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33407: CORBER, ROBERT J. - Homosexuality in Cold War America: Resistance and the Crisis of Masculinity
7256: CORBETT, EDWARD P. J. - The Little English Handbook: Choices and Conventions
22415: CORBETT, EDWARD P.J. - The Little English Handbook: Choices and Conventions
37449: CORBETT, WILLIAM - All Prose: Selected Essays and Reviews
34992: LE CORBUSIER; ETCHELLS, FREDERICK, TRANS. - Towards a New Architecture
4282: CORDAY, ELIOT; IRVING, DAVID W. - Disturbances of Heart Rate, Rhythm, and Conduction
5918: COREY, MARY F. - The World Through a Monocle: The New Yorker at Midcentury
28498: CORFMAN, KIM P.; LYNCH, JOHN G. JR., EDS. - Advances in Consumer Research : Vol. XXIII Research Frame Synergies
29040: CORK, JAMES M. - Heat
16872: CORNELL, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The Soviet Political System : A Book of Readings
31617: CORNWELL, ELMER E.,ED. - The American Presidency: Vital Center
21292: CORREA, AFFONSO H. - Peron, Evita, and Their Comedians: A Study of How Dictatorships Operate
4620: CORRIGAN, PETER; GURRY, MARK - Oracle Performance Tuning
15732: CORRIVEAU, ART - Housewrights
27562: CORSON, STEPHEN L. - Conquering Infertility: A Guide for Couples
10333: CORTADA, JAMES W. - An Annotated Bibliography on the History of Data Processing
16019: CORTE, CARLO DELLA - The Journey Ends Here
31028: CORTRIGHT, EDGAR M., ED. - Exploring Space with a Camera
31029: CORTRIGHT, EDGAR M., ED. - Exploring Space With a Camera
20049: COSTIKYAN, GREG - First Contract
27470: COTT - A Heritage of Her Own: Toward a New Social History of American Women
28564: COTTLE, THOMAS J. - Children in Jail: Seven Lessons in American Justice
4693: COUCHMAN, JASON S. - Oracle Certified Professional Dba Certification Exam Guide
10282: COUCHMAN, JASON S. - Oracle Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide
29992: COUGHLIN, THOMAS E. - Maggie May's Diary
31731: COULSON, J.; HUTCHINSON, LUCY; CARR, C.T.; EAGLE, DOROTHY, EDS. - The Oxford Illustrated Dictionary
26364: COULTON, G. G.; TRANS. AND ED.; PETERS, EDWARD, INTRO. - From St. Francis to Dante: Translations from the Chronicle of the Franciscan Salimbene (1221-1288)
27279: COUSINS, NORMAN - Head First: The Biology of Hope
28517: COUSINS, NORMAN; DUBOS, RENE, INTRO. - Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient
29303: COUSINS, NORMAN; DUBOS, RENE, INTRO. - Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by the Patient: Reflections on Healing and Regeneration
31023: COUSTEAU, JAQUES-YVES; DIOLE, PHILIP; BERNARD, J.F., TRANS. - Diving For Sunken Treasure
19121: VAN COUVERING, JOHN - Catastrophes and Earth History: The New Uniformitarianism
14215: COVILLE, BRUCE - Armageddon Summer
15686: COWAN, C. D. (EDITOR); WOLTERS, O. W. (EDITOR); ECHOLS, JOHN M. (FOREWORD) - Southeast Asian History and Historiography : Essays Presented to D. G. E. Hall
36315: COWAN, CONNELL; KINDER, MELVYN - Smart Women/Foolish Choices: Finding the Right Men, Avoiding the Wrong Ones
28848: COWELL, ADRIAN - The Decade of Destruction: The Crusade to Save the Amazon Rain Forest
7258: COX, HARVEY - Many Mansions
14454: COX, HARVEY GALLAGHER - The Feast of Fools: A Theological Essay on Festivity and Fantasy
23421: COX, JACK - Requiem in the Tropics: Inside Central America
24720: COX, CHRIS; UNITED STATES CONGRESS HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON U.S. NATIONAL SECURIT - The Cox Report: U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns With the People's Republic of China
25514: COX, ARCHIBALD - The Warren Court: Constitutional Decision as an Instrument of Reform
33999: COX, TRACEY - Hot Sex: Auf den Höhepunkt gebracht (Taschenbuch)
12623: COYLE, EUGENE - The Message
20050: COYLE, HAROLD - God's Children
22888: COYLE, DIANE - The Weightless World: Strategies for Managing the Digital Economy
37132: COYNE, MARK S.; ALLIN, CRAIG W.; ADAMS, MCCREA, EDS. - Natural Resources: Vols. I, II, III
35675: COZZA, CARM;ODERMATT, RICK - True Blue: The Carm Cozza Story
11208: CRAIG, PATRICIA; CADOGAN, MARY - The Lady Investigates
16056: CRAIG, PETER - Hot Plastic
28117: CRAIG A. ZIMMERMAN - Gay Rights, Military Wrongs: Political Perspectives on Lesbians and Gays in the Military
29442: CRAIG, ALBERT M. - Chosho in the Meiji Restoration
35475: CRAIG, GORDON A.;GEORGE, ALEXANDER L. - Force and Statecraft: Diplomatic Problems of Our Time
35509: CRAIG, BARBARA HINKSON - Chadha: The Story of an Epic Constitutional Struggle
20051: CRAMER, JOHN - Einstein's Bridge
37467: CRAMER, JAMES J. - Jim Cramer's Mad Money : Watch TV, Get Rich
16174: CRANDALL, ROBERT W. - After the Breakup: U.S. Telecommunications U.S. Telecommunications in a More Competitive Era
28596: CRANE, CHERYL; JAHR, CLIFF - Detour: A Hollywood Story
28550: CRANTON, ELMER, M.D.; BREECHER, ARLINE - Bypassing Bypass: The New Technique of Chelation Therapy
20052: CRAVEN, WES - Fountain Society
12466: CREEDY, J.; O'BRIEN, D. P. - Economic Analysis in Historical Perspective
31425: CREEL, J. LUKE - Folk Tales of Liberia
10134: CREIGHTON, JAMES EDWIN - An Introductory Logic
139: CREMEANS, CHARLES D - Arabs and the World Nassers Arab Nationalism
33501: CRENSHAW, JAMES L. - Old Testament Wisdom: An Introduction
19066: CRETNEY, STEPHEN MICHAEL - Elements of Family Law
6221: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Electronic Life
12321: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Lost World : A Novel
31705: CRICK, FRANCIS - What Mad Pursuit: A Personal View of Scientific Discovery
22271: CRIMSON EDGE - The Crimson Edge: Older Women Writing
29320: CRISLER, LOIS - Arctic Wild
4156: CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD - The Golden Bowl Be Broken : Peasant Life in Four Cultures
12413: CROCKER, BETTY - Best Recipes for Ground Meat (Betty Crocker's Red Spoon Collection)
36620: CROFT, DAVID - Applied Statistics for Management Studies
32042: CROKE, VICKI CONSTANTINE - The Lady And The Panda: The True Adventures Of The First American To Bring Back China's Most Exoticanimal
4589: CROLL, ALISTAIR; PACKMAN, ERIC - Managing Bandwidth : Deploying QOS in Enterprise Networks
26366: CROMPTON, ROSEMARY; MANN, MICHAEL - Gender and Stratification
27135: CRONKITE, WALTER - A Reporter's Life
19178: CROSBY, PHILIP B. - The Eternally Successful Organization: The Art of Corporate Wellness
28353: CROSBY, MICHAEL H. - The Dysfunctional Church: Addiction and Codependency in the Family of Catholicism
5666: CROSS, JOHN G. - A Theory of Adaptive Economic Behavior
13665: CROSS, MILTON - Complete Stories of the Great Operas
16315: CROSS, AMANDA - In the Last Analysis
23332: CROSSWELL, KEN - Planet Quest: The Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems
27364: CROTHERS, SAMUEL MCCHORD; LONG, OLIVE M. (ILLUSTRATOR) - Miss Muffet's Christmas Party
11803: CROUCH, STANLEY - Notes of a Hanging Judge : Essays and Reviews, 1979-1989
20975: CROUCH, RALPH B.; BECKMAN, DAVID N. - The Structure of Abstract Algebra
29171: CROUCH, RALPH B.; BECKMAN, DAVID N. - The Structure of Abstract Algebra
26562: CROVITZ, L. GORDON - The Fettered Presidency: Legal Constraints on the Executive Branch
33756: CROWLEY, MART; LAMBERT, GAVIN, FOREWORD - 3 Plays: The Boys in the Band, a Breeze from the Gulf, for Reasons That Remain Unclear
20053: CROWTHER, PETER - Moon Shots
24558: CROZIER, MICHEL - La Societe Bloquee
13220: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - Cruden's Concordance
24562: CRUIKSHANK, MARGARET - Lesbian Studies: Present and Future
24753: CRUIKSHANK, MARGARET - The Lesbian Path
22878: CRUZ, ARTURO - Memoirs of a Counterrevolutionary
29058: CRUZ, JOSE B., JR. - Introductory Signals and Circuits
31481: CRUZ, JOSE B., JR.; VAN VALKENBURG, M.E. - Introductory Signals and Circuits
33385: CRYLE, PETER - Geometry in the Boudoir : Configurations of French Erotic Narrative
34276: CSAPODI, CSABA; CSAPODINE GARDONYI, KLARA; HORN, ZSUZSANNA; GASTER, BERTHA, TRANS. - Bibliotheca Corviniana: The Library of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary
6291: CUELLAR, CAROL (PROJECT MANAGER) - A Decade of Lite Hits : Contemporary Pop Ballads
3727: CULBERTSON, JAMES T. - The Minds of Robots
31662: CULBERTSON, JAMES T. - The Minds of Robots
29952: CULLEN, CHARLES G. - Linear Algebra and Differential Equations: An Integrated Approach
12666: CULLER, JONATHAN - Structuralist Poetics : Structuralism, Linguistics and the Study of Literature
19778: CULLEY, MARGO (EDITOR) - A Day at a Time the Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present
21711: CULLINGFORD, RICHARD E.; KOLODNER, JANET L. - Interactive Advice-Giving : GIT-ICS-86/20
3028: CUMMINGS, W. L. - The Modern Formulary: A Text Book of Chemistry as Applied to the Manufacture of Proprietary Specialties
12027: CUMMINGS, E E - Poems, 1923-1954
23835: CUMMINGS, IRENE B. - Collected Poems and Prose: 1983-1984 Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
25476: CUMMINGS, CYNTHIA - Christmas Ribbons
32430: CUMMINGS, JOHN; VOLKMAN, ERNEST - Goombata: The Improbable Rise and Fall of John Gotti and His Gang
34643: CUMMINGS, RAY; WOODCOTT, KEITH - Ace Double Novel Books: Wandl the Invader; I Speak for the Earth
2832: CUNNINGHAM, LAWRENCE S.; KELSAY, JOHN; BARINEAU, R. MAURICE; MCVOY, HEATHER JO - The Sacred Quest: An Invitation to the Study of Religion
13001: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours: A Novel
16291: CUNNINGHAM, E. V. - The Case of the Kidnapped Angel
16304: CUNNINGHAM, E. V. - Case of the murdered Mackenzie
23405: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - Land's End: A Walk Through Provincetown
35700: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - The Hours
31901: CUNSOLO, JOSEPH; MOKANSKI, JOSEPH P. - Study Guide For Calculus: To Accompany Johnson and Kiokemeister's Calculus With Analytic Geometry, 5th Edition
23727: CURRAN, R. M., ED. - 1976 ASME-MPC Symposium on Creep-Fatigue Interaction
37156: CURRAN, JAMES P.; MONTI, PETER M. - Social Skills Training: A Practical Handbook for Assessment and Treatment
14455: CURRID, CHERYL - Reengineering ToolKit : 15 Tools and Technologies for Reengineering Your Organization
34814: CURRY, MANFRED - Yacht Racing: The Aerodynamics of Sails and Racing Tactics
35864: CURRY, JANET LEFTWICH, ED. AND TRANS. - The Black Book of Polish Censorship
18608: CURTIS, GLADE B. - Your Pregnancy: Week by Week
34047: CURTIS, JANE; CURTIS, WILL; LIEBERMAN, FRANK - Monhegan: The Artists' Island
31027: CURTIUS, ERNST ROBERT - European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages
34251: CUSHING, CAROL C. - Longstreet Highroad Guide to the New Hampshire Mountains
38267: CUTRER, WILLIAM;GLAHN, SANDRA - False Positive
32505: CYNTHIA SCHNEIDER, BRIAN WALLIS - Global Television
34953: CYZARZ, HERBERT - Deutsche Barocklyrik
34380: CZERNY, M.; WALTHER, A. - Tables of the Fractional Functions for the Planck Radiation Law
5525: DA CRUZ, DANIEL - The Grotto of the Formigans
20055: DA CRUZ, DANIEL. - Texas on the Rocks
25832: DA SILVA, WELLINGTON L. S. - JSP and Tag Libraries for Web Development
28544: DA COSTA, PORTIA; HASTINGES, JULIET; ALLEN, LISETTE - Black Lace Ominibus III: Gothic Blue; Aria Appasionata; Ace of Hearts
34644: DA VINCI, LEONARDO; MACCURDY, EDWARD, ED. AND TRANS. - The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
36534: DACKMAN, LINDA - Up Front: Sex and the Post-Mastectomy Woman
28419: DACYCZYN, AMY - The Tightwad Gazette II: Promoting Thrift As a Viable Alternative Lifestyle
28420: DACYCZYN, AMY - The Tightwad Gazette: Promoting Thrift As a Viable Alternative Lifestyle
32275: DAI SIJIE - Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
3053: DAL MASO, G.; DELL'ANOIO, G. F. - Composite Media and Homogenization Theory
22701: DALDORPH, BRIAN - The Holocaust & Hiroshima
4432: DALE, NELL - A Laboratory Course in C++ (Second Edition)
908: DALEY, BRIAN - The Doomfarers of Coramonde
16235: DALLY, ANN - Inventing Motherhood: Consequences of an Idea
25562: DALLY, JAMES W. - Packaging of Electronic Systems : A Mechanical Engineering Approach
32990: DALRYMPLE, DOUGLAS J.; CRON, WILLIAM L. - Sales Management : Concepts and Cases
33402: DALTON, QUINN - High Strung
27410: DANBURY PRESS - Grande Diplome Cooking Course, Vol. 1
7265: DANIEL, JOHN - The Trail Home: Nature, Imagination, and the American West
20870: DANIEL, JERRY - The Psalms Rhyme
26568: DANIEL, JOHN - The Trail Home: Nature, Imagination, and the American West
26569: DANIEL, JOHN - The Trail Home: Nature, Imagination, and the American West
23383: DANIELLS, LORNA M. - Business Information Sources
4635: DANIELS, DAVID; TRUSCOTT, ALAN (INTRODUCTION) - The Golden Age of Contract Bridge
16293: DANIELS, JONATHAN - Devil's Backbone: Story of the Natchez Trace
1362: DANILOFF, NICHOLAS - Two Lives, One Russia
35417: DANN, JOHN - The Revolution Remembered: Eyewitness Accounts of the War for Independence
14875: DANNENFELDT, KARL H. - Leonhard Rauwolf : Sixteenth-Century Physician, Botanist and Traveler
10626: DANO, SVEN - Linear Programming in Industry
24264: DANSON, LAWRENCE - Shakespeare's Dramatic Genres
2020: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - The Philophical Disenfranchisement of Art
28876: DANZIG, ROBERT; KAPLAN, HOWARD - The Leader Within You: Master 9 Powers to Be the Leader You Always Wanted to Be!
34370: DARAUL, ARKON - A History of Secret Societies
28935: DART, IRIS RAINER - Til the Real Thing Comes Along
4399: DATE, C. J. - A Guide To Ingres : A User's Guide to the Ingres Product
14587: DATE, C.J. - An Introduction to Data Base Systems
22745: DATE, C. J. - An Introduction to Database Systems, Vol. I
29289: DATE, C. J. - An Introduction to Database Systems
35430: DATE, CHRISTOPHER J. - An Introduction to Database Systems, Vol. I
24664: DAVE, ROBERT - Run to the Sun
23776: DAVENPORT, MARCIA - Too Strong for Fantasy
34210: DAVID R. GODINE - The Red Pear Garden: Three Great Dramas of Revolutionary China
35069: DAVID ELLIS - Fibonacci's Sequence
35070: DAVID ELLIS - Fibonacci's Sequence
35071: DAVID ELLIS - Fibonacci's Sequence
12131: DAVIDSON, ROGER H.; KOVENOCK, DAVID M.; O'LEAR, MICHAEL - Congress in Crisis : Politics and Congressional Reform
14059: DAVIDSON, NICHOLAS - Gender Sanity
23580: DAVIDSON, DIANE - Deadly Rendezvous: A Toni Underwood Mystery
26308: DAVIDSON, GUSTAV - A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels
36324: DAVIDSON, WILLIAM H. - The Amazing Race: Winning the Technorivalry With Japan
36946: DAVIDSON, HUGH - The Committed Enterprise: How to Make Vision and Values Work
11986: DAVIES, PAUL - Superforce : The Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature
19033: DAVIES, PAUL. - God and the New Physics
23044: DAVIES, KEVIN - Cracking the Genome: Inside the Race to Unlock Human DNA
23154: DAVIES, ROBERTSON - The Lyre of Orpheus
26090: DAVIES, P. C. W. - The Last Three Minutes: Conjectures About the Ultimate Fate of the Universe
28912: DAVIES, MARION; PFAU, PAMELA; MARX, KENNETH S., EDS. WELLES, ORSON, FOREWORD - The Times We Had: Life With William Randolph Hearst
33183: DAVIES, PAUL - Superforce
33210: DAVIES, PAUL - The Edge of Infinity: Where the Universe Came from and How It Will End
36530: DAVIES, P. C. W.;DAVIES, PAUL - About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolution
1164: DAVIS, CLARK - After the Whale: Melville in the Wake of Moby-Dick
6088: DAVIS, PHILIP J.; HERSH, REUBEN - The Mathematical Experience
7566: DAVIS, STAN; MEYER, CHRISTOPHER - Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy
8526: DAVIS, WILLIAM S. - The NECEN Voyage : A Fantastic Voyage Into the Heart of a Computer
10462: DAVIS, JERRY C. - Miracle on Caney Creek
12056: DAVIS, PATTI - Deadfall
12461: DAVIS, MARTIN - Computability and Unsolvability
12724: DAVIS, DEANE C. - Justice in the Mountains: Stories and Tales by a Vermont Lawyer
15680: DAVIS, LOUIS E. (EDITOR); CHERNS, ALBERT B. (EDITOR) - Quality of Working Life : Cases and Commentary (Vol. 2)
16027: DAVIS, PHILIP J.; PARK, DAVID - No Way: The Nature of the Impossible
18483: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
22960: DAVIS, MARTHA, ADVISORY ED. - Anthropological Perspectives of Movement
23695: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
25095: DAVIS, PHILIP J.; PARK, DAVID - No Way: The Nature of the Impossible
26574: DAVIS, A. E. F. - Mathematics in General
27878: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
28872: DAVIS, MICHAEL JUSTIN; MCBRIDE, SIMON - The Landscape of William Shakespeare
28881: DAVIS, PHILIP J.; HERSH, REUBEN; ROTA, GIAN-CARLO, INTRO. - The Mathematical Experience
30552: DAVIS, BRENDAN - The Economics of Automatic Testing
30864: DAVIS, WILLIAM S. - Tools and Techniques for Structured Systems Analysis and Design
32104: DAVIS, STANLEY M. - Comparative Management: Organizational and Cultural Perspectives
32147: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Thread: A Mathematical Yarn
32653: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
34377: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Lore of Large Numbers
36067: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
36073: DAVIS, PHILIP J. - The Mathematical Experience
31755: DAWES, CHESTER L. - A Course in Electrical Engineering: Vol. I, Direct Currents
36379: DAWIDOWICZ, LUCY S. - The War Against the Jews 1933-1945
3543: DAY, DAVID - Claiming a Continent: A New History of Australia
3691: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 17, 1988
3692: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 16, 1987
3693: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 14, 1985
3694: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 13, 1984
3695: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 12, 1983
3696: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 11, 1982
3697: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 20, 1991
3698: DAY, WILLIAM H. E. (EDITOR) - Classification Literature Automated Search Service, Volume 19, 1990
17301: DAY, PEGGY J. - Microsoft Project 4.0 for Windows and the Macintosh: Setting Project Management Standards
19652: DAY, EUGENE D. - Advanced Immunochemistry
24519: DAY, ROBERT A. - How To Write And Publish A Scientific Paper
31300: DAY, A. COLIN - Text Processing
37055: DAY, A. GROVE - Sky Clears Poetry of the American Indians: Poetry of the American Indians
37774: DAY, ROBERT A. - How To Write And Publish A Scientific Paper
27152: DCI - DCI's 8th Annual Customer Relationship Mangagement Conference & Exposition, Vol. II
5426: DEACON, RICHARD - Spyclopedia : The Comprehensive Handbook of Espionage
15311: DEAL, TERRENCE E.; KENNEDY, ALLAN A. - Corporate Cultures : The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life
23394: DEAL, TERRENCE E.; PETERSON, KENT D. - The Leadership Paradox: Balancing Logic and Artistry in Schools
19146: DEAN, LEONARD (EDITOR) - Renaissance Poetry
27139: DEAN, JOHN W. - Blind Ambition: The White House Years
35688: DEAN, JONATHAN - Meeting Gorbachev's Challenge: How to Build Down the Nato-Warsaw Pact Confrontation
18124: DEANS, GRAEME K.; KROEGER, FRITZ; ZEISEL, STEFAN - Winning the Merger Endgame: A Playbook for Profiting from Industry Consolidation
20059: DEAVER, JEFFERY - Praying for Sleep
22668: DEBO, ANGIE - Geronimo: The Man, His Time, His Place
27725: DEBORAH RUSSELL/JONATHON GENNICK - Oracle Dba Checklists Pocket Reference
27551: DEBUSSY, CLAUDE - Claude Debussy Through His Letters
32709: DECAMP, L. SPRAGUE - The Wheels of If and Other Science Fiction
34818: DECAMP, L. SPRAGUE - The Reluctant Shaman and Other Fantastic Tales
28600: DECEMBER, JOHN; RANDALL, NEILL; TATTERS, WES - Discover the World Wide Web with Your Sportster
429: DECHANCIE, JOHN - Magicnet
7274: DECKER, ROBERT W. - Volcanoes and the Earth's Interior: Readings from Scientific American
37433: DECKER, BARBARA; DECKER, ROBERT - Road Guide to Haleakala and the Hana Highway
22483: DECRESCENZO, LUCIANO - Das Urteil des Paris.: Antike Mythen neu erzahlt.
5079: DEDALVO, LOUISE - Conceived with Malice
15766: DEE, JONATHAN - Palladio
6649: DEELY, JOHN N. - The Tradition Via Heidegger: An Essay on the Meaning of Being in the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
27976: DEES, MORRIS - A Lawyer's Journey : The Morris Dees Story
23446: DEFALCO, JOE - The Complete Deer Hunt
16010: DEFOE, MARK - The Green Chair
31053: DEFOE, DANIEL; DAVIES, W.H., INTRO. - Moll Flanders
31884: DEFOE, DANIEL; FRANK, JOSETTE - Robinson Crusoe
37404: DEFORD, FRANK - The Old Ball Game: How John Mcgraw, Christy Mathewson, And The New York Giants Created Modern Baseball
30196: DEGLER, CARL N., ED. - Pivotal Interpretations of American History, Vol. II
28391: DEGRACE, PETER; HULET, LESLIE STAHL - The Olduvai Imperative: Case and the State of Software Engineering Practice
38461: DEGTIAREVA, NATALIA, I DRUGIE - Khokhloma/The Hohloma Painting
27282: DEIGHTON, LEN - Hope
9806: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9807: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9808: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9809: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9810: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9811: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9812: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9813: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9814: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9815: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9816: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
9817: DEITCHER, DAVID - The Question of Equality : Gays and Lesbians from Stonewall to the Present
14120: DEITEL, HARVEY M.; DEITEL, PAUL J. - Java : How to Program
16034: DEITEL, H. M.; DEITEL, P. J. - Java: How to Program
21163: DEITEL, HARVEY M. - An Introduction to Operating Systems
18837: DEJEAN, JOAN (EDITOR); MILLER, NANCY K. (EDITOR) - The Politics of Tradition : Placing Women in French Literature
35668: DEJEAN, JOAN;MILLER, NANCY K., EDS. - Yale French StudiesThe Politics of Tradition: Placing Women in French Literature
37794: DEKKER, THOMAS; WILSON, F.P., ED. - Foure Birds of Noahs Arke
2870: DEL REY, LESTER - Police Your Planet
37664: DEL FRANCO, MARK - Unshapely Things
38011: DELAFIELD, E.M. - Thank Heaven Fasting
33764: DELANY, SARAH; DELANY, AMY ELIZABETH' HEARTH, AMY HILL - The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom
16643: DELBANCO, NICHOLAS. - What Remains
32687: DELGADO, MELVIN - Community Social Work Practice in an Urban Context: The Potential of a Capacity-Enhancement Perspective
27265: DELILLO, DON - Cosmopolis
26577: DELIS,FALOUTSOS,GHANDEHARIZADEH - SIGMOD 1999: Proceeding from SIGMOD Conference
2925: DELL, DEBORAH A. - Thinkpad : A Different Shade of Blue
38489: O'DELL, L.C. - Emily: A Love Story
18900: DELLI CARPINI, MICHAEL - Stability and Change in American Politics: The Coming of Age of the Generation of the 1960s
15901: DELMAS, PHILIPPE - Le Maitre Des Horloges: Modernite De L'action Publique
15188: DEMARCO, TOM - Dark Harbor House: A Novel
25146: DEMARIA, RUSEL - Simcity 3000: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
25306: DEMETRIOU, SOTIRIS; DINITRIOU, SOTIRIS - Woof, Woof, Dear Lord: And Other Stories
31102: DEMOS, JOHN P. - Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England
32406: DEMOS, JOHN P. - Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England
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38319: FAILES, JANICE MCCALL; CAWOOD, FRANK W. - High Blood Pressure Lowered Naturally
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11725: FALKNER, DAVID - The Last Hero : The Life of Mickey Mantle
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23506: O'FAOLAIN, NUALA - Are You Somebody: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman
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20086: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE. - Dare
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30409: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Strange Relations
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34968: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - The Maker of Universes
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7304: FARNHAM-DIGGORY, SYLVIA - The Learning-Disabled Child (The Developing Child Series)
29238: FARQUHAR, MICHAEL - A Treasury Of Deception: Liars, Misleaders, Hoodwinkers, And The Extraordinary True Stories Of History's Greatest Hoaxes, Fakes, And Frauds
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37250: FARREN, PAT, ED.; PALEY, GRACE, FOREWORD - Peacework: Twenty Years of Nonviolent Social Change
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19721: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN - What Darwin Really Said
20087: FARRIS, JOHN - Scare Tactics
36519: FARSON, RICHARD; CRICHTON, MICHAEL, FOREWORD - Management of the Absurd: Paradoxes in Leadership
35952: FARWELL, BYRON - The Gurkhas
2010: FASS, PAULA S. - Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America
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796: FEAGIN, JOE R. - The Urban Scene: Myths and Realities
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34839: FEATHER, NORMAN - An Introduction to the Physics of Vibrations and Waves
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17824: FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO - Change in the savings and loan industry
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25071: FEINSTEIN, JOHN - March to Madness: The View from the Floor in the Atlantic Coast Conference
13301: FEIRSTEIN, BRUCE - Nice Guys Sleep Alone : Dating in the Difficult Eighties
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21674: FELDMAN, DAVID. - Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and Other Imponderables
23337: FELDMAN, GAIL CARR - Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light: A True Story of Satanic Abuse and Spiritual Healing
19308: FELDT, ROBERT; JOHNSON, LYLE - Ruby Developer's Guide
19316: FELDT, ROBERT; JOHNSON, LYLE - Ruby Developer's Guide
19321: FELDT, ROBERT; JOHNSON, LYLE - Ruby Developer's Guide
19323: FELDT, ROBERT; JOHNSON, LYLE - Ruby Developer's Guide
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5707: FENIK, BERNARD - Homer and the Nibelungenlied : Comparative Studies in Epic Styl
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19679: FERBER, RICHARD - Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
27781: FERBER, RICHARD - Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
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14751: FIELDING - Great Books of the Western World : Volume 37 : Fielding
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25276: FIELDING, HENRY - Tom Jones
4266: FIELDS, GEORGE; KATAHIRA, HOTAKA; WIND, JERRY - Leveraging Japan : Marketing to the New Asia
36668: FIELDS, JENNIE - Crossing Brooklyn Ferry: A Novel
33339: FILBY, P. WILLIAM - Directory of American Libraries With Genealogy or Local History Collections
1194: FILIPOVIC, ZLATA - Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo
34549: N. D. FILIPPOV, A. L. GARKAVI, JU. P. GINZBURG, V. V. ROZEN, B. M. ŠAIN, L. N. ŠEVRIN, AND A. A. VINOGRADOV - American Mathematical Society Translations Series 2 Volume 96 : Ten Papers on Algebra and Functional Analysis
609: FILLMORE, PETER A. - Notes on Operator Theory
15814: FILMAN, ROBERT E. (EDITOR) - IEEE Internet Computing : Volume 8 : Number 4
21992: FINCH, ROBERT - Outlands: Journeys to the Outer Edges of Cape Cod
27774: FINCH, SHEILA - Shaper's Legacy
28525: FINCH, EDWARD RIDLEY, JR.; MOORE, AMANDA LEE - Astrobusiness: A Guide to the Commerce and Law of Outer Space
33325: FINCHER, SUSANNE F. - Creating Mandalas: For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression
24540: FINCKE, GARY - Inventing Angels: Poems
23004: FINK, NAN - Stranger in the Midst: A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery
15892: FINKEL, MICHAEL - Alpine Circus: A Skier's Exotic Adventures at the Snowy Edge of the World
29082: FINKELSTEIN, ROBERT J. - Nonrelativistic Mechanics
21610: FINLAY, MARK - Getting Graphic: Programming Fundamentals in C and C++/Book and Disk
30412: FINNELL, JOE - Strictly for Beginners, CP/M Book, Or, How to Talk to Your Personal Computer
31048: FIORE, JORDAN D.; STONEHOUSE, JEAN F. - Massachusetts in Contention: A Chronological Survey 1775-1783
29332: FIREBAUGH, MORRIS W. - Artificial Intelligence: A Knowledge-Based Approach
11029: FIREBIRD SOFTWARE - Star Trek : The Rebel Universe
37842: FIREMAN, JANET R. - The Spanish Royal Corps of Engineers in the Western Borderlands: Instrument of Bourbon Reform, 1764 to 1815
5260: FIRESMITH, DONALD G. - Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Logical Design
29970: FIRSTBROOK, P. L.; FIRSTBROOK, PETER - Lost on Everest: The Search for Mallory & Irvine
14141: FIRTH, RAYMOND - Essays on Social Organization and Values
29150: FISCHER, LOUIS - The Life of Lenin
37164: FISCHER, THOMAS C. - Legal Education, Law Practice, and the Economy: A New England Study
16064: FISHEL, ELIZABETH - Sisters: Shared Histories, Lifelong Ties
24682: FISHEL, ELIZABETH - Sisters: Love and Rivalry Inside the Family and Beyond
10320: FISHER, YUVAL - Spinning the Web : A Guide to Serving Information on the World Wide Web
15110: FISHER, B. AUBREY - Small Group Decision Making : Communication and the Group Process
17808: FISHER, FRANKLIN M.; SCHINKEL, MAARTEN-PIETER (EDITOR) - Microeconomics : Essays in Theory and Applications
18217: FISHER, PETER; VITON, PHILIP - The Full Costs of Urban Transport : Part I Economic Efficiency in Bus Operations; Preliminary Intermodal Cost Comparisons and Policy Implications
18385: FISHER, MITCHELL SALEM - Rebel, O Jews! And Other Prayers
28852: FISHER, KIMBALL; FISHER, MAREEN DUNCAN - The Distributed Mind: Achieving High Performance Through the Collective Intelligence of Knowledge Work Teams
34589: FISHER, MICHAEL; OWENS, RICHARD (EDS.) - Executable Modal and Temporal Logics: IJCAI '93 Workshop, Chambery, France, August 28, 1993. Proceedings
37408: FISHER, JULIE - Nongovernments: NGOs and the Political Development of the Third World
11990: FITZ-ENZ, JAC - How to Measure Human Resources Management
7315: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Babylon Revisited, and Other Stories: And Other Stories
17238: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE. - The Bookshop
25185: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - The Bookshop
26044: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - The Bookshop
26626: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - Innocence
29692: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Flappers and Philosophers
31885: FITZGERALD, EDWARD, TRANS. - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam of Naishpur

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