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36563: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WERSTINE, PAUL; MOWAT, BARBARA A. - The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
36581: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WRIGHT, LOUIS B.; LAMAR, VIRGINIA A. - The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
25171: SHALLCROSS, DORIS J. - Teaching Creative Behavior: How to Evoke Creativity in Children of All Ages
33470: SHALLECK, DAVID; MUNUZ, EROL; BATALI, MARIO, FOREWORD - Mediterranean Summer: A Season on France's Cote D'Azur and Italy's Costa Bella
35302: SHALLIS, MICHAEL - On Time : An Investigation into Scientific Knowledge and Human Experience
19212: SHAMMAS, ANTON - Arabesques
34708: SHAMOS, MORRIS H. - Great Experiments in Physics
28244: SHANNON RAVENEL - New Stories from the South: The Year's Best, 1991
35297: SHANNON, ROBERT R.; WYANT, JAMES C., EDS. - Applied Optics and Optical Engineering, Vol. IX
10932: SHANOR, CONSTANCE; SHANOR, DODNALD R. - China Today : How Population Control, Human Rights, Government Repression, Hong Kong, and Democratic Reform Affect Life in China...& Will Shape World Events into the New Century
3726: SHAPIRO, STUART - Techniques of Artificial Intelligence
22551: SHAPIRO, JEFF - Renato's Luck : A Novel
29984: SHAPIRO, EDWARD; BAUMOL, WILLIAM J., ED. - Macroeconomic Analysis
8031: SHAPLEY, HARLOW (EDITOR) - Source Book in Astronomy 1900-1950
38175: SHAPOLSKY, IAN - Second Jewish Trivia and Information Book
35565: SHARMA, RAHUL; STEARNS, BETH; NG, TONY - J2EE Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration
27161: SHARP, ZOE - First Drop
8880: SHARPE, WILLIAM F. - The Economics of Computers
12051: SHATNER, WILLIAM - Tek Lords
20434: SHATNER, WILLIAM - The Law of War
38373: SHATTUCK, JESSICA - The Hazards of Good Breeding
26429: SHAVER-CRANDELL, ANNE - The Middle Ages
1898: SHAW, BERNARD - Selected Plays with Prefaces
5761: SHAW, MYRIL CLEMENT; SHAW, SUSAN SOLTIS - Unix Internals: A Systems Operations Handbook
7838: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Saint Joan
10402: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Saint Joan
10679: SHAW, EDWARD PEASE - Jacques Cazotte (1719 - 1792)
15045: SHAW, ALAN C. - The Logical Design of Operating Systems
31204: SHAW, DAVID T. (EDITOR) - Fundamentals of Aerosol Science: [papers]
35254: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Man And Superman: A Comedy and a Philosophy
22162: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Dubcek
33841: SHAYKH FADHALLA HAERI - The Elements of Sufism
38409: SHCHERBAKOVA, GALINA - U Nog Lezhachikh Zhenshchin: Povesti
36559: SHEA, SUZANNE STREMPEK - Selling the Lite of Heaven
36582: SHEA, SUZANNE STREMPEK - Lily of the Valley: A Novel
22670: SHEEHAN, MARC J.; SHEEHAN, MARC - Greatest Hits
22942: SHEEHAN, NEIL - A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam
20436: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - The Selkie
20437: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Aftermath
20438: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - The Mind Pool
24953: SHEFFIELD, CHARLES - Brother to Dragons
34901: SHEIKH MUHAMMAD MUHAIYADDEEN GURU BAWA - Wisdom of the Divine, Al-Hikmathul Jannath, Vol. 1
12714: SHELDON, CHARLES H., - The Supreme Court: Politicians in Robes
31920: SHELFORD, VICTOR E. - The Ecology of North America
24211: SHELLEY, MARSHALL (EDITOR) - Keeping Your Kids Christian: A Candid Look at One of the Greatest Challenges Parents Face
38151: SHELP, EARL E.;SUNDERLAND, RONALD H. - AIDS and the Church: The Second Decade
18589: SHELTON, CONNIE - Publish Your Own Novel
33704: SHEMEL, SIDNEY; KRASILOVSKY, M. WILLIAM - This Business of Music
13736: SHENK, DENA - Gender and Race Through Education and Political Activism : The Legacy of Sylvia Helen Forman
32958: SHENK, AL - Calculus and Analytic Geometry
10053: SHENKER, ISRAEL - Harmless Drudges
29221: SHEPARD, SAM; CHAIKIN, JOSEPH - A Lie of the Mind: A Play in Three Acts; War in Heaven: Angel's Monologue
31411: SHEPHERD, DENNIS G. - Elements of Fluid Mechanics
33012: SHERMAN, ROBERTA TRATTNER; THOMPSON, RON A. - Bulimia: A Guide for Family and Friends
27869: SHERRY, NORMAN - The Life of Graham Greene: 1904-1939
27541: SHETTERLY, WILL - Cats Have No Lords
33844: SHETTY, Y.K.; BUEHLER, VERNON M., EDS. - Competing Through Productivity and Quality
18090: SHI, NAN SI - Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
16443: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
26953: SHIELDS, CAROL - The Stone Diaries
26954: SHIELDS, CAROL - Box Garden
31408: SHIELDS, PAUL C. - Elementary Linear Algebra
32591: SHIELDS, CORNELIUS - Racing with Cornelius Shields and the Masters
29038: SHIM, JAE K.; SIEGEL, JOEL G. - Handbook of Financial Analysis, Forecasting, and Modeling
34437: SHIMER, JOHN A. - Field Guide to Landforms in the United States
27311: SHIMOMURA, TSUTOMU; MARKOFF, JOHN - Takedown: The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw-By the Man Who Did It
19303: SHINDER, THOMAS W. M.D.; SHINDER, DEBRA LITTLEJOHN; GRASDAL, MARTIN - Dr. Tom Shinder's Isa Server and Beyond: Real World Security Solutions for Microsoft Enterprise Networks
19304: SHINDER, THOMAS W. M.D.; SHINDER, DEBRA LITTLEJOHN; GRASDAL, MARTIN - Dr. Tom Shinder's Isa Server and Beyond: Real World Security Solutions for Microsoft Enterprise Networks
6938: SHINNO, TAT - Flower Arranging By Tat
26955: SHINP,JOHN, 6 OTHERS - 1987 AMA Educators' Proceedings
37890: SHINSKEY, F. G. - Process Control Systems: Application, Design, and Adjustment
28669: SHIPMAN, CARL, EXEC. ED. - How to Compose Better Photos
29382: SHIPMAN, HARRY L. - Black Holes, Quasars and the Universe
18327: SHIPPS, ANTHONY W. - The Quote Sleuth: A Manual for the Tracer of Lost Quotations
30504: SHIRER, WILLIAM L. - The Collapse of the Third Republic: An Inquiry into the Fall of France in 1940
18528: SHISHMANIAN, SETA - Poems
22789: SHNEIDERMAN, BEN - Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction
29651: SHOEMAKER, DAVID; GARLAND, CARL W.; STEINFELD, JEFFREY I. - Experiments in Physical Chemistry
30435: SHONK, JAMES H. - Team-Based Organizations: Developing a Successful Team Environment
4357: SHORE, JOHN - The Sachertorte Algorithm and Other Antidotes to Computer Anxiety
17228: SHORE, BRUCE H. - The New Electronics
32551: SHORRIS, EARL - Latinos: A Biography of the People
30715: SHORT, ROBERT L. - The Parables of Peanuts
33096: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - In Southern Light : Trekking Through Zaire and the Amazon
17134: SHOWALTER, ELAINE - Sister's Choice: Tradition and Change in American Women's Writing
7842: SHREVE, ANITA - The Pilot's Wife : A Novel
16565: SHREVE, ANITA. - The Last Time They Met
32339: SHREVE, ANITA - The Weight of Water
37519: SHTERN, LUDMILA; MORGENSTERN, RACHAEL, TRANS. - Leaving Leningrad: The True Adventures of a Soviet Emigre
16702: SHUJA IBN ASLAM, ABUKAMIL - Algebra of Abu Kamil in a Commentary by Mordecai Finzi
23747: SHULER, KURT E.; FENN, JOHN B., EDS. - Ionization in High-temperature Gases
29302: SHULMAN, KEN - Anatomy of a Restoration: The Brancacci Chapel
34362: SHURCLIFF, SIDNEY NICHOLS - The Day it Rained Fish, and Other Encounters of a Landscape Architect
4922: SICKER, MARTIN - Pangs of the Messiah : The Troubled Birth of the Jewish State
16597: SIDEL, RUTH - Women and Children Last: The Plight of Poor Women in Affluent America
22797: SIDERI, S.; JOHNS, S.; INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES (NETHERLANDS) - Mining for Development in the Third World: Multinational, Corporations State Enterprises, and the International Economy
36358: SIDES, DOROTHY - Decorative Art of the Southwestern Indians
32302: SIEBERT, ELEANOR, D. - Study Guide to Waser/Trueblood/Knobler Chem One
13298: SIEGEL, BERNIE S. - Love, Medicine and Miracles
15062: SIEGEL, PAUL - Understanding Digital Computers
34233: SIEGEL, DAVID - Secrets of Successful Web Sites: Project Management on the World Wide Web
35686: SIEGFRIED, TOM - Strange Matters: Undiscovered Ideas at the Frontiers of Space and Time
17903: SIFAKIS, CARL - The Mafia Encyclopedia
33653: SIGAL, GERALD - The Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity
35339: SIGNORET, SIMONE - Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be
37762: SIJIE, DAI - Mr. Muo's Travelling Couch
35731: SILBERGER, JULIUS - Mary Baker Eddy, an Interpretive Biography of the Founder of Christian Science
30142: SILBERSCHATZ, ABRAHAM; PETERSON, JAMES L. - Operating System Concepts
30143: SILBERSCHATZ, ABRAHAM; PETERSON, JAMES L. - Operating System Concepts
35379: SILBERSCHATZ, ABRAHAM; KORTH, HENRY F.; SUDARSHAN, S. - Database System Concepts
35584: SILBERSCHATZ, ABRAHAM;PETERSON, JAMES L. - Operating System Concepts
24074: SILBERT, LESLIE - The Intelligencer
18919: SILBEY, UMA - Enlightenment on the Run: Everyday Life As a Spiritual Path
34083: SILBEY, UMA - Enlightenment on the Run: Everyday Life As a Spiritual Path
29900: SILESKY, BARRY - John Gardner : Literary Outlaw
23843: SILITCH, CLARISSA, ED. - Mad and Magnificent Yankees: A New England Portrait Gallery
7845: SILK, LEONARD SOLOMON - Making Capitalism Work
7846: SILK, LEONARD SOLOMON, - Economics in Plain English: All You Need to Know About Economics-In Language Anyone Can Understand
33610: SILK, JOSEPH - The Big Bang
25105: SILSBEE, ANN - Orioling
8696: SILVA, LINDA K.; HINES, BRENDA K. (EDITOR) - Taken by Storm : A Delta Stevens Mystery
8864: SILVA, LINDA K.; HINES, BRENDA K. (EDITOR) - Taken by Storm : A Delta Stevens Mystery
29069: SILVEIRA, JEANETTE, ED. - Lesbian Ethics
5654: SILVER, GERALD A. - The Social Impact of Computers
35676: SILVER, JULIE, K., M.D.; HALSTEAD, LAURO S., M.D., FOREWORD - Post-Polio Syndrome: A Guide for Polio Survivors and Their Families
13108: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Worlds of Maybe: Seven Stories of Science Fiction
17054: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Lord Valentine's Castle
18034: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Face of the Waters
18987: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Son of Man
18991: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Time Hoppers
20450: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Alien Years
20451: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - Far Horizons : All New Tales From The Greatest Worlds Of Science Fiction
20452: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Dawning Light
30860: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - To Open the Sky
22303: SILVERMAN, MARK P. - Waves and Grains: Reflections on Light and Learning
33489: SILVERMAN, BERTRAM; YANOWITCH, MURRAY - New Rich, New Poor, New Russia: Winners and Losers on the Russian Road to Capitalism
2581: SILVESTRO, CARLO; SCHECNER, RICHARD - The Living Book of the Living Theatre
7847: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - Mastodonia
2348: SIMMONS, EDWIN HOWARD - Dog Company Six
3534: SIMMONS, ROBERT F. - Computations From The English: A Procedural Logic Approach For Representing and Understanding English Texts
32429: SIMMONS, RACHEL - Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
35503: SIMMONS, RACHEL - Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
36697: SIMMONS, MARC; PIERCE, DONNA, MYERS, JOAN - Santiago: Saint of Two Worlds
3297: SIMON, JULIAN L. - The Economic Consequences of Immigration
14626: SIMON, ALAN R. - How to Be a Successful Computer Consultant
19042: SIMON, HERBERT A. - The Shape of Automation for Men and Management
23339: SIMON, ROGER - Show Time: The American Political Circus and the Race for the White House
23449: SIMON, ANTHONY; LORD SIMON OF WYTHENSHAWE, INTRO. - The Simon Engineering Group
24000: SIMON, NEIL - Comedy of Neil Simon
28111: SIMON, JORDAN - Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Las Vegas
28493: SIMON, WILLIAM E. - A Time for Truth
28494: SIMON, WILLIAM E. - A Time For Truth
33498: SIMON, ALVAH - North to the Night: A Spiritual Odyssey in the Arctic
36849: SIMON, JEFFREY; GILBERG, TROND - Security Implications of Nationalism in Eastern Europe
36941: SIMON, ANNE - The Real Science Behind the X Files: Microbes, Meteorites, and Mutations
37017: SIMON, LIZZIE - Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D
38463: SIMONDS, A.J. - ISBN NAME MISMATCH The Gentile Comes to Cache Valley
20457: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20458: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20459: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20670: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20671: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20676: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20677: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20679: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20680: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20681: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
20682: SIMONIS, DREW, CISSP, CCSE; PINCOCK, COREY S.; KLIGERMAN, DANIEL, CCSE; MAXWELL, DOUG, CCSI - Check Point Next Generation Security Administration
4397: SIMPSON, JOHN E. - Just XML
10742: SIMPSON, ROSEMARY - Common LISP : The Index
23165: SIMPSON, CHARLES M. III - Inside the Green Berets: The First Thirty Years, a History of the U.S. Army Special Forces
28588: SIMPSON, NORMAN T. - Country Inns and Back Roads of North America: Vol. XIV
29540: SIMPSON, HENRY; CASEY, STEVEN M. - Developing Effective User Documentation: A Human Factors Approach
30669: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - The Meaning of Evolution: A Study of the History of Life and of Its Significance for Man
32047: SIMPSON, JEFFREY - The Way Life Was: A Photographic Treasury From America's Past
37071: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - Attending Marvels: A Patagonian Journal
14608: SIMSON, GARY J. - Issues and Perspectives in Conflict of Laws : Cases and Materials
38160: SIMSON, OTTO VON - The Gothic Cathedral: Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order
24790: SINAI, ANNE; POLLACK, ALLEN - The Syrian Arab Republic: A Handbook
31080: SINAI, I. ROBERT - The Challenge of Modernization: The West's Impact on the Non-Western World
20460: SINCLAIR, ALISON - Legacies
36316: SINCLAIR, CAROLE - When Women Retire: The Problems They Face & How to Solve Them
15039: SINEL, ALLEN - The Classroom and the Chancellory: State Educational Reform in Russia Under Count Dmitry Tolstoi
23459: SINGER, CHARLES - A Short History of Scientific Ideas to 1900
23823: SINGER, ROBERT N. - Motor Learning and Human Performance: An Application to Physical Education Skills
30405: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Stories for Children
33697: SINGER, CHARLES GREGG - The Unholy Alliance
37721: SINGER, FRIEDA - Daughters in High School: An Anthology of Their Work
29517: SINGH, HARRY - Data Warehousing: Concepts, Technologies, Implementations, and Management
31441: SINGH, JAGJIT - Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics, Their Nature and Use
35591: SINGHAL, SANDEEP;ZYDA, MICHAEL - Networked Virtual Environments: Design and Implementation
3926: SIODMAK, CURT - The Third Ear
35034: SIR LEONARD WOOLLEY - Excavations at Ur: A Record of Twelve Years' Work
15483: SIRICA, JOHN J. - To Set the Record Straight : The Break-in, the Tapes, the Conspirators, the Pardon
31359: SISAM, CHARLES H. - Analytic Geometry
8523: SITES, JAMES N. - America : The Search and the Secret
285: SIZER, THEODORE R. - Horace's Compromise
25015: SKILLING, JOHANNA - Fibroids: The Complete Guide to Taking Charge of Your Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Well-Being
16628: SKINNER, ROBERT - Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
3873: SKOKNIK, M. I. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the IEEE, Novermber 1989, Volume 77, No. 11
14866: SKOROHOD, A. V. - Stochastic Equations for Complex Systems
24573: SLATALLA, MICHELLE; QUITTNER, JOSHUA - Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace
20463: SLATER, IAN - Showdown
35618: SLATER, ROBERT - Portraits in Silicon
33777: SLAUGHTER, KARIN - Indelible
14235: SLAVICSEK, BILL - Storm Knights
15250: SLAVICSEK, BILL - A Guide to the Star Wars Universe
20913: SLEEMAN, B.D. (EDITOR); JARVIS, R. J. (EDITOR) - Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations : Proceedings of the Eighth Conference Held at Dundee, Scotland, June 25-29, 1984
7850: SLOBODKIN, LAWRENCE B. - Simplicity and Complexity in Games of the Intellect
32897: SLTZER, BRIAN K.; STIMMEL, ERIC - The Book of Problems: Algebra
22672: SMALDINO, CAROL - In the Midst of Parenting: A Look at the Real Dramas and Dilemmas
26966: SMALL, GEORGE L. - The Blue Whale
34603: SMALL, C.; DOUGLAS, P.; JOHNSON, R.; KING, P.; MARTIN, N. (EDS.) - Advances in Databases: 15th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 15 London, United Kingdom, July 7 - 9, 1997
29518: SMEDLEY, AGNES; LAUTER, PAUL, AFTERWORD - Daughter of Earth
31096: SMELSER, NEIL J. - The Sociology of the Economic Life
30262: SMERK, GEORGE M., ED. - Readings in Urban Transportation
7851: SMILEY, JANE - Moo
32084: SMILOR, RAYMOND W.; KUHN, ROBERT L. - Corporate Creativity: Robust Companies and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
27305: SMIRNITSKY, A. I.; AKHMANOVA, O.S. - Russian-English Dictionary
3079: SMITH, GEORGE W. - Computers and Human Language
7852: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine
8822: SMITH, ADAM; HUTCHINS, ROBERT MAYNARD (EDITOR) - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 39 : Adam Smith
12913: SMITH, ROBERT KIMMEL - Japan : A History in Art
14413: SMITH, ADAM - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 39 : Adam Smith
14610: SMITH, NORMAN E. - Practical Guide to SGML Filters
14753: SMITH, ADAM - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 39 : Adam Smith
17695: SMITH, ADAM - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 39 : Adam Smith
17826: SMITH, WALLACE F. - Housing Market Data From Census Materials - A Study of California and the Bay Area
17830: SMITH, WALLACE F. - Filtering and Neighborhood Change
18406: SMITH, NORMAN K. - Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion: Hume
20464: SMITH, DEAN WESLEY - The Tenth Planet
20466: SMITH, KRISTINE - Code of Conduct
21812: SMITH, HOWARD M. - Principles of Holography : Second Edition
22261: SMITH, DUANE A.; MORIARTY, JOHN - The Ballad of Baby Doe: I Shall Walk Beside My Love
24388: SMITH, HOLLISTER S. - An All-American Medical Hall of Fame
24402: SMITH, ROBERT C. - Attitude and Your Life!: A Spiritually Based Action Plan for Self-Transformation Based on Edgar Cayce's Concepts
24548: SMITH, DORI - Java for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide
27241: SMITH, ANITA M. - Woodstock: History and Hearsay
28196: SMITH, RODERICK - Linux Power Tools
28489: SMITH, ROBIN V. F.; JACOBS, WARREN; BRATHWAITE, ERROL - A Portrait of New Zealand
28749: SMITH, ZADIE - On Beauty
28895: SMITH, JAMES D., ED. - The Personal Distribution of Income and Wealth
29128: SMITH, GEORGE O. - Space Plague
29314: SMITH, DONALD MILTON; MITCHELL, JOHN JR. - Aquametry: A Treatise on Methods for the Determination of Water, Part II
31574: SMITH, WILLY - Problems in Modern Physics
31704: SMITH, R.A. - Wave Mechanics of Crystalline Solids
31808: SMITH, ALPHEUS, W.; COOPER, JOHN N. - Elements of Physics
32107: SMITH, HEDRICK - The Power Game: How Washington Works
34905: SMITH, EDWIN R. - Algebra for College Students
35120: SMITH, HUSTON - Religions of Man
35277: SMITH, CRAIG B. - Energy Management Principles: Applications, Benefits, Savings
35732: SMITH, PETER MOORE - Los Angeles: A Novel
38076: SMITH, JON M. - Scientific Analysis on the Pocket Calculator
32437: SMOLLA, RODNEY A. - Jerry Falwell V. Larry Flynt: The First Amendment on Trial
7854: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS GEORGE - Humphry Clinker: An Authoritative Text Contemporary Responses Criticism
6037: SMYLIE, D. E. (EDITOR); HIDE, RAYMOND (EDITOR) - Structure and Dynamics of Earth's Deep Interior
1080: SNEATH, E. HERSHEY - The Evolution of Ethics as Revealed in the Great Religions
3699: SNEATH, P. H. A. - The Classification Society Bulletin, Volume 5, Number 2, 1982
26973: SNOW, C. P. - A Coat of Varnish
36141: SNOW, EDWARD - A Study of Vermeer
17131: SNOWDEN, LONNIE R. - Reaching the Underserved: Mental Health Needs of Neglected Populations
31586: SNYDER, GARY - Regarding Wave
16792: SOBEL, DAVA. - Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love
33380: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daugher: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love
35352: SOBEL, DAVA - Galileo's Daughter : A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love
17811: SODERSTEN, BO - A Study of Economic Growth and International Trade
4386: SODHI, JAG; SODHI, PRINCE - Object-Oriented Methods for Software Development
37239: SOEFFNER, HANS-GEORG; LUCKMANN, MARA, TRANS. - The Order of Rituals: The Interpretation of Everyday Life
4291: SOKOLOWSKI, STEVE - How To Draw Schematics and Design Circuit Boards with Your IBM-PC
32424: DE SOLA, RALPH - Abbreviations Dictionary
35270: SOLARI, ROSE; SIMPKINSON, CHARLES H.; SIMPKINSON, ANNE ADAMCEWICZ; HARPERSANFRANCISCO - Nourishing the Soul: Discovering the Sacred in Everyday Life
513: SOLOMON, MURIEL - Working With Difficult People
7040: SOLOMON, EZRA - Management of Corporate Capital
22190: SOLOMON, DAVID A. - Inside Windows NT
36908: SOLOMON, PETER H.; FOGLESONG, TODD S. - Courts and Transition in Russia: The Challenge of Judicial Reform
30414: SOLOMONS - Study Guide to Accompany Organic Chemistry
38475: SOLOV'EVA, POLIKSENA; KUZMIN, MIKHAIL - Svad'ba Solntsa I Vesny: Muzykal'naia Skazka v Stikhakh
36574: SOLWAY, DIANE - A Dance Against Time: The Brief, Brilliant Life of a Joffrey Dancer
18453: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR ISAEVICH - Solzhenitsyn:a Pictorial Autobiography: A Pictorial Autobiography
34753: SOLZHENITSYN, A. - Archipelag GULag: 1918-1956, Parts I-II (Russian Language)
30899: SOMERSET, ANNE - Unnatural Murder
432: SOMMER, ROBERT B. (EDITOR) - The Winning Spirit : Achieving Olympic Level Performance in Business & Personal
35478: SOMMERVILLE, I. - Software Engineering
35592: SOMMERVILLE, IAN - Software Engineering
20939: SONI, ATMARAM H. - Mechanism Synthesis and Analysis: An Individualized Approach
31533: SONTAG, SUSAN - On Photography
32306: SONTAG, SUSAN - The Volcano Lover: A Romance
25742: SOPER, NATHANIEL J.; ODEM, RANDALL R. M.D. - Essentials of Laparoscopy
32177: SOPER, DEREK R.; MUNRO, ROBERT M.; CAMERON, EWEN, EDS. - The Leasing Handbook
38355: SOPHOCLES; VARIOUS TRANSLATORS; GRENE, DAVID, INTRO. - Sophocles I: Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone
34300: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET INC. - Fine Oriental Rugs and Carpets : Friday, October 31 and Saturday, November 1, 1980, Sotheby's New York, Sale 4455Y
19760: SOUTH, CRIS - Clenched Fists, Burning Crosses
31505: SOUTHALL, JAMES P.C. - Mirrors, Prisms and Lenses: A Text-Book of Geometrical Optics
29031: SOUTHERN, TERRY - Flash and Filigree
30658: SOUTHERN, R.W. - The Making of the Middle Ages
31872: SOUTHWELL, EUGENE A.; MERBAUM, MICHAEL, EDS. - Personality: Readings in Theory and Research
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28902: ULAM, ADAM B. - The Rivals: America and Russia Since World War II
28903: ULAM, ADAM B. - The Rivals:America and Russia since World War II: America and Russia since World War II
31077: ULAM, ADAM B. - The Bolsheviks: The Intellectual, Personal and Political History of the Triumph of Communism in Russia
27124: ULICH, ROBERT - The Education of Nations : A Comparison in Historical Perspective
3030: ULLMAN, JEFFREY D. - Principles of Database Systems
11202: ULLMAN, JEFFREY D. - Principles of Database Systems
19129: ULLMAN, ELLEN - Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents
26353: ULLMAN, MONTAGUE, M.D.; KRIPPER, STANLEY - Dream Telepathy : Experiments in Nocturnal ESP
35586: ULLMAN, JEFFREY D. - Fundamental Concepts of Programming Systems
36952: ULLMAN, RICHARD H. - Securing Europe
32700: UMAR, AMJAD - Object-Oriented Client/Server Internet Environments: The Modern IT Infrastructure
29183: DE UNAMUNO, MIGUEL; FLITCH, J.E. CRAWFORD, TRANS. - Tragic Sense of Life
25571: THE UNDERGROUND SPACE CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA - earth sheltered housing design : guidelines, examples, and references
24655: UNDERHILL, RUTH MURRAY - Red Man's America: A History of Indians in the United States
37102: UNDERHILL, HAROLD A. - Plank on Frame Models and Scale Masting and Rigging, Vol. II
7914: UNDSET, SIGRID - Kristin Lavransdatter: The Cross
18008: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter: The Bridal Wreath
18009: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter: The Mistress of Husaby
18010: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross
18011: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter: The Bridal Wreath
25840: UNDSET, SIGRID - Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross
25842: UNDSET, SIGRID - Kristin Lavransdatter: The Mistress of Husaby
31332: UNESCO; WENDT, GERALD, FOREWORD - 700 Science Experiments for Everyone
23169: UNGER, SANFORD J. - Africa: The People and Politics of an Emerging Continent
35634: UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS - The Nuclear Fuel Cycle: A Survey of the Public Health, Environmental, and National Security Effects of Nuclear Power
18365: UNITED STATES; ENGINEERING FOUNDATION (U.S.) - Behavioral Demand Modeling and Valuation of Travel Time: Proceedings of a Conference Held July 8-13, 1973, in South Berwick, Maine
25480: UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION - In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer: Transcript of Hearing Before Personnel Security Board--Washington, D.C. April 12, 1954, Through May 6, 1954
21014: UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN; MATHEMATICS RESEARCH CENTER (UNITED STATES ARMY) - Approximations, with Special Emphasis on Spline Functions: Proceedings of a Symposium Conducted by the Mathematics Research Center, United States Army, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 5-7, 1969
29160: UNTERMEYER, LOUIS, ED. - The Pocket Book of American Poems
7917: UPDIKE, JOHN - Centaur
7921: UPDIKE, JOHN - Roger's Version
7922: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Coup
7923: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Coup
8894: UPDIKE, JOHN - Toward the End of Time
27294: UPDIKE, JOHN - Memories of the Ford Administration
35264: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Is Rich
36387: URIS, LEON - QB VII
34715: URQUHART, LEONARD CHURCH; O'ROURKE, CHARLES EDWARD - Design of Concrete Structures
32555: URREA, LUIS ALBERTO - La Hija de la Chuparrosa
9192: URSU, ANNE - Spilling Clarence
37738: URVATER, MICHELE - Monday to Friday Pasta
37792: USAF - AF Manual 160-30: Physiology of Flight
37796: USAF - AF Manual 52-19: Antenna Systems
37797: USAF - AF Manual 52-31: Guided Missiles, Fundamentals
37804: USAF - AF Manual 101-8: Fundamentals of Electronics
2320: USENIX ASSOCIATION - The Twelfth Systems Administration Conference (LISA '98) Proceedings
29439: VACHSS, ANDREW H. - Choice of Evil
38484: VALDES G., RAMON - The Fourth Dimension: An Inherent Property of Space Time
35852: VALENSTEIN, ELLIOT S. - Great and Desperate Cures: The Rise and Decline of Psychosurgery and Other Radical Treatments for Mental Illness
4302: VALENTINE, E. R. - Conceptual Issues in Psychology
33981: , VALERIE - Le Pavillon des Enfants Fous
22233: VALLIER, JANE E. - Poet on Demand: The Life, Letters, and Works of Celia Thaxter
17015: VANDER WEELE, MARIBETH - Reclaiming Our Schools: The Struggle for Chicago School Reform
13159: VANDERBILT, ARTHUR T. - Men and Measures on the Law (Michigan Legal Publications)
31308: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Englishman's Boy
12505: VANDERZELL, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Supreme Court and American Government

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