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Px182: STANNARD, DAVID E. - Shrinking History: On Freud and the Failure of Psychohistory
Mx874: STANTON, EVAN - Ruhainah: A Story of Afghan Life
Rx325: STARK, LUDWIG - Solfeggien-Album. 70 auserlesene und bewährte Gesangsetüden von Concone, Mazzoni, Aprile und anderen progressiv geordnet und für den Unterricht bearbeitet. Ausgabe für Sopran oder Tenor
Bx1214: GEORGE HARRISON & RICHARD STARKEY - The Beatles: Songs by George Harrison & Richard Starkey
Ox770: STARR, CHESTER - The Roman Empire, 27 Bc-Ad 476: A Study in Survival
Tx130: START, CLARISSA - Look Here, Lord Meditations for Today's Woman
Fx1151: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 16
Fx1152: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 18
Fx1153: STASIK, ANDREW - Print Review 20
Nx60: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 5
Nx59: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 4
Nx58: NOT STATED - Little Piano Concert Volume 2
Jx1196: STATHAM, F. REGINALD - South Africa as It is
Sx539: STAYTON, JANET; STEIN, DONNA (ESSAY) - Janet Stayton Paintings 1983-1985
Gx1098: STEAD, CHRISTINA - For Love Alone
Ax504: C. K. STEAD (EDITOR) - New Zealand Short Stories
Jx1127: STEARNS, PETER N. - World Civilizations : The Global Experience (Vol. 2) Third Edition
Ex648: STEARNS, MAGGIE; WILLIAMS, SALLIE Y. - The Hay Day Cookbook/Recipes, Menus and Fresh Cooking Ideas from the Fabulous Hay Day Country Farms Markets
Sx1328: STEERE, DOUGLAS VAN - Prayer in the contemporary world
Tx165: STEGGERDA, ORVILLE - Tall Against the Sky
Ox521: STEIG, WILLIAM - Le vrai Voleur
Nx787: STEIN, JOSEPH - Effective Personality: a Humanistic Approach
Setsx3: STEIN, PHILIPP (HERAUSGEBER/EDITOR) - Goethe-Briefe. Mit Einleitungen und Erläuterungen. In 8 Bänden.
Dx684: STEIN, MAURICE R. - The Eclipse of Community; an Interpretation of American Studies
Ex500: STEIN, SCOTT - Lost
Dx375: STEINBERG, RAFAEL - The Cooking of Japan
Jx1149: STEINBOCK, BONNIE - Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine
Rx438: STEINER, ERIC - Steiner Solo and Duet Album for Piano: Folk Tunes & Classic Melodies for the Young Pianist
Fx1517: STEINER, NIKLAUS - Arguing About Asylum: The Complexity of Refugee Debates in Europe
Ax671: STEINER, VERENA - Exploratives Lernen
Bx630: STEINHÖFEL, ANDREAS - Der mechanische Prinz.
Kx1077: STEINMANN, MARTIN (EDITOR) - New Rhetorics
Lx818: STEINSALTZ, ADIN RABBI - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Part Iii, Tractate Bava Metzia Volume 3
Lx819: STEINSALTZ, ADIN RABBI - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Part Ii, Tractate Bava Metzia Volume II (2)
Cx149: STEINSALTZ, ADIN - The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition Tractate Ta'Anit, Part 1; Volume XIII
Rx1063: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; MITTEL, PHILIPP (EDITOR) - First Pupil's Concerto No 1 in D for Violin and Piano Op. 7 (First-Seventh Position)
Tx560: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; HEILBRON, SIMON (FINGERED AND REVISED) - Student's Concerto for Violin And Piano No. 3 in G. Minor Op. 12 First to Fifth Position
Rx1067: STEITZ, FRIEDRICH; MITTEL, PHILIPP (EDITOR) - Third pupil's concerto in G min. (First-third position) for violin and piano, op. 12
Dx223: STELTZER - Inuit
Dx868: STENDAL - Lucien Leuwen: Book II-The Telegraph
Sx824: STENGER, VICTOR J. - Timeless Reality: Symmetry, Simplicity, and Multiple Universes
Ox976_2: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - My Old Kentucky Home Good Night Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Ox978: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - Open the Gates of the Temple Arranged for Chorus of Male Voices with Piano Accompaniment TTBB
Ox977: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - An Even Song Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Ox976: STEPHEN FOSTER, C. F. SHATTUCK (ARRANGEMENT) - My Old Kentucky Home Good Night Arranged for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB
Px304: STEPHENS, JAMES - Desire: And other Stories
Rx930: STERN, PHILIP - The Oppenheimer Case; Security on Trial
Gx995: STERN, STEVE - Harry Kaplan's Adventures Underground
Jx396: DICK STERN & PAMELA STERN (COMPILED BY) - It's Love...That's All
Hx101: STERN, DANIEL - The Girl With the Glass Heart
Bx1077: STERN, FRITZ - The Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present
Hx43: STERN, DANIEL - Who Shall Live, Who Shall Die: A Novel
Ox759: STEVENS, MARTIN & MANDEL, JEROME (EDITOR) - Old English Literature: Twenty-two Analytical Essays
Jx533: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Beach of Falesa
Kx633: STEVENSON, CHARLES A. - The End of Nowhere: American Policy toward Laos since 1954
Qx227: STEWART, ANITA - Great Canadian Cuisine : The Contemporary Flavors of Canadian Pacific Hotels
Bx1350: HY ZARET (LYRICS); ALEX NORTH (MUSIC); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Unchained Melody for Four-Part Mixed Voices (SATB) with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1390: LEONARD BERNSTEIN (MUSIC); STEVEN SONDHEIM (WORDS); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Tonight For Four-Part Chorus Of Mixed Voices SATB with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1391: LEONARD BERNSTEIN (MUSIC); STEVEN SONDHEIM (WORDS); WILLIAM STICKLES (ARRANGEMENT) - Tonight For Three-Part Chorus of Women's Voices SSA with Piano Accompaniment
Ex674: STIELER, KARL, WACHENHUSEN, H., & HACKLENDER, F. W. (TRANSLATED BY G. C. T. BARTLEY) - The Rhine From It's Source to the Sea; 2 Volumes
Nx5: STILGOE, JOHN - Common Landscape of America, 1580 to 1845
Qx575: ROSE N. RUBIN AND MICHAEL STILLMAN (EDITORS) - A Russian Song Book; 44 Popular Songs with Lyrics in Russian and English; Piano Arrangements and Guitar Chords
Bx524: STILLMAN, WILLIAM J. - Poetic Localities: Photographs of Adirondacks, Cambridge, Crete, Italy, Athens
Gx730: STIMPSON, MIRIAM F. - A Field Guide to Landmarks of Modern Architecture in the United States
Dx1262: STEIN & VAN STOCK - The Motown Era; 112 Songs Arranged for Voice, Piano, Guitar
Fx1243: STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ - Luzifers Traum order Klavierstück XIII; als Klaviersolo / for Solo Piano / pour Piano Seul
Fx1246: STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ - Stockhausen Klavierstucke VIII nr. 4
Fx1247: STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ - Stockhausen Klavierstucke VII nr. 4
Fx1248: STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ - Stockhausen Klavierstucke VI nr. 4
Dx679: STOKER, BRAM - Dracula
Qx153: DOUGLAS HYLAND AND MARILYN STOKSTAND (EDITORS) - Catalogue of the Sculpture Collection
Fx687: STOLOW, LEE (EDITOR) - Six Papers on the Size Distribution of Wealth and Income
Bx1135: STON, GREGORY (COMPILED & ARRANGED) - Gypsy Memories: Album of Famous Russian Gypsy Songs as played by Harry Horlick and his A&P Gypsies
Ax1309: LEONARD STONE - Chorus Builder, Part Two: A Method for Group Training in the Fundamentals of Good Choral Singing Teacher's Manual (Choral Accompanist)
Ax1398: STONE, LEONARD - Chorus Builder Part One Students Book
Ax1308: LEONARD STONE - Chorus Builder, Part One; A Method for Group Training in the Fundamentals of Good Choral Singing; Teacher's Manual (Accompanist)
Hx910: STONE, ROBERT - A Hall of Mirrors
Gx808: STONE, J. M. - Reformation and Renaissance (Circa 1377-1610)
Ax1394: STONE, LONARD - Chorus Builder, Part Two: A Method for Group Training in the Fundamentals of Good Choral Singing (Students Book)
Jx424: STONE - Heroes: Stone Getty Images
Ix5: STONE, HARRIS - Workbook of an Unsuccessful Architect.
Bx80: F. H STONHAM - Painting and printmaking with Rollers
Px415: STOPPARD, TOM - Jumpers
Gx455: STOPPARD, TOM - Albert's Bridge and Other Plays
Lx31: STOREY, ROBERT - Mimesis and the Human Animal: On the Biogenetic Foundations of Literary Representation
Tx212: STORM, THEODOR - Theodor Storm's Sämmtliche Werke Band 6
Tx213: STORM, THEODOR - Theodor Storm's Sämmtliche Werke Band 5
Ax756: STORY, JONATHAN - The Frontiers of Fortune: Predicting Capital Prospects and Casualties in the Markets of the Future
Bx1273: STOTLAND, NADA L.;GARRICK, THOMAS R. - Manual of Psychiatric Consultation
Sx1277: RIGHT REV. BISHOP HAY; RIGHT REV. BISHOP STRAIN (EDITOR) - Works of the Eight Rev. Bishop Hay; The Devout Christian Vol. II
Mx57: HELENE RENARD AND VILEM STRANSKY - The Dream and the Naifs, and Naïve Art: Language and Mirror of the Soul
Fx1713: STRASSBERG, MAX - Lyrische Notizen
Ax1476: STRAUSS, RICHARD; SINGER, OTTO (ARRANGEMENT) - Der Rosenkavalier Concert Waltz Arranged for Two Pianos
Rx945: STRAUSS, JOHANN - Album of Waltzes for Piano
Ax1220: STRAUSS, JOHANN; WALLIS, CHESTER (ARRANGMENT) - The Famous Waltzes of Johann Strauss: Simplified Arrangements
Bx1212: STRAUSS, JOHANN; WALLIS, CHESTER (ARRANGMENT) - The Famous Waltzes of Johann Strauss: Simplified Arrangements
Ex1091: STRAUSS, JOHANN; STRASSER, W. (EDITOR) - Voices of Spring (Fruhlingsstimmen) Waltzes Op.410 for Piano
Bx1229: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Till Eulenspiegel Op 28. Complete Score
Bx1227: STRAUSS, RICHARD - Don Juan Full Op. 20 Full Orchestral Score No. 76
Bx1247: STRAVINSKY, IGOR' THEDOROVICH - Chant du rossignol. Poeme Symphonique (Hawkes Pocket Scores # 633)
Ox1063: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; DUSHKIN, S. (EDITOR) - Suite Italienne Pour Violon et Piano / Italian Suite for Piano and Violin
Bx1224: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Kalmus Piano Series: Stravinsky; Etude for Piano Solo, Op. 7 No. 2
Bx1225: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; DAHM, PAUL (CLARINET ARRANGMENT) - Stravinsky - Dance of the Princesses From the Fire-bird for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano
Bx1223: STRAVINSKY, IGOR - Stravinsky Etudes Op.7 #3
Ox221: STREISSGUTH, THOMAS - Hatemongers and Demagogues
Lx898: REV. C. V. STRICKLAND - The Evangelists' Songs of Praise No. 2
Ix33: STRICKLAND, BILL - On Being a Writer
Fx1732: STRONG, L.A.G. - Don Juan and The Wheelbarrow and Other Stories
Fx1733: STRONG, ISOBEL; OSBORNE,LLOYD - Memories of Vailima
Rx952: STRONMEN,CARL - Movie Songs by Special Arrangement: Jazz-style Arrangements With a Variation Alto Saxophone
Rx1287: STROUSE, CHARLES - Bye Bye Birdie: Vocal Score
Hx934: STUART, W. MARY - Houseful at Hinchingbrooke
Ex356: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H. H. - Twentieth Century Music
Ex792: STUCKENSCHMIDT, H. H. - Twentieth Century Music
Kx284: STUCKI, WARREN J. - Boy's Pond: A Novel
Px943: THE SCHOOL OF OCTAVE-PLAYING: SECTION II. SEVEN OCTAVE-STUDIES - The Central Presbyterian church: The story of a hundred Years
Ix960: THE SCHOOL OF OCTAVE-PLAYING: SECTION II. SEVEN OCTAVE-STUDIES - The School of Octave-Playing Section 11: Seven Octave Studies
Bx1278: THE SCHOOL OF OCTAVE-PLAYING: SECTION II. SEVEN OCTAVE-STUDIES - 75 Melodious and Progressive Studies for the Violin Book II; Twenty-Seven Brilliant Studies
Ex448: STURGIS, RUSSELL - The Appreciation of Pictures
Dx583: STURNER, FRED & SELTZER, ADOLPH - What did you do when you were a kid?;: Pastimes from past times
Ox879: STYNE, JULE (MUSIC); ROBIN, LEO (LYRICS); SIMEONE, LEO (ARRANGMENT) - Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend for treble voices SSA
Ex698: SUCKLING, NIGEL - Heroic Dreams
Ox127: SUERMONDT, R. P. - Smetana and Dvorak
Ix994: SUETA, ED - Ed Sueta Band Method: Horn in F Book One
Rx1193: SUETA, ED - Band Method : Oboe Book One
Fx2145: SUGARMAN, MORRIS J. - Ethical Literature
Nx586: SUGUAN, M.; MACKEY, W. F. - Education et Bilinguisme
Qx711: H. SUITE - Pedro Cabrita Reis
Kx1148: O'SULLIVAN, ARTHUR;SHEFFRIN, STEVEN M.;PEREZ, STEPHEN J. - Economics: Principles, Applications, and Tools
Bx226: SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE R. (EDITOR); ZWEIG, DAVID (EDITOR); OGDEN, SUZANNE (EDITOR); HARTFORD, KATHLEEN (EDITOR) - China's Search for Democracy : The Student and Mass Movement of 1989
Ox986: HENRY F. CHORLEY; SIR ARTHUR S. SULLIVAN - The Long Day Closes Voice for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB with Piano Accompaniment
Ox989: HENRY F. CHORLEY; SIR ARTHUR S. SULLIVAN - Under His Wings (Hymn-Anthem) for Chorus of Men's Voices TTBB with Organ Accompaniment
Fx1902: SULLIVAN, JACKIE - Pastoral Care With Young and Midlife Adults in Long-Term Care
Qx669: SULLIVAN, EDWARD J. (ESSAY) - Jorge Salazar Septiembre 1990
Lx167: SULLIVAN, MICHAEL - The Arts of China
Rx948: GILBERT & SULLIVAN - The Mikado or the Town of Titipu Commplete Vocal Score
Qx749: SULTAN, DONALD - Donald Sultan. Paintings. April 28 to May 24, 1990
Qx733: DONALD SULTAN - Donald Sultan : New Poppy Paintings
Jx353: SULTENFUSS, SHERRY WILSON; SULTENFUSS, THOMAS J. - A Woman's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals
Dx345: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE - The Geography of Witchcraft
Jx528: LEE HANG SUNG - Lee Hang Sung; In Commeration of the First Anniversary of Korea's U.N. Membership
Ix510: JULES SUPERVIELLE - Le Voleur D'Enfants
Ix957: VON SUPPE, FRANZ - Poet and Peasant (Ditcher and Bauer) Overture
Ax1244: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH;BERTA ELSMITH & THOMAS WHITNEY SURETTE (LYRICS) - Grant Me True Courage, Lord for Three-Part CHorus of Women's Voices SSA with Piano Accompaniment
Gx434: DAS, SURYA; DAS, LAMA SURYA - Awakening to the Sacred: Creating a Spiritual Life from Scratch
Kx402: SUTHERLAND, MARC - The Waiting Place
Qx349: SUTHERLAND, CHRISTINE - The Princess of Siberia: The Story of Maria Volkonsky and the Decembrist Exiles
Ex529: SUZUKI, BEATRICE LANE - Mahayana Buddhism: A Brief Outline
Ox254: SVALASTOGA, KAARE - Social Differentiation
Bx1283: SVEN, LEKBERG; DOWSON, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Come Hither, Child, and Rest SATB With Piano Accompanimnent
Bx1281: SVEN, LEKBERG - The Lord Is My Shepherd SATB With Piano Accompanimnent
Bx1284: SVEN, LEKBERG - Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord for SATB with Piano Accompanimnent
Bx1285: SVEN, LEKBERG - Blessed is the Man for SATB with Piano Accompanimnent
Dx516: SWAMI, A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA - Krsna : The Supreme Personality of Godhead Volume II
Kx109: SWANSON, REUBEN J. - The Horizontal Line Synopsis of the Gospels
Ex762: SWANSON, RAY - Ray Swanson Our World in Watercolor
Sx697: BETH AMES SWARTZ - Beth Ames Swartz: A Story for The Eleventh Hour ; February 10 - March 19, 1994
Ex760: SWEENEY, JAMES JOHNSON (INTRODUCTION) - Contemporary Spanish Painters - Miro And After - A Selection
Dx833: SWEENEY, JAMES JOHNSON (INTRODUCTION) - Contemporary Spanish Painters: Miro and After - A Selection
Rx1039: SWEENEY, MICHAEL - Essential Elements Christmas Favorites: Conductor Book with CD
Ax638: SWENSON, ALLAN A. - Starting Over: How to Recharge Your Life-Style and Career with Firsthand Accounts of the New Pioneers Who've Done It
Ax1389: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY & MUSSER,WILLARD I. - General Music in Four Volumes Grey Book Teacher's Manual (Fourth Volume) a Teachers Manual
Ax1306: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY - Elementary Conducting
Ax1397: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY & MUSSER,WILLARD I. - A Student Workbook in General Music in Four volumes, Grey (Four Volume)
Ax1390: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY & MUSSER,WILLARD I. - A Student Workbook in General Music in Four volumes, Blue Book (second Volume)
Ax1391: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY & MUSSER,WILLARD I. - A Student Workbook in General Music in Four volumes, Green Book (First Volume)
Ax1396: SWIFT, FREDERICK FAY & MUSSER,WILLARD I. - A Student Workbook in General Music in Four volumes, Brown Book (Third Volume)
Tx261: SWINDOLL, CHARLES R. - Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life
Tx320: SWINFORD, BETTY - One Day a Stranger
Tx83: SWITZ, THEODORE MACLEAN, AND JOHNSTON, ROBERT A. (EDITORS) - Great Christian Plays; a Collection of Classical Religious Plays in Acting Versions and of Selected Choral Readings Suitable for a Worship Service
Fx1166: SYMMONS, SARAH - Daumier
Ex537: SYMONDS, JOHN - Dapplegray: The Story of a Rocking-horse
Fx2274: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN - The photographer and the American Landscape
Qx13: SZASZ, THOMAS - Insanity: The Idea and Its Consequences
Sx696: JORGE TACLA - Jorge Tacla: Borders: April 7-May 2, 1992
Bx383: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH - Sadhana: The Realisation of Life
Gx400: HIPPOLYTE A. TAINE - History of English Literature
Jx563: TAKAGI, DANA Y. - The Retreat from Race: Asian-American Admissions and Racial Politics
Rx1058: TAKAHASHI, TOSHIO - Suzuki Flute School: Piano Part Volume 2
Hx201: TALBOT, WILLIAM - The Sculptors Guild Thirtieth Anniversary Exhibition
Sx681: TALCA, JORGE - Jorge Tacla: Out of Focus / Cuaresma en Atacama; Nov 1 - 18, 1989
Ix891: TALCOTT, ALLEN BUTLER ; WHITE, NELSON C. (TEXT) - Allen Butler Talcott (1867-1908) : Painter of Landscapes
Ix892: TALCOTT, ALLEN BUTLER ; WHITE, NELSON C. (TEXT) - Allen Butler Talcott (1867-1908) : Painter of Landscapes
Bx1413: TALLMAN, SUSAN; NOEVER, PETER & BEER, JESSICA (EDITOR) - Silent & Violent: Selected Artists' Editions
OSx12: TALPHIR, GABRIEL (PREFACE) - Israel Painters
Bx232: TAM, ON K. (EDITOR) - Financial Reform in China (Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia, Vol. 2)
Lx513: TAMARO, SUSANA - Rien à Cirer
Gx607: MAKO TANAKA - Thirty Years at The Broome Street Bar: Drawings
Nx356: TANCREDI, LAURENCE - Ethical Issues in Epidemiologic Research
Hx954: TANIZAKI, JUNICHIRO - Quicksand
Bx674: TANNEN, JACK - How to Identify and Collect American First Editions: A Guide Book
Nx229: TANNER, JAKE - Saint Louie Blues: A B.F. Hopper Mystery
Qx596: TANSMAN, ALEXANDRE - Recreations; 6 Pieces for Piano
Ax1263: TAPPER,THOMAS - The ABC of Keyboard Harmony
Ox166: TAPPOLET, WILLY - Maurice Ravel. Leben und Werk
Hx499: SARA TARASCIO (EDITOR) - Reflections From the Salesian Collection
Ox1056: TARINI, GIUSEPPE; KREISLER, FRITZ (EDITOR) - The Devil's Trill Sonata in G Minor Violin and Piano
Fx1419: TARRANT, R. J. - Greek and Latin Lyric Poetry in Translation
Ax1423: TATE, PHYLLIS - Suite from The Water Music for Two Pianos
Qx253: TAYLOR, JOHN ALVAREZ - Elvis: The King Lives
Ox907: TAYLOR, BAYARD - Prose writings of Bayard Taylor; Lands of The Saracen
Dx825: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - America As Art
Jx2: TAYLOR, HENRY D. - Layman's View of History
Sx1336: SUSIE KING TAYLOR - A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers
Fx2078: TAYLOR, THOMAS - The Life of William Cowper, Esq., Compiled From His Correspondence, and Other Authentic Sources of Information : Containing Remarks on His Writings and on the Peculiarities of His Interesting Character
Nx801: TAYLOR, HAROLD - Art of the Intellect
Kx1229: TAYLOR, RACHEL ANNAND; MURRAY, GILBERT (PREFACE) - Invitation to Renaissance Italy
Rx481: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - Ancient Ideals; A Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth from Early Times to The Establishment of Christianity
Dx862: TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN - Ancient Ideals; A Study of Intellectual and Spiritual Growth from Early Times to the Establishment of Christianity
Bx1159: TAYLOR, JAMES - Greatest Hits
Ix512: TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL - Directors and Directions ; Cinema for the Seventies
Ax1201: DEEMS TAYLOR (ED AND ARRANGED) - Waters Ripple and Flow, Tece Voda, Tece, Czecho-Slovak Folksong for Chorus and Piano
Ax1006: TCHAIKOVSKY,PYOTR ILYICH; SAENGER, GUSTAV (ARRANGEMENT) - Barcarolle June (From the Four Seasons) Op. 37 No.6 For Violin and Piano
Fx1254: TCHAIKOVSKY, PETER ILICH ; FERGUSON, HOWARD - Album For The Young, Op. 39 (Easier Piano Pieces No. 2)
Nx590: U205 COURSE TEAM - Experiencing and Explaining Disease
Bx1038: ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL TECHNOLOGISTS - Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist: A Positive Care Approach
Ix337: TEICH, MIKULAS - The National Question in Europe in Historical Context
Gx1202: ENGELMAMM; BLON; RINGUET; SPAULDING; SCHLEIFFARTH; SCHUBERT; TEILMAN... - School and Home Marches for the Pianoforte for All Occasions
Sx78: TELEMAN, GEORG PHILIPP; HOFMANN, KLAUS (EDITOR) - Die Kantate. Eine Sammlung Geistlicher Musik für Singstimmen und Instrumente.
Fx2033: TENHAEFF, W. H. C. - Beknopte Handleiding der Psychical Research. Tweede Deel. Occultisme en Sexualiteit
Fx2034: TENHAEFF, W. H. C. - Beknopte handleiding der psychical research - Derde deel : Het ons onbewuste. De magie der archaische Volkeren
Ax18: YESHIM TERNAR - True Romance With a Sailor
Bx1058: TERRAIL, CLAUDE - Je Suis Restaurateur
Ax612: TERRELL, JOHN UPTON - Indian Women of the Western Morning; Their Life in Early America
Kx652: TERRY MYERS (ESSAYS),BILL BARRETTE (IMAGES) - Bill Barrette at Fiction/Nonfiction
Rx1291: TERTIS, LIONEL (ARRANGEMENT) - Sevcik Viola Sudies. Op. 2 Part 2. Schule der Bogentechnik
Fx766: TETSOLA, JOHN - Understanding the Time Zones of God
Nx310: TEXAS SYMPOSIUM ON RELATIVISTIC ASTROPHYSICS 1980 BALTIMORE, MD.); RAMATY, R.; JONES, FRANK C.; RAMATY, REUVEN - Tenth Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (Annals of the New York...
Px615: THANKROY, ARNOLD - John Dalton: Critical Assessments of His Life and Science (Monographs in History of Science)
Kx417: THAYER, WILLIAM ROSCOE - The Life and Letters of John Hay Vol I & II
Dx910: THELWELL, MICHAEL; HENZELL, PERRY - The Harder They Come: A Novel
Tx105: THERNSTROM, ABIGAIL M. - Whose Votes Count?: Affirmative Action and Minority Voting Rights
Fx636: A. THIERS, HENRI MARTIN, DÉSIRÉ LACROIX - Album de l'Histoire de France, Sièges et Batailles
Gx585: THISELTON, ANTHONY C. - A Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion
Qx561: THOMAS, PAUL (COMPILOR AND EDITOR) - The Morning Star Choir Book, A Collection Of Unison and Two-Part Music for Treble Or Male Voices
Lx713: THOMAS, NORMAN - Russia, Promise and Performance
Sx848: THOMAS, LOUIS - Curiosités sur Baudelaire
Rx1139: THOMAS A. DORSEY, ED LOJESKI (EDITOR) - Take My Hand, Precious Lord (SATB)
Jx248: THOMAS, JOHN E. - Medical Ethics and Human Life: Doctor, Patient and Family in the New Technology
Ox473: THOMAS, HENRY & DANA LEE - Life Stories of the Great Inventors
Qx563: THOMAS, PAUL (COMPILOR AND EDITOR) - A Third Morning Star Choir Book, A Collection Of Unison and Two-Part Music for Treble or Male Voices
Jx454: THOMAS, DENIS - Abstract Painting
Jx613: THOMAS, E.J. - The Perfection of Wisdom: The Career of the Predestined Buddhas
Fx1424: THOMAS, GORDON - Gideon's Spies: The Secret History Of The Mossad
Ex757: THOMAS, DAVID - Renoir
Fx1182: THOMAS, KATRINA - PHOTOGRAPHS; HAMOND, PENNY - VERSES. - My Skyscraper City. A Child's View Of New York
Nx300: THOMAS, CHARLES W. - Boys No More: a Black Psychologist's View of Community
Fx347: THOMASON, LINDA BLOODWORTH - Liberating Paris
Hx613: THOMMEN, JEAN-PAUL - Die Lehre Der Unternehmungsführung
Px622: THOMPSON, CHARLES J - Alchemy Source of Chemistry and Medicine
Hx9: THOMPSON, BOB - California Wine
Lx128: THOMPSON, ARTHUR W. - The Uncertain Crusade: America and the Russian Revolution of 1905
Fx2189: THOMPSON, MARY WOLFE - A Summer's Adventure on the Morris Canal (Early 1900's)
Fx1286: THOMPSON, JOHN - John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course Part Two
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Fx1324: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/3 Caboclinha - A boneca de barro (Petite indigene du bresil - La pouree en argile)/ For Piano.
Fx1325: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/4 Mulathina - A boneca de Borracha ( Petite mulatresse - La poupee en caoutchouc / For Piano.
Fx1326: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/5 Negronha - A boneca de pao (Petite negresse - La poupee en caoutchouc) / For Piano.
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Fx1328: VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR - Prole Do Bebe, No. 1/8 Bruxa - A boneca de panno (Sorciere - La poupee de drap)/ For Piano
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Fx741: VLAUN, JIM - Life, Love and Laughter: The Spirituality of the Consciousness Examen
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Hx227: EDITED BY ALBERT PERRY WALKER - Select Minor Poems of John Milton
Dx1162: FERGUSONM WALLACE K. - Facets of the Renaissance
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Fx525: WALLER, IRENE - Fine-Art Weaving: A Study of the Work of Artist Weavers in Britain
Px253: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - Africa, the Politics of Independence: an Interpretation of Modern African History
Qx420: CHESTER WALLIS (COMPILED AND ARRANGED BY) - Music Lovers' Piano Pieces Vomume 1; The Nation's Favorite Melodies
Ex380: WALSH, ANDREA - Women's Film and Female Experience, 1940-1950
Sx437: WALSH, GERTRUDE MARGARET - Cuentos Criollos
Hx864: WALTER, JAMES J.; SHANNON, THOMAS A. - Quality of Life: The New Medical Dilemma
Hx66: WALTER, CAROLE - Great Cakes
Ix706: WALTERS, KERRY S. - The Sane Society Ideal in Modern Utopianism
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Px205: WHYTE, LANCELOT LAW - Everyman looks Forward
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Rx866: WIEAND, CHARLES H. (COMPILER) - Living Gospel Songs & Choruses A Little Book To Meet A Big Need, Expressly Adapted To Evangelistic Meetings, Sunday Schools, and Young People's Meetings (Published in Round And Shaped Notes)
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Sx619: WIGMORE, DEEDEE (INTRODUCTION) - American Scene Painting: Dominant Style of the 1930's and 1940's.
Sx618: WIGMORE, DEEDEE (INTRODUCTION) - American Scene Painting: Dominant Style of the 1930's and 1940's.
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Ix180: WILD, JOHN (EDITOR - Spinoza Selections
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Hx839: WILENTZ, AMY - I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen : Coming to California in the Age of Schwarzenegger
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Dx916: WILLETT, FRANK - African Art, An Introduction
Nx70: WILLETT, JOHN & MANHEIM, RALPH (EDITORS) - Bertolt Brecht Poems. Part Three 1938-1956
Rx1083: WILLIAMS, DON - The Songs of Don Williams (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook)
Fx111/2: WILLIAMS, ROGER L. - The Origins of Federal Support for Higher Education: George W. Atherton and the Land-Grant College Movement
Hx917: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE - Royal Homes of the United Kingdom
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Rx1029: WILLIAMS, JOHN; - Music from The Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition (Alto Sax)
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Bx1325: WILSON, IRA B. - Grandfather's Clock Part Song for Men's Voices TTBB
Bx1325_2: WILSON, IRA B. - Grandfather's Clock Part Song for Men's Voices TTBB
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Mx501: WINN, RALPH B. PHD - Dictionary of Hypnosis
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Fx1503: WINTER, STEVEN L. - A Clearing in the Forest: Law, Life and Mind
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Rx1054: FRANZ WOHLFAHRT - Foundation Studies for the Violin (Book 1)
Ix992: WOHLFAHRT, FRANZ; - Forty Elementary Studies Op 54 Violin
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Bx1315: WOLCOTT, J. TRUMAN & DRESSER, FLORENCE L. - Our Country's Flag Unison Chorus
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Jx423: WOLF, JULIA - The Alternative Pick
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Fx1642: WOMACK, JONATHAN - A Cry for a Hero
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Jx1080: WOOD, JAMES N.; EDELSTEIN, TERI J. - The Art Institute of Chicago: Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture
Mx646: WOOD, JAKKI - Baby Parade
Qx110: WOOD, JAMES N.; EDELSTEIN, TERI J. - The Art Institute of Chicago: Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture
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Dx997: WOOD, LEDGER - The Analysis of Knowledge
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Dx194: NATALIE JANE WOODMAN - Lesbian and Gay Lifestyles: A Guide for Counseling and Education
Ox1106: WOODROOF, TIM - A Distant Presence: The Story Behind Paul's Letter to the Philippians (Narrative Commentary Series)
Jx40: WOODROOFE, KATHLEEN - From Charity to Social Work in England and the United States
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Dx1268: WOODS, STOCKTON - Laughing Man
Ex873: WOODWARD, BOB - The Secret Man : The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat
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Fx458: RUSSELL O. WOODY JR. - Painting With Synthetic Media
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Bx329: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Monday or Tuesday
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Hx445: WOOLFE, SUE - Leaning Towards Infinity
Dx1074: WORDS BY TOM JONES, MUSIC BY HARVEY SCHMIDT - The Fantasticks Vocal Selections
Bx1282_2: WORK, JOHN W. - I john, saw The Holy Number SATB with Piano
Bx1282: WORK, JOHN W. - I john, saw The Holy Number SATB with Piano
Ox955: JOHN W. WORK (ARRANGEMENT) - Glory To The New-Born King
Bx1288: WORK, JOHN W. - These Things Shall Be SATB with Piano
Bx1290: WORK, JOHN W. (ARRANGED) - Rock, Mount Sinai. For mixed chorus (SATB). Negro spiritual with Piano Accompaniment
Bx1292: WORK, JOHN W. (ARRANGED) - Jesus Lay Your Head in the Window for SATB with Piano Accompaniment. Negro Spiritual
Bx1293: WORK, JOHN W. (ARRANGED) - This Ol' Hammer for TTBB with Piano Accompaniment. Negro Work Song
Bx1294: WORK, JOHN W. (ARRANGED) - Way Over in Egypt Land for SATB with Piano Accompaniment.
Gx661: VAN WORMER, LAURA - Mr. Murder
Ox180: WÖRNER, KARL H. - Robert Schumann
Px939: WORSHAM, JOHN H - One of Jackson's foot cavalry; his experience and what he saw during the war 1861-1865, including a history of F company, Richmond, Va., 21st regiment Virginia infantry, Second brigade, Jackson's division, Second corps, A. N. Va.
Hx374: WRAGG, T.S. (INTRO) - Old Master Drawings from Chatsworth a Loan Exhibition from The Devonshire Collection
Dx794: JOHN M WRIGGLESWORTH - Biochemical Research Techniques: A Practical Introduction
Dx409: WRIGHT, AUSTIN MCGIFFERT - The Morley Mythology
Ix637: WRIGHT, MABEL OSGOOD - Tommy-Anne and The Three Hearts
Sx1324: N.T. WRIGHT - Reflecting the Glory: Meditations for Living Christ's Life in the World
Ex408: BEATRIC A. WRITE - Physical Disability a Psychological Approach
Rx241: MATTHIAS WINZEN & MATTHIAS WUBZEN - The Figurative Impulse : Works from the UBS Art Collection = El Impulso Figurativo Obras De La Coleccion De Arte UBS
Fx1155: WUNDERLICH - A City Upon a Hill: Views of Urban America 1820-1900
Px3: WURTMAN, RICHARD J. - Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function: Proceedings of the First International Meetings on Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function, Washington, D
Hx20: ANDREW WYETH - Andrew Wyeth. Temperas, Watercolors, Dry Brush, Drawings, 1938-1966
Px653: WYNDHAM, ROBERT; YOUNG, ED - Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes
Fx362: PLATO & XENOPHON - Socratic Discourses
Ix913: XIANLIANG, ZHANG;AVERY, MARTHA - Half of Man Is Woman
Gx1107: XIRAU, RAMON - Poesia Hispanoamericana Y Español Ensayos
Fx235: XUE, H.F. - Pa Tuan Chin - Chinese Health-Giving Exercise
Jx427: YACOU, ALAIN; HAZAEL-MASSIEUX, GUY - Creoles De La Caraibe: Actes Du Colloque Universitaire En Hommage a Guy Hazael-Massieux, Pointe-a-Pitre, Le 27 Mars 1995
Ox874: YADIN, YIGAEL - Hazor: With a Chapter on Israelite Megiddo
Px630: YAGER, JAN - The Cantaloupe Cat : An Illustrated Children's Book
Fx580: YAHIA, MONA - When the Grey Beetles Took Over Baghdad
Ex804: YALE UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY; GREENBERG, SUSAN D. - A Selection of French Impressionist Paintings from the Yale University Art Gallery
Bx127: YAN JIAQI; HONG, DAVID S. (TRANSLATOR); MAIR, DENIS C. (TRANSLATOR) - Toward a Democratic China : The Intellectual Autobiography of Yan Jiaqi (SHAPS Library of Translations)
Ax267: HIKOSAKU YANAGISHIMA - Kyoto and Nara: Where the Japanese Heart Goes Alive Everywhere
Tx210: YANEZ, AGUSTIN - La Creacion
Jx992: YANG, LOW KEE; TABALUJAN, BENNY S. - The Executive's Guide to Business & The Law
Rx1274: YANNI - Yanni - Ethnicity
Nx323: YEH, THEODORE T. Y. - Confucianism, Christianity and China
Dx496: YELLEN, SAMUEL - Passionate Shepherd
Nx439: YI, ZHENG - Old Well
Ox1037: YODER, PAUL; ARNOLD, JAY (EDITOR) - Arranging Method For School Bands
Ax1096: PIETRO A. YON; - Gesu Bambina (The Infant Jesus) SATB and Baritone/Alto Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Ax1164: PIETRO A. YON; - Gesu Bambina (The Infant Jesus) SATB and Baritone/Alto Solo with Piano Accompaniment
Hx19: NEW YORKER - The New Yorker Album 1955-1965 Fortieth Anniversary
Bx632: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Dornröschenschlaf : Drei Erzählungen von der Nacht
Kx1195: YOUNG, GORDON - Let There Be Music; The Music of Gordon Young
Hx879: YOUNG, PATRICK; THEYS, THOMAS - Capital Market Revolution: The Future of Markets in an Online World
Px43: YOUNG, TOBY - How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Qx233: YOUNG, ALAN - Making Sense of Wine: A Study in Sensory Perception
Bx1256: YOUNG, NEIL - Harvest, Neil Young
Sx601: YOUNG, GEOFFREY (ESSAY); MOORE, JOHN - John Moore Jan.11 - Feb. 2, 1990
Fx875: YOUNG, GEORGE MALCOLM - Victorian Essays
Ex397: YOUNG, J.Z. - Philosophy and the Brain
Cx23: YOUNGHUSBAND, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR GEORGE & CYRIL DAVENPORT - The Crown Jewels of England (Limited Edition #1026)
Bx286: YU, RENQIU - To Save China, to Save Ourselves : The Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York (Asian American History and Culture Ser.)
Qx736: YUA, JOHN (ESSAY) - Lydia Rubio; Written on Water
Gx563: YUTANG, LIN - The vermilion gate,: A novel of a far Land
Mx113: ZAEHNER - Concise Encyclopedia of Living Faiths
Px637: ZAFRAN, ERIC; MORRIN, PETER - Drawings from Georgia Collections: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Sx657: ROBERT S. ZAKANITCH - Robert S. Zakanitch: October 1-October 26, 1985
Mx857: ZAKHEIM, DOV S. - Flight of the Lavi: Inside a U.S.-Israeli Crisis
Px908: ZAKHEIM, DOV S. - Flight of the Lavi: Inside a U.S.-Israeli Crisis
Fx1876: ZAKON, MIRIAM S. - Silent Revolution
Sx757: ZAKRZEWSKI, VLADIMIR AND GERRIT HENRY - Vladimir Zakrzewski: Paintings and Drawings
Qx685: ZAKRZEWSKI, VLADIMIR; BUCK, ROBERT T. (ESSAY) - Vladimir Zakrzewski: Drawings of the 1980s
Sx735: ZAKRZEWSKI, VLADIMIR; SPIELMANN, PETER (ESSAY) - Vladimir Zakrzewski. Paintings and drawings 1978-1987
Nx808: ZALAMEA, ALCALDE DE - Historia de la Literature; Calderon de la Barca; La vida es Sueo
Ox959_2: JOHANNES BRAHMS; A ZANDER (ARRANGEMENT) - Lullaby (Wiegenlied) Arranged for Chours of Men's Voices TTBB
Ox959: JOHANNES BRAHMS; A ZANDER (ARRANGEMENT) - Lullaby (Wiegenlied) Arranged for Chours of Men's Voices TTBB
Ix434: ZANDY, JANET - What We Hold in Common: An Introduction to Working-Class Studies
Mx391: ZANER, RICHARD AND IHDE, DON - Phenomenology and Existentialism
Fx2196: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Dreamers of the Ghetto
Ox295: ZAREK, OTTO - Splendor and Shame, My German Odyssey
OSx41: ZBINDEN, HANS (EDITOR) - Giotto Frescoes
OSx40: ZDUNIC, DRAGO - Primitive Painting: An Anthology of the World's Naive Painters.
Px218: ZEHNDER, MARTIN - Something Rich and Strange: Selected Essays on Samuel Selvon
Nx13: JULIUS ZEITLER - Deutsche Liebeslieder: Gesammelt und Berausgegeben
Rx1053: LED ZEPPELIN - Classic Led Zeppelin I-V(box-set)
Sx552: JIM ZHENHUA ZHANG - Tranquill of Nature; Jim Zhenhua Zhang
Nx591: ZICKLIN, ERIC - The Insider's Guide to Manhattan Bars: Everything You Want to Know About More Than 200 Drinking Spots
Dx448: ZIGLER, EDWARD; MUENCHOW, SUSAN - Head Start: The Inside Story of America's Most Successful Educational Experiment
Ox176: ZIGROSSER, CARL - Fine Prints Old and New
Qx670: ZIMMER, WILLIAM - David Row April 10th Through May 9th, 1987
Ax1109: ZINGARELLI - Go Not Far From Me, O God SATB
Tx513: RABBI GAVRIEL ZINNER - The Laws and Custom of the Jewish Wedding
Mx388: ZINSSER, WILLIAM - A family of readers: An informal portrait of the Book-of-the Month Club and its members on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary
Ax65: ZION, ROBERT L. - Trees for Architecture and Landscape (Landscape Architecture) by...
Px755: ZIPES, JACK (EDITOR) - Spells of Enchantment: The Wondrous Fairy Tales of Western Culture
Sx312: ZIRNDORF, HENRY - Some Jewish Women
Mx620: ZISENWINE, DAVID - Knowing What: Jewish Culture, Identity and Language
Px869: ZIVETZ, LAURIE - Private Enterprise and the State in Modern Nepal
Px345: ZUMTHOR, PAUL - Daily Life in Rembrandt's Holland
Px835: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Marie Antoinette : The Portrait of an Average Woman
Ox126: ZWEIG-WINTERNITZ, F. M. - Louis Pasteur. Bild des Lebens und des Werkes
Fx1345: ZYSKIND, SARA - Skradzione Lata; Prelozyla Anna Wisniewska-Walczyk

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