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25719: DAWKINS, RICHARD - The God Delusion
15451: DECHIARA, J. - Handbook of Architectural Details for Commercial Buildings
25255: MCGONAGLE, DECLAN AND JORG JOHNEN - Stephan Balkenhol
21318: DEFOSSEZ, MARIE-PAULE - Auvers or the Painter's Eye
25166: DEGLI, MARINE (EDITOR) - Sculptures, Africa Asia Oceania Americas (Exhibition Album)
23091: DELACROIX, EUGENE - Eugene Delacroix: Selected Letters, 1813-1863
14784: DELPIT, LISA - Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom
25797: DEMBOWSKI, PETER F. - Christians in the Warsaw Ghetto: An Epitaph for the Unremembered
4124: DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Historic Sites of Alberta
25462: DEMPSTER, W. J. - The Illustrious Hunter and the Darwins
23253: DENLINGER, ELIZABTH CAMPBELL - Before Victoria: Extraordinary Women of the British Romantic Era
14856: DENN, MORTON M. - Optimization by Variational Methods
23777: DENNETT, DANIEL C. - Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology
24539: NAVY DEPARTMENT, BUREAU OF SHIPS - Specifications for Welding Part II (Special Steels)
23976: LA CAMERA DEI DEPUTATI - La Camera Dei Deputati (the Chamber of Deputies)
25698: DESAI, VISHAKHA N. - Contemporary Art Commissions at the Asia Society and Museum
10709: DETIEGE, L - Rubens Achterna
23199: DEUCHLER, FLORENS - Jean Pucelle (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, February 1971)
21292: UNITED NATIONS RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (NRISD) - Adjustment, Globalization and Social Development (Report of the Unrisd/Undp International Seminar on Economic Restructuring and Social Policy, New York, 11-13 January 1995)
24735: DEVINE, D. M. - My Brother's Killer
24978: DEWEY, JOHN - Experience and Education
26031: DEWHURST, C. KURT; MACDOWELL, BETTY; MACDOWELL, MARSHA - Artists in Aprons: Folk Art by American Women
25702: DIAMOND, JARED M. - Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
24042: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Portable Dickens (Viking Portable Library)
23234: DICKINSON, PHILIP G. M. - Barnack Church: An Illustrated Guide
24639: DICKSON, HAROLD E. - Masterworks by Pennsylvania Painters in Pennsylvania Collections
25947: DIEBENKORN, RICHARD - Richard Diebenkorn Prints: Celebrating an Acquisition
24078: DIETRICHS, ESPEN; STIEN, RAGNAR (EDITORS) - The Brain and the Arts
25487: DIKEFALOS, KOSTAS - Dikefalos (Gallery Ekfrasi - Glyfada)
21180: DILKE, O. A. W. - Mathematics and Measurement
26158: DILL, MARSHALL JR. - Germany: A Modern History
21245: DIMAND, M. S. - Persian Miniatures: A Picture Book
25023: DINKEL, JOHN - The Royal Pavilion: Brighton
20024: MEYER-DINKGRAFE, DANIEL - Theatre, Opera and Consciousness: History and Current Debates (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts)
24028: MEYER-DINKGRAFE, DANIEL - Observing Theatre: Spirituality and Subjectivity in the Performing Arts (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts)
24479: DIQUINZIO, APSARA - John Zurier: Matrix 255
25951: DIQUINZIO, APSARA - Zarouhie Abdalian (Matrix 249, August 2-September 29, 2013)
25104: DIQUINZIO, APSARA - Geta Bratescu (Gallery Guide, Matrix 254)
24522: DJERASSI, CARL; HOPKINS, HENRY T.; GRAVES, DONNA - Paul Klee: Figurative Graphics from the Djerassi Collection
23463: DOBBIE, PAUL (EDITOR) - Aao Newsletter: The First on-Sky Demonstration of Photonic Oh Suppression (No. 115, February 2009)
23462: DOBBIE, PAUL (EDITOR) - Aao Newsletter: The Eye of the Serpent (No. 111, February 2007)
24143: DOCTOROW, E. L. - All the Time in the World: New and Selected Stories
23992: O'DOHERTY, BRIAN (EDITOR) - Art in America (May-June 1972, Vol 60, No. 3)
25349: DOMIN, HILDE - Aber Die Hoffnung: Autobiographisches Aus Und Uber Deutschland (German Edition)
24609: DOMINGUES, DIANA - Trans-E: My Body, My Blood: Interactive Installation
19754: DOMINGUEZ, VIRGINIA R. (EDITOR) - American Ethnologist (Volume 33, Number 2, May 2006): Islam and Its Constituencies
24993: DONALDSON, LAURA - After (Exhibition Catalog)
23269: VAN DONGEN - Van Dongen: Fauve, Anarchiste Et Mondain (Booklet)
24933: O'DONNELL, PATRICK - Passionate Doubts: Designs of Interpretation in Contemporary American Fiction
23731: DONTAS, GEORGE - The Acropolis of Athens: An Historical and Aesthetic Tour
22282: DOONE, VAL - Our England (Series One)
14245: WEISBERG, BARRY; ASHTON, DORE ET AL - Jesse Reichek Paintings from 1947 to 2005
23693: ASHTON, DORE AND DEAN SWANSON - Lindner (Richard)
24790: DORFMAN, RON - Pacific: A Companion to the Regenstein Halls of the Pacific
16055: DORGHAM, M. A. (EDITOR) - Ijtm: Technology Transfer and Licensing Issue (Volume 3, Issue 1/2, 1988)
23847: KRAUS, DOROTHY AND HENRY - The Hidden World of the Misericords
23656: HARGREAVES, DOROTHY AND BOB - Tropical Trees of Hawaii
20667: SAMUEL DORSKY - Reading Objects 2008
26063: DOTEN, HAZEL R.; BOULARD, CONSTANCE - Costume Drawing (Pitman Drawing Series)
13608: DOUGALL, LUCY - War. Peace. Film Guide, Revised Edition
25354: DOUGHERTY, DRU; AZEVEDO, MILTON M. (EDITORS) - Multicultural Iberia: Language, Literature, and Music
25506: DOUGLAS, WILLIAM O. - North from Malaya: Adventures on Five Fronts
24606: DRUICK, DOUGLAS AND PETER KORT ZEGERS - Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Studio of the South
24977: DOUMAS, CHRISTOS G. - Santorini: The Prehistoric City of Akroteri
23840: DOVA, GIANNI - Gianni Dova
4223: DOWNING, DAVID - Robert Redford
24501: DOWNS, ANTHONY - New Visions for Metropolitan America
23905: DOWSON, JANE; EARNSHAW, STEVEN (EDITORS) - Postmodern Subjects/Postmodern Texts. (Postmodern Studies 13)
21441: DOYLE, TOM - Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
24550: DRAKE, STILLMAN - Cause, Experiment, and Science: A Galilean Dialogue, Incorporating a New English Translation of Galileo's Bodies That Stay Atop Water, or Move in It
12858: DRAPER, LINDA (EDITOR) - The Visitor and the Museum: The 1977 Program Planning Committee
24844: DRAPER, JAMES DAVID - Cameo Appearances
25833: DRASKOY, GEORGE F. (COMPILER) - The Great Northern Peninsula: An Archeological and Geological History
22341: DREISHPOON, DOUGLAS - Science Into Art: The Abstract Sculpture and Drawings of Rutherford Boyd (1882-1951)
18039: DRESDEN, S. - Moderne Franse Romankunst
25971: DREXLER, ARTHUR - Modern Architecture U.S. A.
25066: DREYFUS, RENEE; SCHRAUDOLPH, ELLEN (EDITORS) - Pergamon: The Telephos Frieze from the Great Altar (Volume 1)
25001: DRUCKREY, TIMOTHY; GILLETT, MARNIE - Reasoned Space: An Exhibition
12963: DRUCKREY, TIMOTHY - Iterations: The New Image
22156: DUBOW, DAVID (EDITOR) - The War Doctor (Vol. 3, November 1945, No. 6)
22229: DUBY, GEORGES; PERROT, MICHELLE - Power and Beauty: Images of Women in Art
21579: DUCHENE, HERV - Provence and Its People
25136: DUCHTING, HAJO - Vassili Kandinsky 1866-1944 Revolution de la Peinture
24666: DUGGAN, JIM; BECKY COHEN; IRWIN, ROBERT - Plants in the Getty's Central Garden
22477: DUGGLEBY, JOHN - Artist in Overalls: The Life of Grant Wood
21089: DUNBAR, MAURICE - Books and Collectors
21088: DUNBAR, MAURICE - Fundamentals of Book Collecting
23320: DUNHAM, JUDITH L. - 80 Langton St.
22725: DUNHAM, TACY - Alcatraz: Self-Guiding Information Tours
22739: DUNKERTON, JILL; FOISTER, SUSAN; GORDON, DILLIAN; PENNY, NICHOLAS - Giotto to Durer: Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery
25200: DUNMIRE, MARJ - Wildlife of Cactus and Canyon Country
22212: DUNMIRE, REBA ANN - Toys of Early America... You Can Make
22876: DUNN, DALLAS - Emily Mason: Works on Paper
25086: DUNSTER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Venturi and Rauch: The Public Buildings (Architectural Monographs 1)
25410: DURGIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Hand Papermaking (Volume 11, Number 1)
22013: DURGIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Hand Papermaking (Volume 13, Number 2, Winter 1998)
22014: DURGIN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Hand Papermaking (Volume 18, Number 2, Winter 2003)
25474: DUTTON, BERTHA A. - Navaho Weaving Today
24086: DWYER, JANE POWELL; DWYER, EDWARD BRIDGMAN - Traditional Art of Africa
24986: VAN DYK, STEPHEN - Rare Books (Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution)
25729: VAN DYKE, JOHN C. - Studies in Pictures: An Introduction to the Famous Galleries
15106: LAPP, R. E. ET AL - Nuclear Instrument Handbook
12805: FRENCH, THOMAS E. AND WILLIAM D. TURNBULL - Lessons in Lettering: A Series of Practice Books with Text, Examples and Exercises (Book 1--Vertical Single Stroke)
25784: BUCKLEY, CHARLES E. AND HERMANN WARNER WILLIAMS, JR. - Childe Hassam: A Retrospective Exhibition
10264: MOUSTAKAS, CLARK E. AND BERSON, MONNIE - A Directory of Nursery Schools and Child Care Centers in the U.S.
24384: BARLOW, TANI E. AND DONALD M. LOWE - Chinese Reflections
12290: SMITH, DONALD E. ET AL - Asia: Buddhism: Seven Views (Vol 10, Winter 1968)
22192: ECCLES, W. J. - The Government of New France
24048: ECCLES, SIR JOHN; ROBINSON, DANIEL N. - Wonder of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind
23783: GERALD M. EDELMAN - Bright Air, Brilliant Fire on the Matter of the Mind
22102: EDELMAN, ROBERT G.; DRIER, DEBORAH; YANG, CHRISTINA - Greg Drasler: Cave Painting
23872: CRAM EDITORS AND ARTISTS - Globe Activity Handbook
25558: EDMONDS, JAE; ROOP, JOSEPH M.; SCOTT, MICHAEL J. - Technology and the Economics of Climate Change Policy
26217: EDWARDS, JIM - The Presence of the Sublime: Nine Contemporary Photographers
21244: EITNER, LORENZ - Neoclassicism and Romanticism 1750-1850: Volume 2 Restoration / Twilight of Humanism (Sources and Documents in the History of Art Series)
24705: EITNER, LORENZ (EDITOR) - Neoclassicism and Romanticism 1750-1850: An Anthology of Sources and Documents
23029: ELAM, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (June 2001, Vol. CXLIII, No. 1179)
20863: ELAM, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (Volume CXXXV, Number 1088, November 1993)
22800: ELAM, CAROLINE(EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (September 1996, Volume CXXXVIII, Number 1122)
21037: ELAM, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (No. 1032, Volume CXXXVI, April 1994)
23791: ELAM, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (Number 1090, Vol. 136, January 1994)
20886: ELAM, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - The Burlington Magazine (Volume CXXXVI, Number 1098, September 1994)
25231: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - New Work on Paper
24122: ELDERFIELD, JOHN; EGGUM, ARNE - The Masterworks of Edvard Munch
25194: ELDERFIELD, JOHN - The "Wild Beasts": Fauvism and Its Affinities
23926: GENERAL ELECTRIC - Repair-Master for General Electric Gas and Electric Dryers No. 8052
24044: ELGER, DIETMAR - Gerhard Richter: A Life in Painting
25659: GURR. ELIZABETH - Shakespeare's Globe
24963: MCGREGOR, LANI; STANEK, ELIZABETH ET AL. - Common Ground: First Works in Kilnformed Glass by Artists with Backgrounds in Clay
25531: ELKIND, DAVID - David Elkind on Erik H. Erikson: Psychosocial Analyst (Major Contributors to Modern Psychotherapy)
26086: ELLIOTT, CLAIRE - Kurt Schwitters: Color and Collage (Gallery Brochure, Berkeley Art Museum, 2011)
25622: ELLIOTT, DAVID; AYRES, GILLIAN - Gillian Ayres: New Painting
25102: ELLIOTT, CLARE; GOVER, ROBERT - Forrest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible (Gallery Guide)
21972: ELLIS, P. BERRESFORD - The Story of the Cornish Language
21510: ELLISON, HERBERT J.; REMINGTON, ROBIN ALISON - The Warsaw Pact and the Question of Cohesion: A Conference Report
23856: ELMAN, BENJAMIN A. - A Cultural History of Modern Science in China (New Histories of Science, Technology, and Medicine)
23808: ELORRIETA, FERNANDO E.; SALAZAR, EDGAR ELORRIETA - The Sacred Valley of the Incas Myths and Symbols
24397: ELUERE, CHRISTIANE - The Celts: Conquerors of Ancient Europe (Discoveries (Abrams)
24625: EMMERICH, ANDRE - Art Before Columbus: The Art of Ancient Mexico--from the Archaic Villages of the Second Millennium B.C. To the Splendor of the Aztecs
19667: SCS ENGINEERS - Waste Audit Study: Automotive Paint Shops
24975: ENGRAM, ELEANOR - Science, Myth, Reality: The Black Family in One-Half Century of Research
23181: ENRIGHT, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Poolside, Shift
23631: BOOK ENTERPRISES - An Illustrated Chart Showing the History of Mankind (Wall Poster)
23630: N.E. THING ENTERPRISES - Das Magische Auge: Dreidimensionale Illusionasbilder Von N.E. Thing Enterprises
4847: EPES, ANTHONY; BIRD, JOHN - London at Dawn: A Photographic Journey Through a Hidden City
6965: ERICKSON, BRITTA; OSBORNE, CAROL M.; FABERMAN, HILARIE - Stanford University Museum of Art Journal XXII-XXIII/1992-1993
19477: ERLEWINE, MICHAEL; ERLEWINE, MARGARET; ERLEWINE, STEPHEN - 1995 Afa/Circle Books Astrological Calendar
20241: PETRASCH, ERNST ET AL - Neue Romische Ausgrabungen in Baden-Wurttemberg
25845: ERNST, BRUNO - Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher: A Revealing Look Into the Life and Work of the Most Astonishing Artist of Our Time
25497: LASZLO, ERVIN AND DONALD KEYS (EDITORS) - Disarmament, the Human Factor: Proceedings of a Colloquium on the Societal Context for Disarmament, Sponsored by Unitar and Planetary Citizens
7180: ESCHE, CHARLES - Intelligence New British Art 2000
24521: ESCHER, M. C - Grafica E Disegni: Introduzione E Commento Di M.C. Escher
24935: ESCOBAR, MATTHEW - The Persistence of the Human (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts)
18158: ESPADA, FRANK - At the Races: Opening Day---Aqueduct Racetrack, 1959: The Photographs of Frank Espada
24355: ESSICK, ROBERT N. (EDITOR) - William Blake: Images and Texts
8726: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 99, Number 5, May 2000)
24769: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 99, Number 3, March 2000)
24770: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 100, Number 1, January 2001)
24771: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 100, Number 8, September 2001)
24772: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 100, Number 10, November 2001)
17291: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Art News (Volume 100, No. 4, April 2001)
8725: ESTEROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 99, Number 6, June 2000)
20375: ESTROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (March 2003, Volume 102, No. 3)
18575: ESTROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 102, Number 9, October 2003)
23173: ESTROW, MILTON (EDITOR) - Artnews (Volume 86, No. 2, February 1987)
23853: ETTINGHAUSEN, RICHARD - Islamic Carpets: The Joseph V. Mcmullan Collection
23550: ETTINGHAUSEUN, RICHARD; SWIETOCHOWSKI, MARIE LUKENS - Islamic Art (Arab, Indian, Turkish, Persian Painting)
21582: ASSOCIATION FOR KOREAN STUDIES IN EUROPE - Association for Korean Studies in Europe: Newsletter (No. 27, December 2003)
25642: EUSTACE, KATHERINE - Twentieth Century Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum
22024: EVANS, DIANE - Sonoma County Museum: Building an Art and History Museum for the North Bay Area
24684: EVANS, BEN (EDITOR) - Carpets and Textiles in the City
20888: FRIEND OF HERBERT M. EVANS - Essays in Biology in Honor of Herbert M. Evans: Written by His Friends
15360: EVERSON, WILLIAM K - The Art of W.C. Fields
24832: EWERS, JOHN C. - George Catlin: Painter of Indians of the West
22056: EWIN, DAVID FLOYD - St. Paul's Cathedral (a Jarrold "Sandringham" Book)
14257: THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE - Building a Better Future: Economic Choices for the 1980s
19459: EXPLORATORIUM - Exploring Water (Exploratorium Magazine: Summer 2001)
21389: EXPLORATORIUM - Exploring Fitness (Exploratorium Magazine Vol. 21, No. 3, Fall, 1997)
25149: EXPLORATORIUM - Exploring Space
25300: EXPLORATORIUM - Exploring Islands (Exploratorium Magazine: Vol. 24, No. 1, Spring 2000)
24461: BAKER, ROSALIE F. AND CHARLES F. (EDITORS) - Calliope: Introduction to the Renaissance (May/June 1974)
23698: BARNES CARL F. AND ANNA M. - From Line to Tone: Selected Prints from the Collection of Carl F. And Anna M. Barnes, Jr.
25768: FACES, THE MAGAZINE ABOUT PEOPLE - The Moche of Peru (Faces Magazine, September 1993)
25996: FADDIST (EDWARD ENSOM) - Baits and Groundbaits (Coarse Fish Angling)
22286: FAERNA, JOS - Malevich (Great Modern Masters)
20453: FAHY, EVERETT (EDITOR) - The Wrightsman Pictures
11090: FAILING, PATRICIA - Doris Chase, Artist in Motion: From Painting and Sculpture to Video Art
24659: FAIRBANKS, PETER M. - Visions of the Last Frontier
23442: FAISON, S. LANE JR. - Honore Daumier: Third Class Railway Carriage in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Gallery Books No. 13)
24908: FAISON, S. LANE; MILLS, SALLY - Hudson Valley People: Albany to Yonkers, 1700-1900
4109: FALK, JILL - Artsfax '86: The State of the Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area
25716: FANNING, GABRIELLA (EDITOR) - On Paper: The Journal of Prints, Drawings, and Photography (July-August 1998, Vol. 2, No. 6)
17161: FANTINI, BERNARDINO (EDITOR) - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (1988, Vol 10, No. 2)
18569: FANTINI, BERNARDINO (EDITOR) - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences (1997, Vol 19, No. 1)
22936: FARKAS, ANN - From the Lands of the Scythians (Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, XXXII, No. 5)
24763: FARMER, JANE M. - Familiar But Unique: The Monoprints of Joseph Goldyne
17791: FARNSWORTH, CHARLES H.; KRAFT, WILLIAM J. - Tonal Phrase Book: Description and Speed Exercises (Volume One)
18384: FAZZINI, RICHARD - Tutankhamun and the African Heritage: A View of Society in the Time of the Boy King
11884: FEAL, ROSEMARY G. (EDITOR) - Profession 2006
24893: FEDER, NORMAN - North American Indian Painting
23431: ORR, LYNN FEDERLE ET AL - Monet: Late Paintings of Giverny from the Musee Marmottan
23810: FEININGER, ANDREAS - The Color Photo Book
24272: FEININGER, LYONEL - The Ruin by the Sea
25819: FEINTUCH, BURT (EDITOR) - Journal of American Folklore (Vol 105, No 417, Summer 1992)
25818: FEINTUCH, BURT (EDITOR) - Journal of American Folklore (Vol 105, No 415, Winter 1992)
13721: FEINTUCH, BURT (EDITOR) - Journal of American Folklore (Vol 105, No 416, Spring 1992)
26177: FEJER, GABOR - Ferencsik Janos, Az Ember Es Muvesz Portreja
25984: FELDMAN, ARTHUR M.; GROSSMAN, GRACE - Synagogue Architecture in America
4669: FELLERHOFF, LIBBY - Painting More Creatively
20285: FENICHEL, OTTO - The Collected Papers of Otto Fenichel. First Series
19120: FENNER, PETER (EDITOR) - Quantitative Geology (Special Paper 146)
22774: FER, BRIONY - Eva Hesse: Studiowork
22146: FER, BRIONY - Eva Hesse: Studiowork (Exhibition Booklet)
15574: FERGUSON, MARILYN - Aquarius Now: Radical Common Sense and Reclaiming Our Personal Sovereignty (Advance Reading Sample)
25306: FERGUSON, HARVIE - Desire, Passion and Self-Surrender (Desig, Passio, Rendicio)
24489: FETT, PER - Hakonshallen (King's Hall)
21925: FEUCHTM - Schloss Greillenstein
24811: FEUER, RABBI LEON I. - On Being a Jew
23235: MUSEUM OF QIN TERRACOTTA FIGURES - Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shi Huang
16595: DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE - Census Report (California, 1964-1969)
21664: FINEMAN, JOEL - Representations 28, Fall 1989 (Special Issue: Essays in Memory of Joel Fineman)
25415: FINGER, STANLEY - Origins of Neuroscience: A History of Explorations Into Brain Function
24098: FINKELSTEIN, GABRIEL - Emil Du Bois-Reymond: Neuroscience, Self, and Society in Nineteenth-Century Germany (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
25232: FINLEY, GERALD - Landscapes of Memory: Turner As Illustrator to Scott
23444: FINNEY, NIKKY - Hog Killing (the Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Lecture on the Teaching of Poetry)
24652: FINSEN, HANNE - Kunst I Dag 1
24653: FINSEN, HANNE - Kunst I Dag 2
22854: FISCHER, STEVEN ROGER - History of Language
23664: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Egyptian Titles of the Middle Kingdom: A Supplement to Wm. Ward's Index (Parts I, II, III)
23677: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Ancient Egypt in the Metropolitan Museum Journal: Supplement, Volumes 12-13 (1977-1978) : Three Articles
25629: FISCHETTI, RENATE - Das Neue Kino: Acht Portrats Von Deutschen Regisseurinnen: Helke Sander, Claudia Von Alemann, and Others (German Edition)
25976: FISCHLI, PETER; WEISS, DAVID - Stiller Nachmittag: Peter Fischli David Weiss
21992: FITCH, JOHN E. - Common Marine Bivalves of California (Fish Bulletin, No 90)
25446: FITZGERALD, FRANCES - Cities on a Hill: A Journey Through Contemporary American Cultures
24494: FLANAGAN, BARRY - Barry Flanagan
25427: CURTIS FLANNEL - Curtis Flannel: Embellishments and Flourishes
23858: FLAVELL, JOHN H; PIAGET, JEAN - The Developmental Psychology of Jean Piaget
24543: FLEMING, PATRICIA CREW - Rico: The Young Rancher
25639: FLESCHER, SHARON (EDITOR) - Ifar Journal (Volume 5, Number 3, 2002)
24565: FLESCHER, SHARON (EDITOR) - Ifar Journal (Volume 5, Number 4, 2002/2003)
25129: FLESCHER, SHARON (EDITOR) - Ifar Journal (Volume 4, Number 3, 2001)
24424: FOLDS, SUZANNE (GUEST EDITOR) - Maineri to Miro: The Regenstein Collection Since 1975 (Museum Studies, Volume 26, No. 1. )
23903: FOLEY, JOHN - Creativity and the Roots of Liturgy
26137: FOLEY, DONALD L. - Governing the London Region: Reorganization and Planning in the 1960's
22263: FONTCUBERTA, JOAN; ZELICH, CRISTINA - Photographies Catalanes Des Annees Trente
25246: FONTEIN, JAN; ACKLEY, CLIFFORD S. - Boston Museum Bulletin (Volume LXVI, No. 344)
25258: FONTEIN, JAN; WU, TUNG - Han and T'Ang Murals: Discovered in Tombs in the People's Republic of China and Copied by Contemporary Chinese Painters
25121: FORD, BARBARA BRENNAN - The Arts of Japan (the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer 1987, Vol 45, No. 1)
20912: GORDON ONSLOW FORD - Gordon Onslow Ford: Exhibition Poster; Exhibition Catalogue; Exhibition Invitation, Signed Postcard, Booklet (5 Items)
23401: FORD, THOMAS K.; ROUSE, PARKE JR.; WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - The Printer in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg: An Account of His Life & Times & of His Craft
23385: FORD, THOMAS K. - The Bookbinder in Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg: An Account of His Life & Times & of His Craft
25654: ONSLOW-FORD, GORDON - Gordon Onslow-Ford Postcards (4 Postcards of His Paintings)
26094: GORDON ONSLOW FORD - The Lapis Press Announces Insights: A Selection of Words and Images from the Notebooks of Gordon Onslow Ford
24660: FORT, ILENE SUSAN - Childe Hassam (1859-1935)
24252: FORT, ILENE SUSAN - The Flag Paintings of Childe Hassam
22680: DANA FORUM - Cerebrum: The Dana Forum on Brain Science (Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 1999)
22393: FOSHAY, ELLA M. - Reflections of Nature: Flowers in American Art
24214: FOSHAY, ELLA M. - Reflections of Nature: Flowers in American Art
12484: FOSTER, JOHN BELLAMY (EDITOR) - Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine (Vol 59, No. 7, December 2007)
25643: FOUCART, JACQUES; FOURCART-WALKER, ELISABETH; LORENTZ, PHILIPPE - Flemish, Dutch, and German Painting: The Visitor's Guide
25810: PARAPSYCHOLOGY FOUNDATION - Introduction to Parapsychology
20524: CHEMICAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION - Chemical Heritage Newsmagazine (Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 2006)
24913: HEYDAR ALIYEV FOUNDATION - Culture of Azerbaijan
23734: AMERICAN HIMALAYA FOUNDATION - American Himalaya Foundation Annual Dinner and 25th Anniversary Celebration Booklet
21226: CHEMICAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION - Chemical Heritage Newsmagazine (Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2005)
25513: FORD FOUNDATION - Hispanics: Challenges and Opportunities
22662: THE COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FOUNDATION - The Williamsburg Collection of Antique Furnishings
14298: SOLOMON R. GUGGENHEIM FOUNDATION - Collezione Peggy Guggenheim (Venezia)
24896: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT FOUNDATION - Nakoma, Nakomis: Winnebago Indian Memorials: Two Sculptures by Frank Lloyd Wright (Bronze Edition 1974)
19413: CHEMICAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION - Chemical Heritage (Volume 22, No. 2, Summer 2004)
19394: FOX, CANON ADAM - The Pictorial History of Westminster Abbey
24868: FOX, PETER - Trinity College Library, Dublin
21354: FOX, WILLIAM L.; MCNAMARA, WALTER - Recent Sculpture: Bone, Horn, Wood, Etc.
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