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BOOKS006006I: KEATINGE, RICHARD W. ; EDITOR: - Peruvian Prehistory : An Overview of Pre-Inca and Inca Society
BOOKS026373I: KEAY, F. E. (FRANK ERNEST) - A History of the Syrian Church of India
BOOKS026408I: KECK, EGON ; SØNDERGAARD, SVEND ; & WULFF, ELLEN ; EDITORS: - Living Waters: Scandinavian Orientalistic Studies Presented to Frede Løkkegaard on his Seventy-fifth Birthday, January 27th 1990
BOOKS027986I: KECK, MARIA - Zur Kenntnis der Duquenois Reaktion auf Haschisch und Marihuana
BOOKS007055I: KECSKEMETI, PAUL - Meaning, Comunication and Value
BOOKS028491I: KEDAR, B. Z. ; MAYER, HANS EBERHARD ; & SMAIL, R. C. ; EDITORS : - Outremer : Studies in the History of the Crusading Kingdom of Jerusalem Presented to Joshua Prawer
BOOKS028539I: KEDAR, BENJAMIN Z. - Crusade and Mission : European Approaches Toward the Muslims
BOOKS015438I: KEDILAYA, A. SHANKER ; EDITOR: [ KESIRAJA (FL. 1260)] - Sabdamanidarpana, by Kesiraja, with the commentary of Linganaradhya
BOOKS021332I: KEDOURIE, ELIE - Nationalism
BOOKS016765I: KEECH, WILLIAM R. - Economic Politics: The Costs of Democracy
BOOKS021635I: O’KEEFE, TIM - Epicurus on Freedom
BOOKS021767I: KEELE, KENNETH ; ET AL. - Leonardo da Vinci : Anatomische Zeichnungen aus der königlichen Bibliothek auf Schloss Windsor : Hamburger Kunsthalle, 1979
BOOKS014010I: KEELER, WARD - Javanese Shadow Plays, Javanese Selves
BOOKS015103I: KEENAN, JEREMY - The Tuareg : People of Ahaggar
BOOKS019476I: KEENAN, EDWARD L. - The Kurbskii-Groznyi Apocrypha : The Seventeenth-century Genesis of the "Correspondence" Attributed to Prince A. M. Kurbskii..,.
BOOKS017340I: KEENE, HENRY GEORGE - The First Book of the Anvari Suheli : A Literal Translation in English
BOOKS008531I: KEESING, ROGER M. - Melanesian Pidgin and the Oceanic Substrate
BOOKS015213I: KEESING, ROGER M. - Kwaio Religion : The Living and the Dead in a Solomon Island Society
BOOKS003954I: KEFFER, HAJO - De Obligationibus: Rekonstruktion einer spatmittelalterlichen Disputationstheorie
BOOKS023198I: KEHRIG, HENRI. - Le Privilege des vins à Bordeaux
BOOKS018474I: KEHYA, ALI OGUZ - Murtazam Benim
BOOKS024083I: KEIDING, NILS RUD - Protein-bound Carbohydrates and Proteins of Serum from Diabetic Patients and the Relation to the Late Diabetic Manifestations
BOOKS003290I: KEIJZER, FRANS GASPARD - Outline of the Geology of the Eastern Part of the Province of Oriente, Cuba (E of 76' WL). With notes on the Geology of Other...
BOOKS003208I: KEIJZER, FRED - Representation and Behavior
BOOKS005682I: KEIL, CHARLES - Tiv Song
BOOKS020097I: KEIL, FRANK C. ; & WILSON, ROBERT ANDREW ; EDITORS: - Explanation and Cognition
BOOKS002261I: KEILHACK, KONRAD - Einfuhrung in das Verstandnis der geologische-agronomischen Karten des Norddeutschen Flachlandes. Ein Erlauterung ...
BOOKS025038I: KEILING, HORST - Archäologische Zeugen der jungsteinzeitlichen Bauernbevölkerung Mecklenburgs
BOOKS026412I: KEILING, HORST - a collection of 5 extracts concerning German archaeology, ca. 1974-1987
BOOKS005410I: KEILMAN, NICO; KUIJSTEN, ANTON & VOSSEN, AD, EDITORS: - Modelling Household Formation and Dissolution
BOOKS010834I: KEISER, ELIZABETH B. - Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia : The Legitimation of Sexual Pleasure in Cleanness and its Contexts /
BOOKS009401I: KEITH, A.M. - The Play of Fictions: Studies in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 2
BOOKS008084I: KEITH, W.J. - Regions of the Imagination: The Development of British Rural Fiction
BOOKS024632I: KEJLBO, IB RØNNE - Rare Globes : A Cultural-historical Exposition of Selected Terrestrial and Celestial Globes Made Before 1850..,.
BOOKS026526I: KEKELIDSE, K [ KEKELIZE, KORNELI ] - Die Bekehrung Georgiens um Christetum / von K. Kekelidse
BOOKS010873I: KEKES, JOHN - Moral Wisdom and Good Lives
BOOKS015112I: KELEMEN, PÁL. - El Greco Revisited: Candia, Venice, Toledo.
BOOKS002480I: KELKAR, RAY BHADUR G.K. - Relatorio sobre os melhoramentos agricolas dos campos comunais de Goa
BOOKS006884I: KELKAR, ASHOK R. - Prolegomena to an Understanding of Semiosis and Culture
BOOKS022290I: KELKAR, ASHOK RAMCHANDRA - Studies in Hindi-Urdu : I: Introduction and Word Phonology
BOOKS028449I: KELLE, JOHANN NEPOMUK VON [1828-1909] - Die deutsche Dichtung unter den Fränkischen Kaisern 1024-1125
BOOKS021368I: KELLEHER, MARGARET - The Feminization of Famine : Expressions of the Inexpressible?
BOOKS013509I: KELLENBENZ, HERMANN [ 1913 - ] - Die Zuckerwirtschaft im Kölner Raum von der napoleonischen Zeit bis zur Reichsgründung.
BOOKS007396I: KELLENBENZ, HERMANN - Die Zuckerwirtschaft im Kolner Raum von der napoleonischer Zeit bis zur Reichsgrundung
BOOKS004209I: KELLENBERGER, J. - The Cognitivity of Religion. Three Perspectives
BOOKS018421I: KELLER, OTTO [1838-1927] - Kritische Beiträge zum IV. Buche der Horazischen Oden
BOOKS019134I: KELLER, MORTON ; & MELNICK, R. SHEP ; EDITORS: - Taking Stock : American Government in the Twentieth Century
BOOKS008848I: KELLER, LYNN - Re-making It New : Contemporary American Poetry and the Modernist Tradition
BOOKS015662I: KELLER, H. U. ; & SZEGO, K.; ET AL; EDITORS: [ EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY. PUBLICATIONS DIVISION ] - Images of the Nucleus of Comet Halley [ Volumes I & II ]
BOOKS018443I: KELLER, ALBRECHT; FINCKH, LUDWIG - Schwaben und Schwabenstreiche
BOOKS016574I: KELLER, SUZANNE INFELD - Beyond the Ruling Class: Strategic Elites in Modern Society
BOOKS017703I: KELLER, MARGARETE - Sage und Lied in Kleeberg : Zur Folkskunde eines rheinfränkischen Dorfs
BOOKS020508I: KELLER, EVELYN FOX - A Feeling for the Organism : The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock
BOOKS023955I: KELLERMANN, BERNHARD [1879-1951]; EDITOR: - Was sollen wir tun? Mit Diskussionsbeiträgen von Theodor Plievier, Th. Lieser, Adam Scharrer, Bernhard Bechler, Robert Havemann
BOOKS003097I: KELLEY, JONATHAN & KLEIN, HERBERT S. - Revolution & the Rebirth of Inequality. A Theory applied to the National Revolution in Bolivia
BOOKS016779I: KELLEY, HAROLD H. ; HOLMES, JOHN G.; KERR, NORBERT L.; REIS, HARRY T.; ET AL: EDITORS: - An Atlas of Interpersonal Situations
BOOKS022105I: KELLEY, MIKE [ WELCHMAN, JOHN C. ; EDITOR: ] - Minor Histories : Statements, Conversations, Proposals
BOOKS027604I: KELLING, GEORG - Ueber die Blutserumreaktion der Carcinomatösen [together with two other offprints]
BOOKS002258I: KELLMAN, PHILIP J. & ARTERBERRY, MARTHA E. - The Cradle of Knowledge: Development of Perception in Infancy
BOOKS005411I: KELLMAN, STEVEN G. - The Self-Begetting Novel
BOOKS007829I: KELLNER, DOUGLAS - Critical Theory, Marxism and Modernity
BOOKS022128I: KELLNER, BEATE - Grimms Mythen : Studien zum Mythosbegriff und seiner Anwendung in Jacob Grimms Deutscher Mythologie
BOOKS013715I: KELLY, J. N. D. (JOHN NORMAN DAVIDSON) - Golden Mouth: the Story of John Chrysostom - Ascetic Preacher, Bishop: The Story of John Chrysostom - Ascetic Preacher, Bishop
BOOKS019346I: KELLY, THOMAS [1909-1992] - A History of Adult Education in Great Britain - Second Edition
BOOKS011689I: KELLY, JENNIFER & KELLY, GARY, EDITORS: [SEWARD, ANNA] - Bluestocking Feminism. Writings of the Bluestocking Circle 1738-1785. Volume 4: Anna Seward
BOOKS011690I: KELLY, GARY; EDITOR: [SCOTT, SARAH] - Bluestocking Feminism: Writings of the Bluestocking Circle 1738 - 1785: Volume 5: Sarah Scott
BOOKS011032I: KELLY, CATHERINE E. - In the New England Fashion: Reshaping Women's Lives in the Nineteenth Century
BOOKS007123I: KELLY, JOHN D. - A Politics of Virtue : Hinduism, Sexuality & Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji
BOOKS005865I: KELLY, GAIL P. & ELLIOTT, CAROLYN M. - Women's Education in the Third World : Comparative Perspectives
BOOKS017097I: KELLY, WALTER KEATING - Proverbs of All Nations, Compared, Explained, and Illustrated
BOOKS016596I: KELLY, HENRY ANSGAR - Satan: A Biography
BOOKS016333I: KELLY, MICHAEL P. - Hegel in France
BOOKS019642I: KELLY, AILEEN M. - Views from the Other Shore : Essays on Herzen, Chekhov and Bakhtin
BOOKS024361I: KELLY, DOUGLAS - The Arts of Poetry and Prose
BOOKS004093I: KELSEY, SEABN - Inventing a Republic: The Political Culture of the English Commonwealth, 1649-1653
BOOKS029101I: KEMAL, CENAP - Terminologie internationale en Turc : phonétique et formes graphiques
BOOKS003282I: KEMILÄINEN, AIRA - L'affaire d'Avignon (1789-1791) from the Viewpoint of Nationalism
BOOKS012306I: KEMILEV, ASEN - Preselenieto na severno-dobrudzhanskitie Bulgari prez 1940 godina
BOOKS023910I: KEMMER, CLAUS - Von Cranach bis Baselitz : Meisterwerke des Clairobscur-Holzschnitts
BOOKS001889I: KEMMERLING, D.L.L. AND WOUDSTRA, H.W. - De Geologie en Geomorphologie van den Idjen & Analyse van Merkwaardige Watersoorten op het Idjen-Hoogland
BOOKS013006I: KEMP, PETER - H.G. Wells and the Culminating Ape: Biological Themes and Imaginative Obsessions
BOOKS021448I: KEMPERMAN, J. H. B. [ KEMPERMAN, JOHANNES HENRICUS BERNARDUS ] - The Passage Problem for a Stationary Markov Chain
BOOKS010823I: KEMPNER, KEN & TIERNEY, WILLIAM G.; EDITORS: - The Social Role of Higher Education : Comparative Perspectives
BOOKS023211I: WONG LIN KEN - The Trade of Singapore, 1819-69
BOOKS003324I: CUI YONGQIANG ; & CHEN KEN - Tests : Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
BOOKS008457I: KENDALL, LEON T.; & FISHMAN, MICHAEL J.; EDITORS: - A Primer on Securitization
BOOKS016319I: KENDALL, LAUREL - Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality and Modernity
BOOKS004290I: KENDEIGH, S. CHARLES - Invertebrate Population of the Deciduous Forest: Fluctuations & Relations to Weather
BOOKS012251I: KENDEROVA, STOIANKA & IVANOVA, ZORKA; COMPILERS: [NARODNA BIBLIOTEKA "SV. SV. KIRIL I METODII", ORIENTALSKI OTDEL] - Iz sbirkite na osmanskite biblioteki v Bulgariia XVIII-XIX vek: katalog na izlozhba ot rukopisi i staropechatni knigi
BOOKS012187I: KENDEROVA, STOIANKA [ KENDEROVA, STOYANKA ] - Knigi, biblioteki i chitatelski interesi sred samokovskite miusiulmani (XVIII - purva polovina na XIX vek)
BOOKS016650I: KENDON, ADAM - Gesture: Visible Action as Utterance
BOOKS017775I: KENEN, PETER B. - Essays in International Economics
BOOKS011765I: KENEZ, PETER - Cinema and Soviet Society from the Revolution to the Death of Stalin
BOOKS027450I: UCHU KAGAKU KENKYUJO (JAPAN) - An Aerodynamics in Relation to an Aeroassisted Orbit Transfer Vehicle
BOOKS017334I: KENNAN, GEORGE F. - From Prague after Munich : Diplomatic Papers, 1938-1940
BOOKS017864I: KENNARD, JEAN E. - Vera Brittain & Winifred Holtby : A Working Partnership
BOOKS013657I: KENNEDY, JEAN (JEAN DE CHANTAL) - Isle of Devils : Bermuda under the Somers Island Company, 1609-1685
BOOKS022484I: KENNEDY, JOHN C. - People of the Bays and Headlands : Anthropological History and the Fate of the Communities in the Unknown Labrador
BOOKS009047I: KENNEDY, WILLIAM J. - Authorizing Petrarch
BOOKS005333I: KENNEDY, ALAN - Meaning and Signs in Fiction
BOOKS004203I: KENNEDY, JOHN ; EDITOR : - Nubian Ceremonial Life : Studies in Islamic Syncretism & Cultural Change
BOOKS028711I: KENNEDY, HUGH N. - Crusader Castles
BOOKS015496I: KENNER, HUGH - Flaubert, Joyce and Beckett. The Stoic Comedians
BOOKS015242I: KENNEY, ROWLAND - The Northern Tangle, Scandinavia and the Post-War World
BOOKS014002I: KENNY, ANTHONY JOHN PATRICK - Aristotle's Theory of the Will
BOOKS003794I: KENNY, VINCENT - Herman Melville's 'Clarel' . A Spiritual Autobiography
BOOKS017245I: KENRICK, DONALD ; & PUXON, GRATTAN - Sinti und Roma : Die Vernichtung eines Volkes im NS-Staat
BOOKS013054I: KENSINGER, KENNETH M.; EDITOR: - Marriage Practices in Lowland South America
BOOKS006502I: KENSLEY, BRIAN & SCHOTTE, MARILYN - Guide to the Marine Isopod Crustaceans of the Caribbean
BOOKS019000I: KENT, RAYMOND K. - Early Kingdoms in Madagascar, 1500-1700
BOOKS001837I: KENT, DANIEL - District Census Handbook: Mokokchung District
BOOKS001838I: KENT, DANIEL - District Census Handbook: Tuensang District
BOOKS001805I: KENT, DANIEL - Nagaland. Paper 1 of 1987.Households & Household Population by Language mainly Spoken in the Household
BOOKS021088I: KENYATTA, JOMO - Facing Mount Kenya : The Tribal Life of the Gikuyu
BOOKS021061I: KENYON, WALTER ANDREW [1917-1986] - The Inverhuron Site, Bruce County, Ontario, 1957
BOOKS016251I: KEPEL, GILLES - Muslim Extremism in Egypt : The Prophet and Pharaoh
BOOKS020946I: KEPES, GYORGY [1906 - 2001] ; EDITOR: - The Nature and Art of Motion
BOOKS008228I: KEPLEY, VANCE, JR. - In the Service of the State: The Cinema of Alexander Dovzhenko
BOOKS012577I: KEPNER, SUSAN FULOP; EDITOR: - The Lioness in Bloom: Modern Thai Fiction About Women. Translated, Edited & with an Introduction.
BOOKS002972I: KEPPEL, ARNOLD - Gun Running and the Indian North-West Frontier
BOOKS020448I: KERALA, GOVERNMENT OF - Border Disputes : The True Story : Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala
BOOKS023718I: KERANVI, RAHMATULLAH SAHAB [ QASMI, MUSHIR AHMAD ; COMPILER: ] - Reply of Two Fallacies of Christians. Taken from Izharul-Haq. Written by Maulana Rahmatullah Sahab Keranvi (RH)
BOOKS023719I: KERANVI, RAHMATULLAH SAHAB [ QASMI, MUSHIR AHMAD ; COMPILER: ] - Glad Tidings of Last Messenger's Advent in the Bible
BOOKS022254I: KERANVI, RAHMATULLAH SAHAB [ QASMI, MUSHIR AHMAD ; COMPILER: ] - True Followers of Jesus. Taken from Izharul-Haq. Written by Maulana Rahmatullah Sahab Keranvi (RH)
BOOKS009916I: KERAVAL, P. - Le langue ecrit: ses origines, son developpement et son mechanisme intellectuels
BOOKS005640I: KERECSENYI, EDIT - A muramenti horvatok tortenete es anyagi kulturaja
BOOKS018603I: KERÉNYI, KARL - Der antike Roman: Einführung und Textauswahl
BOOKS012985I: KERÉNYI, KARL [1897-1973] - Der frühe Dionysos : Die Eitrem-Vorlesungen, gehalten an der Universität Oslo im September 1960
BOOKS005713I: KERENYI, C. - Eleusis. Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter
BOOKS005711I: KERENYI, C. - Prometheus. Archetypal Image of Human Existence
BOOKS000886I: KERENYI, GYORGY, EDITOR: - Volkstumliche Lieder
BOOKS015278I: KERÉNYI, KARL [1897 - 1973] [ KERENYI, CARL ] - Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life
BOOKS024960I: KERÉNYI, KARL [1897-1973] ; EDITOR: - Die Eröffnung des Zugangs zum Mythos : Ein Lesebuch
BOOKS014395I: KERKERING, JOHN D. - The Poetics of National and Racial Identity in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
BOOKS015536I: KERKVLIET, BENEDICT J. - The Huk Rebellion : A Study of Peasant Revolt in the Philippines
BOOKS017347I: KERLY, DUNCAN MACKENZIE, SIR [1863-1938] - An Historical Sketch of the Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery : Being the Yorke Prize Essay
BOOKS026213I: KERN, WALTER [1922-2007] - Atheismus, Marxismus, Christentum : Beiträge zur Diskussion
BOOKS009042I: KERN, ROBERT; EDITOR: - The Caciques: Oligarchical Politics & the System of Caciquismo in the Luso-Hispanic World
BOOKS022234I: KERN, FRITZ - Kingship and Law in the Middle Ages
BOOKS004905I: KERR, CLARK - Labor Markets and Wage Determination. The Balkanization of Labor Markets and other Essays.
BOOKS001638I: KERREBROCK, JACK L. - Aircraft Engines and Gas Turbines
BOOKS022140I: KERSHAW, IAN ; & LEWIN, MOSHE ; EDITORS: - Stalinism and Nazism : Dictatorships in Comparison
BOOKS001869I: KËRSTIQ, GJORGJE - Kolonizimi i Serbise jugore
BOOKS024479I: KERTELGE, KARL ; EDITOR: - Der Prozess gegen Jesus : historische Rückfrage und theologische Deutung
BOOKS023684I: KERTZER, DAVID I. ; & BARBAGLI, MARZIO ; EDITORS: - Family Life in the Twentieth Century [ The History of the European Family , Volume 3 ]
BOOKS005372I: KERTZER, JONATHAN - Poetic Argument. Studies in Modern Poetry
BOOKS013707I: KESCKEMETI, VILMOS ; EDITOR : - Zsido Evkönyv az 5689 Bibliai evre. II. Evfolyam
BOOKS021823I: KESHAVA NAIK, H. P. - Some Aspects of Feudal Elements in the Vijayanagara Polity, 1336-1565 A.D.
BOOKS013661I: KESIAKOVA, ELENA [1942 - ] - Philippopolis / Filipopol prez rimskata epokha
BOOKS011491I: KESSEL, PETER J. VAN ; & BODART, DIDIER ; EDITORS : - La collection d'opuscules relatifs aux dernieres annees du Regime autrichien at a la Revolution brabanconne rassemblee par ..,.
BOOKS025362I: KESSLER, JOSEF - Isokrates und die panhellenische Idee
BOOKS015049I: KESSLER, HERBERT L. ; & ZACHARIAS, JOHANNA - Rome, 1300: On the Path of the Pilgrim
BOOKS017583I: KESSLER, EDWIN ; EDITOR: - The Thunderstorm in Human Affairs
BOOKS011942I: KESSLER-HARRIS, ALICE - In Pursuit of Equity: Women, Men and the Quest for Economic Citizenship in 20th-Century America
BOOKS013564I: KESTING, MARIANNE - Auf der Suche nach der Realität : kritische Schriften zur modernen Literatur
BOOKS005331I: KETCHIVA, PAUL DE - Confessions of a Croupier. The Inside Story of the Gambling Game from the Authoritative Angle of the "Bank"...
BOOKS010435I: KETMANN, GERHARD & SCHILDT, JOACHIM; EDITORS: - Zur Literatursprache im Zeitalter der fruhburgerlichen Revolution: Untersuchungen zu ihrer Verwendung in der Agitationsliteratur
BOOKS015332I: KETO, C. TSEHLOANE - The Africa Centered Perspective of History & Social Sciences in the Twenty First Century
BOOKS005706I: KETTE, W. - Die Lupine als Feldfrucht
BOOKS005715I: KETTUNEN, LAURI - Etymologische Untersuchung uber estnische Ortsnamen
BOOKS029036I: KEYDER, CAGLAR ; ÖNCÜ, AYSE ; & PAMUK, SEVKET ; EDITORS : - New Perspectives on Turkey : No. 12 : Spring 1995
BOOKS029034I: KEYDER, CAGLAR ; ÖNCÜ, AYSE ; & PAMUK, SEVKET ; EDITORS : - New Perspectives on Turkey : No. 9 : Fall 1993
BOOKS029035I: KEYDER, CAGLAR ; & ÖNCÜ, AYSE ; EDITORS : - New Perspectives on Turkey : No. 21 : Fall 1999
BOOKS008171I: KEYLOR, WILLIAM R. - Jacques Bainville and the Renaissance of Royalist History in Twentieth-Century France
BOOKS023157I: KEYS, ANCEL BENJAMIN [1904-2004] - A Study of the Selective Action of Decreased Salinity and of Asphyxiation on the Pacific Killifish, Fundulus parvipinnis
BOOKS012709I: KEYS, GILLIAN - The Wages of SIn : A Reappraisal of the 'Succession Narrative'
BOOKS018814I: KEYSER, PAUL DE [1891-1966] ; EDITOR: - Ars folklorica Belgica, II: Noord en Zuid-Nederlandse Volkskunst
BOOKS015262I: CHALI KHACHEN - Songkhram Lao-- yutthaphum Long Chæng
BOOKS010589I: KHADABADI, B.K. - Vaddaradhane : A Study
BOOKS012320I: KHADZHINIKOLOVA, ELENA - Bulgarite v IUzhna Makedoniia: 70-te godini na XIX vek
BOOKS029336I: KHAFAJI, THAMIR KAZIM - al-Maraqid wa-al-maqamat al-bahiyah fi al-Hillah al-Sayfiyah
BOOKS023981I: KHAFFAF, 'ABD 'ALI ; 'ATRUSH, 'ABD AL-HAKIM MUHSIN ; & 'ALI, RADIYAH SHAMSHIR - Ta'addud al-zawjat wa-atharuhu fi al-usrah wa-al-mujtama fi al-Yaman
BOOKS000907I: KHAKIMOVA, K.Z. ; & KRAVETS, L.N. - Sotsial'no-ekonomicheskie otnosheniia i klassovaia bor'ba v dorevoliutsionnom Uzbekistane : konets XIX-nachalo XX v.
BOOKS011603I: KHAKSAR, NASIM [KHAKSAR, NASSIM] - Badnumaha va shallaqha: ruman
BOOKS008428I: KHALAF ALLAH, AHMAD RABI' 'ABD AL-HAMID - al-Fikr al-tarbawi wa-tatbiqatuhu ladá Jama'at al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin
BOOKS015795I: KHALAF, SAMIR - Lebanon's Predicament
BOOKS023318I: KHALAQI, 'ALI SALIH - Adat wa-taqalid al-zawaj wa-aghanih fi Yafi
BOOKS029317I: KHALAQI, 'ALI SALIH - Shall al-'jab : shall al-ddan diwan Yahyá 'Umar al-Yafi'i "Abu Mujab" : wa-dirasah 'an hayatihi wa-ash'arihi
BOOKS019615I: KHALATBARI LIMAKI, MUSTAFÁ - Farhang-i mardum-i Tunukabun : Shahsuvar
BOOKS003327I: KHALFIN, N.A. - Bor'ba za Kurdistan (Kurdskii Vopros v Mezhdunarodnikh Otnoshenijakh XIX Veka.)
BOOKS014227I: KHALID, KAMAL - Fi sahat al-tughyan : shahid 'ala aghrab muhakamat Misr [Volumes 1 & 2]
BOOKS015680I: KHALID, MANSOUR - The Government They Deserve : Role of the Elite in Sudan's Political Evolution
BOOKS007624I: KHALIDI, RASHID - Under Siege : P.L.O. Decisionmaking During the 1982 War
BOOKS011094I: EL KHALIFA, M.D.; FORD, RICHARD & KHOGALI, MUSTAFA M.; EDITORS: - Sudan's Southern Stock Route: An Environmental Impact Assessment
BOOKS000257I: KHALIFAH, MAYY MUHAMMAD - Muhammad ibn Khalifah, 1813-1890 M : al-usturah wa-al-tarikh al-mawazi
BOOKS028199I: KHALIFEH-SOLTANI, IRADJ - Das Bild des idealen Herrschers in der iranischen Fürstenspiegelliteratur dargestellt am Beispiel des Qabus-Namé
BOOKS023885I: KHALIL, GUSMAN ; & IARULLINA, TATIANA - Kude izcheznala Volzhka Bulgariia / Bulgarskata durzhavnost na Volga prez XX vek : sbornik istoriko-publitsistichni materiali
BOOKS009988I: AL-KHALIL, SAMIR - The Monument : Art, Vulgarity and Responsibility in Iraq
BOOKS019033I: KHALIL, AHMAD MAHMUD - Siyahah fi dhakirat Jabal al-Kurd (Kurd Dagh)
BOOKS019971I: KHALILI, 'ALI AKBAR - Farhang-i mardum-i Kashmar (fulklur) : nigahi bih farhang-i ammah-yi Turshiz-i kuhan
BOOKS025127I: KHALILIYAN, HAMID ; COMPILER: - Hadis-i khuban : hikayat'ha-yi akhlaqi va karamat-i mashahir-i Takht-i Fulad-i Isfahan / gird'avarandah: Hamid Khaliliyan
BOOKS007339I: KHALIQ, SALIH MUHAMMAD - Tarikh-i ruznamah'nigari-i Balkh
BOOKS022237I: KHALIQI, RUH ALLAH - Sarguzasht-i musiqi-i Iran
BOOKS003384I: AL-KHALLAL, ABU BAKR - Al-Musnad min Masa'il Abi 'Abd Allah Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Hanbal
BOOKS002465I: SAZMAN-I MUJAHIDIN-I KHALQ (IRAN) [ PEOPLE'S MOJAHEDIN ORGANIZATION OF IRAN ] - The Statement of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Response to the Recent Accusations of the Iranian Regime.
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BOOKS029708I: KORKUTI, MUZAFER - Archaeological Studies on the Prehistory of Albania
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BOOKS024637I: KORZEN, HANNE - Pourquoi et l'inversion finale en français : étude sur le statut de l'adverbial de cause et l'anatomie de la construction..,.
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BOOKS006942I: KOSAI, YUTAKA - The Era of High-Speed Growth : Notes on the Postwar Japanese Economy
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BOOKS000697I: KRISHAN, SHREE - Thadou : A Grammatical Sketch
BOOKS014821I: KRISHNA RAO, UBHAYAKAR SHIVARAM - A Dictionary of Bharata Natya
BOOKS018586I: KRISHNA WARRIER, A. G. - The Concept of Mukti in Advaita Vedanta
BOOKS002001I: KRISHNA MURTI, C.R. - Pesticide Residues in Food & Biological Tissue. A Report of the Situation in India
BOOKS023554I: KRISHNA IYER, K.V. [ KRISHNA AYYAR, K. V. (1894-1986)] - The History of Guruvayoor
BOOKS020475I: KRISHNADAN, KAVIMANI, PANDIT - Bundelakhanda ka itihasa : Orchha Khand
BOOKS018840I: KRISHNAMOORTHY, K. [ KALYA LAKSMINRSIMHA ] - Kavi-kaumudi of Kalya Laksminrsimha : An Anthology of 'Anyokti' Verses in Sanskrit
BOOKS010431I: KRISHNAMOORTHY, KERALAPURA [1923- ]; EDITOR: [VADIRAJASURI (FL. 1025-1042)] [LAKSMANA (FL. CA. 1550)] - Vadiraja's Yasodharacarita. A Literary Epic with a Sanskrit Commentary by Laksmana. Critically Edited with Variant Readings...
BOOKS023557I: KRISHNAMURTHY, R. [ KIRUSNAMURTTI, IRA ] - Non-Roman Ancient Foreign Coins from Karur in India
BOOKS010841I: KRISHNAMURTI, T.N.; BEDI, H.S. & HARDIKER, V.M. - An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling
BOOKS029681I: KRISHNAMURTI, R. - Akbar: The Religious Aspect
BOOKS021688I: KRISHNAN KUTTY PULAVAR, K. L. - Ayodhya Kandam : The Atal Pattu for Tolpakavakuttu
BOOKS026890I: KRISHNASWAMY, M. V. - In Quest of Dravidian Roots in South Africa
BOOKS002778I: KRISHNAYYA, PASUPULETI GOPALA - Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S.A.
BOOKS026735I: KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR [1905-1999] - Greek Philosophers of the Hellenistic Age
BOOKS010128I: KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR - Medieval Aspects of Renaissance Learning: Three Essays
BOOKS015623I: KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR [1905 - 1999] - Eight Philosophers of the Italian Renaissance
BOOKS026110I: KRISTENSEN, TOM - Sophus Claussen
BOOKS017738I: KRISTENSEN, PER NIELS - Bønder og bebyggelse : Befolknings- og bebyggelsesudvikling, ejendomsforholdene og ugedagsbøndernes antal i Fugelse Herred..,.
BOOKS025859I: KRISTENSEN, TOROLF - Frae mi bet'te ti' å ong daw : Minder og oplevelser fra Sydvestsalling
BOOKS002175I: KRISTENSEN, ANNE K.G. - Studien zur Adam von Bremen Überlieferung. Die Wiener Handschrift: Erstredaktion oder später verkürzte Fassung? ...
BOOKS021847I: KRISTENSEN, MARIUS [1869-1941] - Nokkur blöd Ur Hauksbók : Et færøsk håndskrift fra o. 1300 undersøgt og bestemt med hensyn til dets sprogform
BOOKS026560I: KRISTENSEN, ANNE KATRINE GADE - Tacitus' germanische Gefolgschaft
BOOKS021911I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Le texte du roman : approche sémiologique d’une structure discursive transformationnelle.
BOOKS016708I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Proust and the Sense of Time
BOOKS016550I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Possessions
BOOKS020546I: KRISTEVA, JULIA - La révolution du langage poétique : l’avant-garde à la fin du XIXe siècle, Lautréamont et Mallarmé
BOOKS003169I: KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN & NIELSEN, POUL OTTO, EDITORS: - Journal of Danish Archaeology. Volume 8 - 1989
BOOKS006680I: KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN, EDITOR: - Settlement and Economy in Later Scandinavian Prehistory
BOOKS018710I: KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN ; EDITOR: - Archaeological Formation Processes : The Representativity of Archaeological Remains from Danish Prehistory
BOOKS016587I: KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN ; & LARSSON, THOMAS B. - The Rise of Bronze Age Society : Travels, Transmissions and Transformations
BOOKS002520I: KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN & NIELSEN, POUL OTTO, EDITORS: - Journal of Danish Archaeology. Volume 6 - 1987
BOOKS012430I: KRISTIANSEN, ERIK SARAUW; EDITOR: - Depression: Proceedings of the Scandinavian Symposium on Depression, 26-28 October 1960

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