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003792: SCHUTTE, WANDA; WELCH, I. DAVID - Discipline : A Shared Experience
039199: SCHWALM, MAURICE - Mo-Kan Ghosts: The Casebook of a Kansas City Psychic Investigator
045736: SCHWARTZ, CORA T. - Forgotten Few (English and Russian Edition)
009623: SCHWARTZ, MARTIN A.; KIRKLIN, JOHN E. - Section Nineteen Eighty-Three Litigation : Claims, Defenses, and Fees
018013: SCHWARTZ, INGRID - Dachshund (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)
033228: SCHWARTZ, RUTH - Death in Reverse: A Love Story
041201: SCHWARTZ, DEAN (ED) - Paddled Tails from Tattled Tales: An Autobiography of a Family
014190: SCHWARZSCHILD, STUART; ZUBAY, ELI A. - Principles of Life Insurance, Volume II
027627: SCHWEITZER, FREDERICK M.; WEDECK, HARRY EZEKIEL - Dictionary of the Renaissance
036833: SCHWEITZER, GEORGE K. - Tennessee Genealogical Research
010558: SCOFIELD, RUTH - Americans Behind the Buckskin Curtain
036800: SCOFIELD, BRUCE - Day-Signs: Native American Astrology from Ancient Mexico
001568: SCOTT, NANCY R. - Spirit Line : Reflections from the Soul
004436: SCOTT, JOAN WALLACH - Just the Words: A Manuscript
008482: SCOTT, ALEXANDER - Voices of Our Kind: An Anthology of Modern Scottish Poetry from 1920 to the Present
015672: SCOTT, FRAN; GARDNER, BRENDA - Patterns of Distinction: The First Forty Years of Computer Services, Inc.
020240: SCOTT, DAVID M. - Physics of Vibrations and Waves
022090: SCOTT, EUGENE L. - Fame
023010: SCOTT, GARY A. - The 65th Octave
024152: SCOTT, PETER - Higher Education in Sweden--a Look from the Outside
037616: SCOTT, BON (ED) - How to Make Trouble and Influence People: A Compilation of Australasian Pranks, Hoaxes and Political Mischief Making
047059: SCOTT, MICHAEL - The Alchemyst (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel (Pb))
047567: SCOTT, MAJOR JOHN - Partisan Life with Col. John S. Mosby
044078: SCOTT, JOAN WALLACH - Parite!: Sexual Equality and the Crisis of French Universalism
022671: SCOTTI, ANTHONY J. - Driving Techniques for the Professional and Non-Professional: For the Professional and Non-Professional
042162: SCRIVANO, RICCARDO - IL Manierismo Nella Letteratura Del Cinquecento
047497: SEALE, WILLIAM - The Tasteful Interlude: American Interiors Through the Camera's Eye, 1860-1917
010592: SEAMAN, FRANCIS - Readings in the Development of Moral Thought
037790: SEBASTIAN, ANTON - A Dictionary of the History of Medicine
007781: SEBOYAR, GERALD E.; BROSIUS, RUDOLPH F. - Readings in European Literature
002718: SEDLER, MICHAEL D.; RECHARD, NOREEN (EDITOR); SEIER, DEBI (EDITOR) - Stairway to Deception : The Defilement of Listening to an Evil Report
038237: SEE, JOHN WILLIAM - The Lady Cries Murder
002321: SEFTON, FRANCES - Pet Library's Complete Dog Guide
043879: SEHESTEDT, MARK - Hand of the Hunter: Chosen of Nendawen, Book II
038666: SEIB, PHILIP M. - Dallas: Chasing the Urban Dream
035212: SEIBLES, TIM - Hammerlock: Poems
022392: SEIDMAN, SUSAN M. - The Pet Surplus: What Every Dog and Cat Owner Can Do to Help Reduce It
044673: SEIFERT, JAROSLAV;GIBIAN, GEORGE;OSERS, EWALD - The Casting of Bells (Outstanding Authors Series)
033029: SEIKO, TANABE - Cocoa Lonely Night [in Japanese Language]
046809: SEISS, JOSEPH A. - A Miracle in Stone: Or the Great Pyramid of Egypt
000003: SELDIS, HENRY - Henry Moore in America
028311: SELIGMAN, LESTER G.;COVINGTON, CARY RAYMOND - The Coalitional Presidency
012837: SELIKOWITZ, CAROL - Hanover Area Recreation Guide
017276: SELLE, GERT - Design-Geschichte in Deutschland: Produktkultur Als Entwurf Und Erfahrung
047078: SELLENS, ALVIN - Woodworking Planes: A Descriptive Register of Wooden Planes
000316: SELZ, JEAN - Turner (Cal Art Ser. )
015784: SELZER, JACK; FAIGLEY, LESTER - Good Reasons: Designing and Writing Effective Arguments
047270: SEMBACH, KALUS-JÜRGEN - Adieu Audrey: Memories of Audrey Hepburn
018650: SEMFF, MICHAEL (ED) - Nicolas Guibal: 1725-1784, Zeichnungen
035887: SEMMEL, BERNARD - George Eliot and the Politics of National Inheritance
042486: SEN, AMARTYA KUMAR - Resources, Values and Development
030772: SENECA; BOYLE, A. J. (ED) - Octavia: Attributed to Seneca
003773: SENIOR, DONALD - What Are They Saying About Matthew? (What Are They Saying About. Ser. )
045768: SENNING, DANIEL POST - Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World: Living Well Online
034075: SENZAKI, NYOGEN;SHIMANO, EIDO - Like a Dream, Like a Fantasy: The Zen Teachings and Translations of Nyogen Senzaki
004690: SERVEL, A. E.; KONIGSBERG, C. I.; HARGREAVES, P. H. (EDITOR) - Voix Francaises, Volume 1
004691: SERVEL, A. E.; KONIGSBERG, C. I.; HARGREAVES, P. H. (EDITOR) - Voix Francaises, Volume 1
005050: SERVEL, A. E.; KONIGSBERG, C. I.; HARGREAVES, P. H. (EDITOR) - Voix Francaises, Volume 1
013252: UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE - United States Postal Service Issues for the 1980 Olympics (a Collection of Stamps and Stationery Issued for the 1980 Olympic Games)
011182: SESSIONS, JOHN MILLARD - Nichols School: A Century of Tradition and Change, 1892-1991
039124: SETIAWAN, ERICK - Of Bees and Mist: A Novel
044594: SETTLES, JESS - The Next Level: Jess Settles on Maximizing Potential
010666: SEYFARTH, SHAW, FAIRWEATHER AND GERALDSON STAFF - Labor Relations and the Law in West Germany and the United States
012753: SEYMOUR, PERCY - Cosmic Magnetism
043725: SHAFER, MARK - Fairfield at the Turn of the Century
034754: SHAH, SONIA (ED) - The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Humankind for 500,000 Years
012462: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Sonnets
040107: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merchant of Venice
000598: SHALKOP, ANTOINETTE. (ED) - Exploration in Alaska: Captain Cook Commemorative Lectures June-November 1978
043831: SHAMBAUGH, BENJAMIN F. (ED) - Some Comments Upon J.W. Rich's Discussion of the Battle of Shiloh
047629: GWEN SHAMBLIN - The Tablet: Write Down the Revelation and Make It Plain on Tablets So That He Who Reads It May Run with It. Habakkuk 2: 2
047617: SHAMBLIN, GWEN - History of the Love of God, Volume II: A Love More Ancient Than Time
007229: SHANKLAND, HUGH - Simple Etiquette in Italy
016290: SHANNON, LYLE W. - Socks and Cretin: Two Democrats Helping Bill with the Presidency
005782: SHAPIRO, JON E. (EDITOR) - Using Literature and Poetry Affectively
008714: SHAPIRO, S. R. (ED) - United States Cumulative Book Auction Records 1940-1945
020252: SHAPIRO, DAN - Delivering Doctor Amelia: The Story of a Gifted Young Obstetrician's Mistake and the Psychologist Who Helped Her
047392: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL - My Wife the Metaphysician, or Lady Murasaki's Revenge
046394: SHAPIRO, FRANCINE - Handbook of Emdr and Family Therapy Processes
043648: SHAPIRO, RICK - Unfiltered
043647: SHAPIRO, RICK - Unfiltered
019925: SHAPLI, OMAR - The General Is Asked His Opinion and Other Sad Songs 2002-2005
018823: SHARMA, NUTAN; RICHMAN, ELAINE PH.D. - Parkinson's Disease and the Family
047831: SHARMA, PANDIT SHIV - Yoga for Backaches
009060: SHARP, DARYL - Secret Raven: Conflict and Transformation in the Life of Franz Kafka
015130: SHARP, DONALD E. - Other Days : Selected Poems
002656: SHARPE, TOM - Midden, the
046767: SHAW, S. B. - The Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved
044825: SHAW, SEAN-ROBERT - The Rangers of Taradoin: A Solo and Multiplayer Roleplaying Game
040005: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Misalliance
047853: SHAW, STANFORD - Turkey and the Holocaust: Turkey's Role in Rescuing Turkish and European Jewry from Nazi Persecution, 1933-1945
041396: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Misalliance
010310: SHAW-WILSON, ROBERT - The Mid-Century Anthology of Prose and Poetry, Two Volumes
002357: SHEATS, CLIFF; THORNBRUGH, LINDA - Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies Cookbook : A Cooking Companion to Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies
000338: SHEEHY, GAIL - The Silent Passage : Menopause
038270: SHEFFIELD, BETTY JANE - Nature's Drug Store: Heavenly Health in the High Country
016149: SHEININ, Y. - Science Policy: Problems and Trends
046991: SHEINWOLD, ALFRED - Bridge Play
031741: SHELBY, R. DENNIS - People with Hiv and Those Who Help Them: Challenges, Integration, Intervention
015152: SHELDRAKE, RUPERT - The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God
039532: SHELLEY, MARSHAL (ED) - Renewing Your Church Through Vision and Planning: 30 Strategies to Transform Your Ministry
018006: SHELTON, ROBERT M. - From Acorn to Oak: A History of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
019232: SHELTON-ROBERTS, CHERYL; CLUNIES, SANDRA MACLEAN - Hatteras Keepers: Oral and Family Histories
044705: SHEPARDSON, LUCIA - The Butterfly Trees
038833: SHEPHARDT, IRIS - Vuex
015929: SHEPPARD, FRANCIS - London: A History
030526: SHEPPARD, JOSEPH - Bringing Textures to Life
021035: SHERAN, WILLIAM HENRY - A Handbook of Literary Criticism: A Comprehensive Analysis of All the Literary Forms, Including the Letter, the Essay, the Oration, History, Fiction, Biography, the Lyric Poem, Drama, and the Epic
041788: SHERIDAN, DAVE; SCHRIER, FRED - The Overland Vegetable Stagecoach Presents: Mind Warp: An Antholog
014579: SHERMAN, KENNETH - Black Flamingo
042965: SHERMAN, JOHN - Sherman Exposed: Slightly Censored Climbing Stories
042928: SHERMAN, EDWIN R. - Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair
038069: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024737: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024754: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024755: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
024756: SHERMAN, S. C. - Where the Wind Goes: Leaving Southfields
040236: SHERMAN, S. C. - Leaving Southfields
046556: SHERMAN, S.C. - Hell and Back: The First Death
022884: SHERMER, MICHAEL - Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time
007178: SHEVCHUK, TETIANA - Awakening of the Soul
028489: SHEVRIN, HOWARD - The Dream Interpreters: A Psychoanalytic Novel in Verse
044505: SHIELDS, SAMUEL A., JR. - Mid-Size Dodges: A Source Book 1962 to 1976
044506: SHIELDS, SAMUEL A., JR. - Barracuda Challenger a Source Book
025264: SHIELDS, DAVID - Handbook for Drowning
044516: SHIELDS, SAMUEL A., JR. - Duster/Demon: A Source Book
003001: SHILLING, DANA - Redress for Success : Using the Law to Enforce Your Rights As a Woman
003611: SHIM, JAE K.; SIEGEL, JOEL G.; SIMON, ABRAHAM J. - The Vest-Pocket Mba
034713: SHOCKEY, LAUREN - Four Kitchens : My Life Behind the Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv, and Paris
034711: SHOCKEY, LAUREN - Four Kitchens : My Life Behind the Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv, and Paris
038633: SHOEMAKER, DAN - U.S. Militiaman's Handbook
034291: SHOEMAKER, NANCY - Clearing a Path: Theorizing the Past in Native American Studies
046790: SHOEMARK, PETE - Yamaha Xs 1100 Fours Owners Workshop Manual, 1977-1980
014461: SHORE, CELIA M. - Individual Differences in Language Development
031570: SHRADER-FRECHETTE, K.S. - Burying Uncertainty: Risk and the Case Against Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste
045134: SHREVE, ANITA - Where or When
028061: SHRODER, TOM;BARRY, JOHN - Seeing the Light: Wilderness and Salvation a Photographer's Tale
018993: SHUKLA, I. K. - Hindutva: An Autopsy of Fascism As a Theoterrorist Cult and Other Essays
033236: SHUKLA, SANDHYA - Our Americas: Political and Cultural Imaginings (Radical History Review)
014313: SHULTZ, GEORGE E. (ED) - Basic V-8 Overhaul
019079: SHULTZ, GEORGE P.; SHOVEN, JOHN B. - Putting Our House in Order: A Guide to Social Security and Health Care Reform
007578: SICHERMAN, BARBARA - Alice Hamilton: A Life in Letters
016479: SIDDIQUI, RUKHSANA A. - Sub-Saharan Africa: A Sub-Continent in Transition
042923: SIEFARTH, CHRISTOF (ED) - International Distribution Law
003096: SIEGEL, BRIAN - How to Succeed in Law School
010665: SIEGEL, ABRAHAM J. - The Impact of Computers on Collective Bargaining
007634: SIEGLE, H. H. - Cabinets and Built-Ins
022023: SIEMER, THOMAS KYRAN - Warlove: The Hypocrite
046086: SIERPINSKI, WACLAW - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
045749: SIFFORD, HARLAN - Alcock Collection of Silver Plate in the University of Iowa Museum of Art
045748: SIFFORD, HARLAN - Alcock Collection of Silver Plate in the University of Iowa Museum of Art
021432: SIGEL, IRVING E.; HOOPER, FRANK H. - Logical Thinking in Children: Research Based on Piaget's Theory
005303: SIGERIST, HENRY E. - The University at the Crossroads: Addresses & Essays
005610: SIKOROWSKI, P. P.; GRIFFIN, J. G.; ROBERSON, J.; LINDIG, O. H. - Boll Weevil Mass Rearing Technology
003872: SILCOCK, LISA; OUTLET BOOK COMPANY STAFF - The Oceans : A Celebration
019895: SILIN, JONATHAN G. - My Father's Keeper: The Story of a Gay Son and His Aging Parents
041660: SILLIMAN, SUE IMOGENE - Michigan Military Records--the D.A. R. Of Michigan Historical Collections: Records of the Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Michigan; the Pensioners of Territorial Michigan; and the Soldiers of Michigan Awarded the Medal of Honor
001134: SILVA, TONY - Conures
034084: SILVERS, STEPHEN M. - Listen and Perform: The Tpr Student Workbook
013360: SILZ, WALTER - Realism and Reality
004727: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret S'Amuse
004731: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret S'Amuse
038721: SIMMEL, JOHANNES MARIO - Bitte, Lasst Die Blumen Leben: Roman
001235: SIMMONS, J. L - Sixty-Seven Ways to Protect Senior Citizens from Crime
002398: SIMMONS, MARIE - 365 Ways to Cook Pasta : For Every Season, for Every Reason, a Pasta Lover's Paradise (365 Ways Ser. )
017354: SIMMONS, SIMONE - Diana : The Last Word
029377: SIMMONS, DAN - Children of the Night [Audiobook]
010731: SIMMONS, ROBERT L. - Winning Before Trial: How to Prepare Cases for the Best Settlement or Trial Result: How to Prepare Cases for the Best Settlement or Trial Result. Volume One
033636: SIMMONS, ELLIE - Wheels
046539: SIMMONS, ELLIE - Mary, the Mouse Champion
002884: SIMON, LEONARD - Be Your Own Television Repairman
047777: SIMON, PETER; SIMON, CARLY; SIMON, RICHARD - Carly Simon Complete
010698: SIMON, KATE - Renaissance Tapestry: Gonzaga of Mantua
020015: SIMON, CLEA - Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads
045529: SIMON, LEVY LEE - The Bow-Wow Club: A Play in Two Acts
024948: SIMON, TED - Dreaming of Jupiter
037620: SIMON, MARGE - Like Birds in the Rain
036860: SIMON, HILDA;SIMON, HENRY - The Date Palm, Bread of the Desert
011191: SIMONIAN, CHARLES - Fencing Fundimentals
021512: SIMONIAN, CHARLES - Fundamentals of Sports Biomechanics
041732: SIMPSON, MONA - My Hollywood
000647: SIMPSON, DOROTHY - Wake the Dead (Inspector Luke Thanet Ser. )
001629: SIMPSON, THOMAS WILLIAM - Caretaker
003487: SIMPSON, ROSS W. - The Fires of '88 : Yellowstone Park and Montana in Flames
040985: SIMPSON, DAVID - Ozy and Millie III: Ink and White Space
033344: SIMPSON, A. W. BRIAN - Cannibalism and the Common Law: The Story of the Tragic Last Voygage of the Mignonette and the Strange Legal Proceedings to Which It Gave Rise
040976: SIMPSON, DAVID CRAIG - Ozy and Millie V: Om
046828: SIMPSON, DAVID (ED) - German Aesthetic Literary Criticism: Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Schopenhauer, Hegel (German Aesthetic and Literary Criticism)
022563: SIMS, DARLA - Jackets to Knit or Crochet
046686: SIMS, P. K.; MOREY, G. B. (EDS) - Geology of Minnesota: A Centennial Volume in Honor of George M. Schwartz
010428: SIMSOLO, NOEL - Jeunesse(S)
047740: SINATRA, FRANK - A Tribute to Frank Sinatra: Boxed Set (Piano/Vocal/Chords) (Book (Boxed Set))
036408: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Our Lady
042619: SINCLAIR, HUGH - Confessions of a Microcredit Heretic : How Microlending Lost Its Way and Betrayed the Poor
023171: VAN SINDEREN, ADRIAN - Behind the Scenes at a Horse Show
017499: SINFIELD, ALAN - Literature, Politics and Culture in Postwar Britain
044173: SINGH, GOPAL (TRANS) - Thus Spake the Tenth Master
039028: SINGH, LEENA;DRUCKER, LEONARD;KHAN, NEYAZ - Advanced Verification Techniques: A Systemc Based Approach for Successful Tapeout
010512: SINIBALDI, FRANCESCO - Di Un Tenero Canto, Quando Nasce Dal Cuore
017045: SIROIS, SHARON SNOW - Chatfield Hollow
026297: SISCO, BECKY - Garters and Grit: Stories from Galena and Jo Daviess County, ILL.
005516: SISK, JOHN P. - Being Elsewhere
020419: SISTI, VALERIA V. - Leith's Latin American Cookery
047890: SISTLER, BYRON H. - 1880 Census--Dekalb County, Tennessee
014533: SITUMA, JOSEPH - The Mysterious Killer
010298: SITWELL, EDITH - Selected Letters
028118: SIZEMORE, ASHER - Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmie's Songs of the Southland [Songbook]
013662: MONIER DE LA SIZERANNE - Recueil Des écrits Littéraires Et Politiques Du Comte Monier de la Sizeranne Ancien Député Et Ancien Sénateur
007996: SJOVOLD, THORLEIF - The Viking Ships in Oslo
040043: SKÁRMETA, ANTONIO - El Cartero de Neruda
008490: SKERMAN, V. B. D - A Guide to the Identification of Genera of Bacteria
047353: SKILLIN, MARJORIE E.; GAY, OBERT M. - Words Into Type
033103: SKILLINGS, R. D. - Alternative Lives: A Book of Storie
006019: SKILLMAN, JUDITH - Circe's Island
044428: SKIPPER, JOHN C. - Meredith Willson: The Unsinkable Music Man
001309: SKLEPOWICH, EDWARD - Liquid Desires : An Urbino Macintyre Mystery
013092: SKOGAN, WESLEY G.; DUBOIS, JILL; HARTNETT, SUSAN M.; COMEY, JENNIFER T.; LOVIG, JUSTINE H.; KAISER, MARIANNE - On the Beat: Police and Community Problem Solving
039025: SKOGLUND, TOMMY - Vakne Som En Del Av Naturen
005866: SKOUSEN, MARK - New Profits from Your Insurance Policy
025054: SKRAJABINA, ELENA - The Allies on the Rhine, 1945-1950
042397: SKRJABINA, ELENA - Coming of Age in the Russian Revolution (the Soviet Union at War, Vol 4)
047366: SKURKOVITZ, SIMA - Sima's Songs: Light in Nazi Darkness
042095: SKVORECKY, JOSEPH - The End of Lieutenant Boruvka
020767: SLATER, ELINOR & ROBERT - Great Jewish Men
043201: SLAVICK-LENNARD, KAREN - Sleep Talkin' Man
010877: SLICHTER, SUMNER H.; HEALY, JAMES J.; LIVERNASH, E. ROBERT - The Impact of Collective Bargaining on Management
027368: SLOAN, HAROLD; LOOMER, BRADLEY M. - Status of Twenty-Six Innovative Education Practices in Iowa Elementary Schools
045022: SLOCUM, ROBERT BOAK (ED) - Prophet of Justice, Prophet of Life: Essays on William Stringfellow
008638: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
008647: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
010251: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
010252: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
010253: SLONIM, RUTH - Proems & Poems
010254: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010255: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010256: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010257: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010258: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010259: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010260: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010261: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010262: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010263: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010264: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010265: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010266: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010267: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010268: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010269: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010270: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010271: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
010282: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010283: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010284: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010285: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
010286: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco: 'the City' in Verse
046910: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco 'the City' in Verse
014577: SLONIM, RUTH - Outer Traces, Inner Places: Selected Poems
046909: SLONIM, RUTH - San Francisco 'the City' in Verse
001353: SLUNG, MICHELE B. /(EDITOR/) - Slow Hand : Women Writing Erotica
047021: SMILEY, JANE - Moo
047197: SMITH, ROBERT E. - Metal: Etching, Spinning, Raising, Tooling
003749: SMITH, A.W. (BUD) - Motor Imported Car Crash Estimating Guide, Vol. 10, #2
003807: SMITH, STEVEN G. - The Concept of the Spiritual : An Essay in First Philosophy
005188: SMITH, CRAIG W.; SKJEI, ERIC W. - Getting Grants
005743: SMITH, H. T. U. - Aerial Photographs and Their Applications
005892: SMITH, ROY L. - Writing Scripture Under Dictators (Know Your Bible Series, Study Number Three)
005898: SMITH, ROY L. - The Bible and the First World State, Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah (Know Your Bible Series, Study Number Two)
006432: SMITH, FAITH E. (ED) - Our Spokane Carrousel: Research Articles, Stories, and Poems by Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Children of Balboa School, Spokane, Washington
007294: SMITH, ANTHONY D. - The Concept of Social Change: A Critique of the Functionalist Theory of Social Change
008176: SMITH, WILBUR A. - Eye of the Tiger
012072: SMITH, M. G - The Plural Society in the British West Indies
030098: SMITH, NORMAN E. - Write Your Own Programming Language Using C++
034557: SMITH, SOULE - The Mint Julep: The Very Dream of Drinks
044690: SMITH, RUSS L. - The Legend of Dan Gable: 'the' Wrestler
042553: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
040587: SMITH, DIANE - Letters from Yellowstone
046672: SMITH, ROLAND - Elephant Run
043847: SMITH, WILLIAM - A Smaller History of Rome from the Earliest Times to the Death of Trajan
042552: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
042554: SMITH, RICHARD NORTON - Christmas Around the World
036585: SMITH, KENNETH - Judas: A Biographical Novel of the Life of Judas Iscariot
016680: SMITH, WILLARD H. - Mennonites in Illinois (Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History)
046713: SMITH, CHARLES M. - The Catholic Burial Service
027798: SMITH, BERNARD; SMITH, SUSAN DAVIS - Cedar Rapids: Prologue & Promise: 150 Years
041349: SMITH, JESSIE CARNEY (ED) - Images of Blacks in America Culture: A Reference Guide to Information Sources
027379: SMITH, TOM - Tom Smith's Cricket and Umpiring
037717: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Armand Marseille Dolls, 1865-1928
026181: SMITH, LEWIS WORTHINGTON - The Mechanism of English Style
046780: SMITH, REID - Magestic Middle Tennessee
043697: SMITH, J. - Basic Karate Katas, Vol 2: Pinan 1-2-3-4-5
038267: SMITH, DON - What I See : A New Prescription for Thought
044813: SMITH, ADAM - Essays on Philosophical Subjects (Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smith)
035886: SMITH, ANTHONY D. - Explorers of the Amazon
046793: SMITH, NILA BANTON - Bill and Susan (Learning to Read: A Basic Reading Program, Pre-Primer I)
042623: SMITH, DAVID R.;WIDDIS, RANDY WILLIAM;FAIRES, NORA HELEN - Permeable Border: The Great Lakes Basin As Transnational Region, 1650-1990
046559: SMITH, ANNE DAY - Interior Design in Miniature: Brooke Tucker Originals (Limited Ed)
000935: SMITH, BRADLEY - The U.S. A. : A History in Art
036581: SMITH, MICHAEL A. - The Inheritors
042444: SMITH, GEORGE IVAN - Ghosts of Kampala
006393: SMITH-ROSENBERG, CARROLL - Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America
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043680: SWENSEN, COLE - Try
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009870: TAGGART, TOM - Five and Ten: Minute Sketches and Blackouts for Small Stages
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002313: TILLOTSON, G. H. - Mughal India
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001892: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001894: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001895: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001896: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
001897: TODD, PATRICK - A Farm Under Poplars
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010623: TOKARCZYK, MICHELLE M. - House I'm Running from
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027884: TORREY, ISABEL WOLSELEY - Don't Holler 'Til You'Re Hurt
027688: TORRO, PEL - Frozen Planet
027689: TORRO, PEL - Exiled in Space
027690: TORRO, PEL - Exiled in Space
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009937: TOWNER, DR. D. B.; RODEHEAVER, H. A. - Songs for Men: A Collection of Gospel Songs for Male Quartettes and Choruses
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037393: TRACY, JUDITH - The Wildsidhe Chronicles 4: Legacy, the Wildsidhe, Book 4
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045187: TRAISTER, JOHN E - How to Tune-Up and Repair Your Own Car
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038165: TRANSTROM, HENRY L. - Electricity at High Pressures and Frequencies
044462: TRAPIER, ELIZABETH DU GUE - Velazquez
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020972: TREACY, MICHAEL - Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It--No Matter What
030092: TRESS, HEATHER VAN - Poetic Memory: Allusion in the Poetry of Callimachus and the Metamorphoses of Ovid
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039197: TREVOR, DOUGLAS - The Thin Tear in the Fabric of Space
042676: TRIGIANI, ADRIANA - Milk Glass Moon: A Big Stone Gap Novel
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022536: TRIMBLE, MARSHALL - Arizoniana: Stories from Old Arizona
007022: TRIPPI, JOE - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything
033329: LE, TRONG CUC;LE, TRONG;EAST-WEST ENVIRONMENT AND POLICY INSTITUTE (HONOLULU, HAWAII) - Agroecosystems of the Midlands of Northern Vietnam: A Report on a Preliminary Human Ecology Field Study of the Three Districts in Vinh Phu Province
035741: TROST, MARGARET - On That Day, Everybody Ate: One Woman's Story of Hope and Possibility in Haiti
001224: TROUT, MIKE - Off the Air
038032: TROW, GEORGE W.S - The Harvard Black Rock Forest
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013735: TRUDEAU, KEVIN - Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About
047563: TRUDGIAN, NICOLAS - Air Combat Legends: V. 2 [Aces Edition Remarque]
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000769: TRUMP, IVANA - Free to Love
014480: TRUMPOLD, CLIFF - Now Pitching: Bill Zuber from Amana
004354: TRUNK, CARL H. - History of the City of Spokane. From 1880 to the Lilac Parades
007273: TRUNK, CARL H. - History of the City of Spokane. From 1880 to the Lilac Parades
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047530: TSE-TUNG, MAO - Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung: Volume V
047531: TSE-TUNG, MAO - Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung: Volume IV
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035655: TSOKOS, CHRIS P. - Applied Probability
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043237: TSVETAEVA, MARINA - Poem of the End: Selected Narrative and Lyrical Poetry with Facing Russian Text
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000308: TUCHMAN, PHYLLIS - George Segal (Modern Masters Ser. )
003441: TUCHMAN, PHYLLIS - George Segal (Modern Masters Ser. )
003442: TUCHMAN, PHYLLIS - George Segal (Modern Masters Ser. )
020636: TUCKER, MARCIA - Al Held
014306: TULOKHONOV, A. K. - Baikalskii Region: Problemy Ustoichivogo Razvitiia
038613: TUNG, WANG - Foundations of Peace
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044864: TUOKKO, HOLLY; HADJISTAVROPOULOS, THOMAS - An Assessment Guide to Geriatric Neuropsychology
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047114: TURCO, LEWIS - The New Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics
003564: TURGENEV, IVAN - A Sportsman's Notebook
026894: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE - Cooking for Christmas
043107: TURNBULL, BUCK - Hoop Tales : Iowa Hawkeyes Men's Basketball
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042081: TURNER, ALAN (ED) - The Cities of the Poor: Settlement Planning in Developing Countries
032789: TURNER, W. W. - Gold Coins for Financial Survival
008778: TURNER, A. TERRY - Bluebell Memories: A Pictorial History of the Bluebell Mine, Riondel, British Columbia
017702: TURRELL, FRANKLIN MARION - Tables of Surfaces and Volumes of Spheres and of Prolate and Oblate Spheroids, and Spheroidal Coefficients
002873: TURYN, ANNE (EDITOR) - Top Top Stories
047301: TUSSMAN, JOSEPH - Obligation and the Body Politic
020443: TUTHILL, STACY JOHNSON - Pennyroyal
010430: TUZZI, HANS - Le Maestro à la Tête Fracassée
013782: TWAIN, MARK - Europe and Elsewhere
037488: TWAIN, MARK - The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Stories
036062: TYLER, RONNIE C. - The Big Bend: A History of the Last Texas Frontier
014758: TYLER, HELEN E. - In Them Thar Hills : Folk Tales of the Adirondacks
043439: TYNDALL, MARYLU - Surrender the Heart
040823: TYSON, DONALD - Tetragrammaton: The Secret to Evoking Angelic Powers and the Key to the Apocalypse
002107: UBBELOHDE, CARL - The American Colonies and the British Empire, 1607-1763
043227: UDERMANN, MATTHEW - One in a Million: Life to the Fullest
027011: UDINA, FREDERIC; GARRUT, JOSEP M - Barcelona Vint. Segles D' Historia
025353: UEDA, MIWA - 1 (Ura Piichi Gaaru) (in Japanese)
038570: UEHLING-TECHEL, LORRAINE (ED) - The Spirit of the Feminine Setting Secrets Free...
027442: UELAND, BRENDA - If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit
047309: ULDRICH, JACK - Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker: Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall
044560: ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY - Straight Up: The Life and Death of John Harlin
045130: MS. UNDERSTOOD - The Struggle
014375: UNDSET, SIGRID - The Snake Pit
028014: UNESCO - Overcoming Inequality: Why Governance Matters
008267: UNGAR, JOSEPH - Rendering in Mixed Media
034640: PRINCETON UNIV PR - Asian Religions in Practice: An Introduction
015414: DIRECTIVE COMMITTEE ON REGIONAL PLANNING--YALE UNIVERSITY - The Case for Regional Planning with Special Reference to New England
011407: UNKEFER, ROBERT F. (ED) - Music Therapy in the Treatment of Adults with Mental Disorders: Theoretical Bases and Clinical Interventions
002447: UPDALE, ELEANOR - Montmorency Thief
005920: UPDIKE, JOHN - Problems and Other Stories
046048: UPTON, LEE - Swallowing the Sea: On Writing & Ambition, Boredom, Purity & Secrecy
037709: URBAIN, JEAN DIDIER - At the Beach
035839: URBAN, WILLIAM L. - The Livonian Crusade
044592: URBANELLI, LAURA - The Book Art of Lucien Pissarro
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013068: USEEM, MICHAEL - The Inner Circle: Large Corporations and the Rise of Business Political Activity in the U.S. And U.K.
042559: VAANANEN-JENSEN, INKERI (TRANS) - Finnish Proverbs
004912: VACHON, BRIAN - A Time to Be Born.
007449: VALDIVIESO, ENRIQUE - Murillo
047331: VALENSTEIN, ELLIOT S. - Great and Desperate Cures: The Rise and Decline of Psychosurgery and Other Radical Treatments for Mental Illness
041857: VALERIUS FLACCUS; MOZLEY, J. H. - Valerius Flaccus (Argonautica)(Loeb Classical Library)
011400: VALLE, CHARLES (TAKEHOKI) - Haiku Poetry, Original Verse in English. Volume Three
011403: VALLE, CHARLES (TAKEBOKI) - The Joy of Just Enough: The Haiku Poetry of Charles Valle (Volume Seven)
011401: VALLE, CHARLES (TAKEHOKI) - Haiku Poetry, Original Verse in English (Volume One)
011402: VALLE, CHARLES (TAKEBOKI) - Seeds Upon the Wind: The Haiku Poetry of Charles Valle (Volume Five)
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020263: DE VALOIS, RUSSELL L.; DE VALOIS, KAREN K. - Spatial Vision
009529: VANASSE, GEORGE A.; STAIR, A. T. JR.; BAKER, DORAN J. (EDS) - Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy, 1970
002210: VANCE, GEORGIA S. - The Decorative Art of Dried Flower Arrangement
009366: VANCE, MARGUERITE - Lady Jane Grey: Reluctant Queen
045083: VANCE, JACK - Throy (the Cadwal Chronicle, Book 3)
047143: VANCE, JACK - Emphyrio
047074: VANCE, JACK - Dust of Far Suns
040079: VANDE GARDE, MRS. SIMON - The Centennial Book: The History of Orange City, 1870 - 1970
040080: VANDE GARDE, MRS. SIMON - The Centennial Book: The History of Orange City, 1870 - 1970
022002: VANDECREEK, BARBARA - Eye on India
032671: VANDERGUYST, SILAS - The Artemis Phenomenon
044190: VANDERMEER, JEFF - Veniss Underground
006596: VANDERWOOD, JOHN - Be My Guest
011314: VANDERWOOD, JOHN - Be My Guest
013332: VANDRE, CARL W. - Four-Part Sight Reading Fun
009335: VANSTEENWEGEN, ALFONS; VERSTAETEN, DANIELLE (EDS) - Partnerrelatie En Therapie
026446: VARALLI, ERNEST R. (ED) - Visions of the Pennsylvania Railroad
029339: VARENNE, ALEX - Erma Jaguar 2
029333: VARENNE, ALEX - Erma Jaguar
029405: VARENNE, ALEX - Black Squares on White Pieces
020291: VARGAS LLOSA, MARIO - La Ciudad Y Los Perros
005414: VASILLE, G. PETER - Comrades of Lov (No. II)
018411: VASSANJI, M. G. - The Book of Secrets: A Novel
046824: VASSAR, PHIL - Phil Vassar - Greatest Hits Vol. 1
007204: VASSI, MARCO (ED) - The Wonderful World of Penthouse Sex
012459: VAUGHN, SCOTTY - Bean Soup for the Chuckwagon Soul (or Something Like That)
020051: VEATCH, ROBERT M.; HADDAD, AMY MARIE; HADDAD, ANY M. - Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics
016440: VEESER, H. ARAM - The New Historicism
042579: VEGA, ANGEL C.; KAVANAGH, DENIS J. (TRANS) - Saint Augustine: His Philosophy
029832: VEITCH, WILLIAM - Greek Verbs, Irregular and Defective: Their Forms, Meaning, and Quantity
025931: VELDE, MARK VAN DE - A Grammar of Eton
027801: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Ages in Chaos, Volume 1: From the Exodus to King Akhnaton
032990: VELMANS, MAX - How Could Conscious Experiences Affect Brains?
021607: VENABLES, BRUCE (THE LARRIKIN) - The Spirit of the Bush
047692: VENETSKY, S - Tales About Metals
032956: VENN, COUZE - Occidentalism: Modernity and Subjectivity
040579: VENTURINI, FRED - The Samaritan
018651: VERDERAME, LORI - Seymour Lipton: An American Sculptor
026226: VERDERAME, LORI - Seymour Lipton: An American Sculptor
026039: DE VERE, AUBREY - Julian the Apostate and the Duke of Mercia: Historical Dramas (1858)
037431: VEREVIS, CONSTANTINE - Film Remakes
027896: VERGA, G. - Novelle. Garzanti - Gli Elefanti
045319: VERGHESE, ABRAHAM M.D - The Tennis Partner
045398: VERGIL; ELLIS, R. (ED) - Appendix Vergiliana Sive Carmina Minora Vergilio Adtributa
046009: VERHEYEN, EGON - The Palazzo Del Te in Mantua: Images of Love and Politics
014918: VERLAINE, PAUL - Confessions of a Poet
032193: VERMEULEN, PATR;RAAB, JORG - Innovation and Institutions: An Institutional Perspective on the Innovative Efforts of Banks and Insurance Companies
043181: VERMILLION, MARY - Seminal Murder
028071: VERSHININ, LEV;ZANGRILLI, FRANCO - IL Mitico Muro: Lettere Di Scrittori Italiani a Lev Verscinin
007045: VESTER, FREDERIC - Denken, Lernen, Vergessen
006424: T.V. VET - Cats, Their Health and Care: Owner's Guide to Cat Ailments and Conditions
005989: VICKERS, M. D. - Medicine for Anaesthetists
024925: VIDELIER, PHILIPPE - Nuit Turque
001426: VIEIRA, NORMAN - CIVIL Rights (Nutshell Ser. )
042328: VIENNE, VERONIQUE - Chip Kidd
002994: VIEUJEAN, JEAN - The Living Religion
022215: VIGODA, DAVID - Siding with the Angels
011994: VILE, M. J. C. - Politics in the U.S. A. (Pelican)
040247: VILLA-VICENCIO, CHARLES; DOXTADER, ERIK - The Provocations of Amnesty: Memory, Justice, and Impunity
041976: VILLARI, PASQUALE - Mediaeval Italy: From Charlemagne to Henry VII
041994: VILLATORO, MARCOS MCPEEK - Home Killings
046053: VILLAVICENCIO BARRAS, MOISÉS - Luz de Todos Los Tiempos / Light of All Times
009881: VILLEMURE, GISELE - Listening to Delia: Embers and Incense Collection
022264: VINAVER, MICHEL - Theatre de Chambre ; Dissident IL Va Sans Dire ; Nina, C'Est Autre Chose
004313: VINEYARD, SUE - Marketing Magic for Volunteer Programs
037849: VINGE, JOAN D. - Psion
047191: VINING, ELIZABETH GRAY - World in Tune, the: Prayers, Poetry and Prose Selections, with Comments
042956: VINOBA - Talks on the Gita
042566: VIPONT, ELFRIDA - Vip's Mistake Book
015421: VIRA, ELENA - The Simple Life
047616: VIRGIL; MARO, PUBLIUS VIRGILIUS; OGILBY, JOHN - The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro: Translated, Adorned with Sculpture, and Illustrated with Annotations
012152: VIRGILI, FABRICE - Shorn Women: Gender and Punishment in Liberation France
007483: AUNT VIRGINIA - The History of England: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Adapted for the Use of Young People.
045870: VISER, BARBARA B. - Central Gardens-- Stories of a Neighborhood
042491: VISHITA, SWAMI BHAKTA - The Development of Seership: The Science of Knowing the Future : Hindoo and Oriental Methods
047687: VISSER, H. F. E - Asiatic Art
043147: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL - Back of the Big House: The Architecture of Plantation Slavery
043246: VOELKEL, J & P - The Jaguar Stones, Book Three: The River of No Return
024168: VOELKER, THEODORE - I Grew Up in West Burns Valley
015309: VOGEL, PAULA - Hot 'n' Throbbing
047289: VOGEL,CLARENCE W. - Heisey's Art and Colored Glass, 1922-1942, Book 3
037168: VOGENITZ, CAROLYN - Portage Lakes Then and Now
028354: VOGLER, JOHN; IMBER, MARK F. (EDS) - The Environment and International Relations
041724: VOGLER, CHRISTOPHER - The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Storytellers and Screenwriters
047342: VOGLER, LEONARD - Encyclopedia of Chords for Guitar & Keyboard
043668: VOGT, WILLIAM C. - Bait-Casting
022302: VOLKMANN, JEAN-CHARLES - A Chronological Look at the History of France
043457: VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC. - Volkswagen Station Wagon/Bus: Official Service Manual Type 2, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976
047714: VONNEGUT, KURT - Player Piano
027540: VOOBUS, ARTHUR - The Communist Menace, the Present Chaos and Our Christian Responsibility
038572: VAN VORST, MARIE - His Love Story
045491: VOSSLER, KARL - Mediaeval Culture: An Introduction to Dante and His Times: Two Volume Set
047875: VOSTERS, WENDY - Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts
035585: VULIS, RALF - Sexy Sports : Maximal Crazy Girls by Ralf Vulis
006598: VAN VUUREN, NANCY - The Subversion of Women As Practiced by Churches, Witch-Hunters, and Other Sexists
026825: WACH, JOACHIM - Types of Religious Experience Christian and Non-Christian/P482
030986: WACHAL, ROBERT - Novembering: Poems from Late in Life
042096: WACHAL, ROBERT - Novembering: Poems from Late in Life
044863: WACHS, THEODORE D. - Necessary But Not Sufficent: The Respective Roles of Single and Multiple Influences on Individual Development

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