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029121: KAMAL, AHMAD - Land Without Laughter
031422: KAMPHOEFNER, WALTER D. - The Westfalians: From Germany to Missouri (Princeton Legacy Library)
030723: SHARON KANACH - Performing Xenakis (The Iannis Xenakis Series)
031695: KANEKO, JUN - Madama Butterfly
030937: KANY, CHARLES E. - American-Spanish Semantics
026709: KAPLAN, KAREL - The Short March: The Communist Takeover in Czechoslovakia 1945-1948
014581: KAPLAN, PETER - The Historic Architecture of Cabarrus County North Carolina
029756: KARLSON, NORMAN - American Art Tile 1876-1941
026047: KARPOV, ANATOLY;PODGAETS, MIKHAIL - Caro Kann Defence: Advance Variation and Gambit System
031687: KARSON, ROBIN S. - Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect: An Account of the Gardenmaker's Life, 1885-1971
029092: KASARDA, JOHN D.; LINDSAY, GREG - Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next
018618: KASERES, NIKOS;KOLLIAS, ELIAS;MAKRES, MANOLES - Dodekanesa: Taxidi Sto Choro Kai Sto Chrono
032506: KASFELDT, BLAIR W. - Biblical Hebrew Made Easy!: The Triad System
027959: ALEXANDER KASK - Japanese for the Martial Arts Tape & Script
030002: KASPAROV, GARY WITH RAYMOND KEENE - Kasparov on the King's Indiean
029926: KASSEROLLER, RENATO, M.D. - Compendium of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage
031426: KARL ALBERT KASTEN - Foghorns & Peacocks: A Memoir
030984: AKIHIRO KASUYA - Creating Ikebana
025336: KATZENELSON, YITZHAK - The Song of the Murdered Jewish People
032235: KATZNER, DONALD W. - Static Demand Theory
032291: KAUFMAN, ALAN S. AND NADEEN L. - KABC Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children Interpretive Manual
024845: KAUFMANN, RANDALL - Tying Dry Flies: The Complete Dry Fly Instruction and Pattern Manual
029068: KAUK, RON - Spirit of the Rock
032455: KAWASUMI, KEN - Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls
031452: KAWATA, MITSUKO - Japanese Flower Wrapping
030982: KEATS, JOHN - Eminent Domain The Louisiana Purchase and the Making of America
022185: KEELING, RICHARD - A Guide to Early Field Recordings
030509: KEEN, SAM, AND VALLEY-FOX, ANNE - Your Mythic Journey Finding Meaning in your Life through Writing and Storytelling
029194: KEENE, DONALD, TRANSLATOR - Essays in Idleness The Tsurezuregusa of Kenko
008468: KEENE, DONALD, TRANSLATOR - Major Plays of Chikamatsu
018970: KEENE, RAYMOND - An Opening Repertoire for White
029626: KEENEY, BRADFORD - Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: Zulu High Sanusi (Profiles in Healing)
031866: OLGA BURAYA-KEFELIAN - Ori Ami Knits
030697: KYLE KEIDERLING - Heart of A Lion- The Life, Death And Legacy Of Hank Gathers
032458: KEITHAHN, EDWARD L. - Igloo Tales
030328: KELDERMANS, KAREL - Carillon: The evolution of a concert instrument in North America
025497: KELLER, SHARON R., EDITOR - The Jews in Literature and Art
024722: KELLER, HANS - The Great Haydn Quartets: Their Interpretation
031607: KELLER, CHARLES M.; KELLER, JANET DIXON - Cognition and Tool Use: The Blacksmith at Work (Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive, and Computational Perspectives)
019379: KELLEY, DANIEL, ARRANGEMENTS - Music for Three (volume 2)
032423: KELLEY, DAVID H. - Deciphering the Maya Script
027287: KELLEY, DALE, EDITOR - 1892-1893 Marshall Field Toy Catalog
031498: KELLY, JOHN P. ET AL - Annotated Atlas and Implications for the Conservation of Heron and Egret Nesting Colonies in the San Francisco Bay Area
028652: KELLY, FRANKLIN; CARR, GERALD L.; CHURCH, FREDERICK EDWIN - The Early Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, 1845-1854 (Anne Burnett Tandy Lectures in American Civilization)
032087: JOE KELLY - I Kill Giants Titan Edition
027010: KELMAN, JOHN - The Holy Land
027206: KEMP, PAUL - U-Boats Destroyed : German Submarine Losses in the World Wars
024740: KEMP, MARTIN - The Science of Art: Optical Themes in Western Art from Brunelleschi to Seurat
027672: KEMP, JOHN - Alan Flattmann's French Quarter Impressions
030701: KENDALL, HARRY - A Farm Boy in the Foreign Service
025114: KENNER, HUGH - Dublin's Joyce
028384: BERNICE KENTNER - Color Me a Season : How to Find and Use Your Most Flattering Colors
031950: KENTRIDGE, WILLIAM - (Repeat) From the Beginning/Da Capo
026347: KERR, JOAN PATTERSON, EDITOR - Thomas Jefferson A Biography in His Own Words (in Two volumes)
026078: KERR, ROSE - Chinese Art and Design
032411: PHILIP KERR - The One From the Other
031819: KESSEN, WILLIAM; ORTONY, ANDREW; CRAIK, FERGUS - Memories, Thoughts, and Emotions: Essays in Honor of George Mandler
030852: KETCHUM, ROBERT GLENN - Rivers of Life: Southwest Alaska, the Last Great Salmon Fishery
032237: KETCHUM, ALTON - Uncle Sam: The Man and the Legend
021423: KETTLE, MICHAEL - The Allies and the Russian Collapse, March 1917-March 1918
022828: KEYS, IVOR - Johannes Brahms
027926: KHAKIMOV, A.A., ET AL - Atlas of Central Asian Artistic Crafts and Trades Volume I Uzbekistan
031193: AZIM KHAMISA - From Forgiveness to Fulfillment
026633: KHAN, SUFI INAYAT - Music
025520: KHARITONIDOU, ANGELIKI - Andros Greek Traditional Architecture
031197: KIANG, JOHN C. K - One world: The approach to permanent peace on earth and general happiness of mankind : a popular manifesto with scholarly annotations
029541: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Invention of Wings
026776: KIDDER, J. EDWARD - Prehistoric Japanese Arts Jomon Pottery
029546: KIDSON, ALEX - George Romney 1734-1802
030878: CHRISTIE KIEFER - Mantle of Maturity: A History of Ideas about Character Development
027074: KIEFER, ANSELM;AUPING, MICHAEL - Anselm Kiefer: Heaven And Earth
027441: KIELSMEIER, CATHY - Tibetan Language Pre-Primer Learning to Read the Short Chenrezik Sadhana
031836: KIM, HONGNAM - Korean Arts Of The Eighteenth Century: Splendor And Simplicity
018797: KIM, UNSONG - Lao Tzu's Tao-Te Ching
025622: KIMHI, YAACO - Earth, Sky and Water Colors, Israel
027149: KIMMELMAN, MIRA RYCZKE - Echoes from the Holocaust: A Memoir
032276: KIMURA, HIDEO; KIMURA, HEEDAY - How to Pick and Strum the Ukulele, Book 2
032275: KIMURA, HEEDAY - How to Pick & Strum the Ukulele, Bk III (revised edition)
032513: KING, JEFF; OAKES, MAUD - Where the Two Came to Their Father
031900: KING, CHARLES - The Black Sea A History
029019: KING, TONY ET AL - En Plein Air
024284: KING, CONSTANCE EILEEN - Collector's History of Doll's Houses: Doll House Dolls and Miniatures
029482: KING, STANLEY - The Magic of Angels
029368: KING, WILLARD L. - Lincoln's Manager David Davis
031253: KINGDON, JONATHAN - East African Mammals: An Atlas of Evolution in Africa, Vol III Part D Bovids
018998: KINGHORN, JAMES, EDITOR - Gene Structure in Eukaryotic Microbes
029449: KINGMAN, DONG; KINGMAN, HELENA KUO - Dong Kingman's Watercolors
029133: KINGMAN, DONG; KINGMAN, HELENA KUO - Dong Kingman's Watercolours
029331: NIGEL DUNNETT; NOEL KINGSBURY - Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
028728: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies
029257: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
021885: KINKELDEY, OTTO - A Jewish Dancing Master of the Renaissance: Guglielmo Ebreo
029166: KATE KINSELLA - Academic Vocabulary, Toolkit 1: Mastering High-Use Words for Academic Achievement
030380: KINSEY - Kinsey Photographer : Volumes 1 & 2
029232: KIPLING, RUDYARD - With the Night Mail
028475: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book (Books of Wonder)
026987: KIRCH, PATRICK V.;SAHLINS, MARSHALL;SAHLINS, MARSHALL DAVID - Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii The Archaeology of History
022906: KIRK, GEOFFREY STEPHEN - Homer and the Oral Tradition
031313: KIRK, SCRIBNER - To Dust Returneth
029391: KIRK, CONSTANCE; LAWRENCE, DANA; VALVO, NILA, EDS. - States Manual of Spinal, Pelvic, and Extravertebral Technics
014118: KIRK, JOHN M. - Between God and the Party: Religion and Politics in Revolutionary Cuba
030735: KIRSNER, GARY; GRUHL, JIM - The Beer Stein Book: Illustrated Catalog, Current Prices, Collector's Information
023777: KLAWANS, ZANDER H. - Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins
032025: KLEIN, CORNELIS - Minerals and Rocks: Exercises in Crystallography, Mineralogy and Hand Specimen Petrology
028058: KLEIN, MASON; EVANS, CATHERINE - The Radical Camera: New York's Photo League, 1936-1951 (Jewish Museum)
030813: KLEIN, BARRY; REISS, FAYLA - Knitovation: Creative Knitwear Made from 3 Simple Shapes
028496: KLEVEN, ELISA - The Wishing Ball
015839: KLIEGER, P. CHRISTIAN - Na Maka o Halawa: A History of Halawa Ahupua'a, O'ahu
032466: JULES KLIOT - Crochet Edgings & More
024370: KLIOT, JULES AND KAETHE, EDITORS - Singer Instructions of Art Embroidery and Lace Work
030748: KLIOT, JULES - The needle made lace of reticella
031116: RIVKAH SCHARF KLUGER - Psyche and Bible : Three Old Testament Themes (Seminar Series)
028741: KLUGMAN, DAVID - The Conspiracy of the Righteous
020646: KNAPP, RONALD G. - China's Vernacular Architecture: House Form and Culture
025605: KNEISS, GILBERT H. - Redwood Railways A History of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad and Predecessor Lines
025404: KNEISSLER, IRMGARD - Decorate with Origami
024465: KNESTRICK, WALTER;GROOMS, RED;KATZ, VINCENT - Red Grooms The Graphic Work
032104: KNIGHT, WALTER AND IRJA - Guide to the Regional Parks Botanic Garden
029840: KNIGHT, ALAN E. - Aspects of Genre in Late Medieval French Drama
024820: KNIGHT, BRENDA - Women Of The Beat Generation: The Writers, Artists And Muses At The Heart Of A Revolution
032446: KNIGHT, FRED W. - A Knight in the East
018460: KNIGHT, FRANKLIN W. - The Caribbean: The Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism
030911: KNIGHT, IAN - Zulu: Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift 22Nd-23rd January 1879
028929: KNIGHT, MAX - The Blue Danube Cookbook Fine Recipes of the Old Austrian Empire
027978: KNOBEL, DALE T. - Paddy and the Republic: Ethnicity and Nationalty in the Antebellum America
031877: SUN LEE; JAMES KNOX - SFJAZZ: The First 30 Years
032429: KOCH, HENRY F. - History of the Somerset Christian Church 1812-1973
026761: KOCH, GLENN D. - San Francisco Golden Age Postcards
007821: KODALY, ZOLTAN - Ungarische Volksmusik (II): Five Szekely Ballads and Songs from Transylvania
031202: KOENIG, HAROLD G; HAYNES, WILLIAM F; KELLY, GEFFREY B - Is There a God in Health Care: Toward a New Spirituality of Medicine
024084: KOKE, RICHARD J. - Accomplice in Treason: Joshua Hett Smith and the Arnold Conspiracy
030514: KOLB, ROBERT W. - Futures, Options and Swaps
030757: KOLNEDER, WALTER - Anton Webern An Introduction to His Works
026052: KOLTANOWSKI, GEORGE - Blindfold Chess Genius
028511: KONNER, MELVIN - The Evolution of Childhood: Relationships, Emotion, Mind
030128: KONOPINSKI, E.J. - The Theory of Beta Radioactivity
020583: KONRAD, HERMAN W - Jesuit Hacienda in Colonial Mexico: Santa Lucia, 1576-1767
032407: KOPF, DAVID - British Orientalism and the Bengal Renaissance The Dynamics of Indian Modernization 1773-1835
022526: KORBONSKI, ANDRZEJ, AND FUKUYAMA, FRANCIS - The Soviet Union and the Third World: The Last Three Decades
031750: KORNHAUSER, ELIZABETH MANKIN - Hudson River School: Masterworks from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
032507: KOTRONIAS, VASSILIOS - Kotronias on the King's Indian: Fianchetto Systems (Volume 1)
025436: KOTZWINKLE, WILLIAM - Million Dollar Bear
031847: KOUDELKA, JOSEF - Chaos
017742: KOZLOV, NICHOLAS N.;WEITZ, ERIC D. - Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin: A Centenary Appraisal
031017: KRACAUER, SIEGFRIED; KRISTELLER, PAUL OSKAR - History-The Last Things Before the Last
032331: KRAITZ, ULLA & GUSTAV - Ulla & Gustav Kraitz Sculptures from the Flames
028500: KRAMER, HILTON - The Sculpture of Gaston Lachaise
032390: KRAMER, MATT - Making Sense of Burgundy
029439: KRAMER, JACK - Natural Dyes Plants & Processes
030573: KRANZ, KURT - Art The Revealing Experience
022176: KRAPP, GEORGE P. - Exeter Book: Anglo Saxon Records III
022155: KRAPP, GEORGE PHILIP, EDITOR - The Paris Psalter and Meters of Boethius
030280: PHYLLIS KRASILOVSKY - The First Tulips in Holland
029278: KRASNO, RENA;KRASNO, RENO - Kneeling Carabao & Dancing Giants: Celebrating Filipino Festivals
013697: KRAUS, RICHARD - An English Forest
029782: KRAUSE, WILLIAM - Hollywood TV and Movie Cars
030567: KREBS, HARALD - Sanum Therapy in the Practice
031987: KRENN, PETER; KARCHESKI, WALTER J., JR. - Imperial Austria: Treasures of Art, Arms & Armor : From the State of Syria
030092: KRESKY, JEFFREY - Tonal Music: Twelve Analytic Studies
030707: KRIGSTEIN, B. - B Krigstein Comics HC
029512: KRITZER, J. HASKEL - Text-Book of Iridiagnosis
020145: KRIZANIC, JURAJ;DMYTRYSHYN, BASIL;LETICHE, JOHN M. - Russian Statecraft: The Politika of Iurii Krizhanich
032342: KROEBER, THEODORA - Ishi
032098: KROEBER, THEODORA, ELSASSER, ALBERT B., AND HEIZER, ROBERT F. - Drawn from Life California Indians in Pen and Brush
031341: KROEBER, CLIFTON B.; FONTANA, BERNARD L. - Massacre on the Gila: An Account of the Last Major Battle Between American Indians With.........
014567: KROEBER, THEODORA - Ishi: Last of His Tribe
023809: KRUTEIN, EVA - Eva's War: A True Story of Survival
032128: KRYDER, ROWENA - Gaia Matrix Oracle, Volume 1
028753: KSELMAN, THOMAS A. - Death and Afterlife in Modern France (Princeton Legacy Library)
024192: KUGE, YASUHIDE - Yasuhide Kuge Atelier
029443: KUGEL, JAMES L. - Techniques of Strangeness in Symbolist Poetry (Yale College)
030209: KUHN, RITA J. - Broken Glass, Broken Lives: A Jewish Girl's Survival Story in Berlin, 1933-1945
031875: KUHNE , CECIL C., III - The Little Book of Boating Law (ABA Little Books Series)
029125: KULASIEWICZ, FRANK - Glassblowing
015040: KUNA, MILAN - Musik an Der Grenze Des Lebens
028121: KUNAI, JUN I. - Japonism in Fashion
020228: KUNDERA, MILAN - Smesne Lasky
029670: KUNICZAK, EWA - More Felt in the Kitchen Printing and Sculpting with Fibres
030969: KURTZ, RON; PRESTERA, HECTOR - Body Reveals: Illustrated Guide to the Psychology of the Body
022013: KURTZ, DONNA C.;BOARDMAN, JOHN - Greek Burial Customs
026762: KURUTZ, GARY F. - California Pastorale: Selected Photographs 1860-1925
029927: KURZ, INGRID - Textbook of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage Volume 2 Therapy
031593: KUSHNER, TONY - The Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to Present
029276: KUWAHARA, STEVEN - Quality Systems and GMP Regulations for Device Manufacturers
029998: LAABS, ANNEGRET - The Leiden Fijnschilders from Dresden
029916: LABBE, JOHN T., AND CARRANCO, LYNWOOD - A Logger's Lexicon An Illustrated Reference for Logging Terms and Technology
025934: LABOUNTY, WOODY - Carville-by-the-Sea San Francisco's Streetcar Suburb
030395: LAD, VASANT - Ayurveda The Science of Life
022091: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Times of Feast, Times of Famine: A History of Climate Since the Year 1000
023120: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL - The Peasants of Languedoc
023205: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village, 1294-1324
030555: DE LAET, DIANNE TITTLE - Giants and Heroes: A Daughter's Memories of Y. A. Tittle
026797: DE LAET, DIANNE TITTLE;TITTLE DE LAET, DIANNE - Giants and Heroes: A Daughter's Memories of Y.A. Title
026658: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Marbacka
029334: LAI, HIM MARK; LIM, GENNY; YUNG, JUDY - Island (Naomi B. Pascal Editor's Endowment)
028850: LAING, ALASTAIR - Francois Boucher, 1703-1770
032320: LAIRD, ELIZABETH - The miracle child: A story from Ethiopia
030196: LAJOUS, JAIME ORTIZ - Oaxaca Tesoros de la Alta Mixteca
027563: LAKOFF, GEORGE - Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea
027331: LAKOFF, SANFORD A. - Max Lerner: Pilgrim in the Promised Land
030928: LALIQUE, MARC & MARIE-CLAUDE - Lalique par Lalique
032388: LAM, DAVID; BARI, HUBERT - Pearls
025507: LAMB, V. B. - The Betrayal of Richard III
032392: LAMB, HAROLD - Babur the Tiger First of the Great Moguls
030905: MICHAEL LAMM - The Newest Corvette
031824: LAMONACA, MARIANNE, AND MOGUL, JONATHAN, EDITORS - Grand Hotels of the Jazz Age The Architecture of Schultze & Weaver
029750: LAMPEN, BETTY - Miniature Pullovers Book II
029753: LAMPEN, BETTY - Knitted Bears and Dolls Book 1 new edition
029752: BETTY LAMPEN - Knitted Bears & Dolls Book 1
030340: LANCASTER, DAVID; EVERITT, SALLY - Christie's Twentieth-Century Jewelry
025445: LANCASTER, ROY;LANCASTER, RAY - Travels in China: A Plantsman's Paradise
023348: LANDAUER, SUSAN - Breaking Type: The Art of Karl Kasten
029814: LANDUA, SAUL; LANDAU, SAUL - The Dangerous Doctrine: National Security and U.S. Foreign Policy (A Pacca Book)
027718: LANDWEHR, RICHARD - Steadfast Hussars The Last Cavalry Divisions of the Waffen-SS
027858: SELMA G. LANES - The Art of Maurice Sendak
028900: LANGER, VICTOR; THOMAS, WALTER - The Nuclear War Fun Book
031163: LANGLAND, TUCK - From Clay to Bronze: A Studio Guide to Figurative Sculpture
029076: LANGLAND, WILLIAM - Piers Plowman
031743: LANKSHEAR, COLIN; MCLAREN, PETER - The Politics of Liberation: Paths from Freire
027478: LANSDELL, AVRIL - Wedding Fashions, 1860-1980
027810: FRANS LANTING - Eye to Eye: Intimate Encounters with the Animal World (Jumbo)
022607: LARKIN, EMMET J. - The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-1891
031460: LARRISON, EARL J. - Owyhee The Life of a Northern Desert
030964: JACK LENOR LARSEN - Jack Lenor Larsen: A Weaver's Memoir
025408: LARSEN, KAI;WONG, K. M. - Gingers of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore
031860: STIEG LARSSON - Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy Bundle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
030345: LASKA, VERA - Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust: The Voices of Eyewitnesses (Contributions in Women's Studies)
009276: DE LASSUS, ROLAND - Five Lieder for Four Voices or Instruments SATB
030599: LAUB, MORRIS - Last Barrier to Freedom: Internment of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on Cyprus, 1946-1949
029020: LAUDE, JEAN - Zao Wou-i
026720: LAUDER, EVELYN H. - An Eye for Beauty : Photographs of Evelyn Lauder
023889: LAUER, J. QUENTIN, S.J. - The Triumph of Subjectivity: An Introduction to Transcendental Phenomenology
032330: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty
031936: DE LAUNAY, JACQUES - Secret Diplomacy of World War II Secret Dossiers of History
029177: LAUTERBACH, IRIS - Antoine Watteau : 1684-1721
023987: LAVENDER, DAVID - Bent's Fort
028245: LAWES, LEWIS E. - Life and Death in Sing Sing
028244: LAWES, WARDEN LEWIS E. - Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing
030288: LAWFORD, VALENTINE (FOREWORD BY DIANA VREELAND) - Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens, People
026439: LAWRENCE, A.W. - Greek Architecture
027154: LAWRENCE, FRIEDA VON RICHTHOFEN;TEDLOCK, E. W. - Frieda Lawrence: The Memoirs and Correspondence
029949: LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Woman Who Rode Away
030496: TELEMANN; SIDNEY LAWTON - Heroic Music - A Suite of 12 Marches Transcribed for Trumpet in B Flat or Horn in F, or Trombone and Keyboard
024259: LAZARO, FABIO LOPEZ - The Misfortunes of Alonso Ramirez: The Remarkable Adventures of a Spanish American With 17th-century Pirates
009271: LAZITCH, BRANKO AND DRACHKOVITCH, MILORAD - Lenin and the Comintern (Volume I)
022316: LEACH, JOHN - Pompey the Great
030730: O'LEARY, BRIAN - Exploring Inner and Outer Space A Scientist's Perspective on Personal and Planetary Transformation
006293: LECHNER, LEONHARD - Italienische Madrigale 1579-1585 Fur Funfstimmigen Gemischten Chor
011956: LECLAIR, JEAN-MARIE (RAMPAL AND VEYRON-LACROIX, EDITORS) - 8 Sonatas for Flute and Piano
032497: LECLERCQ, DOM JEAN; GIUSTINIANI, BLESSED PAUL - Camaldolese Extraordinary: The Life, Doctrine, and Rule of Blessed Paul Giustiniani
028186: LECONTE, JOSEPH - A Journal of Ramblings through the High Sierra of California by the University Excursion Party
024728: LEDBETTER, DAVID - Bachs Well-Tempered Clavier: The 48 Preludes and Fugues
030615: LEE, MILLY - Landed
025671: LEE, JONATHAN SCOTT - Jacques Lacan
032191: LEE, M. OWEN - Wagner's Ring: Turning the Sky Round: Commentaries on the Ring of the Nibelung
028661: LEE, SU-HOON - Security and Foreign Policy of the Republic of Korea Government
032247: LEE, BRIANNORTH - British Bookplates A Pictorial History
028786: LEE, SHERMAN E. - The Genius of Japanese Design
021037: LEE, R.W. - The Elements of Roman Law With a Translation of the Institutes of Justinian
030068: LEE, JEAN GORDON - Philadelphians and the China Trade 1784-1844
029684: LEE, GARY - Chinese tasty tales cookbook
031870: LEGGETT, TREVOR - Shogi: Japan's game of strategy
028152: LEIGHTON, ANN L. - American Gardens in the Eighteenth Century: "For Use or for Delight"
029794: LEISSRING, J.C. - The Life and Work of Michael Brenner 1885-1969
032289: STANISLAW LEM - The Invincible (A Continuum book)
032294: CAROLYN GRAY LEMASTER - A Corner of the Tapestry: A History of the Jewish Experience in Arkansas, 1820s-1990s
029100: ELTON M. C. LEME - Bromeliads in the Brazilian Wilderness
030851: LENCI, SERGIO, AND ANTONELLI, MARCELLA - Franco Antonelli Architetto
015184: LENZ, LEE W., AND DOURLEY, JOHN - California Native Trees & Shrubs: For Garden and Environmental Use in Southern California and Adjacent Areas
026229: LENZ, LEE W., AND DOURLEY, JOHN - California Native Trees & Shrubs for Garden & Environmental Use in Southern California & Adjacent Areas
025514: LEOPOLD, A. STARKER - Wildlife of Mexico The Game Birds and Mammals
032496: LERNER, MICHAEL - Spirit Matters
031904: LERNER, MARK; PHILIPS, LAURA - Baseball Tarot: Book and Card Set
001381: LERSKI, GEORGE JAN - Origins of Trotskyism in Ceylon
011572: LESKIEN, A. - Grammatik Der Altbulgarischen (Altkirchenslavishcen) Sprache 2. und 3. Ausgabe
028816: LESKOV, N. S. - The Sealed Angel and Other Stories by Nikolay Leskov
029872: LESLIE, CLARE WALKER - Nature Drawing: A Tool for Learning
022761: LESSINGER, JACK - Schizomania: Split society, perilous economy, 1990-2020 : an economics of the long run
030743: LESTER, JOEL - Compositional Theory in the Eighteenth Century
028130: LESTER, KATHERINE MORRIS, AND OERKE, BESS VIOLA - Accessories of Dress: An Illustrated History of the Frills and Furbelows of Fashion
031984: LEVENDA, PETER - Sinister Forces A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft Book One
032462: DARCY LEVER - The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship
018627: LEVERANT, ROBERT - Photographic Notations
029274: LEVI, PETER - A History of Greek Literature
030207: LEVI, PETER - Atlas of the Greek World (Cultural Atlas)
016939: LEVIN, BOB - The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney's War Against the Counterculture
028349: LEVIN, HARRY - The Question of Hamlet
031956: GEORGE LEWIS LEVINE - Realism and Representation: Essays on the Problem of Realism in Relation to Science, Literature and Culture (Science and Literature Series)
031031: LEVINSON, ROSE L. - Death of a Holy Land: Reflections in Contemporary Israeli Fiction
029578: LEVY, LESTER S - Give Me Yesterday: American History in Song, 1890-1920
027725: LEW, DOUGLAS - Watercolor Journal of Florence
012175: LEWENTHAL, RAYMOND - Piano Music for One Hand: A collection of Studies, Exercises and Pieces
031283: LEWI, GRANT, AND GREENE, LIZ - Astrology Kit NE
029883: LEWIS, BETTY - W.H. Weeks: Architect
030655: LEWIS, DAVID - We, the Navigators: The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific
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029959: MANG, KARL - Thonet Bugholzmobel
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031237: MARCH, BILL - Modern Rope Techniques in Mountaineering
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026864: MARCOM, MICHELINE AHARONIAN - Three Apples Fell from Heaven
013673: MARCUSE, MAXWELL F. - Tin Pan Alley in Gaslight: a Saga of The Songs the Made the Gray Nineties "Gay"
032072: MARCZYK, J. - Principles of Simulation-Based Computer-Aided Engineering
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026429: MARSH, WALT - Oh, Doctor! A Musical Play in Two Acts with Book, Music and Lyrics
007819: MARSHALL, SIDNEY J. - The King of Kor: Or, She's Promise Kept: A Continuation of the Great Story of "She," of H. Rider Haggard
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031548: MARTIN, BILL AND BERNARD - Rosy Nose
018332: MARTIN, EDGAR W. - The Standard of Living in 1860: American Consumption Levels on the Eve of the Civil War
027757: MARTIN, LYN - Na paniolo o Hawaii: A traveling exhibition celebrating paniolo folk arts and the history of ranching in Hawaii
018154: MARTINU, BOHUSLAV - Selected Piano Works
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017340: MASON, DANIEL GREGORY - The Chamber Music of Brahms.
029306: MASSON, MARCELLE - A Bag of Bones Legends of the Wintu Indians
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029425: MASTER, DR. FAROKH J. - Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind
022844: MASTERMAN, WALTER S. - The Yellow Mistletoe
031714: MASUDA, TADASHI - The Design Heritage of Noren: Traditional Japanese Store-Front Art
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029279: MATHIAS, PETA - Sirocco - in Search of Moorish Flavours
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021570: MATTHEWS, BLAYNEY F. - The Specter of Sabotage
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013033: MAWDSLEY, EVAN - The Russian Civil War
009708: MAXWELL, KENNETH, EDITOR - The Press and the Rebirth of Iberian Democracy
027083: MAYER, F. SIDNEY - Why Two Worlds? The Relation Between Physical and Spiritual Realities
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031265: MCCANDLESS, BARBARA - Equal before the Lens: Jno. Trlica's Photographs of Granger, Texas (Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series)
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032257: MCCAUL, EARLES L. - TRS-80 Assembly Language Made Simple
031303: MCCLELLAND, GORDON T. - George Post
009250: MCCLURE, W.F. - Letter of Transmittal and Report of W.F. McClure, State Engineer Concerning the Owens Valley - Los Angeles Controversy to Governor Friend Wm. Richardson
025495: MCCONKEY, KENNETH - A Free Spirit: Irish Art, 1860-1960
031612: CLAUDIA J. KENNEDY; MALCOLM MCCONNELL - Generally Speaking: A Memoir by the First Woman Promoted to Three-Star General in the United States Army
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031423: MCCOY, DREW R. - The Last of the Fathers: James Madison and the Republican Legacy
028916: MCCRACKEN, DAVID - Wordsworth and the Lake District: A Guide to the Poems and Their Places
027732: MCCREERY, LAURA - Living Landscape: The Extraordinary Rise of the East Bay Regional Park District and How It Preserved 100,000 Acres
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031170: MARION D. MARCH; JOAN MCEVERS - Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow
021524: MCEWEN, CURRIER - Japanese Iris
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024018: MCGRATH, JUDY WALDNER - Dyes from Lichens & Plants
031617: BASSNETT-MCGUIRE, SUSAN - Translation Studies (New Accents)
031048: MCHUGH, NEIL - Holymen of the Blue Nile: The Making of an Arab-Islamic Community in the Nilotic Sudan, 1500-1850 (Northwestern University Press Series in Islam and Society in)
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032428: MCINTYRE, JUDITH W. - The Common Loon: Spirit of the Northern Lakes
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031531: MCKEAN, HUGH - The "Lost" Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany
031550: CAROL LYNN MCKIBBEN - Beyond Cannery Row: Sicilian Women, Immigration, and Community in Monterey, California, 1915-99 (Statue of Liberty Ellis Island)
031305: MCKIM, ROBERT H. - Experiences in Visual Thinking
030939: MCKINNEY, IRENE - The Girl with the Stone in Her Lap
030997: MCKINNEY, JAMES C. - Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults
027156: MCKINNEY, SAM - The Reach of Tide, the Ring of History: A Columbia River Voyage
031223: MCKUEN, ROD - Listen to the Warm
031926: MCLAREN, PETER; HAMMER, RHONDA; SHOLLE, DAVID; SMITH REILLY, SUSAN - Rethinking Media Literacy: A Critical Pedagogy of Representation (Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education)
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032146: MCMURRY, SALLY - Families and Farmhouses in Nineteenth-Century America: Vernacular Design and Social Change
031337: MCMURRY, SALLY A. - From Sugar Camps to Star Barns: Rural Life and Landscape in a Western Pennsylvania Community (Keystone Book)
026989: MCNAUGHTON, WILLIAM - Guerrilla War
027498: MCNEER, MAY - The Story of the Great Plains
025594: MCNULTY, KNEELAND - The Collected Prints of Ben Shahn
026580: MCNULTY, ELIZABETH - Missouri Botanical Garden Green for 150 Years 1859-2009
025995: MCQUADE, WALTER - Architecture in the Real World: The Work of Hok
031871: MCSWEENEY'S - Art of McSweeney's
023567: MCWILLIAMS, BILL - A Return to Glory: The Untold Story of Honor, Dishonor & Triumph at the United States Military Academy, 1950-53
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031634: NICHOLAS J. GONZALEZ MD - One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley
031215: MEADE, MICHAEL - Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men
032517: MEADOWS, DENIS - A Saint and a Half
022290: MEANS, P. A. - Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
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023781: MEGGETT, JOAN M. - Keyboard Music by Women Composers: A Catalog and Bibliography
030489: MEHTA, J.K. - Gandhian thought An Analytical Study
030975: MEINARDUS, OTTO F. A. - Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
029212: MELBY, JOHN F - The mandate of heaven: Record of a civil war; China 1945-49
030432: MELBY, PETE - Simplified Irrigation Design: Professional Designer and Installer Version Measurements in Imperial (U.S.and Metric)
021950: MELENDY, H. BRETT, AND GILBERT, BENJAMIN F. - The governors of California from Peter H. Burnett to Edmund G. Brown
023803: MELTZER, RICHARD - The Aesthetics of Rock
027821: MENARD, HENRY W. - Anatomy of an Expedition
027414: MENDENHALL, WILLIAM; BEAVER - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
029922: MENDER, MONA - Music Manuscript Preparation A Concise Guide
027481: MENTEL, JAMES - Cut Short: Interactive English, Book 1
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032403: MENZHAUSEN, INGELORE - Early Meissen Porcelain in Dresden
031992: MERCADO, O. A. - An Atlas of Foot Surgery: Forefoot Surgery
026861: MERIDETH, LEE WILLIAM - 1912 Facts About the Titanic
031552: MERRILL, FLORA - Kippy of the Cavendish
029156: MESKILL, JOHANNA MARGARETE MENZEL - A Chinese Pioneer Family: The Lins of Wu-feng, Taiwan, 1729-1895 (Studies of the East Asian Institute)
024841: MESSINGER, GARY S. - Manchester in the Victorian Age: The Halfknown City
014421: METHLEY, VIOLET - Camille Desmoulins: A Biography
029418: RALPH METZNER - Opening to Inner Light: The Transformation of Human Nature and Consciousness
021020: METZNER, RALPH - Mind Space and Timestream: Understanding and Navigating Your States of Consciousness
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031175: NISKER, SCOOP - Crazy Wisdom
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031868: MARC NOELANDERS - Bonsai Art
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022764: OSGOOD, MILDRED M. - Marionettes
028231: OSLER, WILLIAM - Aequanimitas With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitioners of Medicine
026924: OSMA, GUILLERMO DE;FORTUNY, MARIANO - Fortuny: Mariano Fortuny, His Life and Work
032048: OSTERBERG, EVA - Mentalities and Other Realities Essays in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian History
030491: OTT, SANDRA - War, Exile, Justice, and Everyday Life, 1936-1946
031978: HO'OULUMAHIEHIE - The Epic Tale of Hi'iakaikapoliopele
027427: OURSLER, WILL - The Boy Scout Story
022408: OUTRAM, DORINDA - Georges Cuvier: Vocation, Science, and Authority in Post-Revolutionary France
024288: OUVRARD, JEAN-PIERRE - La Chanson Polyphonique Francaise Du XVIe Siecle
030546: JAMES OVERHOLT - These Are Our Voices: The Story of Oak Ridge, 1942-1970
023612: OVID - Ovid's Metamorphoses, Books 6-10
029543: OVINGTON, RAY - Tactics on Trout
030889: OVINGTON, RAY - How to Take Trout on Wet Flies and Nymphs
031756: OWEN, DAVID E. - Water Highways
030565: OWEN, A L - The Famous Druids: A Survey of Three Centuries of English Literature on the Druids (Oxford University Press Academic Monograph Reprints)
010940: OWENS, HARRY - Harry Owens' Great Songs of Hawaii
030349: OWENS, CAROLE - The Berkshire Cottages: A Vanishing Era
010761: OWOEYE, JIDE - Japan's Policy in Africa
030824: OZAWA, SATAKO - Dolls of Japan Their Creation and Appreciation
030348: PACKER, WILLIAM (PREFACE BY DAVID HOCKNEY) - Fashion Drawing in Vogue
030865: PACKER, TONI - Seeing without Knowing & What is Meditative Inquiry?
030045: PADEN, IRENE AND SCHLIGHTMANN, MARGARET - The Big Oak Flat Road to Yosemite
027522: PADILLA, CARMELLA - El Rancho De Las Goldondrinas: Living History in New Mexico's La Cienega Valley
029116: PADILLA, VICTORIA - The Colorful Bromeliads Their Infinite Variety
027825: PADILLA, VICTORIA - Southern California Gardens An Illustrated History
030684: PADON, THOMAS - Contemporary Photography and the Garden: Deceits and Fantasies
022335: PAFNUTIEFF, VLADIMIR - How to Create Combinations
015135: PAGANINI, NICCOLO - Capricen (Opus l) Violine
032266: FERINO-PAGDEN, SYLVIA; FEDERLE ORR, LYNN - Masters of Venice: Renaissance Painters of Passion and Power
026452: LE PAGE, R. B.;TABOURET-KELLER, ANDREE - Acts of Identity: Creole-Based Approaches to Language and Ethnicity
022115: PAGE, DENYS, L. - History and the Homeric Iliad
024826: PAGENBERG, JOCHEN;GEISSLER, BERNHARD - Lizenzvertrage: Patente, Gebrauchsmuster, Know-How, Computer Software Kommentierte Vertragsmuster Nach Deutschem Und Europaischem Recht = License Agreements Patents, Utility Models, Know-How, Computer Software Annotated Sample Contracts under German and E
029757: PAHLEN, KURT - The World of the Oratorio
031301: PAIK, YOUNHEE - Younhee Paik, 1972-2005 : paintings and installations.
027128: PAINE, TIMOTHY OTIS - Solomon's Temple and Capitol, Ark of the Flood and Tabernacle
019486: PAINE, THOMAS - Common Sense
031624: PAKULA, ZBIGNIEW - The Jews of Poznan [Posen] (The Library of Holocaust Testimonies)
029991: PAL, PRATAPADITYA; DEHEJIA, VIDYA - From Merchants to Emperors: British Artists and India, 1757-1930
027579: ANNA PALERMO - The Art of Mark King
024373: PALLADINO, L.B. - Indian and White in the Northwest A History of Catholicity in Montana 1831 to 1891
018269: PALMA, RAFAEL, AND OZAETA, ROMAN, TRANSLATOR - Pride of the Malay Race: A Biography of Jose Rizal
027525: PALMER, TIM - California Glaciers
032120: PALMER, H. MARION - Walt Disney's Surprise Package
032457: PAMLENYI, ERVIN - A History of Hungary
028962: PANCIOLI, DIANA - Extruded Ceramics: Techniques * Projects * Inspirations(A Lark Ceramics Book)
026736: PANG, MARGARET YOUNG - Marn-Ling and the Chinese Musical Instruments
014619: PAPADOPOULO, ALEXANDRE - Islam and Muslim Art
031858: PAPAIOANNOU, KOSTAS; PARIS, I. MARK - Art of Greece
031568: PAPEN, GINA - The Keeper Based on an English Ballad of Warwick
027231: PAQUET, SANDRA POUCHET; SAUNDERS, PATRICIA J.; STUEMPFLE, STEPHEN; PAQUET; SAUNDERS - Music, Memory, Resistance : Calypso and the Caribbean Literary Imagination
030834: PARKER, ROBERT M. - Bordeaux: A Consumer's Guide to the World's Finest Wines
031073: PARKER, LUCILE - Mississippi Wildflowers
023847: PARKER, MARJORIE HOLLOMAN - Catalogue Draw Ashmolean V. 2 Italian Schools
030058: PARKER, RICHARD - John Kenneth Galbraith: His Life, His Politics, His Economics
028323: PARKINSON, RICHARD N - Edward Gibbon, (Twayne's English authors series, TEAS 159)
027996: PARKS, GORDON - Half Past Autumn: A Retrospective
028985: LINDA PARRY - William Morris
029680: PARSEGIAN, V. ADRIAN - Van der Waals Forces: A Handbook for Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, and Physicists
030754: PASLER, JANN - Confronting Stravinsky: Man, Musician and Modernist
028715: PASSMORE, NEVILLE; CARRUTHERS, VINCENT - South African Frogs: A Complete Guide
031101: PATAI, RAPHAEL - the Hebrew Goddess
030811: PATIENCE, JOHN - The Floating Restaurant
032100: GREGORY PATRICK - Mad Man Knitting or The Waiter and the Fly
012542: PATTON, CLYDE PERRY - Climatology of Summer Fogs in the San Francisco Bay Area
014617: LE PAUL, CHARLES-GUY;LE PAUL, JUDY - Gauguin and the Impressionists at Pont-Aven
023431: PAUL, T.V., EDITOR - The India-Pakistan Conflict
028845: PAULSON, RONALD - Representations of Revolution, 1789-1820
020338: PAVEL, AMELIA - Pictori Evrei Din Romania: Jewish Painters in Romania 1848-1948
022709: PAVESE, CESARE - The Moon and the Bonfires
027275: PAXSON, DIANA L. - The Serpent's Tooth
031204: PAXTON, JUNE LE MERT - My Life on the Mojave
025746: PAYNE, ROBERTA L., TRANSLATOR - The Novellino
025151: PAYSON, HAROLD H. - Instant Boats
031727: PEABODY, KENNETH E. - Glazes
027796: PEARSON, RICHARD J., EDITOR - The Archaeology of North Kohala
031275: PEARSON, PAUL DAVID - Alvar Aalto and the International Style
028858: PEARSON, J. MICHAEL - Catalogue of The O.F. Egginton Company Corning, New York
017889: PEASE, HOWARD - Shanghai Passage: Being a Tale of Mystery and Adventure on the High Seas in Which Stuart Ormsby is Shanghaied Aboard the Tramp Steamer 'Nanking' Bound for Ports on the China Coast
030799: BOB PEDERSEN - Seeds of Awareness
030090: CARLO PEDRETTI, MEINRAD MARIA GREWENIG - Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings of Horses and Other Animals from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle
031975: PELLETTIER, LOPEZ-BURTON, HERSHBERGER - Rumbos Curso Intermedio de Espanol second edition
028608: PENDELL, DALE AND MCCARTHY, LAURA - Eros The Muse & Other Poisons
031661: PENN, MALKA - The Miracle of the Potato Latkes: A Hanukkah Story
022301: PENNY, PRUDENCE - Prudence Penny Cook Book
026783: KOEHLER-PENTACOFF, ELIZABETH - John Muir and Stickeen: An Alaskan Adventure
026031: PERGAY, MARIA;FRANKLIN, PAUL B.;DEMISCH, SUZANNE - Maria Pergay: Between Ideas And Design
028764: PERHAM, MOLLY; HELLER, JULEK - King Arthur and Legends of Camelot
030874: PERILLO, LUCIA - Inseminating the Elephant (Lannan Literary Selections)
028968: PERLE, GEORGE - Twelve-Tone Tonality
031036: PERLMAN, D.; TSAO, GEORGE T. - Annual Reports on Fermentation Processes. Volume 1
031037: PERLMAN, D. - Annual Reports on Fermentation Processes. Volume 2
032170: PERLS, KLAUS G. - Vlaminck
029718: LAURA PERONI - Glorious Flowers
028428: MESLIN-PERRIER, CHANTAL - national museum d'adrien dubouche
024155: PERRIN, BERNADOTTE, TRANSLATOR - Plutarch's Lives IV Alcidiades and Coriolanus, Lysander and Sulla
024158: PERRIN, BERNADOTTE, TRANSLATOR - Plutarch's Lives III Pericles and Fabius, Maximus, Nicias and Crassus
018927: PERRIN, W.H. - Kentucky: A History of the State, Part A
031569: PERRY, JOHN WEIR - The Self in Psychotic Process its Symbolization in Schizophrenia
022112: PERSHING, JOHN J. - My Experiences in the World War (in Two volumes)
031643: MAGNUS PERSSON - Coming Full Circle: Return Migration and the Dynamics of Social Mobility on the Bjäre Peninsula 1860-1930
030523: PETERS, MAX S.; TIMMERHAUS, KLAUS D.; WEST, RONALD E. - Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers (McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering)
031706: PETERS, FRITZ - Gurdjieff remembered
026081: PETERS, GEORGE HERTEL - The Plimsoll Line: The Story of Samuel Plimsoll, Member of Parliament for Derby from 1868 to 1880
029430: PETERSEN, KRISTEN A., AND MURPHY, THOMAS J. - Waltham Discovered An Ethnic History of Waltham, Massachusetts
022514: PETERSEN, GLENN T. - One Man Cannot Rule a Thousand: Fission in a Ponapean Chiefdom
031086: PETERSON, ROGER TORY ET AL - Birds of Britain and Europe

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