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46781: BRETON, R. & AL. - Les Frontières Culturelles et la Cohésion du Canada.
54308: BRETON, A. & AL.  - Nouvelles perspectives canadiennes. Langue et bilinguisme : les approches économiques.
18709: RESTIF DE LA BRETONNE - Pleasures and Follies of a Good-Natured Libertine. Being an English Rendering of L'Anti-Justine by Pieralessandro Casavini.
47591: BRETT, B. - A History of Watercolor.
43197: BRETT, K.B. - Women's Costume in Ontario (1867-1907).
58900: BRETTON, H.L. - Power and politics in Africa.
30358: BREUER, J. - Introduction to the Theory of Sets.
51114: BREUER, W.B.  - Hoodwinking Hitler. The Normandy deception.
25670: BREWER, E.C. - La Clef de la Science Ou Les Phénomènes de Tous Les Jours Expliqués.
30802: BREWER, S. - The Chimps of Mt. Asserik.
45041: BREWER, P.J. - Shaker Communities, Shaker Lives.
22096: BREWSTER, SIR D. - The Kaleidoscope. Its History, Theory and Construction.
43998: BREWSTER, W.S. - USM Corporation. Our First 75 Years.
42334: BREYDEL, P. - Art Louveteau.
54239: BREZOLLES, J.  - Cet ardent sanglot. Pages de mon journal.
53509: BRIAN, D. - Pulitzer. A life.
56438: O’BRIAN, M. - Vancouver art & economies.
46009: BRIAN, D.  - The True Gen. An Intimate Portrait of Hemingway by those who knew him.
28730: BRIAND, J. - L'église Judéo-Chrétienne de Nazareth.
58609: BRIANSKY, R.  - Reminiscences.
51821: BRICARD, I. - Saintes ou pouliches. L’Éducation des jeunes filles au XIXe siècle.
53962: BRICE, C.  - Histoire de l’Italie.
58625: BRICE, R.  - La femme et les armées de la révolution et de l’empire (1792-1815). D’après des mémoires, correspondances et documents inédits.
56244: BRIDGE, A. & LOWNDES, S. - The selective traveller in Portugal.
23885: BRIDGES, M.L. - Arthur Lismer's Pen and Pencil. A Border of Beauty.
38645: BRIDGES-ADAMS, W. - To Charlotte while Shaving and Other Rhymes.
31719: BRIDGMAN, P.W. - The Nature of Thermodynamics.
49527: BRIDSON, R.  - The making of a para.
40590: BRIEGER, P. & VERDIER, P. - Art and the Courts. France and England from 1259 to 1328. L'Art et la Cour. France et Angleterre 1259-1328.
20795: O'BRIEN, C.C. - Albert Camus.
47280: O’BRIEN, E.  - James Joyce.
58389: O’BRIEN, M.E. - Film acting. The techniques and history of acting for the camera.
39201: O'BRIEN, C.C. - A Concise History of Ireland.
45791: O’BRIEN, T. - The Moonlight War. The Story of Clandestine Operations in South-East Asia, 1944-45.
45981: O’BRIEN, C.C. - Ancestral Voices. Religion and Nationalism in Ireland.
45987: O’BRIEN, C.C. - On the Eve of the Millenium.
43157: BRIGAUD, F. & VAST, J. - Saint-Louis du Senegal. Ville aux Mille Visages.
57794: BRIGGS, A.  - Victorian cities.
57804: BRIGGS, A. - The age of improvement 1783-1867.
56599: BRIGGS, A. & BURKE, P. - A social history of the media. From Gutenberg to the internet.
59040: BRIGGS, R. - Early modern France 1560-1715.
41605: BRIGHELLI, J.P. - Entre Ciel et Mer, le Mont Saint-Michel.
35767: BRIGHT, P. - Dr Richard Bright 1789-1858.
35232: BRIGHT, S. - The Best American Erotica. 1996.
28266: BRIGOU, D. - Soupes de Nuit.
43464: BRIL, J. - Le Masque ou le Père Ambigu.
35445: BRILL, H. - Trifluoperazine. Clinical and Pharmacological Aspects.
39725: BRILL, A.A. - Lectures on Psychoanalytic Psychiatry.
41738: BRILLANT, J. - L'Impossible Québec. Essai d'une Sociologie de la Culture.
42801: BRINCOURT, A. - Langue Française. Terre d'Accueil.
26393: BRINKLEY, D. - Windblown World. The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954.
41208: BRINKWORTH, E.R.C. - Shakespeare and the Bawdy Court on Stratford.
10015: BRINLEY, G.: - Away to Quebec. A Gay Journey to the Province.
59354: BRINTON, C. - Exhibition of paintings by Ignacio Zuloaga. November 1916 to May 1918.
5710: BRINTON, C.: - The Rise of Modern Europe. A Decade of Revolution. 1789-1799.
45494: BRINTON, C. - A Decade of Revolution, 1789-1799.
32127: BRION, M. - Pompeii & Herculaneum. The Glory and the Grief.
30374: BRION, M. - Pompeii & Herculaneum. The Glory and the Grief.
12496: BRION, M. - Charles le TéMéraire. Grand Duc D'Occident.
27453: BRION, M. - Domela.
32131: BRION, M. - Attila. The Scourge of God.
42108: BRION, M. - La Bible dans l'Art. Un Choix des plus Belles Œuvres, Peintures, Sculptures, Dessins et Miniatures Inspirées par l'Ancien Testament.
38690: BRION, M. - The Medici. A Great Florentine Family.
14687: BRION, M. - Savonarole. Le Héraut de Dieu.
42879: BRION, L. & GUERRY - Philibert de l'Orme 1510-1570.
25674: BRIOT, C. - Cours de Cosmographie Ou Eléments D'Astronomie.
55797: BRISEBOIS, M. - The printing of Handbills in Quebec City, 1764-1800. A listing with critical introduction.
37889: BRISSAC, DUC DE - Le Château d'en Face 1974-1985.
47200: BRISSAUD, Y.B.  - Patrimoine de Poitiers. Dix-Huit Siècles d’Art.
43804: BRISSAUD, A. - Canaris. Le Petit Amiral, Prince de l’Espionnage Allemand.
47658: BRISSON, M. & AL.  - Un Bouquet de Narcisse(s).
51373: BRISSON, P.  - Propos de théâtre.
28911: BRISSON, J.F. - Fils de Quelqu'Un. Pierre Brisson Et Les Trente Glorieuses Du Figaro.
31780: BRISSON, M. - Expérience Religieuse Et Expérience Esthétique.
43030: BRISSOT, J.P. (WARVILLE) - Nouveau Voyage dans les Etats-Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale Fait en 1788. Tome Premier.
41081: BRISTOWE, W.S. - A Book of Islands.
48015: BRISVILLE, J.C. - Camus.
48649: BRITE, P.Z. - Love in Vein. Twenty original tales of vampiric erotica.
36851: BRITTAIN, R. - Rivers, Man and Myths. From Fish Spears to Water Mills.
41526: BRITTAIN, F. - A Short History of Jesus College Cambridge.
52060: BRITTEN, R.J. - Around the Cassowary Rock. Adventures on a Queensland river.
53235: BRO, H.H.  - Edgar Cayce. Les rêves et la réalité.
54173: BRO, B.  - La stupeur d’être.
46495: BRO, B.  - Le Secret de la Confession.
44370: BROADFOOT, B. & NICHOLS, M. - Memories. The Story of Imperial’s First Century as told by its Employees & Annuitants.
10016: BROADFOOT, B.: - La Grande Dépression. Témoignage Des Années Perdues.
56146: BROADFOOT, B. - Six war years, 1939-1945. Memories of Canadians at home and abroad.
39279: BROADLEY, A.M. - Chats on Autographs.
10401: BROCH, H.: - La Mystérieuse Pyramide de Falicon.
54214: BROCH, H.  - Le paranormal. Ses documents, ses hommes, ses méthodes.
21291: BROCHE, F. - Casablanca 11 Juin 1945. Assasinat de Lemaigre Dubreuil.
53131: BROCHIER, J.J. - L’aventure des surréalistes, 1914-1940.
21588: BROCHU, M. - Les Iles Littorales Et Du Large Du Nouveau-Québec. Description Et Valeur Economique.
58694: BROCKELMANN, C. - History of the Islamic peoples.
37102: BRODERBUND - Family Tree Maker. User's Tutorial and Reference Manual.
29563: BRODEUR, C. - Du Problème de L'Inconscient à Une Philosophie de L'Homme. 1. Les Théories Freudiennes Sur la Structure de L'Organisme Psychique. 2. La Structure de la Pensée Humaine.
55683: BRODEUR, R. & ROULEAU, J.P.  - Une inconnue de l’histoire de la culture. La production des catéchismes en Amérique Française.
58981: BRODHAG, C. - Objectif terre. Les verts, de l’écologie à la politique.
28724: BRODIE, H.J. - Fungi. Delight of Curiosity.
41663: BRODIE, B. & AL. - La Guerre Nucléaire. Quatorze Essais sur la Nouvelle Stratégie Américaine.
47943: BRODIN, P. - Les Écrivains Américains de l’Entre-deux-Guerres.
45710: BRODKEY, H. - Sea Battles on Dry Land. Essays.
49426: BRODRIBB, S. - Reclaiming the future. Women’s strategies for the 21st century.
26973: BRODRICK, J. - Origines Et Expansion Des Jésuites. 2 Vol.
32195: BRODRICK, A.H. - Animals in Archaeology.
44659: BRODY, I. - Gone with the Windsors.
58568: BRODY, H. - The people’s land. Whites and the Eastern Arctic.
42359: BROGAN, O. - Roman Gaul.
32619: BROGLIE, L. DE - Wave Mechanics and Molecular Biology.
38702: BROGLIE, E. DE & AL. - L'Abcdaire des Rois de France.
54554: BROGLIE, G. DE  - Le XIXe siècle. L’éclat et le déclin de la France.
57382: BROGLIE, L. DE  - Ondes corpuscules mécanique ondulatoire.
42691: BROGLIE, L. DE & AL. - Pascal. Textes du Tricentenaire,
5121: BROIN, L.: - The Chief Secretary. Augustine Birrell in Ireland.
21869: BROMBERG, A.R. - Dallas Museum of Art. Selected Works.
41087: BRONDSTED, J. - The Vikings.
49790: BRONNER, F.  - Nouveaux canadiens.
38396: BRONOWSKI, J. - Science and Human Values.
55879: BRONOWSKI, J. - The ascent of man.
49202: BRONOWSKI, J.  - The ascent of man.
37308: BRONSTEIN, L. - Fragments of Life, Metaphysics and Art.
56123: BRONTE, C. - Jane Eyre.
58371: BRONTERRE - Buonarrot’s history of Babeuf’s conspiracy for equality; with the author’s reflections on the causes & character of the French revolution, and his estimate of the leading men and events of that epoch. Also his view of democratic government, community of property, and political and social equality.
58943: BROOK, S. - Claws of the crab. Georgia & Armenia in crisis.
3857: BROOK, S.: - Seaside.
36701: BROOK, G.L. - Varieties of English.
36707: BROOK, G.L. - A History of the English Language.
52319: BROOK, P.  - L’espace vide. Écrits sur le théâtre.
49208: BROOK, P.  - The empty space.
39218: BROOK, D. - A Pageant of English Actors.
44504: BROOKE, C. - The Structure of Medieval Society.
42415: BROOKE, C.F.T. - The Works of Christopher Marlowe.
40090: BROOKE, C. - The Saxon & Norman Kings.
41318: BROOKE, J.M. - Études et Petits Formats du 19e Siècle. Collection du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. 19th Century Small Paintings and Oil Sketches. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Collection.
39826: BROOKE, R. - Visits to Fields of Battle in England of the Fifteenth Century.
41525: BROOKE, R. - John Webster & the Elizabethan Drama.
44597: BROOKE, C. - Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962-1154.
52991: BROOKHISER, R. - The Adamses, 1735-1918. America’s first dynasty.
57031: BROOKS, C. & FAULKNER, P. - The white man’s burdens. An anthology of British poetry of the Empire.
47697: BROOKS, G. - Nine Parts of Desire. The Hidden World of Islamic Women.
35482: BROOKS, C. MCC. - Excitability of the Heart.
36023: BROOKS, J.H. - Highlights. Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute.
41229: BROOKS, ST. JOHN E. - Sir Christopher Hatton. Queen Elizabeth's Favourite.
44240: BROOKS, J.G. - Planning for Growth and Profit. The Success Story of Lear Siegler, Inc.
58245: BROOME, P.  - Henri Michaux. Au pays de la magie.
52271: BROQUET, A. - Les carnets d’observation. Les objets de Messier.
43121: BROS, A. - L'Ethnologie Religieuse. Introduction à l'Étude Comparée des Religions Primitives.
46628: BROSS, I.D.J. - Design for Decision.
37567: BROSSARD, J. - L'Immigration.
57342: BROSSARD, J.  - L’accession à la souveraineté et le cas du Québec. Conditions et modalités politico-juridiques.
58832: BROSSARD, N.  - Sold-out. Étreinte/illustration.
44770: BROSSARD, CH.  - La France de l’Est.
30088: BROSSE, J. - Satori Ou Un Début En Zazen.
21292: BROSSE, J. - Hitler Avant Hitler.
15951: BROSSE, J. - Cocteau.
3110: BROSSEAU, R.P. J.D.: - Saint-Jean-de-Québec. Origine Et Développement.
13490: BROSSEAU, FR. J.D.: - Essai de Monographie Paroissiale. St-Georges D'Henryville Et la Seigneurie de Noyan.
47734: BROTMAN, R.C. - Pauline Donalda. The Life and Career of a Canadian Prima Donna.
43198: BROTMAN, R.C. - Pauline Donalda. The Life and Career of a Canadian Prima Donna.
40260: BROUGHTON, J. - Seeing the Light.
53516: BROUHA, L.  - Le lobe antérieur de l’hypophyse. Son action sur la croissance et la reproduction. Thérapeutique expérimentale.
11331: BROUILLARD, M.: - FéLIX Leclerc. L'Homme Derrière la Légende.
24747: BROUILLARD, M. - L'Homme Aux Trésors. Robert-Lionel Séguin.
28950: BROUILLET, G. - La Passion de L'égalité.
34581: BROUILLETTE, B. : - Varennes. Monographie Géographique.
32706: BROUSSARD, J.F. - Louisiana Creole Dialect.
24254: BROUSSEAU, R. : - Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly. L'Encadrement Paroissial. Volume Publié à L'Occasion Du Bicentenaire de L'Eglise : 1788-1988.
33746: BROUSSON, J.J. - Anatole France Himself. A Boswellian Record.
50486: BROUSSOULOUX, C.  - La mort en sursis. Pourra-t-on survivre grâce à la médecine du froid?
38062: BROWN, I. - The Women in Shakespeare's Life.
30064: BROWN, L. - La Lutte Des Exclus, Un Combat à Refaire.
38048: BROWN, I. - Shakespeare in his Time.
10561: BROWN, R.J.E.: - Etudes Du Pergélisol Au Québec Et à Terre-Neuve (Labrador).
28934: BROWN, D. ED. - The Greatest Exploration Stories Ever Told. True Tales of Search and Discovery.
28093: BROWN, W. - Exploration in Management.
42296: BROWN, M. & CAVE, J. - A Touch of Genius. The Life of T.E. Lawrence.
49103: BROWN, E. - Sortie du ghetto.
25064: BROWN, W.L. - Introduction to Psycho-Iconography. The Interpretation and Use of Schizophrenic Art in Psychotherapy.
58515: BROWN, L.A.  - The story of maps.
10291: BROWN, R.E.: - Charles Beard and the Constitution. A Critical Analysis of an Economic Interpretation of the Constitution.
10322: BROWN, E.E.: - World Fish Farming: Cultivation and Economics.
39864: BROWN, R.A. - The Norman Conquest.
49153: BROWN, A.C. - C. The secret life of Sir Stewart Menzies, spymaster to Winston Churchill.
54998: BROWN, K.M. - Mama Lola. A vodou priestess in Brooklyn.
37356: BROWN, P. - The Book of Kells.
35897: BROWN, R.C. - Mechanics and Properties of Matter.
33574: BROWN, M.H. - The Search for Eve.
36715: BROWN, R. - Words and Things. An Introduction to Language.
31021: BROWN, J.P. - Intervals, Chords and Ear Training for Young Pianoforte Students.
20167: BROWN, F. - La Salle Brothers. Malaya & Singapore 1852-1952.
19833: BROWN, C.H. - Meteorology for Masters and Mates.
59153: BROWN, M.E. - Television and women’s culture. The politics of the popular.
55304: BROWN, M. - The day peace broke out. The VE-day experience.
39420: BROWN, J.A.C. - Freud and the Post-Freudians.
39385: BROWN, C. & CUNLIFFE, L. - The Book of Royal Lists.
54003: BROWN, C. - The illustrated history of Canada.
42319: BROWN, L.A. - The Story of Maps.
38213: BROWN, L. - British Birds of Prey. A Study of Britain's 24 Diurnal Raptors.
52491: BROWN, J. - Vita’s other world. A gardening biography of V. Sackville-West.
38205: BROWN, L. - Birds of Prey. Their Biology and Ecology.
52130: BROWN, C. - Histoire générale du Canada.
16025: BROWN, D. - Fighting Elites. Kamikaze.
11888: BROWN, G.W. - Building the Canadian Nation. Volume I. 1492-1849. Volume II. 1850-1967.
39676: BROWN, L.R. & AL. - The Earth Policy Reader.
39757: BROWN, I. - Shakespeare and his World.
46990: BROWN, M.M.  - An Index to the Literary Garland (Montreal 1838-1851).
46289: BROWN, B.B. - Stress and the Art of Biofeedback.
49522: BROWN, F. - Law & disorder. Rearming the 66mm light anti-tank weapon.
58403: BROWN, P.F. - Les cahiers de Sicka. Roman historique.
51841: BROWN, H.M.  - Music in the Renaissance.
49449: BROWN, N.O.  - Life against death. The psychoanalytical meaning of history.
49654: BROWNE, S.  - A la découverte des niveaux de la création.
35753: BROWNE, SIR T. - Religio Medici.
37172: BROWNE, R.B. - Popular Culture and the Expanding Consciousness.
37119: BROWNE, M. - Ferment in the Ukraine.
19208: BROWNE, G.W. - The St. Lawrence River. Historical. Legendary. Picturesque.
29642: BROWNELL, H. - North and South America Illustrated. From the First Discovery to the Present Administration. Giving an Account of the Early Discoveries by the Northmen, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, English, Dutch, Etc. Volume I.
43712: BROWNING, R. - A History of Golf. The Royal and Ancient Game.
57823: BROWNING, O.  - The flight to Varennes and other historical essays.
57784: BROWNING, O. - The despatches of Earl Gower, English ambassador at Paris from June 1790 to August 1792. To which are added The Despatches of Mr Lindsay and Mr Monro, and The Diary of Viscount Palmerston in France During July and August 1791.
54969: BROWNSTEIN, B. & DUNNING, J. - You’re not dead until you’re forgotten. John Dunning. A memoir.
28146: BROYELLE, C. - La Moitié Du Ciel. Le Mouvement de Libération Des Femmes Aujourd'Hui En Chine.
47135: BRU, CH.P. - Les Éléments Picturaux.
37466: BRUBACH, H. - Girlfriend. Men, Women, and Drag.
47454: BRUCE, SIR M.  - Tramp Royal.
33271: BRUDENELL-BRUCE, P.G.C. - The Birds of New Providence and the Bahama Islands.
32707: BRUCE, COL. H.A. - Politics and the Canadian Army Medical Corps. A History of Intrigue, Containing Many Facts Omitted from the Official Records, Showing How Efforts at Rehabilitation Were Baulked.
56877: BRUCE, I. - The nun of Lebanon. The love affair of Lady Hester Stanhope and Michael Bruce. The newly discovered letters.
39809: BRUCE-MITFORD, R. - The Society of Antiquaries of London. Notes on its History and Possessions.
58647: BRUCH, H. - Learning psychotherapy. Rationale and ground rules.
45992: BRUCH, H. - Learning Psychotherapy. Rationale and Ground Rules.
10017: BRUCHESI, J.: - Témoignages D'Hier. Essais.
9411: BRUCHESI, J.: - Souvenirs à Vaincre. Tome I.
8245: BRUCHESI, J.: - Souvenirs D'Ambassade. Mémoires 1959-1972.
57256: BRUCHESI, J.  - Voyages, Mirages.
54563: BRUCK, M. - Miriam’s story.
49314: BRUCK, C. - When Hollywood had a king. The reign of Lew wasserman who leveraged talent into power and influence.
47576: BRUCKBERGER, R.P.  - Ce que je crois.
10402: BRUCKBERGER, R.L.: - Bernanos Vivant.
47909: BRUCKNER, P. & FINKIELKRAUT, A.  - Le Nouveau Désordre Amoureux. Essai.
52533: BRUCKNER, P.  - Le sanglot de l’homme blanc. Tiers monde, culpabilité, haine de soi.
54016: BRUEMMER, F. - Le Narval. Sur les chemins de la licorne.
37100: BRUENS, L. - Les Secrets Du Marché de la Peinture. Recueil.
30502: BRUENS, L. - Investir Dans Les ŒUvres D'Art.
39086: BRUGES, G. OF - The Murder of Charles the Good.
28729: MALTE-BRUN, V.A. - La France Illustrée. Le Département Du Finistere. Géographie, Histoire, Administration, Statistique, Etc.
55376: BRUN, J.  - Nouveau cours pratique d’hypnotisme expérimental en douze leçons.
57157: BRUN, R.  - De Grand-Pré à Kouchibougouac. L’histoire d’un peuple exploité. Essai.
50095: LE BRUN, A.  - Les mots font l’amour. (Citations surréalistes). Précédé de Détours de Jean Schuster.
9413: BRUNEAU, DR. J.: - Notions de Pathologie Générale Et de Sémiologie. Colligées Par.
6369: BRUNEAU, R.: - La Petite Histoire de la Traverse de Lévis.
39127: BRUNEAU, M. & CABAUSSET, G. - La Dynamique des Paysages en Zone Tropicale. Essai de Cartographie dans la Région de Si Satchanalai (Thailande Septentrionale).
11065: BRUNEL, J.: - Les Grandes Etapes de L'Algologie Américaine.
40635: BRUNEL, J. - Le Phytoplancton de la Baie des Chaleurs.
55533: BRUNEL, H. - Les plus beaux contes zen.
43630: BRUNEL, H. - L'Année Zen.
36144: BRUNELLE, R. - Ma Vie Musicale.
27205: BRUNET, J. - Bio-Bibliographie. RéVérend Père Léo Boismenu.
16718: BRUNET, R. - Atlas Et Géographie de Champagne, Pays de Meuse Et Basse Bourgogne.
56955: BRUNET, P.P. & O’NEIL, J.  - Les couronnements de Montréal.
57444: BRUNET, M.  - Canadians et Canadiens. Études sur l’histoire et la pensée des deux Canadas.
56039: BRUNET-WEINMANN, M. - Louis Jaque.
47091: BRUNET, R.  - Les Phénomènes de Discontinuité en Géographie.
28061: BRUNETIERE, F. - Discours de Combat. Nouvelle Série.
28010: BRUNETIERE, F. - Discours de Combat. Première Série.
44325: BRUNIER  - Une Aventure de Megalus. La Planete des Ombres.
57951: BRUNK, T. & AL. - Literacies. Reading, writing, interpretation.
59415: BRUNNER, E.  - Edith. Roman.
19851: BRUNOT, A. - Lettres Aux Jeunes Communautés. Les Ecrits de Saint Paul.
55397: BRUNSCHVICG, L. - Héritage de mots, héritage d’idées.
10404: BRUNSCHVICK, L.: - Les Ages de L'Intelligence.
44916: UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK  - The University of New Brunswick. A Retrospect and a Prospect.
45877: BRUNT, D. - Weather Study.
57725: BRUNTON, T.  - Esquisses morales et littéraires. Réminiscence des études. Coup d’œil rapide sur les sciences.
9727: BRUNVAND, J.H.: - The Study of American Folklore. An Introduction.
47852: BRUSER, M.  - The Art of Practicing. A Guide to Making Music from the Heart.
42343: BRUTAILS, J.A. - Pour Comprendre les Monuments de la France. Notions Pratiques d'Archéologie à l'Usage des Touristes.
56248: BRUUN, CAPT. D. - Travellers guide to Scandinavian countries.
44596: BRUUN, G. - Europe and the French Imperium 1799-1814.
31777: BRUYERE, A. - Pourquoi Des Architectes.
12456: VAN BRUYSSEL, E. - Scènes de la Vie Des Champs Et Des forêts Aux Etats-Unis.
51487: BRYAN, C.D.B. - Close encounters of the fourth kind. A reporter’s notebook on alien abduction, UFOS, and the conference at M.I.T.
32484: BRYAN, C.D.B. - National Geographic. 100 Ans D'Aventures Et de Découvertes.
23386: BRYAN, C.D.B. - The National Geographic Society. 100 Years of Adventure and Discovery.
52442: BRYAN III, J. & MURPHY, J.V. - The Windsor story.
52079: BRYAN, T.S. - The geysers of Yellowstone.
51844: BRYANT, T.H. - County churches. Suffolk. Vol. 1. Western division. Vol. 2. Eastern division.
40178: BRYANT, A. - Samuel Pepys. The Saviour of the Navy.
36763: BRYANT, M. - Riddles. Ancient & Modern.
40180: BRYANT, A. - Samuel Pepys. The Man in the Making.
45716: BRYANT, A. - The Age of Elegance 1812-1822.
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53861: CARTER, G.G. - Forgotten ports of England.
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35921: CASSIRER, E. - The Logic of the Humanities.
35914: CASSIRER, E. - Language and Myth.
39583: CASSIRER, E. - An Essay on Man. An Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture.
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20720: CATALAN, J.F. - Expérience Spirituelle Et Psychologie.
44986: CATHER, W. & SLOTE, B. - Uncle Valentine and Other Stories. Willa Cather’s Uncollected Short Fiction, 1915-1929.
52667: CATHER, W. - My Antonia.
52665: CATHER, W. - O Pioneers!
52666: CATHER, W. - Death comes for the archbishop.
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58234: CATLIN, G. - Letters and notes on the manners, customs, and conditions of North American Indians. Volume I.
52564: CATRIX, J.R.  - Passion de cactus.
19486: CATTA, R.S. - Le Germe. Descente Aux Enfers. Résurrection. Ascension.
19487: CATTA, R.S. - Le Ver. Rite de la Mort.
39419: CATTELL, R.B. - The Scientific Analysis of Personality.
11904: CAU, I. - L'Edition Au Québec de 1960 à 1977.
36580: CAUBERE, P. - Les Carnets D'Un Jeune Homme 1976-1981.
24758: CAUCHON, M. - Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy 1778- C. 1848.
16256: CAUCHON, HON J. - L'Union Des Provinces de L'Amérique Britannique Du Nord.
46787: CAUCHON, DR R.  - L’Hôpital St-François d’Assise. Souvenirs Personnels et Petite Histoire (1914-1954).
58192: CAULFIELD, J. & PEAKE, L. - City lives & city forms. Critical research & Canadian urbanism.
27737: CAULLERY, M. - Les Problèmes de la Sexualité.
51187: CAUMONT, D.  - Les études de marché.
54077: CAUSSE, R.  - Qui a lu petit, lira grand.
20786: CAUTE, D. - Frantz Fanon.
47362: CAUWENBERGH, E. VAN  - Scrinium Lovaniense. Mélanges Historiques. Historische Opstellen.
17629: PAUL-CAVALLIER, F.J. - Visualisation. Des Images Pour Des Actes.
19726: CAVANNA - Cavanna.
39780: CAVE, C.J.P. - Medieval Carvings in Exeter Cathedral.
31063: CAVENDISH, R. - Visions of Heaven and Hell.
48688: CAVENEY, G. - Screaming with joy. The life of Allen Ginsberg.
45532: CAWTHORNE, N.  - A History of Pirates. Blood and Thunder on the High Seas.
17460: CAYEUX, A. DE - 30 Millions de Siècles de Vie.
52486: CAYEUX, J.P.  - Parloir. Une vie régulière au Bec-Hellouin.
48813: CAYLEY, V. - The life of the Mahasiddha Tilopa.
51359: CAYOUETTE, R. & GRONDIN, J.L. - Les oiseaux du Québec.
25885: CAYROL, J. - Les Enfants Pillards. Récit.
9342: CAYROL, J.: - Les Corps Etrangers. Suivi de la Rature Par Roland Barthes.
28129: SLAMA-CAZACU, T. - La Psycholinguistique. Lectures.
40852: (SHERBROOKE) : CAZALIS, P. - Sherbrooke : sa Place dans la Vie de Relations des Cantons de l'Est.
35508: CAZAMAYOU, M.L. - Madiran, le Vin Du Terroir.
10264: CAZAMIAN, L.: - Criticism in the Making.
49379: CAZAURANG, J.J.  - Pasteurs et paysans Béarnais. Colliers pastoraux.

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