: TERUEL PIERA, SEVERINO - Labor del Instituto Medico Valenciano (1841-1892)
BOOKS014933I: TERZIBASI, ATA - Kerkük Matbuat tarihi : Hicri 1296-1405, Miladi 1879-1985
BOOKS008916I: TESAURO, GERALD; TOURETZKY, DAVID; & LEEN, TODD; EDITORS: - Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7
BOOKS004619I: TESCH, STEN - Houses, Farmsteads and Long-term Change : A Regional Study of Prehistoric Settlements in the Kopine Area,in Scania..,,.
BOOKS014417I: TESCHKE, BENNO - The Myth of 1648 : Class, Geopolitics and the Making of Modern International Relations
BOOKS001186I: TESDORPF, KARL WILHELM - Johannes Wiedewelt : Dänemarks erster klassizistischer Bildhauer, ein Anhänger von Winckelmann
BOOKS011590I: TESSITORI, LUIGI PIO [1887-1919] [BIT.HU- SUJA, FL. 1534-1541] - Bardic and Historical Survey of Rajputana: Chanda rau Jèta Si rò Vit.hu Sujè rò kiyò
BOOKS002868I: TESTA, EMMANUEL - L'huile de la foi. L'onction des malades sur une lamelle du 1er siecle
BOOKS021833I: TESTA, CARLOS [1823-1891] - Portugal e Marrocos perante a historia e a politica europa
BOOKS012300I: TETOVSKA-TROEVA, MARGARITA - Desubstantivni deiatelni imena v bulgarskite govori (nomina actoris)
BOOKS003126I: TEUFEL, J. K. - Eine Lebensbeschreibung des Scheichs 'Ali-i Hamadani .,..Die Xulasat ul-Manaqib des Maulana Nur ud-Din Ca'far-i Badaxsi
BOOKS013711I: TEUFFEL, W.S. [TEUFFEL, WILHELM SIGISMUND (1820 - 1878)] - Studien und Charakteristiken zur griechischen und römischen Litteraturgeschichte
BOOKS030030I: TEUNISSE, JAN-PIETER - Understanding Face Processing in Autism: An Investigation of the Perception of Faces in High-functioning Individuals with Autism
BOOKS003221I: TEUNISSEN, P.A. & WILDSCHUT, J.T. - Vegetation & Flora of the Savannas in the Brinckheuvel Nature Reserve, Northern Suriname
BOOKS022553I: TEUNISSEN, P.J.G. - The Geometry of Geodetic Inverse Linear Mapping and Non-linear Adjustment
BOOKS023527I: TEUTEBERG, HANS JÜRGEN ; EDITOR: - Urbanisierung im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert : historische und geographische Aspekte
BOOKS029358I: TALAIMALAI KANNTA TEVAR [THALAIMALAI KANDA DEVAR] [ATIKALACIRIYAN] - Maruturantati : (Palaiya uraiyutan) [Marudur Andadi]
BOOKS022353I: TEWARI, NAREN - The Mother Goddess Vaishno Devi
BOOKS027971I: TEWARSON, NARESH CHANDRA - Nutrition and Reproduction in the Ectoparasitic Honey Bee (Apis sp.) Mite, Varroa Jacobsoni
BOOKS029129I: TESFAMICHAEL W. TEWELDE - Exodus of the Betrayed Pearl : History of Exodus in the Making & Current Political Scenario of Eritrea
BOOKS010028I: TEWES, HENNING & WRIGHT, JONATHAN; EDITORS: - Liberalism, Anti-Semitism and Democracy: Essays in Honour of Peter Pulzer
BOOKS003478I: DEN TEX, EMILE - Les Roches basiques & ultrabasiques des Lacs Robert & Trias de Chamrousse (Massif de Belledonne).Etude Petrologique & Geologique
BOOKS019400I: VERLAG KOMMUNISTISCHE TEXTE - Vietnam '73 : Den Feindschlagen - den Sieg sichern!
BOOKS028842I: THA'ALIBI, 'ABD AL-'AZIZ [1879-1944] [ SAHILI, HAMMADI ; EDITOR : ] - Suqut al-dawlah al-Umawiyah wa-qiyam al-dawlah al-'Abbasiyah, 132 H / 750 M
BOOKS023348I: THABIT, RASHID MUHAMMAD - Adan : al-itiqalat wa-wahshiyat al-tadhib fi sujun al-istimar al-Britani
BOOKS001712I: THAGE, JACOB - Laurits de Thurahs barokhave på Gl. Holtegaard [ Til lyst og gavn : Genskabelsen af Laurits de Thurahs barokhave ]
BOOKS025217I: SATHABAN KANPHAET PHAEN THAI [INSTITUTE OF THAI TRADITIONAL MEDICINE] - Photchananukrom kanphaet phu'nban chao Thai phukhao priapthiap 6 chon phao / Six Hill Tribes Folk Medicine Dictionary
BOOKS005779I: THAKER, JAYANT P.; EDITOR: - Laghu-Prabandha-Sangraha. Edited with a Critical Study of the Text
BOOKS016558I: THAKKURA, MAHESHA [ MISHRA, RAMACHANDRA ( MISRA, RAMACANDRA ) ; & BHATTCHARYA, SIDDHESHWARA ; EDITORS: ] - Dharmashastriya nibandhavali : Mahamahopadhyayasat hakkuramahesaviracita ; sampadakau Sriramacandramisarah..,.
BOOKS002421I: THAKUR, U. T. - Sindhi Culture
BOOKS012919I: THAKUR, UMAKANT - The Geographical Information in the Skanda-Purana: Based on the Tirtha-Yatra Portion
BOOKS002830I: THAKUR, UPENDRA - The Indian Missionaries in the Land of Gold
BOOKS002351I: 'THAKUR', HAUSALA PRASAD - Bibliography of Hindi Bibliographies (Annotated Bibliography of Hindi Bibliographies & Catalogues published 1828 to April 1972)
BOOKS021028I: THAKUR, UPENDRA - The History of Suicide in India : An Introduction
BOOKS021500I: THAKUR, VIJAY KUMAR ; & AOUNSHUMAN, ASHOK ; EDITORS: - Peasants in Indian History : Theoretical Issues and Structural Enquiries : Essays in Memory of Professor Radhakrishna Chaudhary
BOOKS023619I: THAKUR, GOPAL; COMPILER: [ SUFI, DALPAT ] - Je Bhaeen Jogi Thiyan
BOOKS013369I: THALBITZER, SOPHUS [1871 - 19??] - Emotion and Insanity
BOOKS011893I: THALMANN, WILLIAM G. - The Swineherd and the Bow: Representations of Class in the Odyssey
BOOKS021738I: THAMDRUP, HARALD M. [1908-1998] - Beiträge zur Ökologie der Wattenfauna auf experimenteller Grundlage
BOOKS028254I: PHRA THAMMAKITTISOPHON [ RAJBUL PATIYASEVEE ] [ BENCHAMABOPHITTRADUSITTAWANARAM (BANGKOK) ] - Stories of Wat Benchamabopitr Marble Temple and Phra Buddha Jinaraja, Bangkok, Thailand.
BOOKS029392I: CHANTHON THAMMATHEVO - Luam pheng Lao 199 pheng dang : nai 'adit læ pachuban
BOOKS022405I: PHOSAI SUNNALAT ; & BUASAVAN THAMMAVONG [SATHABAN VITHAYASAT SANGKHOM HAENG SAT (LAOS)] - Vithi sivit khong sonphao Kri (Phi Tong Luang) nyu Khwaeng Saiyabuli
BOOKS023466I: THAMPURAN, ASHALATHA - Traditional Architectural Forms of Malabar Coast
BOOKS010942I: THANDEKA - The Embodied Self: Friedrich Schleiermacher's Solution to Kant's Problem of the Empirical Self
BOOKS024996I: THANET 'APHONSUWAN - Khwampenma khong thritsadi "bængyæk dindæn" nai Phak Tai Thai
BOOKS013679I: THANGASWAMI SARMA, R. [1924 - ]; COMPILER: - Advaitavedantasahityetihasakosah [Advaita-Vedanta Literature, a Bibliographical Survey]
BOOKS011385I: THANI NAYAGAM, XAVIER S. - Taninayakam Atikalarin corpolivukal / Thaninayagam Adigal
BOOKS002677I: THAPA, J.K. - Sikkim: Household Tables on Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes
BOOKS001842I: THAPA, J.K. - Sikkim: General Population Tables & Primary Census Abstract
BOOKS001844I: THAPA, J.K. - Sikkim. General Economic Tables & Social & Cultural Tables
BOOKS001841I: THAPA, J.K. - Sikkim : Migration Tables
BOOKS000521I: THAPA, SHYAM; NEIDELL, SHARA G. & DAHAL, DILLI R.; EDITORS: - Fertility Transition in Nepal
BOOKS001783I: THAPA, J.K. - Census Atlas of Sikkim
BOOKS023484I: THAPA, SHANKER ; EDITOR: - The Historical Context of Newar Buddhism : The Vajrayana Tradition of Nepal
BOOKS023485I: THAPA, SHANKER - Newar Buddhism : History, Scholarship, and Literature
BOOKS001919I: THAPAR, ROMILA - Early India from the Origins to AD 1300
BOOKS002322I: THARAKAM, BOJJA ; & GNANESHWAR, GANUMALA ; EDITORS: [ DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR MEMORIAL TRUST ] - The First All India Dalit Writers Conference..,.8, 9, 10 October 1987..,.Hyderabad, A.P : A Commemorative Volume and Who's Who
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BOOKS011840I: UNITED STATES, TREASURY DEPARTMENT - Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting Report of Special Commission of Experts as to Means of Improving Vault...
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BOOKS016119I: UNITED STATES CONGRESS, HOUSE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY, SUBCOMMITTEE ON COURTS, CIVIL LIBERTIES, & ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE - Prison Inmates in Medical Research: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Courts, Civil Liberties, & the Administration of Justic
BOOKS016118I: UNITED STATES CONGRESS, SENATE COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND PUBLIC WELFARE, SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH - Quality of Health Care - Human Experimentation, 1973. Hearings, 93rd Congress, First Session, on S. 974 ; S. 878 ..,. Parts 1-3
BOOKS028265I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message of the President of the United States Communicating.,.,.Information in Regard to the Progress of the Revolution in Cuba
BOOKS002588I: UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC & CULTURAL ORGANIZATION - Study of Tropical Vegetation. Proceedings of the Kandy Symposium/ L'Etude de la Vegetation...
BOOKS016126I: UNITED STATES, DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Message from the President of the United States Communicating..,. Information Respecting the Aves or Bird Islands...,.
BOOKS021167I: UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES. - Communist and Trotskyist Activity within the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee..,.
BOOKS026715I: UNITED STATES, BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS, OFFICE OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS - Indian Education : Navajo [ Bilingual Education for American Indians. Vol. 2 ]
BOOKS015248I: UNITHIRI, N.V.P.; EDITOR - Tantrasarasangraha by Narayana with Mantravimarsini Commentary by Svarnagrama Vasudeva. Parts I & II
BOOKS025270I: UNIVERSIDAD DE YUCATÁN, ESCUELA DE CIENCIAS ANTROPOLÓGICAS. - Boletin de la Escuela de Ciencias Antropológicas de la Universidad de Yucatán [2 issues: No. 82 & 83 (1987)]
BOOKS001757I: UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA,DEPARTEMENTO DE SOCIOLOGIA Y ANTROPOLOGIA - Los Guarao del Delta Amacuro. Informe de una Investigacion de Campo efectuada con fines pedagogicos del 9 al 19 de Abril de 1954
BOOKS021581I: UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA, FACULDADE DE LETRAS - Artis: Revista do Instituto de Historia da Arte fa Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa. No. 3 [2004]
BOOKS028883I: UNIVERSITÉ IBN TOFAIL, FACULTÉ DES LETTRES ET DES SCIENCES HUMAINES - Lectures critiques du texte Maghrebin : actes du colloque national organisé par la Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines
BOOKS026596I: UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES, EXTRA-MURAL STUDIES UNIT - Caribbean Plays - Short Length Play Nr.s 6 , 9, 16, 33
BOOKS013067I: KARNATAK UNIVERSITY - The Socio-economic Transformation of India : Dr. Ambedkar’s Vision : Papers and Proceedings of the National Level Symposium
BOOKS002554I: UNKART, RALF; GLANTSCHNIG, GEROLD & OGRIS, ALFRED - Zur Lage der Slowenen in Karnten. Die Slowenische Volksgruppe und die Wahlkreiseinteilung 1979 - Ein Dokumentation
BOOKS010428I: UNNI, N.P. - Some New Perspectives in Bhasa Studies
BOOKS023277I: UNNI, NARAYANAN PARAMESWARAN ; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR [ MAHENDRA VIKRAMA VARMA, KING OF KANCHI (FL. 600-630 CE)] - Mattavilasa Prahasana / of Mahendravikramavarman : Edited and Translated by N. P. Unni
BOOKS025402I: UNNIK, W. C. VAN (WILLEM CORNELIS) [1910-1978] - Tarsus of Jeruzalem : de stad van Paulus' juegd. Met een appendix ..,.
BOOKS013325I: UNNITHAN, N. PRABHA; HUFF-CORZINE, LIN; CORZINE, JAY; & WHITT, HUGH P. - The Currents of Lethal Violence: An Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
BOOKS004820I: UNNUTH, ABHIMANYU - Les empereurs de la nuit. Chroniques mauriciennes
BOOKS020445I: UNVALA, JAMSHEDJI MANECKJI [1888-1961] - Report on the Dakhmas of Tena
BOOKS028582I: ÜNVER, AHMET SÜHEYL [1898-1986] - Istanbul rasathanesi
BOOKS028128I: UNVERHAU, DAGMAR - Das Danewerk 1842 : Beschreibung und Aufmass
BOOKS011247I: UPADHYAYA, U.P. - Kannada Phonetic Reader
BOOKS026879I: MERUSUNDARA UPADHYAYA [15TH CENTURY CE] [ BHAYANI, HARIVALLABH CHUNILAL ; & SAHA, RA. MA. ; EDITORS: ] - Silopadesamala-balavabodha / Merusundaragani-viracita ; sampadako Ha. Chu. Bhayani, Ra. Ma. Saha, Gitabahena
BOOKS012455I: UPADHYAYA, U.P. - Nanjangud Kannada (Vakkaliga Dialect)
BOOKS025299I: UPADHYAYA, DEENDAYAL [1916-1968] - Rashtrajivana ki disa
BOOKS011358I: UPASAK, C.S. - History and Palaeography of Kharosti Script
BOOKS000201I: UPASAK, C.S. - History of Buddhism in Afghanistan
BOOKS020585I: UPATTIYAYAR, RENKANATA ; & CETURAMAN, KO ; EDITORS: - Ciruttonta Nayanar icai natakam
BOOKS025130I: UPPSALA UNIVERSITET, INSTITUTIONEN FÖR NORDISK FORNKUNSKAP [ SOCIETAS ARCHAEOLOGICA UPSALIENSIS ] - Tor : Meddelanden från Uppsala Universitets Museum för Nordiska Fornsaker ; nr.s 2-5 ; 7-12 ; 17-18; 20-28 ; 30 [1949-1999]
BOOKS008502I: UPRETY, HARI - Crisis of Governance: A Study of Political Economic Issues in Nepal
BOOKS000315I: UPRUS, H. - Tallinna Etikukivid
BOOKS014852I: URAGODA, C. G. - Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka : A History of Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka, 1894-1994
BOOKS001451I: URAS, ESAT - The Armenians in History and the Armenian Question

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