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038962: LEVI, MICHAEL - Regulating Fraud: White-Collar Crime and the Criminal Process
015987: LEVIN, HENRY M.; CENTRE FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION; INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON EDUCATIONAL FINANCE AND GOVERNANCE (U.S.); SAGE PUBLICATIONS - Financing Recurrent Education: Strategies for Improving Employment, Job Opportunities, and Productivity
019187: LEVIN, JAMES; CEDERQUIST, NATALIE - Vegetarian Ecstasy: A Healthy Gourmet Celebration of over 250 No Cholesterol, No Dairy, Lowfat Recipes Devoted to Long Life and Good Taste
036789: LEVY, BERNARD-HENRI - Ce Grand Cadavre a la Renverse
048212: LEVY-CHEDEVILLE, DOMINIQUE - L'Homme Aux Passions Tristes: Roman (French Edition)
022211: LEWANDOWSKI, ROGER G. - The Revolutionary Management Handbook
048242: LEWIS, C. S. - The Magician's Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia)
004032: LEWIS, SASHA GREGORY - Sunday's Women: A Report on Lesbian Life Today
048243: LEWIS, C. S. - The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia)
010750: LEWIS, BEN W. - British Planning and Nationalization
013513: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror
018355: LEWIS, LESLE - Landscapes I & II
020746: LEWIS, BRIAN - An Introduction to Illustration
043499: LEWIS, HENRY - The Valley of the Mississippi Illustrated
029142: LEWIS, ROBERT - Slings and Arrows: Theater in My Life
032360: LEWIS, D. SCLATER - Royal Victoria Hospital, 1887-1947
025080: LEWIS, CLAIRE E. - The Macrophage: The Natural Immune System
031525: LEWIS, DAVID LEVERING - God's Crucible: Islam and the Making of Europe, 570-1215
026330: LEWIS, ROBERT - Get Happy, Get Healthy! Recipes from the Kitchen of Chef Rober Lewis, the Happy Diabetic
044344: LEWIS, ROBERT - Prelude to a Change of Mind
039940: LEYLAND, WINSTON (ED) - Manplay: True Gay Encounters, Vol. 3
035942: LEYLAND, MIKE;LEYLAND, MALCOLM - Leyland Brothers Australian Wildlife
010287: LEYNSE, JAMES P. - Preceding the Mayflower : The Pilgrims in England and in the Netherlands
021288: LHOTE, ANDRE - Les Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Peinture Egyptienne
019227: LI, CHARLES N. - The Bitter Sea: Coming of Age in a China Before Mao
031319: LI, YIYUN - The Vagrants
021563: LIANG, HENG; SHAPIRO, JUDITH - Son of the Revolution
024674: LIBERMAN, ALEXANDER; BRODSKY, JOSEPH - Campidoglio: Michelangelo's Roman Capitol
008011: STAFF OF THE HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE HUMAN GENE MAPPING LIBRARY - Regional Localization of Genes and Dna Segments on Human Chromosomes. Number 3, February 1988
034492: IOWA CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY - Century Suppers
044869: LICHTER, DAVID G.; CUMMINGS, JEFFREY L. (EDS) - Frontal-Subcortical Circuits in Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders
020328: LIEBERMAN, JOSEPH I. - In Praise of Public Life
007154: LIEBERMANN, GÖNDI - Spannungen, Mein Leben Mit Rolf Liebermann
002436: LIETZ, ROBERT - At Park and East Division
040459: LIFFRING-ZUG, JOAN - Women 1957-1975
039835: LIFFRING-ZUG, JOAN - Men: Nineteen Fifty to Nineteen Eighty-Five
047913: ALFRED M. LILIENTHAL - The Zionist Connection: What Price Peace?
017519: LILLEE, DENNIS - Lillee: An Autobiography
044442: LILLIOS, KATINA T. - The Origins of Complex Societies in Late Prehistoric Iberia
047897: LIMA NETTO, ROBERTO - The Little Prince for Grown-Ups: Using Jungian Active Imagination to Uncover Pearls of the Masterpiece of Saint-Exupery or Talking to Your Internal... Shortcuts to a Happier Life. (Volume 1)
010742: LINCICOME, REV. F. - A Tribute to Mothers
035473: LIND, KATIE YODER - From Hazelbrush to Cornfields: The First One Hundred Years of the Amish-Mennonites in Johnson, Washington, and Iowa Counties of Iowa, 1846-1946
008233: TE LINDE, RICHARD W. - Operative Gynecology
005813: LINDENBAUER, LEO - Health in Spite of Medicine (Health Ser. )
045383: LINDENBERGER, JAN; CAIN, DANA - 501 Collectible Horses: A Handbook and Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
036876: LINDENBERGER, JAN; BOWLES, JENNIFER - The Cream of Strawberry Shortcake Collectibles
036877: LINDENBERGER, JAN - Strawberry Shortcake Collectibles: An Authorized Handbook and Price Guide
036857: LINDER, JAMES;RENNARD, STEPHEN I. - Bronchoalveolar Lavage
040851: LINDGREN, ASTRID - The Tomten
039334: LINDLEY, MICHAEL - The Seasons of the Emmalee: On the Waters of Northern Michigan, a Great Ship Changes the Course of Lives Through the Generations
035956: LINDNER, RUDI PAUL - Nomads and Ottomans in Mediaeval Anotolia
044625: LINDSAY, ROBERT, ED. - Early Concepts of Energy in Atomic Physics (Benchmark Papers on Energy ; V. 7)
005774: LINDSTROM, LEN - Vision of the Harvest
020906: LINDWALL, RICHARD; HAYNES, JOHN H. - General Motors: Buick Skylark 1986 Thru 1995, Buick Somerset 1985 Thru 1987, Oldsmobile Achieva 1992 Thru 1995, Oldsmobile Calais 1985 Thru 1991, Pontiac Grand Am 198
043598: HOLLAND AMERICAN LINE - Towel Creations
043011: LINK, NELLE W. - Smocking and Gathering for Fabric Manipulation
022959: LINN, ED - A Great Connection: The Story of Molex
008591: LINTHICUM, RICHARD - The Ideal Orator: Readings, Declamations and Plays. Original Compositions and Choice Selections of the Best Literature
043456: LINTON, RALPH - Arts of the South Seas
010770: LINTON-MALMFORS, BIRGIT - Den Dubbla Verkligheten : Karin Och Erik Bergman I Dagböcker Och Brev 1907-1936
000842: LINZ, ED - Life Row : A Case Study of How a Family Can Survive a Medical Crisis
000019: LIPMAN, JEAN - American Folk Painters of 3 Ce
047400: LIPP, DOUG - Even Monkeys Fall from Trees
043041: LIPPMAN, LAURA - What the Dead Know
038139: LIPSCHULTZ, JEREMY - Broadcast and Internet Indecency: Defining Free Speech
001179: LIPSON, GREAT B.; BOLKOSKY, SIDNEY - Mighty Myth
005319: LIQUN, YE (ED) - Let Children Observe the World (1)
005320: LIQUN, YE (ED) - Let Children Observe the World (2)
033674: LISH, GORDON - What I Know So Far: Stories
043037: DE LISLE, LEANDA - After Elizabeth: The Rise of James of Scotland and the Struggle for the Throne of England
041808: LISTER, RONALD - Antique Firearms: Their Care, Repair & Restoration
014476: LITCHFIELD, FREDERICK - Pottery and Porcelain, Sixth Edition
034029: ROUNDTABLE ON HEALTH LITERACY - Health Literacy, Ehealth, and Communication: Putting the Consumer First, Workshop Summary
011517: LITT, ANN SELKOWITZ M.S. - The College Student's Guide to Eating Well on Campus
008094: LITTLE, MINNIE R. - Even As You and I
039915: LITTLE, MARK - The New America (New Edition)
003234: LITVINOFF, BARNET - Burning Bush : Anti-Semitism and World History
038153: LIU, YUEHUA - Reality Chinese a Multi-Skill Chinese Course for Intermediate and Advanced Students
043399: LIU, SHU-HSIEN - Understanding Confucian Philosophy: Classical and Sung-Ming
004662: LIVET, SPILLET OM - Bibellaesninger for Familiekredsen
017550: LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Pop Art
035143: LLACER, TERESA; PANYELLA, VINYET - Teresa Llacer: Dibuixos, Gravats, Pintures, 1993 - 2003
010601: LLEWELLYN, MARC - Riders to the Midnight Sun
016247: LLOYD, GENEVIEVE - The Man of Reason : 'Male' and 'Female' in Western Philosophy
023025: LLOYD, LINDA - Journey to Joy: A Day by Day Guide to Getting in Touch with Your Inner Child
046013: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Paintings in the Royal Collection
031598: LO, ANDREW W. (ED) - The Industrial Organization and Regulation of the Securities Industry
019399: LOATES, MARTIN GLEN - Glen Loates
013118: LOBDELL, HELEN - Golden Conquest
048233: LOCKE, JOHN - Two Treatises of Government
014580: LOCKE, EDWARD - Where We Park
000664: LOCKLEY, FRED - The Lockley Files Vol. 3 : Visionaries, Mountain Men & Empire Builders
044443: LOCKWOOD, FRANK C. - The Apache Indians
008319: LOCKWOOD, DAVID G. - Introduction to Stratificational Linguistics
036592: LOCKWOOD, BRAD - Wink
010236: LOE, CASEY; JEVONS, DAN - Official Dino Crisis Perfect Guide (Versus Books)
028312: LOEWENBERG, GERHARD;PATTERSON, SAMUEL C. - Handbook of Legislative Research
019860: LOGAN, BEY - Hong Kong Action Cinema
031463: LOHMANN, JEANNE - Flying Horses
007414: LOHR, DICK - How to Delegate Work and Ensure It's Done Right [Audiobook]
044222: LOMBARDI, VINCE - Run to Daylight
010814: LOMBARDO, ANTHONY - The Italians in America
048151: LONDON, JACK - Before Adam
041368: LONDON, JACK - Martin Eden
011143: LONERO, JOSEPH P. - The Result of World War III and Other Poems and Writings
045676: WILLIAM G. LONG - Asses Vs. Jackasses
033697: LONG, JUDY - Telling Women's Lives: Subject, Narrator, Reader, Text
044117: LONG, HOMER - You Can't Win Backin' Up
011680: LONG, C. C. - Puget Sound: 15 Stories
038898: LONG, DUNCAN - The New Bioterrorism Manual: Secrets for Surviving the Coming Terrorist Germ Warfare Attacks on U.S. Cities
043039: LONGABAUGH, RICK;LONGABAUGH, KAREN - Collapsible Basket Patterns
041969: LONGACRE, CELESTE - Star Mates for Gemini
002047: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
007889: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - Selections from Tales of a Wayside Inn and Other Poems (Lp-28)
033620: LONGFELLOW, HENRY W. - The Song of Hiawatha
024892: LONGHURST, JOHN E. - Will the Faculty Please Come to Order
023460: LONSETH, ELIZABETH - Leave It with Him
021383: LOOMER, BRADLEY M. - Method in the Classroom
027370: LOOMER, BRADLEY M. (ED) - Perceptions Influencing Elementary School Science and Social Science Curricula
027372: LOOMER, BRADLEY M. - Educational Concerns in Elementary Schools
001554: LOOMIS, MARY P. - God's Pencil : Survival Poetry for Today's World
044707: LOPINOT, A. C. - Pond Fish and Fishing in Illinois
034963: LORANT, TESSA - Yarns for Textile Crafts
013163: LORD, DONNA SHERRY - The Study and Practice of Meditation: A Course Presenting the Rationale and Technique of Simple Concentration and Meditation
034663: LOREN, CHARLES - China's Education on the New Long March
047506: LORIMER, GRAEME & SARAH - Acquittal
043124: LORING, PATRICIA - Listening Spirituality, Vol. 1: Personal Spiritual Practices Among Friends
003497: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Life of Washington; a Biography Personal, Military, and Political. Vols. II & III
034352: LOTNEY, KARLYN - The Ultimate Guide to Strap-on Sex: A Complete Resource for Women and Men
019205: LOTTICH, KENNETH V. - New England Transplanted
024559: LOTZ, ANNE GRAHAM - Daily Light Devotional-Nkjv
021723: LOUGHEAD, FLORA HAINES - Dictionary of Given Names: With Origins and Meanings
008580: LOUGHRAN, JOHN X. - Ninety Days to a Better Heart
021552: LOUIE, REAGAN - Toward a Truer Life: Photographs of China, 1980- 1990
044161: LOUIS, WILLIAM ROGER (ED) - The History of Oxford University Press Volume III: 1896 to 1970
033640: LOVE, KATHRYN; LOVE, BONNIE - Play It Again, Kathryn: 80 Years of Writing
012497: LOVE, ROBERTUS - Poems All the Way from Pike
038098: LOVELESS, AVRIL - The Role of Ict
039533: LOVETT, C. S. - What to Do When Your Friends Reject Christ
034107: LOVING, CAROL - My Son, My Sorrow: A Mother's Plea to Dr. Kevorkian
037018: LOVISI, GARY - Ultra-Boiled: Hard-Hitting Crime Fiction
020837: LOWBURY, EDWARD - Selected and New Poems, 1935-89
020873: LOWBURY, EDWARD - Hallmarks of Poetry : Reflections on a Theme
047788: LOWE, JIMMY - Lowe Lines
042213: LOWE, ALFONSO - The Culture and History of the Spanish
036210: LOWELL, ROBERT - For the Union Dead
011352: LOWER, STEPHAN; PLOTNIK, MORRIS - Keno Ways, Easy All About Keno
031197: LOWITZ, LEZA;AOYAMA, MIYUKI - A Long Rainy Season: Haiku & Tanks
046805: LOYA, DIEGO GARCIA - Mosaic of Mexican History
043160: LUBIN, ERNEST - The Piano Duet: A Guide for Pianists
004821: LUCADO, MAX - Next Door Savior (Large Print)
032869: LUCAS, CRAIG - Blue Window: A Comedy
046276: LUCAS, JAMES - Birth in a Chicken House: A Collection of Stories
017534: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - Art in the Eighties
016106: LUCK, EDWARD C. - Arms Control: The Multilateral Alternative
045792: LUCY, NIALL - Postmodern Literary Theory: An Anthology
009342: LUDLUM, ROBERT - The Matarese Countdown [Audiobook]
000701: LUERAS, LEONARD - Images of Hawaii
038269: LUGTON, RALPH E. - The Three Fugitives
045848: LUKÁCS, GYÖRGY - L'Anima E le Forme
042163: LUKACS, GYORGY - Scritti Di Sociologia Della Letteratura
015745: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
027268: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
031623: LUND, DON; FLECK, BRIAN - No Hands. No Feet. No Problem?
042112: LUNDBERG, HELENE S. - Swedish Christmas Crafts
033500: LUNDEBERG, MARY A. (ED) - Who Learns What from Cases and How?: The Research Base for Teaching and Learning with Cases
001468: LUNSFORD, ALYCE; EDE, LISA - Selected Essays by Robert J. Connors
029629: LUPINO, STEPHAN - Lupino Photo Book
046015: LUSCOMBE, EDWARD - Hands Across the Sea: The Scots Contribution to the Church of England in America During the Colonial Period
042381: LUSTED, MARCIA - Time's Passage
007135: LUTZ, WILLIAM (ED) - Beyond Nineteen Eighty-Four: Doublespeak in a Post-Orwellian Age
018635: LUTZ, TOM - Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears
046050: LUTZ, GARY - Divorcer
047038: LUTZ, DICK - Tuatara: A Living Fossil
014337: LUTZE, KARL E. - Forgive Our Forgettings, Lord!: Reflections on Gifts and Promises
014335: LUTZER, ERWIN W. - Coming to Grips with Heaven
039997: LUX, THOMAS - Sunday
045266: LUXEMBURG, ROSA - Comrade and Lover: Rosa Luxemburg's Letters to Leo Jogiches
007336: LYDDON, SISTER EILEEN - Door Through Darkness: John of the Cross and Mysticism in Everyday Life
039772: LYDGATE, TONY - Po Shun Leong: Art Boxes
015979: LYKE, JAMES - Ensemble Music for Group Piano
027568: LYKE, JAMES P. - What We Have Seen & Heard: A Pastoral Letter on Evangelization from the Black Bishops of the United States
009850: LYNCH, J. M. - Soil Biotechnology : Microbiological Factors in Crop Productivity
002423: LYNN, J. C. - The Veiling Society
007351: LYONS, GENE M. (ED) - America: Purpose and Power
047538: LYONS, B. J. - Thrills and Spills of a Cowboy Rancher
042940: LYONS, BILL - Precious Metals: New and Selected Poems
047019: MACADAM, ALFRED - Modern Latin American Narratives
006382: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABINGTON; LAVELL, CECIL FAIRFIELD (ED) - The Life and Writings of Addison; Samuel Johnson
003479: MACAULEY, ROBIE; ZIFF, LARZER - America and Its Discontents
042174: MACBRIDE, THOMAS H. - On the Campus: Addresses Delivered at Various Times Before University and College Audiences
029994: MACCANN, RICHARD DYER - To Save Us from Ourselves: The Vision of a Future President
012124: MACCLANCY, JEREMY (ED) - Sport, Identity and Ethnicity
041132: MACDIARMID, HUGH - Collected Poems of Hugh Macdiarmid
008691: MACDONALD, DONALD L - Know the Anatomy of the Horse
021441: MACDONALD, KENNETH; THROCKMORTON, TOM - Drink Thy Wine with a Merry Heart
033709: MACDONALD, MARION;ROGERS-GORDON, SUE - Action Plans: 80 Student-Centered Language Activities
019357: MACEDA, TERESITA - Marcel M. Navarra: Mga Piling Kuwentong Sebuwano
003000: MACGOWAN, KENNETH - A Primer of Playwriting
035941: MACGREGOR, ELLEN - Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea
016688: MACHT, CAROL - Classical Wedgwood Designs
028449: MACINTYRE, A. C. - The Unconscious: A Conceptual Analysis
039148: MACK, MAUREEN D. - Women of Madeline Island
032386: MACK, WAYNE A. - The Saga of the Saints: An Illustrated History of the First 25 Seasons
032318: MACK, WAYNE A. - The Saga of the Saints: An Illustrated History of the First 25 Seasons
020945: MACKAY, GEORGE - Celtic First Names
008572: MACKENROTH, DONALD R. & SANDS, LEO G.; SANDS, LEO G.; PARKER, GEORGE E. - Illustrated Encyclopedia of Solid State Circuits and Applications
025769: MACKEY, MARY - The Year the Horses Came : A Novel
031929: MACLEAN, FITZROY - A Concise History of Scotland
045737: MACNEILL, MORAG - Everyday Gaelic
046060: MACNEISH, RICHARD S. (ED) - The Prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley: Vol. 4 Chronology and Irrigation
026054: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
046979: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
046980: MACUMBER, KATHY - The Forgotten Generation of Wwii
035268: MADDEN, FREDERIC W. - History of Jewish Coinage and of Money in the Old and New Testament
025933: MADDEN, JULIE ANN (ED) - Echoes--Westfield, Iowa, Sesquicentennial: 1856 - 2006
008255: MADDOX, FLETCHER (ED) - The Codes and Statutes of Montana in Force July 1st, 1895, Vol. II
028619: MADDOX, ROBERT;HAYNES, JOHN H.;HAYNES, JOHN HAROLD - Toyota Celica, 1971-1985
023837: MADDOX, DONALD; STURM-MADDOX, SARA (EDS) - Parisian Confraternity Drama of the Fourteenth Century: The Miracles de Nostre Dame Par Personnages
047467: MADERIA, CRYSTAL JUNE - The New Seaweed Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Discovering the Deep Flavors of the Sea
041028: MADIER, MONIQUE;PEYRAMAURE, MICHEL - Poitou-Charentes, Limousin
032352: MAGARSHACK, DAVID (TRANS) - The Storm and Other Russian Plays
003653: EDITORIAL STAFF OF 73 MAGAZINE - Amateur Radio Extra-Class License Study Guide
005701: MAGEE, ETHEL B. (ED) - A Brief Review of English Grammar with Supplementary Exercises
007980: MAGUIRE, ELIZA D. - Kona Legends
035211: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
037068: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
041009: MAHLER, A. J. - Money (the Betty Chronicles)
038039: MAHLER, A. J. - Money (the Betty Chronicles)
032697: MAHLER, A. J. - The Betty Chronicles: Smoking Kills
036938: MAHON, MAUREEN - Right to Rock: The Black Rock Coalition and the Cultural Politics of Race
045593: ANGELICA KAUFFMANN / WALTRAUD MAIERHOFER(HRSG.): - Mir Träumte Vor Ein Paar Nächten, Ich Hätte Briefe Von Ihnen Empfangen . Gesammelte Briefe in Den Originalsprachen.
034634: MAKUCK, PETER - Costly Habits: Stories
014555: MAKUMBE, JOHN MW - Democracy and Development in Zimbabwe: Constraints of Decentralisation
038149: MALACHUK, KATIE - You'Re Accepted : A Stress-Free and Proven Approach to Getting Into College
031857: MALCOLM, DOROTHEA C. - Design: Elements and Principles
028909: MALENSEK, SCOTT - The Secret War in South Asia
014814: MALERBA, LUIGI; SINISCALCO, CARMINE (EDS) - Fifty Years of Italian Cinema
015823: MALEY, DONALD - The Maryland Plan: The Study of Industry and Technology in the Junior High School
007315: MALLAN, LLOYD - Secrets of Space Flight
046142: MALLARI, I. V.; WILSON, LAURENCE L. - Tales from the Mountain Province
005038: MALLEY, WILLIAM J. - Socrates of Athens: Exemplar for Christian Educators (the Challenge of Becoming Christian Men and Women for Others, No. 1)
042562: MALLGRAVE, JOAN - Secrets on St. Croix: A Woman's Mystery Novel
027362: MALLORY, BENJI CLARK; BOLEN, DICK - Chosen: The Incredible Story of Benji Clark Mallory
047965: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Le Musee Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale
018743: MALRAUX, ANDRE - The Voices of Silence
047963: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Les Voix Du Silence
047964: MALRAUX, ANDRE - Des Bas Reliefs Aux Grottes Sacrees: Le Musee Imaginaire de la Sculpture Mondiale
048257: MALZBERG, BARRY - Beyond Apollo
042961: MAMATAS, NICK - Spicy Slipstream Stories
044416: MANARA, MILO - Click 3!
032797: MANARA, MILO - Butterscotch #2
034864: MANCINI, NICHOLAS - A Hairdresser's Revenge
045347: MANDALIOS, JOHN - Nietzsche and the Necessity of Freedom
041060: MANEA, NORMAN - The Fifth Impossibility
014635: MANFREDI, VITTORIO - Novissimo Dizionario Tascabile Della Lingua Italiana
027661: MANFREDINI, VINCENZO - Regole Armoniche: A Facsimile of the 1775 Venice Edition
008934: MANGELSDORFF, RICH - Selected Essays of Rich Mangelsdorff
046047: MANGINI, LISA - Bird Watching at the End of the World
029705: MANKELL, HENNING - Danslararens Aterkomst
047557: MANN, THOMAS - Der Zauberberg
047904: MANNARELLI, MARÍA EMMA - Private Passions and Public Sins: Men and Women in Seventeenth-Century Lima (Diálogos Series)
043628: MANNING, SHERMAN D. - American Dream: A Search for Justice
026202: MANNING, HEATHER;CURKENDALL, JULIE - Managing Health Services: Cases in Organization Design and Decision Making
013443: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH - Seaside England
035312: MANSELL, JOHN S.; PARKER, ALLENE M. - Voices Crying in the Wilderness: Scripture-Based Dramas for Church Life and Worship
037080: MANSKER, AUGUST - Dead People Don't Excercise: Nor Do Those Whose Emotions Enthusiasm and Determination Is Near Death
048197: MANUS, MORTON - Alfred's Basic Piano Library Flash Cards Levels 1a-1b
038453: MAO, SAN - Wan Shyi Qian Shan Zou Bian [Chinese]
041335: MARABLE, MANNING - Blackwater: Historical Studies in Race, Class Consciousness, and Revolution
044221: MARANISS, DAVID - When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi
042400: MARCADÉ, JOHANNA - Stripovi. Bande Dessinée Indépendante Et Contemporaine En Serbie Et En Croatie
028176: MARCANO GUEVARA, ARTURO J.;FIDLER, DAVID P.;GUEVARA, ARTURO J. MARCANO - Stealing Lives: The Globalization of Baseball and the Tragic Story of Alexis Quiroz
003992: MARCHINI, G. - Italian Stained Glass Windows
003633: MARCIANO, FRANCESCA - Rules of the Wild
032735: MARCONDES, MARCOS ANTONIO - Enciclopedia Da Musica Brasileira Popular, Erudita E Folclorica
035742: MARCONI, JOE - Shock Marketing: Advertising, Influence and Family Values
010567: MARCUS, DAVID (ED) - Body and Soul
047654: MARCUS, PHILLIP - Pokemon Gold Version and Silver Version - Official Trainer's Guide
040449: MARCUS, ADRIANNE - Lying, Cheating & Stealing
007362: MARDORF, JUDY - When a Drunk Driver Kills : A Widow's Survival
013400: DE MARE, ERIC - The Canals of England
047329: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Love
020276: MARGENAU, HENRY - Physics and Philosophy: Selected Essays
047037: MARIAS, FERNANDO - Col-Leccio Thyssen-Bornemisza : Monestir de Pedralbes
042183: MARIE, GIA GOVINDA - Bejeweled Heart: Awakening the Light Within
035772: MARIMAN, HENK - Attacking Down the Center
043089: MARINELLI, CARLO - Opere in Disco: Da Monteverdi a Berg
021662: MARITAIN, JACQUES - Existence and the Existent: An Essay on Christian Existentialism
043864: MARKO, VLADIMIR - Russian Futurism: A History
047547: MARKOV, VLADIMIR - Modern Russian Poetry: An Anthology with Verse Translations,
014140: MARKOW, JACK - Drawing Funny Pictures
005871: MARKS, FRED M.; ANGLE, BURR (EDITOR) - Getting the Most from Radio Control Systems
008929: MARKS, TRACY - How to Handle Your T-Square
028116: MARKSTEIN, DAVID L. - How to Chart Your Way to Stock Market Profits
003409: MARKUS, GILBERT (EDITOR) - The Radical Tradition : Revolutionary Saints in the Battle for Justice and Human Rights
038707: MAROTO, CARLOS DIAZ;DIAZ, CARLOS - King Kong: El Rey Del Cine/ the King of the Theater
047504: MAROTO, ESTEBAN - Esteban Maroto : Cuando El Comic Es Arte
046872: MARR, RON - The Presley Family Story: The First 74 Years - Branson's Original Show on the Strip
037097: MARSH, DIANN - Galena, Illinois: A Brief History
038635: MARSH, HORACE WILMER - Constructive Text-Book of Practical Mathematics: Volume I: Industrial Mathematics
006957: MARSHALL, JEANETTE - Thorsons Guide to Entertaining with Wholefood
012229: MARSHALL, NATALIA - Funky Style: Creative Ideas for the Contemporary Home
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027114: MCDONALD, JULIE J. - Scottish Proverbs
027117: MCDONALD, JULIE J. - Scottish Proverbs
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043687: MCDONNELL, MADELINE - Penny, N.
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031473: MCMILLAN, JAMES H. - Essential Assessment Concepts for Teachers and Administrators
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002397: MCNAIR, JAMES - Power Food : Exciting New Recipes for Vigorous Good Health, Energy and Strength
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040669: MCPHERSON, JAMES ALAN - Crabcakes
040227: MCQUAIG, LINDA; BROOKS, NEIL - Billionaires' Ball: Gluttony and Hubris in an Age of Epic Inequality
022482: MCSHANE, JOHN - Heath Ledger: His Beautiful Life and Mysterious Death
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047917: MCWILLIAMS, AL - Twin Earths Sunday Pages, Issue #1
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047267: MEAD, RICHELLE - Soundless
047036: MEALY, TRUONG - Conquer Our Destiny: A Living Witness to the Cambodian Tragedy
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007304: MEE, CHARLES L. - The Horizon Book of Daily Life in Renaissance Italy
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030777: MERRILL, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - 7 Poets, 4 Days, 1 Book
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042565: MESSENT, PETER; BUDD, LOUIS J. (EDS) - A Companion to Mark Twain
010132: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010133: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010134: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010135: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010136: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010138: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010139: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010140: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
010141: A SERVANT OF MESSIAH - Something New... Under the Sun?
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026214: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon
026218: MEYER, STEPHENIE - New Moon
010619: MEZERIK, A. G - The Revolt of the South and West
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045455: MICHELSTAEDTER, CARLO - Persuasion and Rhetoric (Italian Literature and Thought)
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009675: MILLER, SUSAN - Games, Giggles, and Giant Steps
043739: MILLER, MERLE - The Sure Thing
015431: MILLER, SAMUEL - A Better Life: How to Live It According to the Epistle to the Hebrews
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043529: MILLER, SUE - The World Below
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046970: MILLS, JOY - An Approach to the Study of the Secret Doctrine
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031968: MINER, JOHN B. - The 4 Routes to Entrepreneurial Success
034617: MINNER, MICKEY - Footsteps
021398: MIRRIELEES, EDITH RONALD - Story Writing
015813: MIRZA, MOHAMMAD MUZAFFAR - The Leader of Leaders
013702: MISHRA, S. N.; BEYER, JOHN - Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Case Study of the Ratnagiri Fisheries Project
031733: MISRA, MOHIT K. - Ponder Awhile
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003595: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Lost Laysen
004936: MITCHELL, BRUCE M. - Dynamic Classroom, Fifth Edition
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027824: MITCHELL, ALLAN - Human Elements Training for Emergency
030104: MITCHELL, N. J. W.˘˘˘˘ - Moon-Daughters, War-Daughters, and Wizards
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008301: NORRIS, LEN - 25th Anniversary Collection: Norris--101 Cartoons from the Vancouver Sun
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046545: NORTH, MILTON R. - Talking Parakeets (Budgerigars) ~ Complete Manual on Their Care Training Breeding
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017008: NORTON, RICHARD - Bernini and Other Studies in the History of Art
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001917: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001918: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001919: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001920: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001921: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001923: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
001924: O'HEHIR, DIANA - Spells for Not Dying Again : Poems
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036555: OCHS, STEPHEN J. - Academy on the Patowmack: Georgetown Preparatory School, 1789-1927
014787: ODEN, RICHARD A. - Beyond Appearance
021583: OFFE, CLAUS - Industry and Inequality: The Achievement Principle in Work and Social Status
013717: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ASSESSING OFFICERS - Analyzing Assessment Equity: Techniques for Measuring and Improving the Quality of Property Tax Administration
013512: OGILVY, GRAHAM - The River Tay and Its People
016825: OGLEVEE, WILLIAM GILMORE - God's Doors: Prayer, Peace and Prosperity and Other Messages
043819: OGOT, BETHWELL A. - Economic Adaptation and Change Among the Jii-Speaking Peoples of Eastern Africa
006561: OHRI, ASHOK; CURNO, PAUL; MANNING, BASIL - Community Work and Racism
006514: OHRN, STEVEN G. - Passing Time and Traditions: Contemporary Iowa Folk Artists
040342: OJAKANGAS, RICHARD W.;MATSCH, CHARLES L. - Minnesota's Geology
025803: OJO-ADE, FEMI - Exile at Home: Poetry
038215: OKAMATSU, YOSHIHISA - Sowing Seeds of Understanding - the Autobiography of a Japanese Philanthropist
014532: OKELO, G. B. A.; CHEMTAI, A. K.; FRENCH, C. MARCUS - Hydatid Disease: With Special Reference to Kenya
041493: OKPAKU, JOSEPH - Nigeria at the United Nation: Partnership for a Better World
027363: OKURUT, MARY KAROORO - Milking a Lioness & Other Stories
032458: OLAKANMI, BODE - The Cradle and the Bed
047836: OLCOTT, MARTHA BRILL - The Kazakhs (Studies of Nationalities in the Ussr)
047940: OLCOTT, HENRY STEEL - Buddhist Catechism
010989: OLDFIELD, BARNEY - Operation Narcissus
005467: OLESHA, YURI - Envy and Other Works
005763: OLIVER, MARGO - Margo Oliver's Stew & Casserole Cookbook
026553: OLIVER, THOMAS W. - The United Nations in Bangladesh
042851: OLIVO, C. THOMAS;OLIVO, THOMAS P.;PAYNE, ALBERT V. - Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching
034469: OLLEY, MICHELLE - Venus: Masterpieces of Modern Erotic Photography
004872: OLSEN, WILLIAM - Trouble Lights
000407: OLSEN, GARY - Getting Started in Computer Graphics
016507: OLSON, BARBARA - Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton
021039: OLSON, JEAN E. - Landscape Plants for Iowa (Pm-212)
040111: OLSON, JEAN E. - Landscape Plants for Iowa (Pm-212)
021382: OLSON, RALPH E. - A Geography of Water
020629: OLSON, NANCY; GAVARNI, PAUL - Gavarni: The Carnival Lithographs
044608: OLUWADAHUNSI - My Book of Life a Companion Piece: Little Pieces of Heaven
048172: OMAN, CAROLA - Robin Hood: The Prince of Outlaws
021251: OMARTIAN, STORMIE - Finding Peace for Your Heart: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Health
044465: OMVIG, JAMES H. - Freedom for the Blind: The Secret Is Empowerment
047039: ONESS, ELIZABETH - Articles of Faith
010396: OPEL, ERIC - Outremer
046731: OPPENHEIMER, JOEL - Collected Later Poems of Joel Oppenheimer
006865: OPTIC, OLIVER - Brave Old Salt
040930: ORANGE, CLAUDIA - The Treaty of Waitangi
002822: ORBEN, ROBERT - Comedy Technique
019254: ORCUTT, JANE - The Hidden Heart
014049: ORLEANS, ILO - Within Thy Hand: My Poem Book of Prayers
041983: ORLOB, HELEN - Mountain Rescues
001592: ORNSTEIN, ROBERT - Right Mind
002696: ORSY, LADISLAS - The Church: Learning and Teaching : Magisterium, Assent, Dissent, Academic Freedom: Learning and Teaching : Magisterium, Assent, Dissent, Academic Freedom
046730: ORTH, H. P. - Feuerwehr in Der Geschichte Kraftfahrzeuge Und Gerate Seit 1945
004578: ORTMAN, MARK - A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing : A Time and Money Saving Handbook to Printing, Distributing and Promoting Your Own Book
017851: ORTON, FRED - Figuring Jasper Johns
015385: ORY, NORMA R. - Wood in Art: An Exhibition for Children, June 22-September 23, 1979, Masterson Junior Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
008393: OSBORN, T. L. - Healing from Christ
041397: OSBORN, SHANE;MCCONNELL, MALCOLM;FRENCH, MICHAEL - Born to Fly: The Heroic Story of Downed U.S. Navy Pilot Lt. Shane Osborn
036335: OSBORNE, KAREN LEE - Carlyle Simpson
045246: OSLER, WILLIAM; MCCRAE, THOMAS - Modern Medicine: Its Theory and Practice. In Original Contributions by American and Foreign Authors. 7 Volumes, Complete
019132: OSMAN, JENA; SPAHR, JULIANA (EDS) - Chain 10: Translucinacion
000874: OSTDIEK, GILBERT - Catechesis for Liturgy
043742: OSTEN, GAR - The Astrological Chart of the United States, 1776-2141
024921: OSTREM, PAUL D. - 'Dennoch!': A Biography of Pastor John Haefner
010303: OSTROFF, ANTHONY - Imperatives
042021: OSTROWSKI, JAN T.;KAUFMANN, THOMAS DACOSTA;WALTERS ART GALLERY (BALTIMORE, MD.) - Land of the Winged Horsemen: Art in Poland, 1572-1764
046444: OTWAY, T.B.H. - Airborne Forces: Second World War, 1939-45 Army (Facsimile Reprint Series)
004039: VAN OUDTSHOORN, NIC AND DAPHNE - Oddly Australian
038639: OUSSANI, GABRIEL; BELLOC, HILAIRE - Moslems: Their Beliefs, Practices, and Politics
047321: OVERCOTT, NANCY - Living in a Dream: Bluff Country Offerings
035452: OVERGAARD, MARK;STRINFELLOW, STAN - Personal Computing with the Ucsd P-System
026419: OWEN-TOWLE, TOM - Homestretch: The Art of Finishing Life Well
047345: OWNINGS, HENRY H. - The Indie Cred Test
031784: PACKER, Z. Z. - Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
021027: PADDOCK, PAUL - China Diary: Crisis Diplomacy in Dairen
038601: PADGETT, RON;EDGAR, CHRISTOPHER;PADGETT, RON - Educating the Imagination: Essays & Ideas for Teachers & Writers Volume Two
044100: PAHER, S.W. - Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps
024894: PAHLAVI, REZA - Winds of Change: The Furture of Democracy in Iran
017859: PAINE, JEFFERY - Adventures with the Buddha : A Buddhism Reader
002301: PAINTER, CHARLOTTE - Seeing Things
035433: PAINTER, AMELIA - Opening and Operating a Bed & Breakfast in the 21st Century
048276: PAK, SU YON - Singing the Lord's Song in a New Land: Korean American Practices of Faith
045944: PALAHNIUK, CHUCK - Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories
021450: PALECEK, MIKE - Terror Nation: . Notes from the Perimeter
045816: PALISCA, CLAUDE V. - Humanism in Italian Renaissance Musical Thought
007399: PALLADINO, LUCY JO PH.D. - The Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming Child
011665: PALMER, GREG - Adventures in the Mainstream: Coming of Age with Down Syndrome
030464: PALMER, ROBIN;BIRCH, ISOBEL - Zimbabwe: A Land Divided
038840: PALMER, CHARLES J.; PALMER, JACQUELINE (EDS) - Golden Wings of Time
042637: PALOMER, SILVIA - Diccionario Magister Sinonimos Antonimos Paronimos (Spanish Edition)
020259: PAMER, LAURENCE; LIVINGSTONE, MARCO - Duane Hanson: A Survey of His Work from the '30s to the '90s
041801: PANSHIN, ALEXIS J.; DEZEEUW, CARL - Textbook of Wood Technology, Vol. 1
003794: PANTOLIANO, JOE - Who's Sorry Now? : The Story of a Stand-Up Guy

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