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44107: BLYTON, ENID - Tell Me a Story Book
42930: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Tell me a Story Book
42162: BLYTON, ENID - Tales from Toyland
42088: BLYTON, ENID - Before I go to Sleep : a Book of Bible Stories and Prayers for Children at Night
42025: BLYTON, ENID - My Best Book of Enid Blyton Stories
68244: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Secret Toybox Tales
66976: BLYTON, ENID - The Rubadub Mystery
66977: BLYTON, ENID - The Rat-a-Tat Mystery
39641: BLYTON, ENID - Toyland Tales
39077: BLYTON, ENID - Blown Away Rabbit
38457: BLYTON, ENID - The Blue Story Book
36863: BLYTON, ENID - More Twenty-Minute Tales
32444: BLYTON, CAREY - Bananas in Pyjamas : a Book of Nonsense
32247: BLYTON, ENID - The Wishing Carpet
32246: BLYTON, ENID - Billy and the West Wind
63959: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Twilight Tales
45533: BLYTON, ENID - Secret Toybox Tales
29167: BLYTON, ENID - The Goblin and the Dragon and Other Stories
27312: BLYTON, ENID - Lion Learns a Lesson
26738: BLYTON, ENID - The Ugly Old Scarecrow and Other Stories
25655: BLYTON, ENID - Brown Bear Has a Birthday
63583: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Sunnyside Stories
53613: BLYTON, ENID - Tale of Scissors the Gnome & How Derry the Doormouse Lost His Secret
53303: BLYTON, ENID - Oui-Oui et M. Grosminou
20517: BLYTON, ENID - The Dog with the Long Tail
20315: BLYTON, ENID - Stories for Bedtime
17593: BLYTON, ENID - Storyland
15765: BLYTON, ENID - Sunshine Book
15378: BLYTON, ENID - Stories for You
14862: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Happy Adventure Tales
61096: BLYTON, ENID - The Magic Brush and Other Stories
89792: BLYTON, ENID - Enid Blyton's Bedside Book Number Nine
84595: BLYTON, ENID - Pixieland Story Book
71041: BLYTON, ENID - Three Cheers, Secret Seven
47590: BLYTON, ENID - Picnic Party
94231: BLYTON, ENID - The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat
94233: BLYTON, ENID - The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage
89669: BLYTON, ENID - The Little Girl at Capernaum
7569: BLYTON, ENID - The Big Enid Blyton Story Annual
3162: BLYTON, ENID - Playtime Storybook Number eight
89733: BLYTON, ENID (RETORLD BY) - Tales of Brave Adventure
91112: BLYTON, ENID - The Rat-A-Tat Mystery
88139: BLYTON, ENID - The Rubadub Mystery
77253: BLYTON, ENID - The Little Button Elves
81853: BLYTON, ENID - The Famous Five Big Book. Containing: Five on a Treasure Island ; Five go Adventuring Again; Five Run Away Together
82272: BLYTON, ENID - BOM the Little Toy Drummer
94802: NEWFOUNDLAND TOURIST DEVELOPMENT BOARD - Newfoundland Britain's Oldest Colony Where Sport is at its Finest
93622: CHINA SPORTS EDITORIAL BOARD - Wushu Among Chinese Moslems
90126: FORT ERIE MUSEUM BOARD - Many Voices II: A Collective History of Greater Fort Erie
42735: BOAST, PHILIP - Gloria
98025: BOBAK, MOLLY LAMB - Wild Flowers of Canada: Impressions and sketches of a Field Artist
97922: BOBOT, RAJKO - The Alka Tournament of Sinj
27650: BOCK, DENNIS - The Ash Garden
83244: BOCKING, RICHARD C. - Mighty River: A Portrait of the Fraser
24827: BOCKMAN, MARC - Turning Points : The National Gypsum Company Story
10359: BOCKMAN, MARC - Turning Points The National Gypsum Company story
25957: BODDY, MICHAEL - The Smallest Frog Int he World
23621: BODE, WILHELM - Florentiner Bildhauer Der Renaissance
97421: BODGER, REV. JOHN D. - Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels of Papua : The Native Background to the Papuan Campaign and Its Influence on the Future of the Territory
20265: BODGER, JOAN - Clever-Lazy
14538: BODGER, JOAN - Clever-Lazy
12917: BODGER, LORRAINE - Christmas Doughcrafts
71783: BOEHM, CHRISTOPHER - Blood Revenge: The Enactment and Management of Conflict in Montenegro and Other Tribal Societies
84668: DE BOER, HANS A. - The Bridge is Love Jottings from a Traveller's Notebook
95630: BOGAARD, PAUL A. - Profiles of Science and Society in the Maritimes Prior to 1914
14506: BOGARDE, DIRK - Voices in the Garden
92507: BOGDANIEC-SELUGA, NADIA - Winds of Change
59602: BOGE, PAUL H. - The Chicago Healer
37441: BOGGS, HOBERT O. - Children's Comedies and Comic Recitations
75546: BOGGS, WINTROP S AND POOLE, BERTRAM W.H.; HUBER, HARRY E. - Postage Stamps and Postal History Newfoundland and Postage Stamps of Newfoundland
96485: BOILEAU, JOHN - Halifax and the Royal Canadian Navy
99219: BOILEAU, JOHN - Where the Water Meets the Land : The Story of the Halifax Harbour Waterfront
96297: BOILEAU, JOHN - Half-Hearted Enemies: Nova Scotia, New England and the War of 1812
98600: BOILEAU, JOHN - Fastest In The World: The Saga Of Canada's Revolutionary Hydrofoils
96756: BOILEAU, JOHN - Samuel Cunard: Nova Scotia's Master of the North Atlantic
99031: BOILEAU, JOHN - Historic Eastern Passage: Including Imperoyal, Shearwater, South East Passage, Cow Bay, McNab's Island, Lawlor's Island and Devil's Island
99034: BOILEAU, JOHN - The Peaceful Revolution: 250 Years of Democracy in Nova Scotia
97499: BOILEAU, JOHN - Valiant Hearts : Atlantic Canada and the Victoria Cross
71132: BOLANO, ITALO;LUZI, MARIO;ADORNO, PIERO - Essere Isola: L'arte Di Italo Bolano
79581: BOLD, ALAN (ED) - Making Love : The Picador Book of Erotic Verse
87330: BOLDUC, ANDRE; HOGUE, CLARENCE; LAROUCHE, DANIEL - Hydro-Québec : After 100 Years of Electricity
27762: BOLEN, DENNIS E. - Stand in Hell
86900: BOLES, GLEN - Glen Boles:My Mountain Album: Art & Photography of the Canadian Rockies & Columbia Mountains
38163: BOLGER, W. P. BARRETT, WAYNE, MACKAY ANNE - Memories of the Old Home Place Prince Edward Island
35437: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. - The Years before Anne
72591: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. - The Years before Anne
91947: BOLGER, FRANCIS W. P. [ED.] - Canada's Smallest Province: a History of Prince Edward Island
76400: BOLGER, DERMOT (ED) - Bright Wave/An Tonn Gheal : Poetry in Irish Now
98962: BOLGER, W.P.; BARRETT, WAYNE; MACKAY, ANNE - Spirit of Place: Lucy Maud Montgomery and Prince Edward Island
94691: BOLISKA, AL - The Mahareeshi Says .
49935: BOLITHO, HECTOR - The Angry Neighbours
13837: BOLLIN, SUSAN K. - Sedona Cook Book: Recipes from Red Rock Country
43993: BOMANS, GODFRIED - The Uninhabited Island
34498: BOND, SIMON - Uniformity
63361: BOND, SANDRA - The Complete Guide to Foliage Planting
11537: BOND, EVELYN - Heritage of Fear
81742: BOND, JESS - Going Home and Other Cape Breton Stories
59953: BONDARYEV, YURI - Silence: a Novel of Two Young Men in Post-War Russia
93544: BONDRUP-NIELSEN, SOREN - Winter on Diamond : An Encounter with the Temagami Wilderness
31460: BONHAM, FRANK - Bold Passage
25859: BONIFACE, FATHER - Pioneering in the West
700: BONIFACE, FATHER - St. Francis Parish a History
90823: BONING, RICHARD A. - The Red Baron [The Incredible Series]
86565: BONJEAN, HUGO - In the Eyes of Anahita
62733: BONNELL, ROBERT D. - K.C Irving
46714: BONNER, MICHAEL - The Disturbing Death Of Jenkin Delaney
46745: BONNER, PARKER - Plunder Canyon
72812: BONNER, MARY GRAHAM - Danger on The Coast: a Story of Nova Scotia
59370: BONNET, ALEXANDRE - Secrets Et Pratique De L'Occultisme
90353: BONSOR, N.R.P. - North Atlantic Seaway Volume 1
73375: BOOKER, MALCOLM - Conflict in the Balkans
13326: NEWSWEEK BOOKS - Milestones of History: Nations and Empires
22752: EDITORS OF SUNSET BOOKS - Cooking with Casseroles
82134: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS BOOKS - Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
77032: WONDER BOOKS - Aladdin and His Magic Lamp Punch Out, Stick and Color
13328: NEWSWEEK BOOKS - Milestones of History: The Pen and the Sword
17970: BOON, EMILIE - Peterkin's Wet Walk
8543: BOON, CLARENCE A. - The Way We Lived
96687: BOORMAN, CHARLEY - Extreme Frontiers Racing Across Canada from Newfoundland to the Rockies
98802: BOORMAN, SYLVIA - Wild Plums in Brandy : Wild Foods Cookery
59220: BOOTH, DAVID (SELECTED) AND KAY MACDONALD DENTON (ILL) - Til All the Stars have Fallen : Canadian Poems for Children
61645: BOOTH, BRAMWELL - Echoes and Memories
81859: BOOTH, JOHN A.;WALKER, THOMAS W.;WADE, CHRISTINE J. - Understanding Central America: Global Forces, Rebellion, and Change
87477: BOOTH, MARK - Bermuda's Sidney the Sailboat
96382: BOOTHBY, ROBERT - Citizenship of the Free World, a Plea for Organic Union [The Josiah Wood Lectures 1956]
47595: BORDEN, MARION - Hooray for Lassie!
92234: BORDEN, GEORGE - A Mighty Long Way !
97652: BORDEN, GEORGE - I Never Heard Their Cry! Selected Poems
77023: BORDEN, GEORGE - Canaan Odyssey : A Poetic Account of the Black Experience in North America
31964: BORDON, LUCILLE PAPIN - Sing to the Sun
18590: BORG, JACK - The Cherokee Trail
13626: BORG, JACK - The Trail Drivers
19394: BORGENICHT, MIRIAM - Roadblock
86488: BORGESE, ELISABETH MANN - Chairworm & Supershark
58025: BORING, EDWIN G. - History, Psychology & Sciences Selected Papers
95418: BORINS, SARA - Trudeau Albums
56008: BORINS, SARA - Trudeau Albums
34688: BORITZER, ETAN - What is God?
80010: BOROVOY, A. ALAN - Uncivil Obedience : The Tactics and Tales of a Democratic Agitator
95306: BOROWSKY, IVAN J. - Artists Confronting the Inconceivable
93970: BORRETT, WILLIAM C. - East Coast Port and Other Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock
64126: BORRETT, WILLIAM COATES - Tales Told in Rhyme (signed)
97290: BORRETT, WILLIAM - Historic Halifax in tales told under the Old Town Clock
98771: BORRETT, WILLIAM - Down to the Sea Again With Tales told under the Old Town Clock
96109: BORRETT, WILLIAM - Down East: Another Cargo of Tales Told Under the Old Town clock (signed)
97414: BORRETT, WILLIAM - More Tales told under the old Town Clock
72773: BORTON, ELIZABETH - Pollyanna's Castle in Mexico ( Glad Pollyanna No 8)
27823: BOSAK, SUSAN V. - Something to Remember Me By : A Story about Love and Legacies
16844: BOSANQUET, REGINALD - Filboyd's Frogs
12893: BOSKIND-WHITE, MARLENE - Bulimarexia
93183: BOSTON, LUCY M. - An Enemy at Green Know
93118: BOSTON, LUCY M. - The River at Green Knowe
1228: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763
89771: BOSWELL, HILDA - Sooty the Little Black Engine (Pixie Book0
34455: BOSWORTH, ALLAN R. - Double Deal ( Hang and Rattle)
83045: BOSWORTH, NEWTON - Hochelaga Depicta or the Early History of Montreal
87398: BOSWORTH, ALLAN R. - America's Concentration Camps
27628: BOTHWELL, ROBERT - Laying the Foundation
96882: BOTHWELL, ROBERT - Canada and Quebec One Country Two Histories
8766: BOTHWELL, JEAN - African Herdboy: a Story of the Masai
37333: BOTSFORD, WARD - The Pirates of Penzance
22473: BOTT, ALAN (ED) - The Londoner's England
31128: BOTTNER, BARBARA - Horrible Hannah
34344: BOTTOMLEY - Intersexions : Gender - Class - Culture - Ethnicity
95940: BOTTON, ALAIN DE - Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer's Guide to the Uses of Religion
46434: BOUCHARD, LUCIEN - on the Record
83904: BOUDREAU, NICOLE (SAULNIER) - La Force D'un Peuple: L'histoire Acadienne En Termes Generaux
80403: BOUDREAU, ROBERT L. - The Man Who Loved Schooners
98813: BOUDREAU, ROY - The History of the Petit de Grat Red Caps, 1947-1997: 50 Years of Tradition and Glory
5546: DU, BOULAY, F.R.H. - The Age of Ambition : English Society in the late Middle Ages
96931: BOULTON, JAMES J. - Uniforms of the Canadian Mounted Police
30443: BOULTON-GOLDBERG, BOBBIE AND ASS - Englewood and Englewood Cliffs
22647: BOULTON, MARSHA - Letters from the Country
19580: BOULTON, W.S. - Practical Coal Mining Divisional Volume IV
58799: BOURASSA, ROBERT - James Bay
28053: BOURDEAUX, MICHAEL - The Evidence That Convicted Aida Skripnikova
63588: BOURGEOIS, PAULETTE - The Many Hats of Mr. Minches
69640: BOURGEOIS, PAULETTE - Franklin and Harriet
18758: BOURINOT, J. G.; MARQUIS, T. G.; ROY, CAMILLE - Our Intellectual Strength & Weakness; English-Canadian Literature; French-Canadian Literature (Literature of Canada Ser.)
69807: BOURINOT, JOHN G. - Our Intellectual Strength and Weakness: A Short Historical and Critical Review of Literature, Art and Education in Canada
40688: BOURJAILY, VANCE - Confessions of a Spent Youth
51379: BOURLIAGUET, LEONE - Tunnel Under Brown Wood
85806: BOURN, WILLIAM - History of the Parish of Ryton, Including the Parishes of Winlation, Stella, and Greenside
30180: BOURNE, MIRIAM A. - Ladies of Castine
97832: BOURNE, LARRY - Our Newfoundland... To Know it is to Love it
87980: BOURNE, N. - Scallops and the Offshore fishery of the Maritimes Bulletin No 145
74027: BOUTILIER, JAMES A. (EDITOR) - The RCN in Retrospect, 1910-1968
89125: BOUTILIER, JAMES A. - RCN in Retrospect 1910-1968
98406: BOUTILIER, DANNY W. - Rockin' Chair Rhymes
5302: BOUTON, JIM - I Managed Good But Boy did they Play Bad
92328: BOUYALA D' ARNAUD, ANDRE - Evocation du vieil Aix-en-Provence
98851: BOUZEREAU, LAURENT - Cutting Room Floor : Movie Scenes That Never Made it to the Screen
91444: BOWDEN-SMART, RODNEY & BEECH, FRANK J. (EDITORS). - Toronto. An Illustrated Tour Through Its Highways and Byways
58128: BOWDEN, MARK - Road Work : Among Tyrants, Heroes, Rogues, and Beasts
80118: BOWDER, DIANA - Who Was Who in the Greek World
80119: BOWDER, DIANA - Who Was Who in the Roman World
32302: BOWDISH, LYNEA - This Is Me, Laughing
47330: BOWEN, MARJORIE - The Viper of Milan
55131: BOWEN, LYNNE - Boss Whistle : The Coal Miners of Vancouver Island Remember
59101: BOWEN, MARJORIE - Patriotic Lady: A Study of Emma, Lady Hamilton, and the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799
52175: BOWEN, BETSY - Antler, Bear, Canoe: A Northwoods Alphabet Year
79013: BOWEN, DESMOND - The Idea of the Victorian Church: A Study of the Church of England 1833-1889
89947: BOWEN, ELIZABETH;RITCHIE, CHARLES - Love's Civil War: Letters and Diaries 1941-1973
42386: BOWER, TOM - Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyons
30834: BOWER, B.M. - Laughing Water
2601: BOWER, B.M. - White Wolves
69125: BOWERING, GEORGE - A Place to Die
4701: BOWERING, MARILYN - To All Apperances a Lady
87132: BOWERING, GEORGE - His Life: A Poem
7857: BOWERING, GEORGE (ED) - Fiction by Contemporary Canada
91330: BOWERING, GEORGE - Al Purdy
82936: BOWERS, RICK - Governor of Prince Edward Island
85210: BOWERS, GWENDOLYN - The Wishing Book Doll
79624: BOWERS, EDGAR - Living Together: New and Selected Poems
14456: BOWES, REV. G.S. - Information and Illustration for Sermons Lectures and Conversations
43821: BOWLES, ELLA SHANNON - Homespun Handicrafts
46343: BOWLING, HARRY - One More for Saddler Street
85836: BOWLING, HELEN G. - The First Eighty Years: A History of Sunderland Church High School 1884-1964
40454: BOWMAN, ARCHIBALD ALLAN - The Absurdity of Christianity and Other Essays. Edited, with an introduction, by Charles W. Hendel
90749: BOWMAN, PHYLIS - Muskeg, Rocks and Rain
6631: BOWMAN, SARAH AND VARDEY, LUCINDA - Pigs : A Troughful of Treasures
95648: BOWN, STEPHEN R. - Sightseers and Scholars: Scientific Travellers in the Golden Age of Natural History
42289: BOWYER, CHAZ - History of the RAF
98840: BOWYER, CHAZ; VAN ISHOVEN, ARMAND - Halifax and Wellington
77189: BOX, MURIAL - The Trial of Marie Stopes
54021: BOYCE, MICHAEL - Monkey
22906: BOYCE, ANN - Applique the Ann Boyce Way
67308: BOYCE, ETHEL M. - When Jesus Was Young
73782: BOYCE, BENJAMIN - The Benevolent Man: A Life of Ralph Allen of Bath
37299: BOYD, JOHN - The Future of Canada : Canadianism or Imperialism
19451: BOYD, ROBERT - Good News
80407: BOYD, ANDREW KENNEDY HUTCHINSON. - The Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson.
3461: BOYD, WILLIAM - The History of Western Education Third edition
99308: BOYD, MICHELLE HEBERT - Enriched by Catastrophe : Social Work and Social Conflict after the Halifax Explosion
12268: BOYDELL, CRAIG L. AND INGRID ARNET CONNIDIS - The Canadian Criminal System
98753: BOYER, J. PATRICK - Our Scandalous Senate
53344: BOYER, J. PATRICK - Just Trust Us the Erosion of Accountability in Canada: The Erosion of Accountability in Canada
43071: BOYER, PAUL - Painting and Finishing Scale Models
71715: BOYLE, FRANCIS A. - The Bosnian People Charge Genocide: Proceedings at the International Court of Justice Concerning Bosnia V. Serbia on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
33980: BOYLE, HARRY J. - A Summer Burning
84083: BOZIG, SRETEN WITH ALAN MARSHALL - Aboriginal Myths
7328: BRACE, C.L. AND GAMBLE, G.R. AND BOND, J.T. - Race and Intelligence
2434: BRACE, GEOFFERY - The story of Music
87845: BRACE, GERALD WARNER - Between Wind and Water
92850: BRACKEN, ROBERT - Spitfire: The Canadians
94162: BRACKETT, DAVID - The Pop, Rock and Soul Reader: Histories and Debates
81794: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - The Last Emperor
65619: BRADBURY, C.E. - Working Families : Age, Gender and Daily Survival in Industrializing Montreal
54638: BRADBY, E.D. - A Short History of the French Revolution 1789-1795
25808: BRADBY, G.F. - The Great Days of Versailles : Studies From Court life in The Later Years of Louis XIV
65956: BRADFIELD, ROGER - Master Cartoonist Charles Schulz
69228: BRADFORD, ROBERT D. - Historic Forts of Ontario
1934: BRADFORD, ROARK - John Henry a Play with Music
1931: BRADFORD, ERNLE - Christopher Columbus
94442: BRADLEY, J. F. N - Lidice: sacrificial village (Ballantine's illustrated history of the violent century. Human conflict no. 2)
54956: BRADSHAW, MALCOLM HENRY; BRADSHAW, SHIRLEY I. - The Life and Times of God's Friendly Servant : Biography of Canon Alleyne George Bradshaw
70516: BRADSHAW, MALCOLM HENRY; BRADSHAW, SHIRLEY I. - The Life and Times of God's Friendly Servant : Biography of Canon Alleyne George Bradshaw
75410: BRADSHAW, PERCY V. - "Brother Savages and Guests" : a History of the Savage Club 1857-1957
22687: BRADY, FRANK - Hefner
21779: BRETZLAFF / BRADY - The Bretzlaff Family 1868-1983
16408: BRAGDON, ALLEN D. - A Country Christmas Treasury
55882: BRAGG, RUTH; BRAGG, RUTH GEMBICKI - Mrs. Muggle's Sparkle
2548: BRAGG, MELVYN - The Maid of Buttermere
54049: BRAIDEK, CARLA - Carrying The Sun
15565: BRAIDER, DONALD - Rage in Silence
44232: BRAIN, BELLE M. - Fifty Missionary Stories
88126: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - The Mystery of the Muffled Man ( Secret Circle Mysteries No 5)
47924: BRALEY, BERTON - The Sheriff of Silver Bow
25070: BRAMBLETT, CLAUD A. - Patterns of Primate Behavior
78746: BRAMSBACK, BIRGIT / MARTIN CROGHAN (ED.), - Anglo-Irish and Irish Literature. Aspects of Language and Culture. Vol. II
44306: BRAMSTRUP, G. A. - Old Wife's Tales Too
92731: BRAMSTRUP, M.A. - Hybrid
39513: DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT - AIR SERVICES BRANCH, - Meteorology for Navigators
74625: BRANCH-JOHNSON, W. - The English Prison Hulks
79041: BRAND, DIONNE - Thirsty
34378: BRAND, MAX ROD PATTERSON, - Max Brand's Western Magazine November 1951 Features Gallows Gamble and The Rawhiders
30349: BRAND, MAX - Fightin' Fool
99248: BRAND, JOHANNA - The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash
91556: BRAND, DIONNE - Land To Light On
28885: BRANDEIS, MADELINE - The Little Indian Weaver
28887: BRANDEIS, MADELINE - The Little Mexican Donkey Boy
24562: BRANDIS, MARIANNE - The Tinder-Box
18182: BRANDIS, MARIANNE - The Quarter-Pie Window
49904: BRANDIS, MARIANNE - The Tinderbox
12641: BRANDT, JOHN C.; CHAPMAN, ROBERT D. - The Comet Book
1541: BRANDT, JOHN C. & CHAPMAN ROBERT D. - Rendezvous in Space The Science of Comets
11774: BRANDT, JANE - Drinks without Liquor
23445: BRANHAM, WILLAIM MARRION - An Exposition of the Book of Hebrews
68903: BRANN, DONALD R. - How to Build Collectors' Display Cases: Dolls, China, Objets D'Art
43625: BRANN, DONALD R. - How to build a Kayak Easi-bild 757
62530: BRANN, DONALD R. - A Book for Baby
2330: BRANT, SEBASTIAN - Das Narren Schiff
93817: BRANTLINGER, PATRICK - ENERGY AND ENTROPY: Science and Culture in Victorian Britain
52728: BRASSARD, DANIEL ET SUZANNE GOSSELIN - Il Etait Autrefois: Recuil De Textes Historiques De La Region Saguenay et Lac St-Jean
53566: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - The Identity of France: History and Environment
53567: BRAUDEL, FERNAND - Identity of France: People and Production
70356: BRAUDEL, FERNAND;OLLARD, RICHARD LAWRENCE - The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II
85619: BRAULT, DR. LUCIEN - The Mile of History
14633: BRAY, WARWICK AND TRUMP, DAVID - The Penguin Dictionary of Archaeology
7185: BRAY, WILLIAM (ED) - Diary of John Evelyn in Two Volumes
34569: BRAZIL, ANGELA - The School on the Loch
28874: BRAZIL, ANGELA - A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl
95001: BREBNER, JOHN BARTLET - The Neutral Yankees of Nova Scotia
37688: BRECHER, IRVING - Monetary and Fiscal Thought and Policy in Canada 1919-1939
34213: BREDSDORFF, ELIAS; ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Hans Christian Andersen : The Story of His Life and Work 1805-75
39252: BREDVOLD, LOUIS I. - The Literature of the Restoration and the Eighteenth Century 1660-1798
30153: BREEN, DAVID AND KENNETH COATES - Vancouver's Fair : a Administrative and Political History of the Pacific National Exhibition
83251: BREEN, DAVID;COATES, KENNETH - Pacific National Exhibition: An Illustrated History
60773: BREESE, DAVE - Know the Marks of Cults
4932: BREHL, JACK - The Drive of '85
30253: BREHM, MADELEINE; TINDELL, NANCY - Movement with a Purpose : Perceptual Motor-Lesson Plans for Young Children
81429: BREIFENBACH, LOUISE M. - Alma's Junior Year ( Hadley Hall series)
13213: BREMKAMP, GLORIA H. - Merari
44220: BREMNER, LOIS - The Lodge of Omal
1062: BREMNER, LOIS - The Lodge of Omal
43358: YORK BRENDA - New Margene Recipes
33949: BRENNAN, KATHARINE T. - The Personal Journal of an Ordinary Person
54580: BRENNAN, DAN - The Naked Light
96113: BRENNAN, RICHARD AND JOHN GILMARY SHEA - Christ in His Church, a Catholic Church History Together with a Sketch of the Church in America
50739: BRENNAN, GEORGEANNE; KLEINMAN, KATHRYN - Flowerkeeping : The Time Honored Art of Perserving Flowers
95018: BRENNAN, BINNIE - Like Any Other Monday
48578: BRENNAN, H. - Martian Genesis
46242: BRENNER, BARBARA - On the Frontier With Mr. Audubon
94900: BRERETON, CAPT F. S. - With Roberts to Candahar : A Tale of the Third Afghan War Afghanistan
94904: BRERETON, CAPT. F.S. - With Rifle and Bayonet : a Tale of the Boer War
94899: BRERETON, CAPT. F.S. - A Hero Of Lucknow: A Tale of the Indian Mutiny.
65915: BRERETON, J. M. - The British Soldier: A Social History from 1661 to the Present Day
50165: BRESLIN, THERESA - Death or Glory Boys
88454: BRESSON, SISTER MARY ALFRED - Contemporary Iowa Opinions Regarding the Influence of Croatians in Waterloo, Iowa and Vicinity, 1907-1949
2565: BRETON, P.E. - Irish Hermit of the Arctic
38224: RIDERM BRETT - Death Stalks the Range
12962: BRETT, S. REED - Oliver Cromwell
89204: BRETT, BRIAN - Poems New and Selected
70529: BREUER, WILLIAM B. - Death of a Nazi Army: The Falaise Pocket
90786: BREWIS, T. N. - Growth and the Canadian Economy
98333: BREWITT, ROSS - Clear the Track : The Eddie Shack Story
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22503: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Sartor Resartus : The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh
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698: CARMAN, BLISS - Sanctuary - Sunshine House Sonnets
47914: CARMAN, DOROTHY WALWORTH - The Pride of the Town
95232: CARMEN, BLISS, LORNE PIERCE, V.B. RHODENIZER (CHOSEN BY) - Canadian Poetry in English
93535: CARMICHAEL , D.G. (COMMENTARY) - The McMichael Canadian Collection
36976: CARMICHAEL, ALFRED - Indian Legends of Vancouver Island
49146: CARMICHAEL, HARRY - False Evidence
97544: CARNEGIE, MARGARET - Mad Dog Morgan : The True Story of Australia's Most Infamous Bushranger.
92069: CARNEGIE, SACHA - The Colonel
20227: CARNELL, EDWARD JOHN - The Case for Biblical Christianity
31665: CARNEY, MARY L. - Spiritual Harvest : Reflections on the Fruits of the Spirit

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