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041013: SAVITZ, HARRIET MAY - Wheelchair Champions: A History of Wheelchair Sports
095751: SAVOIE, JEAN - That Winning Feeling! A New Approach to Riding Using Psychocybernetics
117085: SAWIN, CLARK T. (INTRO) - Myxoedema: The Clinical Society of London Report of a Committee Nominated December 14, 1883 to Investigate the Subject (Supplement to Volume 11 of Its Transactions)
013787: SAWYER, JULIAN - Gertrude Stein: A Bibliography
063191: SAWYER, RUTH - Roller Skates
121294: SAWYER, RUTH - The Christmas Anna Angel
081852: SAWYER, RUTH - Roller Skates
111486: SAWYER, RUTH - Tono Antonio
110723: SAWYER, RUTH - Joy to the World: Christmas Legends
109416: SAWYER, CHARLES - Concerns of a Conservative Democrat
085964: SAXE, JOHN GODFREY - Progress and Other Poems
118417: SAXON, GLADYS R. - Mr. and Mrs. Hummer (Our Animal Story Books)
082883: SAXON, LYLE - Lafitte the Pirate
071614: SAXON, RON - The Sweet Smell of Sin
022665: SAXON, WILL - Wanton Women
104085: SAXON, RICHARD - Cosmic Crusade
117115: SAXON, LYLE - Children of Strangers
113374: SAYER, GEORGE - Jack: C.S. Lewis and His Times
077472: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Strong Poison: A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery
121653: SAYERS, FRANCES CLARKE - Tag-Along Tooloo
057534: SAYERS, JAMES D. (BARDWELL, DENVER) - Calamity at Devil's Crossing
024026: SAYERS, JAMES D. - Outlaw Vengeance
092057: SAYERS, FRANCES CLARKE - Sally Tait
104692: SAYERS, DOROTHY - Strong Poison: A Lord Peter Wimsey Novel
032800: SAYERS, R.S. (ED.) - Banking in Western Europe
123172: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Clouds of Witness: A Lord Peter Wimsey Novel
121289: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Have His Carcase
117841: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Nine Tailors
121350: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Gaudy Night: A Lord Peter Wimsey Novel
107352: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Nine Tailors
118747: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Il Segreto Delle Campane (I Classici del Giallo Mondadori)
107018: SCADUTO, ANTHONY - Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography
047587: SCAGNETTI, JACK - The Laurel and Hardy Scrapbook
092762: SCALZO, JOE - The Unbelievable Unsers: The Authorized Biography of the First Family of Speed
099366: SCAMEHORN, HOWARD L. - Balloons to Jets 1855-1955: A Century of Aeronautics in Illinois
078174: SCANLAN, JOHN - Davis: A Novel
101338: SCANNELL, FRANK - Ready Or Not
073488: SCARBOROUGH, ELIZABETH - The Songkiller Saga Set of 3 Books: I-Phantom Banjo; II-Picking the Ballad's Bones; III-Strum Again?
083773: SCARNE, JOHN - 100 More of Scarne's Magic Tricks
090914: SCARNE, JOHN - 100 of Scarne's Magic Tricks
121142: SCARRY, RICHARD - Polite Elephant
119148: SCARTH, ALWYN - Vulcan's Fury: Man Against the Volcano
086974: SCHAAF, MARTHA E. - Duke Ellington: Young Music Master (Childhood of Famous American Series)
090029: SCHAAP, DICK - Quarterbacks Have All the Fun: The Good Life and Hard Times of Bart, Johnny, Joe, Francis and Other Great Quarterbacks
038892: SCHAARE - Puppies and Kittens: A Picture-Play Book
095116: SCHACKNER, ALAN BLACKIE - Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Rock Harmonica But Didn't Know Who To Ask
123642: SCHAEFER, JACK - The Kean Land
108224: SCHAEFER, JACK - Old Ramon
119674: SCHAEFFER, A.J. - Saalfield's Paint Book: A Barrel Full of Fun Painting Book
097534: SCHAEFFLER, URSULA - The Thief and the Blue Rose
115022: SCHAENZER, J.P. - Rural Electrification
030067: SCHAFER, KERMIT - Super Bloopers
053031: SCHAFER, MICHAEL - An Eye for a Horse
043823: SCHAFER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Volume XXX (30): Intimate Letters of Carl Shurz 1841-1869
043824: SCHAFER, JOSEPH (ED.) - Reports and Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Volume XXXI (31): California Letters of Lucius Fairchild
117386: SCHAFF, LOUISE E. - Skald of the Vikings
098869: SCHAFF, DAVID S. - Our Fathers Faith and Ours: A Comparison Between Protestantism and Romanism
119849: SCHAFFNER, NEIL AND CAROLINE - Right Bed, Wrong Husband: A Face in Three Acts
109972: SCHALLER, GEORGE B. - Golden Shadows, Flying Hooves
090906: SCHAMBERG, JAY FRANK - Diseases of the Skin and the Eruptive Fevers
007827: SCHARFF, ROBERT FRANCIS - Distribution and Origin of Life in America
065626: SCHARMACH, NANCY J. - White Thunder
093555: SCHARP, CAPTAIN HAL AND MARY - Shark Wanted! Dead or Alive
038819: SCHARY, JILL - Thanks for the Rubies, Now Please Pass the Moon
075328: SCHATT, STANLEY - Kurt Vonnegut Jr: Twayne's United States Authors Series (TUSAS) #276
121706: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN (ED.) - Flag Day: Its History, Origin, and Celebration as Related in Song and Story (The American Holidays)
084173: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN - Peter Pantheism
116506: SCHAUMBURG, RON - Growing Up with the Beatles: An Illustrated Tribute
067509: SCHEALER, JOHN M. - The Sycamore Warrior: A Mystery of Ancient Egypt
115713: SCHEALER, JOHN M. - Zip-Zip Goes to Venus
117808: SCHECHTMAN, ELYA - Erev: A Novel
097366: SCHEELE, CARL H. - A Short History of the Mail Service
080507: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan 31: Realm of the Tri-Planets
115916: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan #78: Power Key
074717: SCHEER, K.H. & DARLTON, CLARK - Perry Rhodan #117: Savior of the Empire & 118: The Shadows Attack
074720: SCHEER, K.H. & DARLTON, CLARK - Perry Rhodan Special Release: Atlan #4-The Crystal Prince; Atlan #5-War of the Ghosts
080514: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan 42: Time's Lonely One
091465: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan #13: The Immortal Unknown
083968: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan #67: Crimson Universe
090011: SCHEER, K.H. - Perry Rhodan #36: Man and Monster
099392: SCHEFFEL, J.V. - Der Trompeter von Sakkingen ein Sang vom Oberrhein
082191: VON SCHEFFEL, JOSEPH VICTOR - Ekkehard: Eine Geschichte aus dem zehnten Jahrhundert
105594: VON SCHEFFEL, VIKTOR - Ekkehard in Two Volumes (Foreign Classical Romances series)
050285: SCHEFFER, VICTOR B. - Little Calf
102094: SCHEINFELD, AMRAM - Twins and Supertwins
088655: SCHELL, HERBERT S. - History of South Dakota
066979: SCHELL, STANLEY - Werner's Readings and Recitations No. 48: Musical Effects
066981: SCHELL, STANLEY - Werner's Readings and Recitations No. 55: Graduation Day
066978: SCHELL, STANLEY - Werner's Readings and Recitations No. 57: Easter Celebrations
118348: SCHELL, HERBERT S. - History of South Dakota
081338: SCHELLING, FR. W.J. - Le Arti Figurative e la Natura
081305: SCHELLING, FR. W.J. - Le Arti Figurative e la Natura
096850: SCHEM, LIDA C. - The Hyphen in Two Volumes
123340: SCHENK, H.G. - The Mind of the European Romantics: An Essay in Cultural History
114389: SCHENK, ESTHER - Easter Time
054703: SCHERF, MARAGARET - The Banker's Bones
108051: SCHERMAN, RABBI NOSSON - The Complete Art Scroll Siddur: Weekday/Sabbath/Festival
113292: SCHERMAN, KATHARINE - Two Islands
050172: SCHERMAN, BERNARDINE KIELTY - Girl from Fitchburg
003627: SCHEVILL, WILLIAM E. - The Whale Problem: A Status Report
121449: SCHEVILL, RUDOLPH - Cervantes
070614: SCHIDDEL, EDMUND - Break-Up
068654: SCHIDDEL, EDMUND - The Good and Bad Weather
016797: SCHIDDEL, EDMUND - Scandal's Child
073898: SCHIERSE, F.J.; KNOCH, OTTO; MCKENZIE, JOHN L. (ED.) - The Epistle to the Hebrews & The Epistle of St. James: New Testament for Spiritual Reading Volume 21
101098: SCHIESEL, JANE - The Otis Redding Story
106106: SCHIFF, STUART (ED.) - Whispers V
098547: SCHIFF, STUART DAVID AND LEIBER, FRITZ (ED.) - The World Fantasy Awards Volume Two
106104: SCHIFF, STUART (ED.) - Whispers III
106103: SCHIFF, STUART (ED.) - Whispers II
106105: SCHIFF, STUART (ED.) - Whispers IV
098383: SCHIFFER, DON (ED.) - 1961 Pro Football Handbook
074884: SCHIFFER, DON (ED.); ALLEN, MEL (INTRO) - World Series Encyclopedia
108275: SCHILLER, ERIC - Panov Attack Volume III: The attack with 5....g6
114560: SCHILLER, ERIC - How to Play the From Gambit
015200: SCHILLER, CICELY - Element of Shame
108522: SCHILLER, ERIC - Panov Attack Volume III: The attack with 5....g6
010866: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH; FISCHER, J.G.; BOYESEN, HJALMAR H. - Schiller's Works: Volume I-Poems
123417: SCHILLING, JEAN - Old Time Fiddle Tunes for the Appalachian Dulcimer
036102: SCHIMMEL, KAREN - Bolivia (Major World Nations)
011611: SCHINDALL, HENRY - Wilderness Rogue
067387: SCHIRMANN, LI; BELL, ANTHEA (TRANS.) - The Golden Slippers
088393: SCHISGAL, MURRAY - Luv
015208: SCHISGALL, OSCAR - The Big Store
071530: SCHLAFLY, REV. JAMES J. - Light in the Early West: Berenice Chouteau
121928: SCHLARMAN, JOSEPH H.L. - Mexico, Tierra de Volcanes de Hernan Cortes a Miguel Aleman
116588: SCHLEICHER, ROBERT - The Lionel Train Book
079395: SCHLEIN, MIRIAM - Amuny, Boy of Old Egypt
116242: SCHLEIN, MIRIAM - Fast Is Not a Ladybug: A Book About Fast and Slow Things
050781: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR MEIER JR. - The Crisis of the Old Order: The Age of Roosevelt, 1919-1933
057048: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. (ED.) - The Age of Jackson
089471: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M. JR. AND DE GRAZIA, ALFRED - Congress and the Presidency: Their Role in Modern Times
103352: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR JR. - Kennedy or Nixon: Does It Make Any Difference?, a Democrat's Response
108312: SCHLIEMANN, DR. HENRY - Mycenae: A Narrative of Researches and Discoveries at Mycenae and Tiryns
123305: SCHLISSEL, LILLIAN; RUIZ, VICKI L.; MONK, JANICE (ED.) - Western Women: Their Land, Their Lives
100207: SCHLOAT, G. WARREN, JR. - Johnnyshah: A Boy of Iran
007338: SCHLOSS, DAVID F. - Methods of Industrial Renumeration
121324: SCHMAUK, J.G. - J.G. Schmauk's Deutsche Harmonie oder Mehrstimmige Gesange fur Deutsche Tingschulen und Kirchen
094954: SCHMEDDING, JOSEPH - Cowboy and Indian Trader
095112: SCHMID, WILL - Guitar Method: Easy Pop Melodies-Unique Pop Melody Supplement to Book 1
089607: SCHMIDT, ECKART W. - Hydrazine and Its Derivatives: Preparation, Properties, Applications
055732: SCHMIDT, ERICH; KLEIST, H.V. - H.V. Kleists Werke: Im Derein mit George Minde-Pouet und Reinhold Steig 2 Band
032588: SCHMIDT, ROBERT; THORPE, W.A. - Porcelain as an Art and a Mirror of Fashion
101199: SCHMIDT, CLARA - Japanese Ornament
122832: SCHMIDT, KARL - The Creative I and the Divine: Introduction to a Systematic Philosophy
117162: SCHMIDT, E.B. - An Appraisal of the Nebraska Tax System
077547: SCHMITT, GLADYS - Confessors of the Name
105628: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - The Witches of Karres
122858: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - A Tale of Two (2) Clocks
075920: SCHMITZ, JAMES H. - Agent of Vega
112102: SCHNABEL, ARTHUR - My Life and Music
091902: SCHNAPPER, M.B. - Grand Old Party: The First Hundred Years of the Republican Party, A Pictorial History
083049: SCHNAUTZ, CARMELLA MOCCIA - Long Ago, Yesterday in Appalachia
117590: SCHNECK, STEPHEN - Nocturnal Vaudeville: A Novel
118429: SCHNEIDER, REX AND BUCHMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Movie Posters of the Silent Film Era to Color
123369: SCHNEIDER, MAJOR DONALD K. - Air Force Heroes in Vietnam (USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series Volume VII, Monograph 9)
120855: SCHNEIDER, HANNES (ED.) - The Northland Ski Manual
024032: SCHNEIDER, ROLF - Bridges and Bars
073893: SCHNEIDER, GERHARD; MCKENZIE, JOHN L. (ED.) - The Epistle to the Galatians: New Testament for Spiritual Reading Volume 15
006852: SCHNEIDER, BRUNO F. - John Rood's Sculpture
100743: SCHNEIDER, DEE - Avons Bottles: Research and History
110338: SCHNEIDER, NINA - Robert and His New Friends (Little Golden Book 124)
043578: SCHNELL, W.J. - Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave: The Confessions of a Converted Jehovah's Witness
096113: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Dance of Love
058715: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR (ARTUR) - Grosse Szene
096500: SCHNOEBELEN, WILLIAM J. AND SPENCER, JAMES R. - Whited Sepulchers: The Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple
123600: SCHNORR VON CAROLSFELD, JULIUS - Das Leben Unseres Heilandes Biblische Geschichten nach Worten der Heiligen Schrift mit Bildern
118402: SCHOBEL, HEINZ - The Four Dimensions of Avery Brundage
121622: SCHODDE, GEORGE H. (TRANS.) - The Book of Jubilees from the Ethiopic
117960: SCHOELL, YVONNE - The Argonauts: A Novel
084104: SCHOELL, YVONNE - The Argonauts: A Novel
066108: SCHOEMER, KAREN - Great Pretenders: My Strange Love Affair With '50s Pop Music (Large Print Edition)
119730: SCHOEN, BARBARA - A Place and Time
066878: SCHOENBAUM, S. - Shakespeare and Others
097763: SCHOENSTEIN, RALPH - With T-Shirts and Beer Mugs For All: The Unlikely Odyssey of Four Innocents at Home and a Patriotic Guide to Seeing America First
112785: SCHOENSTEIN, RALPH - Wasted on the Young: A Novel
101457: SCHOFF, LEONARD HASTINGS - A National Agricultural Policy For all The People of the United States
121217: SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM G. - Seek For a Hero: The Story of John Boyle O'Reilly
123628: SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM G. - Ashes in the Wilderness
108340: SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM G. - Treason Trail
110113: SCHOLEFIELD, EDMUND O. - Bryan's Dog
066025: SCHOLEFIELD, EDMUND O. - Maverick on the Mound
119688: SCHOLEFIELD, EDMUND O. - L'il Wildcat
115279: SCHOLEFIELD, ALAN - Great Elephant: A Novel
112499: SCHOLES, ARTHUR - Fourteen Men: The Story of the Antarctic Expedition to Heard Island
007837: SCHOLL, MELVIN - Arnewood: The Story of an Iowa Dairyman
078024: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Man in a Cage
119687: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Base Burglar
104876: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Fullback for Sale
119742: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - The Perfect Game
102984: SCHOLZ, JACKSON - Split Seconds: Tales of the Cinder Track
122441: SCHONBERG, HARRIETT - May I Have This Dance: A Graded Course in Ballroom Classes for Young People
008722: SCHOOLEY, JENNIE BAIRD - The Living Way and Other Poems
080122: SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE - Central Passage
082255: SCHOONOVER, THOMAS D. - The French in Central America: Culture and Commerce 1820-1930
113545: SCHOOR, GENE - The Story of Yogi Berra
084323: SCHOOR, GENE - The Jim Thorpe Story: America's Greatest Athlete
103102: SCHOOR, GENE - General Douglas MacArthur
098122: SCHOOR, GENE - Mickey Mantle of the Yankees
115642: SCHOOR, GENE - Football's Greatest Coach: Vince Lombardi
095886: SCHOOR, GENE WITH GILFOND, HENRY - The Jack Dempsey Story
074885: SCHOOR, GENE - Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Manager
114760: SCHOOR, GENE - Young Robert Kennedy
090945: SCHOPENHAUER, A. - Saggio Sul Libero Arbitrio (Biblioteca Universale N. 377)
090944: SCHOPENHAUER, ARTURO - Filosofia e Scienza Della Natura
061468: SCHOTT, HOWARD - Playing the Harpsichord
018323: SCHOTT, JOSEPH L. - Action Above and Beyond
118170: SCHOTT, WEBSTER AND MYERS, ROBERT J. (ED.) - American Christmas: Poetry Celebrating the Beauty of Christmas
008988: SCHOULER, JAMES - Historical Briefs
085724: SCHOW, DAVID J. - Sedalia (Pulphouse Short Story Paperbacks SSP #25)
051483: SCHOYER, PRESTON - The Typhoon's Eye: A Novel
103242: SCHRADER, HERBERT L. - No Other Way: The Story of a Doctor from East Germany
117357: SCHREIBER, HERMANN - Merchants, Pilgrims and Highwaymen: A History of Roads Through the Ages
067742: SCHREIBER, GEORGES - Bambino Goes Home
080168: SCHREIBER, MARION - The Twentieth Train: The True Story of the Ambush of the Death Train to Auschwitz
118835: SCHREIBER, ELLEN - Full Moon Kisses: A Full Moon Novel
118831: SCHREIBER, ELLEN - Magic of the Moonlight: A Full Moon Novel
081793: SCHRODER, WALTER L. (ED.) - Model Airplane News August 1965
081791: SCHRODER, WALTER L. (ED.) - Model Airplane News April 1965
068624: SCHROEDER, DORIS - Walt Disney's Annette: The Desert Inn Mystery
121929: SCHROEDER, ALBERT H. - Of Men and Volcanoes: The Sinagua of Northern Arizona
038013: SCHROEDER, MARY - The Hunted Prince
094213: SCHROEDER, MARY - My Horse Says
098598: SCHRUBEN, FRANCIS W. - Kansas in Turmoil 1930-1936
096562: SCHUBERT, FRANK N. - Building Air Bases in the Negev: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Israel 1979-1982
122402: SCHUCHARD, RONALD - Eliot's Dark Angel: Intersections of Life and Art
113798: SCHUELER, DONALD G. - Preserving the Pascagoula
041980: SCHUHLER, ALBERT A. - Electric Wiring: A Textbook of Applied Electricity for Vocational and Trade Schools
121765: SCHULBERG, BUDD - What Makes Sammy Run? A Novel
119280: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Sanctuary V: A Novel
054695: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Waterfront
090385: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Across the Everglades
088097: SCHULBERG, BUDD - The Disenchanted
082761: SCHULL, JOSEPH - The Jinker
043649: SCHULL, JOSEPH - Ships of the Great Days: Canada's Navy in World War II (Great Stories of Canada)
097762: SCHULMAN, L.M. (ED.) - The Cracked Looking Glass: Stories of Other Realities
041948: SCHULMAN, JANET; CHORAO, KAY; HOFFMANN, E.T.A. - The Nutcracker
097764: SCHULMAN, L.M. (ED.) - Travelers: Stories of Americans Abroad
087457: SCHULMAN, L.M. (ED.) - The Cracked Looking Glass: Stories of Other Realities
096400: SCHULTE, ELAINE L. - The Twelve Candles Club Books 1-7: 1-Becky's Brainstorm; 2-Jess and the Fireplug Caper; 3-Cara's Beach Party Disaster; 4-Tricia's Got T-R-O-U-B-L-E!; 5-Melaine and the Modeling Mess; 6-Bridesmaid Blues for Becky; 7-Double Trouble for Jess McColl
105215: SCHULTZ, PETE - A Thoroughly Modern Midas Plus Three: Updated Plays from Greek Mythology
105216: SCHULTZ, PETE - A Thoroughly Modern Midas Plus Three: Updated Plays from Greek Mythology
094417: SCHULTZ, JOY - The West Still Lives: A Book Based on the Paintings and Sculpture of Joe Ruiz Grandee
108332: SCHULTZ, JAN NEUBERT - Horse Sense: The Story of Will Sasse, His Horse Star and the Outlaw Jesse James
062715: SCHULTZ, KEN - Bass Fishing Fundamentals
105217: SCHULTZ, PETE - A Thoroughly Modern Midas Plus Three: Updated Plays from Greek Mythology
122877: SCHULTZ, DUANE - Wake Island: The Heroic Gallant Fight
101510: SCHULZ, CONSTANCE B. AND TURNER, ELIZABETH HAYES (ED.) - Clio's Southern Sisters: Interviews with Leaders of the Southern Association for Women Historians
036783: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Happiness is a Sad Song
037973: SCHULZ, PEGGIE - Gloxinias--and How to Grow Them
103281: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Peanuts: Niente da Fare, Charlie Brown!
090070: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - Good Grief, Charlie Brown! and For the Love of Peanuts! (Peanuts Double Volume #2)
122904: LA SCHUM, EDWARD E.; BARDWELL, HAROLD E. - The Motor Truck: Applied Mechanics for Owners and Drivers
108039: SCHUMANN, E.C. - The Secret of Big Skookum
108207: SCHUNK, JOHN F. (ED.) - 1850 U.S. Census, Madison County, Kentucky
121637: SCHURE, ALEXANDER - Basic Television Volumes 1, 2, & 3
073896: SCHURMANN, HEINZ; EGENOLF, HANS-ANDREAS; MCKENZIE, JOHN L. (ED.) - The First Epistle to the Thessalonians & The Second Epistle to the Thessalonians: New Testament for Spiritual Reading Volume 18
097915: SCHURR, CATHLEEN - Cats Have Kittens-Do Gloves Have Mittens?
120897: SCHUTH, H. WAYNE - Mike Nichols (Twayne's Theatrical Arts Series)
009324: SCHUYLER, WILLIAM - Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnson
115211: SCHWAB, CHARLES M. - Ten Commandments of Success: One of a Series of Lectures in a Systematic Course
110352: SCHWALJE, MARJORY - Kobo the Koala Bear (Tell-a-Tale Book)
101192: SCHWANTES, CARLOS A. - Railroad Signatures Across the Pacific Northwest
090074: SCHWARTZ, DAVID J. - The Magic of Psychic Power
109732: SCHWARTZ, ALVIN - What Do You Think? An Introduction to Public Opinion, How it Forms, Functions and Affects Our Lives
045412: SCHWARTZ, ELLIOTT - Electronic Music: A Listener's Guide
040030: SCHWARTZ, DELMORE - Letters of Delmore Schwartz
111133: SCHWARTZ, MARTIN - Commercial Radio Operator's License Guide Element 3
111132: SCHWARTZ, MARTIN - Commercial Radio Operator's License Guide Elements 1, 2, & 9
101478: SCHWARTZ, STEVEN - The Big Book of Nintendo Games
104938: SCHWARTZKOPF, KARL-AAGE - The Arctic Pilot
115426: SCHWARZ, PATRICIA PETERS - Charlotte! The First Lady of Saint Louis Television
109215: SCHWARZ, JOHN M. - Oh, You Wretch! Harry Miles: A Novel
001382: SCHWARZ-BART, ANDRE - The Last of the Just
099332: SCHWARZ, ROLF - Morra-Gambit: Sizilianisches Mittelgambit (Band 3, RS-Gambitreihe)
115018: SCHWARZSCHILD, LEOPOLD - World in Trance from Versailles to Pearl Harbor
098687: SCHWEBACH, EULALA; APPRILL, KAY; GROSS, ROBIN - Missouri Extension Homemakers Association History 1928-1972
064404: SCHWEBEL, STEPHEN M. - The Secretary-General of the United Nations: His Political Powers and Practice
102631: SCHWEBELL, GERTRUDE C. - Where Magic Reigns: German Fairy Tales Since Grimm
069094: SCHWEIGHOFER, PETER AND CAREY, CRAIG - Star Wars: Tales from the New Republic
101011: SCHWEIKART, LARRY - A History of Banking in Arizona
104463: SCHWEITZER, GERTRUDE - The Obsessed
111060: SCHWEITZER, GERTRUDE - The Obsessed
097659: SCHWEITZER, GERTRUDE - The Obsessed
075342: SCHWENINGER, LEE - John Winthrop: Twayne's United States Authors Series (TUSAS) #556
122542: SCHWIEBERT, ERNEST - Death of a Riverkeeper
085243: SCHWIEDER, ELMER AND DOROTHY - A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish
101293: SCHWIEDER, ELMER AND DOROTHY - A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish
080999: SCIACCA, MICHELE FEDERICO - Reid (Maestri Del Pensiero Gli Uomini E La Civilta)
080926: SCIACCA, MICHELE FEDERICO - La Filosofia Oggi Volume II
078910: SCIACCA, MICHELE FEDERICO - Il Secolo XX in Two Volumes
122418: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO - The Council of Egypt: A Novel
039430: SCOBEE, BARRY - Old Fort Davis
086339: SCOGGIN, MARGARET C. - The Lure of Danger: True Adventure Stories
115877: SCOPELLITI, FRANCESCA - Partitia a Due (I Lancio Rosa)
018315: SCOPPETTONE, SANDRA - Some Unknown Person
051999: SCORTIA, THOMAS N. - Artery of Fire
039489: SCOTLAND, JAY - The Seventh Man
098225: SCOTT, SALLY - Tippy
098224: SCOTT, SALLY - Rip and Royal
044337: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe (Great Illustrated Classics)
098653: SCOTT, PAUL - The Raj Quartet in Four Volumes: The Jewel in the Crown; The Day of the Scorpion; The Towers of Silence; A Division of the Spoils (4 books)
115430: SCOTT, ALMA - Wanda Gag: The Story of an Artist
121932: SCOTT, WILLIAM L. - How Will Your Horse Run Today? Unlocking the Secret of the Form Cycle
123328: SCOTT, ROBERT L. JR. - Damned to Glory
118313: SCOTT, JONATHAN - The Walls of Heaven: A Novel
096740: SCOTT, FRASER - Weigh-In: The Selling of a Middleweight
117449: SCOTT, PAUL - A Division of the Spoils: A Novel
111276: SCOTT, ROBERT GARTH - Into the Wilderness with the Army of the Potomac
070666: SCOTT, STEVE - The Cop-Killers
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043218: SENTJURC, IGOR - The Torrents of War
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075424: SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM YANCEY - Buffalo Bill Cody: Scout and Showman
075433: SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM YANCEY - Buffalo Bill Cody: Scout and Showman
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075455: SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM YANCEY - Gun-Fighters of the Old West
075456: SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM YANCEY - Gun-Fighters of the Old West
075457: SHACKLEFORD, WILLIAM YANCEY - Gun-Fighters of the Old West
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099556: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - Harvest on the Don
099554: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - Tales of the Don
043396: SHOLOKHOV, MIKHAIL - Harvest on the Don
051914: SHOLS, W.W. - Secret Barrier X: Perry Rhodan #16
074718: SHOLS, W.W. AND VLCEK, ERNST - Perry Rhodan Special Release: The Wasp Men Attack & Atlan #1: Spider Desert
098842: SHOOK, GLENN A. - Mysticism, Science and Revelation
098841: SHOOK, CHAS. A. - The True Origin of the Book of Mormon
036569: SHOOP, CHARLES F. AND TUVE, GEORGE L. - Mechanical Engineering Practice: A Laboratory Reference Text
105088: SHORE, JULIET - Blue Edelweiss
058874: SHORE, PAUL J.; SHORE, PAUL; REINERT, PAUL C. - Seasons of Change: Reflections on a Half Century at Saint Louis University
102456: SHORE, JULIET - Hospital of Bamboo
113588: SHORT, RUTH GORDON - Into the Lion's Jaws: The Story of David Livingstone
077690: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - The Big Cat
046131: SHORT, LUKE - Brand of Empire
100586: SHORT, LUKE - Raw Land
100587: SHORT, LUKE - Brand of Empire
068120: SHORT, VIOLA - The Fourth Relaford
065465: SHORT, JACKSON - Blue Alice
046623: SHORT, LUKE - Brand of Empire
046087: SHORT, LUKE - Coroner Creek
107616: SHORT, WILFRIED M.; BALFOUR, ARTHUR JAMES - Arthur James Balfour as Philosopher and Thinker: A Collection of the More Important and Interesting Passages in His Non-Political Writings, Speeches, and Addresses 1879-1912
110872: SHORT, LUKE - Station West
001406: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - The Big Cat
070659: SHORT, CHRISTOPHER - The Blue-Eyed Boy
099472: SHORT, LUKE - Savage Range
070414: SHORT, LUKE - The Some-Day Country
071684: SHORT, LUKE - Ambush
105722: SHORT, LUKE - The Whip (Large Print Edition)
117498: SHORT, CLARICE - The Old One and the Wind: Poems
118423: SHORTALL, LEONARD - Tony's First Dive
058790: SHOTT, JOHN G. - The Railroad Monopoly: An Instrument of Banker Control of the American Economy
048722: SHOTWELL, LOUISA R. - Roosevelt Grady
012312: SHOTWELL, JAMES T. - What Germany Forgot
036170: SHOUP, CARL S. - The Sales Tax in France
038789: SHOWERS, PAUL - Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity
067989: SHRAKE, EDWIN - But Not For Love
095693: SHRIBER, IONE SANDBERG - Head Over Heels in Murder: A Mystery
059106: SHRIVER, GEORGE H. (ED.) - American Religious Heretics: Formal and Informal Trials
086712: SHUB, DAVID - Lenin
051145: SHUBERT, ADRIAN - Death and Money in the Afternoon: A History of the Spanish Bullfight
027504: SHUBIN, SEYMOUR - Wellville, U.S.A.

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