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041672: ROBINSON, DUNCAN - Stanley Spencer: Visions from a Berkshire Village
040322: ROBINSON, J. DENNIS (SIGNED) - Strawbery Banke: A Seaport Museum 400 Years in the Making
024365: ROBINSON, C. N. - The Transvaal War Album: The British Forces in South Africa
034447: ROBINSON, DEAN - Howie Morenz: Hockey's First Superstar
043325: ROBINSON, PIERS - The Cnn Effect: The Myth of News, Foreign Policy and Intervention
038578: ROBITAILLE, MARC - Des Histoires D'Hiver, Avec Des Rues, Des Ecoles Et Du Hockey: Recit
039851: ROBUCHON, JOEL - Ma Cuisine Pour Vous
037883: ROCHFORT, DESMOND - Lines of Site: Ideas, Forms and Materialities
043445: LA ROCQUE, BARBARA WALL - Wolfe Island: A Legacy in Stone
036966: RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO - David Alfaro Siqueiros: Pintura Mural
040963: REMINGTON, R. ROGER & BARBARA J. HODIK - Nine Pioneers in American Graphic Dersign
040851: DEAN, ROGER & COLIN GREENLAND - Magnetic Storm
043403: EMERSON, ROGER; ET AL - The Culture of the Book in the Scottish Enlightment
021968: MARIS, ROGER & JIM OGLE - Roger Maris at Bat
032267: TAILLIBERT, ROGER & MARC EMERY - Roger Taillibert: Architecte - Architect
042931: ROGER, N. A. M. - The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy
041235: ROGERS, R. L. (MAJ.) - History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment
036175: ROGERS, ARTHUR W. - Macleodsaga / Maccrimmonsaga
040215: ROGERS, CAROLE - Penny Banks: A History and a Handbook
039598: ROHMER, RICHARD - The Building of the Cn Tower: An Illustrated History of the Building of Canada's National Tower - Our Wonder of the World
035367: ROLAND, CHARLES G. (SIGNED) - Courage Under Siege: Starvation, Disease, and Death in the Warsaw Ghetto
040383: ROLEFF, TAMARA L. (ED.) - The Atom Bomb
042976: ROLLINS, MARK (ED.) - Danto and His Critics
040061: ROMAN, IEROMONAH - Izbrannoe
042406: VIESULAS, ROMAS & PAUL DUVAL (FWD.) - Telesforas Valius
041211: ROMPKEY, RONALD (ED.) - Labrador Odyssey: The Journal and Photographs of Eliot Curwen on the Second Voyage of Wilfred Grenfell, 1893
033528: ROMPKEY, WILLIAM (ED.) - From the Coast to Far Inland: Collected Writings on Labrador
041959: TOZER, RON & DAN STRICKLAND - A Pictorial History of Algonquin Park
041076: FELDMAN, RONALD; ET AL - Ida Applebroog
042093: RONCZKOWSKI, MICHAEL R. - Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime: Intelligence Gathering, Analysis, and Investigations (Second Edition)
041090: HAWKINS, RONNIE & PETER GODDARD - Ronnie Hawkins: Last of the Good Old Boys
043377: ROOKLIDGE, J. W. - 1867, Directory of the County of Bruce, Canada West.
021142: ROONEY, FRANCES - Working Light: The Wandering Life of Photographer Edith S. Watson
035205: ROOPNARAINE, RUPERT - Primacy of the Eye: The Art of Stanley Greaves
042724: TREVOR-ROPER, PATRICK - The World Through Blunted Sight: An Inquiry Into the Influence of Defective Vision on Art and Character (New and Updated)
039755: COHEN-ROSE, SANDRA - Northern Deco: Art Deco Architecture in Montreal
041079: ROSEMAN, MARINA - Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rainforest: Temiar Music and Medicine
040788: ROSEN, STANLEY - The Limits of Analysis
041563: ROSENSAFT, JEAN BLOCH - Chagall and the Bible
039739: ROSENSTONE, ROBERT A. - History on Film / Film on History
043266: ROSHWALD, AVIEL - Ethnic Nationalism and the Fall of Empires: Central Europe, Russia and the Middle East. 1914-1923
038683: ROSS, W. GILLIES - Three Eastern Townships Mining Villages Since 1863: Albert Mines, Capelton and Eustis, Quebec
040953: ROSS, OAKLAND - Caledon Ski Club: The First Forty Years
023956: BREWITT, ROSS & EDDIE SHACK (SIGNED) - Clear the Track: The Eddie Shack Story
038795: ROSS, J. O'C. - The White Ensign in New Zealand
037517: ROSS, A. H. D. - Ottawa Past and Present
040233: ROSS, KRISTIN - Fast Cars, Clean Bodies: Decolonization and the Reordering of French Culture
026989: ROSS, DAVID - Military Uniforms/Uniformes Militaires
040714: ROSSELLI, JOHN - Singers of Italian Opera: The History of a Profession
043132: ROSSITER, SEAN - The Universal Airplanes: Otter & Twin Otter
040375: ROTH, HENRY - Great Violinists in Performance: Critical Evaluation of over 100 20th-Century Virtuosi
040831: ROTH, MICHAEL - The Poetics of Resistance: Heidegger's Line
039353: ROTHMAN, JOEL - Basic Drumming (Revised and Expanded Edition)
042207: DE ROTHSCHILD, PHILIPPINE - Mouton Rothschild: Paintings for the Labels, 1945-1981
036053: ROTHSTEIN, ARNOLD M. - Re-Thinking Biblical Story and Myth: Critical Essays on Biblical Interpretation
036359: ROTHWELL, EVELYN - Oboe Technique (Second Edition)
039541: ROUAULT, GEORGES - Miserere
023700: ROUE, JOAN E. - A Spirit Deep Within: Naval Architect W.J. Roue and the Bluenose Story
040121: ROUGHGARDEN, TIM - Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy
041484: ROUHANA, NADIM N. - Palestinian Citizens in an Ethnic Jewish State: Identities in Conflict
039106: ROUSMANIERE, LEAH ROBINSON - Anchored Within the Vail: A Pictorial History of the Seaman's Church Institute
032847: DE ROUSSAN, JACQUES; CLAUDE VALERY - Claude Valery: Un Artiste Du Xxieme Siecle / an Artist of the Xxist Century
042360: ROUSSELOT, FABRICE (SIGNED) - Une Femme Au Pakistan: Nusrat Jamil
040815: ROUT, LESLIE B. JR. - The African Experience in Spanish America: 1502 to the Present Day
013143: ROUTH, CAROLINE - In Style: 100 Years of Canadian Women's Fashion
029500: ROUTLEDGE, MARIE - Inuit Art in the 1970's/L'Art Inuit Actuel: 1970-79
043446: ROWE, FREDERICK W. - Extinction: The Beothuks of Newfouindland
041544: ROWE, PETER - Adventures in Filmmaking
039157: ROWE, FREDERICK W. - The Smallwood Era
039245: ROWLAND, BARRY D. (SIGNED) - Herbie and Friends: Cartoons in Wartime
042399: ROWLAND, DAVID (ED.) - The Cambridge Companion to the Piano
040655: ROY, FERNANDE - Progres, Harmonie, Liberte: Le Liberalisme Des Milieux D'Affaires Francophones a Montreal Au Tournant Du Siecle
041722: SIEGFRIED & ROY - The Magic Begins at Home
032626: ROY, JOAQUIN (ED.) - After Vienna: Dimensions of the Relationship between the European Union and the Latin-Caribbean Region
037419: ROY, GABRIELLE - Ma Petite Rue Qui M'a Menee Autour Du Monde
042861: ROY, WENDY - Maps of Difference: Canada, Women, and Travel
040022: ROZWORA, MARIA JOLANTA - Roza Selawiska
039679: RUBENSTEIN, LORNE - Summit: The Story of the First Seventy-Five Years
039148: RUBIN, DON (ED.) - Canadian Theatre History: Selected Readings
026775: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume 1: 1889-1910
021503: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume 1: 1889-1910
030027: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomry, Volume III: 1921-1929
037779: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume IV: 1929-1935
037778: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume II: 1910-1921
040502: RUBIO, MARY (ED.) - The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume IV: 1929-1935
042921: RUBY, JAY - Secure the Shadow: Death and Photography in America
037040: RUDNYCKYJ, J. B. (COMP.) - Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names
036959: STOREY, JAIME VELEZ; REBECA GONZALEZ RUDO; ET AL. - El Ojo de Vidrio: Cien Anos de Fotografia Del Mexico Indio
040087: RUEDA, RAFAEL PARDO - La Historia de Las Guerras
043433: GANS-RUEDIN, E. - Caucasian Carpets
039401: RUFFNER, KEVIN CONLEY - Maryland's Blue & Gray: A Border State's Union and Confederate Junior Officer Corps
043146: RUGGLES, RICHARD I. - A Country So Interesting: The Hudson's Bay Company and Two Centuries of Mapping, 1670-1870
040980: RUNGE, JOHN - Early English Lute Songs and Folk Songs: Second Volume
002769: RUNTZ, KAREN LEWIS (ED.) - Beyond Our Memory. A History of Fitzroy Township
042928: RUSCHA, ED - Ed Ruscha: Birds, Fish and Offspring
033549: RUSH - Rush: Deluxe Anthology
042792: RUSH - Rush Chronicles (Songbook)
043468: RUSHING, W. JACKSON - Robert Houle: Troubling Abstraction
042375: COOPER, RUSS & GARRY WILTON (SIGNED) - Brampton Firefighters: 140 Years of Dedicated Service, 1853-1993
040713: FLOREN, RUSSELL & ANDREA GUTSCHE - Ghosts of the Bay: A Guide to the History of Georgian Bay
041340: RUSSELL, GARY - The Art of the Lord of the Rings
041717: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON - Mephistopheles: The Devil in the Modern World
041718: RUSSELL, JEFFREY BURTON - Satan: The Early Christian Tradition
039781: RUSSELL, VICTOR LORING - Mayors of Toronto: Volume 1, 1834-1899
024833: DIRX, RUTH & ZUZANA CHALUPOVA - Mein Schones Kovacica
040561: HUSSEY, RUTH & JUDITH GOULIN - Rattray Marsh Then and Now
043469: RUWEDEL, MARK - Columbia River: The Hanford Stretch
042381: GORRIE, RYAN & RACHAEL LEMIEUX - Aboriginal Architecture
031693: RYAN, SUSAN - Cooking in West Africa
042753: RYAN, WILLIAM F. - The Clergy and Economic Growth in Quebec (1896-1914)
039080: RYDER, HUIA G. - Antique Furniture by New Brunswick Craftsmen
025888: RYERSON, EGERTON - The Loyalists of America and Their Times: From 1620 to 1816 (2 Volumes)
043293: LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. & PAUL OVERY (INTRO.) - Kadinsky Watercolours
040768: CURTIS, EDWARD S. & CHRISTOPHER CARDOZO (ED.) - Sacred Legacy: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian
039089: ROGERS. E. S. (DR.) - Forgotten Peoples: A Reference
041295: ALMARIO, VIRGILIO S. & MIKE L. BIGORNIA (ED.) - Una Kong Milenyum, 1963-1981
039351: MILLER, LORNE S. & NEIL ROSS - One Hundred Years at the Junction Shul
041436: SABEAN, JOHN W. - Time Present and Time Past: A Pictorial History of Pickering
035560: SABINA, ANN P. - Rocks and Minerals for the Collector: The Alaska Highway; Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Yukon/Alaska Border
039904: HIBI. SADAO - Japanese Detail Architecture
041639: SADLER, GEORGE E. - Swordfish Patrol
039931: SADOUN, ROLAND - Drinking in French Culture
041586: SAGAN, FRANCOISE - Reponses, 1954-1974
039272: SAGRERAS, JULIO S. - Las Lecciones de Guitarra / Guitar Lessons, Books 1-3
024757: SAHAI, RATNA (ED.) - Muslims in India
043108: SAHLBERG, PASI - Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?
042858: LUNA PARRA DE GARRCIA SAINZ, GEORGINA - En El Mundo de la Mascara
038414: SAKOLSKY, RON (ED.) - Surrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States.
041051: VON SALDERN, AXEL - Ancient Glass in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
039979: SALEH, NADA - Fresh Moroccan
030622: SALEM, PAUL - Bitter Legacy: Ideology and Politics in the Arab World
030866: SALLIS, JOHN (ED.) - Heidegger and the Path of Thinking
043200: SALMING, BORJE (SIGNED) - Grilling with Salming
038744: SALMON, J. H. M. - A History of Goldmining in New Zealand
040504: SALNEK, MARGO - Coach Houses of Toronto
043099: SALOMON, KATHRYN - Jewish Ceremonial Embroidery
038846: SALOMON, XAVIER F. - Paolo Veronese: The Petrobelli Altarpiece
039330: SALYS, RIMGAILA - The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Laughing Matters
040986: SAMPSON, ROBERT - Deadly Excitements: Shadows, Phantoms
038508: SAMPSON, JUNE (SIGNED) - The Story of Kingston (U.K. )
038734: SAMSON, ROCH - Pecheurs Et Marchands de la Baie de Gaspe Au Xixe Siecle
040259: SAMUELS, BILL, JR. - Maker's Mark: My Autbiography
043112: SANDERS, GRAHAM - Words Well Put: Visions of Poetic Competence in the Chinese Tradition
043463: SANDERS, MARCUS - Jeffreys Bay: Down the Line at the World's Best Pointbreak
040148: SANDERS, TODD - Beyond Bodies: Rainmaking and Sense Making in Tanzania
035032: SANDFORD, R. W. - High Ideals: Canadian Pacific's Swiss Guides 1899-1999
039468: SANDLOS, KARYN (ED.) - Landscape with Shipwreck: First Person Cinema and the Films of Philip Hoffman
040882: SANDLOS, JOHN - Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife Conservation in the Northwest Territories
043151: ALFOLDY, SANDRA & RACHEL GOTLIEB - On the Table: 100 Years of Functional Ceramics in Canada
040437: ALSTON, SANDRA & PATRICIA FLEMING - Toronto in Print: A Celebration of 200 Years of the Printing Press in Toronto, 1798-1998
037870: BASETTI-SANI, GIULIO - Mohammed Et Saint Francois
041037: SANTOS, CECILIA MACDOWELL - Women's Police Stations: Gender, Violence, and Justice in Sao Paulo, Brazil
041299: SAPONTZIS, S. F. - Morals, Reason, and Animals
035379: SAPP, ALLEN (SIGNED) - I Heard the Drums
043394: ANGEL, SARA & JEANNE BEKER - Barbara Cole
039224: SARDUY, PEDRO PEREZ - Afro-Cuban Voices: On Race and Identity in Contemporary Cuba
041399: SARNECKI, MARK - Elementary Music Rudiments: Grade Two
033940: SARRAILH, JEAN - Melanges a la Memoire de Jean Sarrailh (2 Tomes)
036257: SARTOGO, PIERO - Italian Re Evolution: Design in Italian Society in the Eighties
041005: SARTWELL, CRISPIN - Six Names of Beauty
042779: SARTY, ROGER - The Maritime Defence of Canada
029479: SARTY, ROGER - Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic
041555: SASOWSKY, NORMAN - The Prints of Reginald Marsh: An Essay and Definitive Catalog of His Linoleum Cuts, Etchings, Engravings, and Lithographs
031327: SATLOFF, ROBERT B. - From Abdullah to Hussein: Jordan in Transition
019632: SAUNDERS, CHARLES R. - Share & Care: The Story of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children
035585: SAUNDERS, GARY L. - Rattles and Steadies: Memoirs of a Gander River Man
042001: SAUNDERS, HROWE H. - Die Wacht Am Rhein: Hitlers Letzte Schlacht in Den Ardennen, 1944/45
034916: SAUNDERSON, PATRICIA J. - Dr. Henry H. Chown
030118: SAYER, G. B. (PREF.) - H.M. S. "Vernon" a History
042494: SAYERS, ANDREW - Sidney Nolan: The Ned Kelly Story
038808: SAYERS, C. E. - By These We Flourish: A History of Warrnambool
039771: SAYYID, BOBBY S. - A Fundamental Fear: Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism
043205: SCALABRINI, JOHN BAPTIST - Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini, a Living Voice: Excerpts from His Writings
034177: SCANLAN, LAWRENCE (SIGNED) - Harvest of a Quiet Eye: The Cabin As Sanctuary
042538: DE SCHAEPDRIJVER, SOPHIE - De Groote Oorlog: Het Koninkrijk Belgie Tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog
042600: SCHAFER, WILLIAM J. - The Art of Ragtime: Form and Meaning of an Original Black American Art
042153: DE SCHALLER, H. - Histoire Des Troupes Suisses Au Service de France, Sous le Regne de Napoleon I
042539: SCHANZER, JONATHAN - Hamas Vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine
040456: SCHATZ, HOWARD - Body Knots
043164: DE SCHAUENSEE, MAUDE - Two Lyres from Ur
031012: AYTURE-SCHEELE, ZULAL - Origami /2: Nouveaux Pliages En Papier Pour Petits Et Grands
034448: SCHENK, ALF J. K. - Folk Song Book in the Street-Talk of Berlin, Ontario
043374: SCHENK, ALFRED J. K. - Folk Song Book in the Street-Talk of Berlin, Ontario
043154: SCHENKER, HEINRICH - Give Graphic Music Analyses
041427: SCHERF, GUILHEM - Houdon, 1741-1828: Statues, Portraits Sculptes...
043018: SCHEVCHUK, V. Y., ET AL - Preserving the Dnipro River, Harmony, History and Rehabilitation
035373: SCHEZEN, ROBERTO - Adolf Loos: Architecture 1903 - 1932
039160: WEERDT-SCHIEFFELERS, ESLY VAN DE - Indonesian Cuisine "Selamat Makan"
040923: SCHILDT, GORAN - Alvar Aalto: The Decisive Years
040579: SCHILLER, ERIC - How to Play the Reti
042208: HEMBROFF-SCHLEICHER, EDYTHE (SIGNED) - Emily Carr: The Untold Story
041816: SCHLESINGER, VICTORIA - Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya: A Guide
043263: SCHMEVELYN, EVELYN - Cooking with Marijuana
042288: SCHMITT, GUNTER - Hugo Junkers and His Aircraft
012436: SCHMITZ, NANCY - Irish for a Day: Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations in Quebec City 1765-1990
029689: SCHMITZ, DAVID F. - The United States and Fascist Italy, 1922-1940
041508: SCHNEIDER, PETER - Porsche Museum: Documentation of the Most Important Exhibits from the Porsche Museum Vehicle Collection
037439: SCHNEIDER, PIERRE - Riopelle: Signes Meles
041761: SCHOEMAN, KAREL - Irma Stern: The Early Years, 1894-1933
033982: SCHOFIELD, PEGGY (ED.) - The Story of Dunbar: Voices of a Vancouver Neighbourhood
042222: SCHONFELDT, SYBIL GRAFIN - Bei Thomas Mann Zu Tisch: Tafelfreuden IM Lubecker Buddenbrookhaus Arche
024219: SCHREINER, JOHN - Icewine: The Complete Story
028109: SCHROEDER, ROGER - John Scheeler: Bird Carver
040238: SCHROEDER, ROGER - Carving Miniature Wildfowl with Robert Guge: How to Carve and Paint Birds and Their Habitats
042278: SCHUBERT, HANNELORE - The Modern Theatre: Architecture, Stage Design, Lighting
042851: SCHUELLER, AMOS (ED.) - Soshana - Life and Work
039919: SCHUETZE, LUTHER L. (REV.) - Mission to Little Grand Rapids: Life with the Anishinabe, 1927-1938
038370: SCHWARZ, ARTURO - IL Reale Assoluto: Illustrato Da Marcel Duchamp E Man Ray
042542: SCHWEITZER, MARLIS - When Broadway Was the Runway: Theatre, Fashion, and American Culture
040711: SCISLOWSKI, STANLEY - Not All of Us Were Brave: Perth Regiment, 11th Infantry Brigade, 5th Canadian Armoured Division
043420: SCITAROCI, MLADEN OBAD - Castles, Manor and Gardens of Croatian Zagorje
043252: SCOT, PHILIPPA - The Book of Silk
039699: SCOTT, JOHN W. (SIGNED) - Deadbase IX: The Complete Guide to Grateful Dead Song Lists
041197: SCOTT, TIM - Fine Wicker Furniture, 1870-1930
042312: SCOTT, PHILIPPA - The Book of Silk
032293: SCOTT, GEORGE D. - Prisoner As a Person
043085: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT & JAMES L. W. WEST III (ED.) - My Lost City: Personal Essays, 1920-1940
042589: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 11
042591: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 19
042590: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 25
042588: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 12
042596: SCOTTISH - Twelve Modern Scottish Dances in Traditional Form, 2nd Collection: Book 23
042595: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 6
042594: SCOTTISH - Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 27
042593: SCOTTISH - The Scottish Country Dance Book: Book 26
042592: SCOTTISH - Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances: Arranged for Children & Beginners
041082: MADONNA; GENE SCULATTI (INTRO.) - The Immaculate Collection: Madonna (Songbook)
040942: SCULLY, VINCENT JR. - Louis I. Kahn (Makers of Contemporary Architecture)
041821: SCURRELL, CHARLES E. - Warships of World War I: No. 6 - Battleships of Other Nations
041659: SCUTTS, JERRY - Jg 54 - Jagdgeschwader 54 Grunherz: Aces of the Eastern Front
043298: SEARCY, MARGARET ZEHMER - Wolf Dog of the Woodland Indians
042293: SEATON, GEOFFREY - Lagonda: An Illustrated History, 1900-1950
042890: SEBERT, JOHN - The Nabes: Toronto's Wonderful Neighbourhood Movie Houses
033331: SECORD, LAURA - The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book
000771: SECORD, LAURA - The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book
038039: SEE, SCOTT W. - Riots in New Brunswick: Orange Nativism and Social Violence in the 1840s
033305: SEEGER, PETE - Bits and Pieces: Songs by Pete Seeger
031338: SEELY, BRUCE E. - Building the American Highway System: Engineers As Policy Makers
037600: SEGAL, BERNARD - Homelessness and Drinking: A Study of a Street Population
039482: SEGER, BOB - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band: The Fire Inside (Songbook)
039317: SEIBEL, GEORGE A. - Bridges over the Niagara Gorge: Rainbow Bridge, 50 Years 1941-1991
017975: SEIBEL, GEORGE A. - Bridges over the Niagara Gorge: Rainbow Bridge 50 Years 1941-1991
036005: SEIBEL, GEORGE A. - Bridges over the Niagara Gorge: Rainbow Bridge 50 Years 1841-1991
043166: SEIDEN, ALLAN - The Art of the Hula: The Spirit, Ther History, the Legends
043472: SELBIE, LINDA WARD (SIGNED) - Isola: Large Scale Color Xerox Prints
018071: DE LA SELLE, HELENE - Cafes Et Brasseries de Lyon: Architecture Et Decor Des Cafes Et Brasseries de Lyon Des Origines a 1914
042754: SELZ, PETER - Ferdinand Hodler
043332: HOI-SEN, YONG - Malaysian Butterflies: An Introduction
038426: SEN, S. P. - The French in India: First Establishment and Struggle
041279: SEN, SOSHITSU - Chado: The Japanese Way of Tea
027651: SENIOR, HEREWARD - The Loyalist of Quebec, 1774-1825: A Forgotten History
004980: SENIOR, ELINOR KYTE - Redcoats & Patriotes: The Rebellions in Lower Canada 1837-38
035907: SALAT, SERGE ET FRANCOISE LABBE - Paul Andreu: Metamorphoses Du Cercle
043133: SERMONTE, JEAN-PAUL - Felix Leclerc: Roi, Poete Et Chanteur
041511: SERRANO, FEDERICO HERNANDEZ - Gallery of History: The Struggle of the Mexican People for Their Freedom
041537: SERULLAZ, MAURICE - Le Seizieme Siecle European Gravures Et Dessins Du Cabinet Edmond de Rothschild
025904: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Songs of a Sourdough
039328: KOREAN CULTURAL SERVICE - The Korean Wave, As Viewed Through the Pages of the New York Times in 2008
043456: SERVISS, GARRETT P. - The Einstein Theory of Relativity
043177: SERWADDA, W. MOSES - Songs and Stories from Uganda
041778: SETHI, V. K. - Kabir: The Weaver of God's Name (Mystics of the East Series)
042310: THOMPSON, AUSTIN SETON & JAMES AUSTIN SETON THOMPSON (SIGNED) - Spadina: A Story of Old Toronto (Updated Edition)
040679: MACNEILL, SEUMAS & THOMAS PEARSTON - Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe: Part 1
041450: SEVCENKO, IHOR - Byzantine Roots of Ukrainian Christianity
039196: SEXTON, REGINA - A Little History of Irish Food
041435: SEXTON, JAMES D. - Mayan Folktales: Folklore from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
038435: SEYMOUR, DESIREE PICTON - Historical Buildings in South Africa
042768: SHACHAR, AYELET - Multicultural Jurisdictions: Cultural Differences and Women's Rights
042297: SHACKLADY, EDWARD - Messerschmitt Bf109
024850: SHACKLETON, PHILIP (SIGNED) - The Furniture of Old Ontario
033613: SHACKLETON, PHILIP - The Furniture of Old Ontario
031928: SHADBOLT, DORIS - The Art of Emily Carr
035384: SHADBOLT, DORIS - Bill Reid
041756: SHADBOLT, JACK (SIGNED) - Act of Art: The Image-Making Process
040585: SPILLMAN, JABE SHADEL & SUSANNE K. FRANTZ - Masterpieces of American Glass: The Corning Museum of Glass, the Toledo Museum of Art, Lillian Nassau Ltd.
039593: SHAHID, S. M. - Mehdi Hasan: Unforgettable Ghazals. A Tribute to Pakistan's Greatest Ghazal Singer
026006: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, J. TALFOURD BLAIR (ED.) - Much Ado About Nothing {Miniature)
040020: EL-SHAMY, HASAN M. - Folk Traditions of the Arab World: A Guide to Motif Classification, Volume II
017370: SHANKLAND, PETER - The Phantom Flotilla: The Story of the Naval Africa Expedition, 1915-16
043265: SHANNON, BILL - An Illustrated History of Collingwood Township
037644: SHANNON, NORM (SIGNED) - From Baddeck to the Yalu: Stories of Canada's Airmen at War
043314: SHANTEAU, PAMELA - Custom Automotive, Motorcycle Airbrushing 101
037266: SHAPERA, PAUL M. - Iran's Religious Leaders (Understanding Iran)
042275: SHAPIRO, H. SVI (ED.) - Strangers in the Land: Pedagogy, Modernity, and Jewish Identy
039744: SHAPSHAY, SANDRA - Bioethics at the Movies
041700: DWIVEDO, SHARADA & SHALINI DEVI HOLKAR - Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health
041438: SHARP, CHARLES T. R. - A Profession Emerges: A History of the Loss Adjusting Profession. Part II, the Growth of Ethical and Educational Standards
041820: SHARP, ANDREW (ED.) - The English Levellers
043301: SHARPE, ROGER C. - Pinball!
032151: SHARPLEY, G. D. A. - Essential Latin: The Language and Life of Ancient Rome
011718: SHAUGHNESSY, JIM - Delaware & Hudson: The History of an Important Railroad Whose Antecedent Was a Canal Network to Transport Coal
042631: SHAW, ISABELLA (SIGNED) - Quest for Gold: Two Hundred Years of History on the Village of Eldorado Including the Richardson Gold Mine
038689: SHAW, PETER - Art Deco Napier: Styles of the Thirties
038688: SHAW, PETER - Spanish Mission Hastings: Styles of Five Decades
043188: SHAW, HARRY E. - The Forms of Historical Fiction: Sir Walter Scott and His Successors
038687: SHAW, PETER - Spanish Mission Hastings: Styles of Five Decades
043175: SHAW, MARGARET FAY - From the Alleghenies to the Hebrides: An Autobiography
041226: SHAW, MATTHEW (SIGNED) - Great Scots! How the Scots Created Canada
037447: SHAW, GORDON H. - Ridgetown Album of Historical Homes and Landmarks, 1875-1975
042220: MICALLEF, SHAWN & PATRICK CUMMINS - Full Frontal T.O. : Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular
041461: SHEA, KEVIN - St. Michael's College: 100 Years of Pucks and Prayers
040476: SHEA, KEVIN - Barilko: Without a Trace
041794: SHEARER, J. D. - Bound for Botany Bay: Impressions of Transportation and Convict Life
041759: SHEEHAN, WILLIAM - Planets & Perception: Telescopic Views and Interpretations, 1609-1909
042200: SHELAH, YEHEZKEL - Napoleon 1813
024942: O'CONNELL, SHELDON & LON MANDRAKE - Mandrake Incomparable
028221: CHENG-SHENG, TU - Ilha Formosa: The Emergence of Taiwan on the World Scene in the 17th Century
039177: SHENSTONE, CLARE - Clare Shenstone: The Speaker and I
039812: SHEPHARD, DAVID A. E. - Watching Closely Those Who Sleep: A History of the Canadian Anaesthetiists' Society, 1843-1993
037174: SHEPHARD, DAVID - From Craft to Specialty: A Medical and Social History of Anesthesia and Its Changing Role in Health Care
040328: SHEPHERD, R. T. - Learn to Play the Bagpipe: A New Method of Practice Chanter Tuition
042757: SHEPPARD, MUBIN - Taman Indera: Malay Decorative Arts and Pastimes
040930: SHER, SYED OSMAN (SIGNED) - The Culture of Tolerance: A Study of Indian History
037041: SHERLOCK, PHILIP (SIGNED) - The Story of the Jamaican People
040180: SHERN, EDMUND T. (ED.) - Imagine Prime: The Art of Imaginary Studios
043104: SHERO, FRED - Shero: The Man Behind the System
043180: SHIELDS, CAROL (SIGNED) - The Stone Diaries
039985: SHIELDS, ROBERT (SIGNED) - Cats, Fish & Fools: The Lives and Art of Robert Shields
040030: SHIELDS, CAROL (SIGNED) - Larry's Party
029076: SHIELDS, CAROL (SIGNED) - Larry's Party
036522: SHIELDS, CAROL (SIGNED) - Coming to Canada: Poems
022868: SHIELDS, CAROL (SIGNED) - Dressing Up for the Carnival
034084: SHIELDS, JODY - Hats: A Stylish History and Collector's Guide
033136: SHWU-SHIN, LIN - The Jade-Carving Art in the Ch'Ing Dynasty
037156: SHIODA, JUNICHI (ED.) - My Home Sweet Home in Ruins: The Urban Environment and Art in Japan
042162: SHIPWAY, VERNA COOK - The Mexican House Old & New
030449: SHIRALI, VISHNUDASS - Hindu Music and Rhythm
030284: SHIRINIAN, LORNE (SIGNED) - The Key and Other Stories
039376: MADILL, SHIRLEY & GARY GENOSKO - Taras Polataiko
040004: SHMIDT, IGOR MAKSIMILLIANOVICH - Russkaia Skulptura Vtoroi Poloviny XIX Nachala XX Veka
041686: SHORTT, S. E. D. - Medicine in Canadian Society: Historical Perspectives
034458: SHORTT, EDWARD - The Memorable Duel at Perth
043385: SHPUNIARSKY, HEATHER Y. - The Village of Hiawatha: A History
041752: SHTEIR, ANN B. - Cultivating Women, Cultivating Science: Flora's Daughters and Botany in England, 1760-1860
042946: SHWALUK, DR. SAM (FWD.) - Glanford: Recollections and Reflections
034716: SIBLEY, ROBERT C. - Northern Spirits: John Watson, George Grant, and Charles Taylor - Appropriations of Hegelian Political Thought
040185: SIDDIQI, MUHAMMAD SAEED - The Blessed Women of Islam
041830: SIDDIQUI, KALIM - Issues in the Islamic Movement
030083: SIDDIQUI, KALIM - Issues in the Islamic Movement 1982-83 (1402-03)
037361: SIDDIQUI, TASNEEM AHMAD - Dynamics of Social Change
031873: SIEMENS, ALFRED H. - Between the Summit and the Sea: Central Veracruz in the Nineteenth Century
042003: SIGGINS, MAGGIE - Bitter Embrace: White Society's Assault on the Woodland Cree
043128: SIGMUNDSDOTTIR, ALDA - Icelandic Folk Legends: Tales of Apparitions, Outlaws and Things Unseen
043020: SIK, SUNG TAI - Sung Tai Sik Solo Exhibition
040302: KRAUS, BILL; TONI SIKES; ET AL - Creative Designs in Furniture: Featuring 125 of America's Leading Craft Artists
043026: DA SILVA, LADIS - An Island Kingdom: The History of the Omani Arab Dynasty in East Africa
037127: SILVER, NATHAN - The Making of Beaubourg: A Building Biography of He Centre Pompidou, Paris
038117: SILVERMAN, JERRY - Russian Songs
025333: SILVERMAN, JERRY - How to Play Bluegrass Guitar
033922: SILVESTER, PETER J. - A Left Hand Like God: A History of Boogie-Woogie Piano
040384: SIMANDL, F. - New Method for the Double Bass (English and German Texts)
036397: SIMARD, GUY - Verriers Du Quebec
037451: SIMARD, JEAN - Les Arts Sacres Au Quebec
038334: SIMKIN, BENJAMIN - Medical and Musical Byways of Mozartiana
042999: SIMMEL, GEORG - The Philosophy of Money (Second Enlarged Edition)
040019: SIMMINS, GEOFFREY - Fred Cumberland: Building the Victorian Dream
042975: SIMMONS, SYLVIE - Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes
043461: SIMON, SHERRY (ED.) - Culture in Transit: Translating the Literature of Quebec
042052: SIMONTON, DEAN KEITH - Origins of Genius: Darwinian Perspecrives on Creativity
038919: SIMONTON, DEBORAH - A History of European Women's Work: 1799 to the Present
040733: SIMPSON, RODDY - Hill and Adamson's Photographs of Linlithgow
041963: SIMPSON, THOMAS - Fantasy Furniture: Design and Decoration
038899: SIMPSON, LESLEY BYRD - The Laws of the Burgos of 1512 - 1513
032237: SIMPSON, REBA R, M, - A Goodly Heritage: The Story of the James and Rachel (Jennett) Simpson Family Who Once Lived in the Township of Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
039718: SIMPSON, DAVID - The Academic Postmodern and the Rule 0f Literature: A Report on Half-Knowledge
040379: SINCLAIR, NORMAN F. (COMP.) - Images in Time: Orkney Through the Lens of James W. Sinclair
038679: SINCLAIR, KEITH - The Origins of the Maori Wars
039761: CAMELLIA SINENSIS - The Vert: A la Recontre D'Un Art Millenaire
039159: SINGER, FELIX - Ceramic Glazes
042843: SINGH, RASHMI UDAY - Good Food Chicken Cook Book
014940: SKABURSKIS, HUGO - The Art of Anita Croteau
040082: SKALER, ROBERT MORRIS - Second Hill and Old City (Images of America)
035900: SKELTON, TRACEY - Cool Places: Geographies of Youth Cultures
033705: SKIADAS, ELEFTHERIOS G. - Trade and the Olympic Games: Contribution to Their Revival (1834-1896)
034349: SKINNER, MORRIS F. - The Fossil Bison of Alaska and Preliminary Revisin of the Genus
036537: SKOOGFORS, OLAF - Olaf Skoogfors: 20th Century Goldsmith, 1930-1975
026023: SKUCE, J. E. - C S E F: Canada's Soldiers in Siberia, 1918-1919
040734: SLADE, KATHY (ED.) - The Rodney Graham Songbook: All of the Words, Most of the Chords to 39 of the Songs, Some Covers
035054: SLATER, BERNICE - Royal London Yacht Club, 1838-1988
041300: SLATER, TERRY - Edgbaston: A History
031190: SLIM, W. C. - 1201 to Wakefield
034587: SLIPP, A. L. - The Busy East of Canada, Volume 13, No. 1 (a Woodstock Album, 1922)
041348: SLOAN, KIM - Alexander and John Robert Cozens: The Poetry of Landscape
036933: SLOANE, IRVING - Steel-String Guitar Construction: Acoustic Six-String, Twelve-String, and Arched-Top Guitars
041786: SLOBIN, MARK - American Klezmer: Its Roots and Offshoots
041196: SLONIMSKY, NICOLAS - Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns
040883: SLOWEY, GABRIELLE - Navigating Neoliberalism: Self-Determination and the Mikisew Cree First Nation
041109: SLUMAN, NORMA - Blackfoot Crossing: A Novel of Early Alberta
042005: VAN SLYCK, ABIGAIL A. - Free to All: Carnegie Libraries & American Culture, 1890-1920
037826: SMALL, TUNSTALL - Mouldings & Turned Woodwork of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries: A Collection of Full-Size Sections and Details
030037: SMALL, ERNEST - Culinary Herbs for Short-Season Gardeners
042641: SMART, W. M. - Text-Book on Spherical Astronomy (Fifth Edition)
039595: SMELSER, RONALD M. - The Sudeten Problem, 1933-1938: Volkstumspolitik and the Formulation of Nazi Foreign Policy
039247: SMITH, JANE - Matchbox Labels: Over 2,000 Elegant Examples from All over the World
041702: SMITH, MARY LOU (ED.) - The Book of Falmouth, a Tricentennial Celebration: 1686-1986
041801: FORD-SMITH, HONOR (SIGNED) - 3 Jamaican Plays: A Post Colonial Anthology (1977-1987)
039107: SMITH, STEVE (SIGNED) - Red Green's Duct Tape Is Not Enough
031796: SMITH, DAN - The Seventh Fire: The Struggle for Aboriginal Government
042580: SMITH, DONALD B.(SIGNED) - Sacred Feathers: The Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) and the Mississauga Indians
041653: SMITH, BRYDON (PREF.) - Dine Oldenburg Segal: Painting / Sculpture
041689: SMITH, DONALD A. - At the Forks of the Grand: 20 Historical Essays on Paris, Ontario
042227: SMITH, ARTHUR BRITTON - Legend of the Lake: The 22-Gun Brig-Sloop Ontario, 1780
042899: SMITH, PETER C. - Task Force 57: The British Pacific Fleet, 1944-45
043393: SMITH, KEITHLYN B. - Symbol of Courage
042656: SMITH, JOHN D. (SIGNED) - The Evolution of Cataraqui Golf Course: An Illustrated History of Its Development from Founding Fathers (1917) to Stanley Thompson (1933)
038772: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H. - Tutira: The Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station
040590: SMITH, KATHRYN - Frank Lloyd Wright: America's Master Architect
025943: SMITH, CLARK ASHTON - Tales of Science and Sorcery
028671: SMITH, H. M. SCOTT - The Historic Houses of Prince Edward Island
039800: SMITH, GREGG - Beer in America: The Early Years , 1587-1840 . Beer's Role in the Settling of America and the Birth of a Nation
035402: SMITH, J. T. - Hertfordshire Houses: Selective Inventory
037136: SMITH, PATRICIA R. - Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles: Second Series
009230: SMITH, PENNIE (PHOTO) - The Clash: Before & After
042045: SMITH, PHILIP H. - Ford Autobook One: An Enthusiasts Manual for the Anglia, Prefect, Classic, Corsair and Cortina from September 1959 Onwards Including Lotus, Gt, Super, Capri, Van and Estate Versions
042734: SMITH, CHARLES SAUMAREZ - The Building of Castle Howard
041259: SMITHERMAN, GENEVA - Talkin and Testifyin: The Language of Black America
041889: SMOODIN, ERIC - Animation Culture: Hollywood Cartoons from the Sound Era
030017: SMYTH, COKE - Smyth's Sketches in the Canadas
041647: SNOOK, SCOTT A. - Friendly Fire: The Accidental Shootdown of U.S. Black Hawks over Northern Iraq
041507: SNYDER, JERRY - Tab Guitar Method : An Easy Approach to Lead & Rhythm Guitar
040654: SNYDER, DON - Aquarian Odyssey: A Photographic Trip Into the Sixties
032722: SO, DOSHIN - Shorinji Kempo, Philosophy and Techniques
040471: SOKIL, CAROL - The History of Policing in York Region
041101: SOKOLOFF, ALICE HUNT - Hadley: The First Mrs. Hemingway
040043: SOLAIMANPOUR, JAVAD - The Selected Works of Javad Solaimanpour. Collection No. 1
041025: SOLEY, JAMES RUSSELL - The Blockade and the Cruisers (the Navy in the CIVIL War)
041673: SOLOMON, CHARMAINE - Asian Collection: More Than 700 of Her Best Recipes
041500: SOLTIS, ANDREW - Bobby Fischer Rediscovered
022911: SONG, BANG-SONG - The Korean-Canadian Folk Song: An Ethnomusicalogical Study
043480: SOR, FERNANDO - Andres Segovia Twenty Studies for the Guitar
039473: SORENSEN, LORIN - Famous Ford Woodies
042915: SORKIN, MICHAEL - Exquisite Corpse: Writing on Buildings
041760: SORNBERGER, JOE - Dreams and Due Diligence: Till and Mcculloch's Stem Cell Discovery and Legacy
040335: SOTHEBY'S - Extraordinary Jewels from a Private Collection: Thursday, October 30, 1997
039961: SOTHEBY'S - A Second Selection of the Printed Books Mostly from the Fifteenth Century, the Property of Mr. J.R. Ritman , 5 December, 2001
039960: SOTHEBY'S - The Botanical Library of the Late Michael J. Kuse, June 20, 2003
041808: SOTHEBY'S - Strumenti Ad Arco E a Corda / Stringed Instruments. Giovedi, 23 Ottobre, 1997
042755: SOTHEBY'S - The Travel Sale: Mediterranean and the Middle East. Sale L00719
041306: SOTHEBY'S - Dessins D'Architecture: Monaco, Samei, 20 Juin, 1887 a 16 H 30
039513: SOULARD, JEAN (SIGNED) - 400 Ans de Gastronomie a Quebec / 400 Years of Gastronomic History in Quebec City
043245: SOULARD, JEAN - 400 Ans de Gastronomie a Quebec / Years of Gastronomic History in Quebec City
040129: SOUSSLOFF, CATHERINE (ED.) - Jewish Identity in Modern Art History
030038: SOUTHARD, EDNA CARTER - George Bottini: Painter of Montmartre
041370: SOUTHCOTT, MARY E. (BETH) - Oriental Painting in the Golden Horseshoe
039047: SPADE, RUPERT - Oscar Niemeyer (Library of Contemporary Architects)
039378: SPADE, RUPERT - Oscar Niemeyer
039377: SPADE, RUPERT - Paul Rudolph
037091: SPAGNESI, GIANFRANCO - Raffaello: L'Archittura "Picta" Percezione E Realta
042301: SPARKE, PENNY - The Genius of Design
042135: SPEARS, BEVERLEY - American Adobes: Rural Houses of Northern New Mexico
040065: SPEARS, RICHARD A. - Mcgraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions (Fourth Edition)
039766: SPECKMANN, GAIL - Wet-Into-Wet: The Complete Guide to an Essential Watercolor Technique
040901: SPECTOR, ROBERT - Seattle Fur Exchange: 100 Years
043416: SPEELBERG, FEMKE - Fashion & Virtue: Textile Patterns and the Print Revolution, 1520-1620.
041322: SPEIGHT, CHARLOTTE F. - Images in Clay Sculpture: Historical and Contemporary Techniques
041262: SPEIRS, J. MURRAY - Birds of Ontario. Volume 2
034116: SPELTZ, ROBERT (SIGNED) - The Real Runabouts I
041574: SPENCE, MARY LEE (ED.) - The Arizona Diary of Lily Fremont. 1878-1881
038657: SPENCER, ROBIN C. (ED.) - New Britain Centennial 1871-1971 "Heritage 100"
042320: GILL, SPENCER & JERRY JACKA - Pottery Treasures: The Splendor of Southwest Indian Art
008979: DUNMORE, SPENCER & WILLIAM CARTER - Reap the Whirlwind: The Untold Story of 6 Group, Canada's Bomber Force of World War II
042273: SPENCER, CHARLES - Cecil Beaton: Stage and Film Designs
042466: SPIERS, EDWARD M. - A History of Chemical and Biological Weapons
042062: SPILLIUS, ELIZABETH BOTT (ED.) - Melanie Klein Today, Developments in Theory and Practice, Volume 1: Mainly Theory
042063: SPILLIUS, ELIZABETH BOTT (ED.) - Melanie Klein Today, Development in Theory and Practice, Volume 2: Mainly Practice
035484: POPESCU-SPINENI, MARIN - Romania in Izvoare Geografice Si Cartografice: Din Antichitate Pina in Pragul Veacului Nostru
041494: SPREMO, BORIS (SIGNED) - Twenty Years of Photojournalism
042149: SPRUNGLIN, EMMANUEL-FREDERIC - Souvenirs Des Guerres D'Espagne Et de Portugal
037004: SQUIRE, LARRY R. (ED.) - The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography: Volume 1
035777: STACEY, ROBERT - Massanoga: The Art of Bon Echo
026555: STACEY, JEAN EDWARDS - A History of Quidi Vidi
039230: STACEY, C. P. - The Half-Million: The Canadians in Britain, 1939-1946
042697: STAEBLER, EDNA (SIGNED) - Places I'Ve Been & People I'Ve Known: Stories from Across Canada
043439: STAEGLICH, WILHELM - Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence
037594: STAFRACE, CHARLES (ED.) - Malta Flypast: Issue 4
041840: STAGG, BRUCE (SIGNED) - The Blackwood Schooner: The Story of the Ella M. Rudolph
037868: STALLARD, SCOTT - Bermuda 1899: The Memoires of Emily Pugh (1888-1974) Compiled and Edited by Her Grandson
033997: STALS, JEAN - Joost Van Den Vondel (1587-1679) Cinq Tragedies
041739: STAMBOLIAN, GEORGE (ED.) - Twentieth Century French Fiction: Essays for Germaine Bree
040972: STAMP, ROBERT M. - Early Days in Richmond Hill: A History of the Community to 1930
039498: STAMP, ROBERT M. - Bright Lights, Big City: The History of Electricity in Toronto
039584: AUGARTEN, STAN & RAY BRADBURY (FWD.) - State of the Art: A Photographic History of the Integrated Circuit
042419: STANGE, MARGIT - Personal Property: Wives, White Slaves, and the Market in Women
040761: STANKIEWICZ, W. J. - In Search of a Political Philosophy: Ideologies at the Close of the Twentieth Century
039877: STANTON, VICTORIA - Impure: Reinventing the Word - the Theory, Practice, and Oral History of 'Spoken Word' in Montreal
042837: STANWORTH, KAREN - Visibly Canadian: Imaging Collective Identities in the Canadas, 1820-1910
040547: STARKEY, ARMSTRONG - European and Native American Warfare, 1675-1815
037341: STARR, LARRY - George Gershwin
040100: STATEN, VINCE - Jack Daniel's Barbecue Cookbook
042690: STATON, PAT - It Was Their War Too: Canadian Women in Wold War I
039639: STAVES, SUSAN - Married Women's Separate Property in England, 1660-1883
041978: BRODNIEWCZ-STAWICKI, MARGARET - For Your Freedom and Ours: The Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War
041831: BRODNIEWICZ-STAWICKI, MARGARET (SIGNED) - For Your Freedom and Ours: The Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War
041094: STEADMAN, PETER (SIGNED) - Platoon Commander (Memoirs of a Royal Engineers Officer)
039727: STEBBINS, RICHARD POATE - The Making of Symphony Hall, Boston: A History with Documents
022540: STEED, ROGER G. - Diesels in the Maritimes and Newfoundland
042679: STEED, ROGER G. - Diesels in the Maritimes and Newfoundland
039191: STEEL, R. JAMES - The Men Who Marched Away: Canada's Infantry in World War I, 1914 - 1918
029691: STEIN, ZANE B. - Essence and Application: A View from Chiron
039884: STEINBERG, MARK D. - Proletarian Imagination: Self, Modernity, and the Sacred in Russia, 1910-1925
041028: STEINFELD, ROBERT J. - The Invention of Free Labor: The Employment Relation in English and American Law and Culture, 1350-1870
029283: STELTZER, ULLI - The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: Bill Reid's Masterpiece
041965: STENNING, PAUL - Iron Maiden: 30 Years of the Beast
040740: BRIERE, STEPHANE & MICHEL PEPIN - L'Epopee de la 1re Division Blindee Polonaise
042245: STEPHENS, W. RAY - Memories and Melodies of World War II
039416: STEPHENS, DAVID E. - Iron Roads: Railways of Nova Scotia
041678: STERN, BILL - California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism
039763: STERRITT, DAVID - The Films of Alfred Hitchcock (Cambridge Film Classics)
042085: NEALE, STEVE & MURRAY SMITH - Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
043305: REINKE, STEVE & TOM TAYLOR: - Lux: A Decade of Artists Film and Video
039304: BRODNER, STEVE & KIM THOMPSON (ED.) - Freedom Fries: The Political Art of Steve Brodner
040566: COHAN, STEVEN & INA RAE HARK - Screening the Male: Exploring Masculinities in Hollywood Cinema
026724: STEVENS, JOHN A. - The Man Who Makes Heads with His Hands: The Art and Life of Harold Pfeiffer, Sculpture
042945: STEVENS, JOHN A. - Encounters: Early Images of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples
041562: STEVENS, GERALD - Glass in Canada: The First One Hundred Years
027908: STEVENS, GERALD (SIGNED) - Canadian Glass, 1825-1925
042108: STEVENSON, WILLIAM (SIGNED) - Spymistress: The Life of Vera Atkins, the Greatest Female Secret Agent of World War II
042309: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Cevennes Journal: Notes on a Journey Through the French Highlands
041746: STEWARD, SUE - Musica: The Rhythm of Latin America, Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, and More
040645: STEWARD, HAL D. - Thunderbolt: The History of the Eleventh Armored Division
040495: STEWART, HUGH P. (INTRO.) - The Toronto Scottish Regiment Troop the Colour: Friday 18 August, 1972
038928: STEWART, RORY - Fine Afghan Architectural Woodwork
041181: STEWART, DON R. - A Guide to Pre-Confederation Furniture of English Canada
039929: STIEBING, WILLIAM H. JR. - Out of the Desert? Archaeology and the Exodus / Conquest Narratives
042148: STIEGLER, GASTON - Le Marechal Oudinot Duc de Reggio (1767-1847): D'Apres Les Souvenirs Inedits de la Marechale
039576: STINSON, KATHY - Love Every Leaf: The Life of Landscape Architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
041236: STOFFMAN, DANIEL (SIGNED) - The Nelvana Story: Thirty Animated Years
040007: STOFFMAN, DANIEL - From the Ground Up: The First Fifty Years of Mccain Foods
040154: STOLARIK, M. MARK (ED.); RUDOLPH SCHUSTER, ET AL. - The Slovak Republic: A Decade of Independence (1993-2002)
041828: STOLLAR, DAVID - The Infinite Soul, Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Vital Years, 1803-1841
040299: STONE, LANOLA KATHLEEN - Photographing Childhood: The Image & the Memory
041877: STONE, DAVE (SIGNED) - Long Point: Last Port of Call
036491: ROLLING STONES - The Rolling Stones Souvenir Song Album (Songbook)
043101: STORR, ROBERT - Philip Guston (Modern Masters)
041533: STORY, G. M. - Dictionary of Newfoundland English (Second Edition with Supplement)
042196: STOUCK, DAVID - Arthur Erickson: An Architect's Life
039437: STOWE, DAVID W. - Swing Changes: Big-Band Jazz in New Deal America
041059: STRASSER, CATHERINE - Bruno Carbonnet
037484: STRATFORD, JOE PAUL - The Many Stages of Our Lives: Gravenhurst Opera House & Arts Centre, March 12, 1901 - March 12, 2001. A Muskoka Tradition for 100 Years
041967: STRAUB, JERRY M. - Fly: Volume 1 to 10, Novermer 1908 Through August, 1909. A Facsimile Copy Made from the Original Magazines
043408: STRAUS, JOSEPH N. - Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory (Third Edition)
038906: STRAUSS, DAVID LEVI - Between the Eyes: Essays on Photography and Politics
042230: STREET, SARAH - British National Cinema
040245: STROWBRIDGE, NELLIE P. (SIGNED) - The Newfoundland Tongue
042650: ALLAN, STUART & BARBIE ZELIZER - Reporting War: Journalism in Wartime
042815: STUART, VIVIAN - His Majesty's Sloop-of-War Diamond Rock
039447: STUCKEY, JOHANNA H. - Feminist Spirituality: An Introduction to Feminist Theology in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Feminist Goddess Worship
040108: CENTER FOR POLICY STUDIES - Ethnic Violence and Justice
041449: HARVARD UKRAINIAN STUDIES - From Kievan Rus' to Modern Ukraine: Formation of the Ukrainian Nation
041769: STUMP, EDMUND - The Roof at the Bottom of the World: Discovering the Transantarctic Mountains
040394: STURROCK, JOHN - The Word from Paris: Essays on Modern French Thinkers and Writers
042287: STYLES, DAVID G. - As Old As the Industry, Riley, 1898-1969
043296: STYX - Crystal Ball
040540: SUETIN, ALEKSEI - A Contemporary Approach to the Middle Game
039805: SUGGITT, GLADYS M. - Roses and Thorns, a Goodly Heritage: The Early Days of Baddow and Area
040265: SULEIMAN, SUSAN RUBIN - Authoritarian Fictions: The Ideological Novel As a Literary Genre
041795: SULLIVAN, JACK - Hitchcock's Music
039130: SULLIVAN, K. E. - The Life, Times and Work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
040227: SULLIVAN, LOUIS H. - Kindergarten Chats (Revised 1918) and Other Writings
037129: SULLIVAN, DON - Landscapes from Manidoo Abi: A Photographic Journey on the Eastside of Lake Winnipeg
042944: SULLIVAN, DANIEL ROBERT (SIGNED) - Places, Please! Becoming a Jersey Boy
041721: SUMMERS, CLAUDE - Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment England: Literary Representations in Historical Context
043080: SUMMERS, ANDY - Throb
040413: SUMMERSON, JOHN (INTRO.) - Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, 1814-1879
030530: SUMNER, FLOYD GENE - The Instrumental Canzone Prior to 1600, Volume II: Transcriptions. (2 Volumes)
041369: SURESH, SUSHAMA (ED.) - Who's Who on Indian Stamps? (Second Edition)
031728: GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - Transcontinental Excursion C1 Toronto to Victoria and Return Via Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways, Part III (Guide Book No. 8)
039066: ROMAINE, SUSAN & JACK ALTERMAN - Cornices of Charleston
042568: AZZI, MARIA SUSANA & SIMON COLLIER - Le Grand Tango: The Life and Music of Astor Piazzolla
041486: SUTHERLAND, IAIN - Wick Harbour and the Herring Fishing
031736: SUTHREN, VICTOR - The Sea Has No End: The Life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville
016806: SUTHREN, VICTOR (SIGNED) - To Go Upon Discovery: James Cook and Canada, from 1758 to 1779
043097: SUTNIK, MAIA-MARI - Photographs by Chales Macnamara and M.O. Hammond: Pictorial Expessions in Landscape and Porrtrait
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037782: TARASOFF, KOOZMA J. - Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers' Strategies for Living
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010923: TATLEY, RICHARD - Northern Steamboats: Timiskaming, Nipissing & Abitibi
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013556: TOTH, CHRIS R. - Norfolk Southern Diesel Locomotives
039303: TOTTLE, JACK - Bluegrass Mandolin
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016032: TOWN, HAROLD - Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes, His Life, Times & Work
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042859: TOYNTON, EVELYN - Jackson Pollock
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032047: TREMBLAY, MADO - La Bonne Cuisine Au Quebec
038075: TREMBLAY, TONY - David Adams Richards of the Miramichi: A Biographical Introduction
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040111: TRIBE, KEITH - Reading Weber
042571: TRIBE, IVAN - Mountaineer Jamboree: Country Music in West Virginia
042885: TRIER, WALTER - Humorist Walter Trier: Selections from the Trier-Fodor Foundation Gift.
041007: TRIGGER, BRUCE G. - Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Reconsidered
039254: KEE, TRIS ET. AL. - Old Tai O Police Station: The Evolution of a Centenary Monument
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038537: TRUTER, VANESSA M. - Diamonds, Gold and Ice Road Truckers: A Photographic Tour of Canada's Gateway to the Arctic
032870: TRYPHONOPOULOS, DEMETRES P. - The Celestial Tradition: A Study of Ezra Pound's "the Cantos. "
041302: TSELKOV, OLEG - Oleg Tselkov (After 20 Years of Dramatic Absence for the First Time at Home )
043041: TSUCHIDA, HIROMI (PHOTO.) - Hiroshima Collection:
038054: TSULTEM, N. - Mongolian Architecture
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042116: TUCKER, GILBERT NORMAN - The Naval Service of Canada, Its Official History: Volume II, Activities on Shore During the Second World War
043181: TUCKER, PHILLIP THOMAS - God Help the Irish: The History of the Irish Brigade
041452: TUFTS, NORMAN ROSS - Meet Me at the Lakeview Casino
041640: TUMANOV, ALEXANDER - The Life and Artistry of Maria Olenina-D'Alheim
042414: TURCOTTE, DOROTHY (SIGNED) - Burlington: The Growing Years
041976: TURNBULL, LES - The History of Lead Mining in the North East of England
041633: TURNBULL, WALLY R. - Creole Made Easy: A Simple Introduction to Haitian Creole for English Speaking People
040758: TURNER, DAVID H. - Afterlife Before Genesis, an Introduction: Accessing the Eternal Through Australian Aboriginal Music
042990: TURNER, JOHN - A Pictorial History of Newcastle
041123: TURNER, STEVE - The Gospel According to the Beatles
031117: TURNER, LARRY (SIGNED) - Ernestown: Rural Spaces, Urban Places
042465: TURNER, GRAEME - Understanding Celebrity
041510: TWITCHELL, JAMES B. - Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph of America Materialsim
039709: TYLER, JAMES - The Early Guitar: A History and Handbook (Early Music Series 4)
038937: TYSON, IAN - I Never Sold My Saddle
034144: D'UDINE, JEAN - Qu'Est-Ce Que la Danse?
043475: UELSMANN, JERRY N. - Jerry N. Uelsmann
041451: UKRAINE - Soviet Persecution of Religion in Ukraine
039952: UKRAINKA, LESIA - Lesia Ukrainka, 1871-1971: Essays on Poetess' Works
039846: ULANOFF, STANLEY M. - The Fighting Israeli Air Force: The Amazing Combat History of the World's Finest Air Force, 1948-1984
034287: UMPIERRE, GUSTAVO - Songs in the Plays of Lope de Vaga: A Study of Their Dramatic Function
041958: LOHA-UNCHIT, KASMA - Dancing Shrimp: Favorite Thai Recipes for Seafood
016947: LOHA-UNCHIT, KASMA - Dancing Shrimp: Favorite Thai Recipes for Seafood
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043240: UNDERHILL, HAROLD A. - Plank-on-Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging, Volume I: Scale Hull Construction
041065: UNDERHILL, DOUG - Proud Stories from the Miramichi: History, People and Places
042616: UNITT, DORIS AMD PETER - Unitt's Across Canada Bottle Price Guide
041106: UNITT, DORIS AMD PETER - Treasury of Canadian Glass
028054: UNITT, DORIS AMD PETER - Treasury of Canadian Glass
030033: UNRAU, JOHN - The Balancings of the Clouds
036540: UNSONG, KIM - Classical Korean Poems (Sijo)
040088: UOTINEN, JORMA - Utoninen: The Art of Dance
038853: URBAN, HUGH B. - The Economics of Ecstasy: Tantra, Secrecy, and Power in Colonial Bengal
016981: USAMI, KEIJI - Cosmology of Paintngs
036872: USUI, MASAO - Japanese Brushes
024378: UTLEY, GERTJE R. - Picasso: The Communist Years
029027: UTUDJIAN, EDOUARD - Architecture Et Urbanisme Souterrains
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040997: VAAGE, LEIF E. - Asceticism and the New Testament
038351: VACCHE, ANGELA DALLE - The Body in the Mirror: Shapes of History in Italian Cinema
042253: VADAS, JOZSEF - Herend: Traditional Craftsmanship in the 20th Century
034644: VAILLANCOURT, MARIE-JEANNE - Chelmsford 1883-1983
034276: VALENSI, LUCETTE - Tunisian Peasants in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
041283: VALLA, LORENZO - The Profession of the Religious and the Principal Arguments from the Falsely-Believed and Forged Donation of Constantine
037748: VINAGRE, VALTER & ALAMO OLIVEIRA (TEXT) - Valter Vinagre: Espirito Nas Ilhas/Spirit in the Islands. A Journey Beyond Time
043285: VANCE, JONAATHAN F. - Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War
042479: VANDERMEY, ALBERT - To All Our Children: The Story of the Postwar Dutch Immigration to Canada
041118: VANDERMEY, ALBERT - To All Our Children: The Story of the Postwar Dutch Immigration to Canada
042317: VANDERPOOL, AMBROSE ELY - History of Chatham, New Jersey (from Its Earliest Settlement Through the Revolutionary War)
037100: VANSTONE, GAIL (SIGNED) - D Is for Daring: The Women Behind the Films of Studio D
000910: VARKARIS, JANE - Fire on Parliament Hill!
041344: VARLEY, PETER - Frederick H. Varley
041014: VARLEY, CHRISTOPHER - F.H. Varley: A Centennial Exhibition / Une Exposition Centenaire
037169: VARMA, RAHUL (SIGNED) - Counter Offence
040247: RUBIN, WILLIAM; KIRK VARNEDOE & LYNN ZELEVANSKY - Picasso and Braque: A Symposium
039672: VARTANIAN, IVAN - Graphiscape: New York City
041485: VASS, B. - Toronto: A Photo Study of Urban Development
031882: VASSEUR, ANNIE M. - Histoire de Sens
039825: VASWANI, SUNEETA - Easy Indian Cooking
028376: VATNSDAL, CAELUM - Kino Delirium: The Films of Guy Maddin
043202: VAUCHEZ, ANDRE - Les Laics Au Moyen Age: Pratiques Et Experiences Religieuses
040599: VECCHIATO, GIANNI - Guatemala Rainbow
039404: VAN VEEN, ANNEKE - The First Photographs of Amsterdam, 1845-1875
041044: VEGH, CHRISTINA - Jorge Pardo
040358: VELLA, ANDREW P. - Storja Ta' Malta ,L-Ewwel Volum (Vol. 1)
043471: VENINGER, ADRIENE (SIGNED) - Adriene Veninger: Photographs
029648: VENTUROLI, MARCELLO - Marcello Mondazzi
038589: VENUTO, FRANCESCA - L'Altare Del Crocefisso Nella Cappella Manin Di Passariano
014112: VERDET, ANDRE (TEXT) - Bijoux de Braque; Realises Par/Executed by Heger de Lowenfeld
042642: VERDUYN, CHRISTL (ED.) - Marian Engel's Notebooks "Ah, Mon Cahier, Ecoute... "
036118: VERHAGEN, WIM (ED.) - Anton Pieck 85: Een Wonderliijk Fenomeen
040589: VERISSIMO, LUIS FERNANDO - Cenas Da Vida Gaucha/Scenes of the "Gaucha" Life
022469: VERMA, RAJENDRA - Man and Society in Tagore and Eliot
037611: VERMEERSCH, PAUL (ED.) - The Al Purdy a-Frame Anthology
039917: MURPHY, VERONICA & ROSEMARY CRILL - Tie-Dyed Textiles of India: Tradition and Trade (Victoria and Albert Museum)
031822: VERONICA - L'Italia in Cucina
041629: VESPA - Corradino D'Ascanio Dall'Elicottero Alla Vespa: Mosta Doncumentaria
041170: VEZZOLI, FRANCESCO - Francesco Vezzoli: A True Hollywood Story!
041643: GRAY, VICTOR & MELANIE ASPEY (EDS.) - The Life and Times 0f N M Rothschild, 1777-1836
033618: VIETH, FREDERICK HARRIS D. - Recollections of the Crimean Campaign and the Expedition to Kinburn in 1855
028839: VIGIL, RALPH H. - Spain and the Plains: Myths and Realities of Spanish Exploration and Settlement on the Great Plains
041949: VIGNEAULT, GILLES - Tales Sur la Pointe Des Pieds
009136: VIGNEAULT, GILLES - Tenir Paroles 1958-Chansons-1967. Volume I
042129: VIGUE, JORDI - Classical Furniture
040060: VIJ, VIKRAM & MEERU DHALWALA - Vij's Elegant & Inspired Indian Cuisine
042517: MITIC VIKTOR - Dealers: 36 Portraits of Toronto Art Dealers
036084: VILCHIS, RICARDO LEGORRETA (INTRO.) - Lopez Guerra, Architecture: A Discipline of Service
022281: VILCUKA, IRENA - Ceramic Candelabrum of Latgale
021713: VILLENEUVE, RENE - Quebec Silver from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada
037113: VILLERE, SIDNEY LOUIS - Jacque Philippe Villere: First Native-Born Governor of Louisiana 1816-1820
042703: ST. VINCENT - St. Vincent, a Beautiful Land: An Illustrated Township History
042169: ABAD, VINCENTE & VICTORIA LICERAS FERRERES - The Golden Fruit: The Spanish Citrus Industry 1781-1995
041788: VIOLA, JOSEPH - The Technique of the Flute: Rhythm Studies
016316: VIOLANI, CARLO - Un Bestiario Barocco: Quadri Di Piume Del Seicento Milanese
043349: DI TRANI, VITO & ERIK - Da Dito a Dio Con Dante: : Ira Commedia Per Tutti
038961: VITSAXIS, VASSILIS G. - Hindu Epics, Myths and Legends in Popluar Illustrations
027837: VITZTHUM, WALTER - Drawings by Gaspar Van Wittel (1652/53-1736)
042115: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL - Back of the Big House: The Architecture of Plantation Slavery
027569: VOLGYES, IVAN (ED.) - The Peasantry of Eastern Europe, Volume II/ 20th Century Developments
030184: VOLLMER, JOHN E. - In the Presence of the Dragon Throne: Ch'Ing Dynasty Costume (1644-1911) in the Royal Ontario Museum
035998: VOLLMER, JOHN E. - Dressed,to Rule: 18th Century Court Attire in the Mactaggart Art Collection
038972: VOS, MARIANNE CRAMER (SIGNED) - A Glimmer of Light: A Memoir Beyond the Graves
042214: VOYER, BERNARD - Aniu: Du Flocon de Neige a L'Iceberg
043323: LO VUOLO, RUBEN M. - Alternativas: La Economia Como Cuestion Social
039589: BARROW, ERROL W. & KENDAL A LEE - Privilege: Cooking in the Caribbean for Men Only (and for Women Who Care)
035909: UHL, NATALIE W. AND JOHN DRANSFIELD - Genera Palmarum: A Classification of Palms Based on the Work of Harold E. Moore, Jr.
039073: MACNUTT, JAMERS W. & ROBERT TUCK - Heritage Houses of Prince Edward Island: Two Hundred Years of Domestic Architectural Styles
037841: FITSELL. J. W. - Hockey's Captains, Colonels & Kings
037587: WADA, EMI - My Costumes
042855: WAGNER, ANTON (ED.) - Canada's Lost Plays, Volume Four, Colonial Quebec: French-Canadian Drama, 1606 to 1966
031505: WAGNER, GILLIAN - Children of the Empire
041069: WAGNER, ANNE MIDDLETON - Three Artists (Three Women): Modernism and the Art of Hesse, Krasner, and O'Keeffe
039083: WAILES, REX - Windmills in England: A Study of Their Origin, Development and Future
038130: WAISER, BILL - Portraits of an Era: The Aerial Photography of Howdy Mcphail
042668: WALDRON, JASON - Classical Guitar Method: Book 1
042384: WALDRON, JASON (ED.) - Guitar Masterpieces of the 19th Century for Beginner to Intermediate Students
039487: WALDSCHMIDT, BRIGETTE - Seidenmalerei: Farb- Und Gestaltungslehre
042795: WALKER, STEPHANIE KIRKWOOD - A Waterloo County Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were
040187: WALKER, JARED - Rock Licks: 54 Classic Riffs from Then to Now (Guitar Series Tab)
040202: WALKER, JARED - Classics for the Guitar in Tab
042688: WALKER, ALEXANDER - Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Star.
040168: WALKER, ALAN - Franz Liszt: The Weimar Years, 1848-1861. Volume 2
019630: WALKER, WILLA (SIGNED) - No Hay Fever & a Railway: Summers in St. Andrews, Canada's First Seaside Resort
034971: WALKER, BRIAN - No Mean City: Belfast 1880-1914
036067: WALKER, STEPHANIE KIRKWOOD - This Woman in Particular: Contexts for the Biographical Image of Emily Carr
042212: WALKER, PAUL E. - Exploring an Islamic Empire: Fatimid History and Its Sources
040191: WALKER, JARED - Blues Licks: The Essential Classical and Formative Riffs, Rhythms, and Patterns of Blues Music (Guitar Series Tab)
042276: WALKOWITZ, JUDITH R. - Prostitution and Victorian Society: Women, Class, and the State
040546: WALL, BILL - 500 Scotch Miniatures
040551: WALL, BILL - Five Hundred Ruy Lopez Miniatures
040553: WALL, BILL - 500 Sicilian Miniatures: Collection II
040543: WALL, BILL - 500 French Miniatures: Collection II
037976: WALLACE, NEIL MONTAGNANA - A Journey Through Melbourne's East
042705: WALLACE, O. C. S. - From Montreal to Vimy Ridge and Beyond
039857: WALLACE, GARTH (SIGNED) - Derry Air
042773: WALLACE, THERESA - The Role of Transportation in Canadian Immigration, 1900-2000
035278: WALLACE, WILLIAM E. - Michelangelo at San Lorenzo: The Genius As Entrepreneur
039314: RANSOME-WALLIS, P. - North Atlantic Panorama, 1900-1976
036236: WALLIS, MARY - Life in Feejee: Five Years Among the Cannibals
035305: WALLOT, JEAN PIERRE - Intrigues Francaises Et Americaines Au Canada 1800-1802
040737: WALLS, ARCHIE G. - Geometry and Architecture in Islamic Jerusalem: A Study of the Ashrafiyya
041329: BARUTH-WALSH, MARY E. - Strike! 99 Days on the Line: The Workers' Own Story of the 1945 Windsor Ford Strike
028904: WALSH, PATRICK F. (DR.) - The History of Antigonish
035858: WALSH, MEEKA (ED.) - Diana Thorneycroft: The Body, Its Lesson and Camouflage
039774: WALSH, KEVIN - The Representation of the Past: Museums and Heritage in the Post-Modern World
042726: WALTER, CHRIS (SIGNED) - Personality Crisis: Warm Beer & Wild Times
014560: EHRET, WALTER AND GEORGE K. EVANS - The International Book of Christmas Carols
039278: WALTERS, RICK - The Canadian Brass Book: The Story of the World's Favorite Brass Ensemble
028029: WALTON, JAMES E. - Model Yachts and Model Yact Sailing. How to Build, Rig, and Sail a Self-Acting Model Yacht
043337: WANG, Q. EDWARD - Chopsticks: A Cultural and Culinary History
035287: WANG, JIWU - His Dominion and the Yellow Peril: Protestant Missions to Chinese Immigrants in Canada, 1859-1967
036992: WANG, THOMAS C. - Pencil Sketching
041911: WARD, PETER - Love, and Marriage in Nineteenth-Century English Canada
039537: GIBSON, EDWIN MAJOR; MAJOR G. KINGSLEY WARD (SIGNED) & MAJOR F. A. TILSTON (SIGNED) - Courage Remembered: The Story Behind the Construction and Maintenance of the Commonwealth's Military Cemetaries and Memorials of the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
043100: WARD, MICHELLE - So Still the Shadow Grows
039180: WARDLE, IRVING - Theatre Criticism
039116: WARDLE, BILL - The Mounted Squad: An Illustrated History of the Toronto Mounted Police, 1886-2000
038674: WARDS, IAN - The Shadow of the Land: A Study of British Policy and Racial Conflict in New Zealand, 1832-1852
043367: WARDWELL, ALLEN - Ancient Eskimo Ivories of the Bering Strait
039411: WARDWELL, ALLEN - Yakutat South Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
040670: WARE, MARTIN (INTRO.) - Porphyria - a Royal Malady
042426: WAREMBUD, NORMAN H. - The New York Times Great Songs of the Yiddish Theater
042485: WARREN, JIM (SIGNED) - Painted Worlds
042840: WARREN, ALFRED G. - Memoirs of a Master Mariner
041652: WARRENER, DON - Traditional Goju-Ryu Karate
028351: WARRILOW, BETTY - Nabob: The First Canadian-Manned Aircraft Carrier
036534: HATTON, WARWICK AND BETH - A Feast of Gingerbread from Our Victorian Past / Patisserie Maison Montreal 1870-1900
039817: WATENPAUGH, KEITH DAVID - Being Modern in the Middle East: Revolution, Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Arab Middle Class
040935: WATERS, ANNE (ED.) - American Indian Thought
040496: WATERSTONE, SATELLA S. - Short Stories of Musical Melodies
040752: WATKINS, JOE - Indigenous Aechaeology: American Indian Values and Scientific Practice
039515: WATSON, MARK B. - Sea Logistics: Keeping the Navy Ready Aye Ready
002423: WATSON, PETER - The Great Gorge Route
039312: WATSON, MILTON H. - Us Passenger Liners Since 1945
029342: WATSON, KEN W. - A History of the Rideau Lockstations
032242: WATSON, G. LLEWELLYN (ED.) - Black Society in the New World: Readings in Comparative Sociology
033700: WATSON, DOC - The Songs of Doc Watson
034337: FLETCHER-WATSON, JAMES - Soldier Artist in Wartime India
040473: WATSON, ADAM - The Evolution of International Society: A Comparative Historical Analysis
040554: WATSON, JOHN L. - English: Franco, Slav and Flank Defences
040742: WATSON, BRENT BYRON - Far Eastern Tour: The Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950-1953
039941: WATT, ALISON (SIGNED) - The Last Stand: A Naturalist's Sojurn on Triangle Island
040212: WATT, JAMES T. (SIGNED) - Lost in War: The Brave Life and Mysterious Death of a Canadian Airman
040239: WATTS, BEN - Big Up
029973: WATTS, VIRGINIA - Crafts from Arctic Canada/Artisanat de L'Arctique Canadien
030954: WATZL, ANTON - Anton Watzl: Painting and Graphic
040494: WAY, RONALD L. - Soldering at Fort Henry: The Citadel of Upper Canada
040932: WAY, TERRY - Victorian Homes of San Francisco
027506: WAYMAN, EASTEN - Saskatoon's Electric Transit: The Story of Saskatoon'e Streetcars and Trolley Buses
038798: WEAVER, RONALD - Modern Furniture Made in Canada, 1945-1960
042213: WEBB, JIMMY - Jimmy Webb
038711: WEBB, ROBERT LLOYD - On the Northwest: Commercial Whaling in the Pacific Northwest, 1790-1967
031163: WEBB, WILLIAM - The Southern Railway System: An Illustrated History
039225: WEBSTER, DAVID - Scottish Highland Games
042926: WEBSTER, D. B. - The Brantford Pottery, 1849-1907
042927: WEBSTER, D. B. - The William Eby Pottery, Conetogo, Ontario 1855-1907
027898: WEBSTER, D. B. (SIGNED) - Early Slip-Decorated Pottery in Canada
041098: WEBSTER, BRUCE - Medieval Scotland: The Making of an Identity
036473: WEBSTER, CHARLES (ED.) - Biology, Medicine and Society, 1840-1940
029883: WEBSTER, DONALD BLAKE - English-Canadian Furniture of the Georgian Period
036130: WEEGEE (ARTHUR FELLIG) - Weegee's People
042663: WEEKS, JOHN HOWARD - Mojave Desert (Postcard History Series)
041066: WEEKS, VERNA MAE - Cooksville, Village of the Past
039811: WEEKS, VERNA MAE - Erindale: The Pretty Little Village
042194: WEIL, ZARINE - Building a Legacy: The Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park Home and Studio
036069: WEILL, ALAIN - Art Nouveau Postcards
042871: WEINBAUM, ALYS EVE - Wayward Reproductions: Genealogies of Race and Nation in Transatlantic Modern Thought
042076: WEISER, FREDERICK S. - The Brunners of Scheverstadt
043304: WEISER, GLENN - Celtic Encyclopedia: Fingerstyle Guitar Edition
035168: WEISSHAAR, OTTO H. - Preventive Maintenance of Musical Intruments
035169: WEISSHAAR, OTTO H. - Preventive Maintenance of Percussion Instruments
035170: WEISSHAAR, OTTO H. - Preventive Maintenance of Stringed Instruments
035171: WEISSHAAR, OTTO H. - Preventive Maintenance of Piston Valve Instruments
035172: WEISSHAAR, OTTO H. - Preventive Maintenance of Rotary Valve Instruments
039560: WELCH, CHRIS - Cream: The Legendary Sixties Supergroup
016012: WELCH, EDWIN - Bytown Council Minutes 1847 - 1848
041568: WELLS, LIZ (ED.) - Photography: A Critical Introduction
037708: WELLS, ROBERT W. - Papa Floribunda: A Biography of Eugene S. Boerner
040678: WELLS, PETER - The Complete Semi-Slav
030414: WEN, ERIC - Hebrew Melodies for Violin and Piano
031450: WENDORF, RICHARD - The Elements of Life: Biography and Portrait-Painting in Stuart and Georgian England
040210: FOLKINS, WENTWORTH (SIGNED) & MICHAEL BRADLEY - The Great Days of Canadian Steam
040230: WENXIANG, GONG - Food in Chinese Culture
040602: WERNER, BETTE CHARLENE - Blake's Vision of the Poetry of Milton: Illustrations to Six Poems
037384: WERSCH, EWART "GUS" (SIGNED) - Behind the Badge: A History of Policing in Carleton County from 1909 to 1988
041202: WERTHEIM, ARTHUR FRANK - The New York Little Renaissance: Iconoclasm, Modernism, and Nationalism in American Culture, 1908-1917
042060: WERTHEIMER, ALFRED - Elvis '56: In the Beginning
028533: WESLEY, SAM - Hamilton's Hockey Tigers
041337: WESSELY, OTHMAN - Die Musikinstrumenten-Sammlung Des Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseums
041364: WEST, DOUGLAS - Portrait of a Seaside Town: Historic Photographs of Whitstable
034301: WEST, S. GEORGE - A List of the Writings of Charles Ralph Boxer, Published between 1926 and 1984, Compiled for His Eightieth Birthday
042911: WESTLEY, MARGARET W. - Remembrance of Grandeur: The Anglo-Protestant Elite of Montreal
042784: WESTWOOD, DAVID - The Type VII U-Boat (Anatomy of the Ship)
041827: WETZEL, DAVID - A Duel of Giants: Bismarck, Napoleon III, and the Origins of the Franco-Prussian War
039970: WHARRAM, BARBARA - Elementary Rudiments of Music
039637: WHEATLEY, EARLENE - Collectible Glass Shoes: Including Metal, Pottery, Figural & Porcelaine Shoes
030053: WHEELER, MARILYN - The Robson Valley Story
013002: WHEELER, WILLIAM J. (ED.) - Skippers of the Sky: The Early Years of Bush Flying
040838: WHELAN, FRANK - The Complete Guide to Irish Dance
040307: WHITCOMB, IAN - Ukulele Heroes: The Golden Age
040931: WHITE, RICHARD - The Skule Story: The University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, 1873-2000
042425: WHITE, COLIN - Edmund Dulac
010237: WHITE, DONNY - In Search of Geraldine Moodie
040772: WHITE, STEPHANIE - Unbuilt Calgary
029974: WHITE, EILEEN - Feeding a City: York. The Provision of Food from Roman Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
030166: WHITE, JERRY P. (ED.) - Aboriginal Conditions: Research As a Foundation for Public Policy
033476: WHITE, MICHAEL GLADSTONE (SIGNED) - Windsor: Days Before Yesterday
033983: WHITE, ELWOOD - Wings Across the Water: Victoria's Flying Heritage 1871-1971
035268: WHITE, FORREST - Fender: The Inside Story
039777: WHITE, DAVID L. (ED.) - Bermuda's Architectural Heritage: Sandys

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