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39008: HANSFORD-MILLER, F.H. - The 282 Protestants Martyrs of England and Wakes 1555-1558.
48615: HANSON, V.D. - A war like no other. How the Athenians and Spartans fought the Peloponnesian war.
40551: HANSON, L. & E. - Noble Savage. The Life of Paul Gauguin.
57000: HANSTEIN, O.  - Jusqu’à la lune en fusée aérienne.
28046: HAPEL, B. - Métaphysique de la Communication. Le Silence Du Silence.
48106: HAPPE, F. - Autism. An introduction to psychological theory.
11752: O'HARA, F. - Robert Motherwell with Selections from the Artist's Writings.
43893: O’HARA, F. - Art Chronicles 1954-1966.
50595: O’HARA-DEVEREAUX, M. & JOHANSEN, R.  - Global work. Bridging distance, culture & time.
36443: HARADA, Y. - Atlas of the Ear by Scanning Electron Microscopy.
50373: HARARI, H.  - A view from the eye of the storm. Terror and reason in the Middle East.
38559: HARBAGE, A. - Shakespeare's Audience.
49846: HARBEC, H.  - Guide bibliographique de l’Acadie, 1976-1987.
49539: HARBER, D. - Guerillas’s arsenal. Advanced techniques for making explosives and time-delay bombs.
50794: HARBIN, R.  - L’art du pliage du papier.
10944: HARDEL, A.: - Strass. En Remontant Les Bas Résille Du Music-Hall.
51781: HARDIN, H. - A nation unaware. The Canadian economic culture.
58639: HARDING, E.  - Réalité de l’âme. L’énergie psychique, son origine et son but.
42482: HARDING, P.A. - The Sheppey Light Railway.
53504: HARDING, A.R.  - Ginseng and other medicinal plants.
29077: HARDON, J.A. - The Catholic Catechism. A Contemporary Catechism of the Teachings of the Catholic Church.
45033: HARDWICK, E. - A Susan Sontag Reader.
45362: HARDWICK, E. - Herman Melville.
29960: HARDY, W. - A Guide to Art Nouveau Style.
55592: HARDY, J.P. - Chercher fortune en Nouvelle-France.
6438: HARDY, A.: - Patronage Et Patroneux. Un Témoignage inédit de L'Ancien Directeur Général Des Achats Au Québec.
44444: HARDY, F.E. - The Life of Thomas Hardy 1840-1928.
36598: HARDY, T. - The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyonnesse.
34330: HARDY, F.E. - The Later Years of Thomas Hardy 1892-1928.
59105: HARDY, G.  - La géographie psychologique.
49847: HARDY, R. & AL.  - La Mauricie et les Bois-Francs. Inventaire bibliographique 1760-1975.
43269: HARDY, LS-L. - Brève Histoire du Syndicalisme Ouvrier au Canada.
32745: HARE, J.E. - La Pensée Socio-Politique Au Québec 1784-1812. Analyse Sémantique.
31095: HARE, M.M. - The Multiple Universe. On the Nature of Spiritual Reality.
49848: HARE, J. & WALLOT, J.P.  - Les imprimés dans le Bas-Canada I. 1801-1810.
52371: HARE, J.  - Anthologie de la poésie québécoise du XIXe siècle (1790-1890).
11974: HARE, J. - Les Canadiens Francais Aux Quatre Coins Du Monde. Une Bibliographie Commentée Des Récits de Voyage 1670-1914.
56903: HAREL, S. - Vies et morts d’Antonin Artaud. Le séjour à Rodez.
4887: HARGOUS, S.: - Les Indiens Du Canada. Tant Que L'Herbe Poussera.
38061: HARGRAVE, C.P. - A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming.
40530: HARGREAVES, R. - The Narrow Seas. A History of the English Channel.
58174: HARING, C.H. - Empire in Brazil. A new world experiment with monarchy.
19524: DUCASSE-HARISPE, A. - Petit Guide de L'Art Théâtral Destiné Aux Jeunes Artistes Amateurs. Conseils Et Recettes.
38018: HARKER, R. - Digging up the Bible Lands.
34068: HARKER, J.E. - The Physiology of Diurnal Rhythms.
45942: HARLAN, D. - The Degradation of American History.
51560: HARMAN, C.  - Bureaucracy and revolution in Eastern Europe.
31998: HARMSWORTH, J.R. - Dictionary of Confusing Words.
59479: HARNOIS, M. & DUCHARME, C.  - A la découverte des oiseaux de Lanaudière.
28082: HAROCHE, C. - Les Langages Du Roman.
56604: HAROLD, C.  - Our space. Resisting the corporate control of culture.
55829: HARPER, K.  - Give me my father’s body. The life of Minik, the New York eskimo.
30557: HARPER, J.R. - Cornelius Krieghoff. The Habitant Farm. La Ferme.
38609: HARPER, C.G. - The Kentish Coast.
28604: HARPER, D. - Eye in the Sky. Introduction to Remote Sensing.
27605: HARPER, D. - Terre, Mer Et Satellites. Introduction à la TéLédétection.
24958: HARPER, J.M. - Champlain. A Drama in Three Acts.
12883: HARPER, H.A. - The Bible and Modern Discoveries.
34469: HARPER, J.R. - William G.R. Hind, 1833-1889.
54071: HARPER, S. - Capturing enigma. How HMS Petard seized the German naval codes.
57355: HARPER, J.R. - La peinture au Canada des origines à nos jours.
49278: HARPER, C. - The education of desire. The anarchist graphics of Clifford Harper.
47922: HARPUR, T.  - Le Grand Voyage. Y a-t-il une Vie après la Mort?
30347: HARRE, R. ED. - Scientific Thought 1900-1960. A Selective Survey.
28742: HARRINGTON, M. - The Twilight of Capitalism.
17931: HARRINGTON, J.C. - A Tryal of Glasse. The Story of Glassmaking in Jamestown.
42508: HARRINGTON, M. - Günter Grass Speak Out. Speeches, Open Letters, Commentaries.
58366: HARRIS, J. & ROSEN, J. - Media journal. Reading and writing about popular culture.
42866: HARRIS, R. - What to Listen for in Beethoven.
43862: HARRIS, L. - A Disquisition on Abstract Painting.
39422: HARRIS, B.S. - The Collected Drawings of Aubrey Beardsley.
468: HARRIS, D.: - The Catholic Church in the Niagara Peninsula. 1626-1895. Illustrated.
55172: HARRIS, J.E. & WEEKS, K.R. - X-Raying the pharaohs.
52320: HARRIS, D.  - The rise and fall of gay culture.
56664: HARRIS, R. - What to listen for in Mozart.
45505: HARRIS, O. - The Letters of William S. Burroughs, 1945-1959.
16022: HARRIS, J. - The Indian Mutiny.
11695: HARRIS, F. - Elder Conklin and Other Stories.
42926: HARRIS, E. - The Furniture of Robert Adam.
39743: HARRIS, R. - Le Studio Lafayette et l'Inde des Princes.
44108: HARRIS, W. - The Daily Press.
56600: HARRIS, R. - Lourdes. Body and spirit in the secular age.
51760: HARRIS, M. - Rare ambition. The Crosbies of Newfoundland.
38072: HARRISON, S. - The Diary of Jack the Ripper. The Discovery, the Investigation, the Debate.
29223: HARRISON, D. - Unnamed Country. The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction.
55616: HARRISON, J.D. & AL. - The spirit sings. Artistic traditions of Canada’s first peoples.
58532: HARRISON, J.E.  - Adieu pour cette année. La correspondance au Canada, 1640-1830.
56203: HARRISON, G.B. - England in Shakespeare’s day.
28369: HARRISON, H. - National Reference Book on Canadian Men and Women with Other General Information for Library, Newspaper, Educational and Individual Use.
34060: HARRISON, K. - A Guide-Book to Biochemistry.
37510: HARRISON, R.K. - Leviticus. An Introduction and Commentary.
34973: HARRISON, E.J. - The Manual of Judo.
34149: HARRISON, E.J. - The Manual of Karate.
33349: HARRISON, R.J. - The Bell Beaker Cultures of Spain and Portugal.
32104: HARRISON, E. - Masks of the Universe.
30885: HARRISON, J. - Scientists As Writers.
42423: HARRISON, G.B. - An Elizebethan Journal. Being a Record of those Things most Talked about during the Years 1591-1594.
54053: HARRISON, D. - Along the South Downs.
53894: HARRISON, D. - Along Hadrian’s wall.
40249: HARRISON, G. - Mosquitoes, Malaria & Man : A History of the Hostilities since 1880.
58565: HARRISON, E.R. - Cosmology. The science of the universe.
47848: HARRISON, W. - Ripon Millenary 1886. A Record of the Festival, also a History of the City Arranged under its Wakemen and Mayors from the Year 1400. Part I. Part II.
39675: HARRISON, G.B. - Willobie his Avisa 1594.
39830: HARRISON, G.B. - Shakespeare at Work : 1592-1603.
56410: HARRISON, M. - London beneath the pavement.
43842: HARRISS, J. - The tallest Tower. Eiffel and the Belle Epoque.
49849: HARRISSE, H.  - Notes pour servir à l’histoire, à la bibliographie et à la cartographie de la Nouvelle-France et des pays adjacents, 1545-1700.
51874: HARROD, W. - Norfolk country churches and the future.
6941: HARRON, D.: - Charlie Farquharson's Histry of Canada.
54281: HARRON, D. - Charlie Farquharson’s jogfree of Canda. The whirl and other places.
51511: HARRY, M. - The computer underground. Computer hacking, crashing, pirating and phreaking.
6474: L'HEUREUX HART, J.: - Jos, Mon Père.
48780: HART, W. - The art of living. Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka.
39794: HART, R. - Battle of the Spanish Armada.
41543: HART-DAVIS, D. - Audubon's Elephant. America's Greatest Naturalist and the Making of the Birds of America.
38545: HARTING, J.E. - The Birds of Shakespeare or the Ornithology of Shakespeare Critically Examined, Explained and Illustrated.
52276: HARTING, T. - Shooting paddlers. Photographic adventures with canoeists, kayakers and rafters.
40589: HARTINGH, B. DE - Viêt Nam. Arts Plastiques et Visuels de 1925 à nos Jours.
40556: HARTLEY, B.R. - Roman Samian Ware (Terra Sigillata).
55575: HARTMAN, J.M. - Chinese jade of five centuries.
37506: HARTMAN, B. - Fundamentals of Television. Theory and Service.
38601: HARTNOLL, P. - A Concise History of the Theatre.
48882: HARTSUIKER, D. - Sadhus. India’s mystic holy men.
56800: HARTT, F. - Art. A history of Painting, sculpture, architecture. Volume I. Prehistory. Ancient World. Middle Ages.
51039: HARTUNG, H.  - Spiritualité et autogestion.
38025: HARVEY, B. - The Future of Religion. Interviews with Christians on the Brink.
49990: HARVEY, F.  - Le mouvement ouvrier au Québec.
48449: HARVEY, J.C.  - Sébastien Pierre. Nouvelles.
29098: HARVEY, M. - Une Amitié Fabuleuse. Récit Des Aventures Héroïques D'Un Homme Et D'Une Baleine.
28111: HARVEY, G.P. - Voix D'Ailes D'Antan. L'Oiseau Dans la Poésie Grecque Ancienne Et Moderne.
27762: HARVEY, J. - Bleu Noir. Anthologie.
26084: HARVEY, E. - Mémoires D'Un Acadien Québécois.
25049: HARVEY, G. - Henry Clay Frick. The Man.
10623: HARVEY, A.: - Contes Et Légendes Des Iles-de-la-Madeleine.
46606: HARVEY-JELLIE, W. - Le Théâtre Classique en Angleterre, dans l’Age de John Dryden.
22320: HARVEY, A. - Contes Et Légendes Des Iles-de-la-Madeleine 2.
55627: HARVEY, C.  - Terres de la seigneurie de Murray Bay. Le cadastre abrégé, 1858.
721: HARVEY, F.: - Hier. Un Siècle.
52338: HARVEY, N. - Fields, hedges and ditches.
46048: HARVEY, V.I.  - Tout sur le Macramé.
54031: HARVEY, J. - Cathedrals of England & Wales.
41690: HARVEY, P.L. - La Démocratie Occulte. Rapports de Force, Gouvernance et Communautique dans la Société de l'Information.
55149: HARVEY, P.  - Histoire de l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal. Tome I. 1887-1926.
14940: HARVEY, F. - Révolution Industrielle Et Travailleurs. Une Enquête Sur Les Rapports Entre le Capital Et le Travail Au Québec à la Fin Du 19e Siècle.
11740: HARVEY, J.G. - Atmospher and Ocean: Our Fluid Environments.
11976: HARVEY, G. - Marins Du Saint-Laurent.
39872: HARVEY, J. - The Plantagenets 1154-1485.
55436: HARVEY, J. & YOUNG, R. - Image-building in Canadian municipalities.
47941: HARVEY, A. & MATOUSEK, M. - Dialogues with a Modern Mystic.
39281: HARWARD, LIEUTENANT-GENERAL - Hereward; The Saxon Patriot : A History of his Life and Character, with a Record of his Ancestors and Descendants, A.D. 445 to A.D. 1896.
55530: HARWELL, R. - Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the wind” letters, 1936-1949.
44852: HARWOOD, R. - The Faber Book of the Theatre.
53933: HASEK, J.  - Aventures dans l’Armée rouge, Octobre 1918. Suivi de Histoires vraies et populaires.
28040: HASHEY, M.W. - Maritime Artists. Volume I.
44853: HASKELL, F. - Patrons and Painters. A Study in the Relations between Italian Art and Society in the Age of the Baroque.
34755: HASKI, P. - Le Journal de Ma Yan. La Vie Quotidienne D'Une écolière Chinoise.
34244: HASLER, C. - The Royal Arms. Its Graphic and Decorative Development.
22881: HASLIP, J. - The Crown of Mexico. Maximilian and His Empress Carlota.
26820: HASLUCK, P.N. - Clay Modelling and Plaster Casting.
17700: HASLUCK, P.N. - Painters' Oils Colours and Varnishes.
47189: HASSALL, W.O. - History through Surnames.
15789: HASSANE, D.A. - A L'Ombre Des Anciens.
58964: HASSID, J. BEN C. LE  - Sefer Hassidim. Le guide des Hassidim.
47676: HASSNER, P. & VAISSE, J.  - Washington et le Monde. Dilemmes d’une Superpuissance.
37204: HASSOUN, J. - Femmes D'Abidjan Face Au Sida.
4673: HASSRICK, P.: - Frederic Remington. Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections.
44228: HASTINGS, M. - Medieval European Society 1000-1450.
35877: HASTINGS, J. - Encyclopediae of Religion and Ethics. Volume X. Picts- Sacraments.
57824: HASWELL, J.M. - Napoleon III. From the popular caricatures of the last thirty years with the story of his life.
53370: HATCH, A.  - Le miracle de la montagne (The miracle of the mountain). L’histoire de Frère André et de l’Oratoire Saint-Joseph à Montréal.
41817: HATCH, R.M. - Thrust for Canada. The American Attempt on Quebec in 1775-1776.
43886: HATCH, A. - Buckminster Fuller at Home in the Universe.
59309: HATCHER, T. - Ethics and HRD. New perspectives in organizational learning, performance, and change.
48144: HATHERILL, G.  - A Detective’s Story.
28858: HATTERSLEY, R. - Nelson.
5788: HATTON, R.: - L'Epoque de Louis XIV.
27001: HATZFELD, J. - Histoire de la Grèce Ancienne.
48656: HAUGE, M.  - Writing screenplays that sell.
46369: HAUPT, G.  - L’Historien et le Mouvement Social.
53835: HAUPTMAN, L.M. & WHERRY, J.D. - The Pequots in Southern New England. The fall and rise of an American indian nation.
49700: HAUSER, H. & RENAUDET, A.  - Les débuts de l’Age Moderne.
56783: HAUSKNOST, H. - From down the other side. A seventeen-year journey of discovery and observation.
52992: HAUSMAN, G. - Turtle island alphabet. A lexicon of native American symbols and culture.
37941: HAUSTEIN, E. - The Cactus Handbook.
28859: HAUTECOEUR, L. - Les Jardins Des Dieux Et Des Hommes.
16165: HAUTECOEUR, L.: - Au Temps de Louis XIV.
46059: HAUTECOEUR, J.P.  - Politiques d’Éducation et de Formation des Adultes. Séminaire International de Québec, 29 Novembre au 2 Décembre 1999.
58308: D’HAUTERIVE, E. - L’enlèvement du Sénateur Clément de Ris.
45514: HAVEL, V. - Disturbing the Peace. A Conversation with Karel Hvizdala.
43706: HAVET, L. - Notes Critiques sur Properce.
36844: HAVIGHURST, W. - The Long Ships Passing.
48087: HAWES, R. & SASSOWER, G. - Radios Bakélite.
45337: HAWKES, J. - Humors of Blood & Skin. A John Hawkes Reader.
32438: HAWKES, J. - Dawn of the Gods.
32440: HAWKES, J. - The Atlas of Early Man.
32441: HAWKES, J. - Atlas of Ancient Archaeology.
32439: HAWKES, J. - The First Great Civilizations. Life in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and Egypt.
14636: HAWKES, T. - Structuralism and Semiotics.
35529: HAWKING, S. - Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays.
35541: HAWKING, S.W. - A Brief History of Time. From the Big Bang to Black Holes.
47867: HAWKING, S.  - Une Brève Histoire du Temps. Du Big Bang aux Trous Noirs.
35761: HAWKINS, G.S. - Mindsteps to the Cosmos.
35762: HAWKINS, G.S. - Stonehenge Decoded.
37950: HAWKINS, D. - Avalon and Sedgemoor.
51854: HAWKINS, D. - Avalon and Sedgemoor.
55893: HAWKINS, P. - Introducing phonology.
58631: HAWKSLEY, L. - Charles Dicken’s favorite daughter. The life, loves, and art of Katey Dickens Perugini.
43270: HAWTHORN, H.B. & AL. - Étude sur les Indiens Contemporains du Canada. Rapport sur les Besoins et Mesures d'Ordre Économique, Politique et Éducatif. En Deux Volumes.
20924: HAWTHORNE, N. - The Blithedale Romance.
55560: HAY, M. - Europe and the Jews. The pressure of Christendom on the people of Israel for 1900 years.
31709: HAY, J.G. - Biomécanique Des Techniques Sportives.
44491: HAY, D. - Annalists & Historians. Western Historiography from the Eigth to the Eighteenth Century.
44396: HAYAKAWA, S.I. - Language in Thought and Action.
54582: HAYDEN, T.  - Les enfants du crépuscule. Document.
53963: HAYDEN, T.L.  - Kevin le révolté. Récit.
45513: HAYDEN, T. - Irish Hunger. Personal Reflections on the Legacy of the Famine.
38092: HAYDEN, A. - Chats on Old Silver.
36797: HAYDON, A.L. - The Book of Robin Hood. An Account of the Brave Deeds and Merry Pranks of the Famous Outlaw.
21643: HAYDON, A.L. - The Riders of the Plains. A Record of the Royal North-West Mounted Police of Canada, 1873-1910.
50696: HAYE, C. & AL.  - L’œil et les radiations ionisantes. 2 Volumes.
26379: HAYES, H.T.P. - The Last Place on Earth.
10260: HAYES, C.: - British Social Politics. Materials Illustrating Contemporary State Action for the Solution of Social Problems.
34863: HAYES, W.C. - Most Ancient Egypt.
55144: HAYES, W.C.  - The scepter of Egypt. A background for the study of Egyptian antiquities in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Part I. From the earliest times to the end of the Middle Kingdom.
57047: HAYES, W.C. - The scepter of Egypt. A background for the study of the Egyptian antiquities in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Part I. From the earliest times to the end of the Middle Kingdom. Part II. The Hyksos period and the New Kingdom.
56672: HAYES, J.F.  - The nation builders.
26819: HAYFLICK, L. - How and Why We Age.
57766: HAYMAN, R.  - Hitler & Geli.
29813: HAYMANN, E. - Albin Michel. Le Roman D'Un éditeur.
27510: HAYMANN, E. - Courteline.
42695: HAYMANN, E. - Labiche ou l'Esprit du Second Empire.
56495: HAYNAL, A. & AL.  - Le narcissisme, l’amour de soi.
46997: HAYNE, D.M. & TIROL, M.  - Bibliographie Critique du Roman Canadien-Français, 1837-1900.
37024: HAYNES, D.E.L. - The Portland Vase.
32137: HAYNES, S. - Land of the Chimaera. An Archaeological Excursion in the South-West of Turkey.
32325: HAYS, H.R. - From Ape to Angel. An Informal History of Social Anthropology.
39624: HAYS, P. - New Horizons in Psychiatry.
50164: HAYS, D. & D. - My old man and the sea. A father and son sail around Cape Horn.
45471: HAYWARD, A.L. - The Dickens Encyclopedia.
31308: HAYWARD, C.H. - English Furniture at a Glance.
52431: HAYWARD, A. & WHITFIELD, A.  - Critique et littérature québécoise. Critique de la littérature/ Littérature de la critique.
48042: HAYWARD, J.W. - Perceiving Ordinary Magic. Science & Intuitive Wisdom.
38258: HAZARD, P. - Les Livres, les Enfants et les Hommes.
30922: HAZEN, R.M. - The Breakthrough. The Race for the Superconductor.
40129: HAZLITT, W.C. - The Poems, Plays and Other Remains of Sir Hohn Suckling. With a Copious Account of the Author, Notes, and an Appendix of Illustrative Pieces. IN two volumes.
38551: HAZLITT, W. - The Doubtful Plays of William Shakespeare with Glossarial and Other Notes.
35768: HEAD, W.F. - Treatment of Athletic Injuries.
30794: HEADINGTON, C. - A History of Western Music.
59353: HEADLEY, REV. P.C. - Old stars. The life and military career of Major-General Ormsby M. Mitchel.
42176: HEADSTROM, R. - Nature in Miniature.
31746: HEALEY, R. - The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. An Interactive Interpretation.
53951: HEALEY, E. - Lady unknown. The life of Angela Burdett-Coutts.
40966: HEANEY, S. - Beowulf. A New Verse Translation.
58891: HEANEY, S. - Beowulf. A new verse translation.
49184: HEARN, L.  - Kokoro. Hints and echoes of Japanese inner life.
46044: HEARN, M.  - Le Cinéma de George Lucas.
14776: HEARN, L. - Two Years in the French West Indies.
44636: HEARN, L. - Two Years in the French West Indies.
30949: HEAT, T.L. - Euclid. The Thirteen Books of the Elements. Translated from the Text of Heiberg with Introduction and Commentary. Vol 2 (Books III-IX).
56233: HEAT, S. & HASLEHUST, E. - The Cornish Riviera.
43100: HEATH, T. - Personal Mythologies. Images of the Milieu. Mythologies Personnelles. Les Images du Milieu. Ivan Eyre.
33541: HEATON, E.W. - The Old Testament Prophets.
19556: HEATON, H. - A History of Trade and Commerce with Special Reference to Canada.
54517: HEBERT, A.  - Les enfants du sabbat. Roman.
50473: HEBERT, A.  - Est-ce que je te dérange? Récit.
49717: HEBERT, F.  - L’ours noir. Son évolution, ses mœurs, comment le chasser.
54183: HEBERT, J. & TRUDEAU, P.E.  - Deux innocents en Chine rouge.
55685: HEBERT. P.M.  - Les Acadiens du Québec.
5481: HEBERT, C.: - L'Honorable P.E. Blondin. Sénateur, Ancien Ministre Et Commandeur de la Légion D'Honneur. Essai Biographique.
50359: HEBERT, J.  - L’Affaire Coffin. J’accuse les assasins de Coffin, précédé de Une petite autopsie de l’affaire et suivi de Trois jours en prison.
36349: HEBERT, A. - Un Habit de Lumière. Roman.
41818: HEBERT, J. - Une Famille Souche. 1ère Génération. François Hébert dit Le Comte de Roussy et Anne Fauconnier.
48352: HEBERT, J.  - L’Université d’Ottawa. Ses Réalisations et ses Espérances.
21748: HEBERT, P.M.: - Saint-Grégoire (Ville de Bécancour, Comté Et Diocèse de Nicolet).
53439: (NEW RICHMOND) : HEBERT, Y.  - New Richmond. Une histoire d’entente et de cordialité.
55583: HEBERT, Y. - Montmagny… une histoire, 1646-1996. La seigneurie, le village, la ville.
46841: HEBERT, J.C.  - Le Siège de Québec en 1759 par Trois Témoins.
46732: HEBERT, A.  - Kamouraska. A Novel.
47845: HEBERT, A.  - Le Torrent. Nouvelles.
46298: HEBERT, J.  - La Violence à l’École. Guide de prévention et Techniques d’Intervention.
43404: HEBERT, F. - Barbarie.
49851: HEBERT, Y.  - Bibliographie de la Côte-du-Sud.
49875: L’HEBREUX, M.  - Une merveille du monde. Le pont de Québec.
47993: HECQUET, S.  - Faut-il réduire les femmes en esclavage?
55923: HECTOR, G. - Breaking the bank. The decline of BankAmerica.
44585: HEDUIT, M.  - La Filière Biogaz dans les Pays en Développement.
58063: HEEREN, A.H.L.  - Historical treatises : The political consequences of the Reformation. The rise, progress, and practical influence of political theories. The rise and growth of the continental interest of Great Britain.
58336: HEEREN, A.H.L. - A manual of ancient history, particularly with regard to the constitutions, the commerce, and the colonies, of the states of antiquity.
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21414: HUBBARD, C.S. - A Review of the Species of Populus Introduced Into South Africa.
17897: HUBBARD, E. - A Message to Garcia. Being a Preachment.
43278: HUBBARD, R.H. - Histoire Illustrée de la Résidence du Gouverneur Général à Ottawa depuis l'Époque Victorienne jusqu'à nos Jours.
56062: HUBBELL, S.  - Une année à la campagne.
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31386: HUBER, P.W. - Galileo's Revenge. Junk Science in the Courtroom.
46689: HUBER, S.  - Au Royaume des Incas.
47976: HUBERDEAULT, J.  - Vision Divine du Féminisme.
9123: HUBERT, H.: - Les Celtes Depuis L'Epoque de la Tène Et la Civilisation Celtique.
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37437: HUBERT, H. - The Greatness and Decline of the Celts.
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33318: HUGHES, G. - Swearing. A Social History of Foul Language, Oaths and Profanity in English.
33172: SMITH-HUGHES, J. - Six Ventures in Villainy.
33096: SMITH-HUGHES, J. - Nine Verdicts on Violence.
32266: HUGHES, G.M. - Homeostasis and Feedback Mechanisms.
31481: HUGHES, D.J. - The Neutron Story.
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31207: HUGHES, P. - Spots of Time. Six Talks for Cbc Radio.
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52817: L’HUILLIER, J.A.  - La coopération économique internationale, 1960-1961.
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33994: HULME, F.E. - The History Principles and Practice of Heraldry.
36211: HULOT, BARON E. - De L'Atlantique Au Pacifique à Travers le Canada Et le Nord Des Etats-Unis.
52750: HULSTER, J. DE  - Le droit de grève et sa réglementation.
29026: TRAVAIL HUMAIN, LE - Hommage à Jean-Marie Faverge : Méthodologie Et étude Du Travail.
51810: HUMBERT, E. - C.G. Jung. The fundamentals of theory and practice.
54933: HUME, D.  - Ma vie.
37422: HUME, M. - The Courtships of Queen Elizabeth. A History of the Various Negociations for Her Marriage.
48781: HUME, R.E. - The thirteen principal Upanishads.
56661: HUME, D.  - An enquiry concerning human understanding.
45806: HUME, D.  - Essays. Moral, Political and Literary.
3897: HUMPHREYS, C.: - Le Bouddhisme.
34860: HUMPHREYS, C. - A Popular Dictionary of Buddhism.
38155: HUMPHREYS, C. - Buddhism.
48784: HUMPHREYS, C. - A western approach to zen. An enquiry.
50784: HUNT, B. - Requiem.
3538: HUNT, SIR J.: - The Conquest of Everest. With a Chapter on the Final Assault by Sir Edmund Hillary.
53870: HUNT, D. - The flowers of Shakespeare.
18682: HUNT, B. ED. - Rebels, Rascals & Royalty. The Colourful North of Laco Hunt.
18671: HUNT, M. - The Story of Psychology.
42310: HUNT, K. & CARLSON, B.W. - Masks and Mask Makers.
15500: HUNT, W.B. - Indiancraft.
39672: HUNT, W. - Norman Britain.
51817: HUNT, J. - Our Everest adventure. The pictorial history from Kathmandu to the summit.
49240: HUNT, S.A.  - The future of peace. On the front lines with the world’s great peacemakers.
44462: HUNTER, G. - Studies in Management.
19664: HUNTER, T.M. - Napoleon in Victory and Defeat.
14784: HUNTER, E. - Aacr 2. An Introduction to the Second Edition of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.
44076: HUNTER, I.M.L. - Memory. Facts and Fallacies.
56554: HUNTER, A. - This is Montreal.
21196: HUNTINGTON, F.D. - Sermons for the People.
46482: HUNTZINGER, J.  - Introduction aux Relations Internationales.
7691: HUOT, G.: - L'Observation Des Oiseaux.
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43142: HUOT, M.B. - Madame Delaplace 1796-1867.
37074: HURLEY, F. - Shackleton's Argonauts. A Saga of the Antarctic Ice-Packs.
31487: HURLEY, P.M. - How Old Is the Earth?
45501: HURMENCE, B. - Before Freedom, when I just can Remember. Twenty-Seven Oral Histories of Former South Carolina Slaves.
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52089: HURRELL, H.G. - Atlanta my seal.
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35028: HUSBAND, M.F.A. - A Dictionary of the Characters in the Waverley Novels of Sir Walter Scott.
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18291: HUSSEIN, S. - The Revolution and Woman in Iraq.
57699: HUSSEIN, M.  - La lutte des classes en Égypte de 1945 à 1968.

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