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62558: MERKEL, ANDREW - Tallahassee : a Ballad of Nova Scotia (signed)
31080: MERMELSTEIN, MEL - By Bread Alone : The Story of A-4685
46741: MERRICK, ANNE; RICHARDSON-JONES, T. - The Very Visible Mouse
20252: MERRICK, EARL C. - Luciquita : Little Shepherd Girl of Bolivia
20181: MERRICK, EARL C. - These Impossible Women 100 Years: The story of the United Baptist Woman's Missionary Union of the Atlantic Provinces
2811: MERRICK, EARL C. - These Impossible Women 100 Years The story of the United Baptist Woman's Missionary Union in the Atlantic Provinces
94520: MERRICK, ELLIOTT - Northern Nurse
9327: MERRICK, EARL C. - These Impossible Women 100 Years: The story of the United Baptist Woman's Missionary Union of the Atlantic Provinces
77028: MERRICK, REV, EARL C. - Bolivia
57823: MERRIFIELD, JOHN - A Treatise on Navigation
7952: MERRILL, JAMES - Mirabell : Books of Number
96183: BISHOP MERRILL [ED.] - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church
56620: MERRIMAN, PAUL R. - Flora of Richmond and Vicinity (Exclusive of Grasses, Sedges and Trees)
43664: MERRITT, ALICIA - The Book of Doll Making: A Comprehensive Project Book Reference to Making Traditional and Innovative Dolls
28092: MERRITT, SUSAN E. - Her Story : Women from Canada's Past
14889: MERSER, CHERYL - A Starter Garden : The Guide for the Horticulturally Hapless
97888: MES, G. M. - Faith Healing and Religion
23793: MESLEY, ROGER J. (EDITOR) - Art Carleton : Carleton University Art Collection
96062: MESSENGER, CHARLES - Trench Fighting 1914-18
23678: MESSENGER, CHARLES - Northern Ireland the Troubles
62939: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Limestone and Dolomite in Nova Scotia Monograph Pamphlet No. 9
94853: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Limestone and Dolomite in Nova Scotia Pamphlet No 9
92377: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Slate in Nova Scotia: Monograph Phamplet No 26
92376: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Talc and Soapstone in Nova Scotia: Monograph Phamplet No 27
92379: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Graphite in Nova Scotia: Monograph Phamplet No 11
92378: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Granite in Nova Scotia: Monograph Phamplet No 12
92380: MESSERVEY, J.P. - Tungsten in Nova Scotia: Monograph Phamplet No 29
53077: LE MESSURIER, SALLY LOU - The Fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador
86538: METAYER, MAURICE [ED. AND TRANS.] - Tales From the Igloo
52594: METAYER, MAURICE [ED. AND TRANS.] - Tales From the Igloo
69378: METCALFE, ROBIN - Subject Matter: Contemporary Painting and Sculpture in Nova Scotia
86449: METCALFE, ROBIN - Studio Rally : Art and Craft of Nova Scotia
54762: METHEY, VIOLET. MIDDLETON, MARGARET & TAYLOR, MARJORIE. - Blackie's Girl Guide Story Omnibus: Mystery Camp, With the Speedwell Patrol and The Island Camp
97324: METSON, GRAHAM (ED) - The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917
93488: METSON, GRAHAM - An East Coast Port
45719: METZ, LEON CLAIRE - Turning Points in El Paso Texas
84189: MEURLING, JOHN;JEANS, RICHARD - The Ericsson Chronicle: 125 Years in Telecommunications
96514: MEUSE, THERESA - The Eagle Feather, Come Learn About First Nation Culture
9927: MEWS, ALISON (CHAIRPERSON) - My inside Self
46704: MEYER, RICHARD M. - Goethe Band 1
36501: MEYER, BERNARD - Bernard Meyer's East Coast Cuisine : Regional Cooking with French Flair
32720: MEYER, ROGER E. - Guide to Drug Rehabilitation : a Public Health Response
57489: MEYER, BERNARD - Bernard Meyer's East Coast Cuisine: Regional Cooking With French Flair
18229: MEYER, WILLIAM J. - Developmental Psychology
83911: MEYERS, JEFFREY - Homosexuality and Literature 1890-1930
38804: MEYNELL, LAURENCE - The Man in the Hut ( Early Bird series)
82312: MEYRICK, JUDITH - Gracie the Public Gardens Duck
88714: MEZLEKIA, NEGA - Notes from the Hyena's Belly : An Ethiopian Boyhood
54144: MICHAEL, MAURICE AND PAMELA - German Fairy Tales : Selected from Stories Other than Those by the Brothers Grimm
17675: TREMBLAY. MICHAEL - Forever Yours Marie-Lou
64541: MICHALS, DUANE - A Visit with Magritte
53903: MICHEL, PAULINE - Eyes of Water ( Les Yeux d'eau)
15576: MICHEL, SCOTT - Journey Into Limbo
86954: MICHEL, SALLY - Painting Animals in Watercolor
23251: MICHELSON, - Man and His Urban Environment : a Sociological Approach
93070: MICHNOVICZ GIBSON, TONI; MICHNOVICZ, JON - Los Alamos: 1944-1947 (NM) (Images of America)
95610: MICKLETHWAIT, JOHN; WOOLDRIDGE, ADRIAN - The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea (Modern Library Chronicles)
96089: MIDAL, FABRICE - Chogyam Trungpa: His Life and Vision
58106: MIDAM - Kid Paddle Carnage Total No 2
32340: MIDDELKOOP, PIETER - The Wise Old Man : Healing Through Inner Images
95677: MIDDLEBROOK, MARTIN - The Nuremberg Raid
28438: MIDDLEMISS, C.S. - The Kangra Earthquake of 4th April 1905 ( Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India Volume 38)
42112: MIDDLETON, JOHN EDITOR - Gods and Rituals: Readings in religious beliefs and Practices
46073: MIDWINTER, ERIC - Nineteenth Century Education
42687: MIDWINTER, ERIC C. - Old Liverpool
4067: MIFFLEN, JESSIE - A Collection of Memories
67281: MIJATOVIC, ANDELKO MARIJA CAVAR (TRANSLATOR) - The Croats and Croatia in Time and Space
67077: MIKA, NICK AND HELMA - Belleville: Portrait of a City
10655: MIKKELSEN, EJNAR - Perdus dans l'Arctique Volume 1 En Route vers le Pole
97149: MIKOLAJSKI, ANDREW - Seeds Collecting and Sowing
71492: MIKOLAJSKI, ANDREW - Seeds Collecting and Sowing
71494: MIKOLAJSKI, ANDREW - Growing Fruit Trees and Shrubs
71493: MIKOLAJSKI, ANDREW - Propagating
97670: MILBERRY, LARRY - The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection
83480: MILBERRY, LARRY - Canada's Air Force: At War and Peace Volume Two (2)
92809: MILBERRY, LARRY - AIRCOM : Canada's Air Force
77874: MILEHAM, PATRICK K - The Yeomanry Regiments: 200 Years of Tradition
38072: MILES-CADMAN, MARGARET - Little Fan and the Fountain Fairy
50445: MILES, JONATHAN - Sense and Nonsense
93019: MILES, BARRY - Paul McCartney : Many Years from Now
26723: MILHENING, FRANK W. - Don't Cry for the Sick
9828: MILHOUS, KATHERINE - the Egg Tree
49584: MILIBAND, RALPH AND LEO PANITCH [EDS] - Between Globalism and Nationalism 30th Issue Socialist Register 1994
98928: MILLAIS, JOHN GUILLE - Newfoundland and Its Untrodden Ways
8644: MILLAR, WILL - Messing about in boats
2239: MILLAR, RONALD - The Piltdown Men
98628: MILLARD, DAVID - The Joy of Watercolor
95926: MILLARD, ELLEN GILES - Back When...volume III
95938: MILLARD, ELLEN GILES - Back When...
96532: WRIGHT H. MILLARD (COMPILED BY) - The Other Halifax Explosion : Bedford Magazine July 18-20 1945
70712: DE MILLE, JAMES - A strange Manuscript found in a copper cylinder
95785: DE MILLE, JAMES - A strange Manuscript found in a copper Cylinder
92155: MILLER, HENRY - Tropic of Capricorn
43208: MILLER, NATHAN - The Naval Air War 1939-1945
69052: MILLER, WILLIAM H., JR. - Ocean Liner Chronicles: Great Passenger Ships and Their Stories
69053: MILLER, WILLIAM H., JR. - Passenger Liners French Style
39628: MILLER, SHANE - The Bible as a Handbook for Understanding Self
71445: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - Heroes of the Bible and the Story of Jesus
37750: MILLER, MARY C. - Written in the Bricks : A Visual and Historical Tour of 15 Mississippi Hometowns
37253: MILLER, R. DEWITT - Stranger Than Life (Also released as: You Do Take It with You.)
36617: MILLER, ELIZABETH - Saul of Tarsus
33625: MILLER, AUDREY SAUNDERS - The Journals of Mary O'Brien
32100: MILLER, MOIRA; HEDDERWICK, MAIRI - Kist o'Whistles: Scottish Folk Tales
27457: MILLER, FRED - My Father's Garden :Meditations and Guides for Life
53245: MILLER, TERRY - Greenwich Village and How It Got That Way
80319: MILLER, THOMAS - Historical And Genealogical Record of Colchester County
16891: MILLER, HUGH - Terminal 3
16410: MILLER, BRUCE W.; DONNELLY, MARY C. - Handmade Silk Flowers
13588: MILLER, ELIZABETH RUSSELL - The Frayed Edge : Norman Duncan's Newfoundland
95091: MILLER, THOMAS - Historical And Genealogical Record of Colchester County
84709: MILLER, ROBERT L. ERIC W. EHRMANN, WALTER PFEIFFER - M.I. Hummel: The Golden Anniversary Album
96212: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - The World's Great Adventure 1000 Years of Polar Exploration
66350: MILLER, A.V. - Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A History of Indian-White Relations in Canada
50328: MILLER, RAYMOND (ED) - New Zealand Politics in Transition
96664: MILLER, DON - I Was a Rum Runner
49973: MILLER, MICHAEL - Management Secrets of the Good, Bad & the Ugly
339: MILLER, ORLO - A Century of Western Ontario
94686: MILLER, ALICE DUER - The White Cliffs
81719: MILLER, HARRY - Gallery of American Dogs
3319: MILLER, FLORENCE - In Caribou Land (introduction by E.J. Pratt)
92648: MILLER, MARK - Cool Blues: Charlie Parker in Canada 1953
79243: MILLER, DEBORAH - I Will Burn Candles
80367: MILLER, ALLICE DUER - The White Cliffs
84559: MILLER, CARMAN - Canada's Little War: Fighting for the British Empire in Southern Africa 1899-1902
88833: MILLER, HENRY - Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch
35272: MILLETT, KATE - Mother Millett
26435: MILLETT, KATE - A. D. : A Memoir
35630: MILLHOLLAND, RAY - Blue Chip Haggerty : The Collected Stories
92248: MILLHOLLAND, RAY - Lucky Shoes
29022: MILLIGAN, E. - Zambesi Island
21279: MILLIGAN, SHIRLEY AND WALTER KUPSCH - Living Explorers of the Canadian Arctic
63396: MILLIGAN, SPIKE; TIDY, BILL; SHAND, NEIL - Spike Milligan's The Melting Pot
52557: MILLIGAN, GEORGE - The Expository Value of the Revised Version
79836: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Rommel?-Gunner Who?: A Confrontation in the Desert
92146: MILLIGAN, JEAN C. - Won't You join the Dance: Manual of Scottish Country Dancing
48657: MILLIGAN, G.C. - Geology of the Lynn Lake District and Map Set to Accompany Pub 57-1
85810: MILLIGAN, SPIKE - Open Heart University: Poems
86179: MILLIGAN, G.C. - Geological Survey of Prince Edward Island
19368: MILLIKEN, EDWARD C. (EDITOR) - Faith at Work in Canada, 1942-1992 : Fifty Years of Service
60247: MILLIN, SARAH GERTRUDE - The Fiddler
64047: MILLMAN, THOMAS REAGH - A History of The Parish Of New London Prince Edward Island
63502: MILLMAN, THOMAS R. - The Life of the Right Reverend, the Honourable Charles James Stewart (signed)
13450: MILLNER, DENENE AND CHILES, NICK - What Brothers Think, What Sistahs Know: The Real Deal on Love and Relationships
75326: GENERAL MILLS - Gold Medal Breads and Spreads
71702: MILLS, KENNETH G. - A Word Fitly Spoken
68255: MILLS NASH, EVE;KENNETH J., HARVEY - Little White Squaw: A White Woman¼s Story of Abuse, Addiction, and Reconciliation
14429: MILLS, JOHN - Runner in the Dark
62843: MILLS, JOHN W. - Head and Figure Modelling
83267: MILLS, CHRIS - Lighthouse Legacies: Stories of Nova Scotia's Lightkeeping Families
11663: MILLS, KENNETH AND JUDIETH E. PAUL - Applied Visual Merchandising Second Edition
96326: WESTERN CANADA FLOUR MILLS - The New Purity Flour Cook Book
96995: MILLS, SPARLING - Falling in Love Again
97384: PURITY FLOUR MILLS - Purity Cook Book 960 Tested Recipes(1954)
77170: MILLS, J. C. - The Strange Voyage of the Raconteur
78654: MILLS, MALCOLM - Beyond the Shickshock Mountains: a Canadian Talon Saga
75485: MILLS, CHRIS - Vanishing Lights : A Lightkeeper's Fascination with a Disappearing Way of Life
58344: MILNE, JAMES - Travels in Hope: a Book of Wayfaring Essays
30421: MILNE, J. PATERSON - The Mystery of The Gaily More
77853: MILNE A A - Winnie-the-Pooh and the Bees: a Pop-up Picture Book
72089: MILNE, ANDREW - Metternich
98658: MILNE, GILBERT A. - H.M.C.S.
87502: MILSOM, SCOTT - Voices Of Nova Scotia Community: A Written Democracy
60355: MILTON, ROGER - The English Ceremonial Book; a History of Robes, Insignia, and Ceremonies Still in Use in England
54007: MILTON, G. - Big Chief Elizabeth : How England's Adventurers gambled and Won the New World
7054: MILTON, JOYCE AND ORSI AND HARRISON - The Feathered Serpent and the Cross : The Pre-Columbian God-Kings, The Papal States
34694: MINARIK, ELSE HOLMELUND - It's Spring!
95683: MINEAU, DANIELLE - Marguerite Bourgeoys :montreal's First Teacher
40228: MINER, JACK - Jack Miner on Current Topics
28653: MINER, JACK - Jack Miner on Current Topics
62986: MINER, JACK - Wild Goose Jack His Life and Religion
79887: MINER, ROBERT - Exes: Marriages Come and go But Divorce Lasts Forever
78031: NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Second Conference on the Origin and Constitution of Coal
66478: NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Conference on the Origin and Constitution of Coal
78029: NOVA SCOTIA DEPARTMENT OF MINES - Third Conference on the Origin and Constitution of Coal
24234: MINGO, FAYE - A Winning Combination : The History of Eastern Woodworking, Eastern Manufacturing and Eastern Contracting.
35248: MINNS, RICHARD - The Cold War in Welfare : Stock Markets Versus Pensions
48220: MINNS, RICHARD - The Cold War in Welfare : Stock Markets Versus Pensions
73309: MINTER, ROY - The White Pass : Gateway to the Klondike
51208: MINTO, WILLIAM - Characteristics of English Poets : From Chaucer to Shirley
48568: MINTON, MARY - Paradise Corner
93185: MINTY, DENNIS - Wildflowers of the Rock
79956: MINTZ, SIDNEY W. - Worker in the Cane: A Puerto Rican Life History
96310: MIPHAM, JAMGON - White Lotus: An Explanation of the Seven-line Prayer to Guru Padmasambhava
29981: MARAIS & MIRANDA - Folk Song Jamboree: Songs from Many Lands with Full Words and Music; and with Arrangements Written Especially for Guitar Accompaniment.
97685: DE CET MIRCO - The Complete Encyclopedia of Classic Motorcycles
33495: MIRVISH, ROBERT F. - A House of Her Own
74051: THE MEGIDDO MISSION - Megiddo Church Hymnal Part II
69887: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Family Matters
56851: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Ivan Hicks : Fifty Years of Fabulous Fiddle Music
84673: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness Revisited
88080: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Taku : The Heart of North America's Last Great Wilderness
57776: MITCHAM, ALLISON MITCHAM AND THERESIA QUIGLEY - Maritime Voices: Twentieth Century Stories by Women
37837: MITCHAM, ALLISON; MITCHAM, STEPHANIE - Strange Lights at Midnight
34349: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Atlin the Last Utopia
26119: MITCHAM, ALLISON - The Pond Shore and Beyond / Le Bord De L' Etang et Au Dela
75816: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Halcyon Days
96123: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Grey Owl's Favorite Wilderness
83370: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Signs of the Times
97574: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Offshore Islands of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
88091: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Prophet of the Wilderness : Abraham Gesner
71962: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Truth to Tell: Stories from Here and Away
98111: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Island Keepers: Dangerous Islands and Determined Men - Two Brothers and Lives on Scatarie and Sable Islands
76299: MITCHAM, ALLISON - Paradise or Purgatory: Island Life in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick
90155: MITCHAM, ALLISON; QUIGLEY, THERESIA - Poetic Voices of the Maritimes: A Selection of Contemporary Poetry
97859: MITCHAN, ALLISON - Three Remarkable Maritimers
74108: MITCHELL, HENRY H. - Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art
42702: MITCHELL, BARBARA - Down Buttermilk Lane
68301: MITCHELL, FRANCIS; HOUSTON, VIRGINIA - The Boys of '62 : Vaughan Furriers : Maritime Junior Baseball Champions
64761: MITCHELL, CAPTAIN R.B. - Nova Scotia Fakes and Forgeries
40161: MITCHELL, DONALD AND RODERICK BISS - The Gambit Book of Children's Songs
35425: MITCHELL, ALLAN - The Nazi Revolution : Hitler's Dictatorship and the German Nation
16145: MITCHELL, JUNE AND PAT RICHARDS - Sleeping with Geraniums
29037: MITCHELL, W. O. - Since Daisy Creek
21824: MITCHELL, BRUCE - Institutional Arrangements for Water Management : Canadian Experiences
81629: MITCHELL, KATE L. - India and the War: An Analysis of the Cripps Mission and Its Aftermath
66365: MITCHELL, RONALD ELWY - Deep Waters
98052: MITCHELL, FRANCIS G. - Huskies, in Pursuit of Excellence: A Celebration of Saint Mary's University Varsity Athletic Programs: 1951-2012
62351: MITCHELL, W. O, - Who Has seen the Wind
222: MITCHELL, W. O. - Roses Are Difficult Here
224: MITCHELL, W.O. - Dramatic W.O. Mitchell Five Plays By W.O. Mitchell
98271: MITCHELL, CAPTAIN G. D. - Soldier in Battle
95793: MITCHELL, ALAN - The Guide to Trees of Canada and North America
80791: MITFORD, MARY - Sketches of English Life and Character with pictures by Stanhope Forbes A.R.A.
94906: MITGUTSCH, ALI AND ALICE POPPER - World on Wheels
97284: MITHA, FAROUK - Al-Ghazali and the Ismailis, a Debate on Reason and Authority in Medieval Islam
97075: MITIC, TRUDY D. - Canadian by Choice
96928: MITROVICA, ANDREW - Covert Entry : Spies, Lies and Crimes Inside Canada's Secret Service
95757: MITROVICA, ANDREW - Covert Entry: Spies Lies and Crimes Inside Canada's Secret Service
57692: MITSAKIS, K. - Macedonia throughout the Centuries
64359: MITTON, JENNIFER - Sleeping With the Insane
95656: MOAD, ELIZABETH - Thrilling Quilling
24080: MOBERL, R.C. - Ministerial Priesthood : Chapters (Preliminary to the Study of the Ordinal) on the Rationale of Ministry and the Meaning of Christian Priesthood
2519: MOCHE, DINAH L. - Life in Space
86060: MOCK, RUTH - Principles of Art Teaching
69800: MOCKRIDGE, REV. CHARLES H. - The Bishops of the Church of England in Canada and Newfoundland : Being an Illustrated Sketch of the Church of England in Canada, as Traced Through Her Episcopate
54545: MODESITT, JEANNE - Sometimes I Feel Like a Mouse: A Book About Feelings
49755: MOEBIRMAN - Wayang Purwa: The Shadow Play of Indonesia
4477: MOELLER, HENRY R. - The Legacy of Zion : Intertestamental Texts related to the New Testament
78118: MOEN, ARLO M. - A Sailor's Stories
19347: MOFFATT, JAMES - The General Epistles James Peter and Judas
56852: MOFFITT, AMOS AND SON - Life and Times in Harvey Early in the Last Century as Seen By One Man's Family
38961: MOHAUPT, ARTHUR G. - R.T.A. Service Manual
90290: MOHRT, MICHEL - Mariners' Prison
25790: MOIR, JOHN S. (ED) - History of the Canadian Corps of Signals
53405: MOIR, RITA - Survival Gear
12869: MOIR, RITA - Buffalo Jump
49608: MOIR, RITA - Survival Gear
16443: DE MOISSAC, JEANNE M. - Second Skin (Open Eye Poetry Ser.)
46768: MOL, HANS - Faith and Fragility Religion and Identity in Canada
7615: MOLAN, CHRIS - The Story of the Vikings : Great Tales from Long Ago
98866: MOLINA, RANDY; O'DELL, THOMAS; LUOMA, DANIEL; AMARANTHUS, MICHAEL; CASTELLAN, MICHAEL; RUSSELL, KENELM - Biology, Ecology, and Social Aspects of Wild Edible Mushrooms in the Forests of the Northwest A Preface to Managing Commercial Harvest
77195: MOLINA, FERNANDO - Existentialism as Philosophy
78814: MOLINARI, DAVE; RON COOK, CHUCK FINDER - Mario Lemieux : The Best There Was
98314: MOLLER, C - The Theory of Relativity
26672: MOLLOY, E. (ED) AND ASSOC - Modern Oil Engine Practice
361: MOLONEY, SUSIE - A Dry Spell
92202: MOLONEY, ED - A Secret History of the IRA
67288: MOMATIUK, YVA AND EASTCOTT, JOHN - This Marvellous Terrible Place Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
80152: MONAHAN, ARTHUR P. - The Circle of Rights Expands : Modern Political Thought after the Reformation, 1521 (Luther) to 1762 (Rousseau)
87719: MONAHAN, MARGARET & MARY ENTWISTLE - Monkey Village: Stories Of India For 7 - 9 Year Olds
94077: MONCK, FRANCES E.O. - My Canadian Leaves : An Account of a Visit to Canada in 1864-1865
98190: ST. JOHN'S UNITED CHURCH MONCTON N.B. - Y.L.A. Recipes St. John's United Church Moncton N.B.
77913: MONDEN, LOUIS - Sin, Liberty and Law
84620: MONET, JACQUES - The Last Cannon Shot: A Study of French-Canadian Nationalism 1837-1850
17916: MONFRIED, LUCIA - No More Animals!
92470: DE MONFRIED, HENRY - Hashish: a Smuggler's Tale
4682: MONIGAL, VALWYN - the Popular Potato Best Recipes
98811: MONK, KATHRYN A.; DE FRETES, YANCE; REKSODIHARJO-LILLEY, GAYATRI - The Ecology of Nusa Tenggara and Maluku (The Ecology of Indonesia Series Vol. 5)
96290: MONNON, MARY ANN - Henry's Quest: Early Life in Rural Nova Scotia
86531: MONNON, ERNEST F.; MONNON, MARY ANN - Right on, You Got the Elbow Out! : Wartime Memories of the R. C. A. F.
98796: MONNON, MARY A. - Miracles and Mysteries : The Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917
79053: MONRO, D.H. - Godwin's Moral Philosophy: An Interpretation of William Godwin
49364: MONRO, BOB - McDonnell Douglas AH-Apache ( Classic warplanes)
21872: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - A Fair Day's Work
21174: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Pillow Fight
17139: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Pillow Fight
17147: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The White Rajah
16904: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - HMS Marlborough Will Enter the Harbour
51513: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Ship that Died of Shame and Other Stories
9648: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The story of Ester Costello
146: MONSARRAT, NICHOLAS - The Tribe That Lost Its Head
70280: MONSARRAT, ANN - And the Bride Wore : The Story of the White Wedding
42730: MONTAGNES, ANNE - Jade Slash Laverna
83876: MONTAGUE, SUSAN - A Pictorial History of the University of New Brunswick
97169: MONTEFIORE, SIMON SEBAG - Stalin : The Court of the Red Tsar
14082: MONTELEONE, THOMAS F. - The Time - Swept City
76941: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Golden Road
93463: MONTGOMERY, L. M.; WILMSHURST, REA (EDITOR) - At the Altar : Matrimonial Tales
98281: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Pat of Silver Bush
67354: MONTGOMERY, RUTHERFORD G. - Out of the Sun
27567: MONTGOMERY, BRIAN - A field-Marshall in the Family
53604: MONTGOMERY, RUTH - once There Was a Nun
83863: MONTGOMERY, L. M. - The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery
90972: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans
9564: MONTGOMERY, F.H. - Plants from sea to sea
93564: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Against the Odds: Tales of Achievement
96708: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Rainbow Valley
91716: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Alpine Path : The Story of My Career
85258: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans
49013: MONTGOMERY, F.H. - Plants from Sea to Sea
98540: MONTGOMERY, CAPTAIN M. R. - Khaki: The Canadian Army Magazine, Sept. 24, 1945 (Vol. 4, No. 25) Final Issue
77538: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers and the Radio
96435: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Pat of Silver Bush
84075: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Road to Yesterday
94550: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Jane of Lantern Hill
95903: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - After Many Days: Tales of Time Passed
93454: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - Anne's House of Dreams
92800: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD; RUBIO, MARY (EDITOR); WATERSTON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery Vol. III 1921-29 (volume 3)
84023: MONTGOMERY, L.M. - The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories
98975: MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD; RUBIO, MARY (EDITOR); WATERSTON, ELIZABETH (EDITOR) - The Selected Journals of L. M. Montgomery Vol. II 1910-1921 (volume 2)
39088: MONTURE, SHARON; MCSWEENEY, JOHN - Fort Albany Reserve
98977: MOODIE, SUSANNA - Roughing it in the Bush: or Forest Life in Canada
91713: MOODIE, SUSANNA;MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - Life in the Clearings: To Which Is Added This Author's Introduction to Mark Hurdlestone
86068: MOODIE, SUSANNA;MCDOUGALL, ROBERT L. - Life in the Clearings: To Which Is Added This Author's Introduction to Mark Hurdlestone
98392: MOODY, E. (ED.) - Decorative Art and Modern Interiors 1973/74
98488: MOODY, BARRY M. (EDITOR) - Repent and Believe : The Baptist Experience in Maritime Canada
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86877: OAKLEY, GRAHAM - The Church Mouse
98354: OAKLEY, MARK - Star Drop
75297: OANA, KATY D - Robbie and the Raggedy Scarecrow
17045: OATES, JOAN - Babylon
78113: OATLEY, KEITH - Therefore Choose
59959: OBED, ELLEN B. - Le Sombre Epouvantail: Une Legende Du Labrador
48070: OBERMAN, SHELDON - The Always Prayer Shawl
87115: OBERON, JOHN - John Metcalf: Third Impressions
89864: OBERON, JOHN - John Metcalf: Third Impressions
79179: OBODIAC, STAN - Red Kelly
77840: OBRIEN, ANDY - On the Eve of the Millenium
92870: COMMUNICATIONS BRANCH FISHERIES AND OCEANS - The Acadian Fishery in Nova Scotia
79427: DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES AND OCEANS - Research Vessels of Atlantic Canada / Les Navires Scientifiques Du Canada Atlantic
39625: CANADIAN NATIONAL LIVE STOCK RECORDS OFFICE - Canadian National Record for Swine Volume 40 Yorkshire, Berkshire, Chester White, Tamworth, Hampshire, Poland China...
75189: UNITED STATES HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE - H.O. No. 130, Central America and Mexico Pilot (East Coast). From Gallinas Point, Columbia, to the Rio Grande
74639: UNITED STATES HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE - West Indies Pilot Volume 1 the Bermuda Islands Bahama Islands and Greater Antilles 1922 H.O. No 128
94852: WAR OFFICE. - Operations. Part V. Use of Gas in the Field. Military Training Pamphlet No. 23. 1940.
94851: THE GENERAL STAFF WAR OFFICE - Military Engineering Volume IV, Part I Demolitions 1942
74638: UNITED STATES HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE - Mexican and Central American Pilot 1915 ( Pacific Coast ) from the United States to Columbia Including the Gulfs of California and Panama H.O. No 84
89234: UNITED STATES NAVY DEPARTMENT HYDROGRAPHIC OFFICE - Nova Scotia Pilot H.O No 99: Bay of Fundy, Southern Coast of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island
44370: OFFORD, R. M. (ED) - Jerry McAuley His life and Work
42280: OGBURN, CHARLETON - The Marauders : The True Story of 3 Gallant Batallions in Burma
98899: OGDEN, JOHN C. - Transactions of the North American Osprey Research Conference
40734: OGDEN, CHRIS; OGDEN, CHRISTOPHER - Legacy: A Biography of Moses and Walter Annenberg
23810: OGG, DAVID - England in The Reighn of Charles II 2 Volume Set
78315: OHASHI, HARUZO - Japanese Courtyard Gardens
76584: OHNSON, WILLIAM H. & NEWKIRK, LOUIS V. - Woodcraft : The Hobbycraft Series
97313: OICKLE, VERNON - Red Sky at Night

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