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BOOKS024455I: MARCUS, JOHN T. - Sub Specie Historiae : Essays in the Manifestation of Historical and Moral Consciousness
BOOKS028140I: MARCUS, ERNST [1893-1968] ; & MARCUS, EVELINE - Opisthobranchia aus dem Roten Meer und von den Malediven
BOOKS016286I: MARCUS, HAROLD G. - A History of Ethiopia
BOOKS025494I: MARCUS, ERNST [1893-1968] ; & MARCUS, EVELINE DU BOIS-REYMOND - Mesogastropoden von der Küste São Paulos
BOOKS002170I: MARCUS, HAROLD G. - Haile Sellassie I. The Formative Years, 1892 - 1936
BOOKS021385I: MARCUS, GREIL - Like a Rolling Stone : Bob Dylan at the Crossroads
BOOKS008010I: MARCUSE, HERBERT [1898-1979] - The Aesthetic Dimension : Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics
BOOKS020458I: MARCUSE, HERBERT [1898-1979] - Counterrevolution and Revolt
BOOKS029051I: MARCY, GEORGES - Le droit coutumier Zemmour : Fascicule I : Mariage et statut personnel
BOOKS020423I: MARDAN, NUSRAT [MERDAN, NUSRET] - al-sihafa al-Turkmaniyah al-Iraq baina qaranin 1911-2006
BOOKS000461I: MARDI, MOHAMED - Les deux mamelles tangeroises : etude
BOOKS028621I: MARDIN, SERIF - The Genesis of Young Ottoman Thought : A Study in the Modernization of Turkish Political Ideas
BOOKS013581I: MARENZI, FRANZ VON, MARKGRAFEN - Fragmente über Geologie oder die Einsturzhypothese
BOOKS017178I: MARES, ISABELA - The Politics of Social Risk : Business and Welfare State Development
BOOKS026359I: MARESCH, MARIA IGEL [1886-1970] - Der russische Mensch : zur Ideengeschichte und Psychologie des Ostens
BOOKS018547I: MARETIN, IU. V.; & PUTILOV, BORIS NIKOLAEVICH; - Aktual'nye problemy etnografii i sovremennaia zarubezhnaia nauka
BOOKS001360I: MARETT, J. R. DE LA H. - Race, Sex and Environment. A Study of Mineral Deficiency in Human Evolution
BOOKS027458I: MARGADANT, S. V. - Eine tiefenpsychologische Grundlage zur Klages'schen Graphologie
BOOKS019334I: MARGADANT, TED WINSTON - French Peasants in Revolt : The Insurrection of 1851
BOOKS011530I: MARGADANT, TED W. - French Peasants in Revolt : The Insurrection of 1851
BOOKS013198I: MARGADANT, JO BURR [1939 - ] - The New Biography: Performing Femininity in Nineteenth-Century France
BOOKS020500I: MARGALEF, RAMÓN - Perspectives in Ecological Theory
BOOKS007332I: MARGARIT, ANTON - Rezistenta Basarabiei
BOOKS007970I: MARGOLIES, DAVID; & JOANNOU, MAROULA; EDITORS: - Heart of the Heartless World: Essays in Cultural Resistance in Memory of Margot Heinemann
BOOKS007514I: MARGOLIN, JEAN CLAUDE - Recherches érasmiennes
BOOKS006793I: MARGOLIOUTH, D.S. - The Relations between Arabs and Israelites prior to the Rise of Islam
BOOKS011165I: MARGOLIS, MAXINE L. - Little Brazil: An Ethnography of Brazilian Immigrants in New York City
BOOKS022102I: MARGOLIS, ERIC ; & LAURENCE, STEPHEN - Creations of the Mind : Theories of Artifacts and their Representation
BOOKS012835I: MARGULIS, LYNN; & FESTER, RENÉ; EDITORS: - Symbiosis as a Source of Evolutionary Innovation: Speciation and Morphogenesis
BOOKS011889I: MARGULIS, LYNN; MATTHEWS, CLIFFORD & HASELTON, AARON; EDITORS: - Environmental Evolution: Effects of the Origin and Evolution of Life on Planet Earth
BOOKS027125I: MARIAGER, PEDER [1827-1894] - Sybaris, eller, Den sidste Lamia : Drama i to akter
BOOKS026170I: MARIAGER, PEDER [1827-1894] - Et bryllup i katakomberne og andre antike fortaellinger
BOOKS023864I: MARIANINI, STEFANO GIOVANNI [1790-1866] - Di alcune maniere di applicare l’ elettricita’ ad una persona isolata, con avvertenze circa l’uso della boccia di Leida ..,,.
BOOKS018460I: MARIC, LUKA - Magmatiti u uzhem podruchju rudnika Bor u Istochnoj Srbiji
BOOKS014463I: ANDRÉ DE SAINTE-MARIE - Dans l'Inde Malabare. Souvenirs et récits de nos missionnaires belges / recueillis par le rév. Père André De S. Marie, C. D
BOOKS027102I: MARIE ALINE DE SION, SISTER - La forteresse Antonia à Jérusalem et la question du prétoire
BOOKS011688I: MARIJUÁN, PEDRO C. ; EDITOR: - Cajal and Consciousness : Scientific Approaches to Consciousness on the Centennial of Ramon y Cajal's "Textura
BOOKS009519I: MARIL, ROBERT LEE - Texas Shrimpers: Community, Capitalism, and the Sea
BOOKS025393I: MARÍN, MANUELA ; EDITIOR : - Estudios onomástico-biográficos de Al-Andalus : I
BOOKS028870I: MARÍN, MANUELA ; & ZANÓN, JESÚS ; EDITORS : - Estudios onomástico-biográficos de Al-Andalus : V : Familias Andalusíes
BOOKS002353I: MARIN, FLOREA - Medicii si Marea Unire
BOOKS026841I: MARINAKE, KATERINA - Apano Meria Pholegandrou : oikistike kai viotike organose
BOOKS026872I: MARINATOS, SPYRIDON [1901-1974] - Excavations at Thera, V (1971 Season)
BOOKS026873I: MARINATOS, SPYRIDON [1901-1974] - Excavations at Thera, VI (1972 Season)
BOOKS019873I: MARINATOS, SPYRIDON [1901-1974] - Some Words about the Legend of Atlantis
BOOKS024953I: MARINATOS, NANNO - Art and Religion in Thera : Reconstructing a Bronze Age Society
BOOKS027590I: MARINGER, SIMON - Die Entwicklung der Anschauungen über amaurotische Idiotie und deren allgemein-pathologische Bedeutung
BOOKS008587I: MARINO, BRIGITTE - Le Faubourg du Midan a Damas a l’epoque Ottomane: espace urbain, societe et habitat (1742 -1830)
BOOKS003749I: MARINUS, B. - Verenigen hier is 'fransch' ". Organisatie van Sigarenmakers in Kampen (1894 - 1913)
BOOKS021544I: NATIONALMUSEET [COPENHAGEN] / MUSEO INTERNAZIONALE DELLE MARIONETTE (PALERMO) - Opra dei pupi : sicilianske marionetter : siciliansk folkekultur / Sicilian Marionettes
BOOKS008317I: MARISCAL, GEORGE - Contradictory Subjects: Quevedo, Cervantes, and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Culture
BOOKS021141I: MARITAIN, JACQUES [1882-1973] - Approaches to God
BOOKS018472I: MARJAIE, SEYED SABER - Random Pearls
BOOKS019056I: MARJIBI, HAMD BIN MUHAMMAD BIN JUMAH - Mughamir 'umani fi adghal ifrigya : hayat Hamd Bin Muhammad Bin Jumah al-Marjibi (1840-1905)
BOOKS017719I: MARK, EDWARD LAURENS [1847-1946] [ CLAPP, W.F. ] - Marine Borers in Bermuda [bound together as issued with W.F. Clapp "New Species of Shipworms in Bermuda
BOOKS019854I: MARKELL, MARY JANE - Sand, Water, Silence : The Embodiment of Spirit : Explorations in Matter and Psyche
BOOKS012374I: MARKER, FREDERICK J. - Hans Christian Andersen and the Romantic Theatre : A Study of Stage Practices in the Prenaturalistic Scandinavian Theatre
BOOKS017435I: MARKHAM, SYDNEY FRANK [1897-1975] - Climate and the Energy of Nations
BOOKS018424I: MARKINO, YOSHIO [1874-1956] - A Japanese Artist in London
BOOKS004238I: MARKLEY, ROBERT - Fallen Languages: Crises of Representation in Newtonian England, 1660-1740
BOOKS027142I: MARKMAN, CARL [1840-1894] ; & FRISTRUP, P. - Marstals Plads : Folkekomedie i fem Akter
BOOKS027140I: MARKMAN, CARL [1840-1894] - Ariel : Komedie paa rimede Vers i 3 Akter
BOOKS005979I: MARKOFF, MILAN G. [ MARKOV, MILAN G.] - Bulgaria's Historical Rights to Dobrudja
BOOKS011261I: MARKOVIC, JULIUS [1860-1913] - Nitriansky politicky trestny process. Politicka uvaha
BOOKS023846I: MARKS, STEPHAN - Studentenseele : Erfahrung im Zerfall der Studentenbewegung
BOOKS019914I: MARKS, ANTHONY E. - Preceramic Sites [ Scandinavian Joint Expedition to Sudanese Nubia. Vol. 2 ]
BOOKS016842I: MARKS, ELAINE - Marrano as Metaphor: The Jewish Presence in French Writing
BOOKS001340I: MARKS, JOSEPH E. III - The Mathers on Dancing
BOOKS012815I: MARKUSEN, ANN ROELL - Profit Cycles, Oligopoly, and Regional Development
BOOKS027566I: MARKWALDER, ERNST - Über die Entstehung und das Wachsthum des Mammacarcinoms
BOOKS022693I: MARLOWE, JOHN - Rebellion in Palestine
BOOKS008696I: MARNDI, RAM CHANDRA - Topag chawanar
BOOKS014244I: MARNEROS, ANDREAS ; & GOODWIN, FREDERICK K. ; EDITORS: - Bipolar Disorders: Mixed States, Rapid Cycling and Atypical Forms
BOOKS028858I: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS / CONSEIL INTERNATIONAL DES MUSEES / ICOM MAROC - Hommage à Niamat Allah El Khatib Boujibar : avec le précieux soutien de la fondation ONA / ICOM Maroc.
BOOKS001046I: MAROIS, MAURICE - Contrôle hormonal de la ceinture pelvienne et endocrinologie sexuelle : le problème de la relaxine
BOOKS007290I: MAROTTA, CHARLES A., EDITOR: - Neurofilaments
BOOKS018280I: MAROTTA, MICHAEL E. - The Code Book : All About Unbreakable Codes and How to Use Them
BOOKS004330I: MAROUZEAU, J. - Dix Annees de Bibliographie Classique.Bibliographie Critique & Analytique de l'Antiquite Greco-Latin pour la Periode 1914-1924.
BOOKS011773I: MARQUAND, DAVID - The New Reckoning: Capitalism, States and Citizens
BOOKS010565I: MARQUARD, ODO - In Defense of the Accidental : Philosophical Studies
BOOKS028158I: MARQUART, JOSEF [1864-1930] [ SCHAEDER, HANS HEINRICH (1896-1957) ; EDITOR : ] - Wehort und Arang : Untersuchungen zur mythischen und geschichtlichen Landeskunde von Ostiran
BOOKS002357I: CAMARA MUNICIPAL DE LOURENCO MARQUES - A Concessao Sommerschield e o Novo Contrato entre a Camara Municipal de Lourenco Marques e "Delgao Bay Lands Syndicate,Limited
BOOKS000805I: MARQUES, JOSE - Braga medieval
BOOKS010480I: MARQUEZ, PATRICIA C. - The Street is My Home: Youth & Violence in Caracas
BOOKS027573I: MARQUORDT, WILHELM - Ueber Angina typhosa
BOOKS003580I: MARRAFFA, MARIAN - La Storia dei Trulli di Alberobello : Leggenda - Storia - Arte - Poesia - Folklore
BOOKS015639I: MARRAS, AUSONIO, EDITOR: - Intentionality, Mind, and Language
BOOKS000625I: MARREL, ED. - Lou Gangui. Poueme. Dedica i pescadou dou Grau
BOOKS026320I: MARRENBACH, OTTO - Grundlagen der deutschen Sozialordnung : Die Gesamtarbeit der Deutschen Arbeitsfront .,.,.
BOOKS010662I: MARRIOTT, MCKIM; EDITOR: - Village India: Studies in the Little Community
BOOKS016363I: MARRONE, GAETANA - The Gaze and the Labyrinth: The Cinema of Liliana Cavani
BOOKS017642I: MARSDEN, BARRY M. - Pioneers of Prehistory : Leaders and Landmarks in English Archaeology, 1500-1900
BOOKS024774I: MARSDEN, WILLIAM [1754-1836] - The History of Sumatra
BOOKS010851I: MARSH, CLIVE & ORTIZ, GAYE; EDITORS: - Explorations in Theology and Film: Movies and Meaning
BOOKS013357I: MARSH, ROSALIND J.; EDITOR & TRANSLATOR: - Women in Russia and Ukraine
BOOKS000631I: MARSH, ROBERT M. - The Great Transformation: Social Change in Taipei, Taiwan Since the 1960s
BOOKS011802I: MARSHALL, BARBARA - The New Germany and Migration in Europe
BOOKS011076I: MARSHALL, N.B.; EDITOR: - Aspects of Marine Zoology (Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Zoologicxal Society of London...1966)
BOOKS010899I: MARSHALL, JOHN - Descartes's Moral Theory
BOOKS017984I: MARSHALL, HOWARD PERCIVAL [1900-1973] - Over to Tunis : The Complete Story of the North African Campaign
BOOKS017040I: MARSHALL, DONALD G. - Contemporary Critical Theory : A Selective Bibliography
BOOKS014380I: MARSHALL, JAMES ; EDITOR: - Essays on Tropical Dermatology : Volume 2
BOOKS024033I: MARSHALL, JOHN HUBERT, SIR [1876-1958] - A Guide to Taxila
BOOKS025738I: MARSTRANDER, SVERRE - Østfolds jordbruksristninger : Skjeberg : Bd. I - II
BOOKS022656I: MARTA, CLAUDIO - A Group of Lovara Gypsies Settle Down in Sweden
BOOKS005889I: MARTA, CLAUDIO - The Acculturation of the Lovara
BOOKS012799I: MARTEL, ANDRÉ - La Libye, 1835-1990 : essai de géopolitique historique
BOOKS001671I: MARTEL, ANTOINE - Michel Lomonosov et la langue littéraire russe
BOOKS010874I: MARTELLUCCI, S. & CHESTER, A.N.; EDITORS: - Optoelectronics for Environmental Science
BOOKS006497I: MARTEN, MARIE LUCILLE CHERRY - The Relationship of Level of Depression to Perceived Decision-Making Capabilities of Institutionalized Elderly Women
BOOKS023172I: MARTENS, ROLF - Why Does the RIM Help U.S. Imperialism Encircle the PCP?
BOOKS025170I: MARTENS, IRMELIN ; & - Arkeologiske undersøkelser langs elv og vann : Gyrinosvatn, Hallingdal og Tokke-Vinje-Vassdraget, Telemark ..,.
BOOKS024069I: MARTENS, JÜRGEN ; COMPILER: - Stammfolgen der Familie Bastian : insbesondere des Bremer Zweiges und verwandter Familien mit Tochternachkommen
BOOKS000281I: MARTENS, IRMELIN; MYHRE, BJORN; & STRAUME, ELDRID; EDITORS: - Hjemlig tradisjon of fremmede innslag i norsk jernalder : Festskrift til Wencke Slomann
BOOKS026115I: MARTENSEN, HENRIK VILHELM [1843-1906] - Sommerens Alphabet : Skizzeret i otte og tyve Vignetter / af ---n
BOOKS026650I: MARTENSEN, H. - Ved Stiftsprovst, Kongelig Confessionarius Dr. th. Just Henrik Paullis Jordefærd i Frue Kirke den 17de Juli 1865
BOOKS025690I: MARTENSEN-LARSEN, H. (HANS) [1867-1929] - Paludan-Müller og Martensen : til forstaaelse af digteren, som fandt sandhedens perle
BOOKS025499I: MARTENSEN-LARSEN, H. (HANS) [1867-1929] - Den virkelige Fr. Paludan-Müller, hans digterkald og kristendomsform : fortsatte bidrag ..,.
BOOKS004611I: MARTENSEN, H. - Jacob Bohme. Theosophiske Studier.
BOOKS018518I: MÅRTENSSON, ANDERS W.; & BARTHOLIN, THOMAS S. - S:t Stefan i Lund : Ett monument ur tiden
BOOKS015010I: MÅRTENSSON, ANDERS W. ; EDITOR: - Res mediaevales : Ragnar Blomqvist, Kal. Mai MCMLXVIII oblata
BOOKS014187I: MARTI, JOAN ; & ERNST, GERALD ; EDITORS: - Volcanoes and the Environment
BOOKS010575I: MARTÍ, JOSÉ [1853-1895] [ FONER, PHILIP SHELDON ; EDITOR: ] - Political Parties and Elections in the United States
BOOKS006553I: MARTI, JESUS NICOLAS - El "juego" ante el Derecho: Regulacion juridica del "juego" en la Comunidad Autonoma de Canarias
BOOKS000462I: MARTI I PEREZ, JOSEP - L'Alguer. Kulturanthropologische Monographie einer sardischen Stadt
BOOKS014543I: MARTIN W. LEWIS, KÄREN E. WIGEN. - The Myth of Continents : A Critique of Metageography
BOOKS023197I: MARTIN, RAYMOND - The Past Within Us : An Empirical Approach to Philosophy of History
BOOKS012157I: MARTIN, ESMOND BRADLEY - Zanzibar: Tradition and Revolution
BOOKS011232I: MARTIN, VANESSA - Creating an Islamic State : Khomeini and the Making of a New Iran
BOOKS011007I: MARTIN, BENJAMIN - The Agony of Modernization: Labor and Industrialization in Spain
BOOKS009906I: MARTIN, BRIAN - Scientific Knowledge in Controversy: The Social Dynamics of the Fluoridation Debate
BOOKS027251I: MARTIN-LÖF, ANDERS - Statistical Mechanics and the Foundations of Thermodynamics
BOOKS019128I: MARTIN, LENORE G. ; & KERIDIS, DIMITRIS ; EDITORS: - The Future of Turkish Foreign Policy
BOOKS009221I: MARTIN, JANE ROLAND - Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women's Hopes and Reforming the Academy
BOOKS012483I: MARTIN-DUBOST, PAUL - Le théâtre dansé du Kerala
BOOKS006571I: MARTIN ACENA, PABLO - La politica monetaria en Espana, 1919 - 1935
BOOKS006317I: MARTIN HERNANDEZ, FRANCISCO & MARTIN HERNANDEZ, JOSE - Los seminarios espanoles en la epoca de la ilustracion : Ensayo de una pedagogia eclesiastica en el siglo XVIII
BOOKS015692I: MARTIN, JEAN PIERRE PAULIN [1840-1890] [EPHESUS, ROBBER COUNCIL OF, 449] - Actes du Brigandage d'Éphèse: traduction faite sur le texte syriaque contenu dans le manuscrit 14530 ..,.
BOOKS008528I: MARTIN, CHERYL ENGLISH - Governance and Society in Colonial Mexico: Chihuahua in the Eighteenth Century
BOOKS016733I: MARTIN, PAMELA - The Globalization of Contentious Politics: The Amazonian Indigenous Rights Movement
BOOKS016261I: MARTIN, DAVID C. - Wilderness of Mirrors
BOOKS005477I: MARTIN, HAROLD C., EDITOR: - Style in Prose Fiction. English Institute Essays - 1958
BOOKS005105I: MARTIN, DALE B. - Slavery as Salvation. The Metaphor of Slavery in Pauline Christianity
BOOKS013012I: MARTIN, ROLAND; & VARÈNE, PIERRE - Le monument d’Ucuétis à Alésia
BOOKS004904I: MARTIN, DONALD L. - An Ownership Theory of the Trade Union
BOOKS001293I: MARTIN, BRITON, JR. - New India 1885 : British Official Policy & the Emergence of the Indian National Congress
BOOKS000089I: MARTIN, DANIEL - Le triptyque des 'Essais' de Montaigne et l'heraldique des dieux greco-romains
BOOKS002501I: MARTIN DEL MOLINO, A. - Secuencia cultural en el neolotico de Fernando Poo
BOOKS012145I: MARTIN, BRADFORD G. - Muslim Brotherhoods in Nineteenth-Century Africa
BOOKS020214I: MARTIN, HELMUT ; EDITOR: [ MAO ZEDONG (1893-1976) ] - Mao Tse-tungs Notizen zum sowjetischen Lehrbuch Politische Ökonomie (1960)
BOOKS022007I: MARTIN, FRANCISCO FORREST - International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law : Treaties, Cases and Analysis
BOOKS026770I: MARTIN, ROLAND [1912-1997] - L'urbanisme dans la Grèce antique
BOOKS027250I: MARTIN, ANDRÉ - Scattering Theory: Unitarity, Analyticity and Crossing
BOOKS025872I: MARTIN RAMIREZ, JESUS ; EDITOR: - Violence - Some Alternatives : Can Experiences of Other Countries Help South Africa?
BOOKS023782I: MARTINELLI, SHERI [1918-1996] - An original single-side signed typed letter dated 10 October 1960 addressed to Eustace Mullins [1923-2010]
BOOKS023783I: MARTINELLI, SHERI [1918-1996] - An original two-page signed typed letter dated 1 December 1960 addressed to Eustace Mullins [1923-2010]
BOOKS019230I: MARTINES, LAURO - April Blood : Florence and the Plot against the Medici
BOOKS001116I: MARTINES PAREDEZ, DOMINGO - El idioma maya hablado y el escrito
BOOKS013582I: MARTÍNEZ VAL, JOSÉ MARÍA; & PEÑALOSA ESTEBAN-INFANTES, MARGARITA; EDITORS: [TOMÁS DE LA VIRGEN, FREY (1587-1647)] - Un epistolario inédito del reinado de Felipe IV (Correspondencia del Venerable Fray Tomas de la Virgen)
BOOKS009993I: MARTINEZ RUIZ, JUAN - Inventarios de Bienes Moriscos del Reino de Granada (Siglo XVI): Linguistica y civilizacion
BOOKS015606I: MARTINEZ, RAYMOND JOSEPH - Mysterious Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen, and Folk Tales Along the Mississippi.
BOOKS004999I: MARTÍNEZ ARIZALA, AURELIO - Un infierno rojo en El Caribe, "Los crimenes monstruosos en la Cuba comunista"; vibrante denuncia de "alerta"...
BOOKS000370I: MARTINEZ MONTAVEZ, PEDRO - Exploraciones en literatura neoarabe
BOOKS012395I: MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, EDUARDO - Alcide de Gasperi: Artifice de la Republica Italiana y del Ius Publicum Europaeum
BOOKS020495I: MARTINEZ, PATRICK ; EDITOR: - The Observer's Guide to Astronomy : Volume 2
BOOKS027272I: MARTINI, R. ; EDITOR : - Geometric Aspects of the Einstein Equations and Integrable Systems : Proceedings of the Sixth Scheveningen Conference.,.,
BOOKS001612I: MARTINI, ERICH - Beitrage zur medizinische Entomologie und zur Malaria-Epidemiologie des unteren Wolgagebiets
BOOKS005446I: MARTINS, WILSON - The Modernist Idea. A Critical Survey of Brazilian Writing in the Twentieth Century
BOOKS019967I: MARTINS JÚNIOR, JOAÕ AUGUSTO DA SILVA [1883-1946] - O presidente Landrú na república da Calabria
BOOKS002061I: MARTINUS, STURE - Befolkningsrörlighet under industrialismens inledningsskede i Sverige
BOOKS022431I: MARTINUSSEN, JOHN - Democracy, Competition and Choice : Emerging Local Self-Government in Nepal
BOOKS002852I: MARTINUSSEN, JOHN - The Public Industrial Sector in India
BOOKS004379I: MARTINUSSEN, JOHN - Staten i perifere og post-koloniale samfund: Indien og Pakistan. En historisk-konkret analyse med teorigenererende sigte. I - IV
BOOKS001940I: MARTIS, NICOLAOS K. - The Falsification of Macedonian History
BOOKS012356I: MARTON, M. BENO - Simon Hacaddik alakja: a zsido forrasokban
BOOKS027569I: MARTSCHKE, THEODOR EDWIN - Ueber das Vorkommen von Carcinom auf der Basis von Lupus und Geschwüren
BOOKS018906I: MARULASIDDHAYYA, H. M. [ MARULASIDDHAYYA, EC. EM, 1931- ] - Old People of Makunti
BOOKS003882I: MARVAL-MCNAIR, NORA DE, EDITOR: - Jose Ortega y Gasset. Proceedings of the "Espectador universal" International Intersdisciplinary Conference
BOOKS014565I: MARX, WERNER - Heidegger and the Tradition
BOOKS014151I: MARX, WERNER - Towards a Phenomenological Ethics: Ethos and the Life-World
BOOKS009732I: MARX, WERNER - Is There a Measure on Earth? Foundations for a Nonmetaphysical Ethics
BOOKS017614I: MARX, EMANUEL - The Social Context of Violent Behaviour: A Social Anthropological Study in an Israeli Immigrant Town
BOOKS001503I: MARX, GYORGY, EDITOR: - George de Hevesy 1885- 1966 Festschrift
BOOKS023771I: MARX, KARL ; & ENGELS, FREDERICK [ APPEL, GOTFRED ] - On Colonies, Industrial Monopoly and Working Class Movement
BOOKS001036I: CENTRE D'ÉTUDES ET DE RECHERCHES MARXISTES [ GODELIER, MAURICE ] - Sur les sociétés précapitalistes : textes choisis de Marx, Engels, Lénine
BOOKS008017I: MARZOLPH, ULRICH ; & MUHAJIR, SHAHRUZ - Tasvirsazi-i dastani dar kitab'ha-yi chap-i sangi-i Farsi / nivishtah-yi Ulrish Marzluf ; tarjamah-yi Shahruz Muhajir
BOOKS020576I: MAS'UDIYAH, MUHAMMAD TAQI - Musiqi'i Turkmani : ava'nivisi va tajziyah va tahlil
BOOKS027629I: MAS'UDI, MUHAMMAD MAHDI - Kitab-i shinakht-i 'Allamah Sayyid 'Abd Allah Shaubbar
BOOKS005109I: MAS'UDIYAH, MUHAMMAD TAQI - Musiqi-i Turkmani : ava'nivisi va tajziyah va tahlil / Turkmen Music : Transcription and Analysis
BOOKS003713I: MASANI, R.P. - Folk Culture Reflected in Names
BOOKS016577I: MASARYK, THOMAS G. [ MASARYK, TOMÁš GARRIGUE (1850-1937)] [ WOOLFOLK, ALAN ; & IMBER, JONATHAN B. ; EDITORS:] - Constructive Sociological Theory: Forgotten Legacy of Thomas G. Masaryk
BOOKS024466I: MASÁT, ANDRÁS ; & MÁDL, PÉTER ; EDITORS: - Literature as Resistance and Counter-Culture : Papers of the 19th Study Conference ..,.
BOOKS003551I: MASAWAYH, YUHANNA IBN [ DECEASED 857 OR 858 CE] [ RA'UF, 'IMAD 'ABD AL-SALAM ; EDITOR : ] - Kitab al-Jawahir wa-sifatuha : wa-fi ayyi balad hiya, wa-sifat al-ghawwasin wa-al-tujjar / ta'lif Yahyá ibn Masawayh ..,.
BOOKS027723I: MASCARENHAS, CHEVALIER DE - Appeal to the World in General and to the British Nation in Particular : Being a Refutation of the Assertions .,.,.
BOOKS019392I: MASCARENHAS, ANTHONY - The Rape of Bangla Desh
BOOKS027804I: MASCARENHAS, OPHELIA ; & MBILINYI, MARJORIE J. ; COMPILERS : - Women in Tanzania : An Analytical Bibliography
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BOOKS016308I: MERTUS, JULIE - Kosovo: How Myths and Truths Started a War
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BOOKS010986I: METZNER, PAUL - Crescendo of the Virtuoso: Spectacle, Skill and Self-Promotion in Paris during the Age of Revolution
BOOKS021295I: MEULEN, DANIËL VAN DER - The Wells of Ibn Sa'ud
BOOKS005032I: DE MEUR, GISELE, EDITOR: - New Trends in Mathematical Anthropology
BOOKS027307I: MEURER, DIETER - Studien zur Geomorphologie eines intermontanen Beckens im Subapennin : il Valdarno Superriore
BOOKS015796I: MEURS, WIM P. VAN - The Bessarabian Question in Communist Historiography: Nationalist and Communist Politics and History Writing
BOOKS024481I: MEURS, JOS VAN - Jungian Literary Criticism, 1920-80 : An Annotated, Critical Bibliography of Works in English..,.
BOOKS003396I: MEURS, EVERT JOHAN ALEXANDER - The Seyfert Galaxy Population: A Radio Survey; Luminosity Functions; Related Objects
BOOKS025453I: MEY, CURT [1864-1912] - Die Musik als tönende Weltidee. Versuch einer Metaphysik der Musik. Erster Teil: Die metaphysischen Urgesetze der Melodik
BOOKS007010I: MEY, JACOB L. - Whose Language? A Study in Linguistic Pragmatics
BOOKS024531I: MEYE, ROBERT P. - Jesus and the Twelve : Discipleship and Revelation in Mark’s Gospel
BOOKS023600I: MEYER-HOLDAMPF, VALERIE - Ein Basler unterwegs im Dschungel von Guatemala : Carl Gustav Bernoulli (1834-1878) : Arzt, Botaniker und Entdecker der Tikal
BOOKS027597I: MEYER, RUDOLF - Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Sehnenflecke des Herzens
BOOKS025979I: MEYER-ABICH, KLAUS MICHAEL ; & SCHEFOLD, BERTRAM - Die Grenzen der Atomwirtschaft : die Zukunft von Energie, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
BOOKS025983I: MEYER, MAURITS DE - Les contes populaires de la Flandre : apercu général de l'étude du conte populaire en Flandre et catalogue de toute..,.
BOOKS027596I: MEYER, MAXIMILIAN - Untersuchungen über die Konjunktivalreaktion auf Tuberkulose beim Rind
BOOKS027011I: MEYER, JOHANNES [1835-1911] ; EDITOR: - Der Unoth : Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Alterthum des Standes Schaffhausen : Erstes - Siebentes Heft
BOOKS024001I: MEYER, ERNST ; EDITOR: - Spartakus im Kriege : die illegalen Flugblätter des Spartakusbundes im Kriege / Gesammelt und eingeleitet von Ernst Meyer
BOOKS012007I: MEYER, DAVID E. & KORNBLUM, SYLVAN; EDITORS: - Attention and Performance XIV: Synergies in Experimental Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Neuroscience
BOOKS027343I: MEYER HIMHOFF, BERTRAND ; PEY, SERGE ; & SAMRAKANDI, MOHAMMED HABIB ; EDITORS: - Des tours de mains autour de la Méditerranée, d'après une idée du peintre Bertrand Meyer Himhoff : Le droit à la mémoire
BOOKS015207I: MEYER, ROGER N. - Asperger Syndrome Employment Workbook : An Employment Workbook for Adults with Asperger Syndrome
BOOKS016901I: MEYER, JOHANNES - Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease: Radiological Results of Treatment and Their Late Clinical Consequences
BOOKS016578I: MEYER, PAUL ANDRÉ - Processus de Markov : la frontière de Martin
BOOKS024841I: MEYER, ÅGE - Et folk, der vaagner : Kulturbilleder fra Litaven
BOOKS027327I: MEYER, PIET - Kunst und Religion der Lobi
BOOKS028557I: MEYER, ANDREAS DAVID - Ein Landarzt der Gründerzeit : Wilhelm Meyer-Frey (1830 - 1906) in seiner Autobiographie
BOOKS003677I: MEYER, M. WILHELM & GORKI, MAXIM - Im Zerstorten Messina
BOOKS015232I: MEYER, THEODOR ALEXANDER [1859 - 1936] - Das Stilgesetz der Poesie
BOOKS011647I: MEYER, STEPHEN - The Five Dollar Day: Labor Management and Social Control in the Ford Motor Company 1908 - 1921
BOOKS026629I: MEYER, JØRGEN CHRISTIAN - Pre-Republican Rome : An Analysis of the Cultural and Chronological Relations, 1000-500 BC
BOOKS029064I: MEYER, WERNER ; EDITOR : - Der Turmwart : schweizerische Monatsschrift : I. Jahrgang, Nr.s 1 - 12 [Januar-Dezember 1947]
BOOKS014573I: MEYERS, JEFFREY - T.E. Lawrence : A Bibliography
BOOKS011781I: MEYERS, DIANA TIETJEN; KIPNIS, KENNETH & MURPHY, CORNELIUS F.; JR.; EDITORS: - Kindred Matters: Rethinking the Philosophy of the Family
BOOKS010985I: MEYERS, JEFFREY; EDITOR: - D.H. Lawrence and Tradition
BOOKS012005I: MEYERS, CHRISTINA A. ; & PERRY, JAMES R. ; EDITORS: - Cognition and Cancer
BOOKS000856I: MEYERS, JEFFREY, EDITOR: - Wyndham Lewis. A Revaluation. New Essays.
BOOKS019771I: MEYNEN, EMIL [1902-1994] - Das Bitburger Land
BOOKS025895I: MEYRING, HANS [1876-1923] - Sit Fædreland skylder man : International Fortælling
BOOKS000709I: MEZEY, LADISLAUS, EDITOR: - Fragmenta Latina Codica in Bibliotheca Universitatis Budapestinensis
BOOKS000710I: MEZEY, LADISLAU, EDITOR: - Fragmenta Latina Codicum in Bibliotheca Seminarii Hungariae Centralis
BOOKS008602I: MEZHIKOVSKII, SEMJON M. - Physico-Chemical Principles for Processing of Oligomeric Blends
BOOKS009747I: MIAH, M. SHAMSUDDIN - The Reign of Al-Mutawakkil
BOOKS022360I: MICCOLI, GIOVANNI - Due note sulla tradizione manoscritta di Pier Damiani : antilogus contra Iudaeos epistola, il codice di San Pietro D 206 ..,.
BOOKS001455I: MICHAEL, ERIKA - Hans Holbein the Younger: A Guide to Research
BOOKS026089I: MICHAËLIS, SOPHUS AUGUST BERTHEL [1865-1932] - Sirener [Digte]
BOOKS026088I: MICHAELIS, SOPHUS AUGUST BERTHEL [1865-1932] - Solblomster [Digte]
BOOKS022785I: MICHAELIS, ALFRED - Wirtschaftliche Entwicklungsprobleme des Mittleren Ostens
BOOKS008333I: MICHAËLIS, SOPHUS AUGUST BERTHEL [1865-1932] - Giovanna : En Historie fra Staden med de skønne Taarne
BOOKS025812I: MICHAUD, PHILIPPE-ALAIN - Aby Warburg and the Image in Motion
BOOKS003114I: MICHAUX, HENRI - The Major Ordeals of the Mind & the Countless Minor Ones
BOOKS016299I: MICHAUX, HENRI [1899-1984] - Au Pays de la Magie
BOOKS020668I: MICHAUX, HENRI [1899-1984] - Connaissance par les gouffres
BOOKS007150I: MICHEELSEN, HARRY - The Structure of Dark Flint from Stevns, Denmark
BOOKS003376I: MICHEL, H. - Geology & Petrology of the Borkafjall Region (Southern Swedish Lapland)
BOOKS024088I: MICHELBERTAS, MYKOLAS - Pajuoscio pilkapynas : monografija
BOOKS024087I: MICHELBERTAS, MYKOLAS - Paragaudzio pilkapynas
BOOKS000419I: MICHELENA, TOMAS - Resena biografica de Santos Michelena. Parte historica administrativa y politica de Venezuela, desde 1824 a 1848
BOOKS014884I: MICHELET, JULES [1798 - 1874] - Mother Death : The Journal of Jules Michelet, 1815-1850
BOOKS015892I: MICHELL, JOHN F. - The New View Over Atlantis
BOOKS005636I: MICHELL, H. - Sparta
BOOKS005623I: MICHELL, H. - The Economics of Ancient Greece
BOOKS023985I: MICHELS, PAUL [1882-1970] - Ahnentafeln Paderborner Domherren : Nach Aufschwörungstafeln, Epitaphien und anderen Denkmälern
BOOKS024224I: MICHELSEN, PETER - Danish Wheel Ploughs : An Illustrated Catalogue
BOOKS002517I: MICHELSEN, ERNST, EDITOR: - Die Schleswig-Holsteinische Kirchenordnung von 1542
BOOKS019859I: MICHELSEN, HANS - Peder Sørensen, en præst og hans bøger : En bog- og bibliotekshistorisk undersøgelse
BOOKS028182I: MICHELSEN, KARI ; & BONSAKSEN, PER FRIDTJOF ; EDITORS : - Johan Daniel Berlin, 1714-1787 : Universalgeniet i Trondheim
BOOKS022813I: MICHELSEN, OLAF - Lower Jurassic Biostratigraphy and Ostracods of the Danish Embayment
BOOKS027564I: MICHELSOHN, OSKAR - Beiträge zur Behandlung der tuberkülosen Hüftgelenks-Entzündung.,.,.
BOOKS003048I: MICHELSON, ANNETTE, EDITOR: - Kino-Eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov
BOOKS015715I: MICHELSON, TRUMAN - Linguistic Classification of Cree and Montagnais-Naskapi Dialects
BOOKS026292I: MICHEV, DIMITAR - Crimes allemands, crimes grecs / par D. Micheff
BOOKS006418I: MICHIE, R.C., EDITOR: - Commercial and Financial Services
BOOKS026481I: MICHIELS, JEAN - Etude expérimentale sur la formation de l'humeur aqueuse
BOOKS004294I: MICHIO, MURAMATSU - Local Power in the Japanese State
BOOKS003216I: MICHLER, G.O.; & RINGEL, C.M.; EDITORS: - Representation Theory of Finite Groups and Finite-Dimensional Algebras...
BOOKS015077I: MICHOTTE, EDMOND - Richard Wagner’s Visit to Rossini (Paris 1860); and, An Evening at Rossini’s in Beau-Sejour (Passy) 1858
BOOKS017859I: MICHRINA, BARRY PAUL ; & RICHARDS, CHERYLANNE - Person to Person : Fieldwork, Dialogue and the Hermeneutic Method
BOOKS023778I: MICINSKI, JERZY - Polskie statki pomocnicze i specjalne 1920-1939
BOOKS000975I: MICOU, ANN MCKINSTRY AND LINDSNAES,BIRGIT - A Report on a Workshop on the Role of Voluntary Organisations in Emerging Democracies.Experience & Strategies...
BOOKS006383I: MICOVIC, VUKIC M.; & MIHAILOVIC, MIHAILO LJ. - Lithium Aluminum Hydride in Organic Chemistry
BOOKS000169I: MICOVIC, DRAGUTIN - Krajisnicka epika
BOOKS004163I: MICOVIC, VUKIC M. - Odjek otkrica periodnog sistema u Srba i Hrvata
BOOKS014642I: MICU, EMIL - Contributiuni la istoricul regimentului graniceresc intai valah
BOOKS001248I: MICU, DUMITRU - Tudor Arghezi
BOOKS018060I: MIDAL, FABRICE - Chogyam Trungpa : His Life and Teachings
BOOKS026205I: MIDBØE, HANS LARSINIUS [1915-1999] - Romantikkens balladediktning : mytiske motiver
BOOKS021129I: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE WOOD - Anne Sexton : A Biography
BOOKS024700I: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH - Diplomacy of Illusion : The British Government and Germany, 1937-39
BOOKS010513I: MIDDLEMISS, C.S. - The Kangra Earthquake of 4th April, 1905
BOOKS017897I: MIDDLETON, P. HARVEY - Industrial Mexico : 1919 Facts and Figures
BOOKS021463I: MIDDLETON, JOHN - Lugbara Religion : Ritual and Authority Among an East African People
BOOKS009426I: MIDELFORT, H.C. ERIK - Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany
BOOKS008712I: MIDELFORT, H.C. ERIK - A History of Madness in Sixteenth-Century Germany
BOOKS007570I: MIDGLEY, MARY - Science as Salvation: A Modern Myth and its Meaning
BOOKS012281I: MIE, GUSTAV ADOLF FEODOR WILHELM LUDWIG [1869-1957] - Die Grundlagen der Quantentheorie : Vortrag in der Freiburger naturforschenden Gesellschaft am 16. Dezember 1925
BOOKS010191I: MIECZKOWSKA, HALINA - Kategoria gramatyczna liczebnikow w ujeciu konfrontatywnym polsko-slowackim
BOOKS003258I: MIEDEMA, P.; POST, J. & GROOT, P.J. - The Effects of Low Temperature on Seedling Growth of Maize Genotypes
BOOKS005357I: MIEDER, WOLFGANG - Proverbs in Literature: An International Bibliography
BOOKS024976I: MIEDER, WOLFGANG - A House Divided" : From Biblical Proverb to Lincoln and Beyond
BOOKS026537I: MIÈGE, BERNARD - The Capitalization of Cultural Production
BOOKS023988I: MIELKE, HEINZ-PETER - Die Niederadligen von Hattstein, ihre politische Rolle und soziale Stellung : zur Geschichte einer Familie der Mittelrheinischen
BOOKS012777I: MIERMONT, JACQUES; & JENKINS, HUGH; EDITORS: - A Dictionary of Family Therapy
BOOKS027898I: MIES, BRUNO-ADOLF - Vorarbeiten zu einer Flechtenflora der Kapverdischen Inseln : Untersuchungen zum Artenbestand und zur Verbreitung
BOOKS017412I: MIGDAL, JOEL S. ; EDITOR: - Boundaries and Belonging : States and Societies in the Struggle to Shape Identities and Local Practices
BOOKS000166I: MIGNON, MAURICE - Etudes sur le theatre francais et italien de la Renaissance
BOOKS001130I: MIHAIL, PAUL ; & MIHAIL, ZAMFIRA - Acte in Limba Romana Tiparite in Basarabia.1: (1812-1830) precedate de Bibliografia Tipariturilor Romanesti din Basarabia ...
BOOKS017226I: MIHAILESCU-BÎRLIBA, VIRGIL - La monnaie romaine chez les Daces orientaux
BOOKS000274I: MIHAILOV, IVAN - Makedoniia: Shveitzariia na Balkanite
BOOKS007965I: MIHAILOVIC, VOJISLAV - Iz istorije saniteta u obnovljenoj Srbiji od 1804 - 1860
BOOKS017467I: MIHAJLOV, MIHAJLO - Underground Notes
BOOKS010101I: MIHR 'ALIZADAH, MAHDI ; EDITOR: [ ALI ZADEH, MEHDI MEHI ] - Tarikhi shifahi-i zindagani va mubarazat-i Ayat Allah Khademi
BOOKS029161I: MIKA'ÉL DINO - Hezb 'ena nasanat
BOOKS009810I: EL-MIKAWY, NOHA - The Building of Consensus in Egypt's Transition Process
BOOKS021467I: MIKES, GEORGE [1912-1987] - The Hungarian Revolution
BOOKS009416I: MIKIC, DORDE [1942 - ] - Drustvene i ekonomske prilike kosovskih Srba u XIX i pocetkom XX veka: od cfcijstva do bankarstva
BOOKS022145I: MIKINES, KARI J. - The Influence of Physical Activity and Inactivity on Insulin Action and Secretion in Man
BOOKS007649I: MIKKELSEN, CHR. - L. Møller Lund : Et Billede fra Almueskolen i Vendsyssel
BOOKS009407I: MIKKELSEN, EGIL - Frebergsvik: Et mesolitisk boplassomraade ved Oslofjorden
BOOKS009214I: MIKKELSEN, EIGIL ; STENSDAL HJELVIK, DIANA ; & WELINDER, STIG : EDITORS : - Det 4. nordiske bronsealder-symposium paa Isegran 1984
BOOKS008355I: MIKKELSEN, IDA MAJLUND ; & SØBY, LOUISE BOYE - Grooming : Psychological Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse
BOOKS001153I: MIKKELSEN, VALDEMAR M. - Præstø Fjord : The Development of the Post-Glacial Vegetation and a Contribution to the History of the Baltic Sea
BOOKS003414I: MIKKOLA, EINO - Isokrates: seine Anschauungen im Lichte seiner Schriften
BOOKS010965I: MIKLLER, JEROME A. - In the Throe of Wonder: Intimations of the Sacred in a Post-Modern World
BOOKS020832I: MIKOCKI, TOMASZ ; EDITOR; - Archeologia srodziemnomorska i pozaeuropejska
BOOKS001045I: MIKOLA, TIBOR - Die alten Postpositionen des Nenzischen (Juraksamojedischen)
BOOKS010400I: MIKOLAJCZYK, IRENEUSZ - Traktat 'Rerum Rusticarum Libri Tres' Marka Terencjusza Warrona: Monografia historycznoliteracka
BOOKS001550I: MIKOV, LIUBOMIR [MIKOV, LYUBOMIR] - Izkustvoto na kheterodoksnite miusiulmani v bulgariia (XVI-XX vek): Bektashi i Kizilbas / Alevi
BOOKS001218I: MIKULEC, BRONISLAW - Malopolskie Towarzystwo Cukrownicze w latach 1894 - 1939
BOOKS014765I: MIL'SKAIA, L. T. - Svetskaia votchina v Germanii VII-IX vv. i ee rol' v zakreposhchenii krest'ianstva..,.
BOOKS028674I: MILANICH, JERALD T. ; EDITOR : - The Hernando de Soto Expedition
BOOKS006755I: MILDENBERGER, GERHARD - Die germanischen Funde der Volkerwanderungszeit in Sachsen
BOOKS012323I: MILE, LIGOR K. - Ceshtje te historise agrare shqiptare: fundi i shek. XVIII-vitet 70 te shek. XIX
BOOKS019191I: MILES, EDWARD L. ; EDITOR: - Environmental Regime Effectiveness : Confronting Theory with Evidence
BOOKS009703I: MILES, WILLIAM F.S. - Hausaland Divided: Colonialism and Independence in Nigeria and Niger
BOOKS007688I: MILES, JOSEPHINE - Pathetic Fallacy in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of a Changing Relation Between Object and Emotion
BOOKS000914I: MILES, LELAND - John Colet & the Platonic Tradition
BOOKS013597I: MILETIC, BRANKO - Crmnicki govor
BOOKS013697I: MILETICH, LIUBOMIR - Dvizhenieto otsam Vardara i borbata s vurkhovistitie: Po spomeni na IAne Sandanski, Cherno Pieev, Sava Mikhailov, Khr. Kuslev...
BOOKS019487I: MILETICH, LIUBOMIR [ MILETITCH, LUBOMIR ] - Atrocités grecques en Macédoine pendant la guerre greco-bulgare, par le dr Lubomir Miletitch
BOOKS013603I: MILETITCH, LUBOMIR [MILETICH, LIUBOMIR (1863 - 1937)] - Atrocités grecques en Macédoine pendant la guerre greco-bulgare
BOOKS012689I: MILGROM, PAUL ROBERT [1948- ] - Putting Auction Theory to Work
BOOKS003961I: MILHOJ, POUL - Lonudvikling i Danmark 1914-1950
BOOKS026187I: MILICIC, JOSIP SIBE [1886-1944] - Borovi i masline
BOOKS011151I: MILKIAS, PAULOS - Ethiopia : A Comprehensive Bibliography
BOOKS021256I: MILKOWSKI, STANISLAW [1905-1945] - Agraryzm jako forma przebudowy ustroju spolecznego
BOOKS009392I: MILLA Y VIDAURRE, JOSÉ [1822 - 1882] - Historia de un Pepe / por Salome Jil
BOOKS024705I: MILLAR, FERGUS ; & SEGAL, ERICH ; EDITORS: - Caesar Augustus : Seven Aspects
BOOKS027286I: MILLER, H. RICHARD (HUGH RICHARD) ; & WIITA, PAUL JOSEPH ; EDITORS : - Active Galactic Nuclei : Proceedings of a Conference held at the Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, October 28-30, 1987
BOOKS012832I: MILLER, STEPHEN G.; KNAPP,M ROBERT C. & CHAMBERLAIN, DAVID - Excavations at Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium
BOOKS012819I: MILLER, DAVID LEE; O'DAIR, SHARON; & WEBER, HAROLD; EDITORS: - The Production of English Renaissance Culture
BOOKS007252I: MILLER, WAYMON D. - Why I Left the Nazarene Church
BOOKS023902I: MILLER, JOSEPH CALDER - Kings and Kinsmen : Early Mbundu States in Angola
BOOKS011164I: MILLER, ROGER & LESSARD, DONALD - The Strategic Management of Large Engineering Projects: Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance
BOOKS011021I: MILLER, SUZANNE M. & MCCASKILL, BARBARA; EDITORS: - Multicultural Literature and Literacies: Making Space for Difference
BOOKS010971I: MILLER, MAUREEN C. - The Formation of a Medieval Church: Ecclesiastical Change in Verona, 950-1150
BOOKS010857I: MILLER, FRANK J. - Folklore for Stalin: Russian Folklore and Pseudofolklore of the Stalin Era
BOOKS012012I: MILLER, JOHN P. - Education and the Soul: Toward a Spiritual Curriculum
BOOKS022760I: MILLER, DANIEL - Modernity : An Ethnographic Approach: Dualism and Mass Consumption in Trinidad
BOOKS018786I: MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) [ BUCHET, GUY ] [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] - A carbon of a typed-letter initialed by Henry Miller to French publisher Guy Buchet dated April 23 1972
BOOKS018309I: MILLER, MARY ELLEN ; & TAUBE, KARL A. - An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya
BOOKS018109I: MILLER, J. HILLIS - Topographies
BOOKS016989I: MILLER, JEROME G. - Search and Destroy : African-American Males in the Criminal Justice System
BOOKS015145I: MILLER, MARA - The Garden as an Art
BOOKS015118I: MILLER, DAVID NEAL - Fear of Fiction: Narrative Strategies in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer
BOOKS016709I: MILLER, MARGARET CHRISTINA - Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century BC: A Study in Cultural Receptivity
BOOKS016552I: MILLER, GEOFFREY - Extreme Prematurity: Practices, Bioethics and the Law
BOOKS016520I: MILLER, LYNNE ELIZABETH - Eat or be Eaten: Predator Sensitive Foraging Among Primates
BOOKS017561I: MILLER, MAJKEN ; MILLER, TANJA ; & BAK, INGOLF - Den politiske udvikling i den danske syndikalisme 1910-21 - set i internationalt perspektiv
BOOKS005506I: MILLER, J. HILLIS - Fiction and Repetition. Seven English Novels.
BOOKS004431I: MILLER, ROBERT H. - Root Anatomy and Morphology : A Guide to the Literature
BOOKS004095I: MILLER, G.M. - The Historical Point of View in English Literary Criticism from 1570-1770
BOOKS003596I: MILLER, JAMES R. - X-Linked Traits. A Catalog of Loci in Nonhuman Mammals
BOOKS002147I: MILLER, PAUL D.; EARDLEY, IAN; & KAPLAN, STEVEN A.; EDITORS: - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Laser and Heat Therapy
BOOKS012394I: MILLER, SUZANNE M. & MCCASKILL, BARBARA; EDITORS: - Multicultural Literature and Literacies : Making Space for Difference
BOOKS010577I: MILLER, GENEVIEVE; EDITOR: - A Bibliography of the Writings of Henry E. Sigerist
BOOKS004495I: MILLER, CHARLES B., EDITOR: - The Biology of the Oceanic Pacific. Proceedings of the Thirty-third Annual Biology Colloquium.
BOOKS020506I: MILLER, JOHN WILLIAM - The Paradox of Cause and Other Essays
BOOKS018827I: MILLER, NANCY K. - Subject to Change : Reading Feminist Writing
BOOKS027082I: MILLER, HENRY (1891-1980) [ EDITIONS BUCHET / CHASTEL ] - a collection of three carbons of letters sent to Parisian publisher Editions Buchet / Chastel ca. 1968
BOOKS028524I: MILLER, WILLIAM [1864-1945] - Trebizond : The Last Greek Empire of the Byzantine Era, 1204 - 1461
BOOKS023790I: MILLER, RICHARD BRIAN - Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought
BOOKS015555I: MILLGRAM, ELIJAH - Practical Induction
BOOKS003972I: MILLGRAM, ELIJAH; EDITOR: - Varieties of Practical Reasoning
BOOKS006008I: MILLIGAN, S.R., EDITOR: - Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology, Volume 11, 1989
BOOKS006005I: MILLIGAN, S.R., EDITOR: - Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology. Volume 13 , 1991
BOOKS022733I: MILLÓSEVICH, FEDERICO - Il ferro meteorico di Uegit (Somalia Italiana)
BOOKS015040I: MILLOUR, G. - Les saints guérisseurs et protecteurs du bétail en Bretagne
BOOKS011068I: MILLS, J. P. - Folk Stories in Lhota Naga: Text with Interliner and Running English Translation
BOOKS015675I: MILLS, MARGARET ANN - Rhetoric and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling
BOOKS014890I: MILLS, NICOLAUS - The Crowd in American Literature
BOOKS003238I: MILLS, RALPH J., JR. - Cry of the Human. Essays on Contemporary American Poetry
BOOKS019475I: MILLS, THELMA - The Complete Book of Common Sense Poems. No. 1.
BOOKS019658I: MILLS, TERENCE C. ; & MARKELLOS, RAPHAEL N. - The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series
BOOKS021765I: MILLS, LENNOX ALGERNON - British Malaya, 1824-67
BOOKS027300I: MILLS, C.F. (COLIN FREDERICK) ; EDITOR: - Zinc in Human Biology
BOOKS002735I: MILLWARD, ROY & ROBINSON, ADRIAN - South-East England : Thameside & the Weald

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